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Full text of "Bloomfest 2015 - Bloom Family Reuion - The Biggest EVER!"

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Bloomfest 2015! 

For all Descendants of William Bloom (1752-1828), pioneer settler of Clearfield 
County, PA. Still in the planning stages the biggest Bloom Family Reunion ei/erwill 
take place over a weekend during the summer of 2015 in and around Clearfield. 

The month of July is tentative and the location for a big picnic will possibly be at "Pee 
Wee's Nest" at Irvin Park, in Curwensville, PA. This is very near where our ancestor 
William first settled. 

The planned date has been set far enough in the future to make it possible for all 
those interested, from around the country, to have plenty of preparation time to 
attend. Many fun events at different locations are in the works and announcements 
will be made as they are finalized. 

Please let all the Bloom family descendants know about this big family event. It'll be 
a great opportunity to meet together, to learn about and to share in our rich family 
history at Bloomfest 2015. 

We hope to see you there! 

Richard Lee Gleason - Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. 

There is a Facebook page dedicated to Bloomfest 2015. In the Facebook search box, 
just type in "Bloomfest" to find it and your comments are welcomed! Look for 
updates and more from this Facebook page! 

Contact Chrissie Van Tol for more information about Bloomfest 2015 

(The photo accompanying this page is of William Bloom's son Abraham (1795-1854). He was 
the sixth son of eleven children. Abraham was born in New Jersey and when he was three 
years old came with his family to Clearfield County in 1798.) 

Richard Lee Gleason - Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.