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The Home That Invites You 

T is not a pretentious home. Neither are 
its lawn and garden large, nor do they 

bespeak extravagance. What, then, makes it 

so alluring? 

In front of the home there is a white latticed 
fence with vines entwining it. The gate is trel- 
lised and roses climb over it. At the front door 
there is a lattice and pergola top entrance 
which makes one desire to enter. At the side 
of the house you see an ornamental garden seat, 
shaded by a trellised arbor; and peeping from 
the rear yard is a vine-covered pergola which 
very likely harbors some happy children. And 
all the woodwork is snow-white. 

The Book of Lawn Furniture, published by 
Long-Bell Lumber Sales Corporation, makes it 
easy to beautify the home grounds with attrac- 
tive outdoor woodwork. Most of the pieces 
shown are comparatively inexpensive, especial- 
ly when you consider the added charm and 
service they give. Show the illustrations you 
like to your lumberman and he will be glad to 
recommend the proper lumber to use and a 
carpenter to build the furniture. Thus you will 
be able to duplicate any of the furniture shown 
in the following pages, and to make your lawn 
and garden seem to say, "Come in and rest, or 
come and play. You're always welcome!" 


The Book of Lawn Furniture 

Dedicated to those 
who wish to make 
their lawns— whether 
large or small— just 
a little more alluring 

Contents Copyright 19S4 

The Long-Bell Lumber Company 

Kansas City, Mo. 

9th Edition (G), July, 1934 

Form No. 1201 Printed in IT, S. A. 

1 800?% 3; 

The Book of Lawn Furniture 



A Piece For Every Home 

A rear lawn made attractive by an ornamental fence and garden seat, and shrubbery 

B SMALL lawn? A rented home? 
That does not matter— there's a 
piece of lawn furniture for every home, 
large or small, rented or owned. There's 
a certain pergola, lawn seat, trellis, fence 
or arbor which will lend added attrac- 
tiveness to the home, and at a cost well 
within the limits of the average family. 
You will find many suggestions for such 

furniture in this book. A garden gate with pergola top, 

appropriate for many homes 

Ornamental fences and 
pergolas ready for the 
vines to begin climbing 



iimim gj 

nfc r 

Elaborate pergola and 
ornamental screen sur- 
rounding driveway to a 
basement garage 

[Page Two] 

There's A Piece For Every Home 


An Ornate Garden Seat 

^^^HIS trellised seat is in the garden pictured on the opposite page, and displaces 
V/v a section of the fence. It is nine feet wide and six feet high. It is built over a 
frame of one by two inch pieces. The lattice openings are eight and three-quarters- 
inches. The rear corner posts are "four by fours/' seven feet high and capped with 
turned wood ornaments. Adjoining fence is five feet, six inches high, capped with 
a "two by four" piece. The openings in the fence lattice are ten and one-fourth 


Pergola Swing 

^^^HE pergola swing is a much used 
V/ J lawn ornament. The one shown 
is twelve feet high and five feet wide. 
Lumber of standard sizes is used. The 
illustration furnishes all the information 
needed by a carpenter to build it. 

[Page Three] 

The Book of Lawn Furniture 



Crescent Garden Seat 

HERE is a garden seat which you 
will find appropriate for placing in 
corners formed by shrubbery or at the 
end of a garden walk. Its crescent shape 
makes it particularly pleasing; it is well 
designed and ornamental as well as use- 
ful. The lumber required for its con- 
struction is of standard size and pattern 
and your carpenter will have no difficulty 
building it if he follows the illustration. 
Height to the square is six feet; over all 
height, ten feet; width, seven feet; posts, 
four by fours; seat, eighteen inches high 
and eighteen inches deep; strips, one inch 
by one and one-half inches, dressed, 
spaced four and one-half inches; arch 
facing is five inches wide. 

For the garden corner 


A Pleasing Design 

^j^b^HE rounded corners and elliptical 
L ) opening in the lattice work give 
the piece shown at the right a unique 
appearance that is sometimes lacking in 
more costly designs. This is one of the 
less expensive pieces, though very charm- 
ing, especially so when flanked by shrub- 
bery of the darker shades of green, or 
when used as a trellis for flowering vines. 
This piece is S feet wide, 7 feet high and 
22 inches deep. Seat height 16 inches. 
Grill work is of lx2's dressed. 

[Page Four] 

There's A Piece For Every Home 

The Bungalow Garden 

^^^HIS garden, photographed twelve months after planting, marks the rear bound- 
V^J ary of a bungalow homestead at street intersections. The garden has a breadth 
of fifty feet and depth of twenty-two feet. The enclosing lattice is well designed and 
executed. The panels next to the street have a height of twenty-four inches, increas- . 
ing to forty inches at a point six feet from each corner. The rear paneling near the 
corners is twenty-four inches high and is increased gracefully to the central arch 
which is seven feet, ten inches in height. A rose-embowered garden seat and a lily 
pond with ornate fountain are special features of this highly satisfactory garden that 
was designed and built by the owner. ^ 


For Stone Columned Porches 

TOswawys £D 

ORE and more home owners are 
^ realizing that stone columned 
porches can be made more attractive — 
that the harshness of the stone can be 
softened — by the employment of lattice 
work such as the accompanying illustra- 
tion shows. The lattice is built princi- 
pally with strips one and one-half inches 
wide and one inch thick, dressed. A 
flower box is an added touch in the 
example shown. 

[Page Five] 

The Book of Lawn Furniture 



A Well Arranged Lawn 

y5\UCH of the beauty of the large lawn shown above must be credited to the 
Clj handsome lattice woodwork that borders it on three sides. The contrast of 
the green shrubbery banked against the white woodwork is pleasing. 

A Dignified Lawn Settee 

This easily constructed piece is of 
excellent design. It is five feet long; seat 
depth is eighteen inches; seat height, 
eighteen inches. The back panel is 
twenty inches high. The seat is made of 
six strips with small spaces between. For 
end construction see the lawn chair on 
page eight. 

i S m ii < ■■ • i in 

ii SS5SS » ! 

A Good Lawn Ornament 

A lattice-enclosed lawn seat with a per- 
gola top is a very appropriate lawn orna- 
ment. The illustration on the left shows 
a pleasing type. Build 7 feet wide, 6 feet 
deep, 7 feet 6 inches high. Entrance 3 
feet wide. Seat height 16 inches, depth 
18 inches. Grill work of lx2's, dressed. 
End beam facing 2x8's projecting 30 
inches, crossed by 2x6's. 

[Page Six] 

There's A Piece For Every Home 


Shields from the Public View 

^^^0 derive maximum enjoyment from lawn and garden — the "outdoor home"-^ 
m ^J there must be privacy' — the grounds must be shielded from the public view.; 
Where the lawn or garden touches the highway, a decorative fence, such as the one 
of close-set lattice shown above, will give the desired privacy. Boxed post 6 feet 
6 inches above ground level. Base board 1x10, capped by 1x2 pieces. Lattice of 
&xlf inches spaced to form square openings If inches square. Lattice work capped 
by 2x4 dressed, and held between cove mould. Top trim of one-inch lumber. / 


A Simple Garden Seat 

Here is a simple garden seat suitable 
for almost any lawn. It is inexpensive, 
easily constructed and is a feature you 
will be glad to have. You can well imag- 
ine the beauty of this piece when it is 
covered with flowering vines. Build S 
feet wide, 26 inches deep. Over all 
height '8 feet. Seat height 16 inches, 
depth 18 inches. Grill work of lx2's 
dressed, openings 5 inches square. 

[Page Seven] 


The Book of Lawn Furniture 


Hiding Unsightly Backgrounds 

y*~s HE lawn and garden, of which a part is shown in the above illustration, are 
CO highly developed, but without the ornamental fence to partly hide the row 
of garages they would be incomplete and lose some of their loveliness. The fence 
pattern shown is highly ornamental. The panels vary in length with distance to 
be covered. Those shown are approximately 6 feet in length, posts five feet 8 inches 
above ground. Gate opening width 2 feet 10 inches, height 7 feet. 

A Sturdy Lawn Chair 

At the left is a well designed and 
sturdy lawn chair, of exactly the same 
pattern as the settee on page six. Two 
chairs and the settee are usually placed 
in a group. You will find such pieces not 
only an added attraction to your lawn 
but useful on many occasions. Depth of 
seat 18 inches, height above lawn 18 
inches, width 22 inches. Sticking in back 
and under arms lx2 J s dressed. 

[Page Eight] 


There's A Piece For Every Home 


More Formal Designs 

i^HE upper illustration shows a well- 
m^v designed summer house and per- 
gola, most appropriate for a large lawn. 
The lower picture shows how a board 
fence with lattice fresco can be employed 
to assure privacy where the garden is 
close to other residences or the highway. 
The crescent shaped garden seat seen in 
the lower illustration is the same as 
shown on the right. 


This interesting garden is greatly improved by the well-designed fence and 

privacy is assured 

[Page Nine] 

The Book of Lawn Furniture 



J liJLM.^ 

An attractive entrance gatezvay 

For the floiver garden 

A Place in Every Garden 

[OMEWHERE about each lawn or garden there is a place for one of the arched 
gateways shown on this page. The illustrations demonstrate the decorative 
value of a gateway of graceful pattern, and offer a selection ranging from the simplest 
to those of much artistry and perfection. These gateways are usually given a width 
of 3 feet 6 inches to 4 feet; and height to base of arch of from 60 to 72 inches. A The 
upper illustration at the left is 8 feet high over all. 





in * 







This fence and gateway could be used nicely on the back end of many city lots 
[Page Ten] 


There's A Piece For Every Home 


Attractive Entrances 

H FREQUENTLY overlooked oppor- 
tunity to improve the residence 
property lies in the entrance from the 
street — the driveway or walk. These can 
be made very attractive by arches or 
pergola tops and which will greatly add 
to the appearance of the entire property. 

The illustrations on this page show 
two practical suggestions for ornamental 
driveway entrances; and these same ideas 
can be applied to the walks. You will 
find many other ideas elsewhere in The 
Book of Lawn Furniture which can be 
applied, with some alterations, perhaps, 
to various drives and walks. 

The upper illustration shows an arch 
made entirely of wood — it can be easily 
constructed by your carpenter, and with 
vines entwined will add beauty to walk 
or drive. 

The lower illustration will afford a 
suggestion to many home owners who 

An arched entrance that is flanked by picket 

paneling is shoimi above. This decoration is 

placed at the entrance to a restricted 

building tract 

have two stone posts guarding the drive 
entrance. Just a simple, inexpensive 
touch results in an entrance which will* 
be much admired. I 

Driveway entrance to residence, showing how a pergola-top arch can be 

used effectively 

[Page Eleven] 

The Book of Lawn Furniture 



A Lattice-Enclosed Garden 

?»^HE upper illustration shows a most pleasing lattice design, enclosing a flower 
l 7 } and vegetable garden. While highly decorative, it is not prohibitive m cost or 
^ difficult to construct. Height at center of panels 54 inches. Vertical 1x2, .inch 
sticking spaced 5 inches. Gate width 30 inches. Over all height of gate frame 8 feet 

6 inC The grape trellis shown below is usually built 6 feet high, lower ******* 
24 inches above ground. Posts 4x4's surfaced four s.des. Top rail 1x3. Interme- 
diate horizontal strips lx2's dressed. 

[Page Twelve] 

There's A Piece For Every Home 


For The Garden Corner 

HOR a garden corner, the three-piece set shown above is most appropriate and? 
decorative. The central piece is seven feet wide at the base, six feet deep and I 
nine feet high. Corner posts are "four by four" timber, and grill work is "one by 
two inch" strips dressed. If there are children, the seats should be about fifteen 
inches above the ground. 

For The Pathway 

©UILT over a garden path this 
graceful arbor affords a shady 
retreat and a trellis for vines. It is 
simply designed and easy to build. 

This is an excellent example of 
what a few pieces of lumber and 
moulding will do in the way of 
making the home grounds more 
beautiful and inviting. 

Outside dimensions: width 6 feet, 
height 8 feet, length 6 to 8 feet. 
End frames and arch of 2x8 lum- 
ber. Covering strips lx2's dressed. 
Seat height 16 inches. 

[Page Thirteen] 

The Book of Lawn Furniture 



A decorative piece for use on a large lawn, country place or club grounds 

Arbor Selections 

y^^HE arbor designs shown on this and 
I ) the adjoining page were selected 
for their artistic merit and moderate cost. 
All lawns are improved in appearance by 
the use of graceful, ivory-white wood- 

With the assistance of these illustra- 
tions and the dimensions given, the pieces 
may be reproduced with every assurance 
that they will be like those in the pic- 
tures. The material and labor needed to 
build such pieces is minimized by the 
openings and light weight of the material 
used. It is economical to give lawn fur- 
niture three coats of paint. 

Arbor seat, six feet, eight inches wide; 
five and one-half feet deep; seven feet, six 
inches high; seat depth and height, seven- 
teen inches; side pan-els, twenty-two inches 
zMe; pergola projection, thirty inches; lat- 
tice strips are one by two inches dressed 


This arbor is 7 feet wide, 4 feet deep 
and 8 feet 8 inches high. Corner posts 
4x4's surfaced four sides. Pergola top 
pieces 2x8's, projecting 24 inches. Strip- 
ping is lx2's uniformly spaced. 

[Page Fourteen] 


There's A Piece For Every Home 


A handsome ornament for the large lawn 

More Arbors 

iT^HEN the home grounds are 
v4/ extensive, the larger pieces 
shown on this page are appro- 
priate. Quite frequently a plot 
of ground adjoining the building 
site is unimproved and detracts 
from the appearance of the 
neighborhood. A good treatment 
for such idle ground is to relieve 
its barrenness with ornamental 
woodwork as shown here. 

The piece at the right is 6 feet 
wide, 8 feet 8 inches high over 
all and 8 feet long. Corner posts 
are 4x4's dressed. Covering of 
2x8's. Lattice of lx2's dressed. 

The handsome arbor 
shown at the left is 7 feet 
wide, 10 feet deep and 7 
feet high to top of corner 
posts which have an 8 inch 
face. Beams are of 2x8's. 
Top cross pieces 2x6 , s. 
Beams and top project 30 
inches. Grill work of 1^ 
inch square strips. Seat 
depth 18 inches, raise 16 

[Page Fifteen] 


The Book of Lawn Furniture 


This unusually pleasing garden affords an excellent example of what may be accomplished on 
a level lawn by the use of flagged walks, hedge bordered floiver beds, banked shrubbery and 

super-white grilled woodivork 

[Page Sixteen] 

There's A Piece For Every Home 


This plot of ground Jias no natural advantages. The garden- is entirely the creation of land- 
scape artist and gardener, and so is a striking example of ivhat may be done with any piece 

■ of level lawn 

[Page Seventeen] 

The Book of Lawn Furniture 



A Well Arranged Rear Lawn 

^^HE above view shows the rear portion of a lawn at a street intersection. The 
C*) lattice fence section screens from view the grade cellar entrance. The larger 
piece is a rose arbor into which one steps from the kitchen door. Entrance tot the 
garage is through the arbor. The cellar entrance screen is 54 inches high. Post 4x4 
surfaced four sides. The grill work is secured by moulding between 2x4 rails at 
top and bottom. For dimensions of arbor see description of similar pieces. 

[Page Eighteen] 

Another Garden Seat 

The garden seat enclosure at the left 
is built 5 feet wide, 4 feet deep and 60 
inches high to base of arch. Frame is of 
one inch lumber, the arch of two ply one 
inch lumber. Grill work pieces are l^ff 
inches square. The seat is portable and 
built of 2£ inch strips to prevent warping. 

Attractive support 

for a young 





There's A Piece For Every Home 


The Value of This Book 

DEARLY every one enjoys owning 
or viewing a lawn embellished with 
super-white latticed woodwork but very 
few persons are qualified to plan such 
pieces. Lawn furniture, though simple 
enough from a construction standpoint, 
is rather difficult to design. 

The service we hope to perform in pre- 
senting these pictures is to enable you to 
attain the graceful and artistic. The 
designs shown, with very few exceptions, 
may be classed properly as works of art 
— they are outstanding examples of the 
best in outdoor ornamentation — difficult 
to originate, perhaps, though any good 
carpenter can look at the pictures and 
reproduce them. 

A Lattice Fence 

The lattice fence shown below is used 
between the house and garage. The 
height over all is 85 inches. Rail at top 
and bottom 2x6. Ornamental caps 2x8 
projecting 10 inches. Grill work of If 
inch square pieces secured to inside of 
frame work. Gate width 30 inches. 

Tree Seat 


The octagonal seat is a rather involved 
piece of carpentry but so very desirable 
that we urge its adoption. Its building 
will not prove difficult to a good car- 


[Page Nineteen] 

The Book of Lawn Furniture 


A Page of Suggestions 

This large set is used to distract attention from undeveloped adjoining property 

At the left is shown a simple 
pergola arrangement at a rear 
entrance-way. A second sec- 
tion of this piece spans the 

Size and height of columns 
and weight of upper covering 
will vary with location, and 
other influencing factors. 





i:::::: 1 



This lattice fence has a panel height of forty-four inches, an oyer all height of fifty 

inches Strips are one and one-half inches square. Gate width thirty-six inches; 

height, seventy-eight inches. The posts are spaced nine feet apart 

[Pace Twenty] 


There's A Piece For Every Home 

Contributions to the Lawn 

This quaint garden enclosure is appropriate for a corner building site. The lattice 

fence panels are supported on a "one by eight" inch board and capped by a "two 

by four" piece. The posts are built up to twelve inches square 

A Sturdy Chair 

\^^'HE arm chair shown on the right 
V^ I is a rather distinguished piece of 
lawn furniture. It is built of two inch 
lumber throughout. The design is most 
artistic and will reward those who under- 
take its building. The dimensions are 
made sufficiently clear by the picture so 
that a skillful carpenter can reproduce it. 

The portable lawn vase shown on the 
left is 24 inches high, IS inches square 
at the top, tapering to 14 inches. Cor- 
ner posts are 3x3 inches, other pieces 
of inch lumber. Bottom is raised 10 
inches, belozv which the side panels 
project 3 inches 

[ Page Twenty-one] 


The Book of Lawn Furniture 


Make The Children Happy 

elTHER of the two play houses shown on this page will make your children 
happy We can obtain plans for these miniatures from Long-Bell Lumber 
Sales Corporation at small cost. They contain all the necessary details and include 
material lists. 

The illustration in the lower right hand corner shows a canopied sand box seven 
feet square, built of "two by ten" inch planks. Trim with "one by six boards. 
Posts are "two by fours." Lay canvas or muslin over a light roof frame. 


[Page Twenty-two! 


There's A Piece For Every Home 


Lends Dignity and Charm 

^^^HIS fence preserves the dignity of a formal lawn, shutting off from view the 
m/v flower garden and rear premises. One and one-half inch square pickets spaced 
two and one-fourth inches, are used. The fence is five feet, four inches high. Gate 
opening is four feet. Gate posts have a twelve-inch face and depth of fourteen 

'< lllll !■! 

if iiilS !|| 

Above is an ornamental fence which separates 
tzvo rear lawns. The lattice is of 1x21 strips 
framed in between round column but not in con- 
tact zvith them. Lattice perforations are 4 in- 
ches square. Center panel height 9h feet — 
wings 7 feet. 

The seat at the left is five feet 
z v ide , 8 feet high, 24 inches deep. 
Grill is of 1 1/16 inch square 
pieces. Seat of 2\ inch strips 
spaced i inches. Seat height 
from lawn 16 inches. 

[Page Twenty -three] 

The Book of Lawn Furniture 



For the Stony Corner 

^^HE illustration on the right sug- 
IJ gests a way to improve a stony 
corner where there is little soil to support 
sod. The lattice work in the corner, and 
the bird bath and pool, with their back- 
ground of stone and trees, make an un- 
usually pleasing scene. The approximate 
dimensions of this piece are: width 7 
feet; post height 6 feet; over all 10^ feet; 
depth at center 30 inches. Wings A\ feet 
wide at base. The lattice work is of |x2^ 
inch strips, the horizontal pieces bent 
over the perpendicular in the center 

A Unique Combination 

?^<HE ornamental fence, unique garden seat and shrubbery in the lower illustra- 
\^J tion are used to maintain the formal appearance of the lawn as viewed from 
the street by concealing a corner of the lawn devoted to children's playground, 
clothes line and vegetable garden. 

— i 

This handsome fence and lawn seat conceals a part of the lawn used for children's 


[Page Twenty-four] 

There's A Piece For Every Home 


Hide the Fuel Tank 

"N uncovered oil tank can utterly 
ruin the appearance of a lawn. 
The older method of concealing an up- 
right tank is shown on the right. Such 
latticed coverings effectively conceal tanks 
as soon as they are built. However, we 
believe the more open covering shown in 

Open lattice employed to hide a 
horizontal tank 

the illustration on the left is preferable 

for both horizontal and upright tanks. 

The open work with pergola roof is in 

itself highly ornamental and when vine 

covered its utility feature is not notice- 

A common method of concealing a 
vertical tank 

able. For the horizontal tank the corner 
posts are 4x4's. Pergola top cross pieces f 
and supports 2x6's. 1x2 inch strips form 
the grill work with openings 8^ inches 


A Picture Which Pleases the Eye 

This home owes much of its charm to the beautiful woodwork on porch and lawn 

[Page Twenty -five] 

The Book of Lawn Furniture 


I MB felM^ 

^ conservative lawn seat for the playground 

or elsewhere, constructed to carry vines of 

climbing roses 

Enclosed Playgrounds 

y^^HE four fence illustrations on this 
1^} and the following page suggest 
conservative patterns for enclosing the 
children's playgrounds. Where the 
grounds are exposed to public scrutiny, 
and privacy is wanted, the pattern shown 
in the upper illustration on the nexf page 
is recommended. The two illustrations 
on page 27 give views of corner lots and 
the lower illustration suggests a way of 
fencing sloping ground. 

The garden or lawn seats shown on 
this and the following page will harmo- 
nize with any of the four fence patterns 
shown, and may be added to the play- 
grounds for their usefulness as well as 

The enclosed rear lawn is a safe playground for small children. The zvoodtoon 
over which roses climb is decorative 

[Page Twenty-six] 


There's A Piece For Every Home 


The upper illustration shozvs a 
playground enclosed with a close- 
latticed ornamental fence. Shrub- 
bery may be planted along the 
fence line, thus assuring privacy as 
tvell as good appearance 

This circular trellis arbor is 7 feel 
wide, 7 feet high and 3 feet deep. 
The posts and arch are formed of 
one inch lumber, battened inside at 
joints. The trellis pieces are 1x2' 's 

The loiuer illustration shoius hoiv 
an ornamental fence may be con- 
structed to follozv sloping ground. 
It is a very distinctive type of 
picket fence 

■■■■■■■■■■■■mi SSgffi 



muni !!!"!!!""' 




■ ■£PR«lll 






[Page Twenty-seven] 

The Book of Lawn Furniture 



The Outdoor Nursery 

^^HE above scene is of a rear lawn enclosed to provide a safe outdoor nursery 
10 or playground. The fence is three feet, six inches high; pickets are one by 
twoinch strips, dressed; and three feet, four inches long. Lateral timbers are "two 
by fours" and posts "four by fours." A lattice enclosed oil tank is seen at, the 
extreme left. ; 


A Garden Seat 

^^HE seat shown at the left is a part 
IJ of the lawn ornamentation of the 
outdoor nursery shown above. It is seven 
feet high, six feet wide and five feet, six 
inches deep. The lattice spacing is six 
by fifteen inches. The crescent shaped 
side openings are sixteen and one-half 
inches high. Lattice strips are one and 
one-half inches by three inches, dressed. 
Seat depth is seventeen inches; seat 
height, eighteen inches; seat back, twenty- 
seven inches high. 

[Page Twenty-eight] 

There's A Piece For Every Home 



Ornamental Clothes Pole 

if^HY disfigure the lawn with a crude 
\I/ unadorned clothes pole when an 
ornamental one may be had at small 
cost? A flowering vine may be planted 
at the base of the pole as shown, which, 
in another season, will cover it with ver- 
dure. It is six feet high above ground. 
The top cross piece is three and one-half 
inches square and forty-eight inches 
long. Lattice is of one inch by two inch 
strips, dressed. As many of these poles 
as needed may be placed in the yard 
without disfiguring the premises; in fact 
they will make attractive rose trellises 
whether or not they are to be used as 
clothes poles. They will accommodate a 
double line. 


For A Sloping Lot 

To secure privacy to the rear premises of a sloping lot, the fence shown above is 
suggested. It will be found to be satisfactory and of inexpensive design 

[Page Twenty-nine] 


The Book of Lawn Furniture 


Lattice Adorned Porches Add Charm 

^^^HE improvement wrought in 
V/y porches by lace-like lattice work is 
little short of miraculous. All open 
porches afford a splendid opportunity for 
the exercise of the finishing touch in 
grilled woodwork. The views on this and 
the following page demonstrate the strik- 
ing benefit of the use of grilled wood- 
work on side and rear porches. Imagine 
these porches without the lattice work 

This simple rose arbor above the walk is 
very pleasing 

and you may be able to better realize 
how much the added feature improves 
the general appearance of the homes. 

In considering the improvement of 
porches wrought by grill or lattice work, 
it is important to know that such im- 
provement does not call for extravagance. 
Look closely at the illustrations and 
notice how little extra material was used 
in addition to the porch floors, columns 
and roof. 

This combination of snowy white lattice and 

blooming roses is delightful. _ The lattice 

strips used here are 21 inches wide, spactd to 

leave square openings of like dimensions 

Grill work such as shown above, lends charm 
and dignity to the home 

[Page Thirty] 


There's A Piece For Every Home 


Suggestions for Side and Rear Entrances 

gBOVE is suggested a treatment for side or rear entrance. For the cottage type 
of home the trellis is appropriate for the front entrance. At the right is shown 
an example of ornamenting in a dignified way, a sunroom or study. 


An Excellent Example of Grillwork Fencing 

Fences like this add charm to any garden 

[Page Thirty-one] 

The Book of Lawn Furniture 


That Extra Touch 

eVEN after the home grounds 
have been laid out and gar- 
den furniture may have been in use 
for several years, there are frequent 
occasions when an additional fence, 
pergola, trellis or arbor will add that 
something which the owner may 
have thought lacking for some time. 
Herewith are a few more practical 
suggestions as to the use to which 
wood may be put in making the 
lawn and garden more attractive. 

A fence with an individual touch 

Use Good Lumber 

i^\HE quantity of lumber 
m^/ required for most lawn 
furniture is so small that any 
difference in price between 
good and cheap lumber will 
not be noticeable; yet, like in 
the building of homes, depend- 
able lumber is the only kind 
which will assure full value 
for your investment. Usually, 
the pieces should be .con- 
structed of Douglas fir, yellow 
pine or white pine. Your lum- 
berman will be glad to recom- 
mend the right lumber to use. 

An arched trellis, easily constructed. Note the bird 
houses with the bird bath conveniently near. This 
piece is 8 feet wide, 8 feet high and 24 inches deep. 
Posts are 4x4' s dressed— arch built two ply of one 
inch lumber. Side panel grill of 1 1/16 square strips 



An attractive, easily built floiver box 
[Page Thirty-two] 

The Outdoor Howe 

much thought has been given to the home from the 
standpoint of a dwelling and its interior that this space 
is given to emphasize the importance and value of the 
outdoor home— the lawn and garden. 

To have a home in every sense of the word, one must 
possess not only a substantial dwelling and a cozy, comfort- 
able, well-arranged interior, but also a setting which har- 
monizes with the dwelling, which sets it off to its best 
advantage, and which affords its owner outdoor comfort and 

The home grounds need not be large. Many a dwelling, 
built on a narrow lot, has a charming lawn and garden which 
afford much enjoyment to the owner month after month. 
Neither need the outdoor home be one of expensiveness; but 
it must be a place where you will find relaxation in addition 
to its good appearance. 

Suppose you are searching for a home of your own. 
You want to have beautiful settings. Attractive lawns and 
gardens always add to the resale value of a home. 

For several years Long-Bell Lumber Sales Corporation 
has been gathering the information which you will find in this 
book and has selected the best that was available to present 
to you. We hope that The Book of Lawn Furniture will 
be a means of enabling you to make your outdoor home 
more enjoyable. 


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