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Full text of "Breakout Session 4 Lindberg Room, March 2-3, 2010"

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How do the participants typically become aware of 

jV- respirator revocation and counterfeit issues? 


IAFF sends email to members 

Put on web, link to our site 

List serve 

NIOSH calls manufacturers 

Work with NIOSH 


Someone suggests 

Other depts 

After purchase during fit testing 

During implementation 

Product recall 

Med Ctr list serve 



What communication methods would be most useful 
for participants and others to obtain up-to-date and 
reliable information on these issues? 





Social media (Twitter, etc.) 

Trade magazines by industry 

Mail alert from other orgs 

Web search (RSSfeed) 

Professional groups (APIC, etc.) 




How valuable is the NIOSH Respirator Trusted-Source 
Information page? 


Valuable but difficult to navigate 

Not user friendly 

Needs to be easier to understand 

Performance info 

Segment technically and in more simplified terms 

Very helpful, but hard for end users to shift thru info 


How valuable is the Certified Equipment List? 




Valuable if you know how to use it 

Not easy to use 

Would be better if you can search by approval # 

Data entry errors 

Needs a "Respirator 101" - who does what 

Needs to be more useful to navigate for general public 

Industrial Resp. Guide is useful but needs updating 

Mention when last edit was done, when was product audit was 

Needs to be updated regularly 

Better address obsolete respirators 

Revocations and follow up activities incorporated 

More info on hose lengths and part numbers, better info about 
component parts, contains latex? 

Info that was taken out in 1986 was very useful (numerical listing 
by type, approval # by schedule, components, major parts) 

What information do end users need to assist them in 
better identifying counterfeit respirators? 

Link to CEL on approved respirators 

Get users to find NIOSH "Buyer Beware" on web 

Relationship with Attorney General 

Get GAO audit on issue 

Info needs to get to occupational health groups 


y Are there very near-term things that can be done to 

fl*Yr effect almost immediate improvements in 
BkJ communicating information on revocations, 
misrepresentations and counterfeits? 

Put info on RSS feed; this would push info out 
Engage with mainstream media 
Note that we are seeking info, not just disseminating 
Better labels 




What are the two or three most important things that 
NIOSH should do to support better communication on 
revocations and counterfeits? 


Address legal issue (govt, GAO, Attorney General). This is 
life saving equipment. 

Recertification of equipment 

List date of certification on product 

Better uniformity of following regulations across U.S. 

End of recertification - cert should expire, not be unlimited 

Checklist for purchasers 

Ensure sellers know products are approved