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Full text of "Breakout Session 4 Wright A, March 2-3, 2010"

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How do the participants typically become aware 
of respirator revocation and counterfeit issues? 

• List serve (5 of 15) 

• Website (1 of 15) 



What communication methods would be most useful for 
participants and others to obtain up-to-date and reliable 

formation on these issues? 


Put information in the user instruction of the product 

Ask manufacturers who are submitting for 
certification to put the NIOSH website information on 
products (get to the end user) 

Information on website in other languages for users in 
other countries 

Main distributors (retail outlets) have NIOSH flyers on 
where to get more information 

Expand contact database and have focused outreach 

Monitor recipients of twitter 

How valuable is the NIOSH Respirator Trusted-Source 

Information page? 

• Right now too new to assess 

• Very valuable 

Respirator Trusted-Source Information Page 
l http://www.cdc.qov/niosh/npptl/topics/respirators/disp part/RespSource.htm l 

What information do end users need to assist them 
in better identifying counterfeit respirators? 

Have a website that shows sample counterfeit 
labels and products 

Have a special section just for healthcare 

Identify counterfeit respirators in alphabetical 

Listing the manufacturers that provide counterfeit 

Need outreach to end user so that they can 
evaluate the products - they need better 
information on what is available. 

Have a product registration or tracking system so 
that NIOSH can inform users about counterfeit 

Certified Equipment List 





Are there very near-term things that can be done to 

effect almost immediate improvements in 

communicating information on revocations, 

misrepresentations and counterfeits? 

Use GOOGLE to improve search function — so that 
people who are generically searching can easily 
find information 

Go to unions and request that they send 
information out or include it in their training 

Train MSHA and OSHA on problem recognition and 
encourage them to enforce the laws 

Have a "Did you know?" banner on main NIOSH 
website that says that there are deliberate 
counterfeit products - make it more obvious. 




What are the two or three most important things that 
NIOSH should do to support better communication on 

revocations and counterfeits? 

• Have more basic level outreach - esp. 
for healthcare and construction 

• NIOSH needs better marketing - 
inform buyers and end-users that it 
exists and has resources