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Jfamtlp Jn$tor|> 

Father's Full Name., J.I..QLL£L£Ju. 

Birthplace {^U4L4/.i^L££/J3-£f-*-/ 

Mother's Maiden Name \^JL..LLJjLJ. 

Birthplace ^1JJLj&QUZL> 7 -J&L&^.CfrLCU. 

Residence at time child was born i^Jk^^UulMjLu.j... 

... ib 



Baby left footprint 

Artist left thumbprint 

Artist right thumbprint 

Baby right footprint 

This Certificate will always be useful in proving the date and place of your baby's birth and the identity of the parents. It will be valuable for proving 
authenticity of being an original Cabbage Patch Kids " Preemie. " Your baby is a one-of-a-kind soft sculpture, designed by Xavier Roberts To be 
sure its a real Cabbage Patch Kids " Preemie, " look for the signature birthmark on each baby s bottom. 
c 1983 Cabbage Patch Kids " Preemie ' is a trademark of and licensed from Original Appalachian Artworks, Inc. Cleveland. Georgia, U S.A. All Rights Reserved 

Official Registration Number U 14405-82 
Send in bottom half only. 

To get your validated suitable for framing adoption certificate, please be sure to fill in all the informa- 
tion requested on the reverse side of this form. Then place it in the 
enclosed pre-addressed envelope, and mail to: 

Babyland General " Hospital 

Certification Center 

One Cabbage Patch Lane 

Ridgely, Maryland 21687 

If you wish to change the name of your Cabbage Patch Kids " Preemie, M and would like the new name to 
appear on the validated certificate, hand print the new name on the line below. 

New first and middle name (if desired). 

$trtf) Certificate 

gfooption papers 


Return To.- 

Put stamp 


The Post Office 

will not 

deliver mail 

without postage 



Please read the following carefully before you mail: 

1 . Is application written carefully and clear to read? 

2. Is your address and zip code correct? 

3. Have you put your return address on the envelope? 

4. Did you put on correct postage stamp? 

5. Did you include the Parent Association Membership card? 

My Baby's Firsts 

Full Name 

First Word: 
First Step: 

Favorite Toy: 

Favorite Color: 
Favorite Food:. 



3 M 

55" ° 3 



join to help prevent premature births 

What is 
a Preemie ? 




March of Dimes 


if Dimes' 


As the legend tells it, Preemies '" were brought in from 
the Cabbage Patch" one day when a chilling late spring 
frost called "Blackberry Winter" swept through. This 
made it too risky to let them stay in the special place 
where they grow. 

Colonel Casey, the stork, and the 'Kids " worked all day 
to get the Preemies ™ out ot the cold and into the shelter 
of Babyland General*. By acting fast, they rescued every 
last one! 

Preemies'" are smaller than other Cabbage Patch Kids'" 
because they've been adopted at an earlier age. But 
besides that, they're perfect in every way. With lots of 
love and care, your new baby Preemie'" will always be 
happy and healthy. 

Real -life premature babies (preemies) aren't always so 
lucky. When babies come into the world too soon, their 
lives can be very hard. 

Because real preemies are so tiny, ihey need special 
attention and care to help them do almost everything. 
Doctors and nurses must watch over them constantly. 
Before these preemies are ready to go home, they often 
have to stay in the hospital for a long time. 

So when you take your Cabbage Patch Kids ™ Preemie™ 
home, think of how lucky you both are. Show your special 
Preemie™ all the tenderness and love that you can. And 
before you tuck your Preemie™ in at night, say a little 
prayer that better new ways are found to prevent real 
babies from being born too small and too soon. 

A Message to Parents: 

The Cabbage Patch Kids ™ doll can help your child learn 
how to love and care for a tiny baby. While a Preemie™ 
doll is small, it is perfectly healthy. We hope that both 
children and grown-ups alike may learn more about 
some tiny babies who are not always healthy . ..the 
thousands of real babies born prematurely each year. 

Dedicated doctors and nurses are learning, too They're 
seeking new ways of keeping babies from being born 
too small, top soon. Because . . . 

• Premature birth is the major cause of infant illness and 
death in the United States. 

• Babies born before the 37th week of a pregnancy 
often have serious problems with breathing, heart 
function, body chemistry, and eye'brain damage. 

• Intensive care needed by five percent of newborns in 
the U.S. costs about $1.5 billion per year. 

In some places, special care of mothers at risk of having 
their babies too early has markedly increased the num- 
ber of full-term births. The March of Dimes is funding 
similar programs in other places to help bring the same 
kind of success for mothers and newborn babies all over 
the country 

Cabbage Patch Kids™ are proud to help the March of 

Dimes in their work to combat the effects of premature 

birth. You can help, too, by 

adding your support. For 

more information about 

preventing premature 

births, call your local 

chapter of the March 

of Dimes. 

■ ■ .■ ■