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Full text of "Coptic Version New Testament North.Dialect.etc.4vols.comb.Oxford.1898.1909."

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The Epistle of S. James 
The Fibst Epistle of S. Peteb 
The Second Epistle of S. Peteb 
The Fibst Epistle of S. John 
The Second Epistle of S. John 
The Thibd Epistle of S. John 
The Epistle of S. Jude 
The Acts of the Apostles 
The Apocalypse 
Additions and Cobbections 












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eni(C)To^H ioxruiroc. 

I3XRUIBOC frfitoK iibfrf net* nenre mc 
nxc trf 15 jjL4>tXh ctxh s&en nixwp efioX. 
Xepe. *ajoum j6en pA.aji mfiert itA-dtKO** *■ 
eajum A»peTenajA.npA.oTro e&A.nmpA.cju.oc 
iioireo npK*f *■ 8 eperenejuu ze •f^oKi.M.K 
irre nerenitA.&'f *• A.cep£,ujfi. ecnrg/cno- 
jULortH-i- * -f g,irnoAJLOiiK 2ve cnr&ujfi. 
ecjxHK efioX ajuoni kj6ktc £,iitA. K*re*reit- 
ajumi epexeitXKK efioX* cnrog, eperertoirox 
nxexenxopg, k&Xi * * icxe 2>.e oiroit 
o**a.i j6ert eRnoTr* eqxopg, itcfioo juu.peq- 
epexm irreit <t>*f * 4>k er*f nonroit mfieit 
A.nXooc* nqajuoajq AJt* o**0£, €r»e"f itA.q*- 
• juiipeqepexm 2^.e j&eit o'vnA.&'f'S- Rqoi 
ii&KT 5 &.n* 
4>k rip €Toi ii&KT 5* A.qoi jOL^picf timxoX 
Ore ^iojul-5- epe neHO** o*T jOuuudot oirog, 
eqmi juljulcuot * 7 XJLnertepeqjULeri rA.p 

Inscription. €IIIToXk lAJttufioc, A x : KA.eoXlKOtt IA.KCO- 

fioc enicxoXH, go: KA.eo(Keo"r, A s )XiKon emc- 
to(u>,a,)Xr iA.Kuofi.oc, (Aj)FS: KA.eoXiKon "fenic- 

ToXk IA.KUofi(JOC, B»: 1AK0O&OC IlieiUCToXR KA.OO- 
XlKOIt, NT: KA.©oXlKOtt eniCXoXK (om. K) IA.K0Ufi.OC 27, 
TK: f ileniCXoXH KKA.eoXlKOrt 'f&O'Hl" 'the first* 
*f euicToXK SlA.KC0fi.OC, P. 

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L James, (the) servant of God and our Lord Jesus Christ, 
to the twelve tribes who are in the dispersion, hail. * Be 
in all joy, my brethren, if ye should fall into various temp- 
tations ; 8 knowing that the proof of your faith worked 
[a] patience. * But [the] patience — let a complete work 
be in it (sc patience), that ye may be complete and sound, 
and that ye may not be deficient of anything. *But if 
there is one among you deficient of wisdom, let him ask ■ 
from God, who giveth to all simply, reproaching not; and 
it shall be given to him. * But let him ask in [a] faith, ' 
doubting not. For he who doubteth was as the waves 
of the sea, the wind taking them and bringing them. 7 For 

i pmi go* 'the first Sunday of Kihak.' netted] cf. ff vg syT"" am |y^" ° 
•eth. AdnrXH] It*., A,. eTXH]om.XK,FS. X e Pe] Hont.8, 
L*T*ABTGNOPT 18. 26: X. e P e ' re > FKS - 2 -pA-Ofo] Hint",", 

a : -onruj, i*t* &c. 8 ftxenexemti£/f-] cf. ? Gr. nab*o ** 

KLP al fere omn cat 2trt et Soo,n s vg syr«° B arm aeth Ac. eOTg/Hl.] 

€**£,., fnt. 4 Sj&HTc] pref. ftj6pw, k. epexen i°] 
exexen, a 2 *. acH(e, n>k . . . epexen] on. o homeot. 

ftxexenxopgj -2COX&, A 2 * by error. 8 2i (X, P) e] om. T. 

ftxen] l*ab»gp 18. 26: nxe, FS: jul, TT'KNOT. <b-f] 

position cf. ? Gr. A ff vg. A.(6, N) IlXtOc] pref. ft, FS. ftqttJOJ(0, 
WnFOKPT i8)gq] L«A, <g «B»FKS 18: pref. CnfO£„ TTGN 
OPT. CnrO£,] I/AB»FGKPS 18. 36: om. T»PNOT. eife*f] 

evf.r'O. n*.q] +A.n 'not,' po. 8 :&.e]om. fs. ftqoi] 

T»ANOT i8«- u : tteqoi, T*: eqOI, L*B»FGKPS 26, single negative. 

5 1°] pref. ft, A 2 . A.qoi] eqoi, b»fks. oifO£, eqim ii.- 

JULtUOTf] L»T«AB«GP 18. 26: om. S*: om. 07fO£„ rFKNOS^fT. 

B % 

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niq itxempoujuu erejuuu.iTf •&• ace qni<ff £,Xi 
nxoxq jOLnOT* 8 mpcujuu 2>.e eroi n£,R*r 5-5- 
otiTceura ne £,1 neqju.ujrr THp<y*4-| 
pXfi p • U^peqcyoTcy ot 2>.e ju.JU.oq * itxemcon exee- 
jSikoitt j&en neqtfTci * 10 mpiJUio 2>.e it&piu 
j£en neqeeftio* ace ju.^picf rtoir&pRpi irre 
otcusoi&jen qnicmt. " iqgjii rip ruce4>pK 
neju. mKiircion onrog, iq*rajoine niaoo'vfLen*' 
oirog, Teq&pKpi icqopqep* licit 2>.e irre 
neq&o iqTiKo-i- niipni" £,toq mpiJUio 
n&piu j&en neqjuuoiT *rHpo*» qniXooju. *• 
y t 12 OxjuiKipioc ne mpiojuu $h eertii.ju.oivi 
rrroxq j£>en oirnipicju.oc ace iqajinep ot- 
cujxu*- qnitff Ju.mxXoju. irre nu}nj6* <t>K 
exiqtuaj juuu.oq nnu eerumxenpnrq *■ 


8 13 Unenepe &Xi acoc eirepnipigm juju-oq ace <H~ 

nerepnipigin Jjuuloi. <t>~f rip qepmpi^m 

in j6en ^innex^ujoTr 4- qepnipi^m 2>.e 
neoq ii&Xi in. u moirii 2>.e nioirii *• erep- 
nipi^in jOuuLoq eftoX £,rren *reqenieifju,ii jujuoq *■ eccwK ju.JU.oq * onrog, eccon- 
cen juuu.oq-2- "rri 'feniefju.ii icajinep- 
&oki $no&i * $no&i ^.e iqgjirtxooK 
eftoX giq3c«t>o ju.4>ju.o"» *• 
< u Onepccopeju. nicnKonr nijutenpif. " Tiio 

7 niq] on. B». £,Xl] L8AB»rFK0ST: pref. n, T'GNP 18. 
26; cf.Gr.AB0 ll KLPalplerffvg8yr» tr aethCyr&c. JUJIOT . . . 8 5 
OlfiT] om. N*. 8 2>.e] L«T*AB»GNP 18. 26: om. TFKOST. 

h«i* «8, e*TOl] om. T. OTfiTCeJU..] 0*»i©C, B». » 2».e] om. P. 

,0 ng,pw] LsAGP i8"'"«: n£>., TTFKNOST: eg,., B». 
JU^picf ] om. JUL, FS. qniCIttl] om. q, A, : CiqC, B* 18 : 
-CI, K. " Vip] om. G*. niKiTfCCOn] IUK., N : om. art* 

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JAMES I. 8-17. S 

let not that man think to himself, that he will take any- 
thing from the Lord ; 8 but the man who doubteth is 
unsteady on all his ways. * Bat let the brother who is in 
humble (position) boast himself in his exaltation : 10 but the 
rich in his humiliation : because as a flower of [a] grass he 
will pass (away). " For (the) sun arose with the scorching 
heat and dried the grass; and its flower fell off, but (the) 
beauty of its face perished: thus also the rich in all his 
ways will wither. I2 Blessed is the man who will endure 
in a temptation, because, should he be a chosen (one), he 
wiU receive the crown of (the) life, which he promised to 
them who will love him. 

u Let not any one say, being tempted, that it is God 
who tempteth me : for God temptetk not in evil things, but 
he (pron.) temptetk not any one: "but each one is being 
(err) tempted by his own lust drawing him and enticing 
him. M Then the lust should it conceive bringeth forth (the) 
sin: but (the) sin should it be completed begetteth (the) 
death. " Go not astray, my brethren, my beloved. 17 All 

i8«. <4.Cq.] 6CC|., S. TICA.I 2>.e] A,. 2 (pref. 01): OTTO& 

n(neq, p)c*.i, l«t» &c n&pm] it©., tts. iteqAJuoiT] 
neqju.. , s. " eeru.£.ju..] cf. ? Gr. k l p ai mn. nxoxq J 
om. ri, r*. A.qaj*.nep(om. ep, f*)o*».] <*.qcyi.neepo-r., a x . 

HUIIX©] nilDIt©, GP.] cf. Gr. NAB a"** « arm. 
iLWLOq] om. B»: +S2C€nOC 'the Lord,' T», cf. Gr. (C)KLP al 
pier &c. F""* S"* 'the end (of the lection).' 1S F°« S"* 'the Hiratas, 

finrt Sunday of the Fast, (later) the fourth Sunday of the month Atnshlr.' ii.%"s 

nexepn.] l»t*ab*fgkps 18. 26: ne ex., tot: xepeqep., 

>' by error, qepn. i°] HAjB^FS a6: eqep., GK'NPT 18 : 
€p., T»A 2 0. qepn. a°] L«AB»FS 18. 26: liq.,T*rGK r NOPT. 

H e»epn.] L»T»AB»GK r NOPT 18. 26': eteepn., r : qepn., 

FS26". e&oX] om. B»GK r P 18. 6CCU3K] eTC, K. OTfO£,] 

PArKO 26« u : om. l*b*fgnpst 18. ecconcen] ertc, K: 

-fice&, 26*. ijuixoq 4 °] om. b». w] -xxi.c, 
T: -JULIC, a,. gi.q3£<ho] -<be, K. 18 . " Xi.10] h^o. 

HTA.IO, s. 

Digitized by 



m&en eeni-nev * nejut coupon m&en exacKK 
efi-oX* £,i.nefi.oX jGtncyuM ne * err niter* enecnx 
e&oX £,ixen <t>Kox iixe moTtwini *■ 4>h exe- 
juuuton ajiM" ni.£,pi.q * o*»2v€ o-rautox iixe 
o-*j6Kifti eixcmi* I8 i.qo-*uxg i.qx4>on /6ett 
ncAxi iixe *f juteejuuu •> eepenajcwm iicnr-,pxK iixe neqaunx*! 

«■ " Tencajcnrit ^.e nAcmtcnr nAJUtenpi/f. JutApeq- 
ttjiom 2^.e nxcpwjULi mften eqmc eqitAcuo- 
xejut* eq&opaj .5- eq&opaj eqni.- 

C 20 IIxajiix VAp £M>piojuti jutnAqep£/M& e*fjutee- 
julhi iixe $*f* 21 eefi,e <|>ai XA e-wXefi 
m&en e^bpm-j- nejut n&oiro iixe -fKAKiA*- 
j&en o-TAJtexpeJU.pA.Tfaj * ajen mcAXi epcu- 
xen«- eqpKX <1>k exeoiron ajxojut 
juuutoq eno&ejut iiitexeirilnrxH «• 


' " Ujtjoni epexenoi Rpegipi jutmcAxi o-yog, iipeq- 

gfcjuiH jjuuu.-yi.xq An. jQUuton epex enep- 

&aX jOuuturren juuuti.-vi.xen eimcnr. 2S 4»k 
exe iioTrpeqtflcjutK ne iixe mcAxi cnrog, 
iio-*peqepg,ujfi. i.n ne * $ai Aqom iicnr pwjuti *• 
ei.qi" iiii.xq jutn&o iixe neqxmjuuci j£en 
ottiaX. 2 *i.q-f iiiAxq VAp juuutoq* cnro£, 
Aqcge nAq* o-*o£, cixoxq Aqepnuj&aj 
jutnipH-f enAqoi juuutoq* 26 $h 2>.e exAq- 

e&oX 2 ] om. 26. jutnajioi] en., 26. efttHcnr] cniicnr 

'it cometh,' FS. niOTftOini] IU., MPT. OTT^e] T'AK: 16 
'or.'LsBTFGNOPST 18.26. eACClrtl] L*AB»rKNO 26: ACC, 
T'GP: CACpIKI 'declined,' FS. 18 AqOTCOOj] A 26 : pref. 6, 

l«t* &c. Aqx<t>on] pref. e, fs. neqaonx] -onx, a,*. 

19 XenCUJO-»n] A : Xexenc, L*T'B»rFGKNOPST 26; for 

Digitized by 


JAMES I. 18-35. 7 

good gifts and all complete gifts are from above, coming 
below from the Father of the lights, with whom there is 
not change, nor a form of a shadow which passed. IS He 
wished, he begat as in (the) word of the truth, to cause 
qs to be a firdfruit of his creatures. "But we know, 
my brethren, my beloved. But let every man be in haste 
about to hear, slow about to speak, slow about to be angry. 

n For (the) anger of (the) man worketh not the righteous- 
ness of God. n Therefore lay down all filthiness and (the) 
abundance of [the] malice, in [a] meekness receive the word, 
newly grown up, for which it is possible to save your souls. * 

a Be doers of the word, and not listeners only, otherwise 
ye are deceiving your own selves. M He who is a listener of 
the word, and not a worker, \iMa] was like to a man who 
beheld (the) face of his birth in a mirror: "for he beheld 
it, and he went away, and immediately he forgat the manner 
(of man) which he was being. * But he who gazed at (the) 

'know' cf. Gr. ABO 73. 83. ff vg arm syrP"*, for 2 P pros, indie, cf. vg. 
X6 i°] T»Aro 26: om. L«B»FGKNPST. 2^.6 2 ] cf. Gr. NBOP* 
83. m* 4 ff vg: om. T*P, cf. Gr. KLP 2 al pier cat syr utT arm aeth &c. 

eq&opaj i«] +^.e, fs. eqrtACAJtt] om. eq, a 2 *. 20 juL- 

IlAqepy J0Lneq(p, T)Cp, NPT. " F"* 'the second Sunday 

of the Fast.' CCJpHX] erpRT, K. ftlteTemlr.] L«T* &c, 
ctGr. HABOKP &c: ItXeTeri^., Ax uncertain: ft*reneit»fr., 

P. cf. Gr. L al plus". F"* 'the end (of the lection).' M F m * HuntiS, 

r * ■ 22*27 

S"«'the first Sunday of Tut.' OJUJIllJ L«AB»FKPS 26, cf. Hunt*, 
Gr. h 105. k» r harl arm : +2i€, TGNOT 18, cf. Gr. rell (exc. 9. 18). L ' ""' 
epereitOl] -ipi, P*. JOuUU.irA.Tq] position cf. ? Gr. B a«« 
Thphyl « vg syr» te arm aeth. AJUUlcm] A: om. I*T* &c. 6p€- 

Tenepg,A.X] rrrerenep., k. 2s $r] cf.? Gr. a om. ««: 

+?Ap, T«N, cf. syr"*. ftOirpeq<r] A 26: om. ft, L«T' &c. 
lie i°]trs. after CA2CI, TFOS. ftoirpeqep.] L«T»AB»rKNOTi8. 
*«: om. OT, FS: ftxeqep., GP. lie 2 ] om. FS : Ite, T. 

eAqf] A,q-f, fks. n&o] ni£,o, NP. * 4 OTTO& a°] 

om.FS. M ^.e]om.T. 

Digitized by 



cojulc e$noju.oc exxwc e&oX ft*f-Ju.expejuLi>,efr 

OTfog, fixeqo&i fij^rixq* ii.iu.qep peq<JTfcjutK 

fipeqepntu&aj * a-XXa. npeqipi ijLni&toiL 4>ai 

eqeep ofAJLA.KA.pioc j&en nexeqipi i3uu.oq* 

e t2«4>H 2ve eeJueTri epoq xe onrpeqaje.AA.aji ne* 

fiqtffXA-Xmoirc jOLneqX^c A.n* a.XXa. A.qep- 

&A.X jOLneq&HX* oire<&Xrrcnr ne ncge.ut.aji 


1 "IIiajeAAaji 2».e* o**o£, fiA.xeu)Xefk <s- 

j6A.xett 4>-f oTro£, <t>itox <|>a.i ne* exej«.- 

pXr najmi fimop4>A.noc * | iteAA. mx"P*-*- fi4>pKi 

*6en noi&ox&ex * eA,pe£, epoq eqoi fiAx- 

*.oTti* e&oX &A. mKocjutoc* 

io Hacwiot ilLnepx^- nm^.g,*f- fixe ntuoT fixe 

nentre ihc nyy fixen emtoT ,&ett oxAAex- 

peqxoirajx e&o * 2 eajtvn VA.p fixeqi ejfconrit 
exexenc*>T t K* nxeoirpouAAi epeofoit 
oirajd'6'vp fiitoirfi. xoi eneqxK.fl*- j&en o*»- 
£,eflcu} ec$opi* fixeqi 2>.e ej6o**n £,<oq fixe- 
o*»g,RKi * *6eit of&eflao ecAeiauov * s o**o£, 
fixexenxonrajx e<t>K exe *f£,eflcuj ex$opi 
xoi £,iu)xq* oTfog, fixexenxoc*- xe fieoK* 
£, hajc jDLua.ia>u. fiKA.X(uc* oifoj>, fixe- 
xenxoc aaju&kki £,toq *• xe fteoK o&i epAXK 

fi-f ju.expejuLg,e] a, : fixef., l«t* &c._ o-*oj>,] om. k. 

fi&KXq] cf. ? vg 8yr"> h etP c* arm ar e . AA.nA.qep] A 26: 
JUlneq., L»T' &c; for otn. afoot cf. Gr. NABO 13. 29. 68. 73. ff vg 

syr^ar*. eqeepo**.] eqep., k : A.qep., fs. nexeqipi] 

L«T»AB»FGNPST 18.26: ne 6X, T: $H 6X, 0: $K e«A.q- 
ipi, K. M 2s.e] cf. ? Gr. CP 13. 31. ff vg syr"* aeth: om. P, 

cf. Gr. KABEL al fere omn cat 9 eyrP arm Ac. ne i°] cf. Gr. NABOP 
h 27. 29. 66** 68. 73. m M ff vg 8yr«* arm aeth &c. fiqtTl] pref. 
OlfOg,, T'B'GP 18: eqdl, F8 single negative. X A ^ m O'*'c] 

Digitized by 


JAMES L 26— II. 3. 9 

law which is complete of the freedom, and stayed in it, 
he is not (a) forgetful hearer, hut (A.) (a) doer of the work, 
this (one) shall be blessed in that which he doeth. 2e But 
he who thinketh that he is a server (of God), bridling not ' 
his tongue, but (A.) he deceived his heart, (the) service of 
this (one) is vain. ST But the pure service and unstained 
with God and the Father is this, to visit the orphans and 
the widows in their tribulation, to keep himself unspotted 
from the world. 

EL My brethren, have not* the faith of (the) glory of our 
Lord Jesus Christ in a respect of persons. 2 For if a man 
cometh into your synagogue wearing a gold ring on his 
finger, in (a) splendid raiment, but a poor (man) also entereth 
in (an) unwashed raiment; 3 and ye look upon him who 
weareth the splendid raiment, and say : ' Thou, sit thee here 
in a good place ' ; and ye say to the poor man also : ' Thou, 

' Lit. 'put not hy yon.' 

-HOC, V. -Xax] -XA.OC, NT. " 2>.e] cf. Gr. 8P« m 3 * ff arm 

•yrP c* Epiph. eeewJi] €&, B». OK 0£, a°] om. B», cf. Or. 99. 
ia6. 177* I3 1 "* I4 kct g" r m 3 * &c. neJL*.mX H P*-] «">• B» 18 : om. 

ni, t. Sj6pki] ej&, b»: itg,., k. s&en nonrg,.] j6en- 

ncnrg,., F: j£enOTr£,., S. -A.'J'ru] -tfm, L*. F-* 'the end 
(of the lection).' 

1 F^S^'the second Sunday of the Fast.* ttTenenbc] A: Hnnt 18, 

juLnen., l«t» &e. 2 ere-renc] irr., tn. epeoiron] h™?*. 

L«T«ArFKOS 26' : 60**., B»GNPT 18. 26' 1 . OVOj(f(om. N)07fp] uX-,\ 
OJfJT, FKS. 2>.e] om. F 26". &efl 2 ] L»T«AB»FG PS 18. 26' : 
pref. eq, TKNOT 26". 3 OTTO£, i°] L^T'AFFKOS 26, cf. Gr. 

NAKL 13. 31. 40. al fere omn cat Tg syr" 01 " aeth &c. : om. B'GNPT 18. 

ere-fg,.] efg,., t»nt. -xoc i°] at 26», cf. Gr. nabc 13. 

65. 67. 69. 76. 133. a*** j^ff fn harl syrP arm &c. : + HA.CJ 'to him,' 
L»T*B»FGKNOPST Hnnt 18. 26", cf. Gr. KLP al pier vg syr** aeth 
cat &c. ttAJc] A 26* : om. L«T' &c. JUIA. ttKA-XlOc] om. S, 

36. -ococ a° &c.(tiiti£,., b»)] -xotgfr em&HKi £,u?q ivre- 

TeitaCOC Xe 'look on the poor also and say,' K. iteoK 2 ] om. E. 

Digitized by 


io iaxRinRoc. 

£,*juinH le &eju.a juliiaijula. j£>Axen $juia 
ivx;*- nuJXXAirac * 
l P * Uk jGLnexenx*- oiranfL-f n&pHi j£en emur** 
oTfog, A.pexenep peq-f g,An ftj6pKi j6en 
g^Amme-in enf&uxnr * 6 ccoxejut HA-cmuy* 
nAJUtenpA/f * julk cjrf nAqaoxn nm&HKi 
nxe niKocjuLoc* RpAJuiAo j6€n nittAg/f* 

OTfOg, tlK>vHportOJU.OC ItXC *f JULeTOTfpO -*■ OH 

exAquxg juuuLoc KttR eenA«.enpixq «• 
*y 8 fieu>xen ^.e A.pexenajeaj m&HKi julk mpA.- 
juuuocnr A.n* exoi nxtcpi epooxen* oxog, 
itotoo-r exauK iJUu-ajTert e&Aiuuu. ivf £,A.n* 
7 julh neuso** A.n exxeo-* a. eenA.neq *• 
eTA.xM.o-rf jOuuioq exen mownr*! 
8 ICace juten xexenxiosc ii.nmoJu.oc iioTrpo e&oX 
kaxa. mrpA^R* xe eKejutenpe neiraj^np 
jOLneKpHi"*- kaXujc xexenpA juljuloc * • icxe 
xexenxoxajx e&o* xexenep&oofi. e<t>nofLi«- 
epe 4»noju.oc cog,! jGuuuuxen £,toc nApA.- 
&axhc nxe mnojuLoc * 10 $r vAp eenA- 
Apeg, e<t>nojut.oc *• iixeq&ei j£en oxai* 
Aqajwm eqoi nenoxoc juuuuuot Xripoir*- 
11 $k VA.p exAqacoc xe nneicepnujiK* iieoq 
on Aqxoc xe nneicj6c»xei£. * 

£,AJU.nH] L'T'AFFGKOS 26: CAJU.(om.N)nK, B»NPT 18. 
JULnAIJULA 2°] cf. Gr. KC 2 KLP al pier cat syr«* aeth &c. 
J^AXett] cf.? Gr. B S P 13, 27. 29. 68. 69. a"» c** d"* syr? arm 
8 yr«>h, <|>JULA & c .] c f.? Gr. N B K L P al fere omn cat ff arm Cyr. 

~XA-] -**■» NT- * Jtiui juLnexenx^-] **.m netoxen 

A.X€XenX^ K; cf. Gr. NAB*0 13. 14. 36. 38. 68. 69. 73. 95** 
113. a^c*" al s «" cat vg syr utT arm aeth Cyr &c. ng,pHl] AK : ttj6., 
L«T' Ac: 6j6., FS. OVOg,] L«ArFKOS 26: om.T*B»GNFT 

18. A.pexen] epex., 26": eAp., t'b»gnt 18. Sj6pHi] 
H s-«3 8 ' n£,., k. 6 nA.qcujxn] a,: A.n A(e, rjqc l»t» &c: 

IS."^ 6, A.qC, 26. RxeniKOCJULOC] cf. Gr. A 2 C*KLP al plus 70 cat ff 

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JAMES II. 4-1 1. 11 

stand there or sit here at (the) place of putting the 
feet.' * Did you not put a distinction among yourselves, 
and ye become judges of (lit. in) evil thoughts ? * Hear, my 
brethren, my beloved; was not God choosing the poor of 
the world, rich in the faith, and heirs of the kingdom, which 
he promised to them who will love him? "But ye dis- 
honour the poor (man). Is it not the rich who tyrannise 
you ? And they (are those) who draw you to places of giving 
judgement. T Are not they (those) who blaspheme the good 
name which was called over you. 8 If indeed ye fulfil the 
royal law according to the Scriptures: 'Thou shalt love thy 
neighbour as thyself,' ye do well : 9 if ye respect persons, ye 
work (the) sin; (the) law convicting you as transgressors 
of the law. 10 For he who will keep (the) law, and fall in 
one (commandment), became guilty of them all. "For he 
who said : ' Thou shalt not commit adultery,' he (pron.) again 
said: 'Thou shalt not kill.' If thou committest not 

«yr«* mrm Ac. nirU.£,"f] <fctt., FS. ItKXHp.] pref. ftaj^Hp 
'fellow,' FS. JOUULOC] + rbced/f 'God,' FS: JOUtt-Oq, NT. 

♦ipereitajegj] a.t., fs 26: -aje(A,, NT)ajq, r*a«NOPT. 

lU&HKl] pref.iSL, 0. -pAJULA.U}Oir] T*AB»G 18. 26 : -pA.AX.A.01, 
I/rFKN0ST:-paJUL4.0,P. 6XCU3K] €t C, K. T nOCOOTf] 

neurren 'ye,' *s. juumoq] epoq, a 2 *k. exen] pref. 
e &PHi, o. 8 JULeit] +cnm, fs. xerenxujK] xenz., 

A„ i° person: +e&o\ 26" mrpA.$H] cf. Gr. 27. 29. vg: *f V„ 

k, cf. Gr. reii. eKeu.enpe] eiau.., p. xerenpA.] a 26 1U : 
Tercmpi, wttfgknopst 18. 26": ererempi, b». 

*IC3C€] L«T»AB«FKNST 26 : +*€, TGOP 18. e<t>noftl] JUL*., 
TG. n£.p£Jk.] AB»FKS: pref. £,AJt, L»T' &c KTeiimo- 
**-OC] A L1 *: om. I/T* &c. 10 ^ItOAJLOc] A: + THpq, L« 

T» Ac, cf. Gr. and for position cf.? Gr. C 31. ttXeq^Cl] A: +2^.6, 

M»Ac onrA.1] +ne, fs. A.qgtoni] eqaj., N: itAqcy., 
fs. « nnetcep.] juLnepep., b». iteoq on A,qxoc] A: 
&qxoc on, L« Sec. : A.q3£OC, T*. 

Digitized by 



ICxe koi ttnioiK A.rt-5- Kj6u>xe& 2>.e iKajujni e*:oi 
juLnA.pA.fiAXKc irre nmoJULOc* "cajci 
jGLiu.ipK*f *• cnrog, A.pjoTi ii.nA.ipHi" 4- £,<uc 
eritA.i"2,in epurren e&oX g,ixeii $noju.oc 
irre *f juteTpejUL&e * ls ni£,a.n v*.p oTA.enA.1 
ne £M>k ereiiLneqipi jumin£.i* <t>n*j 
v*.p ajcnrajcnr juuuLoq exert nig^n* 


»* " Or ne n&KQir tta.cttHOT eajoon ktc ota.i xoc 

xe oTfonj- n^g/f &jjl&.v. jwjutort ams\ 2^e 

it&^-n&^KOifi *■ julh cnron ojxoju. irre nmA.£,*f 
tu.g,ju.eq ^.tfne ni£,&Kcnri*' 15 ecgtun 2^e 
cnron oircon* le oircioni enrftHcy*- otto^, 
eTrajA/r rVn6pe it-re me&oo** *■ 16 irre o**a.i 
2>e efloX £en ennov xoc moo** xe juuLcge 
nurren ^en o**g,ipHttH s&xaojjl o"*og, a*- 
nxexenajxejUL-f 2>>e rttooTf* tvrxP 1 *- wre 
niccoAJLA. «■ o*» ne ni&wnr * " iu.ipH*f £,toq 
nmA.&'f eajtun juuttort g,u)fl nj^HTq qjULto- 
oirr j6*-pi j6A.poq. | 
pX2k. «e I8 3XXXa. qn^xoc rbceo"**.!*- xe rteoK 07rorrr*jic 
ito'rnA.g/f juuuul-** A.noK ^.e oTronxHi 

KOl] A,B»: OI, A x : XCKOI, L«: 2^.6 KOI,T*&c: 2S.6 6KOI, 0; 
for tense cf. Gr. NABO 15. 45. 70. 98* cat. JOfeuOTefi.] BKJ&., 

26. JLKajuom] eKeaj., k. eicoi] ajcoi, b». rVrenmo- 
juloc], k. ls 4>nojtK.oc] mn., fs. " £jLnmA.i] 

JULneqnA.! 'his mercy,' T. <t>K£.I VA.p] T'A, cf. arm: niHA.! 

2i6, TO, for W cf. Gr. N«A 13. 40. 73. 83. 101. ff vg syrP &c: $n.&J, 

I/»B»GKNPST 18. 26, cf. Gr. N*BCKL h al longe plu cat syr«*. 

OJOTf OJCnr] tense cf. Gr. N B K L al pier cat &c. K ■* 'the end (of the 

Hunt 18, lection).' w n&HO"*] cf. ? Gr. tfAC'KL al fere omn cat &c 

HnnTt*, *Oc] position cf. Gr. AC 56. ff m s * vg. CnfOirf ] pref. A-ttOK, FS 

ii.*£2> ; »<5 U Cons. nig/f i°] A 26 : pref. OTf , L»T» &c. JUUtAOIt 

con.., 4^3 ji xi q] L«T*ArGNOPT 18. 26>; JOUULOHX., B'FKS 26". 

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JAMES IL i a-i 8. 13 

adultery, but killest, thou became traiMgressor of tbe law. 
"Speak thus and do thus, as about to be judged through 
(the) law of the freedom. M For the judgement is without 
mercy to him who showed (lit. did) not the mercy: for 
(the) mercy boasteth itself over [the] judgement. 

14 What is (the) profit, my brethren, if one say : 'I have 
faith,' but he hath not works? Is it possible that [the] faith 
should save him without the works? "But if there is 
a brother or a sister naked, and in want of (the) food of the 
day, M and one of you indeed fe.e) say to them : ' Go in [a] 
peace, be warmed and satisfied'; and yet fe.e) ye give not ' if "' 
to them for (the) need of the body, what is the profit? '" 
"Thus [the] faith also, if there is not work in it, is deadK' T <- 
by itself. n But (A.) one will say : ' Thou (pron.) hast 
[a] faith, but I (pron.) have works: show to me thy faith 

i(6, P°: + T, L«FS) tfneni&fi.HOTfl] L*AB»FP«S i8. 26. Cons.: 
X«JpiC ni£,&H01TI, KO: om. TTGNP*T. 16 2>.e] A 26, 

cf. Gr. ACKL al longe pin Yg syr» &c: om. L»T» &c, cf. Gr. KB 5. 6. 
13. 27. 29. 31. 36. 40. 73. 99. 105. 133. d*" cat ff m 84 arm. OTTOtt] 
AFKNST 18. 26: eOTfOIt, L«T*B»rGOP Cons. OfCOIt] pref. 

it, 0: -com, F8. e-*&H<g] om. et, k. efajA.T] A/*cy., 

Cons. T^pe] om. T, A,FPS Cons. rVreTU.] JULlII., TKO 
26 Cons. ,6 nTeOTtiJ >i.e] LkATNO, cf. Gr. KB &c. : 

0T0£, ilTeOlfA.1, B»GKP 18 Cons., cf. Gr. A 13. 27. 73. 133. 
d« , yr «b aeth ot »: ttTecnrAJ, F8 26: 07TO& ftTeOTrAJ 2^.6, 

t». efi.oX] om. 26". nxexenajTejuLT] irreqaj., f«ks, 

3° sing. 2>.e 2 ] omJFS. ftTXP**-] ftXOpe ' (the) food,' K. 
nTGIUCCUWU.] AAXUCU3JJU., Cons.: JULIUe&OCnr 'of the 
day,* 26. IU&HOir] L*ArFKNOST: Itg,., T*B»GP 18. 26. Cons.; 
ef. Gr. KAC*KL al omn»' d cat &c. " nAJpH"f] pref. (nrog,, 

Com. £,l«ii] £,ROTr 'gain,* FS. i6*-Pl] £>*-, FS. 18 qitA,- H ™ t ' 8 ' 

3£(V, N)0C] L^AjTOoP 18. 26: It AX., A,N: eqrtA.X.,K: A.q- 
ItA2C., B«FGO*ST Cons.: A.q2C., B»». 07rOIt(+ft, 26)TA.*c] 
L*T«AF8 26 : OTOItTeK, B»rGKNOPT 18 Cons. ftOfltAg/f] 
L*AF»K8 26 : om. ft, T*B»r«>F*GNOPT 18: om. HO**, T*. 2k.€ 
twice] A 96 : £,U> 'also,' L*T» Ac. twice. 0"*0!tTHl] -It ftXHI, 
T»B»rGNOT 18. 26. Cons. 

Digitized by 



ft&in&flHoiri «■ julatajuloi eneKiu^-f x^P 10 
ni£,&HOTri* A.noK 2\e iiTA.TAJU.oK enA.nA£,*f- 
efioX j6en nA^fUo-iri *• "neoK x n *-£>"f" 
3£€ otta.i ne $-f* ka.Xioc KpA. jOlajloc* mice- 
Tuexjuun ^(oonr cenA£,*f ottoj>, ceceepTep* 
80 XPtwyy ^- € ee*ju go 4>ptuju.i* eTajoviT* 
xe. mnA£,*f- x^P 10 ni&fijicm qjULiooTrr «• 
21 3X&paajul nemanr* julh nerA.TfejuLA.ioq A.n 
eAoX j6en nig,&KOTM4. erA.qen \ojlk neq- 
ajKpi* £,i5cen niJUUL nepajwoTrcgi * 22 x nA -"* 
ace « mnA.£/f ep&toft next. m&ftHcm *• 
otto£, i6en ni£,£.K<m a. nrnA^/f acu)K e&oX*- 
"oTrog, acxujk e&oX nace*f rpA.<t>R*- ace A.q- 
nA£,*f naceAJipA^juL e<H"* A/vonc nA.q eoTr- 
jute©JU.Hi * cnro£, A/rjuioTrf epoq ace naj<t>Hp 

£L<H" *■ 
w 24 TerennA/* ace nipauun e&oX j6en 
m&J&jicnri * otto£, ne e&oX j6en ninA£,*f 

JULAiLA.TfA.Tq A.H-8- *» IlA-ipH-f Olt pA.A.ft 

•fnopitH* julh nerA.TreAiLA.ioc A.n e&oX £>en 
ni£,&ROTri * erA-cajen niacnp epoc* otto£, 
A-c-fTOTonr e&oX £,iTen KejULujiT* 26 jOL- 
4>pH-f vA.p juLmaojuLA. *• x^P'c ninnX! 

JULA. . . . £,&HOTn] om. B» homeot. X^P 10 ] <*• Gr. K A B C P 
h 8. 13. 25. 31. 56. 68. 69. 73. 78** 83. 90. 142. a"* ff vg syr««* arm aeth. 
ni£,&HOTn] cf. Gr. NABP 13. 69. 73. 83. a"* c*" ff vg syr»«* arm. 
-TAJULOK] cf. ? Gr. AC K L al pier rg syr«" &c. nA-ttAg/f] cf. Gr. 
AKLP al pier cat vg syr utr aeth &c. " IteOK] LBArFNOST 26 : 

+ 3\€, T'B»GKP 18. X"*-&"t] KIt.,TG. OTTA.I ne $-f] 
OTf ne <t»"f , T ; order cf. ? Gr. NA 68. vg syr«* arm aethPP Oyr. 
om. 26. 20 XOTftBffl] K., G. 2,e] om. B», cf. Gr. 100. 106* 

133. 130. arm. qjULCUOTfT] cf.? Gr. KAO*KLP al pier cat vg"* 
syr"* arm"* aeth &c. 21 JULH] om. 26 : JULCIt, Cons. neTA-TT.] 
B»K: ne eTA,TfO., L«A &c: ttH CTA/*., T»G 26: 6TA.Tr., 

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JAMES II. 19-26. 15 

without the works, but I (pron.) will show to thee my - 
faith from my works.' "Thou (pron.) believest that God . 
is one; thou doest well: the demons also believe, and they v- 
tremble. *°But thou wishest to know, O (the) man, who 
art vain, that [the] faith without the works is dead. - 'f v " 

11 Abraam our father was he not justified from the 
works, having offered Isaak his son upon the altar? M Thou 
seest that [the] faith was working with the works, and in 
the works [the] faith was completed ; 2a and the Scripture 
was fulfilled: 'Abraam believed God; it was reckoned to 
him for [a] righteousness'; and he was called '(the) friend 
of God.' M Ye see that the man was to be justified 
from the works, and not from [the] faith alone. **Thus 
again Raab the harlot — was not she justified from the 
works, having received the spies, and she helped them 
out by another way? 28 For as the body without the - 

FPS Cons. -OJUU-IOq] -OAJULIoq, ST. ilt] om. NT. 

erA-qen] l*afgop 18. 26: e*r^*ce(A., T)it, NT: eTA.q- 

HU tt, T*B»FKS Com. g,IXert]A26: CXeit, L«T*rFKNO 
8T Cons.: e&pHl exetl, B»QP 18. B X 11 "] Kn -« G - 

j6en] A : pref. 6&oX, L«T* &c. * 3 "f VpA.<t>H] A 26: +©K 

exxuj jOUuloc 'which saith,' LiTt&c. xeA.qitA.£/f" ibceA-ft.] 

i&p&4.*X ^qitA.£/f, FS Cons.; cf. ? Gr. L 69. a«" c«" £F vg rell. 
iTfOnc] L8T»AB»GKNT 18. 26: 6A.**., P: pref. OYOg,, TFOS 

Cons. eoxu.eeJU.Ki] hotJtx., b»: ertJJL., f«s 18. 26. 
ngdj»Kp] om. n, nst. iiLd/f] ed/f, b». " xereit- H»n^, 8 , 

Hi.**"] cf. Gr. KABCP h al plus 10 cat «P vg syr ntr am aeth«»* ThphyL 

A."»rtA.oju_] etn., b»gp 18. o^og, «e] om. b» 18: om. we, 

FS. M nAjpH*f] cf.? Gr. C syr«* arm aeth. Oil] cf. ? Gr. C 

5. 6. 13. 76. rg'K tol syr"* arm : +^€, TFNS. pA.A.&] p&.y\&A, 

jl ne*rA.T.]T»B»KT: ne exA.-*e., l»ap>no 18: ex*.**., 

FS: &.n €TA1f., GP. -eJULA.(AJLft., FST)IOC] L«T»A,B»FGK 
NOPST 18: -e.ftJU.IO, A} : -QJUU-WSOT, T. A.CttJ€n]-Hn,AB». 
IUXH(e, FS 18*) p] cf. Gr. CK"«L al ,6 ff syr^etP"* arm ar« aeth. 
£,rreit] L«T»AGP 18: £,1, B'FFKNOST. u VA.p] cf. Gr. 

MACKLPalomn^vgsyrP&c. JULniCCUftA A.] om. JUL, G«. nitirtA.j 


Digitized by 



qAiuocnrr * iujpirf £/uq iunA.£,*f *• XM>P lc 


_ »f Unepep o-rJULHffl npeq-fcfiu? n^citHOTf eperen- 

OfT TA.p XHpOTf nOXftJLHOJ rtCOn* $H 6T€- 

nq&Kuovr A.n j6en ottcajc!*- 4>*.i ovreXioc 
itpcujuu * eoTon cyxojut juumoq e<TFx>XmoTC 
aLiucwjuu. THpq* 
8 ICxe Teti*f x^ mo "* c epouoir nm&etop enxm- 
TotcuoTeJUL Rcton o**o£, TenctoK iJLnoTr- 
cujjuia. TKpq* 4 £,Kime ic mexKcnr ere- 
nxAJJULA-m*- enrctuK ajuulojott £,rren g,A.ti- 
eHo*» etttigT ajA/rencnr eik>X £,rren 
o-»kott2CI n&iR* €<$**.&. ereqnA.cnru)aj e*f 
jOLneqoiroi epoq* nxerupeqep&ejuu * 8 n*.i- 
pirf £/uq niX*.c* onrKoifxi Juuu.eXoc ne 
oirog, qc^xi ng,i.itJw.eT-nitt|i" * £,nnne ic 

OTTKOfXI iixP UJJUL *' ^P""^ nO"*£/*XH THpC-i- 

•niXi.c £,u>q otxpwa*. ne* ncoXceX arre 


til IliXic x K €j6phi j6en niiuteXoc*- cnrog, 

cf. Gr. 13. 31. 73. 78** cat: JUUHttA., NT. qAJLWOTfX i°] 

A.qjuuooTrT, TNT. 

*™!.'!' 1 FD * Smg the fir8t Sund *y of Hatur, the third Sunday of Abib, the 

niaj"f* tMrd Sunday of the Fast.' TGrennA-tfi] TeXetttfT, FS° pre*.; 

Honta6, for 2° pers. cf. Gr. 73. vg Aug loh8T . Of£,A.n] A: 0*»nittj*f" 

it(om. K)P,AJl 'a great judgement,' L»T* &c. * THpO**] on. 

B». <$>H] +Y&.p, T*B»GNPT 18. 26: +2i€, E. OTTCA^l] 

£,«LXJ, a6 plural. XeXlOC] A: +ne, L«T* &c. etfi] e'f, 

b». X( K » o)AXmotc] -noc, l«pt. mcajAJu.] ab»k 

18.26: UIKecOOJlXA., L«TTFGNOPKST. 8 IC2Ce]AKi8. 

26: +2v6, L*T*&c.; cf. Gr. NABOKL al M ff vg &c. *l Si. X€n*f- 
X^*"°'*C (a» above exc 0)] L*AB»R 18. 26: ~<S\yj^., FS: 

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JAMES m. 1-6. 17 

ipirit is dead, thus [the] faith also without the works is 

IIL Be not many teachers, my brethren, knowing that ye 
will receive a judgement. * For we all stumble many times. 
He who stumbleth not in a word, this is a perfect man, it 
being possible for him to bridle the whole body. * If we 
put (lit give) bridle to the mouths of the horses, (it is) for 
them to obey us, and we drive their whole body. * Behold 
the ships which are so great, driven by rough winds, are 
guided (lit. brought) by a little helm, whither the steersman 
will wish to direct (lit. give) his course. 6 Thus also the 
tongue is a little member, and it speaketh great things*. 
Behold, a little fire burneth a whole uuood. "The tongue 
also is a fire, (the) ornament b of (the) iniquity. The. 
tongue is 8 among the members, and it defileth the whole 

* Lit. 'greatnesses.' b «br/io« apparently mistranslated. ° Literal 
translation of Kotftbnmu. 

•f ftmx(K,o).,T t rGKNOPT. ftm&e.] em., b*. enxm- 
TotcurreML ileum orog, TencooK** (+Ke, fs)- 

THpq-fr O**0£, enxmXOITCUJXeM. ttCtOrt, A by error. 

4 mocHo**] a : niKeex., l*t*. ereivT.] om. ere, E: 
nrejvr-., fs. e-»cu)K] pref. oyo£,, (Dfkors: +eflo\ r*. 

fclTert i°] A: pref. efioX, L*T» &c. «H(+n,A 8 «NT)0*»] 
position cf. ? Gr. KBC KP al " cat £f m M vg Dam. a"A.TreitCnr] A x r 
KO: +"^6, L»T*A 2 B»FGNPBST 18. 26. ii&IH] -€, B»ntNBT 18. 

€T€(A., 0)qitA.o*»ujafl exi-qno**., A a * : ere&ru.qo'iruxg, 

B»by error. * qCAaij GqC, T»KNT 18. 26. qptt)(0, 26)K£,] Hunt ,8, 

AroK 26 : eqp., lkt» &c. 6 mXA.c &toq] cf. ? Gr. N'ABO &Knne 

KLP &c. «al h ykbvm. IlCoXceXl L*AB»FKST : GIIC, T*TGN ' ' ' S "" 
OPR 18. 96. T(2k, B»)AA.IK!A.] *f\> F. HIXa.C 2 ] cf. Gr. KA 

BOK 27. 43. 65. 73. ioa. 133. c*" ff m 66 vg syr«* 8yr Btrt arm &c. 

X«]A: qx«» L,T&c - : eqxK, 26. e&pHi] Aro: «j6., 

OT» &c niJULeXoc] neitJlX. 'our members,* FKS. 0**0£, 
q(om. F6)£,IA.<fitl] L*T'AFGS: OTfOg, A.q&., P: OTTO£, 
eqg,., 18; cf. Gr. »*: q^IA-Cfm, TKNORT 26, cf. Gr. K« 


Digitized by " 


q&!A.<fhi hcjL mcto-wii. Tftpq* qpu>K& JuLm- 
xpoxoc fixe nixnuuuci *• OYog, qpu»K£, e&oX 
&ixen •f-veeniu.* 

( t<l>-rcic vip m&en fixe me-Hpion new. mgA* 
Xi.*f* new. nitfXxqi* new. nK erj6eit 
mJutxJLXor *• ceepTUJUUL^m juuuiuxnr o**o£, 
ceolto itxuocnr n*f"<frYcic fixe ^juLexpuuuu <*• 
8 niX-sx ^.e iieoq jOuuton g,Xi fipuuuu* gjepo 
juuutoq etfttexujq. ne eqg/ucnr-i- 
eqjuteg, iLftJU.eoTi fixe $ax.ot«- 
'UXncAJLOf e<fr*f* <nro£, <friarr e&oX ijuuLoq* 
oto£, e&oX nj£>Hxq eng/ooTraj empuMUU* 
pXe nn ex^qeAJUuiuo-* nxe<H" | enrom juuu.oq* 
10 e&oX iben najpo pio* cennoir e&oX fbce- 
mcjutoT neu. mc^o-M «• 
k Ilexcge A.n ace ne luxiwonr *• fixe tu.1 gjumi 

ko n u K -f- *f juLoirAiu &e&i ii.nexi2,oX3C neju. 
neejutoXg, e&oX j6en niioYioxen pto 

ic/3 no-coax* + 1, Uh o-»on gxojut n^cnHOTr fioT- 
ftto fiKenxe nxecipi fi&<&.nxuMX* le o*v&ud 
fU-XoXi fixecipx fi&A.rtKenxe * iu.ipK*f fine 
nee-jutoXg, ep ottjulujot eq&oXx* 

«y "Hum ncA&e oirog, jtK^x&HX ersbew eimor. 

rell. q(6q, B*GP i8) pOO (O, B»P 26)K£, i°] L«A B«G PT x8 : pref. 

ottoj>„ T*rFKNORS 26. nxenixinjuua] jGLTUX., 26. 
qpuj(o, b»p 26)Kg» 2 ] eqp., knt 18 : +q, r». e&oX] om. k. 
Hut .6, ' nejuinKf] om. nejm, or. jjjula.iot] jumuxnr, 18. 
ceep2kajuu.^m] ceepjuu.^m, A^r'iiK-i^i). ceolto] 
ncedT, 0: enrtfnon, k. $**cic nxe*f] om. k bomeot. 

* JOUULOrt &c.J Tisch. classes this with Gr. L al pier, but cites transla- 
tion without 'hominuro,' which is expressed by FlDUJJUU. OYA.X- 

(e, B»), t»t>] cf. Gr. kabp Dam ff. eqjULegJ eq- 


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JAMES IIL 7-13. 19 

body; it burnetii the wheel of the birth, and it burneth by 
the Geenna. 'For all natures of the beasts and the 
birds and the creeping things and those which are in the 
sea* are tamed, and are subject to the natwe of [the] 
humanity: *bot the tongue itself there is not any man who 
can make it subject; it is an unsettled (thing), being evil, 
bung full of poison of (the) death. • We blessed God and 
the Father by it; and from it we revile [the] men, whom 
God made like to him : 10 from the same mouth come forth 
the blessing and the cursing. That which is not right 
to be, my brethren, (is it) that these things should be thus. 

u Doth the fountain pour forth that which is sweet and 
that which is salt from the same one opening ? n Is it 
possible, my brethren, for the fig-tree that it should produce 
olives, or a vine that it should produce figs? Thus that 
which is sweet shall not produce a salt water. 

"Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him 

4U&, P. • A.KCJU.O**] TeitCJULO**, FS. 6(om. T*)d/f ] 

1*T»AFK8 a6, cf. Gr. KL al pier cat vg syrP Ac: GIIOC, BTGNO 
PUT i8, cf. Gr. NABCP 4* 13. « «yr ,oh arm Cyr &c OTTO& i°] 
em. K: +€, N. e&oX 2 ] A 26: «£>(£,, KP)pHI, LsT» &c. 

en&oxnraj] A: xeng,., l»t» &c. empuMUii] itnip., t» 

OP 36. " 6&oX i°] pref. OTTO&, B. lU.ipO(W, T*FS 36)] 

AKR: nipo, L»T»B»rFGNOPST 18: nAJCnrtDXeit, 26. p<«] 

po,?s. luc^g/yin] nc, r : mc^&oq, s. nex(om. g»)- 
cge] nexecaje, a. &.n xe] L«AB»rFK0B8 36: xe Ait, 

"POP 18 : om. Xe, NT. lie] on. B»NT. " JULH(e, N)*f] AB» 

rS0T 18 : AJLHXI, L«T*FG P RS 26 : IJULKXI, K by error. 116©- 
AtoXgJ L«AB»OP 18: neXJUL., TTFGKNBST 26; position 
A Gr. (exc. »** 16. 69. a"" c"" aeth &c). IM.l] om. 0. p(»] om. B» 
u lU.Ipirf] cf. Gr. KC 2 KLP al pier cat ff vg syr*»>etP c* aeth 
Cyrfto.: + A.II, K. Kite] A,* 2 26': ttltecg, L8T»Ai'»« ('a copy')F 
XOST a6»: ItegJ, B»rGK«PR 18; Tisch. classes this phrase with 
Or. KLP Ac, bat 'fonti' is not expressed, therefore it is nearer Gr. 
KABD &c Tie©.] as above exc. PS 18. F"* 'the end (of the lee- Hunt 18, 
two).' "plugging ' t he second Sunday of Babah.' ItlJU.] +2s.6, B l'!«, 

P18. ex&eit] om. ex, 26. ,3 "' 6 


Digitized by VjOOQlC 

20 EfcRUIROC. 

ju.A.peqTAJU.oit eiteqg^HOTfi e&oX j6en neq- 

xiitftitoaji ee-ruLiieq £>eit o*VAA.expeJUip4.Taj 
tixe ofcftw* 

"ICxe *e o-»oit 0C°& eqenajA.aji j6en eHitof* 
nejut g(TriKii* ft&piu j6eit nexen&Hx* 
juLnepajoirajcnr .CuuLwreit* oto£, iixexeit- 
xejuteencnrx j6*. "f Jt*.ee.*juu *• "xA.icfi.aj 
«a.ciikot enecHx[*] &n xe e&oX jutnajtoi * 
^XXi. eAnKA.£,i xe £Mnrx»KH kcjuiox 

" TLijju. r*.p execnroit x°£»* Ie a^Hit juuuia/*. 
«&.pe ncgeopxep juuuul** nejut. &u)fi iti&en 
ex&ioo** *• " *f c&oo ^.e exe ave&oX AJLnajwi 
ttajopn **.eit cottaJL* ix*. oTrpeqep&ipHitH 
xe*. onreniKKc xe* ecjuLeg, muu* ne**. 
oirx*.£, en^iteq* o*»a.xfg,a.n epoc xe* 
<nrAXJi*.exgofi.t xe* 

18 Ilcnrx^ *.e Rxe *f £,ipmtK * tie** *f **.ee.*juu * 
...pwtH, g^cAxq j6en cnr&ipKitH* ftitH exipi n-f- 

R £,IpKltH * 

*8 * 3Xpe noXeju«.oc krott e&oX econ * o**o£, *.pe | 
jDLXaj6 itKoir efioX eujit j&eit ohhott. julh 
e&oX j6e« n&.\ *.n* efioX j6eit itexeit&f- 
2.011H* kr ex^HK esfcpKi j6eit nexeitJuieXoc* 
8 xexertepeniex«JU!t cnrog, juumon rixoxere* 

-XAJUtOll] -XA-U.OI 'show me,' FKS. j6eit a°] £,IX€lt, 
E. neqaCIIt.J 0"»2£m., K indefinite. " ^e] om. K. OYOIt] 

oiroivf ot, 26. nejtx.] ie 'or,' fs. eg (om. b») tfiiRit] t^a,*, 

B»G«NPRT 18 : pref. Ot, I^A^'a copy')rFG*KOS 26. tl£,pRl] 
A : Kj6., L»T» &c. «eXeng,KX] cf. Gr. » 4. 16. 27. 29. 66** 106. 
al 8 * 3 * ff s vg syr ** ann Antioch. OTf OgJ T'ArKNORT 26 : om. IA 
B»FGPS 18. Rxexeit. &c] om. It, K, cf. Gr. (exc. N syr«»>). 
J6A.] 6, FS. "-C&U}] L«ArFKORS 26: + 2.6, T'B'GN 

pt 18. enecHX . . . juLixajcui] e&oX *.it enajioi, f»s. 

Xe i°] A 26: om. L«T» &c X6 2 ] 2.6, AB»FS 26. Jjd^t- 

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JAMES III. 14— IV. a. 21 

show to us his works from his good walk (of life) in [a] 
meekness of [a] wisdom. M But if there is bitter jealousy 
among you and strife in your hearts, boast not yourselves 
and speak (not) falsehood against the truth. "This wis- 
dom was not coming down from above, but (A.) is that of 
(the) earth, psychic, demon-form. "For where there is^*- 
jealousy or strife, (the) confusion is there and every evil 
work. 1T But the wisdom which is from above, first indeed 
it is pure, then' it is peacemaking, it is fair, full of mercy, '" 
and good fruit, it is not self-judging, it is not hypocritical 

'•But (the) fruit of [the] peace and [the] righteousness 
is sown in [a] peace to them who make [the] peace. 

TV. Whence is coming war, and whence is coming dispute 
among you? Is it not from these, from your pleasures 
which are armed in your members! a Ye lust, and ye have 
not : ye kill, and ye are jealous, it is not possible for you 

X«(H»A2)KH] JuL'<Wx H » r: **$tX.\KO, E. ri(«,E)C*JLOX] 

ncAjtoT, 26: iinc.**.o*r, fs«. 16 X°&] P ref - °' t > Fs - 

!€] A 26: IteJUL, LbT* &c. OJ(fitHn] pref. OV, T: tfttJK., T. 
JUJULA.** i°] JUUULOq, K 18. £.(€, FS 26) pe . . . JDLftJU.'v] 
A.qjUUU^.T ib£enaj©Op*repK ; cf. Or. BOELP al pier cat ff s vg 
tjtf arm aeth Ac " €T€] HtB, S. JULngtOl] A: +T(2k, T*)€, 

l»t* Ac. naj°P n ] on >- n » KK: +xe » s - eniKH(e, n)c Te 

A: on. T6, FS: +eCCO*»TU)n 'upright,' L«T* &c. eCJULCJ?,' 
CJU.., FS. OTrTAg,] pref. OT, 0. OTAT . . . epOC T6 
om. O*. OTTATJUieTaj.] cf. Or. NAB OP 3. 5. 13. 57. 69. 98* »•» 
1 ff vg tyrP arm Did &c. 18 "f £,ipR!tH IteJU.] A : om. UT* Ac: 
•f"£,- ne, B» 18. nejUL*f JULeejULHl] cf. Gr. K al pin cat Oec : 
om. B» 18. j6€n(y*£,0 P«f. eSlO\ FS. KKk] ItejULItH, 0. 

1 <nf 0£,] L«T» ArE N 26 : om. B»FG P ST 18. OTTO& . . . etOIt] Hnnt .8, 
«n. N. jGL>vAj6] €JU.X., T»G. ITHO**] om. P*. OtOIt a ] g/jULOT 
cf. Or. NABCP 5. 13. 31. 36. 69. a»« c*" cat ff m 9S syrP arm8 b &c:»6, 
om. a6, cf. Gr. EL al pier s vg syr** aeth Oec. ItR 6T^6hk] om. * 3 
ItH, T»B*GNP 18. 6i6pKl]A: h£)., LBT* Ac. * OTfO£, 

JUUULOIt i°] om. OTf O&, GPT 18*. KTOTeit i°] AB»EP* 26 : 

-wren, i/TT 1 &c 

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22 iaxKlUBOC. 

xexenj^toxefi. cnrog, xexenx<>&« iSumoit 
gxojut ijumuoxen eajA.ajni* xexengtfium* 
xexenepnoXejuim* oyo£, Juuu.011 nxoxeit* 
ee&e ace xexenepexm *.n* 'xexeitepe- 
Tin oyo£, xexeittfl 4.n* ace xexenepexm 


«« 8>mA. efioX j6en nexeit£/*2>.onR KxexeittfS 
e&oX* 4 nmujiK nxexenejuti *.«+■ ace 
*f\M.exaj<&Rp rixe niKoouLoc+- orjuuerrxjua 
xe nxe «H"+" $h a.e eeovtogj eepaj<t>Hp em- 
kocjuloc* qitittjumi eqoi itXAjci e$*f * 
• xexenejuu <&.«* ace *fvpA.<frH acoo 
ijuutoc c<pXhot*- le s&en. ovfreoitoc •*■ qtffaj- 
0)100** nacenmtu. + $h exgon itj£>Kxeit * 
•q*f 2>.e tunriuaj*f- ft£,A*.oT. 

**■ GoAe $aj qacoo iiuuioc* ate <fr*f q-f ej6o*»n 
e&pen nitf&ci&Rx* iih *.e exeeftiHo-rr + 
qiu.'f ituxnr no** g,jutoT *• 

«C T Ui-tfiteactoTeit orit jOL<H" ff^ ej6o**it expert 
ni2vi&&oXoc * eqe<fcu>x c*&oX jujuturreit + 
'it/utrr e<H" eqejicunx epcoxen* */u.Tot&e 
itexeitaaac mpeqeprto&i * Ajtaxoir&e itexeit- 
&hx ;£>*- m&KX 5 -s- 9 ipixA-Xenoopm o*»o£, 
A.pi£,H&i* o**o£, putum- nexencaj&i JUULpeq- 

xexeitj6toxefi] + ^e, fs. JOumon 2 ] an 26: pre f. 
otk>£,, lb'P &c. TexenajtfitKit] a 26 : xexenajo (uj, fs) nx, 

L8T»&c. Xexenepn.] A26: pref. 0*»0£,, LtT'&c. 0Y0£, 
JUUULOIt 3 ] cf. Gr. NP 5. Ac. ff vg syr"*' arm aeth &c ftxoxeit] 
as above exc. T P -ODXeil. 8 3Ce] A 26 : + OTT HI, L*T* &c. PLKA.- 

Ktwc] ttK^XwC 'not well,' K: KKi-XlOC, S*. C&oX 
i6eil]A26: Wj6pK! j6eit *in,' L»T' &o. 4 HUt(om. T*)- 

UMK] cf.? Gr. M*AB 13 item poixoi exprimentibus ff vg syr"* aeth nW 
arm. Ill KOOULOc] cf. Or. A B K L P al pier ff syrP &c. OTfAJteX- 
3CAJCl] cf.? Gr. LP &c. i x 6pa. X(2w, AB»FS)6 RX€ <H"] AO : 

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JAMES IV. 3-9. 23 

to obtain : ye strive, ye make war ; and ye have not, because 
that ye ask not. s Ye ask, and ye receive not, because ye' 
ask badly, That from your pleasures ye may spend. 

4 [The] adulterers, ye know not that the friendship of the 
world is [an] enmity of God. But he who wisheth to be 
friend onto the world will become enemy unto God. 5 Or 
( know ye not that the Scripture saith, In vain, or in 
[an] envy, the spirit which dwelleth in us yeametht 8 But 
he giveth [a] great grace. Therefore he saith: 'God 

oppoeeth the proud, but to them who are humble he will 
give [a] grace.' T Subject yourselves then to God, but 
oppose the devil; he shall flee from you. 'Draw near to 
God ; he shall draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, 
[the] sinners; cleanse your hearts, (ye) double-minded \ 
• Be miserable, and mourn, and weep : your laughter — let it 

• Lh.' under the two hearts.' 

T6 e(£k, K)$1", L«Tt Ac, cf. ? Gr. ** Yg syr«* &c. *.e] A : 
OTTIt, L«T* Ac, cf. Gr. : om. FS, of. Gr. L 13. 27. 29. 69. a«* c*" al 

plus* &c. ee(*r, ojoirtoaj] agp: eeru., l«t* &o. eni- 
kocjjloc] juLniK., fs. 8 Terenejuu] ab»fks : Te- 
Tenjtxevi 'think,' 18: epereiUAeTri, l»nopt: ipe- 
TeiuuueTfi, T»ro. in] afks : om. l»t»b* &c. le /6eito*»- 

d^eoitoc] for joining with 2CO) &c, cf.? Gr. A 4. to. 11. 14. 15. 16. 21. 

38. Ac. 4»Hj om. K. * qxio] AB»rFK08 : eqXU), WPQ 

NPT18. q*f 2 ] eq*f , T»FNST. qitA/f] +^.e, FS. F»«'the 

end (of the lection).' T F™* S™* 'the third Sunday of Babah, the Emit 18, 

fourth Sunday of the Fast, the fourth Sunday of Miery.' "f ^eJcf.Gr. p *' 

KAB 13. 31. 40. 42. 57- «9- 70- »77- »*" eta * P lus3 ° * v & •J rP &c - jjioc 2 
6^peit] om. 26A eqe^tUX] L«T*AFNST: pref. o**o£„ H<mt ^ 

btgkop 18. «6. • j6wkt] + ej6o*»K, fs. eqe- {j™/ 

j(yui)(0, NJItx] L«AFS: pref. OTTOg,, T»B»rGKNOPT 18. 26. 
AJL&.TOT&e i°] -fto, TTG P, thus again. 2CI2C . . . IteTGIt] om. 
homeot. JUUTTOtBie 2°] pref. OTTO&, TK O 26. * OYO£, 

ipl] L»T*ArFKOS 26: om. OYO&, B'GNPT 18. 01TO& 
pUUU] cf. Gr. BKLP al pier ff vg &c. : om. pMUU, 26". 

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Koxq eir&H&i* oirog, neTenpA.cgi eiroKeju.* 

irreqdec eK«o*». 

k6 » OngpcAjCi itcA, nerenepHOT itA-citKoir $h VA.p 
excA^o ftcA. neqcon xe eq 'f&A.n eneqcoit*. 

jsjqcJLXi itcA. nmojuoc* o**o£, A.q"f£,A,n eiu- 
kojuoc* icace 2>e rf-£,A.n enmojuoc +■ le 
iteoK onrpeqipi ju.nmoju.oc ajk* a,XXa, ot- 
peq*f £,**"*• 

x "OfA.1 rip ne nmojuoeexHC ■»■ o**o£, npeq-f- 
£,A.n+ $r ereofoit ojxoju juuuoq eroireo 
OTTO& eTA.KO+- fteoK hiju Rook j6a, $h 
eT"fj2,A.n eneKcg<t>Hp *• 

Ao "3Xre *fnor hh erxto juuuoc* xe $oo*» le 
pA.c*f* TeititA.gje eTA.moXic nrenipi 
iknrpojum ixJuu.Tr *■ oTrog, trrenepiefiajurr «■ 
ovog, tvrenxeju&KO'* * 14 nH erencecaxnrit ace onr neonA.ajtum JuneqpA.c*f * 

x/3 3Xg VA-p ne ne*renu>nj6 * A.qju.<frpH"f ttovajcoia) 
eqoTrong, e&oX* npoc ottkottxi ita. ajA.q- 
tajco * " e$juA. rtrereiucoc * ace 4Lpeg4j.1t 

eTr&Hfijf] eo**£,Rfi.i, t*b»gkp 18. ofO£, nereitp.] 

LtT»ArFK08 26: om. OTfOg,, B'GNPT 18. eiTOKeju] L«A 
FS: efCUKeJU, T*&c: eOTfCOKCJU, B». 10 £M>"f ] L»T» 

ab«gkp 18. «6: jutnoc, tfnost. j^mA. itTeqdec] T»A 

26": o**o£, eqetfec, LfB«rFKNO 2.6': eqetfec, gp 18. 

H^tts, h itA-citHoir] +&inA. irroTrajTeju'f&A.n eparren 'that 

H ™ t ,| 6 ' they should not judge you,' A,K. TA.p] of. Gr. 38. 69. 93. 105. a*» 
c«" h*" syr"* &c. ie] cf. Gr. NABP al" vg eyr"*' arm &c. niKO- 

juoc i°] neqn., b». A.q*f g,A.n] eq., fs : q., p. *e] l*t» 

ArKNTi8: om.B*FGPS26. K*f]L«ArFKNS 26": A.K'fjT'B* 
G PT 18. 26'. A.n] trs. before JUnm., K. 12 OfO£, ftpeq- 

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JAMES IV. 10-15. 28 

torn to [a] mourning, and your joy to [a] sadness. 10 Humi- 
liate yourselves before Qod, that he may exalt you. 

u Speak not against (rtCA.) one another, my brethren. For 
he who speaketh against his brother, or is judging his 
brother, spoke against the law, and he judged the law : but 
if thou judgest the law, then, thou art not a doer of the 
law, but («&.) a judge. IS For one is the lawgiver and judge, 
for whom it is possible to save and to destroy: who art 
thou, namely thou (lit. he), who judgest thy neighbour ? 

18 Oo to now ye (lit they) who say : ■ To-day or to-morrow 
we shall (lit. will) go to this city and spend a year there, 
and trade and find gain,' — M they who know not what will 
happen on the (lit. his) morrow. For what is your life? 
It was as a vapour, appearing for a little, then it perisheth. 
15 Instead ye (should) say : ' If the Lord should wish, and we 

*f £,<S.Tl] cf. Gr. NABP al 60 cat ff m 44 floriac luxov vg syr"* ami aeth 
Did &c IteOK tttJUt iteoK] LtT*AB»FKS 26 ', cf. Gr. minuse 
eat mn ayrP*** arm Oec : «0OK ItlJU. 2l6, T* : nOOK ItlJUL 2w6 
W.GOK, r»NT 18. 26": ftOOK 3^6 KIAJt tfOOK, GOP, cf. Gr. roll. 
ne*OTJ<pHp] T*AB» 26 : necjg., L«rFG KNOPST 18} cf. ? Gr. HA 
BP al 16 ff m 44 floriac vg syr°** arm &c. ls <froOTf] Ar 26 : pref. Rant 18, 

XX, L*T* &c. I€] cf. Gr. K B 13. 27. 29. 40. 69. al Bat mu ff vg syr«> n 13 " 7 
aeth &c: IteJU, B*. cf. Gr. AKLP al fl0 fere cat syrP arm Cyr &c. 

Tenna.gje &c] cf. ? Gr. mabp ai sat mu ff vg Cyr. rrrempi] 

L«AB»PN: pref. OTTOg,, TTGOPST 18. 26: OTTO& RTenep, 

k. cnrpojuLm] cf. Gr. hbp 36. ff vg &c OTTOg, irrenep.] 
T»AB»roKNO 26: om. o**o£,, l«fpst 18. " exence- 
cuxrcn] cf. Gr. p 68: e*re*ren(+ce, 26)ca3o*»ri, ps 26. 

neOIULOJ.] ne e©, T; cf. ? Gr. HKL al pier cat ff vg 
syr«* Ac. XLneCIp.] en., rNOT. T*A.p] cf. Gr. NM.KLP al 
pier vg syr** &c: om. 26, cf. Gr. H*B c*" syrP arm aeth". ne] 
om. N. 4.(6, B»)qjuL^pK-f] AB»: *.(€, 26)qepi3L, L*T» &c; 
cf.? Gr. L al sat mu ff vg &c. Am*. -pK'f ] cf. Gr. A 13. vg : +TA.p, 
TO, cf. Gr. BKLP al pier cat ff syrP arm &c. eqOTTOngJ A 26: 
+ q, iB : -COttg,, L*T* &c. ITA.] cf. ? Gr. 36. 38. 69. a»" c*" h»" fu 
tol bar! syrP. ls e$AX.A.] om. €, B». 

Digitized by 


26 iaxRlUHOC. 

nac oTtoggi <y»0£, nxeraoit^* xeititiep $aj 
le $h. '•"fitoir xexenajoYajoY juuuicuxeit «• 
*6eit nexeitju.expeq&in&o * ajoTajcnr 2ve 
ni&en juLiuipirf ceg,u>cnr* 

\y »4>h excuxyvit no-*neeitA,iteq eA>iq oyo£, itxeq- 
ajxe*AAjq*- cnrno&i iu.q ne* 

\8 1 3Xve "fitoif tup.ejuiA.oi* puuu epexettujaj e&oX 
e&pKi exen nexenxA-XemopiA. itn eeithcnr 
exeit enno*r + * xexeitu.expAJUU.0 axxako * 
nexen£,&u>c a. x&oXi ovojulov * 8 nexeit- 
noiffi iteix nexen&AX A,qepajHi&i * oiro£, 
no*»|ajHifi.i itAajwni muxett erju.exAA.eepe 
oiro£, qiu.oT(OA«. ftcA. itexeitcA.p£<ir £M>prrf 
itoT^ptojut* A,pexene<ooT*f ej6o*»n j6en 
£,£,ocnr iis6A.e* 

*« * &Hime ic (t&exe ilxe itteprAXKC itn exA.Tru>cj6 
nnexen^coopA.* $h exqioc iixen emtcnr qoooj 
e&oX* o**o£, mcjuut iixe ititfXiiocjsfe*- A.**ge 
ej6ofii eneitjuu-ajx jOlnac caJLau)© * 6 i.Te- 
xenoiriioq £,!xeii nKA&i* onrog, Apexeit- 
Aitom* ofog, A.pexencgAitgj nnexeit&HX * 
ene&ocnr ii.iu6oXj6eX *■ • Axexeirf &*.n -5- 
OTrog, ^pexeii£u>xefi. julnieJuiKi * Rqi" 
ej6oirrt expert eHitor a.k+ 

*«• 'Hloif n&itx luxtiHcnr* gA. xnA,poirciA, JGUiac* 

OTTOgJ om. B»P. ftxeitt»nj6] cf.? Gr. KL al longe plu cat 
Ojt &c: om. it, FS: XemtA.tOIlj6, K, of.? Gr. NABP al" ff. 
XeiTItAepJ cf. vg syr"* arm aeth Cyr, for future indie of. Or. 
NABP al 18 38. 40. 95. 126. 177. i3 lM * &c " *f nor] AKO: 

+2>.e, l*t» &c. xexeitgcnrgoV) xeng., a,* by error. 
*6eit] pref. ftj6pHi, fs. goTrgoir] pref. n, fs. 2*.e] Aro, 

cf. Gr. al pauc: rA,p, L«T'B»GNPT 18. 26, cf. Gr. al pane: om. 
FKS, cf. Gr. rell. " $rt] AK : + OTrit, L«T» &c: + 2s.6, TO. 

OTTO& . . . £>tq] om. NT homeot. F"* 'the end (of the lection).* 

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JAMES IV. 16— V. 7. 27 

live, we shall (lit. will) do this or that' "Now ye boast 
yourselves in your arrogancies: bat all such boastings are 
eviL "He who knoweth a good (thing) to do it, and 
doeth it not it is a sin to him. Y. Qo to now, [the] rich, 
weep, crying out for your miseries which come upon you. 
* Tour wealth corrupted, your clothes (the) moth ate. * Tour 
gold and your silver rusted ; and their rust will be to you 
for a witness, and it will eat up (itCA.) your flesh (plur.) 
as a fire. Te gather up in last days. * Behold, (the) 
hire of the labourers who reaped your fields, which was 
defrauded by you, crieth out: and the voices of the reapers 
went into (the) ears of the Lord Sabadth. 6 Te were in 
delight upon (the) earth, and ye are luxurious; and ye 
nourish your hearts unto (the) day of (the) slaughter. 6 Te 
judged, and ye kill the righteous (one); he opposeth you 
not. 7 Be longsufFering, my brethren, until (the) coming 

1 F»« S»w 'the fourth Sunday of BSbah ' : J£»f y«*\il j»3)l J \ji3 Hunt 18, 
'it is read on the fifth Sunday.' ItipAJULA.Ol] AFKP»«Cacopy')S: , , | nOT 

mpAJUuLoucnr, l«t» &c. eperemugj] p«f. oiro&, k. 

exeitOKItOTf] cf. Gr. ABKLP al pier ff syri> Oyr &c: om. N, 
cf. Gr. t* 5. 8. 25. Tg syr«* arm aeth. s 116X6 It&fL00(O, K)c] 

pref. OTTOP,, TKO. 8 ne*r6ltK01f&] pref. OYOg,, TO. 

rtiajCUrUjA : pref. q, L»T* &c 6TT JUL6XJW.eepe] OTf (om. N)- 
JW.6T., NT : jQUuteope, K : -JU.6TJW.eepeTf, T. OTfOg, 2 ] 
om. B*GP 18. £,A>It€£,OoVj Kieg,., K, definite. * 6pVA.« 

thc], a 2 ost: -vaxa.c, n. iirteTenxwpa,] LBAr 
FKOS: j6ennex., t*b»gnpt 18. qiuffl] eqoucg, k. 
ni(H, 8) tf2.iux:j6] -006, p. a A.*r€Teno-»noq] ab»g : 

A>p., L«T* &c. IIKA.&I] niK., F»KNOST. OTfOg, 1°) L*AF 
KOS: om. T*B*rONPT 18, cf. Gr. A 73 (Oyr). Cnrog, 2°J A: om. 

l»t» &c -ajA,ngj] l»afos: -ajA.neaj, T*B»raKNPT 18. 
nnereitg,.] t»a : om. n, l» &c. ene&ocnr] j6eim., k ; cf. 

Or. H* ABP 13. 81. ff m» 7 vg &c. 6 A.TeTeift&A,n] WArNOT 

18:*reit., t*b»fgkps. *f£,A.n cnrog,*ren] om. 

O. OYO&] L«AB«r: om. T»FGKNP8T 18. A.pereit£.] 
L>T&c: i.T6Teiw5., B»rNT. 

Digitized by 



£,Hime ic nicnruM eqxcnrajx e&oX j6ax&r 
joLnioTTA-g, exxAwtovr iixe nKAg,i* oiro£, 
qujoir it&KX e&piu extoq*- gjAxeqcff julni- 
ttjopn norxAg, itewt nt&A,e* 'wo** S&kx 
£,ooxen otto£, juuxAxpe nexen&RX* ace 
Ac&oonx nace-fiiApoirciA iixe n<xf* 


\f ' QnepqiA&ojut £a nexenepHcnr nAcnnoT &mA 
iixcnrajxejuff&An eptuxen £,Hnne ic nipeq- 

A i "f£»*-R* qo&i epAxq £,ipen mpuxnr* tiofji 
iloTfcjw.oT nooxen nAcmtcnr iixe *f xt-expeq- 
geiu6j«* ne**. *fx«.expeqcuoY ii&HX iixe 
nmpo<t»RXHc * itK exAircAxx j&en $pAn 

A* jDLnOT*- + n 2»Rnne xenepxitAKApi^m n.nn 
exAYAJUioni nxoxor* 
pX? m Chxexenceoxex*. e*f£/*nox«.onK iixe | uo&*> 
oiro£, nixcoK iixe nrc AxexennATr epoq* 
xe cnrniaj*f ncijA.iteAXA.i6x ex«.Aaju) ne ncx: 
<y*o£, OTrpeqajo** Rg,HX ne. 

mo 12 flgopn *xen n&iofi. miLen nAcmtcnr ixnepep- 
AnAaj* ot^e e&pen x$e onrxe e&pen 
nKAg,i * cnr^e KeA.nA.aj kgah aoj xxApe nexen- 

CAXI 2^6 epOTTA£,A A&A JUUUlOrt JULXt-On * 

yni nxexencgxejuLajioni j6a oY&An* 

H«rt *s, 7 mo*vu)i] om. m, b». eqxoTfttjx] qx., rp*o 26. ex- 
xaiho*»x] eenAneq 'good,' k. oto£] t»a 26: om. l« &c. 
qtocnr] a 26: eqcooir, l»t» &c. e&pRi] a 26: om. l»t» &c. 
ajAxeq<n] ajAnxeq<fi, T'GNP. cnrxAgJ of. Gr. N 9. ff 

Hont 18, syrP»W &a 8 nP,HX] cf. Gr. ABKP al pier ff am demid harl 

syr^arm&o. OYOgJom.K. ttexett&RX] nexeng,., FS 

H «« ,S ' 8m 8 tllar ' "fnAp.] Til, FKS. * F°w S"" 'the fourth Sunday of 

Baiinah': Y«* i^Ul^il j jfc, lil y«»lil j»5ll J^iij 'and it ia read the 
fifth Sunday when it happens in the second set of months ' : 8 m * j»)1. 


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JAMES V. 8-1 a. 29 

of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman is looking out forward 
to the precious fruit of (the) earth, and he is longsuffering for 
it, until he receive the first fruit and the last. 8 Be ye also 
longsuffering, and confirm your hearts ; because the coming 
of the Lord drew near. 

* Murmur* not against one another, my brethren, that ye 
be not judged: behold, the judge standeth at the doors. 
10 Take a pattern for you, my brethren, of [the] suffering 
and [the] longsuffering of the prophets, who spoke in (the) 
name of the Lord. n Lo, we call them blessed who endure. 

Ye heard of the patience of Job, and ye saw the finishing 
of the Lord, that the Lord is very full of pity, and is long- 
suffering. M First indeed of everything, my brethren, 
swear not, neither by (the) heaven, nor by (the) earth, nor 
any other oath : but let your word be a yea yea, nay nay, 

• Lit. 'groan' or 'sigh.' 

jLJldl jir^ o* u~*^ 'and the fifth Sunday of the second set of 
months.' rtACItRCnf] cf. Gr. A 13. d* 01 syr"* &c; position cf. ? Gr. 
ML •! pier syr ntr arm &c. IUp6C|.] cf. Gr. (ezc. minusc pauc). 
10 ItA.CHRO*»] cf. Gr. NKL al pier cat syr«* &c; position cf. ? Gr. 
(exc. minusc pauc). *f JUL€Tp.] LsAXFKOS 18 : OTJUL., T'B» 
(am. peq) GNPT 18* indefinite. j6eil] cf. ? Gr. KBP 5. 15. 18. 24. 
20, 31. 32. 36. 38. 47. 69. 73. 99. 101. 106. I7'«°* i8 leet a*" al a »" cat ff vjr 
arm &c. " £,H(6, A,)ime] +IC, TG*. eTiTfAJULOIll] 

cf. Gr. »ABP 1. 5. 7. 8. 9. 40. 69. 73. a"» ff vg syr"* &c. AT6- 
XeitCOJXeM.] L«AB*rFGOS : A.p„ T»KNPT 18. -COOXeJU.] 
I/ArFKOS: + VA.p, T«B»GNPT 18. ItTendc] JUlnOC, T. 

^.Tereniu.-*] L«T»AB*rpos: A,(e,P)pereit., gknptiS. 

" najOp(om. P)n] L«TtAFS : om. h, B»rGKNOPT 18. AJteil] Hmt .8, 
A: *.€, L«T» &c, cf. Gr. N«ABLP al pier ff vg syr u * &c. HA.C- 
ItHOTf] om. B». HKA,g,l] IUKA.&I, T'NT. K6 i°] om. B\ a ] om. T». CA^Cl] cf. Gr. H* 8. 25. 3 3 «w vg aeth. 
2k.(*T, N)e] om. B». jQuULOIt i°] cf. Gr. 13. ff vg. &&.0r- 
&A.II] cf. Gr. NAB 8. 13. 25. 27. 29. 36. ff vg syr utr aeth"" &c. 
F"w 'the end (of the lection).' 


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PP w IC3£e a>C OTOIt ota.1 tflj6ici jfceit ohkott 
juuLpeqepnpocerxecee* $h ercmtoq k&ht* 
juuLpeqep^^Xm* "icace *e ottok otuu 
ajumt /6eit oHnor juuLpeqju.crrf emnpec- 
fWrepoc* nrre "feiocXHciA.* orog, juu-pcnr- 
Tto&g, eacioq * ea/raaL&cq noir neg, j6eit <pp^rc 
jULnoc* "oYog, epe nTcofi^ HAfm^-f 
eqeno&eju. jul4>k eoJuoKg, <y*0£, eqeror- 
nocq itxendc*- 

w R*.n ecyion *.qipi n&^nnofij CTex^ n&q efi.oX. 

m* " Ovumg, oirn irreTemtofiti e&oX nneTeitepHOT* 
cnrog, TttJ&g, eacen nexenepHo** * £,onu>c 
nxcrenoTXi.! *■ 

m< Oroit oYitigj-f itxoju. j6en *rnpoce-»x K juUu- 
©juuu* ecepg/oft *• 

w "HXwx iteorptojui £,u>q ne* npeqaenixKig, 
ju.nenpH*f * ovog, *.q*ru}ft£, no-rnpocerxH* 
eajTejuiepe *r<fre £,u)o-»** ovog, ijuiecg/uoY 
&ixen iuka&x itrf *• nejutF haJLot*- 
"ofo^, A.qT(u&£, on* a. T<fre *f noirjuoY- 
n£,ajoif* o**o£, *. iuul&i pan: a.q-f jutneq- 

"HA-cnHo** eajum *.peajA.n or*.! j6en ©Rncnr* 
cajpejuL eftoX &*. *f JU.eeju.Hi -s- oirog, irreq- 
T^cooq nxeo?*.! * ,0 ju«&.peqeju.i tbce $k 

18 2>.e] om. K. OYOn] om. B». <ptt] +*.€, TTNOT. $R 

e*r] ner, fks. " 2k.e] lbatfos: om. t*b»oknpt 

18. OYO£,] om. FS. eXtOq] cf. Or. **>ABKLP Ac. €*.**- 
Oig,Cq] cf. Or. NAKL al pier vg &c. noc] cf. Gr. KAKLP al 
pier cat ff vg arm rell &c. " JU.$IU£/f] A: itXe$rU»£,'f", 

L«T»B»FKS: KTe$K(HI, N) eO(T, G)nA£,-f 'of him who 
believeth,' TGNOPT 18. JU/&R eO(T, G)JUOK£»] ftttH CT- 
JUOK&, T. OYO£, 2°] om. P. Kin] pref. OYO&, TTK 

ot. egu>n]om.B». i-qipj] A.qojA.mpi, b»p. &inno&i] 
£,A.itKeno&e, tfos. exexA-'*] cf. g*. p i- 31. 73- i"" &c. 

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JAMES V. 13-ao. 31 

that ye may not be (ajlOltl) under a judgement. Is But 
if there is one suffering among you, let him pray.'' He who 
is in delight of heart, let him ting praise. u But if there is 
one sick among you, let him call the presbyters of the church ; 
and let them pray over him, having anointed him with [an] 
oil in (the) name of the Lord: u and (the) prayer of (the) 
faith shall save him who is pained, and the Lord shall 
raise him (up) ; Even if he committed sins, they shall be 
forgiven him. w Confess* then your sins to one another, 
and pray for one another, that ye may be healed. There is 
a great power in (the) prayer of the righteous (man), which" *>'"' 
worketh. " Elias was also a man, suffering as we, and 

he prayed a prayer for (the) heaven not to rain; and it " f ° 
rained not upon the earth for three years and six months. 
"And he prayed again, (the) heaven gave a rain, and (the) 
earth sprouted, it gave its fruit. w My brethren, if one 
among you should go astray from the truth, and one make 
him return ; *° let him who will make return a sinner from 

•Lit. 'manifest.' 

M 0*VIf] cf. Or. NABKP 5. 7. 8. 33** 36. 69. 73. 177. a^c^'g** cat Htmt^rf, 
Tg syrP. ftTeTeimoJ&l] A,: nit€T., L«T* &c. } cf. ? Or. HABP ^ X 
5. 6. 13. 33 m « 43. 65. 69. 73. a»° r c*° r &**' ff vg syri> ii*aprlat', for vpS>v 
cf. Gr. L 69. a** c** ff vg syr ntt aeth &c. eftoX] om. a6. niteTCIt- 

epRoVj eit., k. oTmg*f] lbt*afnost: +TA.p, b«gkp 

18. 26. " kXux] cf. Gr. »AB 3 KLP rell. nO-»npoceTX K ] 
L«A 26 : sbenov., F8 : ftOVTW&g,, P"* : om. T*B»r*GKNOPT 18. 
£,axyT i 6 ] L»AB«FNS 18. 26: +£,1(6, K)XeitTUKA£,l, TTGK 
OPT. 0**0£, iJLneC&UJOIf] om. N. P,!3£€H] AB»rFNOST 
26: C3£e«, L»T»GPl8: om.K. TUKA.g,l] om. K. vf"] UT*Ai 
TFGNOPT 18: r,AgB»KS 26. " OTfO£, i°] + lU.A!It(om. 

Olt), B»G K P 18. RoTM-Of] JDLniJULOTf , T OT ; position cf. ? Gr. 
HA 13. 73. ff vg syr«* " rtACItHCnr] cf. Gr. N ABKP h al 24 cat 

s ff vg syr"*' arm Ac. *f JULeOJULHl] LBAB«rFKNOST 26, cf. Gr. 
A BE LP al pier s ff vg syrP aeth Did &c: pref. $JUM31T KTB 
'(the) way of,' T»GP 18, cf. Gr. N 5. 7. 8. 13. 22. 36. 40»« 65. &** j«* 
•yr«*arm. *° tOCe<&H] T»AB»FGK08 18. 26: Ze<pR, L*rKPT. 

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32 iaxRUIHOC. itoirpeqepno&i *• e&oX j£>ert 
Qjtxwir nxe TeqnXAJtin- ace£,eju. 
iixecplnrx K e&oX /6en QjjLot*- o**o£, qitA.- 
£,co&c e&oX eaten ottjulhoj nitofij«- 

lA.Kcofi.oc emcroXR crpC tk jc, e 

/6en] L»AB»FGPS 18. 26: £,A* TTKNOT. *e] T*A: om. 

l« &c. irrecplr.] nTereq^., fs ; cf. a*. hap 5. 7. 8. 13. 15. 

36. 73. cat 8 vg syr ntr arm * 1 aeth Did Cyr &c. qitA£,UJ&.c] T*A 

36: eqeg,., u & c . e&oX exen] om. e&oX, a°. 

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JAMES V. ao. . 83 

(the) way of his error know, that he will save his aovl from 
(the) death, and he will cover over many sins. 

(Of) James (the) Epistle. Stiohoi 350, Chapters 9. 

Subscription. I4JCW&OT eiUCToXft, G; cf. Gr. A 40. 67. 177.: 

iajoo&oc enicToXK ctoc(°c> ^t) ***■ K,(+e,A,)X 5, 

!„(, at beginning): eiUCToXH I£.KU>&tOC A.CXCOK 6&oX 
'm finished' CT*OC *** K / € ^ <>» K: "feiUCToXH rtT€ 

iAJcajfi.oc a,cxu>k eftoX Ked>A.Xeon K CTTfX oc JU^. 

FS : Ax N OPT have Arabic, B*r have no subscription. For 9 chapters 
cf.Gr. B. 


Digitized by VjOOQlC 

nerpor emcTo^H 3Bu 

IIGTPOC m.nocxoXoc ftxe Ikc n^cc ftmcorrn 
exgon &i nojejuuuio ft&pm j6en jugwp e&oX 
ftxe nonToc* xr£>vA.xu.+ xKA-imo^oiciA.* 
*f *.«*,*■ net*. "f&Rea.niA.*- "kax*. oirajopn 
ftejuu ftxe 4>-f ♦icox*- j6en iuxot&o ftxe 
nmftTL*- eTrcwf nejut. <nrrt(ywcj6+ ftxe ncitoq 

/3 ftmc nyqc lienor:*- +IIg,A*.o*r ite**. "f&ipiutR 
e?e£.a)ZJ nioxen*- 

y »*»x nxe^* oirog, ^iarr iinenw 
lite n^c*- $k exe kax*. iu.aj.iui ftxe neqitAj *■ 
A-qx^oit ej£oim eoTf&eXmc ftu»t£>4- eftoX 
£,ixen nxounq ftmc n^c e&oX j6en itH 
ee.M.a>oirT+ 4 ej6oirn eoirKXtipoitoAjLiA. 

fti.XXA.KO*- OYO£, rU.*Ttffcjj6€AA.* OTTO& 

ftaxXtox*.. I 
pXh 8 Gf*.peg, epoc ncoxen j6en m<t>K<m 8 j6a. itK 

inscription. nexpoir(c, (A,)rp) emcxoXH Z, A, (t) rap, 

cf. Gr. NAO 13. al pauc: eniCXoXH HexpOTffC, 8) Z, FKS: 

npoc nexpoc T, 0: npoc nexpoir iua.hocxoXia., 
n : nexpoc enicxoXK T. ruLKxoux 'the chief' ftniAJioc- 
xoXoc 'of the apostle*,' b»: npoc nexpoc emcxoXH H 

eftoX j£eit TUK«&.OoXlKOtt €OOXJlSl 'of the holy catholic 
(Epistles),' T. 
Hunt ,8, lpm g gmg * t h e first Sunday of Abih,' 'the first Sunday of Baunah.' 

...'fltO'V l(XJc\ trs. before IHC, TfKP. eXOJO(U),T)n] om. OJOIl, B». 

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I. Peter, (the) apostle of Jesus Christ, to the elect who are 
in (the) foreign (land) among the dispersion of Pontes, (the) 
Galatia, (the) Kappodokia, [the] Asia and [the] Bethania, 

* according to a foreknowledge of God the Father, in the 
sanctification of the spirit, unto a redemption and a sprink- 
ling of (the) Wood of Jesus Christ our Lord : (The) grace 
and the peace shall be multiplied to you. 8 Blessed is 
God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according 
to (the) abundance of his mercy begat us into a hope of life 
through (the) rising of Jesus Christ from them who are dead, 

* into an inheritance incorruptible and unpolluted and un- 
fading : Kept for you in the heavens, 5 namely they who 

ii&pHi] ftg,., fnost. noitToc] iiocroc, A g r. -tu 

. . . KU] cf. Or. (exc. X). TKA.Tin(om. Aj)02wOKIA.] AG: 
TK4.IIIU.2.0KU., LtT* Ac. 'f&HOA.Itu] AB'FKPS i8«: 

-&He'mu, t*: -itoeRnu,T: -ftiemtu, ro: -frvemu, 
K, cf. Or. 13: -ftae'vitu* G: -^ieirm^ l*. *-ajopn] 

-tftopn 'revelation,' K. j£eit] KA.TA, P. efCUTf] A: 
eTfCOrre**. 'unto an obedience,' L»T' &o. OTfItOTr3£j6] 0*»- 

nox&, fk. ncnoq] nic, t»gos*. nenoxfj a : om. l«t» &c. 

ng^ULOT] nig,., T»B»N : lUg,. lUOTeil *to you.' o. "f g,I- 
pHltlt] Tg,., FKS. e»^.l] L«ArGO 18 : eiU-OJ., B»FS : 

entegj., NPT: KTOTUOJ., K. 8 S"«'the sixth Sunday of Hunt»6, 

Pentecoet.' d/f] P r «'- HOC 'the Lord,' T*GP. OITOg, <blU)T] ...^-f- 

om. N : om. Of Og,, T», cf. 8 syr«* ar« aeth. A.qX4>On] -OTTIt, NT. '^ mt ^ 

KUJItJ&] cf.? Gr. 9. 46. demid luxov syr"**. g,rreilj L«T*AB»G 4e7U- 

KP 18. a6: ^€n, TFN08T. * OTTOg, r°] om. B»GPi8. A.T- peg, . . . 

X(»«jl] i.e., b»n op 18. enu-pegj ere*.peg,,o : *.7Upeg„ ^ . . . ep- 

G P. IMOXeit] cf. Gr. » A B C K L P al longe plu cat ■ vg syr * arm. oq a 

d a 

Digitized by 


36 neTPOY ax. 

eroirpuMc epwov j6eit otoojul nrre <^*f* 
e&oX £,rreit ^lu.&'f *■ enro^r:**.! eqcefrrurr* 
eqru.tfa>pn e&oX j£eit kichot iii6<&.e* «<J?r 
ereTeniu.eeXRX iu6RTq npoc ottkoitx! 

« ICxe caje nTeTeittfTiiia.2, R&rt* Bj6phi j6en 
£,£.nmp£.cu.oc ftoirjuLKg npR-f 7 £,nu. irre 
e*«.excayrn irre nexeitiM^-f * irrecajcwm eg,oxe mrtoxfi.* $R eeiu.TAJco* 
e*rep2>.oKiA«.A.^m *e jQuu-oq e&oX £,i*reit 
onrxpwx*. *■ tcrotxejUL ©Kno*r j6en ottojox- 
ajonr iteo. oTrtoonr*. new. oitta-io*- j£>eit 
nitftbpn e&oX irre ihc nx c * 
«" g 4>K eTexenctooirit juumoq *.tt* TexenepA.r*.- iJLAAoq *■ $a.i *f no*» *reT-ennA.*» epoq *.it * 
T€*remti&-f xe epoq. eeXRX j6en cnrp£.aji 
ruLTajc&jxi jOUuLoq ei»q<JTuxnr ■*• ' epexentff 
jutiDcwK irre nereniu^i - * ^no&eju. irre 
iteremfrT x H * 
C ,0 6e&e 4>*.i ito&ejm. vi.p iitKurf *■ iixemnpo$H-. 
ee&e..., trc* ofog, A.nrj6oTj£>eT itr exA. , »epnpo4>H- 
R Tenrm j6*. hi&julot e*r*.qgcom j6en eRito-** 

n eTfj6oT^e*r ftc*. iucrot er*. iunHZ irre 
n^c ca^a n^RToir* eirepajopn nepjuteope 
j6*. miiJCi.Tfg, irre nxc* ne**. jtwooir 
eem«nr jutenencA. iuj. " hr eT*.**tffi>pn hojott 

* eroifptoic] e*rtnm*.pu)ic, fs. enroTrxAj] eof onrx., 

B»rNOT. eqiu.<T] L*T»A 1 « 2 rFKNST 26: qiu~, b»gp 18. 

Hunt ,8, hicrot] hi., b»fs 18. • eTe*remu.eeXRX] cf.?s vg 

6 icxe... 8yr iob ar . &c . : +jGui*.oq, nt. npoc] a 26: ft, l»T' &c. 

~* iJUC^gJ €**.., T*G. K£,R*t] om. K. ft£pRl] rt&P-, K. 
£,A.nnip.] mm., 26, definite. nOTAAROj] noveo, FS. 

7 £,iitA. irre] ak 26: om. irre, l»t» &c. BJtxerrc.'] l«t»b» 
fgkps 18. 26: *fj«.e*rc., tnot. enrep^.] ^.irepfc.., b». 

^e] L*T'AB»FGPS 18.26: om.rKNOT,cf.Gr. 40.60. 98"« 99. 117. 

Digitized by 


1 PETER I. 6-1 a. 37 

are watched over in [a] power of God through (the) faith 
onto a salvation (o*YX£.l) prepared, about to be revealed in 
the last times ; * that in which ye will be glad for a little 
(while) now : If it is right that ye should be grieved in 
temptations of many kinds ; ' that (the) choiceness of your 
faith may be more precious than the gold which will perish, 
but being proved through [a] fire ; that ye may be found in 
[a] praise and [a] glory and [an] honour in the revelation of 
Jesus Christ. 8 Him whom ye know not, ye love ; him 

(<pA.l) now ye see not, but ye believe him. Be glad in an 
unspeakable joy which was glorified : • receiving (the) end 
of your faith, (the) salvation (rio&eJU.) of your souls. 

10 For concerning this salvation the prophets sought ; and 
they searched, they who prophesied of (£>£.) the grace which 
was in you ; u searching after the time which the spirit of 
Christ spake in them, (they) having witnessed before of 
{!&&.) the pains of Christ, and the glories which come after 
these (things) : 12 they to whom it was revealed, that they 

i >«*. e&oX £,rren] j6ett, fs. eHito-c] +*.e, fs. «jo-» 

. . . XAJO] cf. Gr. NABC al 20 cat vg syrP ami &c. 9 6X6- 

XeilCUJOTflt] cf. Gr. AKLP al longe plu cat Clem Euth &c. 

•f itcnr] om. k. xexemtA.**] wafgps is :, 
T«B»rKNOT: exexennA.nA.Tf, 26. xexennA£,*f] 

*remt££/f", B», i° person. ^.6] om. B». A.XOJCAJfl] T*A : 
om. OJ, L* &c. 6A.q<fi] A: pref. OTTO&, L«T*B»FGKPS 18: 

<nro£, A.q<yf; tnot. • epexentfi] epexenetff, b». 
£k.nxwK\ ejtxn., T-. emc., b»: juuiix., nt. nexen- 

KAg/f ] cf. Gr. NACKLP al fere omn cat s vg syr"" arm aeth &c. : 

nennA^/f , f*, cf. Gr. 96. 180. Or tat >• M fi^>. Qno&ejm] 

pref. xx, k. nxenexettifr.] ivrexettiik., r°- 10 **•»] H »°« >«. 

nAJ, I^KP 18 (60&AJ, A a *). XHC . . . IipO$H] om. 0* homeot. 

j6a.] j£>en, 0. " ex a.] exe, t»gp. cajci] fflouni 
*waB/ k. eA-nrepgopn] l»t»afknps : €A.q., btgort 18. 

«li«A.Tf(om. NT)£,] rtieAA.., T*G. KHUOf] niWOTf, FPS. 
" nH] pref. JtXH, 0. 


Digitized by 


38 neTPOT &. 

efioX* xe lu/vip! jGuuloc nuxnr ajr* itA/cep- 
^i&mmin ^.e xxjjuuoot ncuxert* tu.i •fnonr 
ex*/*XAJUUoxen epuxr** e&oX g^xoxor 
tutu exa/^iajemtoTrqi iuoxen+ j£>eii 0Tr|miZ! 
eqoirAJL.t- e£. # »oiropnq e&oX j6erc x<fre + itK 
exeoTfoit £,A.iu.vveXoc eperueTrjmm eitA.-* 


"» " Gefte <fr&,i epexem6eK eHnoTr g,ixen nrfm 

nxe nexen&HX epexenpKc j6en ottxcuk 

e&oX* A.pi£,eXmc em&A*.ox exoTrita.eitq 

nwxeit j£en nutfbpn eftoX iixe mc n^c 

9 "iSL^picf itg,A.itajHpi nxe nccoxejuL* +8pe- 

. . . cto- xenoi n<g$Hp Scajlox zjx * ii&pHi tben. 

xeAA,B nienieifjuLiA. iixe cgopn. itn eiu.pexempi 
jGUuiuxnr j6en onrjuLexaxeJuu *• " jlXXjl 
juL$pH-f jul$r €XA.qoA.,g,ejUL eimof* cott- 
a.vioc ne. ajtwu £,toxen epexenoxiLfi. j<6ett 
xirtju-oajt m&en* "aceoTKi r*.p ccj6hottx 
xe ajuuni epexeito* xe ajtcok &co *f ott a_B. *• 
« "Orog, icxe <1>r eeita/f^n* j6en oxu.exa.x- 
xoirajx e£,o* eniox&j nioTfii kaxa. neqg,- 
fiHOTfi* *.pexeitmuu.ovf epoq xe neituox*- 
mcHOTf iixexeitJULexpeA*.Rxa)iXi * ajlooji 
Jt^Hxq j6eit onr&o-f fr 
18 Gpexene**.! xe exA/»cex eimo** «• j6eit 
onrnoTrB. ne*«. ot&ax* kh eeitaxAJCo eftoX 
£,*. nexenxiiuuLoaji exaoTuxnr * exA/rrRiq 
ftxen eHnoT nxenexemo-f . " A.XX*. exA/*cex 

xeiu/ripi] itn eiu.inpi, a. -2k.iA.mmm] abtgnopt.- 

-omit, L*T*FKB8. 2l€\ om. TNOT. ItlWXeit i°] cf. Or. HA 
BCLP al 60 cat vg syr* aeth * Oyr. eXA-TXAJULCOXeit] 

exenx., K: +2k.e, Fs. itwxen a°] juUmouxeit, 18. 

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1 PETER L 13-19. 89 

were doing it not for themselves, bat they were ministering 
them to you, these things which were now shown to you 
through them who preached good tidings to you in a holy 
spirit sent from (the) heaven; the things which there are 
angels desiring to sea 

"Therefore, girding yourselves upon the loins of your 
heart, watching perfectly, hope for the grace which will be 
brought to you in the revelation of Jesus Christ; u as 
children of (the) obedience. Not conforming yourselves to 
(lit. in) the former lusts which ye were doing in an ignor- 
ance: u but (A.) as he who called you is holy, be ye also 
holy in all (your) walk (of life) ; u for it is written : ' Be 
ye holy; because I also am holy.' "And if him, who 
will judge without respect of persons each one according 
to his works, ye are to call ' Our Father,' walk in the time 
of your sojourn in [a] fear. u Knowing that ye were 
not redeemed in [a] gold and [a] silver, which will corrupt, 
from your vain walk, which your fathers delivered to you; 
19 but (A.) ye were redeemed through a precious blood, as (of) 

jfcericnrnrU.] cf.? Gr. NOKLP al pier cat &c. " F»« S«w 'the Hunt 18, *>. 

third Sunday of Tut.' epe*renj6e(R, B»0»T)k] AFKS a6: * 3 "' 6 
A.p., 0: 6Ap., L»T*B»rQPBT 18. £,!Xeit] L» AFKS a6 : 
exert, T*B»rGNOPRT 18. IU] om. 0. lUUTeit] ItOJOTf, FS. 

14 A.n] om. 26. ti&pHi] S&., k. meme.] £,A.rtertie., 

FS, indefinite. eiU-pexeitlplJ CTAp., FS. " JJL$H] om. 

FS. OKItOTf] om. F8. gJOUm] L«AB»FKS 18. 26: +2^.6, TT 
GNOPT. u VA,p] om. GP 18. 26. CCj^HOTfT] + TAp, A 

(by error) 26: + j6eitmrpA$R 'in the Scriptures,' FS. 26 i°] 
cf. Gr. B 31. 70. syr**. XCAtlOK £,U> *f 0*»aA] cf. ? Gr. ABOK 
LP al pier cat &c: om. T : om. £,U), FS. *J"OYAJ&.] cf. ? Gr. A*C 
KLP al onm** cat m vg rell &c. " OTTO&] om. FK8. $K H ^ t « 8 ' 

eeru/f] neertA/f , k. AA.erA.Tac.] -ex., b». 
TenitA.] ep., fks. nicHo-r] nc, gp. j6enoTr£,o-f] 

j6eitt>"rf , F S by error. " «€**.] A : !€ 'or,' L*T* &c. Kit] 

♦H, TNO'T, cf.? Gr. »♦, singular. eTOJOfUJOir] eTOJOTflT, 

k. itTen] erven, fps. 


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40 neTPOY 5k. 

eimoir e&oX £,ixeit oircnoq eqxAJRoirx * 
•0.$pH"f noTrgjiml iu.TA.tfTu * otto£, nAxecu- 
Xe& nxc. *° eA/*epajopii jutert itcoiramq *• 
icxeit t-ka.xa-B.oXh juLniKocAJtoc *• eA-qofoortg, 
^e e&oX eru6A.e iixe hichot ee&e eHito-ir 
"km eeitA.£/f e<H"* efi.oX £,ixoxq juL4>h 
exA.qxo-*rtocq eftoX j6en iir ee.«.u>o-rT *■ | 
pXe oirog, A-q-fiooir itA.q<- g/ucxe nexenitA^/f 
iteju. xexert&eXmc * inrcnrgjioni ;6en <t>*f* 

«« " GA,pexenx<nr&o nxexemfrirx" ft&pw i6en 
ncmxejui rtxe j~ .meejuim ej6oint ecnrA«.ex- 

juuucort riA.x*A.exajo&i j6en ott&hx eqcnrAJk* 
jutenpe nexenepROTr j6en otJULOin e&oX* 
83 eHitonr j6en o-cxmcrf A.n eertA.- 
xajco. a-XXa. j6en oir jm.exA.xx ajco *■ e&oX 
2,iXoxq jUliucajh iixe d/f exonj6 o-*o£, 

«>3 exajon* + ** Xeonrw cAp£ m&en A.-*i5.$pK"f 
iioircujof &en* of o£, neccooir XHpq A.cjOL^pK'f' 
fto'f&pHpi Rxe OTrctooTffi.en fr A.qaju>oTi nxe- 
mccoof &en* o*»oj>, A-c&ei e&oX iheexeq&pKpi-s- 

»y "nicAJti 2l€ nxe nox ajon $gA.eite£,*- +4>aj 
2l€ ne tucajxi exA.Trg,Kuiaj juLttoq j6en okhot. 

*° €(om. A 2 )A.*Vepa)Opn] cf. Gr. (esc. N*C*). JUL€It] om. FS. 
KCOY.] ftOTTCOTf., A s by error. XKA.X.] OK., K. *e] om. B». 
€&oX] om. FKS. n&Ae] cf. Gr. ttABO 5. 13. 15. 27. 36. 64. 65. 

137. d»« cat syr"*' Cyr. r\xera.] Am., fs. ee&eeHno-*] trs. 

before eru6A.€, B», for i/tat cf. Gr. MBOKLP al pier cat vg &c. 

21 tlH eenA£,"f ] cf. Gr. NCKLP al pier cat syr"*' &e. g,COCXe] 

L«T»A: -*.€, B» &c. Xexeit&eXmc] IL, T*G. F"w 'the end 

Hunt is, (of the lection).' M F""* K ">« ' the first Sunday of BSbah.' 6Ape- 

..eneg, xeit.] epexen ., o. ftxexeirfr.] a x : jutex., lbt* && 

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1 PETER I. ao-25. 41 

a lamb -without spot and without stain, Christ, *° foreknown 
indeed from (the) foundation of the world, but manifested 
unto (the) last of the times because of you, " who believe 
God through him who raised him from them who are dead, 
and he glorified him, so that your faith and your hope may 
be in God. 

a Having purified your soul in (the) obedience of the truth 
into an unfeigned love of brethren in a pure heart, love one 
another perseveringly : M having been born not of 06eit) a 
sowing, which will corrupt, but (A.) in an incorruption through 
the word of God, who liveth and who abideth. ** Because all 
flesh was (plur.) as [a] grass, and all its glory was as a flower 
of [a] grass. The grass dried, and its flower fell away; 
"but the word of the Lord abideth for ever. But this 

plural. Sj6pHl] 6j6., FS : om. K. ncurreM.] IUC, K. 
•f" JUteeJULHl] cf. Gr. NABC 13. 27. 73. vg syr * arm" 3 aeth *' ar« 
Clem. eqOTAJi] cf. Gr. N*OKLP rell omn'M cat tol syr»* &c. 

juLeitpeneren.] AJLenperen., fns. * 3 eimcnr . . .] eHitoT A.n, a : eimof a.ii . . ., p. cnrxmcrf ] 

cf. Gr. BKLP al omn»" vg rell Did Cyr. eeitA.TA.Ko] L«T» 

afs: eqitA-, tgnopt 18: qitA., b»: ecitA.., K. A>v>vA. 

. . . TAJCo] om. FS homeot. £,»*rOTq ■**•] & ,Ten » K - 
eXO(UJ,T»rNT)nj6] L«T*AB»FGKPS 18: pref.OTTOg,, TNOT. 
eXgJOIl] cf. Gr. NABC h 13. 27. 29. 66** 73. 142. fa demid harl syrP 
arm Did Oyr &c. " £.? £jl$pirf] A/repiS.., B*K : om. A/*, 

P; cf. i Gr. (K*)BCKLP al pier vg d « am* fu demid tol syrP"* arm 10 " 
aeth"* Did &c. A.TJUI . . . CCJUOY&ert i°] om. S*. OTTO£, i°] 
om. FS. necCOOTf] necj., E, masc., cf. Gr. N* ; for possessive cf. Gr. 
M*ABO h 5. 7. 9. 15. 69. 73. 137. a" cat vg syr u * r aeth ntT Did &c. 

Axii.d?.]A: A.qii., l« &«.: A.qepii.., t*K: jOL<b., b»gp. 

AqajUXTCl] prof. OTTOg,, 0*. O*»0£, a ] om. B*GP 18. T€q- Boat .s i. 
£,pHpl] cf. Gr. CKLP al pier cat vg«>« demid liarl tol aeth"* 1 Eus &c * s 4>A.I 
** 2^e i°] TtATNOT: + iteoq, L«B»FGKPS 18. 4>A.l] F»«K«« HmtiVu, 
(♦'it is read on the night') S"* 'the fourth Sunday of Ablb.' 2l£ 2 ] t5 £' 
L«T»AB»GNOPT i8» : om. T*FKS 18*. -u. t '" 

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42 neTPor 36u 

1 e&.perenxfo ej&piu kkakia m&en net*. 
XPO^I ni&en* nejtx. x«.exgofij ni&eri* iteAA. 
<t>eottoc m&en* newt ka.ta.X4S.Xia. m&en* 
"iA^pirf it&AnKo-rci itAXuxnri * eATrjuuxox 
•f ncnr iuepurf nXoriKon itA.TXpoq dTaffltuo-r 
ijuuioq* &inA KTeTeitAiAi ni&KTq ej6o*»it 
emcnrxAi 4- 

«8 8 ICace ATeTenaceM/fni ace oirxpc ne noc* 
4 $k e*re*rennHOTf g,Ap°q nitoni e*ronj6-s- 
eA-vajoaj AJLeit eftoX £,iTen mpwjuu * qccrrn 
ive £,iTeit <H" oirog, cjtaihovt* "orog, 
ftecoTen £,urreit ffltwni juL^pH-f it&Anumi 
e**onj6 | epexeitKcox juUuu»*reit * itoifHi 
JDLmiZTiKoii eoxtAeronrRfi. eco*YA&4- enxmmi 
enaju3i4- S&Anajonrajujofaji juLnrtATiKott* 
evajHii J0L<H"4- e&oX £,rren ihc n^cc* 

« +• Xeo*»Hi cc^Roirr j6en *f vpA$H* 2te g,Rime 
"f ni-X 00 j£> en cium* novumi eqcurrn ibctux 
iiXAKg,* otto£, $r eeitA£,-f epoq itneqeff- 

,y apm* tTjiixAio cnm Aqajon nurreit j6a 
iutaio nit eeitAg/f* 

. . ., b »C NiAertA£,*f 2k.e newo? rucum erATrajogjq ibcenn 
eriattT* $ai Aqajuont noi-xuox iiXAK£,*» 
•ne**. oifconi iurpon* ne**. o«»me*rpA 

com. mb. » eApexen.] Ap., Cons. XP 3 ] + 0,,rn » Tt A »- .**.e*r- 

gjofi.! Itlfieit] cf.? Or. B syr** Clem &c. <t>©OIlOC m&€It] 
cf. ? Clem syr«* &c. KAT aXaXiA Itl&CIt] cf. ? Gr. * &c. 
* iVAXXPOq] Pref- OfOg,, K«, cf. Or. 3. 3a. 43. 69. 99. 101. 133. 

1 !«ot a ier tt ii'tot amto i e y r p arm cyr&c. irreTenAiAi] irren- 
aiai, Con»., i° pewon. e^cm enioirxA!] j6ennicnr- 

2CAI, Coniu; cf. Gr. M ABOKP al*° cat vg 8yr» te arm aeth ar» Clem 

Hum ism, cyr &c. * xpc] XP 10 * 1 * 00 * J* b y mor ' * exeren- 

3 ~* ItROTf] exennHO**, a6, i° person. eTO«tj6] L«AB»FGKPS 
18. 26: -ODIti, TTNOT. eATfaoaj]A: -COttj, »6 : eATT- 

gjo(to, TNTjq, l«t» &c. qcoTii] at-, qcurrn, T»B«N 

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1 PETER IL 1-8. 43 

is the word which was proclaimed among you. II. Having 
laid down all malice, and all subtlety, and all hypocrisy, 
and all envy, and all dander, *as young children lately 
(*f"It<nr) born, yearn after the milk reasonable and without 
subtlety, that ye may grow in it into [the] salvation. 

8 If ye tasted that the Lord is kind : * to whom ye come, 
the living stone, rejected indeed by [the] men, but he is chosen 
with (£,rren) God, and he is precious : * and ye also are as 
living stones, building yourselves a spiritual house, for a 
holy priesthood, for (the) offering spiritual sacrifices, accept- 
able to God through Jesus Christ. * Because it is written 
in the Scripture : ' Lo, I shall (lit. will) lay in Sion a chosen 
stone, as head of corner: and he who believeth him shall not 
be ashamed.' T The preciousness* then was to you, namely 
they who believe. But (to) the unbelievers indeed (pron.) 
the stone which they who build rejected, this became a head 
of corner, 8 and a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence — 

» Or 'honour.' 

ot i8'»: eqcurrn, L»FGKPS i8« u 26. fc.e] om. rs. 
£,rren] a : irrett, l»t» &c. qrAJROTrr] AB»rNOT «6 : 
eq*r., l»t &c. • e**onj6] l«ab«gop i8 u a6 : -umj6» T*r 

FN ST 18 »• » Cons. : €TCU)Tn, K. epeT€IlKU>T] epeKCOT, 
K«. eOTTAJteXOTfRBL] L»T'AB«GP« 18. 26 Cons.: 6TTJUL,, TFK 
NOST; cf. Or. NABO 5. 7. 15. 27. 29. 36. 66** 68. 73. 106. cat tol arm 
aeth"* Em Oyr Ac. eCOTi&] om. B*. eiUCIItllll] eTUClHI, 
A by error. eitOJCOl] e&pHI, FS. €&oX] om. GP Cons. 
g,rren] g,I, S*. F»« K m « ' the and (of the lection).' • XeOTTKl] Hut* ,8, 
cf. Gr. (one. al) : +T*A.p, B»P 18. &etl *f ] cf. Gr. KLP al longe plu 
cat Ac *f VpA.4»H] rtIVp£.$H, FK% Cons, plural. eqOOTn] 
-COTIl, B»r; position cf. Gr. BO 31. arm Cyr && llXAJCgJ 
A 26: +€(om. GP)q*T-A.IR<nrT, L« &c. OTTO&] om. TFNOST. 

7 A.qgo(oo,T»)n] qaj., fks: £.qaj<uru, NT. j6A.]j6en, n. 

IUA.e(*T, F*KS)!U£,"f] cf. Gr. NBC 68. 69. a»" (vg). IUU>m] 
cf. ? Gr. N»ABC« rtl 9. 19** 25. 39. 73. 100. 127. c«* Oeo. 6TKtOT] 

eer., b*. kotoodx] crx, r. 8 neu. i°] om. fk. 

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44 neTPOY ax. 

2>.A.Xon* itK eertAtfTtfpon emc^xi error 
WAx-fAXA-i- e$K exA.irepn.Kex*-** hs&Krq*- 
•n t'fieurrert a.e necoxen o**venoc eqcoxn* 
o**AA,exo-*po*' otJJLerotH&.4- otojXcdX eqoirAfi. 
ottXa.oc 6A.ireAJLA.ioq *• g,ontt)c ttxexertOTtung, 
efLoX nniA.pexR itxe $r exA.qeA£,eA*. eimo*** 
e&oX j6eit nx&-Ki e/fcow eneqoircDini exoi 
itaj^Hpt * 10 nK exe noirXioc A.n ne ftonr- 
chot* *f"noir r^e A.pexenepo"irXA.oc aa/H"** 
nn exenA.irnA.rtA.1 mocnr A.n. *f no** ^.e A/ritAj 
moxen * 

* " HAJutertpA-f -f xoo&g, AAAAtoxen AjLcfrpirf ng,A.n- 

...aau> pejutRxooiXi o-yog, gjA-tiujeAA AAuooTfr £,en 

OT,R ennonr e&oX £,a. memeirAAiA. ncAp-OKon* 

iik €x^6hk OTf&e -f ihx H * 12 nexenxntAA-ogji 

AAA.peqaju)m eqepajA/v j6en meenoc* g,mi. | 

pAA. eajton a/tca^i j6Apu>xen* aa.<">Pk1" nj>,A.n- 

cAJu.nex^ujoTf *■ e-cnA.-* efioX j6en nexertg,- 

&Roin eetiA.neT * nxoirfcoo-c aa.<H" ;6en 

ne&oo** nxe nixeAAncymi * 

* " UA.<rne2£toxeit JOLiuaoitx xHpq fixe "fjuLex- 

p(jojuti eefte n<xi* ixe nofpo £,<oc eqtfoci* 

"ixe ni£,HT*eAft(un £,coc e**XA.oiro aajuuoo-y 

eiloX ^ixoxq-s- ertfT juLnajiaj nmcAJULnex- 

A.x-f.] A.e*f., b». • *.e] om. a. eqcoxn] AB»r-. 

eqetOXn, UT* &c. OTAAeXOirHjl] T»AB»FKPS Cons.: 
JUUtCeXOTHJl, L«rGNOET. gXtoX] A: OjXoX, L»T* &c 

€A."*eAAA.ioq] a,: ere.AAA.ioq, L»T»KPB: eireAAA.10, 

B»FGS: eqeJULAlO, Cons.: eOTeAJUUOq, A 8 : eTXA.It^>0 

'life-giving,' fn ot. £» ona5C ] -noc, b». ftxexeno , «on£,] 

UT* &c: -ong,, A,",. eftoX i°] om. FS. eHHOTf] om. B». 

neqonfojini] mo-*., p. 10 A.pexenep] ep., fs : eA.p., 

B. OTXa.Oc] om. OT, T*. KK a°] + 2l€, P. CXertA.**- 

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1 PETER II. 9-14. 45 

they who will stumble at the word, not consenting to that 
in which they were also placed*. 'But ye are a chosen 
race, a kingdom, a priesthood, a holy nation, a people justi- 
fied b , that ye might manifest the virtues of him who called 
you from (the) darkness into his light, which is wonderful : 
10 who were not a people once, hut now ye become a people 
of God ; they who were not to have mercy shown to them, 
but now mercy was shown to you. 

11 My beloved, I pray you as sojourners and strangers, 
avoid the fleshly lusts which are armed against the soul. 
u Let your walk (of life) be serviceable among the Gentiles, 
that if they spoke against you as evil doers, judging 
(lit. seeing) from your good works they may glorify Qod 
in (the) day of [the] visitation. ls Be subject to every 
creation of human origin ° because of the Lord : u whether 
(the) king as exalted, or the governors as sent through 
him, for a taking vengeance on the evil doers, but for a 

* Construction misunderstood; lit. 'to that in which they made the 
placing them also.' b Probably the frequent mistake of ©JUULIOCJ 

for OAJUUOCJ ; see 1 Tim. iii. 13. * Lit. 'of the humanity.' 

iu-iuli] ab» : ereiu/ttu.!, l«t» &c. ncoonr] rao*reit, fs. 
*.ita ]+ne,B»FKS. *f nonr a.e a ] om. 0. ll 8»(ffl»Ai)*-n- 
ajejuumuxrv] najejuuu.a>oir, K: najejuuu.o, p-w. 

£,€(*., P)It0KItOTf] cf. Gr. AC LP al 24 syr"* 1 aeth"" Did Oyr &c. 

&A.] *6en, fs ; cf. i Gr. o» 37. Did. 12 ;6enmeeitoc] 

position cf. Gr. KLP al 30 eyr** &c. g,IItA,] om. F. eajcwn] om. K. 
A.*»CA2Cl]T»A l r*G0: e**C, L«A,B»NPTCons.: A.-*ajA.ltC., P> 
FKS. eTMLJ-Tf] +^e, T»B»GP Cons.: CTCHA.-*, 0. j6eit] 

g,rren, top Cons. ne*reng,&Ro , »i] cf. Gr. 57** 69. 137. a** 

syr«"» arm Cyp. negjOoV) A: meg,., L«T* &c. F"*' the end (of 
the lection).' " JU.A.(T(aj, T) IteXlUTen] JUL4.ttjA.neX., A,; 

cf. Gr. NABO 13. 31. 73. am fu demid to] arm aeth &c. KTCf"- 
JUteTpcUJUU] position cf. ? Gr. C 31. syrP Eus Did &c. eqtfOCl] 
q<C B». " Itl£,Rr.] Of £,., K sing, def. efTA-OTTo] 

eTfOTftopn, fs. ^vtot^] om - FS - a^S'SH] «*• Gr - WA . B 

KL h al 80 vg m 90 syr»«*etP*»* arm &c. IIIIICA. i°J AFKS: ML- 

Digitized by 


46 neTPOY 3Bu 

&c»ot. enrgoTrajonr 2s.e " xe 
4>a.i ne (fKO'vcoo) ii.<H"* eipt AA.nmeenA.neq* 
ftxexettAAAgjeAJU. expert eA*.exA.xeA«.i <■ 
iutiA.XKA.-f nptojju* "iJufrpK-f ft£,A.npeAA,- 
£,e*r onrog, -fAAexpeAA&e ftxen emio-ir* 

Ka (fapiff A.rt rtO-»KAJXlf AJUULA. S.T€ *f KA.KIA. A.XXA. 

A*4>pH*f itg,A.itefiiJA.iK ftxe 4>f «• 
«£ "Uaxajc oTroit itiKett. -fju.eTAiiA.icoR Axen- 

pIXC* A.pi£,0-f j6a.X£,R JUL4»*f . 

nofpo 4- 

«y 18 Hie&!A.iit epexendfto ftaaoxen ftnexendfce-* 

/6en £,o-f ni&en* niA.VA.eoc a*jula. , *a.xot 

A.n ftenncnc a.XXa. rcajl niKextwoirni ex- 

KOoXxfr " 4>A.I VA.p OTT£^ULOX lie* 1C3C6 *€ 

eefte o-»CTfnH^ecic ftxe <H"** o*»oit o-»aj 
nA.a)con epoq ft&pKt ;6en g t JLn£kKJLrt& ft&HX 
eqdlio-* ftxonc* 80 Ajjg VA.p ne niajofajo-* ♦• 
icace xexenepnofij * oiro£, e-rfKeg, ntwxen* 
xexentooTf ft&ux* a.XXa. epexempi jGLm- 
neotiA-neq*- o-*o£, epexentff julka^,* xexen- 
AJULom ftxen eimo-** <1>a.i VA.p | oi^ot 
ne e&oX £,ixen $*f- " e&.iojLg J ejUL eimox rA.p 

niCA^ L«T' &c ftrtlCA. 2°] T»AFK : JULrtlCA., L«8T Ac. (B» om. 

cajul). neenA,ne-c] a k : neenA.neq, l»t* &* (pref. m, 

NT). " eipl] L»T* Ac. P»3 ('another copy'), cf. Gr. rell: €pe- 

Xempi, K, cf. Gr. C 7. 27. « 2 ««ThphyI syr»*: eepeXCK- 

ipi, B»pe : eepen., t»gp*. ftxexenAJLA.ajoAJu.] a b»k p : 
nxexeng©.,T»F8: ftxenAAAxgeAJu., l« : ftxengje., g : 
nxo-rgxeAA-f, tnot. e&pen] ab»fks: pref. ej6o-*n, 

L*TTGNOPT. ftniA.XKA.-f] A : ftxeHlA.XKA.-f , L«T» &c 
" OTfOgJ oui. F8. -f A*.eXpeAJL£,e] A : pref. €p€, L*T» &c 
A.n] om. A,B»T by error before ft. 6&IA.IK] A.&IAJK, A, also 
ver. 18. ftxe$"f ] position cf. ? Gr. ALP al pier cat m 90 vg && 

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1 PETER II. 15-21. 47 

praise of good doers. 1S Because this is (the) wish of God : to 
do the good ; that ye may shut out (expert) (the) ignorance 
of the senseless men : M as free ; and having the freedom, 

Not as a covering of [the] malice, but (a) as servants of 
God. " Honour all. Love the love of brethren. Fear God. 
Honour (the) king. u [The] servants being subject to your 
masters in all fear; not only the good (and) equitable, but 
(A) also the others who are perverse. M For this is accept- 
able •>, [but] if because of [a] conscience of God there is one 
(who) will undergo* griefs, wrong being done to him. *° For 
what is the praise, if ye commit sin, and being buffeted, 
ye are longsufferingl But (A) (if) doing the good and suffer- 
ing ye endure, [for] this is acceptable with ° God ; n for ye 
were called to this. Because Christ also suffered for us, 

» Lit. 'a grace.' b Lit. ' receive to him in griefs.' • Lit. 'a grace 


" p» g»t « tBe third Sunday of Misty.' -tflto] AB»* K : -tffion , Hunt ,e, 
L«T*&c ftnexentfTceTf] cf. Or. » harl tol Dam 8yr«*. £/>-fj 
pref. OTT, T»N. rUArA©OC] L»AFKS: pref. It, T'B»rGNOPT 
18. €TKCD(0, TT i8)Xx] ArFKPST 18: ni€X(0, B»h 
JCU> (O, B»N«0)Xa£, L«T*B»GNO. '• OV&JJLO'f) cf. Gr. NAB 

KLP 8cc. ^€] AB»FS: om. LtTTGKNOPT 18. KTed/f] 
JDLd>-f-, NT; cf. Gr. KA*BKLP al pier vg m M aeth Dam. ItAajUMl] 
on. ItA., B»FS. ng,pKl]AK: ftjfc., L«T»&c. g,AIT JUL (6JUU, 
T*G)KA.7r£,] -KA&, A 18: OTA*.., F8 singular. n&HT 6CJ- 
tfHOTf] KTeqtfHOIf, K by error. *° VAp] T»A : om. Lf &c 

icace] +fc.e, k. xerenepn.] A: eperenepn., l«t* &c. 
e-rf K€£,] evef"., t»: ATrf\, k. xeTreritooTr] cf.? Gr. «• 
s. 15. 18. 37. 31. 66** 69. 97. a** c" o»« ai 8 &c. eperempi] Ap., 

T. OTTO& 3°] T«ArKNOT: om. L«B»FGPS 18. iJL(eA*., T*G)- 

KA&] iiKA.Tr£,, T»rN«T. *re*rertAJiiu>ni] cf. ? Gr. 5. 31. 33. 

97. 0*" Tg «tc VAp] "FA, cf. Gr. A 13. 73. k«> r al 10 Ac. : om. IA Ac, 
cf. Gr. HBCKLP al longe pier cat vg m 8 ' syr Btr arm aeth &c. : trs. after 
&AJLOT, K. ne a°] om. FS. " €A7reA£,eJUl OHnOTf] A : 

eXATTe., L*T* &c. : eTATf©A£,.M.eq 'he was called,' FS. 

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48 neTPOY &. 

ah 2Ce n5cc &t»q A.q<rfJuiCA,£, e&pm extort. A.qcu>xrt noTrg/rnorpAJUion g,inA, n*renjuoaji itcA. 
neqajertTA.*rci * " $h eTeJOLneqepnofii *• 
oTf2k€ junoirxeju XP 05 ! £ en P<wq* M e*»- 
£,UKnrgj epoq* nA,q£,uxnraj A.n ne* eqtfT- 
juKA,g, rtA,qxumT A.n ne* rtA,q*f fc.e 
g,A.n ju.nipeq-f-g,A,n jDUulhi* **<&k erA.qeit 
nenito&t enajuji £,ixen maje eftoX g,rreit 
neqcuwuA. * £,utA, jolott e&oX &A. mno&i * 
ft*reitu5!t£ n-fju.eoAX.Hi 4- 

kc 4>h eTA.peTetrrA.Xtfo e&oX g,vren neqepjfcoT* 
25 itA.perenoi rA.p ne ju/fcpirf tt£,A.necuxnr 
ercajpejUL* aJXXa. A.perenTAx;eo *fnoTr* &A. 
neTenjuu»rtecu30Tf oiro£, neniciconoc irre 

ne*renTlnrx H * 
"5" * lTAjpirf oit ne niKe&iojuu * ertfito nxuxre 

nno*Y£,AJ4- icxe oiroit £,A.noiron itce*f-JUiA.*f 

a.k neju. iucajci4- eftoX £,rroTq junixm- 

julooji irre m&iojuu* irro'Txeju.&HOT ju.- 

jutoo? A.tfTte cajci* *er€tur€ enerenxm- 

juooji eTTOT&Kovr j6en cnr&crf * *j6eit 

iia.i jUA.peqaju>m SxenicoXceX a.k ercAiioX 

iixe nuejl «j>,u)Xk Sxe ttiquM*- newt mieft 

nncnr&t le j6en OTr&e&cu} irf&iujTO'* ecceX- 

g,Ujq] cf. Gr. (exc. A 3. 68. 73. 101). A.q<rTju.(eju,T»G)- 
KA.g,] cf. Gr. ABO^KLP al pier vg syrP aeth &c. eXOJlt.. .] 
cf. Gr. 3. 4. 18. 45. 47. 69. 93. 99. 105. 137. d"° r al aliq syr** &c A.q- 

cioxn] l»afknps 18: eqc, T*B»rGOT. o-*£/*noT*pA.- 
ju.u5(o, T»B»rNOT)n] £,m., n. ttTeiuuogji] n*re- 

T6IUU., 0. " XP 0C l] L*T'AB»GP 18: pref. Of, TFKOST. 

jskenpajq] a bm8 : pref. 5c«. ^_ ,Tt &c (fs ftj&HTq). M fc.e] 
om. o. &A.n] am. k. Ajutjuu] +ne, t»gp. ** neit- 

noftl] L«T*r« Ac, cf. Gr. (exc B): om. Iteit, r*s for om. aWs cf. 
eyr** &c. enajlOl] e&pKI, TNOT. £,!X€It] T' A : €X., L« &c. 

e&oX A'Ten] ob«. Gr. »* om. b. eA.nju.oT] +juen, k. 
£A] j6a., t*. nTenaj(o, TtN)nj6] + *e, ttnot. 

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1 PETER IL 23— III 3. 49 

he left to as an example, that we might walk after his 
footsteps: "he who committed not sin, nor was subtlety 
found in his month: M being reviled, he was not reviling; 
suffering, he was not being angry ; but he was giving him- 
self to the judgement of the true judge : M he who bare up 
our sins upon the tree* through his body, that we, having 
died from [the] sins, might live to [the] righteousness. 

He through whose wound ye were healed. ** For ye were 
being as sheep going astray, but (A.) ye return now to your 
shepherd and (the) bishop of your souls. III. Thus also 
[it is] the women being subject to their husbands ; if there 
are some who consent not to the word, through the walk 
(of life) of the women that they may be gained without 
word ; * seeing your walk (of life) chaste in [a] fear. 
1 Among these let not the ornament be (that) which is out- 
ward, of the broideries of plaiting of the hair (plur.), and 
the broideries of gold, or in a "wearing of adorned raiment ; 

* Lh.' wood.' b Lit' raiment of patting on them being adorned.' 

&rren] j6en, k. ** ne] t*a-. om. l« &c. evcco(o, p)- 
pexx] nc, n. A.pexerrr.] ep., fps. nerucK.] men., 

FX P8. K»« 'the end (of the lection).' 

1 ne] A, : om. L«T» Ac. ItlKe&IOAJU] cf. ? Gr. 96. b*» Tg syr »*» : 
om. Ke, K; definite, cf. Or. WCKLP al omn* d cat &c. enrtfTto] 
AKXOT: e**dnon, L8T*B»rFGPS. IC3C6 &c] B 57. 69. 
104. mm Ac: pref. &IHA., L« &c. OTOIt] om. rL_ ^nOTOn] 

&A.ncnr, a, . iiicajci] nc, f s. £,rroTq jGL] £,ixen, b». 

KTOnmeJtx} cf. Gr. miniuic pin cat&c. A.(J1te] AjB^rFNOST: 
A.*T<Cl«T«A 8 GP: om. i K. CAJf l] +6&oX ^ITDTq 'through it,* 
T: etftteXWOf ' to subject them,' K. * 6(A, FS)TItA.Tr] cf.? Gr. 
*• a-*: €ietU.t, 0. eT-*TOlfi.H01f*r] eTTA.IH.'honoured,' K. 
* JUULpeCJJXJCJOUI . . . A.n] A^FK'S: tra. after ttJOjni, 

Lrr»A,roNPT. mie& i°] £,A.mefk, gp: + ii£/*A,iorit©'ir- 

noit, B*. tt£,UJ(0, K)Xk . . . ie& 2°] om. NT homeot. : ng,0>vK 
AJt KTB See., FS ; for IteJU. cf. Gr. NABKLP al omn* eyrP rell &c. 

nT€it(n, F8)iqu>(0, b»)i] cf. Gr. kabklp &c. ecceXcwX] 


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50 neTPOY 3fc. 

cu>X* *a.XXa. nipujjun er&Hn j£en ra£,H*r 
j6en vutrrr&xo rrre nimtZ ex^o-rpcooT 
oirog, itpejt*.p£.-*aj * $h ereJu.neju.Go ju.<H" 
itoifeo npH*f * 
«C • IIi.ipM*f r*.p ne noTrcRoir nni&ioju.! eeoiriJL | 
pjuuL njvirep&eXnic e<H" ne* lU/rcoXceX juL- 
juLUJonr-i- evtfito nxuxnr mtof&^j. 6 ii.$pH*f 

VA.p ItCA.ppA.-5- eCCtOTEJUt JtCA. 2.&P&AJU. + 

ecjwoff epoq xe nA.bc. en eTA-perenepajepi 
iu.c eperenipi ii.nineeiti.iteq * o-rog, epe- 
(«n) xenep&o-f a.ii j6*.x&h it£,Xi n&o*f * T na.i- 
pirf on itiKe^twcrr* eperenajon new-tooT* 
eperenejuu xe onrcKeTroc KAxeemtc ne ni- 
&IOJUU-5- eperetrfTAJo naxnr*- g/uc e**oi 
itcg<t>Hp itKXHpoitojmoc itejuurreit 4- em&JwoT 
ivre numj6 noireo npirf * £,nu. xe nite*ren- 
XA.&110 ;6eit neTennpoceTrx*** 



TfctJOK fee eperenoi jtoirjueTH kotwt TKpo-ir 

eperenoi ng^Hp ntfi&ict eperenoi juuuuu- 

con riaj A.n&juuj£)T epeTeneefi.woirr'i- • rcre- 
xen-f- noirneT&ujcnr *.n j6*- oTfnerg.wo'**- 
oif^.e <y*£,u)oifaj j&a. OTf£,coo*»oj * nexo*»&Hq 
fee eperencjwo** * xe eTA/*e/j.£,€JU. eimo** 
en£.i£,u)&* £,m<8. ii*re*renepKXKpoiioj«.in 
ii.nicjM.onr * 

erc, k : ecctoXceX, t. * er&Hn] eeg,., b». j6en i°] 

pref. ftj6pH!,T»B»GP. j6en a°] L»T*A,B»GP: pref. n£,(J& s )* 
PHI, A a FKN08T. eT(G, B») g,0*»pO)0 , »] position cf. Gr. B 

Tg &o. eTeJu.nejw.oo] eTTA-movr Ju.neju.eo 'which i* 

honoured before,' K. * ne i°] tra. after CHOTT, GP : on. ne, FS. 

nm&iojuu] om. ft, fknos: ttemg,., b\ eeofAii] ee, 
F8: ee 5 *, p. nA.irepi2,eXnic] AfFNosT: en*/*., t«K: 

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1 PETER III. 4-9. 51 

* bnt (A.) the man which is hidden in the heart, in the incor- 
ruptibility of the spirit which is tranquil and meek, that 
which is before God of many kinds*. * For thus it was once 
with the holy women, they were hoping in God, they were 
adorning themselves, being subject to their husbands : • [for] 
u Sam, obeying Abraam, calling him ' my lord,' she whose 
daughters ye were, doing the good, and not fearing any fear. 
' Thus also [the] husbands, dwelling with them, knowing that 
the women are a weak vessel, honouring them, as being fellow- 
heire with you of (e) the grace of (the) life of many kinds, 
that ye be not hindered in your prayers. 8 But finally, 
being all of one thought, being fellow-sufferers, being of 
brotherly love, tenderhearted, being humble : 9 and not giving 
an evil for an evil, nor a reviling for a reviling, but that 
which is contrary, blessing; because ye were called unto 

* soXvnXft apparently not understood. 

CTGp., I*B"GP. ed/f ] cf. i Or. ABO 13. 15. 37. 36. 69. 104. a»" 
f* d«* cat &c. ne a ] A : om. LsT* &c EftfrtO ii] IS A^G : 

-olte ii, NT: -tfTton n, t»a 2 b»fkps: -tflte, 0. • vA.p] 

A:om.L«T*&c. KCA.] ft, OT. OTfOg,] om. FS. epCTeiiep.] 

A: nTereitep., l«t» &c. ng,Xi] om. ii, t*. 7 n&ipirf] 

<&, V- on] om. TNOT. ttl i°] cf. Gr. (exc. B). -&COOVT] 

i/A: powuu, t* &c epeTertewu] pref. xe, k. ne] om. 
?S: ne, k. itajd>Kp] om. b». neAJLurreit] L«A : om. T» Ac. 
enig^u.o*r] a :, k : iixeiu., l«t» &c funreo &c] 

£ettO*»., T«GKP; cf. Gr. HAG* 4. 5. 7. 8. 57»* 68. 69. a«* c"» &c. 

g,iru. ace] ace £,ika., b»gp: om. ace, o. j6eitneTeitii.] 

cf.? Gr. B ayr"". 8 F°* S"»« 'the first Sunday of Miary.' a\e] 

oTfit, ro. ftoTfjuLeTfi] om. n. iitfi] ftoiftft, nt. epe- 
Tenoi 3 ] pref. o**o£„ t»b»gp. epeTeiteefi.iKO-rr] cf. Gr. 

MABO ad plus 80 am fu demid syr ** arm Clem &c. * A.It] om. 

A,»B»: T baa text confuaed. ^A.O"JfIieT£,t»<nf] om. A 2 *. 

ovpjiBontgj i°] pref. e, t»n. nero^&Kq] ne*reo-*&., a 2 \ 

Xejcf. Gr. 8ABCK h 13. 15* aa. 37. 29. rg m" ayr"* etP«» arm 
aeth Ac F"« 'the end (of the lection).' 

e a 

Digitized by 


62 neTPOY &. 

A *° 4>H vi.p eeoirujaj ejuenpe o**u)nj6 * o*»og, eni/» 
e& eni.nef-5- JUi.peqxi.Xd5 juneq- 
Xi.c e&oX £,i. nmerg/wof onrog, neqafroxo-v 
ecyxejuc/ua iunrxpoq* " *iti.peqpiia ciiLoX 
ju.nmex&ioo'* * jui,peqipi jOLnii.Vi.eoit. 
jui.peq*urf itci. o*»j>,ipKitK «■ OTfO£, nxeqdoxi 
Rctoc* "xe nen&i.X junor: cexofgx eaten 
mejuHi* onrog, neqjui.ajx cepija iici. nonr- 
Tto&£,«- n&o a\e juno? exert | rot exipi 
ju.nmexj2,tuoir * 
Aa is Ottoj?, itiju. eerti.aj*f JUKi£, nurren. eajwn 
xenaji.neppeqxog, en.meeiu.iteq. u a.XXa. icace 
xexenepnKed*fjuKi.£, * eefte *f Ju.eeju.Kt * 
too** nii-xen eimo**. xoTrg/rf 2\e* jQLnepep- 
£,crf j6i.xecj>,K OTr^e junepajeopxep. "nor: 
*e nxc •JUixonrftoq ej6pm j6en nexen&HX* 


A0 SpexencoiVf- jujutoxen kchot m&ett 
y Xovii. noTon m&en eeni.ep exm iiuuioxen 
noirci-xi <*- ee&e "f&eXnic exjfcen eimo*** 
18 i.XXi. *6en oTfJuexpeju.pjj.iraf iteju onr^o-f * 
eoiron nxaoxen nofcifnRfc.ecic* &mi. nxonrdTajini tbcenu exci^ci 
j6i.ptoxen jutppirf it£,i.nciJunex£/»o"c * 
o**o£, extfTi-oTrtw junexenxinjuoaji eeni.neq 
x&en nxc-s- 

Ai " vi.p nxexenipi ju.nmeeni.neq. 

Hunt*,, >° A»°w j,,U .♦«> 'the psalm of David.' ri.plom.FS. OTf- 
..£,KX lUnjOJ L«ArNOT: ntUttJO. T'B*FGKPS 36. eni.**] pref. 
CJUenrt 'to think,' FS. neqXi.c] cf. Gr. NKLP al pier cat vg 
ByT»"armaeth&c. nOTTXPO^] ^X.'> L*FGPS. u JUi.peq- 
pWCl] cf. Or. NC*KLP al pier cat vg syr"* arm &c. JUi.peqipi] 
A 36: OfO£, itXeqipi 'and do,' L«T &c OTTO£, rtxeq.J 

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1 PETER III 10-17. 53 

this tiling, that ye might inherit the blessing. "For he 
who wisheth to love [a] life, and to see good days, let him 
refrain his tongue from the evil, and his lips, not to speak 
[a] subtlety. "Let him turn aside from the evil: let him 
do the good; let him seek for [a] peace, and pursue it. 
"Because (the) eyes of the Lord look upon (eaten) the 
righteous, and his ears incline to their prayer; but (the) 
face of the Lord (is) against (exert) them who do the evil. 

13 And who will be able to give pain to you, if ye should 
be zealous of the good? "But (A) if ye even suffer for 
[the] righteousness, blessed are ye. But their fear, fear it 
not, nor be troubled. " But the Lord Christ sanctify him 
in your hearts. 

Being prepared always for [a] defence to all who will ask 
you a word concerning the hope which is in you, u but (A) in [a] 
meekness and [a] fear : having a good conscience ; that they 
may be ashamed who speak against you as evil doers, and who 
calumniate your good walk in Christ. "For it is good 

on. OTTO&, G P 26. " rten&A-X] cf.? Gr. KABC*KLP b al 

ploa»° mrm Ac CeXOTfOTT] om. C6, K: e3£0*»OJ*r, NT. 

ce(<&, TjpAja] cepiia, t»Aj. _ tiottu5&£,] no-»x., ur 

plnraL " 0"YO£j om. FS. JULKAg,] 6JUUC., T*G.] 

om. K. peqX°£>] cf - Gr - NA.BO 3. 5. 7. 13. 17. 27. 29. 33»w 40. 
66** 68. 69. 73. 96** 101. 137 a*" c»« d*« Clem &c. " Texett- 

ep] pret a, 26 : xexempi *X, FS. nKe(5\Jt*.(€JtX, T G)- 
KA&] pref. peq, K : om. TlKedT, B». 2k.e] om. FS. OTT^ C &c] 
cf. Gr. MAOKP al fere omn cat vg rell Clem &c. u n^QCJ cf. Gr. Hunt .8, 

H ABC 7. 13. 33»« 69. 137. a*" c"" Tg 8yr» to arm Clem. epeTeit.] «J e P e_ 
F-f S»* 'it is read the day of the Ascension': B^e L-LJj*H j-c j 'and Ten. . 
the feast of the living creatures'?. JUUUUOXen i°] cf. Gr. NBC 5. "" 
13. 18. 27. 29. 68. 69. 73. 104** 137. a*" c IDr al 8,or cat vg m 88 arm &c. 

Karon] eo-*., nt. ex] om. a,. ,e a,XXa,] cf. Gr. ha 

BC 5. 7. 13. 27. 29. 43. 69. 73. a*" c*" I* ' vg syrP arm Clem &c. 
nxeWH Ac] cf. Gr. NAOKLP al pier cat tol harl syr«*(etP) aeth &c.*r!j om. caju., a 2 o*. " itxexempi] waffno 
ST: epexempi, t»b*gk'P 18. 

Digitized by 


54 neTPOY ax. 

x« ICace qo-wooj KxeiuoeXmuuL nxe <H" ftxe- 
Ten.CK£ix&.& e&oxe epexempi ixiunex- 

Xy £/ooir* +" 2£eoriu £,ujq n^c A.qA*.cnr 
ncrrcon ee&e cpno&i eg,pm exam* tuojuihi 
^e exert moxi &hu. iixeqenxen ej6cnrrt 

xc G*.qjuur* ju.eit j6eit xc4.p£* qortj6 *.e j6en. 

x»/ nimul*- +"|)eit <fr*»i micennT expert mg- 
xeKo* A.qcge n*.q *.q£,iajennoTqi ruocnr-i- 

xfl + 80 Hk exA.**ep*.xetox ii&RX noircROTr* g,oxe 

ex*.ctfT£,o itxe'fjuLexpequjo'* ii&KX rnre 

m <H"* + |)en meg,ooir nxe ncoe-s- exA.qe*.- 

pju.ft a*4o hot kit Smjtoc *• | en ex*, ^ruco-wci 

tto&eju. efloX £,!Totc eftoX j^en nuut.u>oT 

exe k JS.TlnfX K ne « 

21 n^»ipH*t rteurrert g/uxeit *f ncnr * jL&eM. 

eHito*Y jfeen oirxirnoc nxe ottujjulc* noTr^to 

ej6pHi *.it itxe oTretoXefl nxe xc*.p£* aXXa. 

j6eit oTfCTfitK^ecic eiocinTw^ O-irt 

e&oX £,ixen nxumq nmc nxjc «■ M $h exx« 

C&.OTIIUJU. £M>*f* e*.qaje it*.q ex4>e+- *.•*- 

<fitexu}(r* n*.q nxe£,*.!u.rreXoc «■ iteju. £,*.ne- 

£OTTCU.* IteJUL £>S.riXOJUL * 

ICXe] F»« uylil^il 'the liviag creatures': S°« oUl^aJ] 'of or 

'to' &c. qcnrcwg] *.q., fs : ottojoj, a,. -jjlk*.&] 

6JULK., T*G. C£,OXe] itg,., N. F»* 'the end (of the lection)/ 

H;^8, i« £,U)q] cf. Gr. (exc. K). A.qAJL01f] cf. Gr. KAC 5. 7. 11. 13. 

37. 29. 68. 69. 73. 137. i ,60t a"* k*> r vg syr u * r arm ueth Did Cyr &c. 

e&pm exum] cf. Gr. kg*** l 13. 15. 18. 27. 29. 60. 73. 106. c*» i 1 *" 

cat Did: om. K*, cf. Gr. BKP al longe plu am fu tol Cyr &c. "&.€] 
L*AFS: om. T*B»rGKNOPT 18. ItXeqenxert] cf. Gr. 
N'ACKL al longe plu cat vg syrP™* Petr Did Oyr &c. i*.$"f*] &, 
FKS. e&.qJULOTf] eqJULOT, 0. ninrST] cf. Gr. minusc vix mu 

Epiph &c. " j6en i°] ee&e, t»not. so ex£.**ep] 

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1 PETER III. 18-23. 65 

that ye should do the good, If the will of God wisheth, and 
ye should suffer, than doing the evil. u Because Christ also 
died once because of (the) sin for us, [but] the righteous for 
the wicked, that he might bring as in to God. Having died 
indeed in (the) flesh, but he liveth in the spirit', "in this 
he went, he preached good tidings to the spirits also who 
were in the prison ; *° they who were disobedient once, when 
the longsuffering of God was indulgent* in the days of Noe, 
who made an ark, through which (a) few were saved from 
the water, that is to say, eight souls. n Thus ye also now, 
he will save you in a type of b a baptism, not a laying down 
of a filthiness of (the) flesh, but (a) in a good conscience for 
(the) praying to God, through (the) resurrection of Jesus 
Christ; **who is (2CH) on the right hand of God, having 
gone to (the) heaven : angds and avihorities and powers 
were subjected to him. 

• lit. 'received face,' an expression for 'respect of persons'; cf. 
Acta xxv. 17. b The MSS. read ItTG and It, which may he corrup- 

tions from K2£€, the sign of the subject of the sentence. 

ettA-cep, r. &o*re] £,o*e, A: £,o*re *e, i*t* &c. 
erAxtfi] e*TA.q., t»fgs.] eAq©., b»fs 
18. en erA,(e,T»)£,]L«TA: ereeR ere&AJt, B»: 
exeeH *re eTA.(e,FST)£,A,n, tfgknopst 18. e&oX 
g,rro*rc] A: efloX iIj6hxc, k : iI(6hxc, ut* &c. e&oX 
^enniAJLUJO-*] om. k. rte] om. p. " neurren &u>- 

T€Il . . . eHItO"*:] cf. Gr. KABP 2. 17. 25. 31. 67. 76. 101. b»« c»° r 
•"* Tg *J**' arm ** A *«• "fnOTf] om. 8*, cf. Gr. 4. 97. 104. a*" 
syr^arm. qnA,ItA£,eJU.] qitAItO£,€.U., T»T by error. KT€- 
OTKOJULC] LsTAFGKPS 18 : Hot., B»rNOT. €^pHl] ttj6., 
TO*. A.It] om. B«. TCA.PS] fc, P. **.*+] ed/f , B«. 
"eTd^e] L*ArFKN8T: pref. enttJO)! 'up,' T«B»GOP i8. 
A(€,T»NT)Tftf1ie] L«AB*P 18: eAftf^FGKS: pref. OTTO&, 
TTN T. P"* ' the end (of the lection).' 

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is neTPOY ax. 

__ ?• 

exooit. oTog, ttewrert g,wren j6ck eiutcnr 

jOLiu.icju.ot 4- ace <|>k eTAqtfljuLKA^, ;6ert 
*rc*.p2;* A.qTA.Xtfoq e&oX &A. $no&i<i- *en- 
xmepeq<g*rejuiaju>m xe j6ett £,A.nerue"*juu.&> 
nptojuu* a.XXa. ncem itxe nequ>its5 j6en 
TCA.p£ ftxeqAjq j6en <J>OYtugj jBL<H"* 

/*/3 8 RHit vAp epurren julnicRcnr erAqcim epe- 
KHit..., Tempi jGL^ottuxxj ilnieenoc* epereitjmoaji 
Ji&pKi j6en £,Antfow6ejtit. neju. gjAitenioT- 
julia* neju. £,Aiteu6i ito-roo npirf * neju. 
£,Ait2cepxep neju. £A nca,c I nejm £,Aneo 
juL&o'f juLM.exttjA-»*.ajei2kUjXoit * * ere 4>k 
ne exoTfoi najejuuu.o it^mTq ftTerentfoaci 
nejuLuxnr A,n ej6cnrtt eni$u»it e&oX puj sere 
*f-ju.eTA,*rovxAi «■ erxecnrA,. ' rut een^-f Xovoc 
jOL$h e*rcefi.*ru>T e*f &A.H eitH eronj6 ne**. 
itR eejuwooTrx. 

My e 6e&e <J>ai rA,p A/ir&iajeititcnrqi imiKepeqjuuo- 
ott* £,iitA ncef&An **.en elpuxnr* ka.ta, 
itipcuAxi j£>eit TCAp£+- RxoTrwit^ *.e ka.ta> 
<H" ;6eit nimtZ-s- 

m» 'IIxiok ^.e tt&toft m&en A,q.j6toirT xejuuA-f 

iu enrit o-rog, P 1010 ^ efl mnpocerxH. +g U|opn 


Hunt is, » F»» j,Ub. j>l 'Abu BafSm,' y-jUtM j»1 'the Sunday of the branches,' 
Hunt ,6, 'the third Sunday of Hater* : S"* 'the third Sunday of Hatur,' jil Ji> j>\ 
^UiJl 'Abu BafSm, the Sunday of the branches,' w^/* {j\» **& 'the 
feast of St George.' CTAqajen] €TiS[(ST, K. i3LKA£,] 
e**.., T*G. .ieirrCAp-X] cf. ? Gr. KP al plu cat Tg Ac. 6£,- 
pKI OCtWIt] cf. Or. WAKLP al pier syrP arm aeth Did Epiph Oyr Ac 

£ejc(it,T)] j6hk, t«b»g. jtA.nAicAA.ox] LfPAB«rao 18. 

26: enAI., FKPS: om.NT. A,qTA.X<foq] -tfo, L». €&oX 
£,A] cf. Gr. 4** 8o. 99. 105. 14** b*»*» g«*: €&. j6e«, NT. 

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1 PETER IV. 1-8. 57 

IV. Christ then haying suffered in (the) flesh for as, [and] 
ye also arm yourselves in this form ; because he who suffered 
in (the) flesh recovered himself from (the) sin ; * so as not to 
remain any more in lusts of man, but (A.) to spend (the) 
rest of his life in (the) flesh in (the) wish of God. s For 
the time which was passed was sufficient for you doing (the) 
wish of the Gentiles, walking in pollutions and lusts, and 
drunkennesses of many kinds, and revellings and defilements 
and many profane idolatries : * that is to say, they who think 
it strange* that ye run not with them into the same effusion 
of [the] dissoluteness, blaspheming: "they who will give 
account to him who is prepared to judge them who are 
alive and them who are dead. • For therefore were good 
tidings preached also to the dead, that they indeed might be 
judged according to [the] men in (the) flesh, but might live 
according to Qod in the spirit. 7 But (the) end of all 
things drew near: be b understanding then, and watch in 
the prayers: 8 but first of all things let [the] love be con- 

* Lit. 'which ia that which they are strange in it, that ye* &c. Literal 
rendering of «V <jj> £m'fo«rr<u. b Lit. 'find.' 

<bnofi.i] cf. Gr. m*acklp. s eroartepeq] A: eiucm- 
*req, l«t* Ac. xe] om. 26. irreqAjq] ereqAjq, b». 
* eporren] cf. Gr. h* 14. 18. 19. 25. 27. 32. 38. 57. 69. 104. 113. 114. Hunt *, 

127. ••» c«* 8p« al plus' aeth &c. JOLlUCROTf] eiUC, TO ; cf. Gr. 3 "* 
K ABC 4* 5. 13. 14. 29. 38. 73. 93. 113. 137. a*" h"" vg ajr vtt arm aeth 
ar'Clem. ep€*T€nipi] epeTeiUULOOJI 'walking,' N*. epe- 

xerouiogij +^e, 26. SJ6pRj] om. ro: ej6-,_J- ncnreo] 

L«AB»*FKNS 26: nOXJULHOj, T'B»«rGOP 18. JULficf] h&., 

r. *«.exgAJULaje] -emiaje, t'a,nt. * ere] it-re, o. 

CTOTfOl] €TOI, 0«. eTTXeOYA,] cf. Gr. **»A B 0*LP al pier vg 

■yrp &c • «k eertA/f ] pref. it, k. e*roru6] -tort^, 
raos. eejuueo-rr] e*r**.u>ovT, tn. •. 7 A.q- Ha £V 8 ' 
£x»mr] «A,qj6«J«T, nt. nrnpocevx 1 *] L«T»AB*rGN f™\*: 

OPT. cf. Gr. KLP al pier cat &c: *fn., FKBS 18. 26. • fflOpn] TUJTC 

gujpn, FS. *%* 

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sg neTPOY ax. 

%.e h£jU3&. m&en Aiuupe *f ArAriK cywm ecjumit 
j6en eKitof eitexenepHcnr * xe *f A,rAJiH ojac- 
£,io&c e&oX exert oyaahoj tirto&i* 

w »Ukom epexenoi iiJuuuajejui.A«.o e^o*»it ene- 
xenepKo** «■ epexenoi nAxxP e -**-pe.*Jt. *• 
10 mo-vAt motAi kaxa, m&AJLox exAqdTxq *■ 
epexenajejut-aji nj6Hxq /6A.pi j6Aptoxen*- 
iI4>pK*f n&AnoiKonojuioc enA,ne?+ nxe ni£,- 
julox nxe <H" noveo nprrf * 

pC " 4>r eertACAxi £/oc £,AncAxi nxe <J>1" $h eenA.- 
ajejuLaji g,ujc e&oX jfcen ottxoajl*- or e*re 
$*f nAcefixauxc * £,mA j6en £/«& mftert 
nxeqtfTuxnr iixe<H"* efioX £,ixen liic n^cc** 
$h ere $toq ne mujo"c ajAeneg, nxe nieneg, 

• • • THpcr* AJUUltt* 


R H. 

m " HAjmenpA-f ixnepep emtoT KcgeAmuto j6en 
nipcoKg, eenAcgtum £en OHncnr eoir inpACJULoc 

itcwxen* jOL«t>pK*f ncnr&ujfk. itajejuuixo eAq- 
xejut oHitoTf *■ ,s aXXa jut/frpirf epexenoi 
naj^itp emJOLKAfg, nxe n]xc pAaji* &ma. 
j6en niKetfubpn e&oX nxe neqwoTf* nxe- 
xenpAgj i j6en onreeXrtX *• " icxe %.e ceajujaj 
JULXKioTen j£en $pAn jOLnor *■ oaoir iiiAxen 
eHrtonr*- xe <t>Aniu>o-c * neju. 'fxojut neju. 
pjutx nmiu. nxe $*f* AqjQLxon Jui|Aii.oq exen 

OHrtOTf * 

2s.e] cf. Gr. ELP al fere own cat m" vg ote fn demid syrP &c. 

ajuoni] om. r. j6en] pref. efkoX, fs. enexen.] nit., fs. 

*f"ArA!lR 2°] cf.? Gr. minusc permu Cyr &c. OJAC&tM&c] pref. 
6, T*G; ef.?Gr. ABK al fere 48 cat vg Byr utr arm Clem Cyr &c 
10 il&RXq] pref. itj£pHI, FS">«. j6Api] om. N: jfeApOl, S. 
itOireO rtpR-f] om. K: pref. CTOI, 36. " eOrtACAXl] 

ere, 18*. exe] T*rGKNPT 18: exA, l«ab»fors 26. 

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1 PETER IV. 9-14. 59 

tinuouB in you one to another, because [the] love covereth 
otot many sins. *Be hospitable one towards another, 
without murmuring : 10 each one (of you) according to the 
grace which he received, ministering in it among yourselves, 
as good stewards of the grace of Qod of many kinds. 

11 He who will speak, as words of God: he who will 
minister, as from a power which God will prepare: that in 
all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, 
whose is the glory unto age of all -the ages. Amen. 

u My beloved, think it not strange* in the burning which 
will happen among you for a trial to you, as a strange 
thing which befell b you. u But (A.) as being fellow-sufferers 
of Christ rejoice, that in the revelation also of his glory ye 
may rejoice in [a] gladness. M But if ye are reproached in 
(the) name of the Lord, blessed are ye, because (the spirit d>A.) 
of the glory and the power and the spirit of God rested itself 

* Lit.' make not yourselves strange.' b Lit.'found.' 


irreqtfi] ex., b*. lutoo**] a : +rte»*JU.A.£,i 'and the 

strength,' LTT* &c KX6It(n, T)ie(4.,T)It6£, XHp07f]AT: 

irreruene£„ lsttnos, cf. Gr. unc: om. b»fgkpb 18. 26, 

cf. Or. 11. 14. 31. 37. 38. 69. 99. 137. a*" c*" h*> r am syrP arm**. 

" Aen i°] e, ro. eovmp.] a 36: em., lu&c: e**ep- Bant*!, 

nip., T»N. " epeTenoi] T'AP"" ('another copy'): 6X6- 

xenoi, Lt &c. e(it, rj iu(r, s) juL(, T»a)Ki.Tf£,] l«t»b» 

TFGOPS 26: -KA.&, AKN. IUK6.] L«ArFNOST 26 : om. JC6, 
T«B»aKP. ,4 ICX6 *6] T*AB»GP 26: om. *6, L*rFKNO 

8T. jutnbc] a : jOuvx;c> l«t» &c. <H( +i, a,)iii] 4>a.i ne 

lU, S. neAJL*f XOJUl] cf. ? Gr. A P 4. 5. 7. 8. 13. 14. 27. 29. 33 "8 36. 
43- 46. 57** 68. 69. 73. 81. 98 n w 99. 100. 106. I26 1 "! 127. 137. a*' c«" 
al* cat Tg syrP arm aeth Ath Did &c. : trs. 4>A.'f XOJUL IteJUL- 

nioxnr, k. A.qjQtxoit] -e«-, t»gnp. ©Kito**] cf. Or. a 

AB 3. 4* 13. 17. 27. 29. 65. 66** 68. 69. 73. 76. 101. 137. a*" c*" d*" vg 
crr* gb etP t * t arm aeth"** ar» &c: O"* JtjS ii~j J J»j 'found in a 
Coptic copy,' KA.XA,pU30'» AA.6It C62COTTA. 6poq K4.X*.- 
ptWXeit qdTttfOTf 'according to them indeed he is blasphemed, 

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tf " Uneitepe OYi.i a.e ijUxurrert genJuuuL£ > te 
iJL$pK*f noirpeqj6t»Te£.4- ie ix<frpH*f noYpeq- 
tfToTfi* ie iM>pH*f*r£,ttxnr + ie 
i*.<tpH*t noirpeqxovgT nci. neTe<Hoq *.it ne* 
14 icace 2>.e £,(»c xPK^^koc* ixnenepeqajinnK 
AJLi.peq*foooir ^.e jS4>1~ j6en ni.1pi.n4- 

» M 2Ce ncRcnr ne eepeqep&KTC nxem&i.n e&oX 
j6en ma i*.**f. icxe i.qni.ep£,K*rc e&oX 
a&HTen najopa* ie igj ne nxtuK n*re itH 
exoi fti-Tearr n&HT* enie**i.rveXion ii*re 
<j>*f * >• icxe nieAAJU nxonc£,eju. * 
ie mpeqepno&i oyo£, ni.cefi.HC i.qovon£,q 

va i» g,u)CTe kh eTtfTixKi^, K4.TA. niovioaj nre <H" 
AJLi.pcnrxu>iXi nnoTr^Trx H e $*f" nipeqccon*r 
ereng/nr j6en nxmipi jGt.mneenA.neq. 


j/0 Hinpec&Tfxepoc erjfcen eHncor j"f&o epurren 

i.noK nerencg<frKp juLnpec &TTepoc 4- orog, 

JuUuteepe nxe niju.Ki.Trg, irre nxc* oTrog, 
naj$Hp jELnicucnr eenA.tfu>pn e&oX +• * AJUioni 
juuiio&i erj£en eimcnr nxe <H~* epeTen<ST 


according to you he is glorified,' cf. Gr. KLP al longe pla am bar! tol 
Hunt*, syrP c* &c. u 2l€\ om. FS 26. I6i ] A: om. L»T» &c. 

no7rpeqj6twTefk] noirpeqjuLujcnrr, 26. jfcurrefL . . . 
peq] om. t homeot. noTCAJULneT£,iwoTr] noYpeqep- 
ner&iocnr, k. -peqxovg*r] -aaog*r, s. nere<frtuq] 
a 26 : $h ere$., lbt' &c ,e icxe *e] om. *.e, b». 

XP«CX!i.noc] XP K «» T*B»FGKT 26 : OTTXPK., P, for XP K - 

cf. Or. ***. -epeqaji(to, N) ni] -epeqtfiajim, fk 26 : -epeq- 

ttjltfmi, S.] pref. njopHi, FS"W; cf. Or. KAB 
5. 13. 27. 29. 31. 65. 66** 68. 73. 99. 103. 137. vg syr utr arm aeth Oyr &c. 
17 nCHOTf] niC, FS ; cf. ? Gr. B K L P al pier &c. ICXe] A 26 : +*.€, 

l«t» &c. i.qni.ep] qni.ep, 26: Aqep, tko. ekoX 2°] om. k. 

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1 PETER IV. 15— V. a. 61 

upon yon. "Bat let not one of yon suffer either as a 
murderer, or as a thief, or as an evil doer, or as a looker 
after that which is not his : " but if as Christian, let him 
not be ashamed ; but let him glorify God in this name. 

v Because it is (the) time for the judgement to begin 
from (the) house of God : if it was to begin from us first, 
then what is (the) end of them who are disobedient to the 
Gospel of God? u If the righteous scarcely will be saved, 
then where appeared the sinner and godless 1 u Where- 

fore let them who suffer according to the wish of God commit 
their souls unto God the faithful creator in (the) doing the 

V. The presbyters who are among you, I beseech you, I 
your fellow presbyter, and witness of the sufferings of Christ, 
and sharer of the glory which will be revealed. 'Tend 
the flock which is among you of God, taking their visitation 

Itj&KTen] cf. Or. K e A*BKLP al pier cat vg syr»" aethPP arm &c. 

itgjo(io, sjpn] epitcg., n : epaj., t. tucwk] wxx.., p. eroi 
nA.*rearr ] eTA/*ep*.*reurr, k. " icace] a : pref. ot og,, 
ltt» &c. qru.ito&ejui] l«agps» : *.(€, B»)qru.., T«B»rFK 
N08«t. lempeqj leovpeq., s* ; cf. ? Gr. »AB 2 et 8 KLP ai 

fere omi vg syr"* arm aeth &c; for order cf. Gr. 69. 177. a*" &c. 
OTTOP, IU.Ce&H(e, N S)C] om. OTfO£„ B»QP. JLqOTO(U), 8)- 
ng,q] A: qitA.., L»T»B»GKPS: A.qnJL., TFNOT. OOJIt] 

eoiort, t»b»nt: fte., 0. , »g,ajcre] -*.e, ab»kp. 
ertfi] eeru.dt, b». £Lk&.£,] eu., tg. nipeqciuirr] 

cf. Gr. NAB 9. 13. 73. d«» vg arm aeth Ath. j£ennZHt.] en., K : 
pref. tt&pHI, T»NT; cf. Gr. NBKLP al pier cat &c. 

1 rimpec] cf. Gr. KLP al longe plu cat syrP*** &c. eTj£>€tt- 
eHrtoV] cf. ? Gr. KELP al fere omn vg m M syr'"* Oyr &c. epiOTeit] 
T*A : eptOOT 'them,' L« Ac. A.noK] pref. €, TO. jOLnpeC . . . 

og«t>Hp] om. b» homeot. nxem.] em., FS. jOLK*/*£,] 
ejuuc, t»g, thna ver. 10. iiTenxc] JOLnxc, T*NT. £*.- 
IUUXVY] L«T»AB»FGP8: KTemCDOY, TNOT: eniojo**, K. 
*4JULoni] «sjmu>im, s*: A.qAJUtoni, b\ epereitdf 

iJLnOTfttJIItl] cf. Gr. AKLP al pier cat vg m 69 gyrP arm aeth &c: 

Digitized by 


62 neTPOY 5&. 

juLnoTcgmi jfceit oirtff facoitc a.n * ^.XXa. j6eit 

OTTOTIOOJ it&HT KiTi <t>*f"*- OTf^.6 /6eit OTT- 

jt*.e*«p *.«*■ aXX*. j6eit OTrpoaovrq 
ft&HT* 8 o-»2>.e iit xe epereitoi Rot em- 
KXftpoc *■ jlXXjl A.pmrnoc jGLruo&i * 4 oirog, 
ecgoan'coit&q eftoX nxenixcox jul- 
juu-neccooir *■ Tereiuu-df jGLrux^o-**. iw.©- 
Xcojul itTe nu)o*».| 

*y • n^jpH*f m^eXgipi* juu-tfrtexurren ititrj-beXXoi * 
necureit a.e THpo-* xeX emtio** juLmee&io 
ii&HT 6j6ot« enexen epHoir* ace <f>*f qi" 
e^crn e&peit md&ci&HT * q*f" itof&jui.oT 
ititK ereefi.iKo-rr* 

vi • U* emtoT j6*. *f aciac ctajuu^i itTe 4>-f 
£,iru. ivreqdec emtoTf j-5ert ncHO** iiTe 
nixejutncgmi •> T nerenpcooTgj THpq oi*A£,q 
epoq* 2£eo*»Hi cepjmeXiit n*.q j-5A,purren *• 
•ajcuni eperenpHc cnrog, £,pmxjut.$m -s- xe 
nerenxAXi hj-maAoXoc *• qjmoaji £M>pH*f- 
ivoTfJULOiri eqg,eju.g,eju. *• eqKwf itc*. gjulk 
o*»i.j + • $h eperenog,! ep*.*re*t eimo** 
ej6oim exuuq*- epereitTAxpHovr j"5erc 
mitA£/ffr epereitcujo*m kka.ij"5ici tu.t •>■ nxtujc 
itiu.1 iinexencnKOT e*rj6eit nir<ocjm.oc * 

om. iJLnOTf, F. ixnoif . . . <fi] om. T* homeot. A.XX*.] om. 
A 2 *. OTKnrCttg] om. Of, T*KNPS*. K*.T^ <fr-f] cf. Or. N 
AP 5. 7. 8. 13. 25. 27. 29. 31. 33°>« 40. 57** 60. 68. 69. 73. 98. 99. 137. 
a" 5 * vg «yrP arm aeth &c. 0*C2k.e] cf. ? Gr. SBKP al pier cat vg 
syrP &c,: om. F8". 8 0**a.e] A: +iJL'|>pH*f 'as/ L»T* &c. 

2Ce] om. P. KXHpOc] ItXip., 8*. *-OTO(U), T'JIt&q 

e&oX] T 4 A: om. e&oX, I* &c. *.eXcJUJU.] ^tX., FNT. 
nTeHUJOTf] position cf. ? Gr. 31. &c. 8 IU.ipK*f-] cf. Gr. **>A 

BELP al longe plu vg. j^eXajipj] A x B»rFGKPS: -fflKpi, 

l«t»a,not. nu6eXXoi] cf. Gr. » g«». juLmee&io &c] 

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1 PETER V. 3-9. 63 

not in [a] -violence, but (&.) in a wish of heart according to 
God, nor in [a] greediness, but (4.) in [a] readiness of heart ; 
'nor that ye are being lords over the heritages, but (&.) 
be examples to the flock. * And if the chief shepherd should 
appear ye will receive the unfading crown of (the) glory. 

6 Thus, [the] young men, be subject to the old men. But 
{&.) all of you clothe yourselves with humility of heart 
towards one another: because Qod opposeth the proud; 
he giveth [a] grace to the humble. a Humiliate yourselves 
under the mighty hand of Qod, that he may exalt you in 
(the) time of the visitation. 7 Cast* all your care on him ; 
because he careth for you. 8 Be watchful and be sober ; 
because your enemy the devil walketh as a lion, roaring, 
seeking to swallow up (some) one. * That one ye shall b resist, 
being firm in the faith, knowing these very troubles: 
the completion of these (is) for your brethren who are in 

• Lit. 'add.' » Beading epeTCIteOg,!. 

en., ns*t. eitereitepHOTr] cf. Gr. nab 13. 27. 29. 68. 81. 

Tg m«* syr«* arm &c. q-f 2 C ] A : €q*f, K : + 2k.e, LsT*K &c. 
• eKItOTf i°] +OTIt, TTJKNT. eHItOf a°] position cf.? Gr. 

6o.i37.a" r c»«d" r &c ncHOTt] roc, rp. irremxejut.najim] 

cf. Gr. AP 5. 13. 19** 25. 33. 40. 68. 73. ifi** 126°* vg m M syr? c* arm 
aeth Ac. T OT4.£,q] om. q, P. CepjULCX.] C6€p., B»KS. 

-JUteXlIt] L«T*AB»FKN PT: JW.eXl, TG 80. 8 4.pi (epe, T)- 

IW (I, S)JUl<bm] T*APS : 4.piItI(H, B»GK ; **, N)<frl(t, L<B»rF 
GKN OT. 2£€] cf. Gr. H°L 13. 31. 69. a*" c*" al pennu vg syr»" arm 
aeth&c IU2.I4JL] Tia.., 0; cf.?Gr. 13. qjULOCyi] eqJUL., 
T»B»GP. e«JU(] OTreJULK, B'GP: CJUL, T' by error; cf. Gr. NK 
LP &c. OTTAj] pref. K€, L«T»S«T. 9 4>h] $<U, K. epe- 

*reno£,i] A: exexenog,!, K: exexenn4.og,i, l«t' &c. 

lUfU&f] 4>It., T*NT. KrU.Ij6lCl] Xert£.Ij6. 'that these,' K. 
rUJ 2 ] om. T'B»: pref. ft, NT. n(om. K)2CU)k] ArKO: + 2>.e, 
L«T»&c. niteTenCItHOTf] L»T*&c: om. it, AB»FGB. €T- 
i6en] om. «T, K. IIIKOCJU.OC] cf. Gr. NB. 

Digitized by 


64 neTPOY ax. 

10 &t a\e nxe 2,juiot ni&eit* <frn eT±qe±g,ejtA. 
eimov * e£>o*m enequso-* neiteg, * j6en nxc 
iitcfr e^pexenajen J5.Ka.g, no^KOTrxi* fteoq 
eqece&*re emtoT* oto£, eqecejmrte eHtto***» 
eqe*fxa*JL itwren* eqe&iceivf jQUuuttTeit * 
"4>u>q ne iuajuu^i net*. nicooT ajA,erte£, 


y< "UXic/6*J ntoxeit e&oX £,rro*rq naXoTriixoc *• 
neitcon ixnicroc* £/uc eumeiri £>ert £,*.it- 
kottxi* ei*fnojuL*f eiepjmeepe ace <&*.! ne 
ni&jmox irre <t>*f j6en o-<rju.eejuuu -i- $&.i 
e*rexenog,i ep*.Ten eKitoT ii&KTq* "Cojiiu 
pjuL2>. epurrert nxel-faj^epi Rcoxni erj6eit HaJW- 
Xum ne**. jut.£.pKoc Tu.ajHpi* M *pu.crL&.- 
^ecee niteTenepRo** /6eit ot$i it*TB*f*.vinH* 
T&ipmtH iturren XHpoT tut e*rj6en n^cf 

nerpoTf X cnr^C T=n K ^ o 

10 a\e] om. gp. eTA.qei£,eju.e-HnoTr] cf. Or. kablp 

al 60 cat demid syrP arm aeth Thphyl: -0A.£,JU.en, FS, cf. Or. E a] 
plu vg syr"" 1 Did &c. IHc] cf. Or. AELP al pleT vg «yr«* syrP c* 
arm aeth Did &c. 6i.p.] *.p., NT. -gjen] -tff, GP. eqe- 
(om. B»)C€&Te] of. Or. NAB al fere* 8 vg arm aeth»». e-HItOV *°] 
cf. Gr. KL P ml pier cat syrP c* aeth &c. OTOg, eqecejULHe(K, 8) 

eitncnr] A: eqec, r : irreqc., l»t»fgkpst: nxeq- 

C6&T6, B» by error: RxeqXAJCpe, R: om. NO homeot. 
eqeg,! &c] pref. 07fO£„ B; cf. Gr. MEL Pal onm*" 1 cat »yrP arm &c. 
11 IteJUtniCOOTf] cf. Gr. 5. 13. 31. 69. 137. 163. a"" c">'* arm (syr**); 
for $ K(a cf. Gr. HELP &c. cgi-G^, T ) **€£,] -lUetteg,, T»FNT; 
cf. Gr. B 36. 99. arm : + tVTettieneg, 'of the ages,' B, cf. Gr. N AELP 
al fere omn cat vg eyr * aeth &c. " CjXOTf£.ItOC(Il, A 2 )] cf. Gr. 

MAELP&c: ClXoif&i.ItOC, B». erf] om."f , T. €!( + €, B»>- 
epjUL.] A : pref. OTO&, L«T» &c eTBTeitOg,!] eTBTeitni., 

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1 PETER V. 10-14. 65 

the world. I0 But God of all grace, who called you into 
his eternal glory in Christ Jesus, having suffered a little, 
he (pron.) shall perfect you, and he shall establish you, he 
shall encourage you, he shall lay foundation for you. u His is 
the strength -and the glory for ever. Amen. 1Z I wrote 
to you through Silouanos, our faithful brother, as I think 
in few (words) encouraging, witnessing that this is the grace 
of Qod in [a] truth, this in which ye stand. ls Saluteth 
you the fellow-chosen (Cam.) who is in Babylon, and Markos 
my son. M Salute one another in a kiss of [the] love. (The) 
peace to yon all who are in Christ. 

Of Petros I. Stichoi 350, Chapters 9. 

gp. w cgmi] ceg., eo*s. itxe-fcgcfrepi S] l*t*AiB» 

TGOPT: -g<bKpi ft, A,N: -*f"g$Hp it, FS: -Itiajtbrip, K; cf. 
Or. ABKLP al fere omn fa gyrP aeth Or Eus &c. sine cTucXiprta. itCO- 

(co, FKS)*rni] tfgnopst: itcoxn, l«t«b»: excoTn, 
A,'«K. er^jeit] om. ex, a 2 gp. JkAJWXam] ftA.&iXort, 

N: &£itarX(UIt, 8: ro tr. JjU 'Bibil,' AB»KNP ^\> 'BSbilun'; 
B»E add -» 'Maar,' NO" add^**) 'at Maar' (Maar U Cairo or Egypt). 
14 OTfeJlJ + e&OT*& 'holy,' T» K. Tg,Ip.] +£,., K : -£,ftp., A, : 
- pirtH, S: -pHItl, T. HUJTen] IteAAXJUTeN 'with you,' FK8. 
n^Cc] Ai*», cf. Gr. AB 13*" 36. cat fu deorid harl syr"* aeth: +IHC, 
lAT* A] * Ac, cf. Gr. KELP al pier vg ayrP.arm &c: + AJUtHIt, 
A,"« f/a copy')FS, cf. Gr. KELP al pier cat vg eyr ulr arm &c. 

Subscription. TieTpoif Z, A, cf. Gr. MAB: nerpOTf 6IUC- 
ToXh, G: eiUCToXH (om. E) neXpOTf(C, E) T. A.C2C0UK 

e&oX 'm finiHhed/ fes : JLcxtxjK e&oX np(oq nerpo** 
eracToXH HT, O: cr*»x ™ K , e *> <*, A u«) : ct-*x. oc 
Tice Ked>a,Xeoit o kottxi lie, G: kX F ct-*x tkc, 

: CTOI^C K€ ICe$A.Xeort £, F8 ; ob». Gr. B capitula ij', Eoth 
«r>x«r »V; AjNPT have Arabic; B»r no subscription. 

vol. n. r 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

neTPor enicTo^H H. 

CIUUIH nerpoc $&wk oTog, m.nocToXoc nre 
ihc n^c nmt eroi ng/rcoc ijta.K) 
;6en d)Ha.g/ f exiqasn epon * jfcen -f jmeejuuu 
irre nennonrf * neu. nencurrnp ihc n^c 
neitOT* *n^jjLOT neu. "f&ipHttH irroTf- 
a.oja.1 nurren* 
£ flj6pHi j6en ncoTreit <H"* neu neitOT mc 
n^cf 8 £,coc e*. g," 5 ^ niHen ajcom 
j6en "fxojm. trrc *reqju.eenoTf" ej6o7rit 
encoiu6 neji*. •f-jutere'rcejlHC oh er^vrmc 
iu.n ibcirucH * e&oX gjixen nco*»en $r er*.q- 
ea.&jui.en ej^cnrn enecftuoir* new. **TK 
* neu e&oX £,rren na.miaj'f itajor errJJJH- 
oit* eTATTKiTOTf ti&.n n*r*.io £,itu. e&oX 
£,rren n*.!* n*reTenajturu eperenoi naj$Hp 

Inscription. neXpO*»(C,N) e(om.T)niCT<>XH 5(+"f,T),A 1(a) 
B»rGNT, cf. Or. 13: Iip(OC) neTpOC S, 0: enicroXti 

neT-po"»(c, fs) E, fks: K£.eoXiKon enicroXH ne- 
Tpoc E, p. 

1 pag gmg >fa fourth g,,,,^ of H»tur,' c.\i)\ j» J <jjS } 'and it is 
read on the Sunday before Lent' CIAJLUMt] cf. Gr. B 5. 13. 31. 40. 69. 

105. 137. »•«* c«* ai" vg &c. iu.nocr.] m*-, t*. nnH 
eroi] neroi, b»: om. n, fs. j6ervf JU.eejm.Ki] a : pref. 
nj6(&, fks) phi, l«t* &c. neju.] ArO: 0"*0£„ L«T» Ac 

nencC0XHp(COjp, T)] cf. Or. minuac nonnullw ? syr b <«" arm " aetb. 

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L Simon Fetroe, (the) servant and (the) apostle of Jesus 
Christ, to them who are equal in honour with us in (the) 
faith, which was allotted* to us in the righteousness of our 
God and our saviour Jesus Christ our Lord: s (the) grace 
and the peace may they be multiplied to you, In (the) 
knowledge of God, and our Lord Jesus Christ : * since all things 
became oars (lit. to us) in the power of his deity, (tending) 
towards (the) life, and [the] godliness, which was given to us 
freely, through (the) knowledge of him who called us into 
bis glory and [the] virtue ; * and through these great (and) 
precious glories which were given to us as gifts, that 
through these ye might become sharers of (the) nature of the 

• Lit 'reckoned,' bat OUH means 'a lot' and £,10011 'to cast lots.' 

neiurc] a : om. l«t» && 8 n&JutoT] nig,., b»opt. 

tfcl( H, 8) P .] T£,., FKS. rt&pm] ftg,., FKS. IiettOC 
1HC I VXNc jAFOS, cf. Gr. 69. 137. 163. a^c*" m 8T et M syr'etP Ac: 
1HC JIXJC IieitOC, L*T*B»rGKNPT, cf. Gr. NAL 5. 8. 15. 18. 
68. 73. 98. 99. 100. 105. 177** al pins 10 cat arm aeth ar« Thphyl***. 
1 KAJt i°] + KTAJO 'for gift,' 0. JUL€eitOVf ] JULeTtt.., TTG 

ko. a°] om. fs. nccnren] om. b»fs, erAqeAg,* 
juten] -eA&eju.ewto'* 'called you,* b». e^oTfit enequuoT] 

AK: j&eilll., L«B»rFGNOPST: €11., T»; for possessive cf. Gr. 
HACP 13. 15. 25. 36. 66** 68. 69. 73. 80. 137. 163. a** c"* cat m"et M 
fg Did &c. ; for a preposition cf. Gr. B K L al longe plu &c *f"ApeTH] 
TeqAp., FS possessive. * ItAiniapf] IUIt., K. 6XTAIK- Hunt*, 

OTT] position cf. ? Gr. ACP 5. 13. 31. 68. vg syr 1 ' cat Did &c. 

F % 


Digitized by " 

68 neTPOY H. 

Rt^ttcic nxe •fjuLeenoxf *■ tGpexen<J>HX 
cjlSloX Kfem&tJJLii. itxe nx*.Ko ©k exe- 
ivj6pKi £ert niKoauu>c+ 6 otto£, it | /6pm j6eit 
$£.t* epexenini e;6cnrrt ncno*ra.H m&ert fr- 
emiti rtc*. *f-*.pexK j6eit Hexemu.g/f-i- 
nj6piu /6en i"A.peTK *f rntocic +• • n&pni 
£en *fr«tt)cic- *f€rKpA.xi*. *■ rt&pm £erc 
•feri^xiA. •fg/vnojutortH* ii&pKi j£>en *f- 
gYnou.oiut *fjuiexe*cefiHc* 7 itj6pKi sben 
"fixerertceLnc *f jmexjuujcajt *» nj£>piu j£>eu 
*fjULexjuu.icoit •f^vA.nK*' 

•Haj ^.e XHpoTf ergon nouxen* o**o£, eveep- 
£,oto ^6eit ©KnoTffr itcenA.ep ©Ritcr* iu.pvoc 
A.n* oto£, tu.Torrr&£, *■ ej6o*»n encoder* 
lienor mc nxc* 

* 4>k exe raj gon itAq a.k oTr&eXXe ne eqxojw.- 
xauL* eAqtff no*ve&aji itxe nxoirlio nxe 
neqojopn nno&i* 

10 6©&e $ai Juu.XXon nencitHoir ihc ivreit 
©KitoT*- gitu. e&oX £,ixen iti£,&H<m e©nA.- 
ne»+ ftxexenxAxpe nexen©tu£,eju.* neju. 
xexeiuuLexctuxn* hai rAp epexempi jOL- 
jutoooT nnexencXA*f eneg, * + " IlAipirf t Ap 
j6eit ofjutexpAJUAo evece&ite rujuuuix 
ej6oirit moxen itxe ©jmexoirpo itetteg, itxe 
nenOT*- otto£, nenctoxitp Irc nxc + 

itx<$nrc!c] t»ak : ex<f>., l« &c. epexeit<frHX(<J>H ex, a>] 
l«a,»« &c. : -$urr, t». ft-fen. nxenxAito] cf. Or. 13. 43. 65. 
rg &c Sj6pHi] n&., k. iukocjuloc] cf. Gr. m abl 69. 137. 

163. »•» c»» : RA1K., a€. 6 0**0£, . . . 4>Al] cf. ? Gr. BO* KLP 

si piu &o. tu6pHi i°] «£,., k. epexemm] t»ab»k 36 : 

€A.p., TFGNOPST: eA.pexeitipi, L«. Itliien] cf. Gr. (mc 
C&c.). tt&pHIs ] L«AB»FGKS :+>>.€, TTNOPT. "f (+6, a6h 
VIMOClc] om. *f , T. « Sj6pHI i c ] A (tabulated) B»K 26 : + 2^.6, 

L»T»&c eVKpAXlA. i°] cf. Gr. (exc. 0). ttj6pW 2 ] AB»FKS 

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; ■— Ji-" -'TB^ 

2 PETER L 5-1 1. 69 

deity, escaping from the lust of (the) corruption which is 
in the world. 'And in this, bringing in all diligence, supply 
[the] virtue in your faith : in [the] virtue, [the] knowledge : 
•in [the] knowledge, [the] temperance : in [the] temperance, 
[the] patience : in [the] patience, [the] godliness : T in [the] 
godliness, [the] brotherly love: in [the] brotherly love, 
[the] love. ■ Bat all these being yours (lit. to you), and 
abounding in you, they will not make you idle and unfruitful 
towards (the) knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. * He 
to whom these things are not is blind, feeling (his way), 
having taken a forgetfulness of (the) cleansing of his former 
sins. I0 Therefore rather, our brethren, hasten yourselves 
that through [the] good works ye may confirm your calling 
and your election: for doing these things ye shall never 
stumble. "For thus richly the entering shall be supplied 
to you of (the) eternal kingdom of our Lord and our saviour 
Jesus Christ. 

26: + *.€, L«TGNOPT. g/NlOJUL] £,!., S twice. tfj6pHI 3 °] 
L«T«AB»FNOS a6: +2^6, TGKPT. T Sj6pHI . . . Ce&HCJ 

om. 0* horoeot. iu6pHI twice] AB'FKS 26 : +2^.6, L«T*rGNPT. 
nj£>pKl 2 . . . COn] om. O homeot. *f JULeXJUULICOIl 2 ] om. 

jucer, a,p*. 8 ru.i] iu.1, a 8 : +tkpot 'all,* K: +2>.e, 

A u 26: + VA.p, L»T» &c 6TraO(tt), B«T»)n] UT»AB»GKPT 

26: a/*., r«FNOS. otto^i ] om. gp. eireep&oTo] AB» 
gp : e(i., T)"»ep., wnrFKNOST 26. itcerti.ep] T*A,. 8 « 26 : 

om. if, Lt Ac OHnOTf] cf. ? syr<>etP c* arm. OTfO£, 2°] A 26 : 
arrive, LtT» Ac. » <f>n] AH: + *.€, L«T» Ac. HA.q] om. B». 

IK] to». before OTtfL, GP. €CJX.] CfX., Aj. nTOI&O KTe] 
om.K. 10 F»« 'the first Snnday of Amshlr.' -CKHOTf] -CMHOI, Hunt .8, 

A,. &MtA. . . . €0(om. NTjnA.neir] cf. Gr. (»)A 5. (8. 15. 36. 68. ,C " M 
69. 73. 99. 137. a*" c*" cat) syr b aetb (vg eyr* arm Ac) ex his N 8. rell 
rg rell Ac. om £;••» £,!*reit] 11X6, FS. KTeTeitTAJCpe] 

cf. Gr. 5. 8. 25. 36. 69. 73. a«» yg &c " rVreejmerofpo] 
T*A: eoML., ia&c: ef juu,k. iieneg,] rrreeneg,, T: om, 

K, cf. Gr. 38. OTTO& neitCWTHp] om. N, cf. Gr. 32. 42. 57. 68. 
69. %- t k- t i-j**: to. after n^C, T. 

Digitized by 


ro nGTPOY B. 


C 12 Ge&e <frA.i •fna/f Jx$jut.evi nooxen Rchot 

mften ee&e itA.i Kenep epexen coooTit* oto£, 

epexeitXAJcpRorx j6en •fjmeejuuu exajon*- 
13 *f jutevi VA.p ace of&oufi. juuuuu ne. $aj 
cf jtxerx epoq ace e$ocort -f cyon £>en h-ujula. 
najumi* eiexofnoc ohkot e^bpm j6eit oir- 
Axe-vi* "eiejuu ace qitAAcuX eftoX tixe\~ 
pjute n*.JA«-*. ilcyioiu nx««Xeju. ka.xa. <t>prrf &u>q 
exA. nenoc mc n;xc xajulok epoq* 

* "'friu.iKc 2>.e iixox ncKOT m&en* £,iiul iixe- 
xenep$jme7ri itn^i juteiteitcA. nAjuuurr 
e&oX* w £,A.najqu> A.n jOuu.exce& ne exA.n- 
AJtocgi nctucnr *■ A.nxAJUuoxen exacojm+. oto£, 

exnA-poirciA. juLnenbc mc n^cf 3XXXa. 
A.neppeqttA.1- e*f jutexmgi" iixe $r erejtx- 
jjulv + " A.q<Tf nonrxAJo new. o*»t»o*» «■ eftoX 

£,IXeit $UOX *■ 0*»0£, A. OlfCJULK I ItA.q AA.rtA.I- 

pH*f e&oX gjixeit niniai - ftwoTt eeriA.A.q ace 
$aj ne iu.ompi nAJtcenprx *• $a.i exA.i-fjULA.-f- 
e&ptu eactoq* 
' 18 Oto£, xajcaak A.ncoojutec ecttKOTf e&oX /6eit 
x$e+ enx« nejuus.q £,iaceit nixoooT eeoTTAJS.*- 

Huot .8, " wet gmc « the fifth (Sunday) of Ablb': 8"« &j~» jis. vlJU J _, 
Jadl Jue 'and on the thirteenth of Misry, the feast of the Transfigura- 
tion.' "fttA. &c] cf. Gr. NABCP 25. 27. 29. 126. Yg arm aeth. 
ftCKOTf] position cf. Gr. A al sat mu vg eyr b etP aeth Oec ; for order also 

cf. Gr. 69. »•» c»« &c. exajon] -cyum, t*. " VA.p] A: 

2s.6, L«T»rGKNOPT 18: om. B»PS. iJUULHl] JUUULeeiULHI, 

ro. e$ocon] e$econ, g 18. *ffflon] e-f aj., fs : frf aj., n. 
nAjjmA.] $aj., fs. eiexoir no(e, fkpsjc] t*ako* : exo*r- 

noc, L«&a ej6(&,A)pHl] ftj6.,T*rFST. OTTJULeTTl] cf. Gr. 
BCKLP al fere omn &o. ,4 n($, 0)A.IJUIA.] T'AKO : nAJtAA., 

L8&C. XAJUlOn] XAJU.OI, T'G, i° singular: XAJU.O, P. 

Digitized by 


2 PETER I. 13-18. 71 

12 Therefore I shall (lit. will) remind you always concerning 
these things, although ye know, and ye are confirmed in the 
troth which is. ls For I think that it is a righteous work, 
this which I think, that cw long as I am in this dwelling- 
place I shall stir in* you a remembrance ; u knowing that 
this dwelling-place will be dissolved quickly, according as 
also our Lord Jesus Christ showed to us. 16 But I shall 
(lit. will) hasten myself always, that ye may remember these 
tilings after my departure. *' It was not crafty fables which 
we walked after, (when) we showed to you (the) power and 
(the) coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but (A.) we were eye- 
witnesses of the greatness of that (one) : 1T he received [an] 
honour and [a] glory from the Father; and a voice came 
to him of this kind by the exceeding 1 * great glory: 'This is 
my Son, my beloved, this for whom I was well pleased.' 

"And this voice we heard, coming from (the) heaveD, 

• Lit. 'raise you in.' b Lit.' which is great.' 

"•flUJRC] cf.? Gr. ABOKLP al pier vg &o. RTexeitep] 
KXeitep, A, by error. " -fflquj] A : + TA-P, L«T» &c. JJL- 

jULerrcek] r=w &a: -aIL, k : -Aile, r*aops 18*. ne] 

T»AO: ne eXA(e,NT)n,L«rNT:, K:, B» 
FGPS 18. A.nXAJULOJ(0, K)*ren] AH: pref. 6, L«T» &c 

erxojut.] irrx., K: exoTfxoju., ro. exnApoTciA] 

A TO: om. 6, L«T* &c IRC n^c] OTTOg, nenCCUTRp IRC 
n^C 'and our Saviour* &c, 18.] ft., A,B». eppeqttATf] 

ftpeq^r: epgopnftnA*v 'foreseen,' o«. A*.ex(©,N)mgj*f] 

HApOTCUL, F8. " Aqtfl] AP : + VA.p, WT» &c. 4»IUnr] 

A/,: pref. di*f, Lf T» Aj-w ('a copy') &c. JUinAjpR*f] om. B». 

iumg*f] iujn. * this * &c, fs. e(i., N)enAA,q] eeitAneq 

'good,' 0°. <bA,I (om. A,») ne] position cf. Gr. NAOKL al omn^" 4 vg 
rail Ac. <&AJ a ] A, cf. Gr. 13. 34. 3a. 37. 69. 177* a** l** syrP om. 
tym : * AltOR, L«T» Ac. " OTfOg,] om. K.] A : 

pref.AJton, L»T»&c. T$e] cf.? Gr. NA. enXK]ft5C H » B* l8 : 

ent^QH, s. £,ncen] exen, fs. eeoTTAJl] eeir, p ; position 

cf. ? Gr. KACKLP al fere omn cat &c 

Digitized by 


?2 nerpor H. 

«« "(Hog, eqraxpHcnrr nxoxeit nxemcjon 
itre nmpo^irrHc $*j ere julXiuc *rerenp*< 
juLwtoq epereirf&OKTCK i«.q £M>pK-f ftcnr- 
j6h&c eqepcnruMiti /6en ova*.*. ftx*-* 1 ' 
gjiTeqcnriurtj?, e&oX ftxeni€£/)cnr cnrog, nio-r- 
ojim ajA.qgjA.1 ftTeq4>ipi *6eK neTen&HT. 

'0 *° <f>a.i 2s,e ftffloprt eperenejuu epoq xe npotfrHTia. 

it i Ken tyre mrpg^H no*r&u>X ajon eftoX 

£,ITOTCnf JUUULA.Tfi.TCnf A.H «• 21 OT2>.e Tip" 

j6en $oTu>aj rtpujjuu &.n £.Tim itcnrnpo<t>HTiA. 
SoTfCHonf* A.XX*. a.ttcaxi nxe&A.ttpu>.»ju j6en 
«t>cnfu>aj ii.«t>*f ftj&pni j6en mniu. eeo-rAA*- 
*y 1 3X*vajumi ftxeg^itKenpocfrKTKc ftncnrx*- nj&pHi 
j6en niX^oc ju/tpirf on eTonrnA.cgu>ru &en 
eimoY nxeg,A.npeqfcfiic» fmcnrx. ruj ercnr- 
• itA-im eji>oTfit ftcnr|£,epecic>*- cnrog, <t>itH& 

eTA.qajono evxcjuX juutxoq elkoX* e*vim 
ruocnr itoTi.x*tt) RxwXejii* ^cnrog, £,i.N- 
jutHttj eTfcujK ftc*. noTfccoq* OTfog, eftoX 
£,JTOTcnr* eTraceoTTA. e^jutajix ft*re • 
julhi* 8 cnfo£, ftj6pw /6en £,i.ruuieTtfi 

19 F»«'the third Sunday of BuSnah.' eqTAXp.] A : AXfT., K O : 
qT., L«T»&c. ITICAXl] L«T*AB»FGKS: nc, TNOT: ItlO, 
P plural. JUUULOq] ArK: JUUULOC, L»T> &c. £,eHT€It] 

pref. ft, tgnp. eqepoir.] eqeep., a gj«s,(+ft, B»)*req- 

OTfCOItg,] -OTfOKii, A 2 . me£,OOTf] of. Gr. MP 13. 31. 68. 
ftTeq$ipi] pref. OTfOg,, T»NT. F»c'the end (of the lection).' 

Hnnt*s, M eperenejuu] ereren., G: ,*.piejuu, t»k iroperatiY«. 
*'"" mrpA.*K] *fv., r. ajon(+c, fs> efi.oX]T*Aro 26: om. 

efioX, L« Ac. £> rro *'" T] T»A 26: ftjOHTOTf, L« Ac. 

21 OTT^e] A 36 : Of, L«T» &c. ftpOJJUU] L*A FS 26 : ftcnrp., 
T*B»rGKNOPT. A.-VIIU] ei.*V., atf. ftOTfCHCnf] position of. r 
Or. BCEP 13. 22. 31. 68. 69. 100. 127. 137. »« c"* oat «yr» Did &c 

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2 PETER L 19— II. 3. 73 

being with him on the holy mountain. M And the word of 
the prophets is for us firm, this to which ye do well to 
attend (fit. observing), as a lamp shining in a place of dark- 
ness, until is manifested the day, and the light ariseth and 
breaketh forth in your hearts. 

*• But first knowing this, that all prophecies of the Scrip- 
tures — their explanation was being made not for* themselves 
alone. a For neither by 06eit the) wish of man was aprophecy 
brought at a time, but (A) men spake by (j&eit the) wish of 
God in the holy spirit. II. There were false prophets also 
among the people, as also false teachers will be among you ; 
they (ft£j) who will bring in a heresy of perdition, and deny- 
ing (the) lord who bought them, bringing to themselves a quick 
perdition. 'And many shall 1 * draw after their defilements; 
and through them (the) way of the truth shall be blasphemed. 
'And in wrongdoings with (JUL) feigned word they shall 

■lit. 'by 'or 'through.' The other reading 'in' or 'from. b This and 
the two following are probably strong futures of which € has fallen out. 


£/»IlpU)JUu] cf. Gr. NABOKLP al pins 60 Did &c; for om. dy.'« cf. 
Qr. BP 66** 68. 69. 137. a«« syrP arm. J&€It i°] A 26 : pref. e&oX, 
L*T«&c. ftj6pHl] «£,., B»FGOPS. 

I A.*»ajt«ni] A: +a.€, L«T* &c. £,A,rlKe] AK: om. K€, Hmitis, 
L»T« Ac. Kj6(&, T»A,FS)pKI . . . ItOTfX] om. A l homeot 

AerteHrtoir] om. b». e*ro"*nA,iru] t»a : e©(*r, G)itA,im, 
ia Ac noTg,ep.] ftrtoTf£,., s.> i°] -m>, B»ros 

18: om. A,. ItR&] +iiUlXA.TfA,"r<|, 0°«. €*««J0(O, T)X] 

emcwK, fs. ert\m] eiremi, k. *xu) 2 ] ajku, b»tgn 

PT 18. 2 OTTO£, i°] L«T»ArKNO»T 26: om. B»FGPS 18: Hmt.e, 

oiron, o»«. £,A,ruumaj] otjulhoj VA,p, o°>*. e»ca>K] l« 

'these walking,' 0«*. KOTCtUq] cf. Gr. MABCKLP al longe pin 
est rg syr b etP arm aeth Thpbyl. OTTO£, 2 ] Lf T'ArKN OT 26 : om. 
B»FGP8 18. 4MJLC0IT] cf. Gr. N*BCKLP al pier ?g syr b et». 
arm &c. • 0"*0£, i°] UTUrKNOT 26 : om. B»FGPS 18. 


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74 neTPOY E. 

nxonc ju.nXA.cxon ncAJf.4- e**epiefiajcox 
jOuuioxen * itAJ exe noTg,A.n icxen £,h 
qicopq A.n. oto£, xottaxu} iu^irui AJt* 
.8 + 4 ICxe <$>*f eniA.x*reXoc exA-Trep- 
nofii. a.XXa. tiu6pHi j6en g,A.ncnA.Tg, iirito- 

$OC ^>€lt niXA.pTA.pOC A.qXHIXOT 4- eepOTf- epujoT en&A.n o*<ro£, eepKoXA.£m &.- 


« • O*o£, niA.pxeoc hkocjuloc * juLneqi" axo epoq *• 
a^Xa. nu>e niAJU.£ > H nmrpi£ nxe *f Ju.eeju.Hi +• 
A.qA.p€£, epoq* A.qmi no** kaxajcXttcjuoc +• 
exen hikocjuloc nxe niA.cefi.HCfr •o**o£, 
nncenoXic co2s.ojua. neju. vo.iu.oppA. * A.qpoK- 
£,o*» A.qepKA.TAJcpimn ijuu.uxnr* oiro£, A.q- 
X*-"» e**cjuox nniA.cefi.Hc eenA.ujuoni * 
'oirog, niejut-Hi Xcux A.qnA.g,Jueq eTrtffjuuuoq 
nxonc * efioX &ixen no**cju,ox exg/oo"** 
nxe noirxjnju.oaji exctoq. 8 j6en o-jtccojulc 
TA.p neju. OTfcooxejuL *• enA.qajon nt6pHi nj6ft- 
xoir nxeniejuLHi + ne&oo** ;6a.xj>,h ne&oo** 
o**o£, nA/rfjOLKA^, noTnlnrx H Rofejuuu 
nj6pfu £>en £,A.n£,fi.Ho**i nA.noju.oc 

ty •Skxoo-m vA.p nxenor eno&eju. nniercefinc «► 
efioX /6en ninipA.cJu.oc*> 

enrepiefi.] A.*vepie&, p. juuuioxen] position cf.? Gr. 31. 
qicopq] A.qKU)pq, P: nA.Ktopq, FS: qnAJC., K: eqnA.K., 

36. OTTOg, 2 ] L«T'ArKNOT: om. B«FGP8 18. -A-VUj] -KtO, 

Hnnj^.8, TO. nA.£,mwU.] AB* 26 : CrtA^,., L«T* &c. * ICXe] L«T* 

AGKP(S): +VA.p, B-TFNOT. $f] +X*A.p, S. ertIA.TT.] 

nm., r. exA.Tr ep.] ak 36 : pwf. nH, l«t* &c. g,A.ncnA.7r;>,] 

cf. ? Gr. K LP** al omn* 1 * cat syr" et» arm Did Cyr &c. niXA.pX.] 

nx., ro. eng,A.n] iing,., b* 26: enig,., k. o**o£j a : 

om. LTT* &c. epKoXA.^m] cf. Gr. MA 5. 13. 25. 33. 65. 73. vg 
syr b etP c* Cyr Ac. 6 HUJe (K, T)] €rtU)e, T«. niJUA^rt] om. 

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2 PETER II. 4-9. 73 

make trade of you : they (itAJ) whose judgement from (the) 
beginning is not done away, and their perdition will not 
slumber. * If God spared not the angels who sinned, but (A.) 
in bonds of gloom in the Tartaros gave them to be kept for 
(the) judgement and to be punished. "And the ancient 
world he spared not, but (A.) Noe the eighth herald of [the] 
righteousness he kept, he brought a flood upon the world of 
the ungodly; "and the cities also Sodoma and Gomorra he 
burnt, he condemned, and he set them for an example of 
the ungodly who will be ; 7 and the righteous Lot he saved, 
being injured by their evil example of their defiling walk 
(of life); 'for in [a] viewing and [a] hearing the righteous 
(man) was dwelling among them day by day, and they were 
paining a soul of a righteous (man) in lawless works. 
• For the Lord knoweth (how) to save the godly from the 

III, A,: on. JUUL&, T. *f JU.e©JULHl] ItieJUUU 'the righteous 
one*.' NT. A,qAp6£,] pref. 6, NT. A.qiftl] T*AB»GP 18: 
pref. 6, L»rFN08T: pref. CTTOg,, K. RoTTK.] JDLniK., K. 
RKA.TAJcXx*JlOC 'with a water of flood,* B»P"sG PS 18. ITIA- 
ce&Hc] +A.qTAJCOq 'he destroyed it,' B«GP 18. • A.qpOK- 

£,OTT(om. S)] pref. 6, L«FS ; cf. Gr. BC* 27. 39. 66** 68. A.qep- 
KA.TA.Kpmm] L«A»rKO: pref. 6, T*B»FGNPST 18. 0**0£, 

Aqxw] A : eA,qx*-**» WT * &0 - itWAcefi.K(e, N)c] nre- 

niA-, T»NS; cf. ? Gr. BP 69. 137. a«*. T XtUT] X(Ue, P, 

cf. Gr. B* am fa. eTfCTl] evetfT, NT. nOTCJULOT] OfC, 
FS : niOULOTTT, T. €T£, . . . €TC.] 6« . . . 6©., B». 
• OXCUJ.M.C] A,.,»«: -OJU.C, L»T» &c: -WC, A 2 *. eitAq- 
fflOfUJ.Ajjn] L«A: om. 6, B'TGKOPT 18: ItA-qajCOHI, T»N: 
A,qajOll, FS. HIOJULHi], A t by error ; for article 
et Gr. (exc. B). OXO£,] om. B»FGP8 18. ItA/rf] i.rf, Aj»« 
(•another copy') T-. £*.(€**., TtG)KA.gJ + ne, B». ftOT- 
i|nfX H ] KT^F., A,»«('another copy')P»*. nOTfOJULKl] A : om. 
Ont, L»T»&c: ftxenie., A s °w ('another copy'). aArtg^KOTl] H ™y». 

om. &A.n, r*Fs. • iime-cc.] eruexc., t*. niiupA.cju.oc] ...xonc 

T»A, *c : IUpA.C, LeA^rO, cf. ? Gr. WABCKLP al pier vg syr« Bu *?> 

Digitized by 


76 neTPOY H. 

«C Hioxi 26 eqeApeg, epux)T ene&ooT 
eepKoXA^irt aLjuluxtv. \ 

*' M flg,oTfo AitAXXort itK eeAJLogi iicA<&A£,onr 
P**- 1 ^ rrrcApj* ru6pm £eit g,Aiteruo-»juuA excoq* 
oirog, *f-A*.eTGC eirepKATA^poiuii jOUuloc-j- 
e»epTroXA«.A.ii erf JULerATeATHc* muxnr cec- 
eepxep Ait £atoy£,r* e*vxeoTA ll e<&jmA, 
exe itiArreXoc JuLwLoqfr enrol nitigi" j6en 
o*vnojtA.*f iteAJt otxoajl* ncemi Ait not&isi 
hxeotJL j&Apuxy**- 

i* 12 Nai 26 rteooov ceepjOLcfrpH'f ii&AitTefLtttocnri 
katcaxi* e£,An$**ciKO!t ite enTAKo tie**, 
nqurf eftoX* e**2ceo7rA j£>en hai exeitceejuu 
eptooTf Ait rij£>pHi jfcert novrAKo e-reTAKO* 

13 oto£, eirecrf ix$&.ex t e rrre ncnrtfT rixoiic *• 
evipi juLnioTitoq erj6ert nie&ooTr* n.otg/€- 
2oiih* e*»oi nAffm* cnrog, eTretoXefk* e-»oTr- 
noq rt&pfu £eit noTfAnAXK-s- OTrog, enroTitoq 
neju.u)*reit cttoi £L*jt.Attecu)o*v epwoT*. 

14 eoTtoit rVrouo-* k&aii&aX evAxeg, HjtxeT- 
ikmik iteu. oTfjuiexAXKHit rrre $no&i * e^nm 

arm aeth &c. nnpao-pov : the absence of the article may render the plural, 
cf. Or. N* Ac, but the first syllable Til may also be confused with III 
the def. art. sing. eqeApeg,] A 26: eqAp., B»K : CIlApeg,. 

l»t* &c. ene&oo** . . . jcoXA^m] om. s. ,0 it&oTro] 

L'ArFNST a6: +2.6, T*B»GKOP 18. ItH 6e(T, TG)] om. ItK, 
A!* : pref. It, I*. itCA4>.] A : om. it, LsT* &c. TCAp( + A, N)£] 
*f C, K : C, T»N. Itj6pHl] it£,p., GKP. g,AIteni€».] rf - Qr ' 
OP 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 15. 18. 26. 27. 29. 36. 37. 68. a*" cat syr b etP &c. 6T"- 
COq] A : e**C(M(0, B" i8)q, L«T» &e. OTTOg, &c] L«T»ArKN 
OT 26 : om. OTTOg,, F S : om. OTTOg, then -OC + 2.6, B*G P 18. "f"- 
AlteX.] Us Ac. : rVf"M.6T., K : niJU.eT., T'A. j6a] ^611, N. 
u 6<pAILA] om. 26: om. 6, T. 6Te] ttT6, FN 8. 6TfOl] 
6TOI, K. j6eilO'»ItOA«.'f ] T»ANT 26: /6eitIt07T., LB &c: 
J&€IlOiritiaj*f, k by error. OTXOAJt] T'ATKOP'T 26: 
ItO*»2C., L8B»FGNP«S 18. ItCeim] L9T'ArN0T 26: C6IIU, 

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2 PETER IL 10-14. 77 

temptations, But the unjust he shall keep for (the) day 
of (the) judgement to punish them. "Much more those 
who walk after* (the) flesh in defiling lusts and despising 
[the] dominion; daring [the] stubbornness, they tremble 
not before the glories, blaspheming ; u instead of which the 
angds being great in [a] might and [a] power bring not 
« blaspheming judgement against them. "But these 

indeed (pron.) are like to speechless beasts, being natural 
(thingB) for (the) destruction and (the) extermination ; blas- 
pheming in these things which they know not, in their 
destruction they shall be destroyed ; ls and they shall receive 
(the) reward of their wrongdoing, making [the] delight 
which is in the day (a) pleasure, being as spot and for a 
stain, delighting in their deceits, and delighting with you, 
(they) being shepherds to themselves) ; w having eyes full of 
adultery, and an unceasingness of (the) sin, bringing to them- 

• Lit'behind.' 

b»fgps 18: erini, k. no*r£,&.n] a.e &.n &c, fs: 

nO**£,a.Il A.It, K; cf. Gr. A 9. 13. 18. 40. 65. 6S. 69. 73. 103. 137. 
180. a"" d*" vg syrketP*** seth"" ar« Ephr. " ltA.l] cf. Gr. 

(e*c. K). C€ep.]T»A a6: e"»e€p., B»FGPSi8: ATTCp., TO: 
e^-Trep., L«KNT; cf. ? Gr. NA*KL 13. 38. 42. 57. 68. 73. 177. 180. 
al'<" al plus" cat syrPet* &c. ATC.] A,eC, B». e£,Altd>TrC!- 

ro(oj, GP«)it ne] cf. Ox. ka 2 kl 13. 38. 4*- 57- 68. &c. RJ6p.] 

ft&., K. CteTAXd] cf. Gr. ««C a KL al pier cat m 9T vg eyr b &c. 
" OTTOg, CTfetfl] T'A : om. OTO&, L» &c. ; cf. ? Gr. »°ACKL al 
omn» M vg m n aeth &c. &.$.] €$., T»G. nOTdVJ ItO**., GP. 

cnrog, €7reu>(o,A)Xefi] om. cnrog,, b»gkp. ttj£pHi] om.K. 

jfeeit ItOTT (om. HOT, NT) A.IIATH] TUftK : j6eitcnr. by error, 
L« Ac.; cf. Gr. »A*OKLP al omn'" cat syrP arm &c. efCnritOCj] 

ert&r*., fk: no-*., n. ccoi JGuuiAnecwcnr eptocnr] 
A t : om. l«t»Aj &c " ecnron nTcooir] eo^orrrtoo"* 

JUUULAT, GNPT. iSjUteXHWIK] cf. ? Gr. KA 63. 68. 73. vg 

m n «rr b etP &c. CnrJULeTATKK (A, N)It] cf. Gr. 13. 27. 40. 68. 
ios-b^k-'al 10 vg «y»»etP«c e**( + e, K)HtI .. . Itofll] om. B» 

Digitized by 


78 neTPOY B. 

ncuof tto**A.vt» nxwXejuL*- ovoti ottjulhoj 
nA.cnrA.&oT itcA, noTrnoftn- 
* Gvep&AA n&AJt^X'* nceXAxpHo-rr A,n + 
eovonxuxnr nov&HX eqepr*»JU.iu.^ecee j6en 
ovtff itxonc* e&A.najHpt ne ftxe ncA&cm*- 
18 e&.txM* RccooTf iS.nuu.ajix excoirxum a/*- 
cajpejut. eA.*»JULoctji j6en 4>julu>ix juJLa.Xaajui..j. 
4>AJLocop. <pA.i exA.qju.enpe <pJlexe itxe 
XAA.HHA. ,, A.q<$T novco&i nxe xeqju.exnA.pA.- 
noAJtoc eoteu) itAxcA.xi «• Axepcnru> rtorcjuui 
n|pu>juu*- A,cxA.g,no nejuexAx&HX nxe 
nmpo«t>KTHc * "nA.i ne mjuunrjuu nA.e- 
juuxw* nejut g,Anmq ercFcMpeju. ncuxr* 
e&oX g,ixen o'YCApA.e-HO*** iiaj exi.iri.pej2, 
ncoonr enx*-** ktg xx€JU.c + 
« (») " Gvepoirio j6en £,A.nju.exe$XROT [*•] eirtfoci. eiroi 
juL&iok* j£en £,A.nenienrjuiA. er&uxnr nxe 
xcA.p£* nit exA/irtoox no-irKo-irxi *• oirog, 
A,**JU.oaji itj6pHi &en ornXAitK *• le evuxg 
nuxnr no*»JUtexpejuLg,e e£,A.n&c»K netooT ne 
nxe nxAJCo +• $r rA,p execnron otta.! tfpncnrx 
epoq *• qoi Ju&toK nA.q *• 20 icace rA,p exA/*- 

axio] a.ku>, ras*: a.X"J> F s. o**on] pref. OYO&, 
T'NT. cnr.] &A.n., t»nt. nA.cnrA.&o(A, r*)-*] nA-OVJUL- 

Hn B t ,8, £,*»•*, FS by error. n(om. A 2 *) Oimojil] nOVCtUq, r«wNO"tT. 

Merep ncexAJc.] cexAJC., NT: nit exencexAJc., k. eovon- 
xcuot] a : ecnronnx., l«t* &c itcnr&Rx] JUUU.A,** 
nj>,HX, nt. eqep(om. N)r(K, gp s X, b»)**ju..] exep., 

FS: -VX*iUtA.(om. T)^A.peC©e, NT. 0*»<Ti]T'AK: ntfl, 
L« &c. ; cf. Gr. unc. al plus 60 vg «yr»>etP arm &C. eg,A.najHpi] It£,., 
K : + 2k.6, T'T. ne] om. K. " niJULUMX] cf. Gr. unc. al longe 

piu cat. A/mopeju.] itA/rc, rp : rU.xc, 18. eA.TA«.ogi] 

L«T»ArKO 18 : ATT JUL., B»FGNPST. j6en$.] A : £,!$•» L»T»&c. 
JU.&A.X.] n&., T»r. &OCO(e, B»GP i8)p] cf. Gr. K«ACKLP al 
pier cat vg »yrP aeth : &A,VU>p, K. $A.l] $R, GP. " A.qtfl] 

A: +*e, l»t» &c. xeqjuex] om. ju.ex, B». eonre- 

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2 PETER H 15-30. 79 

■elves [a] quick perdition ; there are many (who) will follow 
their sins. Deceiving souls which are not firm; having 
a heart exercised in [a] wrongdoing ; being children of (the) 
corse; ls having left the straight road, they went astray, 
having walked in (the) road of Balaam he of Bosor, he ($£.1) 
who loved (the) reward of (the) iniquity; "he received 
a reproof of his lawlessness, a speechless ass answered with 
a voice of man, she prevented (the) foolishness of the prophet. 
17 These are the fountains waterless, and mists driven along 
by a tempest ; these for whom was kept (the) darkness of (the) 
blackness. u Uttering [in] exalted vanities, being servants 
in evil lusts of (the) flesh (to*) them who escaped a little, and 
they walked in an error; M promising to them a freedom, 
being servants themselves of (the) corruption ; for he by (e) 
whom any one is conquered, he is servant to him. Tor 

* The reading seems corrupt ; see variants, but no MS. has It before ItH. 

( + OTT, Af* 'another copy')t»] Lf A,.,» : €*&}), FS: Ot&Si, B» 
18: 0-*0£, OV€( + ft, r»)03, T»rGNOPT. A.TC.], B». 
AXepOTTU)] + IU.CJ, K. nOTCJULH] cf.? Or. M*(vg) Eus &c 
A.CTA^,lto] pref. 6, K. ©AJLeTA/T.] OtJJL, P. " Ite**.] 

cf. Gr. MA BOP 5. 7. 8. 9. 13. 15. 27. 39. 40. 68. 73. 137. al 10 cat vg syr» 
aeth ar« Ac £^.ltltK|] L«T* &c: -mqi, 08: om. £,, A. 
nCOJOTr] A : AJUUUOO'V, L«T* &c CA,pA.eKO*»] + £,A.ItCIOY 
e-irCOp€JUL KC(UXnf) 'straying stars,' 0. 6TA.TfA.peg,] 6TA.- 

pe&, a. iuoot] epuxnr, k. enx*-*0 iS-nx-. *s. 
nrerrx£**- c ] «€julxx-» b»fs 18 : ttTeTXP&**.Tc, ; 

ef. Gr. MB vg syr b et«> aeth'» om. tls alum: + iiene£ > , K**, cf. Gr. AO 

LP al onm*" cat aetbw> Ac. " g,A.ILM.eTe$.] om. g,, P : Hunt a, 

OtJUUET., F8 singular. 6Tf (X, 0*)tfOCl] L«T l &c: -tfOXI, A 

18. jGL&IOK] ABTFGK'OPS: + eepg,A.\ L«T» (tr. and they 

run): + C6ep£,A.\ NT. jfceit 2 ] LfPAFNOT: It, B»FGK* 

P8 18. erg,cooTr] A: evcco(o, B»)q, L»T» &c, cf. Gr. MA BO 

EL al pin cat. eXA.Tfd^COx] cf. ? Gr. KLP al pier cat Ac. ItO"*- 

KO"»2Cl] cf. Gr. M°AB 8. 9. 13. I9 ni « 35. 73. 142. 180. vg syr b etP aeth. 

OTTO&Jom. BTGPS18. A.XM.OOJI] €"*., KNP. OTrnXAJtrl] 

ItOTrnX. 'their errors,' T»AG KP«. 19 VA.p] 2l6, K. qoi] T»A 

B»rKNOT : CCJOI, L«FGPS 18; cf. Gr. M*B aeth. 


Digitized by 


so neTPOY H. 

<pwr efioX j6ew nicujq ivre tokoouloc* 
€j6ottii encoren nencrc iiic n^cc* iu.Xm a^e 
on n*ro-»(rXeA«.Xu)JULOT+ iis6pHi j6en iuj. 
cenA.<Tpo epojo*»4- o-Trog, ceitA.gju>ni nxenoir- 
j& e*rr£,o now* €nig,oirA.*f +■ 
«<» "H*.nec r*-p nuxnr ne+**coTren 4>JULUjrr 
irre *f-jmeejuiHi +• e&oxe ex^TcoTtoiiq nce- 
ta.coo efioX sben *f en*roXn eecnrifi. erit- 

THIC 6TOTOY 4- ** A.CI V*.p €3£(WOir TA/pJULHI 

nxe*fnA.poi.M.iA.+' ace ofcnr&ujp *.qKo*rc| eneq- 
gif- ijuuun; jOUnoq* 010& OTregoj axxok-*- iu.Xm on A.ccKep*ep iu6pfu j6en 
necXooi&i *• 


icj8 HAJUienpA/f oa.i &h^h tg o.tju.&g'f itemc- 
toXh ej~cj6^-i jOljuloc norren nA.i e*re- 
its6pm iu6htot*» eiexoTrnoc neTen&KT 
eTToir&HOTrT*' *j6e« onrju.e*ri eep$AA.eri 
nmc£j£i exA.*»2£o*roTf jcxen gjopn* nxe- 
pju.^ mnpo$HTHc *• | nejut *f enxoXH ivre 
niA.noc*roXoc nxe nencrc*- oirog, nencto- 
xhp*- 8 4>aj 2^e nojopn a.piejuu epoq* ace 
j6en ni€£,ooT nj6*.e*- e**ei nace£,A.npeqcu)fii +• 

80 j6en t°] g,*., b». mctoq] a b» : mc, l»t* &c. nenOTi] 

cf. Gr. KAOLP 5. 16. aa. 87. 46. 68. 73. 100. 137. 180. a"" al 8 ** vg 
syr b et* arm aeth &c; for om. *al <t«t. cf. Or. L 19. si. 67. f"* aeth &c. 

a\e] om. ro. nTO"*d"T) Arno : nce<J7, l»t» &c. cen^tfpo] 
hce<S7,iH; cetf^T. onrog,] om. kt. noTf^.eTf] no*»- 
j6*.e, fs : ni^^-enr, NT: nu6*-A.(om. 0)Ho-», r*o. err- 

g,o] WA,.,*: eTtT&.&0, FS: eiTg/OOTT, A,- 1 * (' another copy*); 

e*.*rrg,u)o-*, p°w: ejvrr&o, tbtqkop* 18: €A/rr&£,o, 
nt. enig,o-*A.(e, p»w)-f ] l» a p»«(' another copy'): enoTrg,., 

A,"t ('another copy')B»FS 18: eni(ttni, P*)OJopil, TTGNO 

p*T: enoTojopn, k. 81 n*.nec] t«ab»fg*kps 18: P wt 

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2 PETER II. ai— HI. 3. 81 

if having escaped from the defilement of the world into (the) 
knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, [but] they again are 
entangled among these, they will be oonquered, and their 
last (states) will be worse for them than the first (states). 

n For it is good for them (if) they knew not (the) way of 
[the] righteousness, than having known it, that they should 
return from the holy com/mandment which was delivered to 
them. "For the proverb came true about them: 'A dog 
turned to his own vomit ; and a sow (which) was washed, 
again rolled in her mire' (plur.). 

TTT. My beloved, this now is (the) second epistle which 
I write to you; these in which I shall raise (up) your 
sincere heart 'to remember in a remembrance the words 
which the holy prophets said from (the) first, and the confo- 
mandmcnt of the apostles of our Lord and our saviour. 
'But know this first, that in the last days mockers shall 

116, L>rG»«NOT, of.? Gr. MBCKL al pier vg m" Oyr &c. lie] 
om. K. -C<y*eit] LBT* &c. : -COVCOIt, A. €T"A.T COTTttJItq] 

irroTrc., k.] ovo£, A/>, K; cf.? Gr. 

BC(KL)P al pin &c. /6ett] cf. ? Gr. BO K L P al pier cat &c. Ac: 
£,£*, B»FS, cf. ? Gr. NA 5. 8. 13. 69. 137. 180. a»" Oyr &c. ant. 

eecnrjL&] eer, P. " VA.p] cf. vg Oyr Dam Aug. o-*£,u>p] 
t»ak 18: -op, ls &c eneqcg.] nneq., r: enecj., o«. a.c- 

XO(OJ, B»)KJUiec] e*X2C., E. A.CC(om. FGS)KepKCp] A.CC- 
KepKUJ(0, FS)pC, B»FS 18. Jl&pRl] ftg,., K. 

1 pug gmg "the fifth Sunday of the Fast, it is read on the fifth Sunday/ Hunt .8, 
J3j5P1 ^4-Jfl ji j* Ul 'when it occurs in the first months ' : S"W ^yt jjma Hunt 36, 
JXiJl >_,. > vj»»2 tf* alii 'it is permitted (to read) from James nOC 
inctead of this according to the directory.' Te©AJLA.g > E'f" &c] 
T«A: trs. T€ after eiUCToXrl, L* &c: om. T€, K 26. 5*f"J 
CltOVf , TO. Ju6pKl] «£,., NT. 2 eXA.T3CO*TO'»] pref. 

rot, ro. sjopn] &H, k. eeonrift] eev, b». niA.noc- 

TOXOC Rxe] om. K* ; f or om. ip&r cf. ? Gr. 29. hart*, neitocj 

♦me, t. nencurrRp (cu>p, b»p)] +ihc n^c, fgkps, cf. 

aeth. ' 2»e] V*.f> 2^.6, T*N. £.pieULl] 6p€T eitejUU, T*N T. 
j6en] pref. e^OTTIt, T. Ill . . . j6a.6J cf. Gr. KABC* 5. 7. 20* 
68. 69. 96. 103. 137. 1 8a a ,w al*"" vg arm aeth &c. ttXe£ > £.rtp.] 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

82 neTPOY B. 

e-fJULoaji kaxa. ncnreniGYJU.iA.+ * oto^, ctxoj 
jDUuloc*- ace A.ceum "feiuxveXi*. itxe neq- 
xim* icxert ex*, neiticf v*A.p eitKOT* itA.1 
THpoT cecgon iiiujpirf icxen XA.px« 
cioivt* *ra&u>& VA.p ceoi ftA/rejuu epoq* 

*y 4>aj £,000** neroTrcnrAgjq xe iu<pHcnri cecgon 
loceit £,r* OTtog, tiKA.g,i efiioX j6en oTU.uxnr*- 
iteju. eftoX £,rren onr julooott *• A.qog,i epjrrq 
;6en nc*j£i ii.<H"- •n^.i ereeeilrn-oY* a. 
niKocjw.oc irre nicnonr eTTH* AqxcoXic 
ej£piu j6en cnrjuLtocnr* o**oj>, ^.qrAJco*- 
7 m$Kcm a^e nxe *f itcnr new. hika.£,i ils6pKi 
j6en iuucaxi pto* ceg,uxnri ej6ovn j6en 
nXPUMUL* erripeg, eptuoTr ene&oov iixe 
•ffcpiac* neju. tavio irre niAxreftRc npwjuu* 

a + 8 <l><u 2l€ juLnepajcwu eperetto&cg epoq ru.- 
jiA.enpA.-f. xe onte^oot hotwr iu.g,pert n^ 
jui^pH-f itonrajo ftpo juliu * cnrog, crvcgo 
ju.<ppirf itcnre&ooTr novcolr* 

« » OTog, qitiLcocK ^.it ilxenOT frre *f enA.rreXiA. * 
JuL$pirf" ere £,4.ito**on juie*iri xe qru.i»cK*. 
A.XX*. &quxnr ng,icr epco*ren* nqcmoaj 

eqCOOfi.1, A; cf. Or. EL al pier Ac: pref. j6eitOVCtO&I, L«T* Ac, 
cf. Gr. NABCP 5. 8. 9. I9"* 27. 39. 36. 40. 68. 73. 106. cat Yg syr b etP 
aeth &c: om. T>: om. peq, G. eXJULOOJl] ereJUL, FS. 
4 OTfO£,] L«T»ArNOT : om. B'FGKPS 18. 26. IteitlO'f"] cf. Gr. 
69. 137. a«» syr«»etP. €riKO*r] ft*., B*. « ni£,tO&] n<M£,., 

36. 4>A,l] A: pref. 6, L«T* Ac.: 6IU.I, 26: pref. €€•&€, B». 

neTovcnrA.ajq] imnt: om. or, FS: ne exo**., T«B»rGOP 
18. 26: ne*foTA.(gq, k. nK*.£,i] L«ArKNT: niKA.£,i, t*b* 

FGOPS 26; obs. Gr. OP om. art. e&oX i°] om. 26. OXJULCWoV] 

num., fs. neju. (OTfog,, l«) e&oX . . . juitocnr] om. b* 

homeot. ; obs. syr» habet cA • IIA.I €*re] MA 2^.6, K a6. £.] 
om. NT. *.(€, N)qxt» (O, B'FKS 26) Xk] om. i.q, 0. C&pHl] A : 
nj6-, L»T» &c. : om. 26. OTJUUttO'T . . . 7 j6ett i°] om. T* homeot. 

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2 PETER m. 4-9. 


come walking according to their lusts, * and saying : ' Where 
was the promise of his coming? For since our fathers slept 
all these things remain thus since (the) beginning of the 
creation.' s For they are ignorant of the thing. This 
(ignorance) is that which they also wish, (ignorance) that 
the heavens exist from (the) beginning, and (the) earth from 
[a] water and through [a] water stood by (jfceit the) word 
of God ; • these (so. waters) because of Which the world of 
that time was submerged in [a] water and it perished ; 7 but 
the present heavens and the earth in the same word are 
treasured up* for 0£>eit the) fire, being kept unto (the) day 
of the judgement, and (the) perdition of the ungodly men. 
' But of this be not forgetful, my beloved, that one day with 
the Lord (is) as a thousand years, and a thousand years as 
one day. »And the Lord will not delay about (fixe) 

the promise, as some think that he will delay ; but (A.) was 

•lit. 'thrown into.' 

°"*°&] A : om - Lrr * * c - •i-qT^-KO ( +C, P>] eqT, GT-e : eA.qT., 
K. T 2>.e] om. A,. TUKA^,l] IlK., T. ftj6pHlJ fig,., K. 

lUJtCASCl] itlC, T'N 26. pto] cf. Gr. ABP 27. 29. 69. 127. a"** 
al vix mo vg arm Did &c. j£>6tt 2°] cf. ? Gr. C*P •}>. 15. 26. 27. 29. 
68. io6». nXr*"***-] L»T»ArN 18: rtfX-> B»FGKOPST 26. 

ene£,o(<u, B*)<nr] jfeemieg,., b»g 18: j^enmeg,., P: om. 26. 
nxe-fio] frf., to. fcpicic] kpH., fkI*. taxiu] l«A: 

TAJC0(O>, GT 18), T*BMTFGKNO(pref. n)PST 18. 26. ftTeitl.] 

rim., 18. A.cei£.Rc] -ec, Ns. 'onre&ocnr it] om. b». Hnnt.s, 

•0-*0£,]T*&c: om. L«FS. qitACOCK i°] cf. ? Gr. P. €Te] T»A &, 

B»GKP 18. 26: +O*»O(00, r*)lt, L*rFNOST. £,A.ncnrOn] om. Hint Js, 

Olt, N: om. OTTOH, T. JJL€Tti] pref. OV, T»: + epU0OT, FS. ' 9 ~' 3 
qnAXOCK 2 ] HA.., NT(om. A.) : qtOCK, 26". A.qU)OTf] LBA,rF 

68: eq., P»« 18: qtoov, *pa 2 b*knt 26 : oooTf, 0. epeo- 

Xett] cf. Gr. BCKLP al pier cat arm &c: j£>A.pU>Ten, FS, obs. 
Gr. rell im; for ipm cf. Gr. NABCP 5. 7. 9. 13. «7- 3 1 - 33- 4°- 4& 
73. 104. 113. 114* "7* I2 7- *37- cmt m81 7 8 8yr b etP arm aeth &c 
nqOTfOJOj] L«AB»rFNOST 26: om. ft, GKP 18, single negative, 

O * 

Digitized by 


84 neTPOY E. 

ktb &Xi xako. a.XXa eqoYtucg Rtoti XHpOf 
«?• 10 Gqei 2^.6 nxene&oo"* JuLnox juL^pk^" fto*»peq- 
«C cfTcm* +<I>ai exee&oX g,ixoxq | tu«t>Ho**i 
certAcmi j6en ottottoi* mcxoix'o" cetu.- 
pi»K& ceitAJ&i»X eftoX cnro£, tika&i new. 
ru£,&itcnri exeit£itxq evepajK^,*- " itAJ 
o"»n XRpof enrnAiitoX e&oX* itA.cii.ncgA. 
nxexen.«.oaji iiAaj ftprrf itj£)pHi j6erc 
&Anxmju.oaj! ero"«VL&* newt £,AnM.exeTr- 
ce&Rc * 
" GpexenccuuLC e&oX ;6en cnrmc* j6ax£,r 
jOLrue&ooir itxe •friApoYciA, ftxe nbc $ai 
exeeftoX ^ixoxq* mortem cettApouKg, itce- 
•foiu> eftoX* oiog, mcxoix>°K ceitApcoicg,*- 
ovog, hce&wX e&oX* "^A-it^HOTi jutAepi* 
newt ottka&i iA&epi*- kaxa. neqenAvveXiA* 
exerucovajx e&oX j6A.xtoo*» * iiai exe *f AJtee- 
ajlhi gon n^Hxcnr* 

g,Xl] cf. ? Or. P 13. 43. 98. 99. m* 1 am tol corb 8 ann &c. eq- 
cmottj] l»a,.,«b»fgn 18. 26: Aqcnruxg, TTOT: qoirujaj, 

K P. ItXCm] A, obB. Or.' M trrfrm : eepOTH, L»T* &c €Tt JUL6X.] 
eOTJUL., B». 10 Z.6] VAp, BGP i8 u : otn. K. ftxe] on>. U. 

neg,ocnr] meg,., N; cf.? Gr. naklp «i pier &o. orpeq- 

tTIonri] cf. Gr. tfABP 5. 13. 25. 27. 29. 39. 40. 66** 68. 142. 180. k»«* 
m* 7 vg syr» arm aeth Oyr &c. $Aj] $H, GP 18 u . eX€€&oX 

£,ixoxq] a 26": exe ft£>pHi ti;6Hxq, l»t* &c: exe 

il&RXq, S 26'; 'in which.' IU$HO"*!] cf. Gr. ABC 13. al plu cat 
Cyr: +JUL6I1, T»N, cf. Gr. N 8. 13. 36. 180. al*»« Oyr &c. jfcett- 
OTOTfOl] T« &c: om. OTf, L*FKO*PS. IUCXOIX ,on ] AK 3<5U : 
+Z.6, Lrr»B»rGNOPT 26 1 18 : OTTO& ItlCX., FS. ceiiApwKg,] 
L*T'AB»FGKPS 18: enritAptOKg,, 26: eATfptOKg, 'having been 
burned,' TNOT : trs. after eftoX, B»GP 18. ceitA&U>X] T»AB»r 
GNOPT 18. 26 : iice&CoX, L8FKS. OTTOgJ om. FKS, cf. Gr. N 
Cyr. nKA£,l] IWC, FS ; cf. Gr. CP 31. 68. ni£,&ROVl] £,UD& 

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2 PETER HI. 10-13. 85 

longsuffering to yon, not wishing that any should perish, 
bat (<&.) wishing that all should come to [a] repentance. 

10 But (the) day of the Lord shall come as a thief: this 
(day) through which the heavens will pass away violently* : 
the elements will be burned, they will be dissolved ; and (the) 
earth and the works which are in it shall be burned. u All 
these things, then, being about to be dissolved, in what 
manner was it being meet that ye should walk in holy 
walks (of life) and godlinesses. "Gazing out in [an] 
haste forward to the day of the coming of the Lord, that 
($&.l) through which the heavens will be burned and come 
to' an end b , and the elements will be burned and be dissolved. 
"New heavens and a new earth according to his promises 
we look out for ; these in which-the righteousness dwelleth. 

* Lit. 'in a rash.' b Lit.' give end out.' 

m&en 'an things,' 26. e-ceptoKg,] certA.p., K; cf. Or. al ai 

pier eat rg 1 ** demid tol syrP"' aeth Cyr. " 0"*lt] cf. Gr. N AKL 

al longe pin cat vg syr b &c: om. 26. 6*rn&&loX] €"*£&., 26. 
nTe*rerUULOajl] cf. Gr. K«ACKLP al pier vg nyr b etP &o.: ilTEn- 
JU.OOJI, FK S, cf. Gr. »♦ 5. 23. 25. 95. 99. 104. 177. c«* al 2 *" I4 le «* Ac. 

g,^ruu.e*renfce&Hc] om. &&.n, 26: -ec, ns. "me- 
£,00**] l»t»afnpst: neg,., B»rG(K)0 18. 26: t«. ktiu.- 
po*rct&. xknegjOot, k. frre'fn.] irfn., GPi8: om. b*. 

ftTenOC] cf. Gr. CP 27. 29. 39. 66** 68. 98** 100. &"» m" vg 81 * &c: 
KTCd/f", FS, cf. Gr. roll &c. F»w 'the end (of the lection).' Itl- 
<t»HO*»l] cf. Gr. 22. 40. 105. 177. d*" k"" Oec OTTOg, i°] om. T. 

racrroix ioIt ] o m > m > A «*« cen^pcoKg, 2 ] lst'a tnot 26 : 

€4.*Vp. 'having been burned,' B»FGPS 18 : ftcep., K. OTrO£, 2°] A : 
oca. L«T« &c. nce&t»X] LtATKNOT : C6IU-, T»B»FGP8 18; 
ct ? Gr. CP 7. 15. 16. 18. 25. 26. 36. 40. 42. 46. 57. 100. 137. cat &c; 
oba. 13. praem XwS/nro. " g^It^HO**!] AB»: +2^.6, L«T' &c. 

IteJULOTf . . . fi.Gpl] om. N homeot. : om. Ot, B*. KA.TA.] cf. Gr. 
MBCKLP onm** cat vg arm «yr b etP Oyr»* Ac. necj€(*., ST)n.] 
cf. Gr. » A 5. vg arm syr» Oyr &c. 

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66 neTPov B. 


«/ " Go&e 4>aj nAjmenpA/f encojutc e&oX ^A-t&h 
nnA.i me iixeit ohkot eopoT acem, ohkot 
epe*renoi iiA.TA.o"tti nejuu.q* oto£, rurretu- 
Xefi. ii.neqii.oo-!- fu6pHi ;6eit oT&ipHiut*- 
"otp£, -fjuterpeqcooT ii&ht irre nor one 
epurren eroTXAJ <■ ka.ta. 4>pH"f g,coq jUuien- 
A.VA.nK*roc neon nA.TXoc* ut^. -fcoifeiA. 
era/Trwc iu.q £jqc&£j muren "jOL^pni" 
ok £>en neqenicxoXit thpot eqcAja nj6pfii 
ftj6K*roT eo&e n*j* n*.i e*re g^noTott 
nj6itTOT* JULoKg, itejuu eptooT* na.i ere- 
ajA-pe mA.T£,KT* nejut nH e*rence*rAJcpHOT*r 
A.n* epc*rpeftXom jUuuuoot iJL<t>pK*f jOLnceni 
muvpA.$K* eroTiiA.coKOT kA.TA. noTAXco 
jDuula.tta.xot. I 
pjuLH " Hourren orn nA.cttKOT eperenepegopn ncwoTK 
A.pej>, eptoTen** ^iiu juntnouc !vre*rencco- 
pe*x. j6en TnXA.mi itniA.T&HT <*■ otoj>, nrre- 
Ten&ei eftoX j6en ne*rem-AJcpo juuuutt 
juuuLuo'ren *• 
"CXXiaj *.e fts6pw j£>en m&JULOT* new. ncoreit 
nenbx+ otoj>, nenctuTRp ihc n^ce $k eTe 
$coq ne major icxen -fnoT neju. ajA-eneg, 
irre meneg, Ajuum* 

IIe*rpoT enicroXit 5 cti^C c K,e e 

"r"'! 8, 14 8 ■>« 'the first Sunday of month Amshtr.* enCOAJLc] epereit- 
COJULC, K: COJULC, B» 18. e&oX] om. FS. j6a.] i©ett, N. 

nejuuLq] t*a : nA.q, l« &c. ii.neqii.oo] tab* : om. us & c . 

nj6pKl] ft&p., FS: om. K. 18 _nox] A(K), cfQr. P 15. 1 8. 

a 6. 36. 40. 47. syr b arm ar« &c: nenOC, L» &c: + MC, FS: +IHC 
nXC, K. eTOT2£A.ll L«AB»NT: eOTOTXA.1, TTGOP 18 : 
eOTXAJt, FKS. nA.q] position cf.? Gr. MABCKP al plus 10 cat vg 
syr b otP &c. A.qcj£>.] A.TC., A 2 by error. " *6ett] AB»G : 

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2 PETER m. 14-18. 87 

14 Therefore, my beloved, (since) we are gazing out forward 
to these, hasten yourselves to be found without spot with 
him, and without stain before him in [a] peace. "And the 
longsuffering of the Lord reckon it to you for [a] salvation, 
according as also our beloved brother Paul, according to the 
wisdom, which was given to him, wrote to you : " as also 
in all his epistles, speaking in them concerning these (things) ; 
these in which some (things) are difficult to know (what they 
mean); these which the foolish and they who are not firm, 
distort as (the) rest of the Scriptures ; who will draw them- 
selves to (KA.TA.) their own perditions. n Ye, then, my 
brethren, foreknowing, keep yourselves, lest by any means 
ye go astray in (the) error of the foolish, and fall from your 
own firmness. M But grow in [the] grace and (the) know- 
ledge of our Lord and our saviour Jesus Christ, whose is the 
glory from now and unto age of the ages. Amen. 

Of Petros Epistle 2. Stichoi 200, Chapters 5. 

pref. ft&pKI, l*T: pref. Itj6-, FKPS 18 : pref. eTCit&pKI, T*(j6) 

nt. neqenicroXri] men., k. e(€A., fs)cjcaj£i] A.qc., k. 

tU&pHl] «£,., GP 18. ee&.€ . . . Sj6HTOT] om. 8* homeot. 
n£j2°]om.Ls. £,a.ttOYOtt] pref. OVOIt, L«rKNOT. AiLOKg,] 

enrjuu, nt. nejuti] eejuti, b». ncem] niceceni, fs. 
fimvp.] a(fs) : itniKerp., l«t» && cojccnr] cottkott, nt. 

ttO**A,V(K, B»G i8)to] L«AB»FGKPS 18: TOVAJOW, TNOT. 

17 o**n] z.e, 0. iu.citR<y»] nencn. 'onr &&,' b»fs 18. 
-epajo(u), s)pn] om. ep, b»*nt. ajumooc] Ajutnoc, T'. 
•mXA-nii] om. *r, Af. nniA.T&HT] a : ivTen!., L*T» &c. 
" wj6phi] n&pw, k. tu&*a ot] n&., n. ne noc . . . 
n^c] nenoc Ii*c n^c nenctop, b»?: -cu>p-, fpst. 
icacen*f no**] obs. Gr. k ia 24. 41. 53. n»« om. tad. ajA.ene£j 

T* A G K P 18 : OJA. ( + 6, B» N S») ne&OOTT , L« B» T F N S*T. ttl- 

ene&] t»agkp: nieneg,, L*rF«NS*T 18: neneg,, b»f*: 

O confused text. K m * 'the end (of the lection).' AJULItn] cf. Gr. 
HACK LP al pier yg syr b etP arm. 

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88 neTPOY B. 

Subscription. neXpOTT eiUCToXlt "E, AjG, cf. Gr. 40. n«* al : 
neXpOC 5 JL.CXUMC e&.G>\ (was finished), F: eiUCToXlt 

nerpcnr 5 efloX, . k : a.cxook e&oX mc- 
ToXk 5 neTTpOC, O : A.C2C(MK eftoX *f eiiicToXH 
JUUUU.B'f (the second) RxeneniWT (of our father) nerpOC 
j6ettO"Cg,!pHItK Rxe^-f (in peace of God) £JtA.KIt, S. 

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2 PETER. 89 

CTtX. ( + OC, A,) C JCjeX €, A 1(2) : CTt^OC CK6 (by error) 
K6<t>A.Xeon S KO*»3CI (small) KR, G: CTTTX K? kX £ 
KOTT3CI KH, 0: C*T~*X KH K,eX £, FS: Ke$4.XeOIt 5 

CTTX " KR» K : ^^i cf. Euthalios (ap Zac.) ; A,NPT have 
Arabic ; B*r have no subscription. 

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<1>H GTttJOn icxeit g,H $h exa.ncoejm.eq $k 

exa.nna.-r epoq nnen&a.X 4>h 

epoq o-rog, a. nengix gegju cwjutq * ee&e 

nicajxi nxe num;&. 2 cnrog, niumj& a.qoTong, 
e&oX* OTrog, a.rtna.Y epoq* o-rog, xenep- 
jmeepe oirog, xenxaju.0 jGuuiooxen eiuu)!tj£> 
iieneg,* d>K excgon g,a. <feuox* ovog, a.qo*jr- 
ong, epoit *• 8 4>k exa.nna.Tr epoq oirog, 
a.ncoejuteq * xeng,icoia| juuulo nwxenfr 
&ma. iieujxen g/uxen nxe o"*Ju.exaj4>Hp 
cgtcm nooxen newta-n*- xenju.exaj<&rtp 2>.e 
cx K K€jul <&uox* nejut neqajnpi Irc n^c* 
4 0*og, na.i xenci6a.i jUUuudo? ntuxen g,ma. 
nxe ajumi eqxHK e&oX. | 'oirog, 
<fca.i ne niooaj exa.ncoeju.eq nxoxq* xen- 

inscnption. Koa-nnoTr (KoZ, p) emcxoXit aT, A,( t) rGP, 
cf. Gr. » : (*f, b») emcxoXH icjua.nnoT (hc, k : itua., S) X, 
b*fkns: emcxoXit Koa.nnoTr, T: np(oc) i<ua.n- 
nov aT, o. 

H«« ts. » F»« S"* 'the second Sunday of Kihak.* eXO|On]AK: ena.q- 

ajon, L«T*B»rFQPST 18: ena-qajum, O: ena.qajtt>ni, n. 

eXa.nna.Tt] erretlMSt, F present: om. na.*», r* by error. 

nnen&a.X] nna.&a.X, s* sing, by error. onrogj om. b» 18. 


8 mtwn^b i°] nconi, ro. a.qoiong, twice] A: -cong,, 

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L That which was (er) from (the) beginning, that which 
we heard, that which we saw with (it) our eyes, that which 
we gazed at, and our hands handled, concerning the word of 
(the) life : * and the life was manifested, and we saw it, and 
we witness, and we show to you the eternal life, that which 
was (JET) with (£,&.)* the Father, and it was manifested to 
us; 3 that which we saw and we heard we proclaim 
to you, that ye also — that there may be a fellowship to 
you with us; but our fellowship is CXH) with the Father 
and his Son Jesus Christ. *And these things we write 
to you, that your joy may be complete. * And this is the 

* Bendering vp6t, bat usually implying motion to a person. 

L*T* Ac <y*0£, A.H.] on. OTTO&, B»FPS i8 f . €poq] A : 

©m. l«t» && xeivr*Ji*.o jubuturren] TeitT^JUtuyreit, 

K. neiiegj om. K. $H] WArFKNOST: pref. 2C6, T'B»GP 
18. OTTO& 4.CJ.] om. OTTO&, B»GP 18. • €T*.HIU.V] 

exennAir, b»fnt present, incoejuteq] A: er^nc, 

L«T* &c: erenc, 8. Ten&IUMOj] cf. Or. KL al pier cat vg 
syrP ttt Dionys &c. £,U>*r€It] om. K, cf. syr«*. XenjUL€TOJ- 
$Hp] L*AB»FGKPS: pref. CnTOg,, TTNOT. 2k.e] cf. Gr. NABO 3 
KLal pier cat syr"* aeth Did &c. C^h] L»ArFNOST: IC^R. 
T'B»GKP 18. neJULneqajHpl] cf. ? Gr. 31. am* Aug. IHc] 
pref. VLyAf 4 TenCj6*.l] L*T»AB»FG(pref. 6)KP 18: *f Cj6&J> 
TNOST sing. nOBTett] cf. Gr. A^CEL al fere omn cat vg ayr u «* 
arm aeth &c. n€TenpA,gjl] cf. Gr. AOKP al plu vg*" demid syrP 
arm aeth &c. * 0"»0£, i°] om. B»GP 18. 4>AJ lie] cf. ? Gr. A Hum h, 

13. al vix mu cat vg syr^etP"*. IUUJttj] cf. Gr. (N*)GP 13. 31. 40. 
69. 70. 73. 137. a»" al rix ma syrP &c. TCrtg,!.] L«T'AB»GKN 


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&KDIOJ ijumoq moxen xe $*f oTOTioim ne* 
oto£, jDuuion £,Xi nxt* 1 n&Rxq*- 

/3 • Ggjtun i.naji.nxoc xe OTonxi.n noTA*.exaj$Hp 
neju.A.q* oto£, enjuioaji £>en nrxi-Ki*- en- 
xejmeenoTX *• oto£, Tempi itejutHi &.m- 
7 eajum«xoaji £>en. nioTiuim «• iJLtywf* 
2/oq exeqtJLOjgi ,£>en nioTtuin i * 
noT*nexaj$Hp itejut nenepHOT * oto£, ncitoq 
nmc neqajKpi* qna.xoTfi.oit efioX &i. nofii 
mfien *• 

y 8 Gctjcon i.naji.nxoc xe jQuuLonxen nofii Juuuii.T* 
xenep£,iA juuuion Juuu«.i.Ti.xeit oto£, ojulhi 
ajon nj£>Rxen* • egum i.ncgi.noTU}ng, 
ititermo&i efioX* qen&ox oto£, otojulri ne* 
&ini. itxeqx*- nennofii efioX*- oto& 
qnixoTfion ciAoX ittff nxonc mfien* 
10 eajwn i.ncgi.nxoc xe jOLnenepnofii * xempi 
jDuuLoq ncijuteonoTX * oto£, neqcixi ajon 

s nj6nxen i.n* + 1 Hi^jHpi ni.i *fcs6i.i i*.- 
julojot ncoxen g,ini. nxexenajxejuiepnofi.1 * 
OTog, eajion i.pecyi.n OTiJ epnofii * OTonxi.n 
jOuuu.t iJLniiu.piJcXKXon j6ixen $iu>x mc 
nxc niejuuu* 2 oTog, iteoq ne ncurf itxe 
nennofii* eefie noTn 2^e iiuuii.Ti.xen i.n* 
£.\\&. ne«x eefieni.niKoaut.oc xitpq* 

PT 18 : pref. OTOg,, TFOS. OTOTUJim] om. OT i°, B»ST. 
Rj^HXq] position cf. i Gr. B 13. 31. ayr"* aeth &c • egjum] 

cf. Gr. (exc. A). OTOrtXi.n] L8ATFNS : -n it-, T'B'GKOPT 

18. OTog, enjuL.]xenAJL.,s. enxejui.]A: xenxe**.., 

L»T» &c T eajtun] AKO, cf. Gr. 29. 66** hurl* : +2*.€, L«T» &c 

exeqAHogi] a -. exeqajo(u>, s)n, l«t» &c: exajon, p. 

-ttXi.n] AB»: -n It-, L«T« &c: om. S. nenepHOT] cf. Gr. (exc 
A*»w tol &c). IHC] A, cf. Gr. NBOP 29. 69* a"" fu syr«*etP** arm 
aeth" Clem Ac : + n^C, L«T t &c, cf. Gr. AK L al pier cat vg syrP c* 

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1 JOHN I. 6— II. a. 98 

promise which we heard from him ; we proclaim it to you, 
that God is [a] light, and there is not any darkness in him. 

"If we should say that we have a fellowship with him, 
and are walking in the darkness, we are saying false, and we 
do not (the) truth : T if we should walk in the light, as he also 
walketh in the light, we have a fellowship with one another, 
and (the) blood of Jesus bis Son will cleanse us from all sin. 

8 If we should say that we have not sin, we deceive our- 
selves, and (the) truth is not in us. 'If we should confess 
our sins, be is faithful and is righteous that he should forgive 
us our sins, and be will cleanse us from all wrongdoing. 10 If 
we should say that we sinned not, we make him false, and 
his word is not in us. IL My children, these things I write 
to you, that ye may not sin. And if one should sin, we have 
the paraclete with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous : 
1 and he is (the) redemption of our sins ; but not concerning 
ours only, but (A.) also concerning those of the whole world. 

•ethw &c qni.XOTfi.OIt] cf. ? Gr. 5. 6. 7. 29. 66** 106. is 1 ** 

I4 tot ,!«♦« &c . » ^ailri] OV&JUU, : fte., PS. ftj6K- **£*> 

T€It] position cf. ? Gr. NBL al pier syrP aoth &c. * e&oX i°] 

tr». Wot* nnenno&i, s : om. e&oX, f. -&ot] -£/ut, s. 
o*ro£, i°] om. k. -x.*- nennofLi n*.n e&oX] t» &c, cf. Gr. 

MC 5. 26. 68. 69. 98. a*" j«" Tg uyr " arm aeth &c: om. e&oX, Ifi : 
-XA-'* n *- n efioX 'forgive them to ns,' K. CAJioX] LsANST 
26: efloX, T»B»rFGKOP. Ktfl] L«ANT 26: &A.£+n, S)df, 

T»B»rFGKOPS. 10 eajconj +*.e, b»p. julnenep.] 

A«.nepep., fps. ncA.]+xe, k. 

1 -fcjijAj] pref. e,A,.,GP. jOUUIUJOT] om. A,*P. OTO&] Hunt* 

om. fks. A.peajA.noTA.i] itTeoTA.1, 26. oTonTAn] 

UATV 8: -n S-, T» &c. nApAKXftTOn] -TOC, T'FS. 
n5cc] + nenOC OTO£, 'our Lord and,' K. * OTO&] om. NT. 

iteoq] om. B»: +&UOCJ, 0. Tie] position cf. ? Gr. A 68. 180. vg 
•yr** Ens &c. ttOTrt] OTrt, T* by error. jOUAATATen] 
TAFK08 26: -TOT, L«B»rGNPT; cf.? Gr. B I. 21. 33. 37. 66* 
80* 101* al pane &o. Alt] om. Aj by error. 

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94 IinOXHHOY ox. 

e 3 0»og > /6en $ai xeiutAejui xe Ajtamonq * 
eojcwn ArugAnApeg, eneqenxoXit* * <&h exxco 
pjuto jDuuloc xe Aicoriuitq | ofog,;p, 
eneqeitToXH oTCAJueenofx ne* oitog, ojuhi 
gjon j6ert $ai Ait* s 4>k eenAApeg, eneq- 
caxi* aXhoujc *fAVAiiR iixe <fc*f * acxuok 
e&oX itj6pw )6eit $ai. s&en 4>ai xenttAejuu 
xe xeitcgon nj6Kxq* 8 $k exxiu jO.ju.oc 
xe "fgon Kj£>Rxq cejunajA Ju.<ppR"f exA, $h 
julooji juuuoq rtxeqjuoaji £,(uq juLnAJpH*f * 


r 7 Hajm.enp4.-f KOTenxoXH ju&epi Ait e-fcj£>AJ 

JUUU.QC narren aXXa o-yeitxoX H kaiiac xe* 

en eitAciixeit eRitoT icxeit £,r* "fenxoXK 
kaiiac mcAxi exA.pexencoejueq* 8 nA.Xm 
oTrenxoXh iiftepi efcj£>*.\ iS.ju.oc nioxen. 
e-R exeoTron onrjueejuRi ajon nj^nxc iteju. 
jfceit ©Hnoffr xe mx*-** itAcim* moTtoim 
C itxA<pJURi * £»H2>.R qepo-*u>mi * + • <I>r exxto 
juLjuoc xe "fgon /6eit iuofuniu* oto£, 
qjuocf juLneqcon * A.qiij6pRi j6en nix*-** 
gjA, •fitoT* 10 <pR exep£.VA.iu.n juneqcoit * 
A,qajoTi j6en moirtoiiu onrog, juuuoit ckak^A' 

Hn^t.s, s oTogJ om. 18. xenttAejui] afs 36: xeitejui, L»T» 

B»rGKNOPT 18. eiteq] om. NT, also ver. 4. * Xe] cf. Gr. 

NAB 18. 25. 27. 33** 65. 66** 68. 69. 98. 101. 177. 180. i«dw j">» 
fi7 Uot g yr otr & c . OJUKl] ArFKNT 18. 26: pref. OT, LeT*B»GO 
PS. cgoil] OJtOTl, S, also ver. 5. &ett$Al] ilj6HXq 'in him,' 
B*FKS 18, cf. Gr. 19. g« r . s $r] A : +2w€, L*T* Ac. eeitA,- 

Ap€£,] CXApeg,, B» 18, cf. ? Gr. K 13. 100. 142. c«" 57»»t. 
•fA.VA.IlK] pref. A, TNT. ACXOJK] -RK, N. ftj6pHI J&BIt- 
4>Al] nj4>HXq, K ; position cf. ? Gr. P 31 (aeth), ;&eit$AI 2 ] 
pref. n^bpKI, K : om. P. XenitA.eJUl] AfFKOS: X€tteJU.I, 

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1 JOHN H. 3-10. 95 

* And in this we shall (lit. will) know that we knew him, 
if we should keep his commandments. * He who saith : 
'I knew him/ and kept not his commandments is false, 
and (the) truth is not in this (one): 8 he who will keep his 
word, truly the love of God was completed in this (one). 
In this we shall (lit. will) know that we are in him : • he who 
saith : ' I abide (gon) in him/ ought as he walked to walk 
also thus. 

7 My beloved, (it is) not a new commandment which I 
write to yon, bnt (A.) it is an old commandment, this which 
ye were having from (the) beginning, the old commandment, 
the word which ye heard. 8 Again, (it is) a new command- 
ment which I write to you, this in which there is [a] truth 
and in yon, because the darkness will pass away, the true 
light now shineth. * He who saith : * I am in the light/ 
and he hateth his brother was in the darkness until now. 
w He who loveth his brother abode (cy on) in the light, and there 


L»T» B*GNPT 18. e "fgon] qgon, K, 3 person. £M>pR-f ] 
JCA/TA. <fcp., GP 18. 6TA.] KTA-, N. JUUlAOq] om. U>: 

+ Sj6inrq *in him,' fs. nxeq**..] ereq**.., p. £,toq &.- 

n4jpR*f ] cf. Gr. NO K P al pier cat syrP arm &c. 7 1*8 S"* j»5ll J «»•>* •«. 
^j.-.i! Jjl JJjJJ 'on the new Sunday, the first of Pentecost/ also 'the u-r-ts 
third Sunday of Klhak.' nAJUteitpA/f ] cf. Gr. HABCP al 20 cat * * • KOC " 
Tg eyr"* arm &c. OTteitXoXK] OITTT., B». ftA-IlAC 2°] +T6, 

fs. iucaxi] a : +ne, l»p & c . erA-perencoejuLeq] cf. Gr. 

KABCP 5. 13. 37. 29. 39. 40. 65. 68. 81. 180. d 1 ™ j^vg syr ntr arm aeth &c. 

'oTreitToXH] oxirr., b». iiL&epi] +ne, k. en . . . 
juteeAJUti] ere*f-4ULee**.Hi, k. kj6hxc] pref. n&pRi, 

NT; position cf. I Gr. (exc. A). j6eit©HnOTf] cf. Gr. KBOKL al 
longe plu cat Tg syr^eti"*** arm aeth etc.: ftj£>K*T"e!t, K, cf. Gr. 
AP &c Xe] F°« S"» 'the second Sunday of Misry.' ftACIttl] 
AqCIItl c^-U OS, K. niOTCOini] A : pref. OfOg,, L«T' &c. 

&k2>.h] -2k.e, n s. qepoiriomi] A.qep., fo s. • qA*.oc*f] 

L»AB»FKS: €q«A., T*G 18: A,q*JL, TNOPT. OJA,] om. K. 

Aqajon] qaj., k, /6enm . . . gon] om. N homeot. 


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96 IUiaxHHOY &. 

Xoit ojon itj6Hxq «■ " $R ee.AA.ocf iineqcoit 
A.q/6ert wxaki* otto^ A.qjutooji j6en m- 
X^i*- oTog, nqcuxnm *.it xe A.qjmoajj 

»» eeum*- + 2Ce *. mx*-** euwm itneq&A.X+- 

e 18 'I»cj6a.i rnoxeit majHpi* xe ceiu-x*- iteren- 
ito&i ntoxeit e&oX* eefie neqpA.n * " *fcj6a.i 
nurren nno-f «• xe ^.peTeiicoTen $r ergon 
icxen &h. | 
'I'c^a.i nurreit nijfeeXcyipi *• xe ^.pexentfpo era- 
nomtpoc «• M 4jcj6aj itun-eit iu£.Xidoti * xe 
ipereitcofen 4>iu>*r* ajcj&£.i mwreit nno*f- 
xe ipexencoTen 4>k ercgiuiu icxen £,h* 
*.ic/6*.i nurreit ttu6eXcgipi xe *rereitxop «■ 
ovog, mcAxi nre <H" 2J°n ^ n ©Knox* 
oTog, iTereittfjio eiunonnpoc *» 

* M 0nep«.enpe niKocjuLoc* o^rae rot ergon j6eit 
niKoc.AA.oc * ejgwn ave £.peajA,n o*v^.i jmeitpe 
hikocjuloc *• *fA.rinR irre $iiot cgon 

w w 2Ce enx*-i niftert erjieit iukoouloc. *femeTr- 
awa. irre *fc*.p£+ itejix *feiuexwiia. irre ni- 
fU.X* net*. *fjULexpeq£,in£,o irre tu.i&ioc«- 
itii £,A.ite&oX ii^Kwr ne* A.XX&. &*.n- 
e&oX j6eit niKocAJioc ite+ "otto^, iukoc- 
juloc luxmi*- new. xeqemonr ajlul *• $k xe 
eripi iJL^o-rajttj &j&f qruugioru ajA,ene£,* 

*j3 " Hi&Xuxm tj£a.6 ftovttoT *re«- oto& kzjta. 
4>pK*f eTi-pereitcurrejuL xe niA.nxi5cpc 

ft^KXq] position cf. ? Or. NAO 5. 105. j«" m" syr"* &c 
11 <>h] +2k.€, TTOT. A.qjU.OOJI . . . OTO£,] om. B»0* : qAH. 
&&, K° over erasure. KqClUOTflt £.It] A: om. it, L«T l &o. single 
negative: ^qCOJOTIt <LIt, S: q€JUU, K". XeAqAH.] 

xeqAA., p. eew(o, N>n] rie., T'N. nix*-**] om. p by 

error. " ttlOJHpi] HA.OJ. 'my children,' P; cf . ? Gr. 1. 10. 40. 

CeitA,X*-] cf. ? am 'remittentur.* lUDTen] cf. Gr. (exc. L 31. 68. 

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1 JOHN IL 11-18. 97 

is not occasion of stumbling in him. u He who hateth his 
brother was in the darkness, and he walked in the darkness, 
and he knoweth not whither he walked. Because the dark» 
ness blinded his eyes. U I write to yon, [the] Children 
(gttpl), because your sins will be forgiven you because of his 
name. ] * I write to you, [the] fathers, because ye know him 
who is from (the) beginning. I write to you, [the] young 
men, because ye conquer the mril (one). u I wrote to you, 
[the] children (A.Xu>07n)> because ye know the Father. I 
wrote to you, [the] fathers, because ye know him who is 
from (the) beginning. I wrote to you, [the] young men, 
because ye are strong, and the word of Qod abideth (gjoil) 
in you, and ye conquered the evil (one). u Love not the 
world, nor the things which are in the world. But if one 
should love the -world, the love of the Father is not in him. 

M Because everything which is in the world, the lust of 
iiieJUeh, and the lust of the eyes, and the arrogancy of this 
life, these are not from the Father, but (A.) they are from the 
world. 1T And the world will pass away, and its lust ; but he 
who doeth (the) wish of God will abide for ever. u [The] 
children (A-XtWOTl), it is (the) last hour: and according as 

99. ••» j«« k««). e&oX] om. A, i8«. " *f Cj&AJ a ] cf. Or. 

Kil Mt mn mrm^d Oec &c. noitH(I, N)pOC] -pOlt, NT. 

14 j6eXajipt] -ajHpi, N8(twioe)T. iixed>"f ] cf. Gr. (exc. B). 
iTexentfpo] wt'Afgknpst: A.pereitd"n B»ro 18. 

M X€]om. TK. *.rA.IlR] -III, 8. d>ICOT]L»T*ArG<>NPT 18, Hunt ,8, 
ef. Gr. KBKLP al pier cat vg 8yr» to arm &&: 4/f, B»*FG*KO, cf. * S " 9 
Gr. AC 3. 13. 43. 65. 58>~» d*» harl Beth"* : d/f cbKJUT, 8, of.? Gr. 
15. 18. 26. 36. rov Otov ml narpit. SJ°TC] position cf. ? Gr. P &c. 
'• 6(^ N)nXAj]_&«5&» K. IUKOCAA.OC i°] IU.IKOCAX.OC 
"tfci» world,' O. jOLd>IUrr] L«T*ArFN8T: JOCIV&IUJT, B»G 

op 18: arrerttfriurr, k. "oto£,] LBT*ArFKNOST« 

om. B»GP 18. XeqeniOTAJUA.] cf. Gr. (exc. A 5. 13. Ac), 
^.e] om. KS*. qn&J] om. q, P. F°« 'the end (of the lection).' 
" T^4.€(K, T)] Xj6aJH, B»I\ 3C6 i°] of. Gr. NBCKP al pier 
cat rg «jrr«« aethw &c. lUAJTrt.] IlA.IiT!., FKS ; of.? Gr. fl°AKI» 

vol. rr. a 

Digitized by 


98 mnxHHOY 5l 

IlKOT*- "fnOTf !C OTAJLHCg niitXIXPC i*rajU)m. 

>6en $4.1 xenniejuu *• xe xs6ie ncrvno? re. 
"exitt e&oX nj6Hxen* iXXi £,inefi.oX 
itj6KT€it in ne* ite &Ane&oX nj6nxen* 
niTnicgtom nejutin ne. iXXi £,nti Rtot- 
oTton^, e&oX* ace £,ine&oX nj6Kxen xitponr 
^.n ne* 


«y " Prog, jtourren g,orren o-Tonxoxen itonrew&c 

pn e&oX j6en neeoTifi. corog, [ xexencuxnrn 

ng/ufi. m&en* 
"GxiJcj6AJ nurren *.n + ace xexenctoovn 
nejuiHi in * iXXi ace xexencwarn jSjuloc *• 
xe hotx m&en* g,ineftoX itejuuu in 
ne. M nuu. ne niciju.eeno'vx * e&itX e$K 
exactoX e&oX ace mc in ne n^cc* $** ne 
niinxi^cpc* ace $k exxtoX ijl^wox e&oX* 
qxu>X on jQLniKeojHpi <► M c^og, o*»on m&en 
exxtoX iJLniajHpi e£oX* niKeuox nxoxq in* 
$k eeovcong, jOLmcyHpi eftoX nuceuox nxoxq. 
a "fietoxen g,u>xen <frn exipexencoeAxeq icxen 
g,R JULipeqdjuwm 4>en OHnonr * egjum xe iq- 
gjincguom j6en eimof* itxecpK exipexere- 
coe-ju-eq icacen g,R. netoxen g,u>xen: 

al pier eat Ac -XP C ] -XP ICT0C » I*TTN 0. "fno**] L« T*A 
B»GNPT: pref. OTTOg,, TKO: + 2k.€, F8. ninXIff, S)XPC] 

-XP'ctoc, l*t*no. <frii] nil, o. xenniejuu] xeit- 
exiu, nt. x/6ie] Mme mc. g (K). " exiTi] pref. xe, 
Ki+2s.e,o. g,ine&oX i°] pref. i, a,. itti°]om.p. ne- 

g,ine&oX a°J A: pref. 6, LBT* Ac. 6&oX a°] AK: + Vip, 

l*t» &c. nxoTcrongJ a : -<ung„ l»t» &c. : nxeoftong,, 
p. n^Hxen 3 ] a : + ne, lbt* &c. : ne, k : + in ne, t ; 

for position of lie &c. cf. ? Or. BC 69. 137. a"* fyr^etP aeth'*' &c. 
H ^ 8 ' in a ] am. B». M F»wS-« 'the last Sunday of Pentecost.' g,tt>- 

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1 JOHN IL 19-34. 99 

ye heard that the antichrist is coming, now, lo, many anti- 
ekrids eame (ojwni) ; in this we shall (lit. will) know, that 
it is (the) last hour. u They eame (6TA.Y) from us, but (A.) 
they are not from as; had they been from us, they would 
have abode with as : but (A.) that they might be manifested 
that all are not from us. 

"And ye also have an anointing from the holy (one), and 
ye know all things. n I wrote (eXAJ) not to you, because 
ye know not (the) truth, but (A.) beoause ye know it, that all 
Jake (ones) are not from (the) truth. n Who is the false (one) 
except him who denieth that Jesus is [not] Christ 1 This is 
the antichrid, because he who denieth (the) Father, denieth 
also the Son. *• And every one who denieth the Son hath not 
the Father also : he who confesseth the Son hath the Father 
also. **Ye also — let that which ye heard from (the) 

beginning abide in you. But if that which ye heard from 
(the) beginning should abide in you, ye also shall abide in 

T€lt] am. T, cf. Or. B. OTOItTOTeit] A : -TUTTeit, L«T» 
Ac: -It ST., T»KNOT 18: + JUUULA.Tr, L«T* Ac tt&Ujfi. 
Itlfien] cf. Gr. ACKL al pier vg syrP arm aeth Did Ac. n 6TA.I- 

CjfcAaJ A, single negative : n€T., L8T*FGKNPST: It€ €T. t 

B»ro. ace 2 ] fps. jDUutoc] -oq, b»k. ace 3 ] afs : pwf. 

OTTOg,, L»T»(B«) Ac: om. B». rtOJULHl] A: j6eite., L«T» Ac. 

ne]om. b»g 18. w erxioX] eex., b». e&oX i°] om. fs. 

-Xpc] T» Ac: -X.P tcTOC ' ITO. X6 4>k] A: om. XC, L* 

T* *c e&oX a ] om. T. qxtoX] AqxtoX, FS. fflHpl] 

♦ e&oX, FS. M OTO£,] T*ArNOT: om. L*B*FGKPS 18. 

Ittajftpi i°] niKettJHpI 'the son also,' FS. €&oX i°] om. K. 4>H 

. . . fTTOXq] L«T*A 2 B*rFGKNOP8T 18} cf. Gr. NABOP al M 

fere est rg syT"** arm aeth Or Ens Oyr Ac. : om. A t (A.It being out of 

the line gives some indication of the omission being homeot.), cf. Gr. KL 

•1 phi Ac. M fte-tOXeri] LfAFS ; cf. Gr. MABCP 13. 27. ao. Hunt is, 

66»» 68. 69. 76. 81. I4*** 57 1 * * a»" vg syrP arm Oyr: pref. 0*»0£,, " 4 " 9? 

t« Ac, cf. «yr«*. egjum a^e] ak : eg. vA.p, t*b»g p 18:. 

eegton, LTFNOST. ICXeit&K 2 ] position cf.? Gr. K ▼g* harl 

H 3 

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loo IUnxHHOY 5u 

epexenecgunu j6eit higgitpi new. ♦k»t+ 
**<t>Ai ne iuun) <t>K iteoq exAqtug ijuutoq nitciv6 neiteg,* 

te *«Hai ajc*6hxot norreit ee&e nit exctopout 

i$- jDuuturrert. t«Oifo£, nou>xen meto&c exA.- 
pexenolxq ttxoxq qajon £en eimo*** oto£, 
nxexenepxpi*- *-n ec&AJ nun-en** le itxe 
Ota.! *fc&to nun-en* aXXa. ii.d>pR*f exe 
iu.iiml poo *fc&u> nu>xen«- ee&e £,u>& 
m&en* oto& otoajlhi ne. oTCAjmeenoTac 
A.n ne* jcaxa. $picf- exA,qxcAJ£e eimoT 
ajtom n£>HXq** 

»C 88 OfO£, *fnoT on nAajttpi ajtom itj6Rxq. £,inA, 
A.qajAnoTon£, e&oX xexennA.<JT novnAppH* 
cia * nxexettcgxe*JL<figjira nxoxq j6en xeq- 
itApoTciA. * | *• eajcvn A.pexenajAnttA.T ace 
otojulm ne* ApteAiu ace oTon m&en exipi 
ivfjuteejuun exA.TJULA.cq e&oX it^Hxq* 

"j * 3XnA,T ace oTA.rA.nH itA,aj jDuuiaik A.qxwc nA.n 
nace$iurr *• £,iitA. ncejutoTf - epon ace niojHpi 

t0 itxe ♦+* oto£, A.tton £,AnoTon*> +Gefi.e 

epexenetg.] epexenoj., a,k. nrajftpi nejuufciurr] 

cf. ? Gr. B vg Ac. on. b: in. $KOX IteJULnajHpI, K. cf.? Gr. tt 4. 
5. 38. 68. 80. 96. 104. c»° r h** syr«* aeth. to <&A.l] A: prof, 

OTO&, L«T* Ac. $H iteoq] L«T*ArN0PT: om. B»FGKS 
18. rtAtt] of. Gr. MAO K LP al fere omn cat vg«>* demid harl tol 
syr»*» &c: + ItOOq, aMs, K. en€£,] + ne, 18. u ttH 

eX(0» B*)C.] neXC, r singular. " F"* S™* 'the fourth Sun- 

day of Kltiak, the second Sunday in Pentecost.' OTO£, i°] om. FS. 

noujxeit] T»AB»rKNT 18: +&aJTen 'also/ l«fgops. 
ntooo&c] cf. Gr. (exc. b io»*). exApexentf".] exApen<C 

A by error. ItXOXq] JUUULOq, P: om. G 18. j6e«OKItOT] 
position cf.? Gr. MABCP 5. 13. 31. 68. d»«* vg arm aeth Ath Did 
Cyr &c itxexenep] T»ArO : om. ft, U Ac. indicative. XP 1 *-] 

«X'» ro - nxeoTAi &c] e(Ai > A t )cj6Ai moxen le 

. .ti(oin. A^XeOTA.1 Ac, T'Aj by error. JUL^pR-f ] cf. Gr. (exc B 

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1 JOHN IL 35— HI. i. 101 

the Son and the Father. M This is the promise which he 
himself promised to us, the eternal life. *• These things 
I wrote to yon concerning them who lead yon astray. " And 
ye — the anointing which ye received of him abideth in you ; 
and ye need not (me) to write to yon; or that one should 
teach yon ; but (a) as the same spirit teacheth you concern- 
ing all things, and is true ; it is not false : according as it* 
instructed you, abide in it*. * s And now also, my children 
(ojKpl), abide in him ; that, if he should be manifested, ye 
will have (<fi) [a] boldness, and will not be ashamed from 
him in his coming. ** If ye should see that he is righteous, 
know that every one who doeth [the] righteousness was 
(€T£.*y) born from him. III. See how great love the 

Father gave to us, that we should be called 'The children 

•Or 'be... him.' 


*5. &c). ereiu-inru. pto] exiiu.! &c, k : &&, 

B»FS 18 : itXeiU.1 &c, N : ttTGIU &c, 0; cf. Gr. AKL al longe 

pin &c: om. pU>, OP, cf.? Or. KBOP al fere 20 cat vg syrP arm aeth ut * 

Ath Did Oyr &c; for mtvfia cf. Or. N* 25. 81. aeth" tr &c. 0**0£, 3 ] 

LrT»AKN0T: om. B»rFGP8 18. OfCAJULGOIt.] LbAFS: pref. 

OTTOg,, T»B»rGKNOP(T) 18. UTA] L*AFS, cf. Gr. A &c: 

pref. CTTO&, T»B»rGKNOPT 18, cf. Gr. rell. OJtDIIl] cf. Gr. KA 

BOP 5. 7. 8. 11. 37. 29. 40. 68. 81. 137. a*" d** vg syr *' arm aeth. 

** CTTOg,] om. F8 18. OH] T*A : om. Lb &c. ItAOJHpl] cf. Gr. »»»,■«. 

K h 22. 37. 40. 56. b*" 1»» sjt*^ aeth. A.qajA.It] cf. Gr. NABCP 

5. 13. 26. 27. 29. 36. d«« arm. -OTOK&] A: -OTftong,, L«T* &c. 

T€*renru.tfT] t»a : TerertdT, lbfgps : nxerentff, B*r 

NOT 18: nxeittff, K, i° person, nxexengxe**..] A : pref. 
OTTOg,, WT* &c. j6en] A : pref. i^6(&, B»GP 18) pKI, L*T» &c. 
** -HA.**] cf. Gr. AKLP al plu cat aeth»«*. X€ 2 ] cf. Gr. BKL al 
pier est am harl tol sttp arm aeth &c Rj6HXq] AJUULOq, NT. 

1 jOL(ft, L«r)A*AJH] UT'Ar^NCM'WT: Spiff *8ort,* B»r*FG 
K0*P8 18. AqTHtc] A : CXAqX, LfT*&c. X€ 2 ] nX€, TO*. 
OTTO& AItOIt(K, NT) ^AKOTfOn] cf. Gr. NABOP 5. 6. 7. 8. 13. 
15. 18. 32. 25. 26. 27. 29. 36. 66** 68. 69. 81. 137. a*" cat vg syr^etP 
am«u aeth &c. K"8 J**» ^Wl 'the end of the chapter.' eefte] F«w 

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$a.i niKocjutoc cuxnm jOUulok A.n xeo"*Ki 

* ' HiJU.enpA.-f j~noT A.non g,A.ngHpi ktc <fr*f~ 
QTog, jOLnA-xegoTong, e&oX xe A.nnA.ep jloj 
npirf *■ xenctooTn ^e xe*«-on£, e&oX*- 
xennA.ep neqpnf * xe xenn^.** epoq kaxa. 
$pH*f exeqoi jQuutoq. "otok m&en e*re xaj- 
£,eXiuc nxoxq*-gA.qxo7rjioq rtj6pm nj6Kxq«- 
kaxa. <frpH*f ere $k otaA Ju.ju.oq* 

<ca «Oron ra&en exipi ju/frnofi.!* qipi on $nO&I VA.p TA.tlOJU.IA. X6* * OTTO& 

xencujorrn xe exA. $h o**on£, e&oX* £,mA. 
irreqeX mnoili otto^, 4>noJBa gon Sj6Hxq 
A.n+ •ovon m&en ergon nj6Kxq-* juL- 
nA.qepnofi.1*- o**on m&en exipi ju4>nofii 
ju.neqnA.Tf epoq-fr- otr^e iJLneqcoTumq ♦ 

«)3 * HiA.Xu>o7n juLnenope &Xi cepeju. ennoT $h 
exipi irf JU-eejuuii *■ ne* kaxa. 
$pn*f exe $h oTrejuuti ne* 8 <bR exipi xe 
ju.$no&i«- oTe&oX ;6en nifc.iA_fi.oXoc ne. xe 

<cy m^iA-jSioXoc qepnofii icxen &H* + Gefi.e $a.i 

S"* 'the first Sunday of Tubah.' JU.JU.on] cf. Gr. H° A BO al sat ma 
cat vg syr»* ann« u aeth Ac. JUineqC.] JUUiertC, B" by error. 

Hant«6, * ju.nA.xeq] ju.nA.xec, 26. -oTfong, twice] a 26: -wng,, 
L«T'&c. A.nnA.ep] ennA.ep,A: nnA.ep, 26: A.nep, b». 

2s.e] cf. Or. KL al pier cat syr** aeth &c. A.qcy A.n.] AK 26 : pref. 

eajum, l»t» &c. xennA/r] l« a^b'FG k n st 26 : xenitA.- 
HA.T, T»ro: xexennA.**, p. exeqoi] exA.qoi, ns. 

Hunt .8, 8 ofon] AK 26 : pref. OTTOg,, L»T» &c. eXCXAJg,.] eXAJg,., 

. . . £,K A,. rtXOXq] A 26, cf.? Gr. 31 : +€£,pRI eXCJOq 'on him,' U. the 

Lord, L*T*&c. gA.qXOTf.-iOq] JULA.peqX. 'let him purify him- 

self,' k. nj£>pm nj6nxq] ak 26 : om. l«t* &c. * o-»on] 

pref. OTTOg,, 0. "fA.nOJU.IA.] XK€A.n., K : XA4.nOJU.lA., 

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.1 JOHN HI. a-8. 103 

of God': we are such (lit. some). Therefore the world 
knoweth as not, because it knew not him. 

* My beloved, now we (are) children of God, and it is not 
yet manifested of what kind we were to be ; bat we know 
that, should he be manifested, we shall (lit will) be like 
him*; because we see him according as he is. * Every one 
who hath this hope, purifieth himself in him, according as 
he ($ft) is pure. * Every one who doeth (the) sin, doeth 
also [the] lawlessness : for (the) sin is (the) lawlessness. 
• And we know that he (<pH) was (6TA.) manifested, that he 
might take away the sins; and (the) sin is not in him. 
'Every one who abideth (cyon) in him sinneth not: every 
one who doeth (the) sin saw not him, nor knew him. 

7 [The] children (A.XlOOVl), let not any one lead you 
astray: he who doeth [the] righteousness is righteous, 
according as he ($k) is righteous. 8 But he who doeth (the) 
sin is from the devil; because the devil sinneth from (the) 

» Lit 'bia kind.* 

B» by error. 8 OTO£, i°] L*T*ArKNOT: om. B»(F)GP(S) 18. 

TetlCUJCnm] A j6: + 2s.e, FS; cf. ? Gr. » 40. 98. tol arm &c. : 
*T€*reitC., L«T» &c, cf. Gr. ABOKLP al pier vg syr«* aeth Ac. 
OntOft&\ A a6: OTOJflg,, L»T» &c. £,!!«.] pref. 2£€, T*B» 
GP 18. rmtO&l] of. Gr. ABP 5. 13. 27. 66** 81. am fa demid harl 
tol err* arm aeth""' Jce. rU&HTq] position cf. ? Gr. tt aeth. 

• o-iron i°] pref. oto&, k. juLiu.qeprtofti] qipi ii/brto&i 
A,n, k. eripi ii/frn.] erep|no&i, o. JuLneqru.y] 
at/knot : ii.iu.qrt*.T, LeT*B*FG8 18. JQLneqcoTrumq] 
ii.TU.qc., g. T ruA.Xu>cm] cf. i Gr. ACP 5. 13. 27. 29. 

tpt"9 Ac $K i°] pref. 3CC, K. -fAJLe^AJLHl] + rt€, 0. 
OTOAJUU i°] OTfJUteOJULHI, A t S*: om. NT homeot. KA.TA.] om. k. •tbH eripi 7l€] l*t*agnp : neripi 

2w6, TO : $H 2k.e 6Tipi, K ; cf. Gr. A 25. 68. k«" tol arm aeth &c. : 
♦K eTipi, B»FST 18, cf. Gr. rell. 6^/ke] K"* isyJ J» *>)j ]/> 
'it ia read the fourth Sunday of Tut,' 8°* 'the frurth Sunday of Tut.' 

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104 IUI0XHHOY 3fc. 

A.qo-ifu>n£, e&oX itxengjHpi AA<p*f* £,iha 
pnA, ftxeq|fi.eX ni£,&HOTi nxe efi.oX. 
•oToit m&en exA.TfAAA.cq e&oX j6en <H" 
jQk.iu.qepnofi.1 * ace oron onracpoac nxA.q gjon 
nj6HTq* OTrog, iJLAA.oit ajacoAA jOUAoq eep- 
itofij *• ace exA.TfAAA.cq e£.oX j6en iff. ,0 ;6eit 
$aj ceofong, e&oX iixettigjHpt nxe $-f- * ne*A 
rtiajHpi nxe ma\iA&.oXoc «■ 

<c8 Oron m&en exenqipi koajlhi AJt* ove&oX 
j6en <M~ An ne* neAA $h exenqAAei AJLneq* 
con A.K* 

*« " 2Ce $aj ne niwaj 4>h exA.pexenco©AAeq icacen 
£,r. 2,1 n a. nxexenAAenpe nexenepHo**. 

««• +"Ka.xa. <tpH*f A.n itKAm* exe o-*efi.oX £en 
nmex&ttJOT ne *• o**o£, A.q£u>xe£. JOLneqcon. 
ee&e ot Aqj6urre& AAAAoq* ace neq&fiHonn 
HA-T^cooTf ne* nA.neqcon a^e &A.n2aiceon ne* 

«C " Onepepcy$Hpi a\e nAcnROTf icace qAAocf aa- 
A*.iuxen itacentKocAAoc. M Anon xencworn ace 
Anonruuxefi. e&oX j6en $aao** e^>o*»n enum;6 
ace xenepA.VAnA.n nnicnaoTf* $r exenqep- 
A.rA.nAn A.n-8- A.qgjon j6en <paao"**- X5 o"*on 
m&en eeAAocf AAixeqcon oTn£>Axe&,pu>AAi 
ne* oto£, xenccoovn ace j6A.xe&pu)AAi 
ni&en* aaaaok u>n/6 neneg, ajon n^nxoT* 

A-qonongJ -on&, o. • £en<H" i°J L*T t AB«FGKPS<>T: 
aa<pt » Tnos*. OTracpoac] om. o*», r. nxA.q] exA.q, fs. 

j6en<M~ a ] aa above exc. N S. 10 <|>Al] 1MJ, T. CeOVOttgJ 

A : -long,, L«T* &c. <P*f . . . Rxe] om. N homeot. OTfOtt . . . 
OAAKl] cf. Gr. harl tol 8yr«*etP*"* aeth &c. eAARl] cf.? Gr. ACKP 
h al fere 20 &c. rij, 8«. OVefi.oX] pref. ft, GNPT. J&€n$*fl 
I/T'AKNT: AA<P*f, B»rFG0PS. ne]om.NO. " niOJttj J 

cf. Gr. NOP 27. 39. 40. 66** 69. 99. a"" n*»al mu gyro^arm aeth^Oyr &c 

$r] om. b»fs. £,ntA.] pref. ace, t»b»g. nxexenAAenpe 
nexen-1 nxenAAenpenen., fs, i°per«oii: nxexenep- 

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1 JOHN in. 9-15. 108 

beginning. Therefore (the) Son of God was manifested, that 
he might pnll down the works of the devil. 'Every one 
who was born from Qod sinneth not, because there is a seed 
of his abiding (cyon) in him : and it is not possible for him 
to sin, because he was born from God. 10 In this are mani- 
fested the children of God, and the children of the devil. 

Every one who doeth not (the) righteousness is not from 
God, and he who loveth not his brother. n Because this 
is the promise which ye heard from (the) beginning, that 
ye should love one another: "not according as Kain, who 
was (ne) from the evil (one), and he killed his brother. 
Why killed he him? Because his works were being evil, 
but those of his brother were righteous. ls But wonder 
not, my brethren, if the world hateth you. "We (pron.) 
know that we removed from (the) death into (the) life 
because we love the brethren. He who loveth not abode 
in (the) death. M Every one who hateth his brother is a 
murderer: and we know that no murderers have* eternal 

* Lit. 'every . . . not.' 

£.V£.iu.n nneren. (inrenen., b»), b»gp. f«w S * 'the end 

(of the lection).' »* JCA.T A. <frpR*f] «.$., K. €Te] KT€, 8. 

lie i°] om. K. OTO&] om. TTNOT. ee&eOT] AF8: pref. 
CnrO£p LtT* &c : + A.OJ fipR-f 'in what manner,' K. A.q£tO- 

Ten iJuiiLoq] a : A.qj6o«fieq, l*t* &c. ace] pref. ee-fie, 
k. ru-Tf^tooT] ce&ux)**, fks: om. UA.T, r. ne 2 ] 
om.K. it£.neqcon 2k.e] om. a.e, b«: +ne, gnt: + ne, P: 
oTfog, iu.neqcon, k. ne] ne, b»0: ajt ne, a, by error. 

>» F-ss-« 'the third Sunday of Pentecost.' JGLnepepcy 4»HpI 2k.e] T* Hunt t£ *>, 
AB»GP8 18: om.2k.€, TFKNOT} cf.Gr.ABC oor »KLalplervg«yr»&c. 
ItAjCnHOT] of. Gr. KL al longe plu «yr»« &c. ICXe] X6, FKS. 

q««.oc*f ] A.q*iL., 0. " ace] +A.non 'we,' b». *renep rf ] 
rerenep., F8. nnicnHoif]L«T'AB»GKP i8.a6: nnenc. 

'our* Ac., rFNOST, cf. Gr. M 68. &>"* syr**. 4>h] pref. 0*»Og„ 

bo p 18. erenqep] erep, k. A,VA.nA.n 2 ] cf. Gr. k a b 13. arm &a A.qc(Jon] eqo)., 0. M OVOnjprtfO'*0£ l , 26. 

ee^juxr-f ] Aqju.., o. ovogj om. b»g p 18. n&RTOTr] A : 

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106 IUI0XHHOT Ox. 

«•» w |)cit $aj ^ncoven -firi-HH*- ace jj» <pn x w 
nTeqi(nfX H e&pRi exum* o*»o£, AJton £,um 
cejutnajA. irrenxttf nxewInrxH eacen nen- 
epHOT «• | 
"4>h ave exeoToitx^q jOUua.t ftoiru>nx6 S*re 
ni.iKocju.oc * ovoj>, nTeqnA.** eneqcon eqep- 
X.? 1 *-*" ovog, nxeqjuAgjeAJU. nneqjuLer- 
aA.nejuuL^bx eftoX £,A.poq* nuuc *f-Jj*r*.nH 
irre $*f lu-gujm nj6HTq* 


K $ 1g Ha.gjHpi ju.nenepewju.ei &en ncAJCi oT^e j£>en 
<E>Xa,c a.XXa. j6en nj>,(jo& neju. *f Ju.eeAt.Hi * 

x + 19 |>en $jjj xenn^ejuu ace A.non £,a.nejloX 
j6en *f jueejuuu o**-o£, xenitieayr nen&HT 
juLneqju.eo + ""ace eajton A.peaj.&.n nen&KT 
epKA.Ti.nnujcKm Jjuuton* 0Tmaj*f ne «t»-f 
e£,o*re nen&RT* oto& qccoow ii&tojS. 

\o mficn*- + ,l HAJU.enpA.-f- eajcon A.peajTeJU. 
nen&RT* epKA.TA.rmu5ciatt juumon* oiron- 
TAJt RoTiu-ppKcii. j&A.*rert <H"* "oto& 
<pn e*rennA.epe*r!tt ju.Jtn.oq-t- Teitiu^tfrrq 
irroTq ace TenA-peg, eneqenroXR* otoj>, 
Tempi ju.$k eepAnA.q ju.neqju.oo. m otoj>, 
eA,i xe TeqenToXH *• £> IIW - nxemu^f 

it^RTq 'in him,' L«T* &c. le AncOTten] -U)It, NT. 

•fjJ.ri.nK] L*T»ArFNO 26: + KTe$"f 'of God.* B»GEP 18, 
cf. Gr. 52. vgarm«>et«*»&c. 3C6 A$K(e, SJX" 5 ] $H eT/J.qX 1 *' 
'he who laid,' K. RTen^] Jtnemlf., K plan), eaten] pref. 
Huntjg, e&pRI (om. P), B»GP 18. " 2i€] LbTATNOT: om. B»FGK 

ps 18. ofonTAql jvatps : -n irrAq, t« &c. juuut&.*v] 
om. ro. notrcuniS] ae: jujuutub, l«t* &c. nAJKoc- 
juoc] niK., ks. eneqcon] jOLn., b« -epxP 1 *-] - e P«X-t 
B»ro. onro£, a°] om. fs. nneqju.e*r.] e&penneqjmer., 

TO. J-ill j*\ 'the end of the chapter,' E. " F"« S"* 'the second 


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1 JOHN HI. 16-23. 10' 

life abiding (a) on) in them. "In this we knew [the] 
love, that he ($h) laid (down) his life for us : and we also 
ought to lay (down) our lives for one another. " But 

he who hath a life of this world, and seeth his brother 
having need, and shutteth up his tender mercies from him, 
how will the love of Qod abide in him ? 

" My children, let us not love in (the) word, nor in (the) 
tongue; but (A.) in (the) deed and [the] truth. M In this 
we shall (lit. will) know that we (are) from [the] truth, and 
we shall (lit. will) persuade ourselves before him. *° Because 
if our heart should condemn us, God is greater than our 
heart, and he knoweth all things. " My beloved, if our 
heart should not condemn us, we have [a] boldness with 
God ; B and that which we shall (lit. will) ask, we shall 
(lit. will) receive of him, because we keep his commandments, 
and we do that which is pleasing before him. M And this 
is his commandment, that we should believe (the) name 

Sunday of TubB.' ItAOJHpi] cf. Or. KL al longe pin vg syr** 
aeth See. 4>XA.c] cf. ? Gr. ABCKL al pin ftc j6emi£,(U&] 
cf. ? Gr. KABCLP al plu arm Clem &c " j6eit$A.l] of. Gr. AB 

40. d«» al* vg syrP Clem: pref. OTTOg,, K, cf. Gr. NCR LP al longe 
pin cat srr*°» arm aeth &c TertltAeJUll] cf.? Gr. KABOP 6. 7. 15. 
18. aa. 37. 39. 33. 36. 40. 66** 68. 69. 137. a*" ]•" cat arm Clem &c.>T] af : -eer, u* & c . : -ewT, t»nt. neit&RT] 

et Gr. A*B 66* ayr« h aeth &c. F"« S^'the end (of the lection).' 

"egtun] om. b*. nen&HT] + ajt»n, b». rmojcKin] 

-TO, K 18 : KltX-, B». OTfltiaj*f . . . * l JUUULOn] om. G* homeot. : 
tr». $*f" OTTlUaj-f ne, K ; for om. Sn cf. Gr. A 13. 33. 34. 63. d"* 
vg arm aeth &c. ttg/wft] om. it, A,. 2l eajtUIl] om. K«. Bunt «8, 

Apeg-reju.], b»g»««k« is. neng,Hr] cf. Gr. 

ttCKL al pier cat vg syr"** arm aeth &c. JUUULOtt] cf. Gr. NAKL 
al pier cat vg syr "^ arm aeth &c. Of] -It JUUU-ATf , 
GP 18. '* TeitltA-tflTq] cf.? vg syr* &o. 'acciptomne.' 

T€ItA.p€g,] TennA^.p€g,, FK8 future. TCItipi] ItTeit- 

ipi, gp. jOL4>r eep.] A: juLneqp., l«t» &c. Xineq- 

jOL©o] +nCHOf m&eit 'alwaya,* K. 88 0Al] TAJ, U. 


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loa iuiaxHHOY &. 

e$pA.rt JOLneqajHpi lite nxc o-rog, irreruAeitpe 
nenepHOTr * ka/ta. <frpicf e*TA.q*f errroXH * 
"cnrog, $r eeitA.A.peg, eiteqeirroXR qajon 
n^HTq* oirog, itooq g,u>q qajon itj6R*rq. 
o-rog, /6en $&i xennA.eju.1 xe qajon itj6R- 
rren + e&oX g,n-en mnHT e*TA.q*rRiq* 

*£ HAjmenpA/f juLnepnA-g/f emul m&ert a-XXa. 

A.pi2i OKiJULA.gnt jtmnwT ace le g,A.neftoX ii/frl" 

K€4- ace oxjulhoj juL4 r e"*-2k.onpo$HTRC a/*i eni- 

pn& KOCAXOC+ *j6eit $a.i | TemtA.co7reit nimtH 

irre <H"* 

Ay Iln£ m&ert erepojuLoXorm * ace ihc n^cc A.qi 

j6eit TCA-pj cnre&oX jGL<H" ne + *o-*og, 

nftT m&eit erenqonrong, itmc e&oX a.k«- 

o-re&oX ikfrf A.n ne* 

Orog, $aj ne niAJtTixpc* *« e**rencio- 

T6JUL ace qitKOT* ofog, -fitoTf q^beit nncoc- 

juloc[+-] g,H2s.H. *it©uyreit neurren g,A,nojHpi 

e&oX j£>eit <fr*f* orog, ^.Texentf^o epuxnr* 

ace o**niaj*f- ne $r ex^>eit eHitoTf* eg,oxe 

<t»H €Tj6eit niKOCJULOC. 

e$pA.K &c] cf. Or. NBCKL al pier vg &o. OTOg, 2°] om. P. 

ka,ta, <frpK"f] .**.$•. fs. erA.q . . .] ititieirroXR 

eTJLqXHIXOTf 'the commandments which he gave to us,' K. 
ItA.n]itTDXeit,FS;cf.Gr.»ABOalmucatvg&c "OTTOg, i°] 
cf. Or. WABOKL al pier vg syr utr reU &c: om. FS, cf. Or. M* 18. 38. 
*>• 95** *37- cWt «l 2,or &«• OTfOg, a° . . . nj^RTq] om. A homeot. 

o**og, 3 ] om. fs. *reititA.e**.!] l«t»ab»fops 18: Teite- 

JULl, TNOT: TertCUJOflt, K. g,rTeit] A: j6eit, L«T' &c.] position cf.? Or. KK 23. 25. 31. 34. 38. 42. 57. 68. 69. 8a 137. 
a"* al plus 10 vg ■yr»*» arm Ath Cyr ftc.: + gpULOT ixapSmtro, K. 
F"* S»« 'the end (of the lection).' 

Hnnt ,8, 1 &mt ^jj ^^ .^ ^ q{ ^ ^ rf ^ NatiTity# . ,gj t^-T^ 

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1 JOHN IIL «4— IV. 4. J 09 

of his Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, according 
as he gave commandment to us. 24 And he who will keep 
his commandments ahideth in him; and he also ahideth in 
him. And in this we shall (lit. will) know that he ahideth 
in us through the spirit which he gave to us. 

IV. My beloved, believe not every spirit, but (A.) prove 
the spirits, whether they are of God : because many false 
prophets went to the world. 'In this we shall (lit. will) 
know the spirit of God: Every spirit which confeseeth 
that Jesus Christ came in (the) flesh is of God : s and every 
spirit which confeseeth* not Jesus is not of God. And 
this is the antichrist whom ye heard that he cometh; and 
now he is in the world already. 4 Ye are children (CJJHpi) 
from God, and ye conquered them: because greater is he 


rONPi8:om.B»FKO'ST. Ite]ne,A,N*. ^€Tf2i(*T, GT)OIip.] 
UT«AB»rFKNST: -JUtftp., G(0)P: + nitOTX 'false,* 0. 
* T€ltna.C<nreit] L»AFS, cf.? Gr. H* 9. 14* 69. a»« arm: epe- 

Teitco-Tren, t«b»gk o*p 18 : e( + a., t) perertecofeit, ro* 

N T; cf. ? Gr. N«ABCL al sat mu syr* aeth"* &c <H"] + ItejU.- 
nmiU. irre*f IlXAltK 'and the spirit of the error,* 0. BTC" 

Poaju]a: eecr,G)iu.epoAJL, lst*&c. oireftoX] om. ot, 

N. iJL<t*f] A,.,«: j6en<fr-f, L»T* &c. * niU.] pref. OT, 

a 1 by error. erenqoTroitg,] A: -wh&> l»t* &c: ereq., 

B » wng le negative: nTCItq., F«S. Trs. e&oX KIHC A,tt, F»S. 
KIHCJ cf. vg 01 * fu harl tol Byr ot ! r ann 0,w mu aeth &o. Tfisch. classes 
these with Gr. AB h 13. 27. 29. 69. a 1 " &c. rb» lti<row: +n^QC, KO, 
cf. Gr. K al pins 80 am demid arm* 4 &c. A.K i°] cf. Gr. AB 27. 29. vg 
aeth 10 &c. om. <■> vipn &c. OTTe&oX] IVAGKP : pref. it, T'B»rF 

kost 18. ikfct] j6en<H "> t»k. cnrog, 2°] L«T»ArKN 

OT: om. B»FGPB 18. lUAttTIXPc] AGKP8(T): -XPlC**~OC, 

Lrr»B»(om. m)r(N)o 18: +ne, nt. -curre**.] ab»k 18: 
-coe.**.eq, L«T«rFGN0P8T. q£en] eqj6en, gp 18. 

£,Hfc.H]om.K. *£,A.ItOJRpi]cf.?Gr.3i.c«»alpanc. j6eit*'Q H ^4» 8 ' 
jQLd/f, TNT. A,T€Teitcijpo] X€T6lt(J^ FK8 : A,Teit(T, 
T by error. €£,OT€] + €, FS. 

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lid IUiaxHHOY ft. 

•fleujo** &Ane&oX j6en niKocjuoc * e©&e $a,i 
cccaxi e&oX £>en niKocaxoc oirog, niKoatiLoc 
cunreM. epujo"**. a A.non A,non £, 
jOL<H"«' <ph ercttJOTrn ju/H" ajAqcarrejm 
epon* $h erenoTre&oX jGL<H" ^.n ne* ii.iu.q- 
curre**. epont- j6en $aj mifia 
itxe -fju.e©jw.Hi +■ neju. mmtA nxe -f nXAnn *■ 

X8 7 HAJU.enpA.-f juApenjuenpe nenepHoir. xe *f a.- 
rA.nK o-re&oX jGL<H" Tef o*»on m&en erep- 
AVAnAn* eTA.TxiLA.cq e&oX i6en <H"«* o-rog, 
qcuxnrn jut**f+ 8 $r A.n 
juLneqcoien 4>-f«» xe <H" ota.t'a.iik ne+ 
9 j6en $aj a. *fA.T*A.nK nTe $*f *• Axoirong, 
e&oX nj6pKi ttfl&KTen +• xe Aqortopn JOLneq- 
juoitoremtc najHpi eniKocjuoc nxe«H" +-g,mA. 
nTentoni e&oX £,rroTq* 10 A,pe -fATA-im 

Ac Sj6pKi >6en $aj* t O»x oti xe Anon An- 
juienpe 4>-f +• aXXa xe neoq Aq/uenpiTen 
oTrog, Aqo-ircbpn juLneqajKpi *• ercurf nTe 

Xy » HAJuenpA-f icxe a. <H" juenprren juuiAjpR-f *• 
cejunajA. ousts. nTeiuuenpe nenepKoir* 
"<H" g,Xi nA/r epoq eneg,. eojoon A.n- 
g)Aiuu.enpe nenepHOT 4>*f ajon nj6HTen+- 
OTfog, TeqA.rAnR xhk e&oX n&pm nj6RTen* 

•niKOCJUOC i°] L*AFS: + tt€ 'are,' T»B»rGKNOPT 18. 
eefie . . . KOCJU.OC 2°] om. A, bomeot. : om. e&oX, B»GP 18. 

epusoTf] ncuxnr, k. • Anon i°] pre f. o-*o£,, nt-. +a.e, 

TKO. Anon a°] om. 18. OjAqciOTeJU.] pref. itOOq aMt, K. 

ereno**.] ere o*»., k single negative, ne] om. KN. JU.- 
nAqcajTe**.] jOLneqc. 'heard not,' fn st. j6en<pA.i] of. g». 

H<mt.8i,«6, Avg. *f] $*f 'God,'B»GP 18. T F"* S m « 'the fourth 

h£u°i8, Sunday of Pentecost.' JUL^*f]L»T*ANT: ^en^*f, B»rFGKOPS 

'*"* 18. OTOn]L8T»AB*QKP: pref. O"*O£,,rFN0ST 18. BTCp- 

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1 JOHN IV. 5-1 a. Ill 

who is in yon, than he who is in the world. 'They 
(are) from the world : therefore they speak from the world, 
and the world heareth them. ' We are of God : he who 
knoweth God heareth as; he who is not of God heareth 
not us. In this we shall (lit. will) know the spirit of the 
troth, and the spirit of the error. T My beloved, let us 
lore one another : because the love is of God ; every one who 
lovetk was (6TA.T) born from God, and he knoweth God. 

* He who loveth not knew not God ; because God is [a] love. 

* In this the love of God was manifested in* us, because God 
sent his only Son to the world, that we might live through him. 
10 The love is in this. Not that we (pron.) loved God, but (A.) 
that he (pron.) loved us, and he sent his Son for a redemp- 
tion of our sins. u My beloved, if God loved us thus, we 
also ought to love one another. IS God no one saw ever : if 
we should love one another, God abideth in us, and his love 

» TTh> strengthened form which is usually translated 'in.'] cf. Gr. (exc. A). ;6en] om. s*. qccucnrn] ecjc, 

26. • <hR] L»ArFKNOST: pref. OTO&, T*B»GP 18. 

erenqep.] exep., k. a.«] om. fs (18) 26 .• + iineqcon, 18. 

A.VA.HH] +nTed/f 'of God,' A» • A.(6, P)] om. 0. A.CO*»- 

Ori£,] T»A a6: OTumg,, LBB^TFGKNOST: OTTO&, P. 

ris&pHi] om. b»o. eiUKocAJLoc] juLiufc., N. itxe^-f ] 

trs. after A.qo**U5pn, B» 18: om. FKS, cf. Gr. 15 &c. om. 6 6*6t. 
w a.(e, T»GP) pe . . . <&A.l] ©A.! TC -fA.VA.nK 'this is the lore,' K ; 
for om. toC eVov cf. Gr. (ezc. K). Xe] om. E 36. A-CJAJtenpiXen] 

-pn-ren, ro: A.qju.eperen, T: +ngopn, 26. nen- 

HO&l] milO&I 'the sins,' 26. " -prren] as above exc. B». 

cejutnojA. £,um] A.non £,um cejutnajA. nA.n, 0: om. 
&a>n, r: ceuLnajA. A.n £,um, p : c. «A.n g,cun, t»b»gk. 
"eajtun A.najA.n] l»t»afnst : eajum fi*ren, B»roKOP 

18. XKJC] pref. 6C, K. itlipHl] T»A: om. JJf &c nj^R- 
Ten], B*FS 18; position cf. Gr. KL al pier cat syr"* 
arm aeth *c 

Digitized by 


113 IUiaxHHOY 35u 

" >6en $4.1 *renn4.ejuLi ace xengon iij6HTq * 
OTfog, itooq &tt>q qgon nj6KTen + ace 4.qf* 
xf it4.n e&oX j£>en neqnn4l + + "Orog, Anon 
<muu.*y o-rog, Tenepjuteepe ace a. 4>iu>t oTtopn 
ijuieqajKpi * ewiracAJ juLniKoamoc *• 

? __ 
*i l8 <t>H een4.epo.M.oXorm ace lite ngHpt juL<H" ne 
<t>'f~ son nj6HTg cvrog, neoq £,coq qgon ;6en 

<H" + " onrog, A.tton A.nejui.1 o-»o£, 4.nn4£/f +• 
e*f4.r4.nH irre 4}*f e"renj6K*ren * d/f o*»- 
A.rA.nR ne* o-rog, $h ergon j6en i" 4.x*4.nK * 
qgon j6e n *"f * o**o£, 4>*f gon nj^HTq* 
1T /6en $4.1 a. -f4.r4.nH acu>K e&oX ne*juLn*> 
2,m4. irrenacuju iknfnA.ppRciA. /6en nie&ooTr 
fere "fKpicic* ace K4.TA. 4>pH*f ereqgort 
nxe$R* njupK-f 4.non yum iisbpM j&en 
niKoamoc* 18 i5uu.on £,o*f gon j6en *f- 
4.vA.nH* 4.XX4. "f4.v4.nH exacHK e&oX g4.C£,I 
"f &o*f e&oX ace oron irre "f £,o-f no-rKoX4.dc 
xiuuuL'*. $h 2*.e exepg/rf * qacHK e&oX 4.n 
j6en -f4.r4.nH* "4.non Tenjutei ii.$-f ace 
neoq 4.qA«.enpixen ngopn* 
k$ *°egc*>n 2v.e irre o-*4j acoc* ace -f.aji.ei juL$-f «■ 

18 46en<t4j] pref. o-rog,, k. *rennA.ejut.i] Tene«.i, 
knt. qgon] eqgon, 18: Aqgon, p. 4.q-f] uab»fg 

KPS 18 : CX4.qf , T«rNOT. F»» S"< 'the end (of the lection).' 

" rrenepaxeepe] l«t*ab»gkp 18 : 4.nep., rFNOST. d}K»*r] 

<p-f 'God,' K. JUtneq] OTO&q, Ai by error. eTro-»ac4.i] 
L«T*AB»GK«NP : eOTOTfaC., TO : eO*e*aC4J, T: ei"CU>*f , FS. 

H ^, 9 ,8 * " ne] om. N: + 4>44 'thia,' fs. qgon] gon, P: 4.qgon, n. 

"OfOg, i°] om. B»FGKP*S 18. 4.rtO« . . . 4.ttH4^,-f &c] 

o-rog, A.non 4.nn. &c, k : A.non 4.ncoi*en n(om. F)-f- 

4.V4.nH nxed>"f , FS ; for preterite cf. Gr. (exc. A 13. km tol). 

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1 JOHN IV. 13-30. 113 

is completed in us. 1S In this we shall (lit. will) know that 
we abide in him, and he also abideth in us, because he gave 
to us from his spirit. 14 And we (pron.) saw and we witness 
that the Father sent his Son for [a] salvation of the world. 

u He who will confess that Jesus is (the) Son of God, 
God abideth in him, and he also abideth in God. "And 
we (pron.) knew and we believed the love of God, which 
is in us. God is [a] love; and he who abideth in [the] love 
abideth in God, and God abideth in him. " In this [the] 
love was completed with us, that we might find [a] boldness 
in the day of the judgement ; because according as he ($H) is 
(ajon), thus we also (are) in the world. 18 There is not fear in 
[the] love : but (A.) the completed love casteth [the] fear out, 
because [the] fear hath [a] punishment ; but he who feareth 
is not completed in [the] love. 19 We (pron.) love God, 
because he (pron.) loved us first. ^But if one saith: 

e(ft,N)*reit£>H , reit] ergon nj6., fks. <H"a°] pref. 
ace, fs. ne]om.o. onro£, 3 °] om. k. qgon] T*ArKNOT: 

A,qg., LSB»FGPS. Ojon] cf. Gr. NBKL al fere 80 syrP arm &c. 

B -fA.ra.iiH] + rVredrf . fs, d. or. 96. ai pauo ?#** && xujk] 
acKK, l«gp. nxeiuciAJLi &c] nxenjutoaji 

nO*VnA.ppHCIA. 'that we might walk, having a boldness,' FS. ni€- 

g,ooir] ne&ooir, b»gk 18. Kpicic] KpH., fgks. ace] om. 
k. e-reqgon &c] erA-qgiom &c P: e*rA.d>H(ni, s)- 
gjon juuuloc A.non &uon, fs. nxedj»H] + j&ennAj- 

KOCAX.OC 'in this world,' K. itj6pm] om. B*GP 18: itTen- 

gumi, fs. j6enniKocjuLoc] afs : -nA,t-, lb &c. : njfcHxq 

'in him,' K. " eT(G, B»)3CHK] €C2f ., P: 2CHK, T. 'f&O'f i°J 

g,o-f%(). e&oX2°...£ > o'f3 o ]om.B». oiron nxe] ovonrre, 
k. iSjixA.Tr] om. k. d>K a.ej oto£, d>H, fks . "A.non] 

cf. Gr. NBKL al longe plu cat syrP arm &o. TeiUUiei &c] AK- 
AJL€I 2£C itOOq itgopn AqJUtenpiTett 'we knew that him- 
self first loyed as,' FS. jOL4/f ] cf. Gr. S 13. 33. 34. 68. 69. 91. 137. 
»**r c *or d"» vg<& demid harl tol syr"" arm &o. KOOq] cf. Gr. MB 
KL al pier cat harl syr"" arm ae'th &c. 20 3s.e] T*AGP 18: om. Hunt 18, 

L* &c nxeOTTAJ XOC] A.p€gAKO*VAJ 2COC, FS. *°"~ 


Digitized by VjOOQiC 

1M IUiaxNNOY 35u 

cnrog, ecjJULocf- juLneqcon hottx ne + 
4>k VAp exenqjutei jOLnecjcoit A,n exeqnA*** 
pnv epoq* $*f | exeiJLneqnA.** epoq* ncoc tusg- 
xejuixoju. jOuutenpixq * "oiro£, XAj|V]ert- 
xoXr nxoxen e&oX g,rxoxq* &mA $r 
exepA.rA.nA.n jjufrf *■ nxeqjuienpe neqicecon* 
^fott m&ett een^-^i" xe ikc n3cc* ottjuuci 
ne e&oX j6en $1" oirog, o*»oit m&en eexnei 
ii.$H exA.qjuuci *• qjuiei on juL$r exA.tftJU.cq 
e&oX iiu6KTq*- *j6en <fcA.! xennA.eju.1 xe 
xenepArA.nA,n itniajRpi nxe <i/f* 
ix Gcytun AnajA.njtA.enpe <j?-f * o*»o£, nxempi 
nneqenxoXn* "e-AJ VA.p xe -fA.VA.TiK n*re 
4>1" * £»ika.£, eneqenxoXR* o**o£, 
neqenxoXn ce&opg *.«*■ 4 xe oxon m&en 
exA.TfJUU.cq e&oX j6en <H" * ajAqtfpo eniKoc- 

JU.OC* OTTOg, $AI ll€ TUdTpO eXA.q<fj>0 €IU- 

kocjuloc nennAg,*f ne* 


m« " Hum, ^e ne $r excfpRorx ciukoojioc g&hX 

e$K eenAg/f xe wc ne najRpi JuLfr f *• • <t>Aj 

ne $r exAqi e&oX £,ixen oTAJtcuonr newt 

OTOg/j om. FS. eq^JLOCf] qJU,OC*f, BHTFK08. $R 

VA.p &cj icxe neqcon eqttA/r epoq qjutei Jiiuw.oq 

A.n 'if seeing his brother he loveth him not,' F*S. exe^ttA.**] 

exA.qn., t*f*nt. $*f exe] o>*f ^.e, b». ntoc &c] raoc 
4>"f exeqiiA** epoq A.n o"»on ajxojui jui.JU.oq ejuten- 

piXq 'how God whom he seeth not, is it possible for him to love ?' F°S. 

nAajxejuixoju.] a i: pref. q, l»t* &c juuutenpixq] 
ejuten., pes. " oxogj om. b»qp 18. XAjen(ii, B»h 
xoXk] ©aj xe *f enx., ps. nxoxen] exenxoxen, 

E: eXA.ntff 'which we received,' FS. £> IIU -] P"* * e » FS - 

exepAXAiiAn] eejutei, fs. nxeqju.enpe] nxen- 
jmenpe, a,*, neqice] om. ice, B»rGOP 18. 

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1 JOHN IV. 3i— V. 6. 115 

'I love God,' and is hating his brother, he is false: for he 
who loveth not his brother whom he seeth, Qod whom he 
saw not, how will he be able to lore him ? 21 And this com- 
mandment we have from him, that he who loveth God should 
love his brother also. V. Every one who believeth that 
Jesus (is) Christ is born* from God: and every one who 
loveth him who begat b loveth also him who was begotten b 
from him. * In this we shall (lit. will) know that we love 
the children of God : If we should love God, and do his 
commandments. 8 For this is [the] love of God, that we 
should keep his commandments ; and his commandments 
are not burdensome. * Because every one who was born from 
God conqaereth the world : and this is the conquest which 
conquered the world, even ° our faith. 

* Bat who is he who is conquering the world, except him 
who believeth that Jesus is (the) Son of God ? * This is he 
who came through [a] water and [a] blood and [a] spirit, 

• Lit'a birth.' •> Iat-'are . . . bom.' • Lit.'it u.* 

1 oTon i°] pwf. OTO&, k. mc] a : + ne, l«t* &c. ne] om. 
Fs. Aend/f] jOLd/f, r: +ne, p. o-»og,] om. gp. on] 

c£ Gr. NAKLP al pier cat vg 61 * harl gyr ntI arm aeth &c. : om. B". 

**remu.ejuu] l»t»ant: Teneuu, b» &c. nniajKpi] 
AJtrucg., fes, cf. arm. A.najA.nA*.enpe] frreiumei *k, 

K. ftxeitipi tl] cf. Gr. B (5. 17.) 87. 29. (33. 34.) 64. 65. 69. 106. 
I5 1 "* »■" d««g«« vg syr"* 1 arm aeth &c. * Vi.f] om. GKPS. 

£,1114.] pref. 2C6, FS. flTen(q, S*) A.peg, e] FS 18, cf. Gr. MK 
LP al pier cat tol cav &c. * £>en] L«T»AB»FGPS 18 : JUL, TK 

NOT. OITOg,] om. K S. d>A.l ne] om. S. m6"po] +fc.e, FO"« 
'acopy'(S). eTA.q<Tpo] om. NOP*. KOCJULOCJ +ii£>RTq, 
FO-*'a copy'S. nenn££/f] cf. Gr. KABKP al plu cat vg &c. 
• 8** 'the fourth Sunday of Tuba.' 2*.e] cf. Gr. tt(B)KP 13. 29. 66** Bon* as, 
68. 69. a"" al fore 1 ' cat cav demid tol syrP arm Cyr &c: om. 26, cf. Gr. 
ALalpluvg&c. nei°]om. K. IKc] +nXC, FS, oba. Gr. 13. 
^6. arm** 1 , ne 2°] A : trs. after d/f, L«T* &c. : om. B». • n€ 

<£h] om. P : om. <&H, K. £,!Ten] /6en, B»0. 

I % 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

116 IUIOXHHOY ax. 

oTcnoq rteju. o*»muI + mc n^c j6en nuuuxnr 
juuuLA.-ifA.Tq An* aXXa neju. £>en nuuuxnr 
ne**. j6en mcnoq* cnrog, nmitA. nexep- 
jueepe * xe nimtA ne *f ju.eojix.Hi +• 7 xecmu v 
ne ith exepjueepe* 'nmtu. neju. nijutuoir 
neju. nicitoq*- o**o£,.niv cej£>en otai* 

m/3 9 ICxe xentff irfjuexjueepe itxe mpwjui 
•fju.exju.eepe nre <H"* oTitig*f xe n£,o**o*. 
xe e-Ai xe *f ju.exju.eepe ilxe <H" xe Aqep- 
jueepe j&a neqcgitpt* 

My 10 <I>h eertAj>/f engjapi ju/H"* cajon nj6KXq | 
nxe^fjuexjueepe nxe <H** $h exenqnA£,*f 
enajftpt ju.<H" An* AqAiq ncAJueenovx «• 
xe juneqnA£,*f e-f ju.exju.eepe * en exAq- 
epjueepe juuuoc nxe$-f j6a neqajitpi*- 
11 oto£, oai xe -f juexjueepe 4- xe Aq-f hah 
ncnrujnj6 neneg, iixe<H"- cnrog, nAiion;6 
Aqj6en neqajHpi* "$h exe najHpi nxoxq* 
ncoitj6 nxoxq. <&r exe najHpi ju.<H" nxoxq 
ah. numj(6 iixoxq An* 

mo I3 Hai Aicjinxoif nooxen* £,mA nxexeneu.! •»■ 
xe oTfon nxoxen juuua*v nofujn£> neneg,*- 
nH eenA£/f e$pAn jumcyHpi nxe <H"* 

m« tMQTfoji e-Ai xe *fnAppHciA exenxAn ju.- 

nejuo-rnRX] om. ot, t ; cf. or. nap 6. 7. 13. 15. 18. 25. 29. 

3°- 33- 34- 3<> - 39- 66** 69. 80. 98. 101. 137. a»« al pane oav tol aytv &c 
IHC n^c] cf. Gr. NABL al plu arm Cyr &c. tt€JU 3 ] om. FS. 

j6ennicnoq] cf. Gr. ablp &c. : om. j6en, K 26, cf. Gr. NK al 
plu T g &c: -ncnoq, t. oTrog,] neju, b»k. nexep- 
jueepe] l«afgnst26: ne exep., T»ro: ne exeqep., 

P : OTTOg, mnitA nex., B»K. 7 r] cf. Gr. (exe. tt 69. a*"). 

CXepJUeepe] cf. Gr. NAB K LP al plus 180 lect. omn. syr«* syrP 
arm aeth»* r arr si Clem Or Dion* 1 " Ath Did Epiph Oyr &e. * III- 

cnoq] nc, t. ottai] mo-YAi, l*b»gp. » f»« s-s 'the 

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1 JOHN V. 7-14. 117 

Jesus Christ; not in the water only, but (<&.) also in the 
water and in the blood. And the spirit is (that) which 
witnesseth, because the spirit is the truth. 7 Because three 
are they who witness, 'the spirit and the water and the 
blood : and the three are in one. * If we receive the 
witness of [the] men, the witness of Qod is greater : because 
(3te) this is the witness of Qod, that (xe) he witnessed of 
his Son. I0 He who believeth (the) Son of God, the witness 
of God is in him: he who believeth not (the) Son of God 
made him false; because he believed not the witness, which 
Qod witnessed of his Son. u And this is the witness, that 
Qod gave to us an eternal life, and this life was in his Son. 
M He who hath (the) Son hath (the) life ; he who hath not 
(the) Son of Qod hath not (the) life. "These things 

I wrote to you, that ye might know that ye have an eternal 
life, ye (lit. they) who believe (the) name of the Son of God. 
14 And this is the boldness which we have toward him, that, 

fowth Sunday of Tubs.' *f JU.eTJU.eepe i°] om. JUL6X, A 2 *. 
mpUJJUI . . . ilTe 2 ] om. S homeot *f JU.6T. a°] pref. !€, B»G P. 
T(:^,B»)e]tw.after£,OTO,FKS. 2£€ i c ] Of <>£,, K. X€3°]cf.Gr. 
MA B 5. 6. 13. 37. 39. 34. 66** yg arm Cyr Ac. 10 nTC^t" ] cf. Gr. A 
al plm" vg aeth"*'. <t>R ereilCJH.] $K eeit., F8 36 : pref. CVOg,, 
T*B*GP. ngJHpi i5.]L«AB»FK8 36, cf. 56. arm: om.T*rGNO 
PT. cf. Gr. NBKLP al longe pin cat syr*» h et»'"* Cyr &c " !U.!t] 

portion cf. ? Gr. MAKLP al pier cat vg syr«* arm. itO"ttD!t&] 
L*AB»FGKPS 36: JU.niU}nj6> TTNOT, definite. HA.l] <&*.!, 
A,*N. " F"w 'the sixth Snnday of the Fast' TiajKpi] +JU.<H% Hunt .8. 

T»S, cf. Gr. 8. 35. 34. 69. a*". <hR 3°] pref. OTOg,, B*GP 18. iU -""' 5 

jul<M\] om. f*gps* 18, cf. Tg«*> &c. nuon/6 IVTOTq A.H] 

om. NT. " S«* 'the sixth Snnday of the Fast.' AJCj£>RTO"*] Hunt 2«, 

cf. Gr. MA B h 5. 6. 13^ 39. 66** 81. 143. 163. vg syr n « arm aeth"" &c. ' 3 ~ M 

irroxen] a 36: -urreit, lbt» &c.: om. h, fs. juljuul**-] 

om. K. ReitCg,] position cf. ? Gr. AB al sat mn cat vg syr* &c. 
IUC eert] pref. /6a. 'namely,' FS ; cf.? Gr. M°A 5. 6. 13. 39. 66** vg 
aath arm-w. niOJKpl] no)., 0. 

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118 nnaxHHoY ft. 

juulv £,A.poq* ace $r erennA-eperm jQuuioq* 
ka.ta. neqoTtoaj ajA.qcurrejui epon* "oirog, 
eajum A.ncgA.nnA.T see qctureju. epon juL4>h 
erennA-eperm jOuuioq * Tenaoo**n ace oToit- nneneTiuuiA. hh ereitrt^eperm jul- 
julojott nxoTq 4- " eajton irre o*»a.i nA/» 
eneqeon eqepno&i* no-»no&i eQjuuot A.n ne* 
juu.peqeperm enrog, e*»e^" nA.q iwnrujnji kk 
eTepno&i jUL$A.$Jt*.o** A.n tie. onron nofl.1 
eqoT e$ju.o7r * n&jzepe $h eTejOuutA/r A.n * 
£,mA. nTeqru>£k£, ee&mrq *• " (Si tbcoitc 
m&en <t>no&i ne. o?o£, o*voit no&i eqol 

e^JULOT 4.K* 

"Tenejuti ace otok m&en erA.-rju-A.cq e&oX 
j6en <H" juLnA.qepnofi.1* a.XXa. nuuuci e&oX 
ii.**f fflA.qA.peg, epoq* o-*o£, nmo- 
pna*. niipoc o"f nejuu.q** " TencusoTn 2*.e | ace 
A.non £, jUL<H" * o**o£, nwcocjuoc THpq 
A-q^c* ^>a. nmer&ujo'* * 
w *° TenccooTrn 2>.e ace A.qi tiacenajHpi jUL<H" *• o-*o£, 
A.q-f nA.n not ejuti. 2,tiu. nxenco*»en niA^vK- 
emoc nnovf *• oto£, Tengon j£>en neqajHpi 

14 g,A.pOq] pref. e&oX, K. $H 6T.] cf. ? Or. 13. i: g,l»il 

m&en err. 'ail things,' k. otrcuaj ajA.q.] onruxg A.q., A g . 
epon] noon, fs. " o**o£,. . . epon] om. o**o£„ b» 26 : icace 
*renejuLi ace &c, k, cf. Qr. »«bklp &c. £M»h] j6en$H, fs. 
-cuxnrn] -ejuu, fs. o*»on*TA.n] L«T»AB»r(FS) : -n nTA.n, 

Hoot 18, QKNOPT 18. 26: + jQuUA/», FS. " eajCOn] pref. OTTO&, 

b»gp 18. nxe] A.pejgA.n, fs. itA.-*] cf. Gr. nabklp ai 
pier cat &c eneqeon] juneq., l>. eqepno&i] A.qepn. , a 8 . 
not no&i] cf.? Or. a. e<t>ju.oir i°] eq<JT etpJutoTr, r»«FS : ijt- 
^julott, T»r*NO* 18. 26. A.n ne i°] om. fs. e**e*f] eqe-f , 
p. noTusnji] +nenejj>„ fs. jUL^a^juo"*] jul^a. 
JuL^JUto-r, b»: om. jOL, g p : eqoT ju.$ju.07r, fs. A.n ne a°] 
om. ne, fs. oiron (om. on, fs) nofi.i eq(+e, 0"»«)d*i] o*»on 

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1 JOHN V. 15-30. 119 

(of) that which we shall (lit. will) ask according to his wish, 
he heareth us : Is and if we should see that he heareth us, of 
that which we shall (lit. will) ask, we know that we have 
our petitions which we shall (lit. will) ask of him. u If one 
see his brother sinning a sin which is not tuito (the) death, 
let him ask, and [a] life shall be given to him (for) those who 
sin not of (the sin unto the) death. There is sin leading (<Fi) 
to (the) death: I was not meaning that (sin), that he should 
pray concerning it. "All wrongdoing is (the) sin, and there 
is sin not leading to (the) death. u We know that every 
one who was born from God sinneth not ; but (A.) the being 
born (JUUCJ) from Qod keepeth him, and the evil (one) 
toucheth him not. w But we know that we are from Qod, 
and the whole world lay (X H ) under the evil (one). 

*> But we know that (the) Son of God came, and he gave 
to us a knowledge, that we might know the true God ; and 

m&en eqe(om. B»)tff, b»gp. epjuunr a ] l*ao>: jOL- 
<pA*xnr, t» &c. acepe] xeep, p. £Laila.t A,rt] om. A.n, 

FS. n"T(n, N)ecrriO&£j ftTeKX., 26, cf. Or. **> •rrn, 2 pen. 

ee&KTq] exwq, b». "<pno&i ne] om. ne, gkp. 
<nro£, o*roK ito&i] cnrort ru&en, a^fs. etpJULo**] JuL«p., 

B«rFOS. -JULOTr] Ai*, 26, cf. 13. 69* vg syrP arm aeth ro : + A.It 
'not,* UT*Af kc, cf. Gr. rell. w XeiteM.!] TertCttJOTrit, 

fs. xe] a.e, F8. j6end/f] jul<H"> tnot. **.<?+] 

i6en<p-f , FS. " ^.e] T*AGKP, of. Gr. 104. c««: om. 1A &c. 

**&¥\ a &c.: ^end/f , l»t*fs. Titpq] om. 26. A.qx«] 
eq^C«» b* * 6 - >6a.] l»ab*fnst 26: j6en, ttgkop. 

M 2k.e] cf. Gr. NBK al sat mn &c: om. B», cf. Gr. LP al* aeth atr &c. 
IUA>Jt(I, AiN)©IItOC nitOTf i°] L«T*AB»GKP 26. cf. Gr. A 
5. d. 7. 8. 13. 17. 27. 40. 66** 69. 80. 81. 98 m « 99. 106. »•" d"* al fere" 
rg urn" aeth Ath Did &c: om. ttno*rf , TNOT, cf. Gr. H°BKLP 
al pla: "f JUte©JULHI, FS, cf. Gr. »* &c. ri ikrfivi*. TenajOTl] 
irrenagujni, FS, cf. ? Gr. 34. m 7 vg &c. ^beit] P»« ('another 

copy*): j6a* p*. j6enneqajKp!] j6ertiu(urtj6 oto^ 

IUJ0DKj6 A.CJj6ertTieqa)Kpl '"» *« Uf °. ""d this life was in his 
Son,' FS. 

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120 IUI0XHHOY ft. 

ihc n5cc. <&a.i ne niAXfteinoc nnoTff + nejx 
nC mtonj6 nerteg,* + "HA,ajHpt Ajpeg, epu>Ten 
e&oX g,JL nn^toXoit. 

Iuwutno-* enicroXR X! crpC tZ *.€* h 

!KC n^Cc] cf. Or. NBKLP al pier cat m 8 demid tol syr"* arm 
aeth Ath Did Ac. niA.XHeiltOC SltOTf a ] -OHIO Kit., A,*: 
nmo-rf rCrZ.$Jt*Mt, FS. lU<Uttj6] cf. ? Gr. mimuc nt»« 
pane. M lauoXon] cf. Or. KAB i. 13. 27. 39. 34. 65. 66** 68. 

d 10 * am demid tol syr"*' arm aeth. F"» 'the end (of the lection).' 

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1 JOHN V. 21. 121 

we are in his Son Jeans Christ. This is (he true God, 
and the eternal life. 21 My children, keep yourselves from 
the idols. 

Of John Epistle 1. Stichoi 301, Chapters 8. 

Subscription. !U3A.nitOT eniCToXH Z, A U2) G, cf. Gr. to6. 
ai: enicxoXn IlOA-ItltO-r Z, FS, cf. Gr. p. ctix 
(+oc,Aj)t ! Z K,eX k,a, w : ct-*x°c ^ Ke$A.Xeort <» 
Kcnrxi JjOF, G: K,eX F cnr^ 00 **?» p s. a 8 b«kno 

PT hare Arabic; T has no subscription. 

Digitized by 


itnaxHHOY enicTo^H E. 

milPeCBYTePOC nfcwrn mipiA itejot 
neccgnpi. hh akok ej~A».ei jjuuitooTr i6en 


nejut onroit mften exATcoTen *f AA.eeM.Hi * 
* eefie *fjute©A«.Hi ergon nj6nTen oxo£, 
ececgumi ajA.ene£,4- 

8 Il£ r M.ox4- $nAi* T&ipHnn* enreajumx itejuum 
e&oX £,rren $*f $uu*r* net*. eftoX £,rreit 
nenOT lite n^c njgiipi JOL^umt* j6en oir- 
jULeoxjun new. otax-mik* 

4 3XipA.aji ejULAajio* eTAixumi efLoX j6eit 
necgnpi* evjULoaji j6en OTAA.eejtA.Hi kata. 
$pKf- erA,n<JT enxoXH iixen $iarr *■ * oirog, 
•f itoT *f*f"£,o epo fcvpiA. JOL^pH-f' xe oireit- 
toXh iX&epi A.n efc&&.\ juuuloc ne*- aXXa. 
eH enAcnTo|xen icxen £» K * &mA. jrrenep- 
a. itnenepHOT *» • oirog, eAJ re 
•fA.VA.nK £,iha nTenjuLoogi kata. neqenxoXH. 

Inscription. lOJAnttOT (HC, A, : WOA* F) eniCToXH 5 

(+1% Q). A lW B»rrGS,cf. Gr. 13. 72. 78. 96. 104. •!: enicToXn 
iaj(o, N)Anno*» JS(+*f, n>, KNT(nTenul'f'), cf. Gr. p 96. 
k»«: enicxoXn uoZ E KAeoXiKon, P: npoc ki>- 
A.notr 5, 0. 

1 S"* 'the second Sunday of the month Amshlr,' <jji»i\ iUel .J li>*^ 

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The presbyter to the chosen lady and her children, they 
whom I (pron.) love in [a] troth; and not I only, hut 
(A.) also all who knew the truth; * because of the truth 
which abideth in us, and it shall be with us for ever. 

* (The) grace, (the) mercy, (the) peace shall be with us from 
God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ, (the) Son 
of the Father, in [a] truth and [a] love. *I rejoiced 
greatly, having found (certain) of thy children walking in 
[a] truth, according as we received commandment from the 
Father. * And now I beseech thee, lady, not as that (it is) 
a new commandment which I write to thee, but (A) this 
which we were having from (the) beginning, that we should 
love one another. * And this is [the] love, that we should walk 

'and it is read on the feasts of the Virgin.' tt*f CWXn] -CCJUTTU, 
O: +n*T€, T; of. Gr. 73. OTOg,] cf. Gr. KBKP al pier Tg syrP 
arm aeth : om. OTTO&, K. eTATTCOfeit] eTA.**CUJCnr It, NT. 
1 OTO£»] om. NT. s n&JULOT] IU&AJLOT, OT. T&1- 

ptMK(I, T)] *f &., TO. lte*JU.nJ cf. Gr. NBLP al sat ma cat 
am syr» aeth Ac: It&ftJUDTett, FS, cf. Gr. K al plu Tg syrP. 
€&oX ^rreit i°] cf.? Gr. »* 11. 18. 19. 3a. 40. 57. 68.j)8. 105. 126. 
e«". *T] om. N». neilOC] L«T«AB»FGKPS: nOC, TNOT, 
cf. Gr. HELP al pier cat tol syrP arm &c. iJL<pKOT] IteAA^ICOT, 
B». 4 eTAJ2CIJUU]AB»GP: XeAIXUJII 'that I found,' L»T» 

rFKNOST. cnxoXWj kt., b»nt. iiTeii$iu>T] eren- 

$KUT, N. 8 *f"1"£,o] Xen-fg,0 'we beseech,' G. €po] 

epOK, FS masculine : om. P. JUL&epi] position cf. i Gr. K A 5. 13. 
31. 68. d*" Tg &c.] om. B». It] LsT'AB'GK 
NPT: JUtCItpe, TFOS. • &IHA i°] om. K. 

Digitized by 


124 itnaxHHcnr E. 

oto£, e*j *re "fenxoXK*- £,m&. ka.ta <frpH*f 
er^perencurrejui icxeit £,r ftreiuuioaji 
ilsfepHi nj6HTq* 'ace oTTAitHa} Jut.nXA.noc 
a.*»i eniKocjuioc * kh erenceepcuuioXovm A.n 
iiiHc n^c* ace A.qi j6en *rcA.p£* $a.i ne 
nmXA.itoc item. n«.irrixpc* 
£ "Coajlc e&oX epwren* &mA. ivTe*rengrreAii- 
TAjee $h e*rA.pexenep£,coil epoq a.XXa. irre- 
xentfi RoTrfi.exe eqxRK e&oX •oiroii m&en 
eejutoaji eT&R-s- oirog, irreqcgTejui.o£,i £en 
*fcfi.t» n*re nxP* oxA.eno'rf' ne* $r a\e 
eenA,og,i £>en -fcilco irre nxcfr $a.i <pu»rr 
irro*rq neuL najHpi* 
,0 4>k eenHonr £,A.purren *• oirog, eqmi ktajc&uj 
A.n* jQlnepoXq ej6o-»n em onr^e ixnepacoc 
n*.q ace x e P e * "* K ^A,p eenAJCoc n*.q ace 
3C e P € * qoi ngj$Hp eneqg,fi.HOTi er&cDoir*. 


£uuoT(»a| *e eftoX [*] £,rren oyxumul 
neju. 0TA*.eXA.. *f ep&eXmc vA.p eiu/v epoo- 
Ten* oiro£, ccajci nejuuirren itpo oTfi.e po* 
^iiia. irre neTenp-Loji ojiom eqxKK eftoX. 

OTTO& e-AJ a ] A : om. 0**0£„ L«T» &c. OAJ T€ *fen- 
ToXh] om. B'K, order cf. Or. NLP al pier vg°»« arm &c &IIU. a ] 
cf. Or. KAE 13. 31. 73. al ma cat vg arm. rtTetUAOOjl] AFS: 
ilTeXettAJL, L«T k &c; cf. Or. K 13. al mu cat vg arm om. Ira. 
iij6pHl] om. B». Jlj6H*rq] A: Sj6hXC *in it.' L*T* &c 

7 a.(€,n)yi e] of. ? Or. klp al piu && Rihc n^c xe] L« 
ab«: ace we nxc, ttfoknopst. ne] om. s. *.nxi- 

Hn ^ I * 6 • XPC] AGKOPS: -XP lc **"O c » L»T*B»rFNT a6. 8 KTe- 

TenajTeiULTAJCe] cf. Or. »»et»A B g. 13. 40. 66** 68. 73. 137. d«» 
f»» j*» al fere" cat vg syr** arm aeth &c. ItTeTerttfl] cf. Or. 
HA 5. 13. 40. 66** 68. 73. 137. d f jw cat vg *yr b etP t « t arm aeth &c. 
9 eOJULOOJl] A: eetUUUL, L»T» Ac. €T£,r] «f. Or. K AB 98«« 
am fa harl aeth Ac. npoayvw. OTTOgJ om. NT. 2&\ om. B»KNT 

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2 JOHN 7-1*. 125 

according to his cortvmandmenta. And this is the command- 
ment, that according as ye heard from (the) beginning that 
we should walk in it. 7 Because many deceivers went to the 
world, they who confess not Jesus Christ, that he came in 
(the) flesh. This is the deceiver and the antichrist. 8 Look 
out for (e) yourselves, that ye may not lose that which ye 
worked, but (A.) that ye may receive a complete reward. 
'Every one who walketh onward, and stayeth not in the 
doctrine of Christ, is godless: but he who will stay in 
the doctrine of Christ, he ($A.l) hath the Father and (the) 
Son. 10 He who cometh to you, and is bringing not this 

doctrine, take him not up into house, nor say to him ' Hail.' 
11 For he who will say to him 'Hail* shareth in his evil 
works. M Having many things to write to you, [but] 
I wished not through [a] paper and [an] ink; for I hope 
to see you, and to speak to you mouth to mouth, that your 

a6. RTen^C a ] cf. Gr. KLP al pier cat aeth &c: ora. TIX C « 
F8 at end of line probably by error, cf. Gr. NAB 13. 27. 29. 66** 68. vg 
gyrP*** arm Ac $Aj] + Tie, T»GK. $1U>T . . . IlttJHpl] order 
cf. Gr. KBKLP al pier cat vg lle syr b etP arm aeth Sec. 10 CntO£,] 

L»AB«NT: on. T*rFGKOP*S 26. eqini] AB»K: Ttqiltt, 
L*T* &c ttTAJC&lU A.It] T»AB»KNT: A-It KTA.lcfi.lO, 
L«rFGOPS 26. €Hl] +Ite.M.UJTen 'with you,' K. OTf2».e] 
OTO&, P. " $R . . . X e P € 3 om - G * s homeot. VA.p] L«T* 

AFNT 26 : om. &TQWK.O?. ItA.q] cf. Gr. NABLP al plu cat 

m** vg eyr^etp &c. qoi] eqoi, b»gp. eneqg,.] j\neq£,., 

T*GNP. " eOTTOirf] cf. Gr. J*°A*BKLP al pier cat vg &c: 

cnroirf , k, cf. Gr. n*a* 27. 29. 61. 64. 180. o»«. ottajlroj] 
*juuen, nt. jOLnioTfcoaj ^€]t*ant: oiro£, jDLm., K:,L«B»rFGOPS. xuwui] xojul, f*n. juteXA.] .ola.., 

A,*N : JUUL, F*. TA.p] cf. Gr. A 5. 13. 27. 29. 66** 73. d«» al 10 cat 
vg arm aeth"". eitA/* 6p.] 6! £,A.p. 'to come to you,' K, cf. Gr. 
KLP et longe plu cat tol syr b arm aeth &c. KTe] KTeit, LB by 
error, nCTertp.] cf. Gr. AB 5. 13. 27. 29. 65. 66** 68. 69. 73. 101. 
104. c«* al* vg aeth« r . 

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126 iinaxHHOY E. 

18 ceajmi epo nxetuajftpi kre *reccom «k 
erco*rn «■ 

Iuu.ititoT enicxoXK "K cti^C £§ K,e* T | 

13 RxerEcajiu] irrecumi, b»T: nTerejuu.Y ('mother'), 

0*. 6TC (om. N) OTn] A r N T : -OOTII, L»T» &c. ; for om. £rf» 
cf.'Gr. ttABP 5. 13. 37. 39. 68. 73. 99. d»" Tg* am demid harl tol 
arm aeth*° Ac. 

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2 JOHN 13. 127 

joy may be complete. "The children of thy sister who 
is chosen salute thee. 

Of John Epistle 2. Stichoi 65, Chapter 1. 

Subscription. KUA-IIKOY eillCToXH E, A,G, cf. Gr. L: 
€IUCToXh VJSL E, F, cf. ? Gr. P 79. ia6. CTIX( + oc » A ») g£ 

x,e\ T,A 1W : cr^x 00 Z£ *e$A.Xeon 51 kotxi E, g, 

cf. Gr. B capital* ]§, cf. Both «<£. I. B*NOPT have Arabic; TES have 
BO subscription. 

Digitized by 


pite IinOXHHOY eniCTOMI 7. 

nmpec nUIPeCRYTePOC riv*.\oc mA.VA.nHToc <£>h 

'"' a.hok 6-f.m.ei jjuutoq £>en o-yju.eext.Hi 

'nAjmenprr •fTtu&g, ee&e &wft ru&en 

eepe itetcmoorr ctoonrreit oirog, iiTeKOTfXA.1 *• 

K&.T&. ^ph-f exe neiuuuoiT irreKilnrxH 
ccnrTtuii «■ 8 A.tpA.aji eju.A-ttj cjo e*rA/« ibce- 
nicnHOTr* oirog, e*rA.**epjuieepe j6^- *reK- 
jULeejAHi *• ka.xa. ^pn-f iteoK exeiatiioaji 
j6eit o*»jm.eeA«.Hi* 4 juUu.oirf &.M.OT v*.p 
eqoi ftmapf e$4.i4- ^iiu. n*rA.cuyre.M. ee&e 
it£.ajHpi4> xe cejutocgi j6en o*»juLeejuuu *• 
5 IIi*.v*.nHToc *■ cnr&cofi. JGLmcroc ereiapi jOL- 
j«.oq 4- eKep&ioft itj6pKi j6en nicnKo*» *■ cnrog, 
4>aj j6en niajejuuu.u>o*». • iu.i eTA.-*epJUteepe 
j£>a. TeKA.rA.nH 4- JuLneAJteo ftnonreKKXHciA. 4- 

Inscription. ! (^ S) CJOAnitOTr (HC, Ag) eniCTO>vH V(+*f, G), 
A 1(2 )B»rFG8, cf. Gr. 13. 42. 78. 80. 96. 100. 104. 105. al: 6HIC- 
ToXH(om. N) lUM-ltHCr* (om. N: pref. «T€ t T: MJZ, P) T 
(+*f, NT), KNPT: np(OC) IWA.ItO'Y Y, 0. 

Hunt i8,a6, l F 1 ^ S"* 'the second Sunday of Amshir, and the fifth Sunday of 
Pentecost.' VAJOc] A.VIOC, E* : A.VA.IOC, T. A.ItOK] om. »6. 

2 eepe] epe, fs. nejuuuurr] ne*.**.., t'B»fo i8, singular, 
cujonrxeit] covrtun, b»gpt* 18. ofog, ivreKOTXA.1] 

om. B» 26. 4>pH*f ] .£*.$., A, by error. €Teneil(om. 0) AJUOITJ 

e*reniJuuoi*r, b» a6: exert**., nt. rVreioK| taa .- 

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The presbyter to Gaios the beloved, he whom I (pron.) love 
in [a] truth. 2 My beloved, I pray concerning all things 
for thy ways to be straight, and that thou mayest be in 
health, according as (the) ways of thy soul are straightened. 
8 1 rejoiced greatly, the brethren having come and having 
witnessed unto thy truth, according as thou (pron.) walkest 
in [a] troth. * For I have not grace greater than this, that 
I may hear concerning my children, that they walk in 
[a] truth. 8 [The] beloved, (it is) a faithful work which 
thou doest, working among the brethren, and this among 
the strangers ; * these who witnessed unto thy love before 

KTerefCty., U&c. 8 F°« &"* 'the fourth Sunday of Bariums.' 

£Jp£.OJl] A L2 «(*A.pIA.OJI)B»GKOPR 18. 26, cf. Gr. » 4. 5. 6. 13. 
25. 65. 100. d-' vg arm aeth : +VA.p, LTTFNS, cf. Gr. ABOKLP 
al pier syr b etP &c. eftA.A.OJU>] jDUULA-OJUJ, 18. eXA/Vep- 

«.eepe] om. ex, 26. TeKJU.e©A«.HiJ xeK4.VA.nH, b». 

KAXA. «bpHi" ] JULd^pK-f, K. iteOK] om. K, cf. Gr. A 37. 
* g,A*.OX] cf. Gr. B 7. 35. vg Ac. TA.p] om. B». e$Al] L«T»A 
B»GKNPBT 18. 26, cf. Gr. 27. 29. 31. 40. 66** 68. 69. 73. d«« al fere 10 
«yr b &c. : eitA.1, TFOS, cf. Gr. rell vg syrP arm aeth &c. ItA.OJHpi] 
mg., A 2 *N. OXftJt.eeAA.Hl] cf. Gr. N 2 KLP al fere onra* d cat &c. 
'0*¥£,tufl] OXOg,,NT: OTTg/ofi. j5jU.HI OTTO& JULTUC- 
XOC 'a work true and faithful,' 26. €Kep£,.] eKeepg,., GOP. 
Kj6(&, GP i8")pHl] om. TO. OTTO& <t>A.l] cf. Gr. NABO 17. 
27. 29. 33. 66** 68. 81. 97. I26"* vg syr b etP arm aeth. j£>eit 2 ] 
cf. ? vg. OjeJUUU.U30T] -AA.O, singular, P. • ItA.1 I ] ItH, G P. 

exi»*vepA».eope] eitH ex*/*., fs. RnoTreKKX.] B: 

rionf 6KKX., IA &c. by error. 


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130 itnaxHHOY v. 

iiaj ere kaXcdc xjx±&.\c eirr$o jjutxwot 
e juLnajA- ijL«J»-f *■ 7 erA/iri VA.p e&oX g,ixeit itce<ff £,Xi irreit nieertiKoc*- 
8 A.rtort o-rrt caje egjen rtAtoron ix.nA.i- 
pH-f epoit*- g,iitA. irrenepaj$Hp itep&iufi. 
efjtxe&stxm * 
/3 9 3Xkcj6*.i Soy£,u)J&. irfeKKXRciA.*' a.XXa. :Mo*rpe- 
$hc niAJLA.iep£,cnrn- ii&KTOT qajum juumoit 
epoq A.H* ,0 eefte 4>ai aiojaki* *fitA.epeq- 
epfyjtxerti itneq&ftROTri exeqipt juLjulojot *• 
eqep<l> | jGuuioit j£>eit £,AncAJ« it.- 
nonnpoit. otto£, qiatn A.rt j£>en it*,!* oY2ie 
tteoq qajoon nmcroto'v epoq aji* oirog, rot 
eecvcoaj eajonoT q^tw iSUuuooY A.n* oYog, 
eqci-f iiuutujoT eftoX £>eit *f ckkXhcia, *• 
"nAJutenpix J0Lnep*rene<»nK eniner&tuoY *• 
a.XXa. enmeonAiteq. 4>k eripi ii.iuiieeitA.neq* 
oyc&oX i6eit <H" ne* $k ^.e eripi 
ner&tooY jOLneqnA.T e$*f* 
" 3Xvep.ftA.eepe n^uuutTpioc * £,rren oxoit 
iti&en* ne*x £,ixen oajihi* oiro£, A.non 
TenepAjteepe *• o*ro£, Kowonrit xe xeitAjtex- 

XW^fJc] KltAAJC, T*G: CKH., K; cf. Gr. NABKLP &c. 
€KT$0 JUUULUJOTf] A: eKItA.T$U)OT, L«T' &c; cf . ? Gr. »A 

bklp &c. eiriJLnajA.] evejJinajA, ro. 7 £,i*ren] a 

i8 c . 26 : exeit, L«T* &c. : £,IX€rt, B« : ttXe, N. nipAIl] cf. Gr. 
HABCKLPal pin cat am fu syrP*»* arm Ac £,Xl] pref. it, NT. 

itxenitieen.] itxeiti., b»op : irroxonf nrt!.,G"«; cf.? Gr. 

5. 13. 29. 118. d»« al e . eeitlKOc] cf. Gr. KABO al" fu tol : 
eenoc, G»w, cf. Gr. KLP al longe pin vg«»« am demid. * OTflt] 

£,tort 'also,' K 26. ccye] cejuinajA, 26. «ai] lbt* 

AGKN0«PKT 26: HI, B»rFO*Si8. epon] L«T» &c: OH, 

a 26. irrenepaj^Hp] trrenajiuni ertoi itaj$Kp, o«« 
('a copy'). ii(eit, F)epp,cofi.] npeqep£,to&, r.] 
n.*f-., go*. » a*cj6a.i] A.ici6., t»gk. iio*r£,uj.&] cf. 

Gr. KABC 7. 68. arm. 2iIOXpe$KC] -0$HC, K : -R$HC, FS: 

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3 JOHN 7-13. 131 

their churches, these whom thou wilt do well (in) escorting 
worthily of God : 7 for they went forth by (£,!T€!t) the name, 
taking not anything from the Gentiles. 8 We then ought to 
receive such, that we may be fellow-workers with the truth. 

9 Thou wrotest a thing to the church : but (A.) Diotrephes, 
the lover of being first among them, receiveth us not. 
10 Therefore, should I come, I shall (lit. will) cause him to 
remember his works which he doeth, prating against us in 
evil words : and he is not content with these (things), neither 
doth he himself receive the brethren, and them who wish to 
receive them he letteth not, and he is casting them out of the 
church. " My beloved, imitate not the evil, but (£.) the 
good. He who doeth the good is from God: but he who 
doeth the evil saw not God. "Dimetrios was witnessed 
unto by all, and by (the) truth: and we (pron.) witness, 

*f OTp*.<pHC, T : *f OT ep€<$>KC, B»*. rUJUULl] IUJLA.I, A a : 

+ft, k. qajto(o,T»A,B»F*NS*)n] pref. ft, rK»0: neqajon, 
f*8*. 10 rteqg,iiKo*ri] + e*rg,a)OTf 'evii,'o. eTeqipi] 
eTA.qipi,GP. eqep.] eqeep., b«. 4>Xo!]A,. 8 »«rFO 

B8: $XH0*,A s *: 4>XlA,p., B«: $>Or*.p., L«T'GKNPT. 
JUUULOn] jDuUWJOOTf , 3 ° pers., A by error. £,A.ItCA3£l] HIC, 

r. nonu(i, n S) port] -oc, t*g p. qr<H(A., a s *) n] a,. j> k : 
eqK., t»o : A.q*., p : pref. ft, l» &c. q(eq, B»)goun] -on, FGPS«. 

OTOg, 3°] OTffc.€, B»KB. e©OTfUJttj] cf. Gr. NABKLP al pier cat 
am fu syrP^aethAc. qX">] L«T»AB»NT: eqX-» GKP: ftqX-» 
TFORS double negative. OTO& eqci*f ] om. OfO£„ K : 0**0£, 
qci-f, TFNORT: OTfOg, ftqc!*f, 8 by error. eSkOk ^>€It] 
cf.JGr. ABCKLP al plu &c. " $H CTIpl] H€Tipi, B. 

J&eit^'f] i*.$*f, TF08. 2^(T, A 2 )e] cf. Gr. L 31. a«" al mu 
tol arm aeth Ac: om. KN, cf. Gr. MABCKP h al longe pin cat d 
»g iyrP. " ft2k..] €*.., IA: %.., B»: sb*-^., K. 2lIJULH- 

TpiOC] T»Aj« 8 GKNOPRT: 2&.RJUL., L«rFS: -rxpiO, B»: 

-erpioc, fs. gjrrerx. i°] pref. e&oX, k. ©julki] cf. Gr. 

(exc. A*0 Ac). OfO£, i°] om. K. A.ItO!t] + £,0011 'alao,' R. 
KCUXnrit] cf. Gr. NABC al pine 20 cat d vg arm: TeXi£*MA 'we 
know,* K, cf. Gr. 14** 38. 93. 104. 180. al 3 "". 3£€] om. F*. 

K 3 


Digitized by " 


132 ItnOXNHOY ?. 

jxeope oxftjuu re* M eo**oirf onrxjtHcy 
ecj6HXoir it*.K ne* A.XX*. irfcmuaj A.n 
ec&AJ im»k*- e&oX £,rreit oxwieXA. newt 
OYKA.OJ* M *fep£,eXnic ^.e ca/tot eiu.x 
epoK <v»o£, irreitcA*i neu nenepROT itpo 

OTlfi.e pO* "T&ipRItK IMJC* 

Ceajmt epoK nxemaj$ep *• ajmi eniaj4>ep k&jtjl 
.p^n, ito**p*.it -s- 

ItoA.mtoir emcroX v crPC cf K,e Z 


OIvf]T*AB»GP: IteOTfOIff , L«rFKNOBST preterite. ItAJC i°] 
cf. Gr. NABO al ,0 d vg syr^etP arm aeth &c. lie] L«T'AB»rNBST: 
am. GKOP. it*f .] om. it, KNT. It£.K 2°J position cf. ? Gr. A 
I3-73- d v 8 Byr^etP. Trs. K&.OJ IteJULOTf JJLB (*., A s *) X*., K. 
14 CA.TOT] CA.TOT(TT, S)OTT, r*F(8). GpOK] position cf. ? Gr. 
HELP al pier cat Ac. ftpo] epO, Aj*. " T&ipRKR] pref. 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

8 JOHN 13-15. 133 

and thou knowest thai oar witness is true. " Having many 
things to write to thee, [but (A.)] I wish not to write to thee 
with [an] ink and a reed : " but I hope immediately to see 
thee, and that we may speak to one another, mouth to mouth. 
14 (The) peace to thee. The friends salute thee. Salute 
the friends according to their names. 

Of John Epistle 3. Stichoi 90, Chapter 1. 

€, FS. Itltgcbep i°] AB»B: -Hp, L«T* &c. gjlltl]pref. 
OTO&, K. maj4ep2°] A^'B^B: -Hp, UT'VrFGNOPST: 
mcttHCnr 'the brethren,' E. 

Subscription. IUJA.rtItOY €IUCToXh (om. Ai) V(+*f", TFS), 

A,rFG8, cf. Gr. C 40. CTIX( +oc » A «) *f Ke ^ ** A K*) : 

<rr*xp c ^ Ke4>A.XXeoit T koyxi v, G: c*r*x 

( + OC, r) II K6^A.Xeon T, rFS. A,B»KNOPT have Arabic; 
Both, has ««<£. 1. 

Digitized by 


ioy^oxc emcTo^H. 

IOY^-ChC <S>RUIR. time nJxjE neon ^e wa-kuo- 
fioc nun ex^TfJULenpiTOT s&en <H" focor 
oirog, A/cA-peg, eptuoT mite" nxc itH e*r©A- 

£,€**. 4- s $ttAI IteJW. X&ipHltH H6JUL *f ArAnK 

ivroTAajAi nuyren* | 
pnc » HA*jt.enpA*f cno*»2iH niften efp*. jjuuuooi * 
eics6Ai nun-en* eefie nerenoYXAi ercon* 
AeepAitArKH epoi ec&Ai noaxeit e*fnojuff 
ace nTeTenepAvtoni^ecee j6en nirtAg/f* 
erA-roucf iiofcon irren eitnoTr j£a niAnoc*- 
4 3XTrcAj6.«i0Y vAp ttxe&Anpuwuii ei6oirn epoit *■ 
hh erAxepjgopn itc£>Ai ee&irroT enAi&An 
eTroi RA.cefi.Hc <r ercgifi.*f JDLnig,A*.oT irre 
nencrc ej^oirn eoxctoq. oirog, $mtfi. jul- 
jjL&.i*rrq nenbr: ikc n^cc e-reouX jOumoq 
efioX* '"foTtcoaj eepexeneu.! *• £,a>c epe- 

Iuscription. lOlfeAC CIUCToXh, A t rP: I. 6. A> B»: I. 
e.If,G; cf. ? Gr. AOK 13. 104. 105. al : eiUCToXK IOf2».AC, 
K: 6. I. A, FS: €. I. f, T; cf. ? Gr.96: lOY2>.AC eniCToXtt 
niCOIt ^.e nXenOT: 'the brother of the Lord,' A 2 : np(OC) 

iott^ac, 0. 

Himtrf, l JHC IIJJCC] of. Gr. NABL al pla Tg Byr b etP arm aeth Or &c. 

neon] me., o. nH(i, a 2 ot) eTA.T*xenpixoT] cf. Gr. kab 

5- 33** 68. 73. 98 1 "* ia6"« 163. vg iyr»etP arm Or &c. * T£,ip.l 

•f g,., 26. neJUlf AXAIIH(I, S)] om. 26. nTOYAajAJ] 

Digitized by 



Jade, (the) servant of Jesus Christ, but (the) brother 
of James, to them who were loved in Qod the Father, and 
they were kept for (it) Jesus Christ, they who are called. 
* May (the) mercy and (the) peace and the love be multiplied 
to you. *My beloved, all diligence (it is) which I give 

(lit. do them) writing to you concerning your salvation 
together. It was necessary for me to write to you to en- 
courage (you), that ye should strive in the faith which was 
once delivered to you, namely the saints. * For men 
slipped themselves in among us, concerning whom it was 
before written unto this judgement, being ungodly, changing 
the grace of our Lord into [a] defilement, and denying (the) 
only Master, our Lord Jesus Christ. 8 1 wish you to know 

erreA.aji.1 'they shall be multiplied,' 26. 8 e!c££.l] L«T*Ar 

knot 26: eiec&AJ, b»: €cj6a.i, fs: erfc£4.i, OP. 
nereitoTrxii] C f. Or. 6. 7. 25. 31. 56. vg E P h. e*rcon] om. k. 
icepin^rKH] jnep., b»: + t*A.p, s. e'fno.M.'f] afs: 
erfn.,L«T«&c. ivrerenep.] «*renep.,Aj:xe*renep., k. 
iurrcon] ercon, (b»)gop: transpose after eimo**, B» 26. 

IVreit] eTeit, K. * rbce^irtptOJULI &c] transpose after 

epon, ttn. eiu.i&A.n] eiu.!£,tofi. 'thing,' k 26: ee&e- 

I14J&. 'concerning &c.,' B». A.C€&Hc] -CC, NS*. eOTCCUCj] 
TArKOT: hot., N: €TfC, L«B«FGPS 26. cbrtrlft JJu] cf. 
Or. KABC al M cat vg arm aeth Eph Did Cyr &c. IVX C ] ° m - B«F8. 

e*wcu>X] etjc, b»F: cexusk, 26. * -f-ofioaj] ab»fs, cf. 
Gr. 36 &c: + ^.e, lbttgknopt 26. eepere(+*re, B«)- 
nejuii] ab» 26: eepere(+*re, Fjnepcfrjucefi, uttfgkn 
opst 26. epe*renccooTfrt it] l«ab»fgps 26: epexen- 

Digitized by 


136 ioy^oxc. 

Teitctuofit n&iofi. m&en. xe oxcon &. iiic 
no&ex*. i3LneqX*.oc eftoX j6en nK*.£,i 
nxwui* <k*jL*.£,con 2k.e 5 itn**- 
na^-f- AqxAKioonr * 
£ • 8»inK€irveXoc ii.noTrA.peg, ervoti.px, R A.XX&. 
A-ttx" 5 ixnonrjULA. najumi ftctuoir. £.q£.pe£, 
eptooT e^>o*»n J-&A. nx^Kn- ^en £,4.nciu.T£, 
iteiteg,*" eni£,A.n nre nimg*f ne^oo***- 

■"jGL'&pH'f itC02s.OJULA. IteJU. VOJJ.oppA.4- ItCJUL 

mxenoXic exKicf" epuxnr-5- exA*repnopne-inn 
jj.$pirf iinAJ-s- o-rog, Anraje nujo*c cac&a&ot- 
n&AnKecApj * ce^cn e-»cjj.ox itxe nixpuwt*- 
iteiieg, oritAdT no-r&An * 8 nAiptcf ort iiA".- 
Kex«JO"»n!*- cectoq irrofCApj j&en ncfxup 
nxe ^AnpAco'tt *• "fjjiexbc *.e cecguxjjq 
juUuloc. mioor cexeonrA eptocnr. 
y •U»X^- H ^ ^ e niApxHArreXoc * eqxtu oir&e 
nnMAfioXoc *• nAqcAxi eofie nctojAA jjl- 
jj.unrcHc* JOLneqepxoXjjA.n een o**£,An 
nxeonrA e&pm exu>q+- aXXa | nexAq* xe 
epe nbc epenixiJAAn kak*- 
10 Hai 2^e nn jmen exenceejju epoxnr ak cexe- 
o*»a njfcKXOTf* nit ^.e exo*rctuo**n jjuulujo** 
<fr**cnctoc * AJL^pK-f nrnxefi-ntuoiri kaxcaxi 

6JJ.I e(om. NT), TTKNOT; cf. ? Gr. ABO* 5. 6. 7. 13. 15. 17. 18. 
27. 29. 36. 45. 66** 68. 73. 163. c»° r d*»" cat vg syr b etP arm aeth &c. 
n&Ujfi mfien] cf. Gr. NABC 2 6. 7. 13. 27. 29. 68. 163. vg syrP arm 
aeth &c. X6 OTTCOn] order cf.? Gr. N 68. tol 8yr b etP arm Did &c: 
om. OTTCOn 26, cf. Gr. 163. Lcif. IKC] cf. Gr. AB 6. 7. 13. 29. 66** 
vg aeth " arm* »« &c. $**.£.£,] pref. J"5en, K. eXeJjLno**- 
nA -£»*f] eXA**epAXnA£/f 'who were unbelieving,* K. Aq- 
XAKIOO-*] ATT., P. • £,A.nKe] £,mAKe, A 8 by error : 

om. K€, FKS. ArreXoc] AO, cf. ? Gr. NBOKL al pier cat m" 
■yr b arm aeth " Ac: + "k€, L»T* &c, cf. Gr. A 54. 137. f* vg syrP Ac 
^r*OQii] T*AFKOS: A**X*-> B»: CA^X 00 * L«rGN(P)T. 

Digitized by 


JUDE 6-10. 137 

(€JULl), though ye know (CdOOTIt) all things, that once Jesus 
saved his people from (the) land of Khemi» ; but (the) second 
time, them who believed not he destroyed. * Angels also 
(who) kept not their beginning, but (A) they left their place 
of dwelling, he kept them in under (the) darkness in eternal b 
bonds unto the judgement of the great day. 7 As Sodoma 
and Gomorra, and the other cities which were around them, 
having fornicated as these, and they went after other flesh 
(plur.), they are set for an example of the eternal fire, about 
to receive a judgement. 8 Thus also these others defile their 
flesh in (the) dreaming of dreams d , but reject [the] dominion ; 
the glories they blaspheme. ' But Michael the archangel, 
speaking (lit. saying) against the devil — he was speaking con- 
cerning (the) body of Moses — dared not to bring a blasphemous 
judgement upon him, but (A.) he said : 'The Lord shall rebuke 
thee.' 10 But these blaspheme [in] the things indeed which 
they know (€JUU) not: but the things which they know 

• Egypt. b Lit. 'of age,' thus again. ° <5ir«r». 

d Different words in the Coptic.] €A,q., fs. epiocnr . . . x( K » N) ajci] eir&uxnr 
' erii' ejooirn j©eno*»Tno$oc, 0"»«('a copy'). it>en£,A.n.] 

pref. OTO&, K. T il/fcpH'f KIUj] cf. Gr. KABO 5. 13. 65. 

68. 163. 180. 8yr b etP &c. OITOgJ om. B». £,A.nK€CAp£] 
&A.nCA.p£ nmeJUUULO 'strange flesh,* E: om. KB, F8. 

ertcJtxoT &c] J6enoiraut.oT eqg/oonr nTeTOTTJULeT- 

A.cefi.H 'in an evil example of their ungodliness,' O"* (*a copy'). 

irreni.] em., e«. e7rnA.(Ti] ete(S\, fs: e<$T, e. 8 on] 
om. o. ii&.iKe] niKe, ro. cectoq] ab»feos : + x«.en, l»t» 
tgnpt. nxonr.] KTortm., r. n^ujp] om. n, b»fs. 
^.e] om. 0. cegjuxgq] a : om. q, wt* &c. nitooT] a l ,«f 

E8: pref. OTTO&, B»GP: +>.€, L*T*rNOT. » *A. 2k.eJ cf. Gr. 

NAG EL rell oron*" cat Ac: om. a.6, A,. HA.qCA.Xl] LeTTEN 
cf. Gr. ttBCL al mu cat &c.] -TAJLA.n, FEP8. 
10 XeOTTA.] XCA., G. lUfcHTOT] pref. nJOPHI, E. <fnrCI- 

ko>(o,N)c] ii/pirciKoc, fs. Te&nouoirij xe&no&i, s*. 

Digitized by 


138 iorxnxc. 

ttj£>pKI ^>eil ttA.1 CeTAJCROVT* " OTfOt ntwor 

xe ataaooji £,1 <frAAUMT iiKAjn * oirog, A.*r$u3n 
e&oX £,iTen TcopAAec A*.<&&exe AA.ftA.XA^AA. 
onrog, a.itta.ko ;6en *f A.n*riXoriA. nre jcope* 
12 nAJ ne itK e*roi nA.6fti £>en nexenA.rA.nR* 
eroirnoq neAAwren* eroi AAAAA-necux)-* 
epujoT AJuuLi.TrA.xoif j6en oxmt.eTA.T£,o-f •»■ 
g,"Rm ttA.eAA.cooT ne oirog, epe ne-ROT <S\ 
juuu-ujot* oirog, eqmi juuuuuot * £,A.itajajHit 
n*re ne-inonopon ne nA.*ro"rrA.£, eA.nrAA07r 
nconS eA.irqoxonr next TOTitoTiti* ls £,A.n- 
£,uhax.i iiA.rp!oix irre $ioaa ne eTf£,ic$Rrf- 
noirajmi* £,A.ncioTr errcopeA*. ne* erA-peg, 
noooT enx*** K*re TX ejULC neneg,* 


8 " JXgepnpotfrRTerm a>e on j6a. nAi nxeniAAA^; 
A.qep..., icacen aaajul enoox egxto aaaaoc* ace ic 

n<rc A.qi >6en £,AnoftA. itA.rreXoc eroTTAA 

itTA-cj* "eqipi noir£,A.n j6a. onron mften* 

« +O*og, ecog,i itniA.ce&Hc XRpo*» eefte £,coft 

m&en irre noTrg,&Roir! AAA«.exA.ce&Hc exA.x- 

ftj6pHi] n&pRi, t»nt. cerA-KROirr] -kcuott, p. 
11 $&exe] n&, t : fiexe, a»*. &a.Xa^jul] -Xaaa, b*: 
$a.X, o. j6en*f.] £,ixen*f ., o. *ope] KopR, p : +&A.n- 
peqxpeAApeAA npeq&iApiiu erAAoaji ka/ta. nonr- 

eniOTAJLIA. 'upbraiding murmurers, walking according to their lusts,' 
FO^sS, cf. i Qr. N*0 2 . 12 HA.I ne] cf. Gr. N'ABKL reU cat vg 

syr b etP arm Ac. ttR CTOl] cf. Gr. N«ABL 13. 27. 29. al 10 cat 
syr b etP &c. n6XenA.rA.nRj cf. Gr. NBKL al pier cat vg syrMP 
arm aeth &c; cf. also for burnt NBCKL al omn Tld cat syrP aeth &c. 
neAAlOXen] cf. Gr. O 6. 27. 42. 57. oS"* al fere 10 arm. 01fO£, 

epe] A: om. oirog,, l«t*&c.: nR epe, 0. o-rog, e(A., nt>- 
qmi] om. 0T0&, ko. ne-mo(+ir, S) nopon ne] ntffno., 
r(K): neofno., nt s om. ne, k. eA.nrA*xnr] om. e, fs. eA.*»- 

qOXOT] A.nrtM2£Oir, FS. "F^eS 1 "* J^li^. &M\ 'the angel 

Digitized by 


JUDE 11-15. 139 

(cuxnrrt) naturally, as beasts without speech, in these they 
are corrupted. n Woe to them 1 because they walked on (the) 
road of Kain, and they rushed along* (the) error of (the) reward 
of Balaam, and they perished in the contradiction of Eore. 
11 These are they who are spots in your love-feasts, delighting 
with you, being shepherds to themselves in fearlessness ; they 
are clouds without water, and with (the) wind taking them 
and bringing them ; they are fruitless trees of (the) autumn, 
having died twice, having been plucked up with their root ; 
11 they are wild waves of the sea, foaming out a shame; 
they are stars astray, for whom is kept (the) darkness of 
(the) eternal blackness. 

14 But also against these prophesied the seventh from Adam, 
Enoch, saying: 'Lo, the Lord came in myriads of holy 
angels of his, 1S executing a judgement against all ; and to 
reprove all the ungodly concerning all of their works of 

* Lit. ' shed themselves through.' 

Michael.' tie i°] trs. before tiT€, TTNT. et&i] e**e£,I, B». 

ftoTfcy mi] a b» : encnraj., : iinoTaj., l»t i &c. err copejut] 

-cupeuL, t»fk8. eTfA.peg,] e*.Ti.(e, NT)peg„ tnost. 

moo?] epaacnr.Fos. enx] iiiiX'» N - X ejuu 0xe**.*rc, 

0. nenepj cf. ? Gr. na bo l «a plus 38 cat &c " f^s™* 'the nanus. 
^^ ■ 14-16 

second Sunday of Ablb, and the second Sunday of Hatur, and the third 
8unday of Amshir.* ^A.] J^eit, -p. enCO^] *- n, » N : -°X> T » 

nbc] ic <&.nbc 1 *io, came the Lord,' o. g, iiA.rveXoc 

entOI&A] T'AFS, cf. Gr. al arm: £,A.Itefia. iUXreXoC, 0«: 
£^.ltd&A CTrOTijR, LbBTG KN0*PT, cf. Gr. C al mu eyi* aeth Ac. 

14 eqipi] t*at/knt : eqeipi fut., b»gp 18 : eipi, o : eepeq- 

Ipl, L«FS, infinitive. ©A.] jfeeit, rN0*T. 0"*0£,] 00. 0. 

eco&i] eqco&i, b. iim*.ce&KC THpoV] cf. Gr. (K)ABC al 

plus 10 cat vg syr» et P arm aeth &c. : Ai».*r"*X K KlfLeit 'every soul,' 
FS. cf. Gr. K &c g/JOft Itl&en i°] cf. ? Gr. ABELP al longe plu 

vg &c frrencnrg,. &c] K&.T&. itcnrg,. &c, tnot; cf.? Gr. 

ABEL al longe plu vg syrP aeth &c. KTB ItOT^&HOTTI &c] 

€TA.*»epA.ce&Kc itj6HTcnr<t- ha.1 ite rupeqepnofki 
ruxe&nc* npcqepxp-. fs. exi.'vepA.ce&Kc] pref. 

Digitized by 


mo ioirxaxc. 

epA.cefi.Hc nj^KTOTf* nexx eefie g/ofi nifien 
eenA.aj*r kh e*rA.TfCAJCi jGuulioot j&A.poq 
e&Anpeqepnofii ne iu.cefi.Rc* 

y "Haj ne mpeqxP e -**-P ejul - npeqqiApiw exxxogji 
kata noTenwvAJLi^. oiro£, pujoir cam j6en 
ott^otto e**oi ncg$Hpi e&An&o eefie ^rott. 

C tnfiewren 2>.e nAJu.enpA.-f | A.pi<tuut.eTn itni- 
P n £ caxi erATracoTOTr icxeit cgopn * efioX £,i*ren 
niA.nocroXoc irre nenbc mc nxc*- "ace 
iu.irx(v i3U*.oc nun-en ne* ace enj£>A.e irre 
mcHOTf eirei n2ce£,A.npeqepg,A.X+ e-vjuioaji 
rata. nieroeTrjuuA. irre nox**.eTA,cefi.Rc * 
"nAi ne na er^opac efioX iA^nrxiKoc* nH 

»j erejOuu-on nnA n<6HTOTr * + 20 fieurren a*.e 
nAJu.enpA*f + Ke*r ohhot >6en nerennA-g/f*- epexenxusfi^, j&en ninnX! eeorrAiL 
81 AAApenApeg, epon s&en oifA,rA,nK irre $*f * 
enacoTrajT efioX j6at£,r jOLnmAi irre nenbc 
mc nxc errujnj6 neneg,* 
"2>A.novon xxen eperenco&i juuuuuott * eirep- 

HR, R. HR eXA.TfC.] om. nH, E. ne(A, o) iiAce&Hc] 
HAxefiac ne, k .- ne onro£, nAxefinc, r. m m (h, t>- 
peqxO AB * rKNT: nipeqepx-. GOP18: itpeqx-. l«fs. 

qiApiKl] £,!., S. CnieTf AJUA] + JUUULAirA,TOTr, K, cf. ? Gr. 
OLP al fere* &c. ptOOTf] pref. 6pe, TNOT. j6enOTT . . . 

2,HOTf] noxM.erpeqn£,o erroi naj^np e&An&o 
eefieoTf^KOTr, fs. ott&oto] a,. 8 °b»R: oTfAJterg,., im 
T'&c. eTfoi naj$Hpi(om. AB*FKSi8)e]AB»F8i8: errepa)., 
uut 16, k : errepaj$Hpi (om. rj n, l»ttgnopr. it 2>.e] om. b»gp. 
nmcAaci] + rrrenenac mc n^c 'of our Lord,' &c, fs. 
exA.TfxoTOTr &c] nA.i e*TA.qacoxoTf nneqA.noc*ro- 

XOC 'these which he said to his apostles,' FS. la 2C€ UAV2CU) 

. . . ne] aceoTTHi nA-racuj xk.Jtx.oc, fs. nurren] cf.Gr. (esc 

K 4. 108. 137. Ac). ne]om. TFG*KNST26. aC€ a°] cf. Gr. AC 
EL""? al certe pier cat vg syr b et p arm aeth &c €(om. A 8 B»G*KP) n- 

Digitized by 


JUDE 16-aa. 141 

ungodliness in which they were ungodly, and concerning 
all the hard things which they spake against him, being 
ungodly sinners.' M These are the quarrelsome mnrmurers, 
walking according to their lusts, and their mouths speak in 
excess, admiring (men's) persons because of gain. " But ye, 
my beloved, remember the words which were spoken from 
(the) first by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ ; 18 that 
they were saying to you, that at (the) end of the times 
deceivers shall come, walking according to the lusts of their 
ungodlinesses. M These are they who separate, psychic, in 
whom there is not spirit. *°But ye, my beloved, build 
yourselves in your holy faith, praying in the holy spirit. 
n Let us keep ourselves in [a] love of God, looking out for- 
ward to the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto an eternal 
life. M Some indeed reproving, distinction being made 

j£)A,( + l, B»)6 Ac.] cf. ? Gr. NABC 5. 6. 7. 8. 13. 15. 18. 22. 27. 29. 33. 
36. 66** 73. 106. 180. cat Ac. : j&eitmCHOir ttj£)A.e 'in the last 
times,* FS. n*r€rUCK01f] cf. Gr. 6. 7. 15. 17. 18. 26. 27. 29. 36. 
66** 68. 106. ia6»w 13a Cyr tie. exet] 6TM, G; cf. N'AC* 5. 6. 7. 
8. 13. 23. 26. 29. 33. 36. 66** 73. 81. 126. 13a 180. cat vg aeth Did Cyr &c. 
£,A.Itpeq.] rtipeq., K, definite. 6p£,A.X] CUjftl 'mockers,' FS. 

memo.] attknobt 26 : itcnreme., l«t»b«fgps. irreitcnr- 

U€Ti.C.] TOXM.., B»K 26: OTA*.., T'N: AAAAeTA-Ce- 
jlitC, FS. " eT<fcOp2c] AB«rRT: -topx, L»T* &c; cf. Gr. 

KABKLP al fere 60 cat fu syr b etP arm aeth Did Cyr &c £fc\f*- 
XUH» NTJKOC] -KIOC, AB*rGNOBT: om. A*., (B«)GOPR. 11K 

e*re] om. fs. 20 2>.e] om. r 18. jcexeHnoT] position cf. ? hu^.s, 

Gr. MA BC 5. 13. 68. 73. 163. d*" vg syrP aeth &c. €G01i>£ i°] 

eer*, p twice: eeoirox 'eonnd,'R. epeTernrio&£,]+2»e,Fs. 
11 AJU.petiA.peg, epon] cf. Gr. bo**" syr»etP: eperenA-peg, 

eparrett, FS, cf. ? Gr. NAKL al fere omn cat vg aeth &c. €It- 

3cot(oj, n s)ojt] epexenx., fs. m g,A.ncnron] a fp s : 
pref. oTog,, l»t» &c. eperen(+e, 0)COg,l] cf. Gr. AC* 5. 6. 7. 

13. 17. 27. 29. 33. 40. 66** 73.98 ,I, » lot. 126. 130. 163. vg arm aeth utr &c. 
jUJtMIXnr] -Ten, JJ> by error. e-rep2s.IA.Kpmm] 2i.lA.KI-r 


Digitized by 


142 iorxoxc. 

2s.iA.Kpmm jjutxvoot*- ls £A ncnf on >>e epe- 

xen«o£,ex». juuuuucnr* epereng/oXejut £x- 

iutujoT e&oX £,rren cnrxP 00 **-* 

2>A.noiron 2k.e epereimAJ noooTr ;6en <y*g,o"f* 

epeTerumocf irfKeajemi e*roi ttA.(Trti e&oX 

j^eit *fcA.p£* 24 $r 2k.e ereonron ojxojui 

juumoq e^-peg, epurren iu»*rcXA.*f <■ oirog, 

€TA.£,oTen epA/ren eHitoir jOtnejuieo JuL- 

nequxnr eperenoi iu.Ti.<rm j6en cnreeXKX* 

* s 4>+ i3uuu.TA.xq nenccoTHp*- efioX £,rren ikc 

nxjc tienro muscnr <fctoq ne* next, "fjuteT- 

mcg-f* nejut iiiajul&.£,i •*■ neut mepajicgt 

j6A-2cen itieneg, THpcnr* net*. *frtcnr nejut 

AJULHtt, aj£.eit€£, nxe meneg, Ajuutrt* 

ji __ n 

Iott^a.c enicroXH a. ctix ^ *,e 5 

RaxeoMRH enicrkH f ghiphhh tui kui 

plltllt, N: 2k.OA.Kpmm, A s . ss £,A.nOTrOIt 2*6 (om. 7k€, 

K: JUten, B») . . . XP" 5 ^. N) JUL] cf. ? Gr. KABO 5. 6. 7. 13. 17. 
27. 29. 40. 66** 73. 101. 126. 130. 163. &c. vg arm syrP aeth &c. £<^- n " 
OlfOIt 2>>6 epeXenitO£,eJUL iJUUUOoV] om. NT bomeot. 

epeTen&iwXejut. JDuutujoTf] pre f. onrog,, O: om. l*. 

^IXenoifXP 00 **-] A « <*• Gr. rell: j6etmiX-i LsTt &c, cf. 

Hantrf, d«*roCir. gA^ ** 01 * ^ e *° (£AHKeXU>07mi 2^€, FS) . . . 

£»Alt 2 g/rf ] cf. Gr. NAB 5. 6. 7. 13. 17. 27. 29. 40. 66** 73. 101. 126. 130. 

23—25 T _ 

163. vg arm aeth &c. epe*renitA.i noxnr] eperenim JUL- 

JUClOCnr 'bringing them,' GNO*T; also r m 8 giving three renderings — 
«t> ujfi-^d 'being like them,' .^laJ 'drawing them,' -*j*JAi 'present- 
ing them.' nA.(fitl] iiA.TA.&"itI, B« by error. 6&oX j£)eit] 

ab»r 18: e. Jirrert, l»fos : ivre, ttgknpt. **$h 

2>>e] om. 2*6, KB 26: $*f~ Z.6 'but God.' FS. iJUULOq] JUL- 
JULUJXeit, K. CpUJXen] cf. Gr. NBCL al sat mo cat vg syr">etP 

arm aeth &c fiA/rcXA/f . . . eeXitX] epereirrAJCpKOTrr 

Digitized by 


JUDE 23-25. 143 

about them ; 28 but some saving, snatching them from a 
fire; But some having mercy upon in [a] fear, hating 
even the garment which is with (it) spot from the flesh. 
** But he for whom it is possible to keep you without stum- 
bling, and to set you up before his glory, being without 
Bpot in [a] gladness — M Qod alone our saviour, through 
Jesus Christ our Lord, the glory is his, and the greatness, and 
the strength, and the authority, before all the ages, and now 
and unto age of the ages, Amen. 

Ioudas Epistle 1. Stichoi 90, Chapters 2. 

Catholic Epistles 7 in peace of the Lord. Stichoi 1400, 
Chapters 33. 

eqe*rA.£,eoKitoT eperrenovtA ^enoireeXHX 'being 

confirmed he shall present you holy in a gladness,' FS. €*TVL£,OTerl] 
L«T*AGP: -tOTeit, B«rKNORT. 2S JUUUU.1f4.Tq] cf. Gr. 

MABC 6. 7. 13. 17. 27. 39. 40. 56. 6 6** 68 . 73. 160. 163. vg syr b etP 

arm &c : + Tie, p. nencurmp] -ctup, p. efioX^. . nenoc] 

cf. Gr. MABCL al fere 26 cat vg«yr b etP &c: trs. neitOC before IHC, 
B»GP 18. neJUL+AJLCrn.] cf. Gr. KLP al pier cat vg<*» syr» 
aeth &c: om. IteJUL, KB, cf. Gr. NABC al 10 am fu demid tol syrP 
arm Ac. KeJU.m<8.JUU.£ ) l] A B» K 18: om. IteJUL, L*T» &c. 

j^AJcen rueneg, TKpoir] a (b» THpq): £>. nieneg, 

THpq, L«T« &c, cf. Gr. MABCL al" cat vg syrP arm aeth Ac. 

aj.4v.eneg, nre] om. eneg, frre, b. irremeneg,] t*a,b» 

GPR: itxenieneg,, L*NT: om. K: + XKpOT, A 2 rNOT 26. 
AJULHIt] T thrice. FS have a different version of 25 $*f" TierlCtU- 

THp 4>h iiiujot rtA,q g,rren mc n^c 
nenoc ne**. *f x*-P IC ne^x vu&jul/l&i nejut *fe£- 
ottcia. £>&xen ni eneg, THpq new. -f ncnr itejut 

ajA.eiteg, AJULHtt 'God our saviour, who is holy, the glory to him 
by Jesus Christ our Lord, and the grace and the strength and the 
authority before all the age and now and unto age. Amen.' 

Subscription. lOt%.i.C eniCToXH (+H, Aj), A x rGT, cf. ? Gr. 

A : eniCToXH lOT^A-C, FS, cf. Gr. 80. 126. CXI^O ( + C, Aj) q" 

iceX (K€<&a.Xa.u), Ag) 5, a, (2) : CTif x oc £ Ke$A,Xeori 

Digitized by 



144 ioY^axc. 

(ora. eon, T) 5, rT: kjs\ 5 cnrx <*» F8: cnrx oc *f 

K€$*.Xeort 5 KOTXI ^, G; for capita ft cf. Gr. B. A,B'KN 
OP have Arabic. 


KiooXiKon emcroXR f empH(i, T) hr tw ku> 

(♦JUULHIt, TGT), A,. 2 rGT: 4.CXWK 6&oX 'finiahed' KA.0. 

Digitized by 


JUDE. 145 

emc. ? e. t. k. ajulhr, o. ctix( + oc,a«) *7* *,eX 
(KA/frA^eoit, a») Tv, A t8 (Xr): ct-*x°c £;? *e$A.- 
Xeoit £e kottxi pnf , o : ctttxoc (om. oc, O) X,tk 

Ke$A.Xeoil K?, rOT. B»P have Arabic. FKNS have no 


_ Digitized by VjOOQlC 

•npoxgic ton axvioH oxnocTo^oH. 

IIiaOYlT ju.en iicAaci UAjq eo&e &mft mfien 

a? eeofrrXXe j6en nn era, wc g,i To*rq e^i- 

tot cnrog, efc&uj* *gja. me&ooir er^q- 
g,oit£,en exoxoir iim*.nocToXoc e&oX g,rren 
nmftT eeoTi^-j- iik eT^qcoTncnr ^iroXq 

>Haj er*.qonro!t£,q eptooTr eqonj6 + AJienenc*. 
eTA.qajenjulKA.2, j£en ottjulhoj JGuuuum e&oX 
2,rreii IE iie&ooT* eqoirong, JuuuLoq epuxnr* 
o-rog, eqcjLxi nejuuvo? eefte *f juteroTpo irre 
<&"f* 4 cnro£, eqcnruxut. nexjLcooir * ^.q&on- 
£,en ntooT eajTe«.d>u)p2c c^JloX iiiXiuOC A.XX*. 
eo&i jOLniooaj ivre $kot* $r*rencoe- 
jmeq irroT* . "ace iu).&,nitHc jutert ^.q-fusjuu: 

■This is the subscription of A t and the inscription of A}. Aj has 
only an Arabic inscription ^j~f£j\ 'Abraksis,' with which also the pages 
are signed. 

Inscription. IipA.£IC (A,B*GP: -£€U)n, TNOT: -£ Ion > 
FKS) XtOn (rGNOT: -OH, A 2 B*FKPS) ATIO(U>, TO)n 
A.nOCXoXo(C0,N)n (+51, QP: + a.pXK»A,),A t B»rFGKNOP 
ST.. A] has no inscription; for wpafru r&r &yitn> tbroorrfXwr cf. Gr. 

I*T>A J . 1 B» 

iroKwop Jping s«»« 'the first Sunday of Kihak.' IU£,cmT] T wrote a 
H " n 4 l8 ' capital g, which N mistook and wrote A.. ©€0(U), 8)4>**XXe(*.,T)] 

Digitized by 



I. The first treatise (CA.2CI) indeed I made concerning all 
things, O Theophylle, amongst those which Jesus began* 
to do [them] and to teach, * until the day (in which), having 
charged the apostles through the holy spirit, those whom he 
chose, he was taken away to (the) heaven. 3 These to 

whom he manifested himself alive after having suffered, in 
many signs, through forty days manifesting himself to them, 
and speaking to them concerning the kingdom of God: 
4 and eating with them, he ordered them not to depart from 
Jerusalem, but (A.) to stay for the promise of the Father, 
which ye heard from me : s because I6ann§3 indeed baptised 

* Lit.' threw his hand.' 

At : -<bTfXe, A s : -<felXe, L«T» &c. IKC] cf. ? Gr. B D. eA.ITOir] 
L«T»A 1 «,F8: KAJTOT, B»rGKN OPT 18. * eeOTAJl] GOT, 

NPT; the Greek order of words is kept, and the Coptic idiom requires 
&A wwvfutros ayiov to be joined with the preceding words. A."* oXq] 
position cf. Gr. (exc. D syr^etP"* &c). 8 eCJOIt^] -tOIt^, 

B»rs. exa.(e, T)qajenijl(ejut, G)ka^J jm.ertencA.epeq- 

ggeiuOUKA.^, 'after causing him to suffer,' B* 18. eqOTOrt£,] A : 
-OSrt£»» L«T» &c. IteJUUOCnr] T» A : om. U Ac. * €(A., T)q- 

OTTWJUt. IteJULCOOir] cf. e** vg Beda syr** arm (aeth). A.q- 
£,0(UJ, N)It£,en] L«T t AB»rFN8T: ltA»qg,., GKP 18, cf.? Gr. 
E 7. b«" d«* al pane Eos Euth. ittOOTr] A : eTOTOT L»T* &c. : 
TLTOTOy, T; position cf. ? Gr. NBD 1. 13. 31. 33. 61. al omn TW vg 
syr"* arm aeth Ens Enth Ac. CAJloX] €&o\ 0*. riTO*r] 
ItTO Xq 'from him,* F*S. 6 IU)A.nitKC] cf. Gr. (exc. BD): 

kua, p. A.qf]eq*f,NT. 

l a 


Digitized by " 

148 npax^ic. 

j6en otJtxtuoi <■ iteurren ^e ceru.ejmc emtcnr 
&en oriihii eqoi-AA* Ju.e«encA. o-cjulhoj 
iteg,ocnr a. haj gwrn* 
•fleusoT juten o*»n e*TA.Treujoir*f <■ nAiraj'mi ii.- 
ju.oq emcw juuuloc* xe hot le n&pw £en 
lUJCHcnr x niT *€ "fjuLexoirpo enicTC. | 
pne »IIexA.q iuuot xe <&to*ren A.n ne eauu e£, 
Xponoc * le £,A.ncnoir <*■ itAJ era. 4>iorr x*-**" 
j6a. neqepgjiaji* 8 a.XXa. epexenetff iionr- 
xojuL*,egu>n nimu! eecnrAA i ej6pfu 
exeit eHitcnr* oirog, Te*remtA.gj(on! nHi &.- 
jjLeepe &en iXkjul* new. *ficnr2^eA. Tripe* 
iteju. tca.ajla.pia. *• itejut aj-*- A.**pHxq 

jQUIKA&I *■ 

9 Oro£, ItAJ e*rA.qxo*r<nr efcojuLc A.irqrrq en- 
ojum* oiro£, OTftfHni Accgonq epoc eftoX* &A. 
no-*&A.X* I0 ha/toi z.e jGL^picf eitAYiopefJi.* 


8>Hnne ic puuuu 5* A.iro£,i epA.Toir itA.g,pA.T 
j6ert g,£,e&cio ercnroftcg* "(nrog, nex- 
usoir* Hiptuju.1 mrAXiXeoc Aj6urren TBreit- 
o&i epA/ren ^Hitcnr* eperencoAJtc enajun 
er^e* 4>a.i ne Ikc erA/roXq engjuji e&oX 

CeHACJULC . . . eqOTTAft] cf. Gr. tt>AOE i. 13. 31. al pier vg 
syr»*' anil aeth Or Oyr Euth &c. eqOTAA] KAFGKPS 18: 
eeOTfJL&, T'B»0: €&*, NT: e©, T; the form with €^. usually 
follows the noun with definite article. JULeitettCA] L«T l ArFKNO 
ST: pref. OTTO&, B*GP 18. OXftAKO) &c] cf. ? Gr. (exc. D* &c). 

• AJLeit] i.6, T»K. S&pHl] A : ru6-, L»T» &c. HA.ICKOTf] 
IUCKOT, NT. eniC^] €I(H, NJ^KSS; 'to Jerusalem/ NT. 
7 neXA.q] LgAFS, cf. Gr. B* syr"* arm"": + ^6, T*B»rGNOPT 
18, cf. Gr. N A 1. 13. 31. 33. 61. al omn Ttd vg syrP, item cf. Gr. arm " : 
+ Cnm, K, cf. Gr. B 3 . IttOOTf] obs. Gr. E vg & c . ie] tlGA*., K. 

• a.XXa] oirog,, k. eperenecfi] A.peren(+e, Ajtfl, a. 

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ACTS I. 6-1 1. 149 

in [a] water, but ye (pron.) will be baptised in [a] holy 
spirit : after not many days these (things) happened. 

'They indeed then having assembled were asking him, 
saying: 'Lord* in this time wilt thou restore the kingdom 
to Israel V 7 He said to them : ' It is not yours to know 

times or seasons (CKO*v), these which the Father put under 
his authority. 8 But (A) ye shall receive [a] power, if the 
holy spirit should come upon you: and ye will be to me 
witness in Jerusalem, and all [the] Ioudea and (the) Samaria, 
and unto the (lit. his) end of (the) earth.' "And having 
said these things, as they gaze, he was lifted up ; and a cloud 
received him from their eyes. I0 But they were [as] staring 
one at another (lit. one) of them, as he goeth (lit. he walk- 
ing) up to (the) heaven. Behold, two men stood with 
them in white raiment; "and they said, [The] men, [the] 
Galileans, why stand ye gazing up to (the) heaven t This is 
Jesus who has been taken away up from you : this also is as 

nofxcuui] iixojuL, o*.] ee, r. e;6pHi] 

WDATSOT: €£,., B»GEPi8: om. F8. TreTeitltAaj.] pref. 
R,0. nHl] cL? Gr. E 1. 13. 31. 33. 61. al omn»"&c. lt€JUt.*f 10TT3S..] 
cf. Gr. AO*D 37. 29. 38. 40. 61. 69* al 8 *" &c. CAJULApIA] cf. Gr. 
MADE &c * OTO£, ItAJ &c] cf. Gr. (exc. D &c). €Tf- 

cojtxc] Aire, fs. cnr<T(cu, T) hiu] ic(oc, a 2 *) OTdKiu, a s "« 

('another copy*). ACOJOnq] ItACttJ., N. 10 2^e] om. FS. 

€ttA.TIOp€JUL] T»A: nATf&IOpeAJL, FS* : fte(0, P*)*»IO- 

peftA, i>B»rGNOP»T: eiriop., k. otai cnrftecnrA! £k- 

JJUOO"*] A: om. L«T* Ac. €£,pHl] L*AB»GP: enajlDI, TTF 
KNOST. £,Hime] A : pref. OTO&, L«T» &c poaJUL! 5] pref. 
OX, OT. A.1TO£,l] A: KAITOg,!, L*T* &c. epAXOTf] +ne, 
B»FK8. ItA^pAT] LbATGP: + ne, NOT. £,AIt£,efkaU] cf. Gr. MABC 27. 29. 61. 81. vg syr** 1 arm Eug 

Epjph &c e7ro7rofi.aj] eTroTttt^cy, fo : e*»u)(o, N)fi.aj, sn. 
11 nextooir] + moor 'to tbem,' o. mpiuAJu] pref. xe, b»g. 
nrrAXiXeoc] hv., P: rAX(+X,N)iXeoc, nt. aj£>u>- 
*ren] aj6o., b»fs, enajcui i c ] e&pm, b»gp. eT$e'i°] 
nr$e, k. enajuoi a°] age, cf. Gr. d 33** toi pp ut aiiq &c: 

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150 npoxgic. 

g,*.pio*ren 4>*.i on ne ij&pK't ereqnRcnr 
ijumoq* J0L$pH*f eTA-pereniu.** epoq eq- 
AA.OOJI e&pm e*r$e + 
7 "Tcrre i-vKoxoTf eiTvHAA e&oX £,*. niTCDOTf* 
eojA.TTJULOTrf epoq xe $a.nixu>rr eTj£>en*r 
ej^onrn eiXiuE* no7fCAJiikA.Ton ijuuiocgi* 
18 totg eTA/rcge ej^oir n A/raje e&pm eoxjtiLA. 
eqcAJitguM niJUL*. eniqajort iij6rrrq nxe- 
nerpoc ne**. . luwLnnRc* lAJauftoc + nejut 
A.tt2>.peA.c * $iXinnoc+ new. ©u>jula.c* fU.poo- 
Xojm.eoc* ncjut JULA/reeoc 4- iajkiu&oc <$>a.a.X- 
4>eoc* ne«. cuuuun nipeqxo&fr new. io*v2i£.c 

14 H*.i a.e THpoTt evjuuiit evcon efnpoceTTXH * 
nejut g,A.n£,iojuu * nexjL juu.pi& nutc* 
neAJt neqcitHOTr* 


« " Ovog, ili6pHi j£>en n&.\e&oot A.qTtunq itace- 

nerpoc ;6en o.m.H'f nmcnROT. neonron 

OTJU-Hcg 2>.e eirooTrKX £,i <pAJ ecpA.i-5- enAv*- 
tt^eppK hp&.n. nexA.q* 
••Hipuwuu mcnHoir £,urf ne n*recx<uK efi.oX 

+er<pe, L»T»B»rFNOPST. e&pHi] ab«gP: enajuji, L«T* 

TFKNOST. K«* ij»\ 'the end (of the lection).' " eSoX £,A.] 

-£,1, FKS. ecgA.XM.O*¥*f]L«AiB»FS: pref. $R, T*A 8 rGKN 

PT: $r exoTJULoirf , o. e*rj6en*r] a^ eq;6» l«t» 
a, &c. e&cnrn] m. fgks. jOuulooji] eutoaji, r* : 

eqJULOOJI 'walking,* I»K. " TOTe] A : pref. OTTO&, B»(G) : 

o*»o& &o*re, lsttfnopst: ottop,, k. e*TA/»aje] 
on. err, g. A/vaje (+ ntoonr, P) e&pHi] position cf. Gr. n«de 

al pier tol syr«*» arm"* &c. eqCA.najU5l] CqCfOCI, F8. €nA.q- 
jgon] Ai : gttA. Tffl., LBT'A 2 Ac. IlUA.nttRC] RUA-HRC, B», 
cf. Gr. BD : IGUA., T; position cf. Gr. MABOD.61. 96. vg syr"* arm " 
aeth Ac IA.KUJ&0(U), N)C i°] L*T»AFGPS, cf. Gr. D: pref. 

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ACTS L 12-16. 151 

be is coming, as ye Baw him going (lit. walking) up to (the) 
heaven. " Then they returned to Jerusalem from the 
mountain which is called ' That of the olives,' which is near 
to Jerusalem a sabbath journey*. 13 Then, having gone in, 
they went up to a room (lit. place) aloft, where was abiding 
Petroa with (iteJU.) Ioannes, Iakdbos and (rteJUt.) Andreas, 
Philippos and Thomas, Bartholomew and Mattheos, Iakdbos, 

. he of Alpheos, and Simon the zealot, and Ioudas, he of 

IakSbos. 14 But all these (were) continuing together for (e) 

the prayer, with (nejUL) women, and (itexA.) Maria (the) 

mother of Jesus, and (neJU.) his brethren. 

15 And in these days Petros rose in (the) midst of the 

• brethren, but there were many assembled together who were 
to be numbered (lit. make) a hundred (and) twenty names : 
he said, M [The] men, [the] brethren, it is necessary that 

• Lit.' of a tabbath of walking.' 

tXCJtX 'and,' B*TKNOT, cf. Gr. relL <&lXipr, OJIUlOc] pref. 

neMX, k. &a,(o, G)pe.] pref. neat, k. ajla.xo€oc] cf.? 

Gr. AB S CE al omn"* rell : oro. T, F*. A.Xd>eOc] A.X«t>A.€OC, B». 
-X°£»] " KO &> N « lOV^A-C] UM&&.C, 8. <pA. a°] + COIt 
' brother,' 0. " 2^e] AP : om. L«T* &c. €Tf AJLHtt] A : ItA.T- 

JULHIt, L«T» Ac. npOCeTXH] cf. Gr. NABO*DE k 14' 61. 81. 
143. 177. rg eyr 8 * arm aeth &c. JULApiA.] of. Gr. NACD al plu Ac. 
neJtX &c] of, Gr. NAO*D 25. 104- 106** 118. vg arm aeth &c. 
w 0**0£, il<6(&, B»)pHl] cf. Gr. K ABC 1. 13. 31. 40. 61. al omn»" 
fn demid eyr"* aeth rell &c. nAJe&OO**] LsT'ABTKP: 

+ere*AMUst, pgnot: meg,. erejutML&.'t, s. nic- 

HKCnr] cf. Gr. »ABC* 8. 13. 163. I2"** 40 1 * * vg arm aeth. 0*»Oll] 
0*¥!t, N. ^e] of. Gr. CD* 16. ?g e d* lyr"" arm ftc: om. K, cf. 
aeth ThphyK d>A.I e<&A.l] T'AGO*P: $A.I C&A.J, LsB*rFKN 
8T: *P,mont epHOTf 'one with another,' 0»« ('a copy'). ettA.Tr- 

nA^pjVA! : ep, a 8 : evitA,ep, W &c. pKj cf. ? Gr. D.] cf. Of. (•*>. E). neXAq] IMrGNOT : pref. OTO£,, T'B» 
FKP»S. u |UCItKO*v] A: HetlC. 'our brethren,' L»T» &c. s 

K*» A-5U1 'the ditciples,* (J »3n J 'Coptic, the brethren.' £,U)*f He] 
L«T*AGS, cf. ? Gr. D* d vg arm~ d &c: om. ne, B»rFKNOPT. 

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152 npaxgic. 

nxefTp&.tfrt* «h exA.qepgopn ibcoc ibre- 
nmiu. eeovAA* e&oX s&en. ptocj rt^^nrix 
ee&e iot2vA.c + <j>k enrA.qeptfS.TAJi.ujix Rum 
exA.YAAAA^>,i riiKc. "xe itA-qwi n&pHi Rj6h- 
xen ne* onro£, a. moon i epoq aaiukXhpoc 
iixe xa.12UAjkoiua. «» u d>A.i At-en o**tt A.qajum 
iioTrio&i e&oX j6en $&exe nxe xa.2s.iki a. * 
o*rog, A.qg,ei exen neq&a A.qfcuxg j6en 
xeqAAH*f* o**o£, nK excAj6o*»it JOUuibq 
XHpo*»[-j.]4>a)it e&oX. "o**og, A.qo # *ort£ > 
e&oX ttoifoit ru&en exjgon £en 

« + 8>«>cx€ nceAAovf e4> aaiuio&i exeAA- 
aha.t £en xo**a.ciu ace A.xeX2vAJtAA.r «• exe 
nuo&i iixe mcitoq* 20 ccj6hotx VA.p £,i 
nxojAA iixe im$a.Xaaoc -s- 
Xe xeqepiLi AAA.pecajujq +- otto£, AAnenopeq- 
ajami nxe$H exajon iIj6hxc. xeqAAexeiuc- 
Konoc* kcotaj (JTxc. 

y 8I 8»wf orit j6en mptoAAi * exA/w ej6onrn «j6h- 
xeit j6en iucko** XHpq exA.qi ejfeoTrn * OTO& 
A.qi efioX £,ixum iixenenbc ihc* M eA.qep- 
2,hxc iacen iuuuaac iixe«KCfrgjA.e^>oirn 

•fvpA.*H] cf. Or. KABO* h 5. 14* 35. 61. 69. 81. 104. 163. i>«* 
vg arm aeth Or Eus Did Ath &c. €&oX 2 ] om. K. 2vA.**I2t] 
cf. Or. al ma. lOTf^A-C] IM&JLC, 8. tfA/*] SA/*, 0*P. 
eXA.**AAAA£,l] A TO NOT: CXA/lfAAAOltl, T»B»FKPS: 

exA,nrepAAAom, u. " ru6pHi nj6itxen] cf. Or. ha 

BGDE h 13. 35. 27. 39. 61. 69. 81. 143. 163. vg Eos ftc Ilium] 
nion, FS. AAlUKXHpOCl L«T*AGP: om. AA, BTFKNO 

st. "A.qgju>(o,A,)nJ nA.cjgja>n, r : A.qajwm, f. 

e&oX /6en] p»ef. itA.q, fs. 4>J&ex(K. T)e] cf. ? Or. minusc 

vix mn Thphyl b . XA^IKIA.1 cf. Or. (exc D eyr » c* aeth »* Ens ftc). 

onrog, i°] om. op. exenj t*a : £,ixen, it &o. A.qKuxg] 

ANOT: pref. OTtOg^ L»T*B»rFGKPS. 6&oX a°] om. T. 
" OTO& Ac] cf. Or. H«ABCE al pier yg «yr«» r rell Bus &c: OTOP, 
A,qoj(UIU eq. Ac. 'and it became manifested &c.,' K: A.m£,U}fi 

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ACTS L 17-23. 153 

the Scripture should be fulfilled, which the holy spirit said 
before from the mouth of David concerning Ioudas who 
guided (hem who overpowered Jesus. " Because he was 
being numbered amongst us, and the lot came to him * of the 
heritage of this ministry. ls This (man) indeed then bought 
a field from (the) reward of (the) iniquity ; and he fell upon 
his face, he burst in the (lit. his) midst, and all that (plur.) 
which was inside him was poured out. w And he war mani- 
fest to all who dwelt in Jerusalem; so that they call (the) 
name of that field in their language 'Acheldamag,' which 
(is) the field of the blood. *° For it is written in (the) book 
of the Psahns: 'Let his habitation be desolate, and let 

there not be him who dwelleth in it. His bishopric let 
another take.' n It is necessary then, among the men who 
came in among us, in all the time which our Lord Jesus came 
in and came out over us, w having begun from the baptism 
of Ioannes until the day (in) which he was taken away up 

• Of. Lake i. 9. 

eqO*VOm£, e&oX jieitlXSjOC THpC 'the thing was mani- 
fested in all Jerusalem,' 0«w. A.qOTfOrtg, ( + q, S*)] A : A, (C, K) q- 

OTf<»n(+q, 6°) ne, l*t* &c. nofort iti&en] lucecs-on 
m&en, 0* : on. b»(0»s). erajon] cf. Gr. b*. £,u>cTe] l«T' 

FOPS: -2>.e, AB»rKNOT.] «U.$pA.It, FS. < 
ii] om. B»K. TCnfAXJU] cf. Or. »B»D. A^eX^A-WlA-V] 
T*AG: om. A. i°, K: A.X*~» L«PS: A-X^-X^*-**-*-*. B * : 

*.X<e>&.*Mu.x.> rF0 » a - Gr - ** A 40. 61.: oTfA.x*-^ e_ 
jul&x, t : &.x. e ^*-X.**-*-> N - *° frrennlr.] l*t» a b« f 

GKPS : hmfy., TNOT. Teqepfll] cf. Gr. (exc. 31* 34. 43- 61. 
•I 10 fere Ac). <&h] TU, NS. TeqjU.e*T\] pref. OTfO£,, F. 
JUtA.peKeoifA.1] L*T»AB*FGKPS: epCKeOfA.!, TNOT, obs. 
Gr. E 1. 13. 31. si pier Eus Xd0w. " £,(«*f] &UJTI, FS. 

eTA.qi] of. ? Gr. N*ABC*D 2 61. vg &c. A.qi]ArFNOT: 
€TA.qi, L«T*B»GKPS. €&oX] om. G. £,IX(BIf(Aft., S)] L*T» 
AB*FGKPS: 6X0011, TNOT. Tienoc] A: FlOC 'the Lord,' 
LT* &c 8-* 'the end (of the lection).' " eA.qep£,HTc] 

exA,qep., r. ej6oiri e] om. b»q. 

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154 npaxgic. 

P£ emle&oonr* erA/roXq eiwjcot e&oX £,A.port 
ivre OTfi.i ititA.1 epjixeepe *• j6a. Teq- 
**.cic + 28 onrog, A/m^e S epA-Toir* 
itocK<t> 4>h e*roTJULo*rf epoq xe fi.A.pcA.&ftA.c *• 
$h e*r<s/rfpeitq xe iottctoc* next. JULA.eiA.c. 

"OlfOg, eT4,'*T0D&£ ) TieXOUOT* 

2Ce nOT itooK neraocnrit JU.11&KX ivre ovore 
rti&ert* o"*ort£, ju4>k erAJCcoTitq e&oX £ert 
iu»i5 oTf^i 2S e<Jf c^jula. rare TAJ^iAJcoitiA.*- 
iteju. TA.UA.eTa.nocroXoc* en eTAqepiu.- 
p£.&emn jOuuloc itxeioTr 2^a.c •*• eA.qaje ru.q 
eneqjut&. ere $ujq ne* 8S onro£, A/rfKXHpoc 
ittoo*** a. niKXHpoc i exeit juuloia-c A/vonq 
ne**. miX iu.nocroXoc * 
{ * Onrog, gr ^qxcoK e&oX nxemeg,ooT ttxe -f neit- 

tkkocth na/reoTHT THpo*» ne &t ot*jl&.*- 
s rtof&o-f j6eit oTr&o-f* Axajturu nxeoTrcu.K 
e&oX j£>en *r<pe+ JOL^prvf" SonreHOTf eriiti 
jQuu-oq ttxonc* otog, Aqjuiog, juuiiki •t'Rpq*- 
e«A.*rg,eA«.ci rijiHTq. 'oirog, A.*»o # »oitg,o*» 
epajonr * juL^pni - it&A.rtXA.c itxP" 5 **- €nf * H ffl * 
c»og, A.irg,eA*.ci exert $ofA.i $oifA.i Jjuuuwott *• 

iueg,ooir] nA,ieg,. 'this day,' t»k. engtui] ab»: + e*r<&€ 

'to (the) heaven,' L«T* &c. itltAl] rtltA-T, N. ItejUULIt] posi- 
tion cf. ? Gr. E I. 13. ftl pier syr°* r arm Thphyl. J&A.] Ji6ert, FOS. 
88 A.VTA.£,e] LftArFKNOST: eTA/*., T»B»GP. KOCK$] 
-Htl, N. epoq] om. T. &A.pCA,(e, N)&&A,c] cf. ? Gr. N A BE 
1. 40. 61. 80. 95. al : &£.prtAJL£.C, S*. cf. Gr. D tol aeth. $H €T.] 
neX., TNOT. JUULOIA-C and ver. 36] AB», cf. Gr. B*D sah*««» 
(ed*"'") : AJLi.TeU.C, I^T 1 Ac, cf. Gr. NAB'CE rell. " HOC 

neox] iteoK noc itooK, k. nercuxyvn] a: ne ere, t» 
eTc, lb &e. jGLn&HT] eng,., fs : iu&ht, b*. iVre 
onron] noTfon, tnot. oirongj l«ap: onrwng,, T»roNOT 

OTTOg, 'add,' B»FKS. JDL4»k] WTtAGOP: om. JUL, B«rFKNST. 
eXAJCCOXItq 6&oX] position cf.? Gr. (exc. minasc ut vdtr paac &c). 
nA.l] $£.!» TTN. 0*»i.l] L«T«ArGNOPT: om. B»FKS, obs 

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ACTS I 43— IL 3. 155 

from us, that one of these should witness with as of his 
resurrection. M And they set up two, Ioseph who is called 
' Barsabbas,' who was named ' Ioustos,' and Mathias. u And 
having prayed, they said : ' Lord, thou (art) he who know- 
eth (the) heart of all, manifest him whom thou ohosest from 
these two one, ** to take (the) place of this ministry and this 
apoeUeship which Ioudas transgressed, having gone to his 
place which is his.' as And they gave lot for them ; the 
lot came upon Mathias; he was counted with the eleven 
apostles. IL And the day of the PentecostS having been 
fulfilled, they were all assembling in a place. 'Suddenly 
there came (ajujrtl) a sound from (the) heaven as a wind 
rushing*, and it filled all (the) house in which they were 
sitting. s And there appeared to them as tongues of fire, 

* Lit. 'they bringing it by force.' 

D«r». » e$-] ArO: JU/fr., L*!* &c. JUU.] cf. Gr. ABC*D 

Tg Ac. ft(€, P)T€T*.l] L»T'ArGNOT: KT&A, B»FKS. 

t&j a°] *f , fs. en] a : G&i, L*T» &c erA.qep.] ereq- 
ep., r. iw.p^£ie(A., NT) itiit] ak : + ca£oX 'from.' l»T'b» 

TGNOPT: €&oX 'from,' FS; obe. Gt. ty'(exc. E &c. tf). lOTf^A-C] 

iux, s. eAqaje] A: eoje 'to go,' l*t* &c eneqjmA. &c] 

6$JU.A. Ac, TNOT ; cf. Gr. HBDE &c. *° OYO£, *.Tt*X. 

IttOO**] om. 0*, added with tr. aa J 'Coptic* IttUOTfJcf. Gr. KA B 
CD 2 5. 7. 13. 25. 61. 81. 100. I73 m « vg aeth &c. 4.niKX.] A : pref. 
OTfOg,, L«T» &c. eaceil] A : pref. €P,pKI, L*T* Ac AiLA.eiA.c] 
A B» : AUT«., L«T' &c. A."»onqj A : pref. OYO£,, L«T* Ac. 

1 F»« 8 n * 'the last Sunday of Pentecost.' ni€£,OOT] cf. Gr. &c. 
(exc. d e rg syr"* ar« arm aeth Ac). *f IieitT (I, F S).] XHneilX, 
NT : om. "f , K. Ita/*©OTrHT] cf. Gr. Ac. (exc. D, syr«* ar« aeth) 
this word renders J/iov &c. TripO"*] cf. Gr. (exc N*E 163 &c). 
1 ROTf^O-f] A: pref. 0**0£„ L«T* Ac. eHOTf] «HOq, NT. 

erini] eveim, fs. juLiuhi] L8AB-rG*N0PT: itxeniHi, 

TTG'KS, making 'the house' subject, eit^g,.] eT&Ttg,., 0*. 
* 0YO&] cf.? Gr. KB 15. 18. 61. syr°* arm Ac i.TfO'rOIt&O-*] 
-&q, N. A.Y£,e*JLCl] ertgy, FS ; plur., cf. Gr. N*Di* syr'" &c. 
exeit]L«T»AB»GP: g,IXeit, TFKNOST. 

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156 npaxgic. 

4 OTfO£, ATfAilOg, TKpOT efi.oX _£>€« OfiutA 

eqoTr ajS. *• oyo£, ATOTrA&xoxo** ecAaci ii&An- 
KeXAc* kaxa <frpirf- exAq-f nwonr itace- 
nmru. eeporepoTruj *■ 6 Heo*»on £,Anonron 
2.e enrajon j6en umcwl* £,Anpujjuu | niov^Ai 
erep&o-f * e&oX jfcen gjXcoX m&en excAne- 
ckx nx$e+ 6 exAcoju>iu a*e ibcex aicjuih *• 
ATretMo-rf- nacenuuLKO) o*»og, ATgjeopxep *• 
ace nApe $o*y&j $otai currejui epcooir ctcaxi 
j6en! *• 7 nA**xc».M.x ave xnponf ne *• 
evepcg$Hp! eracco jGUuloc* ace o^x 1 K *-i 
XKpoTf excAaci £,AnvAXiXeoc An ne * • nwc 
^.non xenctAJxeji*. 4>oxm <froTtAi ijuu-on j&en 
xenAcni exA**ac$on n^Kxe* 
"HmApeoc* new. hijuh^oc*. ne**. nieXAJUu- 
xhc* new. nn exgjon £en -f-Ju.econoxAJU.iA*' 
*fio*»2>.eA.* neju. -f KA.nn02.0KiA. * nonxoc* 
neju. i-AciA* 10 tJ-$pikia* neju. i"nAJu.- 
<t>iXiA* x.***** neju - kica nxefXnr&H* ok 
ex&i mcA iixe -f KTrpinnn * newt mpcujuieoc 
exjgon nj6nxen* " miot^Ai new. ni$gejuL- 

4 o , »nnX) l»ab»fgkps: mnrtA, T»rNOT. eqo**A&], r(ee)NOT. ato-«A£,xoxoV]t'A: att&ixo- 

(om. XO, S : XOTf, N)XOTf, L* &c KAXA . . . ttttJOTf] om. B». 
eXAq"f] T*A : ettAqi - , L« &c rtttJOTf] position cf.? Gr. C*E 
al pier tol syr««» aeth &c. WiTHa] + eeOTfA&, GP(ee?»), cf. Gr. 
E rg aeth. eepOTf] -Oq, NT: €pO*», FS. * g,AnOTfOtt] om. 

o*»on, b». errojon] position cf. Gr. c syr** j6en i°] cf. Gr. «• 

BODE al omn»«. gjXtoX] A, : OjXoX, L»T»Aj Ac. * CXAC- 

gumi 2i.e (om. 2>.e, fs) nacexAi] l»t» &c : exAnrcurrejuL 

2v6 eXAI 'but having heard this,' E. niAAHO)] nUAHO), FS. 
UApe . . . CtUX€A«.] cf. Gr. A DEI*" al plu arm. CtOXeiU.] 
jEJUUUOOTf 'their own,' L«T», cf. Gr. KABOEI &c 7 -XCOJULX] 

AF : -OJU.X, L« Ac XKpOTf] cf.Gr. »* et «ACEI 1. 13. 40. 61. al sat 

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ACTS II. 4-1 1. 167 

divided ; and they sat upon each of them. 4 And they all 
were filled with [a] holy spirit, and they began* to speak 
other tongues, according as the spirit gave to them to utter. 
6 Bat there were some dwelling in Jerusalem, men, Jews, 
devout, from all nations which are under (the) heaven. 
* But this sound having come (ttjumi), the multitudes were 
assembled, and they were confounded, because each was 
hearing them speaking in his (lit. their) language. 'But 
they were all being amazed, wondering', saying: 'Are not 
all these who speak Galileans'! 8 How hear we (pron.) each 
of us in our language in which we were begotten ? 

" The Pa/rthiana and the Medea and the Elamites, and they 
who dwell in [the] Mesopotamia, [the] Ioudea and [the] 
Kappodokia, Pontos and [the] Asia, 10 [the] Phrikia and 
[the] Paraphilia, Chemi b and the parts of [the] Lybe, that 
which is near (g,l) the parts of [the] Kyrinne, and the 
Romans who are among us, n the Jews and the strangers, 

• Lifc'added their hand.' b Egypt. 

ma vg syr"* arm. lie] om. FST. e*YX(» jDuutOc] cf. Gr. MA 
BC* a6. 6i. vg aeth &o. <V*xO <* Gr - B : O^X*-*. A,*( m « 'an- 
other copy* 0*»X') : CnTX ^ ' not that «' K - *- n ] onK F0S - ne ] 
position cf. vg. * TlOOC] AFS : pref. OTTO&, L«T* Ac. Anon] 

L«T*AFGKP8: ♦ TKp€lt 'we all,* B»TNOT. $OTAl i°] 
etyOtlLl, A,N. XeiU.Clll] cf. ? Gr. Dp* vg 1 "* demid am fu. 
e*TA.1T2C<bort] cf. ? Gr. HBO*DE 2 &c. » JUUC^Oc] -TOC, 

F8. eXAJUUTHc] AX., B»KO* : -TOC, N. JUieCOnOTA.- 
AA.IA.] -2>.AJUUA, E : -2iOJUUA, FPS. KA.nn02k.OKlA.] AFS'. 
JCAJIIIA.., L«T» Ac: -T0K1A, T. nOttTOc] nOH2>.OC, N. 
M <frpIKIA] AB»K: 4»p*VK., FS: <bplV., T»N: <t>pTV., L«rGO 
PT. -<frlXlA.] ANT: -d/*XlA, L«T» Ac. X**£k] X"»fi.I, T*: 
Xft&I, N : XlftHItH, F8. X**&R . . . ttTef ] om. A,* homeot. 
IUCA. s°] IU.CA, A,FN8. KTpIItttH] A,FKS: OTrplltK, T* 
A, G. cf. Gr. 6i : KIplttH, TNOT: mrpMtK, L»B»P. nj6ft- 

Ten] -tot, t. " -gjejuuixcoonf] -ajexjumo, gp: 

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158 npaxgic. 

juiujot niKpiXKCfr newt nwLpA&oc*. xencus- 
Teu epooor ercjLX! j6en g,A.nX*.c nnuu-ex- 
niffli" nxe <H"* 
" HATrrawmx i.e XHpo** ne erriopejm <nr*a 
ej6orn eg,pen oyaj erxiu juuuloc ace o*» ne 
<fca.i exA.qgjumi * " g^nKexwoir iu *.e 
KA-fepajepaji e*rxtu ijuut-oc* xe a. nil *!*.& 
j^hxo** ne*jL&pic * g^nKex^ ** 1 ** ^ € n*."*X(« 
17 jQUuloc*- xe *.pe haj e.*j6i+- +u 3Xqo£,i *.e 

* ep*xq iixenexpoc* iteju. niicelZ*- Aqtffci 
nxeqauLH eg,pm Aqepotio nuxnr* 

Hipuuuu nuoT2iA.i+- nejut. itn ergon £en 

iXkjul xupcv* <t>*.i juu.peqo'va)n£, epurren | 

P£A o**o£, <JTcju.k eruxAxi*- "ott v*.p ii/frpicf 

netoxen a»k exexenjuteri epoq xe n^.i 

<wu6i + Axrorf ra.p jGLnie&ooir xe 4- " aXX*. 

$ai ne $h ex*.qxoq *• eftoX &ixoxq JuLmnpo- 

$hxkc kwhX* 

" 2Ce ececy«jni j6en me&oo** nj6^.e nexe <H"* 

*• eiecfcon e&oX j6en nAnru. exen c*.p£ m&en * 

*-o"cog, ereepnpo4>KxeTrm nxenexenoJHpi ne*x 

* nexenajepi * <nfo& nexen&eXjgipi eTrerw.** 

* e&Ait&opAcic * o*»o£, nexeiu6eXXoi evecfcup 
fr it£,A.npA.conri * u icere eie<i>um e&oX j6en 

* iwuirw. *• e&piu exen iuJLuok neju. nAJkuici* 


kp. A.p^.fi.0 (*., 0) c j obs. Or. d ipafioi. g,A.n;XA.c] rtertX«&.c 

' our tongues.' F S : nenXVc 'our tongue,* K. " -XOJAtx] T»F 

KS: -XOJU.X, IA &c ne i°] om. FS. €(A, S)TflO(U), FK8)- 
peJU.] L*AB»GP: pref. OYO&, TTFKNOST. 6&pen] 
L»T*AFGKPS: 6, B»TN0T. M nA.?ep(om. ep, 0)- 

gjepaji] Avepajepaji, gi\ a] om. g*p. nil] cf. Gr. d. 
ejui&pic] eAAJ&pHC, p : £*.&., fs : ejutpic, 0. £,A,ItK€- 

XWO'fni . . . ©Aj60 A : om. L«T« &c. M F»» S»* y-.Ul j».3N 

Jpl^JI ^» j0) lii 'the fifth Sunday when it ocean in the first (six) 

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ACTS H. 12-18. 159 

the Cretans and the Arabians, we hear them speaking in 
tongues the great things* of God.' u But they were all 
amazed, staring one at another, saying: 'What is this which 
happened? 9 "But others were deriding, saying: 'These 
filled themselves with new wine,' but others were saying: 
'These are drunken.' "But Petros stood (up) with the 
eleven also, he lifted up his voice, he answered them, 

[The] men, [the] Jews and all they who dwell in Jeru- 
salem, let this be manifested to you, and listen to my words. 
18 For (it is) not as ye (pron.) think, that these are drunken ; 
for it is the third hour of the day ; w but (A.) this is that 
which he said through the prophet Idel : 1T * It shall come 
to pass in the last days, said God, I shall pour out from 
my zpirit upon all flesh ; and your sons and your daughters 
shall prophesy ; and your young men shall see visions ; and 
your old men shall dream dreams b ; 18 and even I shall pour 
out from my spirit upon my servants and my handmaids 

* Lit. 'the greatnesses.' b Different words in the Coptic. 

months ' : F m 8 ( ~J\ j»1j ' and the Sunday of the intercalary days ' : K m s 
(S J\ Jjbj'md it is read &c.' niKe] om. K6, K. nojOTf] 
+ €CpCU» JUUU.OC 'saying,' FS, cf. Gr. C arm. ItK 6Xgj.] 

itHTgj., 0: ni erg., ns. -oftong,] +q, a 4 , "Reco- 
Ten] om. 0. *.it] om. l»fs. ereTeiuuLeTri] eperen., 
•n:*ren., b»: eiu.peT€it., l«fs. rf"]r, b*gp: 

JULIlvf", K. V&.p] trs. after 4.2CII, K : om. FS. Jtt.IU6g,OCnr] 

L*T»ArKNOT: rixem., B»FGPS. Te]ne, FS. "<tH] 

om.FKS. K»!tX]cf.Gr. NABCEIP al omn"* vg Ac. 17 2C€]for 
on. nu cf.? Gr. D syr"* &c. j£>eit . . . j£>A.e] cf. Gr. KADEIP 
al pier Tg syr *' &c. drff ] cf. Gr. NABCIP al pier gy_r atr ar m&c: HOC 
'the Lord,' FS, cf. Gr. DE 105. Tg &c 114.11 ItA.] 114.111 It A., S by 

error, exen] pref. eg,pHi, FS. newuterengepi] om. t*. 
eve$u)p] eve<pop, fn. ri£,A.itpA.ccnri] cf. Gr. ma bod 2 

h 13. 27. 40. 61. al 80 fere Epiph : €£,., G, cf. Gr. EP al permu &c 
18 Kere] C€re, NT by error. 

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i6« npaxgic. 

t&en iueg,oo*» exejuuuiA'v + onrog, e**eepnpo- 

•KfrHxeTrin* "eie*f n£,Anoj$Kpi j6eit x$e 

* enajaoi * iteju. g,Anju.Kmi £,ixen ixka&i 

*enecHX* o**cnoq nejut. o**xpu>J»A iteuut 

•j-oTrxpeJut-Tc nKA.nnoc* M $pH eqamoxefi. 

freqeepx^-Kifr oirog, nnog, eqeepcnoq* jQL- 

*nA.xeqi nxerumaj-f ne&oo** are viae eeoir- 

*ong, e&oX* "o'cog, eceajuom nonroit ni&en 

•freertAXu>J&£, iM>pAn ju.nac eqeno&ejut. *• 

1 8 *Hipa)Ju.i nucpAJiXiXRc caoxejut. enAcAxi itAJ 

mc iuitA^ajpeoc •>• otptojuu eA. 4>i" onron&q 

e&oX gjApcoxen ne j6en £,AitxoJUL neju. 

£,AnjutHmi neju. £,Ang4>Rpi .> hh ex*. 4>*f- 

iAirox e&oX £,ixoxq j&en xexeiujurf* 

kaxa, ^pH"f exexencusoTrn nea>xeit*> 

M 4>w j6en mcodTti exoHgj* new. nigjopn ( 

nejjii nxe <H" *• eAxexenxHiq ej6pKi eiteit- 

xix itniA.noju.oc-i> ei.pexenA.sgq* otto£, Ape- 

xen&oe&eq * M $ai exA. <H" xo-rnocq +• 

eAqikoX e&oX itnmAK&i nxe Aju.en*f * ace 

nejuuuton syxoju, iiceAJULA&i ijuu.oq eftoX 


"Tuufia*. CAp qxoo juuutoc epoq* xe Ajepggopn 

meP,OOT(q, N)] AB»GP: me&OOTf, LsT«rFKN08T, plural. 
19 eief] WATFOST: erf, N: pref. 0Y0&, T*B»GKP. 

n&An] om. n, t«g k. enaju>i] l«afks : juLn.,T t B«rGNOPT. 
itKA&i] niK., fkos. nejuLOYxP" 5 '**-] om - n. *° jul- 

l\A.XCqi] LBT'r B, «0 ,, «('» copy') Ate: OJAXCqi 'until it come,' 

r*o*. eeonron£,]A: eo(x, Gjonrwng,, l«t» &c t». 

ftX(X, 8*)enOC after G&oX, FS. " OfO£,] on. K. 

Roiton] eo*ron, FS : om. ft, B». F-iK"* 'the end (of the lectio*).' 
Hunt ,8, ** HHCp.] mcp.,A 1 B»FNOPT; cf.Qr.A(B 8 )CDP &c. -X(+X,P)I- 
""* XHC] cf. Gr. P minusc «t vdtr omn. HACAX! rtAl ] T'A (B')K* 
18: nAICAXI, L8rFGK=N0PST: om. HAI, B*. file] om. S. 
nA^topeoc] cf. Gr. rell : -Op., 8*, cf. Gr. H* D*. eA.<H"] eAq 

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ACTS II. 19-25. 161 

in that day; and they shall prophesy. "I shall give 
wonders in (the) heaven above, and signs upon (the) earth 
below; [a] blood, and [a] fire, and a blackness of smoke. 
10 (The) sun shall be removed, it shall become darkness; 
and the moon shall become blood, before the great and 
manifest* day of the Lord come. "And it shall be to 
every one who will pray (the) name of the Lord, (that) he 
shall be saved.' ** [The] men, [the] Israelites, hear these 
my words, Jesus the Nazoreos, a man whom Qod manifested 
onto yon in powers and signs and wonders, which Qod 
did through him in your midst according as ye (pron.) 
know. "This (man), in the ordained counsel and the 
foreknowledge of God, having (6A.X.) delivered into (the) 
hands of the lawless, ye crucified (6A.p.) and ye killed (A.p.). 
"This whom God raised (up), having loosed the pangs of 
Amenti : because it was not possible that he should be over- 
powered by it. M For David saith of (e) him : • I foresaw 

» Lit. 'which is manifest.' 

'he,' B»*. OTfO(tt>, F)H£,ql position cf.? Gr. AD*EP al plu syr«*» Ac. 
ne] T*AP : om. L« Ac. j6en£,A.!lXOJU.] A : pref. K&ptlt, 
L»T»B»FGKPS 18: pref. ii&pHI, TNOT. XOJU. . . . &A.It] 
om. T homeot. €&oX P,IXOXq] position cf. ? Gr. B al 2 "* vg 01 
aeth Ac KA.XA. *pKT] cf. Gr. KABO»DE 15. 18. 35. 27. 29. 
31. 40. 61. 73. 96. am fa demid syr"* arm aeth Ens Ath &o. 6X6- 

xencuxnrn] -cwxeju. 'hear,' g. itetoxeit] juuuluj- 
xen, b» by error. M j6eit] pref. e&o\ p. nejuuiiajopn] 
nTenig., p. 6A,xexeitxiuq] l«t»ak: Axex., B»rFG 

NOPST 18 ; of. Gr. N*ABO* 25. 37. 39. 40. 61. vg syr" h arm aeth 
Ath Ac. neitXUC] of. Gr. O'EP al plu rg syr** arm &c. 6A,p.] 
A.p., B«FGOP8 18. OTTO& A.peX6n>6oe.] T»AK: A.p6X, 
WB»FGPS 18: A.X6X., TNOT; obs. Gr. aorist. ** 6XA.1 

om. €X, FS. AJUL€Iff ] cf. Gr. D d e vg ar« Ac. ajXOAJl] 
+ ijJULoq 'for him,' FS. nC64JUU.£,t] L«AB»rGNPT 18: 
-AJULOni, T*FKOS. M VA.p] cf. Gr. (exc. E 15. 18) : om. B» 18. 

q3Ca>]L8T*A 1 B»rFGPS 18: 6Cpa», KNOT: A.qXU>,A 8 . AJ- 

epojopn] -ajtopn, t*ns. 
vol. rv. M 

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162 npoxgic. 

4»nitA.T juncx: ju.nAJu.eo e&oX kchot m&en+- 

*eqx H c&.0YinA.Ju. juuuoi xe nnA.KiJU.4- 

4- 2 *eejie <&a.i a. iia.£,hx oTrnoq*- oirog, a. 

4-nA.XA.c e-eXuX.* exi *>e neju. XA.KecA.pj 

4-eceajoom j£en oY&eXmc*- 27 xe rmeKcuoxn 

•»■ Sta.iW x K J6 en AJW-eni - *- oi^e nneirf 

4- ju.neeoTrA.& iixA.K enA/r enxAJto *■ ■* nuucuix 

4-nxe numJ64» A.KOTron&oTr nw eiloX*- eKe- 

4-jua£> t ' noTrnoq neju. neK£,o4- 

1 2 »Nipu>jui nencnKo**-*- caje ecAXi nejuuoxen 

j6en OTrong, e&oX4- eefte nennA.xpiA.pxHc 

2k.A.*YI2i xe A.qjuoTr* onrog, A.*»Kocq+ OTfO£, 

neqJug,A.Tr rij6Hxen ajA.ej6oYn etfrooTr* 

80 eo*irnpo$HXHC otth ne •*• oirog, eqcuooTrn *• 

xe j6en oTfA.nA.gj a. $-*- topK nA.q*- efk>X 

j£>en noYXA-g,*- nxe xeq*fni*- eepeq£, 

&ixen neqeponoc* 8l exA.qnA.r o*»n icxen 

gopn* A.qcA.xi ee&e XA.nA.cxA.cic jULnxc* 

xe juneqcoxnq j6en Ajueni" oir^e junexeq- 

cA.pj; nA.Tr enxAJ?o4- m $a.i ne Ikc exA. <fc-f- 

xoTrnocq* $a.i exe A.non xnpen xenoi 

juuueepe nA.q. 

i« »» GA.q<JTci CA.oTrmA.JU ju.$"f *• A.qctf JGLniuoaj nxe 

p£& nmnA.* efioX &ixoxq | ju/fruox*- 

A.q$um juuuoq <f>A.i neuuxen exexennA.-* 

junoc] l«afs •. enoc, T»B«rGKOPT j8 : noc, n. eqx«] 
qX K > T - M eT| ] ^tt FS : €**£> N - neju] l*t*a ton 

OPT: om. B»FKS 18. CA.pjJ CA.pA.£, N. " nnCK- 

COJ (O, N T)Xn] T> && : ftxeKC, la. ~~ " A.KOTTO (013, 8) n- 
£,OTT nm efioX] L*T*AB»FGKPS 18: A.KXAJU.OI epOJOTT 
'thou sbowedst them,' TNOT. ilOTrnoq] AKNT 18 : ttOTf OTrnoq, 
L»T»B'rFG0P8. 2 * €CA.Xl] lie., G. j6enOTfO(A: CD, 

L»T*&c.)ng, efioX] trs. after fc.A.Trifc, K. nA.XpiA.pXKc] 
+ mUJX 'father,' Ai"«FKS. JUi>,A.Tr] eJU&A.**, T. llfl&H- 
Xett] ANOT: pref. gon, T: pref. itOpKI, L»B»FGPS : pref. 

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ACTS II. 26-33. 163 

the Lord before me always; being at my right hand, that 
I may not be moved: "therefore my heart was delighted, 
and my tongue was glad ; moreover my flesh also shall dwell 
in [a] hope : " because thou shalt not leave my soul in 
Amenti, neither shalt thou give the holy one of thine to 
see (the) corruption. ** The ways of (the) life thou manifest- 
edst to me, thou shalt fill me with (it) delight with (iteJU.) 
thy face.' w [The] men our brethren, it is lawful to speak 
to you openly concerning our patriarch David, that he died, 
and he was embalmed, and his sepulchre (is) among us until 
to-day. M Being then a prophet, and knowing that in an 
oath God sware to him from (the) fruit of his loins to make 
one* sit upon his throne; sl having seen then from (the) first, 
he spake concerning (the) resurrection of Christ, that he left 
him not in Amenti, nor did his flesh see (the) corruption. 
** This [is] Jesus whom Ood raised (up), this to whom all we 
(pron.) are witness. S3 Having been exalted at the right 
hand of God, he received the promise of the holy spirit 
from the Father, he poured out this which ye (pron.) see and 

•lit 'him.' 

gjon n.i6pKi, T'K. e<boo*»] +eT€JuuuLi.*», r. 80 eq- 

CttJOTHl] T»B»rFGKNO: CJC, L«AP : A.qO, T: €q6C, S. 
Xe]om. G*. IU.C|] L«AB»GP : + X6, TTFKN08T. T6CJ- 
*flll] T€K., G 0, 2° person. eepeqg,.] cf. Gr. K A B C D* h 61. 95, 
14a. ia 1 ** vg syr"* aim aeth Cyr Ac IieqepOItOC] TICK©., 0, 
2 person. 3I JDLneqCO(OJ, F8)3Cnq] om. q, FGS; for 06 cf. 

Gr. EP al pin syr"" &c; for om. 9 f. ai. cf. Gr. NABC* D 61. 76. 81. 
vg syr"* aeth ar» &c M TOfltOCq] + eftoX j6ertrtK 

eeJUWOOTT 'from them who are dead,' FS. M €A.q(fiCl] Hunt >«. 

2CeA.qtfT'that he hath' Ac, K. -(fici] T»AB»GKP 18: + OTfn, M " 3< 
LTFNOST. A.qtfl] A: €iqtff, L«T» Ac: pref. OTTO&, FS. 
€eOTA.&] om. B» 18. £.(6, B«)q<fr(OIt] L«T* Ac: pref. OTTO&, 
B»GP 18: +6&PHI eXCOIt 'on us,' B» 18, ohs. Gr. D* d add vim,. 
$&A . . . €poq . . . epoq] cf. Gr. (exc. E demid tol syr«">etP t3 " 
ar« &c). neajxen] cf. Gr. »ABC*D* 10* 15. 18. 27. 29. 36. 61. 
81. 127. 130. vg syr«* arm aeth Ac. CreTeitIW.Tr] A.TeT., B»: 

X % 


Digitized by " 

164 npoxgic. 

epoq * OTTO& xexencwxeju. epoq * M ^attix 
rA.p juLneqaje e&pm ex<fre+" neoq qxuu jUL- 
ju.oc-5- xe nexe n« ii.nA.OT4- xe £,€julci 
caotmaju. juuuoi M gA-fx«- neicxAXi cA,ne- 

i/3 cht nnejctfiXA/e-x *• + m UXc$a.Xu>c o<*n 
jUA.peqejuu *• nxenni XKpq juLmcX xe AqAjq 
Rot* oirog, AqAjq Rxpc kx©H". **J ne lite 
<pAJ Retoxen exApexenAgjq * 

iy « GxATfcusxeju. a.e a. noY&HX julKAg,. nexioo** 
jOuiexpoc*- neju. nctoxn RniAnocxoXoc «■ xe 
of ne exennAAjq mpujjuui nencnHo*** 

is «»llexpoc ^e nexAq moonr xe ApuuexAnom *• 
oto& JUULpe tfrofAi $onrAi juUutu>xen ojucq 
e$pAn mite n^c enx 10 e&oX Rxe nexeit- 
no&i* onro£, xexennA,tff Ri^oopeA. nxe 

•e mnRT eeo*cAii *• t8»<£>«>xen VAp ne muoaj 
neju nexemcf +■ neju. oiron nt&en eeo*»- 
hot*. nn exe nw nennoxf nAOA&juof *• 
40 ils6pKi 2ie j6en Kejuutaj Rcaxi* itAqep- pe nujof oiro£, nAqj&onx epcuox eqxto 
jOuuoc-s- xe n£.£,eju. eimo** eftoX £,a xaj- 
veneA. exicoXx *• " tin juen o*»n exA.**gjen 

Apex, F*8; for om. K at of. Gr. (exc. BD 81 arm**), epoq i°] 
+ OTfOg, XexenCOWlfn jOUUOq 'and ye know him,' FS. 
34 2iA*)tt2>.] 2sA.:k, O, cf. ? Gr. A CE P. e&pHl] L«T» A B«FG K P S 
i8 : enajCOI, FN OT. X$e] A : m<t>HOtI ' the heavens,' L»T« ice. 

Reoq] a : + a^e, u &c. : + xe, t*. qxto] a : eqxiw, l«t» *c. 

Hunt ^,8, »« 4.c$aXu>c] -XOC, T i8 «* «* : -XA.C, B». TlKl] L«T* &c. : pref. 
ttA 'they of,' r°FS; for article cf. ? Gr. CD c"> r . Xe] cf. Gr. minnac 
mu syr** aeth Ac AqAiq i°] oni. T'FKS. ROT 0**0£, AqAiq] 
om. NT. itXPeJ AB»rKNOPT 18 : XJC, L*FS. $f] nOT, 

l«. <J>ai i°] 4>h, s*. $ai 2°] 4»h, fks. " nexuxnr] 

for trnoo cf. Gr. ABO(E)P al pier Ac: pref. OTfOi?,, K, cf. Gr. E 19. 61. 

nccuxn R] om. fs. ne exennAAiq] UT'ArNT : nex., 

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ACTS IL 34-41. 165 

ye hear. M For David went not up to (the) heaven: he 
himself saith : ' The Lord said to my Lord, " Sit at my 
right hand, M until I pat thine enemies below thy feet." ' 
34 Assuredly then let the whole house of Israel know, that 
God made him Lord and he made him Christ This [is] Jesus, 
this whom ye (pron.) crucified. s7 But having heard, their 
heart was pained, they said to Fetros and (the) rest of the 
apostles: 'What is that which we shall (lit. will) do, [the] 
men, our brethren?' 58 But Petros said to them : 'Repent, 
and let each of you receive baptism* unto (the) name of 
Jesus Christ onto (the) forgiveness of your sins; and ye 
will receive the free gift of the holy spirit. ** For yours 
is the promise, and your fathers, and all who are far off, 
whom the Lord our God will call.' *°But in many other 
words he was witnessing to them, and he was entreating 
them, saying: 'Save yourselves from this perverse genera- 
tion.' "They indeed then who received the word were 

* Lit. 'baptise him.' 

B»FG K OPS« 18 ; cf. ? Gr. D si plu CyrK M F»f S"W 'the third 

Sunday of Tubsh,' S"* JiljJI ^- » «8 JJ* JLa^sm 'it may be used for num- 
ber 1 4 according to the directory.' ' TieX£.Cf] cf . ? Gr. E P al pier syrP &c. 

jULA.peq(+c, N)oj otcq , t» &c. e$p4.n] cf. ? Gr. KAEP al 

omn*" &c. IRC IX^c] cf. Gr. HABOP al pier vg " fu demid tol 
aeth Ac: om. n^C, FS, cf. syr«* Ir'»*. nexeitltO&l] cf. Gr. 

habc 40. 61. 96. Tg &c. m neTenio-f ] a U8 * : nerengHpi 

'yonr children,' LsT»Aj">* &c Illfteit] om. KT. neitnOTri"] 
L»T*AB»FGKP8: d/f 'God/ TNO: om. T. It*.eA^AJLOTr] 
om. ItA, OP. 40 iij6pKl] L»T»AGP: ftg,., B»rFKNOST. 

xe] ct Gr. d«* k««. itA.qepJU.eepe moonr] itA,qeu>T 

JULriOf&RT 'he was persuading them,' FS. eptXJOT] cf. Gr. NA 
BCD 61. al fere 16 vg syr"* arm aeth &c. g,A.] L*ArFNST: /6eit, 
41 eTA.'Vgen &c] cf. Gr. M A B C D 19. 61. vg aeth Clem &c. 

Digitized by 


166 npaxgic. 

mc&xi epcooT a.*»*». <nro£, A.Y07rog, 
eptucnr ju.nie&oo** ere&Murt iucer ngo 

*t " 2i€ efcfLuj nxe niA.nocroXoc 
,f Heju. -j-Juerg^Kp irre m<«H»g irre hicoik*- 
newt -fnpoceTfXH* 48 oy£,o*J- *e nAcgon 

"» '&AiuuHg 2ie jUUuuuni* neju. £,$Hpi * 
itAYgon ne eftoX £,itotoy iiniAnocToXoc 
jfcen ixrjul*- oYmg*f *e ng/yf nAxgon 
£,uauoY thpoy ne* 

i* 44 Hk a.e TKpoY erAYnA^-f *• HA.Y&I oyjua. ne* 
oyo£, &u>& m&en nAYajon ntuoY ne* j6en 
OYJU.erg<frH.p * 44 oyo£, noYiog,! neju. m>y- 
2Stn&.px. osi ' r *- KA,**"t iiuuttJOY eftoX* oyoj>, 
itA.Y$uog jujuujoy e&pAY thpoy* kata. 
nere nioYAi niorr ai epxpw- jOUuoq. 4S nAY- 
(c ju.nn i.e juUuhiu ne eniep^ei* + GY<friog 
nonrajiK kata hi *• oyo£, nA.YtfT noYj6pe ;6en 
oYeeXriX* neju. oy&ht eqoYAJL* 47 cyc- 


a.yojucoy] L«T*AB»rKNPT: +e(j6en, G)$pAn n mc 

n y;C 'in or unto (the) name of Jesus Christ,' GO: + e4>pA.n RlHC 
HX C enX«J €JioX rtTettettrtO&I 'unto (the) name of Jesus 
Christ unto (the) forgiveness of our sins,' FS. AYOYO(UJ, KP)£»] 
AYO Y A£,0 Y ' they added them,' F S.] cf. ? Or. E P al pier &c. 
U Z\f' nxe ^] n3£en(om. B»P)A,YV 'about 3,* B«G. 4 * tt(om. A t ) A.Y- 

JUHtt] JtAYOJOn 2^6 CYJUHn, FS, closer rendering of Gr. 

e-fc&uu] e-fnpoceYXH neajt/fc&co, 26. ivreniAn.] 
itm ail, r. nejucf. jueroj4>Hp ivrert!.] neju.eju.ex, 
f«: nejunuuex., s» ; cf.? d vg. mojiK] muMK, p. 
'fnpocerx"] l , t*ab»gkp 26: mn., tfnost, piurai. 

43 OTrg»°1" *.e] OYO£, OTCnig-f nao-f 'and a great fear,' 
FS«. nA>Cgon i°] cf. Gr. NABCD96**vgsyr»*': ACOJCOrtl, FS« 

cf. Gr.EP 1. 13.31. 61. &c. Ju.4 r '»x K ] iocet»X H > FS °> bT « rror 
/or exerni/. g,A,rt juhoj a.e] cf. Gr. m b 61. nAY ajon n e] om. 

ne, TFNOS ; position cf. ? Gr. AC syr"" aeth. J^eniJutJuC] cf. Gr. 

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ACTS II. 48-47. 167 

baptised: and there were added to them on that day three 
thousand souls. 42 But they were continuing in (6) the 
teaching of the apostles, And the fellowship of the break- 
ing of the bread, and the prayer. * 8 But a fear was being 
to every soul. But many signs and wonders were being 
done through the apostles in Jerusalem: but a great fear 
was being upon them alL "But all who believed were 
being in a place; and all things were being to them in 
common •; 45 and they were selling their fields and posses- 
sions; and they were dividing them among all, according 
as each one had need. 46 But they were continuing daily 
in (e) the temple, breaking [a] bread in (kaxa) house, 
and they were taking [a] food in [a] gladness and a pure 
heart, * 7 blessing Qod, having [a] grace with all the people. 

» Lit.' in a fellowship.' 

MACE 8. 13. 18. 19. 33. 34. 36. 40. 43* 96. 105. vg syr* 1 * &c. Olf ItIOJ*f 
Xe&c.]L»T t ArGKOP: om. 2^6, B»NT 26 : OfOP, OTmiSg-f, 
FS; cf. ? Gr. MAC 40"W al 10 vg cat". KACOJOn a °] + 116, BT: 
ACOJon, A,. £,!2«»OTr THpo** lie] L»AFKP 26 : -HC, S : 
tra. ne 2JXWO* T., TN'T: om. 116, T»B»GO. 4 * ItR 

2l€ &c] cf. ? Gr. BEP al pier syrP arm &c. eTA"*nA£/f"] cf. Gr. 
KB h 4. 18. 19. 25. 36. 42. 46. 57. 69. 130. 177. 180. V* al* ami aeth &c. 

tu.t£,iotJuu. ne]+nA**oi iicnr&HT n<y*u>*r XHpoir 

'they were being all of one heart,'G: KAfOI iknr&KT nOTfOJX 
116 'they were being of one heart,' FS. ItAlfttjOIl] eitAf- 

ojo(uj, s*)H, fs. nuoot ne] ab»k: om. ne, l*t* &c. 

** OTO£, a°] om. FS. THpOTf] dm. FS. KATA nCTe] L«T' 

A 1 (A,om.neT-e)B«GKP26: kata neere,rNOT: KATA 
♦pH-f ere, FS. epxpiA] rtAepn(om. o)XP IA v_ rNOT - 

** ^e] A, cf. Gr. 3. 103 «»« : + 6Tf COn 'together/ L« &c. JUUULKm 
ne]L«T*A: om. ne, B»rG(K)NOPT: tre. JUUULKm e*»COn, K: 

tw. ne juuulk(+i, s)m eccon, fs. emep<pei] a : j6en- 
iu., l«t* &c. e**<fcu>aj] nAnf<t»t«cg ^e, fs. noirujiKl 

ilniWIK 'the loaves,' P. OTfOgJ A: om. L»T» &c. ttATftfT] 
eTTtfl^FS. OT£pe] T^K^OT^-' their food,' F. 4T €TfC- 

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168 npoxgic. 

jutoif e<H"+ eo*»oit irrujoT jOUuult iwnr&JuioT 
j6A,Terc mXA.oc THpq. noc *.e ajA.qoifO£, eiw 
eTeaj£.*rKO£,eAA. jGuuLHtti £,i <$>a.i e<p£.i* 


<to IleTpoc 2>.e nejUL ia?A.nnHc itA/yitA. e&pm em- 

eptfrei jjLtfrttA.Tr ivf npoc eTfX K nTe *-xne , f* 

2 neoron orpcojuti fc.e eqoi tttfiXe* icxeit 

eq£en enexi R*re *reqjtt^.T *» <pA,i neajA.T~ 

Tuxnm JuUxoq juuuutm* ncex*-q j6A/reit 

$po ivfivrXK itTe rueptfcei* eH 

epoc xe tcajh* eepeqtff noxu.eenA.KT ivren 

iih eerti. ejfcoTfit emepcfrei* 

s 4>aj erA.qnAX ene*rpoc nejut KWAnntic exnA. 

ej6oxn emep<pei* ttAqTajftg, jOLjuluoot 

eqoxtuaj etfT nofJU.eenA.RT nTOTo-r* 

♦nerpoc ^.e A.qcoju.c epoq neju. iu>A.nmtc*- 

nexAq xe cojulc epon* 

8 fleoq ae nA.qju.eTfi xe AqnA.oT iioxjueettAJiT 

ftXOXOTf-i- | 

P£V 6 IIexpoc ae nea£A.q nAq xe ot&at neju ot- 
noxfi. Rqgon nm ^.n* nexeitXHi 2ie *f*f- 

julot] haxcjuox b». eoxon Stcmo**] -onTujox b»gp. 

jOUUAT] om. F*. OX&JUOT] om. OTf, G. OJAqOXO£,] L«T* 

ao: tt€ajAqOXO(l», K)£,. GKP: nA.qoxo(u>, f)£,, B»rF 
NT: nA.qoxajng„ S- chh] nnn, fks: om. t. ereajAX- 
no&eju] eajAx., FS. &K&AI etpAj] t*ao : £,i<pai ♦a.i, 

L* &c; cf. Gr. NABOG 6r. vg arm aeth. F"»« S m « 'the end (of the 

i ymg S«e ^ ^ y«.lil 'the fifth of Abib.' 2k.e] om. A». e*f ] e, 
B». * n€01f Oil . . . (2k.ene, B»GP) . . . eqoi] sufficiently expresses 

Mpx**- ♦*•>] p»rf. oxog,, b»gp. neajAx(q, B»)Ttooxn 
juuutoq] L«T»B»r«FGKP: ne ajAXTcuoxnoTr iiuuoq, 
Ar»NOT. $po] mpo, k. ivfuxXn] ivre-fn., g(K)p. 

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ACTS HI. 1-6. 169 

Bat the Lord addeth to them who are being saved daily, 

m. Bat Petros and Idannes were going up to the temple 
at (the) hoar of the prayer of the ninth hoar*. * Bat there 
was a man, being lame from 1 * (the) womb of his mother. 
This (man) they were wont to carry (lit. raise) daily and 
lay him at (the) door of the gate of the temple which is 
called '(the) beautiful,' for him to receive an alms from 
them who go into the temple. s This (man) having seen 
Petros and Idannes going into the temple was praying them, 
wishing to receive an alms from them. 4 But Petros looked at 
him, with Idannes, he said : ' Look at us.' * But he (pron.) 
was thinking that he was to receive an alms from them. 

* But Petros said to him : '[A] silver and [a] gold are (lit. is) 
not to me ; but that which I have I give to thee. In (the) 

* LH. 'hour nine.' b Lit. 'from being in.' 

eaja.TM.OTt] AB»GP: €TOT«JL., FKS : eregATJUL., 
TNT: TCIA.6, P. JUteert.] JULeTlt., B«rNT. rtTettttrl] 
L*A,rGKNOPT: KTe ItH, T«A,: nTOTTOf ttrtH, FS«. 
»<fcA.l] +^€, F. lUJAJtUtKc] I(JO&.,T. €**«£.] 2C6AT I 'that 
they cmt,' K. ttA.q(T A,)TU)ft£, AJJULVOOt] cf. Gr. D reg 
syr**aeth: rULqCOJULC epttXnf 'was ga*ing at them,' FS. €<fi] 
cf. Gr. (exc. DP h al M Ac). ItTOXOTf] eTOXOIf, N ; cf. Gr. E. 

4 A.qcoju.c] eqc, N. ne*A.q] nexasonr nA,q 'they said to 

him,' FKS. 8 nA.qM.6Tfl] A: A.qCOJULC CJXOOT eq- 

AJLeTI 'he gazed at them, thinking,' l* &c: A.qc. epCJOOT ttA.q- 
iULCTI, T*. X€ . . . rVrOTO**] order cf. Gr. E 42. 103. (reg) arm. 

xe A.qnA.<Ti]L«ArNT: xeqnA.oT, t»b«gk: a.eqnA.tff, 0: 

Xeqtff, P: edT, FS, closer rendering. OYJULeenA-KX] T»A: 

ornx*-** L»oT: ofenx-i B»rFGKNPS. 6 nerpoc 

•*.€ n.J order cf. Gr. AOG rg &c ttA.q] L«T*A 1 B*FGKPS: om. 

A«rNOT. new.] le 'or,' fs. iiqajon] om. r\, k : -con, t»n. 
hhi A.n] n^.n A.n, f* : nA,n, s*. A.n] + ne, k, then neren 

written twice, at end and beginning of lines. 

Digitized by 


170 npoxgic. 

JuUiLoq n/LK*- j6en <ppA.rt Riitc n^cc niiu.^o>- 
peoc* TUJitK julooji. T A,qAJut.A.£,i a.e irreq- 
xix * Aqrofnocq* 
fl-fo*»no*» ^e A/rrAxpo itxeneq&Acic neu 
nitfon Rxe pATq * 8 Aqtff<pei Aqo&i epA*rq 
Aqjutoaji* o**o£, Aqcge ej6oTit enieptpei 
nejuunov * eqjmoaji eqdT<pei eqcjuw* e«H"4- 

k/3 »0»og, AqifA** epoq iixeniXAoc THpq eqjmoaji 
eqcwLOf e<p*f. 10 tu-tcuoot n ^.e jouutoq ne *• 
xe $ai ne <&k enAq£,e*Aci eqajATJUteeitAi * 
£)ATen -f cam jOLnirXH ivre mepcpei * A/* JUtog, 
XHpoTf efi.oX j6eit o-*g,o-f new. o"*juLere&K 
itj6pm exen <&ai e*r Aqajcum * 

"y " OEXqAA&A&i ^.e iJLnerpoc nex*. iu>AmtKc. AqcpooT 
£,Apu>o** nxemXAoc THpq *» j6ATen *f ctoa*- 
oh eajA.xM.o7rf epoc xe eAcoXotjium e*»- 
nj6pKi ;6en oT&o-f * 

k8 " 2>.e itxeneTpoc* AqepoTrcu jQLm- 

XaOC* tllpUJJUU ttHCpARXlTHC eefi.6 OTT 

T-erenepajtpHpi exen <paj. le Aj£>(»Ten tc- 
Teacojtxc epoit* g/wc xe tiu£piu j6en Ten- 

nxc] om. fgs. nA^oopeoc] for peoc cf. Gr. c. 

TUJ(0, N)ItK] cf. Gr. ACEQP al onm rti reg vg Byr ntr arm aeth &c. 
JULOOJl] pref. 07TO&, T»K. 7 AqAJULA&I ^e]A: OXO£, 

AqAJtAA£,I, L»T*B»GKP: OfO£, AqAJUlOm, FS: AqA- 
AAA&I, TNOT. SxeqXIX] A: + RcvmAJUt., UT* &c 
A.qXO*»nOCq] cf. ? Gr. N ABCG 15. 18. 36. 61. reg vg eyr««* arm 

aeth &c. n*fo*»noT] j6en*f., t'k. mtfo((», K)n] ni- 
gum, fs. 8 A(e, T»B"GN)qtfi<pei] A: pref. ofog,, 

l»t« &c: om. fs. Aqo&i] itAqo&i, K: eq., NP. Aq- 

JtX.Oajl]T»A: «A.qjUL., LBB»GP: OTTO& nAqjlft.., TKNOT: 

o**o£, nA.q*jL. ^e, fs. Aqaje] rtAqaje, FS : eq., NT. 
eqjw.oaji] pref. onrog, and + ne, k. e(A, sjqcAJtoVj l»a, 

cf. Gr. A (D reg): pref. 0**0£,, TtB»rFGKNOPST, cf. Gr. KBOEP is, al omn'" cat yg syr utr arm &c. • AqitA**] AqitOJOTf, T*. 

*" epoq] position cf. Gr. EP al pier &c. eqCAJLO**] AfFKNOST: 

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ACTS III. 7-12. 171 

name of Jesus Christ the Nazdreos, rise, walk.' 7 But he 
caught hold of his hand, he raised him (up). But imme- 
diately his soles and the ankle bones of bis feet were made 
firm. s He sprang up, he stood, he walked ; and he went into 
the temple with them, walking, springing up, blessing Qod. 

> And all the people saw him, walking, praising Qod : 10 but 
they were knowing him, that this is he who was Bitting 
needing alms at the beautiful gate of the temple: they all 
were filled with [a] fear and [an] astonishment over this 
which happened. n But he caught hold of Petros and 
Ioannes : all the people ran off to them at the porch which 
is called 'that of Solomon,' being in [a] fear. " But Petros 
having seen, answered the people. [The] men, [the] Israelites, 
because of what * wonder ye at this ? Or why look ye at 

• Usually rendered 'why,' but thus here to show difference from the 
following 'why.' 

pref. OfO£,, UT»B*GP. 10 fc.e] cf. Gr. NABC 15. 18. 19. 61. 

cat • reg vg Ac: om. FS. lie i°] L8T*AFP : om. BTGKNOST. 
<t>AJ i°] cf. Gr. BDEP al pier arm syrP &c. H€ j°1 cf.? Gr. 40. 

101. Ac jueen ai] cr, st) iu.kt, fs. *f cajh] -le, 

B»FKS. A.7TJUO&] A: pref. OTTO&, L«T» Ac. XHpOTf] A : 
om. L»T» Ac JULere&H] L»T» Ac. : -AlH, AiP»« ('another copy') : 
TOWUT, Af* ('another copy'). Sj6pHl] A: €£,p., L«T* &c. 

4>a.I2°]a: cbH, l»t* &c erAqajujrti] afs = +juuuoq, 

L»T« &c " A.qAJUA£,l] A: eqAJU.., B«rFKNOST 18: 

€A.qAJU., L«T>G: eA.qAJU.OW, P; cf. Gr. N ABODE 61. al* 
rg syr»" arm. g,ApWO**] position cf.? Gr. EP al pier. J^ATeit] 
TA: J&A, V> Ac: £,A.» FS. OH] T»A: om. U Ac. CTrii- 
^6 (£,, F S) pHl] erej6pHl, N. F"w S°w ' the end (of the lection).' 
"eXA.qnA.Tf 2>.e] + epOJOir 'them,' FS: om. 2^6 and + 

eptoo*v, t*. A.qepo*»u> (cooif , fs)] + nexAq 'said,' fs. 

IUXaOC] +*TKpq ' all,' S. ItHCp.] JtlCp., B»FGOS ; cf. Gr. KB 8 
CD«'P Ac XlTHC] cf. Gr. B 8 0DEP al omn* d . 16 i°] om. G. 

Aj6«>Teii] -oxen, fs. Terenco.M.c] l»ab»fgkps : 
exexenc, T*rNOT. &ujc xe] £/ucTe, t»k. 

Digitized by 


172 npoxgic. 

xojuLfr iexenftA.exeTcefl.Hc ^.mpi aa4>a.i eepe 
$aj aaooji. 

we i«4>| itA.flpA.ajiA new. <H" «ica.ak ne*x <H" 

**" 4>*f ftxe nemcrf A.qftDOT AA.neqA.XoT ihc* 

«C <I>a.i neunren exA-pexenxiuq * AxexenacoXq 
efloX juLnameo JES.mXA.Toc * eA. 4>k juteit 
•f g,A.n ex^ efl.oX * " nearreit a.e nee- 
oyaA. meJutHi AxexenxoXq efloX. | 
UXpexenepexm * eepo**x*- ofpawuu ntoxen 
efloX npeqj£i»xefl. * w iu.pxhvoc ^.e itxe 
num& A.pexenj6oefl.eq * $aj ex*. <H" to-t- 
nocq efloX j&en rut eejULUJo-* x * $a.i A.non 
xenoi ixAAcepe nAq* "ofog, rtj&piu j6en 
$nA£,-f nxe neqpAn* $ai exexennA/* epoq* 
cnrog, xexencoooTrn jQuut-oq* ne 
exA.qxA.Xtfoq * <y*og, ninA.£,*f o**efloX 
£,ixoxq ne* A.q*f nA.q juLmcnrxM jOLnexen- 
juleo efloX XRpcnr* 

Kt) n^ncv 2>.e «A.cnHOT •fcuxnrn xe exA.pexertAJc 
j£>en 07fAAexA.xeAAi AA^pirf nnexemceA-p- 
X" 511 * " $"f ^-€ nn exAqx oxoir icxen cgopn 
efloX j£en puscnr nneqnpo<t>KXHC XRpoTffr 
eepe neqxpc genjOLKA^,* Aqxoianr efloX 
JuLn^LipK-f fr 

** " 3XpiAAexA.nom o*» n * o**o£, kct eimo** eepov- 

16 a°] L«T*AB»FGPS : tt€AA 'and,' TKNOT. -€V(A.=e= 
Of, T)Cefi.H(e, NS*)c] cf. am fu demid oolb syrP aeth arP &c 

eepe$Ai] l*ab»p>fgops: eepenAj, T*r*KNT; of. Or. E e 

Hoatis, vg Ac. ia $"f a° and 3 ] cf. Or. NAOD 15. 18. 25. 36. 130. I7 1 ** 

,3 <H" 4° cat vg arm aeth ar« Did &c. nxeneniO"f] ttXeniO*f 'of the 

fathers,' Aj*. tt©UJXen] for om. \iiv cf. Gr. D 1. 13. 31. al vix mu &c 

exA.pexen . . . a.x.J A.pexenxHiq, b»*. Axexen- 
xoXq] ak: A.pexenac., t*b»fgps 18: eA.pexeroc., tn 

OT : eXJLp., IS ; the idiom require* the expression of the object 

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ACTS HI. 13-19. 17S 

08, as though in our power or our piety we did this to cause 
this (man) to walk ? 13 Qod of Abraam and God of Isaak 
and God of Iakob, God of our fathers glorified his servant 
(lit. child) Jesus; He ($4.1) whom ye (pron.) gave (up); 
ye denied him before Pilatos : he indeed having decided * to 
release him ; u but ye (pron.) denied the holy, the righteous. 

Te ask to be released to you a man (a) murderer ; u but 
(the) author of (the) life ye kill, this whom God raised from 
them who are dead ; this to whom we (pron.) witness. 16 And 
in (the) faith of his name, this (man) whom ye see and ye 
know,- — his name (is) that which cured him, and the faith, 
(which) is through him, gave to him the soundness before 
you all. " But now, my brethren, I know that ye did it 
in [an] ignorance, as also your rulers. u But God fulfilled 
thus the things which he said since (the) first from the 
mouth of all his prophets for his Christ to suffer. 

19 Repent then and return for your sins to be wiped away, 

* Lit. 'given judgement.' 

IUXaXOc] of. Gp. NAB'CEP &c. ex^] of. Gr. 43- syr " 
add oMp. " 2,e\ om. T. Ill ©JULKl] A : pref. Of Og,, L» T» &c. 

A.xexenxoXq] A: Apexenx., l*t* &c. Apexenep] 
l*afs : eApex., t» &c eepoir] epo*», a,. e&oX a ] om. 
018*. M A.pxnroc] A.pOXH^OC, N. 2i.e] om. B»GP. 
XCItOl] T»AFGS 18: pref. 6, L«B»rKNOPT, relative particle. 
" rtj6pHI ^€K] ftg,. J6-, TNOT; for prep. cf. Gr. WACDEP 
•1 pier &c, for h> cf. Gr. 119. de vg &c. XexenCtDOTfn] pref. 6, 

ps. ne exAqx.] nexAqx., s 18. XA.X(om. i8)doq] 

AB'r^GO"* ('another copy*)P 18 : XAJCpoq 'made him firm,' L«T» 
r*FKN0*8T. 0*»efi.oX] A: pref. 6T6, L*T» &c, relative par- 
tick. ne 2°] om. B» 18. niOTfXAl] AB» 18 : nAIO*W£AI 
'thia &c.' L«T» &c. : nAIO**. + <bAI, F. " nAcnRCnr] AK : Hont ,8, 

nencit. 'our &c.,' l«t* &c. exA.pexenA.ic] vak : Apex, 

T»B»FGPS 18: A(e, N)Xe X., TNOT. " tteqnp.] cf. Gr. 

p ai piu aeth'». neqxpc] neqxpicxoc, L8 ; cf. Gr. HBODE 

3. 15. 18. 85. 2^. 36. 43. 61. 65. 66** C" vg arm syr * aethPP &c. 
M OTrn] LBT»AB»r«FGKS : om. T*NOPT. 


Digitized by 


174 npoxgic. 

qurf eftoX nnexenno&i *• g,ono)c ncet 
nurren nxe£,A.ncHcnr nx&°& *• eftoX j6a.t£,h 
juin&o jOuiot:* 20 otto£, eqexAxrifo nooTen* 
ii/fen erA.qepajopn neA.gjq mc n^c * sl <pA.i 
ere&urf" ne tvre m$Hcnn ajonq epajonr gjA, 
ncHonr nTA.$e ilg/ufi. m&en erAqcAja jOL- 
julujot nxe <H" efix>X j6en pwof iineqnpo- 
<phthc icxen neneg,* 
x ** UujTfcKc A*.en A.qxoc * x e epe hot <H" eqexo**- 
noc oinpo^HTHc nurren eftoX j6en neren- 
cnRo***- rtA,nA,pH*f\ c<ii*re*x ncooq* ka.ta» 
&«)& m&en ereqnAjeoTOf nuyrenfr 23 ece- 
P2> ajauni ^.e ii|4nrxK ni&en* erencnAxurreAA, 
A.n itcA, nmpo^KXHc erejuutx^'x *• e**equrf- 
ii*f~<lnfX H ereAJUULA."* eftoX jfcen necXA.oc+- 
Xo t*«Orog, nmpcwpHTHc TKpcnf icxen cajulothX 
jigjul hh eTA/w JULenenctoq «■ A/rcAJci oto£, 
A.if£,!UMa| eefte nA.i eg,oo*»* "neurren *e 
nenajHpi nmnpo<pHTHC* itejm. *f ^.ulohkh cta. 
$-f~ cewutHXc nejut nenurf «■ eqxcu juuuloc 
nJL&pA.Aj«.fr xe eveajaum e*» cajla-pojottx *• 
j6e« neiacpox rixenmATpiA. THpo"* n*re 
11KA.&1 *■ *• ngopn juien a. <t>*f xcnrnoc 
neqA-XoTf nun-en* A.q*TA.OTroq ecjmot ept»- 

efi.oX] trs. after ltO&I, K. ftliexenno&l] L*T» &c : ttT€» 

xennoiii, a i: nxenerenn., fs by error. *° e(A, A,)qe- 

XA.OTTO] eqX., K. IHC nxc] cf. Or. A C 6 i. al pin cat vg eyr«* 
aeth Ac. " <&A.l] $H, FOS. ne] T* AP : om. V &c. KTG- 

m$.] nm., fs. n*TA.$e ft(om. o)£,u)fl] erA/frH&oofi., k. 

npO^HXHc] A : + 'holy,' L«T'&c. (CO, TNT); for om. 
vwnav cf. Or. N ABCD h 27. 61. 81. 105. 127. 142. 163. yg syr«* arm 
aeth &c. ICXenneneg,] pwition cf. Or. P al plu syr"*'. 
** JULOJTfCHc] cf. Or. ABCD 1. 2. 4. 13. 38. 47. 56. 61. al 1 "' al mu 
cat : AA.UJCHC, S*. JUL€tt] cf. Or. K ABC DB 13. 15. 18. 25. 33. 34. 
36. 42* 61. al 10 cat vg eyrP arm aeth &c. A.qXO(«3, S)c] eqXOJ 

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ACTS IIL ao-s6. 175 

that times of refreshment may come to you from before (the) 
presence (lit. face) of the Lord ; *° and he shall send to you 
him whom he foreordained, Jesus Christ : " this whom the 
heavens must receive until (the) time of restoration of all 
things, which (plur.) God spake from the mouth of his 
prophets since (the) age (began). ** Moyses indeed said : 
'The Lord God shall raise a prophet to you from your 
brethren (of) them like me ; hearken to him according to 
all tilings which he will say to you. ** But it shall be to 
every soul who will not hearken to that prophet — that soul 
shall be wiped away from her people.' 24 And all the prophets 
since Samuel, and those who came after him, spake and 
proclaimed concerning these days. "But ye are (the) sons 
of the prophets, and the covenant which God established 
with our fathers, saying to Abraam: 'All the families of 
(the) earth shall become blessed in thy seed.' M First indeed 
God raised his servant (lit. child) to you, he sent him to 

JUUU.OC, 0; cf. Gr. NABO 15. 18. 36. 61. 13a la 1 " 1 vg syr** 

luxf] om. fs. $"f ] cf. Gr. b 60 &c ereqnix.] eriqit., 
nt. ** 2>.e] om. fs. e*rencru.cuyrejuL] erenqn^., 
r n ot : eeitA.a, fs. evequrf] eceq., t* by error : + e&oX, 
O. €* eq . . . JUUUULt] om. A, homeot. R*f>fr'»x H ] **•- 
^r*X, H > 6 *' M OfO£, i°] cf. Gr. Dvg8yr"*»rm&c XKpOTf] 
TRpOCJ, N : THpq, T. e*TA/*l] L«T* &&: e^ItHO"*, TNOT. 
A."*£,IU>JCg] cf. Gr. (exc C* al vix ma Cosm). e&OOf] T»AB»K : 
+ IU.I, L«rFGNOPST. M ^.e] T'AGK : om. L»B»rFNOPST. 

nenajHpi] cf. Gr. KABCE 6i. al plus 28 cat &c: rte rtettaj., K, 
copula expressed. nmnpO$.] L8A0KP: itTenm., T'B*rFN 
OST. €*!"£.] pref. 0K, B». <b"f ] position cf. ? Gr. BD &c. 
iterUO*f"] cf. Gr. N*CDP 1. 13. 31. al pier Yg syr»* r arm* aeth &c. : 
Itemiof, TNOT, cf. Gr. **>ABE &e. i6ett] pref. Mj6pHl, 
TNOT ; cf. Gr. una &c. niIU.TpiA.] ItlJULeXKWX 'fatherhood,* 
TK. M JULeif] T*A: om. IS &c. &. . . .TOTfKOc] L*AFG 

PS : *.q*roif itoc, tTknot : a. . . . *.q*r., b». <H"] position 

cf. ? Gr. ADEP 1. 13. 61. al pier vg syrP &c. neq^Xo**] cf. Gr. NB 
ODE <Si.Tg Hyr»*arm aeth&c. eCM.0**] ertC*XOV,0: om.€,FS. 

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ire npoxgic. 

Ten xexfi£ irre iiiofA.1 mofAJ JOuutuyreit 
g,enq caAoX mteqneT&ttJO'* *» 

a/3 'Gttcajci 2>.e new. iiiXa.oc* A/rrtttoirttcnr e&ptu 
exajoT ftxeitiofRk* new. mcA/TRVOfc irre 
mep$ei itejut mcAAtkoirKeoc *evf ej£>cmt 
e&pA/* ace nA/rfcfl.(» ix.niXA.oc ne* oirog, 
it£.*r£,iuttcy /6eit irc irfA.nA.cTA.cic *fefi.oX 

Ay £en rot eejuLujcrr* +*0*og, A.'vim rtttoir- 
xix e&pw exuscnf *» A/ir&iTcnf ej£xy*n eiu.peg, 
epcoof oja. neqpA.cffr neA. pcnrg,i &h2>.h ajcum 
ne* ♦oxo.hoj a^e efi.oX j6en nn err&rtcoa- 
Tett emcAjei* A.7rnA.£,*ffr oirog, A/rajuuni 
nxexHm nmpwjuu €T*.tn±g,'f * eTrepe najo*- 

A8 'Uxcojuhu 2^e exA. ojumii* A-feajovf 
iixeniA.pX"'" * nejm ttcnrnpecfi-frepoc* 
neftx. mcA.j£ j6en ixkjul. * new. aiuia.* newt. 
ka.ia.$a.* niA.pxH€pe^c | nejix KMiititKc*. nejt*. 
A.Xe£A.nfcpoc* new. o**on mften ergon 
e&oX j£en nrenoc nxe •fjmeTA.pxiepeTrC'}- 
T o*»og, eTA/rrA.&ujo'* epi-xoTf j6en tot- 
juucf * nA/rajim jjuuuuot ne* xe tu6pHi 
j6en aoj itxojut* le n&pm j6en ^.gj *• 
A.perenipi juL$a.i neurren* 


caJLoX] efloX, n. nneqn.] of. Gr. 5. 37. 29. al 8 <&«&, 

Gr. C* 13. 66** airru*. 

Ha« 18, » eTTCAJCI &c] om. 2>.e, FN ST. 2^e] L«T»AB»G KP : + nitA.1, 
r(N)0(T), obs. Gr. DE reg 8 yr"«*etP m « ar« &c. add tA p. rmka vol 
tovt. t. p. ItIO*YK&] cf. Gr. KADEP i. 13. 31. 61. al pier reg vg 
eyr*' &c. ttICA.THrOf(om. NP)c] plural, cf. nyr"* ar*. * ne] 
L8T»AB»rGNPT 18: om. FKOS. ^>6It IRC] L*T*AGKP: RiHC, 
B«rFNOST 18. *f (om.L«T*FS)efloX J&en] cf. Gr. KABCE^ 
1. 13. 61. al vix mu cat vg syr"* Ac. : KT€, K. ItH ee-AJUMOTT] 
ItipeqjU.UJO'rT 'the dead,' F. a A.YIIII illlOT.] A.*»ert- 

ItOTf, K. A.*»g,IXOT] LSArFNOST: pref. 0**0£» T»B«GKP 18 ; 

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ACto3 IV. 1-7. 177 

bless yon, that each one of you might depart from his evil 
things. IV. But as they speak to the people the priests 
and the captains of the temple and the Sadducees rose upon 
them, * objecting that they were teaching the people, and they 
were proclaiming in Jesus the resurrection [the] from them 
who are dead. * And they put forth (lit. brought) their hands 
upon them, they threw them into ward* until the morrow : 
already evening had come. * But many from them who 
heard the word believed; and (the) number of the men 
who believed came (ajioni) to be five thousand. 'But 
it came to pass, the morrow having come (ajujni), (that) the 
rulers and their presbyters and the scribes assembled in 
Jerusalem ; • and Anna and Eaiapha, the chief priests, and 
Idannes and Alexandras, and all who were from (the) 
kindred of the chief priest\ 7 And having set them in 
their midst they were asking them : ' In what power, or 

• lit. '(the) keeping them.' » Derived form with AX.6T. 

for add «»tow cf. Or. AOE 13. 15. 31. 40. al 10 cat vg syr"* arm aeth Ac. 
A.pOT£,i] A: +VA.p, L«T» Ac. * fc.e] VA.p, K. rUCAJCl] 

+ itTedrf 'of God,* t. oiro£j om. b«g p 18. A/rguum] a : 

A.COJ-, L«T' &c., singular: om. FS. ibceTHUl] om. hX€, FS. 

e-vepe] ruLTipi he, fs. • ex a, . . . gtoni] 

'on the (lit. his) morrow,' K. ATreuJOff Ac] cf. Gr. D. ItJAp- 
30»«] AK, cf. ? Gr. D 3. 95* syr«* aeth : nOTTA-pX- (0"»€pX-» N) 
'their rulers,' L»T» Ac. rUCAj£] A, cf. Gr. above : lt(om. N)OTf- 
CA.*6, L«T« Ac. ,£>eni7CrUQC] cf. ? Gr. ABDB 61. al 28 fere cat Ac.: 
om.K. 6 AIlttA neJULKA(€,T)IA.d>(n, N*)A. rUA-PX 1 *- 

ep€Trc]A: AttitA. ruApxHH, B»K8«)epenrc nejut(om.N) 

KA.IA.cbA, L»T* Ac. 1U3AH ttKC . . . fc.poc] cf. Gr. (exc. EP 1. 13. 
31. al pier Ac). ttTef JUteX.] n*f JUL6X., A 8 » F S. 7 €XA*»- 
TA&tOOTf] L«T*ArKNOT: &.TT. 'they set them,' B»FGP8. 
lie] T* A : om. W Ac. Xe] 2*.G, FS. nXOXX . . . A£j] om. FN 
ST. ft&pHl] T»A: itibpHI, B'TGKOP: om. L*FNST. 
A. (6, K) peTettipi Ac] order cf. i Gr. ABDP al pier vg Ac. 


Digitized by " 

178 npaxgic. 

Xe 8 ToTe nexpoc A.qju.og, e&oX £en ninnX 
eeo** nexA,q nuxr** niA.pxu>K irre 
mXA,oc n&u. ninpecfrTxepoc * »icxe A,non 
jDMtKxv**- ceepA.n^Kpmm juuuton* ee&e ot- 
£,(»&. enA.neq e£.qgouni nonrpaojuu nxoofi. xe 

Ay ex*. 4>aj o-*xa.i j6en nut*.* t "U^pe ni&cufi. 
oirong, eptwxen THpoiffr nejut. hiXa.oc XRpq 
irre nicX* xe j&en $p£.n hikc nut^copeoc *■ 
$aj netwxen eTi.pexenA.gqfr $aj gta <fr-f 
xo**nocq e&oX j£>en iih eejuLuxnrx* nj£>pKi 
j6eit $aj qo&i epAxq nxe$A,i juLnexeniiLeo 

Af "<|>a.i ne ntumi ex^/rgogq e&oX g,ixen earner 
hh exKurr* $a.i A.qgooni norxcux nX*JC£,* 
"oTfog, JuuuLon KeoTfij epe $no£,e**. gon 
n£>Rxq *» o*»2i.e juuutort c4.necHX iix<fre 
€i.TTHiq itmpujjuu*- $k exe&urf nxoimo- 
g,e«jL nj6pHi n&Hxq* 

X »J " GxA-Trna/r *e exnA-ppKciA. JBLnexpoc neu. 
iu)A,nrtHC* oTfog, ex^/rejuu xe £,A.npuoAJU 
ne* ncecujoirn hcs&u i.n oirog, £,A,ni^.itoxKC 

*0 ne n*.Tepcy4>Kpi ne*» + Hi-Trcajofn ^.e iiL- 

P2;e julcoot | xe tustx,* ne**. Ihc ne* "niKe- 

ptwjuti 2k.e lU/Yru/v epoq* eqo&i ep^xq 

Hartjs, • nmttX| o-vnni. 'a spirit,' fps. eeofAJl] ec\oi*&, 

FS, the correct form after indef. art. niApX">«] pref. X6, 8. 
nmpecfi..] nOTfnp. 'their Ac.,' F*S ; cf. Gr. NAB vg aeth Cyr &c; 
for om. amvaan cf. Or. (exc. E 15. 18. 37. cat 78 vg 0, » colb syr** ar e 
aeth &c). * Ceepi.niJCpI(H, B*S*)mn] Ceni.ep., G future: 

ceepKAXAJcpmm, k : ceT&*- n > FSing - .CUuLon] epon, 

FS»*. Of £,(«&.] £,UJ&, B»: £,t»fi. rtlftett 'every work,' S. 

ex a.] exe, tn. $aj] nA.i, fs. o*xa.i] +gu>ra 'became,' 

FGO('acopy')S. 10 nig,U3&] OTT&Ujft, G P indef. : +0*»n, 

TNO. OTfOttg,] A : -U3II&, L«T»&c. IHC] A, cf. am aeth™ ar*: 

H u-*»4 8 ' *nxc, l»t»&c -jOLeo]T*AK: +6&oX, L*&c. u nH 

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ACTS IV. 8-14. 179 

in what name do ye (pron.) this ?' 8 Then Petroa was filled 
with the holy spirit, he said to them : [The] rulers of the 
people, and [the] presbyters, * if we (pron.) to-day are ex- 
amined concerning a good deed which was done to a feeble 
man, as to (2fe) by C&eit) whom this man was cured; 
10 let the deed be manifest to you all, and all the people of 
Israel, that in (the) name of Jesus the Nazoreos, this whom 
ye (pron.) crucified, this whom Qod raised from them who 
are dead, in this (one) standeth this (man) before you cured. 

11 This is the stone which was despised by you the builders, 
this became a chief corner (stone). "And there is not another 
in whom is being (the) salvation, nor is there another name 
below (the) heaven which was given to [the] men in which 
they must be saved. 1S But having Been the boldness of 

Petros and Ioannes, and having known that they were men 
who* knew not writing, and were unlearned, they were 
wondering; but they were knowing them, that they 
were being with Jesus. M But the man also they were 

» Lit. 'they.' 

eT(0,FK)KUrr]cf.? Gr. EPal longe plu Ac. M fflOIl] OJUHM, 

FS. 0'»^e]cf.Gr.NABalpliui M cat T *syrP&c.:0'»0£,,L«. £*.- 
JtXOIl Kep*.Il] order cf. ? Or. D«* uyr»<* aeth Did &c CAJieCKT 
itT$e] cf. Or. NAB DE al sat ma vg syr<" r arm aeth Did Cyr tec. «\.IH- 
pUMUU] cf. Or. D 117. 163. reg vg &c. <?k] d>AJ 'this,' B»GP 18. 
eXe^CO-f] €T£,., T. ftTO'WtO&eA*.] cf. ? syr«* aeth Did. 
It&pH!] esb-, T. w eTA.7TIU.1f] L«T*AFKS : €** (om. B»)- Hunt *>, 

fU.1, B»rGNOPT 18. 26, present ITAppHpr, T»: I, T»)C!A.] jXftj^ 
OApOTfCIA,, BTFOKPS 18. 26. KMAttlt.] cf. Or. (exc. Dp). 
OTTO& i°] om. K. eTA.TfeM.1] eTATfttA/lf 'having seen,' 26. 
neiicec] om. It€, FOPS. &(om. N)A.ll.] L*AFNOST 26 : pref. 
Xe, T»B»rOKP 18. I(om. r»GPN)2k.!(H, i8*)t»THc] f^., D: 
ffe.,K. 2v€2°]om.FS. nA.**X H ] P ref - e - F 08 - n€ a ] L«T»A 
TFNOST 26 : om. B»OKP 18. " niKepUWUU 2i€] cf. ? Or. P 

al pier cat w arm «ec. CpOq] + Ite, K. 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

180 npoxgic. 

nejutojoT €A,qo-*xAJ* nA/raji" *.e ej6o"*n 
e&pA/i* n&Xi *.n ne+ 
f* " Gta.w* A£,c*£,m *.e nce&rroTr caAoX jCL- 
nuutA. ivf£A n * nA/vcAxi ne**. noTrepHOf 
"errxuj juuutoc* xe o*» ne e*renn«Ruuq nn«&.i- 
pujJULi *• cm jutett £.qaju>m nxeovjuutim e&oX 
^ixoxott eqoirong, e&oX* cectoofn nxenit 
TKpoif ergon j6en ixhaa.*- jS.ju.oit ajxo**. 
juuuion exuoX efioX«- "iXX*. & in *- irreg- 
tcjul ni£,u>& o»p efk>X j6en mXa.oc n&oiro * 
juuLpemtoojnoT *■ &mA. nTo**ajTe**.cAxi ne**. 

M o &Xi iipoojuLi j6en najpA.n * + 18 Ofog, exA.**- 
jjuoxf epajof 4/ir£,onj>,en nooo*** eajxe**,- 
epoTcu enxHpq* ot^e eajxe**.'fcil(» j£>en 

up $p£.n niftc* +"IIexpoc ^.e ne**. iu>A,nmtc 
nexajo** ncooTffr icxe cnr***Hi xe **.- 
nejuteo £k$f+ ecarre**. ne*. eHnoir e&oxe 
<t>-f **,£.£,£.n. 20 jOL**.on ajxo**. v^.p JuL**.on 
£.non* nn exA,nnA,f eptoo*** o**og, ex*.n- 
coojulo** egg*re**.c^LXi jDuuuoonr * 

My "fieuxyv ^e exifnoajnof a/vx*-"* cftoX. **.- 
norxe**. g,Xi nXcoixi epuxv** eefi.e iupH*f 

/xd nepKoXi-^m jOL**.uxnr * ee&e mX-8.oc*- +Xe 

*.€ a°] A 26 : om. L»T* &c. rt£>Xl] €£,., B«FS : om. K. Ue] 
om. Aj*- " ^€] L«T*AB»rKNOT: om. FGPS 26, cf. Gp. D«* 

ciofgyriohaeth. rtCe£,lXO**] A 26 : eepOTfgjITOTf 'to cause &o.,' 
L«T* &c. nA.TfCAXl] tense cf. ? Gr. N ABEP al pins 40 reg vg syr"* 

&c. " e**xu} ii.JU.oc] om. b». ne] nex., 

B»FK S ; cf. Gr. Dr P al pin e reg vg &c. Hi-ip.] nip., N T. OXl] 
OTfXI, FS : &OJTI, K. JUten] AO : om. TNT : +\*£.p, L«T*B» 

fgkps 26: +vA.p xe, tn(0)t. eqofong,] ab«t : -tung,, 

L«T» &c. iJUULOn I ] L«AB»GP: pref. OTfOg,, T« &c. €XU}X] 
€XoXq 'to deny it,' FS. " ni&<»&] obs. Gr. K reg syrP»« Lcif 

tA pfiiutra toCto, syr» h ' fama haec' ^enniXiOc] om. B», cf. 8yr• 0,, . 

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ACTS IV. 15-ai. tei; 

seeing standing with them cured; bat they were not being 
able to resist them in anything. 1S But having oommanded 
that they should put (lit. throw) them out of the council, 
they were speaking to one another, " saying : ' What shall 
(lit. will) we do to these men? That indeed a sign was 
done through them which is manifest, all who dwell in 
Jerusalem know : it is not possible for us to deny. 17 But 
(<&.) that the thing may not spread abroad further among 
the people, let us threaten them, that they speak not to any 
man in this name.' "And having called them they ordered 
them not to utter at all, nor to teach in (the) name of Jesus. 
"But Petros and Joannes said to them, If it is righteous 
before Qod to hearken to you rather than God, judge ye: 
*° for it is not possible for us (pron.) not to speak the things 
which we saw and which we heard. "But they (pron.) 
having threatened them, released them ; they found no pre- 
text against them concerning the manner of punishing them, 


S&Oiro] A : trs. before j6ert i°, L»T» &c JUULpeit] cf. Or. »ABE 
al pin Ac: om. B». ItOOjnO**] cf. Gr. NABD 35. 40. 105. 127. 163. 
Tg syr»* arm aeth &c. ICTOfajTeJUt.] T»A: itceaj., L» &c. 

neAA&Xi iiptojuu] l*t«ab»fgks: k&Xi ft.,P: j6*.*ren- 

£,Xl ft., TNOT. j6eitnA,ipA.!t] A: to. before tXCAX &c, U 
T» «ec. " KUDO"*] cf. Gr. P 1. 31. al pin d syr"* aeth *c. 

ItTKpq] cf. ? Gr. M«AEP al omn*" &c: om. n, 0. cf.? Gr. N*B. 
01Tfc.e] OfO£„ FS. " 2^e] om. GP. neXUJOT] A : pref. Hrmtrf, 

A.(e,N)*»epO"»a5 'they answered,' L«T» &c. nCDO**] position cf. 
Gr. MABD E 5. 13. 69. 104. 105. I2 toct al 8 cat vg syr utr arm aeth &c. 
IC3te] AB»GP : prefc X€, L»T*r> &c. : om. T*. OlfXJL T(2l, G)e\ 

oiron**-, fs«: oTfJuuti Te,K. ecurre**. . . . 

<b*f ] om. T». 20 VA>p] om. K 36. eTA,rtCOe*JL07f] A,ltC., 

FS. " €XA.*»nog|nO , »] L«AB»rG P : om. ex, T*FKN0S : 

eiCenoogHOTf, T by error. AStX,*-"*] P**- 0"*0£, 'and,' K. 
£,Xl h] cf. Gr. (exc. 100. &&): om. £,Xl If, K, cf. Gr. 100. 105. 137. 
k«* vg syr«* Lcif. XlO(0, N)UCl] cf. Gr. D syr«*. nipK*f ] A 
26 : ♦pK'f , WT' &c. : J0L<pp., F; obs. Gr. E 18 om. t6. 

Digitized by 


182 npaxgic. oton mften •ftwonr ix^*f ee&e $r 
f*« M HeA,qepg,o-*o * nxemptojuu cta. nAi- 

fttofk. juLJULHim no-rxAi*- guoni g,iurrq* | 

M5 - *> Gt*.**x*-"* 2kG efi.oX a*»i oja nn erenow* 4- 

A/mrAJULiooTr e&tofi. m&en* era. niApxie- 

pevc* new. nmpecfrrrepoc ajtot moor*- 

vC + ** G*rA*»cuyreo. 2k.e ATfdTci n*roTc**.H eg,pKi 

£,a 4>*f •*■ ercon nextwoTf* xe nennn&. neoic 

neTAKeAJuuo n*r<t>e newt nia.£,i *■ <t>iojm. new. 

£,<»& m&en exen/6KTq* m $h erAqxoc 

;6en lufmZ eeonrA& e&oX|V] j6en pouq jOL- 

nemaax 2kA7ri2>. eefte neKAXcnr*- 

2Ce eefte onr A*ruxy eftoX nxe&Aneenoc. &An~ 

* Xaoc ATrepJtxeXeTAn n&AnnexajOTfiT * 

* m a**o2,i epATOf ibcemonrpajoTf iiTe rocAg,i* 

*niK€A.pxtwn ATfeauovf erjut&. e*f o*»fi.e noc 

•s-nejuL neqxP c * 

m 8T I>en oifjut.eeju.Ki rAp ATreiooTf j6en TA-inoXic 

/id exen neKAXoT iKC4-<t>H eTAKeA&cq* +Hxe- 

Hptua^Hc nejut nonTioc mXAToc*- nejUL 

£,Aro:eeenoc* nejut. &AnXAoc itTe nicT* 

S8 eipi n£,u>& m&en era. TeKxix* nejut neic- 


3>*f] +ne, 26. 22 neAqep] nAqep, nst. Jul] a : 

eJUL, 26: VAp nSJt, LBB«FKPS: VAp €JLC(e^JUL,G), T*r 
GNOT. OTA] cf.? Gr. BD. TlAl] III, FKOS: nA, B»T by 
error. &UJJ&. JUl] A 26: on. L»T* &c. Ojumi] + €&oX, G. 

Hunt 18, "* *.e] om. b*k. na erenioo'»]T t AP«: -now*, l* & c .: 
ne*renoiroTr, b» g 18. att ajuuuoY] nevrAJUL, t ; cf. ? 

Gr. 13. AITOf] A : 2COTOT 'said,* L*T* &c. 24 rtTOT- 

CJULh] cf. Gr. E syr a,r arm aeth. €TfCOn] tr«. before £,A, B»GP 
18, cf. ? Gr. 31. 105. neXlOoVj L»ATG P 18 : pref. 0*»0£„ T*B» 
FKNOST. nOOKJof. Gr. NAB am fu demid &c. neTAKO.] 
AB»: ne €XAJCe.,L«T«rGKN0PTi8: AK0.,FS. nKA£,l] 
niK., B»KOP» 18. $IOJUL] AK: pref. n€JUL 'and,' L»T« &c. 

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ACTS IV. 23-28. 183 

because of the people; because all were glorifying God 
because of that which was done. "The man had been 
more than forty years (old), on whom this signal work of 
curing was done. 2S But having been released, they came 
unto them of their own, they showed to them all things 
which the chief priests and the presbyters did to them. 
** But having heard, they lifted up their voice toward God 
together, they said: 'Our Master, thou (art) he who made* 
(the) heaven and (the) earth, the sea and all things which 
are in it: **he who said In the holy spirit from the mouth 
of our father David concerning thy servant (lit. child): 

" Why cried out Oentilest Peoples meditated empty things. 
** The kings of (the) earth stood (up), the rulers also assembled 
together to oppose the Lord and his Christ." "For in 
[a] truth assembled in this city upon thy servant (lit. child) 
Jesus whom thou anointedst, Erodes and Pontios Pilatos, 
with (itCJUL) other Gentiles and peoples of Israel, "to do 
all things which thy hand and thy counsel foreordained to 

* Coptic 2° person. 

ft&KTq] A : ttJ^RTOT 'in them,' FS : ru6pKI il(om. N)^R- 
TOT, L*T* &c. M d>K . . . neiU.XoTr] cf. ? Or. HABE 13. 

15. 27. 29. 36. 38. I2»~» cat &c. <&H €XA.q2£Oc] L«T*AB»G_P : 
neTA.q>COq, rK«N 8 0T: eJ>R CXAJC2COC, F8, 2 person. JUL- 

nemurr] ri, tnt, for om. r. v. n. of. Gr. d syr** Did. ee&.e- 
neKA-Xo**] t*A: neKA^oif. lb &c: neqA-Xoir 'his &&,' 

NT. ATlOOj] extog, P. g > A.nXA.OC]AFKS: pref. OlfOg,, 

wr* &c A.*»ep**.eXeTA.n] ertepjtx., p. ng,a.rt.] lst* 

AB»rGKP: ^6H£,., FNOST. M IUKe.] A: pref. OTO&, 

l*t* &c ^.Totoort] iu.Te., T. neqxP c J a 1 b»np: 
neqxc. t» &c. " £en*rAJ(q, a 8 *) noXic] cf. Gr. nbde 

al plus" yg •jrr nte am aeth Eus Cyr &c -A.Xo*»] A: + 
(€er, P) 'ndy,' L«T* &c. <hK] $A.I, FS. KXe] om. K. HpttJ- 

a*.Kc] -thc, tnot. nonTioc] nenx., a,. iuXa.toc] 
cf. Gr. (exc. B*). rteju.g,A.niceeeKoc) om. N. £,A.nXA.oc] 

cf. Gr. (exc. E 3. 33. &c). " HGKCOdltl] cf. Gr. N A 2 D E « r P al 

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184 npoxgic. 

ccxflti * epgjopn neA-gjcnr eepoirajioni. w oirog, 
•fnoTf nac cojulc e&piu exen ncnraaonx* 
juuuc iineKe&iAJK eepovc/uci * *6en o-cong, 
efieX mften*- M £en nxmepeiecoTxam 
TeKxi* efioX* eg,A.nxA.X<fo *■ iteu. £A«t- 
juuKim* iteju. £,<pHpi *• eepoTrajtom efkoX 
£,ixen neKA.Xcnr mc. "cnrog, er*.*- 
xt»fi.£, A.qKuu. nxenuuuL ena.7reo**RX 
v Orog, A/rJutog, XKpcnr efieX j6en ninii&i 
p£F- eeoxiA*- cnrog, ha/ccjuh juLruauci nxe|$*f 
jfcen cnrmapf juLnA-ppuciA. *• 

va « Hmahs a^e ex/vynAg,-f nA/roi ilcnrgtKX iicmox 
nejui Q'tlnrxH noTurr . 

yj9 Hejuuuton g,Xi ne eqxto juLm.oc* itoTf&X! iixe 
neqg/rna.pxoKT'*-* xe ncnrq ne. *.XX*. nape 
£,cu& mfien ajort ntocnr jfeeit cnrjuiexaj$Kp *■ 

17 + M Gg,pHi *e j£en cnmiaj-f ibcojut.* 
majiocxoXoc *f irf ju.exju.eepe * s£>&. 
xa.cic nxe lite n^c nencrc* enrmaj'f a^e 
n£r**-OT na.q£,i2«woT XHpor ne* 

p* M Hejuuu.on nexepxpi*. va.p n^Kxenr ne. nn 

Hnntts, pier cat 10 6 S vgsyr *'aeth&c. eepOTfttJtWni]om.FS. M eg,pKl] 
"^ ej£pHI, B»FGPS 18. ItOTTJCCOnx] nOTfXtOnX, K« singular. 
JULHIC] A: pref. Cnrog,, L*T» &c. CA-Xl] A : + JULneKCAJfl 
'thy word,' L«T* &c CnrongJ A: -long,, L»T* &c mfien] 
position cf. i Gr. (exc. D«»E yg &c). *° 2Cm( + €, B«)OpeK . . . 

X€K.] L«T» &c. : -Open(Q) . . . Xeit., rNOT, i° plural. COTf- 
XCOtt] L«A FS : COTfXen, T* &c. XeiQCIx] cf. Gr. (e«c A 8 &c). 
neKA-XoTf] A: pref. $pA,H JU. '(the) name of,' L«T» &c.] om. fks. 8l cnrog, a°] L«T*AB»GKOP 18 : om. 

TFNST. efi.oX] om. FS. nmna.JLtT'ArGNOPT: OTnnT, 

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ACTS IV. 39-34. rest 

be done. 2 ^And now, Lord, look upon their angers: give 
to thy servants to speak in all boldness, 80 in (the) stretching 
forth thy hand for healings and signs and wonders, to be 
done through thy holy servant (lit. child) Jesus.' "And 
having prayed, the place in which they were being assembled 
was shaken. And they all were filled with the holy 

spirit, and they were speaking the word of God in a great 

"But the multitudes who believed were being of one 
heart and one sovl. There was not any one saying of 
any of his goods that they were his own ; but (A.) all things 
were being to them in common*. ** But in [a] great power 
were the apostles giving [the] witness of (the) resurrection of 
Jesus Christ our Lord : but [a] great grace was being upon 
all M For there was not he who had need among them : 

* Lit. 'in a fellowship.' 

B»FES 18, indefinite.] eq., FES 18; position cf. ? Gr. 
EP al pier vg Ac. nA.-*CAJ£l] T»AB»E 18 : A/lfC, L»rFQNOP 
ST. OTfItig*f JOL]T*A : <>•*, Lb &c. IU.ppHCI.aJ -pICIA., N. 
«* png gm« 'the second Sunday of Pentecost.' 2lB] ora. F8. OT- 
&H*r] cf. Gr. NABD* arm &c^ ne*X . . . OTftUX] cf. Gr. NABD 
96. arm &c. : om. B»K*. Ite.UUU.OK] A. cf. Gr. E : om. fte, FS : 
pref. OTO&, L«T»B»rFGKN0P8T 18. ne]*T*A: om. V &c. 

noTT&XijT'A : e(n, E)o*»en(n, &)XA- l > ** &c - neqg/rn.] 

cf. Gr. P 1. 4. 40. 101. 106. <d M fere &c. -X "* 1 "^-] 'Xf^t Fs - 

no*»q ne]T*A: <*h»i ne, L*rFGKNOPST: <fru>q ne, b»i8. 
ajon] ajtoni, fs. M eg,pKi xe]A: oirog, nj&piti, Hnnt 

L»T» &c. IUCO(U>, L»N)JIA.] position cf. ? Gr. EP al pier &c. 

r . . . •f ] l^fs . . . IU/rf, T* &c. nxeiKc 

IIX C neilOC]T»A: itIKC&c, LB; cf. Gr. 15.18. 36. vg«": KIHC 
nXP n<XJ, GEP, cf. Gr. NA am fo demid : UIKC n^C, FS, cf. 
Gr. e«* syr«>": JOLnJXp IRC neitOC, NT: J&SLJXJC IRC 
n(om. r)OC, B»rO 18. ^e 2 ] L«T»Ai s B»FGKPS 18: om. Ai*? 
TNOT. IU.q£,I.] L«ArFNOST: n£.qOJOn g,!., T t B»GEP 

18. ne] lbt«afks: om. B»rGNOPT 18. M ne*repx-] 
ne erepx.T*. 


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186 npoxgic. 

v&jp e*reoTron*roTr io&i jOuuu.t*> itA.irf £k- 
jt*.o3ox efi.oX* itA/rim Stxiaak ftna egjA.Tr- 
thitott e&oX* " itA.Trx«> iJuutasoT j£>A.pA.- 
tot nniAJiocrroXoc nA-irf a*e aM>otta.i $otta.i 

.jOLnereqepxpiA- i>Uuioq*> 
i* m Iiocr$ 3ie <t>K erA/rfpenq ace &A.pcAJiA.c *• 
e&oX j£en mA.nocroXoc*eTe $r ne egjA.Tr- 
ox/L&xxeq * ace najHpi ixirf &o * eoTrXerriXRc 
ne rucrrnpioc j6en neqrenoc* ,7 eoTron*req 
io&i JuUuiA.Tr* A.q*TRiq e&oX A.qim iini- 
XPkjuia.* A-qx*-** j6i.xen nendA.XA.Tr2c nm- 
A.noc*roXoc * 
1 OrrpuMUU a.e £/uq ne AJtA.niA.c new, 
cA.n$ipA. Teqc&uuu* A.qt" iioTriog,! e&oX 
&&. xeqxijuui*- *ecc(«oTrn lucereqcgjijuu 
A.qcuXi ndTcm e&oX[+] jfcen "fTUULR nxe 
nno&i* A.qint 2*.e ftoTJOtepoc *• i.qx« 
j6A.pA.Toif nniA.noc*roXoc «■ 8 nerpoc 2*e 
ne2CA.q nA.q xe A.iu.niA.c * eefie ott a. 
ncA.TA.| iux * juuk£, neK&HT-t- 
nofx eninnX eeoTTA.ft* otto£, eepeiaoXi 

JDUULA.Tr] A: +16 HI 'or house,' TNOT: pwf. L»T* Ac 

ttA.Trmi] T'A : errmi, u & c . irr*ri(R, T)*xh] t»a : nniT. 

'the prices,' L«rFGKNOP8Ti8: ItrtOVT\ 'their Ac.,' B». lUM] 
T'A: ItXenH(I, N), Ls&c: rtT€, 0. eajA.TfXHITOT] T*A: 
eXA.TfTKrrOT, LBB»rFGNOPST preterite: eXOTrf JUl- 

jutaaoTr, k. M ha-ttx^] l«t*ab»gkp 18: errx 00 . FS: 

pref. OTTOg,, TNOT. jULneT.] A: KA.TA. neT., UT* Ac. 
Hnntrf, epXpJ*-] om. ep, A. 3S lUJCR* (&-, N)] cf. Or. (exc. P 1. 13. 

31. ti plu eyrP Sec). eXA-Trfpeitq] eXOTJULOTff €pOq 'who 
is called,' K. &A.pCA.ftA.c] &A.pnA.&A.C, B». e&oX j6en] 
of.? Gr. KABBP h 1. al M Ac $R ne eajA.TfOTfA^,JtlLeq] 

L«Aa6: $h eTEgA.TroTrA.g,.,T»FS: ne e*regA.Tf(q,N).,rN: 
nereoj., b»gkopt. -oTfA.g,**.eq] +ne, T*B»rGKNPT. 
juLn-fg/)] l«a a6: jtjUirf&o, FOS: irren-f&o, T»B»ro 
knpt. eoTfXerriTHc] oTrftoTrXeirTRC, B»(eoTf)Fs. 

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ACTS IV. 35— V. 3. 187 

for they who had fields were selling them ; they were bring- 
ing (the) price of the things which are sold ; M they were 
laying them at the feet of the apostles: but they were 
giving to each that of which he had need. M But Ioseph, 
who was named ' Barsabas,' from the apostles, which is being 
interpreted* '(the) son of (the) consolation,' being a Levite, 
Cypriote in his race, 8T having (a) field, he sold it, he brought 
the money*, he laid it b at (the) feet of the apostles. V. But 
a man also whose name is Ananias, with Sapphira his wife, 
sold a field for its price ; * his wife knowing, he took away 
by stealth from the price of the field, but he brought a part, 
he laid it b at the feet of the apostles. * But Fetros said to 
him: 'Ananias, why did Satan fill thy heart to say false- 
hood to the holy spirit, and to take away by stealth from 

• Lit. 'which is that -which they are wont to interpret.' b Plural. 

Xe*»i(H, p)thc ne] om. ne, tnot. mr nptoc] + ne, tnot. 
37 eofoirreq] -it rcreq, 0. 10&1] l»afnst 26 : pref. ot, 
■p B»ro k op. A>qim] pref. o*»og„ k. nixP"**-*-] neqx-, 

FS possessive. A.qX*-*»] OCA^ FS - neit<C Sill] ItltfT 

irrem, k. 

1 A.ltAIt.IA.c] position cf. ? Gr. AD 31. 134. al 9,or cat vg Ac. 
CA.IVp] cf. Gr. ABP al pier d e* Ac. Ip.] cf. Gr. »*et»D*E 13. 
103.: *»p., K. -pA.] cf. Gr. BD al plus 80 cat Ac. j6A>X€q- 
TIAAH] A 26 : om. LsT* Ac * eCOWOflt . . . !0£,l] A 26 

(Kec^uxi): A.qu) (o, b») Xi R(+p*», gp) (Henri e&oX 
j6eiffT(2L, b»)iju.k ecctttonrit (om. S) nzerequcecg,!- 
juu, l«b»fgkp: A>qtoXt ii<JT<m e&oX j6eitT*»~uuut 
eccuxmt a*.e SaceTeqjcec&utAi, Tnot : A.qtoXi StfTefi.. 
,£>eirfTUAH irreiiiio&i ecoooTit nxereqKec&i- 

AJU, T» ; for yw. ahov cf. Gr. EP al pier d vg syr " aeth. Aqirt(p, 

0*)I X€] T»A 26: om. 3S.6, Lb Ac. A.qX*-'*] AG : ^X*-^ 

L«T» Ac. j6A.pA.TOTf] LBT* Ac : j6a.TOT07T ' hefore,' TN OT. 

* HA>q] cf. Gr. E 26. vg * 1 syr«*etP c* aeth Ac : om. B». A. (6, NT)- Hunt *, 

W AJtiA c] LtAFS : -I1IA, T» Ac. A,] om. A,FS. €GO* A.&] 60, 

T: COT, FS. OTfOg, eepeiOoXl] L«T*AB»GKP 26 : om. OTO&, 

TFNOST ; for 2° pew. expressed cf. Gr. DP 31. 38. 95. 96. al plus 88 Ac. 


Digitized by 


i8« npax£ic. 

fttfToTi efkoX j£en *fxut*.H itxe ntto&i * * julh 
eqajon nAqajon hajc Ait ne* oTog, exAJexmq 
e&oX na.qxn ** n j6*- xeKe^oTciA.*' eefte ox 
xe exAj^xA nAJ&cofL j6en neKg,KX* exAJc- 
xejuieenoTx epuwuu ajtc* a.XXa. e$-f *• 

iv "Gqcusxeu. 2>.6 nxeA.nA.niA.c enA.icAoci A-q&ei*- 
Aq&i neqoKOT* A-cgjcuni 2v,e nxeoTnig-f 
ng,°*f" exen ofon m&en exaoxeu. enA.i«» 
• ATrrtocnritoTr nxeniAXuxm A.**xoXqfr oto& 
exA/*enq eftoX A/»eoju.cq* 7 A.cgtoni 2>.e exA, 
vf hotnot necia gjumi axi ej6oirn iixexeq- 
c£,uuu+ nccaooifn A.n JGuiexA-cjajaom* • nexe 
nexpoc iu.c xe axoc ma* ace exA.pexeirf 
iinuo&i eftoX £>&. iu.ig,A.x* iteoc a^.e nexA.c 
xe A.&A. j6a. iu.i* * nexpoc 3s.e nexA.q tux* 
xe ee&e o*» a. iu.i£/u& i'AJtA.'f" j6en eiuto? 
eepnipA^in juLmmtAT itxe nox* £,tmne ic 
mtfA.XA.Tx iixe kk exA-Teuwutc juLneg,A.i*. 
cex« &>pen niptooT* ceitA.qrf eftoX £/ui«- 
"A-c&ei a^e j6A.pi.xoT niteqtfi.XA.T2c * Ax&t 
neceKOT * 

vC Gxa.ti ej^oTn ttxemj6eXcyipi Arxejuic ecjuuu- 

•fxuuLK] *f 2i., b*. iiho&i] mo&i, a. * eqgjon] 
[aj., F8 26. nA.qajon] qajon ?, fs : om. k. oTogJ om. 26. 

bAlj6en,T. 2Ce]L«T»AB»rNOTa6: ora.FGKPS. €XAJC- 
;XAJT»A: AJCX^» L 8 ** 5 - ne*£,KX] AFGKPS 26: Xeif- 
&KX, L8T*B»rN0T. A.rt 3 ] tro. before epOUJUU, P. e<H"] 
om. 6, K. • 6nAJ i°] tw. before fixe, 26. CAXl] om. 26. 

A.q2,l] om. A.q, FS. A.COJ(A)ni] A 26: pref. OTO&, L»T* &c 
2iC 2°jA, : om. UT»A,ftc. mg-f it] om. K. eitA.1 2 ] L»T»AFS 
36, cf. Or. BP al pier syrP arm Ac. : om. B»rGKNOPT, cf. Or. K«ABD 
15. 27. 29. 37. 100. 117. k*"* cat vg syr"* aethPP ar« &c * A.T- 

XOJOTfnOT] A: + 2\.€, L»T» &c. A.TX0Xq] L8AFK08 : -t»Xq, 
T*BTGNPT. OTO&] om. Fr. €XA,Tenq] €XA.ToXq 
'having taken him away,' B». A-TOOaJLCq] A-TOUMULcq, A,: 
-OTAJtCq, N. T 3s.e] om. T. Vf] V, B*K. €CKl] CKI, FS. 

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ACTS V. 4-10. 189 

the price of the field? 4 Abiding, was it not abiding to 
thee? And having sold it, was it (X K ) not under thine 
authority ? Why then pattest thou this thing in thy heart, 
having said falsehood not to man but (A.) to God?' 5 But 
Ananias hearing these words fell, he expired*. But a great 
fear came (ajumi) upon all who heard these (things). * The 
young men (A.XttJ07fl) rose, they wrapped him round, and 
having brought him out, they buried him. 7 But it happened 
(that), nearly three hours having passed, his wife came in, 
not knowing that which happened. *Petros said to her: 
' Say to me whether (2ce) ye sold the field for this b silver/ 
But she said: 'Yea, for this*.' 'But Petros said to her: 
•Why was this thing agreed upon by 0£>eit) you to tempt 
the spirit of the Lord 1 Behold the feet of them who buried 
thy husband are at the doors, they will carry thee out also.' 
10 But she fell at his feet, she expired. The young men 
O&eXaj.) having come in, found her dead; having taken 

» Lit. 'he threw his hreath (eHOTT).' «> Plural. 

xeq(K, sjc&uhi] a : TeqKec&umi 'his wife also,' l»t» &c. 

ttCCUWHt] A: KA.CC.,P: fteCC, T»: 8CC, L»B»rO«KNO: 
A.CC, F8. IieTA.qajumi]AB*: cbH eTAqajtWIU, LbT* &c. 

• nexenerpoc] L8ab»fgps, cf. Gr. 15. 17. 73. am om. m-. 

+2k.€,T*rN0T: nCXpOC a^e IXeXAq, K; for 'said' cf. Gr. DE 
Tg«"» syr** aeth &c; for I* cf. Gr. ttABDP al pier cat vg syrP &c. 
IIA.C] of.? Gr. P al longe plu vg &c. j£>A. x° &c] J^eit &c, P ; 
order cf. ? Gr. D«* «cc. 1100(03, S"«)C . . . ItA.l] om. 8* : + g > A.T, 
FS»*. • IieXA.q] cf. Gr. A al pier syr"* arm Ac. ItA.c] om. NT. 

j6en] Rxeit, tnot. nu&XA/ne] neittf^ o. -etwjuLc] 

-OJtXC, PS. C€nAqi*f]AO:pref. OTOg,, L«T» Ac. €&oX] 
om. G. ,0 A.C&6I 2i€] A; cf. Gr. (exc. D syr"* aeth Ac.): 

+ il"f 0**IK>Tf, L»T* Ac. : + KXef OfltOf, FS hy error. A.C&I- 

(6i, TjneceHOTf],ei 2>.e nece.,T: oTrog, axjiaot 

'and she died,' K: +e^O*»It 'in,' B». eTA-TTl] LeAOPS: pref. 
OKOgj, FS: + 3S.6, T'B»rGKNT. e^OTfll] e&oX 'out,' B» 
j6eXajIpl] AXoJOTfl lit. 'children,' TNOT. €CAJt(OOfX] 

Digitized by 


190 npaxgic. 

ovr* exA/roXc e&oX &.ix.*- c j6*xen 
nec&A-i «• " JLcajuum nxecnr nig-f n£,o*f * 
e&pm exen *f 6KkXhcia. xnpc neu. exen o**on 
mften exccoxeu. eitAj* 


n " S&oX a^e g,ixen nenxix nmA.nocxoXoc nA/c- 

pj£ gon ne nxeg,Anu.Hg jjuuuuni | neu. £,A. n " 

g^npi n&pHi j6en mXA.oc oiro£, itA/fooTiix 
xitpo** ercon j&A.xen "fcxoA, iixe coXo- 
I8 flj6pHi xe j6en maoxn* jDuuton &Xi epxoX- exojmq eptcoir*- a.XXa. iuXa,oc 

<Jtci JUUU.OJOT4- "juu.XXoit 2^.6 lU-lfOnfO^ 

juuuuoo** enrc eTita.£,-f* nxe£,A.nju.Haj 
npwjuii nejuL £,A.n£,iojuu * 
p$ 15 2>iwcxe ncemi ilnH exaju}m[*] e&oX &i m- 
nXAXiA,* otto^, ncexA-"* &txen ^ajn^ox *• 
neu. £,A.njuiA. nenKox*- &mA. eqnA.amuxrc 
nxenexpoc* ka.ii iixe xeqj&tufLi i exert 
otta.i jGUulwo*** " iu.*vifHo*v 2k.e ne nxeni- 
JU-Hcy fixe mnoXtc exKurf eiEiouu* evini 
hhh exajiwni * neju. nn ex&Hgj nxen ninnX 
rtAJCA.OA.pxon*> nAj %.e THpor ajA.*ro*rxAJ 
e&oX gjixoxo'r* 
£ " 3Xqxu>nq *.e it2ceniA.px«epe-»c*- neu. nn XRpoT 
eeneuA.q + ere x&epecic fixe mcAA^oT- 

CJUL., S. eXA-TfoXc] AS : pref. OTfOg,, LBT* &c eftoX] om. 
K. A-TTX*- ] A i°« : *-VGO*ACC(om. NT) 'they buried her,* 
L«T* Ac. " ACgajni] A: pref. 0**0£„ LbTB-TGKNOPT: 

+ 3S.6, FS. e&pHl] om. GK. CX€rt 2 ] om. TNOT, cf. Gr. 
Hunt 18, A Ac. F"* 'the end (of the lection).' 12 F«* S"* 'the flint Sunday 

of Abib.' 2k.€] cf. Gr. (exc. B ■yr» eB aeth). nA/COJOR] cf. Gr. 
nnc &c. : A.TOJ., 0, cf.? Gr. 4. 13. 14. h"* al mu &c. gjon ne (om. 
€, F : gjoni, 8)] om. ne, rNOT. U.HOJ JOL] om. K, cf. Gr. 133. 

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ACTS V. 11-17. 191 

her away, they laid her by her husband. n A great fear 
came (ctjioni) upon all the church, and on all who heard 
these (things). 

u But through (the) hands of the apostles many signs 
and wonders were being done among the people ; and they 
all were assembling together at the porch of SolomSn. 

18 But among the rest no one dared join himself to 
them, but (A.) the people were exalting them ; u but the 
more were adding themselves to the Lord, believers*, many 
men and women. u So that they brought out them who 
were sick into (g,l) the streets, and laid them upon beds 
and resting-places, that as Fetros is to pass by, at the least, 
his shadow may come upon one of them. M But the multi- 
tudes of the cities which were around Jerusalem were coming, 
bringing them who were sick, and them who were vexed 
with the unclean spirits: but all these are cured through 
them. " But the chief priest rose, and all they who were 
with him, which (is) (the) sect of the Sadducees ; they were 

» lit. 'believing.' 

I3 krt k «w aeti,. nig)*f iJL 'great,' B» 18. n&pHl] ft/6', B» 18. 
J^A-Teit] t*A: £)&. 'under,' L» Ac. " ttJOpKl] AB*G: 

K&., L*T* Sec. 2*.e] om. B». jQUULOIt] A : pref. It€, L«T' &c. 
£^Al] pref. ft, FS. epttXV*] AO: pref. €j6o*»n, L»T» &c. 
14 lU/TOTOgJ L«ABGNOPT 18: -A^,, T«: -ttJ£,., P>K: -U>It£, 
'were maniferting,* FS. u P.lOCT€j L«T*G: -*.€, A &c; for. 

om. mi cf.? Gr. 100. 163. eB.oX] om. 18*. £,l] ArFNOST: 
i6eit, L»T»GK : 6, B*P 18*; cf. ? Gr. N ABD* (Edam demid 'in') 
5. 13. 36. 40. 69. 96. 100. 105. 127. 163. k»« al 5 cat 90 vg<** fa Ac. 

eqitA.c] l»t* &c: qiux., r*NT: A.qajA.itcmi 'if he should 

pats by,' F8. -CIIt!U>(om. A 2 )07f] T»A: -CIIU, L« &c. KTe] 
iVTeq, A x by error. XeqjfcKI&i] cf. Gr. E 33. 66*«* vg arm syr"* 
&c l] om.ANOT by error: I€,B» by error. "fc.€i°]A:+e£,pHI, 
UtTI&c^: +ng>pW, P; cf. Gr. D-* d syr''* arm aeth &c. om. ml pri. 
ei^HJUt] cf. Gr. DEP al pier demid arm &c. Rxeit] L«ArGKOT: 
ftX€, T*B»FNP8. RA,KA.eA.(e, S)pXOIt] om. G. TKpOTf] 

1 m — i _T nun* I 

tw. after OTT2CAJ, FS. " tUfe] om. T* by error. 6T6- it-« 

T(om. T)£,6p(X, T*)€CIC] + TG, B»rNO (T om. KTE) 18: • •*"€ 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

Hnnt iB, 

192 lipase. 

jceoc* i-wuLog, Hx.°&* "A/ttiti nnoirxng 
exert itiA.nocToXoc * oTog, wxt-* eiu-peg, 

eptUOT rt2k.HJU.OCI a. *• 

fa " 0"**xveXoc 2».e nxe iux: a.qo**tt>it mtipcuoT rtxe 
nioj*reico &>en nrexiopg,. £.qenoT e&oX nexA.q 
nujoirfr *°xe juu.gje ntoxcn cvlxi ;6ett mep- 
$ei rteu. iuXa.oc rtmc&xi THpoY are iuj- 
wiu6 «• " era/rcurreji*. 2*.e ^Trajopncnr 4&.Traje 
nuxnr eruep$ei itA/rf-cfi.u> ne* 

^3 GxAqrumq 2».e rtxenia-pxHeperc nejut hr 
TKpoTf eertejui4.q + A.7reu>OTrf | enuuLA. 
rrf£,A.n* neu. mjfceXXoi XHpo*» Rxe nen- 
ajHpr JOLiucX* cnrog, A/voYcopn enuut&. itcamg, 
eepovim jUUul(oov4- 
22 ex^.Tfi 2».€ itxemg/fnepeTKc *■ jULnoTf2ce.u.oTr 
£>en map-eKo * €XA.*»koxot 2>.e a/ttajulujot 
ss erxu> jQuuLoc* xe £.rtxuuu jutert juLtiijula. 
ttcwng,* eqajoTEAA. j6en T&xpo m&ert* oxog, 
mpeqA-peg, enroll epa.x<nr j6*.Ten mptoov. 
err&.fotwn 2*e jutnerucejuL g,Xr njfcoirn*. 

£y M GT^curreu. 2*e ert^icAXi itxenrc^TRVo-rc 
nrre nrepcfcei* ne**. nia.pxiepeTrc * n*.nr- 
tujjulx eefiKToir ne. xe ot ne <t>aa er^-q- 

£8 M 3Xqi 2>e rtxeoYAJ a.qTAJUtuxnr * xe g,Rnne ic 

erep&epeciC Te, N by error. u J/Vim] L*AFPS: pref. 

OTfOg,, T*B»rGKN08 18 Fr. KOTTXIX] cf. Gr. EP i. 13. 31. 
al pier syrP &c. OYOgJ om. LeFKPS. en^pegj em&peg,, 
Fr.; for € cf. ? Gr. E Ac. H] om. B»FKS 18. 2».K(I, FST)JULO- 
(10, FKS)C!A.] L8T»AB*FGKPS 18: -lOIt, TNOT. " F-»«S"« 

'the second Sunday of Hatur, the third Sunday of Pentecost,' 2w€j 

om. tno. ^qerto**] pref. onrog,, fs. nexA.q] l«ab»fg 

Hunt 18, KS 18: pref. OTO&, TTNOPT. *° ttniC&Xl] L«AB*FG* 

er±- K PS 18: t\ttA.IC. 'these &c.,' T»rG°N(0)T: nejuin*.rc., a 

qi . . ., " n«JO-»] om. B» 18. eniep.] A : pref. ej^OTIt, L«T' &c 

«-«s ItA.Tf] AP: pref. OTTOg,, LsT 1 &c. (A.**., rNO"«T). ne] om. 

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ACTS V. 18-25. 193 

filled with jealousy; "they put forth (lit brought) their 
hands upon the apostles, and they put them into the common 
prison*. '• But an angel of the Lord opened the doors 
of the prison in the night, he brought them out, he said 
to them : 20 'Go ye, speak in the temple to the people all 
the words of this life.' 21 But having heard, they (rose) 
early, they went to the temple, they were teaching. But 
the chief priest having risen, and all they who were with 
him, they assembled to the council and all the elders of (the) 
sons of Israel, and they sent to the prison-house b to bring 
them. "But the officers having come, found them not 
in the prison; but having returned, they showed to them, 
ss saying: 'We found indeed the prison-house shut in all 
security, and the keepers standing at the doors ; but (these) 
having been opened, we found not any within.' 2i But 
the captains of the temple and the chief priests having heard 
these words, were being amazed concerning them, as to (xe) 
what was this which happened. 26 But one came, he 

* Lit. 'to the keeping them publicly.' b Lit. 'place of binding.' 

P. €*T4.qTUmq] A : eXi.qi 'having come,' L*T» &c. ; obs. Gr. 
D rytpOimt after av» alrr? ; F™* S°>8 'the third Sunday of Ablb.' €111- 
JUUl] JtXniASUL, G. OTTOg, 4.TTOT.] om. 0**0£„ L«FPS. 
** 6T£.*Yl] position cf.? Gr. 15. 18. Chr, also NAB 38. 40. 69. 96. 100. 
105. 113. 163. al*«* yg aeth &c. *€ 2°] om. P. 2S AJteit] L« 

T» &c„ cf. Gr. E«» P al pier cat" vg &c: om. OP, cf. Gr. KABD h 
17. 36. 105. I7 1 ** e arm syr"» r aeth. STOg,! epA/TO"*] cf. Gr. KA 
BDEP al longe pin cat vg ayr uta arm aeth &c. ^bA-TCIt] A : 
£,Ip€lt, L»T* &c; cf. Gr. NABD 31. 96. cat d e am fu demid syr«*. 

e*r*.TOTru)n] A: er&.notu)(o, NP)it, l»t* &c. i° piur. 
it^oTfn] L8T«AB»rFGN0«T: es£>., ko*ps. 2 * rixem- 

CA.XKro*»(om. S)C] T»ArGK0*8, cf.? syr«* ar« aeth: fixeru., 

l»b*fno«p. Sxc irremep$ei &c] cf. Gr. nabd 15. 18. 33. 

36. 69. 81. 100. 163. c«» cat 92 vg arm &c. lU/rrtOJUtT] AK: 
-OM.T, L»T* Ac. eofi-HTOTr] L»A s rFK OP : -€TOt, T'A,B»G 
NST. ne i°] om. B» 18. n€ <ba.l] A.tfrAJ, G. * 5 ^.e] om. 

K. 2C€] cf. Gr. (exc. minasc vix mu cat 92 arm cdd See.). 


Digitized by " 

194 npoxgic. 

nipuoftAi era-peT-enx*-** & en nigjT€Ko* 
ceog,i ep^xoT £en nieptfrei* evfc&to £km- 
Xa.oc* M *ro*re A.qaje m.q iucenicA.*rK- 
vo*»c* nejix ni£/irnepe*rKc JLtenor ttxonc 
*n. na/irep&o'f- va.p ne j6a.t£,k jOLiuXa.oc 
juLKnooc itce&iwm exuxnr* 
[#] 1T G*r*.TenoT a^e A/rr*g,iooT epA.xof «&en 
niMXJL n*f£,*»n-s- A.qajenoTr itxenNLpxieperrc 
28 eqawo JGumoc * xe j6en onr&on&ett £.tt£^>n- 
g,en exen ennoT egjxe**.*f c&w *• j6en iuj- 
pjjt* g,Rnne ^.TexeiuuLog, mKkjul THpc 
e&oX ^>eit xerencftto* crog, TereiumeTri 
eeit ncnoq ULiujpwJuu * e&piu exum* 
£« *• CCXqepoToo ibcene*rpoc* neo. m^nocroXoc 
nexiucnf* xe ceju-tiajA. ncajxewi iIca. $"f 
e&oTe mpwAJLt *■ | 
P£ H ft - •°<t>*f" Stc neiuo*f *.q*rcnrnoc IRc* $AJ neco*rert 
e*r*pe*renen nerenxix e&pm extoq* 
Tena.ajq exert o**cge* * x $a.i A.qtfi.cq ibce- 
<H" n&o** it ncioTKp n&piu j6en xeqcrcirtijuu 
eepeq*f noTftA.eT4.noiA. iinicX ne.ft*. njcw 
eftoX ivre g,4.n it o&i * M orog, 4.non tu6pHi 
nj6H*rq * *renoi juuuteope ivre nAJtcAxi m.x *. 
$*f fc.e A.q*f juuimiu. ee-oxaJL nnH ercurreju. 

exip-] pref. ne, o. M 4.qge n*.q ihcen(n, a)ic] 

L«(A)P: om. Itiq, B»rGNOT: 4.7fge itXeniC, FKS : 4.TT. 

+ nuxnr, t». 4.**eno**]+2ke, fps. nxonc] uafps: +^e, 

T*B»rGKNOT. ne] tw. after X4.0C, GK. JU.HnCO(0, N)C 

H »£*- KC€g,l] XeSnOTg,!, FS ; cf. ? Or. KB DE 5. 13. 40. 96. " 4.q- 

gjenO*»] A: pref. OTTO£,, L»T» &c: OfO£, . . . 2k.€, P. 

"eqaou] eraoo, nt. xe] l»t»afkops: om. B»rGNT 18. 
^jenof&on&en] cf.Gr. N*ABdvg &o. creneiinc*] t*agk: 
nxene., L«B»rFNOPST 18. eajTe**.] eajxeTf, a x by em>r. 

g,Knne] A, cf. Gr. D* d : pref. OTO£„ UT*&c : +IC, FS. THpc] A : 

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ACTS V. 26-32. 195 

showed to them: 'Behold, the men whom ye put in the 
prison stand in the temple, teaching the people.' 2< Then 
the captain went with the officers, they brought them, not 
by force ; for they were fearing the people lest by any means 
they should stone them. " But having brought them, they 
set them in the council. The chief priest asked them, M say- 
ing : 'In an order we ordered you not to teach in this name : 
lo, ye filled all Jerusalem with your teaching ; and ye think to 
bring (the) blood of this man upon us.' ** Fetros answered 
and the apostles, they said: 'We ought to hearken to Qod 
rather than [the] men. *° Qod of our fathers raised Jesus. 
This (one) upon whom ye (pron.) put forth* your hands, 
having hanged him on a tree b : 81 this (one) Qod exalted as 
prince °, as saviour with d his right hand, to give [a] repen- 
tance to Israel, and (the) forgiveness of sins. "And we 
(pron.) in him are witness of these very words: but Qod 
gave the holy spirit to them who hearken to him.' 

* Lit. ' brought.' b Lit. ' wood.' • Lit ' first' « Strengthened 
form, used also of time and space. 

<m>. l»t»a*'&c enncnoq] A: mi julnc., lst*&c: mi jmnic, 
ps. JOLrtAj] n*reru.i, k. e&pm] om. 0. *• A.qep<mo] 

L*A,. s (UXy*)B»FKPS: + 2k.€, TTGNOT. 3C6] L«T»AFKPS : 
om. B»rGNOT 18. RctOXCJUL] irreitCOOTe**. 'that we 
should Ac.,' F»S. F-« 'the end (of the lection).' 80 F»« S°w 'the 

third Sunday of Hatfir.' $f] L«T»AB»rPS 18: +*.€, GKNOPT, 
ef. Or. HA. e*TA.peTeit€«] A : -lit! It, L*T' Ac. 

xeit^gq] L^A^'roNOPT: eperen-.A,: A.p€*rert., fks. 

" nCOTTHp] A : pref. OfOg,, L«T* &c ii&pRl] It&pHI, P. 

nx°»] nix"5» p. ** o^og,] om. fs. ail] + VAp, fs. 

rtj£)pHI ItOHTq] A, of.? Gr. B: om. L«T» Ac, cf.? Gr. HAD* 
18. 25. a6. 34. 40. 104. to6. 137. 163. 177* 31* g*" h»» d vg syr** 
armi* Did &c XCltOl] position cf. Gr. NDe»EHP al omn» w vg<*« 
fa demid syr* &c. ItAJ 2 ] om. P. $f *6] A : OTTOg, <p*f, 
L*T» &c, of.? Gr. NABD* 31. 33. 40. 69 . 100. 10 5. 163. 180. vg d 
syr«* arm aeth Did &c. JOLTUliltA.] jGmeqilltA. 'his &c/ 
G K ; for om. S cf. Gr. B 17. 73. F 1 "* 'the end (of the lection).' 

O a 

Digitized by 


196 npoxgic. 

£C 8a GTa.Tcarre.gJi a>e en&.\ 4.nrj6pA3Cpex jjnoir- 

flgg&i eg,pm eacmoTf orog, itA/TOTrtugj ej6oe- 

&ot ne. 34 A.qTu>nq Rxgota.! jfceit nuuuL it*f- 
g^n* <nr$A.piceoc ne ne vajula.XirX. 
o*»p€q*fcfi.a> ne inre nmojuioc*- eq*rA.moTT 
trren niXA.oc Titpq* A.qo7fA£,cA.g,m eg,t 
mpcojuM eftoX iio'*Ko , wa M nexA.q ruuoTr * ace 
nipoaju.1 mcpA.HXj-TKc-i- ju.A.g,eH*rert epurren 
ee&e n<&.ipu)juu *• xe ot ne €Te*rennA.Ajq *• 
3s j6^act»OTf VA.p rtnA.ieg,ooT*- A.qrumq itace- 
onr A.i xe eevrHC *• eqxto jDUuloc xe A.noK ne *• 
A.To**A.g,oT nctuq nxex nnm npuwuu o*»og, 
e*rA/<r£>oe&eq *• oiron m&en ertA-pe no7rg,H*r 
0KX nejuiA.q A.*r&u>X e&oX eA/vajuum 
eg,,Xi fr 
ft "UenencA. $aj A.q*rumq nxeioir^A.c rovA.Xi- 
Xeoc ■*■ j6en meg,ooir irre *f enivpA.$H 4- o**og, 
A.qceK otjulhoj c&.cfcA.&oY jOUuLoq* cnrog, 
mx e T A.q*TA.Ko * oTton mftert en*.pe no**g,RT 
eR*r| nejutA.q*. a.t&u>X efioX* 


S8 en4.!(Tf,A 2 *)] T»A,, 2 «, cf. Or. E 28. 137. 180. vg syr«*et* 
c.* &c: + CA.XI, FS: om. L« Ac, JLTsbplLXpex] T*AB»rKN 
OT: n&.l£>., L«FGPS. nA.**07fU)aj] cf. Gr. ABEb* al M cat 
Hunt >6, arm aeth &c. ne] T* A : om. L« &c. 3 * A.qT(Ortq] AP : + 2w€, 

L»T' &e. j6en] A 26 : 6&oX &en 'from,' L«T' &c, cf. Gr. D«*E 
arf. OTf^A-p.] T'ABTGNOT: pref. €, L*FKPS 36. ne i°] 
T: VAJUlX., A,. OTTpeq-f] JJ &c: pref. 6, T*B»GK. ne 3 ] 
T*AB»rNOPT 26: 2^6, L«FS: om. GK. Rxe] hxe, T*NT by 
error: j£e« 'in,' BP. eqTA.1.] q*T., FS. ttXen] KTe, 
A,FS. TKpq] om. FS. A.qO**A.g,] L*AB»FGKPS 26; pref. 
OTfOg,, TTNOT. eg,l]A26: ttceg,!, L«B«FGPS: ttce- 
J2,I0*»I, T'K(+ tt) : eep<r*£,», rNOT. mpUMUll] cf. Gr. HAB 

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ACTS V. 33-37. 197 

83 But haying heard these (things) they gnashed their teeth 
at them, and they were wishing to kill them. 34 One rose (up) 
in the council, he was a Pharisee whose name was Gamaliel, 
he was a teacher of the law honoured by all the people. He 
commanded to put (lit. throw) the men forth for a little. 
85 He said to them : ' [The] men, [the] Israelites, give heed 
to yourselves concerning these men, as to (xe) what it is 
which ye do. *• For before these days rose one called (xe) 
Theutes, saying that I am (he). Four hundred of men in 
number followed him, and he having been killed, all who 
were obeying him were overthrown, having become nothing. 

137 After this rose Ioudas the Galilean in the days of the 
enrolment, and he drew many after (lit. behind) him, and he 
also perished ; all who were obeying him were overthrown. 

8o.vgarm&c. eiloX] A 36:, L«T'&c. rtOTTKOTTXl] 
cf.?Gr.HABDEalplus 1!i vggyT«' r aeth. M neXA.q] L*AFKPS 

26: +^.6, T*B»rGNOT, cf. Gr. 13. 58. e syrP. IttOOTf] om. T. 
X6 i°] L«T*AB»rP 26: om. FGKNOST. ItlCp.] AiB»FOPST: 
micp., I/TtAjrGKN 26. -HXlTHC] -iXlTKC, T; for -mu cf. 
Gr. HP al omn»*». TO 6T.] IieT., B»FGKOS. AJCj] +itTO- 
TOT 'to them,* T*. 86 ^AJCtOOTf] -t»q, G. OTTAJ Xe] T*A 

26 : om. u &c. ee-rr hc] Aj« (e, o. e.) t b»f g o* s : eeir^.A.c, r : 
eeTf2^H(e, 26)c, lbt'kno°pt 26. jl«ok ne] cf.? Gr. »a*b 

CHP al plu vg syrP arm Eus &c. A/TOTT A£,OTr] A : pref. OTfOg,, 
LBT* &c. ; for verb cf. ? Gr. 15. 18. 36. &c KHm ItptJOAJLl] cf. ? Gr. 
DHP al pier vg<** am &c OTOg, eTA.Tj6.] L8T*AB»GKP 26: 
eTA.**j6. 3^6, FS: OTTO& A/*^., TNOT. OTfOIt (pref. 

oTfog,, T*) . . . e&oX] A/*iiu>X eftoX itxeoTron iti&en 
enA.penoT2,KT «ht i\e*xuq, fs. €A.7rgu)m] A: 

A.*VO)Wni, 8: OYO£, A/*aj., L8T' &c. eg,A.n] L«AB»FGK 
0S«: ng,.,T t rNPS*Ta6. " 4>A.l] ttA.1 2k.€, FS. IOY2kA.c] 

lOTtfc-AI, F8. lUrA-XlXeOc] om. K. "femvp^H] A: 
*fA.(6, G)no(+*», 0)VpA.4>H, L8T*B»P> &c: "fvp^K, T*. 

cnrjuutg] lb &c. : + iuXa.oc, T'. nixer] iia.ix-» t* b»k p. 

OTfOIt] ArNOT: pref. OTfOg,, L8T«B»FGKPS. A.Tf&U>X] A: 
JLICUOp, L8T» &c. 

Digitized by 


res npaxgic. 

$9 »« (hrog, *fito*» *fxuj juuuloc itwxen xe g,ert 

OHItOT €&oX £,A. ItJLIpUJJUtI *• OT0£, X*-"* 

e&oX* xe eajum nAJcotfni* le nAJg/uft 
ovefioX g,!Tett mptuAJU ne«- re qnAJkuX 
e&oX* M icxe ofe&oX g,rren <H" ne* 
ijUxoit ojxoju. jOuu-tuxen e&oXq eftoX julh- 
noT€ HcexejUL erato***- eperenoi itpeq*f 
ej6o*»n e&pen <H"* 

*° StocwreA*. rtctoq* ^.TAxoirf eitiA,noc*roXoc 
A.f&iovi epooonr* A.TT£,ong,eit nioov egjTejw.- 
•fc&uj £>en 4>pAJt RiSc* ±*xt-' t e&oX* 
41 iteuxnr ju.eit otii ni.Tr.JU.ogji e-*pA.aji «■ eftoX 
&£. ng,o jGLnuuLA. «-f &A.n * xe A.irepnejui.najA. 
najoajoY *• e&ptu exert nA.ipA.rt * 

oa «HA.*»j6ert niep<fcei ajuulhih ne* oirog, hcexp* 

KTOTOt C&oX A.K* e*»*fc&.(B KA.TA. HI 

e*v£,iuMaj ttiiic n^o 

o£ Hj6phi 2>,e j6ert kaj e&oo-r eTA.TA.gAJ nxem- 
.m.A.0HTHc Race o**xp€Jt*.peA*. nxe 
moveiitirt ot&e m&e&peoc xe nA/rf rtg,oHo*» 
A.n ne emcge.wi.aji ijuuumi ttxe rtcnrxHp*- *• 

"C&oX £,aJA: CA-J&oX &A., T«: CA,ftoX ft, L» &c. 
X6 a ] om. G. HAJCOtfrtl] cf. Or. (exc. HP al<° fere &c). O**- 
efLoX] om. Of, GK. rtlpCJOU.!] LsTtAB'KOP: om. HI, TFG 
NST. ne] om. 0. 16 a ] A : om.L»T» &c. M ICXe] A: ic|^.6, 

r* : icxe *.e, lbt*b»p> &c: egjcun ^.e, fs. OTrefLoX] om. 

Olf, K. JOUULOIt &c] cf. Gr. AHP al pin fu syrP aetb &c. 
e&oXq] T*A, of. ? Gr. C* H P al longe plu yg d » demid ayr«* &c. : 
e&O(CJ0, L*P)X Ot 'to orerthrow them,' Le &c, cf. Gr. KABC*DE 
al plus 18 cat am fu ayrP arm aeth &c AJLH (6, A^ nOTe] T»A: 

A<ut(e, N)nt»c, l» &c itcexejw.] l*a s rtceepxe**., p : 

for om. Kat cf. Gr. D* 163. d eyr"*': ttceepnKexeAJL, T' &c 

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ACTS V. 38— VI. 1. 199 

• M And now, I say to you, withdraw from these men, and 
release them : because if this counsel or this work is from 
[the] men, then it will be overthrown. M If it is from God, 
it is not possible for you to overthrow it, lest haply ye be 
found opposers of God.' 40 They hearkened to him ; they 
called the apostles ; they beat them ; they ordered them not 
to teach in (the) name of Jesus ; they released them. " They 
(pron.) indeed then were walking (away) rejoicing, from (the) 
presence (lit. face) of the council, because they were made 
worthy to be dishonoured for this name. "They were 
being in the temple daily, and they cease not teaching in 
(KA.TA.) house, proclaiming Jesus Christ. 

VI. But in these days the disciples having been multiplied, 
there was a murmuring of the Greeks against the Hebrews, 
because they were not attending to the daily ministry of 

40 A/fcurreju.] A: + a>.e, lst* &c. A.XM.cnrf"] l«a : pref. 

OtOgj, T» &c. em^HOC.] Am., 0. ^.Tr&IOY!] pref. 0*»0£,; 
T«GK. epOJOT] cf. Or. B d. A/r£,Ong,eit] pref. CnrO&, T' 
OK. "fc&tw] T»A: CAJCI 'speak,' lA &c: CA3CI X6, P. 
&.tX£.t~] A : pref. OTTO&, LbT' &c ; for add abrovt cf. Or. DEHP • 
al oron Tld vg syr-* arm aeth &o. 41 ItA.** (q, A,)JW.OttJl] A : 

+ne, L8T»&c. ngo(+*», T'QKNS)gjoir]AB»: puoeoj., Lsr 
nopt: itceaj., t«K: ptu ttCeaj., FGS.] T*A,. 8 » 
TKNOT: IlipArt 'the name,' L«A,*B*FGPS, cf. Gr. KABCDHP 
al 1 * nyr"* arm &c ** €p4>6(H, S)l] AFS : + 2w€, L»T» &c, cf. ? 

Gr. D 26. 105. e vg &c. Tie] om. FS. OfOg, nceX">] ova. 
OTfOg,, i*FP8, obs. Gr. 31. 136. a*" om. koL 6&oX] +ne, K». 
erf C&tu] A/ rf ., S. €(A„ GOPT)TT£,l] A : pref. OTOg,, L« 
T*&c. illHC nxc] cf. Gr. (E)H P al pin*" am tol aeth"> : £k.nx.C 
IKC, B», ct Gr. M AB al plus 80 cat" vg syrP &c. F°« 'the end (of the 

1 nj6pHl] AK : ft£,., L»T» &c. e&OOTf] ArNT : +6T6U- Hurt .8, 
JULJL**, L»T* Ac, cf. ? Gr. 9 47* 73. vg. om. 6T., FS. ...THpq 

irreru.] KTenm., k : £,iTettru., fs. o**&e] wpa^p : 
iteju. 'with/ a,?fgko«S: rteju.onr&e, tnt. £,e&p.] e&., 
go. rugeAxgi] t»a : ng., l* &c. novxHpA.] mx- 


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200 npoxgic. 

8 3X mTE *.e iu.noc*T-oXoc *- jmovf enuuLRaj ftxe 
nuuLA-OKXHc* neaooox nuxnr*- m&tofi. p£.tt£.n eepenx 10 ncum juLnica^a are <H"*- 
nxenaj&uLaji it£,A.rrrp&.iie£A. +■ 8 xejuuiajim 
oTfit itencitKonr * ftf ftpto.**.! e&oX j£eit 
eHitoif'8- rvepjULeepe 4>»onr*- erjuteg, 
XinTuuI neju. co$i*.* STeitx*-"* e &pHi exeit 
PX e "fXP 1 *-*" 4 ^.iton *.e irrencptoqT | cfnpoc- 
e*»x K * nejw. ma)6Aia)i R*re iuolxi*- 
*>y + 6 0*»og, a. niauu fULitcucnr £x.nejui.eo juLm- 
julroj THpq-s- o**o£, A.**cu>*rn ncre<t»A.noc 
e&oX n^HTovfr oTpcojuti ne eqjuteg, e&oX 
j6eit $iu^,*f *■ ne**. rtmitA. eeox&ii.*- nejut 
tfriXmnoc *• neju. npox^poc * new. niic£.nwp<8- 
nejut Tumum* nejut HA.pju.ert a, * rteju mico- 
Xaoc* niajejuuuo itpejuiTA.rrrioxJA. * •«*-! 
erA/rrA^/ocnr epA/rcnr *> juLnejueo ttniAnoc 
toXoc* oto£, e*TA.'rru>&£, wxa xix 
extuo*** 'ofog, a. iucajxi irre 4>-f aiai* 
AXAgjAt itxeTHm nrnJUAeirrKc j6ert ixhjul 
ejuAgjcu*- cnrm<g*f- 2^e juuuhoj irre moTid* 
&.tcuoTe*x kca. <t>ttA£/f" * 
08 8 C*re<j>A.rtoc ^e eqjueg, it£,JUOT neju xojut 
ttAqipi n&A.nrtiaj'f jUuuKim* neju. gAttg- 

2 A.] om. T'GK. ^.e] TAFOKOT: om. L«B»FNPS, cf. Or. 
I)*** &e. JW.OT*f] L«ArFPS: A.TJU-, (T*)B»(GK)NOT 18. 
ItOJOTfl T'AK, cf. Gr. D syr«* aeth &c: om. L« Ac: + 2C6, FS. 
ft£,A.It] eg,., F. 8 OTIt] cf. Gr. C B H P al omn*<> vg syr u f &c. 

tteitCltHoV] cf. ? Gr. («c. A 13. &c). erepJU,.] A.T., I\ 

efjuegj -o£,, t. nmtATJ l»a s b»fko : nmHZ!, t*.- nitA., 

AiTGNPST; for om. Ayi'ou cf. Gr. KB0 2 » ld D 137. 180. am fu luxo? 
ar« &c. CCXfrlA.] prof. Of, K. "f^CP 1 *-] A : TAIX. I*T* &c. 
4 iVTeitCp.] cf. ? Gr. E H 13. 31. 40. al plus 80 &c. IUg.] L«T»AP : 

naj., b« &c. _ * cnrog, i°] om. fos. nicAao] m&iuji, 

rNO'T. AJtne«*.eo] HARP: + €&oX, T*B»rFGNOST. 

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ACTS VI a-8. 201 

their widows. * But the twelve apostles called the multi- 
tude of the disciples, they said to them, The thing is not 
pleasing to us to leave the word of God, and minister at 
{it) tables, a Make (lit. find) inquiry then, our brethren, for 
seven men from you, witnessed unto, full of (the) spirit and 
wisdom, that we may put them over the need ; * and fee) we 
(pron.) may have leisure for the prayer, and the ministry of 
the word. "And the word pleased* the whole multitude: 
and they chose Stephanos from them, he was a man full of 
(the) faith and the holy spirit, and Philippos, and Froohoros, 
and Nicanor, and Timdn, and Parmena, and Nikolaos, the 
stranger, native of (the) Antiochia. * Having set these before 
the apostles, and having prayed, they laid hand upon them. 
7 And the word of God grew ; (the) number of the disciples 
was multiplied in Jerusalem greatly ; but a great multitude 
of the priests hearkened to (the) faith. * But Stephanos, 
full of grace and power, was doing great signs and wonders 

* Lit. 'was pleasing to them before the &c. % 

THpq] om. G. e&oX nj^RXOTf] T*A: om. TGKNO 18: Hnnt.8, 
om. njJ&HTOf, L«B*FPST. lie] T*A: om. L» &c. IlpO(om. 5Cr *°& 2 
PO, T)XU>P°C] AFFNOST, cf. Gr. E al aliq Bjrt"**: -X°P oc > 
L8T»B»GKP. TU.pJtlt.eiU.] L«T t B»GK, cf. Gr. D**: -A.IU, 
0*: -HIU., FFO'ST: -UJIU, A,: -OIU., P: IU.pAJU.U3IU., A 2 . 
mKoX^(+JUL,N)Oc] niK., FNS. «IU.l eTA/fTA.- 

2/JXy*] T*A: IU.I irr,L»&c: 4.*rr&£,eiU.I, F8; cf.? Gr. 
D«r gyjwh „«. ' A.. . . AJA.l] L«AB»P 18: A.qA.JA.1, FKS: 

A.(6, N) . . . A.qA.IA.1, T»rGNOT. A.CA.gA.l] A: pref. CnfO£„ 
L»T> &c : +e*lLA.ajU), G. nrUAAA.eHTKc] ftTeniJUL., B». 
eJUULOJU)] trs. after A.CA.OJA.I, K. 0*»nig*f 2^e] pref. OYOg,, 
T». nXeitlO'*.] Kill., FS. A.VClOTeJUl] for plural cf. Gr. 
(exc. AE &c). 8 h&JULOT] cf. Gr. NABD al plus 20 cat 101 vg 

arm ar« &c tUqipl] A.qipi, T*0*. jOuULHIItl . . . 2COJU.] 
LfT*AB«P: itaj4>Hpi neJtX^JLtiXOJUL, rG(K)NOT: 

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202 npoxsic. 

$Hpi<i- nejtx aA-nacoJUt*- ii&pHi j6erc niXAoc* 
9 A/rriooTrtoT 2k.e Kxeg,A.itoToit e&oX /6eit 
•f exeojA.TJUi.OTrf epcuoT * xe mXi- 
fiepxinoc * nejut mmrpmiteoc *• ttejut rupejut- 
pAKo-f *■ nejtx itipejmxicTXiKiA. «■ rteju. *f a.cia.4- 
enacf newt cTe4>Anoc* 10 oto£, jOIiiot- 
ajxejuLxojut irf 6j6otii eg,pen *fco$iA.4- new. 
iutuuZ exeitA.qcAJH nj6Hxq«- 
o« ii Tote a.ti rbce&A.itpuuuu erxco ju.ju.oc xe Alton 
A.itcu>xeju epoq* eqxtu n&A-itcAai RxeoTA. 
eju.u>TCHc iteju <H"* "atkuu. *.e eiuXA.oc* 
iteju. mnpec&rxepoc *• nam. iucaj6<8- at- 
xu>oT|noT A.T£,oXjuieq ATenq e;6oTn ertuuA. 
R*f £,a.h 1S a.txa£,o it£,A.ruu.exJUieepeT nnonrac 
epAxoT*. erxoo juuuloc*- 
2Ce iu.ipcoju.i itqx 1 * 5 nxoxq e&oX eqxuu 
n&£.itc£ja kca. iu.ijua. eeoTAA* newt mno- 
jutoc *• " A.ncouxeju. rA.p epoq eqxtu juuuoc* 
2ce lite mrtA^copeoc 4- neoq eettAAeX tiajjua. e&oX* qnAajifL-f nmcTitHe-tA. exA.q- 
xhixot exoxert nxejuuorcHc * 

15 GXA.TCOJULC XHpOT 6j6oTIl 6£,pA.q KXertH 6X- 

£,eju.a £>en iujuia. trf&An a.tiia.t eneq&o 
JtM>pR-f,o noTA.vveXoc «■ 1 nexAq 2>.e 

iiaj4)Hpi rteJU&AIUUKini, FS. it£,pHl] T*A : om. L» &c 

j6enmXA.oc] + nejUL&AruuHirti, k. • 2^e] om. o. 

exeajATJUuf eXA.TOJA.TJUL., T*NT by error: 6XOTJUL-, 
F8. epOJOTj cf. ? Or. KA 5. 13. 33. 40. 45. 47. 96* k"» &c. 
XlfiepX.] Xt., K : iXlfi... N : Xl&IX., T. HIKT(I, T)p.] 

■pa &c: niK., Lt. -inneoc] t* &c: -Hrteoc, l«. pejut- 

pA.KO"t] peqKO*f, NT. XKT(I, L«P)XWCIA.] "flCT., K. 
neJUL-fACIA] cf. Gr. (exc. AD* I2>«* d). 10 JUtnOTOJ.] om. 

aj, fs. ivf]T'&c.: e*f, L«FPg. exenA.qc] enA.qc, 

F8. "ATI nxe]AB»P: A.TIItI ftxe, T»: ATIItl it, 

UrFGKNOST. A.non] T'AFS : om. W Ac. eqxio] cf. ? Gr. 

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ACTS VL 9— VH i. 203 

and powers among the -people. * But (there) rose (up) some 
from the synagogue, whom they call the Libertines and the 
Cyreniana and the men of Rakoti* and the men of (the) 
Kylikia and [the] Asia, questioning (lit. seeking) with 
Stephanos. "And they could not oppose the wisdom and 
the spirit in which he was speaking. u Then came men, 
saying: 'We (pron.) heard him saying words of blasphemy 
at (e) Mdyses and God.' M But they moved the people and 
the presbyters and the scribes ; they rose, they carried him 
off, they brought him into the council, "they set up false 
witnesses, saying: 'This man oeaseth not, saying words 
against this holy place and the law: "for we heard him 
saying, that Jesus the Nazoreos himself will overthrow 
this holy place, he will change the customs which Mdyses 
delivered to us.' w They who sat in the council, having 
all gazed upon him, saw his face as (the) face of an angel. 
VIL But the chief priest said to him : 'Are these (things) 

» Alexandria. 

K* 5. ibceoTi] no^A, b»k. eju.u>(o, n)**ckc] juuuux, 
b». " emXioc], ko: ihceiu., b»: +xnpq W\; 
T»GK. neAJutrnpecfiLVTepoc] om. a,*. neju.tticA.ii] v 

AB»GKP: trs. before HeA*.mn.,T»rFNOST. AVTttJOVnOY] 
AB»PT: pref. 0-*0£,, T'(O*»a3)rGKN0 : OTOJ>, eTAVT., 
L»FS. A**£,0>JU.eq] pref. OYOg,, 0. AVenq] LfAB»FPS : 
pref. CntOg,, TTGKNOT; for add aM* cf. Gr. A e"" syr** etP c. ob. 
aeth. niJULA,] ITOYJUA 'their &c,' B»P. ,s ATTTA&o] 

APS: +^€, L«T» ftc, cf.? Gr. H 13. 40, 96. e &c JU.6T 
p€-r(om. S)] om. JU.6T, B^r^GEO"*. epAToV) T»A: om. 
I* tie. X€J L»T»AB»FKP8: om. TGNOT. eqJOU J position cf. 
Gr. KBC 40. 69. 96. cat 1 * 2 vg syr"** arm Ac. CA3fl] cf. Gr. NABCD 
27. ao. 81. 105. 14a. 163. vg syr» tr ar* &c. ITA.IJU.A.] cf. Gr. BC al 
aat mil cat tol syr*' &c: IUJUA., FS, cf. Gr. NADEHP al plus 48 vg 
hnov arm aeth &c. M nAUULA] IUJU.A, A»*FS.] 

ee, r. qrcAajijS'f] l»ap: pref. ovog^ t* &c. mcxn.] ijlvri?; 

ilC., S*. " eXATCOJU,c] A : pref. OfO£,, L»? &c. JU.- -OCAP" 

d>pK-f] om. K. OVAVV.] ItlAVr., NT. P*-K 

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204 npoxgic. 

iu.q ih£emA.px Re P e '* c * * € *- n nA - t ffl ort 
_ ii.iu.ipR*f * 

°r *Heoq ^e nexA.q* mpiojuu itencitHo** * oirog, 
itetticf ctoxejui* 

oC 4>*f nxe nuxnr A.qoTroit£,q enemcux aAp&ajul* 
eqX H e&pm j6eit -f .M.econoxAJUuA. *• jDLiu.- 
xeqgiom j6en x^-PP*- 11 8 nexA.q iu.q xe 
aju-ott e&oX j6eit neKKA.g,i *• itejut e&oX ,<6ett 
xeKcrvveitu. Ajuunr eniKA.£,i efrtAXAJULOK 
4 Toxe A.qi e&oX ;6en nia^,! rixe lux^-^eoc* 
A.qajtwn.1 j6ett XAPP*-"* e&oX 2*.e iiuuui.Tr 
AJteitertcA. epeqjuunr nxeneqicjux*- *.qovoe- 
&eq e&oX* eepeqajcum j6ert iujjc&&I4- 
4>a.i iieu>xeit exexenajon £,iu>xq *fno*»4- 
'juLneqi" itA.q RcnrKXitponoAJUA. Kj6HXq-8> 
o*»2k.e ofajettxixci nxe cnrdiXoac* 4.qu>aj 
exmq n*.q ,s6en oyajuu^i *• ite**. neq- 
xpox JULenenctoq * ijuutonxeq gnpi 2s.e 


po o>7 «3x <H" ^.e C4.X! i*ju.ipH*f*- xe epe neiacpox 
eppejuLnxuuXi j£>en ovk^£,x ngejuuuLO* oiro£, 
eire^-ixc* jul&cjok*- onrog, enrexgejuuaooTr ir? 
npojuuii* 7 o*iro£, majXouX exoirnA.epfi.ajK 
n*.q eie-fg^n epoq A.noK. nexe <H" * cnrog, 
AJtertencA. n^.i erei e&oX* enrecgejutcyi JDuu.01 
j6ert njLuuuL $a.i* 

1 A.n] AH.H, FS; cf.? Gr. NABC &c sine Spa. OJOTl] ajCJUIU, 
T*G. IU.l] $A.I, S. 2 mpUMUU] pref. X€, FS. Iteiticf] 

L«T»AB»r"wG N PT 18 : ItHcf , T*FK08. <H"] F°w S°w* p j> ^ 
jycJI ' it is read on the day of the Ascension and on the first Sunday of 
Kihak.' e&pHl] A: K&p., L«T* &c. JU.€COTlOX*JUU4.] 
-XAJUUO, T: -^.AJUUJL, K: -fc.OM.IA* FPS. 8 HeXA.q] 

A : pref. OTTOg,, LfT* &c AJULOir] WAFP S : pref. 0**0£„ T»B» 
TGKNOT 18. neKKA£,I . . . ©en] om. K. cvrreniA.] 

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ACTS VII. a-7. 205 

thus?' 'But he (pron.) said, [The] men, our brethren 
and onr fathers, hear: God of (the) glory manifested 
himself to our father Abraam, being in [the] Mesopotamia, 
before that he dwelt in Charran, 3 he said to him : ' Come 
from thy land and from thy kindred, come to the land 
which I shall (lit will) show to thee.' * Then he came 
from (the) land of the Chaldeans, he dwelt in Charran : but 
from there, after his father died, he removed to dwell in this 
land, this on which ye (pron.) now dwell. s He gave not 
to him an inheritance in it, not even a step of a foot : he 
promised to give it to him in a possession, and (to) his seed 
after him, but he had not son. • But Qod spake thus : 
' Thy seed shall be sojourners in a strange land, and they 
shall make them servants, and they shall afflict them four 
hundred years. T And the nation to which they will be 
servants I (pron.) shall judge, said God, and after these 
(things) they shall come out, they shall serve me in this 

cf. Gr. B*CDEP al. 6IUK&£,l] cf. Gr. HAB0*DE 5. 40. 133. 

4 fixemx-] l*t*a 1 . s ?b»gkp 18: iirux-» tfnost. *.q- 

ajiom] pref. OfO£,, FS, cf. ? Gr. D**. epeCJAJLOTf] A: 

err&sqjuiort, l»t» &c. neqiujx] neruurr 'our father,' 
ns*t. iqcnroeilecj] om. A.q, s. eepeqajtum] A: 
A.qepeqaj. ' he caused him &c.,' lbt* &c. exexenajon] Ax, 
G: epexency., fs. • iineq'f] a : pref. onrog,, l«t*&c. 

A-qtWOj] A: pref. 0*»Og^ I*T' &c. €XKiq . . . AJUUL&l] 

om. nt. JGUuLoitxeq] eejuumottxeq, b». • ^.e] om. 

TNOT."] cf. Gr. ABCDEP al pier tol arm syrP &c. 
neJQCpOZ] cf. Gr. N 15. 18. 37. 36. vg»* syr«* aeth. eppejUL.] 
pref. 6, B». OtKA.g,\] ITKA.&I, P. OTOg, i°] om. B». 

*jxcnr] iiq, gk. oirog, erexg,.] itcexg,., fs : ovog, 

eX£,.,OT. X(e, N)g,€AXKUJO-»] Xg,eJULKO HjtXWOt, 

K ; cf. ? Gr. C al pauc syr«> h etP c. ob. add aM. At] om. A, G. 

* ajXcuX] A: ajXoX, l»t* &c. exoirrw.] cf.? Gr. aod«* 26. 
96. &c, epoq] UAB«rNOPT: epuxnr, t*fgks. nexed/f] 

cf. Gr. DEHP al omn' u d vg syr ntr arm aeth &c. fifei] e**I, N. 

eveajeAJLaji] nceajejuLaji, gk : pref. cnfog,, b». 

Digitized by 


206 npoxgic. 

ofl • Orog, A.q*f iu.q no-r3s.iA.eKKH irre nce&i OTOg, 

IMJpirf A.q2C$€ ICAuSJC* OTOg, A.qCOT&RTq 

/6eit mjuu^H tteg,ooT4- 
» Orog, ioulk A.q2c«I>e iajod&*> ia.K(ju£ A,qx^o 
iOtniiS ii.iu.*rpu.px HC * *oTog, mru.*rpi- 
A-PX KC A-*OC £» eicocH<t> A.TTHiq efi.oX eg,pni 
exHJUu* OTOg, <H" x K «€A>u.q ne* 
10 £.qru^,A*.eq e&oX j6eit neqeXTifac thdot* 
A.q-f itA.q iioTg^utOT" nejut otco^ia.-!- £*,- 
neAioo £M><&.p<&.u) noTpo itx HJULI *' *- c D(A c l 
ng,TVorju.enoc * eg,pw eaceit x^*"- 1 new. 
eaceit neqKi THpq* 

* a " 3Xqi *.e iiaceoTg,ikoii eaceit x 11 *" T«pq *■ nejut 
XA-nA^.n*- itejt*. oTitigi" neX*r«iric* OTOg, 
njLTxeA*. coto a.rt ne Rxeitemo-f * " A.qctu- 
*re«. 3s.e nxeiAjaufi. * ace cei" coto [«■] eftoX 
j£>eit xh**- 1 *' A.qxA.oiro ititeitio-f ilgopn* 
"OTOg, £>eit nuu^g,con 5 4.qoroitg,q rbce- 
i(dch$ eneqcriHOT*- OTOg, a. nvertoc mwcH$ 
a.qoTong,q e^A.pA.tu* "^qoTtupn 2\e ibce- 
icock$ *• A.qAAO'rf eiAKtufi. neqiurr iteM. Teq- 
crvvenia. Tape * | 

w/3 8g,pHi /6eit oe £*.ilhrx K *' 

*y " 3Xqi a\e RxeiAKcuK ej£>piu exHAJU OTOg, A.qju.o'v 

* OTOg, 2°] om. FS } F«* S^B 'the fourth Sunday of Kihak.* 
OTOg, IC&u&JC] ICA.A.K 3^.6, F8. £.qaC$€ a°] cf. Gr. E syr«*. 
IAJKCU& a°] A(S): pref. OTOg,, L«T» &&: IA.KCU& :&»€, FS. 

*.qac$o] akp : *.qac<i>em, l«t» &c. ; cf. uyr**. • OTOg, 
miu.*r.] miu.T. 3\e, fs. eitucmfr] moo., fns. *.t- 

XHiq] L*AB»FKPS: pref. OTOg,,TtrGN0T. €g,pHl] L*T»A,. S ?: 
e&iBT&c: R^>.,N. OTOg,2°]om.FS. 10 A.qnigyM.eq] 
I*AB»P: pref. OTOg,, T* &c. eXT^Ic] eXl^lC, LsG. A.q*f] 
L*AK : pref. OTOg,, T* &c IU.q] om. K* cf. Gr. A. OTCO^IA.] 
om. OT, 0. A-qX^l WAFS : pref. OTOg,, T» &o. g,TVOT- 

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ACTS VII. 8-15. 207 

very place.' 8 And he gave to him a covenant of (the) 
circumcision; and thus he begat Isaak, and he circumcised 
him in the eighth day. And Isaak begat Iakdb, Iakdb 
begat the twelve patriarchs. 'And the patriarchs were 
jealous of Idseph, they sold him into Chemi • ; and Qod was 
being with him. 10 He saved him from all his afflictions; 
he gave to him [a] grace and [a] wisdom before Pharad 
(the) king of Chemi ; he made him governor over Chemi 
and over all his house. u But a famine came over all 
Chemi and Chanaan, and a great affliction : and our fathers 
were not finding corn. u But Iakob heard that they sell 
corn in Chemi; he sent our fathers first. ls And in the 
second time Idseph manifested himself to his brethren ; and 
(the) race of Idseph was made known b to Pharad. u But 
Idseph sent, he called Iakob his father and all his 
kindred, Amounting to seventy-five souls. u But 

Iakdb came down to Chemi; and he died, he and our 

' Egypt- ° lit. 'manifested itself.' • Lit. 'up in.' 

JUteitOCJAF: ~U>-, S: KV., TNT: £,KVOTr(om.O)JUU,L«T«&c. 
eg,pm] om. FS. ne«. 2 ] om. S. exen a ] A : pref. €£,pHI, 
L«T* &c; cf. Gr. FACES' 14* 20. 25. 26. 27. 40. 69. 96. too. 105. 120. 

163- »77* g*™ *g •yr" tr - " exert] pref. e&pw, L«rNOPS. 

X^JUU] cf. Gr. NAB0(D«*) 81. vg syr«*. ©X^ic] as verse 10, 
«c G. " €&0X] om. FGKS. j6ett] cf. ? Gr. DHP al 

pier &c. A.qXA.OTfo] pref. OYOg,, 0. 18 j6eit] om. P. 

niAJti^TArOK: $AJU.&, LB Ac. tt2£€KttCH$ Clieq- 
CnHOTf] L*A: tw. T» Arc. iUU3CH<b] cf. Gr. (BC)DHP al pier. 
A.qOTOIt£,q 2 ] om. &.% FGKS. €$A.pi.O>] jS/fc., L*B»K. 
14 2*.e] om. FS. I^KtoA] position cf. Gr. KABODE al plus 10 vg 
arm. TeqC*»TTeitI (cf. Gr. E)i.] cf. Gr. DE al pm vg»>» tol syr"» 
aeth. e&pHl]A: tt&pKl, B»N0PT: Kj6pKJ, LsTTFGKS. 
j6€ltoe . . . ,6 e<£>pKl] om. N* homeot. JUbr"OC K ] powtion cf. 
Gr. DH 1. 5. 31. 33. 38. 40. 57. 69. 96. 105. 113. 137. 163. 180. e m cat 110 . 
16 2k.e] cf. Gr. BH al plu arm Ac. 

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208 npaxgic. 

itooq new. nenurf* "cnrog, A.**oiro©&eq 
ecTtxeJUi. «■ ^.TfX^ ten nijGL&A.Tr ex^qajonq 
RxeAApA^Ji*. A*. <nr*riJU.R it£,A.x* nxoxcnr 
nnenajHpi netjujup j6ert c**xeA*- "ka.x*. 
4>pR*f" 2i€ exA,q£umx ibcencRcnr itxe -f eiu.v- 
veXiA,* ©r ex*. <H" wpK €©&ktc iuJipAAJu. -j- 
A,qA.iAJ ivacemXAoc*- oirog, A.qAJUUL£,i AqA.ajA.1 
it&pRi £ert XHJ 1 *- 1 * 

»5 is UjA.nxeqxumq ruceiceoirpo exert x* 1 **- 1 * nqcio- 
oTtt mux:R$ * " 4>a.i Aqx cm. OTrcfko 
e^oTit enettrenoc*. A.qx£,e.«.ico ftnenio-f* 
eepoTrg,ioTi SttovKcmn iukXiooiri eftoX* 
eajxeju.xA,itj6co<nr * 
[wJ] *ofij£>pHi j^g £ en nicRov exeAJuuLA/* ayajiici 
juUuloj-tchc * ite oyacxioc ne iSL<t>*f «■ $aj 
AirajArioircgq itv nA&ox ten uri AJLneqiiox*- 
21 exA**£,ixq ^.e eftoX AcoXq ibcexgjepi 
£M>A.pAu) * "cnrog, A/rrcAfte ajuottcrc 
ecftcu m&en Rxe nipeAnnxHAHi *■ itAqxop ne 
j&ert rteqcAaa neAX. rteq&iiHOYi *• 

»e "GxAvxajK ^.e e&oX nxeiX rtpoAnni ScRcnr* 
aci exett neq&RX* exeAAirajim nneqcrtRonr •*• 

w OVO£, AfOY.] om. cnfO£„ F8 : AW*. 2k.€, F. -&eq] 
L«T'AB»FKPS: -&OY, TGNOT. eorX(CeK, N)6A«.] riC, 
FQS. ATTX*-^] -*•"*» GNOPT: pref. OVO£,, T»B»GKNOPT. 
aX&aV) €«.£,., G. j6a] T'AB»rNOT: ^€H, L«FGKPS. 
xiaar] -aai, s. e«.cop] L»AB«FGPS: €AJUUUUp(n, 0), 

TTKNOT; for -pip of. Gr. KABCDH al plus 10 cat Ac. j6e«- 
C*»XeA«.] cf. ? Gr. N*B0 15. 18. 66. 69. 96. 100. 105. 163. cat arm. 
H .^U ,8, 1T 2>.e] L8T»ArN0T; oro. B»FGKPS 18. eXAqj£u>ttx] cf. ? 
Gr. 31. d. nCRO**] TUC, TKOPj ob». Gr. A uup6%. WpK] cf. 
Gr. HP 31. 61. al pier syr** et p ut &c. 6©fi.RXc] t». after 
ttA&pAAAA, FS. AqAIAl] pref. OTTO&, FS: +2.6, G. 
IIIXaOC OTTO&] niJULHCy 'the multitude,' FS. AqAAAA£,l] A : 
om. LeT'&c. Il£,pRl]T'Ar: t\£., L* &c. 18 OJAttXeq.] 

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ACTS VTJ. 16-23. 209 

fathers. "And they removed him to Sychem, they laid 
him in the sepulchre which Abraam bought for a price of 
silver from (the) sons of Emdr in Sychem. 1T But according 
as (the) time of the promise concerning which Qod aware 
to Abraam approached, the people grew and was strengthened, 
it multiplied in ChSmi. ls Until rose another king over 
Chemi, knowing not Joseph. u This (one) dealt craftily * 
with (ej£oir n e) our race, he afflicted our fathers, to make 
them cast out their little children (so as) not to keep them 
alive. 20 But in that time Moyses was born ; he was 

exceeding fair b ; this (one) was nourished three months in 
(the) house of his father. 21 But having been east out, (the) 
daughter of Pharad took him away. ^And Moyses was 
taught all wisdom of the men of Chemi; he was being 
strong in his words and his works. 23 But forty years 
of time having been completed, it came upon his heart 

» Lit/found a wisdom.' b Lit.'fair to God.' 

LBArNOPT: OJA,Teq., T'B'FGKS 18. K60*»po] OTOTfpO 
"a king.' 0. eXeirXH-WU] cf. Gr. NABO al 20 cat vg»yr« h etP»*ann 

aeth. itqciooir it] it|eqc., g : enqc, 18. " a, (e, N) qxg,.] 

pref. OTO&, B»P 18. IteniO*f] cf. Gr. ACEHP al omn" d vg<*« 
nyr»«f arm aeth &c eepOTf] A.qepO*» 'he caused them,' FS. 

20 it&pw] «£,., L«B«FNPS 18. fc.e] om. GO. Ite] A: pref. 
OTTOg,, L8T* Ac. OfA,CT.] om. OT, TNT. 4>*-l] $*■*•% T. 

ixneqiurr] irreneq., T'G ; cf. Gr. de al piu cat vg &c. 

21 ii4>ApAU)] a,: + A.cojA.(e, N)no"»gjq(om. s«) ru.c er- 

ttJH(e, K)pi 'she nourished him for her for a eon,' L»rFNPS: 0**0£, 
A.COJ &c. enf (eO"»,T*A,G) OJ. 'and she Ac.'T'Aj B« G KCttOVJOT 18. 
12 6C&U}] A : jfeeitcAlO, LbT* &c, cf. Gr. tt ACE al pauc vg~<> &c. 
riA.q2COp] A,: +3S.6, L8T»Aj &c, cf.? Gr. KABOHP al fere omn cat 
arm &c. CA2£! IteAAIteq] cf.? Gr. NABODH 61. al 40 cat 
See.; for possessive cf. Gr. MABCDE 61. al pins 1 ' vg syr** arm aeth : 
om. 0* homeot. F"* S"* 'the end (of the lection).' 2S I** S"* ' the 

second Sunday of Kihak,' S m « later ' the first Sunday of the month Tuba.' 

nxejui] nJ»l, b»: -&IX, o. it] om. k. exert] 
itxeit, n : ibce, r* by error. neq&K-r] neq&HT, nt piur. 


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210 npoxgic. 

nenojHpi JuLmc?^* 2 * exA.qnA/» *.e ottaj ertff 
iiuu.oq nxoncfr Aqgen&KX Aqipi no*»tfT jGL- 

poA. najiaj-5- jOL<t>H eitA/rT&ejULKo jOL|jut.oq. Aq£u>- 
xefi. jOLmpeAAnxHAiLi. M eiti.qjm.eri *.e ne-s- 
xe ceitAJ?A.*f nxeneqcrounr *• xe «H" rtA.*f 
itovcnrxA.1 moo** eiioX giixoxq *• itetooT 2k.e 

[w«] ii.noTKA.'f'S- t*«neqpAcf *.e A.qoYong,q 
eg,i.itKext«o"»«J e-irii.XAj6- ofog, itA,q£,u>xn 
juuuLcooif ne eo**g,ipHnH eqxto jOLju-oc*- xe 
ftoujxett £,Aitpu)juut itcitHo*** ee&e ot xe- 
xentfT rtnexenepHo** nxonct- * 7 4>h 2>.e extff 
juLneqaj4»Hp nxoitc* AqxoXq e&oX eqxcu 
JUUU.OC4- xe mjtx. ne exA.qx*-K nA.px«>rtfr 
le peq-f&An e&pHi exioit. 88 ailh eKoircoaj 
ej£>oeftex iteoK* JuLcfcpicf exAKj6u>xe&. jOL- 
nipejuLnxKJ"- 1 ncA.q *• " A.q<t>iox ^.e itxe- 
AJUOTCHC4- j6ett nAJCAXi* AqeppejmnxuMXi 
j6ett nicA&i jUUaa^uuu.*- nuuu. exA.qx$e 
ajitpi £ ijuuuLif * 

**■ » Gxa/*X(ok *.e e&oX nxeJOC Aqo**oit£,q 
epoq £>ert ncgAqe itxe nxwoir nciitA.*- itxe- 
o**A.vveXoc j6eit o**ajA£, iixpu***-*- &ixen 
offtAXoc *• 8I julojitckc ^e em- 
£,opAJU.A. A,qepaj4>Hpi * eqrtAt *.e ef iiiAxq +■ 
acojudiu nxeoircAJtH ttxe noc ecxtu jQuuioc*. 

" exAqnA/* ^e] a : o**og, exAqnA,**, l»t» &c 

evffi] L*ArFNOPST: eqtff, T*B»GK. A.qipl] L*A: pref. 

o-»op,,T'&c. ettA.vx£,eju«.Ko] exA/rrg,., fs. A.q£>iu- 
xe&J a : eAq», l«T' &c M ertAqAjter l] A; ItAqJUU, 

L8T* Ac IteqCKHOTf] cf. Gr. ADEHP al omn** 1 tol eyr«** arm 

aeth &c. ftOTfOTfXAl] KOYXAI, B». nU)OTf] poeition cf. ? Gr. 

Hunt 18, MA BOD 31. 40. 61. 96. cat vg arm. M neqpAcf] pref. C, 

* 6 ^ 9 TNOT. ^.e] cf.? Gr. EP al plu vg arm. e&AJt] Kg,-, P 18. 

eriJLXAjfe] erejut.X., b»g 18. itA.q£,toxn] cf. Gr. k bcd 

al 10 e vg syr u *'. ne] om. FP. eoif£,ipiUtH (1, NT)] T* Ac: 

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ACTS VIL 24-31. 211 

to visit his brethren, (the) sons of Israel. S4 But having 
seen one being wronged, he had compassion, he avenged 
him who was being afflicted, he killed the man of Chemi. 
* But he was thinking that his brethren will understand that 
God will give [a] salvation to them through him. But they 
(pron.) understood not. M But on the morrow he manifested 
himself to others who were disputing, and he was reconciling 
them for [a] peace, saving : • Ye are men (and) brethren, why- 
do ye wrong to one another V CT But he who did wrong to 
his neighbour denied him, saying : < Who made 0XA.K) thee 
ruler or judge over us? M Wiahest thou (pron.) to kill me, 
as thou killedst the man of Ch§mi yesterday 1 ' M But Mdyses 
fled at 0£>€!t) this word ; he was a sojourner in (the) land of 
Madiam, where he begat two sons. S0 But forty years 

having been completed, an angel manifested himself to him 
in (the) desert of (the) mountain of Sina in a flame of fire upon 
a bush. M But Moys§s having seen the vision, wondered : 
but being about to come to behold it, a voice of the Lord 

erg,., L«B»FGP8 i8«. ftetJOTen] cf.? Gr. HP al longe plu cat" 3 
bjtp aeth. £,A.np03AJLl] pref. ft, Aj. " 2k.e] om. G. eTdT) 

eTlX\<f\, O. He]T*A: om. L« &o. ie] L»T*ArFGENST: 
16 ft, 0; cf. Gr. E domid: HCJUL 'and,' B»P 18. * 8 JUUt], GK. €KO*»U)Oj] T*A: A.K., L? Ac. JU/tpirf] SX- 
lUpiff, B»P 18. ftcA>q] position cf. Gr. A. M A.qep] 

L»A : pref. OVOg,, T* Ac. AJUULA.**] JOUULOq, PNOPT. 
80 eTA.'OCCOK 2^6] A: OTfO£, eTA/WCCOK, LsT'&c: emJT- 

3CIOK, g. ngA.qe] nig., t*k. cmA.] cnrnA, b». A.vve- 

Xoc] cf. Gr. M ABC 61. 81. vg : + ftTEIlOT 'of the Lord,' B», cf. Gr. 
DEHP al pier syr«*' arm aeth &c. ^eitOVOJA^, ftSQm**-] 
cf.Gr. KBDHPi. 13. 31.61. al plu syrP arm aeth &c. 8l AJLU3T- Hunti 

CKC] JU.UJCHC, S* also verses 32, 35, 36, 40, 44. eHI&OpA. (O, TF 
GN PST)4ULA.] obs. Gr. A om. A.qepOJ<t>Hpl] cf. Gr. ABO 13. al 
permn vg &c. A-COJCOm] +2^.6, T'G E. €C2C(0 iJUULOc] T*A, cf. 
arm Ac. : om. Ifl &c. ; om. wp&c a\iri», cf. Gr. NAB 15. 18. 27. 29. 36. 40. 
61. 69. log. 163. am fa demid syr* &c. 

P % 


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212 npoxgic. 

82 ace A.noK ne <H" tire neKio-f-* <H" nifipiAJUi 

iteiuL $-f- nicA.A.K neju. $*f nuuaufi* 
v( DXqceepxep 2\e nxeuiuyvcKC * iJLneqep*roX- e*f- niA.*rq* 
"» "Ileace not as.e it*.q see ficoX jOLnieuxnri e&oX &t 

neKtf2.Xi.TT3c* niJucA, \*A.p | ereKo&i epA.TK 

£,I2CUjq 07TKA£,I 116* - 

84 jbeit oviu.Tr «> exrr&e*AKo jQLnA.Xi.oc 
4-e*r^en x 1 ***- 1 * otto£, Ajcuvrejut. enoTrqu- 
*£,ojul*- in enecHX eni£,ju.oTr *• 
ne *I»noTT 3s.e ajulott nxiOTropnK e&pw exnjuu. 
^ 36 <I>a.i ne juluvtckc * eTA/rxoXq efi.oX eirxu) iJi.- 
juloc* ace num. A.qx*J< nipx^n *e peq*f- 
£,A.n e&pm esccon* $aj 2\e a. <H" TA.oTroq 
nipx 0011 * neju. peqeurf £>en xacisc 
AxveXoc* $k eriqoTron&q epoq s£>en 
nifii.xoc-5- 8s $k exi.qenoTr efLoX* 
tjo. Giqipi n&A.njuuuni next £,A.naj$Hpi j6en 
nKi&i nx***-* ne**. $iojui [*■] najA.pi ne**. 
j6en najiqe iUOl*- 


$/3 87 <I>aj ne Juum-ycHc eTiqacoc nnengjKpi jQLnicX 

ace epe 4>-f- TOTrnoc OTrnpo$KTKc nurren*- 

efi.oX £>en nerencnitoTr *• nA.nA.pirf- ctuxeju. 

82 ne] cf. Gr. E d vg<*> arm &c. ftxeneKIcf 4>"f ] om. S* 
homeot. rteJUcfc-f . . . IA.KW&.] cf. Gr. DEHP al pier vg aeth &c 
iqceepxep] S"* 'may be used on (y»j) the third Sunday of KThak.' 

3\e] om. ops*, ju.neqep|) pref. otto/?,, t*fks. m fitoX 
ijLnietooTfi efi.oX] lst'afs: fio(tu, tkpt i8)X efioX 

JU.nietOOTT!,B»rGKN0PT 18; forom. <rovcf. Gr.(exc.0*8yr u » r aeth). 
gj] T»A : KT6, Ls &c. gJ2CU>q] L«T'ArFG»NOST: £JU>Tq, 
B»G«KP 18; cf. ? Gr. NABCD 2 6i. 84 nOTTqi] cf.Gr. NACEHP 

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ACTS VII. 32-37. 213 

came (ojtoni), saying : S 'I am God of thy fathers, God of 
Abraam and God of Isaak and God of Iakob.' But Moyses 
trembled, he dared not to behold him. 3S But the Lord said 
to him : ' Loose the shoe from thy feet : for the place upon 
which thou standest is a holy ground. M In a seeing I saw 
(the) affliction of my people which are in Chemi; and I 
heard their groaning, I came down to save them. But 
now come that I may send thee up to Chemi.' 85 This 
is Moyses whom they denied, saying : ' Who made CXA.K) 
thee ruler or judge over us?' But this (one) God sent as 
rider and redeemer by Ofcen) (the) hand of the angel, he 
who manifested himself to him in the bush, 38 he who brought 
them out, Having done signs and wonders in (the) land of 
Chemi, and the sea of Shari, and in (the) desert forty years. 

37 This is Moyses who said to (the) sons of Israel : ' God 
shall raise a prophet to you from your brethren of (them) 

al fere omn vg syrP arm aeth &c. £Jl] pref. OTTO&, T» G K P. 
rVTA.07rOpnK] cf.? Gr. NABCDE 6i. 69* 105. 163. c" 1 cat &c. 
€ &P K A : e «'» L« T» &c. : om. 0. 85 F"w S-W ( Jy »j) 'the third 

Sunday in Kihak.' lie] AB»rFNOST 18: 2*.€ ne.LT'GP: 2^.6 
2C€, K. I€]L«T»AFK8: K6JUL 'and,' B»rGNOPT r8. 6£,pm 
e2CU)rt] cf. Or. NODE 13. 15. t8. a6. 33. 34. 36. 43. 46. 61. 69. 100. 103. 
105. al cat 117 syr^etP c* arm aeth &o. %.€~\ A : om. L«T* &c. 
TA.OfOC|] TOTTItOCq 'raised him,' F8. JU.pXWIt 2 ] cf. Gr. N* 
AOHP al pier vg Byr'"" 1 arm &c. j£>eirr2CJ2£J cf. Gr. NHP al longe 
pin cat d syr** arm aeth &c. 4>H . . . &a.TOC] om. T. j£>6It Ill] 

g,i2cen ni, b»s* 18. sb $k] t»agk : $&.i, l* &c. eA.qipi 

. . . pOAJLIll] added in lower margin, Ai»«. IUO.&1 ftpCHAJU] 
cf. Gr. D* al mn Tld e** vg syr utr arm aeth &c. <blOJL*J A: pref. 

j6en, l»t' &c. neAiu6- ng.] om. neju., p*. Jx] &XJE, 

GO. " €T"A.q2£OC] pref. 4>H, T»K. <b*f] cf. Gr. NABD 

61. rg aeth : pref. HOC 'the Lord,' T»GK, cf. Gr. CEHP al pier cat syrP 
arm &c; for om. vy&r cf. Gr. NABCD 61. al plus 10 vg syr ntr arm 
aeth &c. : nOT, FS, cf. Gr. 163. 180. syrP &c. TOfttOc] eqe- 
TOfltOC, K. COJXeAJL ItCCUq] cf. i Gr. CDE al plu cat vg 
fyr utt arm aeth &o. 

Digitized by 




ty *»<b&.\ nexA-qajcum j6en "feiacXHci*. £,1 ng^qe-s- 
nejuu niAxreXoc excAJH nejutA.q* g^xert 
nxuxnr ttciiu. nex«. nemo*f*- $a.i exA.q<Tf 
K&&.KCA.XI nu>ru6 *■ exmxo-* ncoxen* »• $a.i 
exeiinoTfOTfujaj eccoxeax. itctuq nxenemo*f *■ 
a.XXa. i.-txt^*' oto& a/tkoxo-* j6en nov- 
£,kx e&pm exRAA.1*- 

^8 "GirXU} JUUULOC iU.A.ptUrt xe iUU.eAJUUO 

ii£,A.nn<nrf * nA.i eeiuxcuK j6aj£toti4- $*.i 

rA.p ne julojttckc exA.qenxen eftoX j6en 

nKA£,i itXKA*-! nxencuuofn A.n* xe ott ne 

exA.q gooni i}uu.oq *■ 41 otto£, atvoajulio 

po& moo** nofjuuxi * | j£en nie&ooir exe**.- 

juul-** OTrog, 4/vini noYgoTrajuxnraji e&pm*- 

juLnn^uoXon oiro£, A/<r ccnoq * j6eit ni£,&KO"in 

l,( nre nonrxix * + 42 3XqKoxof a.e itxe<H* 

eajeju-aji ivfcxpAXiA. itxe x$e kaxa. 4>pK"f- 

€xcj6hottt &i nxuwm iixe ranpo<$>HXHc * 

2Ce ajlh £,A.iu6oX£>eX ne**. £,A.najo*ya)u>o*yaji * 

* A.pexenencnr itm K&pm &i najA.qe SiH 
* nm jOLnicTv* "oTfog, AxexencTf 
4-trfcKfMt itxe ajloXox*- ne**. nicicnr iixe 

* nexennoxf pR$A.n* mxTrnoc exA.pexen- 

uuntis, »» nexA.qaj.] A: ne exA.q., l* &c: on. ne, fs«. £,i] 
,8 ~ 43 A: £>en, l»t* &c. excAai] exA.qc, fgs. nxcooTr] 

niX., TT. ttenicf] AK: nenKeiO-f" 'our fathers also,' L« 
T* &c. itUMtj£]A: eTf(0(0,B»G 18)^6 'living,* LeT*B»FG 
KS 18: eXOttj6 'which live,' TNOPT. eXHIXOf] eXA.f- 
XKIXOT, by error. ntOX€n] cf. Gr. KB 36. (43.) al ? cat 1 ". 
89 a/lTX^] + KCtOOir (Ctoq, P*), FP»w 'another copy' S. A.TT- 
KOXOTf] A.fXA.ceO, K. JOett] cf. ? Gr. NABO 40. 96* cat Ac. 
no**£,HX] cf. Gr. HP al 60 syrP aethPP &c. €£,pRl] A: €j6., 
L«T* &c. € XHA«.!] itX-. N. 40 0AJU.IO] OAJJULIO, A, by 

error. CtOKJ A : AA.OOJJ 'walk,' L*T» &c. VA.p] om. TNOT. 
ne i°] L«ArNOT: X€ 'namety,* T«B»FGKS 18: om. P. €XA.qen- 

xen] ^.qennengHpi JOLnic?: efi.oX 'he brought the sons of 

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ACTS VIL 38-43- 215 

like me, hearken to him.' M This (is) he who was in the 
church on (the) desert with the angel who spake to him 
upon (the) mountain of Sina and our fathers. This (one) 
who received words of life to give them to you. "This 
to whom our fathers wished not to hearken, but (&.) they 
put him (aside), and they returned in their heart up to 
Chemi. 40 Saying to Aaron : ' Make for us gods, those 
(lit these) which will go* before us: for this [is] MSyses 
who brought us from (the) land of Chemi, we know not 
what it is which happened to him.' 41 And they made for 
them a calf in those days, and they offered a sacrifice to the 
idol, and they delighted in the works of their hands. 42 But 
God turned them to minister to the host of (the) heaven,* 
according as it is written on (the) book of the prophets : 

' Did ye offer to me slain beasts b and sacrifices on (the) 
desert forty years, (the) house of Israel ? ' 4S And ye took 
the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Rephan, 

• Lit. ' draw.' b Lit. ' daughters.' 

Israel out.' Q. ttTeitCtOOTHt A.It] L*T'AGK: TeitC. &.1X, 
B»rNOPT 18, single negative : TeiteJUU Alt, FS. 2C6 Of ne 

eT(Ofne*r, b»k i8)A.cjoju>ni] l«t» &c: ace ex^ofo (for 

e*TA.Of) ttjtoni, A. 41 nOfJULA,Cl] trs. after eTeASL- 

JULA.TT, K. OTTO& 2° and 3 ] om. F. nOTfOJ.] JULIUS)., TNOT. 

JuLni.] em., p. i2>.u>>v.] tt^coX., b». j6enni£,.] exen- 

m&., B* 18. nxeitOTf2£I2£] nTOTfXIX 'of their hand,* T*. 
" A.CJKOTOV] Ar*0*,cf.?Qr.C: A.qKOXq, L8T»B»r»*(tr. £*»F 
GKN0«wPSTi8. 2s.e] om. B» 18. €(€epOf ,FS)geJULOJl] A: 
pref. ^.qTHITOTf 'he gave them,' L»T» &c. CTpA.TI4.Jcf. Gr. 

hcehp &c. Rxenmp.] nni., tnot. iiki] om. (fjps*. 

K&PKl] T»Ar-. €&., L* &c: + £,A,pOI 'to me,' FS»». £,inoj.] 

ertg., nt. julj, £,jul, go. " o-yogj om. b«. 

Teittfl] A.p€T., B»FGS°. CJOTKh] CKHItK, L«G, thus again. 
nerenitOVf] cf. Gr. NAOEHP al pier vg syrP aeth &c. pH- 
$A,n] ArNOS«T: pe., L*T«B»F*(letter erased before A.)GKPS*, 
cf. Gr. (««A)CE al 10 cat syr** &c. 

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216 npoxgic. 

* eAJUUtuonr eo"ruxgx ijuuuooir* eieoTrerejS. 

*eHito*» e&oX emcA. «*re &A£*rXum. 
ijr 44 'i»cK-»itH ivre *fj«.eTJULeepe* oh eitA.cirre 
nemo*f £,i najA.qe*- jQL4>pirf eTA.qofA£,- 
ca&iu ruce^H ercAJ«* new. ajuuttcrc *• 
eeAJtJuoc ka/ta. niTfiioc eTA.qitA.7r epoq*. 
45 oa.i eTA/*o>vc ej6o*»it tiejuiuxnr * eA/rcgonc 
epuxnr ib£eitemo*f * nejm. ihcott j6en iuajuul&i 
irre nieenoc* nn erA. <H" £,ito*» e&oX 
j6a.T£,k julh&o irre itemo-f * oja. me&ooir 
irre 2s.*.** 12s. *■ «• $k eTA.qxuuu hoTt&MxoT 
ju.nejm.eo J0L<H" 4- A.qeperm eeAjmio rtonrjuLA. 
najtuni jGL<H" ruAJaofL*- 4T coXojuuu it 2*.e 
Aqicer otthi itA.q * 48 aXXa. nertfoa 
ajon A.n ;6en ^^.luuLotritK tuax kata. $pH*f 
ere rtmpo4>HTHC xuj juuuoc* 
*»2Ce T$e ne iu.epoitoc* iika&i 2>,e ne c&jua. 

•s- nxe itAdiXA/wc * A.g ttiu $h | ere- 

*.T6nitA.KOTq itHi nexe noc* le A.aj ne $juia. 

*■ Rre nAJUA. nejuxon* *°julh tajcix A.n a.c- 


4C " Hin^gi" nA^,&J * oiro£, ftAXcefii ;6en noTKe- 

eieoTrerejl] a x : pre f. ottop,, lst*a, &c eftoX] om. fs. 
co«.M8. emcA.] cf. ar. d* &c &AJL]TiL, p. ** ettA.citTe] 

44-55 cf. ? Gr. MABOD 2 HP 6i. al 80 e_am* fu luxov &c. JtM>pK*f] A : 
KA.T* *pK*f , L«T* Ac. JtX$ . . . OTfA£,] om. NT byerror. 

<fcn ercAaci] t»a: nercA^a, L« &c. neju] Jul, r. 

eeAJUIOc] om. F by error: om. C, 6: 6TA.qeAJUl.IOC 'having 
fashioned it,' Oons. TTmoc] TRIIOC, K. eTA.qttA/*] cf. ? Or. 
D^E** H al 8 cat. 4B eAj] OH, 8. eA/rajOUc] om. €, TNOT : 

OTfO£, A.*VOJ., Oons. IK(e, Cons.) COTf] I(om. G»)RCOTfC, UG« 
KO. niAJU.A.£,l] nAJUU, FKS. e&oX] om. S*. j6a.T£,R 

ju.n&o nreiten] j6 . . . finen, f : j6a.T6K juLn&o 
nnexen, o, cf. Gr. db 1 : &A.11&0 itTeiteit, Com. nre-!2v] tt2v., G. *• A.qep€Tm] AGK Cons. : pref. OfO£,, 

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ACTS VH 44-51. 217 

the figures which ye made to worship them. I shall remove 
you to the parts of Babylon.' ** The tabernacle of the 
witness which 4 our fathers were having on (the) desert — 
as he commanded who (GT) spake to Moyses, to make it 
according to the figure which he saw. 46 This, which having 
received, oar fathers with Iesou took away in with them 
in (to) the possession of the nations, whom God cast out 
before (the) face of our fathers, until the days of David ; 
"who found [a] grace before God. He asked to make a 
dwelling-place for the God of Iakob : 47 but Solomon built 
a house for him. 48 But (A.) the highest b was not dwelling 
in fabrics of hand, according as the prophet saith : 40 ' (The) 
heaven is my throne, but (the) earth is (the) footstool of my 
feet. What house (is) that which ye will build for me, saith the 
Lord, or what is (the) place of my resting-place ? 60 Did not 
my hand make all these things?' "[The] stiff-necked 

* J}» mistaken for tp>. b Lit. 'he who is exalted.' ° Lit. 'place 

of establishing.' 

L*T* &c. i*.<H"] cf- Q»« N°AOEP al omn* 1 * cat vg syr«*' arm 
aeth && ftlA,KU)fi] rtTeiAJC., O. 47 CoXoAHGUIt] cf. Gr. 

BDEHP al omn* 1 . A.C|KeT] L«T*AB*G KP : A.qKU>(0, S)T it, 
TFNOST Cons. 48 X\£T<Sbc\\ 4>H eX<T, T*. &A.H- 

rbcix] cf. Gr. NABCDE 27. 29. 40. 61. 73. 163. vg syr otr aeth &c. 

ere] erA, g. 49 ne i°] cf. Gr. d d vg. nAeponoc] Hunt is, 

cf. i Gr. D d &c nKA£,I 2>.e] L*AB»FKPS : OTO£, nKA^I, « *-2I" 
TTNOT Cons., cf. Gr. B syr** aeth: nKA,£,I, G. ne 2 ] T«Ar 
PGNOPSTCona.: om. L«B»K. cbR exexeniti.] A : ne «J>H., 

t»: ne ere*renn^., L«B»rNOT: nererenn*., fgks : 

om. <|>K, P. ne 3 ] cf. ? Gr. D 5. 13. 45. 96. k«" &c. ejULTOn] 
AB»rFGP8i8: JGLTOK, L«T*KNOT. eo] -JJLlO 6, 
P: -JUJO tti 0. nA.l] position cf . ? Gr. NBH 13. 61. al pier vg 
tjT*' &C. F°w S»s 'the end (of the lection).' " nofKe&HT] 

A : om. K€, L«T» &c, cf. Gr. M 7. 27. 29. 66 °w 105. 163. o»» r syr**. 

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218 npaxgic. 

&KT nejjt. noTfKeju.A.aj x - nowreit ftcHcr 
nifi.eit«- Teren-f- ej6o*>r!t e&pert mmtH 
eeofa.&* ii$pK"f nitexeitKeicf *■ oirog, 
iteuyren £,u>Ten. "itu*. e&oX j£>eit nmpo- 
<pkthc ereiiLne nexeitio*f (torn nauq-s- 
OTrog, *.Trj6t»Tefi. ftnH erA/repajopn n&tuMcg 
juuixmi irre mojuuti * <fr&.\ itecoxen; 
eTA.peremrHiq * o**o£,*renj6oe&eq *> 

V» t «» flecoxen*ren<rf jQLnmojuLoc e£,£.neuxg 
tuxve\oc ii.nere1tA.pe2, epoq* 

ifi m Ha.i 2k.e eTA.fcoeju.oir 4- itA/irajonajen. JOLnoTf- 
£,kt* oTrog, rtA."«\s6pAxpex nnoirnA.2C£,i e&pm 
excuq* 88 cTetpAitoc *.e eqju.e£, e&oX j£>ert 
nmiu. eooTf^A neju. tpiu.£/f •&• Aqcojuc 
e&pHi €T$e* entuoir juutf"* oirog, 
mc eqo&i ep^rq caott iitAJU. Utirf * *• oirog, 
nexAq xe £,Hime *fitAir eni$Hoiri erofHii* 
OTfog, najHpi juL$ptoJuu eqog,i ep^rq cA.oiri- 
itaju. ii.^'f* "Airujaj eftoX TRpoir jfceit 
oimiaj*f- ncjuut* aitajula&i nno*Yjuu.ajx oirog, 
A.-*(fo2£i eircon THpoir e&pm extuq* M 
&iTq caAoX ivt&i.K\ A.f£,iu}it! exooq *■ cnrog, 
itiAJteeper a/itx*" nnoir&fkoc j6A.pA.Tq ftoir- 

«oir Kejuu.gx] om. Ke, k. Tereirf] ApeTeirf, Cons. 
eeoirAA] ee^, p. nitereitKeio-f ] om. Ke, n. 62 ituu.] 

+ 2>.€, F8. nexeitlO-f] XeniO-f 'our fathers,' T*F8 Cons. 
ttOOq] ttCCUOTf 'them,' B»r*(COXf ««)0*(CU3q added above) 18. 

£,iuwaj] £,Jajennoirq!, fs. juLrmrti KTeiuejutm] 

om. NT: eHX. &c, T»G : JuLniX., FS: -AX.IlIdJU.1, Cons. 

83 neiuTert] +*.e, fs. Aperentfi] itAp., nt. itA,vre- 
Xoc] eArv., k. jULneTeitApegJ a : pref. oirog,, l*t* &c. 

84 eTA.TfCOOiU.Oir] eTA/*CU)TejUL, L»; cf. ? Or. ds» 33. &c. 
flATTO}.] A/TCg., B»FS Cons. -ttjongen] LeAB»FS Cons.: 

-gongefi., K: -ajo&aje&, T*raNOPT. iu.t&p-] a/*., 

Cons. nOTTttAX&l] cf. Or. E al fere 10 syr"* aeth Ac. €2CU>q] 

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ACTS VH 52-58. 219 

and uncircumcised in both their heart and their ears*, ye 
(pron.) always oppose the holy spirit: as even (Ke) your 
fathers, so (lit. and) also ye. M Which of the prophets did not 
your fathers persecute 1 And they killed them who before 
proclaimed (the) coming of the righteous one; this whom 
ye (pron.) gave (up) and ye kill him. 6S Ye (pron.) receive the 
law as (e) ordinances of angels b , ye kept it not. M But 
having heard these (things) they were being cut to their 
heart, and they were gnashing their teeth upon him. K But 
Stephanos, full of the holy spirit and (the) faith, looked up 
to (the) heaven, he saw (the) glory of God, and Jesus stand- 
ing on the right hand of God, M and he said : ' Lo, I see the 
heavens opened, and (the) Son of (the) man standing on 
the right hand of God.' "They all cried out in a great 
voice; they stopped their ears, and they ran all together 
upon him ; n they cast him outside of the city ; they stoned 
him : and the witnesses laid down their garments at the 

* lit. 'in their heart also and their ears also/ b Or 'angel ordi- 

nances.' *The verb seems usually to mean 'to sharpen.' 

eXOOOT, FS by error. " Cre$A.HOC 2^] om. TO*, eq- 

A*.e£,] +2>.e, ro*(NT). nmnZ iteA*.<bnA£,*f] 

A : trs. <brU.g,*f" ne*X &c, MT' &c, cf. Gr. N 4** 7. 15. 18. 66*» 
105. 106. 163. o«» cat 1 " syr«* ar«. JUL<H" i°] e< Hf~> rNT - 

eqo&i] Aqo&i, B«ra. i3L<H" »°] e4/f. r. *• erro-cim] 

+ IIA.CK: MC 'my Lord Jesus,' S*. jGL$pUMUll] £x<k'f> GS*. 
CACnriltAJl*.] position cf. Gr. K*AOE 31. 40. 96. cat 188 m 4 vg " 
demid syr«* arm aethPP &c. w A/lfUjaj] A : pref. Of 0£,, L«T' &c. 
A."*AJULA.£,l] pref. 07TO£„ T*TNOT. OTTO£,] om. G K. 
XHpOTf a°] L»AP: om. T» &c. eg,pHl] A: pref. j^enOfCnrOI 
'with a rush,' LbT* &c m A.7f£,lTq] AF: pref. CnrO£,, L»T' &c; 
for awTor cf. Gr. A 5. 13. 25. 66. 106. k*" vg syr» h syrP c. ob. &c. 
-flAJCl] A : -HoXlC, L«T» &c. eXtuq] for afofr cf. Qr. D syr«*etP 

c * aeth. nuut-eepeV] rujULerju.., fs. ncnr£,&u}c] cf. Gr. 

H ABODE 13. 61. al mu"' cat 180 &c. j6i.pA.Xq] j6A.Teft, 
P»»NO ,, w('a copy')T. 

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220 npoxgic. 

j6eXcgipi eneqpAn ne cattXoc * M oiro£, 
por £/*£,! | com eacen cxe$Anoc*- eq*f£,o eqacuj 
ii.AA.oc*- ace nro mc gen nAiuiA epo*. 
60 Aq£,ixq eacen neqKeXi*- Aquxg e&oX j£>en 
o-rnigj-f kcaah*- ace hot itneKen iu.moli 
epuxnr*- 4>ai a\e exAqacoq Aqenicox *• 

p tiCa/rXoc a^e nAq-fAAA*f ne e&pni eaten 
neqj6i»xefi. *■ 

pa CCxqcguum 2>.e ixnicHOTr exeAAJULA** *• naceoTrmaj'f- 
notour aaoc «• eacen *f ckkXhcia exj&en iIKhaX*- 
Avciop a\e e&oX XKpo** enixtupA itxe *f- 
io*v2\eA*- neAA xcaaaapia *- ajAxen ni- 
AnocxoXoc aaaaattaxo'* *• 2 Airu}Xi a\e 
itcxed}Anoc e&oX nxe&AnpcoAAi iipeqep- 
£,<rf *• o**o£, Airipi noirmaj'f nne&m e&pw 

/>£ 'CattXoc a\e nAq*f oirfLe •feKfcXnciA eqnA 
e^>o*»n eniHi*- eqcoaj*f- n&AnpwAAi eAoX 
neAA, £ / &.ri£,ioAAi *• eq&ioiri aajulujot en- 
ajX6Ko *• * nH AA,en o*»n exATrcoop e&oX *• 
nAfcmi ne e**£,iajennoTrqi jjuucaxi*- 

py 6 4>iXinnoc 2>.e exAqi e&pm eofnoXic nre 
xcAAAA.pi a*- Aq&icuiaj juLmcAXi nxe <H**- 

p8 + 6 HATff" n&eHOTr stxeniAAiiaj eircon enn 


€c rt"&°] +2k6 » p - eqXU)] LBArFNOPST : pref. OTTO&, 
T*B»GK. IKC] cf. Gr. (exc. C &c). «° Aq&IXq] AFOS, cf. 

Gr. Dp*: pref. OTTO&, L»T» &c. A(6, 0)qUXJj] pref. OTTO&, T* 
GK. nCAAR] AB«GK: + eqaCU> AAAAOC 'saying,' LtTTFNO 
PST, cf. Gr. D vg m **. nneKCn] AAneKen 'thou laidest not,' 0. 
nAino&l] nArtofi.1, B»rF0*PS by error. $AI 2\e] A : OTfOg, 
$AI, L«T* &c. -2£Oq] -aCOC, O by error. 

1 ne] t*a : om. ia &o. Aqajumi a\e] ac, b»fs : om. a\e, 

OP. AAJUCK07T &c] A : j6enmeg,OOT &c. 'in that day,' LB 
T* &o. e2£en2 ]A: pref. e&pKI, L»T* &c. eKKXHCIA] 
+ XHpC 'all,* FS. 2l€ 3 ] cf. Gr. BCD^EHP al 60 cat syrP Ens &c. 

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ACTS VII. 59— VHI. 6. 221 

foot of a young man, his name being Saulos. "And they 
stoned Stephanos, beseeching, saying : ' Lord Jesus, receive my 
spirit.' w He threw himself upon his knees, he cried out 
in a great voice : ' Lord, thou shalt not reckon this sin to 
them.' But having said this, he slept. VIII. But Saulos 
was consenting to his being killed. But at that time 

happened a great persecution against the church which was 
in Jerusalem. But all were scattered to the countries of 
[the] Ioudea and (the) Samaria save the apostles only. 
8 But devout men took away Stephanos, and they made 
a great wailing over him. s But Saulos was fighting* 
against the church, going into the houses, dragging off men 
and women, casting them to (the) prison. 4 They indeed 
then who were scattered were passing (along) preaching 
good tidings of the word. * But Philippos having come 
into a city of (the) Samaria proclaimed the word of God. 
•The multitudes together were giving heed to the things 

• Lit. 'was giving.' 


CAJUULpIA.] cf. Gr. N DE al. &MU.V&.TO'*] T»A : om. L* &c. 
8 fc.e] om. NT. e&oX] om. FS. OTTO&] om. FS. A/Vipi it] 
A : a/*ep, Ls &c. : A/tflpI tOS.e, T* by error. 8 6KkX.] eKX., Hunt is, 

b*. enmi] itmHi, n. equxg*f ] -oaj1", fk : -toajtt*f, nt. 
e&oX] om. f. eq&icmj Aq&iofi, l*p. jDuulcuoy] 

+ ej601Ht, FS"". najT€(A., N)K<>] L*ArGNT 18 : Iliaj., 

b*kops»: niaj., fs« plural. * iSLnjc.] emc, N. -CAJCl] 

+ RX€ $*ff ' of God,' 8, cf. Gr. E 47** vg syr"* ai* aeth. 8 8=* 'the 
fourth Sunday of the month Amshlr.' 2s.e] om. r*. €£,pHl] €,£)., 
NOT. eOTfnoXic] cf. Gr. CDEHP al pier &c. -piA.] cf. Gr. N» 
CDE. A.qg,!.]A: ItA.q£,., LBT*&c. UUIOj] AB» 18: +IttOO"lf, 

l*fgkps: + nujoTf ne, t*not : +ne <nr ne, r*: + ne 
new* ne, r«. ii.n1cA.2c1 irre<H"] af: ixnxc 'Christ,' 

I*T*B*rGN0P8T: J^ennXC 'in Christ,' K. • HA.ff- 

n&eHoir] LsAB»F(+ne)P8: n&rrf 2*.e ng,eKcnr, bs 18: 
itA/rf ng,(e, NjenoTr 2>.e, ttgknot ; cf. Gr. nabcd 8 61. 

al 1 * cat e vg syrP. niAJLHOf] niA*.., 0. ettrt] KKH, FS C . 

Digitized by 


222 npaxgic. $iXmnoc* xuj jGuuliuott j£>en nxm- 
epofctoxejm ovog, ttceiu.*** emjutmni en£.q- 

ipi ijUUUOO"* 4- ' OXM.HOJ 2k.6 efLoX j£>€tt ItH 

exe nmiti. itA,KA.eA.pxoit neftjuoov iw/ritKcnr 
e&oX £,iu>xoTr*- enrtoaj eiloX j6eit oTrmaj-f 
ncjuLH* £,A.ttKejuLHaj 2>.e evajKX e&oX* neju. 

£,i.ItOTfOlt CTfOI Pl|(nXe4- ItA.CJTA.XtfO jEjl- 

juturcnr*- '^.qggtoni 2>.e nxeoTrniaff ttpAxgi* 
pt j6en "fnoXic exejuuuA.Tr* + ' Ov pwjuu a.e ne cijuuon *• itAqcgon itajopn ne s&en 
•f noXic exeuuuu.Tr eqoi itA-x^ 5 eqoTrouxeii 
ejloX* juLmajXuoX xnpq itxe xcAJUUkpu.* 
ecpctu juuuloc xe akok OTmiaj*f* 10 $a.i 
3s.e iu.*rf" n^OKOTr n*.q xftpoir ne* rbceru- 
kottxi neju. mmaj-f errxiu ijuutoc*- xe oai 
xe *f2£OJUt iixe $tJ"*- en exoTrjmoTrf- epoc 
ace *f mapf * " ita/rf itg,eHOTr nAq Xripo** 
ne ace neAqep oTrmaj-f" nxP 01100 i* 6 * - eqep- 
£^.X iJuuLtuo-c £>eit neqjmex&iK. "£,oxe 
er^ntm.^'f e$iXmnoc eq&igennoTrqi moo** 
irf.*jtexoTrpo itxe $*f* new. $p£.n nmc n^c* 
nAtrnHonr ne Kxe&A.npuuuii +■ nejut g,*.n- 
rr £,iojuu«- eTrtfuojULc*- + 18 Cu*.um a^e £,u>q 

7 OTTJULHOJ &c] Tisch. classes this with froXXm> Gr. HP al pier 
arm &c. 2s.e] A: V£.p, L«T* Ac. efi.oX] T*A: om. L* &c 
exe] A :, LsT' &c, imperfect. KA-TrnKOTf] cf. Gr. KA 
BODE 13. 15. 33. 34. 36. 40. 43. 47. 61. 69. 78. 96. 105. 133. 14a. 163. 
180. k«« 8p« cat arm. ^AltKeJUtHOJ 2\e] T«A : om. £,A.It, 
L«&c; cf. Gr. E 13. syrP &c. £,A.n0TT0tt €TfOI !l<jA.Xe] A: 
g,A.n<yiXe(H, NO*T: HO, r»?)TT, L*T* See. 8 T&] cf. Gr. 

NABC 40. 61. al 8 cat &c: om. K. OTmiOJ*f-] cf. ? Gr. DEHP al 
pier vgd« syrP arm &o. B 2*.e] om. I\ CUUUJOn] CVJULeWH, 

k. iu.qajo(u), G)n] itA,Trgjon,FS. itajopn ne]om. fs: 
om. ne, b»op. eqoTf toxeii] cf.? dp* vg. ajXtwX] a .- gjXoX, 

L«T*&o. XKpqjom. GK. ItXe] + ItA, GK. -pi-A.] cf. Gr. 

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ACTS VIII. 7-13. 223 

which Philippos was saying, in (the) hearing and seeing the 
signs which he was doing. T But many of them who (had) 
the unclean spirits with them, (the spirits) were coming 
from them, crying out in a great voice: but many also 
paralysed, and some being lame, he was curing [them]. 
8 But a great joy happened in that city. ' But a man, his 
name being Simon, was being before in that city, being 
a sorcerer, putting all the nation of (the) Samaria beside 
itself*, saying: 'I (am) a great (one).' 10 But to this (man) 
all were giving heed, the small and the great, saying: 
' This is the power of God, that which is called " the great" ' 
11 They all were giving heed to him, because he had spent 
a great time deceiving them in his magic (plur.). u When 
they believed Philippos preaching good tidings to them of 
the kingdom of Qod and (the) name of Jesus Christ, men and 
women were coming to be baptised b . "But Simon also 

* Lit 'removing.' b Lit 'being baptised.' 

HCDEP. 10 2>.e] L»AFS«: om. T* Ac. lU.vf] L»AB»T 

FNOS«T: pref. 6, T'GKPS*. THpOTr] cf. Gr. K ABODE 61. al 
■at no vg syr** aeth™ &c. He] L»T*AFGKS: om. B»rNOPT. 
nxemKOTO! rteJU.] ICXeiUlO*VKOirXI OJA. 'from their little 
onee unto,' L?(pref. 2Ce)T* &c. mrUtt|"f] A: HOfltlS'f- 'their 
great ones,' L8T* &c €TO(^ T)TrjULO"rf epoc] cf. Or. MABC 
DE 13. 27. 29. 40. 61. 66** 96. 105. 133. vg syrP arm aeth ro &c. 
•f ltig*f ] om."f i°, F*. ' l IU.Tf *f ] + 2w€, TTNOT. THpOTf] 

tr«. before iu.q, P. ne£.qep] lbt*a gk : ru.qep, P : Aqep, 

B»rFNOST. ne] A: om. L«T' &c. IteqJllie*r£,.] T»AK: 
mJULCT^y, L* Ac " £,OT(2k, N)e] AP: + 2s.(T, N)€, Le 

T» &c. IttOoV) T*A: om. V Ac. R-fiULeX.] A: €efi.6*f 
'concerning the &c.,' L«T»&c., cf. Gr. NABCDE 34. 36. 61. vg syr"*' 
arm aeth. RlKC n^c] ijLIlOT IRC 'of the Lord Jesus,' GK. 

lULiriTRcnr . . . uwulc] a.- itA/*(q, n)(Tku.»jlc (+z.e, fs«) 
ne n2ceg,A.npajjuLi neM.£,A.rt&iojuu, ui* &c. 

Digitized by 


224 npoxgic. 

exA.qitA.&'f * cnrog, eTA,q<JTu>JUic itA.qjui.Ktt 
ecfriXmnoc *■ eqitA.** enuuiHitti *■ new. itimaj/f 
fbcojui*- evajon eftoX £,ixoTq itAqoi itaj- 
4»Hpi ne* 

/>C " 6TA/)rcurrejuL a\e jtaceniAiiocToXoc er^eit 
iakjul ace a. j-KecAJULApiA cgen iucajci nxe 

<H" epoc *■ ^.TfOTfcopn juine'rpoc next. iu)A.mtHc 
ajApcooTf. " itAi erATfi e&pm eAJW.Tr*> itA/ir- 
Tu>fi.g, excuonr* &mi nce(TT jOLmnitA 
eeofAfi. * " neii.nA.Teqi \*Ap eacen cnroit 
jDuuttooY. Juu.XXon 2l€ itA"*<Jfu)jutc ne* 
e$pAn iOLnOT mc*- "Tore A7r;xA2ciac 
eaccooTr oTrog, itA/irtff JulmmtA eecnfAJ£.*.| 
pn "GTAqnA** a\e ibceciAJtcuit ace e&oX £,nren ni- 
P°^ X*-* 1 * itTe mAnocToXoc*- cetff juLninitA! 
eeoYAft*- Aqmi muo** n&AitXPHJUtA "eqactu 
jDuuioc *• ace jula[V1 nAiepajiaji nni £,t» *• giiu. 
$h e*fnAx^-*i2C eactoq inreqtfT JuLnmitA. 
eecnrAik *• 80 nerpoc 2>.e neacA.q itA.q xe neK- 
&at itejuiAK eqeajtum eitTAjeo * ace *f-a\u>peA. 
nxe 4>1* AjauteTfi eac$oc «ak e&oX £,nreit 
£,AnxpKJUiA.. " itite toi gjtom kak *■ o-»a\e 
jcXitpoc jfcen nAicAaci *• neK&KT VAp co-frum i5.nejw.eo juL<i/f *. 

18 e*rA,qnA£,*f] t»a: A.qit., L« &c. eTA.q(nA.q, 0)- 
(ffcojutc itA.qju.Kit] itAqcyumi eqjwK(e, a,) it 'was continu- 
ing,' a : e*TA.qtfT. itAqcy- eqjWKit, t*. em.] a : *e em., 

T»: >l6 e&Att., L8B»GK0S: 2S.6 it£,An., TNPT: e&AH., F. 
JULHIttl] position cf. Gr. NABC D 13. 31. 36. 61. k*" al vix mu vg Byr"* h 
arm aeth»-» &c neJUtmmg-f itaCOJU.]T*A: IteJW£,Alt., 
Us &c: IteJULg,<l»HpI, F«; for ItlgJX cf. Gr. NABCD 13. 
31. 61. k«* al cat vg syi«*. e**aj.] €*T., FS. ItAqoi ftaj^Hpil 
Huntis, A: ItA.q*ro(OJ, FS'JJUT, WT- &c. ne] om. B». u I?\KJU.J 

cf. Gr. D. "f KecAJUL(om. AJW, G)A.] TC*">> P)K6(A, NT)T- 


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ACTS Vm. 14-ai. 225 

having believed and having been baptised was continuing 
with Philippos, seeing the signs and the great powers being 
done through him, he was wondering. 

14 But the apostles who were in Jerusalem having heard that 
[the] Samaria also received the word of God, sent Petros and 
Ioannnes unto them : u these having come thither were pray- 
ing for them that they might receive the holy spirit : 16 for he 
had not yet come upon any (oiroit) of them : but rather they 
were being baptised unto (the) name of the Lord Jesus. " Then 
they laid hand upon them, and they were receiving the holy 
spirit. 1S But Simon having seen that through the laying 
hand of the apostles they receive the holy spirit, brought to 
them money, w saying : ' Give this authority to me also, that 
he, upon whom I shall (lit. will) lay band, may receive the 
holy spirit.' *° But Petros said to him : * Thy silver with 
thee shall be unto (the) destruction, because thou thoughtest 
to get for thee through money the free gift of God. S1 Part 
shall not be to thee nor lot in this word: for thy heart 

C4JUL&.., A»B»NPT. -piA.] cf. Or. MODE 1"»* al. epoc] 
epCUOTf, FS°. " ItA.l] +^€, FS. €£,pHl] ej6-, B'GK: 

om. S*. IU.VTW&&] L8ABr(F)8* 18: ITT., TMJKNOPT: 

+eg,pm, FS"*. w VA.p] ab»p 18 : + ne, lst' &c. exen] 

AB»rKNOPT 18: £,!*€«, L»T*FG 8. AJLA-XXott] A: JULO- 
non, L«T» Ac. KA/rtfl] I*T»AFG KPS : neajA.7r(fi, B»rNOT 
18. He] om. FS. " A-TTX*-] L»T»AFKPS, cf.? Gr. »A(B)D 2 

15. 18. 27. 29. 36. 40. 61. 66** 69. 95. 105. 163. o" r cat Ens Did Cyr : 
K4.TTX;(*. **)*•» B»rONOT 18, cf. ? Or. D*EHLP al longe plu Ac. 

eeoTAA] e^-», f. " exA.qna.Tr] cf. ? Gr. *♦ abode 6i. 

al plu» M cat &c. Sxeni] rtttl, FS. Cetfl] CC*f 'they give,' 
T»GK. CeOTAjS.] eeTT, P; cf. Gr. AODEHLP al oran"" 1 Tg 
«yr»* arm aeth Ac. " $K e-f ] 1*1* A^ : ne-f, TFGKNO 

pst: iu e-f, A,. eeo-»A^] eiP*, p. *° n&q] om. b*. 
xe i°] em. g. eqeaj.] epeoj., NT: eiregj., fs. ojcoiu] 

T^TtpHTO-fCa copy') &c: Oje 'go,' T*0*. &A.HXPH(A., N)- 
JULA.] om. £,A.n, 0. 2l lUJCAJCl] + $4.1, P. VA.p] om. 

T, cf. Gr. D* 177*. 


Digitized by 


226 npaxgic. 

82 3XpMA.eTA.notn otn efi.oX j6en TeKKAKiA. «a.i * 
o-*o£, *rcufi.£, iinOTfr ApHo-c cenAoc*- n ^- 1 ' 
jut-evi n*re neK£,R*r nA.K e&oX. 28 -fitA** epoie 
;6en ottx°Xh wre o-ritajAaa * ne**. oTrcnA.7r2, 
inre taaikia.* 

24 CXXqepoiraj nxecuuuun nex&q *• xe Too&g, e&piu 
excoi neurren £,a nwi-^m^. ace tine &Xi nnit 
erAperenacoTof i e&pw exuM-s- 26 Heuxnr 
AA.en oirn e*rA/*ep.M.eepe OTrog, eTA/fCAXi 
jQ.nicA.xi nxe $f *• A/fKOToir eiTouuE*- ott- 
juutaj n*fvuu nxe mcAAHApiTKC * nAf&iajen- 
noirqi noDOf ne* 


pfl *• OrA.rreXoc 2i.e itTe n<K* A.qcAxi ne**. $iXinnoc 

eqxw jjuutoc xe tcukk jutAcge ni - K JuufritA/c 

juuutepi * exen numujiT exeKitHOT eftoX ,j6en 
iTvhjul evA.$A* <i»A.i onrajAqe ne* "oTrog, 
A.qTumq Aqcge nA.q* otto£, £,imne ic o*»- 
puaxxi iteeuxy nctovp npejmitxojui |- 
2vAkhc* nxe *fo*»ptw itTe meeAiraj. $aj 
nA.qxH £,lxen TecvA^A. THpc. neAqi ne 
eo7m>ajT j£en iTCiuE* 28 neA.qKoTq 2s.e 
ne eq&ejuxi £,i neq&ApjuiA otto£, itAquxg ne 
&i mnpo4>KTHc hcahac * n nexe miuiA 2s.e 


j6en]T'A: £,!, L«FP*S: £,IT€n, P«: £,A., BTQKN 
OT. T6KK.] n€KK., T* by error. OAl] om. FS. nOC] cf. Gr. 
NABCDE 13. 27. 29. 40.61.66** 76. 96. 137. 180. k»«o» or 8ytP»rm&c. 

cenA-x*-] t*a : ncex*->L»&c. M ^nAV) AP* : +VA,p, 

LsT&c X°XH]-Xe, B». ft(en, F8)ajAajl]L»AFS: om. 

it, T« &c. M A-qepoTfto] Arp : +2s.€, L«T' &c ciajlooh] 

-AAeum, S. e&pHl i°] A: e£>., T': om. Us &o. £,A] T'A: 
pref. 6£,pHI, L« &c. &mA] om. B». ItttK] /6ennH, FS. 
eXA.*»ep.] cf.? Gr. ABO DEH al plu &c. <fr*f] cf.Gr. A d 7 demid 


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ACTS Vm. 32-39. 227 

is not right before God. 22 Repent then from this thy 
wickedness, and pray the Lord; perhaps this thought of 
thy heart Trill be forgiven thee. 23 I see thee in a gall 
of a bitterness, and a bond of (the) iniquity.' M Simon 
answered, he said: 'Fray ye (pron.) for me to (&*-) the 
Lord, that none of the things which ye said shall come upon 
me.' "They then indeed, having witnessed and having 
■spoken the word of Qod, returned to Jerusalem: to many 
villages of the Samaritans they were preaching good tidings. 
**But an angel of the Lord spake to Philippos, saying: 
'Arise, go at (the) hour of midday upon the road which thou 
comest from Jerusalem to Qaza : this is a desert.' 27 And 
he arose, he went : and behold, a man, (an) Ethiopian eunuch, 
(a) powerful (man) of (it) Eandakes, of '(trre) the queen of 
the Ethiopians. This (man) was being over all her treasure ; 
he had come to worship in Jerusalem. ** But he had returned, 
sitting in his chariot, and he was reading in the prophet 
Esaeas. "But the spirit said to Phihppos: 'Go, join thyself 

8yr«*ann. eiTvHJUl] AB»: pref. e£JpHl> L«T» &c. OTTAJlHttj] 
AB»KP: +2k6, ttTTFGNOST, cf.? Gr. D. il*f JULl] ftTIJU.1, 
TFNOT: ilXIJULH, S. IVfem] ftltl, FS. -piTHc] cf. ? Gr. 

KEti. ru.**£,0 *.•*£,*, k. M, a.e]om. tn.] »%?*• 

L>AB*FKPS 26: pref. 01TO&, TTGNOT. exeKIlHOTf] 
eOItHOT 'which cometb,' L8FS, cf. Gr. (exc. »*). He] om. FS. 

" A.qxa>nq] -u>ru.q, t* by error. oirog, a ] om. g. npejw.] 
oirpeju., b»gp: ncnrpejm, t». iucqg T*)A.n.] irreK4.ii., 

T»GK. -*.*.(€, T)KKC] -T4.KHC, A. rrTe-foTTpto] ivf- 
OTptO, G: •fo-TpO), K. HA.qX H ] T*ArG( + H€)K: pref. 6, 
L«B»FNOPST 26. tt€A.qi] *.qi, F; cf. ? Gr. »*AO*D* yg &c. : 
pref. <&4J 'this,' NOT. ne] trs. after eOTCDOJX, P. M fce] 

cf. ? Gr. BC e 8yrP Sec: om. FS. eq£,eJULCl] cf. Gr.D* 13** 34. 38. 
4a 95. 96. 98*« vg. £,1 i°] A 26 : &I3£€It, UT* &c. OYO£,] N«B 
CEHLP al pin cat syr otr aeth &c. H6 a°] T*A 26: om. L« &c. 
£,1 2°] j6en, TNOT. nilUXXfr.] om. HI, A 2 *B»; position cf.? Gr. 
(e »c. C 31. &c). HCA.HA.C] HCA.IA.C, TGN* ?. M SttT] 

+€01f 'holy,' P. 

Q 3 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

228 npaxgic. 

ix^iXmnoc* ace juu.aje n&x xojulk eruj- 
g^pjuu..* M A.q<Toxi 2i.e iixetpiXmiioc * 
^.qctoxejw, epoq equxg + £,1 mnpo$HXHC 

HC8Jt&.C * 

IIexA.q iu.q xe &A.p^ kcwotii itttH exeKwaj 

jGuulcoott. 31 neoq 2^e nexA.q xe raoc* <nron 

ajxoju. jOuuloi eeju.1 A.peajxejm ox&j (JTjulumx 

nm* *.q*raj&g, 2>e ii.$iXmnocfr &hu. ftxeq- 

a.Xri iixeq£,e* nejUL^q-s- **$**&. *e ex- 

cj6itcnrx exeiu.qu>aj juuuuoq $*.i ne* 

0*pH-f ncnreauo** e*¥iu.e!tq eiu6oXj6eX+ o-*og, 

*i5.^pM'f noT£,iHJ&. n*.xj6pwoT ii.neju.eo £M>h 

*eTj6wK juumoq* lujpirf nqovum npcuq *.it 

*ne. "a.tkoXi ii.neq£,*.n Kj6pm j6eit neqee- 

+ &IO* xeqreneA. 2^e itum neeiu.gjc.iLxi epoc* 

•*• xe cert axuXi ii.nequjn.j6 e&oX &ixen hk*.£,i *• 

84 HXqepcmu 2i.e nxemacnrp nexA.q ju/fciXinnoc *• 

* e 1"f"&° epoK JuuLrtr&jtAoi xe epe iu.mpo- 

<t>HXHc* xa> ii.$a.i ee&e num. ee&nxq 

ee&e KecnrA.14. 

p 1 K Chqcnrton 2ke npuuq nxe$iXmnoc * A.qep£,Hxc 

rt&iajenncnrqi iu.q nmc e&oX ;6en xaj- 

vpA.$H* 86 £,(oc 2^.6 exiuoaji &i hujuoit* 

poe a.nri g,ixen ottjulujott | nexe mcioirp xe 

£,Hnne ic oyajuoov. ot ne exx^&no jOuuoi 



xe . . . 80 4>iXinnoc] om. t homeot. n*.i] ni, fs. 
i.(e, Nojqctoxeu.] pref. cnro£,, ttps. epoq] om. 26. 

2,1] e&oX £,1 'from,* T. npO$KXHc] position cf.? Or. EHLP 
61. al pier syrP &c. neXA.q] A 36 : pref. OTTOJ?,, L« &c ItAq] 
T*AFOS «6: om. L«B»rOKNPT. Xe] om. F8. 6X6- 
K(+OT, T)U30j] e*TAJC., FOPS. 8l TOUC] cf. Qr. E 105. o«~ 

ayr"* arm aeth. *€ 2°] cf. Or. E. JU<J>tX.] it<t>., Q. s * 4>AJLA.] 

pref. e, 0. 2k.e] xe, n. exenA.quxg] enA.q., l»b»fps. 
evn&enq] ha^cy o.e.)B*FPS: e*.tn&.., t»: e*/*., oko 26: 

Digitized by 


ACTS VIII. 30-36. 229 

to this chariot.' M Bat Philippos ran, he heard him reading 
in the prophet Esaeas. He said to him : ' Knowest thou 
then the things which thou readest V SI Bat he (pron.) said : 
'How is it possible for me to know, unless one guide me?' 
But he prayed Philippos that he should get up and sit with 
him. S2 But (the) place which was written, which he was 
reading, was this, As a sheep will he brought to (the) 
slaughter, and as a lamb voiceless before him who sheareth 
it, thus he openeth not his month: M his judgement was 
taken away in his humiliation : but his generation who will 
be able to speak ; because his life will be taken away from 
upon (the) earth 1 8 *But the eunuch answered, he said 
to Philippos: 'I beseech thee show me concerning whom 
this prophet saith this, concerning himself or concerning 
another.' "But Philippos opened his mouth, he began 
to preach good tidings to him of Jesus from this Scripture. 
M But as they were journeying* on the road they came 
upon [a] water. The eunuch saith: 'Behold, [a] water 1 
What is it which stoppeth me from being baptised 1' 

* Lit. 'walking.' 

&.I., TNT. OTTO£,] IteJUl, FKS 26. JULtieJULOo] LfAFKS 

26: pref. eqx« 'p ut »' T*B»roNOPT. <hK e*rj6.] nerj6., 

O: HI e*T., N. He a°] T«A: om. L« Ac. M Kj£>pHl] L*T«A 

B»GKPz6: ftg,., TFNOST. neqe€fi.Io]cf.Qr.OEHLPal pier 
cat Bji ntt arm aeth &o. 2ie] cf. Gr. EHLP al omn Tl<1 tol arm &c. 

neoitA.ajc] T*Ar: ee(*r, G)rt.&.ajc., l»&c -caoci] <fripi 

'declare,' FS. nKA.g,l] TUK., L«T*NPT. " fc.e] om. 

KNPT. JUU.(e, T)TAJUlOl] eTAJUtOI *to show to me,' N. 

epe], t*b»gko. iuj] L»T»AB»r°(*+cnr)&c.: $a.i, s. 

u £.q€p£,.] Ls A P : pref. OTTO&, T* Ac. M &CUC 2>.e] L<? A 

rFGN0*ST26: £,U)CTe, T^KO"*: £,OTe, P. eTTJULO- 
OJ (JUL, A,) l] eCJJUL., G singular. A.**l] A.qi, G singular. &I2Cen] 

ak 26: exert, l*t* &c. nexe] a 26: pref. cnrog,, ut* & c . 
oTr(cnro£„ B*)ne e*r*rA.£,no] L«T'A(B»)rNOPT: nerr., 

FGKS 26. ST omitted by all the collated HSS., cf. Gr.NABCHLP 

13. 61. al plua 80 am* fo ayr^etP 4 ** aeth nte &o. 

Digitized by 


230 npaxgic. 

pia » 8 Ovo£, i.qoTi^,ci.£,ni exA.g,tto xkm&JLpjuuL*- 
o-*o£, i.**i 6j6pHi enuuuixnr JultCK nxecpiXm- 
noc nejui nicioirp o**o£, i-q-ftojuic ni.q> 
M exi.**i 2i.e encgoji e&oX ;6en nijuuuonr * 
oTrmtZ RTe not i.q£,u>Xejui. julcpiXmnoc * 
onrog, ijLneqxeitA.Tr epoq nxenicioirp* ni.q- 
jULoaji vi.p 2,1 neqjuuuix eqpi.aji* 

P0 40 <j>iXinnoc *.e i/vxejuq ;6en i^toxoc. ni.qKu>*f 
ne eq&ifflennorqi j£>en mnoXic XHpo*** 
ajixeqi e&PHi eKeci.pii,*- 


pty Ci.**Xoc 2i.e e*ri eqju.e& nxumx nejm £}txnre&. 
ftnuJUgKXHC iixe not* i.qi aji. ni^px 1 * 
epevc *i.qepexm n£,i.nemcxoXH ilxoxq 
ez.ijuu.cKoc * aji. + £,itti. kh 
exeqn«Lxejuunr eni.num.u3ix [*] ne mptvjuu 
nejyt m&iojuu nxeqcon&of nxeqeno** e&pm 


p»8 3 Gxi.qjm.oau ze ixajami exi.qj6wnx e^i.- 
juulckoc* no**£,o'f j6en oTr&cf i.qepoYU)im 
e&pm extoq* nxeoTfoTtumi eftoX ;6en x<pe* 
*onro£, exi.q£,ei exen niKi.£,t*- i.qcu)xeju. 
eovcJULK ecxco juuuloc ni.q * xe ci.o**X cixnrX 
aj6ok ejctfbxi Scum. 6 nexi.q ze xe itooK niAJt 
ndc *■ neoq ze nexi.q xe i.noK ne mc <ph Rook 

88 07TOP, i° &c] i.q. C&.g,M 2s.€, K: om. OTfO^, _G. 
£,i.pjU.i/f &i.piJUli., T. JULnJ] L«AiB»rGKNPT: JUt- 
ni5, AjFOS : nfi, T*; position cf. ? Gr. E 137. 180. c« w k*" syrP &c. 
0**0£, 2°] om. FS. 8 » Ze] ore. a6. 6&oX] om. B»GP. 

otoj2, ii.neqxeni.if epoq] £Lneqxerti.q, a : om. xe, 

0: om. OTTO&, P 26. Vi,p] AN: +ne, LsT* &c. £,l] om. N. 
40 ^(B(O,O)T(l,S)OC] pref. OT, P. ni.qKUrf]A: pref. 
0*»0£„ tyT* Ac -pi*.] cf. Gr. KAE 6i. 

H«n^,«, >exi]om.FS,cf.Gr.»*24.26.78.i26.i«>'. nejuw6urre&] 

Digitized by 


ACTS Vm. 38— IX. 5. 231 

88 And he commanded to stop the chariot', and they came 
down to the water, both Fhilippos and the eunuch ; and he 
baptised him. M But having come up from the water 
a spirit of the Lord carried off Fhilippos ; and the eunuch 
saw him no more; for he was journeying* on his road 
rejoicing. *° But Philippos was found in Azotos : he was 
going about, preaching good tidings in all the cities, until 
he came to Eesaria. 

IX. But Saulos, still full of anger and murder of the disci- 
ples of the Lord, came unto the chief priest ; 2 he asked for 
letters from him to Damaskos unto the tynagogues ; that 
those, whom he will find, being of the way b , the men and 
the women, he might bind and bring into Jerusalem. 

3 But having journeyed , it came to pass (that), having 
approached Damaskos, suddenly shone upon him a light 
from (the) heaven, 4 and, having fallen upon the earth, 
he heard a voice Baying to him : ' Saoul, Saoul, why perse- 
cutest thou me 1' * But he said : « Who (art) thou, Lord V But 
he (pron.) said : ' I am Jesus whom thou (pron.) persecuted : 

• Lit. 'walking.' b Lit/road.' • Lit. 'walked.* 

ite*A.e&, t»a : Sj6., nt. tlnijuus.©.] l*t*Ap ; enijut., 
b» &c. AXAeHTHc] AnocroXoc, p. Aqi] erAqi ae, 

P. IUA.PX-] nU-PX-. FS plural. 8 ii£,Ane(om. A) nic- 

ToXh] L*AB»rFGKPS ; cf. ? Gr. » : trs. after RXOTq, T'NOT. 

nxcrq] -tot, fks. ex&MULCK.] ra>.., fs. ajAm- 
CTrnA.vtorK] om. b* 18. ^m& &c] £,mA nreqnAxeA*, 
nipajjuti em&ioA&i, fs by error, ereqitA.] erAqnA., 
a,nt : ereq., b*. enA.niAX.wrr ne] lbt* &c. : om. e, an $ cf. i 

Gr. BCEHLP al pier: om. ne, B». mptOAJU neAXni^IOAJH] 
om.NT,tr.habet. 8 eTA.qAA.OCgi] eqAA.., TNOT pres. £>6rt- 

OTT&O'f ] om. A s . 6£,pHl] tt&p., L»G : om. NT. OTOTftOini] 

om. OTf, ltpfs. 4 erAq&ei] Aq&ei, fs. exenj 

£,ixen, T»rNOT. toka&i] nic., g. aj6ok] -ottk, t. 

eKtfOXl] T»A : K<3T0XI, L« &c. * 2l€ i°] 3C6, T: om. FNS, 

IlOOq *.€ neXACj] cf. Gr. M 43. 61* 105. 137. arm : + ItAq, T»P, 
of. Gr. E ii. 37. 29. 66** o»". IHC] AfFNOPST 18, cf. Gr. NBH 

Digitized by 


232 npaxgic. 

CT€K(f6x! itcu>q* * a.XXa. Turn* juuxge tux 
eg,pm e*fnoXic* enrecAxi nejuuuc juLnercge 
nTeKAjq* | 

P" 'HiptOJUU 2k6 eitA.TfJUl.OgjI IteJUULq* ItA.**OJ>,I 

epA.*roT e*rru)JULX* eTrcarrejw. efcjuut €ka,t- 
nA.** e&Xi A,n ne* • eTA.q*rcimq *.e ftxe- 
cattXoc* e&oX &ixen niKA£,i* itiroTKit ne 
itxeneq&AX itA.qitA.-r *.e e&Xi A.n ne* a.tta.- 
juul&i *.e irreqxix* A.xoXq e&pHi e2.AJUL2.c- 
jcoc* »A.qepr ite&ocnr juuuu.Tr*. KqnA/r 
juL&oX A,n* juLneqcrviojui. onrxe ijuieqcu)*- 


pw 1< HeoTon oTJUtA,eKTKc 2>.e j6en 2sajuia.ckoc 

eneqpAit ne AriAmAc. nexe nac 2*.e rtA.q 

,s6eit onrg,opA.JUiA. xe ArtA.rt!A.c* iteoq 2*.e 
nexA.q xe £,Hime A.noK nrc* "nexe tux: 
^.e nA.q xe TtunK juu.cye itA.K enu6ip ere- 
ajA.Trjui.cnrf epoq xe nerccnrxtott* Kurf ;6eit 
hhi noTHOTr^AJ kca, $k e*re ne 
cA,TrXoc* nipejuteA.pcoc+ £,imne €TA.q- 
Ttu&g.* "orrog, A.qrtA.Tr ecnrpujjuu j6en 

LP al pier cat vg nyr*** arm Or &o. : + imtA.(0, B*)^(WpeoC, L«T» 
B»GK, ct? Gr. AOB a 35. la 1 ** demid syr^et* c* ar« aeth &c. 
e*T6KtfOXl] €T*X<r, 8. • A.XXA.] cf. Gr. NABOEHLP al 

omn Tld cat am* et** nyr»<* <*!>*** arm"* &c. *f" noXic] A: +OTOJ2,, 
L»T* &c. : TAJnoXlC OTrO£„ K. erreCAXl] T*AB»GK 18: 
CertA-CAJJCI, LTFN OPST weaker form. IteJUULK] + JUUUtA.Tr, 

18. juUi(jui, Tjercaje] ixne ercaje, t*. inreKAjq] 'to do,' r. T enA.*»Ju.oo}i] erenA.Tr., t*gk. 
nejuiA,q] +ne, t*gk. erxwjuix] a : -ojult, l«t* &c. 
€(A., G«)-rC(OXejUL] AFS: + jmen, l»t» &c enA.TrnA.Tf] 
T*A: ItCertA.Tr, L» &c conjunctive. e&Xl A.n ne] A: 2.6 

A.n e(+e, ruT)g,Xi, T»B»rGKNo«PT: e&Xi A.n, l»fs. 

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ACTS EL 6-1 a. 233 

• bat (a) rise, go into the city ; that which is right that thou 
should do shall be spoken to thee.' 7 Bnt the men who were 
walking with him were standing, being amazed, hearing the 
voice though (e) they were not seeing any one. * But Saulos 
having risen from upon the earth, his eyes were opening, but 
he was not seeing any one ; but they caught hold of his 
hand, they took him away into Damaskos. * He spent three 
days there, he seeth not, he ate not, nor drank. 

10 But there was a disciple in Damaskos, his name being 
Ananias ; but the Lord said to him in a vision : ' Ananias.' 
But he (pron.) said : ' Lo, I, Lord.' u But the Lord said to 
him: 'Arise, go to the street which is called "that which is 
straight," seek in (the) house of a Jew for him whose 
name is Saulos, the man of Tharsos: lo, he prayed*; "and 

* 6TAq is used in sentences beginning with VAp, which is read 
by other MSS. 

• eTA.q*rumq] t*a : Aqr., l* &c. *.e i°] om. k. g,ixert] 
^rren,^T. iuka.£ > i]l«ab»fkps: nK.,T*rGNOT. nei°] 

A: JUteit Tie, T»: JULeit, 1A &c €(rl, FS)£,Xl A>H] All 
€(om. 0) 6£,Xl, TNOT. A1TAJUlA£,l] L«T*AFKOS : e**A(e, N)- 
JUIA&I, B»rQNPT. A.**oXq] A.*»eitq 'they brought,' B»P. 
e&pHl] 2^.6, F. • Aqep] A : pref. <y*o£,, L«T« &c. v] e, 

F8. JUUULA.T] T' A : om. L« &c. j0LneC|OTO3Ail.] pref. OTTOg,, 
B*G KP. OTfc.e] OTTOP,, L* : 2k.6, FS by error. 10 F°>8S m 8 Hunt .6, 

the third Sunday of Tut.' OTf IXAe.J om. Olf, B». 2^.6 i°] +T16, 
B»GP 18. j6e«0TTg,0pA.(0, rFNPT)A>LA.] position cf.? Gr. B 
LP al pier tol syr"* est* arm &c ArtAItlAC a ] L«AF0S : -IUA, 
T» B»G KN PT x8 : -Hie, T. a.6 3 ] om. 0. " TODItK] cf. Gr. 

B fu syr"*' vg«» aeth. KU3*f ] L« A: pref. OTTOg,, T» &c. ROT- 

icnr2k.Ai]A: noTriof^Ac* t* : kiot^ac, us 81c. ne] xe, 

FK8. OApCOC] ArFKPS : TAp., L«T»B*GN0T 18. £,1411116] 
AF8 : +T*Ap, L»T» && eTAq*TCU&£,] A : eT€q., T* : eqT.. 
L«F0S : q*T., BTKP 18 : eq€T., G : TU)a£„ NT. " OTTOg, 

AqitA.Tr] om.cnro£,, b»p 18: £,oxe t*A.p eq*ro>&£, rtxe- 

CATfXoC AqitATf 'for when Saulos is praying he saw,' K. jfcett- 


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234 npoxgic. 

OTrg,opAjm.A.* ne A.nA.niA.c. A.qi 
e^o*»n A,qx*- neqxix &iacu>q g,m*. nTeqnA** 
18 UXqepoiraj a%.e nxeA.nAniA.c *• ace n<5: A-icurre**. 
ee&e nAiptojuu 4- £,rren o*ca*.hoj*- ee&e m- 
nex&co<y» TKpoTf eTA,qArrxnr iuiH eeofAJk 
ivta.* j6en jXkjuu M o-rog, j6en iu.iKeftiu. on* 
o-ronxeq ep$gicgi * e&oX £,rren niA.px-epe'fc 
ectung, ftoiroit ttt&eit €TTU}J&.£, 

ptC "Ileace not a*.e xe **.Aoje nAJC* ace ovcKevoc 
itcuyrn itKi ne <i>A,i* eqitA.*rtooTm j&a.*- **.ne**.6o nmeenoc ne**. moTrpcooir *• 
poc~ ite**. nenajHpi iiuiicK. | "* rA.p *f itA/TA.- 
**.oq em**.KA**£, THpof eTeqnA.o"fTo** e&pni 
eacen nApA,n*- 

p°J 17 3Xqge nA,q 2k.e itxeA.nA.niA.c4> o-*o£, A.qge 
ej6o**n eniHi *» A.qx** neqaciac excoq neacA.q *• 
ace ca.o**X nAcon*- nbc ikc neTA.q*rA.o*»oi *• 
$r exA.qoTon£,q epo* £,1 ni**.ojrr erejc- 
roto** £,uu*rq*» £,mA. tvTeKnA.** jul&oX nxe*- 
**.o& e&oX £en oTritnXI * 18 oto£, 
iiX^eu A/r&ei e&oX j£>en neqfi.A.X Race 
£,A.nKHKc *■ A.qnA.*r **.fi.oX oyoj>, A.qnonq 

OYg,OpAJULA] T*A, cf. Gr. BO 163. ia 1 "* : om. U &c, cf. Gr. KA 61. 
vg aeth u 'f. AJtA.ttlA.c] position cf. ? Gr. HLP al pier syr utr aethPP. 
A.qi] 6Aqi, T»GK. A.q3QA] LAPS: pref. OTOg,, T' &c. 
neqXJX] for plural cf. Gr. ««BE yg aetb» arm. &iaCU3q] U T'A 

b*kpt: eac<uq(o<r, nt), tfonos. g» in A nTeqnA.V' 
A.qnA,Tf, r*o*. ls 2s.e]FNS. nA.i] <pai, t-g. £,rren' 
A: pref. e&oX, Ii«t» && ee&e]A: e, l«t» &c. nme*r. 

TO., FS: itm., N. eTA,qAJ TOT] position cf.? Gr. HLP al pier 
syr «f arm aeth &c. eeOTA.&] £<?*, P S. j6en] l« A B» r* F G 
KPS : pref. 6T 'who are,' T*P»*NOT. " Ke] om. GK. OTTOn- 

Xeq]T»&c: -XA,q, L»A 2 P: OTOK ilTeq, T: pref. 6, 18. 

itoirort] eo*»., n. 1s a^.e] AN: +nA.q 'to him,' l»t» &c. 
ace i°] om. t». itcurrn] a : eqcco (o, rNjxn, l»t» &c. nm 

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ACTS IX. 13-18. 235 

he saw a man in a vision, hia name being Ananias ; be came 
in, be laid his hands upon him that he might see.' 13 But 
Ananias answered : ' Lord, I heard concerning this man by 
many, concerning all the evil things which he did to the 
saints of thine in Jerusalem. M And in this place also he 
hath authority from the chief priests to bind all who pray 
to thy name.' 1S But the Lord said : ' Go, because this is 
a chosen vessel for me, being about to bear my name before 
the Gentiles, and the kings, and (the) sons of Israel : Ie for 
I (pron.) shall (lit. will) show to him all the pains which 
he will receive for my name.' " But Ananias went, and 

he entered the house, he laid his hands on him* he said: 
' Saoul, my brother, the Lord Jesus (is) he who sent me, 
he who manifested himself to thee on the road on which 
thou comest, that thou mightest see, and be filled with 
[a] holy spirit.' 18 And quickly fell from his eyes scales ; 

lie] order cf. ? Or. EHLP al pier arm Ac. eqitA/TtttOVIt] L«T»Ai 
B»rONOPT 18: A.qitA., A 2 : CjlU.., K: A.qTU>ltq 'he rose,' 

fs. j&A] sben, fs. iS.nejui.eo] +e&oX, k. roeettoc] 
cf. Gr. bc* &c nertttjHpi] repi, r. " jGua.'*£,] .«.**.&, 
K: ejuucjLig,, o*. e*reqit*,<T] erAqn., s. e&pm] 
6j6., tnot. " *.e] om. fks. Aqjije] +rw.q, b»p 18. 

A.qXAl L« A FS : pref. 01TO&, T' &c. eXCOq] £,»£., G ; position 
cf. Gr. aeth. TieXAq] preEOTOP,, G. 2C6J om. T»rNOT. 
CAOTrX] + CA.O**X, S. nOC IHC J position cf. ? am syr«« ar« 
aethPP. neTA.qXiOTOl] L«A B»P 18 : lie eTAq., TTG NOT : 
<t>K €*TA.q., K : A.q., FS. <J»H] AB'FGKS 18 : pref. OJApOK ' onto 
thee,' L«T*rNOPT. eTAqOTT O (OJ, S)H£,q] -Ot(J3(O t NT)- 
ngp TFNT. niiULOJIT - ] IUU.., A 8 *. exeKHKOTf] L*A,B»r 

knopt 18: er-eriAJicn., tgi eiujtrt., FS: ereKtu.t, A a 

by error. nxeKIU.**] A : X6 eKeiU-T, L«T» &c. : ft(om. F) X€ 
itTeK rt. ,FS. RTeiOULOg,] A : pref. 0*»Qg„ L«T» &c. OT9- 

nm. ] nmriA., T*rNOT deemte. eqo**A&] eeotiA, n»wo: 

eOTf, PT: om._N*. " ATT (I, N)£,6l] €**£,., S. KHKC] 

K6JCC, FKP. JJL(B, TO)&oX] AGK : + fc.6, WPB'T' &c, cf.? Gr. 
MO* 40; for om. wyaxppia cf. Gr. NABC*HP 61. al plus 45 cat rg 

ayr** arm« 

Digitized by 


236 npaxgic. 

^qtfftMJULc * 19 e*r*.q(ff itcnrj6pe a-qxeju.- 

pifl UXqgtuni *e tt£,a»ne£,ocr* +> net*. mjuu-eirrHc 
erj6en ^ajuulckoc -s- "ofog, ca/ro*rq A.q- 
&Kttig mite ;6en mcriu-rwrK xe <fca»i ne 
ngttpi iM>*f"+ 

pk « HA.*rru>jm.x a.e Tripo** ne itxemt erccuTe**. 
erxtu juuuloc * xe ajlh $a.i a»n ne 4>h ena.qg- 
e-opxep mta erTio&£, j6en ixrajl* 
oto£, a.qi ena.uuia. ena.ig/»j&. * g,mjL irreq- 
con&o-* nxeqtffroTt e&piu ga. ma.pxi- 


p«« " Ca/yXoc 2ie jj^XXon na.qnHcnr nxemxojut 
oirog, na.qgeopTep nniKW^aj ex&en a.a.- 
juulckoc* eqxAJULo jOUulcmov xe $aa ne 

/*£ nxc* + M G*ra.TXt»K *.e e&oX nxeoTJumg 
iie&ocnr a.*vep orraxTni itxennoYa.a.1 <■ &ma. 
nce&oe&eq* ** a/rrajuie ca/*Xoc *e enonr- 
cotfm na.TTA.peg, a^e enmnrXK ijLnie&oo*** 
nejm niexoupg, * &ma. ftce&oefteq. | ** a/*oXq 
a.e tbceniAiuLOHTHc itxwpg, a/ix*^ e&pm 

pity j6en cnr&ip* e&oX &ixen mco&T* + 2, GTa.qi 

> AOOItO- " € Ta.q<fi] A: ptef. OTTOg,, L»T» &c: OTTOg, a.qtfl, FS. 

'm -n * e J cf- Gr * ** A B0E ,3< 6l * " 1 " vg ,yr ° tr 8rm * eth &c * "&^ n '] 

itXeg,, A by error. eTj&en] cf.? Gr. HLP I. 4. 31. 177. 
al 26 &c. add &iw: om. €T, O. *° OTTO&] om. FS. A.q£,l] 

ao, cf.? Or. E: na.q£,i., l«t* &c -toig] +ne, i*. nine] 

cf. Or. NABCE 61. al 18 cat vg »yr»" arm* 4 aeth"> &c. " na.1T- 

TCUJU.T] T'AFKS : -TOJULT, L«B»rGNOPT 18. ne i°] T*Ar 
NT: om. I/B'FQKOPS 18. €TrXO)]A: OVOg, rta.**XU), 1A 

T»&& ena.qge.] ergo., fs. jiemMtju.] cf.Gr, boehlp 

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ACTS EL 19-26. 237 

he saw, and he rose ; he was baptised. " Having received 
[a] food, he was strengthened*. Bat he was some (&-&.N) 
days with the disciples who were in Damaskos. 20 And 
immediately he proclaimed Jesus in the synagogues, that 
this is (the) Son of God. 21 Bat all were being amazed 
who heard, saying : ' Is not this he who was troubling them 
who prayed to this name in Jerusalem? And he came to 
this place for this thing, that he might bind them and take 
them up unto the chief priests.' 

M But Saulos rather was increasing in strength b , and 
he was troubling the Jews who were in Damaskos, 
showing to them, that tins is Christ. "But many days 
having been completed, the Jews took counsel that 
they might kill him. "But to Saulos was shown their 
counsel; but they were keeping the gates by the day 
and the night, that they might kill him. ** But the 
disciples took him away by night, they let him down in 
a basket from upon the wall. "But having come into 


* Lit. he found power.' b Lit. 'coming to find power.' 

al pier &c. riTeqtfrr (£,, T*) 0*»] pref. OTfOg,, B» 18. 6£,pHl] 

am. B* 18. M S"* \s>jij& ^y oJUl J»3I 'the third Sunday of Hut*, 

the month of Tut,' K™« ,-yj JU ]^b 'it is read on the third of Tut.' **""* 

AJL&.XXon] om. K. nHOTT2>..] of. Or. (exc. »*B). eXj6eit] 

Lf A, FS 18. 36 : ergon j6ert 'who dwelt in,' T* Ac. eq*rAJt*.o] 

A.q*r., p. M sta-txcok] -zok, t. A*ep] ertep, n : 

A.qep, a,*fs. ncej6oe&eq] r\cej6u>*re&. juUut.oq, 36. 

u CA.TfXoc] IU.TXOC, B»FK8, cf. Gr. H (61* ?) tol &c. 2i8 l°] 
L»AB»P a6: am. T* &c. 2^.6 s°] AB'GNOT 26 : + 116, L«T*rFK 
PS; Tisch. incorrectly classes these with Gr. ii cat TT»*Xh] IuXft, 
T. &I«A.] TAPES 36: £,OIU»C, L*B»GP: OlttOC, TNT: 
Onoc, 0. 26 AYoXq] cf. Gr. EHLP al pier cat vg" 1 * syr"* arm 

aeth » &c. e&pHl] A 36 : eneCHT , L*T» Ac. 8&oX] om. N T. 

iuco&t] rue, t». *• er*.qi] cf. Gr. NAB C 40. 61. 81. vg 

•yr"* aeth"> &c 

Digitized by 


238 npaxgic. 

a\.e e&pw eiXrUUL rta.qtftbnT jDUutoq erojui.q 
emjuL&.eHXKc * cnro£, nA/rep&o'f j6*.*req£,R 
THpcnr ne* ncexen&oTrr ijuutoq A.n ace 
o*»Juu.eHXKc ne* * 7 Jfo-pnaJlAA: *.e A.q<&.- 
juul&i joumoq* A,qettq oja, nu.noc*roXoc * 
AqcAJCi nejULcooT «• xe tULaj itptrf Aqua/* 
endc &i niAxajix * oyo£, ace AqcAaci nejuuLq* 
o*»o£, ace ru.<g npirf A.qoiron£,q j6en 2vajuia.o 
koc ;6eit 4>p^n nmc* "cnrog, n£qj6en 
imua ne* eqru. e&ovn tteo. e&oX nemuocnr* 
eqonriong, juutxoq e&oX j6en $pA.n juLncx: 
lite*- *• itAqcAaci a^e ne itAqajim nitioTei- 
nm* nmooir z.e nAfOTrcoaj emi riticnracix 
e&pHi eactoq ej6oe-&eq * M er&stejt*.i xe 
nacemcniunr *• A/irenq eKecA.pi a. «■ A.**cnfopnq 
e&pm eeApcoc* 
pk« « *f»eKKXKciA. Anen cnrn inre 'ficnrxeA. XKpc* 
nejucfrAXiXeA.* net*, tcajuulpia. *• necnron 
Rxajcr itcnr&ipKriR iJuuuL** * erKHT o**og, 
evjuuttt j6en "f&cf nxe nn«- cvog, itA.**- 
itKo** nAiAi j6en meurr n&inr nxe nmTtH 

ei(K, sjmujl] + iiacecA.*»Xoc, t*a 8 , cf. ? Gr. hlp 13. ai 

pier syrP arm aethPP &c; for tls cf. Gr. KABC 61. al sat ma cat &c. 
€TOJ«.q] erOJIAT 'to unite me,' G. €111.] KeJUUtl 'with the,' 

fs. ne i°] om. k. hceren&oiT . . . ne] om. n homeot. 

87 A.qAJULA.2,l] LBAB»P: AqAJULOltl, T*rFGKNOST. A,q- 
CAaCI i°] A : pref. OTTO&, L »T* & c. ttAOj] OTTAOJ, S. J^eit] 
A K : pre f. e&oX, L»T» &c. Trie] cf. Gr. (exc. A Ac). " .£>€«- 

I^KJDC] cf. Gr. H al sat tnu &c. ne] om. FG S. e£>OYrt ne**- 

e&oX neAJUuonr] a : ej6oTn nejuLtucnr eqitHOf e&oX 

'in with them coming out,' L«rFGNOST: ej^OTH neJULWOI* 

eqnKOT efk>X ofog,, t» : ej6o**n neJUUOoT oiro£, 
eqitHOT e&oX, b»kp. eqo*»uj(o,K)it£,(+q, s) ijumoq 
eJ&oX (e&oX rtejutA.q, fsj] cf. Gr. kabo 13. 15. 40. 61. 177. 

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ACTS IX. 27-31. 2S9 

Jerusalem, be was trying to join himself to the disciples: 
and they all were fearing him, and they trust him not that 
he is a disciple. 27 But Barnabas caught hold of him, he 
brought him unto the apostles, he spake to them in what 
manner he saw the Lord on the road; and that he spake 
to him ; and in what manner he spake boldly 1 in Damaskos 
in (the) name of Jesus. w And he was being in Jerusalem, 
going in and out with them, speaking boldly in (the) name 
of the Lord Jesus : M but he was speaking, he was question- 
ing the Greeks; but they (pron.) were wishing to lay (lit 
bring) their hands upon him to kill him. 80 But the brethren 
having known (it), brought him to Keearia, they sent him 
into Tharsos. 31 The church indeed then of all [the] 

Ioudea and [the] Galilea and (the) Samaria had [a] peace, 
being edified and continuing in the fear of the Lord, and 
they were going on (lit. coming) growing in the consolation 
of the holy spirit. 

* LH.' manifested himself,' thus again. 

cat fu arm aeth™: pref. 0"*0£„ K, cf. Or. EHLP al pier vg syr»*» 
aethPP &c !KC] T»AS°, cf. Gr. H°HLP al longe plu aethw> Ac: 
om. If &c, cf. Gr. N*ABE 40. 69. 106. 163. i2 leot vg syrP arm aeth TO . 
*» ne] om. B»P. ItA.Cjgim] A: pref. OlTOg,, L»T» &c. mil] 

a :, LsT* &c. otremin] cf. ? Gr. a &c *.e 2 ] om. g. 
emi n] een, g. e&pm] e^pni, o. ,0 2>.e] om. 0. 

*.Tf€Itq] pref. 6, P. eKeC4.pi*.] cf. Gr. NGE &c: om. G. 
A.W*.] L«AKT: pref. 0**0£„ T» &c. e^pcoc] AFGKOPS : 
XA.p., L»T»B»rNT. 8I -f eKKX.] cf. Gr. KABO 5. 13. 14* 15. Hunt .8, 

18. 27. 29. 36. 40. 61. 68. 81. 105. cat vg syr«° h arm aeth ar e Dion* 1 " &c: Com. ms. 
meKKX.,FS,cf.Gr.(E)HLP allonge plu syrParP&c; JUteit OTf!t] 3 " 4 * 

a.e juten otn, P: om. otn, b». ivref ioT2i.] itejuff ., g. 

-piA.] cf. Gr. KE. OTTOlt nTOWTf] OTOIlTUJOf, L«FPS. 
JUUUlA.Tr] in. before nOTTg,., PS. eiTKHT"] om. K. eTJULRIt] 
A : 6(A., G)1f JW.OOJI 'walking,' L*T* Ac. IlXen^] JULrtOC, 
Cons. jt£.!£.l] A : ttA.OJA.1 'multiply,' L«T» &c. e©OTTA.&] SO, 
T: ee*T, AaPS: + lie, Cons.: K"»« 'the end (of the lection).' 

Digitized by 


240 npoxgic. 


P Kf 88 3XccgaMTi a,e epe nexpoc n&cim e&oX g,rrere 
ntcnHOTf TKpoT i.qi oja. n»A. rioc excgon j£en 
Xt*.^*.* M A.qxejui oTrpcujuu *.e jOUjul-v ne enei.* ei.qep ii* eq- 

OJXKOTfX £,IX6tt 0*¥<TX02C* <fri.I 2i€ ni-qajftX 

e&oX ne*| 
po^ "Ilexpoc *e nexi.q ni.q + ace enei. qxi.Xdo 
jUUxok iucenxc mc * xcoiik 4>copg j6a.pok *■ 
ci.xoxq A.qxumq. "A.TrnA.** 2*e epoq xupo-c 
nxemt exajon j6en X*r2^i.+ neju. aLpton* 
nu exA-fKoxoTr enoc* 


p«y ** ftj6pm 2s.e ;6en lonnn neo-ron o-rjuiA.eHXHC 
Rcg,»un jDUjia.-c enecpA.n ne xaAioa.* ©k 
exeajA-TrcrrA^jutec ncejutovf epoc xe *f- 
<Ji£> CI * «a.i, it£,u>&*- 
nejm niAX.eeni.HX enAcipi juuuuucnr ■}• st a.c- 
ajcuni a\e j6en me&ocnr exejuuuu.Trfr ixajumi 


Gxi/wcoKJUtec 2>e* i.*»x*-c j6en nuuu. ex- 
cAnajuM* s » Xirx^A. 2\e ni.c;6enx 

M eJloX] om. Cons. £,ixennicnKcnr] t*A: £,ixu)o*» 

'upon them,' L«B»FKOPS 18. Cons.: eXOJOTT, TGNT. CX- 

ajo (to, l») n j6en] ex^en, r* g o*. X*»2k.2ki.] cf. Gr. m a b 

33- 34- 68. * s A.qxeJU.OTpiOJUu] L«AB»KP 18 : AqXIJUU 

ttOVp., FS: eqXIJULI S., Oons. : A.qXIJW.1 3.6 it., TTGN 
OT. 2S.6 i°] A : om. L*T* &c. enei.] AtteAX, K ; position cf.? Gr. 
MABOE 31. 40. 6i. 68. 69. 105. 163. 177. k»° r cat vg &c. eqtJJX.l 

eqaje., fs. ne a ] om. fgs. 8 * qxi.Xtfo jluulokj 

L»A,rN OT 1 8. Pong. : g qx., T* : A.qX, A a B»FG(K)PS: AC|TAX- 
ffOK, K^_ nXC IMC] A : IRC n'jQC, LeT' &c, cf. Gr. (exc. A &c): 
nOC IHC n^C, K, cf. Gr. A 15. 18. 36. 40. 68. cat vg arm aeth &c. 
<t<»pg] W A : pref. 0*»0£„ T' &c. CAXOXq] A : +2k.€, FS : 

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ACTS K. 30-38. 241 

82 But it came to pass as Petros was about to pass through 
all the brethren, (that) he came unto the saints who dwelt 
in Lydda. S3 But he found a man there, his name being 
Enea, having spent eight years prostrate upon a bed; but 
he (<b*-0 was [being] paralysed. s * But Petros said to 
him : ' Enea, Christ Jesus healeth thee : rise, make thy bed *.' 
Immediately he rose. M But all they who dwelt in Lydda 
and Saron saw him, they who turned to the Lord. " But 
in Ioppe there was a female disciple, her name being 
Tabitha, who is interpreted and called 'the Gazelle'; she 
(OA.I) was being full of good work and the alms which she 
was doing. m But it came to pass in those days (that) 
she sickened, she died. But having washed her, they laid 
her in the upper place. "But Lydda was being near to 

» Lit. 'spread under thee.' 


OTTO& CiTOTq, L«T' &c. M ZStMSt fce] A : 0**0£, 

iqit^ir, l*t» &c. THpcnr tbceitK ex] nxeoiron mften 

e*T, Cons. Xt^^A.] cf. Gr. N A B 13. 33. 34. 40. 68. 96. : X**2>.A., A lt 

cf. ? Gr. p 31* 57. ai x«8or. cA.pton] export, FS° : c^ptortitA., 

Cons. Glide] £,A. IIOC, Cons. F" 1 * K"«? S"* 'the fourth Sunday 
of Tut.' 38 ttj6pKl] A : It&pHI, WT &c. ^e] om. Hunt . 

NT 18*?. IOnnK(6, N)] LsTAjBTGNOPoT 18: IOIIH, A,F 
KP»S Cons. ilCg,. JUUULA.T] L«AFS: +ne, T*B»rGKNOT 
18. Cons.: jGUuu.-* nc£,jjuu Tie, P. XA.&ieA.]Ti.n.,A 1 : 
eT., B»; cf. Gr. NAEHL ai pier &c. to/3^<J. ©h] om. T. 6T6- 
ajA.7fOTA.£ r *] A: eojA-fOT., L»T»B»FGKOoPS 18. Cons.: 
err&.IOt., TNO*T. RceWLOTrf] L«AB»FKPS 18. Cons.: pref. 
OTTO&, TTGNOT.,] €!t., G«: fULCAJLOg,, FS. 
it£,0>&] + m&ett, B»FS Cons. fU*T.] position cf. ? Gr. BCE 13. 
31. 40. cat m M vg &c. JUteert.] UAB"FKPS Cons. : A*.e*m., 
T«B»*rGNOT 18. 8T 2>.e i c ] om. O. A.CJU.0VJ pref. OTO£,, 

K Cons.] om. €T, FS Cons. A**X*-C] P™& 
OTTOgp Cons. TUJULA. 6TC.] cf. Gr. ACE 38. 40. 68. 69. 93. 100. 
105. 113. al 8 ** cat Or : OTrJUA.eTC, Cons. : OTTJUAeCJC., K ; 
cf. Gr. MBHLP 1. 13. 31. 61. al pier Chr. M X**2>.2>.a] cf. Gr. 

t*>A: Xia^A, ot. 2i.e]om. ot. ttAc£>en*r] ecj&, fs. 


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242 npoxgic. 

eionmt ne * mjutiOHXHc oTm exi.Trctoxe.M. + 
see qiJuuuLTf itxenex poc * iTroTrtopn npuuuu 
5 £,ipoq errafio juuuloc* errrioJlj>, jDuut.oq*- 
2£€ ixneptfnjLTf ei £,ipon* 89 i.qxiunq 2».e 
nxenexpoc* iqjutocgi nejtx,03ot * 
Gxiqi 2k.e iTroXq e&pw enuuii. excinajusi + 
iTro&i epixor nig,piq ibceitiXHpA. XHpoTr 
errpuuu* eiT&jtxo juuuioq emajeim*- net*. 
nig,ftioc eco&Jtxio jjL*x(t3ot * eccgon ite*«.ujonr 

picf nxefOZ&ci * t «» 3Xq£,ixoTf eftoX XHpoTr 
iwcenexpoc. exiq&JTq g,i2£en neqKeXi i.q- 
xoo&g,* exiqKoxq enictoAHA. nexiq*- xe 
xiftiei xcooTrm* 
Heoc 2k.e icemen imecfiiX* exi.cnA.Tf 2».e 
enexpoc icg, *• 41 i.q'fxoxc 2*.e i.qxi.- 
£,oc epixc * | 
GxA.qA*.oxf 2>.e eniivioc* ne**. mxnp*-* 
iqxi&oc ncoov econ&fr "*• n&.\g/u& ^.e 
oirong, e&oX *6en lonnn XHpc* onrog, cnr- 

p«j jut.Haj i/irnAg/f euro * + * 8 UXqajtom 2>.e hov- 
juLHcg ne&oo** ;6eit lonrnt j6iTen ofiJ xe 
cijuudii m&iKaji.p -s- 

10l\nH(e,A,*B a )] L«T*A<> &c: lOIlK, FOES Cons, lie] om. 
B»FGKPS Cons. OTHt] 2k.€, B»: 2^.6 OTTH, FS. JDUUti.Tr], b»«f>fkost 18. iTroTrcopn] pref. otto£„ o. 

itptOJU-I 5] cf. Gr. (exc HLP al M Ac). £,i.poq] om. S. 
e*XO) JDUULOC] A: om. L«T* Ac. 6(i, P)TTXU)&£,] 6X., G. 

tfhi.Tr] ajtti.Tr, fs. £,i.pon] ajipon, fs«; cf. Gr. kabc*e 

40. 61. 81. m 81 vg. •• iqJULOUJl] T'A : iqi 'he came,' L* Ac. 

i.TTO£,l] A : pref. OTTOg,, L»T» &c. eTTXiJUto] L«A : OTTOg, 
€(i, OP)TfX., T* &c: OTTOg, ItiTTX., FS. eCOiJUUo] A : 

enico., L»T*rFGNOS<>T Cons. : «h ertice., B» K P 18. JUL- 
juuoott] + ne, t* : + ncooT, fs Cons. nejmujoTr] nusoTr, p. 

i.qg,lXOTf] A: €Xi.qg,., L«T' Ac. e&oX] A: pref. 2v€, 


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ACTS IX. 39-43. 243 

Ioppe : the disciples then, having heard that Petros is there, 
sent two men to him, Baying, (and) praying him : ' Delay not 
to come to us.' 39 But Petros arose, he walked with them. 

But he having come, they took him away into the upper 
place ; all the widows stood by him weeping, showing to him 
the coats and the garments (which) the Gazelle (was) making, 
being with them. 40 Petros put (lit. threw) them all out; 
having thrown himself upon his knees, he prayed; having 
turned himself to the body, he said : ' Tabitha, rise.' But 
she (pron.) opened her eyes ; but having seen Petros, she sat 
(up). "But he helped her*, he made her stand. But 
having called the saints and the widows, he presented her 
to them alive. "But this work was manifested in all 
Ioppe : and many believed the Lord. 4S But he abode 
many days in Ioppe with one 'Simon' the tanner. 

■ Lit. 'gave her hand.' 

L*T» &c. THpOT] position cf. ? Gr. KABELP 61. al pier cat &c. : 
om. K. eTA.q£,ITq] L*A, cf. Or. LP al longe plu syr* arm aeth &c. : 
pref. OTO&, TBTOKNOPT 18. Oons., cf. Gr. NABOB 3. 15. 25. 40. 
61. 63. 69. 95* 105. 106. cat 1 " syr"* &c: om. €T, FS. £,I2£eit] 
T»A Oons.: €Xett, L* &c. CTA/qKOTq] A: pref. OTfOg,, 
L«T» &c. : OTTO& *.qK., KP 18. Cons. : om. €T, B». TA.&ie*j 
cf. Gr. KACELP &c. fteoc &c] *.CO*IKUlt 2^.6, FS. 6TA.C- 
It*.T 2k.e] A : OTTOg, eT&, L«T» &c. i.Cg,eAXCl] 

+2k.e, fs. 41 *.q*fxoTC(q, FS) 2».e] oirog, *.q*f\» fs, 

cf. ? Gr. A m M eyr«* aeth toit n : + Teq2£I3f 'his hand,' T». *.q- 
TA^OC i°] pref. OTTO&, T*. eTT^.qA*.OTf*f 2k.e] om. 2k.€, 
FS. eiWi.VIOC] KIU., N: + THpOf 'all,' Cons.'. A.qT4.- 
£,O(0D, NT)C 2 ] +ep^.TC, FS Cons. CCOII&] -OJ!tj£>, T»r 
F8T Cons. 4 * IUJg,. 2k.e] IU&UJ&, KO. OTTOngJ A: 

-UJItg,, L*T» &c. OVM.HOJ] position cf. ? Gr. ttABCE 31. 40. 61. 
69. m* 2 vg arm aeth. A.(€, 0)*»ni^,*f] A/fKOTOTT 'turned,' 
B»K 18. F"»K»«r 'the end (of the lection).' 48 om. verse, K*. 

nOfJULHO)] om. tt, TNT. £>eitIOIUlH] A : trs. before nO*»- 
JULHOj, L«T» &c. : om. FS, cf. Gr. L. ClJUUOtt] C*., TNT. 

n!&AJcgA.p]L8'r»AB«GKP: o-»£l. ne, fs: eof&.,rNOT. 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

244 npoxgic. 


p*0 Heofon oTrpuwuu *.e &en KecA.pi*. eneqpAit 
ne KopnHXioc eoireKAxonxA,pxoc ne efi.oX 
j6en *f cnirpi.* ecgA/iMjLO'rf" epoc xe i"£/»- 
^.^Xikk * * eoTrefce&Hc ne eqepg/rf j6a.X£,k 
&$t iteju. neqw XHpq* eqipi noYJumcy 
jOLJUteenA.K'r ii.niXi.oc XHpq* eqxusfig, 
HAff ncwr* m&en* 8 A,qnA/» £>en oir&o- 
pjuuLJL j6en oirong, e&oX* noYA,rreXoc tire 
<H"* «s.qaje ej&oirn aji.poq* j&en $nA,nr 
ruLxne* nexA.q n*.q ace KopmtXie* 
4 fieoq *.e exA.qco.**,c epoq* exjLqajtuni j6en 
oY&o-f nexA-q xe ot nexajon ndx* ne2£i.q 
2k.e n*.q* ace neKnpoceirx K * neju - 
n*.RX i.*»i e&pm eoTrep^xjLenri JEx.neAX.e-o 

•*f»noTf o-m oirajpn it£,A.npiojuu eionnw ju.i.po*»- 
jULOff eoiri.! 2£e ciajuok* $h exoTfAJLOTr-f epoq 
xe nexpoc* *$aj qxA.Xrioirx eonr*.!* xe 
cijution ni&A.KajA.p* <t>A.i exe neqm j6ixen 

i pag gmg J^y^ eJ^H 'the angel Michael.' tteOYOrt] cf. Gr. P 
al longe plu vg Byr"* arm aeth Ac. 2k.e] + ne, P : om. FST. -pii.] 

cf. Gr. ne. KopnaX.] KopmX., npst. e&oX] om. FS. 

Cnifpi.] AT: cnipjL, L»TTGKP: cnHpA., B»NOST. 
•f (om. FS)g,-*2vA.XlKH] AFS: "f £,IX., IS G P : -fg/TXA.- 
Xl (K, NT)KH, T» B»rKNT. * XHpq] A : om. LsT* Ac. eqipl] 
cf. Gr. NABCE 18. 26. 40. 61. 81. cat" 1 vg syr"* arm aeth Ac 
eq(i.q, T: e*.q, G)X(JU&gJ L*A: pref. OTTO&, T* &c. 

8 A.qnA/ir] + 2».e, k. &opAJuu.] ojuul, tfg st. ott ong,] 
T'A : -toit£,, l« &c. e&oX . . . neaci-q] A : e&oX £M>nA.T 
nAJcne*** ixme^ooir o-*A.rveXoc Sxe4>*f eA.qaje 
ej£>oirn aji-poq nex£,q, l»(T' &c). no"»(q, NT)i.vr.] 

A: BO-*., T'B»rGNOT: OX, L«FKPS. <H"] HOC, F8. i.q- 
ge]T'AGS: + HA.q, FS: eA,qaje, L«B»rFNOPT: i.qi, K. 

ajA.poq] epoq, g. j6en4>ni.-»] A: &$., l»t»&c. ; forom. 

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ACTS X. 1-6. 245 

X. Bat there was a man in Kesaria, bis name being 
Kornelios, being a centurion from the band which is called 
'the Italian*,' 2 being pious, fearing God with all his house, 
doing much alms to all the people, praying to God always. 
3 He saw in a vision manifestly an angel of God : he went in 
unto him in (the) ninth hour : he said to him, ' Kornelie.' 

* But he (pron.) having gazed at him, having been in 
[a] fear, said: 'What is (cgon) it, Lord?' But he said to 
him: 'Thy prayers and thine alms came up for a remem- 
brance before God. 5 Now then send men to Ioppe ; let 
them call one " Simon," who is called " Petros." 6 He 
(lit. this) lodgeth with (e) one " Simon " the tanner, whose b 

Hydalfke. b Lit. ' this who.' 

Stati, in, cf. Or. 3. 65. 67. c 10 ' d Mr arm; for a preposition cf. Gr. NAB 
CE al M cat syr««* &c e] T»AB»GK: e*f, L*TFNOPST; also 
+ JGL(itXe, G)nieg,OOTf 'of the day,' L«T* &c. TlCXAq] L«A 
FS : pref. OTO&, T» Ac. KOpltrlXie] T»AB»GK : KOpItK(l, PT)- 
Xl(H, T)OC, L«TFNOPST. 4 €XA,qajCOni] A: Aqaj., T» 

tfgnost: o**0£, exAqaj., l«b»kp. nexAq i°] + itAq 
'to him,' k. of] om. t. nexajon] ne exaj., tno. 
-AjLeeriAHx] lbafkops: **.exn., T*B»rGNT. ecnrep] 

T*A: etep, LB &c. 4»AJL€Tri] + ItA-IC 'to thee,' A^FS. 

6 n&A.ItpUMUU] 6g,pKI 'up,' FS ; position cf. Gr. NABCE 31. 61. 
69. 105. 180. d vg gyr°' r arm aeth. IOIIIIH] IOI1H, KS. JULA,pOir] 
L«A: OTTO&, B»FS : pref. OTO&, TTGKNOPT. eOTTAl] cf. 
Gr. ABO 7. 15. 18. 32. 36. 43. 57. 61. 69. 105. cat vg syrP ro « arm. 
CIJULOm] CXJUL, TNT. eXOTJULOXf] eXO*rf, T by error. 
• q3CA>vHO*rr] L«AB»rNP : eq2£(<CK).» T»FGK8T : A,qx., 
0. <t>A.I a ] 4>H, FS. $K>JU.] L«AB»rFNOPST, cf. Gr. NAB 
CELP h t3. 31* 61. al 80 am fu tol syr»" arm aethPP &c: +$A.I qrtACAxi nejutAK ii&AiicAaH hai exe*c- 
itAttog,e«JL it^bpni ri^KXOTf nooK nexxneKM XHpq 

'this who, if he should come, will speak to thee words these in which thon 
wilt be saved, thou and all thy house,' T»G(om. tt©OK)K, cf. Gr. 4 m « 8. 
26. 87. 73. 81. 

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246 npoxgic. 

pA 7 GxA.qoje iu.q itxeni^rreXoc erciaci neAJu^q * 
A-qAJLOTf" e&wK 5 irr*.q new. of.MU.Tot 
ne*vce&Hc eftoX j£ett itH e©A*.Hit epoq* 
8 exa.qxe &u>& m&ert j6a.xotott + ^.qofop- 
no** eionnH* 
pXo »neqp*.cf 2j.e exmoajt g,t tuailumt* cnrog, | 
poK eTA.T&umT e-fnoXic* *.qge iu.q nxe- 
nerpoc e&ptti eaten nixene$top eepnpoce**- 
Xecoe* £k^m.y n^xrtF. 10 ne*.qg,Ko 2>.e ne* 
n&.qo'vwaj eofuoxju ercofi*f ^.e n*.q* £.qi 
nxeonrxajAiLX e&pm eaaoq* "A-qn*.** err$e 
ecoirKn * 
Oro£, ofCKeTfoc erjcc ijuuLoq ej6pm iJL- 
$pH*f * iiofmttj'f n&ftujc iti*/* nz! na.pXH* 
12 eTfXH n&pw nj6H*rq nxentqre^T tk- 
poTf* new. maX/rqi irre IIK4.&I nejut 
ni£,a.X*.*f- irre *r<&e *• " oTrog, .sxajumt 
&*.poq nxeoTCAJLK* *e tcoiik nerpe ojodt 
cnrog, oTftoA*.*. " ne*rpoc ae nex£.q xe 
ix^top ndc* ace ixniore**. £,Xt nenx*-* 
eneg,* eqtfX..j6ejuL le eqcoq* 


7 n^.q] AFS : + 2l€, L»T» &c. ne*JU.q] cf. Or. NABOB 6i. 
al 16 d vg ayr** arm ar« aeth. ttTAq] cf. Or. LP al pier cat d vg 
syr"" aeth &c. tteirc.] on. tt, T. eOAA-Hrt] eni.-JAA.Ktt, K. 
8 eXA.q2£e] WA, cf. Gr. 33. d &c. : pref. OTOg,, T' &c. : OTO£, 
ttTeqxe, S. j^A/TOTO"*] position cf. ? Gr. 8 A BE 40. 61. 
Hunt »6, • eVAA.OO)l] T'AFKS 26, cf.? Gr. KAEL 4. 13. 15. 18. 27. 29. 36. 40. 
61. 66** 68. 69. 100. 105. 133. 163. 180. al 6 cat : + lUCeitH (I, N T), L* 
B»r(it. It. €T)GNOPT, cf. ? Gr. BCP al plu &c. OTTO&] L*T* 
AB»KP 26: am. OTTOg,, rF(G)NOST. -j£)lOrt*r] + 2^6, G. 

-no(+-», N)Xic] -&aju, g. eaten] e, p. ni2£ene<fr.] nac., 
t»b»kp. eepnp.] enp., p. F]+ne, 26. 10 neA.q£,Ko] 

om. ne, 26. 7£ i°] L«AFS« 26 : T**.p, T» &c. ne] om. K. tt*.q- 

oiraxg] L«T»ArK 26: o*»o£, n*.q., b»fgs: oirog, ite£.q., 
nopt. eoirwAA.] +ne, k. evcofrf"] cf.? Gr. mabce 13. 

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ACTS X. 7-14. 247 

house is by the sea.' 7 The angel who spake to him 
having gone, he called two servants of his and a pious 
soldier from them who waited upon him; 8 having said all 
things before them he sent them to Ioppe. 'But on the 
(lit. his) morrow (as they were) walking in the way, and 
having approached the city, Petros went up on the housetop 
to pray at the sixth hour. "But he had been hungry, he 
was wishing to eat: but as they prepare for him, a trance 
came upon him; "he saw (the) heaven opened. And 
a vessel let down as a great sheet* of four corners ; 1S being 
in it all the quadrupeds and the creeping things of (the) 
earth and the birds of (the) heaven. "And a voice came 
(ajconi) to him : ' Rise, Peter, slay and eat.' M But Petros 
said : ' Not so, Lord ; because I never ate anything unclean 

* Lit. 'garment of linen.' 

40. 61. al plus 18 cat d am fa demid Or. A.qi] A 26 ( + ?*.€), cf. aeth : 
<&.qojU)lU 'became,* L»T»B«(+2>.e)r &c, cf. Gr. »ABC 40. 6i. al 
fere " cat Or Did. itXeovriO(0, KN) JU.T] position cf. Gr. C &c. 
11 A.qHA.Tf] pref. OTTOg,, B»KP. OTTCK€TfOC] om. Off, G. 
ev X U5 ] e^X 10 ' TT* this renders maBupmp, ch. xL 5. €j£>pm] 
cf. Gr. KABC 2 E h 13.15. 18. 27. 29. 40. 61. 68. 69. 100.105. 163. 180. c(0r 
cat vg syr»** ar« arm aeth " Or. K&&OJC] -OC, TNT. ttl*.**] 
tt«IA.T, A,. li(om. A 8 *)S] JDS, B»FGK8 : etxf 30 ****-Oq 
Sj6pKI tC£, T* without any collated MS. " €TfXH] e»X«5, 

FS. IIAPKI] A: ftj6., L«T* &c. : 6j6-, B»FS : om. T*. Iliq- 
Te<frA.*f] L»T«AB»G(CJTHOTf)P 26, cf. Gr. »ABC* 33. 40. 61. 105. 
163. 180. d vg syr"* arm Clem Or &c. : ItlTe&ItUXm, TFKNOST, 
cf. i aeth. lUtfi/rqi] cf. Gr. LP al pier Clem &c. ii*renJCA.£,l] 
position cf. Gr. NABOB 5. 7. 13. 26. 27. 29. 40. 61. 66** 69. 81. 105. 
o*" Tg syr"* arm aetbw Clem Or &c. nig,A.XA.*f"] cf. Gr. 0*E 
LP al pier Clem &c. " OTTO& 1° &c] JLCOJUOni 2>.C, FS«. 

TtUItK &c] cf. vg syr«* &c. 14 2£€ a°] om. K. €«€£,] A 26 : 

trs. before itenXA-I, T'B»rGK N OPT : om. L«F»S. eqtfT &c] A 

26: trs. eqc. ie (ei, r) e(A, NPT)q<C l*t* &c. eqcoq] ab»: 
-wq, l*t* &c. : iicu)q,r*NT. 

Digitized by 


248 IIP2fc£IC. 

16 IlA.Xm on Axajtum £,A.poq nacefcjULH .£M>juia.£,- 
con 5* ace hh exA. $*f xoTr&cooTr *■ SeoK 
2s.e ju.neptfl.^)jULo"v. "$a.i *.e Aqajtum oja. 
r neon* cnrog, a/woXi jGLmcKefOc enajun 


pA/3 "8»ojc a\e eqA*.€*»i nacenexpoc nu6pm ru6KTq*- 
ace ott ne ni£,opAJU.A. exA.qni.Tf epoq* £,itnne 
ic mpuutiLi exA-qonropnoTf naceKopniiXioc* 
eA/vafim tie a. hki ncuutxun* A.rog,i epAXOT 
£,ipen nimrXusn «• w exA/ir-M-oxf nA.**- 
ajim ne* ace A.n cuuuon $k exoxu-oxf 
epoq ace nerpoc qxA-Xno-vx enAJuucA.* 

p\y t"ne*rpoc 2k.e eqcotfhi nipw nj6fixq 
ee&e m&opAJtAA. neace nmnA. 2*.e nA.q* 
ace ic r npuwuu ceKarf kojuk * *° a.XXa. 
xconK A«.A.uje HA.K enecHX | oyo£, ajlooji 
neAJuoo** * nicoi k&hx 5 A.n ace a.hok ne 


P \i " 6xA.qi 2>,e enecHX nacenerpoc oja. mpuomi 

neacA.g age &Hnne A.noK nexex enxorf nctoi <*■ 

m&ioii. ott ne exA.pexeni ee&Kxq* 
p\« +**fl^ajo'» 2k.e neactooTf ace KopnitXioc niexA.- 
xonxA-pxoc* orpoaiuu noAJLHi ne* oyo£, 
eqep&o-f j6a.X£,h jjvk'f *■ erep**.eepe j6*.poq 
nacemcgXoX xnpq nxe niio*Ya\A.i * 

16 on] 2k.e, b*p. £,A.poq] ajA.poq, p. *f cjulh] ao : 

OT(q, NT)C, L«T' &c. 2s.e] LbAFES: om. T*B»rONOPT. 
16 OTfOgJ A, cf. Gr. 15. 36. cat d 8yr«« h arm aethw ftc: + CAXOXq, 
L«T'B»FKS: +€TfeiC, TGNO'PT; cf. Gr. KABCE«* 61. Si. vg 
ejrPm «eth™. " g,U)(0, FNOT)C 2\e] £,U>CXe, T l B» R. 

iu6HXq ace <nr ne mg,.] j6ennA.ig,., o. nig,.] imb»fos : 

nA.I£,opA.(0, NT),TTGKNPT. &Hnne ic] om. IC, PS; cf. Gr. 

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ACTS X. 15-22. 249 

or defiled.' u Again came (cgami) to him the voice (the) 
second time: 'The things which Qod cleansed do not thou 
(pron.) indeed (2^.e) make them unclean.' "But this was 
done even (ajA.) three times, and the vessel was taken away 
up to (the) heaven. "But as Petros was thinking in 
himself what was (tte) the vision which he saw, behold, 
the men whom Eornelios sent, having asked for (the) house 
of Simon, stood at the porch. 1S Having called, they were 
asking: 'Doth Simdn who is called "Petros" lodge here?' 
" Bat as Petros was meditating in himself concerning the 
vision, [bat] the spirit said to him: 'Lo, three men seek 
for thee: M but (A.) rise, go down, and walk with them, 
doubting not: because it is I who sent them.' 

n But Petros having come down unto the men, said : • Lo, it 
is I whom ye seek for ; what is the thing concerning which 
ye came ? ' ** Bat they (pron.) said : * Eornelios the centurion 
is a righteous man and fearing Qod, being witnessed unto 

N A B 36. 40. 61. 69. 105. cat 180 vg syr«* arm Ac. -HkXioc] -rtlX, 

pt. eA/vajmi . . . cipr, nojajlcoh] om. k. £,ipeitntmr- 
Xton] -Xon, N: -Xh, p : e&penmrmXujn, B». " eT(oro. 
e*r, G)A.**(q, NTjJuiovf] A: pref. otto^, l»t* &c. ne] 

L«T*AFKS: om. B«rGNOPT. A.n] g,A.pA, FS. OX.] eqx., 

3 s 

fkps. M eqcotfiti] A.qc, fkps. -pAjmA.] -po., nt, 
nnil + eeo-vA&, 0. a.e a ] l«ab»fk: om. t-tgnopst. 

HA.q] cf.? Gr. »AC 31. 40. 61. 180. m^cat" 1 vg arm*. V ItpttMUj] 
cf. Gr. M AGE 13. 6r. al vg gyr**etP»« aeth Did Ac. ceKUrf] cf. Gr. 
(exc. KB 61): om. C€, FS. *° TIOIIK] cf. Gr. D» vg* 1 * demid 

«yr««*. hKO\] 6KOI, FK8. 5] AG: + il£,Xl 'of anything,* Lf 
T* && A.n] trs. before K£,Xl, FKS. ne 6TA.l] neVA.1, 
L«B»FPS. al HipiOJUtl] cf. Gr. (exc. H al mu). n6XA.q] Hunt 18 

+ rnoov, F8. £,H.nne] om. f s. neTeren] l» a b»fo* s : 
ne e*rexen,T«rGKNO e PT. -Kuj-f] -i 'come,' r. ncuu] 

L*T»AB»FGKS : nCOjq, TNOPT, 3 person. a2 ne] AG: tre. 

before Re., T*NOT: om. L^BTFKPS. OTTOg, C(A., S)q.] om. 

<nro£,, b»kp 18. M j6*.poq] n^q, fs«. nicgXo(u>, K)X] 

ng., 18. TKpq] THpOTf, T. 

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250 npaxgic. 

3DiTXAJU.oq e&oX &ixen cnrAxreXoc eqoTAJl *• 
€b*»ojpn RccoK ej6o7rn eneqw* ectoxe**. 
e&A.ttcA.xi iixoxK. * 8 Aqjuiovf eptwo-v ej6o*m 
Aqcgoncnr epoq*- 
pk<r IIeqpA.c*f 2>.e Aqxioitq * a.qi e&oX itejuuuo** 
oTtog, ati e&oX nejutAq ibce&A.itKecitHO'* 
eftoX j6eit ionnH-5- "neqpaxrf 2>.e a/*i 
ej6cnm ejcecApia.* KopnHXioc 2v.e itAqccuuLc 

efi.oX j&AJKOO*** * 

p\C GxA.q.«.cnrf 2>.e eneqcnrrvettHc next. neqaj$Hp 

pM "Ctkcajtom 2s.eexA.qi e&cmt nxenexpoc * A.q*f- 
AJU.*f epoq tbceKopmtXioc Aq&ixq enecHX 
£>A.pA.xoT ilneqtfS.XA.TX * A.qoTtucgx *• 
M nexpoc 2s.e Aqxcnrnocq eqxio jOuuloc see 

XttJItK. A.HOK £,lO* A-ItOK OTfpCOJJU 4- " OTfOg, 

Aqaje e&OTti A.qcA.xi ttewLouonr * enrog, A.q- 

XIAJLI itOTTJULHttJ eA/*«0DOff *■ 

"IlexAq ntocnr xe iieurren xexeitex*.! * xe 

cr*&o*f ne novpeoxx.! nioTOAj •*• exojmq le 

eAJLoaji ne*x cnrA.XXo$fXoc *• enrog, Aito* a. 

poe 4>*f xajuloi | eajxejULXoc n&Xi npcwjuu* xe 

ATTXAJUlOq] + 2s.e, FS. e&oX £,IXejv] L»T*AGN0PT: 
om. 6&oX, B»FKS 18. nCGOK] LnAB»TG<>N0PTi8: +Cl'to 
come,' T»K: + 66IIK 'to bring thee,' FS. eCGOXe**.] AS: pref. 
CnfO£„ LBT'BTFGKNOPT 18. e&AIt] n&Ait, G S. 

iixoxk] efkoX iIj6hxk, fs. a AqAJLoxf] a, cf. Gr. 

al pauc ann: + 2JS, L«T*B»TFGNOST 18: +OTftt, KP. neq- 
pAC*f] pref. 6, TNOT. AqXCCItq] cf. Gr. NABD 29. 40. 61. 
66** 133. 142. d«* al pauc vg aji" h aeth. OTfOgJ om. FGS. 
ATl] JLTTim 'they brought,' P by error. e&oX a°] AK: om. 
L*T» &c. Ionn(om. S)K(e, N)] pref. ItA 'they of,' B»P 18. 
M neqpAcrf] pref. e, tgnopt. ^.e i°] cf. Gr. KABOD^E 

40. 61. 69. 105. 163. 180. vg syrP &c A7fl] ATXODItq ATI, G ; for 
plur. cf. Gr. KACEHLP al pier 8yr«> h etP»w arm &c. K6(A, P*)CA] 
cf. Gr. D 31. 68. 133. &c. om. n}». -piA] cf. Gr. MAO DE. 2k.€ a°J 

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ACTS X. a3-a8. 251 

by all the nation of the Jews. It was shown to him by 
a holy angel to send for thee into his house, to bear words 
from thee.' M He called them in, he received them. But 
on the* morrow he rose, he came forth with them, and other 
brethren from Iopp§ came forth with him. 2 * But on the 
morrow they came into Kesaria. But Eornelios was expect- 
ing them. And he b called his kinsfolk and his near 
neighbours. ** But it came to pass (that) Petros having 
come in, Eornelios met him ; he threw himself down at his 
feet, he worshipped. M But Petros raised him, saying : 
'Rise; I also am a man.' "And he went in, he spake to 
them : and he found many assembled. M He said to them : 
'Ye (pron.) know that it is unlawful for a man (being a) 
Jew to join himself to or to walk with an alien ; and (yet) 
to me (pron.) Qod showed, not to say of any man that he 

* Lit. 'his,' thus again. b Lit. 'bat having.' 

om. KP. nAqCOAJtc] A.qCOJULC, P. e*rA.q.M.oTr*J"] T'A : 
A.qjUl., FKS : €A.q., L*B»rGNOPT 18. 2^6 3 ] A : om. L«T' &c. 

neqcTf v (it, 18) v.] neqc, p. ite**.] om. 18. aj4>Hp] a$ep> 
b». itA.itA.VKeon] ha-v*., a 8 : ftAxreoit, k : -KHort, b»gt. 

M KOpltH(I, N P)XlOc] -eXlOC, L«. IteqtfX.XA.TX] cf. Gr. 29. Hunt *, 
43. 66»* 68. 69. 105. 120. 177** iai««* al s «» vg &c. A.qOTUJ<UT] a5 " a8 
eqOTTtOOJT jOUutoq 'worshipping him,' FS. M A.ItOK i°] A : 

+ VA.p, L»T* &c, cf. Gr. E &c. A.ltOK 2°] om. K. pUJJUU 
+ ixneKpH'f, T« K (P tr.) 8, cf. ? Gr. D* E d aeth"*'. * T A.qaj€ 

+ ItA.q, F. A.qCAJCI IteJUUOOV 0**OgJ om. K. A.qCAJfl| 
L*afps: eqc. &c, T*B»rGNOT. tte*JUOO*r] A : ItEJUlAq, 
L*T» &c. OTTO&a ] om. FS. OTftJLHOj] &A.IUUL., B»FPS. 
6A.TO.] AW., KO. M n€3£A.q] A, 26: +2^.6, L8T*Aj &c. 

TereneAJLi] *re*reitcajoirn, fs. &o*f] &ovf, T'Nt. 
itonrpujAxi] trreoTrp., k. exoxjtq] om. e, k. tee] eie, 

AjFS. A.XXo<|nrXocJ A-XXOT., NT: -<blX<>C, GP. OTO& 
A.HOK] A.KOK 2.6, P: om. OTTO&, B». TAJULOj] position cf. ? 
Or. BO(D)HLP 13. 31. 61. al pier •yr»»'arm &c. egJTeU.] €OJ- 
X6JUL, K. 

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252 npovgic. 

qtfLj6eA*.* ie qcoq* *»eefie $*.! *.n exa.- 
pexenoiruspn itcioi* jGLniepA,nxiXevin i"cgmi 
oifit xe ee&e *.gj n&toii* Axexencnrtopn 
nccoi, f Scum * 

/>\0 80 OTro£, nexe KopnHXioc* xe ic qxcnr $oo*r 
ajA. e^cnrn ex*.icnrttcnr «■ nAJxeo&g, JGL$ka.t 
n^jcmrf j£en nA.m+- £,nnne ic oTrptoAAi 
• «s.qog,i epaxq ixiuJDleo e&oX «■ j£en ot- 
2, ecoiro&aj* 81 oto£, nex*.q xe 
KopnitXie ^.TcioTeju. exeKnpoceTXK +• ovog, 
n6KAA.eoiu.H7 A.*»epnoTfjm.eTri JuLnejuteo iOL- 
4»*f * M o"»copn ovn e&pw eionnn* *ju.pox- 
AAoxf eciAJttoit <|»k exoTTAJLOTt" epoq xe 
nexpoc* 4>*-i qxA.XHcyrr enm nciAxwn m- 
^A-Kcy^-p j£>*.xen $ioaa.* •* nfno** crn 
Ajo-rcupn nccoic. neoic ^.e ka.Xu)c a.kajc 
exAJU* *fnoT A.noit xnpen xeniinAJAA*. *• 
eitx H AAneAxeo aa,<H" eccoxeA*. enu Xripov 
ex*. n<x: gjlojot tu.K* 


pm 84 Gxa.goTuon 2>.e nptug iixenexpoc nexA.q xe 
^en QTfAxeeAAHi •fna/y xe ofpeqtfi&o A.n 

qtfijfc.] eq<T, T'G. qcoq] ab»: -t»q, L»P: eqcajq, 
T*&c M ee&e i°] pref. OTTOg,, G. A.ll]om.FS. AJLmep- 

A.HX(iiX, N) . . . ticiO!] om. GT homeot. OTftt] on. F8. 
Xe] om. K. A.OJ it£,U>&] T' A : Ot ttCA-XI 'what word,' U &c : 

om. n£,to&, k. Axexencmopn] A: *.pex., l«t* &c. 
""oTog, nexe] A: o. nex*.q nxe, l»t*&c.: nex£.q ^e 
nxe, vs. icqxcnr$oo*»] a : JcxenqxoTr^oo** (om. N s T), 
l«t*&c: icxen^ £M>oo*» ne&ooTf, P: icxenqxcnr- 
tynot iieg,., b». n^ixuj&gj cf. Gr. ka*bc 27. 61. 81. 163. 

vg anil aeth &o. &.$n&.t~\ om. F*S. ItA^Cn] cf. Gr. HP al pier 
vg &c. 0"f] e, B«G. £,Knne] A : pref. OTTO&, L»T» &c. : om. 

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ACTS X. 29-34. 253 

is unclean or defiled. 29 Therefore I came, ye having sent 
for me, I made not objection; I ask then concerning what 
thing ye sent for me V s0 And Kornelios said : ' Four days 
ago until this hour I was praying at (the) ninth hour in 
my house: behold, a man stood before me in [a] white 
raiment, 31 and he said : " Kornelie, thy prayer was heard, 
and thine alms were remembered before God. M Send then 
into Ioppe ; let them call Simon who is called ' Fetros,' he 
(<bA.l) lodgeth at (the) house of Simdn the tanner by the sea." 
88 Now then I sent for thee ; but thou (pron.) didst well 
having oome. Now we (pron.) all are here, being (jQC) 
before God, to hear all the things whioh the Lord ordained 
to thee.' 

84 But Petros having opened his mouth, said : ' In [a] 

K. efLoX]L«T'AF'KS:om. B«rGNOPT. €C(q, 0*)OfO&CU,] 
-U>&tt| ., K O* P. 8l OfOg, i°] om. VS. nOCA.q] + ItKI, P ; 

cf. tol s]rr«*et» c* aetb. KOpitH (I, N P)Xl6(A, N)] -XlOC, L«B» * ? 
PPS. A/t*ClO*reJUl] pref. €, F»T. T€Kn. OTOg,] L»AB«: 
he*. OTTO&, T' &c: om. 0*. AJteett.] Jtxerm., B»TT. 
"OTCOpnl pref. "fnoif 'now,' K. OTrit] om. F* K S. 6£,pHl] om. 

o. ioiuihJ -ne, r-. ioiik, kps. juu.poxM.oTf'f ] leaf's : 


...AJtoirf] om.FfSThomeot. q*((CG*)A.(e, f*)Xhott] eq., 

-nFGKS. &AJCCgA.p]-A.pA^N. ji)A.Tend>IOJU.]cf.0r.NAB 
3. 15. 18. 36. 61. 81. 93* 180. vg aeth™. M irfltOTf] A : tt*f Of- 

nO*», L*T* &c. 0*»n] om. B" K S. 1100(0, N) k] &A.pOK, K : 
j£>A.ptOK, T*. 2i€] cf. ? Gr. D e. AJCAJC] 6XA.Ki.IC, B». 
*fnOT] AF*: + OTII, L»B»KPS: +2^.6, TTGNOT. Teit- 
(**., AxjiinA-IAAA. eitXH] L8T»ArF'GK8^_Xe«X H ■**•■ 
IIAJJU.A, B»P : XX.nA.UUU. EftX**, N OT. Altd/f ] cf. Gr. N A 
BCD*EHLP al omu»» d cat syrP arm«° h &c. €TA.] 6X6, K. 
IIOT] cf. Gr. KABOE 13. 15. 36. 40. 6i* tn * 69. 137. 180. ia'«« c* ' cat 
vg «yrP arm : <H" , G, cf. Gr. D H LP al pier syr"* &c. ©A.OJ-] pref. 
HA, K. S4 P^S m 8' the fi>st Sunday of Hatur.'K *^. ...i^jJ Hunt 

'the festival of the oross ' ? . ttptcq] epU>q, N ; position cf. Gr. D am 
aetho"; for add airrw cf. ? Gr. N°ACE 18. 26. 36. 68. 69. 103. 108. al s «« 
al aliq cat 186 vg"* syr"* arm aeth. 0**peq.] pref. h, TNOT. 


Digitized by 


254 npoxgic. 

ne <H"4- "a-XXa. n&ptu j£>en ojXcmX itt&eit 
exep&cf j6Axeqg,H o**o£, exep&wfi. e-f- 
juLeojutm * qajHil nA^,pA.q. 
pf«« M t&qoirujpn ijLneqcA^£i fmenajHpi iimcTv *• eq&i- 
ajenttcnrqi noY&ipimK e&oX g,ixen mc i(x.c. 
puP <p*.i ne nbc ftofoit mften. twfieaoxeit 
xexencojofn ijLnicAxi exA.qajoom j6en *f- 
lor^eA. THpc* eA.qepg,RXc icxen *f|rA,Xi- 
XeA.* JuenencA. niioAJtc exA.q£,iioicg juumoq 
itxeiu)A.nnKc * M Ihc mpejuLnA.^A,pe© *■ kaxa. 
$pirf exA.qeA.g,cq nxe^ j6en OTrnftT eqoTfAJL 
ne**. otxoa*. *■ 4>a.i exA.qi eepneon^-neq oyo& 
eqxA.Xtfo noiron mften exA. miMAJioXoc 
xejULXOJU. e&pm extoq xe <H" x h 
nejut^q ne* 
pixy "OTrog, Anon xenox juumeope tt£,to& m&en* 
exA-qAaxoir j6en TX^pA nmionr a.A.1 > neut 
j6en i7\juZ* $h exA.Y^oe&eq-s- oyo£, 
o-raje..., A.TrA.cgq exen oYgje. 40 <pA,i a, 4>*f xoTfitocq 
f j£>en me&ooTf jGuuu.£,v*- otto£, A,qxiuq 

eepeqoTong,q e&oX 41 ii.rtiXA.oc XHpq A,n + 
a.XXa> per * nK exA.qepgjopn itcox- 
noTf nxe4>i"* exe A.non ne j6a. kk 
exA.noTajAA.-j- oyo£, A.nctw nejuLA.q* A*.en- 
encA. exA,qxconq eftoX j6en nn eeAAcoovx. 
"oirog, A,qg,ong,ert nA,n e&itujaj ii.niXA.oc *■ 
otto£, eepjuteope * xe <pAJ ne exA, <H" 

88 A.XXA.] om. A,*- n&pHl]T'A: tt^>., L« &c. OjXuiX] 
AK: -OX, L«T» &c. M A.qOYU>(0, S)pn &c] for om. fA.p 

cf. Gr. NABO^EHLP si pier d vg rell &c; for om. i» cf. Gr. N* 
AB 6r. m tol d Tg arm aeth" r Ath. eq&l] €£,1, K infinitive. 
87 eA,qep£,HXC] for om. yip cf. Gr. NBC EH LP al omn»* gyr"* 
rell & c. VA-XlXeA.] -Xa,A, N. £,IUMOj] -tOttJ, A,.] 

IU3A., P. 88 nA.^A.ped] cf. Gr. NBCDEP al perarn vg &c. 

j6enOTfnnA.] cf. ? Gr. EL al pauc $A.I ex] cf. ? Gr. N«ABCE 

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ACTS X. 35-42. 255 

troth I see that God is not a respecter of persons: M but 
(A.) in every nation (he) who feareth him, and who worketh 
the righteousness is accepted with him. 86 He sent his word 
to (the) sons of Israel preaching good tidings of [a] peace 
through Jesus Christ, he (<pA,i) is the Lord of all. " Ye (pron.) 
know the word which came (ajiom) in all [the] Ioudea, 
having begun from [the] Galilea, after the baptism which 
Idannes proclaimed. M Jesus the Nazarene, according as 
God anointed him in a holy spirit and [a] power : he ($£.!) 
who came to do the good, and healing every one over whom 
the devil had power, because God was being with him. 

39 And we (pron.) are witness of all things which he did 
in (the) country of the Jews and in Jerusalem. He whom 
they killed, and they hanged him on &7ree*. 40 This (one) 
God raised in the third day, and he gave him to manifest 
himself, 41 not to all the people, but (A.) to the witnesses 
whom God chose before, that is us, namely we (ttH) who 
ate and we drank with him after he rose from them who are 
dead. ** And he ordered us to proclaim to the people, and to 

* lit. 'wood.' 

H LP al pier &c. eCf,TA.Xtf6] L«T»APP :• eTA.X(j6, TOKNO 
ST infinitive : eitO&eft*. 'to save,' B» 18. fe.I4.fL] feiefi., S. 

extoq]L«A: exujoTf, t* &c. 39 AJtOtl] om. K. xeitoi] 

cf. Gr. HLP al pier vg arm* &c. K^tJofi] eg,., F"KS. j£>eit 
iTChZE] cf. Gr. KAOEHLP al pier cat 187 am arm &c. $h] A: 
4>A.I, UT* Ac.; for om. rat cf. Gr. minusc mn vg 01 * fu syr** &c. 
OTTOg, a ] om. B»KP 18. 40 A.] 6TA., FS : 6*., G. TOTT- 

ItOCCj] + €&oX jfeeit !tH eeJUUOOirr'from them who are dead,' 

k. iben] cf. ? Gr. »«o 31. cnro(u>, S) K&q] cnrcong,, b»p 18. 
41 A.n] om. ps. **.e©per] **.e*rju.eep., fs. nit] om. fs. 
ereA-itcm ne] cf. ? Gr. (exc. o &c). efLoX] om. n. eo- 

JULOJOTTX] cf. Gr. exc (DE &c). 42 4>A.l] cf. Gr. BC D«'Ef(L) 

13. 15. 18. 27. 29. 100. 105. 137. 163. k»« eyr»» r . 6TA,] 6, NT. 

Digitized by 


- 266 npctxgic. 

e£.ajq npeq*f g,*.n * eitH exonj6 neA*. itH 

eGJJLlXiOtT *■ 

PM 8 *8<J>^.i exe nmpo$HXHC XHpo** epjuteepe j6A.poq* 
eepoftff £xnx,w e&oX nxe noirno&i efk>X 
£,ixoxq iiiieqpAJt ibceoTron m&en eeru.£/f 
44 Gxi eqc^xi rbcenexpoc ntf£jc£j£i A.qi ruce- 
niTTnX eeo*r^4> exen o-von m&en excto- 
xe.u. emc^^ci* "oirog, a.*»xcdjulx fbcem- 
eftoX j6en nce&i* nimcxoc exA/vt neu 
nexpoc* 2te a. •f^oape*. iixe mmtX e&ot&£ 

pn £.c<t>um | eftoX e&pHi exen niKeeeitoc *• 
*• tu/ircusxeju. r*.p eptocnr ne* evc^ai j6en 
2,a.riX4.c * oirog, eirdTci iM>*f* 

«*« Toxe *.qepcnrio rbcenexpoc •*• " xe aahxi cnron 
cyxa*jL iixe g,Xi x*.&no juLtu.*juooy *• egj- 
xejutepe iu.i dTfaumc. n*»i exA/*<Jf iinmrTZ! 
edOTAA iAnenpirf £/wt* *• A.qoTr*.£,cA.g,ru 
2k.e rtujcnr eeporojuLcoT jfceit $p^.rt rime n^c. 
xoxe £/#"fg,o epoq* eepeqcgioru ^.totot 
rig^ne&oo** * 

PMf x UX-vccoxejuu 2^.6 rtxeruA-nocxoXoc * nejtx. mc- 
nKOTf exajon. £>en *fioir^.ea. ace *. meertoc 
ojen rue*.*! jixe <H" epujo-r «• 

«*C 8 &oxe ex*.qcge rucenexpoc e&pm eiTCtuGC* 
£.*tttf£,£.n nejut^q rtxeme&oX j6en nce&i 

chh] RriK, fs. exoitj6] exumj6, rs°*. exoru6 
nejULitH] om. s*. 43 exe] ex*., fkst. £>*.poq" 

+XHpo-» 2°, fs. nx«j] nix«J» gknot. noirno&i' 

nentf., NS, i° person. K m B 'the end (of the lection).' 4 * €Xl" 

ej- t s ; cf. Gr. (exe. p* &c). eqc^jci] *.qc., t. e6ov&.&] 
ee-r, pt: ee, r. excajxew.] ex*.-*ctoxeju., b* i8?. 
48 ^.-rrcojuLx] -oajlx, l«t*knp». m] hh, t*. ncefij] 
ma, t. ex^-TTi] +efkoX 'out,' fs. eeo-*a.&] position ct i 

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ACTS X. 43— XL a. 257 

witness, that this is he whom God ordained judge of (e) 
them who are alive and them who are dead. "This of 
whom all the prophets witness, that (eepcnr) through his 
name all who believe him should receive (the) forgiveness of 
their sins.' "As Fetros was yet speaking these words, 
the holy spirit came upon all who heard the word. ** And 
they of (the) circumcision, the faithful who came with 
Fetros, were amazed, because the free gift of the holy spirit 
was poured out upon the Gentiles also. "For they were 
hearing them speaking in tongues, and exalting God. Then 
Fetros answered: * T, Is. it possible for any to forbid the 
water, that these should not be baptised, these who received 
the holy spirit as we also (did)?' ** But he commanded them 
to baptise them in (the) name of Jesus Christ. Then they 
besought him to abide with them some days. XI. But 

the apostles and the brethren who were in [the] Ioudea 
heard that the Gentiles received the word of God. * When 
Fetros went into Jerusalem, they of (the) circumcision 

Or. BD 40. rg &c. €£,pHl] €&., L». Re] am. K. *• Tie] 

om. GKNOT. ^6H] ft, P. \LC] pref. K€ 'other,' FS. €"*- 
dlci] A.Y0ICI, A t N : tULVCSlCl, FS imperfect. 4T AJLRTl] 

JUUrf, N OPT. inregjXl &c] position cf. ? Or. (E) 40. 69. 95. 180. 
cat 1 * 1 Epiph-* syr"**. TA& no] p ref. 6, KS. JtA.IlUU.UXnr] 

jtjuuuixnr, 0. eecnrAJl] ee 5 ?, p : ee, n. jQLnenpicf ] 

cf. 1 Gr. NAB 13. 15. 18. 27. 29. 38. 40. 61. 68. 69, 105. 113. 137. 180. 
al*" r el pane cat &c " 2^] cf. i Gr. NBE 13. 18. 3 3. 34. 37. 40. 

61. 68. 180. d«* cat 191 ayrP. £ett] 6, FS. ftlHC rijj&c] cf. Gr. 
MA BE 13. 15. 18. 39. 4a 6i , » 68. 69. 105. 163. 180. al 8 ** al* am fa tol 
demid syrP arm &c. 6pOq] + ne, K. 

1 ergon] t*ab»: ex, l«&c. mee.]A: miteee. 'the 

Gentilee also,' L*T* &c. * F"W 'the fourth Sunday of Tfibah,* Hunt .6, 

8"* ts>UUJl J^ft Jjl 'the beginning (of the lection). The festival of 
the living creatures,' F»« ? the same. g,OXe] L* A^jF P 8 : + a.C, T» 
Ai° &c cf. Gr. KABE 15. 18. 25. 4a 61. 105. 163. 180. i2 lMt cat vg arm. 
iTvHJUL] cf. 1 Gr. KAB 40. 61. A.TT tfl] CTftfT, P. 
VOL. rv. 8 

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258 npoxgic. 

•erxu? juuuloc* xe AJccge ej6o*»n oja. g,A.n~ 

pCOJU.1 rtA.TCe&I* OTfOg, A.KOTIUJU. neM.tooT*» 

««? « GTA.qep£,H*rc a^e nxenerpoc + iu.qc.JUM ne**.- 
ujott eqxto jSjuloc*. *A.noK itAJj6en loniut 
•f noXic -s- eiepnpoce**x ec * e oirog, Ajru.T >6eit 
OYTUMU.T eoT&opAJUu.* eqnKonr enecHT nxe- 
oTrcicenroc ju.$picf no*»nig*f n£,&t»c m*.t + 
e»xt» jGuu.oq e&pni iS nA,pxn e&oX >6en 
T^e* oTrog, A.qi ajApoi. 6 <i>AJ exjucojuic 
epoq* itArf n&em ne+ otk>£, AinA.-* emxefi." 
iwucm Here nKA.£,i + new. moupion* ne**. 
mtfXxqi * new. ni£,A.XA.-f n*re x*e * 
7 UXicarreju. 2ie CKecjutH eexus jOUxoc* xe Turn* 

nerpe ojoot oirog, ottojju.. | 
"Ilexm *e xe jQufcup ndc* xe i*.ne g,Xi nen- 
Xfi.1 eq6Aj6&*4. * xe eqcoq ge e^oirit epcui 
eneg,* »A.cepo-*u> 2>.e nxe*fc**.H jOL4>jula£,- 
con E* e&oX j6en T<fee ecxto juuu-oc*- xe 
iim eTA. <H* TOTr&toof iieoK iinep<rAj6o.OT * 
w <&aj 2>.e Aqajumi oja. v neon* oirog, A.irqi 
on iucecon iienx*-' m&en ext&e* 

* AJtge] + rtAJf, 26 ; position cf. Or. NABD 38. 4a 61. 68. 69. 
I05. 113. 121. 180. al 2 *" cat 192 vg arm aetfa &c; for 2° person cf. Gr. 
KADEHPal pier yg arm°« aeth &c. OJA,] L«T»AB»FP8: £,A, TG 
N OT : €, K. * F-* 'read on the fourth Sunday of Bashons.' itXC- 

nexpoc] om. K. ttA,qCAXl] ItCAXJ '(began) to speak,* K: 
eqCAXI 'speaking,' F. nefJUAJOTf] T*AB«: jfeA/TOTOT, 
L« &c. ; for om. wto&t cf. Gr. L* 4*. eqxcwl KAqXUJ 'he 

was &c.,' E. * A.HOK] pref. XG, KS 26. ttAl] L*A,B»FKOS : 

+X*» T«A,<TGNP a6: ilVH. T. Ionn(om. S 26) RJ position 
cf.? Gr. D. TOJJU.T" eoifj om. FKS. £,OpAJUlA] -OJUUL, 

tnt. eqnKoif] qn., fs. £,&(uc]-oc,b». ej6pm]LsA, 

B»FGKO«PS: Hj6.,T*A 2 rN0*T. tt^T] JSa., B«F8. fflA-pOl] 
£,A.pOI, K : fflApon 'unto us,' 8. « €*TA.ICOA*.c] 6IULI., F8. 

itAi-f ii] om. n, k. oTrog, iiitii] ofog,, 26 : 

AinAT 2^6, FS: OTTO&, K by error. niTe&ttUXnfl] 

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ACTS XL 3-10. 259 

pleaded against him, 'saying: •Thou wentest in onto men 
uncircumcised, and thou atest with them. 4 Bnt Fetroa 
having began, was speaking to them, saying, 8 1 (pron.) was 
being in Ioppg the city, praying : and I saw in a trance 
a vision, a vessel as a great sheet* coming down, let down 
by (S) four corners from (the) heaven; and it came onto 
me. •This having gazed at, I was giving heed ; and I saw 
the beasts of (the) earth, and the wild beasts, and the creep- 
ing things, and the birds of (the) heaven. 7 But I heard 
a voice also, saying: 'Rise, Peter, slay and eat.' 8 But 
I said: 'Not so, Lord, because never did anything unclean 
or denied go into my mouth.' * But the voice answered (the) 
second time from (the) heaven, saying: 'The things which 
God cleansed do not thou (pron.) make them unclean.' 
10 But this was done even (SJA.) three times : and everything 

* Lit. 'garment of linen.' 

L«AB*F(K)PS: +THp07f, K : tUq*Te<&A,T 'the quadrupe6VT*r 
gnot a6. uka&i] mic, G. neJU.nidK(I,MT)pion]om. 
B»: tra. after tfA.Tqi, K. (om. N)(f&Tqi] trs. after 
T<he, K. T AJCUJTeJlA. 2>.6 e*e] cf. Gr. NABE 13. 35. 37. 

*9* 33- 34* 40. 61. 69. 105. o»« vg : om. 2>.e, FS : AJCOJXeJUt BOX, 
K. ecxw] BKX.W, r*S by error. JUUULOc] A 36: +WKI 
'to me,' L«T» &c TCDIUC] cf. ? Gr. D*»« vg. nCTpc] nexpOC, 

s«: nerpA^ nt. g»T] +Aiuu.oq 'it,* b«. 8 nexw a^e] 
o-*o£, nexiu, 36. ju.neg,Xi h(en, 8)enx*-0 m«*« d««* 

thia with 'praam •w,' but obs. Epiph libere 147 wiv «m»&>. €CJ(TX.« 

jfceju.] ruJAj6eA*., p. e(A., P)qcoq]A: eqctoq, l«t» &c 
eptui] epoi, fn s. »A,cepcnru>] A.q., a,*o. *.e] om. 

KNO ; for om. pot of. Gr. HAB 15. 18. 33. 36. 40. 61. 105. 163. 180. cat 
Tg •rm"*. *f CJULH] T»AB»FS : OTTCJULH, L« Ac. indefinite ; posi- 
tion cf.? Gr. KAHLP 61. ai pier vg &c. CCXttt JUUULOc] T*AB», 
cf. Gr. 13. iod. 177** ai 1 **: om. L* &c flGOK] + fc.6, FK8. 
10 $AI a.6] om. fc.6, G*. cf. Gr. H: OfO£, $AJ, K. *.Tfqi] 
position cf. Gr. KABI) 13. 40. 61. 69. 96. 105. 163. 180. cat vg syrP arm 
•eth: A.qi 'came,' F8. 

b a 

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260 npoxgic. 

pyS « (Hog, £,Hime *f ott noir «• ic r ftpmiuu A."»og,i 

epjLToi*- g,ipen <frpo jOLiiihi en*.iXR nj£>H*rq+ 

eA/rT-a-oTrtoo** £Apoi e&oX *&en KecA.pi a. +• 

pv "+nexe iimitA 2.e nw* see jjLAoge hajc 

pva nejuuooT iucoi n&KT 5 a.« ft&Xi*- +3Xti 
2.e nejuuu nxenAixeF neon* ovog, Aitaje 
ejfeoifit emu jQLntpuMAi * " AqrAJjton 2.6 
ii.*pH*f erAqitAT eruAxreXoc sben neqiu 
eqo&i epATq* oirog, eqxoc*- xe orwpn 
eionnit* oTfog, juunrf ecuuuon $k eroi- 
A*.oTf*f epoq xe nerpoc. u $aj ceitACAxi 
neuu.K n&AJtcAxi haj ereKitAno&eAA. nj&ft- 
tott neo* neu ne*Hi TRpq* 

pv/3 "Gtaj epg,K*rc 2.6 kcaxi*- Aqi e&pw exuxnr 
nxeniiutA! e©cnrA&+> ix^pn-f exAqi e&pni 
excun najopn* " Aiep^JULeTi 2.6 jlLucaxi 
juLnbe jOL<t>pH*f enAqxcw jjlxaoc* xe iwAniwc 
jxen Aq-fu>ju.c /6en oir juuoo-r *• ftearren 
2.6 cen*.eju.c eiutcnr j6en otmu! eqo*rA& + 
"ICxe enrn a, <H"+ Aq*f now* ft-fg/rcoc n*f- 
2.<upeA4> erAirnAg/f enor: mc nxc iinen- 
piw. pirf £,u?n + Anc* nuu. 2.6 erA&no | &&t*- 
18 exAircurrejui. 2.6 enAi A•^rx*•puw>'<»'*• otto^, 

11 *fcnr(om. OTf, NjnOTf] A: pref. ft, L»T* &c enAIXR] 

cf. Or. EH LP al pier cat vg syr"*' aeth &c. ft^KTq] 6J&, G. 

6A*rT.] om. 6, O. -TAOTrtOOTf] -TACJDOTf, A,G. gApOl] 

L>AB»PS: OJApoi, TTFGKNOT. -pi A. (6, E)] cf. Gr. MAE. 

Bunt t6, " nm] position cf.? Gr. NABD 61. vg. ftKOl] 6KOI, FES single 

» A.TTI... negative. nAIK6F] HAIK., T». AKOje] L*AB»FPS: eTAK- 

eeoVi&S' 6 ' T' rGKN0T - " ^ e ] cf - * Qt - »ABD 18. 33. 36. 38. 40. 61. 

68. 93. 96. 105. 113. 180. 31* al*<* r al pane cat vg iyrP &c: om. 26. 

AJL^pH-f ] jGLrupfrf, F8. eqo&x] ab»ge 26: Aqo&i, 8: 

6Aq., L«TTFN0PT. OTOg, i°]om.FK. eqXOc] A : AqXOC, 
L8T»B»rFGNOP8T : 6Aq., K : eqXOJ JUUU.OC, 26. X6 i°] for 
om. KAq cf. Gr. KAB 61 : ttAq X6, T'S, cf. Gr. DEHLP al pier 
vg nyr» te arm aethPP Ac. 6IO(OI, N)nn(om. 26) m] cf.Gr. NABD 

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ACTS XL iz-18. 261 

was carried again another time to (the) heaven. "And 
behold, immediately three men stood at (the) door of the house 
in which I was being, having been sent to me from Kesaria. 
11 Bat the spirit said to me : ' Go with them, doubting not 
anything.' But these six brethren also came with me ; and 
we went into (the) house of the man. ls But he showed to us 
how he saw the angel in his house, standing and saying: 
•Send to loppe, and call Simon who is called "Petros"; 
14 he ($Ai) will speak to thee words, those (lit. these) in 
which thou and all thy house will be saved.' '* But I 

having begun to speak, the holy spirit came upon them, as 
he came upon us at first. ,e But I remembered (the) word 
of the Lord, how he was saying: 'IdannSs indeed baptised 
in [a] water; but ye (pron.) will be baptised in [a] holy 
spirit. " If then God gave to them the equal free gifi, 
who believed the Lord Jesus Christ as we also (did), who 
(was) I indeed fce) to stop God?' "But having heard 

61. al ph>s *° cat rg syr •»»> arm aeth. OTf OP, 2 ] om. 26. CIAJUOIt] 

or.,0: -Axon, n. m ereicnA.] erAXitA, s. nj^H- 

TOTf] pref. €&o\ FS. KGOIC] om. F8. "e&pHl i°] 

L»T*AB*KOP: €£., TFGN8T. eeOTTAA] ee*», P: ee, T. 
JU.4>pH-f ] L«T»AB*P: +&UHI, TO KNOT: JUCIienpirf £,U)!t, 
F8. 6£,pHI a°] e£., FGOS. CXCMtl] AB»rFNOST: +g,U)!t 
'also," L»T«G (K)P. F-c 'the end (of the lection).' " X6 i°] om. 0. 

eruuqacuj] om. e, t». xe] cf. ? Gr. **> 27. 29. 38. 40. 68. 69. 93. 

IOO. 105. 113. al*»° r al &c. JXe«] IteJUL, Ai by error. Aqy] 

eq*f% t»n. Mjuaot] + juum.eTA.noiA., k. " a.] om. k. 

A-Cft] *f, F8. £/*COc] &ICOC, LBQ. ft-f^OOpeA.] T»A: 
om. +, LB &c. «IJOl] om. F*S. *.e] L«T»AFPS, of. Gr. EHLP 
al pin syrP&c: 2C6 'then,' B»GKNOT: om. T, cf.Gr. KABD 7.13. 14. 
15. 18. 25. 27. 36. 37. 38. 40. (6i.) 68.69. 76. 99. 100. 105. 163. 180. al**" 
al pane cat vg syr** arm aeth Did &c eTA&Ito] pref. eOTfOlt 
gJXOJU. JUUULOI 'was it possible for me,' P. w 2.e] om. K. 

eiUj] ftltAJ, N : om. S*. A.(€, S)*OC*-] L« AB»FK P S, cf. ? Or-. 
ttBD* 40. 59* 61. 68. 69* 180. al*«« al pane Tg syr** aeth &c: 
tU.*X£* TTGNOT, ct ? Gr. AE H LP al pier cat arm Ac 

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362 npoxgic. 

Avfoxnr j5&f ertxw Umloc* ace &ApA a 
♦1" *-Tf" irfjuieTAnoiA SruKeeenoc ena>ru6*- 


pry M Hh .meit QTfit exist cwp e&oX icaceft m&oac&ex 

erAqgwm &i crefrArt oc a*m gAe&pw e*f- 

^oimicK new. mrnpoc * new. TAirf ox.**- itce- 
caxi iteju. £,Xi Ait Xjuiicaxi* eftnX ennoir2*Ai 
JJuuuLx&.nro"t*> 20 necnron 2,AitoTon *.e eftoX 
nj6HT<nr* &Aitpuuuii iunrnpioc*- net*. g,AK- 
mrpmneoc*. kai erAin eTAirooxiA- itAf- 
caxi new. mcnreimn* ev&nuig Jjliiot Irc + 
sl o-*o£, iiApe TXiac jOLiiot x k iteju.ajo-» + 
<nrmg-f 2l€ ajuuukoj A«*itAg/f * ofog, atmcot- 
ott enoc* 

pri M 3x iiicaxi 2^.6 ge gA neruuiAgx irfeiacXHCiA* 
erj6€ii iTvkjut ee&HXOTr oitog, 4/vcmopn ii,- 
•&.ApnA&Ac gA TA-itTiox^* M **J erAqi * 
<nro£, eTA.qtiA.7r eru£,Jtt.oT ftxe <H" AqpAgi * 
oirog, itAq*fitoA«.*f noTfoit mften &en nieeoT 
n&mr* eepcnro&i £>ert hot. M ace neoirptojuu 
nAt-Aooc ne + eqjme£, e&oX ^eit nmwA 
eeo-cAfi. new. <feitA£/f . 

pv< Ot og, AqcnrA&q iicA iiot ibceonr mg*f juuuLKg *• 

£,ApA] cf. ? Gr. MABD 40. 61. 65. 133. k**. A] om. FK8T. 
enUJItjfcj position not before Omttv, cf. ? Or. EHLP al pier syr ntr 
aethPP. F°« 'the end (of the lection).' " F»« 8"»« 'the second 

Sunday of Tut' €TA*»CO)p 6&oX] €TA«*CU)XceX eftoX, 

F»: erAqcoXceX e&oX, s. icxeit] ee&e 'because of,' k. 

&l] 6&I, FS. TAirf] AO: TAItTI, L* &c OC"-] * *• 

mel. neJUL&Xi] n&Xi, P. iinicAxi] om. b». Jul- 

JULATTAXOTf] cf.? Or. D vg. *° £,AKpU5JUU ttCTTIipiOc] 

om. NT. &AMOrp.] ItlK., T»: om. £,AIt, FS. -piltlteoc] 
T*ArFOKNOPST, cf. ? Or. H : -pRIteoc, L»B». €XATfx] cf. Or. 

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ACTS XL 19-24. 263 

these things they held their peace, and they glorified God, 
Baying: 'Then God gave the repentance to the Gentiles 
also onto (the) life.' 

18 They indeed then who were scattered since the tribula- 
tion which happened at (the time of) Stephanos came even 
onto [the] Phoinike and Eypros and (the) Antiochia, and 
spake to none the word except the Jewe only. *° But there 
were some from them, Kyprian men, and some Kyrinnean, 
these having come to (the) Antiochia were speaking to the 
Greeks, proclaiming the Lord Jesus. "And (the) hand of 
the Lord was being with them : but a great multitude 
believed, and they turned to the Lord. **But the word 
went unto (the) ears of the church which was in Jerusa- 
lem concerning them: and they sent Barnabas unto (the) 
Antiochia. >s He (4>A.l) having come, and having seen 
the grace of God, rejoiced ; and was encouraging all in [the] 
exhortation to stay in the Lord : M because he was a good 
man, full of the holy spirit and (the) faith. And a great 

ttABDEL" 61. al pin* 20 cat 1 " syrP aeth See. 'X}*-] cf - 0r - ** AE - 
ItAITCAJCl] cf. Or. H°DBHLP al pier cat fu syr 04 * arm aeth &c 
OVeiltin] cf. ? Gr. N«AD* c»* arm Eos syr"* aeth &c 21 ItatJl- 

tooV] l»ab»P: + ne, T»rFOKNOST. ormg-f 2v.e] 
avjuutcg a.e, O: pref. oirog,, f. J0U*.Rg] iiuu.wni 

'mga»; 8 by error. A-THU^f ] gA.irnA£,*f, S. OTTO& 2 ] 
HT»AB»KPS: om. TFGNOT. ** IteiUUlAAJx] tl€JJLJJL., Hunt 18, 

KT: IteitlJUL., 8. eKKX.] CJtX., B». BTitea] cf.? Gr. AD «^i^',o 
H L P al pier cat. IMUUl] cf. ? Gr. K A B D 15. 37. 36. 40. 61 . 105. 180. 
cat gA.] cf. Gr. KAB 61. vg «yr** arm aeth. "X 1 *-] <* Gr « E « 
» CXA.qnA.-r] L«T*AB» i8: A-qitATT, TFOKNOPST. nA.q-f] 

a.q*f, fs. noiron] neoox enron, F(om. ot)8. jfcen a ] 

cf. Gr. B 40. rg &c. ** ne] +OTfOn, T : om. A,*. A.VAeoc] 

-eon, fs«. eqjuteg,] l*a,b»fps 18: q*JU, k>. pref. oirog,, 
T*A,rG(K)NOT. eeo*VAA] e&t, T. A.qo*»A.g,q] 

A.qOTTOn£,q 'manifested iUelf,' G. IICA.] L»T»AB«GP 18: €, 

Digitized by 


264 npoxgic. 

p»«s- t«*G*TA.qi *e eeA.pcoc eqicurf itcA. ca/*Xoc*> 
M o*»o£, exA-qxewLq Aqenq e&piti eTAJtTi- 

pvC axcgjumi *e erA/cep o-rpoj«.ni THpc e»eo-»irr *• 
j6en •fewcXHcw.4- A.nrfcfia> iu>7riug*f- £*r 
juutg* A/rfpen iujuu.0h|thc xe*- erj&en 
tajctioxm* ngopn ace mxpHcrtAJKoc* 

p"* "H&ptu a\e j6eit nAje&ooT erejuuuiA.Tr a.tti 
nxe&A.itnpo$KTKc * e&oX j6en ixhjul er- 
a.irrioxw-*' M A.qrtt>iiq 2\e nxeoTAJ e&oX 
tu6H*ro*r ne axaAoc Aq-fjuuiiiu 
e&oX £,rren ninnX eeoTA&*» ecvmgrf- 
K&Aum* eqnA.gtvni exen *foiRo*vju.enK 
THpc ere $h ne erA-qajium £»* kXa,*y:&ioc *• 

*» niJULAORTRC 2\e4- KA.TA. $pH*f eitA,p€ IUOTAJ 

iuoyai ju.e£, iiUuLoq* Aqecog ttxe$o*VAi 
<t>o**Ai Juumcwoir * eo*va\iAJtumiA. eonrtopn iuu- 
cnKOTT ergon j6en -f iont*.e*.*> *° $aj 
erA/rAiq eovtupn n£,A,nnpecft*rrepoc e&oX 
£,rroTq juL&ApttAAAc nejut. ca.*vXoc + 

pvd fl&pHi 2\e j6en nicKOT ereJuuut.A.'r a. hpcd^hc 
no-rpo A,qim irreqxix e&piu exen g^novott. 

"CTAqi 2w€] LiT»AB»P8: A,qi *e, TOKNOT; cf. Gr. 

NAB 36. 69. 100. 180. am* At demid lyi-"* arm Ac: &A.pKAJL&.C 

2\6 Aqi, F, cf.? vg* am* aeth. e] AB»FP 18: pref. e&oX, 

LRT* Ac: ft, 8. OApcoc] AFKP8: TAp., L»T» Ac Cq- 

KXrf] pref. neJU. &ApitAAA,C, 8 by error. CA.fXoc] IU.7T., 

Hontts, KO. "OTTOgJ om. FS. eTA.qxe*Aq] + ^.e, F; for 

■»*- c " airoVcf.Gr. HPL allonge plu •yr**et» 0.0b. arm aeth Ac A.qenql 

S*^* 1 •" cf. Gr. EHLP al plu ayr** aeth Ac eg,pRl] om. B»8* 18. -Xf*] 

cf. Gr. NE. 2w€ i°] om. 26.] of. Gr. EHLP al pier 

arm aeth Ac THpc] -DOTf, F. e*TOO*V la-] tea. after -CIA, ac 

*f CKKXhcIA] AB»: +OfO£ w L»T» Ac A.T*fcjStt}] L«AB»S: 

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ACTS XL 25— XII. I. 265 

multitude followed the Lord. ** But having come to Tharsos, 
seeking for Sanlos; M and having found him, he brought 
him into (the) Antioehia. But it came to pass (that) 
having spent a whole year, assembling in the church, they 
taught a great multitude: but the disciples who were in 
(the) Antioehia were named first 'the OhristUms.' " But 
in those days came prophets from Jerusalem to (the) 
Antioehia. "But one from them rose, his name being 
Agabos, he signified through the holy spirit a great famine 
about to happen over the whole world, which is that which 
happened at (the time of) Klaudios. "But the disciples, 
according as each one had means*, each of them decided 1 * 
for [a] ministry to send to the brethren who dwelt in [the] 
Ioudea; *° this having done, to send (it) to presbyters" 
through Barnabas and Saulos. 

XII. But in that time Erodes (the) king brought his hand 

• Lit. 'mm being filled.' b lit 'ordained.' • Or 'to tend 


€A.Tf., P: IlAvf., GP 36: eTA/rf., TTKNOTfom. *f). 
*.€ 2°] om. 26. eT^en] L8T»AB«rF8: eTXKj6en»*: 
i6en,GKN0T. XP KC Tl^ oc ] TtAr Q KN r ,T .cf-GT' K*6i: 
XPHC*f., 26: XP ,c ^*-» UB^OS. "OC"-] rf - Gr - & 

** 2s.e] om. F8 26. A.q*f JULHim] A.(e, N)qJUL., NT ; of. ? Gr. 
NAEHLPalonm*« d catsyr«**&e. COOT AjSi] 60T, P. eqttAOJ.] 

qru-, fp 26. exen] a : £,ixen, i*t* &c. 4»k ne] ne 4>h, 

O ; cf. Gr. KABD 13. 33. 34. 4a 61. 105. 133. I2 1 *" 1 vg »yr» arm aeth &c. 
JcX&.TO.IOc] of. Gr. N ABD 13. 40. 61. Tg arm aeth &c. M <fcpH*f] $r ere, f. tuo*»AJ 2 ] om. k. **.e&\ a : $eg, 

'reached,* UT» &c Aqeiog] A.TTe., T. eOTr*.!.] L«AB»PS: 
eTOJCf, 0)., T»rFGKN0T. -KUMUA.] T»Ar : -KOHIA, L» ftc 

eo-vujpn] -pnc, K: -pnonr, P: +juujaoot, f. *° <pa.i] 

pref. OtoPj, K. €TA.TAjq] e*TA.qAiq, A by error. €Oir- 

topn] A.Tcnropnq 'they sent it,* F8. it£,*.rmp.] g,A itinp* 

'to the &c,*F8$ obs. Gr. 34. om. wp6t. CA.Vaoc] IlA.*e*., S. 

1 ^e] om. T. HptOfeHC] -THC, NOT, thus verse 6. HOT po] Hut is, 
position ctGr.(«cM 66 Ac). A.qmi] IIU, F. e&pm] om. F8. , ""° 

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266 IlPOXglC. 

eAoX j6en l-eKKXHCiA e-fijLKA£ > ncoov^ 
8 oirog, Aqj6u>xefi. mAKuoftoc neon nicuAnitRC 
nxcitqi -s- 8 exAqnAir as.e ace m&cuJS. pAnuxrc 
nnno-ir2s.*.n- AqofA&xoxq eolbni ixnKene- 
xpoc* ne nieg/xnr a^e ne nxe niAXiaofi* 
*$ai exAqo*5nq Aqx*-«| J6en nigxeuo*. 
eAqxwq exoxo** nal ttajum aaaaaxoi * 
eepo-*Apeg, epoq* eqjw.eri eenq eg,pm 
ii.niXA.oc AAenencA ninAcx*-* * nexpoc 
juten oTrn* nA-rApeg, epoq £en ntgjxeico* 
nAcepnpoceirxecee 2i.e ee&nxq eAAAajco &a 
$*f nacefeigcXKaA*! 
p£ 6 8»oxe 3\e eqnAenq e&pni nxeHpuo^Hc *• /6en 
pn& niexujpg, exexjuuu.** nAqenxox nacenexpoc*- 
ofxe aaaxoi E* eqjutHp n&AXnrcic 5"f~*- 
neoron n&AitApeg, a\e £,ipen mpcuov eirApeg, 
enigxeKo* T o*»o£, £,nnne ic o«*ArveXoc 
nxe nor Aqx* o**o£, onroTUJim Aqepoirtomi 
j6en mm + exAqiaAA a\e enc$ip iinexpoc *• 
AqxoTtnocq eqxcu aaaaoc* ace xowtic noc***- 
Xeju. o*»o£, ATg,ei nxeni&AXfcic e&oX tben. 
neqxiac * * neace niArreXoc a\e nAq ace 
Atopic*, OTrog, jula nefccirnavAXion epAXK* 
Aqipi a\e juLnAipK-f «• oiro£, neacAq ace acoX&K* 

e&oX] L»T*A a B»PS: om. A,rFGKNOT. ■ OTfO£, 

Aqj6-] LBT»AB«P, cf. Or. D syr«* aefch &c: Aq£. a\€, TFGK 
NOT: OTTOP, Aqj6- *€, S, obs. Gr. 76. 177" g"» &c. dr. 6i mi 

nxcnqi] j6enx., p. ■ 3\e i°] cf. Gr. kabe 6i. ai pi*. 10 

cat vg lnxov &c. Xe] om. FS. 6"tum] 6*1 'take,' FS. IUC- 
£,00**] cf. Or. ADE 61. al pins 40 cat Ac. 2v.6 ne] a\6 n€, T»OK : 
om. FS. * 4>Al] +3\e, FS, obs. Gr. (exc. D) *» mi. -tfonq] 

-ojonq, ft. Aqx*.q] -XH. r. j6en] cf. ? or. e* io"** 
exoxoVj a &c. : -xoq, T: nxoxoir (xq, N), lrt»n. nas. 
ngum aaaaaxoi] na\ ngoAAAAAXoi, fs: ngton 

KAIiak. AA.AA.AXOI, B* 18. AAmXAOc] eillXAOC, N. 

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ACTS XH. 4-8. 267 

upon some from the church to give pain to them. 'And 
he killed Iakobos (the) brother of IoannSs with (the) sword. 
8 But having seen the thing was pleasing to the Jews, he 
went on (lit. added) to arrest Petroa also. But the days 
were (those) of the unleavened (plur.). * Him ($4J) having 
arrested, he put in the prison, having delivered him to four 
bands of soldiers to keep him, thinking to bring him up 
to the people after the Pasoha. * Petroa indeed then was 
being kept in the prison: but the church was praying 
for him greatly to Qod. 6 But when Erodes was about 
to bring him up, in that night Petroa was sleeping between 
two soldiers, bound with two chains : but there were keepers 
at the doors keeping the prison. T And behold, an angel 
of the Lord came, and a light shone in the house : but 
having shaken (the) side of Petros, he raised him (up), 
saying : ' Rise quickly.' And the chains fell from his hands. 
8 But the angel said to him : ' Gird thyself, and put (lit. give) 
thy sandal to thy foot.' But he did thus. And he said: 


8 M£n Oflt] L«T*AB»FPS 18: fc.6, TGKNOT. ItAcep] AB» 

fs 18 : itAirep, uttgknopt. npoceirxecee] -e»x K » 

O. 2»e] LbT*AB»FPS: om. TGKNOT. eiUUgJU)] om. S?: 
enajUM 'up,' KO. &a] T* &c. : sb±> L«. 1"eKK(om. B»)X.] LB 
AB»(F)8 18: It! €K.,T*rGKNOPT: +THpc 'all,' F. a &OTE Huritiau, 
2l£ &cj om. 2w€, Q P : eq (om. FS) ItAeitq 2w€, B»F S 18. OTTE] 
OTT^e, A t2 *. n&L\t(H, FKS)Clc] K&AH&., B» i8 B . E*f] 

cnorf, b*g 18. n&AnApeg,] AO*(om. it): g,A.npeq- 

£.p€£,, L»T* Ac. fc.6 a°] cf. ? Gr. D e. mpoOOTf] A: HipO, 
TT: HipO, L* Ac. singular. CfApeg,] CAirApeg,, B». 

* (mmviiu] AOTroumi, f*s. epoirajim] epovcum, F* : 

COVCOirU, S. ftX^eM.] +0"*0£, JU.OOJI KCtO! 'walk after 
me,* F. * fc.6 ItA.q] L*AB*PS, cf. ? Gr. BDEH 34. 36. 40. 96. 

100. 103. 105, »•" c** al oat Tg syrP Ac: om. T : om. 2^6, TTFG KNO. 
neiCCT(€, FNST i8»)lt2k(T, FS)AXlOll] AFKS i8«: neK- 

or(e, NT) n^A,Xion, lb &c nexAq] + ru.q, l»t»nt. 
xoX&k] 2C0XK&. NT: xoXk, r». 

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S68 npaxgic. 

ixner2,&u}c ♦• otto£, julooji kccoi* •otoj>, 
e*TA.qi e&oX itA.qjut.oau itccoq * cnrog, rtiqejuu 
A.n+ xe oyjuuu ne*renA.qajon efioXJV) g»rren 

niAXVeXoC. ItA.qjJL€*« ^e Xe OTg,OpAJUL4. 

nerA.qitus.T epoq. 

pf» 10 e*rA.Tfcmi *e eftoX £en nuuuL£, 
n&oirrr* ne*x mjuuL&K* a/*i ef-mrXK 
jOi/Lenini* ok corko? e&oX e*fnoXic. oaj 
A.ccmun nuoonr noTTA/rc*- erA.-*! a.e e&oX 
&.rcen otjli itnu6ip oyo£, cA.*n>*rq A.qge n A.q 

pfis nxeniAxreXoc e&oX g,A.poq*. +M ITcTpoc 
*e era. neq&HT i epoq nexA.q* xe -fncr* 
Ajejuu ta4»ju.hi *• xe a. nor: ovtvpu juurieq- 
AXveXoc* oTrog, ^qiULg^uteTr e&oX j£en 
txix iutpiD^Hc* neju. ncojtxc e&oX Tttpq 
jui.iuXa.oc Rxe mio*v2uU*> 

pfy "GTA-qnA.** 3^e A.qi emu jUuutA.piA. ojula/* | 
itiu>A.nnHc •»> 4>h eroTTAJLOTf epoq xe juu.p- 
koc*- numA. eit^TreoTHT juumoq nxeo*uuu<aj 
erepnpoceTrxece-e * 
" GxA-qKooXg, *e g,ipen 4»po juLnmnrXtutt nxe< 
nerpoc* eftoX nxeo**A.XoT jul&wki 
eepoTw nA.q. ne "otog, 
erA-ccoiren tcjuir jOLnexpoc e&oX j6en 

&fUoc] g^&oc, o 18. •oTro£,i°]om.FS. exA.qi]+fc.e, 

F. ItA.qJU.Oajl] L«T*ArFPS 18 : A.q., B»G KNOT. itCtwq] cfc 
Or. WE HLP al pier vg syr"* aeth &c. ItAqeJUll] IteqeWLI, A,. 

A.n] +ne, fs. neretu.q]L(A L1 <B»FS: ne erEiu.q,T«N0: 
ne eru.q, tokpt. ^.e] l«ab»fokps: *e ne,T»rnoT; ct 

Gr. (exc D Ac.). £,OpAJULA.] -pOJUtA., TNT. n€TA.q] K6 

exA.q, T»roKNOPT: nereq, 18. 10 2ve i°] om. fg. 
j6en] LBT»A: JUL, B»P 18 : ;irren, TFOKNOST. e*f ] UP 
AB»FPS 18: ^en*f, TGKNOT. WOTA/rc] JUUUtA.-YA.TC, 

k. nxeniArr.] tn. after £,A.poq (£,rroxq, FS), T*KNO*L 

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ACTS XIL 9-14. 269 

' Fold thee with thy garment, and walk after me." * And 
having come oat, he was walking after him; and he was 
not knowing that (it was) true which was being done 
through the angel, bat he was thinking that (it was) a vision 
which he saw. 10 But having passed from the first place 
of keeping and the second, they came to the iron gate which 
cometh oat to the city ; this opened to them of itself: bat 
having oome out, they passed (through) one of the streets ; 
and immediately the angel went from him. "But Petros 
having oome to himself*, said : ' Now I know (aj) truly that 
the Lord sent his angd and be saved me from (the) hand of 
Erodes, and all (the) expectation of the people of the Jews.' 

u Bat having seen, he went to (the) house of Maria (the) 
mother of Joannes who is called • Markos,' the place in 
which many were assembling, praying. u But Petros 
having knocked at (the) door of the porch, a young maid- 
servant came out to answer to him, her name being Bode. 
w And having known (the) voice of Petros, from [the] joy 

» Lit. 'his heart having come to him.' 


"epOCf] position cf.? Gr. EHLP al pier arm syrP &c OTTOgJ H I n °^ 7 ,B ' 
I*T*AB»P 18 : om. TFGKN08T. AqrtA.£,A*.eT] -Iteg^UU, 
A,. T2CJX] L*T*AB»FP8 18: IteitXIX, TG KNOT plural. 

nco(u), njajlc] nic, T*r. jGLiuXaoc ivre] lbt»ab«fs 18 : 
rcre n($, K)X&.oc ft, tgknot: j6enn&A.oc THpq 

BT€, P. " ^.e] cf. i Gr. A 13. 15. 18. 33. 34. 36. 40. 47. 48. 61. H«uita6, 

104. 106. 133. 163. 81* al 8 «» cat e. CltA/re. JOLiULOq] 60. £k- 
JUtoq.S: 60. ft^HTCI,, F. €Tf(om.FS)€pnp.]L«T»AB»(F)K 
P(S) 18. 26: pref. OTtOg,, TGNOT. " eTA.qKU)(0,T)X£,] cf. 

Gfc HABDLP 61. al lo vg syr"" arm aeth &c g,ipeit] eg,p€It, 18*. 
♦po] KKfcpO, T. ft3£(T, A)enexpOc]T»A, cf. Gr. EH al pier 
cat Tg"« ap Ln syr' &c. : om. L» &c. A.CI efioX] cf. ? Gr. KB 00 " 3 : 
4.CI 2v6, 26. ptUfc.rl] L*T'AFGKP 26, cf. Gr. E al 1 * cat arm: 
p02k.H, B«rNOT 18 : HputtvR, 8. " OTTOgJ om. 26. 

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270 npaxsic. 

mpAgi jGLneccnrum juLnrafeajju.* eTActfoaci 
2s.e ej6o*»it actajuuoott ace nerpoc o&i 
epA/rq g,ipen m nvXum + ,4 neawT a\e 
neacuxrv hac ace ApeXoiLi* fteoc 2\e hac- 
TAacpo Rtotc ne ace nAiptrf nergon, neojo-r 
2s.e neactoonr ace neqAvreXoc ne* 

p£8 "IleTpoc ave nAqjmim eqiooXg, ne. eTA/vcvum 
a\e* oirog, erAirnAT epoq AvrtuAA.T *► 
17 Aqtftbpeftjt. ave epuxr* irreqaciac ace x^-P 00 - 
Ten* tnrog, AqcAaci j6*-Toxoir ace itLog 
itpirf * a nor: enq e&oX j6en rog*reKo* 

pi* IleacAq a\e niwof* ace jmATAjme iajcw&oc* 
new. mcnnoT etu.i * oTrog, er^-qi e&oX Aqge 

pte "Gta me&oo** a^e gooni* Aqgtvm nxeonfaj- 
e-opTep hontKorua An j6en mjutA*roi * ace ott 
gAP^ nerAqgtom JOLnerpoc* "Hpcuautc 
eTAqKuyf itccuq cnrog, 6TejOLneqaceu.q <• 
Aq*fii.KA£, nnipeqApeg,* Aqo-*A£,cA£,m o*»og, erAqi efioX j6en -f loTraieA. 
e&pw eKecApiA Aqgwm juuula*** 20 itAqgon 
a\e ne j6en o*vjQL&on *■ eq*f oirfLe nA*r**poc 
nejut. TCia\wn * atti a\e ercon gApoq. | 
pnv Orog, exA-nreex ng,R*r ii.nXA.croc * $R erxn 

JjLnecoTrum] juLhic, fs. geuww.] ast 26: -ojjl, is 

T* &c. : pO, B* 18, cf. ? Or. E. fc.€j om. P. ACXAJUWOOTf] 

hact., o. niirrXum] om. m, p*. " ne i°] a : om. l» 
t»&c. nergon] ne erg., t* : erg.,rN0: egcon, t. 

neaCtOOT] AB»r*FGKPS 18. 26, cf. Gr. (esc D Ac): +nAC, L«T» 
PnBNOT, cf. i Gr. D syr** ar« tee. ne a ] om. B«; position cf. 1 Gr. 
DEHLP 61. al omn'" &c. w ne] A: om. L«T» &c. eTAf- 

onroun a\e] om. a\e,GK : o«*og, erAiroTrum, tot. crrog,] 

A, cf. ? Gr. D : om. L*T* &c. ATTCO(0, T*FKNS)JU.T] A &c :• 

p«f. oifog,, lbt». " AqtfTJ exAqcC, k. ave] om. gk.- 

itTeqaciac] nacenerpoc, p. acex*G ext> '*> *»oW,' t»e 

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ACTS XIL 15-ao. 271 

she opened not the gate, but having ran in, she showed to 
them that PetroB stood at the porch. "But they (pron.) 
said to her: 'Thou art mad.' But she (pron.) was affirming 
that thus it was. But they (pron.) said :' It is his angel.' 

16 But Petros was continuing knocking : but having opened, 
and having seen him, they were amazed, 1T But he beckoned 
to them with his hand: 'Hold your peace.' And he spake 
before them in what manner the Lord brought him from 
the prison. But he said to them : ' Show to Iakobos and 
the brethren these things.' And having come forth, he went 
to another place. u But the day having come (ajioni), 
there was no small trouble among the soldiers as to (3C6) 
what then (is) that which happened to Petros. x * Erodes 
having sought for him, and having found him not, he 
tortured* the keepers, he commanded to kill them. And 
having come from [the] Ioudea into Resaria, he abode there. 
*° But he was being in [a] wrath, opposing them of Tyros 
and Tsiddn: but they came together unto him. And 
having persuaded Plastos, who was OCH) over the chamber 

• Lit. 'gave pain.' 

VS. j&ATOTOf] C f. Or. BDEH LP al pier cat syr«* aeth &c. 
fULOj] om. ft, FNOS. nw] d/f » TGNOT. fc.6 2 ] cf. ? Gr. DH 
LPalplercatsyrP&c. eiU.I(T, 8)] tre. before IteJU., FS. Aqoje] 

AB» 18: + KAq, lbT'&c u AqajuMii] l»ab»P: itAq- 
ajon, ttfgknost. oTrajo. . . , ah] iucecnrmajT 

najeopTep 'a great stir,' F8, cf. Gr. 15. 18. 36. 180. syr** ar« arm. 

art] cntm, fs. neTAqg.] l«ab«f<>gkps: ne erAq., 

T»rNOT. " HpU33^Hc] A: + S&.6, LfT* Ac. JULKAg,] 

no-reAAJCAp,, o. hi(+a, B»)peqApegJ niApeg,, g. 

e^Oe&OTfj cf. ? Gr. D" arm gyr»«* aethw>. -piA] cf. Gr. N AE.] cf. i Gr. A vg &c. JUUULATr] cf. vg arm. *° ne] 

AB»P: om. L«T» &c; cf. Gr. MABD 13. 33. 34. 40. 61. 133. 14a. vg 
•jr"* aeth ar» &c. AJL&OIt] eJttJL, r°G. eq-f] cf, A,. 

Tci^um] tctt., b»fops. ercon] om. t*gk. erAx- 

0€(M, L»T»FOS»T) , r Ilg,.] -AJLng,., FS*: pref. OlfOg,, I\ 

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272 npaxgrc. 

&ixen luicorrtoit iiTe noTpo*- itA/reperm 
Ko?£,ipHKH4- eofte xe rtA.vaiA.naj nxo-rxtupA. 
/>£C e&oX g,n-o*rc itxeqAJL€*r<y»po 4- +* 1 H&pm 
xe j6ert onre&oof eqoKaj+- a. itpusxitc *f- 
£,ittrrq nov&e&cto itcnrpo* oTrog, erAq- 
&ejULci &ixeri iufbuuu.4- rtA.qcAxt rtejuiujcnr *• 
"nuuutaj * e nA.qtoaj e&oX eqxto aajuloc* 
xe onrauuK nnovf Te €>a.i 010& eA,pauuu 
AJt *re* M cA.TOTq xe a. oTrA-vreXoc itTe 
hot A.qajA.pi epoq e$*A&. xe AjLneq+oDo-r 
i*.4>*f* oTrog, €TA.qeptffqeirr A.q.tJLOTr* 
24 iucaxi xe ttxe $"f A.qA.iAJ oito.g, itA.qrtKO'v 


^ M BA.pttA.ftA.c xe nem. ca/tXoc a/tkotot e&oX 
;6en itvhju. erA/rxtoK it-fxiAJgo niA. e&oX* 

eA/rim juLnKeitoinnHC <t>H erA/rfpeitq xe 
JUU.PKOC+ 1 necnron &A.nnpo4>HTKC xe tie**. 
&A.npeq*f-c&io £ert *f ckkXhcia. rVre TAjrf- 
ox'*-* &A.pitAJ^A,c neju. cuuuon <t>n exo*r- 
juunrf epoq xe nucep* neju. Xoitkioc 
iumrpmrteoc* net*, julahaji iuaj$Kp r\ajA.naj 

IUKOIT.] IUC, FS. -TOOK] -TOIt, B'KT. ftxe(om. A,I> 

ncvpo] Juun., l»fps. ee&e xe] om. xe, o*. x w P^] 

cf. Or. (exc. E 13. 33. 34). &1TOTC ft] J&eit, 0, of. ? Or. D 40. 
105. " Xe] om. 0. Kp03(0, N) X(T, 0)HC] + no*rpO '(the) 

king,' FS. OTO&] ct Qr. ADEHLP al pier cat* 10 ayr«* arm aeth &c 
£,IXett] L«T*AB»FPS: om. T*: £,!, r*GKN0T. &1UULA.] 

&TTJULA,, s. rtejULUJOTf] + ne, tt. m>aj] 

itA/rwaj, b». eqxto jDUuloc] ab»: om. l«t'&c puwuu] 

prof. (Ft, LBr«FP8. ,s Xe] om. 0. A.Of] COt, r*S*T: 

no**, n. A.qgj A.pi] t* a : om. A.q, l> &c. €o>jula.] JGL$., r 

NT:$.,P. U)OTf]cf.Gr.DEHLPalplu» M &c. eptffqertr] AK 

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acts xn. ai— xm. i. 373 

ef (the) king, they were diking [a] peace, because that their 
country was being nourished from his kingdom. "But 
on a day ordained Erodes clothed himself with a kingly 
raiment, and having sat on the judgement seat was speaking 
to them. **But the multitude was crying out, saying; 
1 This is a voice of god, and it is not that of man.' ** But 
immediately an angel of the Lord smote him, because that 
he glorified not God: and having been eaten of worms, he 
died. ** But the word of God grew and was going on 
(lit coming) multiplying. 

15 But Barnabas and Saulos returned from Jerusalem, 
having completed the ministry, having brought Isannee also 
who was named 'Markos.' XIII. But there were prophets 
and teachers in the church of (the) Antiochia, Barnabas, and 
Simdn who is called 'Niker,' and Loukios the Kyriwnean, 

(epaaq.) : eptff itq., t* : epxcr, p»)i itq., lb &c •* <b*f ] 

cf. Gr. NADEHLP al omn' M syr« te arm Ac: IIOC, B»FOS, cf. Gr. B 
rg (aeth). ItA.qitKO'Y &c] A.qAOJA.1, K: ItA.qAIA.1, B». 
KAgAj] AB»GNT : A.OJAJ, T : + ne, L*T*FOPS. M F-* ' the 

first Sunday of Buunah.' 2lG] om. T*. €&oX j6eitl5CrtiZ] of. 
Gr. A 13. 27. 39. 69. 3»* 8** al sat mu syr«*etP t,tt arm aethPP &c. 

erA/wooic] +2>.e, fs«. a>.i(1", s)Aj:oruA] -tuitiA, gnot. 

6&oX 3°] trs. before It-f", FS. n(om. 0)Ke] cf. Gr. D*EHLP 61. al 
pier syrP aeth &c. KUAnitHc] A t B«rG : + Vt€JUUJ30"t 'with them,' 
L«T»A,FKNOPST. $R(<&A4, K) e*TA.Vf peitq] pret. cf. Gr. 
BDEHLP &c: neTCnfAJLCrf- epoq 'who is called,' P, pres. cf. 
Gr. MA &c. 

1 ckkX.] eieX., b». Ti.(e, N)irfox"-] cf- en-- **; '<» <»»• 

ruts cf. Gr. NABD 33. 40. 61. 68. 69. 100. 105. ia Unt a*" vg syr* 011 aeth. 
&&.pit.] + 2i€, FS. CI(*», T)JJU»!t] L«T«AKT: Clpf, TN)- 

juteum, B»rFGNOPS. $r ere*] l«t»afkos : nerot, 

B»rGNPT. niKep]AFKS: ItlVep, L«T» &c. JOf (I,NT)pm- 

neoc] t» &o. : mr pHneoc, is. nejuumAriAJR] om. nejw., 


naj<$>Hp, gk. 



Digitized by " 

374 npaxgic. 

itxe Hpa»k.HC mxexpAA-pxHC*- nejut cAnrXoc*- 

* evcgejuiaji ave JuLnbc efepitHcxeTrm +■ 

Ilexe mmtA eeo-cAJS.** ace 4xx>px iiki e&oX 

JuL&ApitAAAc net*. ca**Xoc eni£,uo& cxaj- 

eAgjuunr epoq* *xoxe exA*»epitKcxe-*m 

OTrog, ex^rTcofiig, A/rx*-* 1 * eacux>T oto£, 

ATrx*-** e&oX +• 1 

p# * flecoov jmen o*»it exAfOTropno** + e&oX £,ixeit 

nimtH eecnrAJL* ati e&ptu eceXeimA. e&oX 

...oirog, jOUulat ATrep&cwx emrnpoc. 'oirog, exA.**! 

f ecA.XAJU.mK*- KAnr&iuMgj £LnicAxi Rxe <fr*f 

po £eit mcfitAVUJVK itxe micnravAi* 

nieeituAimKc 2k.e neJUuooTr eqoi npeqigexAoji. 

poo • GxAirceit *fitKcoc she XHpc * gAe&pm enAefco"**- 

ATraciAJti ncnrpuwuu vu-XP* Jut^eiravonpo^KXHC 

ftioif as.Ai eneqpAit ne &ApiHcoi * ' $ai eitAq- 

X H * ne«x niAitdfUAxoc *• cepvioc lu/rXoc* 

OTpUXUU KKAX£,KX4» $AI X€ AqjU,Cm"f 6&A,p- 

itaAac «€**. cattXoc* KAqicurf ecurreju. 
enicAxt itxe ^*f ♦• • itAqf" ave ej6<y*it e&pAT 

X6 (A, Aj)XpAApXKC]T»AB»NPT, cf. Gr. S* &c.: X6(A.,S)- 
Xp€A.pXK(e, r)C, TFGKOS': X6XpA.pXRCf Lb. * 2ve] 
om. GK. €(A, 8)Tfe pn.] A : pref. OTTO&, L»T» &c IU11KA.] 

+2l€, p. eeofAA] e<y?, pt. e&oX] fs. ca.ttXoc] l» 

T*AB»FKPS: nAfXoc, TGNOT, ef.m 10 ; G»« Jt yJj* ^ij U ^ 
i^UJjl ji.1 'from here he is called Buhu to the end of the book.' 
* eXATepit.] L*AB*FGKOPS«: om. 6X, T*rNT. A.YX*] 
AB»FPS: pref. 6X, GK: pref. OTTOg, €X, WTTNOT. OTTO& 

ATrx*-**] T* A : ^SCA*** I* *«•» cf- Gr - E *B ■7 r "* «* p c- ob - &c - 
4 ttGlUOf] cf. Gr. SAB 15. 18. 36. 40. 61. 69* 100. 105. 180. a*" cat 
d e Tg syr otr Ac. e0O**A&] eeT, P; position of. Gr. EULP al pier 

vg &c. eceX.] itceX., tn t : ceX., a, ; of. Gr. »a bo 2 d 40. 61. 

66.69. ">5-i33- 180. ia>«* al*«»oat m Did &c -KIA] cf.Gr. **AC*DE 
d»». e&oX JuUULAIf ] L*AB»P, cf.Gr. D** 64 : pref. OTfO&.T'&c., 
cf.? Gr. NABOB H al plu &c: efLoX Sh.6 JUUU.., FS, cf.?Gr. LP 

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ACTS Xm. 2-8. 275 

and Mana§ the foster-brother* of Erodes the TetraarchSs, and 
Sanlos. * Bat as they are ministering to the Lord, fasting, 

The holy spirit said : * Separate to me Barnabas and 
Sanlos for the work to which I called them.' 8 Then having 
fasted and having prayed, they laid hand upon them, and 
they sent them away. * They (pron.) indeed, then, having 
been Bent by the holy spirit, went into Seleukia ; from there 
they sailed to Kypros. s And having come to SalaminS, 
they were proclaiming the word of God in the synagogues 
of the Jews : but Idannes also was being with them, being 
minister. * Bat having passed (through) the whole island 
even unto Paphou, they found a man, sorcerer, false prophet, 
Jew, his name being BariSsou, T who ($4.1 €) was being with 
the proconsul Sergios Paulos, an understanding man. But 
he (<$>AJ) called Barnabas and Sanlos, he was seeking to 
hear the word of God. 8 But Elymas the sorcerer was 

* lit. 'the sharer of nourishing.' 

6-1 a 

4a 61. 68. ia6. 177. ti plos >0 d sjtp»« &c etfritpoc] of. Or. HA 

BOD 13. 40. 61. 68. 69. 99. 101. 105. 106. 180. ia 1 "* 14I"* al 2 "* &c. 

• eTATlj, O. CLXajUUItR] cf. Or. » AEL 6i» al : -JUIIITA., 

T*. cf. d e am fu : -AJLHItH, 8* : - JLX.IKI, N. lU/r&IUMaj] cf. Or. 

(exc D, L 61. al 10 fere). lUteKO^nitRC 2^.6] XlKe&e U&L, P ; 

cf. ? Or. (exc. E). ©qoi] om. 0. * 6TA.T . . . THpc] cf. Or. Huntjs, 

NABCDE 61. al fere* vg syr nte arm aeth &c: €TA.*»CHtI x\f III- 

CI2UA. 2s. 6 TKpO*V (om. F 8 ) 'but having passed by all the Pisidia,' 

FS. 2k.e]om.P. IU.<fro-»] -<&OC, P. OTpuMUU]cf.Gr.NAB 

CD 6. 8. 13. 14* 15. 18. 61. 66. 68. 69. 76. 100. 105. 180. k'« o"* am 

syr"** arm &c. &$ . . • lOV^A-l] om. K. -fc.O (2>,U>, 18: 

tott, T)np.] -mt> P)o iJLnp., b»ops. &i(e, p)pihcoV) 

-leCOT, T*G K ; of. Or. tt 4a 96. 105. vg ayr*" arm &c T 6ttA.q- 
XR] L«T»ArQN0T: om. €, B«F»KPS 18. TlIA.Ite.] IlAJte., 
O*. -dTfnA.TOc] -e\., F»S: -GH., N : -TT., T. 2k.e] om. P. 

^qjuxyrf] eq., t. ca.*»Xoc] t*ab»p 18: n., l«tf*gkn 

08T, IU.qK0Urf] +n€, F*S. • 2ve] om. 1*8. 

T 2 


Digitized by " 

276 npaxgic. 

nxeekvjuuLc niA-X^ 5 egjATKnrA&e**. 
VAp ii.iujpK'f ■*■ ecjKurf Rca $ert£, niAneT- 
nAxoc e&oX j6en ^itAg/f*- 'cattXoc *.e 
ere nATXoc ne+ exAqjmog, e&oX ;6en 
nmnA eeoiTAjS. 10 nexA.q + u> $r, 
nxp°^ m&en* nejut nex&woir mfi.en+- 
najHpi nxe ma.MJS.oXoc * mxAxi nxe ojulhi 
m&en* tutXP nxoxK e&oX An* eit$<un£, 
nnijuuuix excoxxum nxe ncrc* "oirog, 
*f no? &itnne ic xxiac junox? ecei e&piti 
extoK * oxo£, execgtoni ecoi ju&eXXe itx^A.-* 
ju.$pK An oja oircKOTfr o»o£, CAXOxq A,qi 
e&pm exioq rcxeof&XoX nejut otxfix* * nA.q- 
Kurf eqajim iicA. $h eenA*fxoxqfr 
po/3 " Toxe exAqttA? e$K exA,q- 
pn2k. cgiuni AqitAg/f +» Aqep|aj$npi exen *fcfi.u> 
nxe nbx* 


w 18 Gxat« a,e efioX ;6en nAfrry ibtenAnATXoc 

neuL &ApnA&Ac atti eneprH nxe j-nAJU- 

4>iXia* ituAnnHC ae Aq4>u>p3c e&oX juuuioo***- 
AqKoxq e&pm eiXHju* " nemo? ^.e exA?i 
efi.oX j6en nepvit atti exAnfoxi*-* nxe 
•fmci^iA otto£, exAiri e*fc?rtAru>rK JOLme- 
£,00? iixe mcA&J&Axon Af&ejuci * " jxen- 
encA muxy ^.e nxe nmojuoc nejut nmpo- 

e(om. A 1 * S )X'»JULAC] UT>A 1 «B>P 18: -IJUAC, rF»GKNOST. 

-QTfA &eAK.] + ne, ps. x*Ap] om. i*s. • eeo?A&] 

eeir, PT : eq., G ; all collated MSS. omit artv'urat *ls aM». 
10 eejue&] -JUO&, o. m&en a ] om. B», of. Gr. D* d* am 
&c. nxeni2^.]L«T*AB»F»PS: iJLni2k..,rGKN0T. ejuuul 

L8APS: jueeju.^ t* &o. mfi.en3°] om. b\ Rkx" 5 ] 

en*., B». " iJUlbc] om. P*. eg > pKl]_L*AB»F r PS 18: 

6j6pHI, T»rGKNOT. eiCOl] om. B*S. &.&..] h&., B». 

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ACTS XTTT. 9-15. 277 

opposing them, for his name is interpreted (was) thus, 
seeking to pervert the proconsul from (the) faith; 9 bat 
Saulos, who is Paulos, having been filled with (e&oX .S&eit) 
the holy spirit, I0 said, O he who is fall of (ft) all subtlety 
and all evil, (the) son of the devil, the enemy of all righteous- 
ness, ceasest thou not perverting the straight ways of the 
Lord 1 u And now, behold, (the) hand of the Lord shall come 
upon thee, and thou shalt be blind, not seeing (the) sun unto 
a season. And immediately came upon him a mistiness 
and a darkness; he was going about asking for him who 
will help him*. 13 Then the proconsul having seen that 
which was done, believed ; he wondered at the teaching 
of the Lord. 

13 But they of Paulos and Barnabas having come from 
Paphou, came to Perge of [the] Paraphilia. But Idannes 
separated from them, he returned into Jerusalem. u But 
they (pron), having come from Perge, went to (the) 
Antiochia of [the] Pisidia; and having come to the syna- 
gogue on the day of the sabbaths, they sat. "But after 

* Lit. 'give his hand.' 

nOC( K » Q) «*•"»] eivx>> b* »» : Dref - o~*o&> *• a*.*Ph] ag : 

etbpH, L'T &c. : AiL&oX, F*S. OtO£, 3 ] cf. ? Gr. (»C 61) D d 
vg nyr»«* aeth. A.qi] LBAB^POPS 18 : €<A., T)q£,ei, TTGK 
NT. €£,pRl] 6j6., TTGKNT. ItA-qKUrf] L«A: +ne, PS : 

pref. o*»og,,T»B»rGKNOPT 18. 4>h eenA.]L«T»ANT : nee- 
iia, P: itn eeiu., B»rF'G*K08 18. -f-roT-q] *f trroTq, 
k. " erA.qiu.Tf] om. er, o. $k eTA.qg.J nerA.qaj., 
b»gp 18. Aqepaj.] af»: eq., l«t» &c. 13 iteju. &A.p- hum it, 

lfAJ&A>c] T»AB»K 18, cf. ? syr"* ar»: om. LtTF'GNOPST. 

-o>iXia.] -$*., l*b»k 18. M exA.*»i] +*.e, s. ftTei"- 

lUCKMA.] cf. Gr. DEHLP al omn* 1 vg arm rell &c: om. "f , NT. 
Cf] cf. ? Gr. N*BO 61. 104. : pref. ej6o*»n 'in,* T*S*S, of. ? Gr. N«D 

ehlp ai pier &c. jOinie&oo'*] irreiu (+iu, S) iotxaj 

JULllA.(oni. V)iegj,OOT 'of the Jews on this day,' 1*3. ItlCAJL] 
IUCAJL, T*. ,0 Z.6] om. NT. 


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278 IIP3X£IC. 

<frRTHc* ^.nroTfojpn nx€iuA.p5CKC»itA.ra>roc 


oTf...,p $r exeoTron otcajci itnojurf ne j6en ©ntto-v* 
oja. mX&oc Axoq* 

p® 8 " GTA.qreonq *e ibcenAnrXoc OYOg, eTAqolibpeju, 
nxeqxix nexA.q. mptojuu mcpAJiXiTKC * neju. 
hk erepg/rf j&en ennaif j6a.T£,r jBL<H" 
cajreju.* " <H" nxe niXAoc iucTC* iqcunrn 
nnennyf*- OTrog, AqoTci ju.mXA.oc j&en 
-fiu.poiKiA. jfcen iika&i nx****- 1 *- otk>£, 
;£en oTrajio&cg eqtfoci Aqenonr e&oX nj6H*rq. 
18 oTrog, A-qajAnoirajonf nJu ncRonr 
£,! najA.qe* " oirog, 6TA.qpu>j6T" nf itajXcuX 
j6en nKAg,i KX<t-tUi.n A.qepoirepKXHpono- 
JULin JunonricAg,! *° ir* * onrog, jjten- 
encA. iu.i Aq*f n£,A.nKprriic gjA cajuotthX 
nmpo$KTKC * 21 o-rog, e&oX juuuuly a.-*- 
epexm noTtoifpo* otto£, A.q*f- ntoo-r nxetH" 
ncA.o*»X najHpi niac | oirpujjuu eftoX j6en 
x<!»*»Xk itjul* 

pot « O*o£, exJLqonroe&eq e&oX *■ A-qToirnoc ;ka.ti2i 
swoot no*»po* $ai erJi.qepju.eepe ee&Krq 
eJLqxoc* xe ajxijui n^-Airi:*. najKpi iuecce* 
ovpwjuu kata. nA&RT *• $£.! eenAipi n&ujfl. 

. J^PXKC^K'] 4.pX IC ** n '> WB"G: Ji.pXKep€TVC, PS. 
exeOTTOn] L«T*AFS; cf.? Gr. KABCD* 13. 61. al 18 d vg syr**: 
om. OYOtt, B» TEN OP 18; cf. ? Gr. Dn'EHLP al longe plu ittp 
arm aeth &o.: om. Ott, GT. ne] om. B» 18: iVfifeHTq, FS. 
j6eneHno*»] position of.? Gr. DELP al pier &c. niXAoc] 

H««t «s. njLiX., b» 18. " e*TA.qd*T] irreqeC b» conjunctive. ~6&y 

3 (O, N)p€JU.] L*AB»FS: + eptOOT 'to them,' TTGKNOPT. 
mcpAK.] A,, S ,B»KP8T: ttJCApAK., T: ttUCpAJt, L8T»FG 
NO 18; cf. Gr. ABOHLP Ac. XlTKc] cf.?Gr. DEHLP &c. 

nK^ m, a,™. j6eneKno*r] ab» 18: om. l*t* &c $+] 

nOC, 0. " mXAOc] cf. Gr. B 4a vg aeth. nicX] cf. Gr. »A 

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ACTS XTTT. 16-22. 279 

the reading of the law and the prophets the rulers of the 
synagogue aent to them, saying, [The] men, oar brethren, he 
who hath a word of exhortation among you unto the people, 
say it. la But Paulos having risen, and having beckoned 
-with his hand, said, [The] men, [the] Israelites, and they 
who fear Qod among you, hear. "God of the people of 
Israel chose our fathers and he exalted the people in the 
sojourn in (the) land of Khemi, and with an exalted arm 
he brought them out of it. M And he nourished them forty 
years time in (the) desert. M And having hurled (out) seven 
nations in (the) land of Chanaan, he caused them to inherit 
their land *°four hundred years: and after these things he 
gave judges until Samouel the prophet. n And from there 
they asked for a king: and Qod gave to them Saoul (the) 
son of Kia, a man from (the) tribe of Beniamin, forty years. 

22 And having removed him, he raised (up) David to them 
as king; this concerning whom he witnessed having said: 
'I found David (the) son of Iesse, a man according to my 

BCD 13. 15. 39. 36. 40. 61. 69. 100. 105. a*" g» or al vix mu cat vg arm 

Mta. iqtfTci] eqetffci, T: Aqtff, b«. iu.poiKii] -via., ro. 

11 A£Jg|AJtO'VajO*r] for om, im cf. Gr. DE vg srr""; f or hpo^o^fn^n 
cf. Gr. AO*E 13. 24** 68. 78* m « 93. 100. 105. 143. V* d 8Yr«*etP«** arm 
arth»° ar» &c VmC\ om. ft, Aj : ft&JUL, GO. " OfOgJ cf. Gr. 
(exc. B 61). 6TA.qp.] om. 6T, FS. fflXtttX] AK : -o\ L«T* &c 

X&.n.}, t. JLq«pcnr] eepov 'to cause,' fs. kXhpo- 

ItOAJUIt] cf. Gr. SBD* 13. 4a 61. om. abnlt. *° ft(jGL, i8)T ft] 
ft"** It ft, L* ; It omitted by all collated MSS. perhaps because of the follow- 
ing ft; position cf. Gr. HA BO 13. 15. 18. 36. 40. 61. 137. cat vg arm &c 
OTTOgJ om. FS. A.q*f"] + WtOOTf 'to them,' F8, cf. Gr. E 14* 
eyr«- arm &c KpiTRc] KpRTHC, 0. 81 ftoiTOIf po] ftOT- 

pO, B». OTfO£, 2 ] om. FS. ftCA-OfX] om. ft, AjO. Kic] cf. 
Gr. EHLP al omn*" : VIC, FS : KHC, P. JLettlAJUUIt] cf. Gr. 
DEHP al pier. ftSt) ft(3X,*)2 ( jE, G«. ** C &oX] +JUteW- 

€ltCA.<t>A.I 'after this,' E. 2*.A/*I2s.j pref. ft, FS: XA.2s. twice, G. 
nUJOTf] position cf.KABD. ftOTTpo] ftOfOlfpO, G« 18. <b*j] 
$H, FS. eA.q3COC] A.qX05C, VS. OVpUMJU] cf. Gr. (exc. B* 

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280 npoxgic. 

m&eit ere&nHi *• n ofog, e&oX ;6en nxpox 
£i4>A.i4- a. 4»t" KA.TA. oTruxg £.qim ixntcX 


p«t 24 GAqepgopn n&woig £&xen neqjmw\T e&onn 


Xa.oc xnpq ivre raSR* 


po ( m 6ta. kjoajwhc 2>.e xuok jJLncq2s.poju.oc eftoX 

B^gym iiuuioc ace A-perenjuLeT H xe A.noic 

tiiju. *•* ra.p JJ-n ne. a.XXa. g,Kime eqmio-* 
jutertenctjoi rixe$K eTerrfjULngA. A.n + efofuj 
JuLniGtuoifi irre neqtfi.Xi.Tf3c + 
(""i "HipujjuL! nencnHonr*- nignpi nxe nvenoc 
KAftpAAJt*. *■ OTfog, nit exep^cf j6en eimo-v 
j6a.T£,k J54>*f * exiiroTfajpn ntoxen 


potf «Hr rA.p exgon j6en ixkju.* neju. novKe£.p- 
X»n *• 4>jl.i A.vepA.*reju.i epoq neju. micecjuut 
nxe nmpo^HTHC * m.t eroTruxtj sjutxuoot 
kjj.ta. c±&£&rron m&en* eA/rf£,Jj.n €*.•»- 
xokot e&oX "oTfog, e*rejOLnoTxeju. £,Xi 
itXtoixi irre $juunr il&KTq* i*»epe*rm 
pm ii.mX4.x0c ej6oeileq* + M GTJr*xcoK 2k.e 
elk>X k&iojS. m&en ctcj6hott eefijrrq tst- 
pne X.**i enecHX e&oX g,ixen mge | a.-vxA-H 
nj6o*»n j6en onrju.£, * 80 <H" 2v€ A-qrox- 
nocq e&oX j6en nit eeju/ooirr +• " $aj 

Ath«*«). "OTOg, €&oX] AB» 18: €&oX 2v€, T*raKN 

OT: e&oX, l»fps. nxpox] nixpox, bt. a.] ax, vs. 
A,qmi] eA.qmi, k ; c f. Gr. nabehlp 6i. ai few 80 tg *>th 

Ath &c. CU)THp(CUOp, P) IHC] cf. Gr. K ABOEP 15. 18. 40. 61. 69. 
100. 105. al sat mu vg syr"** arm Ath &c. : om. IKC, G. M CA.qep.] 

erA.qep.,p. 2,ieoig] £,!genno*vqi, fs. ej6o"»n] om. k. 

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ACTS Xm. 23-31. 281 

heart, this (one) who will do all things which I will.' * 8 And 
from (the) seed of this (one) Qod according to a promise 
brought to Israel a saviour, Jesus. M IdannSs having 

first proclaimed before bis entrance a baptism of repentance 
to all the people of Israel. 

28 But IdannSs having completed bis course was saying, 
' Who think ye that I (am) 1 For I am not (he), but (A.) 
lo, coming after me (is) he whose shoe of his feet I am 
not worthy to unloose.' M [The] men, our brethren, 

[the] sons of (the) race of Abraam, and they who fear 
God among you, [ye] to whom was sent the word 
of this salvation. OT For they who dwell in Jerusalem 

and their rulers also of this were ignorant, and also (of) 
the voices of the prophets, these which are read on every 
sabbath, having judged (him), having fulfilled them, "and 
having not found any cause of (the) death in him, they 
asked Filatos to kill him. "But having fulfilled all things 
which were written concerning him, they put him down 
from the tree (lit. wood), they put him within a sepulchre. 
30 But God raised him from them who are dead, n he ($£.]) 


tOJULC XL] om. F. iiTen!c3\| JUtn., K: om. KTe.TTGNT; 

cf. Gr. (exc. 68. 104). M F»* S"* ' the first Sunday of Tut.' ^e] 

om. B». ItlJU.] cf. Gr. CDEHLP al pier vg syr^'jinn &c. VA.p] 

A : om. L«T» &c eqitKOTf] qit., B»FGK 8. jGLnajA.] AB»FK 

PS : 6AA.TL, L*T» &c u j6erteKrioVJ j6. Teite., S, cf. Gr. Hunt ,8, 

(exc. AD 61): om. B». ttW Tert] c f. Gr. OEHLP al pier vg syr^et "*~" 

p« arm aeth &c. " j6eitftrUA,] cf.Gr. KADDHLP al plu cat m . 

ItAj] ItR, FS. €A.'«£OKO'»] L»AP8 : om. 6, T» &c. " £,Xl 

It] om. K. Kj6rtTq] cf. Gr. D vg syrP c* aeth» tr . IllX.] cf. Gr. 

(exc. BD). m 2l6] om. NT. «£,<»&] KXe&Ujft, B» 18 by 

error. ee&RTq] position cf. ? Gr. B syr"*. g, ,2£en ] £,1, FS. 

mXA-y *] L»AB»FP 18: pref. OTO&, TTGKNOST, cf. Gr. 

D* d. O^fnjLrPAFGNT: €j6-, B^TKOPS 18. QfJii.- 

(CJJL, rGO)g^.T] L«T»AB»FPS 18 : III., TGKNOT. 80 A.q- 

TOTf nocq] -ttoq, Af. *' <&AJ ex] renders the Greek rela- 

Digitized by 


282 npaxgic. 

exAqce-on&q ejSoX ttoxftjutaj fte&oo*** ititK 
exAiri itejuAq e&oX j6en "fvAXiXeA * e&pw 
eiMuu.* itaa ^-noT exoi ju.ju.eepe nAq oja 

p»o M 0»og, Alton xen&Kgenno'vqi moxen julniuxg 
exAqajiom jfceit mio*f «■ 88 ace $ai A. $*f acoicq 

pirj3 e&oX itmajHpit- exAqxoirnoc iSc* + 0<frpH*f- 
excj^Hoirx j6en mjuuL&K jul^Xjuoc «• ace 
neoK ne nAajftpi ahok ahc$ok jOL^oot*- 

p*y M Oti *.e ace Aqxo-mocq e&oX j£en nit eejuoo- 
ott*- Ait ace enxAKO* 

pw5 StXqpcoc jQLiiAipH'f *• ace eief nturen nnit eeox&A 
itxe a^Afife. exen&ox* M ee&e $ai on qacto 
JUUU.OC j£en kcjula ace nneirf ixneeovAA 
itxAK eitA** enxAJco. 

put »• ^A.*wa\ juen VAp nj6pHi j£en xeqreneA itA.q- 
ajejuaji juLnicotfiti itxe <fe*f Aqemcox* o**o£, 
A^x*- 5 ! >6Axen neqio*f * oirog, AqnAT en- 
xAko* 8T <fen a\e exA. <fr*f xo«»nocq i*.neq- 


pvf 88 UApe ni£,u>& o*»n OTiung, epuuxen* mpcujuu 
nencnHonr <■ ace eftoX j^ixen $ai ce&iunaj 
moxen jOLnxw elkoX itxe nexennoiii + 
n&u. e&oX &A hh XKpot exeiSLnexen- 
gyxexjucoju, eejuiAio nj6Rxo7f + j&en <t>noju.oc 
jOuuuirvcKC * M j6eit 4>aj ^e neoq o*ron 
m&en eertAg/f cenAOJUAioq. 

tire, not oSnw as cited by Tisch. "f"ItO*»] cf. Gr. (tt)AO(D) 13. 15. 
18. 27. 39. 40. 61. 68. 69. 105. 180. al plus 10 cat vg «rr utr ami aeth 10 &c. 

exoi jOL] om. g. M jGLnuogj exAqgconi] om. NT. 
exAqcyumi j£enni(om. m, A,)io*f] exA.$*f togj jCL- 

JU.oq(I, 8)nmiO*f 'which God promised to the fethew,' FS. 
88 nniajRpi]T'AB»FGKS 18: ttnOTfaj., LurNOPT.Tiech. cites 
'sah afr&r, item Bed"*™" 1 ex Gr.' JU.$pR*f] KAXA ♦pR'f", 

Digitized by 


ACTS XTTT, 3%-y). 288 

who manifested himself many days to them who came with 
him from [the] Galilea into Jerusalem, these now who 
■witness to him onto the people. •* And we (proa.) preach 
good tidings to yon, of the promise which was made to 
(lit. in) the fathers, M that God fulfilled this to the children, 
having raised Jesus; as it is written in the second psalm: 
' Thou art my son, I begat thee to-day.' M But that he 
raised him from them who are dead, (and) he will no more 
return to (the) corruption, He said thus: 'I shall give 
to you the holy (things) of David which are sure.' M There- 
fore again he saith in another place : ' Thou shalt not give 
to the holy (one) of thine to see (the) corruption.' s * For 
David indeed in his generation was serving the counsel 
of God, he fell asleep, and he was laid with his fathers, 
and he saw (the) corruption: "but he whom God raised 
saw not (the) corruption. M Let the thing then be mani- 
fested to you, [the] men, our brethren, that through this 
(man) is proclaimed to you (the) forgiveness of your sins : 
and from all the things in which ye could not be justified in 
(the) law of Moyses, 8 * [but] in this (one ileoq) all who 

FS. eTC&HOVr . . . ltA.Xu.Oc] cf. syr«* aeth. Or. ELP al 
pier vg syr*. M OTl] OIIA, N : OTfTI, S. 2C€ i°] om. Z6, 

FPS. qrU.] LBAFKPS5 itCJIUL, T»B»rGNOT, double negative. 

TA.cdo] TA-ceoq, fs. eie-f] + fc.e, b»: ei, O: •fitA/f, 
fs. iih eeo^AJL (ee 5 *, P)] nee., fks. k on] lbab» 

TFP: om. TGKNOT: onrit, S. qacio] eqx., 0: A.qX., NT: 
ttA.qX, FS. i6en] it, P. M F«w B°* 'the first Sunday of the 

month BSbah.' Sj6pKl] rt&., F. nAqajeJULOJl] L«AB»P: 

A.qoj., t» &c. M o*»n] om. fgko*. epurren] ncoxen, 

FS ; position cf. ? Or. BODELP al pier vg &e. Ce&Ij CenA.g,I, 

fs. juLnx"> • • • nexen] om. nt bomeot new.] cf. Or. 

BC'fDJELP al omn'* 1 vg"* 1 tol syr"* arm aeth™ &c. £,*.] j&en, 
$(n, NjnOJULOC] of. i Gr. ELP al pier &c. M eonA^,*f ] 

+ epoq 'him,' F, cf. Or. I. -OJUlAJOq] -OAJUUOq, NT. 

Digitized by 


284 npoxgic 

p*C 40 3Xru.-c of n AJLKntoc ftxeqi exen OHitoT itxe$H 
exA.qxoq &en nmpcxpKXHC. | 

41 Xe A.IULT niiaXA.<fcpOItIXHC«' 0*¥0£, A.pig<pKpH" 

otoj>, AJULKex ewto*** ace *fitA.ipi ito-»g l u>& 
j6eit nexene&bo** or&tofi. nxexenru^t" 
epoq A.n eogton <Lp€ajA.rt otaj $ipi j6A.xen 


pwij "GintHOT 2k.e e&oX-s- riA.TrepA.£iom &hu. nce- 
caxi /6en niKecAjSiUxon eeitKonr* 

p»0 « 6xa.c&u>X *e e&oX Kxe-f>T*K * a/* jutogji 
kca. iu.**Xoc nejm &A.prtAJiA.c + nxeo-rjuiKa) 
nxemicnrxA.1 «• neitx nn exepce&ecee /6en 
nigejuuixtoonr *• efecox jOLiiot&rx eep<nr- 
ajcum j6eit iu&ju.ox nxe <H"+ 

p$ 44 flj6pm 2ie j6ert niKecA-ftfiAXon eemtoT eye- 
2*.oit a. "fnoXic xnpc etuenrf* eauxeju. 

^— — ^M^M^^^— I I I H.MW.III I ■■■■■■ ■ ■— «.^— 

emcAXi itxe <|>*f. ** exA.** ha.** ave itxem- 
io-c2s.a,i emjuiHcy A.xftJiO£, itxo& *• oto£, 
itA.*rf ej6o-cn expert nn iia.VXoc xu> 


H»nt ijB, «• onr n ] om F g eXeiteHItOv] cf. Gr. ACEILP al pier vg •yr «* 

arm aeth. eXA,C|XOq] AP: eXA-TTX., L«T' &c. ItmporJ*.] 
L»T t AiB»rFGKN(Itn)OPT (om. ni) : limp., A,S. " A-ltA."*] 

en&.t, FS. AJLA-Kex] A: JUtAXAJCXe, L»T'B»rGKNOPT: 

juu.xi.cee, fs. ace a°] om. p. *f rtAjpi] *f ipi, b«; cf. h 

h*'* om. iyA. Ro*ȣ,0)fi] ftg,., F8. OTg*"^] e f - G '- CEILP 
al pier cat demid aeth«« &c nxexemtA^f] AB»FS : 6XC- 

xeitn^^'f.T'GK: itxexenrtAJiA£/f, l»np : exexe- 
xeititA.£/f, tot. ** e^itHo** &c] cf. Gr. kabodei 13. 

61. a«" al M cat vg sjt-^etP arm &c ItA.irepA.(om. rNT)£!Oin] 
cf. Gr. B ijfrow; for om. ri I6*t, cf . Gr. NA(B)OD(E)I al plua 80 
cat vg syr»* arm aeth &c. KCeCAOCl] AO (tr. .*■» 'with them,' 
JU1I U« J^dl J y^I ' "this word" is not in the Coptic '): +rteJOLU)0"4T 

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ACTS Xm. 40-45. 285 

believe will be justified. *° See, then, lest by any means 
that which he said in the prophets come upon you : 41 ' See, 
[the] despisers, and wonder and turn yourselves, because 
I shall (lit will) do a work in your days, a work which 
ye believe not, if one should declare it to you.' "But 
coming forth, they were thinking right that they should 
speak on the next sabbath \ * 8 But the synagogue having 
been dismissed, many of the Jews, and they who were devout 
among the strangers, walked after Faulos and Barnabas (who 
were) persuading them to abide in the grace of God. 

44 But on the next sabbath almost the whole city assembled 
to hear the word of Qod. 4S But the Jews having seen the 
multitudes, were filled with jealousy, and they were opposing 
the things which Faulos was saying, (and) blaspheming. 

* Lit. here and below 'the other sabbath which cometh.' 

nitAJCAXI 'to them these words,' L*T* See., tot ravra cf. Gr. ttABCD 
EL al pin vg rell &c. *6ettiu] neJUL&,. .Ill, 18 : It. <&. Itl, B». 

41 axulooji] ttA.nrJU.ocy i, fs. ottjulkoj] A: £,aiuul., 
L«T* &c nK(i, ns) erepce&e(H, rjcee] -ce&Kc, a ; cf. Gr. 

(exc E eyr"*): om. 0*. J&enitl] om. 0*. IUgjeJUUU.Ctt07r] 
AB*i8:+ItK exeit( + tt, T»NT)A*»CAJ« neJULCDOTf 'those 
who were speaking to them,' L*T*rFGNOST: + IteJULItR &c. 'and 
those &c..' P: + HR eTeitCeCAXI IteJULUJOTr, K; for oJrow cf. 
Gr. MABODI 61. al eat ma cat &c. eepOfajWlll] LbAB»P: 
6©pcnrO£,I 'to cause them to stay,' TTGKNOT: om. OJU3IU, FS. 
ni&AJLOT] Il&JUlOT, B» 18. F°w 'the end (of the lection).' 
44 tl(6pKl] A : K£,p-, WP &c fc.e] cf. Gr. NACD 13. 61. al sat Bantu, 
ma e Tg. Jte] om. FS. eettROf] of. i Gr. KBC*DE 2 ILP 61. al 
longe pin &c. ipx>i™t • om - B "- c X e ( H > N)2i>on] -WIT, FEST. 
TKpc] -pO«*,T. HICAXl] rtlC, 18 plural. $*f ] cf. Gr. B* CE LP 
al longe plu vg* demid eyr« te arm ice. 4S VOLS . . . JUt-HOj] ertl- 

JULKOJ itXetlHOTT^AI, F by error. 2CIO] cf. Gr. CDILP al pier 
cat &c. ; for om. avrdJymrrts cf. Gr. NABGL 5. 7. 8. 13. 15. 18. 37. 33. 
34. 36. 61. 65. 68. 69. 73. 100. 105. 180. al 3 *" al pauc cat vg syr"* 
aeth arm. 

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286 npaxgic. 

JDuuuuo-r ertxeox a *• *• exATroiron&o'* ^e 
e&oX nxenA^Xoc neju. &ApnA&Ac nexuxnr* 
ace ne o-cAitAriceon ne ecAaci nejumrreit 
najopn ijlmcAxi iixe ♦*f . eni2k.K xexen&ioiri 
JOUutoq ca&oX juuuiujxert -s- o?o£, Terenum 
ijuutioxen ah *• eepnejutnajA £i.mum;6 
iteitcg, £,Hime xemtAJcoxxen emeenoc «• 

pip *i&±i V Ap ne juL^pirf erA.qg,oit^,eit exoxen 
nxenw* ace aix*-* e*ronru>im iixe meonoc* 
eepeicajumi gvotccai «• oja ATpnxq ilnKA&i +• 
48 exATCUJXeju. ave iiacenieenoc A*rpAaji + 
ofog, nAxfuxv* jQLrucAan iixe <H" *■ | 

phP Otoj>, A-*nA£,-f- nxeitR Xripo** exoHg emajiu6 
P np " iieneg, *• 

pfo "HATKurf 2».e neju. nicAai iixe noc j6en 
"fX^P*- TKpc * *° mionr^AJ 2k.e itAvajonajen 
nm&iojuu exepce&ecee* neu. mercx**- 
juuon* new. m^oTr^i- iixe "fnoXic* oTog, 
A/rrofnoc oTf2k.iajfM.oc e&pKi eacen nA*rXoc 
nejtiL &ApnA&Ac *• o*ro£, ATr&ixoir caJ&.oX 
Rno-ifoajttj * " iteooonr 2*.e Anneg, ngfung 
itno-f-tfAXA-wc e&oX e&pm eacuxrt* atti e&pm 

^8 eiKomon * + •» HumAeitxHC ave 1tA.Tju1.e2, 
npAcyi neju. nimtZ e©oTfJL& + 

CTfXe] Sace, F. *• 2ve] cf. Or. EILP al pier syr«*» Ac 

Ite]om.FS: €«e, 0. AnAVKeon] AB»rKN8T 18: AttAr- 
KHOIl, L»T*FGOP. ne] om. G. eniXH] cf. Gr. K*BD* 180. 
cat 288 syrP Ac: + 2k€, B»rGO 18, cf. Gr. N«A Ac OTOg, (ft, T*) 

xexemon jDumtoxen] om. o*. £,Hime] +rAp, fs. 
47 $ai &c] nAipirf VAp Aq&on&en,. Fgt exoxen] 
nAn, g. nxenoc] iixenoc, tnt. ace] pref, kaxa ♦pn'f 

eXCjS&HOXT 'according as it is written,' F S, cf. aeth. eTOfUMHl] 
AB»T 18: eOTTOX, TOP: eOTOnm, N: ttOTrOTUMm, G: 

novwini, wt'fks. meenoc] £,Artee. ( p. eiroTracAi] 

Hunt .8, T'AB* 18: eOTO*»., L« Ac: KOTrO'WCAUFS. 48 $+1 cf. 

Gr. BDsTEs* 26. 27. 29. 73. 97. 137. 180. 81* arm Ac. A*¥HA£,Tj 


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ACTS Xm. 4«-5«. 287 

** Bat Paulos and Barnabas were emboldened », they said : 
'It was necessary to speak to yon first the word of God. 
Since ye cast it away from yon, and ye reckon yourselves 
not to be worthy of the eternal life, lo, we shall (lit. will) 
turn to the Gentiles. "For this is as the Lord ordered 
us: "I put thee for a light of the Gentiles, to be for a 
salvation unto the end of the earth." ' M But the Gentiles 
having heard, rejoiced, and they were glorifying the word 
of God. And all they who were ordained to the eternal 
life believed. * 9 But they were going about with the 
word of the Lord in all the country, *° But the Jews were 
instigating the devout women, and those of honourable 
estate, and the first (men) of the city, and they raised a 
persecution against Paulos and Barnabas, and they oast 
them away from their boundaries. n But they (pron.) 
shook off (the) dust of their feet against (lit. upon) them, 
they came into Bxonion. 6 *But the disciples were being 
full of joy and the holy spirit. 

* Lit. 'manifested them.' 

turtnt&f , fs. ereR(e, N)gj] xeeRgj, l», mieprint. 
eni(ortj6], fn. *• a.e] l»t*ab»fp: om. tgk 

NOST, cf. Gr. ia»«* syrP. ItOU.] A*., T*FS: pref. lie, (T»)rG 
KNO(8)T. riOT] <H" 'God,'Gi8». 60 2>.e] om. P. HA.TT- 

ajonajen] l«A; A,*vaj.. F8: -ajo&ajeJ&., T'B»rGKNOPT 18. 
£,iojuu] + hp&MULo nejuLm(H, F), fs. erepceftecee] 
erepc, p. ne««.meTcxH(i, r)juLcon] cf. Gr. k*elp 

al pier vg aeth &o. 6£,pHl] L«T*AB»FPS 18: om. TGKN 
OT. OfOg, a ] L«AB*FPS 18 : om. TTGKNOT. OTOg, a° 
. . . etUOj] om. F. CAJ&oX] om. 8. nitOT.] iinOTr., G aingu- 
lar. -ewg] -OOJ, B»K i8». M n©U)0*»] pref. OTTOg,, F. 

najtoiaj] maj., ks. nrto*»tfT(g., N)] irrenot., k ; cf. Gr. 

DELP al pier syr«* aeth &c. e&oX] T»A,. 2 «»«B»P 18 : om. L« &c. 
€£,pHI i°] om. B» 18. IKOmon]LBAB»FKPS: eiK.,T»: OIK., 
TGNOT. M om. verse, A* 2lC] cf. Gr. ttODELP 6t. aj pier 

syrP arm &c IU.*»JULe£,] A.TTJUL., L*KT». e©0-»AJ&] CO 1 *, 
W: ee, TTj om.N*. 

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288 npa&ic. 


p4« 3Xc<gwm fe.e j6en iKomon ka.ta, mjpH-f poo 
eepcnraje e£>oTm efcntArtorK irre imiot- 

2VA.I-S- OTfOg, KCeC^LXI JULllAJpirf* £,0UC2k.e 

ttceiu^-f fbceo-cmg-f iSuutHg irre itno-raAj 
nexx moteinm* 

pl fi * Hhoitxa.1 a.6 eTA/<repA.TecoT it&KT A,*rrujcnm- 
(>•**. onrog, A/rfiiKA£, nnnlnrx 1 * nxe Klee- 
nex: *• ee&e mcrmcnr. * A/rep onrmaj'f Alien cnrit 
nxpoitoc juuhultt eTronrong, JGuuuucnr e&oX 
;6en $p&,n juukx:*- 

p$C 4>aj erepAneepe e&pm exen nc&xi irre neqg,- 
julot* eq*f n&A.iuuiHint vlbjul &A.naj$ftpi 

pip eepcnrajtoui e/LoX £,rren itcnrxix* t*3Xq- 
$oop2C 2\e ibceniAJutaj irre -fnoXic* &A.n- 

OTTOIt JUL6II IU/*X H ltejut K«0Tf2iA.I «• g^nice- 

Xwothu ^.e nA.*»x H ne**. niA.nocToXoc. 
8 erA/rcfoxi a^e itxemeenoc *• nam mionrxAJ *• 
neu. noTKeA.pxwn eajoajoir *> onrog, ecer 
com exuxy* * | • er^tn^t A.Tf<l>arr e&pw 
enmoXic irre XfUCAOttiA.* XfcrpA.* neju. 
xep&Kfr new. *f nepix^poc- ' nA/*2,iajenno*cqi 
pijO £juuu.t ne*> t'Ovog, necnron cnrpu>jju nA.*r- 
xoajl j6eit necjtfS.XA.TT2C* j6en X-rcrrpA.*- 
nA.qg, eqoi n<fA,Xe* icxen eqj6en enexi 

1 F»« 'the second Sunday of Buunah.' IKOnion] ttllC., A, : tXIXK., 
B»«: OIKOrtOrtlOIt, P: OIKOItIOIt,NT. pU}]om. A* OTTOg,] 

om.FS. ncecAaci] AB»(necc.) : e©po*rcjL>ci, F8 : irrcre- 
caxi, l«t' &c. Quaere] £,<»cTe, l«t*. ncenA£/f] 
H«nt is, irro*)rnA.£,*f-, fs. maj'f JUL] om. F. 2 ^e] om. FST. 

6TA.Tfep.Jcf. Gr. N A B C 13. 61. al fere 20 cat &c A/CTlOOirtt- 
OTf] L«T» &c: -TCOCnm, A. 0**0£j om. FS. * jQuUULTr] 

cf. Gr. E 8yr»*etP c. ob. efCrcong,] T»Af: -COIlg,, L8 &c 


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ACTS XIV. 1-8. 289 

XIV. But it came to pass in Ikonion according to the 
same manner that they went into the synagogue of the Jews, 
and spake thus so that a great multitude believed of the 
Jews and the Greeks. 2 But the Jews who were dis- 
obedient arose, and they gave pain to the souls of the 
Gentiles concerning the brethren. s They indeed tften spent 
a great time there, speaking openly* in (the) name of the 
Lord. He ($£.l) who witnessed for (the) word of his 
grace, giving signs and wonders to be done through their 
hands. 4 But the multitude of the city was divided. Some 
indeed were being with the Jews, but others were being with 
th'e apostles. * But the Gentiles having run with (rteJUl) the 
Jews and (rteJUL) their rulers also to insult them and to stone 
them, 'they having seen, fled into the cities of Lykaonia, 
Lystra, and Terbe, and the region round about. 7 They 
were preaching good tidings there. 8 And there was a 
man impotent in his feet in Lystra ; he was sitting, being 
lame since he was (ecj) in (the) womb of his mother; he 

* lit. 'manifesting themselves.' 

j£en$p4.n Aftjuxf] l«ab»fps: j6ertnro, gko: jOLnoc, 

T*r: IIOT, NT. $A.l] $H, T*. €£,pHI exeit] cf. Gr. H*A 
•yr«*. eq*f] cf. Gr. KABDEP 4. ai. 133. si plus 60 cat vg syr"". 
«a.€i ]om.P. niAJLHOj] ItlA*.., r. £,A.nO*)ron]L«AB*P:pref. 
OTTO&, T* &c. nA.*»X K a °] L8T'AP : om. B» Ac. * ItOfKe] Hunt ,8, 

mice, p : om. Ke, fs. oiro£,] om. a 8 . ecercom] erojoTr- 
no*», fs. exiooV) pref. e&pw, t*. 6 eTAiritA.Vj + *.e, 

FS. XTrKA-OItlA.] Xeir, FS: Xik., K: -torn*., GKNOT: 

-KoniA., p. XfCTp*.] Xic, S: Xa.c, Aj*. *repfijt] 

m-rep., A, : T*»p., FS. 7 IU/*£,l] pref. OTTO&, L«FPS. 

&JLAZ.*] om. FS. lie] L«T*ArFS : om. B» &c. 8 F«w 'the 

fourth Sunday of Pentecost.' OTO£, . . . pUMUU] neOTOnOTf- 

pwjuu 2l€ ne, f«s. j6en i°] it, fs. eq£en] cf. ? Gr. 

HLP el longe pin (69. a»* &>) &c. add vndpx"*- 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

290 npcfcgic. 

are xeqajtA/* *■ iineqju.oaji eneg,* • OTOg, 
$ai Aqcioxejut. enAnrXoc eqcAxi* fleoq ^e 
exAqcaaxc epoq oirog, exAqetxi xe o*»oit 
KA.&1" nj&Hxq eno&e**.* 10 nexAq j6ert 
onrmg-f kcjulh-s- xe xaonic o&i epAXK exen 
neKtfi.XA.Trx * onrog, nA,qtffd>ei o*»o£, nA.q- 


«• "Hijulhoj Ajteit onm exA.TfitA.Tr e<pK exAqAjq 
nxenATrXoc* ATrtffci rxottcjulh e&pm £x~ 
AK.exX*ricAu>n enrxuu jOuuloc xe a. mno*rf 
ep£M>pH-f itmpuuuu *■ a.ti enecnx ajApon* 
12 nA.xu.ovf- .men e&ApnA&Ac xe ni^exc* 
nAxXoc >.e xe niepjutHc* eni^H iteoq exoi 
n&veoxuenoc iixe iiicaxi* I8 iuoxr& a.e 
iixe ni^exc * 4>h enAqxH i6Axu>c ivf noXic * 
Aqmi ng, neJu. g^nyfroM.*- e&pw 
enmxXum. nAqo-rujaj eajtox ne neu. nuuLHaj*- 
14 GxAxcwxeu. *.e nxeniAnocxoXoc &ApnAJ&A.c 
neu. iiaxXoc* ax4k»j6 iinox£,fi.coc* a/vOoxi 
oja nuuLHaj errtoaj eftoX "exxio ajuuloc* 
mpuxui ee&e ot xexempi RrtAi*- Anon g/sm 
Anon £,AnpuMuu npeq^eruOLKAg, iLnexen- 
pn^ pK*f4- en&iajennovqi ntuxen | eg,en eimo** 
caAoX nnijuLexe^XKoif *> oxog, eicex eimox 

* OXO£, i°] AB» 18, cf. Gr. E 40. 68. syrJ> aeth: om. LsT* &c. 
AqCU)Xe«.jL«AB»FPS 18, cf. Gr. HADEHL 13. 6r. al plus 30 cat vg 
syr** arm aeth &c: 6XAqcU)XeU, TTGKNOT. a>e] om. P. 
OXO£, 2 ] om. T l . eXAqeMj] A,.„: eXATrnAT 'having 
seen,' L«T» Ac. nA£,*f] pref. OX, B»0. 10 neXAq] + ttA.q 

'to him,' T'A 2 «wFS. CAJLk] + ItAq, A,. Xe] om. A 2 *. cf. Gr. 
XU>nK]L»T»A,B«rGK*NPTi8: +*fX(» JUUU.OC nAK X€(om. 

xe, 0) £en$pAn it(om. o)Ihc nxc xe(om. xe, pos), 

A t FK m «08, cf. for the addition, with variants, Gr. CDE al fere** cat 
ayrtoketpmi „,,. og,l] pref. OXOg,, FS. nAqdT<pei] LRT»AB* 
PT 18, cf. ? Gr. HLP al phi ayr 1 * arm &c: Aq<C TFOENOS, cf. ? Or. 

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ACTS XIV. 9-15. 291 

walked not ever. 'And this (man) heard Paulos speaking. 
But he (pron.) having gazed at him, and having known 
that there was faith in him to be saved, l0 he said in a 
great voice: 'Arise, stand upon thy feet.' And he was 
springing up, and he was walking. "The multitudes 

indeed then having seen that which Paulos did, lifted up their 
voice in (Aft.) Lykaonian, saying: 'The gods became as the 
men, they came down unto us.' M They were calling indeed 
Barnabas ' [the] Zeus,' but Paulos ' [the] Ernies,' since he 
(pron.) was chief of the word. w But the priest of [the] 
Zeus, who was being before the city, brought calves and 
crowns up to the porches, he was wishing to slay, with 
the multitude. "But the apostles Barnabas and Paulos 
having heard, rent their garments, they ran unto the multi- 
tude, crying out, "saying: '[The] men, why do ye these 
(things) 1 We also are men, men of passion like you, preach- 
ing good tidings to you, to depart from the vanities and 

»ABC(D) fere 24 cat vg&c. OfOg, a°] L*AB»FS: om.T'&c, 

cf. Gr. b». iu.qAft.oaji] a : + ne, l«t« &a " »xen cnrn] Hunt .s. 

T»AB»i8: om. JLA.6K, L* &c. &c] eT4.IU.**XoC, FS. XfKAWIt] -KAJMOtt, B». A«.<PpH*f] om. JUL, 
TNT. A/*l] ert !, L«T'N : A,qi, A 2 . " Jlft.en] cf. ? Gr C 3 EH 

LP al pier syrP &c. 2£€ 2 ] om. P. epAJLHc] -€C, N. eilKMt] 
-2^.6,8. eXOl]A: ItAqOI, L«T»&c. tt£/*T*CnrAft..] it£,HV., 
O : &RV., B» 18 : -T*OAft., ST ; cf. ? Gr. 0* D 45. 46. o"». ItXe] 
€, 18*. niCA2£l] nC, P. M 2i.e] cf. Gr. E H LP al pier syrP&c. : 

om. S. $H] *AI, FS. *fnoXl(H, Aj)c] cf. Gr. NABC»D 15. 18. 
33. 34. 36. 40. 61. 69. 105. 113. 180. ia 1 * * a*" cat vg syr" 11 arm aeth. 
A.qmi] Aqi, A^C* HI i*r> 'a copy'). X^ OJUL ] "<»«**•» TNT. 

eg,pw e] afs: e&pen, l»b»gp: g,ipen, ttknot. 
nm-»Xo5(o,T»N)n] ab»fps 18: itin, L«T»rGKKOT. ne] 

om.FGKS. niAJLHOj] AB»P 18: niAft,., L*T*rFGKNOST. 
"lU/rXoc] CA/rXoc, A,. OJA.] L«AB»P 18: £,A* TTFGK 

nost. niAAHttj] niAAHoj, fs. enrcoaj e&oX] om. fs. 
15 nnA.i] ix.$A.i, fs singular. Alton i°] +rAp, fs. £,iajen- 
noTrqi] £,iumoj, b» 18. ca&oX] e&oX, g. nniAft.] Aro: 

RnAJAA.., LfT&c OfO£,] L«AB»FPS 18: om.TTGKNOT. 

V 2 

Digitized by 


292 npoxgic. 

edVf eron6 $h exAqeAJULio nxd}e new. 
iuca^i* neju. cfcioju. neju. g,ujfi. m&en exen- 
j^KToif *■ " 4»h exeiij6pHi £>en mrerteA 
exAfcmi* Aqxw ftmeenoc XHpoT eepo**- 
juiottji &i ncnr julumx *■ "itexoi jOLneqx^q 
eqoi nA.TJU.eepe* eqipi n&AimeenAner* 
Aq-f ncocnr iigAiuu.oTm&ujo'* e&oX j£>en 
T^e-i- nejut g^itcHo-ir juuuLAcoTtXAg, * eqxcio 
iinexen&HX itsfepe neju. ofitoq* 

<ro "Orog, kai etxo3 jDLjuhwot * juLonc A/vepe 
niAJLHO) g,epi eajxejULajoox ntuo-r* 

ff " HXiraje a.e efioX ;6en xaiixioxia neju. iKomon 
rbce&AiuoT^Ai. A**eexg,HX nituuLHaj a**£,i- 
toni exert iu/*Xoc* o**o£, A**ujaj*f juuuLoq 
ca&oX irfnoXic-s- efJULefi xe AqjULcnr* 
80 eTrKu)-f 2>.e epoq ibcerujuLAeHXRc*- exA.q- 

try xumq *.e Aqi ej6ofn e*f &aki *• + Orog, neq- 
pAcf Aqi e&oX nejuL ftApitAfiAc eg,pm 
exepfbt* " exAirg^SjeKKoirqi 2k.e j6en -f- 
noXic exeAJLAJLA.Tr*- <nro£, exAvfcjlu) aot- 
iuaj*f" iJuuLHa) A*rrAceo e&pw eXircxpA net*. 
iKomon 4- neju. XAirfoxiA * 22 enrxAxpo 
iiniiJ/irx H nT " e nuuLAeKXKc * err'fitoJUL'f 

exon;6] wt'a &&: -tonj6, nost. iika&i] t*afgk: 
iuk., LBB»rNOPST 18. g/wfL m&en] m, s*. " tt&pw] 

tt£,., GK. AqX">] L*AB»FKPS 18: d>K CXAqX^ '*•»<> 
let," T»rGNOT. eepOTf] om. P. " K€XOl]cU Gr. N«ABC* 

13. 61* i3>«* »« r &c AXJULeope] AXJU.exJtt.eepe, fps 

18. Aq*f] AFS : eq*f , L«T' &c. ntOOir] L«A B»FS 18, cf. syr«* : 
ItUJXen, TTGKNOPT, cf. Gr. H*BCDEHLP al fere 40 cat m M flor 
syrP arm &c. JULOTf R&UOOV] JULCnrg/JDO**, Ag. £^.nCHO*r 
JUUULAC OTfXAg,] gjAHJULAC OfXA£, j&ertnoTrcRO'v, 
F8. IiexenJ2,KXJ cf. Gr. H*BCDE 6i. al M m 8 * flor am fu demid 
tol »yrP arm Ac. " eTf2COJ . . . A*».] eq . . . Aq., B» 18 : eq 

H ;£* . . . A**., s. JL«.o(onr, s>nc] cf. ? Gr. D. " Afge *e] of. 

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ACTS XIV. 16-22. 293 

to turn to the living God, he who made (the) heaven and 
(the) earth and the sea, and all things which are in them : 
u he who was in the generations which passed (by) ; he let 
all the nations walk in their ways. 1T And yet he let not 
himself be (eqoi) without witness, doing good things, he 
gave to them rains from (the) heaven and fruitbearing times, 
satiating your hearts with food and delight.' 1S And saying 
these (things) scarcely they caused the multitude to be quiet 
(so as) not to slay to them. 19 But Jews went from (the) 
Antiochia and Ikonion, they persuaded the multitudes, they 
stoned Paulos, and they dragged him outside of the city, 
thinking that he died. ** But as the disciples were around 
him, having risen, he came into the city. And on the 
(lit. his) morrow he came forth with Barnabas into Terbe. 
21 But having preached good tidings in that city, and having 
taught a great multitude, they returned into Lystra and 
Ikonion and (the) Antiochia, a confirming the souls of the 

Gr. NABHLP al plu vg syr'-MPt** aeth &c. ifOeTg,.] A : -BBT 

it£,., P-. -ee(H, rNOT)*rn£,., t* &c. : onrog, a.*»©kt ixng,., 
fs« nitum-HOf] jOLniAJLHoj, fs. A.-»2,iu>m] ab»p : pref. 

OTO&, L8T*rGKNOT a6: eg,IU)(0, S)IW 'tortone.'FS. 0*»0£,] 
L«T«AB»P: om.T&c. A.fU>(0, FS)aj*f] et., TO. C£.fto>v] 

pref. a^., P. 20 err Kwf] &.t., p. a k ei°]om.P26. epoq] 

position cf. ? Gr. EHLP al pier vg &c. eTA.qTumq] £.qT., F8. 
a k €a°]AB»KN: om. UTTFGOPST 26. iqi] + IteAJLOJOT 
'with them,* FS. e-f&A.*Cl] rt*f\, A,: 6-fnoXlC, 26. OfOg, 

neqp*.cf] l«as: cnrog, eneqpicf, b»tnopt 26: 
eneqpA.<rf 2>.e, t*K: neqp*.c-f- 2^,26: eneqpA.c*f, g.- 
o*»o£, neqpicf 2^e, f. A.qi]om. FS: &.t\, a 2 . e&pm] 

om. FS?. 8l €T£.'*£ ) l] cf. Gr. N«BCL 61. al few omn cat &c. Hunt ,8, 

2we] cf.Gr.DE 40. 96.: om. K. OITOg,] om. G 26. *fcft(JU] "" 3 
+ 2k€, 26. e&pRl] om. 0. XirCXpi] cf. ? Gr. D 93. 1 13. h«« &c. 
om.r.jr. IteM. . . . tie**.] cf. Gr. DHL P allonge plu e&c. IKOIt.] 
IJCWIt., F. n €**T*J£po] cf. Gr. H'ABEHLP al pier cat* 8 * 

d fo tol &c: A.TTT., KP 26: 6TT., FS. €(*., 26)f(+€, P)*f- 
nOAJL-f ] pref. OTfOg,, P. 

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294 npoxgic. 

tvtxrt eepofo&i j6eti mitAg/f * cnrog, xe 
e&oX £,rren <y*A*.Rg n&ox&ex g,urf epqn 
egje ej6cnrn cfAnerofpo tnre tH - * 
°i "SXttx*-* 1 * * e exeit £,Aimpecfi.-*Tepoc | xwxrt 
kata ckkXhcia.*- oirog, eTATrTto&g, j6en 

g,A!tttRCTIA A.*»X*-"» j6aT6K IKTC $R eTA.**- 

n^&"f epoq* 

« » 4 6TA,Tcen -fiuc^A 2>e Ann efrtAJUub'yXiA. 

28 onrog, cta-tcax! ii.mc4.xi j6ett nepvit* 

Airi e£,pHi ea.TTA.Xi*. ••oirog, e&oX juuula - * 
ATep&urr erAirf o^ iiujla eTAfTKiTOf 
il6KTq j6en nig^wLOT ivre <H" em&ujfi. 

or erA*»xoKq efLoX* +"GTATri ^.e cnro£, erA.**- 
eaxvrf irfeKKXRciA nA**TAJU.o jOuulujot 
eefte g/ofi. mfi.en*- erAqAiTcnr nejuxocnr 
nxe**f* o*»o£, xe Aqcrecon Stonrpo iiTe 
$tiA£/f ftmeeitoc* "Afgjcom a.e Ojuust 
wejjl numAOHTRc noTKonrxi ncnonr ah* 

<rC 1 0»o£, eTATfi nxe&Aiunron efkoX j6eit *fioT- 
3S.6A.+ nmcitRcnr xe ecgtun 
TeitajTeM.coffi.e e-Rncnr kata TcritReiA. 
jGUutunrcRc * jQUuLoit ojxoa*. ijuuuoTeit 
eito&eftJL. 2 eTAqajtoru *.e nxecnrajeopTep 

cnrog,] om. a6. epon] +ne, 26. eaje] eepenaje, fs. 

6*f A«.eT.] nf ., T. " 2i.e] L«T*AB»rNOT 18: om. FQK PS. 

exeit] pref. 6£,pRI, T»: e, B». RATA 6KK.] k. *feKK., S by 
error ; position of. ? Gr. E H LP al pier syrP aeth &c. OTO£,3 rf - Or. 27. 
29. 68. 103. al*"*. ATX*-** J&ATeit] ATrX^^X^T* 6 ". -*i = 
AT^Aj6., F. ** F°» 'the second Sunday of Babah : it is read on 

the first Sunday of fubah.' 2v6] cf. Gr. D : X€, F. "f nAJUL<^T(I, 
GNOT)XlA]cf.Gr.MBOE 13. 40.61.68. 73. 98. 180. cat. "CAXl] 
cf. Gr. BDHLP al pier aeth &c. : + KTetb-f" 'of God,' 0, cf. Gr. E. 
J^eimeprH] cf. Gr. WBCDEHLP al pier &c: J^eit TepfiK, GK 

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ACTS XIV. 23— XV. a. 295 

disciples, encouraging them to stay in the faith, and that 
through much tribulation we must go into the kingdom of 
God. M But they laid hand upon presbyters for them 
in every (KA.TA.) church ; and having prayed in fastings, 
they committed them to the Lord, whom they believed. 

M But having passed (through) [the] Fiaidia, they came 
to [the] Pamphylia. M And having spoken the word in 
PergS, they came into Attalia ; *• and from there they sailed 
to (the) Antiochia, the place in which they were given in 
the grace of God for (e) the work which they completed. 
17 But having come, and having assembled the church, they 
were showing to them concerning all things which God 
did with them ; and that he opened a door of (the) faith 
to the Gentiles. ^But they abode there with the disciples 
not a little time. XV. And some having come from 

[the] Ioudea, were teaching the brethren, that if ye should 
not be circumcised according to (the) custom of Moyses it 
is not possible for you to be saved. * But no little trouble 

(tr. t^ji , { y^> Bargah, Bargi, also K bj* J*f 'Coptic Durban'). €£,pHl] 
€j6-, B». A.TTA>vIA,] cf. Gr. HAB*ODE al 4 «"" h x8o cat 840 : 
A.T2>.A.XlA., P : £.T£,!*r4.Xl«. UUut AiplyS, OJ, cf, aeth JtaAjP 
A&ji. * e A.Tep.j€Tfep., A," -foXIA-] A: XIOX«^» 

LsT» &c; cf. Gr. HE. ru6HTq] om. r*G*K. TUgjJUlOT] 

n&., b». * erA,**©.] A.ire., fs. irfeKKX.] l*ab»fk 

PS: erf., T»rGNOT. lU/aTAJUlo] cf. Gr.HABO 15. 18. 33. 
34. 40. 61. cat «yr«*. €ofi.e] AB»P: 6, I*T* &c. eefte . . . 

nejuLwcnr] om. t homeot. nejuuooTr] moo*c, f*. naced/f] 

position cf. ? Gr. (exc.ND&c). Xe]om.FS. po] p<JO, T«. itltl- 

eenoc] nxeni., b». *• juuuu.Tr] cf. Gr. ehlp ai pier 

irjfT-tr &c. F»w 'the end (of the lection).' 

1] + e&oX, fs. A.pexen] ep., p. tctkr- 

(I, NTjeiA.] om. T, L»TTNT. AfcUTVCHc] cf. Gr. HBCEH 
61. al aat mn : JUUOCHC, 8, cf. Gr. ADLP. * 2lB] cf. Gr. NBC 

Dc L 4. 15. 18. a6. 33. 34. 36. 61. 69. 73. 100. 105. 180. al 8 *" cat &c. 

geoprep] cf. Gr. e 68. v g: +neju.oTmtaj*f n^H2.HCi'c 'and 

a great questioning,' FS"*, cf. ? Gr. rail. 

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296 npoxgic. 

turocoTaci a.« JDLtw.*»Xoc ne»x &<s.&A.c * 
ne**. g,A.nrex«Joirn! e&oX ft^HTonr-s- att- 
euxg juLn^irXoc nam. £4.piu.&&.c eepcnraje 
aj*. itiA.nocT'oXoc + nejut mnpecftvrepoc 
exj6e« ixhah eitA.*» eefte iuj^kt-rm^. *• 
8 «eujo*» AJten o*»n eT^.nrr^iooir e&oX g,ixen 
*f ekkXhcia. 4- £.**cim e&oX g,rreit •f^omiKH*- 
neAJt TcAJuuLpi^. * evc^xi e©&e 
nitieertoc o**o£, itA.T!pi iioTmiaj'f npiaji 
nexiL nicnHOTf xKpo*». | 

pnn R?. 

<"j 4 Gt4.tti a.e eg,pm eixmm. ^.Tcgoncnr eptuoT nxe- 
itAt ckkXhcia. nem. ma.nocTioX oc ne**. nmpec- 
fLnrrepoc *• &.tT&Juujoot 2>.e e&uafi. m&en gta 

4>*f A.ITOTT neWLtOOTf. 

otf 8 UCWriocnm 2^e nxe&&.noton eftoX j&en *rg,e- 
pecic rrre md}*.piceoc nK eT£.**na.£/f errxuj 
juuuioc * ace caje iicecoTrfi.K*roTr * ofog, e&ort- 
g,en e^peg, ed}rtau.oc jDuutioircHC * 

<" • 3\tt eiwcnrf ze iixeruA.noc*roXoc ite.u. itmpec- 
IWxepoc en*.? eefte ni.ic.jLxi* 

via 7 0xA.cgajni ^.e iixeoTr maj*f it£H2\HC!c <»• A.qog,i 
ep^xq nxenerpoc nex^q nuicnr* mpuojuu 
itencttHOTf neurreit xexencooo-vn xe icxen 

nonrKo*)fxi] om. f. neju.g,£.nKexu>oTmi . . . *.t- 

©COOJ JULTl.] A,(tr. ^ w^ 'and certain of them,' "w ^ c g^.l i ikr> 
'a copy "and others with them'") 2 B»: It6JUUJDO*r (obs. D« r aim airoU) 

i/recoaj jOLn. nejtx.ft4.pit. neju.g,A.n . . . iw&KXonr 'with 

them, they ordained Paulo* and Barnabas and others from them,' LffTT 
GKNOT: IteJUL£,A.I1 . . . KextUOTTttl efioX K^HTOT (om. 

A.-roo>gj), p. ninpecfL] cf. Gr. o 180. cat. e*r;6en] cf. ? Gr. 

E e. nil] 4>A.I, T*B»NOST. ^HTHJUU.] £€T., P : £H2V., 8. 

8 ^.Tfcmi] n*.**c, f. <t>oim(K, o)kh] 4>uj., fs. touuu] 

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ACTS XV. 3-7. 297 

having happened to Paulos and Barnabas and others of 
them, they ordained Paulos and Barnabas to go unto the 
apostles and the presbyters who were in Jerusalem to see 
concerning this question. s They (pron.) indeed then having 
been escorted by the church, passed through [the] Phoinike 
and (the) Samaria, speaking concerning (the) return of the 
Gentiles : and they were making a great joy with all the 

* But having come into Jerusalem, they of the church 
and the apostles and the presbyters received them ; but 
they showed to them all things which Qod did with 
them. 'But some from (the) sect of the Pharisees who 
believed arose, saying : • It is right that they should circum- 
cise them, and to order to keep (the) law of Moyses.' • But 
the apostles and the presbyters assembled to see concerning 
this word. 7 But a great questioning having happened, 
Petros stood, he said to them, [The] men, our brethren, 


cf. ? Gr. DH 1. 3. 23. 25. 31. 47. 56. 98. 99. 100. 8p* al 4 »" &c. -piA.] 


If] 116 j6eitm., FS . * F m g gag « the tnird Sunday of Hunt .8, 

(month, S) BSbah* : K°* 'it is read the third . . .* 6g,pKl] 6j&, T* : h^I*, 

om. NT. IXKA*.] cf. ? Gr. tfCDEHLP al pier cat &c. eptWOTf] «" 

om. 26. 26 2 ] om. FS 26. 6£,U>&] tsT'AFKOPS 18. 26:'" 

tt&Uift, TGNT: eefieg,., B». eTA-drf] 6TA.q 'which he," 

fs. nejuLtooVJ nojoir, s*. * &.tt(g, Aj*)u)o*»ii] a o : 

A.irrtOOTfnOTf, L*T*A,»8(' another copy*) &c. 26] om. 26 : 2C6, P. 

irreru<b.] Rnitp., tnot. ccye] eccge, fs. itceccnr- 

fiHTOir] A,. a «B» 18: 6COTfiL 'to &c.,' L«TTFKNOPST : 
nCOTf., G 26. €£,Ortg,eri] om. G(not tr.) K. AJLtOTTCHC] cf. Gr. 
MBOEH al plu : AJUVCHC, S, cf. Gr. ADLP al pin. ' 2.6] cf. Gr. 

KADEHLPal pier caisyr"* arm &c: om.NPT26. !U.i]f<>S &c: 
<t»AJ, F*S» : HI, T. 7 26] om. 26. £H2>.RCIc] AFK: £62.., 

S: ?HT.,L8T»B»rGN0Ti8.26: £6T., P; cf.?Gr. KAB 13. 15.33. 
34. 36. 4a 61. 68. 69. 100. 104. 105. al 2 *". A.CJO£,I 6piTq] AB» 
18: A.CfTU)nq 'rose,' UTTFGKNOPST 26. 116X4.^] pref. 

cnro&, t. iieujxen] +>.e, k. 

Digitized by 


298 IIP3fcgIC. 

meg,ooT hs.px, €oc *' *•.♦+ couth j6en eHno-» 
eftoX j£>en pooi* eepe meenoc ciotcjul en- 
c*ja irre merrAxveXion onrog, ncen^£/f * 
8 oTrog, nerccooTrn nmg,HT <H" * 4.qepA*.eepe 
noooT OTrog, A.q-f nuooT iiniiuu! eeoTriii 
ii/frpH'f g,coit €TA.q*THiq nA.n+- *oto£, 
JuLneqxA. 2*^ iigi&i" oTTton neA*.uxnr e*.q- 
Tof&o nnoTg,HX* iu6pKi j6en nmAg/f* 
10 *f no** o*»n eefte or xexertepnip^m jjufrf* 
€XA.Xe o*Yn££,&eq eaceit neiumo-f nnuuuLeK- 
tkc* $aj exeixne nemo*f* o*r^e &.non 
ojxe*jL2£OJUL nTuxnrn &&,poq. "iXXa. eftoX 
£,iTen nig^M.ox irre nencwc lite* *ren- 
n*^/f eno&exjL* k*.ta. $pH*f nmicex<»oTni* 
<n£ »« UXq^x^ptuq %>e itxenuutHoj Titpq * cnrog, | itA/r- 
cujxeju. e&,c«> neju. iu.**Xoc* e*»c^j£i 
itniJULHim THpcnr new. maj$Hpi era. <H" 
AJTOTf j&en meenoc e&oX £,rro*roT* 


<ny "UenencA. eTA.Trx A -P u, °"* *e a.qepcmo iixe- 
i*j«jo.fioc eqgug juuuloc mpoa mu nenciiKOTf 
cwrejm epoi* 

<rt5 "CTAJtecon i.qci2£i ka.t*. *pK*f icacen ajopn* 
era. <H" xeAJtrtajmi e(Ff RotX^oc e&oX j6en 
meenoc j6en neqp&n. " o*»og, <t>^.i ce*f-juu."f" 

j&eneimOT] for hpl* cf. Or. ttABC 13. 40. 61. 69. 105. al ma 
est 144 arm(» &o. €(JGL, 26)nOLXl] L*AB»GP 18.26: eiUC, TTF 

knost. nTeme**.] i*.me7r., b» 18. o"*o£,] LBT»AB*r«w 

FO»*PS 18: om. 26 : £,mA., T»GKNO»T. • OTfOg, i°] on. a6. 

nercuxnrn] <1»k ere, t* a6. £,kt] +ne, fs. o**o£, 

A.q-f] L*AB»(F)P(S) 18. 26: om. OTTOg,, FS: eA.q*f, T»rOKN0T. 
ntOOTf2°] cf. ? Or. OEHLP al pie r cat v g syr** arm aath Ac £*.- 

nmiu.J ent, n. eeo-»Aj&] ee*», P: ee, r. ii<frpH*f-] 

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ACTS XV. 8-15. 299 

ye (pron.) know that since the early days God chose among 
you from my month to cause the Gentiles to hear (the) word 
of the Gospel, and believe. 8 And God, he who knoweth 
the hearts, witnessed to them, and he gave to them the holy 
spirit, as he gave to us also ; 9 and he put not any difference 
between us and them, having cleansed their hearts in the 
faith. 10 Now then why tempt ye God, to place a yoke on 
(the) shoulders of the disciples, this which not our fathers 
nor we (pron.) could bear? "But (A.) through the grace 
of oar Lord Jesus we believe that we shall be saved*, 
according as the others. 12 But all the multitude was 
silent, and they were hearing Barnabas and Paulos speaking 
of all the signs and the wonders which God did among the 
Oentiles through them. 

18 But after they were silent, Iakoboe answered, saying, 
[The] men, our brethren, hear me : . M Symeon spake how b 
at (icxert) first God visited, to take a people from the 
Gentiles in his name. ls And with this agree the words of 

* lit. 'to be saved.' b Or 'according as.' 

MAB»P 18: KA.TA. 4>pK"f ,T*rFGKNOSTa6. £,U)It] AB»i8: 
tra. after, L»T' &c: om. 26. 9 it£>pHl] K£,., E : €&o\ 0. 

niitA£,-f] neqit., o. l0 opce**..] l«afs : jOLnertajxewi., 
t*btgknopt 18. it(en, oxcooTtrt] e*ra5o*»it, t*K: 
rercooTitoir, b»p 18. " e&oX] om. np. nendc] <H" 

'God,' (tr. \i>j 'our Lord'). IHC] AjB»rPT 18, of. Gr. » ABE H LP 
61. al proa 60 am fu demid tol syrP aeth re &c.: + I1;X C » L«T t A 2 FGKN 
OS, cf. Gr. CD 13. 31. al sat mu cat vg«>« •yr«* arm aethPP &c. Tert- 
ItA£/f] XenepP,eXn!C, i8«*. F°w 'the end (of the lection).' 
18 THpq OfO£j om. FS. e^CA^l] A.TT., T*N : eq., FS. 

itexjuf!.] om. m, 0. j&enm.] l«t*ab»fkps 18: hm., ro 
not. "^ejom.Fs. itencniicnr] men., fgs. epoi] H«nt«8, 

T*AB»r»«F0PS 18: om. L«T*GKNT. " CXJUieCOn . . . ,J " 8 

SJOpn] om. N*: C!., 0: -€OIt, N»: ClJUUUIt, MFPST. A.q- 

caxi] eq., s. gjopn] ajto., st. j£>en a°1 cf. ? Gr. nabo de 

61. al plus " cat 848 vg syr"* arm &c. " $A.i] IIAJ, N : om. FS. 

Digitized by 


300 npoxgic. 

it&*A.4.q * rixemcA.xi irre runpo<|>HTHc + K&rr*. 

<tpH*f excj6Kcnrr* 

ie 2Ce jutenenc^ haj eie* *■ o-rog, eieKurr 

* irf cmr itH irre ^A/rfe. en erA.c£,ei *• onrog, itR 

4- erA/fctoc kta.c eieKOTo** * oirog, *f iuta£,oc 

4-epA.TCfr 17 g,oiuoc ftceKurf itcA. noc* nxe- 

•s-ncuxxn ttmpcoAAi ncu meonoc THpoT-s- itH 

*• er&.tJULO'rt eg,pw exiooTr nexe nbc+ 

•s- o>h exepo ttiu.1 " oTtoitg, efi.oX iracen neiteg, *• 

ff « 19 Gefte 4>i.i i"t&A.n ahok* eajTejui.o"cAg > j6ici *■ 

ftitit eeitAKOTOTr e&oX j6en meenoc* *° aXXa. 

eonroopn ncooir * eepoTr&eno** caJLoX iiniajajx 

ni^toXon nejut -fnoptuA. * nejut mioxg, *■ net*. 

ffty nicnoq eeAHtoovr* +"Uu)*»chc rA.p icxeit 

nireneA. KA.pxeoc* ofoitTA.q ttmi eTg,iuMa| 

juumoq* ka.ta noXic j£>en moritA.vcorH *• 

ercua) juuu.oq rata. cA&ftA.*ron iti&eit* 

<r»f s* Toxe 4S.cep3s.0Km iimAnocToXoc | newt nmpec- 

P ne ftxrepoc* nejut *feK*cXHciA TKpc*- ecurrn 

it&AnpcuAJti eftoX k^rto** * eonropnoT eTAit- 

tioxia. kgju. nA.*»Xoc.j- nejut fiA.pitA.ftA.c * 

*"» I0tt2>a.c ne*roTf*«.onf*f epoq xe &ApcA&iiA.c *> 

ne**. ciXac * g,A.npu).wu ng/rrofJULenoc j6en 

mcitHonr*. 28 eA/ircj6A.i e&oX g.ITOT'OT* 

HiaiioctoXoc + ncu rtmpec&vrepoc * Rm- 

cnHoir wk erxH j6eit T-Airrioxw. * nejut 

" Xej UT*AB»P 18 : om. TFGKNOST. OTfOg, i°] om. L*FS. 
CKTfltKjcKH., G. Kt&.(€, T)c] om. K. " £,OIUUC] g/O- 

noc, 8: oiuuc, tnot. nm.j l*ab»fkps 18: rtTem., 
T»rGN0T.] Hm., b» 18. ttttAj] cf. Gr. nabcd 

61. al plus" rg aeth &c. " OfO(lO, T*rN0T)«g,] T'ATGKN 

OST: eOfUMtg,, L»B»FP 18 ; cf.Gr. HBO 
100.105. 133.180. arm "O&c. IC2£eit]g,!2Ceit,A,. 19 ItnH(!,N)] 
AG: eitH,L8T t &c e&oX] (T')AB»GKN0T: pref. 6<t>*f 'to God,' 
L« TFPS. eenoc] +eg,pHI &U&f 'up to God,' T*. *° I2.U>- 

Xon] r&oXwn, s. *f nop.] l«ab»fps : mnop., ttgknot. 

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ACTS XV. 16-23. 301 

the prophets ; according as it is written : " 'After these things 
I shall return, and I shall build the tabernacle of David, 
which was fallen ; and the things which were overturned 
of it I shall build : and I shall (lit. will) set it up : " that 
(the) rest of [the] men may seek for the Lord, and all the 
Gentiles upon whom my name was called, saith the Lord, 
he who caused these thingB u to be manifest since (the) age.' 

u Therefore I (pron.) give judgement, not to molest them 
who will turn from the Gentiles ; *° but {&.) to send to 
them, to cause them to depart from things slain for idols, and 
[the] fornication, and things strangled, and the dead blood 
(plur.). 21 For Moyses since the early generations hath them 
who proclaim him in every (KJLTJL) city in the syna- 
gogues, being read on {K&.T&.) every sabbath. 22 Then it 
seemed good to the apostles and the presbyters with (neu) 
the whole church to choose men from them, to send them to 
(the) Antiochia with (iteJU.) Paulos and Barnabas ; Ioudas, 
who is called 'Barsabbas,' and Silas, chief men among the 
brethren : M having written through them, The apobtles and 
the presbyters to the brethren who are in (the) Antiochia 

-m*.] cf. Gr. HE al. It!CItO(C0, K)q] HIC, T*. BO JUL.] 

eTJUU, TN. " AJLUnf ( + 1, N)CHC] JUUOCHC, S, cf. Gr. AE8' 

LP al looge plu. ItireiteA.] Itie&OOf 'the days,' G(tr. j»b3)l)K 

(tr. JU.5ll'the generations'). OTTOnXA.q] -It itT^q, FNOST. 

noXlC . . . KA.TA.] om. B» homeot. C»ItA.r<m*H] -VI, N. 

88 F""« 'the second (or third) Sunday of Tubah,' 'the festival of the (24) Hon* *>, 

elders.' it£,*.rt] 6£,A.!t, P. OC 1 *-] cf - 6r - ** E - th ™ vewe a 3« *"' 

ru/rXoc &c] ft«*.pn.&JiA.c nejuxA/rXoc, 26. nexo*»- 
juwrf] <bH ere*., t»ks 26: ^.e 4>h errot., f. &A.p- 

Ci.(€, N)&&*.c] cf. Gr. KABOEHLP 61. al plus 12 am &c. 

2>eitniCnKOir]om. B»: pref. 6&oX, 26. ** €&.tc£)A.l &c]£>£.i &c, T'GKP; cf. Gr. N*AB rg aeth". IU4.IIOCT.] 
pref. It, T*. ttltlCIlHOY] L»AB»rFGKOPS 26, cf. ? Gr. X* ABCD 
13. 61. Tg arm"** Atb &c. : IteAJLttlCItHOT 'and the brethren,' TNT, 
cf. Gr. N«EHLP al pier 4o. itK 6TXH j6eit] AB»G : eT^H 

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302 npaxgic. 

•fmrXiKiA,* newt -f-cTrpiA,*- racitROT. mefioX 

j6en meenoc-s-x 6 ? 6 * 

vie M Gm:Mt i.rtcu)Teu xe £,A,noiron efi.oX «j6k- 
xen-s- e*TAv*i efioX A/e-ajeepxep ennoir* 
eir<t»tt)ng, nite*remlnfX K J6 eit gAncAJH* iw.i 
ereG.neitxoTO'* *• M A.cepfc.oKin o*»n* eifJuuL ercon* ecurrn ng^npuwuLi 
eofopnoir g,A,purren neut neitAXAJiRToc *■ 
fi.A.pnA£A,c itejm. iu.itXoc*' 

<r« *« 8^.npu)j«.i eA/rf n*rov>lnrx K e&piu exert $pA.n 
iAJienro ihc n^c. " A-nofcopn *e nio*r&A.c 
txejtu. ciXa.c*- neu>oir g/uo*» e**e*rAJUu»>Ten 
enA.i pus efi.oX £,rren ncAxi* 

Ma *»3XcpA,rtA,q rA.p ixiurTnZ eeo-*AJL<- new. A.itoit 
£/»it + eaj*re.**.cnri^,&A.poc exeit eimor 
ng,oTo nXmt itAJ j6en oirA.itA.vKR* *»£, 
epcoTen JOuuttwoir itiajicr itixcoXoit* 
rteju. mcnoq[*] eeAJLuxvrr * new. mtoxg,*- 
itex*. itmopniA. -5- raj£, epurreit 
cajS.oX iJuuttooT irrerenepg/wfi. itKAXcoc. 

OTXA.I. | 

<"$ 80 Heajof AJien oim er&.ixt-'* efioX* a.*m e*TA,it- 
tioxm- o**0£, err&stewo'rt juLmjuLHaj*- &rrf 
n't enicToXH * 8I eTA/caxg z.e A.*YpA.aj! egjwi 
exen niewx k&rt* 

j6en, TN0Ta6: eTj6eit, L*FKPS. KtXiKIA,] KlX., T. 

newt-f cnrpiA.] om. item, nt. iticitRo-r 2 ] prof, it, T»ra 
NOT. x e P e 3 xeP 6 "*" 6 . T'GK- M p,*.no'»on]L«T* 

AB»GKP: prof. A. (6, N), TFNOST. C&oX i°] om. FO. 

nj6H*ren] l*afks«: £>en. ©Hnoir, T»B»roNOPT, cf. Gr. 

N* 31* &c. eTA/tt efioX] cf. Gr. N«A0DEP al fere omn vg 
eyr»»' aethPP &c: om. efioX, K, cf. Gr. HL: I ajA.pU>Ten, 
F 8, cf. i Gr. H* B arm aeth » Ath &c, item a«* *. A.T OJO€ (O, F 8) p- 

xep] -eep, tgknot. e*»4»t»(o, P)it£j a.*»4>-, a s ?s. 

^X"] c f - G" - . NAB D 13. 61. vg aeth»> &c. £,A>ItCAXl] L«T»A 

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ACTS XV. 04-31. 303 

and [the] Eylikia and [the] Syria, the brethren who are of* 
the Gentiles, hail : u Since we heard that some from us 
having come forth troubled you, perverting your souls in 
words, these which we said not ; ** it seemed good then to us, 
having come together b , to choose men to send them to you 
with (tiGJUL) our beloved Barnabas and Paulos, M Men 
who gave their soul for (the) name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
27 But we sent Ioudas and Silas, they also shall show to you 
the same things through (the) word. M For it pleased the 
holy spirit and us also, not to put more burden upon you ex- 
cept these of 06eit) necessity. M Keep yourselves from them, 
the things slain for idols, and the dead blood (plur.), and things 
strangled, and [the] fornications ; keeping yourselves from 
these and doing ° well. Farewell. 30 They (pron.) indeed 
then having been dismissed, came to (the) Antiochia; and 
having assembled the multitude, they gave the epistle. 81 But 

• Lit. 'the from.' b Lit. 'to a place at once.' ° Or 'that ye 

may do.' 

B«rFPS: &4.KXMC&XI, GKNOT. M 6(om. B»)A.Itl] L*T* 

AB»FP8: €1 'tocome,TGKNOT. A.VA.nRTOc] -WTOC, NO. 

*• eA/rf] A.*rf , p. nTo*»iWoc K ] A p ' cf « Gr - D &c - : KKoxty. 

'their souk,* L«T» &c e&pHl] €j£>., OT : K^., N. F»w 'the end 

(of the lection) of the (24) elders.' * 7 2kfi] om. B«P 18 : IttMTeit, K. ="* J«> 

pUj] pCUJUU, FP8* by error. IlOLXl] L*AB»rOP 18: IUC, T>F 

GKN8T. *' eeOfAjk] ee 3 ?, P : CO, r ; position cf. ? Or. 

KA B 13. 33. 34. 61. 73. k-» Clem &c. "» ItlCIttXtt), FKS*)q] 

nicnoq, t». eeAJUooTrr] om. 0: er\*ju, nt. muncgj 

cf. Or. N*A*BO 61. 137. Clem Or Ac. ItlllOp.] T»ArGKN0T: 

•fn.,L«FPS. epeTeru-pegJ l«t*ab«gpi8: eperenea.- 

p€g,(om. peg,, NTjrNOT: ipeX€Ita.p€&, FK8. KT€- 

•renep.] Terenep., b»p 18. itKA>tf»(o, njc] om. ft, r*N 

OT. OYX&l] pref. OTf, T*0*P. 80 A.fl] cf. Gr. EHLP al 

longe pin eyr"** &c jGLlUJU-HCU.] eniAJLKO), FS : Kill., KP. 

n*fenicxoXK] p«f. nuxnr 'to them,' F8: + ruucnr, k. 
81 exA.if tog] +C 'it,' B»K S 18. e&pw] om. GNT. 

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304 npcfcgic. 

M IO»2ii.c neju. ciXac * £,A.ttnpo<pRTHc gsnoi ite *• 
eftoX £,iTen cnrcAJKi eqocg a.-r©e*rn£,H"r itni- 
cmio~f 4- cnrog, A/rrA^cptocnr * M eTA.**ep cnr- 
Xponoc 2k.e ^6i.TOTo*» * a/cx*-** e&oX ^eit 
cnr&ipHmt cepo-rcge oja. mi e*rA.-c<y*opno7r +• 
<"*y "n^-^Xoc 2k.e neju. &4.pn4.&4.c-t> A.'vajuMii j£>en 
«8 TAJtTioxw- *• + G*rfcflu> cnrog, eir&iajen- 
ncnrqi iteu. jcejuutaj ii.rucA.xi nxed/f * 


<tk( »« UenencA. g^negjOoir ze neace ru/rXoc i£.&A.p- 

nA.&A,c xe JUL^pcnKOTTett itxeitxejuLnotjiiti 

nneitc«Ho*» * ka,ta. & m&en* nn 
£,iu>icg jGLrucAxi irre n«5 nj6HTcy** xe o*» 
nerajon AJuuuucnr *• " &A.piuJLA.c "&.e nA.q- 
cnruxg etoXi ii.iiKeiu);itHc neju-tuof neroir- 
AXOTff epoq xe jula.pkoc* M nA.**Xoc *b.e 
rtA.qepA.jiom xex*-c <pH exA.q4»u)p-s caJLoX 
ijuu.u3o-c * icxen TnAJU/pTXiA. * o**og, ere- 
iJLneqi nejuuuo-r eni£/o&* eajTejutoXq itejjt- 
tt)o*». 89 A.qaju)iii *.e ibcecnracconT* g,t»xrre 

H "^' 8 - M IOTT2i.A.c] AONOT: + 3^.6, L«T*B»rFKPS 18, cf. Or. D^P 
al certe permu e vg gjtv Ac. £,A.rt . . . ne] L?AB»FGPS 18: 

ne&An . . . ne, k : neg,A.n . . . g/not, t* : e£,<8.n . . . ne, 
tot : egjJLti . . . gjtuoot, n. A.iree(A., N)TnJ -hx n, s. 
88 A/cxs-"*] a/itx** 1 * F - fcipHttH eepcnraje] ab* 18: 
&. itnicnHo-c eepofaje noacnr, t»: &. e&oX g,rren- 
racn. ace x*- c ncege, l~fps: £,. e. £,itoto*c nmcn. 
acex&-c rtceaje, tgnot: £,. e. £,i*roTOTr nnicniicnr, K. erA.'ro'ropno'r] cf. Or. kabcd ■i'* <mt vg aetb« &&: 
ajA,niA.nocroXoc j£eru5\KAA, k, for &nm. of.a-.EHLP ai 

pier Syr - *- arm &c. M om. verse, L'AB'FGNOPST 18, cf. Gr. NA 

BEHLP 6t. al 80 fere am fu demid ayr &c. : ClXA.C "b.6 4.qO*VUXt) 
eajtuni j6enniJUUL eXeJUUUULTf 'but Silaa wished to remain 

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ACTS XV. 32-39. 305 

having read, they rejoiced for the consolation. M Ioudas 
and Silas, (who) were prophets also, through many a word 
consoled the brethren and assured them. M But having 
spent some (cnr) time with them, they were dismissed in 
[a] peace to go unto them who sent them. M But Faulos 
and Barnabas abode in (the) Antiochia, teaching and preach- 
ing good tidings, with many others, of the word of Qod. 

M But after some days said Paulos to Barnabas: 'Let us 
return and visit our brethren in (KA.TA.) every city, those 
in which we proclaimed the word of the Lord, to see (X6) 
what happened to them.' "But Barnabas was wishing to 
take away Idannes also with them, who is called ' Markos.' 
"But Paulos was thinking good that him who separated 
from them since (the) Pamphylia, and who came not with 
them to the work, they should not (eajTert) take with them. 
39 But [an] anger arose (ujwm), so thai they separated from 

in that place,'T*rK, cf.? Gr. CD 13. al mnygoktolsyrPc.* arm aeth »* r &c. 

88 A/rajtom] iu/*aju>(o, F)n ne, fs. ncnrqi] + jOUuulit 

'there,' FS. K6AX.HO)] L» AB»FPS 18 : ItlKejUUiOJ, TTGN OT : 
ItWULROJ, K. <H"] L«T«AB»rF8 18, cf. syr"" arm: llOC 'the 
Lord,' GKNOPT. F»8 'the end (of the lection).' M F°« 8** 'the Bunt »«, 

fourth Sunday of BSbah.' Z.e] om. N8. jQL&] position cf.? 36 " 38 
Gr. DEHLP al pier syr " arm aeth Ac. rteitCItHOT] A, cf. Gr. 
HLP al longe pin aeth &c: ttICIt., L»T» &c, cf. Gr. ttABCDE al 20 
▼g»yr«*'arni. nHJom.GO. nOC]d/f 'God,' 26. 3C6 2°] pref. &IHA, 
KTeneUI 'that we may know,' 36. neTOJO((tt, TNOT)n] 
P. 8T nA.CJO-»tt30|] cf. i Gr. NABOE 13. 61. al 20 cat &c. Ke] 

cf. Gr. NABCE 61. 137. al plus 20 cat yg syrP arm &c. n€TO*»- 
" X€X*-C] L8AB»P>FGKOP8 26 : om. 3£6, TT'NT. $K €*!"] 

l»ab*P26: pref. ne, t»: ne 6T, TNOT: neX.FGKS. CA.- 
&.oX\ e&oX, t»fs. xnAJU.*.] ab«fgks 26: *f-n., L«T»r 
not: n., p. -ttXia.] -iXia, fgnt 26. ereiineq.] om. 
ere, 26. i] + e&oX 'forth,* 26. »• *.e i°] cf. Gr. nabd 
33. 34. 40. 61. yg. £,wcre] l«t»b»n : -2>e, a &c. 
vol. rv*. x 

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806 npcfcgic. 

ficecptupac e&oX itncnrepHoir * &£.pnj.&£.c 2ve 
A.qtfT jOLJUULpKoc •}- A,qep&u)x emmpoc*- 

<r«y t««na.ifXoc 2k.e iqcouxn naXkc A.qi e&oX 
e&rrouq itxen m&AiLOT nxe tfr'f e&oX 

«tkC £,ixoxo** nmcnftcnr* + 4t HA.qcim *e ne 

pq e&oX | j6en xc*pu.+ new. XOTrXiKia.* eq- 
x-SLxpo nmeKKXaciA,*- *A.qi a.e e&pHi exice- 
xep&R iteut. X-rcxp*.* <y*o£, ic o*cJuu.eRXHc 
en^q^H ijuuLA/ir* eneqpA.n ne xiAA-oeeoc* 
najHpi notc^xjtxt * nio*v^4.i juLmcxm- 
neqioax *e ne oreimn ne* *<1>aj n&/vep- 
juteope ee&nxq ibcenicnHo-c erv6en X**cxpA> 
neju. iKonion* 3 $a,i A.qoTruuaj nxeiu/vXoc 
eopeqi efLoX neAAAq* oirog, eXA.qoXq aq- 
coTf&Hxq* ee&e nno-rxAJ exajon j6en 
nuuu. exeAAJULA/*. nA/raocnm v&.p XHpoir 
ace neqitox cnroireinm ne* 4 e , *Kurf 2^e 
j6en mnoXic* turrf juUuloc exoxcnr eA-peg, 
em&um exi.**ceju.nHxcnr eftoX g^ixoxoir nm- 
a.nocxoXoc* ne*JL mnpecfLirxepoc exj6en 
iXhjul*- * meKKXHciA. jmen cnm-s- n&.*mKo*r 
nxA^cpo ^6en nirtA.£/f oirog, n*.TnHO"» n&.aj.8.t 
j6en xoirHni juuuLHm-s- 

«n • 3X-»cmi *e e&oX £,ixen *f tppiKiA, neju. fx^P^- 

2w€ 2°] AB»P, cf. Gr. H al pauc&c: Aiten, I>T'&c A.qep- 
&«>X] -&UMX, S. 40 e^TtXKiq] L«rFGKNOST : eA.qx., 

T'P: A.qx., ab». nxenl t* &c. : £,ixen, lbfps. nxe] 

L»T' &c: itxen, A. 4>"tj cf. Gr. OEHLP al pier vg<*> bji"" 
arm &c. ftlXOXO** it] &IXen, FS. 41 e&oX] om. L*. 

j6en]T»AB»P: &ixen, tfgknost. XC*(I, S)piA.] L»A 

AB» : *f ., I/sT' &c; cf. Gr. BD oat 260 &c. eqXAJCpo] A.qX.» 
PN. F"« 'the end (of the lection).' 

1 6XK6.] cf.?Gr. AB 6. 7. 13. 18. 31. 36. 40. 68. 137. 180. a«* 
■yrPtat. om . Ke> F s, c f. Gr. MODEHLP al pier vg syr«" , etP B * 
aeth &c. ne**.] of. Gr. ODEHLP al pier cat &c. ic] L»TAB»F 

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ACTS XV. 40— XVI. 6. 307 

one another; but Barnabas took Markos, he sailed to Kypros ; 
40 but Panlos chose Silas, he came forth, having been delivered 
to the grace of God by the brethren. 41 But he was passing 
through (the) Syria and (the) Eylikia confirming the churches. 
XVI. But he came into (the) Terbe also and Lystra : and lo, 
a disciple was being there, his name being Timotheos, (the) 
son of a believing Jewess; but his father was a Greek. 
'Concerning this (man) were witnessing the brethren who 
were in Lystra and Ikonion. s Him ($A.l) Paul wished to 
eome forth with him ; and having taken him away, he 
circumcised him, because of the Jews who were in that 
place: for they all were knowing that his father was a 
Greek. 4 But going round among the cities they were de- 
livering to them to keep the decrees which were established 
by the apostles and the presbyters who were in Jerusalem. 
* The churches indeed then were going on (lit coming) being 
confirmed in the faith, and they were going on (lit. coming) 
multiplying in their number daily. *But they passed 

GPS: neo-COIt, I»(Oir added) KNOT. 6IU.qX K ] A L ,«B»F 
GS«: ItA.q., LBT'P: 6CJ., TKNOT. KOTfC^IAJU] cf. ? Gr. NAB 
ODE 61. al fere" cat vg syrP arm aeth &c. OVeiltllt] +*.€, K. 

* iu/*ep.] pref. e, k. ee&Kxq] j6*.poq, fs : j£>. ne, g. 

IKOItlOtt] IKUmiOIt, FGS; cf.? Gr. (exc. NE &&): OIKOIt., T. 
»^eil] L«T*AB»FG0P8: JUL, TKNT. THpOTf] + ne, P: 
om. FS. 2£€ &c] cf. Gr. NABO 13. 15. 18. 31. 33. 34. 40. 68. 69. 105. 

180. a** cat &c. ofo-rentm] l»ako : neoTremm, T»: o-rei- 

niH, B»rGNPT: 0*VO*CU)ini 'a light,' FS by error. * ItA.*rf - 

JUUULOC] A,»B»G*: HA."rf nojliLOC, LB-PA^ItO U~> 'a copy 
(has) riO(JULOC)') tr. iLjl \jUmi a \ -*£# 'they ordered them to keep 
the orders' Q« &c: e*»*f«0., K. eTA.fC.] L*AB»FG8: pref. 

iw, ttknopt. e&oX . . . A.noc*roXoc} nxemAnoc- 

T0X0C '(which) the apostles (settled),' FQS. Itmpecfi.] cf. Gr. 
E H L P al pier &c. iXrUJE] cf. Gr. E H LP al pier &c. * «A,OJ Aj] 
+ ne, FS. 8 A.*»CII«] cf. Gr. MA BODE 61. al M cat syr»" arm 

aeth &c <tp!KU.] AG: <frp**C*p, FS)KIA, TFKS : <t>p1fC»p, 
V) VIA, L» &c i"X t0 P A -J cf. > Gr. E HLP al pier &c. : om. *f, 0, 

X % 

Digitized by 


308 npaxgic. 

nxe -frA.XA.xiA. eA.qxA.£,no iJUmuxw nxe- 
mmtX eeo-cA~fi ecgxejucAJci jDuucaxi nxe 
4>-f *• j6en *f-A.ciA.* 7 ^.e e&pm enuucA. 
nxe *f\M.Trc!A.*- nA/*dtbnx jGuuuoar ege 
ei-fi.KeeniA.4- cnrog, itA.qx u> JuLm-oxjt A.n ne 
nxenmnZ nxe ihc* 

<rictf • GxA/rcmi a.e efioX j6en *f ju/tcia. a/»i eg,pm 
expu>A.c. •o*cog, A.qoiron& eiiA/irXoc nxeoir- 
&opAJUUL iimexiupg, o-rptojuii MUUUxezMon 
eqo&i epAxq | eqxu>fi.& juuutoq eqxu> jOL- 
juloc*- xe ajulo*t eejuLAJce^oniA.^ A-pifioHem 
o-x 10 2>toc 2k.e exA.nnA.Tf eni&opAJUiA. *• cAxoxen A.n- 
Karf ncA. i eejutAJKe^oniA. encotfni xe exA, 
<fr*f oA^Jxen e&iajennoirqi niccnr-s- 

<r\a " *e efioX j6en xpu>A.c* A.naje nx<*>- 
Xejm ecAJULoepAJCH * neqpA.c*f 2k.e A.m e&pttt 
eneA.noXic * " o-*o£, efioX juuula.t aju e$i- 
Xmnoic* exe neoc xe *f&cnrrf nxe *fxoi 
nxe ejuLA.Ke2».onjA.-4- o*»noXic nKoXtoitiA.* nA.n- 
gjon 2k.e ne j6en *f noXic exejuui*.A.Y ng,A.n- 
eg,ocr* *■ 

cf.?ar.HABGDi3. T A.X.] KA.X., G. eeOTTAJSi] 
ee, B», position cf. ? Gr. 4. al ? vg arm Ac. nX6<H"] cf. Gr. D m 10 
Tg ote Byrioh aeth» &c. : om. G. 7 fc.e] cf. Gr. M ABCDB 13. 15. 18. 

27. 40. 61. al plus 20 cat m vg syr utr arm aeth Epiph Did &c. eWJULA.] 
CniCA. 'to the parts,' FGS. 6*f .] cf. i Gr. NABCD al 80 fere cat 
Epiph Did Oyr Ac. ftKeeniA.1 AS : A., F : fi.He*vniA^ 

l«t»gp«: finemiA, kp*: fifeRiuA., B»rN0T. ne] AB»: 

om. LBT» tee. Mc] L«T*AB»FGKOPS, cf. Gr. NABC*DE 13. 15. 
31. 33. 36. 40. 61* 73. 40 l «°* cat vg 8jrr utr arm odd aeth utr Did Cyr &c: 
nOC 'the Lord/ TNT, cf. Gr. 0* demid. * JULTCIA.] AXH., B»: 

JUte., S : JUU., 0. • A.qO-*Ott£,] A : -UJH&, L«T» &c. : A.Y- 

OTttMn^, NT: -Wltg, efioX, B»; position cf. ? Gr. ACD*HLP at 
pier oat syr»" arm aeth &c 0-*g,OpA.(0, NT) JULA.] om. Of, I/»T*. 
nieXU>p£,] cf. Gr. NCEHLP 61. al pier &c. JUtA-KOvCOrt] 
-Com, : -tomA, FS. eqO£,l] cf. i Gr. D* E 3. 47- 95* »°3. aeth, 

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ACTS XVL ?-i2. 309 

through [the] Phrikia and the country of [the] Galatia, the 
holy spirit having prevented them from (eajTeJUt) speaking 
the word of Qod in [the] Asia. T But having come into the 
places of [the] Mysia, they were trying to go to [the] 
Bethenia; and the spirit of Jesus was not allowing them. 

8 But having passed from [the] Mysia, they came into Troas. 
•And a vision was manifested to Paulos in the night; a 
man of MakedSn standing, praying him, saying : ' Come to 
(the) Makedonia, help us.' 10 But when we saw the vision 
we immediately sought for coming to (the) Makedonia, con- 
sidering that God called us to preach good tidings to them. 

11 But having come from Troas, we went quickly to Samo- 
thrake: but (on) the (lit. his) morrow we came into Neapolis ; 
u and from there we came to Philippois, which [it] is the 
first (city) of the district of (the) Makedonia, a colony city : 

om.Tw?». ecrTUjfi.£,]cf. Gr. DHLP 31. al phi arm &c. eqXU)] 
cf. d fa al 1 *"'" eGJULA.Kea.OIHA.] -Ki,., P: -fcUX, FGK. 
i.pi . . . 10 2vOmi,] om. S homeot. 10 £,UJC 2>.e] L«ArFGN 

OTt-TC, T*B»K: £,OT€, P. eTi.Itni.1f] A : eTi.qtti.Tf, 
L»T* Ac, 3 singular. Ci.TOT€tt] CiTU)., K. i.nKUrf] 
ni.HKWf, TUP*: ttATTKCO-f , P*. 3 plural. I €0.] om. I €, 
FKP: om. €, T; for rh» cf. Gr. DH al longe plu cat &c. ettCOtfhl] 
+ 2k.€, FS. €Ti.<t*f] i.<H">T*G; cf. Gr. NABOB 13. 15. 18. 33. 
34. 36.40. 61. 68. 69. 105. 163. 180. a»" 1«°* cat* M vg &c. ll] 
eTi.1fI, P*, 3 plural. 2lB i°] cf. Gr. MADE 13. 31. 33. 34. 40. 61. 
68. vg ByrPov&c.: om. K. TpU)(om. N)i.c] cf. Gr. N ABODE 13. 
31. 33. 40. 61. 73. 137. 180. c«" cat &c. eCiJULO.] ttC, T»N. 
3^.6 2 ] cf. Gr. NABCEL* 13. 15. 18. 31. 40. 61. 105. al*»" cat syrP. 
" OTfOg, . . . JUUUti.**] cf. Gr. K ABODE 13. 15. 18. 95. 31. 33. 36. 
40. 61. 68. 69. 133. 163. 180. a** cat vg syr"* aeth &c $lXmnOIc] 
L8A,«B«rFGK«>OS«T: <frl(*C, A 4 )Xmnoc, T'A^K'NPS*. 
T(Z., S)e] LBT*AB»FGKPS : ne, TNOT. *f £,OTrrf-] om. *f, 
NT. *fTOI ttTe] om. P homeot. e(T, T)JULi.K.] cf. Gr. BD 
HLP al pier &c. -2k.Onii.] -^t»., B»FK. KoX(0(0, G)ttli.] 
1>T»A: K&X, B*rFGKNOPST; cf. Gr. NAB*0DELP al sat 
urn &c. ni.najO(U), S)n] LKABTFGNOPST: Iti.ncyUMU, 
T«K. fc.(T, N)e] om. K. ne] om. FGPS. 

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310 npoxgic. 

*kp isflg^pKi ^.e j6eit nie&ocr* ivre nicAJL&A.Ton+. 
A.m ca&oX irfnoXic j6A.Ten $iA-po* nuuiA. 
enA.itju.e7ri * xe creon oirnpoce*»XH nA-gjcom 


«rXy 0-cog, erA.n£, ha.hcaxi neju. ni£,ioju.t e&oX* "cnrog, ottc&ijui 
ne Xy:ma.*- ecnrcA-ntfHxi Te rirre o-rnoXic xe 
eYA/rnpum* ecepce&ecee ju.<H" itA.ccurreju.«- 
oaj a. <H" oirton iJlnec&HT * ef&enc ena 
e« iu.*rXoc xu> jOuucwo-r * 

<rx» " Gta.c(Jiumu.c ^.e neju. necHi*- A.c*fg,o epoit 
ecxco XJuu-oc *• xe icxe A.TeTenon*r ecnrnicrit 
JGLnoc* Ajutumi e^bo-rn enA.Hi. ajujni. o-rog, 
A-ctfiTTen itxonc* 


o-Xe " Chcajoont 2>.e ennA. gfnpoceirxK *- cl €&x>\ 

e&pA-it nxe<r»A.Xcnr jOL&wki eo**on cnrniul 

pqA. itpeqajini nejUAx | oaj enAcf noTJUtng itep- 
va.cia. iutectflcer * ecoi ilpeqajirn *> "oai 
eTA.cju.oaji iicA. nA/*Xoc nejutAJt* itAxtogj 
e&oX ecxco juuuoc*- xe nA.ipuwu.1 £,Aite- 
&iaik irre <H" ertfoci ne iiaj eT&iwiaj 

18 ^.e] cf. Gr. D 13. 33. 68. 105. 106. id 8 «* e syr* &c. ttl (om. N)- 
CAiLfL] niC, T*. noXic] T*AB»FGS, cf. Gr. EHLP al pier «yr» 
arm «eth"> &c: mtXH, LsrKNOPT, cf. Gr. NABOD 13. 40. 61. 69. 
I05.a«> r vg&c. <t>IA.po]cf.?Gr.D96.ro4.i4a.l« OT &c. enA.(e,Aa)tt- 
JUGTl &c] LBAB»rFGPS: exenA.(e, NT)njU.e7fI,T*KN0T; 
cf. Gr. HA BO 13. 40. 61. aeth" &c. €,eJU.Cl] + 3^6, FS. 
IlA.ItCAXl] AJtC., FGS. u COfOgJ +IC 'lo,' K : om. FG8. 

C&IJUl] +2k.€, FGS. Xe] 2k.e, FS. e*VA.(om. K)TH- 
ptO(0,A,FS)n]T*AFS: -TIptDtt, I*rN0: -T~CpUJn (om. K), 

b»gpt. ce&ecee] -Hcee, npt. nA.ccurreju,] pwf. e, 

F8: ecc, G. A.]eTA*r: T€ A, FGS: 2^.6 A., 0. <H"] A : 

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ACTS XVI. 13-17. Sit 

but we were abiding in that city some days. ll But on 
the day of the aabbatha we came outside of the city by the 
river, the place (of which) we were thinking that there would 
be [a] prayer there. And having sat, we were speaking 
to the women who came forth. u And a woman, her name 
being Lydia, being a seller (CA.) of purple, of a city called 
(xe) Thyateron, vxmhippmg Qod, was hearing. This (one) 
Ood opened her heart, to attend to the things which Faulos 
was saying. "But having been baptised, and her house, 
she besought us, saying : ' If ye reckoned me faithful to the 
Lord, come into my house, abide.' And she took as by force. 
M But it came to pass (that) as we were going to the 
prayer a young maidservant, there being a spirit of divina- 
tion* with her, met us, she (OA.l) who was giving much 
profit to her masters, being (a) diviner. 1T She (©A.1) having 
walked after Paulos and us, was crying out, saying : * These 
men are servants of most high b Qod; these who proclaim 

* LU.' inquirer.' b Lit. 'who is exalted.' 

IKW, L«T« &c g,eiic] -€C, S. CltR] ItltR, N : om. K. €], B». JJUtXUicnt] JUUULOC 'it,' K. l8 She] om. P. 

neCHl] +THpq 'all,' FOOS, cf. Gr. D 43. 69. a«» aeth«*» &c. 

cotmcTH] -*roc, P: rtoTrn., K: ijLnic., FS. AJUUOIItl] 

AMLOT, G. iCtflXXen] L»A,. 8 «?B'FNOPT: -ITeit, T» A,* ? 
TGKS. "S^ynyk <jj\+ j^iH J-c jf+j& x>L. 'the seventh 

of the month Hatfir, the festival of the martyr Saint George.' €ttIU.] 
TNOT: ItnA.*f-, AB»: eitnA.*f, L«T»FGKPS. ef~\ L»rGN 
OT: kf, T*AB»KP: *f", FS; cf. Gr. NABOB 13. 18. 40. 61. 68. 
103. 105. 163. 180. cat Or &c. eOTTOIt] A B» P : epeoif Olt, L*T» &c. 

nejuuLc] + ne, a,p. enA.c*f] l»t»afgs : om. e, B»rKNO 
pt. iie(A., T)prA.ciA.] iinecepr., b». peqajmi »°] -tffni, 

N. " eTA.CAJLOOJl] L«AB»rFNOST: eitAXJUL, T»G :, ep.] newt itctuit, t»k. rtAccoaj] 
ecouaj, k. er&iuMa] er&iajeimovqi, fs. 

Digitized by 


si2 npoxgic. 

ittttxeit kotjuudit ncnrxA!* " <t>A4 a\e itAcpA. 
juuu.oq noxxAHcg ne&ooTr* 
GrA-qepjOUcA^ ng,nx fc.e nxeiu/cXoc oTog, 
exA.qKOTq enimul nex Aq ace *f £,oit£,eit itAic 
£en cbpAit niKc n^c* ei e&oX nj^HTc-*- 
onrog, A.qi e&oX ivfcnrnoTr erejuuuu.'* *■ 

»Xy m GTA/ntA.** a\e nxeKectffce** xe eftoX 
ftj6Kxc nacer&eXiuc irre noir£,cD&+ a/*a.- 
AJLOiti ju.iu.fXoc nexx ciXac* A/irajaj*f ju.- 
juuwoTr efloX efAXopA. oja. iUA.pxt«n*- 
20 ofO£, erA/reno** &A. mcA-TRVOfc neaaocnr* 
ace tu.jpiojui ceajeoprep nreimoXic* e&A-ii- 
icnr^Ai ne* "oi-og, ce&iuMaj it&A.n- 
KeKA.£,c* hai erecaje itAn A,it eajoncrc oi-^e 

ffXf eA-iTOTr e Alton g,A.npcojuteoc *• + M Oro£, 
A,q*ru>nq e&pm exooo-r nxenuuKaj * o*vo£, 
mcA.THroirc A.T<t>a>j6 n«o*»g,&.u)c «■ A,**epKe- 
Xenrin nce&iofi epajo-r jULnajfLun"* 28 eTA,vf" 
noTfJULHaj itujAaj ntoo-r* A.f&iTo** emgxeico 
€A.Tf£,on£,eit eroTq* ii.nipeqA.peg, irre 
nuuA. ncum& eApeg, epcocr j£>eii ovrAJcpo. 
[«r\ij] *«4>a.i e*TA.qoT iunr&on&eit jULiu-ipH-f A.q£,rro-c 
ej6o*»n eniajTeKo ercAj^ofn * oiro£, A.q- 
tajcdo nito*»<riXA.*rx emcge. | 

<rAij s»H2,phi 2k.e j6eit *r$A.a)i ju.mex<vp£, nA-rXoc 
neju. ciXa.c evepnpoceTfxecee* tustcjuiot 

IttOXeit] cf. Gr. NBDEif al sat mn cat vg syr"* arm aethw- &c. 
" 2w6 i°] om. F*, cf. Gr. H. JULKA&] 6JU.KA&, TT. ft&HT] 
om.K. 2k.ea°]B»FS. eTA,qfCOTq] A.q*., FS. <t>]cf.? 
Gr. DHLP al pier &c. nj£>H*TC . . . e&oX] om. N homeot. 

n-f crno**] ab»P: j6eirf oirnoir, l«t' &c. w kj6hxc] 

n^6H*rq, B»: om. G. T£,eXmc] X&epeCIC, G by error. 

e&oX er] l«ab»fgps: e. j6eni" , t»k : irf.r: 

C. e"f , NOT. *° £,A.] L»AB«P: OJA, T» &c. 3Ce] L«T*AF 

GKS: om. B»rNOPT. e&AJt.] ace&A,It. 'because Ac.,' T»G. 

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ACTS XVL 18-25. 313 

to you a way of salvation.' M But this she was doing many 
days. But Paulos, having been grieved, and having turned 
to the spirit, said : ' I order thee in (the) name of Jesus Christ 
to come out of her.' And he came out in that hour. 19 But 
her masters, having seen that the hope of their profit came 
out of her, laid hold on Paulos and Silas ; they dragged them 
away to the marketplace unto the rulers. *°And having 
brought them to the captains, they said i ' These men trouble 
our city being Jews : sl and they proclaim to us other customs, 
these which it is not lawful for us to receive nor to do, being 
Romans' sa And the multitude rose upon them; and the 
captains rent their garments, they commanded that they 
should beat them with (the) staff. 2S Having given to them 
many stripes, they cast them to the prison, having ordered 
the jailor* to keep them securely. "This (man) having 
received an order of this kind, cast them into the inner 
prison, and he secured their feet to the wood. M But at 
midnight Paulos and Silas, praying, were blessing Qod : they 

* Lit. 'the keeper of the place of binding.' 

81 £,4.ItKeK£.£,c] L»T»B»rKNOPT: £,A.nKA^,C, A,«w ('another 
eopy*): &A.IIKA.C (tr. «,b»* 'cnrtoms'), A U8 * : £,A.ItC*(eif, F»S)- 

mteiA., fg 8. exe(A., Tjcaje] ArKNT : erencaje, lbtb* 

FGOPS, double negative. €(over erasure, A,«) A-HOIt] om. 6, T'KN. 

pco(o, S)Jw.eoc] + ne, t*fgs. " nicA.TRro-*c] -voc, 
np. A.*»epK.J erepK., p. nce&icm] L*T t AB»FGS: 

eg,IO*»I 'to beat,' TNOPT: €£,! 'to beat,' K. najfLlOTJ niaj., 
LfOPS. n ViOt (om. 0*», N)JU.HOj] LbT*A: om. «, B» &c. 

itOJA-aj] A x : pref. Z.6, L«T» &c, cf. Gr. B 40. 61. e. WajTeKo] 
T»AB»GOP: Tiai., L«rFKNST. itTeniM.A. ttCUHtg,] om. 
FS. M *A-0 +2k.G, F8, cf. Gr. D«*. A-q^ITOf] A,qOT- 

nOTT ' he ehut them* (tr. UUtfl 'he threw them'), G. erUajTeKO 

excAj6o*»n] om. t homeot: enaj. &c., T*o. emge] enaje, 
k : jDLmaje, g. m f»« p u* y>} 'Aba Batem.' jutniex.] 

nxcni.,K. eirepnp.]L«AB»FGPS: ru/repn., ttknot. 
rukTCJuto-*] e»c, t»fgs. 

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3u npaxgic. 

e<H"* ita."*ctt>xe*A. epoocnr nxeitH excong,* 
86 SoTg,o*f *• j6eit of£,o*f .&.qaju>Tu nafeofrug-f 
JOuuLonjuieit *• £,u>c^.e ttceKux. nxemceirf 
kre tiijuul nccon^* n*fo*»«o"» *.e A/rcnrum 
nxemptuov xftpo***- ofog, rucitA.'*£, nxuxy* 
XRpcnr ATr&ujX e&oX. 

«r\tf "Gxa.qKe£,a 2ve fb£en!£, ftxe nuuu. 
iicwng,* o-rog, exiqiu.Tr erupuxnr Rre nig- 
xeito eio-nm* AxjetuKejut nxeqcuqi eqreA- 
j6oe&eq eqAJLeri xe a/»<t>a)X ruceitR exccong,* 
M A.qu>g *e e&oX iucenA.fXoc j6en o-»maff 
kcjulh eqxto jGUuloc* xe jOLnepep &Xi jOL- 
nex&uxnr itAJC xenJGLii£.uuu. r*.p XRp<nr*- 

°> »• CtXqtfT *.€ fto-rtumi A.qtfoxi ej6o*»n o*»o£, exA.q- 
gtoni j6en ovceepxep A.q£,ixq ej6pw 
j6i.pA.xq ixnA/i-Xoc neu. ciXa-c-* *°<nro£, 
erA-qeitoT efk>X nexA.q nwoir xe nA,tffceir 
o*» nexceuuigA. itXA^jq* &hu.£,ejuu 
81 newof 2k.e nexujoir* xe ru£,*f enrc litc*- 

OTTO& 6K6ITO^€JU. R©OK IteJU. neiCHI * M 0**Og, 

A.ircAJci neju.A.q juLniaua nxe n^-s- iieoq 
nejm. neqw xnpq. M oiro£, A.qoXcnr ft-f-oirnoT 
exeAJum.*/* iixe niextwpg,*- A.qxoic*A.oT 
e&oX* j6en ncnrep<£u)X4- oirog, A>q<JTu>juLc 
tteoq nejtx. neqiu XHpq* 

n^-rcooxejuL] A: + 2k.e, l«t* &c. excortgj agk: 

eXCtOItg,, WT 1 &c M KO*C£,0*f] AKO: + fc.€, L»T* &c 

£,(OC2>.e] -X6, L»T*. ^.e] of. Or. KABDB 6i. al fere 20 cat 
syrP Ac. 0*COg, . . . XHpoV) om. 8 homeot. * T fc.e] om. I\ 

eircnrHn] exoTrim, f. eqru.] om. eq, fs« by error. ;6oe- 
&eq] + iiuuu.i-A.xq, fs. eqAJLew] A.qAAnri, fs«. 

*• 2k.e] om. NT. KXenAfXoc] position cf.? Gr. B 40. 180. cat*™ 
vg 8yr"» Ac. OlMlig't"] position of. ? Gr. A B d am fn tol. VA.p] 
om. TKNOT. XHpOTf] AB»rKNOT: XHpeit, L«T»FGP8. 

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ACTS XVI. 36-33. S15 

•who were bound were hearing them: M suddenly happened 
a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the place of 
binding were moved: but immediately all the doors were 
opened ; and all the bands of theirs were loosed. m But 
the jailor haying woke, and having seen the doors of the 
prison open, drew his sword, being about to kill himself, 
thinking that they who were bound fled. "But Paulos 
cried out in a great voice, saying: 'Do not any evil to 
thyself: for we are all here.' w But he took a light ; 
he ran in, and having been in a trembling, cast himself 
down at the feet of Paulos and Silas ; *° and having brought 
them out, he said to them : ' My masters, what ought I to do 
that I may be saved)' 81 But they (pron.) said: 'Believe 
the Lord Jesus, and thou shalt be saved, thou and thy house.' 
** And they spake to him the word of the Lord, him and all 
his house. M And he took them away in that hour of the 
night, he washed their wounds ; and he was baptised, he and 

*• A.q<Tl] AqtfoaCI 'he ran,' K. ftOTUMItl] AG'S : nOTTCnrU)., 
L«T»&c.: nxeOTUMItt, N by error. A.qtfOXl] -gOXI, N. 
Ceep(om. N)X€p] T*AB»FGKPS: go., L»: Itittji" hc&. 
'a great trembling,* TNOT. ej&pHl] A : om. L«T» &o. j&ApATq] 
i6A.pA.TOY nnentfS.XA.-OC, FGO(*aoopy*)S, cf. i Gr. D* d vg 
•JTP c. ob. See. 80 OTTOgJ om . P. rtUJO**] cf. Gr. D syr *» aeth : 

om. b* rx, cf. Gr. (exc. D). nercejuuiajA.] ne ex., tnot. 

81 IKcJ cf. Gr. NAB a. 13. 30. 61. 100. Tg &c. K0OK] om. 0. 
IieKHl] + TRpq 'all,' FG*?S, cf. Gr. E al 18 arm aeth. M om. 

▼•ne, F S homeot. noc] cf. Gr. (exc. K* B). ItGOCj] A GO : om. lA 
T* Ac neJUL] cf. i Gr. NABCD 13. 15. 18. 33. 34. 36. 40. 61. 68. 69. 
105. 18a cat vg &o. M mex.] ni2£., A,. ItOTTep^WT"] 

ab»: mepj6o(tt),N0T)x &c, L»T»rKNOPT: ruepj6oT 

'the wound,' FG 8. AqtfKOJU.C Iteoq] A: CATOTq 'imme- 
diately' AqflTtojuLc iteoq, T* : JLqtfftojutc CA.*roTq, l»b* 
fgps: cA/roTq A-qoTuwuic, tknot. neqw THpq] 

A, oba. Gr. 40: HK €(neT, B*)Xeno*»q XHpOTf 'aU those who 
were bi«,' L«T* Ac. 

Digitized by 


316 npoxgic. 

<r 'j? 8 *6xA.qeno-» a>.e e&ovit eneqw* &qxt- 1 ovrpa.- 
^" ne^a. j6*.TOTOTr <m>g, itAqeeXriX juumoq 

<wP neAJL neqm THpq eTA.qitA£/f e$-f *• + M 6t* 
iueg,ooTr z.e cgumi A/*cnru}pn tb£e!UCA.TRVoirc 
hg^.npiA^otx. oc eTrxaa jGuuloc ace XA- n| - 
pujjju ereAJuuu.'v e&oX* 
M 3XqT4Jtx.e iu.*rXoc xe eitejc&aci 4- tucempeq- 
*.peg, inre nuuu. ncajitg, ace a. mcA,*rRVoifc 
o*vwpn 2*1 it a. ticex*- eKito** e&oX* "fitoTf 
ovn ajuiumki e&oX juuLgje nurreit j6eit ov- 

£,IpKI1H + 

87 n^^Xoc ave neacAq now**, ace erA/f^icm epoit 
it2\HJU.oc!A. * eA,rton g^npuxxAi itpu3JU.eoc * 
irreitepnKe&cDOTri jOlii£,a.ii Ait* A/*£,rr*reit 
engyreKo. oirog, ce&ioiri juut/Lon e&oX nxwn*- 
jOutAon. aXXa AJLApcm neujoT nceetvren 
eftoX* 88 A/rrAJtue nicA/riwoirc a*e eitAj- 
cajci * nacemp^.&2k.o"vxoc A.Trep&o'f z.e gtm- 
ctoxeft*. ace £,A,itpu?jiJLeoc lie* •• cnrog, eTA/ri 
Afj^iortac epuxnr* otto^ eTA.Trenoir e&oX 
Axt&o epuxvv eepoircge nux>*» e&oX >6ert 
wy ToirnoXic *• "♦'"Gta/ci a^e e&oX j6en mg- 
tcko Afcge ej6o**tt emu itXTrfciA* oirog, A/rfitojut/f nnicitfunr* <y*o£, a/« 

84 2k.e] cf. Gr. C 13. 15. 18. 33. 36. 40. cat syrP. eneqHl] cf. Gr. 
N ADEHL al pier vg rell. A.qX*.] +£)&* PS. J^A-TOTO**] 
cf. ? Gr. E vg ayr»" arm. IU-qeeXrlX] L«T«AB»KP, cf. Gr. 0*** 
DP al plus 40 e syr** &c: Aqe., TFGNOST, cf. Gr. NABC'EcHL 
61. al pin cat vg arm aeth &c. XL*JLOq] om. 0. THpq] om. K. 

e*TA.qitA£/f ] eTA/*., p. 85 A/rcrircopn] itAcnrcopn, 

A, by error. CA/THrOfc] -VOC, B»N0. pAJLa*.01TX oc ] 
-TOT, FO: -TOX-. P* : pA-Iti.., K: pAJIT., S. eYXU) AJL- 
JULOc] om. G. M IU.*»Xoc]ii.IL,T*: en., TN. 2i€]om.K. 
eitAj] cf. Gr. MAE H LP 13. 31. 40. 61. al pier cat d vg eyr«* Ac. 
OTTUJpn] Of A&CA&KI 'command,' FG 8. £,!ItA. . . . OHItOTf] 

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ACTS XVL 34-40. 317 

all his house. M But having brought them into his house, 

he put a table before them, and was being glad and all his 
house, having believed God. "* But the day having come 
(ajlUlU), the captains sent lictors, saying: 'Release those 
men.' M But the jailor showed to Faulos these words : 

' The captains sent that ye should be released : now then 
come forth, go in [a] peace.' ST But Paulos said to them : 

' Having beaten us publicly, being Roman men, (when) also 
we are not condemned, they cast us to (the) prison; and 
they cast us (pron.) out secretly. Nay, but (A.) let them 
come themselves and bring us out.' M The lictors showed 
to the captains these words : but they feared, having heard 
that they were Romans. 8 * And having come, they entreated 
them, and having brought them out, they besought them 
to go out of their city. *° But having come out of the 
prison, they went into (the) house of Lydia, and having 
seen, they comforted the brethren, and they came forth. 


L*T»AB»FGPS*: itCA-OHItOT eX^HrtOTf 'after you to let you go,' 
TKNOT. OTTIt] OH, NPS. " epoit it] om. ft, B»GKP 18. Hmrti. 

2S.IUX.OCI-&.] S&I., FN ST: -IOCIA., FK8. eAlton] om. 6, KO. 

jxujuu ft] om. fos. puwmeoc] + ne, fs. jOLn£,A.n] 
en., fks : e| *xn., 18. A.Tf£,i*r*ren] l«t>a rNOT : -£,ixen, 
b»fgkps 18. enap-eKo] a 18 : emaj., L8T» &c. o-*og,] 

om. P. Ce&IOTl] T'Ar : pref. "f no*» 'now,' Lf &c. 6&oX i°] 
om. P. M A.1fXAJ«.€ . . . VO*»(om. OP)C 2>e] OfO£, 

A.TfTAJW.6 . . . rOTTC, FOS, cf. Gr. »EP eyr"* aeth"*'. *e i°] 
cf. Gr.ABDHLPalomn rld vgann&c.:om. T»GK, of. eyrP. ettAJ.J 

ncA,iuu., fs. -2>.cnfX oc ] -^oxoc, P. ^.6 a ] of. Gr. 

HAP, 15. 18. 31. 40. 61. 69. al fere 10 cat. n OTTOg,] 

eT4.?I 2k.€, FG08. OTfO£, 2 ] om. FGS. erA/renof] 
A.T., FGS. A.xf £,0(UX>V, NT)J AB»FG 18, cf. ? Gr. E syr«"> : 

tu.-rf ., l»ttknopst. 40 a.e] om. p. enKi ftXr^iA.] 

T»AB«r»: OJA>Xv(A.**, N)^IA. 'unto Lydia,' L*r*FGKNOPST. 
€T&.TM.t . . . CnHOTf] cf. Gr. NAB 13. 40. 61. OTfO£, A.TTI 
CJSiOX] om. P* : om. OTfOg,, B»FGS. 

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sis npoxgic. 

oyi Gxa/*c»u e&oX j6en -f AJui<frmoXic ne.** -f A,noX- 

XwniA. a/ti eeeccAXo niKK » nuuuL exeonroit 

oTfcTrn^rcorK Sj£>Rxq itxe nnoTXAi* 
"kaxa, -fcritHeiA. a>e iixe nA.**Xoc* A.qge 
e^OTit ajApuoonr *• ovo£, rtAqcAai | itejuiuxnr 
e&oX *6eri iurpA,$H gA, v ftcAJi&A.xon 4- 
8 eqofort£, e&oX + oirog, eqx«> j6a.toxot*- 
xe £,urf nre nx~c <rrjGLKA£,+ o**oj>, itxeq- 
xumq e&oX j6en hk eejuuuoTrx* oto;>, ace 
4>aj ne ihc rixc* $aj a.iiok e-f&iauiaj ii.JU.oq 
nooxert* 4 o*»o£, &*.noion *e eftoX h&K- 
xcnr A/rrtAg/f * cnrog, atioh enA.fXoc rteju. 
ciXac* tbceonutJiHaj eqoaj irre nn exepce- 
&ecee irre moventm £,Ait£,iojuu 2*.e itxe 

vn€ it!£,o-*A.*f ita^nKOTfxi Ait* +8 3Dnrxo& 2>.e 
nxemio-r^Ai oirog, A/rdT ii&Aitpujjuu * ev- 
£,idot * itxe niAxoppeoc *> ovog, exA/*eoTex 
ofjumaj* A/fajeopxep irfnoXic <nro£, a/m 
e&peit nm niAcceoit evKurf itaoof nceeitoir 
e&oX &a mjuutajt- 

<w • GxeiJLnoTrxejotoT 2k.e A**t»aj*f itiAcctwit e&oX •*• 
nejut £,AitKecitHcnr ajA itiApxtuit itxe 

J F^S""* 'the fourth Sunday of Hatur': F^e'the third Sunday of Buunah.' 
eXA,**Cim] AK : +2>e, UT* &c. e&oX] om. FS. AJUL^IIl.] 
JU.4>., T : AJUl$*rn., P. "f A-IloXX.] cf. Or. NABB 13. 32. 40. 
61. 68. 105. 180. a»° r cat 874 &c. e€CCA..J 0€CA., FKS : GJLCJL., 
T. OTCTItA.rtOT'K] of. Gr. NABD 13. 40. 6i. 18a ia«~*cat arm. 
**fcr»nH(l, F»)e!A.jL«T*ArKNOPT: TC, F»G8: OTC, B*. 
itXeilA.fXoc] jOLll., FGS. ItA.qCA.Xl] A, of. Gr. HLP al pier 
e vg arm aeth &c : Aqc A3CI, WT* &c, cf. Gr. rell. Itl\\] *f V., FGS. 
3 eqOfO(U>.T*G)It£, e&oX]T»AB»G: eqcnm>It£,,L«rFKNO 
P8T. OTrO£, i°] om. FS. eqX«>] A-qX* , TNT. /6a.XO- 
XOTf] cf. Gr. 4. 16. 23. al 10 . £,U>-f (XI, G)] A, B»FG S : + ne, Jjt 

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ACTS XVIL 1-6. 819 

. XVII. Having passed through [the] Amphipolis and [the] 
Apolldnia, they came to Thessalonike, the place in which 
there was a synagogue of the Jews: *but according to 
the custom of Paolos, he went in unto them, and he was 
speaking to them from the Scriptures for (gJA.) three sabbaths, 
• manifesting and putting (it) before them, that Christ must 
suffer and rise from them who are dead, and that Jesus 
Christ is this, this whom I (pron.) proclaim to you. 4 And 
some indeed (2ne) from them believed, and there were num- 
bered with (e) Paulos and Silas a great multitude of them 
who worship of the Greeks, women also (2i6) of the first 
(rank) not few. * But the Jews were jealous., and they took 
men, evil, of the baser sort, and having assembled a multitude 
they troubled the city, and they came at (the) house of Iasson 
seeking for them that they might bring them out to the 
multitude. 'But having not found them, they dragged 
lassdn out and other brethren unto the rulers of the city, 

T*A»rKNOPT. tfl] A: Ojeil, L«T* &c. JjCK.] BJtXK., G. 

e&oX 2 ] om. F8. itK eejJL.] m eeju.., a 2 . ace »°] om. b». 

IKC nX c J «'• G r - ** 3 8 - 'g ** •F"* ann«*», item E 32. 177. 180. al*»" 
al pane cat &c. 6+ £,l] A/f&l, N : AJrf £,1, T. 4 OTfOg, 

... 2^6 i°] A: OTTO& ..., T*rKNOT: ... 2i6, L*B»FGPS. A.T- 

rcA.g,-f ] cf. Or. e 13. 38. 40. 106. 137. c»« e vg. a.thoh] -on, FS. 
eiu/rXoc] xkn., tt. eqoaj] position cf. ? Gr. KAB de 13. 31. 

61. al 15 cat vg ann Ac. SxeitlOTfemm] A,.,<>B», cf. ? Gr. NBEH 
LP al pier syr u * arm aeth Ac: neJULItlOTT., L*T* &c, cf. ? Gr. AD 
13. 40. 61. vg. 2\€ 2 ] om. FS.]+Ite,FS. • A.Tf(€Tf, V)- 

0C°& • • . tfi] cf. Gr. NABE 13. 15. 18. 25. 27. 29. 33. 34. 36. 40. 61. 
66. 81. 96. 105. cat vg eyr» tr arm aeth«>. ATOppeoc] A: A.T*0- 

peoc, l«t« &c: A.ropeoc, s. exA-Toonrer] l«b»fg 

PS: -HT, A: A.TeOT€*T, K: A.TT(om. A.7T, 0)©OTTHX, TTN 
(O)T. A.TOjeopxep] pref. OTTO&, 0. A.7fl] A.T£,I07fl, B». 

e&pe(K, P)it] pref. e&pm e, fks. nHi] ram, p. nce- 

enOTf] T'A L ,« : €(om. N T)6nOTf 'to bring them/ L* Ac. €&oX] 
cf. aethro. • A.TTOJaj'f } cf. ? Gr. DE 45. 99. 104. 105. 137. 

al*»»"&c. £,A.ItKe.]cf. Gr.E&c: HI. 'the brethren,' K. 

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320 npoxgic. 

•fnoXic* errcoaj e&oX ace iu.i ne kk exA,**- 
ajeopxep rVfoiKonrAAenK* oTrog, cegjonxAJ* 

<rf*C T eA. iaxciuh gjonox epoq* +O»og, iuj 
XHpov ce*f ej6o**n eg,pen m&um nxe not po 
erxiw jDUuloc xe qcgon rtxeKecnrpo iSc* 
8 A.*»cgeopxep *.e juLnuuLHoj neju. tu^pxwn 
ivre *fnoXic erciuxeAA eit£j. 9 o**o£, exA.TtfF 
iinexceAAnajA. itxen iAxcum nejut niKeouxn 
Atx^ e&oX* 

«Tf*»j >°HicitKOTf a.e caxoxot a,tx$€ nA.**Xoc e&oX*- 
neju. ciXa.c itxi»p£, e&pHi efLepoiA.* netoov 
*.e exA/tt ejuuLT* A.-raje ej&ofn e^critA.- 
pqv room ivre nnonrxAj. | ll haj a>e ne £,A.neir- 
veitKc ne* e&oxe itn exj£>en eeccAXoniKK *• 
kaj exA/rgen mcAJO eptooT *6en pojo-*xq 
rt&HX ttuien*- ex&ox;6ex iSUutKni j£en 
nirpA4>H4- xe A.n haj gtjon ijuruupR-f *• 
"onrjuLHg JL«.eit oTit e&oX iu6htot A/*nA£/f «• 
neju. £,A.nKeo*ron e&oX s&en. monremm* 
«2,iojuu ite** cxHAxcoit * nejut £,A.m<epu?A&i 
n£,£.nKo*rx! ak*- 

©>« " GxA/feuj ^e nxemicrwiAi iixe eeccAXomKH *• 
xe a iiA/rXoc &io3iaj j£>en xiceilepoiA*- 
caxi nxe 4»*f *• £-*ri eniKeAAA. exeAJUUiA."* *• 
enrKUtA, nniAAHa) enrcgeopxep jEjuulojot*' 
"Tore caxoxot A.vr<|>e iu.7rXoc e&oX 
nxemcmto'v eepeqaje exert $ioaa.* A.**ctuxn 

eTfcoaj] *.*»., p. ' m&um nxe] om. k. evxaj 

JUUU.OC Ac] order cf.? Gr. E. qajOTl ttX€.] om. K. *] 

ttxem., g. • exA.Trtfi] a.-*(JT, k. ni*e.] l»t»ab*fgks: 

*%**> HK6, TNOPT. ,0 nAfXoc] + AAen, K ; obs. Gr. (exc. D Ac.) 

rt> « V. efLoX] om. P. itXU)p£,] cL Gr. N B D 13. 25. 31. 40. 68. 
fy- 73- 1°5- 180. a'" cat Petr Ac. u ^.6 ne] 2>.e, B»FS : 6X6- 

nK, k. nea°] nH,A i: om. k. eeccA.(e, N)XoniKK(i, N)] 

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ACTS XVII. 7-14. 821 

crying out: 'These are they who troubled the world, and 
they are present (ajon) here ; 7 whom Iasson received. And 
all these oppose the decrees of (the) king, saying that there 
is (ajon) another king, Jesus.' "But they troubled the 
multitude and the rulers of the city hearing these (things). 
* And having taken what is right from Iasson and the rest 
also, they released them. 10 But the brethren immediately 
escorted Faulos and Siks by night into Beroia: but they 
(pron.) having come thither, went into the synagogue of the 
Jews. " Bat these were (more) noble than they who were 
in ThessalonikS : these having received the word in all 
readiness of heart, (were) searching daily in the Scriptures 
whether these things were thus. " Many indeed then from 
them believed; and some also from the Greeks, women of 
honourable state, and men also not a few. ls But the 
Jews of Thessalonike having known that Paulos proclaimed 
in (the) Beroia also the word of God, came to that place 
also, moving the multitudes, troubling them. M Then imme- 
diately the brethren escorted Paulos to make him go toward 

-KHC, G : 06CA.., FKST, cf. Or. H. S&HT] om. a6. A.!t] A, 
26: It.N: £,A,pA,FG8. ,2 AJteit] om. r*NT. IteftA£,£.It 

• • • X. H C*> b»)ajuuk] nejuL£,A.n*e£,iojuu e&oX j6en- 
movemm e&A.n&iojuu nercxHJUUuit rte 'and women 

also from the Greeks, being honourable women,' 26. K€01*OIt e&O A 

^emtionremin] t'ab»G: Keoiremi(H, 8)n 'also Greeks/ 
l«&c k&ioaju] itnig,., P: nig,., a. A.n]+ite, s«26. 
13 ivree.] er^eit 'who were in,' t*. e(x, rjeccAXoitiKit] 
oa.cca.X., a^p*. £eirrKe.] ktkb., tgnot. niKe.] 

om. KG, T»FGK8. €TfKlJUL] eXKIJUL, FS. KltlJUUls] AK: 
eitl., L«T» &c; cf.Gr. rell : £ui!., F8 : €111., G; cf. Gr. H. eTfOJ.] 
A.TOJ. , F S ; cf. ? Gr. N A B D 4 m « 13. 15. 18. 31. 40. 61. 69. 105. 137. 180. 
•J fere 18 cat vg syr«*' arm. u 6&oX] om. Aj*- €Xeit] L«AB» 

FS, cf. Gr. D al 10 aeth &c. : OJA, €Xett. 'as far as to,' T» Ac, cf. Gr. KA 
BE 13. 25. ag. 40. 61. 66** 81. 105. vg syr«*. A.TCt»3Cn] cf. Gr. NB 
3. 25. 61. 69. 105. 133. a»« c*", item E 31. 33. 68. &c. : A.qCU)2Cn, FS. 

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322 npoxgic. 

2k.e JuuuuLt nxeciXAc*- neju. *riJu.oeeoc * 
<rv ti»HH 2k.e enA.TT$o J0LnA.vXoc efLoX A.**enq 

e&pm e&.eimit&.c. 
no. Oto^t exA.Ttfi eitToXK etflnajim ftnicnHOTf* 
ciXac neju. Tumoeeoc •*• ^iim. itcei £,A.poq 
nxu^** *■*** eftoX A/rcye nuxnr *• 


o^P " IlATrXoc 2>,e nA.q£en AgmtnAc eqcojuic e&oX 

j6axu?ot Aqxumx 2>.e nxe negnHIl nj6pui 

ii&RTq * eqnA.** e"f noXic ecoaj iJuuLerajAJUt.- 
ajei^cuXon. "iiAqcAXi juien ottk j6en *fcirnA- 
rcorK irre mioTra.AH. new. «h erepce&ecee* 
neji*. OTroit niften* eTeajA.nreu>o-rf juuuutm 
2,1 -fAXopA* 
18 2>Anovon 2k.e e&oX j6en meniKonrpioc new. 
lucxoixoc aa.$iXoco$oc *• | itA/rf ov&Hq* 

OTTO£, £,A.!UCeXtUO*m HATXU) JUL4U.OC*- xe O? 

neTeqoTfooaj exoq nxeiu-icnepjuioXovoc + 

8»A.ltK€X« ,0 "* ni 2k.€ nA-TTXlU JUUULOC4- X6 OTfpCq- 

£,iHJiaj ne irre g,Art2>.ejuLi»n ttajejuuut.o •> xe 
nAq&icoiaj nwoT ne itmc neju. TeqA.nA.c- 
ta.cic* " A>fAjmom 2^.6 juutiLoq*- A-cenq 
ej^oirn; eniA.pionA.voc erxaj juuuloc* xe 

2s>e] cf. Gr. D H LP al longe pla vg arm &c: om. FS. JJUULATf] 
position cf. ? Gr. H. KXeClXAc] rtClXAC 'he left there Silaa Stc.,' 

fs. " eitA.TT<t>o] t»ab» : exA.*rr4>e, l«&o.: A.*rr<&€i 

FS. e&oX]T*AB»FGPS: om. L«rKNOT. A/*ettq] cf. Gr. 
£ H L P al pier cat vg syr otr arm &c. AOHHnAc] A (18 vewe 16) : 
A©enn., B»: AOKttAC, L«T* &&: A06KA.C, T: eHnAc 

k. enToXn] ktoXh, b»n. eotnajmi] l»t»ab»op: 
-ju.naj., TK: enflf iiuiajmi, NT: exejutnajtm, fgs. 
iinicnHO < Y ciXa.c &c] ta : it(e, kjciXac &e., v a©. 

g,Apoq] L»T»AB»P: fflApoq, TFGKN08T. A.TfOje] pret 

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ACTS XVII. 15-19. 32* 

the sea: but Silas and Timotheoa were left there. "But 
they who escorted Paulos brought him into AthSnnas. 

And having received commandment to give message to the 
brethren Silas and Timotheos, that they might come to 
him quickly, they came forth, they went (away). 

19 But Paulos was being in Athennas looking out for them. 
But his spirit was angered within him, seeing the city 
abounding with idolatry. n He was speaking indeed then 
in the synagogue to (Rxe) the Jews, and them who worship, 
and all who assemble daily in the marketplace. u But 
some from the Epicurean and the Stoic philosophers were 
encountering him ; and others were saying : • What wisheth 
to say this babbler Y But others were saying that he is 
a proclaimer of strange demons : because he was proclaiming 
to them Jesus and his resurrection. 19 But they laid hold 
of him, they brought him into the Ariopagos, saying : ' It is 

OTO£„ TTNT. " F»* C ^-J1 jy jjjil j».1 ' the Sunday of the Hunt ,8, 

new, the first of Pentecost,' S 1 "* jojil j».5ll : jjjjUl ,y> 'the day of the ' '" 
descent : the new Sunday.' nA.qj£>6It] UATKNOPT: eqj6eit, 

b»i8: iu.qx K £eit,T»: eqx* j6en, fgs. 2^.62°] om. 
F8. eqitA/*] A.qitA.% 0. juiexaj.] juuexpeqaj., p. 
"cnm] om. fs. nxeitnoTf^..]T'AB» 18: neuLnnoTr^., 

TFGKOPST: IteJtt.lO**2k.AJ, WN. €Xeaja.ire.] L*T*AB»F 

gk^S: eneg^nro., TNT: eajA.-»e., o. £,rf.] e+., fgs. 

AXOpA,] -cop*., G. m ^6 i°] cf. ? Gr. E al mu vg syr* arm 

aeth &c: +4UL€lt, G: JlAeit, S. -pioc] cf. Gr. NAB*DE 25. 61. 
c *>r in (^rtd). niCX.] cf. Gr. DHLP al longe plu &c CXOI- 
XPC\ CXOIKOC, L«rNOT; for<m>.. cf. Gr. NADEHLP** a. 13. 
25. 27. 30. 35. 68. al cat** 4 &c. &A.nKe j XUX)'Ylfl] A: + Olt, 

b» : £,A.itKe<r»on, l»t* &c. nA,**2CU)j acu), o. nexeq.] 
l*afksi8: ne exeq., T*B»raNOPT. cnep«.oXoroc] 

L*T*AFKS : -JUUlX-, B»rGNOPT. lie i°] om. FOPS. ItCttOf] 
cf. Gr. N«AEH 1. 13. 31. 61. al plus 80 vg syr"* 4c. 116 2 ] 'PA : om. 
L« &c] cf. Gr. 14. 27. 29. 68. 69. 105. 106. a»" syr"" ar« 
aethPP&c. " 2.6] cf. Gr. B 13. 15. 18.61. cat: om. P. A.piO(om. S)- 
IUXOC] cf. ? Gr. MA DE al aliq am fu. 

T 3 

Digitized by 


324 nptJxgic. 

o-voit ojxoju. JuuuLon eejuu* xe xiic&u 
juLfiepi or xe exeKcixi jDuuuoc*- w khm 
ii&incixi najcjuuuu> e^boTit eneiutAiajx *• 
xenofuxg eejuu xe ot ne nil** 

«y "Niie-nnneoc *.e xnpo-* new. nicgejjuw.ajo*» *• 
eenHOT ejutiT* nifcpaoqx e&Xi in ne* 
c&rX ccaxi ne**. ecurrejm eg,u>& jOL&epi*. 

«tp8 t«3Xq £,i 2k.e epixq nxenifXoc*- j6en 
ojuLH-f jOLniA.pioiu.roc nexiq* mpuwuu m- 
ieimneoc + Kixi g,u>fi. mften -fninr epcoxen 
xe xexenoi npeqgAJU.ajeij6 n&ofo. "eicmi 
rip *• onroj?, exiiitiv enn exexenepcefi.ecee 
JOUuLcootr * aixijuu nonrajKonri eccj^iioxx 
e &P HI j>,kuxc xe <fc*f exencwoTrn ijuutoq 
in* <pn OTTrt exexenepce&ecoe jOUutoq xe- 
xencioofn juuutoq in* $ii ino* efg,iwieg 
jOUxoq ntoxen* "<H" niKoc- 
ajioc* ne**. &a>fi. m&en exgjon nj6nxq* 
$ai ne noc nx<j?e nejm nici&i* niqajon in 
j6en ^inep4>Kovt iiuuxnrnK itxix. "oT^e 

pqa. neajirgjejuia)! juuuLoq in ftxe|^,inxix 
npuwuu*- itqepxpi*- *- n k&^» iieoq nex*f 

ajxoju. ajuul] ojxojuuui.., l«. xexii.] exAJ.,* fs. 

Of Xe] t«. before Xil, : om. Of, K. J0 Klttl] A : + Vip, 

L«T* &c. n&inc] om. £AK, F*. CiXl] cf. Gr. DE 8yr«*. 

xenoTfojaj] t'aknot : +onrn, L»B»rrGPS. eejuti] euu, 
np*t. 2I ie-H(e,FS)nneoc]AB«rFNOST: iettneoc, 
l«t*gkp. e&XfJee&Xi.TNOT. ne]om.B». newt] onrog,, 

G; cf. Gr. EHLP i. 13. 31.61. al pier cat eyr** aeth Ac. €£,(*}&] 
Hurt is, cf. ? Gr. NAB 25. &c. M nXCnifXoc] tre. after ipioniroc, 
G ; for ipiov cf. Gr. MADE. i(6, F)0K(I, Njnneoc] 18 &c.. u 
verse ai ezc. 0. Xe] om. G. lj£>] nni2.CAX.CDn, 0* ; pref. I2s.U0- 
Xott I nCAJL, T. it&OTro] em^OTO, G : ite&OOT, T by error. 
^CICimjUAB'GP: eim.F: eiCI, S: eXi!(T,NT)Cini,T»r 



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ACTS XVII. 20-25. 325 

possible for us to know what this new doctrine is, which thou 
speakest. 2° Thou bringest strange words into our ears: 
we wish to know what these (things) are.' 21 But all the 
Athenians and the strangers who came thither were spending 
their time in nothing, except to speak and hear (a) new 
thing. M But Paulos stood in (the) midst of the Ariopagos, 
he said : ' [The] men, [the] Athenians, by (KA.TA.) everything 
I see [you] that ye are worshippers of demons more (than 
others). M For passing by, and having seen the things which ye 
worship, I found an altar, (and) written upon it, " God whom 
we know not." Him then whom ye worship, (and) ye know 
him not, this (one) I (pron.) proclaim to you : M Qod who 
made the world and all things which are in it, this is the 
Lord of (the) heaven and (the) earth. He was not dwelling 
in temples formed by hand ; M nor were hands of man wont 
to serve him, having no need of anything, he (pron.) it is 

KNOT. OTTOg,] om. TFNOST. eTimit] AJIM/V 'I M w,' 
TNOT: eitU.** 'seeing,' F8. fflR(€, K)OTTl] OJH&I, TO. 
€(om. K)CCj6HOTT] 6qCj6-» L'FGOS. 6£,piU £,1U)TC] 
&IXUJC, FOS: tt£,. £,., P: om. 6£,pHI, 0. CXenCCOOTflt] 

abtnopt 18: exenceccooTit, l*t*gk: ererenc, fs. 

T€TeitC.] prof, it, P double negative. e*f £,».] pref. ne, FGS. 
** **f] AB» 18: <H" <I>H, UTTKNOPT: 4>*f 2*6, G: 4^.1 2^6 
' but this,' FS. OAJULieni.] L»AB»rNO«P 18 : OAJUUO, 
T*FGKO*S. ttl&eit] om. T* by error. ne]om.OP. ItOC] posi- 
tion cf. f Or. » ABE 13. 31. 40. 61. 68. 69. 105. 133. 180. ia 1 "* a" 01 k«» 
(yg m) cat syr"* arm aeth &c. ST$e] KT€T^€, L«T*K. 
IUU.&I] IUK., B»P 18. iJUULOTKK] T*A,B»K: JUtOttK, U 
A,&c. nxix] 3M3£ ftpUJJUU ' hand of man,' FS. u A.K i°] 

om. B». ttpCOJUti] cf.? Gr. KABD 61. al plus 18 cat e vg Clem &c. 

i*6p*miyo. itqep(npeq, A^XP 1 ^] -epiiXP 1 ^ r N T - 

n(6, K)£,Xl] AB»P(+A>It) 18: tea. before &.K. a°, LBTTFGKNOST. 

neoq] + r*.p, LtFGPS. ne*r*f] L»AB»roP: ne errf, 

TKNOT: erf, FS. 

Digitized by 


326 npoxgic. 

juuium;6 *• itejtA. $mqi itonroit mfteit* M eA.q- 
eAJUue gXoX m&eit it-re mpuojuu eftoX j6en 
otaj* eeponrajconi g,nfeit ng,o juLnKA,g,i 
<"* GA.qeuxg it£,A.ncHOT erroHgj icxett ajopn* net*. 
meuxy irre noTrxmajami* " eepo-*Ku>*f itcA. 
<fr*f* 3ce &A.pA, re certAJcaoxeju. nctoq ftce- 

2Ce**.q. K€TOl[*-]qOTrKOT A.It JUlniOTfA.1 raotii 

juuuLoit * * 8 A.itujru6 VA.p Sj6RTq * OTOg, 
AJtiUAX.* o-*o£, AJtajon* 

w? 0$pH*f e*TA/<racoc ttxe&A.itKexuwi" «• e&oX 
£eit lunorrftc expert ©wtof* ace A.noit 
neqveitoc rA.p. 29 eA.non ovrenoc ovn irre 
<H"* cge A.n eepeiux.e**i eitoxfi.*- te 
&ax* le com ii$arr£, itxexnR le julok- 
jjlek npuuuu 2ce A.qom jjuuigoot fbcecfc-f * 

<ryf + 80 HicHOTf A*.eit ftxe "fju.exA.xeA*,i A.qx*-"* 
e&oX nxe^t*. "fito** a^e q&Kuicg Rmpwitif 
eepecnroit m&eit epAx.eTA.noi it j£eit ,m.a.i 
m&en* m kaxa. $pirf xe A.qcejuine o-»e- 

neju.4>niqi] om. a. iioTron m&eit] AiB» 18, cf. Gr. 13. 

Syr"" ar«: + IteJU.£,l»& Itl&eit 'and all thing*,' L»TTGKNOP, 
of. Gr. N*et«ABDE al plus 10 #cat 298 vg syrP aeth» te arm Olem &c : 
+ ;&eitAAA.I m&eit 'in all places,' A t FS, cf. ? Gr. HLP al longe 

piu &o. Kari itdyra. *• eA.qe.] exA.qe., EP. -eAJU.1- 

6(0,N)gXoX] AB»rN0Ti8: -OAJUUO itg., L8FGKP8: -eA.- 

juue ng., t». e&oX . . . ajtoru] om. a,*. ottaj] cf. Gr. ** ab 

13. 14* 17. ao. 40. 61. 96. e«» vg aethw> Olem. £,I2feitIl£,o] g,I2Ceit 
JULn&O, TNT: pref. efi.oX, FS. ICXeitajOpn]cf.?Gr. D*al vis 
mu Cosm vponrayiunvt. ItlGOJaj] AB» 18: KIO., L»f &c. plnral. 
27 $1"] cf. Gr. N A B H L 61. al pins M cat vg ayr"" arm Ac. 2Ce] om. 
K. £,A,pA. Ve] L«AB» 18: £,. a>€, T»rFKNOPST : £,A.pA., G. 
AB» by error. RcexejUtq] cf. Gr. NBEHLP 61. al pier tol ayr"* 
arm aetb. Ac K€XOl] cf. Gr. AE Clem. qOTTKOTr] L»AB»P 18: 
Itq., rKNOT doable negative : It A-qOTfROTT, T*FG S. IUOTfAJ a°] 

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ACTS XVII. %6-yi. 327 

who giveth (the) life and (the) breath to all : M having made 
all nations of [the] men from one, to cause them to dwell 
npon (the) face of all (the) earth. Having ordained times 
ordained from (the) first, and the ordinance of their dwell- 
ing ; m to cause them to seek for God, that haply they will 
feel after him and find him, although he is not far from each 
one of us: M for we lived in him and we moved and we 
existed. As some also* from the poets which are among 
you said: "For we (are) his offspring." M We being an 
offspring then of God, ought not to cause ourselves to think 
of gold, or silver, or stone graven b by art or imagination 
of man that God was like to them. *° The times indeed of 
the ignorance God let (pass) away ; but now he proclaimeth 
to [the] men to cause all to repent in all places: n accord- 

• Or ' others.' b Lit. ' of sculpture.' 

om. m, V*. JUUtAOIt] of. Or. N A*" * B D E H P al pier vg rell Clem 
Did &c M AttU)(0, B«)Itj6 T*A.p] A-HOIl YA.p 'for we,' 

K*(+j6,«)P. ft&KTq] pref. Kj6pHI, P. iniOM. . . . A,!t- 

gjon] en . . . en., t*fgs : ft ... it, s. ftxe . . . m] ftxe- 

£,A,nOTOn 'some,' F*8. €&oX] L»T*AB»F°>8GP 18: om. TF* 
K«N(IO)OPT: Xonoc, F»S by error. eX^eiteHItOT] cf. Gr. 
(exc. B 33. 68. 95. 96. 105. 137). AJtOIt] + Tie, FG8. rettoc] 
XeitOC, N. VA.p a°] om. G8. ** e&ltOlt] om. 6, FKS. 

Cge] L8AB»r«FGS 18: ftccge.TT^KOT double negative: ftcaje, 

omitting «&.n, N: cejuinajA., p. eeperuu.e"iri] t*ab» 18: 
ejuteri, us &c no*v& . . . &at . . . ami] l«ab»fg 

P8 18: OTflt... OY£, ... (WWII!, T»KO: o**n . . . (>•*£, . . . 

com, rN(<reni)T. £ktyx3T&] er^toTg,, p. Tex*™] 

-ni, G : -m., A**. IGJULOK-] IGOTTJULOK., B» ; for f cf. Gr. Df 
Did &c jDUU-OJOIf] JULnU30*», T*T by error, ftxed/f] L« 
T» Ac. 'God (was like)': ed/f, A. 80 IUCRCnr] niCItKOT, Ai 

FT by error. JULGIt] AJLGIt VA.p, FGS: VA.p JULGn, P. 
AqX*-"*] +«*.« 'to us,* F8. e&oX] om. 0. 2k.e] om. TNT. 
q&l] eq&I, L«FKPS. ,l KA.TA. <ppR"f] cf.? Gr. KABDE 

«1 fere* Ath Oyr &o. AqCG-fJUte] A.qepceJt*.lte, B»: A.q- 

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328 npoxgic. 

£,oo**+ eqnA-f&An e-foiKonrju.enK nj6H*rq 
j6en o*» ju.eejut.Hi + e&oX g,rren mptojuu 
erA.qoi.ajq *• eAq*f ju.4>ttA£,*f noron m&en* 
eA.q*roirnocq eftoX j£>en iih eejuLtooTrr* 

aw» s» GTArcurreju. 2>.e ace A.ttA.c*rA.cic n*re mpeq- 
ju-awnrr* £,A.nonron juten A**cu>fi.i* £Ait- 
jcex"JOTni a.e atxoc xe enecurreju. epoK 
ee&e 4>a.i <■ "■ oTog, | nAipirf" on a nA-rXoc 
1 eftoX £>en TOTJutirf *• 

eve 8 * CDnrroju-o** a>e epoq nxe&AttpuMUJt eA.TnA£,-f* 
itA.i erenApe xioitHcioc rtjJ6KTOT niApionA.- 
viXKc* neju. oTtcgjiJuu ne ^ajula- 
pic* neju. ^AitKextuoTrni neJULcuo-* «• 

<rf UenencA nAi erAqi e&oX j&en AeHmtHC A,qi 

eKopmeoc 'Aqxmu noicioTaiAi eneqpAn ne 

AJorXXA.c * eo*»nonTioc ne jfcen neqrenoc* 
€A.qi cATOTq e&oX /6en *f-£/rrA,XiA.* neju. 
npicicrXXA *reqc£,uuu* xe neA.qo7rAg,cA2,w 
ne nxeKXA.T2s.ioo eepe mio-ra^Ai TKpov 
<t>ujpx e&oX j£en 4- A.qi ojApu>o"r 
•oirog, A.qaja>m j6A*roTonr<fr ee&e xe o-*aj- 
4>Hp nxex«K nxAq ne*« o*»oj>, nATep&toft 

cejutm n, p. eqnA.*f] l»t»ab»fgps 18: erf., tknot, 

cf. Gr. D &c. €*foiKO**(om. NOT)JU.enH(I, N0S)] +THpC, 
TTKN0T. nj6HXq] L*AB»FGPS: trs. before e"foiKOTT., 
T»r: om. KNOT. OTrJU.eeJU.Hl] ot^iKeoc* (I, S) UK, 

fgs. no-ion] eonron, k. m irrenipeqju..] e&oX 

j6ennH eeJU.. 'from them who are dead,' FGS. £,AJtOTOn] 

j>,A.nKext»oTfni, g. a.tcoj&i] ab»:, l»t* &c 
epoK] +nAXm, t*. 8s nAjpicf] <&aj., n. on] om. p. 
a.e] om. tnt. nAi] ttK, FS.] t»ab»: enApe, 


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acts xvn. 32— xvni 3. 329 

ing as he established a day, in which he will judge the world 
in [a] righteousness through the man whom he ordained; 
having given assurance* to all, having raised him from them 
who are dead.' s2 But having heard ' The resurrection of 
the dead,' some indeed mocked ; but others said : ' We shall 
hear thee concerning this.' 8S And thus again Paulos came 
from their midst. M But men who believed joined them- 
selves to him ; these among whom were being DionSsios the 
Ariopagites, and a woman, her name being Damans, and 
others with them. 

XVHI. After these (things), having come from AthennSs, 
he came to Korinthos. "He found a Jew, his name being 
Akyllas, who was a Pontian in his race, having come 
immediately from [the] Hytalia, and Priskylla his wife, 
because Klaudios bad commanded to cause all the Jews to 
depart from Rome. He came unto them; 8 and he abode 
with them, because that he was a fellow cra/teman of his ; 

• Lit. '(the) feith.' 

ia &c :, k. ^.loriK.] *f on., t. ftj6RToV) + ne, 

L*B»FPS; for fy cf. Gr. a. 30. 32. 43. 68. 104. 177. al 2 **. a.pio] 
cf. e am fu al. -IU.VrTRc] cf. Gr. (exc. B»D): -rRTRC, B»N. 
2sJUUU.pic] XAJUL, FS. 

1 F"* S'v'tbe fourth Sunday of Buunah.' ItA.l] cf. Gr. NAB 13. 
69. 97. a" 9 Tg arm: +2k€, 0, cf. Gr. EHLP al pier cat syri> &c. 
€TA.qi] A.qi, FS; cf. Gr. »BD 13. vg: +6&oX nXeiU/rXoC, 
E,cf.Gr. AEHLPalplercatsyr^armaeth&c. A.OHmtH(A., B»)c] 

ab*: A.eHn^.(K, P)c, l«t» && Kopmeoc] icoponeoc, b». 

*i»q3£IJUU]L«tAB»P: 01TO& *.q.,T»rKNOT: OTOg, 6Ta.q., 

FG8. . . . neq] om. n homeot. ajorXXax] T»AGS, 

cf. Gr. 31. g»" : ajnfX*.C, L» &c. £,TfT(2k, G*)*.Xl4.] £,IT\, 
L*B»NP. npiCKYXX*.] AB»FGKS: -KlXX*., L*T*rNOPT. 
n€ 3 ] om. FS. JcXA.Tf2i.10c] KXa.q2s.., NT: -TIOC, s. 

8 OTOg, a.qaj.] L*T«AB»P: om. OTOg,, rFGKNOST; tense cf.? 
Gr. K^HL al" syr* &c. 2Ce] + H€, TTFGKNOS. rU.irep- 
g,Wll] cf. Gr. »*B Ac. 

Digitized by 


380 npcsxgic. 

ne«- ne &A.npeqeAJUJte ckwh rA.p ne *6en 

«•£« * Na.**caxx xe ne £en -fcfnAreovK* ka.ta. caJI- 
fLA/ron m&en* oto£, nAveurr,K*r itni- 
io**xai itejt*. mcnreinm* 

»& «Gta.tti xe efi.oX *6en ojuAJcexomA. nxeciXA.c 
neju. *ruu.oeeoc *• nA.qjut.Hit xe ne itxenA/rXoc 
j6en mcAXi -e- eqepjueepe itmicnrxAJ xe n^c 
ne we. «eTrf xe e;6ofn e£,pA.q* oiro£, eir- 
xecnrA. A.qnejj>, neq&fiujc e&oX nexA.q muof *• 
xe nerencnoq exen TerertA.<pe* *f(nrAiL 
A.noK icxen -fncnr eieaje tutt enieonoc* 
7 Orog, eTA.qovun-ejl e&oX jujua.*v Aqi enm 
ncnrAJ ne titoc <paj ovnicroc <*• 
pqe eqepce&ece-e ju/H"*- 1 $aj neqtu tojuu 
e-fornAXUjrR* 8 Kpicnoc xe niA.pxHCTrnA.- 
vcovoc A.qnA.£,*f enro neju. neqm TRpq* 
o**o£, onrjutHcg e&oX j£>en niicopineoc errac- 
Tejut nA/frnAg/f ne onro£, itA.**d"fcttJU.c * 

^6 + *IIexe nrc xe ju.iu.vXoc eikoX £,i*ren 
cnr&opAJUA. j£en niexajp^,* ace JOLnepep- 
£,o-f a.XXa. caxi oto£, ju.nepx-&-P<wK* 10 xe 
a.kok *fxK nejuA.** ofog, itne g,Xi Tumq 
e&pni exwK e*f-ju.KA£, ha.** xe ofon nxm 

ne a ] nejuLUJOT 'with them,' fs. ne i°] om. g. peqe-A.- 
juue] -10 e, g»o. cjcrnn] ckh., LsrFOT. j£>en*ro**- 

X€X«H(I, G)] cf. ? Gr. HABELP al fere 20 Ac: J&enotTeX.* 1 *' 
T*N* : om. K. 4 ttA.**CAXl] A: nA.qcAJCI, L*T* &c: nA.T- 

Xoc xe nA.qcAXi, e. xe ne] l«agp«: VA.p ne, T»r 

N T : om. ne, B» (K) : om. X6, F P* S. ni&en 0**0£,] om. FS. 

nA*»eu)x]A: nA.q©.,L*T'&c n&RT] ni£,., p. 8 jula.- 
ite(A, s*)xoniA.] -cuniA, b»gk. nA.qju.Kn] -juen, rs. 
xe nei°] l»ab»p: om. xe, T»rKN0T: om. ne, fgs. m- 

CAJfl] nc, K; cf. Gr. NABDE 13. 40. 73. 137. 142. c*" »g syr«*et 

ptxt aeth ut» M . &c . eqepju.] A.qepju., p. ne 2 ] cf. Gr. ka 

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ACTS XVHI. 4-10. 331 

•and they were working, for they were makers of tents in 
their craft. * But they were speaking in the synagogue 
on every sabbath, and they were persuading the Jews and 
the Greeks. 6 But Silas and Timotheos having come from 
(the) Makedonia, [but] Faulos was persevering in the word, 
witnessing to the Jews that Jesus is Christ. 'But they 
opposing him and blaspheming, he shook out his garments ; 
he said to them : ' Your blood upon your head ; I (pron.) am 
clean : henceforth I shall go to the Gentiles.' 7 And having 
removed from there, he came to (the) house of one, his name 
being Titos, this (was) a believer, worshipping God, whose* 
house was adjoining to the synagogue. 8 But Erispos, the 
•ruler of the synagogue, believed the Lord with his whole house ; 
and many from the Korinthians hearing were believing and 
-were being baptised. * But the Lord said to Paulos through 
a vision in the night: 'Fear not, but (&.) speak, and hold 
not thy peace : 10 because I (pron.) am with thee, and no one 
shall rise upon thee to give pain to thee: because I have 

* lit. 'this who his house.' 

BD 4** 13. 25. 27. 39. 40. 68. 69. al pins 20 cat 801 vg syr»*etP c * arm 
aeth &c. • It(o.e., A^eq&J&UJC] cf. Gr. D 14* 27. 29. 31. al 

plus" vg<*> tol syr"* aeth &c. €2£en(om. N)] A, : pref. €£,pHl, 

l*t« &c. em.], 0. 7 A.qi e.] cf. ? Gr. bd*ehlp 

al pier cat syr**** &c. TITOC] cf. Gr. NE 7. 15. 36. 81. cat vg 
arm &c. 4»*.I OflUCTOC] A : <bAJ lOTTTOC, S : <bAJO**C- 
TOC 'he of Ioustos,' L»T t &c. : oro. K, cf. Gr. 2. 30. : text confused, N. 

eqepce&ecee £M>*f] oTfO£, neoTrerce&Hc ne 'and he 

was a godly man,' G. $AJ] $4.1, B». s KpiC- 

noc] x«» TtN: Kpmnoc, rF: Kipmnoc, s. nu.pxHc] 

HA-PX** Fs : -X 1 -' G - ItlKOpmOOc] -IOC, LbTNOT. ne] om. 

TN T. * OTf&opAJULA.] -poJUU., N PT : -pAJLA, F*. j6eit- Hant *s 1. u, 

nieaccopg,] L«AB»rN0PT26: JuLni€3£.,T»GK: irreniex., **" 

FS; position cf. Gr. E(H)LP al pier syrP &c. OTTO&] om. FOB 26. 

iJLnepx*-] -£*••> s. 10 o-*o£,] om. 26. e&piu] est-, 

TNT: om. FS. 2C6 2 ] L«T»AB»FGPS 26: om. TKNOT. OTfOIt 

Digitized by 


332 npaxgic. 

So'cmgj'f iiXA.oc j6eit TA.moXic* "iq- 
£,€aaci a*e no-rpoAAm iteu. F tu&oT *• eq*f - 
cfiw nj6KTo*» Ju.nicAj« nrre 4>"f * 

<r& " Va-Xkuk ^.e eqoi itA.neTnA.Toc e^fAQc*-**- a-**' 
ttxemio-r2>,A.i ercon eg,pm eaten nA/rXoc o"*o£, 

A/cenq eniAAA. ii"f£,A.n "eTraoo aaaaoc* ace 
$4.1 otox ju.n&HT iimptojun *• eepce&ecee 
aa.<H" juLnmoAAoc * 
14 GqiU-OTUJit 2».e itpouq nacenA/t-Xoc nexe VA.Xiujn 
nnnoT^A.! *• ace eneovon of fbconc* ie ovg/ufi. 
eq&wo** AAJionitpon* w mio-r^A-i ka-Xcoc* 
nAJiu.epA.nexecee AJuuiDTeit. "icace 2*e 
2,a.k2jhtkaaa. ne* eefie otcajci hbaa. &A.n- 
pA-tt-s- neu nerennoAxoc eperenepuxgi itoou- 
xeit*- *fo*»u)aj A.nofc A.n eeppeq*f-&A.n irre 

HA.I *• " 01T0£, A."»g,ITOTf CAiioX AA.m&HAAA. *• 

rusroc* A.'jr&ioTi epoq | iA.neAA.eo 
fi.KAAA.4* ovo£, nA.cepAAeXecee A.n itrA.Xiu>it*- 
eefle &Xi iutA.i* 
otfs" "IIa.tXoc 2k.e eTA.qajuont nxeAAHaj ne&oo** 
j6A.Ten lucnwrc* A.qepA.nos&.A.£ecee ncoonr 
A.qep£,u>T erorpiA. ecneAAA.q nacenpicmrXXA. 

ST.] OTfOnXKI, L«B»P: +AAAAA.T, FGS. " *.e] cf. Or. 

NAB 13. 15. 18. 31. 33. 36. 40. 68. 105. a 1 " c»* cat e vg syr» tt : om. P. 

itoTrpoAAnj] np., 0. " x*a*Xkm(o, FS)n] l*afkps: 

T*A.XXlUS(0, T*B»GOT)rt, T*B»rQN0T. 2ve] om. NT. AJt- 

e-*nA.Toc]-eoc,r. e*f-A.(e,N)x*- | *-]K'f".,P: -xi*-.a,k. 

ttaC6niIO'V2iA.l] position cf. Or. B. CTCon] A/TAJUOm 'kid 
hold on,' K«. eniAAA. ivf &A.n] L«AB»P : emfiiUAA., TTO 
KNOT : eacennififUAA., FS. 13 <t>A.l] position cf. ? Qr. DE 

H LP ai pier cat vg &c. eepce&ecee] -Hcee, r : egjeAAcyi, 
fgs. " eqnA.onrw(o.e., a x : 0, o»)it] P* &c. : eqo-T., K : 

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ACTS XVm. 11-18. 333 

a great people in this city.' " But he sat s year and sis 
months, teaching among them the word of Qod. 

w But Galion being proconsul of [the] Achaia, the Jews 
came together upon Faulos, and they brought him to the 
place of the judgement, " saying: 'This (man) persuadeth 
[the] men to worship God contrary (CAJioX) to the law.' 

14 But Faulos being about to open his mouth, Galion said 
to the Jews: 'If there were wrongdoing or wicked villany*, 
O [the] Jews, well : I would bear with you : 16 but if they 
are questions concerning a word and names and your law 
ye shall take care (of it) yourselves ; I (pron.) wish not to 
be judge of these (things).' w And he cast them away from 
the judgement seat. IT But they all laid hold on Sosthenes, 
the ruler of the synagogue ; they beat him before the judge- 
ment seat. And it was not being a care to Galion concern- 
ing any of these (things). u But Paulos having abode yet 
(Ke) many days with the brethren, took leave of them ; he 
sailed to (the) Syria, Priskylla being with him and Akyllas ; 

» lit.' evil work.* 

eTA.qOTT., r»0*. V A-XlWIt] as verse 12 exc T* -XltOIt : +2x6, 
P. €Ite] cf. Gr. N ABDE 13. 18.27. 3 9» 4°- <*• <>9' »°4- 105. 133. 137. al 
plus 10 eat &c. on. oft>: on. K : X6It6, FPS. OTOIt] am. G. <TS] 
A : pref. Of, L»T» &c IlOItHpOIt] -pOC, K : -IpOIt, S. A.It6- 

Xecee] jjuoo, fg«ps: eitA-x-, t. " 2>.e] am. fgks. 

£,A.n£H*TIUULA.] cf. Gr. NABD^E" al fere" vg syr«*' arm &c. 
CnrCAJCl] £,4.ItC£3C! 'words,* FG S. *f OTUJOj] L«AB»FG OPS: 
n't"., T»rKNT double negative; cf. Gr. KABD 13. vg &c. A.It] 

t«. before Attoic, g. eeppeqf.] epp., fs : eep*f\, r\ 

16 A.Tfg,lXOTr] A : A.q2,lTOT *he drove them,' L*T* &c. 
1T XHpOT] cf. Gr. NAB e"»* vg ar«. CCUCOetlHc] COCO., B». 

niA.px-] HA.pX'» 0. A.**g,icnri] a.*»&i, b». -.txeXecee] 
L«T»ArKP : -icee, b»fgnost. A.n] l«t*agkp: +ne, B»r 

FNOST. rAXlCDIt] as verse 14. ee&e] L«T»AB»FGPS: ft, 

tknot. " iu.ttXoc] ru.XXoc, a,. ftKe.] j6enKe., 

fs. A.no2s.A.^ecee] AK :, L»T* &c. CfpIA.] CipiA., 
0. ecitejuu.q] eqn., b« : certejuiA.q, nt. npicK . . . eaq] 

Digitized by 


334 npox^ic. 

new. aktXXac* eAqajen awoq s£>en Ken-i 
Xpeec* nAq^ben oTreirxK VAp ne* 
"3Xqi 2^.e ee^ecoc* o-co£, Aqcexn rot * 
iteoq ^.e eTAqge ej6o"*n e-fcTfitArtorK* 
nAqcAxi iteju. nuo-Y2iAi * so e-rr(u&£, 2k.e 
juuuioq &mA irreqep ofmaj-f Sckott j6*.to- 
to*» juLneqcnrcuaj *• "aXXa AqepAno:^A- 
^ecee moor* eAqxoc ace *fitAicoTT £^.pa>- 
Ten >6en nere&ne $*f *• 

<rtf 3Xqepg/«T ^.e e&oX >6en e$ecoc* M eTAqi 
2l€ e&pm eKecApiA* oto£, erAqepAcnA.- 
^ecee ivfeKicXKciA* 

*fri 3Xqi e&pm eTA-itTioxiA.* "o-rog, erAqep 
otchot JuuuiA'r* Aqi eftoX eqcmt kata 
juu.4- nre *fx tt, P*» k* 1 " 6 "fTA.Xi.TiA* nexx 
•f 4>piKiA 4- eqTAacpo Rmjuu.eHTKc THpcnr*- 

<r# »« HeoTon 07ricnr*.Ai 2>.e ne ne AneXXitc 
eoTfpejuLpAKQ'f ne ;6en neqve noc ecnrpuuuu 
ne nXoruxoc * CAqepKATAnTAn ee<tecoc* 

oro. 8. npICJOfXXA.] AGT : -r*XA, FN : npeOOfXA, : 

npTrciorXXA, f : npiciaXXA, l»t»b«kp. a (e, F) JorXXAc] 
-XXa, tfkno. eAqgen] eAqaceq, b». i6enK(V, rojen- 

Xpeec] -OC, T» : -AC, P : "X e P ec » *t ; position cf. ? Gr. DK H 
LP al pier «yr u *» arm aethPP &c. ne] om. B»P. " Aqi . . . 

iJLJUtA*»] om. B», obs. syr«* ar«. Aqi] cf. Gr. HLP al pier vg 
ayrP aeth"&c. OfOg,] LsT'AFGS: om. TKNOPT. KH JLt.- 
JUtATf] ne AJUUUOOTT, S. HAqCAXl] cf. ? Gr. D 14* 32. k»" 
vg syr«*. M JOUULOq] cf. Gr. D8» 8 L 31** 66. 98. 177. al*** 

arm &c. J^ATOTOTf] cf. Gr. DEHLP al pier 8jrr"> h etP c. ob. Ac 
AXneq.] pref. tteoq Z.e 'but he indeed,' T*FGS. M Aqep 

. . . ntOCnr] cf. Gr. HLP al pier ayrP Ac. eAqXOc] cf. Gr. HABE 
13. 14* 15. 36. 69. 105. 180. a»" (vg) arm aeth". *fltAKOTT] cf. 

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ACTS XVIIL 19-24. 3S5 

having shorn his head in Kenchrees: for he was being in 
a vow. "But he came to Ephesos, and he left those 
there: but he (pron.) haying gone into the synagogue was 
speaking to the Jews. *°But they praying him that he 
should spend a great time with them, he wished not ; 21 but 
(A.) he took leave of them, having said: 'I shall (lit. will) 
return to you in the will of God.' But he sailed from 
Ephesos. ** But having come into Eesaria, and having 
saluted the church, He came into (the) Antiochia. ** And 
having spent [a] time there, he came forth, passing from 
place (to place) of the country of [the] Galatia and [the] 
Phrikia, confirming all the disciples. 

24 But there was a Jew, his name being Apelles, being 
a man of Bakoti* in his race, being a notable man, who 
came to stay at Ephesos ; being powerful in the Scriptures. 

* Alexandria. 

Or. N A B (D) E 13. 20. 36. 40. 103. a«" cat 8M ( vg) arm aeth. &»- 
T6It] AB«FKPS, cf. Or. D : + OH, L»T»r»GNOT. $*f ] L*T*A 
B»FGPS: HOT 'the Lord,' TKNOT. A.qep£,W*r] pref. npiC- 

mrXXA. nejutAJorXXA.c Aqx^ ^6 eit e<hecoc *Pris- 

kylla and Akyllas, he left them in Ephesns,' K, obs. Gr. 97. 137. 8yr» oh 
etP««: S»« u «-»\ jU^iMiXl^j^l LUJaJJl J^^^J'.^J 
'in the Arabic; it is not found in the Coptic, "So as for Aklus and 
FrisklS, he left them in Ephesns." * 2lB\ om. GP. M ^e] om. B» H ^ 8 - 

OP 18. eg,pKIi°]om.r. KeCA.pIA.]cf.Gr.NADE. €£,pRI a ] 

es£>., T»r: om. NT. *' eqcmi] A.qc, FFS. *f"X (M P A -] T* 

Ar: TK., L« &c. *f V(K, T)&X] TV., FS« : TK., G. «£**.+- 
t&piICIAjAGKS: -piriA.,TTNOT: ■pimi.l'P: -piKM-jF: 
om. B». F°« 'the end (of the lection).* ** OTriOf2k.Aj] lOflk., 

AjTNT. 2s.6 ne] om. T: om. 2l€, P: om. ne, FGKNOST. 
A.neXXH(A, T)C] cf. Or. H* 15. 180. arm. €0"»(eA.q, NT)- 

puuuu ne] om. ne, o. nXoriAnoc] a : itXorioc, B»rp : 
fiXonc, KT: itXoviKoc, l»t»K: iteXXorioc, f s : iieX- 

XOTIJULOC, GO} A tr. JLJti* 'eloquent.' 

Digitized by 


336 npaxgic. 

eo-roit afxojut jjuuioq £>eit mrpA.$ft *• u <£a.i 
ne8.vepJCA.eHKm iUutoq enumwix nxe nor:* 
<m>g, eq£wu. £en ninnX* KA.qcAj« o-*o& 
itA.q-fcfi.0) ^fceit oxrAJxpo eefte mc+ enitujuic 
pq*>- itxe Ku|A.iutHc iiuuA.**Axq exeqcuxnrit ii.- 
juLoq *• *• $aj 2e A.qepg,*txc itov on&q eJioX 
*&eit •fc**nA.vusrR+ exA.Trcurrejui epoq iuce- 
npicnrXXA. objul AjnrXXA.* A.**ajonq epuxnr* 
oiro£, A.irxAJiJioq ;6eit oxrAJcpo* enuuuuix 
o-o itTe <H" *• + * 7 Gqcnrcuaj 26 ei eAoX e*f i.X ili 
A/rfepovox iu.q iucenicitHcnr *■ a.ttcj£aj nm- 
<roa jula-ohxhc 4- xe itceajonq epouo-c* + 4>aj 26 
exA.qi A.qep cnrttoqpi ejtt.A.ajto nun eri.r 
itA^/f* e&oX £,ixeit m£,JULox«- " iu.qco£,i 
iimicnr2A.i jfeeit oxTAjepo* itoiro!t£, eftoX 
eqxAjmo jOuulwot eftoX ^beit mvpA.$K xe 

<ro& i 3Xccgu>m 2.e epe AJieXXitc j6eit Kopmeoc+> 
lu/rXoc ^.e exA.qcen ntJUiA. excA.najiui * 
eepeqi ee$ecoc *• ovog, exA-qxiJuu it£,A.njuu.- 

26 $A-l] L«AB»P 18 : + 26, TTFGKNOST. K6A.fep.] T»A 
BTGKN07PT 18: om. Ite, L>: ItA.qep., FS. JMLeKJCHt] 

kax., gk. enuuuoix] jOLm., o. noc] <fr-f 'G°d.' go. 
eqj6H(e, b»)jul] l«ab«op 18: q^H(e,G)AX, fgs: itA.q- 

j6K(e,T)«,T»rKNT. IU.qCAJ£l]+ne, FS. ISc] cf. Gr. 
NABDEL 13. 36. 38. 40. 67** 68. 69. 73. 93. 105. 137. al 3 »"al pane 
cat vg syr"* aim aeth &c. IlXeiCttA.!tltKc] T'AB»rFS: IlIU)., 
IA See: KKu£, PT. iJUULA.TA.Xq] L*AFS: ItOVAXq, B»: 
tw. before KX6, T»(B«)rGKNOPT 18. *• 26] cf. ayr* aeth". 

A.qep£,RXc] l«t»ab»kop: iteAq., rF*os: itA.q., nt. 
iicnron&q] itoTwng,. o. *f orn.] L»T«AB»rK?OT 18: m- 
cirit., fgps : orn., n. exA/rcooxeju.] exA.qc, fgs. 
epoq] a : pref. 2.e, l«t« &c. npif*, fs i8)cr»(i, l«T'0)XXa. 

IteJU.] position cf. Gr. N ABE 13. vg aeth. A-KTiXXa.] Aj, a «rFKN 

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ACTS XVIII. 25— XIX. i. 337 

"This (man) had been instructed in (e) the way of the 
Lord ; and being fervent in the spirit, he was speaking and 
he was teaching in [an] accuracy concerning Jesus, only the 
baptism of Idannes being (that) which he knoweth. 2 * But 
this (man) began to speak boldly' in the synagogue. Pris- 
kylla and Akylla having heard him, received him, and they 
showed to him in [an] accuracy the way of God. " But 
he wishing to come forth to [the] Aehaia, the brethren 
incited him, they wrote to the disciples that they should 
receive him. But this (man) having come, was very profit- 
able to them who believed through the grace. u He was 
confuting the Jews in [an] assurance, manifestly showing to 
them from the Scriptures that Jesus is Christ, 

XIX. But it came to pass, Apelles being in Korinthos, 
[but] that Faulos having passed by the places which were 
above, came b to Ephesos, and having found disciples, 

• Lit. 'manifest him.' b Oba. attempt to render the construction 

of the accusative with the infinitive. 

ST: UCtXt., OP: -t'X&.C, L»: -fXXiC, T*G 18. OTTOg,] 

om. fqs. ^.-rr^JULoq] e&r*., F: e*.q., S: *.q., nt. eni- 

JUUOrr] AB»0 18 : eefteni. ' concerning &c.,' L«T» Ac. $*f"] cf. 
Gr. NAB 13. 31. 40. 42. 57. 68. 73. 97. 137. 180. la^c"" k"" am fu tol 
•yrP arm &e. " eqOTCDgj] eTA.qO**., FGS. &.xf ] om. 

*f, K. €pO-»OT] -OWJT, FGT: -OTT, S. A."*Cj6*.l] 
€A.**C.£>4.1, G. ftniAJLiOHXHC] pref. KlUCnROTT IteJUL 
'the brethren and,' G. 3Ce] om. G. i.qepOTT.] om. OT, F8. 

28 n*.qcog,i] a : + *e, fgs : + vi.p, l«T' &c. noirong,] A, : 

-lOItg,, LeT 4 &c. ; 0*» fallen out before OT. eq*T*.il*.o] 6*.q., 0°. 

efi.oX 2 ] om. g. j6en a ] L«ArFGS: £,iTert, t*b»knopt. 

1 KOptneoc] L»T*A,. 2 ('another copy') &c: KOplCOOC, A 2 *. 

%£ 3 ] om. b». eTA.qcen] l»t» &c. : exA.qce*x, A^*: Aq-*r, fgs. hijul^.] me*., fgs. eepeqi] cf. Gr. bhl 

al longe pin vg rell &c. eTA.qXIJW.l] A: A.qXIJU.1, L«T' &c; 
cf.? Gr. DEHLP al pler&c. 



Digitized by " 

338 npaxsic. 

©kthc * nexAq iudo-y -s- xe a.k A.pexeit<Jt 
ilnriuu: eeo-» * exA.pexeititA.2,*f- * 
floojonr 2k.e nexooo-c* xe a.XXa. o*rae jOLnen- 
cioxeu. poo* xe o**oit OTmtT cyon* 
•Reoq *.e nexA.q xe exA/cejuic eHitov eo"c* 
netoo? 2>.e nexwoT xe niajjutc nxe nitc* 
*IIa/*Xoc 7l€ nexA.q* xe u»!tHc jmeit A.q- 
•fojjuLc *6en oijjuwot juuu.exA.KoiA. 
Xa.oc eqxto juju.oc* £,iru. rtceitA£/f enee- 
niwnr jueitettcujq e*re lite ne* 6 exA.Trcu>- 
xejut 2>.e A.**d"KOJU.c e$ jurtdc ihc* 
•ofog, exA. nA/*Xoc x*-* 1 * exiooT* A.qi 
eg,pHi I extuoTf itxenmrtA. eeo-*AJi. * 

<roy Ha/tca-xi ^.e jfcert <&Xa.c+- o"*og, !tA.*»epnpo$H- 
xenrm* 'rteaao** *.e XHpo"» itA/*ep iff 

«ro8 npoujuu* + 8 GxA.qaje *.e ej6o-*rt efcTrrtA.- 
viovh* rtA.qoTrort£, juuuoq efi.oX ttr* 
eqcA.xi onrog, eqetox ju.noT£,HX * eefie 

ff0 « •fjmeroTpo itxe $*f * + 9 Gxa. £,A.itoToit z>e 
epttA.gjX2,HX error rtAxctoxeju. *• errcAxr 
eq&ujo"* itcA. iujuiumx Ai.neju.eo juniJULftat* 

* neXA.q] LbAB»FP8, of. Gr. DEHLP al pier cat eyrP arm &c: 
+ 2ie,T»rGKN0T, cf. Gr. 105. A.K A.p€X.] A.K epex., B»: 

rtA.pex., P-. &A.pA. A.pex., fgs. eeo-vAJL] ee*», b»p. 

neXOJOTf] AK : + ItA.q, L«T* &c.; cf. Gr. HL(P) al pier vg"* demid 
syr«»> arm aeth. OTT^e] om. FS. OTmrtA.] T'AFKPS*T: om. 
Of, L«B»rGNO 8«. 3 iteoq 2^e] cf. Gr. KAE 13. 33. 34. 73. 

ijieot k«* vg. neXA.q] L«AFS, cf. Gr. NABDE al fere 20 cat rg 
arm syrP: + tt(WO*», T*B»rGKNOPT, cf. Gr. HLP al pier syr"* 

aeth &c. eimo**] +oTrt, B»rNOT. eo*»] j6ertof, FS. 

fc.6 2 ] om. T. neXUJOTf] ne, FS by error: + ltA,q, T*. Tlt- 
IOJULC Rxe]AFKS: eitlCOJUC Rxe, L«T*B«GP: entojuc 
tt, T: TUOJU.C it, NOT. KOAItltKc] WZ, A,: + 

dTxq, 0. * iu)A.ititHc] koaT, t. juert] cf. Gr. EHLP al 

pier syrP aeth &c. J^enOTAACOO'v] j6eitOTU)AlLC 'in a bap- 

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ACTS XIX. a-o. 339 

*he said to (hem: 'Did ye receive the holy spirit, having 
believed?' Bat they (pron.) said : • But (A) neither heard 
we even (ptu) that there is (cyon) a holy spirit' 3 But he 
(pron.) said: 'Unto what did they baptise you?' But they 
(pron.) said : ' The baptism of Idannes.' * But Paulos said : 
'Ioannes indeed gave baptism in a water of repentance to 
the people, saying that (&IIU.) they should believe him who 
was coming after him, that is to say, Jesus.' 6 But having 
heard, they were baptised unto (the) name of the Lord Jesus. 
'And Paulos having laid hand on them, the holy spirit 
came upon them. But they were speaking in (the) tongue, 
and they were prophesying. 7 But they (pron.) all were 
being (ep) twelve men. s But having gone into the syna- 
gogue he was speaking boldly* three months, speaking and 
persuading them concerning the kingdom of Qod. * But 
some having become hardhearted, being disobedient, speak- 

* Lit. 'manifesting.' 

tism.'FKS. £,IK4.]A: pref.XC, L»T»&c. eneOItHOTf] WAB» 

fgps: e$H eeit., ttnot: ii<hK een., k. e*re(A, s)] 

Rxe, NPT. IHc] cf. Gr. HABE 13. 35. 40. vg syrP aeth™ Ac. 

* TtOC IKC] A 2 "« ('another copy') &c: IKC n^C, A,*?: nOT 
n^C, Aj° ; oba. Gr. (D) 64. 137. gyr»* ar» aethPP &c. add )ynarov. 
•2CIX] cf.? Gr. KAB(D)HP 1. 31. 47- 65. 100. 101. 126. al 2 "" al 

pane &c. e&ptu] ej6., k.] ee 5 ?, a s p. rtAf- 

CA2CI 2k.€] cf. Gr. D* 25. o"» e: + lie, B». $Xac] L«AB«rNO 
(Il)PT: g,All>vAC 'tongues,'T*FGK8. npO<pHXe*!fHt] -Xe- 

&m, s. T neuio** 2ls] heuoot, l«p : om. t. itAiep] 

AB»rKNOP: ItATtep JUL, L«T»T by error: It ATI pi JUL, FS: 

nATfoi jul, g. pwjuu] +ne, fgs. * exAqcge] l*t»a 

B*FGPS : e*TAqi 'having come,* TKNOT. nAqoVOItg,] A : 
-UDItg,, L»T« Ac. eefie] cf. Gr. BD I3>«* vg syr« tT arm aeth. 

* ^AitoTon] £,A,ncnrn, x v itAajT&HT] ttAcgTii&HT, 

A,. lUAJUOrr] Il| JU.UMT, B» ; cf. Gr. (exc E (5. 8. 73) vg«»« &c). 

ju.neiw.eo Jul] rtA&pen, fgs. juLiujulroj] nrujumaj, 

P plural. 

s a 

Digitized by 


340 npoxgic. 

*.q<t>(ux efi.oX JULM.050T eA,q$cupx nttuu.&.OH- 
thc e&oX* 
.<™<r GqcAxi JuuuiKnifr j6ert -fcxo^R nxe xTrpiit- 
noc * 10 $ii fc.e it A.qp^. juuu.oq itpojuLTU E*f * 
2/isorre oTroit mfteit exajon j6en *f"A.ciA.4- 
nxovctuxe**. enicAxi iixe iiot micy*2*.A.r 
nejui motemm-5- 

e&oX g,ixen nengig jGLru/t-Xoc <*• " £,u>c2».e 
iicetfT itg^rtccnrx^pioit .5- it€A*. g^ncuuiiinrit- 
emon e&oX g,t neqcuwu.*. *• itcex*-"* £,ixeit 
hh exajumi* o"*0£, neaj^/caje ntuoT e&oX 
^iicxo** nxemajwm * o**o£, nrniul ex£,u>oT 
ite/ntHo? efk>X ne* 
<ro»j is SXt&itotott 2>.e ftxe£,A.rto-*oit eftoX j6en m- 
to*T2i^i4> e**Kurf ite£opvicxHc exe $p£.n 
juLnac lite* exeit nit ere itmni; ex&tooir 
£,iu)xo*» crxcu jOLjuloo xe *fxA.pKo jOL- 

4ULU)T€It ttlKC* $H 6X6 lU»TfXoC &IIOIOJ 

<rod "Heoiroit f 2^.6 ftctjHpi-i- iixe ota.i xe ck€*ta. 
eo*»io*»2kA.i ni-px'epeifc * efipi jGL$a.i. | 

A.q$u>x] eq$., b» : e*.q4>., r. eftoX i°] L«ab»kp : ca.- 
fi.oX,T« Tfonost. eftoX 2°] +juuu.u>ot, G. eqcAJXi &c] 
eqcAja 2^.e j6eit*fcxoXH &c. jOUahiu, fgs. iixexT(*f-, 

B»FS: XI, G°)pA.IlltOc] cf. Gr. NAB 13. 27. 29. 81. fu tol eyr**. 
10 ItAqpA.] ltA.qipi, F8. S-f] AFKOPS : CttOxf , L«T*B»r 
GNT. £,UJCXe] L»T»P: -2^6, A &c. OfOIt] nXeOTTOlt, K. 
Huntrii.u. tlOC] cf. Gr. NABDE al plus 16 cat vg syr utI arm aeth. u F" 1 * 'the 

n-13 fourth Sunday of Ablb.' 2k.e] cf. Gr, Ds** 38. 106. a*" h ,or syrP &c. 
hxetyf ] ilxe^-f, A ; position cf. ? Gr. HLP al pier vg««« syr«* 
aeth &c. Alt] + lt€, K 26. 12 £/UC2>.e] A &c: -XG, L*T». 

Digitized by 


ACTS XIX. 10-14. 341 

ing evil of (itCA.) the way before the multitude, he fled from 
them, having separated the disciples, Speaking daily in 
the school of Tyrannoa. 10 But this he was doing two years ; 
so that all who dwelt in [the] Asia heard the word of the 
Lord, the Jews and the Greeks. 

11 But God was doing mighty works ■ not few through 
(the) hands of Faulos: lz so that they took handkerchiefs 
and aprons from his body and laid them upon those who 
were sick, and the sicknesses were wont to go from them, 
and the evil spirits were coming out. 13 But some from 
the Jews who went about as (ft) exorcists took in hand to 
say (the) name of the Lord Jesus over them who (had) the 
evil spirits upon them, saying : ' I adjure you by (it) Jesus, 
whom Faulos proclaimeth.' " But there were seven sons 
of one * Skeva,' being a Jew, chief priest, doing this. 

• Lit. 'powers.' 

cuuumrne.] ct*x., k 26: -KRit., G: -jciil, t. &i] 
£,rren, t*b»op. itecgA.iraje]A: om. ite, l*t* &c. g,i(o- 
to*t] 2,rroTOT, k 26. erg/oof] erg,., o. e&oX 3 ] 

cf. Or. NABDB al pins 16 cat vg syr utr arm aeth: + g,10JTOT 'from 
them,' 26, cf. Gr. HLP al pier &c. " 2>.e] om. GPS : + efi.oX, 

F8. 2,i.nOTfOtt] cf. Gr. DL al pin &c. e&oX j6eit] cf. Gr. 
(D)HLP al plu gyrParm&c. fte(A., T)£OpV.] eitiep£., G: 
-OJVICXHC, P. €Ze$pa.Il] L«B*rKPT: fb£edj>, N: 

exen$p£.n, t*a : exei3i$p£.n ) 26: exto juL$, O: 
erxw £*.dj>pA,it, fs. Ihc i°] om. o. exert . . . TfrtZ] om. 

A,. eX&OJOIf 2,KO*TOf ] eT&IUrTOT, Ai by error : ftA.KA.- 
OA.pXOtt £,IU)TOTr, 26. -fXA.pKo] cf. Gr. NABDE 13. 25. 
33. 35. 40. 73. 105. Tg arm : TeitTA.pKO, K, cf. Gr. H LP al pier cat 
gyyutr arm«> d aeth &c. ft(om. F)IRC 2 ] T'AB»FGS 18. 26: 

julnoc Iiic, ltknopt, cf. Gr. »*. exe] ex, o : ex*, 

T 26. " KOJHpl] ftajepl, A; position cf. r Gr. (D)HLP al Hont.j, 

pier &c. frreOTAj] cf. Gr. B(D)E«* 36. 180. vg** demid syr** 
arm : fbC€., FS. BOIT (om. OT, K)IO*»2k..] A: + ne, L*T* &c. 
CTIpl] cf. ? Gr. NAB 13. 14* 15. 18. 105. 180. a««. 


Digitized by 


342 npoxgic. 

pq^ "HXqepoTco ftxenmit£ eT&uxnr nexA.q now** 
ace iSc •fca)o*»it jOLjuLoq-!- cnrog, raceiu/irXoc 
•fejuu epoq* SetuTen a\e neuyreit num*' 
"oirog, A.qg,iTq e^bpHi exooov iizenipowuu 
ere nmHZ erg/joo-* iteju.A.q A.qepoc epwcnr 
ercon* &x[xe*xxo*x eg,pm exiocrc* g,u>cTe 
rtce$co*r e&oX j6eit iuhi ere** ajla.*y + er&Hcg 
epexusoT <t>K& •*■ " $a.i 2».e A.qaj(»ni eqoiroitg, 
e&oX* ititno'»2k.A.i thpot ne*x itunreimn* 
ergon ;6en e<fcecoc * o**og, ofg,o*f axi e&pK! 
eaaoo** THpo***- oTog, nA.qitKo*r iidTci ibce- 
$ Jutjiac ISc n^cc* 
fit "Otjulhoj ^e e&oX j6ere nn eTA/rnA-g/f * nA/*- 
itKot ne eTroTUJitg, e&oX OTrog, enrxu) iinoirg,- 

&HOTI* "g,A.IUULHOJ 2*6 >6eit ItH eitA/TIpI 

nniAJiexnepieproc *• eA.*vmi nitoTtjajojw. a. - *-. 
poKg^oTf-s- no"»oit mfteit o**og, A/irqi 
a>n itnoTXixiLK eA**xe.M.oT eoTrort e rieftA. 
ng,A.T juuulat. 20 nAJpicf fc.e /6en o-*AJULAg,i *• 
A.qA.iA.1 iixencAafi jOLnoc* ovog, A.qxejuL2co.iA. 
<rwo «i Gta/okok 2*e e&oX nxeitA.1 *• a. nAfXoc x*- c 
;6en neqnriA* xe A.qajA.n.u.o-*gT neJULAKe- 
2i.oitiA.-i- new. •fA.x*- 1 *- ivreqgje giXkajl*- 
eAqxoc xe jutenencA epiaje juuul a.-* -:- g,urf 
ftTA-itA.** erKepuMUUt* 

15 A.qepO"*U)] AO: + 2>.e, L*T* &c ItWO"*] cf. Gr. NABD 
13- M* 15- 1 8. 27. 31. 33. 34. 3 6. 40. 68. 69. 73. 105. 106. 137. 180. a»« 
c ,or cat vg syr"* arm aeth Ac. ISc] cf. Or. H*A D HLP al pier cat e 
vg &c. 2>€ ftetOTeit] om. N. le ej6pHl] AG: eg,p., 

1*1* Ac. 62CUJO*»] position cf. Gr. DHLP al pier syr** aeth &c. 

ere] epe, 18: Rxe, o». A.qepbc] cf.? Gr. wabdep 13.33.34. 

40. 68. 69. 137. c* * arm8 b &c; for singular cf. Or. MBD &c. €T€- 
CO(CO, S)Il] cf. ? Gr. NABD al 18 cat vg arm syrP &c. aiu/wripuP. 
g/JOCTe] LsT»B»OP: -2.6, A &c. -*OJX] -$KT, 0. eV&Hgj] 
om. K. " 2k.e] om. K. eqOfOltg,] AB» : -WItg,, L«T» &c. 

nm . . . THpoTf] itovoit Ki&ert irreiuioT^AJ, k. 

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ACTS XIX. 15-21. 343 

u The evil spirit answered, he said to them: ' Jesus I know 
(ctoovit), and Paulos also I know (&JUU), but who are ye 1' 
"And the man with whom the evil spirit (was) threw 
himself upon them, he mastered them together, he prevailed 
over them, so that they fled from that house naked with 
their heads wounded*. 1T But this became manifested to all 
the Jews and the Greeks, who dwelt in Ephesos ; and a fear 
came upon them all, and (the) name of the Lord Jesus Christ 
was going on (lit coming) being exalted. u But many (sing.) 
from them who believed were coming, confessing, and saying 
their works. "Bat many (plur.) among them who were 
doing curious arts, having brought their books, burnt them 
before all : and they took count of their prices, having found 
them being there fifty b thousand of silver. 20 But thus 
mightily grew (the) word of the Lord and it prevailed. 

21 But these (things) having been completed, Paulos pur- 
posed in his spirit that, should he pass throughout (the) 
Makedonia and [the] Achaia, he might go to Jerusalem, 
having said: 'After my going there, I must Bee also Rome.' 

» lit. ' rent.' » Lit. ' five of ten thousand.' « Lit. ' put it.' 

oTrog, i°] on. g. e&pHi] esij., tnot. ixncxf) ixneitOT 

'our Lord,' B» 18. H^c] AB»K 18: om. L8TTFGN0PST. 

18 fc.e] cf. Gr. D 15. 18. 36. 40. 68. cat. . lie] 2^.6, G. 6** 0"*(Ult£,] Hunt*, 

+ IM.K 'to thee,' S. OfOg,] om. FGS. €*»2£U)] £/¥XU), FT. 

19 j6eit] AB« 18 : pref. eftoX, lA T* &c. GlU.'ttpi] L«T'AB»FG 

PS 18: GT&.T., TKNOT. eA.imtl]om.e,T»FGK8. -3O0JL*.] 

-XOJJL, NS. ftOTOtt] om. tt, L*. (VIl] L«T*ArFGKPS: 

noon, b»not 18. eArtxeAxof] t»a: £.tx., l« &c 

ite&A.] pref. itOJO 'thousand,' Aj. *° fc.e] AB»P 18: om. 

L8T' &c. nCAJCl] position cf. ? Gr. N°HLP al pier cat am arm 
aeth &c. 2l Xt- C ] position cf. ? Gr. D. i.qgA.nAJLOTOJT"] 

cf. ? Gr. NBHL &c hoXSLJLKe(&., T)Z.OItIA.] 60JU.., B»: 
-UMtlA., FGKP, *fA.X*-I*-] cf. Gr. ADE 13. 69. 105. al 4 "*. 
iTSuJC] cf. Gr. HLP al pier See. JUUULA.Tr] A t8 : EJUULTt 
'thither,' L*T* &c. £,wf] L«AB»FPS 18: + lie, TTG(TI)KN 
OT. K6] KH, FS. 

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S44 npoxgic. 

82 UXqoTroupn 2>.e itS eejU-A-Ke^ottiA, j£>en itH ex- 
cyejuuy 1 jQUuoq *■ xijuoeeoc | iteju. epAxxoc +• 
fteoq 2l€ A.qep o"»xP oltoc ^ eit "N-cw.* 

a*P M tIXqaa?ni 2^e junicHOTr eXejuuutA.T nxeoTaj- 
eopxep noTKo-rxi A.rt ee&e mjuujoix* 

24 ota.i vA.p ne ^uuHXpioc o**JUA.nie- 
£,ax> eqjuuonK ngAnep^Ko-tt itgAX itxe 
•fA.pxeJU.ic nA.q*f it£,A.!tJUHaj it&cufi. ftiti- 
xcxkiXhc n£,A.nK0-«-2ci A.n *• " haj exA.q- 
eoTftwroir neju. niKeepvAX kc * exejumKuyf- 
ftn^.1 nexA.q-5- mpcujuu Xexencaucnrn xe efioX 
j6ert xAjaanep&oofi.* Ape *f ju.eXpeqx$€&HOT 
ajon 4- m oto^, xexennA/* oTrog, xexen- 
ccwxeju.* ace ott jutonon 2>.e e$ecoc aLjula.?- 
a.xc* aJXXa. cxe^on j6en *fA.ciA. xitpc* a. 
$aj ace nA.fXoc ofouxefi. Rcnmiaj*f* jujuutaj 
efioX eqxto JjUxoc* ace £,A.nnoirf A.n ne 
ha.i exoveAJUio jOuulojot e&oX g,iTen £,A.n- 
AAonrnK nxix* 
n 0*» juxmon ni.uu.epoc een&ajwni nAJt eofinr n- 
2>.moc * eepem efco&i 4. a.XXa. niKeep$ei itxe 

22 A.qO"*(Upn] -COpnot 'sent them,' FS. 2v€ i°] urn. GK. 
eJUA.K.1 cf. Or. ABDHLP al looge plo &c: -lOrtlA., FGKP*S. 
^eni°] A 1 B»FGKP8 18: j6*.»A,: pref. efloX, L«T*rNOT. 
epAXXOc] A.pA.C, B»: A.piC, GP: iepAX., FN OS: IA.p., T: 
tr 8 . before neJUXIJU.., T*GK. XP onoc ] AB»rN0PT 18: 
Hunt*, CKOTf, LbT»FQK8. K»» 'the end (of the lection).' M F»« 'the 

a3 ^ 5 first Sunday of Mesry.' 2>.e] om. K. JU.rtlCKO"*] AB»FOKS 26: 
j6ennj., L8TTN0PT. u 2vlJU.HXpiOc] LfAB'FGKPS : 

2k.IJU.eX., a6 : XIJU6X., T: 2>>HJU.eX., TN0: 2s.eju.ex., 
T*. cnrJULA.ttK.] €0T., G. &AX i°] L«ABT0P: +ne, T«FG 

KN8T 26. eqju.onK] -oirnK, b»kt 26. nxe*f .] n*f"., g. 

-XeJU-lc] -2x6., B». ttA-q-f] +2v€, TNT. £,A.ItJU.Haj] T'A 

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ACTS XIX. 33-37. 345 

12 Bat he sent two to (the) Makedonia among them -who 
serve him, Timotheos and Erastos, but he (pron.) spent a time 
in [the] Asia. 

23 But at that time happened no small trouble concerning 
the way. "For one, his name being Dimetrios, a silver- 
smith forming silver temples of [the] Artemis, was giving 
much of work to the craftsmen not few. M He, having 
assembled these with the wxtrkmen also who were occupied 
with these (things), said: '[The] men, ye know that from 
this business cometh (cyon). the getting of gain to us. 3S And 
ye Bee and ye hear, that not only indeed (2».€) Ephesos, but 
(A.) almost in all [the] Asia this "Paulos" turned away 
a great multitude, saying that these are not gods which are 
made through formings of hand. S7 Not only will this 

trade become to us for a danger to cause us to come to 

B»rNOT: OYJUUtOJ, LuFGKPS 26. it£,U)&] position cf.?Gr. HA 
BD 13. 31. 68. 103. k»" catTg arm aeth Ac. -ItlTKc] cf. Gr. (esc. BD). 
Jt£,A.n. 3 ] T'AB»rNOT 26 : €&., L*FGKPS.] AB»rNOT: 

+ ne, l«t*fgkp8 26. ** kaj e*TA,q.] l«ab».- kai s^fr, T>e 
A,q., t» &c. epv.], tpt. nexA.q] + ruucnr, fs, cf. Gr. 

D err** aeth. TereKC.] pref. ttetOTeit 'ye,'26, cf.Gr. f**(arm). 
j6eit] L«AB»FPS: £1X611, T»rGKNOT. TA.I20!t] om. FS. 

^.pef «.e*r.] exexA.iA*.ex., g. ojon]aju)iu,Fs. hah] 

cf. Gr. NABDE 13. 18. 26. 36. 40. 68. 105. c*" al 6 vg arm Ac. 

** o*rog,i°] om.FGKS. TereitctuTeu.] t«. before Teren- 

tU.t, FS, cf. Gr. D syr«*. 2s.e] T€, FOPS. A.XXa] cf. Gr. »B 
EHP al longe plu d vg bttp arm aeth &c C^e^On] CKeX., T: 
-ffeOIt, P: X e2 ^-»N: CXeKOIt, A: -UMt, GK. dj>A.l] llAI, 

fs. cirajTefi] A.qoTf., tnopt. ercnre.] eeove., u. 

eftoX] om. FS. g,AtUULOT(om. A^MC KXIX] A : g,A.«XIX, 
UT* &c. 2CIX] + nptOJULI, FS, cf. Gr. 33. 34. 100. 137. al 3 "' 8 yr»* 
ar» aeth &c. * T AJLOnOIt] A, cf. Gr. Es»: +fc.€, L»T* &c. 

eeitAxgooru] cf.? Gr. »db* s vg : erajon, g.] An, fs 

by error. eOTflOrnfc..] T»AGK: e**K., L« Ac. mrn^IIt.] 

janaom., tnot?. ep$ei] -hi, ns. 

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346 npoxgic. 

*f raaj*f ftno-rf - *f*.pxejuuc* ncen^onq *.n xe 
eg,Xi* otto£, cen^ajopajep nxecjmexiuaj'f fl- 
ea.! exe *f &.cu. XHpc new. •foiKOTAJteKH 
xnpc epce&ecee Jjuuloc* 

iixtonx* lu/rcocg eftoX erxto jGUaoc xe 
cnrmjB'f xe -fa.pxe.ajuc Rxe nA.e$ecoc* 
2 »cnro£, A-CJULOg, nxe*fnoXic ngjeopxep* 
pqn A/rcfoxi 2».e xnpoT j6eit | o*»oiroi evcon* 
enieeaxpon * A.T£,ujXejuL Sr*.ioc nejut A.pic- 
XA.px°c** e£,A.npejL*.eJuLA.Ke2s.omA. ne* a/*i 
encyejuumo nejut na/rXoc* 50 eqcnru)aj 2».e 
nxenA.**Xoc ei ejfcoTn emjuiHaj* tustxw 
ii.ju.oq A.n ne nxemjuuLeHXHc *• 

<ntl si g,^.nKextwo"»m *».€ efloX j£>en m^px" 511 Kxe 
•f-4.ciA.4- eioi ncy^Kp epoq* A.**o"*u)pn £,A.poq 
eTrf&o epoq eajxeju.epeqxHiq juuu.A.TrA.xq 
emeeAxpon * 82 g,inKex"Jo*»m jmen cnrn-*- 
n^tiuaj e&oX efxco itKeg/uJi. ne*. *f ckkXhcia. 
VA.p ajeopxep ne* cnrog, it^pe no-r&cnro 
cux>**n A.n xe exA/ireujoff ee&e oir* 

<nre »»6&oX 2^6 j6en mjuutg* A.*rim nA.Xe£A,n2..poc 
efi.oX nxenucnr^A.!* A.Xe£A.tt2»poc A.qdabpeju. 
epujot nxeqxix eqcnruxjr eep^noXoricee 
jULniJutHcg. ■* exA."*eju.i 2».e xe oinof2».A.i ne * 
Aqcyumi ihceo**j6pu>o"» ncnroux nxe cnron 

A.pX€AJUc] -JU.HC, N: epXi, P: epXK., T. iice- 

n^onq] T»A: cen^onq, i* *c. ; cf. Gr. ade 73. vg &c 

e&Xl] om. 6, FGS. 0"*0£,] cf. ? Gr. HABEP al plu Byr"** arm &c. 
-OJOpttjep] -gjeopxep 'disturbed,* FGS. XHpC i°] om. FG 

ks. oiKOTTJULenH] -juLHni, S: -Kojutem, n. epce- 
fte(H, B»)cee] ajejuutji, fgks. .*• enA.i] kha.1, N; cf. 

Gr. Dvg arm. ** KXCfnoXlc] cf. Gr. NAB 13. 4a vg arm : 

tra. after rtOJOOpxep, FGKS. itaj©.] cf. Gr. N«(D*)E 13. al sat 
mo. 2».ejcf. Gr. D* 1 ai. 31. 41. OTfO*»Ol] OTOI, B»GKP. 

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ACTS XIX. 38-34. 347 

[a] reproof; but (A.) the temple also of the great goddess 
[the] Artemis will be no more reckoned anything, and her 
greatness will be overthrown, this which all [the] Asia and 
all the world worshippeth' M But having heard these 

(things), and having been filled with anger, they were crying 
out, saying: '[The] Artemis of them of Ephesos is great.' 
n And the city was filled with trouble : but all ran hurriedly 
together to the theatre ; they carried off Qaios and Aristar- 
chos, being Makedonians, they came on travel • with Paulos. 
30 But Paulos wishing to go into the multitude, the disciples 
were not letting him. S1 But some also b from the rulers 
of [the] Asia, being friends to him, sent to him, beseeching 
him not to give himself to the theatre. M Others indeed then 
were crying out saying another thing : for the assembly was 
troubled; and the most of them knew not why they were 
assembled. 83 But from the multitude the Jews brought 
out Alexandras. Alexandras beckoned to them with his 
hand, wishing to make defence to the multitude. M But 
having known that he is a Jew, there arose (cytoni) one 

» Lit 'to (the) strange.' b Or 'others.' 

evcon] trs. before j6en, tnot. erue.] JUUUO., N. 

A.f&UiXejUL] €*.•*£,., O. VAJOc] A.V., T. tie*/*!] L*A,., 
('another copy') FS : nee*.**!, T*B»rGKNP:, OT: *.•*!, 

a 2 ». nejLH!U.-*Xoc] jGLn., tnt. m eqomoaj] 4.qo-*., 

FS. fc.e] om. G. * l a.e] om. 0. *f A.CIA.] T*e &c. : T n °- 

XlC, r*0 : "fnoXlC JLCI&, N(tr. {^J fcjjll Uy ; ^ 'of the chiefs 
of the city Asya')T. exf £,0 6pOq] om. 6. iJUU.A.fA.Tq e] 

no*»A.*rq £k, ro*. M juien crnt] ab'P^ Jtxen, t»: 

2k.€ Olt, O: fc.6, LtrFKNOST. €1fXU)] +JUUU.OC, T»0. 

nice.] n^nice., p. ne] joined to i»*f ., b»g. ckkX. v*.p] 

€K. THpC, B». OTO£,] om. FG S. *.n] L« A B» TH OPT : + ne, 
TFGKS. M iXe£. 2 ] A: +2.6, L«T» &c: -TpOC, S. 

A.q<rtupe.t*.] -opeju., a^. eptoo**] +XHpoTf 'aU,' f*: 

trs. after 3H2C, G. *.noXor.] + jGUULOq, P. jGLlUJULHcg] 

om. p. M o-»!o*r^A.i] iot*.., nt. nTeo**on] no-»on, 

O; cf.rGr. Dvg. 

Digitized by 


348 npaxgic 

m&en * na.Tr oiritoir ciunrf enrtwoj e&oX *• xe 
o**itiaj*f Te *fA.p*rejuL!c nrre iu.e$ecoc+- 

"GTA-qepe niJULHaj ^.e £,epi nxeiuvpAJUUUU.- 
xevc nex^q* mpoujju rupejut.e$ecoc *• mjut 
VA.p j6ett mpuojuL! exenqctwo-rn *.it SxnoXic 
nnipeju.e«t»ecoc *• xe coi ilnecuKep[*]oc tirre 
*fitiaj*f iu-pxejuuc *• nejut m^ioneTKc. 
"•jOuuLon £,Xi OTrit *f e^o-m e&pen na.i* 
CexjcngjA. cm* ii*re*reitajujni epeTencjuLoitT* 
cnro£, RTexenajxejixep &Xi | ft&toft j6eit 
cnrA.ciA.1 *■ " ATererara rA.p nitAJpoujuLi ex*.- 
ha.i* of^e g,A.rtKA.Xnepct>ei *.« ite* oira.e 
cexeoTfi A,n enerennovf <■ 

88 ICxe oirit 3MJULHTpioc * newt niKexexKiTHc 
eeneju.A,q * ottoh nxcoof noTCA.xi j6*- ottaj * 
ceitAim iimivopeoc *• cnrogj cnrort A-ne**- 


39 ICxe *e*rettKu>*f iicA. Ke&uufi. j6eit *f bkkXh- 
cia.* RnojuuAJLOit e-reftoXq e&oX. 40 kb x*A.p 
Tenepmr neuter m-s- eepoTrepKA/rHvopm epoit*- 
ee&e mgjeopTep irre $oo*v + juuuLon &Xi 

OTmoV] pref. OTf., FS. CltOTrf] T*AB»r: 5*f, LsFGKN 
0P8T. A.pT€AiLIc] -JULI, A x * : A.pTA... N : epTA.., P. 
36 2^e] om. P. ibseniVp.] position cf. ? Or. B 31. 130. -AJUL- 

ju^-Terrc] -a.juia.t., fks. mpuumi] p«f. xe, t*nt. 

pOOJULI m] om. TO*. ^enitlpCOJULl] plural, cf. Gr. NABE 
si plus 18 cat 32 * vg syr"* ar e ann &c; article, cf. Gr. 40. al aliq. 
exeitqc] eTeq., G* single negative. ttTIloXic] position cf. ? 

Gr. e &c. coi] ceoi, tfs. iineouK.] neu)K., tnopt: 

IteOK., FK: nCOTfK., S: -KOpOC, B». *f nittj*f it(om. GK)A.p- 
TejULIc] "fit. i"A.pX., K; cf. Gr. NABDE al 20 cat vg syr"* &c. 
^.lOneTHc] LsTTFNOT : -116(1, A,)a..,AB»GKPST. M *f 

ej6oirit eg,pen]A: *f(om.r)€^oifn e£,pA.-*(q,B»)it,L«T* 

TNOPT: *f OTffi.6, FGKS. 0*rn a°] L«AB»FS: *>€, T*GK: om. 

tnopt. n*re*rengjconi] irreitcij., k by error, epe- 
*rencjuLonx] nxe*renc«.onx, p. 3T A,Te*remm] 

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ACTS XIX. 35-40. 349 

shout from all, about two hours, crying out : ' [The] Artemis 
of them of Ephesos is great.' 35 But the town clerk having 
caused the multitude to be quiet, said: '[The] men, [the] 
Ephesians, [for] who among [the] men (is there) who 
knoweth not (the) city of the Ephesians, that it is temple- 
keeper of the great Artemis and the Diopetes ? *• No one 
then opposeth these (things). It is worthy then that ye 
should be sedate and do not anything lightly. 8T For ye 
brought these men hither, neither are they temple-robbers, 
nor do they blaspheme your gods. 38 If then DimStrios 

and the craftsmen also who are with him have a word 
against any one, the law courts will be held (mi), and there 
is (a) proconsul, let them implead one another. 39 But if 
ye seek for another matter, in the regular assembly it shall 
be decided. *°For we are even in danger to be accused 
concerning the trouble of to-day, there being no pretext with 

AB» : ipeTeit., LsT' &c. nitA,l] trs. after pCUJULl, T. €**.- 
rU.l]T*AB»rGP: JULIU-t, cf. L*NOT ; cf. Gr. D syrpnw arm: om. 
FKS. Ite] cm. G. 06X6] L«AB«rNOPT: prof. ft, T*FGKS . 
double negative. 6116X611 ItOff ] for 2° plural cf. Gr. E"* H LP al 
pier cat vg syrP aeth™ &c. : 6TeX6Itn01f*f", 0°, cf. Gr. (exc. 23. 26. 
33. 34. 105. 133. al fere 5 &c. tA» 6t6v) : eTenrtOTrf", 0*, for feminine 
and i° plural cf. Gr. NABDE** 2 13. 32. 36. 40. 66** 76. 105. al 3 *" e syr** 
arm aethw & c . M OTf It] A B» : pref. JtXetl, LsT» &c. tMJJLH- 

Tpioc] L*A,FGKP: -OH, A 2 : *fjU.K., 8: fc.fJULHT., B» : 
^.HiULI., TNT : ^.HJULH., O, cf. Gr. : a.6JU.6T., T*. TeX™**"] 
cf. Gr. (exc. BD). OVOIl IVTtAJOir] T'ATKNOT: OfOirr., 
L*B»FGPS. J&A.] £,*., T. ftrtlAX.] ftlt*.IA.r. 'these &c.,' 

fs. o-*o£j om. fks. ^ne-ni.] -©in., k. eno-repHoVl 

T'&c: nnOTf.,L«FS. S9 3S.e]om.FQK8. *.p6TenKUyf] 

€p., S. nCA.JC6g i U)&] cf. ? Gr. NAD^HLP al plu e vg syr»* 
aeth arm &c. eTfe&oXq] 6&oXq, A by error. 40 KTmaMtt.] 

mrrt^Hn., b«: mr na.'rit., t : KKrfA."cn., tn(0). epoit] 

om. FNS. TUOjeopTep i°] 4>*.I 'this &c.,' TNOT. JUUULOIt] 
eejuuuton, B». £,Xl it] om. FS: om. ft, 0. 

Digitized by 


350 npoxgic. 

itXcoixi ttjon-s- <&&.\ ereoiroit ojxojul juuuiok 
ef-Xovoc ee&RTc £>&. mojeopTep. 41 cnrog, iuj 
eTAqacoTO** iqx 00 ivfenacXHcu. eftoX* 

<"ry Uenenca. epegoTfto 2ie RxentgeopTTep &. ru/rXoc 

oirtopn nca. m.m.4.0HTHC cnrog, iq*f nojUL-f 

ntooT 4* ^.qepA.ciu.z;ecee jGuuuobtr * iqi eftoX 
eaje eejUL-s-Ke^onuL * 2 ex^qcmi e&oX j6eit 
nuuuL exeAJUULA.** * cnrog, eT^qfitoAJL-f 
ncoof j6en ottca,*! eqoaj* A,qi efeXXic* 
• exiqep v *e iu.fkoT &MU.t «• A.qajumi rbce- 
cnrcotTTrci eq&tocnr eefticrq eftoX £,rreit tii- 

Gqruu e&pm ercrpiA, * £.qaj(uni Kxeo-rcotfiti 
eepeqKOTq e&oX j6eit ejuu.Ke2>.om<5»-5- * nA,q- 
nejuuLq *.e ne ibcecu>cmA.*rpoc irre mrppoc* 
mpejuAepoiA. * iu.eecc^XomKH 2.e* <&.pic- 
pqe *r*.px oc I nejUL ceKoweoc* ne-M. v*joc 
nipejutxep&K* new. Tuxoeeoc * nA.*fA.ciA. 
7±e T^tyQiKoc *■ neu Tpo<t>mu.oc * 8 iuj 

go (CO, T*)Tl] OJtOTII, P. 0A,l] L8T»AFGKS : OH 'that,' B*r 
NOPT. eXeOTOIt] L8AB»r, cf. Gr. DE al permu cat vg &c: 
exejUUULOn, T* &c, cf. Gr. NABH LP al fere" vg«> syr«*« arm aeth 
&c. *f XOVOC] *f XlOIXI, F S. ee&HTCJ cf. Gr. N A BE 15. 18. 25. 
31. 33. 36. 40. 68. 73. 133. 137. 180. d** k**" cat arm Ac. J&A.] AB»rK 
0«PT: j6en, L*T'FGN8. 1110)0. 2 ] AB»T : $4.1 OJ0., 
T«N : nA-IttJO., L« &c: + «T€ 4>OOT 'of to-day,' FS. * l ItAj] 
om. P. A.qX w ^] ^X** FGKS. 
Hunt 18, 1 F"* 'the sixth Sunday of Pentecost,' 'the second Sunday of Mesry.' 
oircopn Sca.] cf. Gr. NBE 13. 14* 15. 16. 31. 36. 40. 68. (69. 98"* 
105. a"') 180. cat aeth™ &c: OTT. ft, K*. OTfOg,] AB'TNOPT 
18 : om. L»T* FG K S. A.q"f KOM/f ItCOOTf ] cf. ? Gr. N A B D E &c 

a.qepA,cn.] eep., r*. ecge] L8T*ab»noti8: A.qoje, GK: 


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ACTS XIX. 41— XX. 5. 351 

which* it is possible for as to give account for the trouble.' 
41 And having said these (things), he dismissed the assembly. 

XX. But after the trouble was ended, Paulos sent for the 
disciples and comforted them, he saluted them, he came 
forth to go to (the) Makedonia. 2 Having passed through 
that place and having comforted them in many a word, he 
came to [the] Ellas. 3 But having spent three months there, 
an evil plan was made concerning him by the Jews. Being 
about to come to (the) Syria, a plan was made to return 
through (the) Makedonia. 4 But Sdsipatros of Pyrrus the man 
of Beroia was with him ; but (of) them of Thessalonikfi, Aria- 
tarchus and Sekounthos ; and Gaios the man of Terbe, and 
Timotheos ; but they of [the] Asia, Tychikos and Trophe- 
inus. 8 But these having been before us* stayed for us in 

* Lit. 'this concerning which.' 

om. TFPS. OJULA-Ke^oni*.] cf. ? Gr. AHP al plu &c. 

, exi»qc», pjcmi] + a.e, ab». nuuu.] l«a 1 b«fgo8: 
hijula., TAgrKNPT 18. *feXXi.c] -f a.XXa.c, t. s 2>e] 

cf. Gr. D 27. 38. e. eq&WOf] om. FS. €e&HXq (C, 8)] position 
cf.? Gr. NABE 13. 38. 69. 113. 180. al s »" cat. €&oX £,ITeit] 
L*T*AB»FGKS 18: €&oX g,iTOTO"» ft, TNOT: «Xe, P. 
CqitA.!] + 2*€, TTNT: eqiULIIt! 2^6,0. e£,pHl] om. GK. 
ibcecnrcoCThl] cf. Gr. B 8 HI,P al pier sjrrP"W &c. j6ene.»JL.] 

£,rren 'through,' b»p 18. 4 2*e ne] lstaG": om. tkn 

OT : om. 2*6, B»G*P 18 : om. lie, FS ; for om. axpi Ac. cf. Gr. KB 
13. vg aeth otr ar «. CtO (O, N 18) CmA.*7"pOC] cf. Gr. 4* 25. 40. 47. 57** 
68.96.101. c^al plus 10 demidarm ar*&c. ITreiV*(I, T: €, FKS)p- 
pOC] cf. Gr. NABDE al plus 80 cat vg syrP"* arm &c. KA.O.] It€e., 

Aj-. rue., At: -eA.ccA.Xcnrn., p : -eeccA.XXort., B»: -eecA.- 

Xoit., FK 8 18 : -OHCC, N. CeKOTftieOC] AB»P 18 : CeKOTf (om. 
S)It(om. N)TOC, L«T*rFKOT: CVK01IVTOC, G. TepArl] 
2t6p&H, TN. T"»X 1KOC ] L'T»AB»KP 18 : 2/*., G : nrX"-) 
O : *riX IKOC » TFNST. TpO<t>HJL*.OC] T»ArP 18* : -<t>IJU.OC, 
L«&c.: XpO<pOC,^». 

Digitized by 


3S2 npoxEic 

a.e exA/cepcgopn epon avo&i n*.n jfcen 


»tC • 3Xnott a.e jmeneitcA. me&oo-r iixe maxgejuuip* 
A.nep£,u>x e&oX j6en ^iXiimoic* oirog, ahi 
ajApouoT expoui-c julneite crrog, Aitajumi j£a.xoxo*» it£ ne&oo***- 

<""? 7 jben $o*ii a.e nxe iuc*JL&A.xon exA.neu>o-rf 
e$a>aj iknruoiK* itA.qca.xi nxenA/rXoc ne«.- 
ujot * eqitAi e&oX * itA.q$u>paj a.e 
jGLtucaxi e&oX oja x<frAaji jutmextopg, * 
8 Neo-*oit otjulhoj *.e nXAAA.iu.c-i- £en nuuLA. 
excAngooi* nuuu. enAfeoTriix nj6Kxq* 
8 nAq&ejuuci a.e ne nxeofj6eXajipi 
ne errtxpc £,ixen niajcnrajx* eqo&cg j6en 
. oirmgj'f nenKox* epe nAirXoc ^.e caxi a 
nieweox coKq n£,o-*o* Aq&ei enecHX £>en 
-f-ju.A&v'f noi'A.&juu * oirog, A/rqixq eq- 


10 3Xqi 2>.e enecnx nxenATXoc -s- Aq&ixq ej£>pRi 
extoq* o**o£, exAqjmoXxq ej£>Hxq nexA.q 
ace julnepajeopxep. xeqiHx H rA -P nj6Kxq* 
11 eXAqaje 2k.e e&ptu *• o"*o£, exAq$u)aj jOl- 
nitoiK-s- cn»o£, exAqxeju/fm AqccoK juLnicAJci 
ajAxe $OTru>im i e&oX o**o£, nAtpirf A.qi 

8 ^.e] cf. Gr. M ABE 13. 27. 29. 33. 40. 68. 105. 137. 163. a«« c«* 
syrP &c. eXA**ep(om. ep, NT)OJOpn] cf. Gr. B 8 D al sat mu e 
vg syr " arm aeth. XptOAc] *f X., T. * IU€£,OOTr] 

nAieg,., 0. niA(e, N)xcge(A, NT)JUutp] nuu.exA.x- 
cyejuLHp, L«. $iXinnoic]-noc,A2*F*NPST*. cnro£,i ]om. 

FGKS. OTTOg, 2°] L«A B»P 18 : om. T' Ac. j6AX0XCnr] A B» 
18 : om. L«T* &c. 7 F™« i^Ul^il J j^sl til »—lil J*5I1 'the fifth 

Sunday when it occurs in the second (half of) the months' : F * S"* 'the 
third Sunday of Amshir.' ttXe] it, B»FG ST. CXArte.] cf. ? Gr. 
N A B DE al 20 cat*vg syr»" arm aeth &c. eqttAl] €q. fc.6, FGS : 

q. 2ye, k. eneqp.] l»t»afkpst: ii.n.»B«rGN0. 2*.e 2 ] 

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ACTS XX. 6-11. 353 

Troas. ' But we (pron.) after the days of the unleavened 
(plur.) sailed from Philippois, and we eame unto them to 
Troas in* five (days), and we abode there with them seven 
days. T But on (the) first (lit. one) of the sabbaths, we 
having assembled to break [a] bread, Paulos was speaking 
to them, being about to oome forth on the (lit. his) morrow ; 
but he was spreading out the word unto midnight. * But 
there were many lamps in the upper place, the place in 
which they were being assembled. 9 But a young man was 
sitting, his name being Eutychos, upon the window, forget- 
ting (himself) in a deep (lit. great) sleep ; but as Paulos was 
speaking, the sleep overcame 1 * him more, he fell down from 
(j6ert) the third storey, and he was taken up dead. 10 But 
Paulos came down, he threw himself upon him, and having 
embraced him, he said : ' Trouble not ; for his life (is) in him.' 
11 But having gone up, and having broken the bread, and 
having tasted, be prolonged 8 the word until (the) light came 

• Lit.' at (JUL) our fire.' b Lit.' drew him.' • Lit. 'drew.' 

cf. Gr. 15. 18. 23. 36. 68. 180. cat syr* &c. : om. FG°K8, cf. Gr. D» r . 
8 €Iti»*»eO*rK*r] cf. Gr. miuu§c non ita mu aeth'° &c. * lie i°l 

om. fgks. emxoc] e-rrrx;-. fpst. ruajofajT] 

T»AB*rFGKNOT: -OOJT, L*PS. eqoftaj] +a.€, FS: A.q., P. 
A.q£,€l] L«AB»1>PS : pref. OTfO£,, T*FGKN(eq)OT. £>etl 2 ] 
AB»rNO*T: pref. e&oX, L»T*FGKO«PS. T(<" n - N)JULA.£,- 
V*f] AGP: -V, L»T» &c. nofA,£,JULl] jGL(it, K)&A.£,JUU, 
FKS. eqJULCOO*rx] A.qJUL., T. 10 €j6pKl]AB»FGKP8: 

€£,pHl, LiTTNOT. 6XA.qJU.oXxq] A.q*JL, FGKS; for 
pronoun cf. Gr. 27. 36. 38. 66** 69. 105. 180. a""' al pauc cat syr" 1 * 

arm &c. ej6HTq] kj6-, t*gs. " exA.qge] er A.(e, N)- 
qi, TNOT. cnrog, eTA.q<&(ocg] cf. Gr. (exc. B). jOLiugdik] 

cf. Gr. N*ABOD* 13. &c: RoTfOJIK, FS, cf. Gr. N«=D 2 E H LP al pier 

cat &c. o-»o& eTTA.q2cej«.] A.q2cejut, fgks. juLiucaxi] 

eqCAJ£I 'speaking,' TNOT. O7T0& HAJ . . . e&oX] om. F0«8 
homeot.: om. nAJplff". TNT. 
YOI* rv, A a 

Digitized by 


354 . nP3\gic. 

e&oX * '• A/rmi a.e juLiua.Xo'* equ?nj6 * oirog, 
A/irtff ftoxft*.exeA.X£,HX RoTTKOTraci A.n* | 
«rw« "UXnoit a.e A.rtAXm itajopn eiuxoi a.iu e&pm 
eAxxoc* eneuxy exiXe nA/*Xoc juliiijula. 
exejuuuA/r * neA.q£,on£,en vA.p exoxen 
«^ ii.TU.ipH'f *■ eqrujULoaji ripAxq* t"eTA.q- 
*f juu/f- a>e epon j6eit a.ccoc A.itXA.Xoq A.m 
ejuuXixmn. M neqp*.cf 3s.e 4.nep£/ux e&oX A.irf-juu»*f ju.neju.eo S^ioc. it£,a.itA.- 
po"*&i 2^e A.m ecAjuoc*- juuenettccoq A.m 
ejuuXiixoc* "ne^qecoaj VA.p iuceiu/rXoc «■ 
eep&cwx eftoX £,ixen e$ecoc £,oiu»c * e 
nneqiocK j6en *f«l. tiA.qmc \*A.p ne *• yiu. 
icxe o-ron ajxoju. ftxeqep neg,ooT jrf nenxH- 
kocxh jfeeit iTChjOC* 

^» " GfioX ^.e j&en juuXhxoc A.qoTfwpn ee<frecoc 

A.qjuurrf €ttmpec&-»xepoc «xe 'feiacXKCiA.* 

" 2k.e aj£.poq nex&.q iuooy* xe new- 
Ten xexencuxnm *• xe icxen lue&oov 
ng/yrrr exA.ii e-f4.ciA.4- xe Ajjyunu nejuuv- 


" eqco(o, b»ps) n;6] nqusnj6, tnt juLexe4X£ > Rx] 

JUieXX4.p£,HX, PS. All] +X€, A,«B». F»« 'the end (of the 
H"nt«8, lection).' " KOJOftO, FKS)pIl] cf. Gr. »B 3 0L al aat mu &c 

A.Ill] 4/tt, T, 3°pers. 4.CCOC] 4.CC0K, 8; cf. Gr. NABCDEH 
al pier vg arm Ac. eit(R, B'jetOflVnGKJaj eX4.Xen4.-*Xoc] 

om. fs: -itx4.Xe, T»rNOT. iiLmjuLA] L«AB»roP: em., 
T'FGKnst. neA.qg,onj>,en] e4.q., tnot 18. exoxen] 
nx., r. itp4.xq] ep., g. " ae] om. o, cf. Gr. a*«*. 4.0 

CO(W,A,)c]L«T*&c.: ItA.CCO(U),A 1 )C,A,F*byerror. 4.11X4.- 
Xoq] A.qXA,X0It 'he took us on board,' G*«W **-» 4.ItX4.Xoq 
j*°j* j »U1»». ' a copy " we took him on board " and it ia correct' JUuXl- 
L8 : JULIXhX., G : JU-CXeX., FK 8 : JUOrXlXlItK, P : JUJXT- 
XlItH, B«, cf. Gr. AE al*«": JULIXTtXhIIH, 18. " Heqp.] 

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ACTS XX. ia-18. 355 

forth, and thus he came forth. "But they brought the 
boy alive, and they received no little consolation. ls But 
we (pron.) went before on board the ship, we came into Assos 
arranging* to take in b Paulos at that place: for he had 
ordered us thus, being about to walk on foot. M But having 
met ('fjuti.'f") with us in Assos, we took him in, we came 
to Militine. u But on the morrow we sailed from there, we 
came opposite ("f"JUUL"f") Chios, but in the evening we came 
to Samos; afterwards we came to Miletos. M For Paulos 
had ordained to sail past Ephesos, that he might not delay 
in [the] Asia, for he was hasting, that, if it were possible, 
he might spend (the) day of the Pentecoste in Jerusalem. 

17 But from Miletos he sent to Ephesos, he called the 
presbyters of the church. "But they having come unto 
him, he said to them : ' Ye (pron.) know, since the first day 
(in) which I came to [the] Asia, in what manner I was with 

* lit. ' ordaining.' ° Lit. ' place.' ° Lit. ' from.' 

pref.6, OP. e&oX] om. K. 4.1ff AJU.*f ] L«AB«rNOPT 18: 
4.IU 'we came,' TFGKS. S&A.IU.pO'T&l] L»T»AB»rNOPT, 
cf. Or. B 15. 19. 73. cat: 6(om. FKSjnecjpA.C'f" 'on his morrow,' 
FGKS. a.€ a ] + Oft 'also,' T*FGKS. AJL€rl€nCU)q] A B»rN 
OT 18 : -CtAJC, LBTtFGKPS; for om. koL Ac. cf. Gr. NABOB 13. 15. 
18. 37. 69. 73. 180. a* * vg arm aethPP; for om. copolam cf. aethPP. 

toc.t'O: Jix.eXrroc,FKs. Ie ne(H, A,)iqea)(H,FKS)g] 

cf.? Gr. NABC*DE 13.14** io5.i8o.a«"-catvgsyrParm. 

r*.pi ]+rie,FKs. g,rren]j£>en,Fs. £ > ortt»c]£,u>noc,S: 
onusc, tot : umioc, n. £,iiu.] om. t»fgks. ne&ocnr it] 

nie&OOTf KT€, TNOT: IlKene&OOT, G by error . neitTH- 

kocth] nenxiTK., tn : nenxMc., p. ixwut.] cf. Gr. nae 

13. 40. 105. m"** ss 1 ** a»« c»». " ^.e j6en] g,rren, o. **£;*> 

AJLlXHTOC] as verse 15 exc. JULeXlT., T: AA.HAIT., G«N 18. 

18 er*/ri] er^qi, r*o* singular. 2^e]om. p. aj£.poq] 

OJA.paX)Tf, r*0* plural ; for om. JpoS &c. cf. Gr. NBCHLP al fere 
omn cat syr"" arm aeth &c 2C6 a°] ttX€, S. AJOJUMTl] iicyon, 

a a 2 


Digitized by 


356 npaxgic. 

xen iw.aj npnf ii.iu.icHO? xHpq* "eioi 
jufttoK juLnor: sben eefkio k&hx ni&en new. 
£,A.nepjuux>-*i *■ nejut nmipA.cju.oc exA.*ri 
e&pHi exoji4- j£>en mcotffti ex&ioo'* vvre 
kiio-i^ai * 20 Ju.$pH*f exejGLm&en &Xi i6en 
nn exepnoqpi * iioTrecgen xAjucoxen eptoo?* 
new. e-fcftu) nouxen. "eiepjueepe n^HJuo- 
cia.* neju kaxa, hi nttnoT2vA.i nejut nioirei- 
mn ivfjuexA.noiA. fixe <H"> neju. mnA.&'f 
enenOT Ihc nxe* 
c crijP M 0"»oj>, *f itoT g,Hnne A.nojc eicong, j6en | nimtA*- 
•f «A.aje khi eiXHJu. •fccoo'irit A.n ju.neeit.aa 
ej6oirn e&pAi iIAhxc*- 
M IIXHtt nmtul eeo**A.&4- qepjueepe nw k*.x*. 
noXic eqacw jUuuloc *• ace ceo&i haj? ibce&A,n- 
cnA.?£,* neju. g^ne-X^ic. m a.XXa. x^-»x k 
'fX w ii-M-oc 4it ace cxa.iko**x rtot* j£>en 
£,Xi ncAaci-s- cgA-fxtoK ju.nA.2vpoju.oc eftoX 
neju. *f2>.iAKoitiA. *• ©h exAJtfixc iixeit nac 
ihc 4- eepjueope Ju.nie?A.rveXion nxe m&- 
julox nxe 4>*f *■ 
*$y M 0-*o£, *fno-» £,nnne ajiojc "fejui* ace xexen- 
...AnoK, ka.-c enA&o A.n ace*- iiotcxen XHpo? nH 
K exAJcim nj^HXOTf* ei£,iu>iaj irfju-exoTrpo 

nxe <&*f"+- M eeiie <1>a.i i^epjueepe nooxen 

nAJCHOTf] niCHOTf 'the &c.,' FS. " 6IOl] €1, B»: Cqoi, 

nt by error. jGLnor] om. ju., fs. nejugjAnepJuuHyri] 

cf. Gr. HA B DE 13. 40. 68. 80. 81. 137. 142. 18a. vg syr** ar« aethPP &c 

20, B»*)p,en] om. exe, fks. oiregjen] onr- 
cgen.K. 21 eiepjeep, fs. n2vK(i,FST)JUO(ou,FKS)ciA.] 

L«T«ArGNOT: om. K, B»FKPS 18. niaveiIUn]_om. HI, S. 

enenox] l«t*ap : jQLnenoc, b » 18 : itxenenoc, no«T: 

enOC, TFGKO'S, cf. Gr. E. IHC n^c] cf. Gr. NAC(D)E 13. 15. 
18. 27. 29. 31. 36. 40. 68. 69. 105. al permu cat vg syr** arm aethPP Sec. 
22 A.ttOK] position cf. I Gr. DHLP al pier am tol syr°" Did &c 

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ACTS XX 19-26. 357 

yon in all this time; M being servant to the Lord in all 
humbleness of heart, and tears, and the trials which came 
upon me, in the evil plans of the Jews: ""how I hid not 
anything of (j£>6It) the things which were profitable, without 
showing them to you, and teaching you, n witnessing publicly 
and in every house to the Jews and the Greeks [the] repen- 
tance toward (itTe) Qod, and the faith in (e) our Lord Jesus 
Christ. n And now, lo, I (pron.) being bound in the spirit 
shall (lit will) go to Jerusalem, I know not that which will 
befall* me in it. * s Except that the holy spirit witnesseth 
to me in every city, saying: "Bonds and afflictions stay 
for thee." u But (A) my life I put it not, that it is precious 
to me, in any account b , until I complete my course and the 
ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to witness 
to the Gospel of the grace of Qod. ** And now, lo, I (pron.) 
know that ye see my face no more, all ye, they among whom 
I was passing, proclaiming the kingdom Of God. ** There- 

• Lit. 'come in upon.' b Lit. 'word.' 

eiCOK£,] AGS*: -COIt g,, L«T t B'rH0PS«T: "fctAJItg,, FK. 
*f It*..] pref. X6, 0°. eiMUU.] pref. e£,pHi, T'. *f COJOTflt] 
AB«: it*fc., L«T' &c. double negative. JUineenAl] A: itItH(I, N) 

ee(*r, gjhai, L«T*B»rGNOPT: Rita eertHor 'which come,' 

FKS. e&pAi] ft&pA.!, NP«. M nXHn]AFGS:+Xe'th»t,' 

L«T»B«rKNOPT. qepju.eepe] l«T'ab»fgk: eqepAJL., 

P: epjUL., TNOST ; cf. i Gr. N*BCDHLP *1 pier cat e vg Did &c. 
nHl] cf. Gr. K ABC DE al plus 80 cat 883 vg 8y» ntr arm aethPP Ath Did &c 
ItAJc] cf. syr** « 6 "J™ «etn utr - P > AttCItA.'*£j ItlCIt., P definite. 

eX-r^ic] -in, Ag. * 4 a.XXa . . . cajch cf. ? Gr. n*bcd 2 

ar» aeth°*' arm &c. *f XM 3 ] 1"2K»i K. efltOA] om. FS; cf. Gr. 
KABD 13. 40. 81. cat vg syr** ar« aeth *' &c. 2».IA.KOItI£.] -KtO- 
KIA., G. OK] om. FGKS. KTEIt] 11X6, T»B»rNT. nOC 

ikc] n^c, fs : nenoc ihc n^c, b*. eepju.eepe] l»t« 
ab»P: eiepxjL, tfgknost. jGLmeTr.] em., p. ** xe- 

TeitltATrJ AB»*G: XereitItA.IU.Tf 'ye will see,' L»T» Ac. 
6IlA£,o] tre. after X€, G. €!£,!.] €£,!., FOST. ttf .] itTe-f., 
U T. KTed/f ] cf. Gr. E H LP al pier vg oyr"* arm"* aeth &c. : om. 

Digitized by 


358 npaxgic. 

j£>en£,ooT n*re $ocnr*- xe -fofifi. inoK 
e&oX £,*. nerencnoq THpo*»«- "o*c VA.p 
iJLni&oirr *■ eayreJULT&MUKrren e^OTrujgg 
THpq jui$*f +> 

<^a "Ui&ORTen epuyren* we**. nio&i TRpq era. 
nimtX •{■ x*- ©nnoTr iienicKonoc 
ttj6RTq-s- e^JULom irfeKKXReu. ftxe n<rc* or 
e*ra.qx4>oc efioX £,rren neqcnoq jQuuun 

°V M 3XwoK 2^.6 *f ejuti 2ce jmenenci. epiaje nm cenAj 
e^o-m eparren nxe&A.noftonaj e**£,opaj* 
nceru/fico a.n emo&i* so onrog, cen&.Ttoo'rit 
ibce^A.«pu)juu efkoX j£>en eRnoir* emeu* 
n£,A.ncA.xi enr$um£,* eepotrccoK nnuuu.eHTHC 


<^r "Ge&e $ai ofit ptoic epurren* eperenipi | 
&.$xxertx * ace A,iep rf" npojutm jOLnix«*-**"OT 
efioX'c ne-u. mexoopg, ei-fcfi.u> 
juL^o-r^i 4>oirA.i jOUuiurren j6en &A.nep- 
jmuxnri*. M o**o£, *fno-» 'fx tw iiuuuo*reii 
j^A/ren nox* neju. nc£.xi irre neqgpmoT* 
4>r ereo-ron cgxojm juumoq eetocy*- OTrog, 
efKXHpoitojuuA j£>en na erA.vro'r.S.ujoTr 
TRpo** 4- 

<ri,< 88 0*£,a.t* ie oTritoTrfi.* ie oTrg,&t»c* ijLmepeni- 
oTAJLin eofon juUxtwoif * ** necoren *re*ren- 

TFNOST, cf. Gr. KABO 13. 15* 36. 180. cat syrP arm««> &c. 

28 nAjeg,.] 4>ii., n. gX) £en, b». nexencnoq] of. Gr. 

E 33. 68. 105. al plus 10 vg«> syr n «* arm* 1 * aeth &c. "£,On*r] 
-£,U>nT, NT: -£,on, B«: -£,U>fi., 0* : -£,U>n, «. TAJULU>- 
T"en] cf.? Gr. N°AEHLP al pier 8yr»*» arm aeth &c. AA.<H"] 

nxe^-f, b»: e<H", a 8 . "jmA.£,eR*ren] cf. Gr. nabd 

13- x 5- 3 s - 81. 180. o*» cat v g arm aeth &c. : + 2\6, FS. neJU.mO£,l] 

em., fs.] ee*r, p.- ee, t. ftfibnTq] nj6R- 

TOTf, FS. AJULOni] JtXOtU, rNOT. not] cf. Gr. AC'DE 
13- *5- 18. 36*** 40. 69. 73. 81. 95* 130. 156. 163. 180. 58 1 "* a"* cat 

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ACTS XX. 37-34. 859 

fore, I witness to you in this very* day that I (pron.) am 
pure from the blood of you b all. * 7 For I hid not myself so 
as not to show to you (the) whole wish of God. M Take 

-heed to yourselves and all the flock, in which the holy spirit 
put you as overseen, to feed the church of the Lord, which 
he got through his own blood. *° But I (pron.) know that 
after my going (away) grievous wolves will come in to you, 
they will not spare the flock ; 80 and men will rise from 
among you, saying perverse words, for them to draw the 
disciples after them. 81 Therefore then watch yourselves, 
remembering that I spent three years, I ceased not by the day 
and the night admonishing each one of you in tears. 8a And 
now I commit you to the Lord and (the) word of his grace, for 
which it is possible to establish and to give inheritance 
among all them who were sanctified. 8S [A] silver or [a] 
gold or a garment I coveted not them of any one. M Ye (pron.) 


• Lit/of (the) day.' b Lit.'yonr blood.' 

ejrv* arm Ath Did &c: d/f 'God,' G, cf. Gr. KB 4. 22. 23. 35. 27. 
46. 65. 66* 68. 84. 89. 154. 162. i2 leot vg syrP*** syr ««>»»»* Cyr Orsies &c. 

neqcito(+Tr,Aj)q]oni.neq,o*. n *e] cf. Gr. k«. *fejuu] 

cf. Gr. NABC* D 13. 15. 36. 68. 69. 105. 163. 180. a* 1 cat vg eyr«* arm 

aeth &c eir&opaj] -tupaj, ps*. itcenA.'f.] LtT»AB*FK'S: 

ftcef., GP : cerU.*f ., rNOT single negative. ^Co] 4.CCO 

e&oX, g. w ceit*.Tt»cnrn]AB»FGS: -owot, l*ttk' 
nopt. €Tr<fcio!t£,] -on£,, b*gp. " epuajert] t*a: n ™*£> 

om. LB&c. 4.I6p]om. F8?. V+it] T*A 2 rGOT : Vivf", Aj by 
error: VS, LtB»FK'(N)PS. ii**.UJTe!t] cf. Gr. DB al plus 20 
vg •yr atr arm*** aeth°* r Orsies &c. j£>€n . . . " ASjULOJTeit] om. 

T* homeot. M *f" Xf 30 ] DC 03 ' F8 : "fn*.X a, » Rrp - **-**&• 
Ten] cf. Gr. NABD 13. 33. 34. 68. 81. vg syr"" - arm aethPP ar« 
Orsies Ac. nOC] cf. Gr. B 33. 68. IlC*J£l] A,B»rGNOT 18 : 
ntC, LtTtAjFK'PS. e©0>(0, F)Oj] for om. i?Zt cf. Gr. (exc DE 
14* 29. 66** 69. 76. 81. 105. 163. al 8 syr« ch aeth Orsies &c). *f".l cf. Gr. 
KABDE 35. vg. *Xrip.] cf. i Gr. DHLP al pier. j6eit] £&, 

fs. 88 <nrncnf&] noT&, K r . £,&u>c] pref. (ft, tnot. 

JuUXWOTr] obs. Gr. 97. d»« add rtvrw. m ilGUJTen] cf. Gr, unc 

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360 npoxgic. 

ctuoTtt xe itAXix itAJ-s- A/rajejuiaji ttTA.xpi^- 
iteju. iih eenejuLHi. 85 A.!TAJU.uyrerc e&toft 
itjfi.eit* xe caje Rj6oci juLnAipicf * irrerrf- 
TOTof ilnH ergjusm* irreTeiteptbJUt.ein ititi- 
caxi ivre n<5: lite* xe fteoq A.qxoc+- xe 
cnrM.eTTJUUJCA.pioc re JULA.XXon ef e&OTe 
*V M Oiro£, itAJ erA.qxoTcnr A.q£,n-q exen iteqKeXi 
newLtAJOT XHponr A/ceprtpocorxecee* 8T A.q- 
gjujiu 2^e nxec* itiaj*f itpuuu Rtuuot TKpcnr * 
o-»o£, A/*£,iTcnr ej£>p*u exen ertA.£,fij jUL- 
nA/*Xoc cnrog, A.*rf<fri epwq* 88 e**oi njOL- 

KA.J>, it&KT* JU.A.XICTA. eefie TUCAXI 6TA.q- 

xoq xe cenA.itA.Tf enA.£,o A.n xe* nA.vr$o 
2.e juuutoq exert mxoi* 


0^0 JXcfflooni ^.e eTA.nxmorn eftoX A.n$topx e&oX 

jQuumjo-r A.nepg,wT en cwcnrren » A.m e&pw 

eicou* neqpA.c*f 2.e A.m epo^oc* cnrog, eftoX 
juuuuLir aju eiu.T4.pj. 4- * o*ro& eTAnxiJuu 
itonrxoi eqru.epxmiop e-fcbomiKK 4- A.nA.Xiu | 

al pier cat m 82 TggyrP arm aeth w &c. : +2.6, T»(P)G(S), cf.Gr. minusc 
pane*" Ac. TeTenc] TeitC, FS. KAaiX ttA.l] of. syr** : om. 

itA.i, q, cf.Gr. d*'. A/rajejuLgji] e-*cg.,GNS. nTA.xP»*-] AB * 

18: 6TA., FS: ttttA.., L»TTGK r NOPT. M AJTAJUllOTen] 
pref.CttfO&.FGS. ItI&eit]cf.Gr.KAEHLP&c. It(eit, GK'P)- 

j6oci] -j6ici, t*fgs: ej£ici, o. nxeiff (om. N)] nxe- 

Teivf , B» 18, 3° person. ttTeTenep<&.] T'A B»i8 : irrenep., 
L* &c. i° person; obs. Gr. A*D* om. «. ItltlCAXl] jULmc, G 
singular, cf. Gr. (LP al plus 36 ) 38. 40. 57. 69. al pins 6 vg arm aetb. 

hot] lst'a B»FK r PS 18 : nenoc, TGN OT. lite] + n^c, G. 

Te] 2.6, A : 116, G : om. FS. JUlAXXon] position cf. Gr. one al 

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ACTS XX. 35— XXL a. 361 

know that these my hands ministered to my need, and (to) 
them who were with me. ** I showed to you all things, that 
it is right to toil thus and help them who are weak, and for 
you to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that he (pron.) 
said : " It is a blessedness rather to give than to receive." ' 

M And having said these (things), he threw himself on his 
knees with them all ; they prayed. 8T But there was a great 
weeping of all of them ; and they threw themselves upon 
(the) neek of Paulos, and they kissed his mouth, M grieving 
most concerning the word which he said, that they will see 
his (lit. my) face no more. But they were escorting him 
toward the ship. 

XXL But it came to pass (that) having put to sea, we 
separated from them, we sailed with straight course*, we 
came into K5; but on the (lit. his) morrow we came to 
Rodos, and from there we came to Patara: 2 and having 
found a ship being about to cross over to [the] PhoinikS, 

* Lit. 'being straight.' 

longe pin cat m M vg eyrP arm &c. : om. FG 8. M exeit] £,IXeit, *™j!£f' 

O. a/*epn.]Ai: €T., A,i8: A.q.,L«T*&c. ST A,qajOUIll] 

position cf. ? Gr. HLP al longe pin ayr n * arm Ac. 2w6] om. GK'O. 
C&pHl] 6£,., TG NT : om. O. OTTO& a°] T*AB»K» 18 : om. L«r 
FGNOP?ST. eptoq] LBAB'FoPST 18: €pOq, TT'GK'NO. 

M e**oi] eq., i>p. rUjL(e*A, b»k*t i8)ka,£,] om. it, p. 
juia.Xicta.] -*re, a,. exA.qacoq] e*rA,ixoq 'which i 

said,' F8. CCItA..] pref. ft, T* double negative: T€TeitItA., 

fgs. itA/rr<fro] otto^, rtA/re*T<&u> 2l€, fs. exert] 

L«AB»GK'Pi8: £,1X611, T*rNOT: 6, F8. 

1$wpx] eA.ttd>., l«K'P. encioovren] T»AFG S i8 : 

he, V See. : + €&oX, P. KQG T*)U>] cf. Gr. KABODE al plus 80 

cat &c neqp.] en., t». epo2k.oc] epco^uc, fs : e&pm 

8p(J02wOC, G ; cf. Gr. CD 40. 68. &c. om. rip,. * OTTO& Ac] 

eT4.ItXIJUU 2^6, FGS. ROTfXOl] L«rAB»NOT: + JUUUU."* 
'there,' TTFGK'PS (om. 1). eqita^J qKA.., G. 

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sea npaxgic. 

c&. iMxoxrtn. e&oX* • eT&nn&.T xe emrnpoc* 
^.itcoxnc C&X4.6K juuuLom- A.nepg,u3T excnr- 
pu.+ o**og, *.ru enrpoc* 
r H-i-pe mxoi v*.p* tu&Km 4GLneqA.cnrm jOL- 

JUU.***- * e*TA.It3C!JUL! fc.6 niUJULA.eRTRC A.II- 

cgioiu ajuuultt j6a.xoto*» n.^ iie&oo**** it*.! 
e*reit*.**2£U} juumoc eftoX g,rren 
niTUtZ<t- eg*rejui.epeqge e&pm eiXiui:*- 

ra «axcaju>ru 2k.e exA-nxcoK nme&oo** efk>X *.ni 
eftoX A-iuuiogji*- eirr<fro juLcxon e&oX xupoir * 
nejut g,A.nK€£,io.fju *• iteju. ncnrajKpi cjja. aAoK 
n^fnoXic*- OTOg, A.n£,rreit g,ixert rteniceXi 
£,ixeit nixp°*" ^.ncpnpoceTrx^^ 6 ' 'oTog, 
&.nep&.ncmJZ ecBe *' eiloX £^. nenepKo-r *• 
a.iu.Xki emxoi* itH 2k.e a/ckoto** enn ere- 
nofO"* * 

T 'UXnoit 2l€ ^.itep&uyr e&oX j£>eit T~*poc a.m 
e&pni enxoXeM.A.ic *• o**og, era.nepA.ciu.- 
2;ecee itmciiHOTf*- A.naju>ni iiTOTOTr RoTte- 

Ty 8 IIeqpA.c*f *e eTA.m efLoX* A.m es:eca.piA. 
OTrog, erAJtaje ej6o"*it enw £M>iXmnoc * 
lupeq&iajeitncnrqi eotJLi ne efkoX £en ni^+ 
A.itaju)m ^.Toxq *■ • $aj *e neonroit n*TA.q 

£.nxuxr*it] hx., f*s. 8 ex^niu.**] lut»ag : erA.**- 

ItA.**, B» 18, 3° pew.: eTA.n(oro. S)I 'having come,* TFK'NOPST. 
JOfnpOc] cf. Gr. B. CAJfA.(fR] -XltfK, A,: -tf2.2£K, T*?. 
A.ltl] cf. ? Gr. NABE 13. 34. vg bttp acto-*. ItA^IOTTl] IUL£,I, 

Gj£,i, fs. ixneq] om. Jul, fgs. Axnriit] A.**m, g. 

Huntis,]ejtf.A/* 'thither,* B»NT 18. * fc.e] cf. Gr. NA BC* B 

e&OCnr »1 P ,ua '* <»* v g & c- ItlJJULe.] cf. Gr. ttABCE al eat mu cat Arc. 

A.!tajUjru] + ^.6, B». JL\MXJLt] L»AB»K'P 18: trs. before A.naj., 

FGS: om. TTNOT, cf. Gr. AEL 68. 73. 103. If" »c . JJU UIA.T 

jfcA.TOTOTf] combines the two Gr. readings. TUtX] + GO** 'holy,' 

B». epeq.]om.B»i8: eepeq.,rNO. eg,pHi] om. 18. iXhSX] 

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ACTS XXL 3-9. S63 

we went on board ; we pat off * Bat having seen Kypros, 
we left it on the left hand, we sailed to (the) Syria, and we 
came to Tyros : For the ship was being about to unlade* 
its freight there. 4 But having found the disciples, we abode 
there with them seven days, these who were saying to Paulos 
through the spirit not to go into Jerusalem. * But it came 
to pass (that) having completed the days, we came forth, we 
walked (away), all of them escorting us, with women also 
and their children, unto outside of the city : and we threw 
ourselves upon our knees upon the shore, we prayed, • and 
we took leave from one another, we went on board the ship, 
but they returned to their own. 'But we (pron.) sailed 
from Tyros, we came into Ptolemais, and having saluted 
the brethren, we abode with them a day. 8 But on the 
(lit. his) morrow having come forth, we came to Kesaria, and 
having gone into (the) house of Philippos the preacher of 
good tidings, being one from the seven, we abode with him. 
9 But this (man) had four daughters, virgins, prophesying. 

» Lit'cart.' 

cf. Gr. HLP al longe pin Did &c. * %.e] om. P. 6&0X i°] trs. 

after 3KUK, FS. evrd>o] -U>, FS. efiloX 3 ] om. P. g,A.nK6.] 
T»AB»P 18: om. K€, L«rFGK r NOST. A.n£,!T6n] AOP 18 :,n-xen, T*B»rNT: *.ng,rroTeit,K': e*r*.it£,rren, 

L8FGS. £,IX6lt] T»Ao tl B» 18: 6X611, U&c. rteitKeXl] H6K- 

jeeXi, a,. A.«ep.] enep., p. -xecee] -XHcee, t. 

• OfO£j T»AB»rNOT 18, cf.? Gr. HLP al pier: om. L«FGK'PS, 
cf. ? Gr. KA BOB 13. 15. 18. 40. 69. 73. 105. 133. a"* d"" cat. ertlXOl] 

enxoi, b»o. a.nfKoxoTf] era.**., p. enn] rutR(i, n), 
tnt. -noTOTf] -moo**, t»Ai« 2 . ' e*ra.nep.] om. ep, Fs*. 
-A.ciu.£ecee]-cru.^., fs : A.noT*.^ecee, g. • F"* 'the Hunt .6, 

third Snnday of Mewy.' neqp^cf ] pref. 6, TNOT. *.€] om. P. 
efLoX i°] of. Gr. KABCE al 80 eat d yg 8yr<*» arm aethrP &e. AJtl] 
cf. ? Gr. KABCE a] plu cat d vg syr-"- arm aeth"*. K€CA.piA.] cf. 
Gr. MAEP* See. 60* Aj] om. 6, 26. ne] om.FS. 9 rteOfOrt 

iiTA(€, A^q] -oitxA.q, b»G: eofon ii(om. F)*r., fo. 


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364 npaxgic. 

ijUJULir*- n£ ilajepi jDUiApeenoc *• eirepnpo- 
t8 4>Hxevm + + 10 GrAnajumi ^e jJuuu.t hoi- 

julhoj neg,oo*»4- 
re DDiqi jixeo*rAi efioX j6en *fio**fc.eA. «• eo**npo- 
$hxkc ne ne ArAfioc *■ " o**og, 
exA,qi gyApon AqcuXi n|*f£amK hrre xu.t~ 
Xoc* Aq*A.onrp nneqxix* new. neqcfAXAfX 
Haj ne itK exeqxw juuulioot itxeninnA ee- xe mpcujuu exe$u>q ne nAumoxj£>* 
cenA.cong,q jULnAjprrf j£>ett iXhjul nxem- 
joif2s.A.! onrog, cenAxmq ej(6pHi enenxix 
n&Aneenoc «• 12 exAnauxeju. 2^e enA.i* 
nAn*fg,o ne *• Anon ne**. mcnKo** nxe niJULA 
erejuuuiA.Tr eajxejuiepeqcge e&ptu eiTvioOC* 
"Tore AqepoTfU) nxenA,fXoc * xe o*» nexe- 
xenpA. ijuu-oq «• epexenpuuu * o**o£, epexen- 
*fiirA.£, jOLnAg,HX*- ahok vA,p or jutonon 
econgx* a.XXa. *fcefixu)X ejULonr j6en 
iXHJUt* e&pm exen $pAn XinOT Ihc* " exe- 
julne neq&nx fc.e out A.nx*-P«3K enxw 
jOLjuloc <■ xe nexe&nAq jOLnor: juu-peqajumi «• 


*■*■ » UenencA nAie&ooT a>e exAncefixarren nA.n- 
nA eg,pHi ei?vHX«: 16 ath 2>.e nejuiAJi e fioX j£en 
KecApiAf- nxe&Anofon efioX i6en nuuLAeH- 

h(*X, B»S)2>. &&] for order cf. vg«'« aeth™ : KOVAJUtCU tt^, N. 

Hnntis, e*»epnp.] exepnp., kt. ,0 exAnajumi fc.e]cf.?Gr. 

ABOH 4* 13. 15. 18. 36. 37. 66. k«" cat vg eyr^eti"**. eOfnp.l 

eTrnp.,A 8 *. " ^tonH] ^onn, s* : ?com, n. Aqjmonrp] 

AqJUtOpq 'he girded himself,' FG S ; for om. re cf. Or. KABO D£ al 
pins 20 cat &c. XIX . . . <JA,Xa**x] cf. Or. A al permu aeth &c. 

nA.i] pref. xe, fs. exeqxcu] exAq., b»n. eeovAfi] 

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ACTS XXI. 10-16. 365 

10 But we having abode there many days, One came from 
[the] Ioudea, being a prophet, hia name being Agabos. n And 
having come unto us, he took away the girdle of Faulos, 
he bound his hands and his feet, he said : ' These (things) 
are they which the holy spirit saith : " The man, whose is 
this girdle, the Jews will thus bind in Jerusalem, and will 
deliver him to (the) hands of OentUes." ' I2 But we having 
heard these (things), were beseeching, we and the brethren of 
that place, for him not to go to Jerusalem. 13 Then answered 
Paulos: 'What do ye, weeping and paining my heart? For 
not only to be bound, but (£.) I (pron.) am prepared to die 
in Jerusalem for (the) name of the Lord Jesus.' "But he 
having not been persuaded, we held our peace, Baying : ' Let 
the will of the Lord be done.' 

15 But after these days having prepared ourselves, we were 
going to Jerusalem. "But some from the disciples came 
with us from Kesaria, having brought him with whom we 


eeri, p. rapuwuLi ere.] nipujJuti(om. n) irre., K r N. 
n($, o)*.! juloxj6] mxtuoixso 'the &c.,* fs. it£,A.ii.] 
irreg,., 18. " ne] a.e, fs». mcitHonr] a,, 8 « b» i8 : ru- 
nicroc, ut» &c: *f n., nt. epeq] open, fs : eepeq, a 8 p. 

B»»w ifJlh 'the end.* " TOT6 . . . IU.nrXoc] cf. Gr. KABO* Hunt ,8, 

et* E 13. 15. 16. 18. 31. 73. 81. cat vg syr"* arm. 2fe] L«T*AB*rK r 
NPT, cf. Gr. BCHLP al longe plu syrP; pref. TieXAq, FGOS, cf.? 
Gr. NAE 7. 13. 25. 27. 29. 33. 34. 69. 81. 97. 105. 180. al*« Br vg syr** 

ar« arm aeth. nereTen.] l»afgps: nerert., b»: ne 
exexeit., T»rK*NO?T. -pi] -ipi, fgs. ijuw-oq] jul- 
juloc, o. epereitpuuu] ererenp., o. o-ro g, epe- 
xen-f.] om. oirop,, tn(0)t : ee-pereirf., o. ;6eruXHJUL] 

cf. ? Gr. »*. nOTjneitaC 'our Lord,' B«FS 18. " fc.e] cm. 

F8. n€Teg,ltA.q] position cf. ? Gr. D H LP al pier Ac. " F»« 

Ai)\ j . . .'(the Sunday) before the fast, the fourth Sunday of Amshlr.' 
^e] om. FS. ItAIlItA.] cf. ? Gr. N« A BE H L 2 P al pier &c. : n AIltA, 
B» singular:, A, 'going' omitted. iXKAA.] cf. Gr. HLP al 
pier Ac. w e&ok i°] om. G. KeCA.pi*.] cf. Gr. KAE : pref. 

"f , T*. eftoX a . . . Iltl] om. S. 

Digitized by 


366 npaxgic. 

thc +■ eA/witi aM>h erennAatoiXi epoq * onr aj 
xe tt<&.ccto« oTfiarnpioc o-r^pxeoc juuula.oh- 
thc. " 2\e eg,pHi €ixhjul A-nrajoirren 
epooonf j6en ovpAaji itxemcnKo-r *• " reeq- xe A.qi nxenA.nrXoc gjA. iajoi> 
fioc. a.**i xe g,A.poq nxemnpecfi-rrepoc 
• TKpo** *■ " o**o£, exA.qepA.cnA.^ecee aa.- 
jULtMonr*- ni.qcA.xi j6a.toto*» ka/ta. otaj 
cfi. ota.1*- nnK exA. $1" ajxott | j£>en meenoc* 
efioX g,nren T-eq^iAJConiA. *■ *° noux>nr x.6 

rf eTA/fcorreAA, A-Trfuxy* Akfyf*- +IIexu30'» 
xe nA.q ace x 11 *-** nencon* xe o*»on ointp 
ne&A. efioX j6en nno-rxAJ eA/e-nA^/f * otto& 
g,Anpeqxo& *rnpo*» ne irre nmojuLoc*- 
81 A.*»xAJULU)OTf xe ee&KTK* xe nrfcfiuj iini- 
io*»2s.a.i e*rj£>en nieenoc *■ ee-ponr&enoTf ca.E.oX 
juuuuunrcHC ■«- ckxuj aaaaoc xe juLnepcoir&e 
nerenajHpi +• onrxe ix.nepju.oa)i ka/ta. mcnrn- 
neiA.. M oTt xe nA.n*roc cenAcusTeAA. xe ajci. 
* 8 <pai o"*n Aprrq exennAXoq itAJc*- 

tij OnrottTA.n nx npuoAAi* eonron nxtuoTf not- 
enfx K efioX ^itotott. 24 <ff iinA.1 AAA.xonrfi.oK 
neAA.ajo*r*- onrog, tfe XA.nA.nK efioX epoxnr* 

OTtA.i] +xe, tnot. nA.ccuon] l*agk'P 18*:>n, 

J> i8«, cf. Gr. D«'* »«■* d fu tol : lACCUJtt, T»rPNOT, cf. ? Gr. tt 

«jemid vg*« : Axcwn, s. onrmrnpioc &a] o*»k. + ne OTTO&, 


npioc ne, fgs. u neqpA.c-f] pref. e, not. xe i°] cf. 

Gr.BOHLPal pier cat devg&c. X6a°]cf.? Gr. D*d. "-A.C- 

nA.^ecee] -A.noxA.^ecee, fs by error. itAqcAxi] AB»r 
not: + xe, wr»FGK r PS. mee-noc] mteenoc, fst. 

20 A/rf ttJOTf] cf. Gr. KD &c. : nA.ff ., TGN0T, of. Gr. ABCBH 
LP al onm** 1 cat vg &c. AA.^] cf. Gr. KABOEL al 30 cat vg syr"* 
arm &c X€ 2°] cf. Gr. 1-" &c: om. L*FPS, cf. ? Gr. OD al* 

Byrp &c. X"*-"*] KnA.*», g. oiron] pref. ne, P. efioX 

Digitized by 


ACTS XXI. 17-24. 367. 

should (lit. will) lodge, one ' NassSn,' a Kyprian, an early 
disciple. "But having come into Jerusalem, the brethren 
received us in [a] joy. 18 But on the (lit. his) morrow Paulos 
came with us unto Iakobos ; but all the presbyters came to 
him. u And having saluted them, he was narrating to them 
one by one the things which Ood did among the Oentiles 
through his ministry. *°But they (pron.) having heard, 
glorified God. But they said to him : ' Thou seest, our 
brother, how many ten thousands there are from the Jews 
who believed ; and all are zealots for (ftT€) the law : 21 but 
they were shown concerning thee, that thou teachest the 
Jews who are among the Oentiles to depart from Moses, 
saying : " Circumcise not your children, nor walk according 
to the customs. ** What, then ? They will certainly hear 
that thou earnest. * s This then do which we shall (lit. will) 
say to thee." We have four men who have a vow to be 
paid'; M take these, purify thyself with them, and pay 
expense for them, that they may shave their head: and all 

* Lit.' from, by, or through them.' 

j£enmi01T^£.l] cf. t Gr. HLP al longe plu (pauci r&> lovt.) ayrP 
arm &e. Ite] om. FK'S : tr». after ItCUULOC, G. M meeitoc] 

cf. Gr. AD*E 13. d vg. -£,ettO**] -£,€rl, LBK'PT. JU.Ur*CKc] 
cf. Gr. NBCEH al mu : JULCOCKC, S, of. Gr. ADLP al plu. 6KXU)] 
ertXU), I* by error. JGLliep] om. FS by error. KATA.] T* 
AB»: IICA, JA &c ItlCfllHeiA] -IdfA, T: IMKA&C, L*F 
GO°S. "Of X(2^,F)e] A(F)GS: + Tie, L«T*BTK'NOPT. 

T*rNOT. CerU.CaJX€JUl.] cf. Gr. BC* 15. 36. 73. 137. 180. syrP 

aeth otr &c M oTfn]on,p. erenriAxoq] TermA., fs. 
ofoirrAn] OTfoit rrr., T'Nopt : ofon, fs. kjTJ om. n, 
fgs: US, b». eoiron rVrusoV] T'Aro: eoforrrcoof, 

IA &c u tfe] AB»rFGK*OPST: (fi, L«T*N. 2>.AnAltH] 

TA.nA.ltH, G : 2k.AIU.IU, N. epiUO**] £,ApUX>-», 1": MX- 

jULCoonr, g*. 

Digitized by 


sea npoxgic. 

£,m&. nce&eK xtoo*** onrog, erteejJLi xapox 
xe hh eTAnrxoTo** ee&HTK* £,*.it£,Xi ne* 
aXXa. xe *rf-WLA.*f £/uk e^peg, enmajmoc *• 
re + M 6e&e meenoc *.e e*rA.-*iu^,*f *.noit 
A-itonroopn eA.n*f-£,*.n eepo-**.pe£, epu5<y* + 
eftoX £,*. mcgcoT nixooXon* new. mcnoq 
nejut mooxg,* neju. •fnopitu.* "totc 
iu/*Xoc A.qtfT nmpuMuu * £en me&oonr 
eenHOT A.qTo**fi.oq rte-uuco** *• A.qaje ej£>cnrit 
emep$ei* eqoTroitg, e&oX juLiuxidk efi.oX* 
ii*re lue&oo** n*re nrroffko*- gjA.Toiriiu 
Sffnpoc^ujpA.* irre mo-**.! niov4.i jQuuLaxr* 
e&pw exu>q*| 


n " Gifw&xoDK ^e e&oX iixeruf neg,ooT eT&.Trm.T 

epog RxennoTf^Aj ir re •f^.cu.*- eqjfceit m- 

epcbei* A.nrgeopTep juLniAJLKaj THpq* o**o£, 
A.*»mi ititcnrxix e&pHi excoq* "evxuj juuuloc 
xe mpuMUti itncpA.KXiTHc A.piftoHem * 
4>a.i ne mptujuu erf ej6o**it e&peit mX^-oc 
nejut mrtojuioc*- nejut. iulijuu. eq-f cftcw nonrott 
m&en j6e« juus.i mfien * e*ri fc.e nejut £,A.njce- 
cnremm e*.qeito*» e^ofit emep$ei* o*rc>£, 

iiceAeK] rlcej6HK, fs : nce&eK, a enreejuu] cf. 

Or. M ABODE al" Ac: erexJLl, A,GN8*T. X€ Itrl] 
eilH, O. 2,OJK] om. NT. e*.p6£,] position cf. Gr. NAB 
CDB 13. 31. 40. 68. 69. 105. 137. 180. a ,or c»° r cat vg syrP &c. 
26 A.ItO*rO)pn] cf. Gr. BD«* 40. l«w syrP arm. €*.lt*f£,a.Il] cf. 
Gr. KAB 13. 81. vg syr«* ar«. €&oX £,*.] for dmS, cf. ? Gr. E 
syr"**. ItlCltO(tt), FS)q] article (sing.) cf. Gr. HLP al pier &c: 
+e©JW.030*»X 'dead,' F8. lUCOXgJ article (sing.) cf. Gr. 31. 40. 
99. l"*&c. 8S n*.1fXoc] pref. i., K*. &.q<Tl] &M<T\, P* by 

error. ee(T, G)nKO*»] cf.? Gr. 21. 31. 41. «V>x°M«"? = €X€JU.- 

juu.t 'that,' r*o*: eTeu..**.*/* eeitKOf, r°w. eqof- 

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ACTS XXL 25-28. 869 

shall know that the things which were said concerning thee 
are nothing ; bat (<&.) that thou also agreest to keep the law. 
** But concerning the Gentiles who believed, we (pron.) sent, 
having judged to cause them to keep themselves from the 
things slain to idols, and the blood (plur.), and the things 
strangled, and the fornication.' ^Then Paulos took the 
men ; on the day which cometh he purified himself with 
them; he went into the temple, manifesting the completion 
of the days of the purification, until they brought the offering 
of each one of them for each one*. 

" But the seven days being about to be completed, the 
Jews of [the] Asia, having seen him being in the temple, 
troubled all the multitude, and they laid b their hands upon 
him, ** saying: '[The] men, [the] Israelites, help. This is 
the man who opposeth the people and the law and this place, 
teaching all in every place : but further also having brought 
Greeks into the temple, [and] he defiled the holy place.' 

• Lit ' for him.' b Lit. ' brought.' 

OIT£,] A: -tt>!t£„ L«T* &c. efLoX i°] LsAK'P: om. T* &o. 

juuii.] em., b». e&oX a°] om. lb. n*f n.] nxonrn., lsf 

P8. npoccbtup^.] AB«rGK'OT: -OpA., L«T»FNPS. €XU>q] 
6X0007, TNOT. F»e 'the end (of the lection).' " 6** ItA- Hunt* 

1 t - '7-3* 

2KOK] era.***., 26, preterite. A.1T ItATf] + 2k.€, 26. rlX€- Hunt «s, 

*f*.ciA] e&oX j6eit**., r^o^Cacopy')- eqj6eit- *"' 
mep<pei] om. 26 : om. eq, g. ATgje.] Aqaje., T*. TKpq] 

om. FS 26. €£,pKl] Cj£>., FGS. eg,. €Xloq] position cf. ? Gr. 
HLP al longe pin &c. " e"tt£tO JUUULOc] A: eTTWOJ 

eftoX 'crying out,' L» Ac. : e**U)OJ €&.. CTXtt) JUUULOC, T* 26. 
IU(om. B»P)ICpA.HXlTKC] cf. Gr. B 8 CEHLP &c. ApI&O- 

h©i(h, N)it] +eport 'ns.'TK'OP. erf] eq-f , P. iuj] 

IU, 0. e*TX 2^e] e*re, L»K r by error; cf. Gr. 25. 40. al pauc N: 
om. fc.6, K'P, cf. Gr. D 31. 68. eAqeitOf] AB»GK*P 18 : A.q., 
LBTTNOT 26 : ItAq., FS. OYOgJ om. 26. 
VOL. IV. B b 


Digitized by " 

870 npoxgic. 

i.qciuq jOLnumi. eeoTfiA* " itei/repajopn 
vi.p ne «itA.T4- expo4>juoLoc nejut.i.q j6en 
•fnoXic* nipeju.e«t>ecoc *■ $i.i ni/vjucerr i *• xe 
a. ni.**Xoc oXq e^oifit emep$ei*> 
80 UXcia*Jt ^e itxefnoXic XHpc* otto£, i-qajtuni 
nxeovOoxi itxe niXi.oc XHpq errcon* ofoj>, 
exi.nrijuu.£,! jOLni/rXoc *• i.vcoKq efioX *6en 
mep$ei* o**o£, cixoxo** A.*vjut.i.ajeijut. ntu- 
pajoTt. 81 e»Kto*f fc.e rtci. x&oofieq* 
i.m..., 3Xma)im 2k.e aje e&pKi*- jutnixtf^-PX 00 ^xe 
k *fcmpi.* xe ixajeopxep XKpc itxeiKkjuL *■ 

88 cixoxq 2k.e i.qtff n£,i.!UAi.xoi ne**. £,i.n- 
eKi.xonxi.px oc i>qtf6xi excuof* tieiuonr ^.e 
exi/irni.** enwutixoi* neju. mx^*-P5Coc 
i/cXoxo** eTr&iofi en^.TfXoc*' 
88 Toxe exi.q*6(unx ejfeoTm nxemxi^'^-PX 00 * jQuu.oq oiro£, i.qo**i.£,ci.£,m 
eopofcon&q ng,A.X*»cic E*f * otto£, ni.qajim 
cv xe itijut ne | oiro£, xe ott* 
84 gjA-itKex^ ** 111 ^ e ni-Tfiuaj efioX erxu) 
iuceg,ttjfL * 
na Gxeiineqajxejuixojui 2>.e ftejuu emxi-xpo eefie 
majeopxep* i.qofi.£,ci.g,nJ eopo**oXq eg,pm 
e-fni.pejutfi.oXH. 88 &oxe ^.e exi.qi.XKi e&pm i.] A BTNOT 18 : eni.,K'P; jULni.1., L«T»FGS.] eenr, b»k f p : eo, fs. *• nei.*»ep(om. ep, nt)- 

gopn &c] Iti.Trep., Aj*FS ; cf. Or. NABODE Ac. ne] om. 26: 
tw. after ni.*T, B» 18. ntti.**] etti-Tf, T*rNOT. Xp0$H.] 
T*AGK*P a6: -$!., I*B»FST: -4>7f., TNO. n€JULi.q] +ne, 

tnt. ni-TtJULeri] pref. e, t»fgs. M ^e] om. o. nxe- 
onr . . . Aju.i.g,i] nxemXi.oc (+XHpq '«ii,' G) eircon 
erftfoxi (ajuul&i, g) a.e, fgs. XHpq] 

om. TTNOT. OfO£, eXi.** i. (om. L*)JUU£,l] + fc.6, T». 
OTfOg, Ci. . . . 81 j6oefieq] OfO£, i.V&IO'Yt epoq 'and they 
beat him,' 26. i.XJULi£jeiJL*.J A T : om. JUli, LBT* &c 

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ACTS XXI. 29-35. 371 

89 For they had before seen TrophSmos with him in the city, 
the Ephesian ; this (man) they were thinking that Paulos 
took away into the temple. *° But the whole city was 
moved, and there happened a running together of all the 
people ; and having overpowered Paulos, they drew him out of 
the temple, and immediately the doors were shut. 81 But as 
they are seeking to kill him, The news went up to the 
ehiliarchos of the band, that the whole of Jerusalem was 
troubled. M But immediately he took soldiers and ctntu- 
rions, he ran upon them. But they (pron.) having seen the 
soldiers and the ehiliarchos, ceased beating Paulos. ss Then 
the ehiliarchos having approached, laid hold on him, and 
he commanded him to be bound with two chains', and he 
was asking who he is, and what he did. M But others were 
crying out saying another thing. But having not been 
able to know the certainty because of the tumult, he com- 
manded to take him away into the castle, M But when he 

RmpOJOTf] LBTAl^FGOPS 26: itXempCJOO**, B»K'NT 18. 
" eVKUyf J eiOJim, rNOT. 2>.e i°] cf. Gr. D^*HLP al pier 
cat Tg syrP arm &c. KCAj^.] ftcej£>., FS. 2k€ 2 ] L*T» AFGS : 
om. B»rKNOPT 18. a6. ttj€ €g,pHI JGL] L*T»AO: -HI €, ' 
TNPT: om. e&pHl, B» 18: $Og, OJA, FGKS«: €£,pHI OJA, 
26. ftTe-f CTU (T, TOT) pA] om. 26. ACCCJ.] cf. Gr. K'EH LP al 
fere oron cat d e syr" 41 arm &c THpc] om. FGKS : trs. after l^SXJL, 

26. nxe.] nre., nt. m *.e i°] t»a : om. l« &c. rtg,Art- 

AJLA.TOI . . . tfOXl] om. T. 6111 .. . X oc ] €H!X- IteAJL- 
!tIAJLA.TOI, F8. e"*£,K>in] eg,, 'to beat,* A 2 *FS. enAf- 

Xoc] *kn., fs. ** e*TAq^)U)itx] Aqj6u>n*r, not. 
eepo**coitg,q] econg,q, not. iig,A.X.] eg,., G-. -g/*XH., 

P : -XeCIC, K : -HCIC, FS. 5*f ] AI>FGKPS: CltOff , LsT'B* 
NOT. X£ 2°] om. FGKS«. neXAqAiq] L"AB»FS: 116 

exAq., ttgknopt. ** itATruxg] a.t., p. eirxu>] 

+ £LU.OC, T*. g,U)iL] + jfeenn(It, N)IAJLHOJ 'in the multi- 
tude,' A. 2k.e2°]om.Fs. iie.ftA.i] LgABarFN0ST: ee-wu, t i g 

KP. AqOTTAg,.] pref. OTTOg, 'and,' FS. oXq] + €&oX, A 2 : *™\' 8 '. 
enq 'bring him,' FS. M J^e] om. G. XAOC 

b b a 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

372 npaxgic. 

exeit mxioxep jlcojcoiii eepcnrxc»o**n JuL- 
jutoq itxeituu.Axoi «■ ee&e ntfT itxonc btg 
niJutKcg * »• ha.** jutocgi VA.p itccuq nxenuuiHaj 
KTe niXvLoc *» eiruxg e&oX see *.Xixq jOuula.** * 
rip " GfitA.eiiq ^.e e&ovn e-fnA,pa»jifLoXK nexe 

iu.irXoc ju.iuxi*i*-P3C 0C * xe *- n c ffl e nKI 
itXAJce £,Xi itAJK* neoq 2k.e nexA.q itAq* xe 
Kcojoirit pt» jOuuLexoTremm*- M g,A.pA. Rook ne mpe**.nx KJULI ** exj6Axu>of axu.i 
€£,ooTf Ajapi ii£,A.najeopTep * CnfO£, AJttff 
juinii najo ftptojuu nxe mciKA.pioc e&oX 
enajA.qe * »• iia/iXoc fc.e nexA.q iu.q xe 
A.noK juten &.noK onrpwjuti ftio-*2>.A.i o*»pexjt- 
XA.pcoc ftxe *f jtyXikm. * onrpejuuGL&Aja itxe 
oTrfUja * ecoi iuxoirong, efioX Ait * *f xt»&£, 
cnrit jtiutxoK eepeKonr^^ca^iu rnu kxax&xi 
nejuu iujX£.oc*> 

ny *o GxA.qo*»A.2,cA.£,m *.e iu.q epe iu.**Xoc o&i 
epA.xq £,«xeit nixtuxep* A.qjuju. iixeqxix 
of&e iuXa.oc* ex*. o-*niaj*f *.e hxt- 
pcuq ojumii* A-qtocy eftoX &en ' ajL- 

n8 ju.ex&efi.peoc eqxcu ii.ju.oc*- ^Hipujjuu 
mermenr o*»o£, nii<rf ctoxejm. exA^noXo- 
via. exeftxw | ajA.pu>xeit *f nox *■ * exA/»- 
ctoxeju. 2^e xe A.qepoTru> ncoonr*- *6en 

mxco( +p, A,)xep] nix, b» 18 singular. eepcnrxusoTrn] 

+ 0*», 18. ntff] T*AB»GK 18: nitff, L«TFN0P8T. AJUtO)] 
+ jGL&eitini 'with iron,' G(tr..»jji.L.)K. M niJULHOj] ItlJUUtOJ, 
G plural. eTfUJttj] cf. Gr. NABE* r al plus 20 cat vg** (ap Lachm) 
Byr' ch &c. e&oX] +efX(tf JUUULOC ' saying,' FS. " 2k.6 i°] 

cf. Gr. 15. 16. 18. 27. 36. 38. 93. 105. 113. 137. al ,,or al 6 syrP &c: om. 
GK.] trs. after ItKI, T*£_ JU.H, GK. _ M CXj6a..] A : 

CXejfe., L8T' &c. JU.HI2). najo] tlir 'four huudred,' GK 
(""* J«y (_4JI lxJ.\ yrf/JI ,j* 'in the Arabic four thousand men'), cf. 
Gr.43. ClKA-pIOC] CTTK..T: iilK., G. »• IlA.q] L»T*AB« 

Digitized by 


ACTS XXL 36— XXH 2. 373 

was mounting the stairs, it came to pass that the soldiers 
carried him because of (the) violence of the multitude ; s< for 
the multitude of the people were walking after him, crying 
out : ' Take him away there.' OT But as they are about to 
bring him into the castle, Paulos said to the chiliarchos : ' Is 
it lawful for me to say anything to thee?' But he (pron.) 
said to him : ' Enowest thou indeed (pu)) Greek ? * 8 Art thou 
not then the man of Chemi* who before these days madest 
tumults, and thou tookest four thousand men of the Aemmne 
out to (the) desert?' M But Paulos said to him: 'I indeed 
(am) a man, Jew, a man of Tarsos, of [the] Eylikia, a citizen 
of a city which is not inconspicuous: I pray thee then to 
command me that I may speak to this people' 40 But he 
having commanded him, Paulos standing upon the stairs 
waved (kiju.) his hand against the people; but a great 
silence b having been made, he cried out in the language of 
Hebrew, saying : XXIX • [The] men, [the] brethren, and [the] 
fathers, hear my defence which is mine unto you now.' * But 
having heard that he answered them in the language of 

' Egypt- b Lit. 'hold month.' 

FGPS: om. TKNOT. Xe] om. TTNOT. OTfpeJU.] enrpeu., 
G. TA.pCOc] O., FKG*PS. JUL&A.KI] K&, B»: om. JUL, 
FKS. <*.TOTOn£,] A: 4.«Oftt>tt£„ B«KP 18: a.TO'*U>!t£„ 
L»T* Ac. cnrit] L*T*AB»P : 2>.e, FGKNOST: om. T, cf. Gr. L r. 
19. so* 40. e«* Byr«*. eepGK] T*A : om. L« &c. IlAjXAoc] 
IUX.,A|»N. *0pmg 'the first Sunday of the Fast': S™* 'it is read Hunt*, 

on the fifth Sunday in Pentecost.' £,!X€Il] eXCIt, FGKS 26. 4 °~ xxu - ' 

era.] err, no*. 2>.e 2 ] l*t«afgkps 36: om. B«rNOT. 
eftoX] +K3ceiu.**Xoc, 0. £,e&pe(i,N)oc] e&., tnot. 

1 P»« 'the fifth Sunday of Pentecost.' niCttHoVjT'AB»r n >eN0 o W Hontu, 
fa copy')PT 18. 26: Iteit. 'our &c.,' Lsr»FGKO*8. 2 *.qep- "* 5 

ofco kojott] l«t»ab»fgkps 18: i.qju.oTf*f epcocnr 'called 

them,' TNOT 26 ; tense cf. ? Gr. L. 15. 18. 27. 29. 36. 40. 69. 73. 105. 
137. 180. al 6,or cat syrP e. 

Digitized by 


374 npaxgic. 

•f^cni JOuu.eTg,e&peoc* juu.XXoii 2k.e *.•*- 
Orog, nexA,q * »xe A.noK juteit a,iiok cnrpujjuu 
iticnr2*.*.i * a/vaaact j6eit TA.pcoc Rxe -fior- 
Xikia.* eA.Taj*.no-*gj*r j6en T*.moXic j&i-Teit 
nen<J2.XA/*ac iu:ajiaa.XihX* $a.i eTAq*>i 
enTA^cpo irre $noAAoc irre nemo*f *■ eioi 

npeqx°& i"" € *"f" + KA - Ti *pH+ £,un-en + 
erexenoi juuuloc iietoxeit THpcnr jGLcfcoonr* 
* eA.i<3oxi kca. n^-MUUMix gj£.e&pHi e$AAOf +• 
Gioung, ii£,A.itpu)AAi neAA £,£,ioAAi ei&ionri 
aaaaujoy engjxeKo* 6 AM>pirf- ere niA.p- 
Xiepevc 01 juLAAeepe nw nesx mnpecfW- 
xepoc xHpo*» *• itH ex*.i<3T emeroXR ktoto** 
a*. lUcnHO*** 

rie Ei.mJL 7l£ 6fc.AJtAA.CK0C €lltl ftltlKeX^Oflll 

exejuuuu.** e**con£, e&pm eixtux.* gm& 
nce-fiAKAg, itcucnr. «A,caju>ni 2>.e aaaaoi ei- 
julooji* onrog, er*.\jb<BKT efcAJtAACKoc 
iSinKurf jDuu.epi-5- ncnr&o'f s&en oig/yf-*- 
Aqeponrajmi e&piu exvoi i«feoTmaj*f no-runm 
efi.oX j6en *r$e* 7 A.i£,ei a.e eneciar* o-*o£, 
AicurreAA. eonrcjuut ecxa> aaaaoc nm* xe 


aaaXXoh] aaaXicta., fs. fce 2 ] om. 18. 26. a/*- 
XA-pu>of] l«t«a 26 : eta.-™ nxM* 00 **. B«r(tr. j^Sb j 

1^^, iaj ._J1 |ju» ,J J*.j V^-y 'Coptic, "they came up, they kept 
silence," it wag found in this copy only')FGKOP 18: eTAfivX>t 
N: eTATIX-. S: eT^X. T - 8 * e ] <"»»• TNOT 26. 

AA£It] cf. Gr. HLP al pier syrP aeth"" &c: pref. Itl, T. ATf- 
AAAC*r]A: eTAfAA., P 26 : 6AXAA., L«T* &c. TApCOc] 

©., P: -cue, k. mrXiK.] kiXik., 18. eAirajAnoTajT] 

A/*OJ.,FS. j6ert2°]AFGKS,cf.Gr.i04.c»«h»«*: pref. fc.6, L»T» 
18: CHIT., L«T* &c. plural. $ItOAA.Oc] nit., T: IUIt., & 

Digitized by 


ACTS XXII. 3-7. 875 

Hebrew, [but] they held their peace the more. And he said : 
8 'I indeed am a man, Jew, I was born in Tarsos of [the] 
Kylikia, having been brought up* in this city, at (the) feet 
of Gamaliel, he ($£.1) who taught me accurately b (the) law 
of our fathers, I being a zealot for God according as all ye 
(pron.) also are being to-day, 4 having persecuted this way even 
unto (the) death. Binding men and women, casting them 
to (the) prison. 6 As the chief priest witnesseth to me, and 
all the presbyters: from whom having received epistle unto 
the brethren, [But] I was going to Damaskos, to bring 
others who were there bound into Jerusalem, that they might 
give pain to them. * But it happened, that as (I was) walking 
and having approached Damaskos about midday, suddenly 
shone upon me a great light from (the) heaven. 7 But I fell 
down, and I heard a voice saying tome:" Saoul, Saoul, why 

* lit. ' nourished.' b Lit. ' (the) accuracy of.' 

ftxenemo-f] ab» 18. 26: irreiu., l»fgkos: niteit., T»: 

nitL, TNPT. €!0l] eqOI, FS by error. JUUW.OC]aJUU.OGJ, 

FS26. neorrerV|om.FGS. 4 e*j<Jbx(c, r*)i] ltfab* 

FGS 18: A.KC, T'KNOPT: eitfT, 26. rW-l/ULtOIT] IL&JU-, 
F: JUUUU,., S. ei£,IOfl] €£,., T. TigT€Ko] AK«P i8: 
lUCyTeKO, LeT* &c; cf. ? Gr. D 18. 24. 96. 142. 180. cat, singular. 

* nii.px-1 niKe*.px-» »* »8. OI jGuuteepe] epjuteope, 

P; cf. i Gr; MAEHLP al pier cat vg syr« te arm aeth See. TUpO"*] 
om. S. ItH] IUJ, 26 ; cf. Gr. D 3. fu (al 1 *> hm ) syr"* aeth on. «u. 
€niCXoXHjL«T t AB»r ro «0'»B('acopy') 18*26: en(ft,FS)T0XH, 

r*FGKO*ps 18*: etiToemcT-oXH, nt. oja.] it, op. 

lULIKA. 2k.e] T*AB» 18 : om. 2k€, L« &c: IU.!£,hX ^.€, FS. 
62>.(T, S) 4JUU.CKOC] It2>.., T«. ei!U] L«AK : eilltl, T*0« &c: 

eieim, 26: eiem, o*. erejuum*/*] LsT t AB*r n >«FGNs_i8. 
26: e&oX ijuuust, r*KOP: eT&juuuu.** e&oX ju.- 

AJU.T, T. e"*COIt£,] T»AGKNT 26: -U3Il£„ LsB»rF0PS 18. 
eg,pKl] om. FS. • F"* 'the first Sunday of AwniSt.' 2k.e] om. 

n. oirop,] om. g. fe.£jui£.c.] t., o. jOUiKurf] en*., K. 
i.qepo*».J eq., t. 7 *jg,ei fc.e]+e&oX,o. eoTrcjuut] 

om. S. AJ60K] -U)K, G. KtfO(I, N)Xl] €K(T, FGS 26. 

Digitized by 


876 IlPCfcSIC. 

•CtXttoK a>.e i.iepo*ru> xe iteoK num. n<5c. nexi.q 

2>.e nw xe i.noK ne mc nmi^topeoc * $k 

iteoic exeictfoxi itcwq* 9 itH 2>.e eni/ime- 

c*. julki* ni.nrrti.if | jULen emcnrcoirn *• jOLno-»- 

ctoxeA*. 2>.e exciuLK iJUiexciJf i nejunti * 

10 IlexHi ^e xe o*» ne*f nor. n(Ki *e nexi.q 
itfti* xe xwitK JiiLA.cye iiajc e&ptu e2^juu.c- 
koc *• oirog, ceru.c4.xi nejuLi.K iJuuLA.-* *■ eefte 
£,u)& m&en exi/rei-ajof nijc eepeK4.tTo a V4- 
™> u HXccywni ^e ii*f" ni.*» juLftoX i.n nxen moo** 
ixnioTrtomi exejuLJULi.**. i.nriJULcmi 2>.e rtxi.- 
xix itxertK eenejuLHi. a.h e^ijuLi-CKoc «■ 

18 Ofi.i fc.e xe * o*rpuwun eqep&o-f 
Ki.xi. nmojuioc* evepjuteepe j£>A.poq rocem- 
tot^jLi XHpof exajon jjuuast. ,8 exi.qi 2>.e 
ttji.poi*- o**o£, exi.qog,i epixq nexi.q itHi 
xe ci-onrX nixon*r juLftoX. i.noK a^e £,cu 
£en "f oTmo** exeAJUUii.Tr i.icojULc epoq *• 

14 fleoq 2>.e nexi.q xe <t>-f rVre nemo-f i.qepajopn 
itctoxnK eejuLi enexe£,ni.q* cnrog, eni.*v 
eniejuLHi cnrog, eauxejuL ecnrcjuLH e&oX j6en 
pcoq. " xe x n *-2J wn i "*•*! Juuuteepe ;6i.xen 
pojAiw mfien+- ee&e nit erijcrti.** epuxnr* 
cnrog, exi-KcoeAJLOf ♦• " oto£, *fno*» cor 
nexeKni^iq *• xamK (Jiajjutc cnrog, xoiauteK 
e&oX £>en neKnofi.1 e*xu>&£, ♦• 

8 2kC i°] om. P. nOT] ni.OC 'my Lord,* K. 2>.e a°] trs. after 
ItHI, T'N ; cf. Or. D 18. 27. 105. al 8 "* : om. 26. ItHl] om. T*K. 

miti.^.] mpejutiti.^., t*n. » a.e i°] om. tnt. eiti.V 
exerti.T, r: exeeni.**, nt. JULen] %£, k. cnrusmf 

cf. Or. KABH 3. 13. 33. 40. 95* 98"* 100. vg sjr*> h arm ar«. 2k.€ a c 

om. p. julnexc.] julne exc^T*. 10 ne*f iti.] l«ab«f 
OS: ne e*f., t*I"knopt. noc ^e] itooq a.e 'but he,' k. 

neJULA-tc] position of.? Gr. E. tti.K 2 ] L«AB»FGKS: +JUL- 

ju-i.Tr, ttnopt. e©peKi.ixoTr] om. k. " Rxett] 

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ACTS XXTT. 8-16. 377 

persecutest thou me?" 8 But I (pron.) answered: "Who 
(art) thou, Lord?" But he said to me: "I am Jesus the 
Nazdreo8, he whom thou (pron.) persecutest" • But they who 
were being with me were seeing indeed the light, but they 
heard not (the) voice of him who spake to me. 10 But I said : 
"What shall (lit. will) I do, Lord?" But the Lord said to 
me : " Rise, go into Damaskos ; and it will be spoken to thee 
there concerning all things which were ordained for thee 
to do." n But it came to pass, that fee) as I saw not 
for (the) glory of that light, they who were with me laid 
hold of my hand ; I came to Damaskos. I2 But one, called 
(xe) Ananias, a man devout according to the law, all the 
Jews who dwelt there witnessing to him, ia [but] having 
come unto me, and having stood, he said to me: "Saoul, 
my brother, see." But I also in that hour gazed at him. 

14 But he (pron.) said : " God of our fathers chose thee 
before to know his will, and to see the righteous (one), and 
to hear a voice from his mouth. u Because thou wilt be for 
him witness with all men concerning the things which thou 
sawest and which thou heardest. "And now what wilt 
thou do? Rise, be baptised and wash thee from thy sins, 

LeAB»rKO*PS: £,rren, F: efkoX £,rren, Q: ee&e 

' becaose of,' T«N 0"« (' a copy ') T. 2^.6 3 ] om. FG S. eeiteAJtHl] 

eejULocyi itejuuu 'who walked &c,' fos. " eqep&o-f ] 
om. eq, NT: iipeqep., t*fgs. ergon juUu.a.t] cf.? Gr. 

NABEP al sat mi vg «yr«*. 18 e*TA.qi] eXi-TI, NT. 

2>.e i°] T*AB«: om. U &c. 2^.6 2 ] om. B»FS. £,lU(+"f , FS)] 
L»T»A(B»F)G(S): om. TKNOPT. AJCOAJtc] A.qCOAJLC, ¥*. 
14 n62CA.q] + ItHl, B»G0P, cf. Gr. 28. c»» d Byr*" ami aeth. 

nemo-f] mi(om. s)o-f 'the&c.,* k*s. currnK]AS: cot., 
lbt» &c. ene*re£,riA.q] iinex., p. " n*.q] om. u. 

"OTTOg, i°] om. FGS. T ItOTf] +2^6, FS. OT ne] om. OT, 

r*KNT. nexeKitA-] ab*gk: ne exeKitA.., lst»p>fno 

PST. OT] pref. KT6K, FGS. 2COKA*..] XtMKJUL., FS. €K- 

TujilgJ eKervo&g,, go. JuLneqpA,n] cf. Gr. nabe ai 

plus 10 cat d vg syr ntr arm aeth &c. P"* 'the end (of the lection).' 

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378 npoxgic. 

™C " UXcojcom a*e erLtKOTT etMujc oirog, etepnpocev 
Xec^e j^en ntep$et ajojuuiu ^6eit ottojjulx* 
"imii epoq eqxw jOUutoc rou* ace ajulott 
itX^ew- e&oX j&en iTChjul* aceo-mi cettA. | 
<Jlo.eTJU.eope htotk A.rt eeftRT* 
" DDutok £,to nexHi ace ncrc* necuox ceejuu xe 
nA.i£,toxi enajTeKo* oto£, KA.i2,toiri kata 

tii; c*>rR Rhh eeitA.£/f epoK* + 20 0»og, 
g,OTe evttA.$ton e&oX jOLncnoq ftcTed>A.ttoc 
neKJUU.px*» poc + ajtok £/» nA-io&t epA.T 
erfjuu-i"* oirog, nA.iA.pej>, ent&jiooc trre nK 
en&.i&u3Te& iiuuioq* "otoj>, nexA.q nw 
ace joLoaji. xe a-kok -f ttA-oxopriK e£,A.iteenoc 
ex oxhox *• 

ti$ 82 HA.xcurreM. r^e epoq oja. nA.tcA.xt oxog, A.x(fic! 
ttToxcJUtK e&pm exxu> juUuloc ze A.Xt $aj 
joL^pK-f* eiloX &ixe« 11KA.&1* ox vA.p 
qejutnajA. itum/6 a.«* 
28 Gxtoaj 2^.6 e&oX* oxog, excrf ftnox&jSujc oxog, 
excer ajcotaj eniAjip* "A.qepKeXexm axe- 
mx^A-PX, 00 * eepoxoTrq ej£>oxit e*fiiA.- 
pejut&oXK eA.qacoc eepovf-jOLKA^, itA.q j6en 

Hunt ,8, » 2.e] om. TP. OXO£,] om. 36, cf. Gr. 104. d &c. A.tfflOjni] 

HaiiTU A.COJ., FS. TOWUtT] TOJU.X, K a6'. " A.HTA.X] pref. 

•T^Til'iu OXOg,, T'FS; cf. Gr. » 18. 36. 180. oat 841 d. nKt] om. IA 

AJU.OX ftX(BXett.]A u «B'K 18: ttWC AJULOT( + eJloX,0) 

KX U5 ^ e '**-> LRrNOPT: tHC ilX tw ^ eJUL *-**-OX, a6: IHC 

JUUULOK AJU.OX ItX lo ^ € '**-> T*FG8. €&oX] om. a6 u . 

cenA.<Ti] eonA.flT, fgs. JULe*rju.eepe] juteope, Ai: 
irreiaueTJU-, fgs. ee&HT] + j6eitiMuuL, fgos. 

19 &W] om. E : pref. 2v€, 26. TUX:] om. 26. ceeJULl] CeiTA.eJUU, 
: exeJULt, K. ItA.I£,tOXt] LsABT: A.I&., (FS): pref. AJtOK, 
T*FG(£/»OXI)K0S: +ne, NOPT. CXItA-T*.] L*AB»FGS a6: 
+tlIJlen,T*rKNOPT. 20 OXO£,i°]om.a6. £ > oTe]+:fc.e,a6'- n . 
exnA.$u>it]exnA.xtiA.$um,T'G. jOLncnoq] ncitoq,a6?. 

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ACTS XXII. 17-24. 379 

praying to his name." 1T Bat it came to pass (that) having 
returned to Jerusalem, and praying in the temple, I was 
in a trance; 18 I saw him saying to me: "Come quickly 
from Jerusalem, because they will not receive witness from 
thee concerning me." 19 I also said: "Lord, they (pron.) 
know that I was casting to (the) prison, and I was beat- 
ing » in (every) synagogue them who believed thee : *° and 
when they were about to shed (the) blood of Stephanos the 
martyr I also was standing, consenting, and I was keeping 
the garments of them who were killing him." 21 And he 
said to me:" Qo (lit. walk) : because I (pron.) will send thee 
to distant Qentiles." ' n But they were hearing him unto 
this word; and they lifted up their voice, saying: 'Take 
away such an one from (the) earth: for he is not worthy 
of living/ *• But (as they are) crying out, and throwing 
(off) their garments, and throwing dust to the air, 24 the 
chiliarchos commanded them to take him into the castle, 
having told (xoc) them to give pain to him with scourges, 

• Lit. "casting,' as usual. 

C*re<bi.ItOC]cf.Gr.(exc.A68). TieKAJUpT.] rte.uuuu.pT., 
NT: neKjfr., P. IU.IO£,l] £.IO£,I, B» 18. e\-f*X&.-f] 
e*.rf\, T»: em-f AJL, N by error ; cf. Gr. »AB(D)E 40. vg aeth"*'. 
0"*0£, 2 ] cf. Gr. NABDE al sat mu cat vg &c: om. FGS, cf. Gr. 
HLPalfere 46 syrP&c. erU.7rj£>Urrefl] T'A! : enA.*vn.Aj£>., 
B» 18 : €TA.l£)., L«&c. M 2C6 a°] +£,RnH€ 'lo,' FS. *f ItA..] 
*f\, 0. €P,A.n.] S&., FS : £,£.rlIKe. 'also unto the Ac.,' 26. 

€Tro*»HOTfJ om. 26. 22 n&.tcwrejJL z.e] oto£, tu.t- Hm* is, 

cwrejtx, 26. OTfO£,]om. GK. €£,pHl] om. 26. JDL<hpH'f] 
Aj: JULlU-ipiff 'of this kind,* L«T* &c . ^. n ] + 2C6 trt, 18. 
28 2i.e] cf. Gr. (exc. ABC syr«* aeth). erf" . . . ev] om. 0« homeot. 
nonrg,&(Wc] cf. Gr. E vg syr«** aeth: + €YCOn 'together,' 26. 
OTTO& 2 ] om. FGS 26. ** ibceiU3C-] iiniX* '0» com- 

manded) the chOiarch,' FS. EOpOTf tfTTClJ position cf. Gr. NABC 
DE al mu vg syr"* arm aeth &o. ei-CpCOCj om. 26. 


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$8o npaxgic. 

&A.IUUU.CT irx* &t"*- itxeqejuLi xe eofie ot 
iiXumxi cecoaj e&oX juLnAjpirf e&piti excoq-s- 

tk *« g,oTe a.e eT*»T6"oXKq j£>en ni^xoK nexe 
n^irXoc ii.nieicA.Ton'ripxoc eiu.qog,i 
epA/rq* ace otdumuli ftpujAxeoc tiqep mce- 
£,u>oti .G.n&A.n *.n* nerccge norrert ne 
eepju^crirront juuu.oq* 

«o *« GxA.qcaj*re«. a».e ibcenieKi*ronx&.px oc * ^ffl 6 
gja. nix>^J^-PX oc * ^.qTiJtJLoq eqxtu juuuloc-s- 
xe ot ne* mptojuu v*.p oTpuwuLeoc 
ne* S7 i.qi 2*.e cjjA-poq nxemx^'^PX 00 * 
nex*.q n*.q xe a.xoc nm* xe fteoK cnrpco- 

ce juteoc | iteoq a.e nex*.q xe .&.g,a.* 

«£ «s tJtXqepoTco fixenix^^PDC 00 * xe *-kok -Mojoun 
iixA.moXHTii. nm j6a. otju.hoj itKe$&.Xeon* 
iu.tXoc a.e nex^q xe a.hok e*r*.T.**.icT 
kj6hxc. m c*.totot ot« *.T£,enoT ca.jSloX 
j0uu.oq RxettH ei-fiJiR^ ite.q* oto£, i. 
nix^*^PX oc ep&o-f* era.qejuu xe oTpio- 
juteoc ne «■ oto& xe iqcon&q * 

ricy 80 2*.e eqoTtuaj eejuu eniTAxpo xe ee&e 
ot iTepKiXHVopin epoq ftxemi0T2v«u z.q- 

£,A.n.M^.CTir(oin. G)g] OTA*.., P singular : "f JJL&.CT., T 
def. sing. CeOJOj] -OOJ, T. e&pHl] n&., L«N. M £,OT6 

2i.e]AB«: £,UJC 2>.€, LsTFGNPST: £/0(0, a6)CX6, T'KO »6. 
€T*.T<T] eitiTtf^ T; ploral cf. Gr. MA BODE &c &ettr 

it(n,FGS)ij6ioK] nm.,rKNOPT: e&oX j6ennu6oK, 26. 
n*.TXoc] position cf. arm. eiu.qog,i] ero&i, 26. iiqep.] 
ftpeqep., fs<(* * *x). iin&i-n] eng,., fg k s. i.n] om. k. 
nexcoje] iin., k : nerecaje, not. nio*ren] epurreit, 
fg s. AJLA-cxirrom] julccx., n : -non, a,. m iqaje] 
+ n*.q, fs. gj&.. . . A.q(eq, r)T-<sjut.oq] A.q*rajut.enix-. F0S - 

OT]cf.Gr.NAB0Eal 10 catvgsyr»«arm. ne*T€K]AB»: n€ 6T6K, 
L«T*&c mpU3X«.l]A: ni-Ip. 'this &c.,' WT» &c. " iqi] 

AB»rKOP: ill, N by error: e*TA.qi, L?T»FG8. 2^.6 i°] om. 

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ACTS XXTT. 25-30. 381 

that he might know concerning what cause they cry out thus 
upon him. u But when they strained him in the thongs, 
Paulos said to the centurion who was standing (by): 'A man, 
Roman, not even condemned, it is lawful for you to scourge 
him.' "But the centurion having heard, went unto the 
chiliarchos, he showed to him, saying : ' What wilt thou do ? 
For the man is a Roman' n But the chiliarchos came unto 
him ; he said to him : ' Say to me that thou (art) a Roman.' 
But he (pron.) said : ' Yea.' ** The chiliarchos answered : 
'I (pron.) bought this citizenship for me with a great* 
sum' But Paulos said : ' I (am one) who was born in it.' 
** Immediately then they departed from him who give pain 
to him: and the chiliarchos feared, having known that he 
was a Roman, and that he bound him. 80 But on the 
(lit. his) morrow, wishing to know the certainty why the 

* Lit. 'a multitude.' 

NO. 2£6 a ] L«T'AB»FGKOS : om. TNPT. ttOOK] + ft«OK, 
f(G)OP; cf. ? Gr. NABCDEH al fere 40 cat am fu tol syr»»' arm 
aetb Ac: pref. £.£,£., FGS, obs. Gr. LP al pin Yg* demid &c. 
praem rf. Tl6XA.q 3£e] Itexe, G. " AqepOTTU)] LsAB»F 

KOS, cf. Gr. AL 40. 96. 14a. arm &c: + 2k.€, TTGNPT, cf. Gr. KB 
CE 4. 13. 15. 18. 36. 69. al s »" cat syrP. IUX^I.] lUX^-Xl., A„ 
thus Terse 29. 26 i°] pref. IieXAq, B». OjtUK] OJOU, T. HO- 
XhTU.] cf. Gr. NAEL. ItHl] om. B». j6a.] j6eit, FPST. 
A.HOK 2 ] om. K. w Oint] OK, P : om. K. A-TT^enoif] AB» : 
pref.A.TXo(+1f,NT)2£OT eif(A.1f,FS: €,K)£,IOTfI enA/*X0C 
'they ceased beating (K 'to beat') Paul,' L«T» &c. CA.ftoX JUL- 
AJLOq] om. 1A. €T*fi5LKA.g,] L«AB»FS: eiti.T-fi5.(eJUl, 
G)KA.£, 'who were giving pain,' TTGKNOPT. A. . . . X oc ] 
cf. Gr. M» 21. 32. 40. 4a. 57* 99. om. ii. pOJAXeOc] L»T»A 
B»FGKS : + fc.6, TNOPT. 07TO& 2 ] om. FGS. Aqcort£,q] 
A, FG S : It€A.q, 1A T* &c. 80 ] T» A B» F G K 8 : 

pref. 6, L«rNOPT. eqOTKttttj] L^ATFGOS: A.qO*»U)aj, T'B* 
KNPT. €pKA.XRr.] epKHX., P: om. €p, Aj*. ftxem.] 

itxenni., o : hm., nt. A.qfi.oXq] +*.e, b» ; cf. Gr. nabce 

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382 npoxgic. 

fLoXq e&oX + oxog, A.qoT4^,cA£,m eepcm 
ibceniA.pxiep 6 '* * neju. nuuu. irf&A.n THpq 
onrog, iqen TiA/rXoc enecRT* A.qrA.£,oq 
epA.Tq K*bKTOTf + 

(tk8) GTA.qcoAiLc a.e jbgenA/rXoc emjtxi. irfg,&.n 

neas^q mpumuu rterccttHOT a.hok itj6pHi j6en 

oritH^ecic m&ert eon^ne*** iiepnoXixer- 
ecee ii^i" ajA.ej6oTm** ■*• 8 nw.p- 
XJepeTrc 2i€!A.c * 4.qo-*i£,cA£,iti riitR 
erog,i ep^xoT n&£,p£.q eepcnr&ioTri j6en 
pa>q** "TOTe neace iu.7rXoc itA.q xe 4>i" 
iu^ioiti epoK ii.iujpR'f-* "fxoi eTocgac 
itKoitu.4- Keprace^eAJLci eirf-£,*.ri epoi k^ta. 
mnojuLoc* oto£, KepKeXenrm ee-pcnr&icnn 
epoi caJLoX iLninoAxoc* *hr 2>.e ero&i 
epiTOT nexuxnr* xe a.K2,cdotoj eniipx 1 *- 
epe**c irre <H" *• 6 ni.*»Xoc 2*.e nex&.q xe 
iu.icooo*vn ne ha-chhot xe oTfA-pxieperrc ne* 

CC^HOTX VA.p X€ OTA.pX«JIl | KX€ H€KXa.OC * 

tk8 itneioce nerg/uo** j£>i.poq* + 4 6x^.qex«.i 
2^e nxeiu/irXoc xe oroit oxaxepoc JULett* 
e^mcA^^ovKeoc ne* niKejutepoc 2*.e e$A.m- 
$A,piceoc ne*- £.quxy e&oX £en nuutA. ivf- 
&A.11* niptojuj nencitKOT * &j\ok oT$*.piceoc * 

al fere" vg syr ** arm aeth™ &c. OTfOg, A.q.] 6*.q., FGKS. 
۩pOTfl] cf. ? Gr. HLP al longe plu aeth"* Ac. niJULA,] cf. Or. 
NABOB al plus 20 cat vg syrP arm aeth Ac. i.qeit] i-TGlt, B*r 

op. A.qxA.g,oq] i-rr., p. nj6RT0Y]AB»: j6eitxo*»- 

JtXH'f 'in their midst,' L»T« Ac. 
BjurtiC, l ex^qc] €Ti.1fC., T by error. neiTCttHOT] HIC, FS 26. 
Jts6pm] «£,., FGKS. C1fnH2i€CIc] AFS 26 : -^.TfClC, NT: 
-2>.RC!C, UT»(pref. OTf ) B'fG KO P. eOIUJte'Y (ItHOTf, N)] om. 

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ACTS XXTTT. 1-6. 383 

Jews accused him, he loosed him, and he commanded to come 
the chief priests and all the council, and he brought Paulos 
down, he set him among them. 

XXIII. But Paulos having gazed at the council, said, [The] 
men, our brethren, in all good (plur.) conscience I (pron.) 
lived before God up to this day. * But the chief priest 
Ananias commanded them who stood by him to strike* on 
his mouth. * Then said Paulos to him : ' Qod will strike thee 
thus, [the] wall which is smeared with white; thou sittest 
even judging me according to the law, and thou commandest 
to strike me contrary to the law.' * But they who stood (by) 
said : ' Thou reviledst the chief priest of God.' * But Paulos 
said : ' I was not knowing, my brethren, that he is chief 
priest : for it is written, " A ruler of thy people thou shalt 
not say evil against.'" 6 But Paulos having known that 
there is a part (of them) indeed belonging to the Sadducees, 
but the other part belonging to the Pharisees, he cried out 
in the council, [The] men, our brethren, I (am) a Pharisee ; 

• Lit. 'throw,' thus again. 

K. ep(+A.,T'NT)noXrre*irecee]ArG26: -Terr ce<e, u &c. 
jGLd/f] e$*f\ g. 2 2k.e] ace, n. iu.£,pA.q] on. r*p. 

£>eit] AB» 26 : pref. ej£>OTIt, L*T* &c 8 HA.q] position cf. ? 

Gr. C vg cta syr«* aeth post thtp. K€p. i°] A-Kep., FS. €K*f .] 

eAjrf ., fs. *:ep. 2 ] e*cep., T'g. -ReXe-wit] -KeXm, b». 

8 ace I?] om. O. lU-ICOUOTf It] AI> : + A.It, L»T» Ac. VAp 
ace 3°] cf. Gr. KAB 13. 37. k»« &c. ipxwit] A-pxiepeirc, 
g. iineKace] jmneKace, 0. • ^.e i°] om. fs. otoh] Hont *, 

om. 26: pref. It 6, P. CAA2vO**K (OK, AjT).] trs. with 4j>A>pICeoC 
i°, 26, cf. Gr. 38. 69. 105. 113. a»» h«". H6 i°] om. K 26. H6 
. . . $A.pIC60C 2 ] om. T homeot. 6$A. 2 ] A : om. 6, LbT» &c, 
thus again. n€ 2 ] om. 26. IteitCltHOIf] LsAB'TNOPT: 
ItlCIt., T'FGKS. A.IIOK i°] + 2i€, G. 07f<t>A.piC€Oc] A: 
+ najHpri».^A.pICeOC '(the) son of Pharisee/ LsT*FGKPS°T; 
+ OTOjHpi JUl4>. 'a son of Pharisee,' B»rNO 26; for <f>apuraiov cf . ? 

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384 npaxgic. 

ee&e oTr&eXmc new.* Rtc 
mpeqju.u>oTrT * a.kok ce'f&A.n epoi-s- 
t <J>a.i fc.e eTAqxoq A.qcgumi naceonrajeopTep * 
oirre m$A.piceoc nam iticA-a^oTrKeoc * oirog, 
Aq^xupx ibfeniJULHaj * * rucAA^onrKeoc julgii 
VA.p cexto juuuLoc-*- ace juumon A.itA.CTA.cic + 
oY2>.e AxreXoc 0T2>.e nitA.* m«t>A.piceoc ^e 

r« ceoTtwng, JOUuttooTr ercon* +'3Xqscom 
2k.e SxeoYmaj'f il^pajoif «■ oyo£, A/rrcuonm 
ibce^A.noToit e&oX j6en m4>A,piceoc *• a.x«L- 
Xaj6 cttxcd juuuloc* ace Tenaceju. &Xi ii- 

r«y ner&tuoY a.h j£>eri nA.ipwju.1 * + ICace omitA 
A.qcAj« nejuLA.q* le o-»A.vreXoc* 

«{ 10 GTA.qgconi 2>,e jhceoirmg'f jtajeopTep A.qep- 
£,o-f nacemyfo^PSCQc ju-htiujc nceqi jOL- 
nA/*Xoc e&oX £,nroTOY A-qepKeXerm iini- 
crpA-xeTfJULA. ivroYgje e&pni irroTr&ioXeiJi 
juUutoq e&oX j6en TOYJULicf nxoTeitq e&pw 
ei"*«.&oXH *• 
"ft&pHi 2^e j6eit nieactop£, eeitHOT a. nor: o&i 
epAxq .nA,&pA.q nexA.q* ace aceju.noju.-f *■ 

cv jOLt&pirf" eTA.K6pju.eepe ee&HT | j6en iTvkK 
nAJpR-f g,urf epoK on iiTeicepJUieepe ee&RT 

/6eil TK€pt»JU.H* 

Or. E H LP al pier syrP arm aoth, but the absence of article may denote 
plural, cf. Gr. rell. OV&eXmc] T&..P: +2^6, FGKS. A-ttOK i°] 
of. Gr. (exc. B Ac). 7 €TA.qXOq] cf. Gr. ««AE al" vg syr** &c. 

<t> . . . ItlCAA.] cf. Gr. ABCHLP al pla cat vg Byr** arm aeth &c; 
for t&v vaM. cf. Gr. HL al pin cat. OTO£, A.q$ . . . JULHOj] om. 

a6». OTfoj?, . . .• iticA.a.xonrKeoc] om. n homeot naceiu- 
juhoj] enuxHoj, o. 8 juen VA.p] om. vA.p, fks: 

2>.e, 36". nitA.] pref. OT, P. jUuUUUOTf] A : +eik>X, W &c 

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ACTS XXIII. 7-11. 38ff 

concerning a hope and a resurrection of the dead I (pron.) 
am judged. T But he having said this, there happened 

a tumult between the Pharisees and the Sadducees : and the 
multitude was divided. 8 For the Sadducees indeed say that 
there is not resurrection, nor angel, nor spirit, but the 
Pharisees confess them both*. 9 But a great noise happened, 
and some from the Pharisees rose, they disputed, saying: 
' We find nothing of evil in this man. If a spirit spake to 
him or an angel.' 

10 But a great tumult having happened, the chiliarchos 
feared lest by any means Faulos should be carried (off) by 
them, he commanded the soldiery that they should go up and 
snatch him from their midst, and bring him into the castle. 

11 But in the night which cometh the Lord stood by him, 
he said: 'Take courage; as thou witnessed concerning me 
in Jerusalem, thus thou must also witness concerning me in 

• Lit 'together.' 

• A.qg.] A.*g., S. *.e] om. B»G*K a6. A.YTU>07rrt] AG : 

-cnrncnr, l*t* &o. : -Txnmwoir , n by error. nxe£,4.!to*von] 

cf. Gr. AB 13. 35. vg. A.t£*.X*j6] &.te*Aj£)., G : eXM.., PT. 

xenaceAA.] pre f. ft, gks. j6en 2 ] j6a, fs 26. ixve\oc] 

cf. Gr. NABCE 13. 40. 61. 66** vg arm aetii eyrP (syr ,oh ar») &c. 
10 OTTItigj-f ft] om. F8: om. OT, OP*. *.qep£,0-f] cf.? Gr. 
K ABCE 13. 14* 15. 18. 36. 40. 61. 68. 69. 73. 105. 130. 137. 180. la 1 ** 
a«" c** cat Ac. JUlHIUWc] -OC, NS. ftceqi] KCR., B*F*ST. 

A.qep.] A/cep., o. ftxo-»ge] ft*roTi, 26. ftTOT&co- 

XeJUL jQUlLOq] LsAB»rNOPT: -£ > 0(U),T*)\lU«.eq,T»FGK.S. 

e&oX] om. b*. ftxcnreitq] cf. ? Gr. (exc. b 31). e&piu a ] 
ab«: ej6o*n;L8&c: ej6o*»it ep,pHi, t*. "eenKoirj 
erexjuuLA** 'that,' 26. itA&pAqJexojq, fgks: nA£,-f, 

NT byerror. It€2CA.q] + HAq 'to him,' FKS 26. 3£6(0, TN)JUL- 
ItOJUff ] cf. Gr. N ABO* E al'° vg syrP arm* 1 '" (syr** ar» aeth«') &c. 

ii^pKT] AiB»fs : +T*Ap, l«t* &c. erAKep.] erA.qep., 

ST* by error. IU.ipH*f] *AIp., S. &Oyf] £,U)TI, G. Oil] 
om. T: ne, FGK. ftTGK.] e©p€K., K. ptWAJUt] pUSJUU, NS. 
F"* K"« 'the end (of the lection).' 


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386 npoxgic. 

"Gta me&ooT ^e ajconi* Afeuxrrf ibceni- 
\ot2>.JLi*- AvrApKtuo** eirxw JOuutoc*- eaj- 
xeju.o'Tfcoju. of^e eajxejuicu) ajATOTrj£>un-e.& 
iiJiAirXoc *• 13 itAYep&oTro ^e eiiL itpaijuu 
ftxeitH eT4.*ripi julriAiAitAaj * u nAi a**i 
oja niApxieperc *• new. mnpeciWTepoc * 
nexcoo? * xe ^>en OTAitAeejuiA ArtTApKott 4> 
eajTejuucejuL-fni ii&Xi* ajATenj6urrefl jGL- 
iiatXoc. "'fjtoT oth o-*on£» emx'^^-PX 00 
neju. iujula n-f-£,Aii *• £,oiu»c trreqenq ajApa>- 
Ten* £,coc ace epexertejun j6en ovrAxpo 
ee&HTq* Anon ^.e jULnATeqj6u3nT epurreit* 
Tence&Turr ej^oeiieq* 
*■<"» " exAcjcwxejui 2^e e^xopxcfr nxeitajHpi ftxcwni 
juinATXoc* Aqi Aqgge e&otn efnApeju.- 
JBloXh *■ AqxAJUte nAfXoc «■ " Aqjuto-rf 2^.e 
it2cenA.TfXoc •> gotai nmeKATonTApxoc ne- 
XAq * xe (fi juLnAij£>eXajipi ej6oirn cjja mxi- 
XiApxoc <■ OTOitxeq oir &u>& VAp exoq nAq *. 
" itooq juten onrit Aqtfnrq* Aqenq oja tux*- 
XiApxoc * otoj2, nexAq xe nexcong, iu/rXoc 
Aqjuwrf epoi Aqxoc itHifr 


Hnw rf, " 2»,e] cf. Gr. (exc B c«« 8yr nl * aeth): om. F8. *.*&. rtXG Ac.] 
cf. ? Gr. NABOB 13. 61. al" cat arm aeth. A*¥TA.pKU)OT] UA 
B»rOPT(Aq): OJCOni AqT ApKUiOf, N by error : ATCOpK 

nno*»epHOT, T'fgks. eirxu) ijuutoc] cf. Gr. n*abeh 

LP al longe plu cat vg ayrfs aeth Ac. : om. 26, cf. Gr. N°C 4* 37. 38. 
40. 56. 66. 69. 73. 93. 105. 113. al * ■ ot «yr i0,, et *»* aim ar» &c. ls 2ie] 
L»T»AB»rNOT: om. P: TAp, FGKS 26. eJUl] KJUL, FS 26. 
ptO(0, N) JUtl] L«AB»P : + H6, T' &c. nAIAttAOj] L»T»AB»r 
NOP: IU., FG*KST 26. " nAI A.7fl] nATI, G: neATfl, 

FS by error. Xe] AB'FGS 26 : oro. L'TTKNOPT. OTAJ1A.- 
ee(H, P)JULA] OTA«AttJ 'an oath,' FGO"W(*a copy')S. Alt- 
TApKO«] L»0«»«('a copy') &c: AJlOOpK 'we sware,' FGS. J^*^ 1 ] 
L«AB»rNO*PT26: +it(JOIK, T*FGKO n w('acopy')S. ajAXeitjfc.j 

gAit*renj6., go. "oir {pm.ot,Q)on&\ A: -u>n£„L«T*&c: 

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ACTS XXIII. 1 2-18. 387 

R5m5.' "But the day having come (cgcuru), the Jews 
assembled, they adjured themselves, saying (that they would) 
not eat nor drink until they killed Paulos. "But they 
were being more than forty men, they who made this oath. 
14 These came unto the chief priests and the presbyters, they 
said: 'In an anathema we adjured ourselves not to taste 
anything until we kill Paulos : M now then make known* to 
the chiliarchos, with the council, that he may bring him unto 
you as that ye may know accurately concerning him: but 
we (pron.) before that he approacheth you, are prepared to 
kill him.' M But (the) son of (the) sister of Paulos having 

heard of the plot, he came, he went in to the castle, he 
showed to Paulos. 1T But Paulos called one of the centurions, 
he said : * Take this young man in unto the chiliarchos ; for 
he hath a thing to say to him.' 18 He (pron.) indeed then 
took him ; he brought him unto the chiliarchos, and he said : 
'The prisoner Paulos called me, he told b me, To bring 

• Lit. 'manifest.' b Lit. 'said it to.' 

OTIUpn ' send,' 36. €niX- (X*-P*-> ***)] JU.1UX- FS : &A.IU- 
IXpecfLvrepOC 'to the elders,' 26. £,OIttOc] OIUOC, TN PT; 
om. ttBpun>, cf. Or. NABCE 13. 14* 15. 36. 61. 69. 73. 105. 130. 180. cat 
vg syr"* arm aeth &c. rVreqeitq] ftCG! 'that they should come,' 

26. £,ioc] &oc, 26. eperenejuu] a : ipexerteuj, 
26: A.pexennA.eju.1, l«t* &c. juLiu/req.] 

TeCJ., 26. epCDTert] cf. syr^etPc. 1 *: epOH 'to ns,' K. 

" *f acopzc] mac., p. a.qge] om. t. " ejc/vrorrr.] 
CKA.TA.rrr., f*k. neacA.q] + ruq, p. -ajipi] -gHpi, ns. 

0*»onTeq]r»«&c.: OTOK itXA.q S, 0"W: OYOIt, KN0*T: 

eo*»on, r». exoq] AK: eq(q, F*8)iujcoq(c,P) 'about to 

■ay.* L«T» &c. " OTTIt] om. P. A.qtfrrq] om. G* : + e&Ottt. 

'in,' 0. a.(e, sjqeitq] + e£>oTrt, tnpt. cnrogj ab»: 
om. l»t* &c. nexa.q] + ruq * to him,' tnopt. ne*rcort£,] 

AjFGKS": -UJItg,, L«T' &e. : lie 6TC, T». lW.1fXoc] trs. 
before HCT., T*FGKS» A.qXOc] L«AB»FGKPS: pref. 6, T*r 
NO*T. KHi] om. TNO*T. 


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388 npaxgic. 

Gim juliu.i^be>ygynpi ej6oYit ajApoK* eoTon- 
*req oig/uSk. exoq tux*- M AqAJutA&i 2^e 
irreqxix nxerux'^^-PX 00 I OTO& erAqep- 
iitA.x co P m ci ottca juUaa/y AT~q *• tiAqajim 
ijuuLoq-s- xe o*r nereKonrujaj exoq itfti* 
"IlexAq xe nncnr^Ai * AxcejuutRTc e*ro&£,K 
iipAC"f *• £,otuoc irrejaiu jOLhattXoc eniAJus. 
ft-f^Aii* £,ooc eKitAejuu eG&mrq j6en ot- 
TAxpo* " iieoK oim juinenepe neK&RT 
ea)X neJUtajoT * ott oit £,oyo VAp eJOC ftpcujuu 
e&oX n^HTOTr-s- enrxcupx epoq*. hai erA/*- 
TApKe no** epHO*» *• eajTeAAOTKOA*. otxb eaj- 
TexiLcuj* gATOYj6tu*refi. juumoq* oirog, 
'fitoY ceceftTwr evxcnrajT efloX j6iT&H 
jutmujaj eenAajuim efLoX mitotic «• ** mxi- 
XiApxoc o**" *-*I3(A nu6eXajipi efloX* eAq- 
£,ott£,ert rtAq eajxejucxoc ft&Xi xe aktajuloi 
Tied " Oto£, Aqjuu>irf eE e&oX j6en meKATorrrAp- 
Xoc «• nexAq nioox xe ceUxe c jOUula,toi <*• 
£,oncuc nceaje oja KecA.pi a.*- rteju. o n&meTfc* 
neju. c npeq&iXovx** * icxen ^riAir tiAxnr 
juLniexu)p£,. * 4 iicetfT n&AnjceTeftruucnri *• &11U. 
irro-rrAXe iiayXoc irroTmA&ju.eq oja <fc"*Xi£ 

iiaij6-] nu6. 'the &c.,' r*. ecnroitTeq] ab»tnot : 

OTTOItT., Up* It ft)FGKPS. " OTTO&] LfT*AB»: om. TF 

gknopst. eTAqep.]Aqep.,FGKOS. caottca] eoircA, 
TNOopT. nereKcnruxg] ne ere*., T*ra: ere*., 

K. 80 neXAq]AB»FKS: +^.6, LsTTGNOPT. ATC6JIX- 

IMTc] AYCTfAAIt., N. TOil&K] TTtufl&K, T»: om. K, K. 
KTeKIItl &c] order cf. i Gr. L 137. c«" vg 01 * syr«* r arm. £,U>c] 
AB»: +X6, L«T* &c. 6K(K, G: X T*rFKS)!tA.] cf. Gr. WABE 
HLP 10* 13. a8. 40. 61. 97. 101. al fere 80 aetb &c. : eilltA, T, cf. Gr. 
N« 3. 18. 20** 36. 66** 68. 73. 98 m « 104* 105. 137. 180. al ma cat Ac. vg 

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ACTS XXIII 19-24. 389 

this young man in onto thee, having a thing to say to thee.' 
" But the chiliarchos seized hold of his hand, and having 
withdrawn apart alone, he was asking him: 'What (is) it 
which thou wishest to say to me?' *°But he said: 'The 
Jews settled to pray thee to-morrow, that thou should bring 
Faulos to the council, as thou wilt know concerning him 
accurately. " Thou then he not persuaded by them : for there 
are more than forty men from them lying in wait for him ; 
these who adjured one another not to eat nor to drink until 
they kill him : and now they are prepared, looking out for 
the promise about to be from thee.' ** The chiliarchos then 
dismissed the young man, having ordered him not to say 
to any one that thou showedst to me these (things). ,3 And 
he called two from the centurions; he said to them: 'Pre- 
pare two hundred soldiers, that they may go unto Kesaria, 
and seventy horsemen, and two hundred spearmen, from (the) 
third hour of the night, M and may take beasts also, that they 
may mount Faulos, and bring him safe* unto Phyliz the 

* Lit. 'save him.' 

gyr"** am. n Oint] 2i€, FGKS. &OTO] pref. ft, T*P. 

elZ] ftjUL, TO. pUJJUU] pOJUUU 'year,' A,N» by error. ftfi&H- 
TOT] -T€H, K, i° person. €"* XUJpx] -op*. FGKS. eT^t- 
TA.pKe]L8T«AB»rN0PT: eT*.*!TU3pK,FGKS. rtOTrepHOT] 

ftncnr., t*gk: itewtncnr, fs. g^/rc*.] ajiirrcnr., o. 
eracoTgjT] -toaj*r, s. eftoX a ] om. fs. "oirn *.q.] 
rt*.q.,P. ei.qg,on.]A.q&.,FKPS. ru.q]cf.»yr»". ft&Xi] 

€£,Xl, G. _ enil] om. KS. M e5] of. Gr. 73. vg syr«"> 

arm aeth. C i°] U3,A,*B«rN: Egje, 0*: om. T'. g,oni»c] 
OnC0(O, N S) C, TN OPT. -pIA.] cf. Gr. » AE. neftAO^fto, A* 

g,inetc] l«ab» : ^/tnne^tc, a : £,Tne-*c, t* &c c a°] 10, 

TS : n 'eighty,' K". -£,I(T, F)XoVX«] -*H, FS. <pIU.Tr ft] 
om. P. V] ¥f, TNOPT. u ftcetfl] AB»FGKS: +2^6, L»T» 

TNOPT. £»A.KK€] om. K€, T»G. Te&ItCOOTTl] -&ItH, FS. 

ft*ro-»*ri.Xe] ftcer., fgks. ^ttXij] $!., b»t. 

Digitized by 


390 npaxgic. 

ni£,KV&* M A.qcj£>A.i 2i€ ftoTremcroXK 
eoTon ftTA.c juLjula.** ftoimrnoc juLruupirf" *• 
88 kXa.t2».ioc Xycia.* ajLiiikpa.tictoc ft&Rre- 

JULlOtt $**Xl£ XPPG* 

27 Il£.ipuuuu A.irTA£,oq itxennoir;&.A.i oiro£, ert- 
x*.eii ej6oe&eq* A.iaje n&M. nicTpA-TeirJUA. 
c^ JLitUL&JULeq * | xe oTrptojuteoc ne* 
"eio-Tcwaj 2.e eejuti e-fXcjuixi erotxejJL JLpua 
epoq ee&HTc* Ajeitq exert noxjuLA. ivf£,A.n. 
m $a.i erA.ixe.uiq eirxeu. ipiKi epoq ee-fte 
&&.n%nTHUU. ftre noTitojuioc juLmxeju. ito&i 
2^e rt&RTq eqiinajA. iJL4>JU.onr*- ie ^AitcrtA."^ 


t\ " eTA.YTAJU.oi 2>e ee&e oTcotfru eq&cuoTr <*■ eq- 
itAajumi j6a. nAJpuuuu e&oX ^itoto***- 
catot A-iovopnq £,A.poK* eAi&on&en ero- 
toy nneqKA.THropoc * eeponrcAXJ itA&pAK* 

tXo « Hijulatoi A*.en oyh* rata. neTAYeA.aj imooy*. 
a.yusXi JOLtia.yXoc ftxtopg, eA.Yertq eA.nri- 
nATpic* " 2>e a.yxu> ftni&meYc* 
eeponraje rtejuuLq* a.ykotoy e*fnA.peu£oXH. 

g,Hre«.a3n] £,i., T: -on, n. " eoYoit iita.c] on. 
e, k : eoYoriTA.c, b»f. aajula.y] om. tnopt. u kXa.y- 

2UOc] -TIOC, B»8. XyCIA.]A: XyCIA.C, L«T*FS: XlCIAX, 

julm.] i/TtAB": ni., raKNOPT: ft., fs. ft&Hrejuuoit] 

L«T'A 1 B»GKOP: IlHVe(H, r*)JUU»(0, N)It, P>NT: ft&YVe- 

juuort, a,: m&Hrejuuwn, fs. $yXi£] pref. aa, fs. 
87 oyo£,] om. Fa k s. Ajaje] + nm, b». a.i n A.£,AAeq] cf. Or. 

HLPal longeplu&c. He] om. N. 8S 2»e] cf. Gr. HLP 13. 31. 

61. al pier e syrP arm &c. €TOYXeAA] UT'AB'FG KS : 6TA.Y., 

P: erettAY., opt: ftTeitA/*., n. epoq] om. fks. 

AJ6 Iiq] cf. Gr. B"«E H LP al pier cat vg Ac. €Xeit] €, 0. IIOY- 
AAA.] ItlAJLA, K. M 6YX6AA] A.**., FS. ^RTRAAA.] 

^exiuuLA., p. noYitoAAoc] m it., s*. a.e] cf. Gr. N A B E H 

al plu vg syrP arm &c. : om. G, cf. Gr. LP 27. 28. 30. 38. 4a 61. 104. 1 13. 

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ACTS XXm. 25-33. 391 

governor.' M But he wrote a letter having a form thus, 
*• Klaudios Lysia to the most excellent governor Phylix, hail. 

87 This man the Jews seized, and as they are thinking to 
kill him, I went with the soldiery; I saved him, having 
known that he is a Roman. tt Bat wishing to know the 
cause concerning which they found fault with him, I brought 
him to (exen) their council : ** whom* I found found fault 
with concerning questions of their law, but I found not sin in 
him worthy of (the) death or bonds for an offence \ 80 But 
having been shown concerning an evil plan which would be 
made against this man by them, immediately I sent him to 
thee, having ordered his accusers to speak with thee. 

81 The soldiers indeed then, according to that which was 
ordained them, took away Paulos by night, having brought 
him to Antipatris. ** But on the (lit. his) morrow they let 
the horsemen go with him ; they returned to the castle. 

• Lit. 'this who.' <> Lit. ' of («X€) a charge.'*°ai 8 ««&c. eq.u.najA,]eqejut.n.,L«rGN. "eq- 

niajcora] cf. Gr. KABE 13. 15* 36. 40. 61. 68. 69. 73. 105. 137. 180. 
40**" a 10 * c*" cat (vg) syrP arm &c. om. {mi riv loviaum. .©A.J JO^It, 
B». €&oX &ITOTO-*] A, cf. Gr. NAE 13. 40. 61. 68. 69. 73. 105. 
40 toot aH r c «or ann syrP & c# . om> l«t' &c CATO( + T, S)T] 
•TOTT, G ; cf. Gr. BH(L)P al pier cat syr** &c. (A w combine the 
two Greek readings). neqKA.TKropOc] cf. Gr. E syr»*. ee- 
pCnrC<LXl] cf. Gr. MA 13. 40. &c. IU.£,pA,*c] cf. Gr. AB 13. am fa 
aeth™. 81 JULCIt] om. FG*K 8. ne*TA,(0, A,*)"*-] L«T'Ai.,« 

B»P: ne€*Ti-».,rNOT: d^H eTi-Tf., FGKS. e^.ffl]A!.,«: 
+q, L«T»&c. ItX(£,. N)lOp£,] cf.? Gr. NABE 13. 40. 6t. 68. 105. 
137. 180. cat &c. eA.*»enq] L'AFKS: A.T., T*B»rGNOPT. 
AltXinA-XpIc] L«T«B»rGNOPT: *f IU.TplC, AFKS; G»« 
</ ^aJaj\ J1 'to Antbtra,' J»«M Jjl **»* 'a copy "the first of the pro- 
vince."' M neqp.] L»T»AB«rFGKS: pref. 6, NOPT. ZTtXP 3 ] 

iqjCW. fs singular. £,ine-irc] g/tnertc, B»rFS: &1H- 
nertc, a ■. £,Ymec, k. eepoigje] cf. ? Gr. nabe u. 13. 27. 

29. 61. 64. 80. 97. 126. c*". 

Digitized by 


392 npoxgic. 

88 kaj *.e eKecA.piA.4- oirog, exA.vf irf- 
enicxoXR iinig,Kreju.ujn *• A/rrA&o jULniee- 
nA-irXoc KA&pAq* 84 exA,qu>ajfc.e!rfenicxoXK 
A.qajmi *e o-re&oX j£en a.oj nenApxi*. ne* 
o-*o£, exA.qejuu xe o-irefloX ;6eit -f-mrXiKU. 
ne* M eieccuxejut epoK nexA.q* £,oxA.n 
A.*rajA.m ibfeneKKAXKTopoc * o"to£, A.qo-»A£,- 
cA&m eepoYA-peg, epoq**6en nmpexuopion 
iixe HpuwMtc* 


tX)3 UerterccA. e Sfc.e neg,oo-ir A.qi e&pm ibgeniA,pxw- 

eperc AnA-mAg neju. g,A.nn peciWxepoc * 

ne**. KepHTuop xe xepx*»XXoc * ha.i cxa/m 
A/fOTfioitg, | julni^Hrejuiujit j6a. nA.*»Xoc* 
* exA.xJULo*rf 2^.6 epoq * A.qep£,KXC nepKAXK- 
vopm tixexepxTrXXoc eqxuj juuuioc* cajon 
ibceoTr&jpHitH ecoaj e&oX £,ixoxk* neju. 
j^A-Hxa^o epAxoir e-rajort JulnAieeitoc* e&oX 
£,ixen neKqiptooiraj s m/Len* newt j6en 
jula.1 mfien* xenajum juuulok KpA.xic©e 
^•»Xi^+ j6en ajen£,.«.ox itj&eit. 

. . . 4 2>I!tA. 2l£ nXA.ajX€.U.XA.£,nO JUUULOK K^O"*©* 

xtu&gr •fxtw&g, juuu-ok eepeKcujxejuL epoi ;6en 
jul, k ovajurr efioX * n&ptu j6en xeiuuLexeniKHc * 

83 K6(A., G*)CA.(e, P)p!A.] cf. Gr. NAE. OTTO**, eXA/rf] 

cnrog, A/rf , fs : A/rf\ kt. nKenA.fXoc] niKen., t«. 

84 exA.qu)aj 2k.e] cf. Gr. NABE ii. 13. 15. 18. 23. 29. 36. 4a 61. 
66** 68. 73. 96. 105. 142. 180. cat vg syr atr arm aeth ar* &c. A.qajIItl] 

«Aqcy-, b». Aaj . . . ;6en] om. t homeot. enA»px«-] <*• G '- 

B 8 EHLP&c: AJl., FKPS. H6 i°] om. FKS. K**XlK.] KlX., 
B»T. ne 2 ] 7l€, P; cf. Gr. N*A 68. M &OTA(e, KS)!t] 

cf. Gr. 37. 101. 137. cat vg"* fu tol syr 1 * &c. 0**0£,] cf. Gr. HLP 

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ACTS XXHI. 33— XXIV. 4. 893 

sa Bat those (lit. these) having come to Kesaria, and having 
given the epistle to the governor, they presented Paulos also 
to him. M But he having read the letter, asked from what 
province he is; and having known that he is from [the] 
Kylikia, ,8 1 shall hear thee, he said, whenever should come 
thine accusers : and he commanded to keep him in the pre- 
tOrion of Erodes. XXIV. But after five days came up the 
chief priest Ananias with (iteJU.) presbyters, and also an 
orator, called (xe) Tertyllos : these having come, made known 
to the governor against Paulos. * But he having been called, 
Tertyllos began to accuse him, saying, Abundant peace 
happens through thee, and establishment (plur.) is happening 
to this nation through thy providence * on all sides, and in 
all places, we accept thee, most excellent Phylix, in all thanks- 
giving. * But that I may not hinder thee the more, I pray 

al pier cat vg syr» h aeth &c epoq] position cf. Qr. NABE 13. 40. 
61. 68. 105. 137. c»" k- 1 vg arm &c. HpU)2iHc] -XHC, N. 

1 F"' ' the third Sunday of the Fast ' : K"* S"* ^ y»*lil J»5II J \jii Hunt 26, 
Jj5fl j^Ji\ 'it is read on the fifth Sunday of the first (sis) months.' 2k.e] 
om. N : trs. after e&OOTf, T*. e&pRl] om. FK S. ftxe] exert, 
N by error. £.ItA.rUA.c] trs. before I«i.pX, FKS : -ItlA., TN PT. 

nejw.g,A.nnpecfi..] l«t« &c, cf. ? Gr. nabe 5. 6. 7. 8. 13. 15. 27. 

*9- 3 1, 3*>- 4°- fi 8. 73. 81. 105. 137. 180. c«" k»° r cat vg syr» arm &c. : 
om. K. pHTOOp] p€., 26. TepTTfXXoc] L«T'AB»r: -TlX- 
XoC, FGKNOPST: -TlXoC, 26. IU.l] + 2^€, P. A/fl] om. K. 
&.10t(om. O-T, NT)0)(0, Aft a6)It£,] L«T'AB»rNOPT 26 : A.TT- 
C6JUH 'caused to know,' FGES. jOLni£,H (*», A s )] AFES 26 : 
eH!£,., L«T»B»rG NOPT. * eXA-lf JULOTf] L»T*AB»rGOP: 

eTAXJAA.., FKNST singular. COJon] AFGK : eCOjO((M,T*N) n, 

L«TB»rNOPT: egjcon, s. ecoaj]-uxg,L»ps. eJ£oXi ]om. 

TNT. £,A.Il] om. 36. 8 CA.CA.] A! 26: + *.€, L*T* &o. 

Tengum] -on, ro 26: -cum, nt. <t>irXi2] -a.£, a 2 : $1., 

O26: $lX£, N: <t>HXl£, B*. 4 2k.e] L«T*ABTNPT: 

om. FGKOS 26. ITT A.] KXC, GKO: ftxeit, FS plural. 

■f xcofi^,] +*.e, 26. xeiou.exeniKHc] otJtx., fs. 

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S94 npaxgic. 

8 A.nx iajl! wip jOLnajpuwuii nXouutoc 4- eqKIJUL 
ii&A.ngeopxep nmioir:*.*.! XHpoir-s. exgon 
j£en •foiKOTfju.eitH* eqoi n&orix ex&epecic 
itxe nm<&.£u)peoc + 
8 <f>A,i exA.q(fibnx ecwq £LniKeep<t>ei o**o£, A.nA.- 
AJLoni juuuLoq* 8 $a.i exeofon gxoju. jUL- 
julok eejuu e&oX £,ixoxq iteoK + 
j6exj6t»xq eefi.e nAJ XHpo-* * exenepKAXR- 
vopiit epoq ii&HXOTr* • &stoi&.£ > TOTov 
nxemicnrfc.A.1 xe nA.i gon jutiULipH'f *• 

r\y wtJxqepoTftM nxeiu/rXoc * exA.qtfu>pe«. epoq 
itxeni&Hxejuuttn eepeqcA^a. eicuxnm jEaajlok 
ic onrAXHcg exoi npeq'f&An enA.i- 
gXtuX *f n^epoTuj j^enofo-rnoq n&HX e&pm 
exaji-j. "ecnron ojxojUl jOUuiok eejuu xe 
ii.nA.nTe £,o*ro IS neg,ooir gtom icxen 
exA.ige e&pm eiTHoOt eoirujgx* 

ch " Oo^e xknotxejULT dben mepcpei | cicaxi neju. 
o**a.i * o*rae eigeopxep no-rjumg * cnr^e j£en 
mc*»nA.rujvH ofa^e kaxa. noXic* "oT*.e 

Hunt 96, 

8 nAjpuxuLi] nip. 'the &c.,' 26. n&A-ngoopxep] l>ab> 

FS: €£,.,T»rOK'NOPT; cf. Gr. NABE 5. 7. 8. 13. 15. 40. 61. 68. 

73. 105. 106. cat vg &c. exgon] om. gon, fgs. ex&e- 
pecic] abtgs 26 : nxeg,., lsttk'Nopt. iixenmA.^.] 
a 26: nxenin., b»: ttm^., l«t'&c. • exA.q<J«bnx] 
A.qtfTJ fs. ecooq] ftc, n. A.nAJU.oni] ex Ait., p. iiL- 

JULOqj om. verse. The end of verse 6 and verse 7 are omitted by all the 
collated MSS., cf. Gr. NAB(0)HLP al plus 40 am* fu tol. 8 eeJULl] 

om. K*. e&oX £JXOXq] cf. Gr. NABHLP al pier vg &c. 
KO0f(] om. FS, cf. Gr. A*. A.KOJ] AHg., A, by error. €£•&€ 

. . . exenep] om. n t : j£>ennA.i &c, 26 : . . . exennA-ep, t*g. 

9 A-TrOTTA-fO, 26)£XOXOTf] + 2l€, FGS 26: A/fepOTrcO 

'answered,' b». niio*Y2^.i] nemioffc.., fs. gon] goont, p. 

10 A.qep0*»«j] L«AFS 26 : +2k.e, T*B»rGK r NOPT, cf. Gr. HLPal 

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ACTS XXIV. 5-13. 395 

thee to hear me concisely in thy fairness. 8 For we found 
this pestilent man, moving troubles to all the Jews who are 
in the world, being (a) first (man) for (the) sect of the 
Nazdreos: 'Who* tried to defile the temple even: and 
we laid hold on him. 8 This (man) from whom it is possible 
for thee thyself to know, shouldest thou examine him con- 
cerning these things in which we accuse him. • The Jews 
added their word b that these things were thus. 10 Paulos 

answered, the governor having beckoned to him to speak, 
Knowing thee since (ic) many years being judge to this 
nation, I shall (lit. will) answer in delight of heart for 
myself. u It being possible for thee to know, that not more 
than twelve days have passed since I went into Jerusalem 
to worship; " Neither found they me in the temple 

speaking to (any) one, nor troubling a multitude, nor in the 
synagogues, nor in city. la Nor is it possible for them to 

» Lit/thie who.' «> Lit. 'them.' 

pier cat evgsyrP&c. g^HTeJUlUm] LsT^B'rFGP 26: £,ir.,A,: 
£/*f., 8: HV., TNOT: IT., K*. ICOTTJULHOJ npO((M, S)JUtni] 
trs. before eiCOOOTflt, B»FGS. 6IU.l] AJLTU.I, P. OjXouX] A 
26 : OjXoX, L»T' &c. j6erMy»07r (om. S) itoq &c] cf. ? Gr. N A 
BE 5. 7. 13. 15. 25. 36. 40. 61. 68. 73. 105. 133. 137. 180. c»« d*» cat Tg 

arm &c. n&Hx] om. 26. " ii.iiA.nTe] a : ii.iu.xe, l» 

T'&c. IS] L«Ar*FS 26, cf. Gr. NABEHLP al plus 60 cat &c: pref. 
6 'than,' TtB» r°QK r NO PT, cf. Gr. minusc nra &c. ffltoni] + ItKI, 
P»tO 26. eiAKJUt] cf. Gr. NAB EH al 20 fere cat syr«* aeth &c. 

ecnruxgir] om. k*. "oTT^e £*rx.] hafgs: pref. 
oTtog,, T»rK'NOPT: o**o£, ereiinoTrac., b». cnr^e 2 ] 

T*AB»: 16, L*FGS 26 : om. TK'NOPT. eigeopTep] om. 61, 
26 : eiecye., G. OXft*.ROj]L«AB»PFGS: nU*.Hg,T'K*NPT: 

nuuLHO), o $, 26. ot^e 3 . . . t«jt*k(vi, ns)] -no-ir- 
cnrnA... K'P: om. 26. 18 cnr2k.e] lsab»fgs: oirog,, T»r 


Digitized by 


396 npoxgic. 

juuuoit ojxoju juuulujot errjL&e iu.1 ep&rrot 
itA.i eTOTrepKA.XHVopm juuuuxnr j£>£.poi 
*fno*»* " "foTftoitg, *.e ju.$aj e&oX* 
xe KA.T*. nA.iJU.ujix ere «aj acu> juuuoq xe 
£,epecic* Ajajejugi juLiu-ipK-f ju.«H" nxe 

HA-IO-f €in^£ > 'f €ItH TKpOTf erTCJ&HOTT j6en 

nmojuoc* nejut nmpo$HTHC +> 
nic..., "Gcnron nxm jujuul-it nof&eXruc e<H" bh ere 
K nA.i £,uj<nr cojulc e&oX J^jAXlMC *f ArtACTACic 

eenAojuom nmejuuu nets, nipeqdfif nxonc* 
t\8 "S^pHi j£en <J>a.i •fnA.epA.cian g/o eepecojumi 
hhi ttxeovcrttH^ecic nA/rtfpon* nA&pen <ff 
neju. lumpen nipuuuu itcHoir m&en* 
»*« "GfLoX 2k.e £,rren oirju.Kg* jj.ii eipi 
n£,Anju.eenA.RT juLn/Leonoc neut. gAnnpoc- 
cpuopA. * " nA.i erA/reeju/r eiTo*»jlKoirr 
n^HXOTf j6en niep^ei*. net*. ottjuhoj A.n 
o*»2s.e neju. oYajeopxep An* " g,AmoT>.A.i 
fc.e efioX j6eit i-A.ciA.+> tus erenAccaje iicei 
nAg,pA.K *• o**o£, nceepKATHropin *■ 
ICxe ofoit ivrujcnr ncnr&tojS. rtejuHi. *°jujuon 
hai neouoT juuLponrxoc * xe ov it<5T nxonc 

JUUUOJOV i°] A &c, cf. Gr. N A BEL al longe pin cat vg gyr^arm : 
+ J&Apoi, L*T* (no collated MS.), cf. Gr. HP 4. 27. 29. 56. 66* 69. 78.8a 

96. 97. 98. 100. 104. 106. 142. ai 4 ** &c. eTA.£,e . . . jOUuiuonr a ] 

om. N homeot. IIA.I 2 ] LsABT, cf. Gr. HLP al longe plu cat syrP 
aeth &c: HA.K 'to thee,' T*FGR'OPST, cf. Gr. HABE 4. 13. 27. 29. 
31. 36. 40. 61. 64. 65. 68. 73. 105. 177. al 8 "' vg syr«> h arm. j£)A.pOl] 
nj6KXO"T 'in them,' 0. *f HOT] cf. Gr. (exo. 3. 30. k«" aeth). 
"2k,e]T'AB»: om. L« &c JU.$A.l] JU.IIAJ, O. €TeiU.l] 

exepenA.1, fgs: exen, t by error. jOL<H*] e< H"» o- 
eittA.£,*f] <>«»• n. enit] iinK, r. erc&Hovr] excj6H- 
tott, t»n. j6en] t»ab»: g,i, u &o. nmoju.] ncnrn. 

'their &c.,' P. ttOUttinp.] cf. Gr. N«AHLP al plur 80 vg arm 
aeth»» &c. " eOTfOn tt(€n, B*)THl] eOTfOITTHI, FGS. 

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ACTS XXIV. 14-ao. 897 

establish these (things), these of which they accuse me now. 
"Bat I confess this to thee, that according to this way 
which these say that (it is a) sect, I worship thus (the) God 
of my fathers, believing all the things which are written in 
the law and the prophets : u Having a hope toward (e) 
Qod, which these also look out for, the resurrection about to 
be for the just and the wrongdoers. u In this I shall 

(lit. will) exercise (myself) also for there to be to me a con- 
science offenceless before God and before [the] men always. 

17 But after (lit. from) many years I came to do alms to my 
nation, and offerings : w these in which they found me purified 
in the temple, not with a multitude nor with a tumult: 
19 but certain (g,A.rt) Jews from [the] Asia, they (lit. these) 
who ought to have come before thee and accuse, IS they 
have a thing against (tteJU.) me. *° Otherwise let these 

6<H"] cf. ? Gr. ABEHL al pier &c. «V : &A.<H" » FGK8, cf. ? Gr. 
HO 68. 69. a»' Ac. *p6t. COJUlc] L«T*AB»FGKS: aCOTTajT, 
TNOPT. eeit£.aj(UIll] cf. Gr. NABC 13. 40. 61. 68. k'« vg arm &c. 
peqdt itXOnc]l*T*AB»FGKS: peqepnofSi! 'sinner,* TNOPT. 
" SA(J6. O T) pm] + 2^.6, T*0, cf. Gr. HP al plu. *f ItA.epi.C- 
KIlljA: *f ep., L*T»- &c. eepecgjumi] cf. ? Gr. HABOE al sat 
mn vg &c. CrnH3S.€CIc] AP : -HCIC, L*T* &c mpOUJUU] om. 
m, 8. RCHOTT] om. A,*, cf. ? Gr. 32. 43. 57* 137. " OTAA.HO3] 

L«AB»rNOPT: £,A.rUJLHttJ> T«FGKS. A.II €Ipt] A : A.II 
eepilpl, L«T»FGKS: €lipi (omitting 'I came'), TN OPT: A.IX 
€11 (omitting ipi, Alt 'not' many years), B»; for position of A.II cf.? 
Gr. H LP al pier syr«** aeth &c. JUL€e«A.HX] JULeTlt., B»rNT. 

rtAeerioc] ruuee., k. npoc<t>a>pA.] ab» : -$ot., n : -<bo., 
l«t* && " OTrgeopxep] om. oir, s. " *.e] cf. Gr. »a 

BCE 13. 15. 18* 29. 31. 36. 40. 61. al mn cat syrP &c. ItA,C(om. TN 
PT)Cge]L«T»AB»rNOPT: nA.Cii.(eJUL,G)naA.,FGKS; tense 
cf. ? Gr. NABOEP 13. 61. c*" e*" al sat mn cat vg «yr« w arm &c. 
07TO&] om. B». IC2Ce] + 2^.6, A 2 *. OTOIt ttTlMoV] OTTOrt- 

Twot, o. 20 juuu.on] ejuuuLon, g« : ju.onon, fks. 

ItAj] +2i€, FG'KS. Of] cf. Gr. N ABCEHLP al TO cat »yr«* arm &c. 
ft<fl] om. it, NT. 

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398 npaxgic. 

Afxejuq iI&kx* eio&i epAX j6en mjutA 
irf £,an * " le ee&e taiouk nofuux 4- «ai 
exAioajc efioX nj6RXOTf* eio&i epAX* xe 
ee&e | cic irre nipeqAJUBOTT * 
A.noK ce*f-£^.n epoi ju.$oo*r &i etuuvr* 

tA *" "UXcj&itot 2k€ e<J>A£,oY nxe$*»Xi£ eqejuu j&en 
oirxAxpo eefte ni.nuu.uoiT. eAqxoc xe eajoon 
AqajAm e&pRi nxeX-rciAc mx>XiApxoc* 
eieejuu ee&e eimo*** M eAqo-*A£,cAj>,m 
ii.meKA.xonTA.pxoc* exApeg, epoq e-fjOL- 
xon fc.e nAq* oxog, egxejugegx &Xi nnn 
exenoirq eajeJuajHXq* 

tH " UenencA £,Ane£,oo7r *.e Aqi iixe^TrXii;* neju. 
^poirciXXA xeqc&uui eo-rioTr^Ai xe* A.q- 
OTtopn ilcA. nAnrXoc* oirog, Aqcauxeju, epoq 
ee&e nmA£/f enx~c mc* » eqcAXi nejutAq 
ee&e -fjm.eeju.Hi* neju. -fevKpAXiA neju. 
ni£,A n eenAajoom* exAqgtoni 2k.e £en onr- 
£,o*f nxe$7rXi£ Aqepovco xe juooji -fno*** 
AiajAntfl 2^e no*rcHOTr* -fnAOTcopn ncuoK* 
"ajua 2^e nAqep&eXmc xe nAfXoc nA*f 

ATTXeJUq] €TfX., S. nj6HX] cf. Gr. OE H LP al pier cat vg 
ayr«*» arm &c. " ie] om. FO?KS. XAI . . . eefLe] oni. G 

homeot. eXAIOOJc] eXAKOOJ, F8. n^HXOf] position cf. ? 
Gr. NABCE 13. 31. 40. 61. 68. 105. 137. al*"" cat Tg &c. epAX] 
+4>enniJUA n*f£,An 'in the place of judgement,' FK.OS. Xe] 
om. G*. 2,l] cf. ? Gr. ABC 13. 31. 40. 61. 65. 73. ayr"* aeth»* r . 
81 Aq&IXOf &c] cf. Gr. NABOE 13. 14* 40. 61. 68. 105. 137. 14a. 
c«* vg syr"* gyrP arm &c. ♦'fXlj] ^XHJ, B». eqejUj] 
Aq., B». eg,pHl] om. L«. XfCIAc] L«T»AGK(om. X*»): 
XlC., B«rFN0P8T. ** CAqOfAg,.] L*T*AB»GK : Aq., TF 

NOPST; cf. Gr. NABOEP 13. 36. 40. 61. 66** 68. 99. 100. 137. al 8 »« 
cat ayrP arm &c. eXApeg,] A: eApeg, 'to keep,' L»T» &c. 
epoq] cf. Gr. N A B CE 61. al plus l0 cat vg ayrP arm &c. AtXOn] 

ejuxon, ro. 2>.e] cf. Gr. 31. rinH] ab»k : itxenH, 
L«T' &c eojejugnxq] cf. Gr. saboe 13. 14. 61. 68. 73. 105. 

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ACTS XXIV. 31-26. 399 

themselves say what wrongdoing they found in me, standing 
in the council, 21 (other) than concerning this one saying 
(CJU.H), this which I cried out among them standing, ' Con- 
cerning (the) resurrection of the dead I (pron.) am judged 
to-day before (£,1) you.' M But Phylix put them off', know- 
ing accurately concerning them of the way, having said: 
' If Lysias the ohiliarchos should come up, I shall know con- 
cerning you.' 23 And he (part) commanded the centurion who 
kept him, [but] to give indulgence 11 to him^ and not to hinder 
any of his friends from (e) ministering to him. "But 
after some days Phylix came with Drousilla his wife being 
a Jewess ; he sent for Paulos, and heard him concerning the 
faith in (e) Christ Jesus, M speaking to him concerning [the] 
righteousness, and [the] temperance, and the judgement which 
will be: but Phylix having been in [a] fear answered: 'Go 
away d , now; but should I have (lit. take) a time, I shall 
(lit. will) send for thee.' M But withal he was hoping that 

• Lit. 'threw them behind.' • Lit. ' rest* • Lit. ' they who 

were his own.' d Lit. ' walk.' 

vg syr»* arm ar«. F»«'the end (of the lection).* ** £,A.It€- Hnn 4| (S ' 

&OOV1 ItAieg,., 26. 2v.e]om. N26. <&**Xl2]<bH.,B»:-XlXK: 
<t>I., NT 26. 2k.pOfClXX(om. Aj)A.] A26: TpO'»ClXX*.,L«T t && 
(rtr. X-jJt ' Atrusla,' "« "}~ } j> 'DrualS') : TpOfClfXXA., G. T€CJ- 
C&IJUUJ cf. Gr. N*E al sat mn vg syr"" arm. Te] fc.8, 26. 

A.qoiru)pn . . . a.(€, sjqcurreju.] eA.CTo&£,q xex*.c 

ftTeCIU/T €IIA.yXoC eCCOTeO. 'having prayed that she might 
see Paulos to hear,' 26, cf. syrP m e bohem. 0*YO£,] T»AB»: on. L» &c. 
enyQc]&.riX<C,K: ttTerixJC** 6 - lHc]cf.Gr.N*BEL 31.61. 
al*°cat vg syrP(arm aeth) &c. u eqCA-XIpPANST : A.qc, 26: 

+*.e, lbbtfgkop. ee&e] -&h, b». Te(A., T)rKpA.TiA.] 

HieVK., 26. eeitA-ttJUmi] cf.? Gr. HLP al pier rov fuXkorrot i<T«r8w. 
2k.€ i°] om. A,*. A.lttjA.ntf(aj, NT) I fc.6 ft] L«AB»rNO*PT: 
A.iajA.rtXUUt.1 ft 'should I find,' T'FGKO™«8: 4-igA.rttfT ft, 26. 
*• 4JULA.] AB»FGKS 26: &AJU.A., LtTTNOPT. 2v.e] om. P. 
If£.q.] trs. before ftg,A.It., 26. 

Digitized by 


400 npaxgic. 

ti.2 > &.fiXS>tuuL&. nA,q* OTOg, lujptef' irreq- 
XAX\ e&oX* ee&e $4.1 nA.qoircopn ncwq 
Sotjulhoj neon eqcjLXi nejuuLq* 


tX»j " Gta/cxupk ^e e&oX nxepo.mni cnoTfj- A.qoT 
noT2L\&.Toxpc nxett>TXi£ nopiaoc tpRcroc* 
eqoTruxg 2>.e erf no-r&jmoT nmio-*2i.A.! iixe- 
$tXi£ A.qccjoxn jDLnjL-rXoc eqcong,* 
^hctoc oftt e*TA.qi e*fenA.px'A* A*.enencA. v 
ne&ooTr* A,qoje e&pm eiTCfUA e&oX j6en 

ce KecA.piA. * * a.fcnron&o'* epoq | nxeniA.pxK- 
epevc* nejdL ni&OTTA.'f ivre mio-r^A-i ee&e 
n^irXoc * oTtog, nA/rf g,o epoq * » ereperm 
nof&.u.oT j6A.poq £,onu>c n*TEqo7ru>pn itctjoq*- 
eenq e&pw eiXruu.* enripi no*cxp°q *■ €j£>oe- 
&eq £,1 niAJLusiT * * $hctoc o"»n A.qepoTio *> 
xe c€A.peg, enA/r Xoc 4>en gecA.pi a> iteoq 2^e eq- 
AjLenr i ege ejuu.t SxioXeu ■*■ 6 nit o*»n nexA.q 
ereoYon cgxoju. ix.ju.oq j£>en ennof *• ju.A.po*ri 
ej6pHi nejutm*- icxe o*von oY£,u>ft eq&two-* 
^en nA.ipuMU.1* juLApofepKA/rHvopm epoq-j- 

oTfog, nAjpirf n(om. rjTeqx^-q e&oX] cf. ?Gr. hlp 

al pier cat aethPP &c. nA-qOTTCUpn] A.q., FS. eqcAJCl] -X€, 
B». 27 cno*rf] L«T»AB»rN0T: 5-f, FGKPS. fc.IA.TO- 

X©c] AGS: -^OXPC, L«T* &c. 4nfXl£] $1., NT. nop- 

$**c M a eqoTOJoj] A.q., fgks. ze 2 ] cf. Gr. «• 13. 40. 61** 

68. 105. 137. al M e vg 8 yr«*' &c: om. FGKS. A.qCU}X(T, S)n] 

eqc, b«. ii.nA.TrXoc] nxen., p. eqcongj l«t*ab»gk 

0»P: -tt)n£„ TFN0*ST. 

1 Otn] 2k€, FG KS. €"f 6(A., K) n^-PX**-] cf. Gr. (exc. K* 

A{B)). jutenencA.] juienen, Ax*(»«ca. a-* 'a copy') s r*. 

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ACTS XXIV. 27— XXV. 5. 401 

Paulos will give money (plur.) to him ; and thus that he 
might release him. Therefore he was sending for him many 
times, speaking to him. 

"But two years having been completed, Phylix received 
a successor, Porkios Phestos; but Phylix, wishing to give 
a favour to the Jews, left Paulos bound. XXV. Phestos 
then having come to the province, after three days went into 
Jerusalem from Kesaria. s The chief priests and the first 
(men) of the Jews made known to him concerning Paulos, 
and they were beseeching him, s asking a favour against him, 
that he might Bend for him to bring him into Jerusalem ; 
laying wait* to kill him on the way. * Phestos then an- 
swered, that Paulos is kept in Kesaria, but he (pron.) is 
thinking to go thither quickly. 5 They then, he said, for 
whom it is possible among you, let them come down with 
me; if there is an evil thing in this man, let them accuse 

• Lit 'doing subtlety.' 

A.Cjttje] *.qi 'came,' FGKS. * A.TrOTrOIt£,OT] A/TCe**.!, 

G R S. €poq] A B»P : ow. : + 2*. (X, S) 6, L»T' &c, of. Gr. E H LP 
al plu sjt* arm &c. ItlA.pX-] cf - Gr « NABOEL al 28 cat vg syr»*' 
arm aeth &c. nTeitHOT2v*.l] L«A B»FG KS s ttltt., T* : + KTe- 
mXiOC 'of the people,' TNOPT. ee&e] AB»: j£>*., L«T» &c, 

8 exeperm] eeporep., fks. jfeipoq] cf.? Gr. (exc o &c). 

g,ona>c]o(+T,T)n«)(0,N)C, TNOPT. eTfipi]L8TFN0PT: 

4/vipi, s: eipi, ab»: xeeiripl, G: xeenreipi, k : enripi 

2>.e, T». * j£eit] cf. Gr. HLP al pier cat &c. 'PI*.] cf. Gr, 

»ae. ' erecnron] om. exe, p. Ju.AA.oq] A: &.- 

JUUUOTf, L«T* &c. 6j6pHl] eg,., FKS: om. G. OTTOtt OX] 

ott, g. £,(«£. eqgiwoT j£en (j6a., fgs) n£.ipux*ju] cf.? 

Gr. 5. 6. 7. 8. 27. 36. 43. 98. 106. 180. al 8 "" Unman «» ry iripl roirtp; 
item 31. 42. 57. 66** 68. 69. 81. 97. 99. 137. al 3 *" cat 382 8yr«*etP Ac. 
ip rf ivtpi rovry 5roirw. epoq] L»AB«rNOPT: i&A.pOq, T* 

VOL. IV. D d 


Digitized by " 


402 npuxgic. 

•eTA.qaji»ni *>e h&KToi h&oTto k neg,oo*r 
A.n te I A.qi 6Keca.piA.-i> 
GneqpA,c*f 2lB &x\&e*Ac\ g,i ni&fuuu. A.q<nrA£,- 
cA.g,rti eepoirmi XLiu/rXoc * T e*rA.qi fc.e 
a.ito£,i epA.*roT j&A.poq nacemioir^A.i eTA.*« 
e^bpHi e&oX j6e« iXSZE evmi noTAUtaj 
ilXcoixi ev&opaj e&ptu exooq* haj exejOL- 
noirajxejuLxojuL nT&£,u>o*v epA.Tox * 8 eqep- 
A.noXovicee ftxeiu/cXoc * xe of^e iSLmep- 
na&i e$itoju.oc kiuiot^u *■ ot^.6 niep<4>ei* 
oif^e ncnrpo* 9 $rctoc ^.e eqoxiogj eepg,- 
julot B.nnoTavA.i «• J.qepo'vu) nexA.q juL- 
ha/cXoc-s- ace x '*"^ € 2J e eiMum e<fi£,A.n 
jGuula.? j6a.totot eefte itA.i *• ,0 riA/rXoc 
*e nexaq xe *fo£,i epA/r £,ixeit ni&tuuLA. 
irre noxpo ttuula. ercaje nTo*rf£,A.ii epoi 
ijuutoq-s- itnoY^A.1 2>.e ii.iutffro'* nxonc 
n£,Xi*> AM>pni" g,t«K ereKcauoYn ejuuLajtu* 
" icxe o*«t *f<JT nxonc *• oto£, jcxe Aiepl&Xi 
ii&ujil* eqiinajA. ii<t>JU.OTf * ie -feprtA.pA.- 
Tice-e A.11 gjulot* 
ICze a.e juumon &Xi ajon-s- j6ett itH eroTrep- 
KA,THVopm epoi nxeruLi. juution ajxojut. trre 

• n&OTTO . . . 4Jtt 16 l] cf. Gr. »AB0 6. 7. 8. 13. 15. 27. 29. 31. 
36. 37. 61. 65. 66** 68. 73. 105. 133. e vg arm &c: om. A.11, G, cf. Or. 
Ef 19** 25. 40. 66* 80. 96. •.•"* (al ?) syrP**. S] 6K, T'B»G : Sit, 
S. A.q(**, B»)l]A: +6j6(£„ FGKS)pHI, L»T* «pc -piA.] cf. 

Gr. mae 61. eneqpA-c-f] neq., fgks. *.e 2 ] cf. Gr. 37. 

56: om. GK, cf. Gr. (exc. A c«»). A.q£,eAA.Cl] T»A: €q., P: 

e*ra.q., L» &c. &i] £,ixen, p. A.qoxA^.] pref. OYO&, 

T* F G KS. eepOY &c] Tisch. cites this with Gr. L axtijwu rA» DavXor, 
bat the construction is different. 7 J^A-poq] €poq, FGKS; 

cf. Or. **AB0(E)L 5. 7. 13. 15. 18. 29. 36. 40. 61. 65. 66** 68. 73. 105. 
180. 40 1 * 9 * al***' (ex his 13. 18. 29. 40. 61. 68. 105. air oiry) cat vg syr»»' 
arm &c. ej£pRl] eg,., G. €nflltl] A.**., FS. e**£,0(0>, 
PS)paj] om. GK. €£,pHI CXUJq] cf. Gr. L 17. 18. 68. syr"* 
arm** 1 (aeth). ItAJ €Te] om.FGKS. nXA^tOO**] ttTA^O, 

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ACTS XXV. 6-u. 40S 

him. * But having been among them not more than eight 
days or ten, he came to Kesaria. But on the (lit. his) 
morrow he sat on the judgement seat, he commanded to bring 
Paulos. 7 But he having come, the Jews stood against him, 
having come down from Jerusalem, bringing many heavy 
charges upon him, these which they could not establish, 
'Paulos defending himself: 'Neither sinned I against (the) 
law of the Jews, nor the temple, nor (the) king.' • But 
Phestos, wishing to be gracious* to the Jews, answered ; he 
said to Paulos : ' Wishest thou to go to Jerusalem to be 
judged there with them concerning these (things)?' "But 
Paulos said: 'I stand at (£,ixett) the judgement seat of (the) 
king, the place in which I ought to be judged : but to the 
Jews I did not any wrong, as thou also knowest perfectly b . 
11 If then I do wrong, and if I did any work worthy of (the) 
death, then I refuse not to die. But if there is (ajon) 
not anything in the things which these accuse me, it is not 

* Lit. 'do grace.' b Lit. 'exceedingly.' 

8. *] a.q., a s . iixeru.'rXoc] cf. Gr. kabo 

13. 17. 31. 40. 61. 68. 73. 81. 137. c*" vg" 18 syrP arm aeth See. illtHOTf- 
2k.A.l]L<»AB»rN0PT: nTeiU., T»FGK& ruep<frei]T*A,*jB»F 
GKS^ref.e.lAayTNOPT. no*»po]T*AiVB a FGK e S«: pref.6, 
L»A 1 «rN OP(IU)T. •• eqOflDttj] position cf.? Gr. NABCE 13. 31. 
40. 61. 68. 105. 137. c"* k 1 " cat am fu demid tol » yr atr arm &c. A.q€p- 
<y»U>] L«T*AB»FGRS: om. TNO»PT. eiXrUUt] AB»rNOPT:,pKI,L8T*GK: pref. Oj£.e£,pKl, FS. J^TOTCTr] AB»N : 
J64.TOT 'before me,' L*T*rFGKOPST. w 1"0£,I ep*.T 

position cf. ? Gr. 8*(B) 31. £,IXen] CXeit, B»FS. HOYpo' 

nio*»po,FS. ercoje] e*rec(+c,B«)aje,B»FGKS. rVroff 

AB»: nC€-f,L«T'&c. AJUULOq] iJUU.A.Tf.O. 2>.e2 ]A: T*A.p, 
UsB«rFNOPST: om.T*GK. tt£,Xl]om.K. " OT(+0,B»)n] 
cf. Gr. N ABCE«f 61. al" cat arm &c. ICXG a ] om. FGES. AjepJ 
0-»0£, JUlniep 'and I did not,' F S. £,Xl &c] £,Ujfi. !t£,Xl, G». 

eqjulncyA.] eqeju.n., tgnt : eqeeju.n., r. le] a b» : om. 

LBT 1 &c. eJULOT] e$JJLOt '(the) death,' B». 2s.e] ora. G. 
OJO(U>, S)n] + ft£)KT 'in me,' K. eTOYCp.] cf. Gr. 16. 33. 37. 
100. «yr»«" ar«. €pOl] A : om. K : + j&MSBOl, L«T» &c. 

D d a 


Digitized by " 

404 npoxgic. 

&Xi xhix hujoy nj^jutox* *f epeniKA.Xicee 
jOtnoYpo* "xoxe A. $hcxoc caxi newt 
iucyjuAoyXoh 4> AqepoYtu AKepeniKAXicee 
julnoYpo eKeaje oja noYpo* 
tm ,8 GxAYciiti ^.e itxe&Aiieg/JOY * AxpimiAc hoy- 
po4» new. fLepiiiKH* A.YepKAXA, eKe- AYepAcriA^ecee jGL$kcxoc*> "ex- 


X*- n&twS. ii.iu.YXoc j&Axoxq juLhoydo 
eqxuj juuuloc* 
Oyok oYpcojuu eqcoitg,* eA,qcu>xii e&oX g,ixeit 
$yXi£* " exAiaje ^e e&ptu eiMum* a.yoy- 
oh&oy rbceniA.pxiepeYc* nejm. mnpec&Y- 
xepoc itxe hhoy^ai*- eYepexm jzbApoq 


eixco juuuloc*- xe oYCYitKeiA A.11 xe ilxe 
mpcojuieoc *• e-f itoYpuxMJ n&JULox*- jOltta* 
xoyo&i epAxoY nxeitiKAXKropoc ii.neju.eo 
jul$k exoYepKAXRVopm epoq* oyo£, itxeq* 
xexx. jula. nf nxeqA-iioXoviA. ee&e m ApiKi * 
Tua it Gxa.yi OYn itejuLHi eriAi jula ■}■ JOLruep g,Xi it<JT£,o 
neqpAcf 2>.e AJ&ejuici £,i iu&hjuia.* a.ioya»£,- 
cA&ru eopoYiiti juLmptojuu * 18 oyo£, $aj exA 


It£,JJl.OX] It0Y£,., T. " A.$. CAXl] L*AB»rNOPT: 

<t>. AqCAXI, T'FGKS. CYJUlfLoYXoit] -XOC, K : -&toX-, 

P»P: -XlUIt, N8: -fitoXoYIt, T: -XlOK, B*. A.qepOYU}] 

+ Jti.nAYXoC, B»: +3CC, FS. gA] UT«AF0K8: £>*•> B«: 

Hunt ««, JUL, TN PT. la F"" S™* ' the fourth Sunday of the (holy, S) Fast.' 

exAYcmi] exA.qc, »6. AvpmiiAc] -oc, fs : vA.pnnAc, 

N. . . . AY6p] om. 0* homeot. -p!A] cf. Gr. 
»ae. A.YepA.cnA^ecee] cf.? Gr. NABEs'HLP 13. 31. 68. 105. 
180. al " aeth»". " A.$KC (r. aa om. T> N) XOc] JUL^YCXOC, 

FS. j£>AXOXq] AB»: pref. €&pHI, L«rFGKS: €j£pHl 
^ApAXq,T l N0PTa6. JULlIOYpo] om. G. eqcOIt£,] AK 
a6: -U>lt£,, LsT* &c. £,IX€It] L«AB»FGKS a6: +JDL, T; 

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ACTS XXV. I a-i 8. 405 

possible for any to grant me to them, I appeal to (the) king.' 
la Then Phestos spake to the council ; he answered, Thou 
appealedst to (the) king, thou shalt go unto (the) king. 

18 But some days having passed, Agrippas (the) king and 
Bernike came to stay at Kesaria; they sainted Phestos. 
14 But having spent many days there, Phestos laid (the) 
matter of Paulos before (the) king, saying: There is a man 
bound, having been left by Phylix : w but I having gone into 
Jerusalem, the chief priests and the presbyters of the Jews 
spoke openly (of him)*, asking against him a sentence. 
16 But I responded to them, saying that it is not a custom 
of the Romans to give up b a man, before that the accusers 
stand before him whom they accuse, and he find place of 
giving his defence concerning the fault " They having 

come then with me to this place, I made not any delay ; 
but on the (lit. his) morrow I sat on the judgement seat, 
I commanded to bring the man. "And this (man), the 

• Lit. 'manifested themselves.' b Or 'grant.' ° Lit. 'receive 

face,' an expression for 'respect of persons,' cf. I Pet. iii. 20. 

£,rro*rq £x, r(om. juijnopt. $tX.] <&r., b»: 4>i., s. 
" eTA-iaje] om. oje, k. A/rofort&o'*] jlttcjeju.!, f»gks. 
eirepeTiitj *.•*., 26. ka.t4.tikh] afkos 26: -2>.ikk, l« 

T«&c.; cf. Or. MA BO 5. 7. 13. 17. 25. 27. 29. 40. 66** 73. 105. Ac. 
" A.!OTTlD£,eJl*.] -0£,e«JL, B»P. 6IXCo] I6XU), A x by error. 
0*»C7r(H, N)rtK0IA.] AB»: pref. ft(A.«, 26), L8T» &c. double nega- 
tive. rtg^U-OT] nOY&JULOT, 26 ; cf. Gr. NABCE 7. 13. 17. 25. 
27. 29. 40. 61. 66** c** vg syrP'** arm aeth &c. A*.nA.TO"».] 

AjLru.itTOY., 26. niKAT.] l«t*a b»fg k s 26 : neq. ' his &c.,' 

TNOPT. OTTO&] cf. Gr. (exc. BE**). K*f] AB»26: e*t, L«T*&c. 
A.noX . . . £.p!Kl] om. TloX . . . A.piKI, NT. TOA-piKl] Heq. 
'his &c,' 26. " eTA-Tfl] cf. ? Gr. B 5. 32. 40. 42. 46. 57. 81. 95* 

97. eiu.uuu.] Jxxl, T: em., fs. ] L«A B»FG 
ks 26: eneq., ttnopt. *.e] om. g. £,i] £,ixen, t*. 

AJOYA.P,] L«AB»FGKS 26:_pref. OTO&, TTNOPT. JUlm- 
p«3A».l]L«T , AB»rKN0T: iA.HA.ip., FGPS 26. " OTTO&] 

AB*: om. L«T*&c. 

Digitized by 


4os npaxsic. 

mK£.THropoc o£,i epA.To*» j6*.poq* lu/rim 
rvg,A.nXu3ixi a.k j£ert itK a.«ok ef ju.eri eptooir 

2C6 C€2,UJOT* " g^It^RTHAJU. OTTIt ittoof I 

ci oTTuxr* netju.q* eefte otc&cu iti£ nxwoT* 
nejuL eefie oi&.\ xe mc eA.qju.o*c *• $£.! cn-Lpe 
iu.**Xoc xto JOUaoc ace qon^* 20 ru-iTuwuLT 

3S.6 A-ItOK €b£l€ nAJ^RTRJULA, irre tu.i 4- KA.IXUD 

jj.Aj.oc ace icace xpt^Si e ffl e eiTviuOt nce-faA-n 
epoK ixxtULt ee&e tu.t * 
11 G*Ti n*.*cXoc eperuicAJXicee juLno-rpo A.iA.p€£, 
epoq enccnren no*rpo i-iepKeXerm eepo*»A.peg, 
epoq ajA.-fo'copnq iwiOTpo* M 3Xvpmiu.c 
2^.6 nexiq jOL$Kcroc * ace njuoirujaj £,10 ne 
ecwrejuL eniptojuti. ri.p nex£.q eice- 
ctuTeju. epoq* 


rfi/3 " ITegpA-c-f otk erA.qi ttacejirpMng. rcejm &ep- 

er^/raje ej£o*cit enuuuL ittfTcjum * neju. £,A- n " 
XiXiA.px oc nejut £,&.npu).*«.i eiroi Rmg'f irre 

i6*-poq] epoq, fgks 26. ng,A,nXu>iaci] ii&Xi nXtui- 

2CI 'not any pretext,' j6. J^eit] j6*.» 26. A.IIOK] position cf. ? 

Gr. nabo 13. 31. 61. 180. vg &c. e-f-jmeiril AB» 26 : en&A*x., 

L8FGKS: eXeiU-IJUL., TTNOPT. 2C€] om. G. ce&ODoV) 
of.? Gr. WBE 61. 100. 40 u « t , plural. " ?RT.] £€T., P. OYIt] 

A: 2^.6, I^T'&c. IttOOirJA: n&.t, UGKO 26: eit-LTf, BTF 
NP8T: IttMO** ItA/*, T*. 0*»TU}oV| LBAB»rFGKNOPST: 

ivr-two**, 26. eefie i°. . . ivrujo**] Lrr*AB»rNOPT : e©&e- 

nO*rcyeJULaj! 'concerning their ministry,' FGKS. eit&.pe] CTC-, 26. juumoc] +epoq, 26. qoitj6] qu>nj£, mi. 

20 ItA,l*TU>JUt.T] T'A: eiTO(UJ, L*P)A*.T, Lb &c. IU.l£R- 
T(*, P)HJULA.] L«T«AB»rNOPT: 111^., GK 26: Ill£., FS. 
11A.l] cf. Gr. NABCEL 3. 7. 13. 17. 18. 25. 31. 36. 38. 40. 45. 46. 61. 
68. 69. 73. 93. 95. 96. 105. 113. 142. 180. al 8 «° r cat syr utr arm aeth Ac. 

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ACTS XXV. 19-23. 407 

accusers having stood against him, were bringing no pretexts 
among those of which I (pron.) think that they are evil ; 
" questions then they had * between them and him concerning 
a doctrine of demons of theirs, and concerning one, called 
(X6) Jesus, who died, this (man) whom Paulos was saying that 
he is alive. *°But I (pron.) was being amazed concerning 
these questions of these (things); I was saying: 'Wilt thou b 
go to Jerusalem, and be judged there concerning these 
(things) 1' n Paulos having appealed to (the) king I kept 
him for (the) knowledge of (the) king, I commanded to keep 
him until I send him to (the) king. M But Agrippas said 
to Phestos: 'I was wishing also to hear the man.' [For] 
to-morrow, he said, thou shalt hear him. 

23 On the (lit. his) morrow then, Agrippa having come and 
Bernike, with (itejut) a great pomp, and they having gone into 
the place of audience, with (itCAX.) chUiarchs and (n€JUt) great 

* Lit 'to them,' OTIt, read only by A, may hare been OTOIt, and 
IttDOT corrupted from TOJOT » Lit. 'if thou wieheat.' 

ruuxto JQUiLoc] LBAB*roP: + tujq ne, 36: hajxoc 

nA.q, T»: A.IXOC ItA.q, FGK8: 3CIO JJUU.OC, N by error. 
XO*»tOOj] KOTT., O. eiKvUx (cf. Gr. LP al pier)] pref. 6g,pHI, 
26. "lU.TfXoc] A: +*.€, L«T' &c. epe(om.F8)H!KA.- 

Xicee] ep*.noXovicee, k. jGL(e, Gjnoirpo] A: pref. 

eepOTTA.p€£, epoq en( + l, PJCUJOnrit 'to be kept to the know- 

ing,' l»t» &c. : + eeponr A.peg, epoq, r. ££, epoq 
encoireitnoTf po] ab» : om. l«t» &c. encofen . . . epoq a°J 

om. r*. M neXA.q i°] cf. Gr. CEHLP 61. al pier cat vg«*« 

(•yr«*)et» arm aeth &c. lie] om. G. niptOJULl] AB»: IlAJp. 
'this Ac.,' L«T* Ac. p£.C*f V^p] L«T'AB»FUKS: om. V4.p, 
TNOPT 26, cf.? Gr. NAB vg. M neqpicf] LsA^B'FFG Hunt*, 

K8a6: pref. C, T'NOPT. OTflt] 2v6, FGS: fc.6 O^TIt, B»K. 

&rpmiu.] a^b*: -ru.c, L'T'a^ &c fiepn.] <6A,prt., s. 
nejw. a°] js&en, 26. erA/i*.] era.q., fs. £A n xO cf. Gr. 

NABCE 3. 13. 40. 42. 61. 65. 68. 95* 105. 137. c"» k«": !UX-» *>• 
eTOl] cf.? Gr. EHLP al pier cat syrP &c. 


Digitized by 


408 npaxgic. 

•fnoXic* otto£, €TA.qepKeXe*Mit ttxe$KCToc 
nmi juLnA.fXoc * 
m Oto£, nexe $hctoc ace noirpo AxpmriA.*- iteju. 
mptojuu xHpoTf e0nejuLA.1t TerenitA.Tr e$AJ +• 
ee&HTq a* iujulhoj THpq itTe ruio**:kA.i cejuu 
iihi j6eit iXhjuC* neju. j6eit ruuicejuuL e-vtoaj 
e&oX xe qejutnajA, Jtioitj6 A,it xe* 
28 UXnoK 2s.e A.ieju.1 epoq * xe juLneqep £,Xi eqjOL- 
najA, jtMuuur* *• $aj *.e iteoq eTA.qepeni- 
KA.Xicee jOLnoTTpo-i- A.rf £,A,n eoropnq 4- ** $aj 
eTejuumort ne-f-iiA.cj6HTq itTAJcpo eeftm-q 
juLiiA.dc ncnrpo. 
Gefte $a.i Ajenq ttA&pert eHitoT* o**o£, | 
juu-Xicta. itA£,pA.K noirpo A.vpmiiA. £,onu>c 
eAJtajertq e£,pA.q* ftTAxejui ne*fnA.cj6H*rq * 
"•fjuteTi rA.p ace oir£,u>£. itA/rcAxi ne+> 
eoTopn jOLnercoitg, egjTejut.epc**JU.emit rtneq- 
KeXtoixi extff epoq * * 3XrpmnA.c a^e nexA.q 
AX.nA.nrXoc xe ceofA^cA^m hajc ecAoci 
w ToTe iiA/rXoc A-qcoirreit Teqxix e&oX A,qep- 

" 0"»0£,] on>. FG K S. A.rpinilA.] A,* B» : -11A.C, L« T» A," &c.] om. €€-, B»*. CeJUU] L*A,S : A.**C, T* &c, for 
plur. cf. ?Gr. (exc. BH25. 40. 105). ITvKJUt] cf. Gr. E«* 40. IlA-l] 

4>a.i, tnot. JutA.]+on'ai8o.'26. e**togj] a.**., 26. xeq.] 
xeeq., r. kuj(o, Lep)rtj6 A.11 xe] jut^jutoir 'of the death,' 

26. * s AiejULl] cf.Gr.N«ABOE 8. 17. 40.61. 68. 73. 105. vg syr^ann. 

eqjuLnajA.]T*AB»FKPS : eqeJxnajA., u rGNOT. a>.e 2 ] cf. 

Gr. NABOE 13. 17. 40. 68. 73. 105. rg Ac. e*TA.qep.] I^AB^r 
NPT: A.qep., FGKOS. eOfO(U>, S*)pnq] cf. ? Gr. EH LP a] 
pier syrP &c. M Iiei" ItA.. i°] AB«: $R e^ItA-, Lf &c: ne 

4»HetltA..,T». iJL(e,0)IlA.dc] om.jUL,rNT;cf.Gr.5.7.8.i5.i8. 
25. 27. 29. 36. 68. 98 "w 105. 180. e"° r cat arm aethPP ayrP c.*et»w &c. 
nO*»po] A: om. L«T» &c 0**0£,] T*AGK: om. L« Ac 

A.vpmnA.] L*Ars: -n&x, t* &c. g,ono)(o, ns*)c] l»t»a 

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ACTS XXV. a 4 — XXVI. i. 409 

men of the city, and Phestos having commanded, they 
brought Paul. '* And Phestos said s ' (The) king Agrippa 
and all the men who are with us, ye see this (man): concern- 
ing him all the multitude of the Jews pleaded with me in 
Jerusalem and in this place also, crying out that he is not 
worthy to live any longer. M But I (pron.) knew him, that 
he did not anything worthy of (the) death: but he ($£.l) 
himself (fl©ocj) having appealed to (the) king, I decided* to 
send him. *• Concerning whom b there is not that which 
I shall (lit will) write of certainty to my lord (the) king, 

Therefore I brought him before yon, and especially before 
thee, (the) king Agrippa, that thou having enquired of him, 
I might find that which I shall (lit. will) write. * For I 
think that it is a thing unreasonable to send the prisoner 
(and) not to signify his charges also which concern him.' 
XXVL But Agrippas said to Paulos : ' Thou art commanded 
to speak for thyself.' 

Then Paulos stretched out his hand, he made defence 

■ Lit. 'judged.' b Lit. 'this concerning &c.' 

b»fgks: oiuoc, tnopt. e^Kgjenq] A: A.KClJAItettC| 
'shonldest thou ask him,' L»T* Ac lief !U.Cj6hTC|] AB»: $K 
€"f"It£.., L»T* &c.j cf. Or. NABC 5. 7. 13. 17. 61. 105. syrP &c. 

" n&. r rc^Jn ne] ttc&ie ne 'unfair,' p-wo"*; for ne = 

iUai cf. Gr. 31. 4a OYOpiI jOLn.JA, : OTOpim., Aj, : OITWpn 
iJL,L»T'&c. neTCOItgjAB»F«K: neTCUMt£„ L«T*F*GST: 

$h exciong,, tnop. epcx**.enm] L»T*AB»ro: epc*»- 
(e, G)juuu.enm, Fgknpst. 

1 6CAX l] Sc, T. €3CtCK] F«*'the end (of the lection).' A.q- Hoot * i. u, 

coTrxen] -Ttori, gk 26 1 . A.(e, T*N)qepA.noXovicee]' ro i '^ e - 

JLqepeHIKAXlCOe, 26' ; position cf. Gr. NABOB 13. 15. 18. 31. 40. TOT 6... 
61. 66. 68. 73. 99. 133. 180. 13'*°* I4 k0 * k* * cat vg syr"* arm aeth &c. : '" 3 
eqXOJ JUUULOC xe 'saying,' GE: + ecpCUD jOUULOC 3C6, 

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410 npoxsic. 

A-noXoncee* *eefi.e £,to& m&en e*ro**xejui- 
ApiKi epoq R^bKTO"» rixeitnoir^Ai juLno*rpo 
av pinn a * 
. 'lutnefi xe akok o-v axa.ka.pioc *• eiitAepAnoXo- 
vicee ix^oonr j6ato*tic 8 ajlaXicta. eKctwonm 
nnirritHeiA. fixe mio*rxAJ* neju. hott^r- 
thjula. ee&e $a.i i~*ruj&£, jOuulok*- eepeK- 
co)T€ajl epoi j6en oxuLeTpeqajo-* it£,KT+> 
* ILLxmcjunsib icxen xAjm.eTA.XoTf eTA.qaju>m 
icxen &h js&ert nAeenoc rt&pw j6eit iXhjul* 
ceciooirit jDuutoq tbceitiioir2kA.i THpoT* 
5 e*repa)opn ncuuoirn ajljuloi icxeit caiwjwi 
A.**ruxg pe * 
2Ce kata *fg,epecic erTAxpHOYT irre neit- 
ajeAx.aji Aicunib XM>A.piceoc *■ •otto£, "fno** 
eo&e T&eXmc jOLnicocg exAqajtont Rnenio-f 
e&oX g,tTen $f * "fog,! epA/r e*rfg,A.n epoi 
7 ere TAJ&eXmc Te* eitApe *fiff jOufrTrXn 
ajejutaji j6eit otJtxotn. e&oX* ikTue&oov 
newt niextopg, 4- e**oTrujaj eepe totot *f jutA.i" 
ciA epoc* I eefte TAi&eXnic noirpo * cexeAAA,pna 
epoi nxenuoT^.A.1 * • ot julct A.enA£>1" Te * 
AAA.£,An j£en eHitoir-i- icxe $*f nA.*roTitoc 

FO(om. xe)s. 2 exoTrxeju.] exA.irxejuL, 26 1 . epoq] 

T*AB» 26: epOI 'with me,' L* &c. n^HTOTf] ee&KTOTr, 
FKS. jGLnofpo] AB»: om. JUL, L«T' &c. AXpiIlIlA] AB»r 
GT: -nAC, L*T*FKNOPS. *f JU.e*»l] om. FKS. 6(A, 2o"')I- 

n AepAnoXor icoe] position cf. ? Gr. minusc mn. » eKctooirn] 

om. 6, G. nit!C*»ItK(I, G)©IA] cf. Gr. A 17. 25. aeth«": ivfc, 
IA. ItO*r^K(e, 26«)XHAA.A(G n w'»copy')] nOTItOHJULA., G» ; 
for om. rirurropcMw cf. Gr. tt* B E H L P al pier vg. CO per.] cf. ? Gr. C H 
LP al pier syr** &c: om. 0. eepeKCUJTeAX.] IlTeKC. 'that 
thon may,' 26 1 . AJLexpeqUJOir it£,H*r] *f"£,«Hq 'attentively,' 

26. 4 nAxmu3itj6] a : + juten, b» •. + Jtnen o*»n, l«t» tu. 

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ACTS XXVL a-8. 411 

2 concerning all things with which the Jews find fault with 
him to (the) king Agrippa, I think that I (am) happy, 

being about to make dtfence to-day before thee : 8 especially 
as thou knowest the customs of the Jews and their questions : 
therefore I pray thee to hear me longsufferingly . * My living 
from my youth, which was from (the) beginning among my 
nation in Jerusalem, all the Jews know ; * knowing me before 
from (this time) upward, should they wish to witness, 

That according to the sect which is strict* of our service 
I lived as Pharisee. 'And now concerning (the) hope of 
the promise which was made to our fathers by Qod I stand 
being judged, T that is to say this hope (as to) which the 
twelve tribes were serving continually in the day and the 
night, wishing to b attain unto it. Concerning this hope, 
(the) king, the Jews find fault with me. * Why is it in- 
credible", judge d in yourselves, if Qod will raise the dead 1 

* Lit. 'accurate.' b Lit. 'to cause their hand.' « Lit. 'what is 

unbelief.' d Imperative because xptWrat was mistaken for npirtr*. 

!CXeit£,R] om. 26. IW-eertOC] TU-ieeitOC 'this &c.,' AjKO. 
n£,pw] rt*6., Tj for om. T€ tf. Gr. CHLP 13. 61. al pier vg syrP 
arm aetb &c rtIIOT2i£.l] cf. ? Gr. NAO*HLP al pier cat &c. 

• eirep.] creep., 26. jDUu.01] ijuutoq 'him.' 26. "f&ep.] 

om. *f , P : *f"K*£,C 'the custom,' K. * T&eX.] TA.&. 'my 

hope," P. nenicf ] cf. Gr. KABCE 61. al plus 8 * cat vg syr»<* arm 
aeth Ac. : Itlicf , L« P, cf. Gr. H LP al longe plu &o. *f"0£,l] +^.6, 

t. T €] nn^pe, n. -fiS] t» &c: TeruS 'our 

twelve,' L«NPT. j6eit] AB»: pref. Rj6k*TC (TOTT, N) 'in it,' 

l»t»&c. eepeTO(+Tr,T)TOTf] eepoTr, fs. epoc] epoi 

'to me,' P by error. TA.l£,eXrUC] +fc.6, P. nO**po] A : trs. 
after 10TT2vA.l, L«T* &c, position and without iypiima cf. Gr. KBOEI 
13. 17. 61. 65. 68. 73. 133. 180. vg arm &o. nHO*»^.A.l] cf. Gr. minuxo 
mu ara«*>. * OTr JJL.GT (om. JUL6T, 0) A.O (T, K N 8T) ltA^,"f 
T€] -"f ne, : om. T€, FS. 

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412 npoxgic. 

t/*8 »3XnoK Axen otn iu.uA.evi epot* eep oirJUtHg 
tt&tofi. erf e&oYit e&peit 4> nmc mitA.- 
£tupeoc+> 10 $a.i j&en ixhjul-5- cnr- 
aukoj j&en itK eecnrAii a.kok a.!£,ixoy ej6o*«-it 
emajxeKtuo** *• eA.itff jDLmepcgigj+> £,ixen 
niipXHeperc 4- e*» j^tuxeA jGUjujuot ajA.rfton 
j6^.pcooTr "kaxa. cTitirtorK m&en* erfii.- 
ka.& moot itoTJutHcy neon* itA.itff jGuu.too'ir 
nxotic eepoirxeoTrA.* j6en oT**.ex£,oYo 2>.e* 
ei£en oTrXifi.1 e£>oin epcooir* ajA.itfoxi 
RctooTf ttj^-e&PHi emjcenoXic bxcaJIoX* 

tj*« "OfO£, j6en itAJ euuLoaji exAjmA-CKoc itejut 
ovexoirciA. ne**. .cr*A£,cA£,ru iixe niA.px»- 
epenrc* 18 ei£,i nuuuoix *e j6eit x$a^ji 
jOLnie^ooTT* A.mA.Y novpo eoTtwtomi e&oX 
j6en x$e eq$opi e&ore <t>pH* A.qi e&pm 
extoi nejut i\h eertejuuii *• u exA.n£,ei 2>.e 
THpen &ixeit niKA.£,t<s- AJctoxeM. eo*»cjULK 
ecxto jJuuloc nm ,s6en *f a.ciu iJuu.ex£,e- 
fipeoc* xe ca.ottX cA.oirX aj£ok Ktfoxi Scum* 
ott&umI eqitA.ajx ha.k ne e*fgjen$A.x ej6o*«-n 
j6en g,A.itcoTfpi *• ,8 a.hok *e nexHi xe «eoK 

•epoi] epoq, a,, eep] t» &c. xe eep, P-. ep, l*. 
e&peit] e, kt : jGL, fs. 10 ex^iiiq], o, 

3° person by error. OTTAXHttj] AB»: pref. OTTO&, L»T» &c, cf. Gr. 
BHLP al pier &c. eeOTTA^] €<??, PT: M, T. e^OTrit] 
cf. Gr. NABCEIL 13. 31. 4a 61. 105. al plus 20 cat vg: om. TNOPT, 
cf. Gr. HP al plu &c. CHI.] Kill., P. £,!X6tt] T'AB» : ftxeit, 

L«rGKOP: iixe, fnst. enr.£>toxe.&] e£>., a. &.- 

AILOJOTr] AFPS: pref. 2^.6, L*T'B»rGKNOT, cf. Gr. H ai. 99. 105. 
137. al*»« e syrP Ac. " KA.XA.] AB»: pref. OTTOg,, UT< &c 

C»ItA.rtO(0, S)VH] pref. OTf,P. 6! (16, N)'fiSL(eJU.,T t GO)ICA£,] 
L»AB»rNPT: «A.I*f, T»FKS: AJ-f, G: irf, by error. 3e>e] 

om. fs. eu6eit] itA.u6eit, fs. cntXifti] cnr&iXi, g: 

OTfXo&I, FS. e^Oirn] L*AB»FGS: om.TTKNOPT. OJA.I- 

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ACTS XXVL 9-15. 413 

9 1 indeed then was thinking for myself to do many things 
which oppose (the) name of Jesus the Nazoreos. I0 This which 
I did in Jerusalem ; many among the saints I (pron.) cast 
into the prisons, having received the authority from the 
chief priests ; (as) they were killing them I (ajAJ) gave vote 
against them u in every synagogue ; giving pain to them many 
times, I was forcing them to blaspheme ; but in [an] excess 
being in a madness towards them, I (ojA-1) persecuted them 
even unto the cities also which are outside. "And in 
these (things) journeying* to Damaskos with an authority 
and (item.) commandment of the chief priests, M [but] being 
on the road at midday I saw, (the) king, a light from (the) 
heaven brighter than (the) sun, it eame upon me and them 
who were with me. "But we all having fallen upon the 
earth, I heard a voice saying to me in the language of 
Hebrew : ' Saoul, Saoul, why persecutest thou me 1 It is 
a hard thing for thee to kick against goads.' 18 But I (pron.) 

» Lit. 'walking.' 

tfOXl] €I(J^ GK: IWJtfOXI 2>.6, F8. €£,pHl] e&pHI, F. 
em.] ftm., N. " OTTOg,] AB», cf. ? Gr. HLP al pier syr»» &c: 
om. L«T* &c, cf. Gr. NABCEI 13. 40. 61. 105. al 10 cat vg ayr* arm 
aeth &c. eiAJLOOJl] +*.€, FS. Ol&g,.] pref. Of, B»GO. 
nXeitlipX-] <* 0r - NABEI 40. 61. 68. i7»«* c»» vg syr** arm : 
ftTeitrll., G, cf. ? Gr. CHLP al pier cat ayrP aeth Ac. " 6l£,l] 

er£,i, o»«('acopy'). iAnie&oonr] ilTent., gk. eoTrcnr- 
coim] T'AroP: ewvumti, b»: e<r<ru>(o, N)im, l*fgkn 

ST. A.qi] AGKO: €A.C|!, L8T'B»rFNPST. €£,pHl] 6j6m 

gk. eenejuLHi] L«AB«rFNO*PT: ex(e, sjAxoaji nejut- 

Kl 'who walked with me,' T*G K O-^S. w 2>.e] cf. Gr. H LP al 

pier &c rUK£.£,l] nK., T*rF*NT. AJClOTeA*.] pref. ItXerl- 
*f &°"f 'f rom the fe » r .' T*FGK S ; oba. Gr. 137. syrVV. 6C3CU3 JUL- 
JJLO(<J3, A,)C ttRj] cf. Gr. NABOEI 15. 17. 18. 25. 28. 31. 36. 40. 61. 
68. 73. 98** 105. 133. 180. I4 1 * * i7'««* cat vg syr»t» aethPP. JU.6T- 
£,€&.] JJL€T€&.., TNT. KCfOXl] €KCT, T*FGKS. £>6lt a°] 
om. T, 

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414 npaxEic. 

mju. not* not >l€ nexA.q nm xe a.kok ne 
mc* 4>h «©ok ereKtfoxi nccoq* "aXXa. 
TositK o&i epA.TK e|xen neKd5.XA.irx * 
Ge&e 4>a.i vA.p A-ioirong/r epo* ecoTiuc no*»- 
£/»nepe*rKC nm* cnro£, n*rexepjut.eepe iiitH 
exA-KitA/* epux>T+ nn ef-nA.ofOK£,*r epo* 
n£>HT07r. " eieriA.g,JULeK e&oX >6en iuXa.oc4» 
nejtx. e&oX £>en meenoc* nH a.kok e-fnA.- 
oiropnK epajoir* "eA-oirton nno"r&A.X eepoir- 
kotot efioX £,a< nx*-Ki e*6oirn e$o*»-uMni4- 
neju. e&oX £,a. nepcyiajt jOLncA.TA.nA.c e^*f +> 
eepcnrtff iSLnx" 5 eftoX irre noimojli * neu. 
julia., o oTncXHponojuuA. j6en nn eTTOTffi.HoirT j6en 
T/iy nmA^/f epoi 4- + ,8 Gefte $a.i no*»po Axpiniu. 
juLma|epA.TcioTeju». Rca. ninA.** irre T$e4» 
20 a.XXa. nH expert >>ajula.ckoc najopn iteo. 
jXkjuL * nejm tx^P*- THpc ivre i~ioTf2k.eA.4- 
itejm. meenoc a.i£,kdio~ niuo**4- eepoirepjute- 
TA.itom otto^ eepoirKOTOTf ecjrf* eipi n£,A. n - 
£,&Ro-*i e-rjOLnajA. n-fjuLerA.noiA.4- 
•vf 21 Ge&e <t>AJ a. niio-riwAJ Ajutom jOuuloi j£>en 
niep$et4> nA.ird*u}nT eini irroTOT e&pHi 

" nOC a ] cf. Or. MABOEIL 15. 18. 31. 40. 61. log. 137. al pins'* 
catvg(ayr«""')etP»rm&c. nKl]cf. Gr.E «jrr""> aethPP. M 6X€H] 

a b» : £»ixen, l»t» && co-mic] currnK, t» k n o : com - *, 

T. IM>**£, . . . RT€K] om. A 2 *. IlKl] A,.,"WB»: trs. before 
nOTTg,., T*FGKOS: om. L*rNPT. CTA-IOtA.-*] AB»<>rGNOP« 
ST: ere*., L»T*B«*FKP* S cf. Gr. NAC'EHILP al pier »g 
aethPP &c €*f ItA.] €*f", PS. " niXA-Oc] mXAOC, FS. 

€iloX ^en a ] cf. Gr. NABEpI 13. 35. 40. 61. k"»l»" Ai Ac. : 
om. FS, cf. Gr. OH LP al longe plu cat e vg &c. A-noK] cf. Gr. nnc 
al longe plu syr *' arm aeth^P Ac *f nAXnfOpnK] om. K, B»: 
e~f"0**nA~, NT by error ; for future cf. Gr. HIP* al plus 1 * demid &c 
epCOOTf] AB»: £AP-> L«T'&c. 18 g,A.nX(K,NT)AJC(X»N)l] 

a,* 8 b»: j6en., L8T»rN0PT: j6enmx-» fgks. eftoX 

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ACTS XXVL 16-ai. 415 

said: 'Who (art) thou, Lord?' Bat the Lord said to me: 
'I am Jesus, whom thou (pron.) persecutest. "But (A.) 
rise, stand upon thy feet. For therefore I manifested myself 
to thee, to choose thee as an officer for me, and that thou 
mayest witness to the things which thou sawest, those in 
which I shall (lit. will) manifest myself to thee ; 1T I shall 
save thee from the people and from the Gentiles, those to 
whom I (pron.) shall (lit. will) send thee, " to open their eyes, 
to cause them to return from (the) darkness into (the) light, 
and from (the) authority of Satan to Qod, to cause them to 
receive (the) forgiveness of their sins, and an inheritance 
among them who are sanctified in the faith of (6) me.' 
M Therefore, (the) king Agrippa, I could not be disobedient 
to the vision * of (the) heaven : *° but (A.) to them who 
were in Damaskos first and Jerusalem, and all (the) country 
of [the] Ioudea, and the Gentiles, I proclaimed to cause them 
to repent and to cause them to return to Qod, to do works 
worthy of the repentance. u Therefore the Jews laid hold 
on me in the temple, they were trying to lay (lit. bring) 

* Lit. 'see.* 


£,A. a ] cf. Gr. GEL 36. 40. 68. 69. 105. 106. 137. 189. ia 1 ** »•" c*" 
cat&c nepttj.]L«AB«rFK0P8T: HiepgJ., T'GN. e<H"l 

ju.d/f » r. nxt»]i^T»AB»FGKS: nix*, tnopt. epoi] 

pref. ejicnm 'in,' FS. " F m 8 S»« 'the fifth Sanday of the Fort.' Hunt *>, 

AXpiTinA.] L»T'AB»rG*NOT: -IW.C, FKPS 26. *° fc.A.- 

JULA.CK.] T., S : TAX6CK., N. IteM.l73uOCl cf.Gr. NBHLP 

al pier &c. neJULTX^P^-] cf. Gr. N AB tol. A,Ig,IUMO|] A B» 

36: A.!g,igenitO-»qi, L»T» & a; for past tense cf. i Gr. NABE 

6i. al est mn'" cat &c. epJUte r rA.Itom(ttOIA., T) . . . $1" €] 

on. N. eopOTTKOToV) tCTOyKOTOt, B». €!pl] AB»: 

eepoiripi, rN«0PT: e-cipi, l»t»G'K : erti, fs. evjOLnajA,] 

ejeJUL, L»rG'N OT. 21 niIOTr*.A,l] cf. Gr. N«AE H P al pier &c. 
JUULB.01] position cf. ? Gr. A 73. 137. a*"* c«» r ami. J^eit] cf. Gr. 
A B H LP al looge plu &c ItA/ftfumT] hT*<£, P. rtTOTOT] 

nttoTrxix, FS. 

Digitized by 


416 npaxgic. 

eaccui * M exAitff a\e itoTrikmeiA. e&oX £,rrert 
4>"f* ajo&i epA/r ajAe£>oim e$oo-«-+> eiep- 
xxeepe koykottxi nexx. oimiaj*f * rrface £,Xi 
a,k ca&oX* kkh err*. nmpo$HTKC xoto** 
neju. xxunrcHc *» ace cenAojumi -t» 
8S ICace OYpeq<tfxx.KA.£ > ne nx c * ,c3ce o"»£,otit 
ne efi.oX ^en TAitA.crA.cic ivre mpeqxx.u>- 
OTT4- qnA.£,KDiaj RoTrusini JS.niXA.oc nexx. 
rtieertoc * | 
w 24 Nai eqactu jDuulioot *• neace 4>kctoc j£>ert oy- 
c "* niaj-f ricjuLH* ace akXi&i nA.*»Xe* a. nixxHaj 
ftcj6*.i epeKXi&i * M nA-cXoc 2\e neacA.q ace 
•fXo&i iit KpATicee <t>Hcre* aXXa. £,AitcAxi 
irre *f Jtx.eGAx.Hi * nexx, *fxx.ere7rcefi.Hc tut 
e*f a«u xxjuuvoy 4- " qciocnm vA.p KaceniKe- 
OTpo eefte rtAi * $a.i e"f cnrong, xxjuloi e&oX 
eicAaci nexxA.q*> iia&ht VA,p oht ace oxore 
£,Xi nitA.i o&cg epoq AJt* kbta $ai VA.p 
cywru j£>en cnreXKc-s- "X n *-2»i" noTpo 
A.rpmnA.c emnpo^HTKc+'fccooTm xexn^&t- 
* 8 A,rpmnAc 2>.e nexAq xx.iia.*»Xoc ace KeKoiraci 
XKA.e-er iia^,ht ftxPKC*" 1 *- 1100 * 

82 Altfl] Attfe, T. XX.U3*»CHC] L«T»S &c, cf. Gr. (exo. ABB 

aipiu). M peqflTxx.KAJ2,] lbafs: peqaenix.KA.£,, t*b» 
to'Knpt 26: pexxajen., 0. e&oX] om. fs. TAitAXT.] 
*f a., p. ivreitipeq.] iittHpeq., t. qnA^,i.] itA-q&i., 

TNT, imperfect. nOYUJIItl] AFKOS°T: nOTTOYUMItl, LnT«B» 

rcNP. 84 ha.i]a: + *.e, l«t* &c. eqacio] eqcAaci 

'speaking,* 26. XXJUUOOTr] XXJU.OC, L«P*. AJcXlAl] A: 
-Xoftl, LtT' Ac. ep6KXl(0, FG'S)fi.l] L«AB»(pref. €)FG'KS 

26 : A/rep., ttnopt. " iw/rXoc a*.e neacA,q] l«ab»f 
G'K: a^e nexAq.s?: iiA/rXoc neacA.q,r: neaceiu/rXoc, 

N'OPT: nexenATfXoC a\e, T* } for woSW cf. Gr. NABE 13. 
15. 18. 25. 36. 40. 61. 65. 68. 73. 105. 180. 4O ta0t d** cat vg arm syr«* 

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ACTS XXVI. aa-28. 417 

their hand upon me. ** But having received a help from Qod, 
I stood until to-day, witnessing to [a] small and [a] great, 
not saving anything except those which the prophets say 
and MoysSe, that they will happen : ** If Christ is a 

sufferer, if he is first from (the) resurrection of the dead, 
he will proclaim a light to the people and the Gentiles. 

M As he is saying these (things), Phestos said in a great 
voice : ' Thou wast mad, O Paul *, the much learning (lit. of 
writing) caused thee to be mad.' M But Paulos said : « I am 
not mad, most excellent Phestos* ; but (A.) words of [the] truth 
and [the] piety (are) those which I say. 2t For the king also 
knoweth concerning these things, to whom b I am bold (in) 
speaking ; for I am persuaded that none of these (things) 
escape his notice ; for this was not done in a corner. n Thou 
believest, (the) king Agrippas, the prophets ; I know that 
thou believest.' * But Agrippas said to Paulos : '(With) 
even a little thou wilt persuade me to make myself 

* Greek vocative. b Lit. 'this to whom.' 

•ethPP&c; forom.8«,catamsyr«« h . <fcH(e,26)CXe(H,26)]-TOC,G* 

op. nxe-fjui.] R*fA«..,FS. *fiu.eTeTfcefi.Hc]A:'fjw.ex- 

CJL&e 'wisdom,' L«T» Ac. ItR ef.J'P.&G': It6 €*f., B»FS : 

ne ef ., l«tknopt: nef ., 26. *• nnceo-»po] noirpo, 

G'S*. €*f OTfOItg,] A 26 : 'Um&, L«T» &c. ; for om. ««' cf. Gr. B 
25. arm. eRT] L»T'AFPS: + A.It, B*rG»KNOT. nitA.1 . . . 
AJti°]L«T*AF(toft)KPS(U3&): HAUjftcg epCUOTf , 26 : om. Alt, 

B»ro»(u)fi.)N ot (26). neTA.$Ai] itK e*TA.<bA.i, 26. 2 ] 

L*AB»FS: tre. after OJCUni, T»rG'KNOPT. eXKc] eX£, FK8. 
" noifpo] ttOTTpO, T*NT by error. AXpmiU.c] T*AB»FKS 

26 : A,rpmnA, lbtg'N pt. xe] axe, r* s. " >.e] om. 

N. ne2CA.q] of. Gr. EH LP al pier cat tol 8yr ntr arm aethPP&c. 3C€- 
JC6KOT3CI] om. B». KOTXl] + Ite, G': +fc.e, FS. X nA >" 
e€(K, 0PT)X] X A - eK ' r » a6 - 6A.IX] cf. ? Gr. NAB 13. 17. 40. 
61. 8yrP»w. it(ert, S)XP KC T'] T*ArFG'KOPT 26, cf. Gr. N*: 
KXP 10 '*"'' I*B«NS. 


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418 npoxEic. 

(v») *»IlA.TfXoc *.e nexAq xe •fTu>&£, jjubf neu. 
j6en QwcoTraci nexji. j6en oTfnioj"f* ott ju.onon 
iieoK a.XXa. ne**. cnron m&en eTcurre**. epoi 
jQ/fcocnr eepoTojwiu jGLnApirf"*' jGuiipirf e*foi 
jGuucoq* £,u>* ajA*ren nA,cnATf£,+> 
t M so^txq^-^^ ^ e iixeiioYpo iteju. iu& * 
itejm. ftepniKH *• itejut nn erg,ejuici neAJUixnr * 

81 OTfO£, €TA.'»epA.nA.X u, P m + nA.TfCAa« nex*. 

noTepnoTr erracu? juLaxoc * see qep £,Xi ri&wfi. 
An itxenA.ipo3JU.i-!- eqjOlngjA £M> te 

£ > AnCttA.Tf£ > * 

rv M3XvpmnA.c *.e nexAq a*.$kctoc xe neoTron 
ajxojti. ne exA nAipwjuu eik>X eneiJtneqep- 
eniKA.Xicee jOtnoTrpo. 

tvo CCXcgujni ^.e erATrf&An eepenep&arr | e*f g,Tr- 

taXia* A.qi" jDLnA.TfXoc neju. £,A.nj:ex<»>- 
orm enrconji exoxq noireKArronxA,p- 
X0C4- eneqpAn ne iotjXioc e&oX j6en 
•fcnipA. Rt€ caAa-ctk* *A.nA.XHi *.e cott- 
xoi nA.n2k.pAjuLA.nTineoc eqnAep&urr enuuLA. 
tvre "fA,ciA. A.nxu30*»n efi-oX*- eqneutAJt 
nxeniKeApic*rA.px<>c nxe ejuuAKexoniA iu- 

HnM.8, *» neXA.q] of. Gr. HLP »1 pier syr** arm aeth &c. nig*f ] cf. ? 
Gr. HAB 5. 13. 40. 61. 105. k«» vg syr« te . OTf JU.O (+Tf, Sjnon] om. 

01, AP: juuu-on, r. neoK] jDuulok, tnt. jOLnApicf] 

iJUlAip., A 2 B»G f O*S 18. jOLmpH*f } JUL$p., FG'KS : om. T. 
£,U>] L*T*AB»FG*KS : om. TNOPT 36. nA.CHA.Tfg,] AB*G*KO» 
18.26: nAJCn. 'these Ac.,' L8TTFN0«PST. 80 AqXCOttq Ac.] 
dF. Gr. NAB 36. 61. 68. 73. 103. 142. 180. vg syr** arm aethw ar» item 
13. &c. 81. ^.e] cf. Gr. 13. 14* 17. 40. 105. c»" syr* &c: om. B». 
J2,Kre.l &HVH., N: £,TfV., ST. ftepniKft] &HpH., B». 
W ^fP] eqep, T». £,Xl] cf. Gr. »A 13. 31. 40. 6x. 68. k«« vg. 

eqjuuiajAj ab»fkps 18: eqejutn., L«T»rG r NOT} position 

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ACTS XXVI. 49— XXVII. a. 419 

ChrSstianos.' "But Paulos said: 'I pray to God both 
(rteAX.) in [a] little and (next.) in [a] great, not only thou, 
bat (A.) also (tie**.) all who hear me to-day for them to 
become in my manner, in the manner in which I also am, 
save my bonds.' *° But (the) king rose, and the governor 
and Bernike and they who Bat with them: "and having 
withdrawn, they were speaking to one another, saying : ' This 
man doeth not any deed worthy of (the) death or bonds.' 

32 But Agrippas said to Phestos : ' It was possible to release 
this man, if he had not appealed to (the) king.' 

XXVII. But it came to pass (that), it having been decided 
for us to sail to [the] Hytalia, he delivered Paulos and other 
prisoners to a centurion, his name being Ioulios, from the 
band of Sabaste. * But we went on board a ship Andra- 
mantinean, about to sail to the places of [the] Asia, we put 
to sea, being with us Aristarchos also of (the) Makedonia, 

cf. ? Gr. A C* cat. n ne ex*-] KCeXA 'tb»t they might Ac.,' 

FS. nAIplOJUll] nip. 'the man,' T. epCTUKAX.] 6IUV., 18. 

1 eXA-rf ] L«T»ArK : €TA.q*f , B»FG*NO P ST, cf. Gr. A 6. Bunt *, 
8.4O.09.»» w deiiiid8yr«*ar«&c. €e(om. A,) peit€pg,U3x] T* AB» : 
£,1114. KTeitCp. 'that we should sail,' L»rFG'K(N)OPST. £/*- 

taXia] -a*.., p : &1T., b»G'. ercong,] -tvn&, B»FKST. 
eroTcj] om. 26. no*»eic.] eotex., p. -TApxoc] cf. ? Gr. 

137. c»" al 8 cat tec. -p X <f. cmpA] cnit. NPT. CAJ&ACTH] 
AKP:, S*: +C, F*: ce&eCTK, N: C6&AC, L* Ac. 
2 ^.e] L»T»AB»rNPT 26 : om. FG'KOS. AIt2s.pAJU.ArVTIIteoc] 
A: -HneoC, B»: -AJUIlTKItlt., P>: -JULWTeit., G' : -JUL6H- 

tioc, K: -juten^m., 26 : Ait2i(T, s)pAJU.eirreniteceoc, 

FS: A2^pAJU.TfIlXHneoC,L«0,cf.?Gr.i3.68: AXpAJULIItTH., 
r*N: A2>.pAJU.TmTe.,T: A^pAJULTtltTiniteOC, T' : ATT- 
2k.pAJUL*VItTIC, P. eq«A.] qitA., P ; for singular cf. Gr. NAB 
13. 14* .15. 18. 40. 60. 68. 69. 137. al plus 20 cat am syr"" arm aethPP 
ar«. eitlJULA] cf.?Gr. KAB 13. 25. 40. 61. 68. 69. 73. 105. a"" 
arm &c. IUKe] HK6, rFNOPST: om. 26. JUIAK62>.0IUA] 
-KA., T: -OUItlA, FGKS. 

E e 2 

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420 npgxgic. 

peAA.eeccA.Xonif<K * * neqpA.c*f 2>.e A.m e*rcr« 

tvP 3Xqipi a.e n<rt\u.eTJULA.ipuMUii next. nA.TrXoc + 
tixeioTfXioc A.qcnrA£,cA£,m nA.q eepeqgje ajA, 
neqaj$Rp* itceqi neqpoooTgj* 

T "y *<y*o& exA.«3cujoTit e&oX juuula.** *• A.nep£,urr 
eftoX arren KTnpoc * eefi.e xe nApe nieKOTr 
*f ej6o*»n e&pA-n ne. 8 eTA.nep£,unr ase 
e&oX enmeXAxoc* eroxTioq nKimpoc-}- neju. 
•fnAJUKHXiA, A,m eXxcrpA. irre *f jarXiiaA. * 
•cnrog, a. nieKA.*ronTA.pxoc* acuuu no-wcoi 
juumA/ir n*re pAKo-f * eqnA.ep£,aaT efgjt- 
ta.Xia<* A,qTA.Xon epoq* T>cic a.e 
itep&wT noirjuiHaj ne&oof oirog, ajlovic julnejuLeo nxni^oc-s- nqxtu iS-M-on 
A.n Racerae-wr* A.nep£/uT fc.e eftoX £,iTen 
•fKpHTH i5.nejut.eo ncA.Xftjt.onK4- *a*.ovic 
eTA.nx^-c noun* AJti evjuu. evjuLOTf epoq 
ace niXifAJLHn** * nA-c&enr a^e epuxv* 
nxeoirnoXic ace XAxeA.* 

ti»8 9 GTA.qcmi 2>.e naceoTrniaj*f nxponoc o-rog, 
cir £»h2>.k ne ncKo** An 2ce ne | nepnXein* ne*. 

eeCCA-XottlKH] e-A.CC, F*S: e-eCA.., K a6: -XX., N: 
-XOT n., P. * neqpA.C*f] L«AB»FG'KS : pref. €, T*rN0PT. 

2>.e] cf. Gr. i*>L 25. 31. 40. 61. k«« vg &c. : om. 0. T(on». N)CTf- 

a\.wn] Tcia^T, F)., lbfpst. nejm.nA/*Xoc] nejuiA.n 
'with us,' g». nAq] iinA.TfXoc, g*. ee-peq . . . neq] 
om. t. eepeqcye] TtAB»G*K: nxeqge 'that he might 
go,* L«rFN0PS. neqaj$K(e, B»)p] nn exenonrq ng<&. 

'his own friends,' FS. ftceqi] -Mqi, NS. neqp.] pref. iJL, FS. 

*g,ixen] j6en, b». * e&oX] t* Ar : om. l« &c. enmeXl, G r K. ovnwq] -usnq, a,: -oq, fs. nmrnpoc] 
ab»: k(e, p)-fKif(!, N)Xikia, l«t* &c. neju/f . . . inr- 

XlfCIA.] om. T homeot., obs. aethPP om. mi naiufnMar. "f"nAJU.$"f- 
XlA.] om. *f , : *f nAJUL$lXlA, B»N(0). A-ttl] cf. ? Gr. 35. 
vg. Xlf (I, OPSJCrpA.] cf. Gr. N A vg aim"* &c *f KTfXlKIA] 

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ACTS XXVII. 3-9. 421 

the native of Thessalonike. ' Bat on the (lit. his) morrow 
we came to (the) Sydon. Bat Ioulios did [a] kindness* 
with Paulos ; he commanded him to go onto his friends, 
that they might take care of him. * And having put to 
sea from there, we sailed along Eypros, because that the 
wind was opposing us. * Bat having sailed away to the eea 
which is between Eypros and [the] Pamphylia, we came to 
Lystra of [the] Kylikia. * And the centurion found a ship 
there of Bakoti b , about to sail to [the] Hytalia; he placed 
us on it. T But having delayed in sailing many days, and 
having scarcely come off Chnidos, the wind not letting us, 
[but] we sailed along [the] Krfte" off Salmone; 'having 
scarcely left it, we came to a place called 'the good har- 
bours'; [but] a city called (xe) Lasea was being near to 
them. • But great time having passed, and already it 

* Lit. 'philanthropy,' cf. xxviii. 2. b Alexandria. 

cf. am demid && e -A.pX°c] cf. Gr. HLPal pler&c. XIJULl] 

L*AB»I»FG'KS: AqX., T*r*NOPT. JUUUU-ir] om. TNPT, 

cf. Or. 37. 56. eqnAep.] qn., k. A.qrA.Xon] eq*r., s» : 
€A.qr., t. 7 iiep&uyr] L»T*ArNST: enep&urr, b»f 

B»(pref. OTTO&): AttI, rFG'KNOPST. nX n,2iOC ] T*AB»G r 
KO: ttKItl^OC, L«: ItKtf*., FS: ftexitt P: «U3C n -» TNT. 

nqOC*»] P r «* oTfog,, fs. juuuton] jDuuloc, t. 2>.e 2 ] om. 

FG'S. "f KpHTH] L«T*AB«(both om. -f)K : *f Kpi., TFG'(om. "f ) 
Ac: *f KipiTH, 0. CAXjULOKh] CAXAJULUmH, B»: CAXa- 
AJLIKH, G'K, cf.arm. * JUtO(0),G») V(K, 0)IC]AB»: + 2*£,L«T' 

&c. ert aaa] cot., p. Xttjulhh] -en, p. Xacca] cf. Gr. b 

21. 31. 45. 61. 73 : XACAe, K : X6C6A, FS. * OTTOgJ om. 36. Hunt 26, 

A.n] tre. after ItXeiK, 26, see below. X6 ne nepnXem]T*A h.^IV.. 

b«G'K: xe ii(An, T)epnXem ne, LsrNOPT: ace nep- KpJTH 
nXnn ne, F: xe A(e, •jnepnXnn, s*: ace nencttcnr 
nepnXHi(+n, « c : ein,«)A.n ne, a6»». neAmxoi vAp 

CtUpCAK. ne]AB*: g,H2iH tte(£,Knne for £,...€, T)Ani- 

xoi cwpejut ne, wrNOPT: oxog, ^h^k neAmxoi 

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422 npoxgic. 

macoi r^.p cuspewL ne *• ee&e ace ne*. *f KeitHc- 
ti*. cmi ne* 
«•« HA.q*fnojuL-f a\e iiaceiu.fXoc "eqactu jjuuloc 
moo*** nipajju-i * ace o*»oit ofajcoaj + 

neJUL OTTAJLHOJ ftoCI IU.O)U9Tl! 4- Of AJtOltOtt 

jOLnixoi neauL niA.of m a.XXa. itejut. neiute- 
^lnfX K *- ^ n lujacmep&urr * 
«*■ " nieKA.T-oirr*.px°c ^ e * n£.qen*r fi&HT neju. 
nipeqep&ejuu *• itejut nina.fKXnpoc *> e&oTe 
nn eruLpe iu.fXoc acoo ijuuuoof + "enqc- 
juLomr 2n.e *.« nxeniXxjuLHti * eopenepnip*.- 
X"*-*.?in *• nof&ofo ipi iiofcocfiti*- ex^ 

€&oX JJUULJLI 4- X€ A.p*lOf ncegjaCeAJLaCOA*. 

nepK*.XAJtT^.n e<&oini£<s- eepn-R.p*oo**.^-SJn 
/6en of Xf Jbtiut nre *f KpRTH * eqcojutc ernes. 
iie«JLeivr eotJtxi. nx^P*- n 6 * 
"Gqmqi 2ve riaceof ©of pHC * n.8.f*Aefi ne xe 
cenA.gjTA.£,e nicyopn ttecoaj erAfAjq*- if- 
xauofn e&oX ^en a.ccouc-5- &.1XA "fKpRTH 
nctuof . l * juLneciocK z.e*- *.qmqi ej6of n eg,p*.n 
iixeofeHOf eqd"oci* $h eajA.f*x.of*f- epoq* 
ace ert p*.mrXum * '• €TA.qg,toXejuL 2*.e 

ca3(o,G r )pejuL ne, t»G'K: £,Hfc.K neepenixoi ccopeu. 
efi.oX,F: eepemxoi coupe**. e&oX, s: ace ne.&.nixoi 
coopejut ne, 26. neA.*fKe.] T'AB*a r K : *.*fice., L«rFN 
op(om. Ke)ST «6. mum*.] +ra.p, 26. am ne] om. ne, G*. 

2v6 2 ] om. FQK8 26" : nODOf 'them,' 26. ,0 nODOf ] om. 26. 

nipUOAJLl] pref. X€, K 26". "f Hif ] *f WHOTf, A, by error. 
om. Of, A by error. iJUUXOl] om. i*., TKNT 26". nettJCe.] 
Klrte.'alsothe.'FKS. " -A.pX°c] cf. Gr. minosc mu. 2\e]om. 

k. n*.qe*H*r] pref. e, G r . n&RTj+ne.G'K^. n*.f*:XR- 
poc] -ipoc, n. 12 enqcmionT] iiq., lbfks: enc, &-. 
he, 26. eepenepnipAOC 1 -**-*^ 1 "] eopenjutom epoq, 
K: eepofep., q* : + ;6enofXfju.nR, 26. ^nof&ofo] 

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ACTS XXVII. 10-15. 423 

was no longer (the) time of sailing, for the ship had gone 
out of her course, because that the fast also had passed. 

But Paulos was exhorting, 10 saying to them, [The] men, 
J. see that an injury and much loss will happen, not only 
of the ship and the freight, but (a) also our lives, in this 
voyage. u But the centurion was trusting to the steers- 
man and the shipowner rather than the things which Paulos 
was saying. '* But the harbour not being (well) placed for 
us to winter in, most of them made a plan to put out from 
there, that perhaps they could reach Phoinix to winter in, 
a harbour of [the] Erete, looking westward, being a place 
of Chora. w But a south wind blowing, they were think- 
ing that they will be able to establish their purpose*, they 
put to sea from Assos, they left [the] KretS. " But a high 
wind, which is called 'Eurakylon,' delayed not, it blew 
against us. u But it having carried off the ship, as (ere) 

• Lit. 'the first ordinance which they made.' 

£.!!£,., 36. e&oX JJUU.A.V] cf. Gr. KABL 13. 18. 40. 61. 68. 
105. 180. al" cat vg syr"* arm &c. 2Ce] L«T*AB»FG'K8 : om. TN 

opt ad. itceajx.] itcex., b»: certA.a)X., fks. nepKA.*r.] 

L«AB»FG'S: eep., TTKNOPT: nceepKA/T-, 26. «pomi£] 
L*T«AB»G': <t>OrL, K: d/*It., TFNOPST. 6epiU.pA.X-] 

nxettAJULoru, k. £eno-*X.] rotX., k. *f KpH(i, b»no 

PT 26) TH] om. *f , P. IUCA.] AB»G'K: It!., LsT* &c. eOT- 
AJLA.] L«AB»FG r KST : pref. OfOg,, T»rNOP. 18 OTfOOIfpHc] 
L*T»AB«rG r NOP : OTfpHC, T : OTfl\igj*f OTTO, S : 07ritiaj"f - 

iie., f. nA.TM.ein] pref. e, K: +2>.e, fs. niajopn] -topn, 
s. euxg] eocg, k. A.fXtDOTit] A.nxtoo'vrt 2n.e, fs. 

A.CCI»c]T*A: A.CCOC, LeTKPT: A.COC, G»: 6COC, N : HA.C- 
COC, 0: HA.COC,B*: A.CCOJK, r»S: KAXCWft, F*. KpHTH] 

Kpi., B«rFP. u]uAB»rNOPT: jtiLeneitcA. 

OTfKOIfXI 'after a little,' T»FG'KS. €.f6cr*n] AB«rFG'KNOP 
8T: om. L»T*. €£,pA.It] epoit, CKK. OireHOTf] Ofe-OfpHC 
'a south wind,' TNOPT. <bH] $A.I, T»F0'KS. egjA.Ttt.O'rf] 
eXOTJUL., TNOPT. enrpAJCxXtOn] LBAxB'NOT, cf. Gr. » 

Digitized by 


424 npaxgic. 

xoi * eTeiiiioTrcgxeajUKMUL nf e^ofrt eg,p^.q 
jOtnieHOT a.n*fxoxert £.nctoK* 
tv( ,9 Gx*.n<fru>x >>.e ecnrnHcoc* exjtxorf epoc xe 

KX&.T2k.A. *• JULOVIC £.na)X&ftAXOAJL 6AJUUL&1 

irfj6eXu.e£,i <*■ " «aj ex^foXc*- itixep- 
Aonein erJULoifp juLmxoi | e**epg,o*f 2k.e 
juLRnooc iice&ei ej£pHi e-fcipxRC* iitx 10 
iJLnicKeTfoc enecitx* oTrog, iu.ipirf A.nXu>- 
iXi-s- "epe.&oX 2.6 $ort£, epon ejuuLcyto*- 
neqpA.c*f ^e nA.*r&opfi.ep eikoX ne *• " otto£, 
/6e« <pajla.£,v iie&oo-ir A.fg,ixox<nr iic*. 
mcKe-roc itxe mxoi* £.irca.xo*ir e&oX + 
to eqo-*on£, 2l€ aii nxe4>pK*- nejm mcio-ir*- 
noTJULHcg ne&ocnr SofKcnrxi jGL$um£, in ne 
enA.qcyon-9- Xomon neicgje na.c ne itxexen- 
&eXmc xupc eepencrrxA.i *• " agon ^.e ftxe- 
o*»mg*f ijuuLexA-ooTrcojuL*- 
Toxe A.qo£,i ep^xq nxenA.-*Xoc j6en xoxu.irf 

ab*: -HXujn,T»: e&.ip.,T: exTAjanrXujn, a,: e*rrp*.- 
mrXum, P: exTpAJCRXum, ck.- errpA-KeXon, rs ; 

O r tr. fjt^mj^o 'Tufuslfus,' m * ^^jlSjjjl i±~j 'a copy Audrkayun.' 

"iinixoi] en., G f . iJLnoirajxe.WLXo.M. n't] t*ab»: 
iJLnoiraj*f, l«tnopt: iJLnenaj'f (om. S), fcks*. 

,6^"*: " eXA»nd>U>x]<frOg, 'having reached,' 26. eOTfttHCOc] 

e&OO-t €*» ., TN OT. €pOC] epoq, A by error. K QG B«) Xa/* (X, K)- 

2s.A.(e, P)] cf. Gr. K*(A) 13. 40. 61. 66" 1 ! 105. 137. syrPet"« «* ar« arm, 

item 25. c»»* 1 a 1 "* •imiliter HLP al pier Ac. JULO(U), 0*)rJC] cf. 

Gr. 40 ; position cf. ? Gr. HLP al pier cat «yr°* r aetb.Pi> &c. : +2*.€, G*. 

Ajtajx.] pref. e, 26. eA_*AA.&!] iu., & irf j6»] ef j£., 
b». /,i] +nxenixoi 'of the ship/ 26. " oaj] 

OH, P. €TM*.07r(om. S)p] LSABTG'KS : BJtX., TTNOPT 36. 

jmnixoi] xjuutoq ne ' it,' 26. err ep&o-f ] T»AB»ra'NOT 26: 

eXA.f€p. ' having &c.,' P : enep., L»FKS, i° plural. >>.€] om. 26. 
nce^ei] iixeni 'that we should come,' B*. €/6pHl] om. FS. 
*fcjpXKc]A: C-rpXIC,L«T«B»G r :CTp2 > IC,rFN0PST: CA.p- 
2w!C, K : CA.pXIC, 26. A.nx<«] &-1XP 3 ! FK - ATUCK.] 

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ACTS XXVH 16-21. 425 

they could not oppose the wind, we gave up*, we were 
driven. u But having fled to an island which is called 
' Klauda,' scarcely could we secure the boat : 1T this having 
been taken away, they were making help, girding the ship ; 
but fearing lest by any means they should fall into the SirtSs, 
we lowered the gear, and thus we floated along b . " But as 
a tossing ° was rocking d us exceedingly, [but] on the (lit. his) 
morrow they were tossing out (the freight): "and on the 
third day they put (lit. cast) their hand on (rtCA.) the gear 
(plur.) of the ship, they threw them out. <0 But as appear 
not (tiie) sun and the stars for many days, no small tempest 
being that which was happening, at length all our hope for 
us to be saved had gone. 21 But a long (time of) not eating 
happens. Then stood Paulos in their midst, he said: 

* Lit. 'gave our hand.' b Lit. 'strain.' ° fLoX perhaps 

for Of&op. d Lit 'turning.' 

eil., L». OTfO£,] om. B». ILMp.] <t>A.Ip., N: IL&JpW, S*. 
A.nXl»lXl] Att&X., LBG'NT; cf. Gr. 15. 18. 20. 36. cat syr«* ar«. 

"epe&oX] -ujX, fks 26 : e&oX, r. ^e" i°] xe, t*np. 

4»ong,] L«T'AB»NO : tyUItg,, G r K : 4*011, TPT : $0£,, FS 26. 2>.e] L«T*AFG'KS 26 : en€C|pA.C"f (om. 3S.6), B*rN 
OPT. IU/*(om. B»)fi.OpB.ep] L«T*A 1 B»&c. : A.TJ&.., A 8 : A.IT&., 
26, i° person : ttA.ttft., G r . efLoX] om. FKS. lie] om. B» 26: 

neju.niA.onrm 'the freight,' fk s. " £en$JULA.gJ j6en- 

niJULA.g,,S: niA*.A.g,,F*. ne&OOTf] L«T«AFG*S: om.B»rKN 
OPT. A.-rP,JTO(om.TO,P)TO"» nCA?] A-lf^ITOTf €CA., 26*. 
A/TCATCnrj cf. Gr. NAB*et 3 g. 8. 13. 15. 18. 27. 36. 40. 61. 66** 
68. 73. 96. 105. 180. I2 1 "* al 8 *" cat s vg arm. ao ecjOtOItg,] 

T«AB»N(T) 26: -OJng,, LTP: ittett, G'jCJOIfUjng,, FG'KS 
double negative. 2*.e] +6&oX, T* 26. JU.4>(MITg, &c] ix$tun 

ne A.qgon, Q r . e(A.,T)nA.qcyon] e*renA.qajo(<o, s*)n, 

FKS. n6A.Cge]A i: nA.C.,L8T'&c. ne2°]T*AB»rN0T: om. 
L»FG»KPS. S1 Cgon] L8AFS: ecttjon, B»rG'KNOPT: 

ACgyum, T*. 2>.e] cf. Qr. HLP al pier cat syrP &c. JUL6TA.- 

eo*vuoju.] -A.T., G'KP. n2cenA.fXoc] om. FS. 

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426 npoxgic. 

nexa.q* xe na.cj5.naja. ju.en ne u> nipuuuu*- 
ea-xexencunreju. ncuoi * eajxeAJtxuooTtt efioX 
^en *f Kpuxn * nxexenxejui.&HOT 
neju. TU.IOCI+ "bTrog, "fnoir on "fj6umx 
epurren* too** ftg,H*r ot^tX 11 ***-P noTtox 
e&oX j6en oHitoTf* cnaxajco in* efijtX 
emxoi iijuu.-»a.Tq *• 

™"J *»3Xqog,i ra.p epaxq na.g,pa.i JuLnajexujpg, nxe- 
oTaxveXoc nxe <H" exe a.noK <fru>q OTO& 
•f cye.iu.aji juuutoq »* eqxtu jujuoc * xe jOLnep- 
ep&o*f na.TXe £,urf iicexa£,oK epaxic na^,- 
pa.q JuLnoTpo* oto£, £,imne nH exep£/»x 
nejuuuc XHpoT ajxmxoT tux rt£,JU,0X4- 

tv$ »Gek $a.i mpuujuu owoq n&HX l-na^f ra.p 
e<fc*f xe ceiu-ajami jGVppicf exa/*caxi nejucm* 
ciz. M £,arf ra.p | nxem exert oTrtHcoc* 

t£ "Gxa. iS z.e nexuop£> ajuuni* en^n 
2/uiju.h- j6en nia.nxpia.c *■ ^>en x4>a.aji 2>.e 
juLniexujpg, * na.Tju.eTi ^.e nxenmeq*- xe 
a.Tj6uonx ej6oTn eoTXtwpa.* " oto£, ex- 
a.Tci*f enecnx trfftoXic* a/vxeju. k n&qox 
Gxa.Tep otkotxi 2^.6 ftoTwaj * a.** erf n*f iloXic 
enecHX* a/vxeju. le n&qox. "enep^o-f z>e 

xe] l«t*afg'ZS: om. B»rNOPT. na.cju.ii.] na.ceju.n., 

rNO»T. *f KpH(I, NT)TH] om.-f , B»,cf.?Gr.Hd" f om.r^. rtXe- 

xenxeju.] nxenx., f*o», i° pewon. ^*kot] + a.n, fks. 

1(2 "f J60 "fna.j6., P. COOT] L«AB»FG r S(OTUJ): pref. 6, TT» 
(* om. OT)KN0PT. nOTUJX] L»T*AB»FKST : ftOTa.XC, TO 1 
NOP. 2S na.g,pa.l] L«T»Ag«* ('another copy') &c: na.£,pa.q 

'him/A,.,*. juLna.iexu)p2,] L«AB»rG': om. FS: j6enn., T' 

(K)NOPT: tre. after 4>*f> K. ItXe] rtX€, L». OTa.VT.] posi- 
tion cf. Gr. H L P al pier s vg Ac. <P"f ] na.rtOXf 'my God,' FKS. 
6Xea.nOK 4*oq OTO& *f .] for iyi cf. Gr. NAC* 40. 68. n^rg 
arm Ac. : . . . 6*f, T*NOPT: <fca.I e*f., K. u na.TXe] ria.TXoC, 

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ACTS XXVII. 33-49. 427 

' Ye ought indeed, [the] men having obeyed me, not to 
have put to sea from [the] Krete and gain this injury and 
this loss. n And now again I entreat you, be longsuffering, 
for one life from you will not be lost except only the ship. 

"For stood by me in this night an angel of God, 
whose I am, and I worship him, M saying: "Fear not, 
O Paulos*, thou must be set before (the) king: and lo, all 
they who sail with thee I granted them to thee." " There- 
fore, [the] men, be glad of heart, for I believe God, that it 
(lit. they) will be as it was spoken to me. ** For we must 
come upon an island. n But fourteen nights having passed 
(ajtviu), we are rolling among the waves b in the Andrias.' 
But at midnight [but] the sailors were thinking that they ap- 
proached a country : M and having thrown down the sounding 
line, they found twenty fathoms of water. But having 
done a short distance, they threw the sounding line down, 
they found fifteen fathoms. " But fearing lest by any means 

• Greek vocative. b Lit. 'pot toward the wave.' 


0: IU.7rXH,F8. 1W.&PA.CJ Jtx] L«T'AB»G'NP: !U.£,pen, 

fks: n^apen jul, r»(om. pen, *). g,Hime] om. rp. 

A-ITHITCr] A : ^.TTHITOTr 'they gave them,* B» : Z. (6, S)d/f 
THITOT 'God gave them,' L*T l &c. M 2Ce] om. FS. CerU.- 

ajtoiu]L«TAB»rFKS 26: cruxy., cop: cneaj., NT. ii.- 

4>pH*f J JUtmp., G*. M VA.p]A : 2*6, L«T' &c. " A 2 »« Hon**, 

'it is read for the sixth Sunday of the holy Fast.' 2^.6 i°] om. FS. 
eXtOpg,] €£,OOf 'day,' KS«. 1U£,U>UUU] A : IKTfc, S«)Xa., 
LBT»B»rFKOPS*T, 'hither and thither': (TX*., N: UltfXA^,, 
36: nci., G r . A.n>^piA.c] £.r\2s.plC, 26: JU.A.rt2^piA,C, FS. 
2vC 2 ] L?AN«OPT 26: 3C6, N*: om. T»B«rFG'KS. JULTUeX.] 
ftxeni., T»FK 26. 2k.€ 3 ] AFK8: om. L«T»B»rG r NOPT 26. 
ifj&OItT] cf. ? Gr. 137. C*" vpovyyiCtt* syt^etf. M Kf- 

&(TI, A)oXlc] om. TG'P a6. g,qO(UJ, K)T &c] g,qtox jOl- 
*xi.r, F8. era/rep] pref. oirog,, 26. oirKcnrxi] AG'OP : 

om. Ot, LJT* &c. A/CCrf] pref. IU»Xin, T«K: pref. TU.XlIt 
Olt.FS. n-f&oXlc]T*AB*:om.L»rFG'KN0PST26. M 2>.e] 
cf. Gr. NO 13. 61. ia 1 * * c*" vg sjtp &c. 

Digitized by 


428 npaxgic. 

juutntwc nxen&ei e4>pm e£,A.ruuLA. ert nA.ajx * 
&.X&1 £ nA.-*XA.X ca.<pa.2,ott juuuxoi * nA.**- 
TcofLg, eepe nieg,oo-» ajcom *■ •" eTTKurf a^e 
nxemneq* iice<i>u>x e&oX g,A. raxoi &.txyo 
irf- cka.$h es&pHi €<j>ioju. ^eit ottXcuixi <*■ £,u>c 
xe eTnA.g,icnfi n£,A.nA.*vxA.X e&oX cax&k*- 

T^a "Ilexe lu/rXoc j5.iueKA.xonxA.px°c nejw. m- 
jula/toi* xe ecycwn A-peajxeju. iia.i 02,1 £,i 
mxoi* juumoit sgxoju. jjuuxuxen eno&ejjL* 
M Tore nuuLA-xoi A/*auXn iininog, iixe 
*fcKA.<t>H i.-*xt- c eepecg,ei + M gA.xe me- 

t£9 £,oot atom* + HA.qeu>x iJLno-ir&HX XHpoT 
nxenA.-*Xoc * 2,inA. ncetff no-*.i6pe eqxw 
juuuloc* xe ic iS neg,ooTf* A-pexenxc-KOf 
efi.oX* epexencaaxc e&oX iJLnexenofejm 


84 Ge&e $a.i *f xu>&£, Juuu.a)xen * eepexexentff 
nxexenj6pe <*■ $aj VA.p qcgon ncyopn ene- 
xeno-*XA.ifr o-*qu>i VA.p itxe TA*e+ iioirAj 
juuuuwxen qnA.xA.tco A.rt * | 

,5 Na.i as.e eXA.qxoxcnr *■ A.q(ff nofiuiK A-qgeng,- 
julox itxen <t>*f * juLnejuueo novon nrfien* 
OTrog, exA.q4»^-aq A.qep£,HXc no-rajjut*- 3 * cxa. 

JULRIUOc] ef. Gr. HLP al pier eat &c. nX€rt£,ei] cf. Gr. KA 
BCHLP al plus 60 cat vg syr«" ar« &c. e£)pHI ejcf. ? Gr. K ABC 
13. 25. 40. 61. 68. 105. c** &c. tar*. g,A.nJULA.] &AJUUUIA., T*. 
nA.VTU)&£j L*AB»r»NOPT 26: + 2k.€, T*r*FG'KS. IU€- 
£,OOir] om. nie, S*. ao i.e] I/JT*AB*G'KO 26: om. TFNPST. 
ncetpOJX] UTtA: ncA.4>. 'for fleeing,' B»rKNOPT: e$l»)X 
'to flee,' FG r S 26. 2,A.IUXOl] L»AB*»: j6ett, TTKNOPT: 

2,1, B"FG r s 26. £,cuc] 2,0c, 26. xe] xe, o. eirnA^,.] 

LtT'ANOP* : ^TTttA.g,., B»rFG'KST. £,A.nA/*XA.X] om. 

2,A.n, 26. cax&r] ab* 26: 2,ix£,k, l«t* &c " ii- 
nieK.], fs. -A.px oc ] <*• Gr. 133. 177* c» r k«» &c 
nixjLA.xoi] num., a,. eajum A.pegjxejm..] eajxeAA-, p. 

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ACTS XXVII. 30-36. 429 

we should fall on reefs', they cast four anchors at the stern 
of the ship, they were praying for it to be the day. M Bat 
the sailors, seeking that they might flee from the ship, let 
down the boat to the sea in pretence as that they are going 
to cast anchors from the fore(ship). '* Paulos said to the 
centurion and the soldiers, Unless these stay on the ship 
it is not possible for yon to be saved. M Then the soldiers 
broke away the ropes of the boat, they let her fall. M Until 
the- day came (cgwni), Paulos was persuading them all that 
they should take some (ov) food, saying : ' Lo, fourteen days 
ye completed, looking out, ye ate not anything. ** There- 
fore I pray you to take your food : for this is (the) first (thing) 
unto your health; for a hair of (the) head of one of you 
will not perish.' a But having said these (things), he took 
a loaf, he gave thanks to Qod before all, and having broken 
it, he began to eat. *• But the heart of all of them having 

• Lit. 'hard places.' 

0£,l] position cf. Or. N«ABOHLP al pier arm aethPP &c. £,1 

j£>ert, l*t*k. mxoi] iuax., tnpt. m kia«.a.toi 

pref. A., G r ; position cf. ? Gr. HLP al pier arm Ac. M rU€£,OoV 

L»AB»FKS: + fc.6, T*rG r NOPT. OJUmi] + eTA-IUegjOOTf 
( + 3S.6, KJajUMlI, KS. TKpOTf] om. TO*P. foCG.] 11X6., T*. 
nC€(fi]L«T'AB»r»FG r KS: ftx01f(om. N)tff, TNOPT. KOTT.] 

irroir., r*NOPT. A-perenacoKOTf] ep., fs 26: eA.p., c. 
epexencoAxc] A.p., b». e&oX] om. 26. -ote*x] -cnrujiut. 
h,T*K. "eepexexen.l eeperen., TG'NOPT: epe- 
xeite., 26. ftxe*re«j6pej itoir*6pe, t»k. qajon] a,q- 
ajaoni, 26. ncgopn] -copn, ns. eneren . . . VA,p] om. 

B»; for 2° person cf. Gr. ttBOH 61. al longe plu cat yg ayt Kh arm 
aethPP &c. OlfqUJl] pref. OTTO&, o. it(e, B»)*reTA.<&e] 
•TAA<te, G': -TeitA.$€ 'our «tc.,' 26: IVTA.<&e, 0*. CJIU..J 
pref. S, P double negative. -TA.KO] cf. Gr. NABC 13. 15. 17. 18. 
31. 33. 36. 40. 61. 68. 180. cat vg syr"* arm aethPP ar e &e. A.ItJ om. 

B». M A.q<fi] cf.? Gr. 40. n*ren] KToxq ii., b»: Jul, 

26. €T*.q4>A.<3q] €TA.q(om. S)$A,OJCnr 'broken them,' FS: 
OTfO£, A.qd)., 26. 

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430 npaxgic. 

noir&HT ^.e oxnoq THpo***- itecoox £,ojo"* 
rfy zstdT nT<rȣ)pe+ "Nninrxw 2*e Taper J \ nizoi riA/irep coF ne* 
r£> »• Gta.**ci a*e e&oX 4>eit "f^pe* tu/repo iiru- 

acoi e<LciAa ne. e**crf JuLmconro e<t>ioju.. 
*■& M 8,oxe 2^.6 eri. me&ooT ajturu ixnoTcoTten 
ntKA.g,i •*• na/rf a\e n&eHO** no-*KoXnc 4- ecnron 
oirxpo tt^HTq itA,tco<fiti 2k.e ace £.pK<nr cen^- 
gjno&eju. iSLruxoi emu/* *■ 40 o-fog, er^fqi 
KniA/ocAX* iu.^X"' juuuiuxnr ej£pm e^iojjt.* 

4JUL4. 2>.e *.*OC*- 3£UJOTf[*] Sm&IHOT 6&oX«> 

o*»og, exiTfcoci juLni^pxejuLwit JOLrueHonr 
eemqi A.nrju.cmi emxP° * 4I e*r*.ir£,ei :^€ 
eofjuu. eqoi iteA.XA.ccA. cnovf A.Tg,epaj mxoi 


A.qo&i nqKiJtit 4.n tfrA.&oir ^e juuutoq A.qikaoX 
eftoX ivren ntff itxonc irre it!£/uuuu* 
Tfr "3X-*ipi >>.e SoTfcodTti nxeituu.A.Toi £,iitA. rice- 
^u)Te& Rhh ercong, JULnncuc irre otta.i itK&i 

M XKponr] trs. before OTtnoq, FKS: om. 0. ,T 2je\ om. 

P. ettA."*(om. tULT, 26) &c] position cf. ? Gr. NABC 13. 31. 4a 
61. 68. 105. 137. k"» cat vg arm &c. ItA.T6p] HA/VIpI h, FKS: 
HA.**, 26. C(UJ, AxB^oF] L8T*AB»(rtr«)FG'KPS, cf. Or. KCH 
LP al pier vg 8yr«* arm aethw>: pOC~, r(tr*)N0T. He] Ite, 26: 
Hunt.* om.B»FKS. 88 eTA.TfC!Cr,N)]-C!ItI,rF* by error. €&oX] 
> ItOpe, K by error. TJ©peJ cf. Gr. HLP 3. 4. 21. 31. 42. 95* 96. 

99. 101. 104. 106. u6. 177. I2 1 * 01 al 8 »° r &c. ItA/COpo] T*AB»FG r . 
KS26: &.tG., L»rN0PT. €A.CIA.l] 6AXIA.C, A, : AXIAJt, 26. 
ne] oai. TN OPT. €** CI*f ] evf, FS : A.nCl"f , 26. *• 2\€ i°] 
om.A s 0P. 2\€2°] om. FS. ii^OHOIf] +H6, FS. ftOTTK.] 

eonr., FG'KS. KoXnc] ab»fg'Ops 26: KoXnoc, IrtTK 
nt. eo"ron]L8AB»rN0PT: epeoiroit, t'fcks 26. itA/*- 

CO<Jttl] cf. Gr. KBC 3. 5. 6. 8. 13. 15. 18. 25. 31. 68. 73. 105. 180. k«" 
cat vg syr"* arm. 2*.(T, N)6 3 ] +ne, 26: om. T». CenA.OjnO- 
£,6JUL] ttceajn., G'; cf. Gr. B*0 arm. JUUUXOl] om. 26. 

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ACTS XXVII. 37-42. 431 

been glad, they also took their food. "Bat all the souls 
who were being in the ship were making two hundred (and) 
seventy-six. M But having been satisfied with the food, 
they were causing the ship to lighten, throwing the wheat 
to the sea. 3J But when the day came (SJtuni), they knew 
not the land; but they were observing a bay, having (lit 
being) a shore in it : but they were considering that perhaps 
they would be able to save the ship thither. 40 And having 
lifted the anchors, they were letting them (go) in the sea, 
but at the same time they loosed the heads of the rudders ; 
and having hoisted the foresail to the wind which blew, 
they put in to the shore. 41 But having fallen on (e) a place, 
being of two seas, they ran the ship aground thither ; and 
the fore(part) of it indeed was fixed, it stayed, not moving, 
but the hinder (part) of it was destroyed by (the) violence 
of the waves. ** But the soldiers made a plan, that they 
should kill the prisoners, lest by any means one should swim 

6AJU.-*] JUUUULX , TN. 40 OTTO£, i°] om. 26. ftltll ftltOT 

'their.' T. ItA/CX 1 *'] A B * po : i -' t " L,T * &c - *-«**•] A B»* ? 
G»K 26: 2,4-***., L*T* &c: &4.IUUIA., FS. 2>.e] T'AB'G' 
KP»: om. L«TFNOP*ST. OTO^, a ] om. FG r KS_26. eXA.**.] 
AT*., FG'KS. -CO(OJ, FG*KS)Cl] -<JTci, 26. JJLIU&HOX &c] 

iirep&urr £>ermieHcnr e*rejuuiu}(o, K)X e^cnrrt 
emxP°» FKS - eomqi] l»ab»fG'Ks 26 : eru.qmqi, T»rN 

OPT. A/»Jtt.OItI e] L«AB»FKS: &.VJL*XOm JUL, T»: 

*.(€. r')t*ML*g,l 6, POPT : A.1&JUUL&1 JUL, G'N 26 ; these 
three probably are a literal rendering of Gr. Kartixor. * l GOX8JLA.J 

ert&XJL, FG'KS. ite^X.] om. ft, T». cno-»fl L8T'AB»rG» 
NOT: Ei" , FKP8 26. eJULA/c] JUUUL4.1T, G'. OfO£,] om. 
26. &IT&H] eX£,H, C: om. g,I, FKS : pref. A.7T, 26. 
A.qOg,l] +i.e, P ; cf. ? Gr. NBOLP al pier. ftT€It] ftxe, FS : 

p,i*ren, P 26 : e©&e 'because of,' b». ntfi] m<ST, b» 26. 
rtxemg/ouuLif&iu).**.!, a 2 *N)] l«t*ab»fG'KS 26: ftru., 

TNOPT ; cf. Gr. WOHLP al omn» ld cat eyr» te aethPP &c. 42 6*T- 

coit£,] exccong,, kp. itH(e, b»fkps*)&i] ju.eri, g» 

by error. 

Digitized by 


432 npoxgic. 

ftxeq<&iox. * 8 nieKA.xoitxA.pxoc 2.6 <*■ eqcnr u*g 
enog,ejut juuiatXoc* AxjajAgyxcnr eajxejuupi 
juLnoir cotfni <«- 
3Xqoir A&cA&rti 2\e iirtH exeoTron ojxojuc ii- 
juuucnr nceqixo-* ecpioju. RceitHfli itajopn 
cie eiuxpo* 44 cnro^, mceccoxn | ^A-itoTfoit Jtxen. 

iceenx*-i ktc nixoi* onrog, nAipicf A-cajioni 
eepenno&ejut TKpeit eiuxP°* 

r £C 'OTto^, exA.nno&ejut* xoxe Ancjuu xe ojay- 
JULo-rf trfniicoc exeJUUutAT xe jmeXixmH* 

T fr * Hi&Ap&Apoc 2s.e nxe hijuia. exeJUuuLA.Tr nA/vipi 
noxftxexJUiAipwJuu no-»KOTrxi a.k* 
exATrrfepe cnrxpuwui \*A.p A/*gonxeit xitpeit 
epcoonr * eefte nuuioirit&iooTr exeitAqajon nejut. 
ee&e mtoxeft* 'Aqicoxq 2\e nxenA.fXoc* 
Aqxuuu noTrjuLHoj iiXe&aj *• o*»o£, exAq&ixoir 
enixpwju. <nrog, e&oX £,ixen ni.c6Ju.ojui*> 
aci e&oX nxeofAxw* ACX6K& xeqxix* 
4 ex a-* n&.v ^.e itxeniftApftApoc emoHpiort 
eqAaji ncA xeqxix* nATXtu juuuloc nnoir- 
epHoir ace nAnxtoc nAipoojuu 0Tfpeqj6u)xeft 
ne* $ai exe juienencA exAqno&ejui e&oX 
/6en <t>iojUL* juLne neqg,An x*-^ eojttj6*- 

48 -A.pX oc ] cf - Or- H L P al pier &c. 26 i°] om. Ms. ? JUL- 
nATXoc] position cf. Gr. It BOH LP && 2.6 a°] cf. Or. 13. 40. 
61. 96. 105. 137. c«* syrP: om. FS. ItK 6X6 . . . qiXOIf] tlK 

exoir, s. enixp°] Am., t. ** o-rog, i°] om. 26. 
n*e] mice, topt : noTTKe, n. ctuxn] ceni, fks. &i i°] 

om. G r . i>,] om. £,A.n, K. XH(6, NT) pert] L«T*A 
B'FGNT: -pOTT, TKOPS, 3 person : om. 26. 
Hunt .8. l oTfO£, &c] eXAItnOg,6JUL 2€, 26. XOXe] om. FS, 
<■»* *, of. Gr. 15. 27. 36. 76. 180. A.IteJUu] cf. Gr. NAB 0* 13. 61. 68. 137. 
gpe c tor» vg gy,.«tr arm aethpp ar*. OjATf JUL.] pref. 6, 18?. nf"- 
HHCOC] A : 6*f tt., L6T' &c. X6 . . . * exeJUUUlA.Tr] om. P*. 
JULeXlXIItH] L*AB»G'P'»« i8« 26, cf. ? Gr. B* 12»«* syrP ■»««■• arm 


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ACTS XXVH. 43— XXVIH 4. 433 

and flee. 43 But the centurion, wishing to save Paulos, 
hindered them from doing their plan : But he commanded 
those for whom it was possible that they should support 
themselves on the sea, and swim first to the shore: "and 
the rest also, some indeed on boards, but others on pieces also 
of the ship. And thus it happened for us all to come safe 
(no£,eju.) to the shore. 

XXVIII. And having been saved, then we knew that 
that island is called ' MelitineV s But the barbarians of 
that place were doing a kindness with us not a little: for 
having kindled a fire, they received us all, because of the 
rain which was happening, and because of the cold. s But 
Paulos turned himself, he found a quantity of rubbish, and 
he threw (e*r«8.q) it (plur.) to the fire, and from the heat 
came out a viper, it bit his hand. * But the barbarians 
having seen the wild beast hanging to his hand, they were 
saying to one another: 'Certainly this man is a murderer, 
this (one) whom, after having been saved from the sea, his 

fuihxipn,: JULeXimitH, r(tr. iLUu 'MHiyah'JFNOST: juieXe- 
TIltH, T*K 18*. * 2>.e] of. Gr. NHLP al pier oat vg arm &c. 

€TeJUUUUV*] AB»G»KN0P n "8Ti8.a6 : oro. L*T*rFS. IU.*Y1pl] 

*.•»., t»gks. xvrt*xeT . . . *.n] tto-*mg*f jOUmer- 

JUULipoJJU.1, T»: ftOTfltig-f J0utX.eTJUL2.I- 

pcojuti itoifKo-irxi &.n, g*ks. TA,p] om. »6. THpen] 

T»AB» 18: THpOT, 26: om. L» &c, cf. Gr. A &c. €Te(A., T)- 

n&q.] en^q., 26. ee&e 2 ] om. 26, cf. Gr. n* 3. 35; 95. 96. 

100. vg. 8 OX*JlHgj] L«T*AB»FG'KS: £,*.!«*.., TNOPT. 

Xe&aj] Xi&oj, 0. eiux-] abm exenni., L*T*rNOPTi8.26: 

£,I*eitIU.,FG'KS. OTTO& 2 ] L«T*AB» l8 : om. T Ac. eftoX i°] 

+ 2k€, fs. g,ixen] l»t» a : joen, b» &o. ajcoo] a^co, fks. 

A.C3C.] AJQ£., FS by error. * *.e] om. K. &&.pftA.pOc] 

♦ irrenuu.*. erejuuuuv* 'of that place,' l»: +ereru. & c .,p. 

enieHplOtt] position cf. Gr. 61. 64. 95. 96. &c. -eHpion] -Olp., 
T : -pOH, F». nriOTfepHOTf] position cf. Gr. HLP al pier arm &c 

iu*n*rtuc] -toc, ot. o**peq.] pref. ite, fks »6. <1>a.i . . . 
no£,ejw.] xejw.enencA.opeqo'rxA.i, fks«. ex^qito- 
£,€**.] eTA-nn^G 1 : ereqn.,NO. 
tol. iv. r f 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

434 npaxgic. 

rid sflooq ju.eit o-»n A.qne£, menpion eraxptu**- 
julne £,Xi iJLneT zjuxrt ajtunt juuu.oq-5- 

to •flewoT ^.e njLTAJteTi xe qttA/txvxi «■ te 
qiu.£,ei cA/roxq irreqjuLOf * erA.'fcocK 26 
eTfcojutc epoq* o-irog, era.fnA.7r xe ijLne 
&Xi n&cofL eq&ujoir TA.g,oq* A-TrKOTO-* 

CA.TOT01T eTTXU) JUUULOC epoq * X€ OTntOff 

roa »Hg,pHi 2.e j6en nuuu. ereAJUuLA.-* + neo-ron 
OTfXJLHg iuo&i ajon-t* irre mg,cnrrr ivre *f iih- 
coc* 6neqp&n ne nonrnXioc* $aj eTA.q<rrr- 
T6it e&piu A.qgonTen epoq* &en otmabi 
jDuu.exajA.ngejuuu.o itr tteg,ocnr + 8 A.cgjujiu 
26 erA. 4»ia)T iJLnofnXioc gjtoni £en &A.K- 
j6ju.ojul*- nejJL £,A.najA.iuuiAj6T eqajTHovr 

j6A.pU)0*Y* <j>AJ 2.6 A. IULXXOC 0)6 ejfeoTIt 

ajA.poq* A.qepnpoceTrxecee* A.qx*> weqxa 
2>ixtoq A.qTA.X<Jbq + 
ro)9 »6ta. $a.i 26 ajwnt + naoxn e*rj6en -fnitcoc* 
ereoton cycum ajon Xjuuuucnr •*■ it^ifitHOY 
ajA.poq <nro£, itA.qTA.Xtfb ijuuiuxnr * w nAi 
26 A/rrAJoit ^en o*»nioj*f ktajo* oTrog, 
evitA-enxen eftoX juuuult A-TrcefLTwren jOL- 
nexenepxpJ*- iJLM.oq* 

* JUL6K OTftt] pref. 26, K : pref. X6, A,*: 26, G'P. OKpIOIt] 
Of., NT. •q!U.$(q.B*).] A.qttA», r»G»NOT. ie] om. 

ck. qnA.£,ei] irreq£,ei,FG*KS. eT&.*»tocK] erA.q.,T». 
enrcoAJLc] a/*., f*P: 6A.-*., 8. £,u>&] £,e&, a 8 *. ott- 

no*»*f ne] cf. ? Gr. 13. 31. 38. 56. 69. 105. al 8 "« cat «yr»» r && 
Hunt*, T niAAA.] ItlJULA, TO plural. JULKttJ S] om. FS. ItTenig,.] 
L«T*AB»FKS 26: AMU., TG'NOPT. rtRCOc] +e*re*JUULA*» 
'that,' 26. nOlfnXlOc] of. Gr. 5. 7. 25. 61. vg Sec: ItOItXlOC, P. 
6TA.q<r.] L«AB»: Ut{<S7, T* &c. -tflXTeit] -tflTeit, B'iFQ' 

ks. ju.eTajA.n(ju., FS)ajejuuuto] t'abtfks: julct- 

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ACTS XXVHL 5-10. 435 

judgement letteth him not live.' * He (pron.) indeed then 
shook the wild beast to the fire, no evil happened to him. 
• But they (pron.) were thinking that he will swell* or will 
fall immediately and die: but having waited, gazing at 
him, and having seen that no evil thing seized him, they 
turned themselves immediately, Baying that he was a god. 

7 But in that place there were many fields of the first 
(man) of the island, his name being Pouplios: this (man) 
having taken us up, received us in a love of hospitality three 
days. "But it came to pass (that) the father of Pouplios 
having been sick in fevers and dysenteries was prostrate 
under them. But this (man) — Paulos went in unto him, 
he prayed, he laid his hands upon him, he healed him. 

9 But this having been done, (the) rest who were in the 
island, with whom there was sickness, were coming unto him 
and he was healing them. 10 But these honoured us in great 
honour, and when we were about to be brought from there, 
they prepared for us that of which we had need. 

•Or 'burst.' 

ajenoj., L*N0PTa6: juLexjuuLittjejutaji, Gf. ne&oof] 

JOLnieg,.,T ; position cf. ? Or. K AH LP 6i. si pier est &c. * IIO"**- 

IlXlOc] cf. Or. s. 7. 2$. 61. vg : riOTlX., T. £ > A.Itj6jlJL.] om. 

£,*.n, b». cg*.iuuuj6*r] ap>g*:*A., fs 26°: 
ajeruu.., j>t*b«knopt 26*. eqajTHovr] -ajeROfT, s. 
4>aj 2>.e] $*.! *re, T: <b*j ere, r. ffl*.poq] epoq, 0. 

ne(A,,A 2 *P*)CJ3Ci:x] om. neq, 36. g,!XU3q] L«T*AB»FG'KS: 

exioq, tnopt a6. A.q*rA.X<Toq] -tfo, N. • *.€] cf. Gr. 

K A BI 13. 40. 61. 105 al plus 10 syrP &c. TlClUXTl] cf. Gr. B om. mi. 
eTj6errf*!tRCOc] position cf. Gr. NABI 13. 31. 40. 61. 105. 81* k«" 
yg&c. Ojon jJUtXVdOt] L«Aj. a «B»FG'K: OJCVTII JLJUULUJOT, 
8: rl&HTOf, T»FNOPT. 10 A/*T£.IOrt] IU.VT., 0: 

€*rr., T: ex., N. €&oX JUL**.*.**] cf. ? 8yr«*etP 'inde.' 

i-fcefi-T.] ex., fs. jutnexenepxP^m-Ai)!^.] om. ep, 
b»: -epn(en, ojxp**. ro. 

rf a 


Digitized by " 

436 npaxgic. 


T °y " UenencA. v 2>.e ha&ot Am g,i otxoi nxe 

pAKoj - epeoToit oTJULHiiti g,m rrq ftre £,A.n- 

2s.iocKopoc *• eA.qepiu.pAXi-**-*-?!" j£en 'f-rot- 
coc * " ofO£, A-njuioni ecipAKcnrcAc* Anajami 
juuu.a-* ftv fteg/wv** "o-*o£, e*TA.m efi.oX 
AJuuLiL'**- A.ttepKA.TA.n*rAn epHVioit oxog, 
juterteitcA oire&ooT AqAJiAA.g,i ej6o**n exam 
ibceoTreoTpHC Aiti juLneitE enoirrioXcnrc +■ 


neitg,irr eepencgwm j6atotot ftf fteg,ooir 

OTfOg, nAipirf- A.IU epUJAJLK* 

ro« '• GTATrcurre**. 2>.e itxemcnKOT ere.MJUU.Tr | 
ck> ee&RTen &r*i eftoX e£,pA.n ajAe&pHi eAjiiuo- 

4>opoT* ftv ftTA&.epruoit. %.€ eptuoir 

ftxenAfXoc A-qajengjuurr «Ten $-f * oirog, 

Aqtff no*»A*.e*r2CA.p£ > KX<s- 
roe i«8,oTe >>.e er^-ngje e£>ofn eptojum AqonrA-g,- 

cAg,m juUia/yXoc *• eepeqajumi jQuuiA'fA.Tq +• 

itejut nujLA.Toi erApeg, epoq*- 
tot "Hxcgcom >>.e juteitertcA v fteg,ooir A.q.u.oT*f 

B>nt 16. n prng ^Udl J»t 'the Sunday of the (palm) branches.' £.tti g/\ 
ISU eg,!, B«: A.ttg,l<m £,1, G*T*h OTTOIt OXftlUUltl] A : 

orog, gAitJuutim, l»t*&c: otjul, 26. eAqepiiApA.- 

X(K, TJIJULA^IIt /6e«i"nHCOC] TtAB«FG*N0P«T26: 6A.- 
qepX- ^6.. r: 6A.qAJUl.oni 6"f ItHCOC 'having put in at &&,* 
K : om. L«. " AIUAom] L«AB»rG*NOPT: AltAJULOITl, T»F 
KS 26. €(ft, T')CipAK01fCA.c] T'AB» 26 : 6 (ft, N)C*»p., LsTF 
G'NOPT : eCAp., KS. ftv] position cf.?Gr. 137. ls JOUULA/*] 

ora.G'. pH(e,F)\*IOn] cf.Gr. (exc. BL ftc): -UMt.FK: peVOOpll, 
s*: pKVopm, NT. CnTOg, 2 ] om. G'. o-*eg,oo-*] + *.€, P. 
AqA.(e, N)juu.g,i] eq., b»gj. exum] t*ab»G'K a6: eg,- 
pAn.NOT: om. L«rFPS. juLnenlJ.] en., l»fkps. non- 
TioXofc] notrf., K: nonxioXoc, p : non*rioTfXoc,N: 

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ACTS. XXVUL 11-17. 487 

11 Bat after three months we came in a ship of Rakoti*, 
being on it a sign of Dioskoros b , which vrintered in the 
island. "And we put in at Sirakousas, we abode there 
three days. "And having come from there we reached 
Region : and after a day a south wind was strong with us c , 
we came the second day* to Pontiolous; "and having found 
the brethren there, they persuaded us to abide with them 
seven days: and thus we came to Rdme. IS But the 
brethren who (were) there having heard concerning us, came 
to meet us even unto Appiophorou, and (ft) Three TabernOn : 
but Paulos having seen them, gave thanks to God, and took 
courage. w But when we went into Rome, he commanded 
Paulos to abide alone with the soldier who kept him. 

17 But it came to pass after three days (that) he called the 

* Alexandria. b Indefinite plural. ° Lit.' in upon us.' d Lit. 
'on our two.' 

nenxioXoTrc, f : neirfofXo*»c,s. "A.nxiJtA.i ftm.1 

T'AB* 26 : -XIJUU HI., L* : AltxeJUUt!., T Ac. JJUJUSt] 
eJUULT, TNT. ;. A.TOe(H, A)T(It, a6)neng,Rx] om. K. 

eepeitjgumi] ^.najconi, k. nAjpK*f].$4.ip., n. pujajlh] 

cf. Or. AI 13. 38. 40. 96. 137. 8* al*»" &c. ; position cf. Or. AI 13. 38. 40. 
61. 68. 96. 105. 81* al 3 «" vg syr«* " 66&K(e, N8)Ten] cf. ? 

Or. 100 om. to. A.TI 6&oX] cf. ? Or. HLP al pier cat &c. : om. 
€&0\ 26, cf.? Gr. KABI 17. 25. 40. 61. is'** 8p». e£,pA,rt] 

e&pm, 26. HA.e&pHi] fflA.ej6pHi, 36. ^.nnio^opoi-J 
A.nniA.d>opoc, fs: A.imi$opcnr, pt. RtQab»: nejtxv 

'and three,' L«T* &c. TA.fie(A., N)ptttO(0, B*)It] Ti.&.€p- 
ItKUIt, Q". TA-&.IpItO(U>, F)It, FK: TAillfWIt, S. 

16 &otc] g,oxA.n, fks. *.e] om. G'P 26. eTAJiae &c] 

cf. ? Gr. NABI 5. 6. 7. 13. 31. 40. 61. 105. 8p* d"* syr"" arm aethPP ar** 
pUDJULH] cf. Gr. WABHIP al pier. A.qOTfA.g,] T»AG'P 26 : 
A*»(om. TJOTTA^,, L8B»rFKN0ST, cf. i Gr. KABI 13. 40. 61. 
ia toct vg 8yr ptti „,,, „* &c . niJUU.TOl] It!., G* ploral. CTA.- 
pe&] ergJpUMC, FS. " A.q.*JLOVf] of. Gr. »ABI 13. 

15. 18. 25. 36. 4a 61. 68. 81. 105. 137. i2 1 « rt k*" cat vg syrP arm : 
+ nxeiU.*rX0C, E, cf. Gr. HLP al pier syr"* aethro &c 

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438 npaxgic. 

emg,oTA."f nxe niio*r&AJ ergon jQuula.-* <■ 
exAirj 2l6 ejuu.r ttA.qacu) juuuloc hojot*- 
a.itok ttipuojuu nencftHOT jDLniep g>Xi erf 
ej6oTit e£,pA.q jS.iuXa.oc le lucviuteiA. ftxe 
nemcrf + A.7rcong,x e&oX ^>en iXkjuL A,*rriux 
e*6pHi eneitacix nrnpuwuieoc *■ "tu.i exA/r- 
j6exj6twx* ttA/roiruxg ex^-T e&oX ne* ace 
jOLnoTfxejw. £,Xi itexiA. nxe <t>A*.OT eqajon 
" GfepAitxiXevm a\e nxenuoTXAi A.cepA.nA.ritK 
epoi eepemiCAXicee JOLnofpo «■ J0L$pK*f A.n ace 
ofon &Xi rtKAXHropiA. eipi JOLiiAajXtuX* 
M eefie xAjXu>iaci onm nAJxt»ft£, enA/» epw- 
xen * o**o£, ecAja nejuuoxen. ee&e x&eXnic 
VA.p jOLmcTC* -fcong, ttXAJg,AX7rcic+ 
T °C " fieuoov 2k.e neacuxvv HAq ace Alton o**a\e juLne 
c&aj i iu.n efioX £en *fiova\eA* of2\e 
JOLneqi ibceo-»-A,i e&oX j6en mcnuo*** itxeq- 
xajuloh le nxeqace ottcaxi eq&uxnr j6a.pok*| 
M TenepA.£iom ^ e eccoxe.**. e&oX £,1x0x1? nun 
exeKjmenn epuxnr* eofte XA.i£,epecic rA-p* 
ni£,u)& ofong, epon*- ace ceepAiroXerm 
eeftmrc j6eit juua mften* 88 A7rf-nei ave 
ttAq noTre&ooir * a/*i gApoq e*f e^eruA. e»ep 

eJUULt] L«T*AB»FG*K8 : CJjA.poq 'unto him,* 26: om. TNO 

FT. nA.qxto juuutoc] nexAq, fks, cf. ? Gr. 61. <h»>. 

A.KOK] pref. ace, FK8; porition cf. Gr. NABI 3. 13. 40. 61. 68. 95. 
103. 105. 137. M»««* 8P« c"" vg syrP arm &c. jDLniep] JUUiep, T. 

eg,p*.q ■**•] e&pen, fks. nemo*f] t»ab»knt 26: m- 

IO*ff 'the &o.,' LarFCOPS. A.TTTR1X] -X€IX, S*. ej6pRl" 

e&p., K. " ItAj] +2^6, t»fks. exA.vj6exj6u>x 

-OTT, K : -OX, N. eXAT] 6KA.X, T. ne] om. I\ €XIA^ 

AB'ro'NOPT 26: Xumxi, l»t»fks. eqajon] ab»o : ex- 

gon,rNT: COjOn, TK: Ojon, L«FPS: om. G'. "2k.e] 

om. 0. nxem] itxeni, p. ace] om. p. o**on] pref. e, 26. 

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ACTS XXVIH. 18-33. 439 

first (men) of the Jews who were there: but they having 
come thither, he was saying to them, I, [the] men, our 
brethren, did not anything in opposition* to the people or 
the customs of our fathers, I was bound, from Jerusalem 
I was delivered to (the) hands of the Romans: "these 
having examined (me), were wishing to release me, because 
they found not any cause of (the) death being in me. 

"But, the Jews making objection, it was necessary for 
me to appeal to (the) king, not as that there is anything 
of accusation to make against my nation. *° Because of 
this reason, then, I was praying to see you, and to speak 
to you : for concerning (the) hope of Israel I am bound by 
this chain. "But they (pron.) said to him: 'To us 

(pron.) neither came writing from [the] Ioudea, nor came 
one from the brethren and showed to us or said an evil 
word against thee. M But we think right to hear from 
thee the things which thou thinkest: for concerning this 
sect the thing is manifest to us, that objection is made con- 
cerning it in every place.' **But they appointed to him 

* Lit. 'opposing.' 

ftKA.THV.] om. ft, F8. nA.ajXu)(A a6 : O, L« &o.)X] L»T»AP 
26 : IU-IgJA. 'this &c.,' B«r(and tr.)FG*KNOST. ao epCWTett] 
+ H6, FKS. ee&e(H, N) a°] pref. Xe, 26. VA.p] om. G*S. 
*fcOtl£,] T*AB»rO'KN 26: -OOltg,, L*F0P8T. £,A.XfCIc] 
AB»« Of : -HC1C, Lf T* &c n I nA.Il] om. \, L«NO«(* KIU.ri)T 

by error. ICTTkeA.] AB* 26" : + €&&.H(€, N)TJC 'concerning thee,' 
L»T* &c, position cf. 1 Gr. A?** 13. 103. 105. vg aethPP &c. CAXl] 

t»ab»: g,ujj&, l« &c. M TenepA^iom] Temrw&g, 

'we pray,' FES. ecurreA*.] position cf. i Or. ML 4. 38. 40. 104. 
•!*•». ft«H] T»AFS: eitK, LbBTG'KNOPT 26. e*T6K- 

(o»'a oopy*)ju.eTfi] ererujL., ro*P. eefLe] cf. Gr. 23. 25. 37. 

56. 104. 106. 8* al >wr om. iuv. VA.p] trs. after ^lofi., 26; obs. Gr. 
Li*" om. ovottgj -U>!t£,, FKPS. AiroX.] AirfX., FS. 
« s *f nei] *fnw, s*t. ftoTe&oo-*] got., b*g»kot. e*f- 
e^emi?]T»A 1 FKOPS26: rfjem^., L»B»ro'T: hf$., N: 
e^enuL, a,. 

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440 npoxgic. 

o*r juuto} + oto£, A,qaLXi j6axoxot eqep- 

juteepe iuoo*r+ eefte *fAA,ex<r*po iixe <H"* 

eq^wx AA.nof&KX ee&e lite 4- eftoX j6en 

^nojuioc JQLxjLurvcKC neut iunpoe>HXHC4- ic- 

xen fflopn oja. povgj4- 

"Oirog, ^A.noiron AA,en ncnr&KX ©ht* 

neim itn eiu.qxw juuutuwr. aA-itKexux)"***" 

*e iu.voi iu.xiu^g,*f> " enrol *e nA.xfAAA,*f 

nejut novepnov4- iq^^ e&oX eqxcu no**- 

caxi ncyrotrr kudoy* nxenA/rXoc* xe k&Xuoc 

a. nimwl eeoTAJl caxi efioX £,rxoxq tiKCA.iu.c 

iunpo$HXRC iteju. ttexeiuo*f M eqxu> i*ju.oc4- 

2£e AA.02)! ajA. tuuXaoc axoc ituxnr xe /6en 

4-otcaar epexenecatrrejuL otto£, iinexenKA.*f + 

4-j6en ofiu.** onrog, 

4* OT a.qofjuLOT x*A.p iixen&RX jEa.iujXa.oc * 

4-o-rog, A.r&ptMffl enctwxeAA j£eit novA&Acgx 

4>o-ro& A.-vjjuua}0AAA nnoT^A-X* aahhujc itce- 

4-ruLY ntto**&A.X4- OTog, RcecurreAA ,&en nox- 

*aaaojx4- orog, ftceiu.'f jfeeri noTr&HX itceico- 

4»xov nxA.xoTrxuK>*»4- 

ci^ « U^-pe m&coii. ofong, epcuxen xe a. $*f | xa.otto 

A.qcAxi] ab» 26; riA.qc, lbt» &c. eqepAA.] A.q., 26. 
nouov] lbt* &c c f. Or. l i8r om. r. r\xe4>*f*] nxe^ItOTf, 

A s S. eefteiRCJ of. J Gr. (exc. t 31 . nl pin &c. praem «5). AAUTV- 
CHC] of.Gr. KBL 1. 13. 38.4a. 47. 61. 65. 98. 100. 106. 126. 177. al 8 »«&c: 
AAXDCHC, S, cf. Gr. AH 31. al plu &c. OJOpTl] A : tgwpn, L«T* &c 

** ofogj om. nopt. eru.qxuj] a,b» : exenAqxu?, L»rN 
pt 36: exeqxu>, A^FCKKOSt exA,qxw, t*. ha/toi] 

ItAJOI, 0. A.XnA£,*f] Ax'jFG'KNST: AOtt^ L«T»B"rOP a6. 
28 fc.e] trs. after "f AAA.*fv K; of. Gr. N«ABHLP al pl« eyrP &c: 

om.B». A,qx&-Tl + *-e,p. eqx w] nA ,qxw t a6«. no*vcux] 

T»A,*,B»: om. L« Ac. e©OTf A&} C0T, PT. CAXl] AB»FG* 
KS : A,qc, L«T*rN0PT 26. RCARAc] -IA.C, T. IteAA a c ] 

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ACTS XXVm. 34-28. 441 

a day, they came unto him to the lodging, being many: 
and he declared to them, witnessing to them concerning the 
kingdom of God, persuading them concerning Jesus, from 
(the) law of Moyses and the prophets, from early unto 
evening. u And some indeed were being persuaded by 
the things which he was saying ; but others were being 
unbelieving. ss But disagreeing amongst themselves, Paulos 
dismissed them, saying one word to them : ' Well spake the 
holy spirit through Esaeas the prophet to your fathers, 
26 saying: " Go "unto this people, say to them:* In a hearing 
ye shall hear, and ye shall not understand ; in a seeing ye 
shall Bee, and ye shall not see.' ** For (the) heart of this 
people thickened, and they were heavy for (the) hearing in 
their ears, and they shut their eyes, lest by any means they 
might see with their eyes, and hear in their ears, and under- 
stand in their heart, and return, and I heal them." 
"Let the thing be manifest to you, that God sent his 

» Lit/walk.' 

ox&£, k. nereitKrf] cf. Or. *ab 3. 4. 13, 16. 23. 25. 33. 40. 

43. 46. 61. 80. 95. 104. 105. k«« syr** Did Ac: neniO"f , B» cf. Gr. 
HLP al longe pin, cat s vg ana aethPP &c. " X6 i°] om. Of. 

OTCJULK] L«T*AB*FGfKS 26: OfClUXe**., TNOPT. 6p€- 

xeneccoxejm] epexenc, a,. j6ert a ] a b«: pref. oto£,, 
l»t« &c. epexeitnA.Tr] ab»g*: epexenenAv, l»t» &c. : 
eru.if,r*. "Aqoxu.ox]Aqcnro.«jix,FS. nAiXAoc] 

nA.XA.OC, N: mX., T. A/C&pUJOj] A 26: -Og, L«T» &c: 
-DCOOVOJ, T : -g,0pgj, S. j6en (om. B») nOYJULAOJX i°] cf. Gr; 
»A 13. 27. 36. 65. 66** 104. 105. 180. al 8 »" tol «yr«* arm aethPP &c. 

nnof&AX a ] j6en (om. t) ncnrftAX, tnot. j6en- 
noTJUA-ajx 2 ] nnoTr., g*x. oirog, riceKA*f-] om. cnrog,, 

FG'KS. nCeKO((»J, 0)XOf] AB»a6: pref. OTO&, L»T' &c: 
+&ApOI, F 26: +£,ApOK, S. nXAXOTfXOJOTr] nXAJCttJ- 

xcnr, r»s. 28 ni&coA] ag» : +o*»n, l«t* &c cnrong,] 

A 26 : -U)tt£,, L«T* &c. XAOVo] pref. Aq, 26. 

Digitized by 


442 npaxgic. 

jOuieqcurrup j£>en nieenoc. iteuxrr on een-*.- 

80 DXqcgumi a.e cnoirf xHpo-r j6en nuuuL 
eTA.qtflTq eneqgjtfop juuuun jubutoq* oirog, 
iu.qajon noiron m&en eennoir ej6o*wt ajA.poq 
"eq&uuiaj n*f.M.e*ro7rpo nxe ♦'f* ovog, 
eqt"c&«? j6en ovong, efk>X novon m&ett* 
ee&e ndc IRc n^c* 0T0& jOuuton g,Xi gujapr 

npaxgic toh oxvioh axnocTo^oH gh 

iphhh Tin RIB OXUHH 

cffjiui rI Oh 

neqcotfTHp] -xep, n« : neqcoop, 0*0. j6eniu.] ab» 
nni., tnopt : em., wtfg'KS 26. neajoV) AB»rNOT 26 

pref. OTTO&, LsT'FG'KPS. On] OfOn, A x by error : OTTtt, B» 
om. P. ** Verse omitted by all collated MSB., cf. Gr. N A BE 13. 40. 

61. 68. 1 •"» s am fu demid 96 ta * syr"" ar« arm" 11 aethPP. *° A.q<XJ.] 
eqg., 1>. 2k.e] L«AB»rNPT 26, cf. Or. NABE 13. 40. 61. 68. 142. 
I2 i«ot c ior vg gyrptxt am, . + ftxenA/cXoC, T»FG'KOS, cf. Gr. HLP 
al pier (105.) cat tol syr^etP c* aethPP &c. cnovf] AB» : S*f", 

l«t* &c TKpov] om. k. j£>ennuuuL eTA.qtff'rcfJ 
€qove(K, G')& j6eno-rju.A, G'K : om. ro. e(om. ojneqg- 
tfop] a u *0: j6enneqa<Top, B«rNT 26 : enajtfop, l»fps: 
j6A.neqgo"0(+v, io)p, G'K : e(A., Aj^yqote^ eneqg- 

(Jop, T'As"* 'another copy.' JUUUUK JGuUtoq] om. G'K. 

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ACTS XXVIII. 30, 31. 443 

saviour among the Qentilea, they (pron.) also (are they) who 
will hear.' *° But he abode two whole years in the place 
which he took for his own hired house, and he was receiv- 
ing all who come in onto him, 81 proclaiming the kingdom 
of God, and teaching all in boldness* concerning the Lord 
JesuB Christ, and there was not any hindering him. 

Acts of the holy apostles in peace of the Lord. Amen. 
Stichoi 2800, Chapters 48. 

* Lit. 'manifesting.' 

IU.qgon] T*ArKT 26: -gjum, L»B»FG*NOPS. ftOTTOIll pref. 
epOCJ *to him,' FS. e^OTIt] om. 26. n d/f] 4>lK>vf , A,. 

OTfOHg,] A 36: -Ufflg, , L»T» &c. ftOTOn] L«T*AB»P: om. TV 
G'KNOST 26. MC nXP] cf. Gr. WABEHLP al pier vg syr«* 
aim aethPP &o. OTO& 2°j T»A 26 : om. L* &c. JUUUlOIl] 116- 

juLuLOit, TNOT. gjcoapr] jgoajT, fks. JOuutoq] 

LCA I(t) B»FG'KNPS 26^+ 116, TTNOT: A, begins a new sentence 
IIlCAXI fc.6 R*renOC 'But the word of the Lord.' 

Subscription. np£.£!C(np£.£eum,FS)TOIt A.TJOII A.I10C- 
TOXOK (cf. Gr. AEHL t. ior. 126. a*" al ma) eiU(om. AjjpRItH 

*rw Kto ajulhk, AljFs. c*rix oc (on>- oc » A i) Sou, cf. 

Niceph (chronogr. compendiar.) /3«. Ke<t»A.XeOIt (KeX, Aj) JULH, 
Ait: Ked>A,XeOK Of (obs. am btx fu lxxiiii) CTirXOK^tered 
from JUL, F) TO^, FS. GKNT have Arabic : B»rKOP have no sub- 
scription, cf. Gr. minusc mu. 

Digitized by 



^UXlIOVClXXifAiL^ic Axe Irc n^cc e-H eta <fr*f 

x xkic itAq exAJme neqe&ujK *• enH ex|ce.«.ii- 

oja. nxoTajtom SxtuXeu* otto^, Aq-fjutRiiti 


eA.qxA.oTiooTr e&oX £,ixoxq ■*• iineqA.T t reXoc«- 

jDLneq&a)K luWLititRc * 

2 4>h exA.qepjm.eepe jULiiicaxi iixe **f* new. 

•fju.exju.eepe itxe wc nxc* iinH exA.qitA.v 

«**»»* 3-» *\Rot ni^-TOT iutH extogj iteju. itH excouxeju. 
emcAxi itxe XAjnpo$RXiA+ o**og, 
eitH excj6Hoxr &kotc. nicHOf rA.p A.q- 

4 I(u£.nitKc ft*ff neKKXRciA* nK btxh j6eit 
*f a.cia n&Ju.ox muxen + iteju. -f g,ipHitR e&oX 

Inscription. *fAHOK(V, TJA.XlC^TJXJttyic KX6 MUArt- 

an, cf. Or. 50: •fA.norA.Xirju.iJ/ic itxe luwumitc merrA^- 

VeXlCXRC, H : *f AnoVA-XlfJU^IC XOV AriOV IttJAtt- 

noir ev ArreXicxo*», d : *f AnorAXx«L»lnc itxe Icwa 
nie**ATreXicxRc ovo£, iuaiiocxoXoc ee (holy) itxe 
lienor irc n^c j6ett ov&ipRitR iixe $*f AJUtRit, F: 
*f AnoKAXirAMric exAqrtAir epoc (which he saw) ibce- 
iuavioc iwAttitKc nierA.rreXicxRc, C: *fA,norA- 
\tJiA-tyic exAqrtAir epoc tixeiuAvioc vSL mertix- 

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I. The revelation of Jeans Christ, which God gave to 
him, to show to his servants the things which must 
happen quickly: and he signified them. Having sent 

them through his angel to his servant Idannes. 

* He who witnessed to the word of Qod, and the witness 
of Jesus Christ, to* the things which he saw. 

* Blessed are they who read, and they who hear the 
words of this prophecy, and who keep the things which 
are written on it: for the time approached * Idannes 
to the seven churches which are in [the] Asia: (the) grace 

* Or 'even the things.' 

reXicTHc nuix.enpiT (the beloved) irre n^c nenttHfl. 

(our Master), Z : BE have lost the first page. 

^IIOVAX] ADFH: A.IIOKAX, T»B*0*GNTZ. eilH] *£*°L D » 

— J •« 4 GHNTZ 

unit, ohz. ercejtx.] ereouL, ft. eA.qTA.ofuxr*] 
A.qr., t«z*. jOLneqfi.ujK] A: eneq., cd««: neq . *his &c.,' 

without preposition, T*B*D*FGHNTZ. KOA-ItttHc] ItWA., C. 
* ftltH] T*AD»«N: KM, B»CD*FOHTZ ; of. Or. KABOP al fere 40 
vg syr arm aeth Dion &c. s KItK . . . tlH] cf. Victorin ; obs. G tr. 

has singular and gloss has plural. !U)A.nitHC (WJX, FG: Iu5, B r ) 
Xeri(€, Z), inserted as a heading, B'DFGHZ. CHICAGO] cf. Gr. 
AOP al pier vg syr &o. TAl] cf. Gr. 7. 16. vgo"* am demid harl syr 
arm«M Victorin: TA. 'my,* A**. npo$RTIA.] cf. Gr. NC. 
4 HK i°] om. C'D*H«Z. eT^R i°] on». X H » H ** n&JULOT] 
IU£,., A'T. *f£,IpHnH] T£,., C'H. eftoX &c] cf. 1 Gr. KA 

Digitized by 




e £,rroTq juL4>h ercgon | ne*x <&h etu.qajon* 
iteu. neeitKOY* 
Hsju. e&oX £,ixen mf jQLmt&I*- nn ctxh 

j5.neju.eo juuuepoitoc *• 
5 Hex*. eftoX g,rrett ihc n^c num*.pT'»poc mnic- 
xoc + niajAJUtici * n*re mpeqjuuoovr * <nro£, 
nA.pxu>" nmoTtptooif XHpoir ivre nK££,i *• | 
<3>h eT*.qjm.e«pixeit oirog, ^.qzoKJULeit * e&oX 
>6en nenno&i* n&pHi j6en neqcnoq*, 'Qvog, A,qeAJuuon iioTrjULeTofpo ijuuLeTo-irKJl 
jOL<H" neqiurr* $k e*re$toq ne nicoov rteju. 
nu&JuuL&i aj^eneg, ajuuut* 
7 8»Hnne iteoq neertROTr new. mtfRnn- | o*»og, 
e»eiti.T epoq TKpov itxe&4.X m&en+- neju. 
nH erA/ceoKcq* ovog, exertA/* epoq THpo7r 
ibcemtJhrXK irre n*UL&i Ajuutn* 
8 3XnoK ne niAX4>A. neu. niau -fA-pxR nejut 
mxcuK eftoX* 
4xuj juuuloc fixe [nor: <t>*f+ 4>k ergon*- <J>h 
eiu.qajon* neju. $k eenRo-**- mnAjrroKpA.- 
9 3X«ok ne KUAitrntc nexencon* o**o£, neren- 
aj$Hp j6en m&ox&ex * xe *f jmerovpo * tteu. 
niAjmom rrroTq*- &st£>en mc-s- 
3\igaom j6ert *f«Hcoc* oh e*rov|.**.off epoc 




• • ., c 

• • •• s 

nejutneenKov] anz*: neju.$K e©., ihc'df^g-bht: 

om. B'F»G». 6TXH 2°] cf. Gr. P. I. (36). 38. 49. al mu« Ac. 

* n«AA.pT*rpoc] mjpi, A r B*T. nugajuuci] a*b'Odf*g« 
hn«T: ncg., f*g*: majopn juUulici, t*. irrerupeq.] 

cf. Gr. NABCP al»° vg ayr See. finiOTptUOV] A'DHN: KTem., 
T*B'C'EFGTZ. eXA.qAAenp!T(+T, EFG*T)en]cf.Gr. P1.28. 
36. 79. 91. gam 96. 99. al vg &c. A.q(om. A.q, A«*)2£0(U>, A')JC- 
JUten] cf. Gr. BP al longe plu vg aeth ut ' Sec. eftoX fben] cf. ? 
Gr. M AO 1. ia. 38* 36. 38. 79. g*"* 99. &c KertKO&l] cf. Gr. (exc. 
A 1. is. 16. Sec), n&pio] fig,., A'N. 9 01TO&] om. D. 

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REVELATION I. 5-9. 447 

to yon and [the] peace from him who is, and who was being, 
and who (tiee) cometh; And from the seven spirits 
which are before the throne; 6 And from Jesus Christ 
the witness, the faithful, the firstborn of the dead, and (the) 
ruler of all the kings of (the) earth. He who loved us, 
and he washed us from our sins in his blood. "And he 
made us a kingdom of priesthood* to God his Father ; whose 
is the glory and the might for ever. Amen. 7 Lo, he it 
is who cometh with the clouds ; and they all shall Bee him 
— every eye, and they who pierced him 5 and they all shall 
see him — the tribes of (the) earth. Amen. s I am the 

alpha and the d(mega), the beginning and the end : Saith 
the Lord God, he who is, he who was being, and he who 
cometh, the Almighty. 'lam Ioannes your brother, and 
your partner in the tribulations, because the kingdom and 
thy endurance were in Jesus. I was being in the island, 

* Or 'even priesthood,' or 'a priesthood kingdom.' 

£.Cfe£JUUOIt] cf. Or. NBP al pier v S <** demid lipss &c. hot- 

JUteTOVpo] cf. i Gr. K*A C al M syr &c. JDuULeXOTrKfii] cf. 1 syr 
'sacerdotale.' neqioix] pref. JUL, T. rteJUUU£JUU.£,l] om. 

o*. oja.enegJcf.Gr.AP 9. 28. 79. 97. 99. &c T neenHov] 

Ceil., 0. IteJU. I°] G tr. J* ' upon ' (gloss *. 'with'), cf. Gr. C Ephr. 
ertem.f i°] of. Gr. It 1. 12. &c. Tupo** i°] A*B*DFGHTZ : 

om. t»on. -eoixq] -eo£q, A r B*H: -eo^cq, n. onrog, 

e*»erlA,T epoq] for 'see' obs. Prim°° m ; probably confusion from 
a^owai and irffovrm. HI^tXh] +THp07f, A'F». • A.Xd>A.] 

cf. Gr. ttABCP al fere 8 * lipss al""*"" ca em Al &c. IteJUL i°] JUtert, 
T* by error. *f A.pXH . . . efioX] for addition cf. Or. (*** I. 35. 87. 
92 "W al mu Tl ) 28. 36. 49. 79. 80, these latter have the articles. <J>H 

em.qajonl a ; p ref. nejw., t» &c: om. z*. » ne] om. 0. 

iajA.nitHcj itoA., t. mg,ox£,ex] nig,., t. xe &a] A tr. 

f-y~~>. L» eJUtfll) ellll yji 'because the kingdom and the holding on are 
in Jesus.* KTOTq] T*A«CD«EQHTZ : iiTOfK, A*BD*FN. 
*/*j6en] er^6ett 'being in,' B. IRC] cf. Gr. N*CP 38. am fu 
demid tol lips Or. AJOjUMll] + 2.6, BCH. 

Digitized by 


448 axnorax^YUMc. 

xe iu-ojulu)*- eo&e nicAxi nxe 4>*f neu 
•fu.exu.eope nxe Ikc n^c* 

10 CDuajwm j6en ofmtZ!* j6en nie^ocr nxe *fmr- 


Oirog, Aicuoxeu ncAu.en£,m eoirniaj'f nauR* 
u.$pR*f noTrcA.Xmr£4- ecxcw jULuoc tuu4»| 

11 2Ce hh exeKHA.coou.ov 4- c;6rxov g,i oyxco.u.4- 

onropnoir n*f5 neKKXRciA. * exj6en*fA.ciA-* 
Gxe e^ecoc xe<- neu. cu.7rpnA.4- neu. nep- 
VAJijicun*- neu. ottaxrpa*- neu*- 
neu. $iXAxeXct>iA 4- neu Xao:mkja4- 
ai.. ., e " O»oj>, Aj$oit£,x wiu.T e*fcuR4- 1 or enAccAxi 
(k) neuHi 4- 

Oirog, exAKfcon&x AjnAv ef nXnrxniA, nnovft* 
ls oi*o£, &en oujcf nmXvxniA^ ottiiu nxe 
ofcyHpi Rpauuu*- eoTton ovnoxRpion xoi 
&K»xq4- oto^j equ.Rp exen nequxrf nov- 
juloxj6 nno*»fi.4- 
nXv'y* "TeqA>$e *- e neiUL I neqqcoi eYovofiaj u.$pfrf 
twtowiV novcopx* ilo*»ofitg neu, otx. iUl3n * oirog, 

neqJiA,X ceoi u/frpRf" noTrgjA^, St^cpuM**^ 
"ovog, neqtfX.XA.TfX u.$pR*f- Koixt^* ^ 1 ' 
iLutoc* eq$oct j£>en ovxpu>u. o**o£, X€q- 

CJULK U.$pR*f ItXCUH ttg,AHU.HCg J0LU.COOTr4"] nAouoc, bz»?. neu.-f-u.ex .] cf. Q r. ao 
1. 4. 9. 28. 31. 34. 35. 37. 38. 48. 79. 87. yg Dion &c. n yy] A Gr - 

H« «B si pier lips syr arm aetb &c 10 OTnUtA] AD«FG*N: 

nmnA, t'bod»g c htz. n(om. BCD*F*)cAu.eng,H(e, N)i] 

position cf.? Gr. KCP al pin vg &c u X6 &c] cf. Gr. MABO si 

fere 80 vg syr arm aeth Ac. Hr] cf. Gr. 34. 35. 38. 87. Ac. eX€K- 
nA.COOJULOir] eXeKnA.nAT epWOV 'which thou wilt see,'CH*. 
Cj6hTOt] pref. 6, B. g,l] AC»«D"wG«wN : 6, T*BC* D* G* Ac. 
OTOpnOT] A* N, cf. Gr. K* : pref. OTTOg,, T*A* Ac. H*f f] T»A D 
FGNT: e*f^, BCHZ. 6Xj6en-f ACIA] cf. vg<*« arm°«> ar«. 
CU.*»pnA] CU.6pnA, FG*; for C cf. Gr. (A) BOP rell. Tabu- 
lated arrangement, DG. nepVAJUCWn] -JUtOtt, N : -U.OC, B. 

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REVELATION I. 10-15. 449 

which is called 'Pathmo,' because of the word of God and 
the witness of Jesus Christ. 10 1 was being in a spirit in 

the day of the Kyriake. And I heard behind me a great 
voice, as of a trumpet, saying to me : u The things which 
thou wilt hear write on a book, send them to the seven 
churches which are [in] the Asia, That is to say Ephesos, 
and Smyrna, and Pergamon, and Tbyatera, and Sardis, and 
Philadelphia, and Laodikia. u And I turned myself, I saw 
the voice which was speaking to me. And having turned 
myself, I saw seven lamp&tands of gold ; 13 and in (the) midst 
of the lampstands a likeness of a son of man, being clothed 
with a garment down to the foot, and girt upon his breasts • 
with a girdle of gold. u But his head and his hair being 
white as [a] white wool, and [a] snow; and his eyes are 
as a flame of fire; "and his feet as [a] burnished brass, 
being refined in a fire ; and his voice as (the) voice of many 

• Lit. 'joints.' 

OT(H, H)A.TKpA.] cf. ? Or. B : -2UpA., FG*. cf. ? Gr. AC; for 
-pa cf. ? Gr. ** al pier Ac. CA,pZMC] -TIC, B. $lXA^a.e(&, Z)X- 
<&U.] ABHN: $*•* X. , T* &c. ; for -ia of. Gr. NABCP 7. 28. 33. 90. 
91. 93. 98. 100. al. XA.OXI(*r, 0)*O&.] cf. Gr. MAC 8* 38. 100. Ac. 
"2J<bO!t£,T] A.I$U)!t£,, B. e!U.C(om. T')CAJ« nCJULKl] 
ADEFGHNT: CTett | IU.CAJXI rt.,B; cf . Gr. NBO al fere 40 Ac: 

enAJcurrejut. epo(t», z)c ecc&jci nejumi 'which 1 was 

hearing speaking to me,' C°Z°. eTAJ$OIt£/r] om. T, N : A.I$., 
H*. A.IKA.T 3°] ^.TltiTT, NT. ef ] 6*ff , B. " ttttl- 

XirXHIA.] c{ - Gr. A CP 1. is. 28. 38. 45. 100. am* syr arme* ar* aeth 

&c. irrecnraj.] iia|., b ?. o*»noT(2i, A«N)Hpion] ottoo- 
XHpi, b. e(2,i, G»)3£enneq*iLO(+if,T)*f-] t™. after no*»- 
ju.o(+Tr, ft)3cj6u6x, b) nno**&, fgt. "qwi] qoi, 
gt. eTrcnrofig] dfg: -to&aj, t»nt: e<mo&aj» B: 

eTfOTAttJ, A'*C: 6? (om. Z*)OT&AXg, A">HZ°. nOTTO&Oj] 
DEFG'T: -aj&aj,T*A r CG*HNZ: neJULOTfU)fi.aj, B ; obs. Ir to * 
'lana alba.' neAX-CV^riCUIt] obs. Cyp Prim nil nisi 'aut nix.' 

16 tio'itx.*-(o, efg*)X.J hxA-^-' B - eq$oci] cf. Gr. » 16. 

46. 69. 88. (al ?)vg syr aeth Ac. HXCJULH itg,A,njULROj] T»BD 
VOL. IV. O g 

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450 axnovax^Yuific. 

e " GoToit f nciov | j6en *reqxix ncnrmAju.*- 0T0& 
oTCHqi ec&iovi. ilpo E ecnKOTr e&oX j&en 
pwq* ovo& neqg,o eqepavunni * jDL4>pR"f 
jOL*Ph j£en TeqxoAH. " onrog, g,oTe eT-i.mA.Tf 
epoq ai&itt enecHT j6apatov nneqtfS.- 
Xa**x ovog,*- AJepJOL^picf ncnrpeqAAuxyrr* | 
Orog, AqrAXe xeqxix Rotiiujul cxum eqxao 
jOUuloc* xe Osiepepg/yf ahok ne ni&cnrrr 
nejut ni£Ae * " $h e*ron<6 ovog, Aumcnr +• 
o*»o& &Knne *f tonj6 sa ene& irre nieneg, *■ 
OTog, majoajx irre <t>*«.oT nA,**x K ktot* 

1 nan*. £.ljuieirf + "cj6*-i ottii nnk exeunA- 

• • tu.t epuxnr*- itecwoY eertAajcom AAenencA 

epcocnr, j^,^ 

29 IIiJULTrcTHpioit irre raf ncio***- nn eTAJcnA.Tr 
eptwoT* £j taxjx no-»iit.&JUL*- ne**. *ff 

Ilif ftcioir* nif iiArreXoc ne* irre *ff iteic- 
kXkcia* oTfog, -ff nX**x nw -* erAJcnA.-* 
eptoo*r+ f ReKKXHciA. ne* 


Cj£>ai JOLniArveXoc irre *f ekkXhcia irre e$e- 

coc* xe hai ne nK ereqxu) juLAAuxnr * 

ia ib£e<{»K ere nif nciov * j£en | Teqxix novi- tpit eejmoaji j6en ejjurf" n*f? nXir- 

X m *- iincnrfi* 

G*T; oba. Ir>»* om. ff0 XX»». w eOTTOn] cf. ? Gr. **»BCP «d 

pier &c TeqXIX (om. XIX, A**) nOTinAJUt.] cf. Gr. B Ir to *. 

eqepcmomi] position cf. ? Gr. tt &c " A.i£,rr*r( +e, T)] 

EFG*H*NTZ: €j6pKI, BDG»«H>»« (J-J>\ **-* 'original copy*). 
cntOg, a°] om. BN. Xix] cf. Gr. N 00 i. a8. 91. 92. 96. si vix mm 
&c eqXIO AAAAOC] A**BCD*FG*T, cf. Gr. NABOP al fere* 6 
Tg syr arm aeth Ac: + ItHI 'to me,* T»A">D»wG»«HNZ, cf. Gr. 
1. al Tix mu aeth. " <t>lt] A'BCHZ, cf. Gr. «*: pref. OTTOg,, 

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REVELATION I. 16— H. i. 451 

waters. M There were* seven stars in his right hand : and 
a sword of two edges b coming from his mouth ; and his face 
shining as (the) son in his power. 1T And when I saw him, 
I cast myself down before his feet ; and I was as one dead. 

And he placed his right hand npon me, saying: 'Fear 
not, I am the first and the last, w he who liveth ; and I died, 
and lo, I live unto age of the age, and the keys of (the) 
death were being with me (nXOT*), and (of) Amenti. M Write 
then the things which thou wilt see, they (pron.) which will 
happen after these (things). M The mystery of the seven 
stars, which thou sawest on my right hand, and the 
seven lampstands of gold. The seven stars are the seven 
angels of the seven churches: and the seven lampstands 
which thou sawest are seven churches.' 

IL Write to the angel of the church of Ephesos : ' These 
are the things which he saith, in whose right hand are the 
seven stars, he who walketh in (the) midst of the seven 

» lit. 'being.' b Lit. 'casting 'with two months,' thus again. 

t*defgnt. eron£] -u)nj6, h. *f-(o(cnr, N)Kj6] 

*f OIt£, B. lUeneg,] A'»BOEFQ*HNT: ttiett€£„ T*A*«D 
G°Z«; for om. ofuj* cf. Gr. N*ACP 36. 38. vg arm aeth n,r Or &c. 
$AJLOTt]t*BDEFGHNTZ: $n07Mt '(the) abyss,' A*C. IU.T- 
XH (om. 5CH. B >] T*(B)OD N : ATTACK' A'EFGHTZ. " Oflt] 
cf. Gr. KABCP al fere so vg syr aeth &c eTeKnA.nA.1f] AODN: 
erT€KfU.T, T»EFG HT : 6TAJC., BZ. 20 A tr. ^S\f gJ\ U 

'as for the seven stars,' gloss *J»y x*J\jm l»l^»1 *•*£• 'another trans- 
lation, as for the mystery &c' £j] cf. ? Gr. NBCP al omn' 1 &c: 
j&etl, HZ, cf. Gr. A &c. ne i°] position cf. i Gr. 97. vg &o.: om. 
H», cf. Gr. »♦. *ff ileiCK*.] T»A» &c: *feKKX., A*. "ff 
ftX.] nif itX., D : + iinOVfL 'of gold,' Z ; for order cf. ! Gr. M 
38. 91. al plu &c. eXAJCnA-Tf] cf. Gr. P 1. 1^ 79. 91. 9a"* 93. al 
run* 1 Ac. 

1 itTe*f eKKXHCIA.] cf. ? Gr. KBP al omn'" arm &c. ftTG- 
e$€COc] cf. Gr. 16. vg m IM Prim, ne] om. F. X1XJ cf. ? Gr. K* 
35. 87. arm &c. 

O g a 


Digitized by " 

452 axnovo^Yuwic. 

8 2Ce -f cuxnr it nneKg,fi.KOTfi * neju. iteJo6ici * neju. 
neKAJUoni irroTK* xe juuuon gjxoju, ju.- 
jtxoK eqAJ j£>a. OTrnerr^ajoTf*- 
Oiro£, AJtcepnipA.^m it&A.noTron * kk eraao ju.- 
ju.oc epcuo*r + 1 xe £,A.nA.noc*roXoc ne* o-jrog, 
egjA-nonron A.n ne. o*»o£, A.*rxejm.o*r «• ej>^.n- 
ajioctoXoc nno-oc ne* 


AKqAi nnAi ee&e orog, junejcs&ici *• 
4 CDlXXa. oTfoitxHi £AP°k *• ace -fA.vA.nK irreajopn 

a-kx^-c now**- | 
ifi. 6 3Xpi^juLe*vi oTrn ace nt»c Ajc&ei* ofog, A.pi- 

ju.eTA.nom*- jDuuton *f nitonr hajc oTrog, rta- 

kijul ereKXTTxniA. e&oX /6en necjutA.* 

ecycjon A.KajTejuepju.eTA.noin«- 
•HXXXa. $aj exenxoxK* ace Ajcjuocf iirag,- 

£lhoti n*re niKoXAJTHc «• tin quo | ef-juoc-f 


7 4>h exeoTfon jula.ojx jUuuoq ecurreju. JUApeq- 
cuyreju.* ace of ne e*re miuul acu> ju.ju.oq 
nmeKKXKciA. «• 
<1>h e©nA.<fpo eie*f nA.q nxeqoTfcoju. efioX j£en 
majajHn irre ncon;6 *• *h err&en ejuK-f 
nA.pA.2iicoc nTenA.nonrf ■»• | 

(ir) 8 Cj6a.i ju.niA.vveXoc wre -feKKXiiciA. nre 
cju/rpitA.* xe nA.i ne «k ereqacco jDuuuxrr +• 

2 neKj6i(K, zjci] aod'F'hz : neio6., t»d*ef*ont ; c£. 

Or. MB al plu lips aeth &c. 3C6 2°] cf. Gr. A aeth">. it&AJt- 
OTfOn nKjTtADFiwG^HNZ: nrtH, OEF*G»: ttK, T; D tr. 
twice eLJy *g = £,AttOYOn, gloss &J\ ^iea ^ ^.J 'not in some 
copies.* ne i°] cf. Gr. N««B al fere 60 vg Ac. OfO£, €£,A.n.] 

ofog, nj3,A.n., f« : ne£,, o e f* g*. A/racejuo y] a (tr.) d 

F«G»«HZ* : A.KX6JUOT ' thou foundest them,* T'A(gl.) CE F* G« NT. 

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REVELATION H a-8. 458 

lampstands of gold : * " I know thy works, and thy tolls 
and thine endurance, that it is not possible for thee to bear 
an evil (one). And thou triedst some who say of them* 
selves, that they are apostles, and they are not such (lit. some), 
and they were found being false apostles. s And [an] endur- 
ance thou hast, and thou didst bear with these because of my 
name, and thou wast not weary. *But I have against 
thee, that thou didst leave thy first love. 8 Remember then 
how thou didst fall, and repent ; otherwise I come to thee, 
and move thy lampstand from its place, unless thou repent. 
6 But (&.) this thou hast, that thou hatedst the works of the 
NikolaitSs*, those which I also hate." T He who hath ear 
to hear, let him hear what it is which the spirit saith to 
the churches : He who will overcome, I shall give to him 
that he may eat from the tree of (the) life which is in the 
midst of the Paradise of my God.' s Write to the angd 
of the church of Smyrna: 'These are the things which saith 

* MS.'Kolaites,' tho first syllable being confused with the definite article. 

* OTfOIt. . . nXOXK] position cf. Gr. WABO al 40 vg syr arm aeth &c. 
OfO£, AJCqAj] qa.1 'bear,' A*. OTTO& £Ln6K^!Cl] cf. Or. 
HABCP al fere 80 syr aeth Ac. 4 <y*OirrHl] A: OTOIt St., 

T* &c 8 *fnHO*»] cf. Gr. KAOP vg aeth"* &c ItAJ<] 

£,A.pOK, EFG*T: D gloss 'not in some copies,' cf. Gr. ia. 96. arm 
aeth. rtTAJOJUt.] XAJCIJU., A*. eXeKXTfX"!^] T*AD* 
G»«N : KTeJC, OEF»HZ : rVf X. * the &c.,' D»eF*G*T. * $A.l] 
$K, D*EGT. 4JC*JLOC*f] AZ: €10U.OC*f, H: KM.., T* &c. 
ii*ren!KoXA.I(K,T)*rHc] tr. ,j^»tj kul&Tdas, gloss J4II J»l 'the 
people of the ignorance,' H : tr. u-JJ^li, gloss J4II 'the ignorance,' G. 

g,u>] £,ax>Tr, A. 7 jOUutoq] om. f*. ecunreju.] cf. lips 
aitaobm. ne ere] nere, cefg*. irreqoiruMUL] t»g»i &c: 
eepecj., efg*. j6en Bjuurf AJLiim.] cf. Gr. (N« o P) ». a8. 

3S' 3^- 49. 79- 91. 93™ g 96. al arm &c. nA.ItOVf"] cf. Gr. B al pins 48 
vg syr aeth &o. 8 C.&A.I] A*EFG*NT: pref. OTTOg,, T'A'OD 

g°«hz. rrre-feic.] frfe*., hz<>. nxecjuLTrpriA.] cf. vg 
aeth &c. ere(A* N)cpc] inrecpc., z°. 

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454 axnovaxa.Yuwic. 

nxenig/nnx ne**. nu6A.e* $r exi.qAA.OTf 
•2Ce *fcajo*»it i*.neiC£,ox£,ex * ne**. xeic**.ex- 

g,RKI «• A.XX&. ttOOK OYpAJUULO *• | 

e&oX O*o£, juLnnce**. otuj e&oX /6en nit exxto 
• . . . b juuuloc epuxr* xe g,A.moT2».4U ne. e&4.n oton 

A,n ne. aXXa. 0Tr<r*>rR nxe nci.xA.njLc 


10 Onepepg,o*f" a^t^r nniJuLKA.*r£, exeKn^tfl- 

xo*»+ £,nnne ic ni2s.iifi.oXoc* qnA^ioii 
(12l) ng,A.noTon e&oX j6en erino*** | eniajxejco* 
£,m*. nceepnipA^m iJU*.urren *• 0Y0& ftce- 
£,ex&ex erino** iiJ ne&ooTr * cgumi eiten&ox 
ajA.e;6pHi e«t»Jt*.onf* QTO& *fn*.*f iiajc £k- 
my^sojtx. nxe nu>ru6* 

11 4>n exeoTfon jjaaojx xTuulocj eaoxe**. juta-peq- 

cooxe**.* xe or ne exe m|nnX xu> jQuuioq 
nnieKKXHciA. * 
<£n vA,p eenA.tfpo nnoTtffxq itxonc nxeni**.o*«- 


m Cj6a.i i*.niA.vveXoc nxe-feKKXRcia. nxe nep- 

rAJUuuc* xe na.i ne nn exeqxco iJUuttwoT *• 

itxe$H exe "fcRqi iixoxq* oh ex&ioYi 


(ie> u Xe *fccooirn xe A.K|ajon eion* num.*. exe 

. ..epo, meponoc &mc&.t&.iu.c x k *X**.oq* o*»og, 


• -f OOOTtt &c] of. Gr. ACP 19. 47. vg aeth«t* &o. JUUieKg,.] 
ftneKg,., HZ. AAXa. i°] cf. Gr. NABCP al plus 60 Ac e&oX 
j£)6n] cf. Gr. ABC al 40 eyr Ac, but the version is different : J&6n, 
EF*. cf. ? Gr. P &c. Xe a ] AEFG*NT : + A.non 'we,* T»BCD 
('not in some copies 'JO"* HZ. HE i°] om. ODHZ: 16, B. &.tl] 
om. G* by error. RCA.XA.I1Ac] nCA.2*.., B. Xe] om. 0: ne, 
D»«N*, cf. Gr. N". 10 jGLnepepg/rf ] cf. Gr. ABC 8. 38. 49. 

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REVELATION IL 9-13. 455 

the first and the last, he who died and he lived : • " I know 
thy tribulation and thy poverty ; but (■&.) thou (art) rich. 

And I found not one* from those who say of themselves 
that they are Jews, being not such (lit. some), but (£.) being 
a synagogue of Satan. 10 Fear not the pains which thou 
wilt receive : behold, the devil will oast some from you to the 
prison, that ye may be tried and afflicted for ten days. Be 
thou faithful even unto (the) death, and I shall (lit. will) 
give to thee the crown of (the) life." u He who hath ear 
to hear, let him hear what it is which the spirit saith to the 
churches. For to him, who will overcome, shall not be 

done violence (by) the second death.' 

11 Write to the angel of the church of Pergamos: 'These 
are the things which he saith who hath the sword which 
striketh b with two edges: M " I know where thon dwel- 
ledst, the place in which is the throne of Satan : and thou 

• Mistaken for JULIUXeOTTA. 'the blasphemy.' » Lit 'catteth.' 

95. arm &c: + OTIt, B. niJU.(eJU., DZJKA/CgJ -KA&, B. 
qiUL&IOYl] position cf. ? Gr. 38. 95. syr arm aeth. K&] 
££,£.&, H. e&oX &a] position cf. ? Gr. ABOP el 45 vg syr arm 
aeth &c : om. €&.o\ EFG*. eiU(om.B)gJTeKo]om.O*. RC6- 
£,e2C£,ex] A* CD FN: -g,OX£,€2C, T*A«EGT: -£,eaC£,UM£, B ; 
cf. ? Gr. A 36. &c. ?x7r« : CetlA£,e(0, Z«)2C£,€2C, HZ, cf.? Gr. » B al 
pier vg arm &c. i(r*. &.T] til, B : I, FG«. ecJ»JULOT] £*.$., N : 

ejtxot, b. " ereoTon] eroroit, e*. ecunrejm] cf. 
lips, ne e*reni]neT , eru,OEFG*: ne,N. r*.p]om.EF*G*. 
ntio-»(J! ; rq]T , ABCD' B «EFG*NZ: ftneqtf^D'G^HT. tbce- 

IUJULOTf] T»A*BD*G»«HNTZ: ,s6eniUJU.OY 'in the death,' A»w C 
D-«EFG*. " Cj6A.l] A*NT? : pref. 0"»0£„ T*A»«&c. ftxe- 
nepv^JU.ioc]AP>: -JU.OC, T*BD«G«HNTZ: -JUUDIt, OEF*G*: 
-Alton, D*; for genitive cf. Tg &c CTreqXU)] eTVLqXU), N. 

11 *f cojoTrn ace] of. Gr. maop 38. Tg aeth"* &c. nieponoc] 

AOFGHTZ: nop., T»BDEN. JU.IlCa.TA.fU.c] AD*G«H 
NZ: nxenc, T»CD"«EFG«T. x H ] om - F *» iiuu.oq]AO 
D*HNZ: i«JUU.T,T*D»*EF»GT: om. F*. 

Digitized by 


456 axnovox20(wic. 

jutJUtxom ijinApAtt*- onrog, juLneioceX ha.- 
!"■&+ eftoX* 
Otto£, j6en lue&oo-* Ajrf ej6o"»n expert m- 
juLA.p*nfpoc+ runicroc*' $h eTATrj6oe&eq *• 
j6at€II eKnoTr* numA. ere ncAXA.|itA.c 
gon ijlJU.oq<- 14 aXXa. ofon irnu it£,A.itKe- 

KOYXI ttpAK £,A.pOK + e**AJUl.Oni KTC&tt> JUL- 

4>r erA.q'fcjioD juLSaXak* ^tovi iio**cKAn- 
2s.AXon ju.neAA.0o ttnenajKpi juLnicX* eotvojtx 
ajurr ru^coXon *■ oTrog, eepnopnevm * 


rVrciiu) itniKoXAiTcon 4- " A.puu.eTA.itom 
ow* oTfog, *fnHOTf itAJC nxwXeju.* o*»og, 
irrA&cuTc neju-cooT j£en "fcKqi rare pu>i*> 
" 4>r exeoTron juiAgx juuuioq ecarreju. juuLpeq- 
curreju. 4* xe o*r ne ere mniu. xco juuuioq | 


<£>h VA.p eenAtfpo eie*f itA.q efi.oX sben ni- 

JUU.K- JULAItHA €Tg,Kn*- OTfOg, eie"f HAq ftOTAX 

ka...,B ticnrujfiey *■ 

CWog, n&pm j6en niAX* eofon cnrpAJt juL&epi 
cj6kovt g,!arrq* juLne £,Xi test epoq e&itX 
e$H exAqtfrrq* 

AJCAJULOm] T»AD»«F»G 1 »BH , »«NT : AKAJU^g,!, CD*E 

p*g*h*z. jOLneicxeX] -a>X, t». oTrog, 3 ] cf. Gr. ao 91. 

al ? vg &c. j6en] A»D*H*N : pref. fu6pKI, T*A n * &c AJtf 
ejfcoTK expert] for om. air cf. ? Gr. AO vg &c, A gloss 'correct: 
in the days in which they killed Watibash, my martyr, the faithful 
with you.' niJUlA.p*nrpoc] cf. Gr. 12. 36. ar»: niJbjit, T. TU- 
niCTOC] cf. Gr. NBP al pier vg aeth &c. $K 6T.] cf. Gr. 
MA BOP al pier vg syr arm &c. niJULA] pref. jfcett 'in,' F. 
6X6] 6TA, DH. nCA.TA.KAc] position cf. Gr. NABOP 1. al 
fere 60 vg arm &c. u KeKOTTXl] om. K€, 0. £,A.pOK] tn. 

before tt£A n -> EFGT. CTAJULOm] for om. or. cf. Gr. C am fa 
harl* tol lips al tool,m syr &c, but the version is different. $ft] <fcAJ> 

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REVELATION II. 14-17. 457 

laidest hold on my name and deniedst not my faith. And 
in the days thou opposedst * the martyr the faithful, he 
whom they killed with you, the place in which Satan 
dwelleth. M But (A.) I have a few names also against thee 
who lay hold on (the) teaching of Balaam; He who 
taught Balak to cast a stumblingblock before (the) sons of 
Israel, to eat (things) slain for idols, and to commit forni- 
cation. "Thus thou also hast (one who) is laying hold 
on (the) teaching of the Nikolaites b . lf Repent then: and 
I come to thee quickly ; and I fight with them with (fi&eit) 
the sword of my mouth." 1T He who hath ear to hear, 
let him hear what it is which the spirit saith to the churches. 

For he who will overcome, I shall give to him from the 
hidden manna ; and I shall give to him a white stone (A.X), 

And in the stone being a new name written [upon it] : no 
one saw it except him who received it.' 

* Confusion of omnt and ojtotw. b MS. ' KoUuton.' 

EFGT. eTA-Cfffciluj] cf. Gr. B 6. 7. 14. 29. 31. 38. 87. 91-97. si 
plus 80 arm &c. &A.XAJC] cf. Or. WAP al pier vg &c. : &&.>JuUC, 
F, cf. BC al pauc fu al"**".*..] itttlCK., Z plural. 
€OTfO)(e, H) JU.] cf. Gr. NACP 1. 28. 36. 38. 49. 79- 91. 98. al aliq vg 
arm syr Ac -' " £,*»*] A*CD*N : prof. n«OK 'thou,' T*A ln 8D«W 
Ac. OITOn KTAjqotii.T^K,E¥*Q\ nrUKO(om.E:A,FGT)- 
AAJTCDIt] G tr. yytJl iJLc 'conquering the peoples,' gloss i.U.U 
kalyatfyah: -TRC, 0; cf. i Gr. ABO al 80 arm, the first syllable is the 
same as the Coptic plural sign ; for om. Spoutt cf. Gr. 38. aeth. 19 OYtt] 
cf. Gr. A B C al fere ** arm aeth Ac. OTTO& i°] A* N : JtUULOrl ' other- 
wise,' TtAxvC &c: OYOg, AjUULOIt, Dm 'jUUULOlt. not in some 
copies.' *fCKqi]ACD*NZ: TC, T*D"*EFGHT. " 6CU)- 

*rejm] cf. lips, ne ere] nere,c: e*re, ef*. T*A.p]om. 

G*Z. HA.q] cf. Gr. NABO 6. 8. 89. 31. 36. 38. 41. 47. 51. 82. 92*** 
93. 94. 95. 97. al plus 18 vg aeth utr Ac. e&oX jfeeit] cf. Gr. K 36. 91. 
arm syr Ac. j6eit 2°]t*AD i »«EFGHTZ: g,I,BCD*N. IUA.X] 
ItA.IA.X, EF*G: IUIA.X, B: IuXa.OC, T.] om. OT, 
B: hot, E*. JtLlie&Xl HA.Tr] cf. Gr. 46. 88. e»o-: JUUULOtt 
gjA! CJUL1 'no oneknoweth'?; A gloss iip> 'correct: knoweth it.' 

Digitized by 


458 axnovaxa/KWic. 


i? " Cs6ai JuLniArreXoc | iiTe *feKKXnciA itxe eorA- 

XKpA * ace iu.1 rte tut execjacuj iJU«.ux)v nace- 

najKpi iS/H"* 

4>k ere neq&AX oi jOL^pKf noirajA£, nxP** 5 "**-* 

OTTO& necjtf2.XA.v2C ju.$pR*f; nofx*-^* ^ 1 " 

&AnOC + 

"2Ce -fccooTii nneK&fiKovi * neju. xeKArA-iiK* 
neju. neKttAg/f*- neju. neK|ajejuigi* iteu 
TeK£,-»nojut.onH neju. neK&fi.KO'vi nj6A.e-»* 
eenAAv eni£,ovA*f * 

80 3XXXA, o-Ton nTKi £,Apo* + ace axxM* ivfc&ijuu 

ace le^A&eX*- en exxu> juuuloc ace* 

oirnpo^KTKC* ovog, npeq*fc&co otto£, eccw- 

peju. nnAe&iAifc*- eepnopnevin *• ovog, | 

in eoTcoju. e&oX ^en luojurr nia^tuXon*- 

n O*o£, Arf no*»xpoKoc hac* £,mA nxecep- 
jw.eTA.nom * ovog, coruxg An eepju.exA.nom 
e&oX j6en xecnopniA* 

"3>Knne *f-nAXKic entrXoac* neju. nK exA^ep- 
ncoiK nejwA.c-8- eofmaj-f n&oac&eac* | eajcun 
A.cajxeju.epju.exAnoin-5- "necgjtfpi *fnA- 
jf^oe&.ot j6en $juxr« + 

18 Cj6Al] A*N: pref. OTfOg,, T*A°B &o. ttXee (O, B)7T (K,H)- 
AX(2i, TEFGTZ) KpA] for -n,- cf. Gr. BP 79. 93. 94. al : -ipA., DE 
FGTZ, for -n- cf. Gr. AO &c. ; for -pa cf. ? Gr. 14; for genitive cf. vg 
aeth &c. Race . . . $"f"] om. D*. jGL<H" . . • Oi] om. N homeot 
4>k] pref. tbce, H«w. neq^AX] cf. Gr. NBCP al fere omn btt arm 
aeth Ac. X^-^ -] XPteo., BEFG*. XlftAItOc] +€q*OCI 
'refining,* G»* H(gloss Jj]j 'addition *)Z. " nne*£,&KOTI tt.e*ji] 
om. cop apud a. Epiph. 488 !*«•». X6KAV... neKttAg,"*; 
. . . nefCCy.J possessive cf. aeth, order cf. Gr. (exc. 1. 33. 51. 9a 95. 
&c.) ; tabulated arrangement, DZ. XeKg/rnoJULOnK] cf. Gr. ABCP 

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REVELATION IL 18-23. «• 

11 Write to the angel of the church of Thyatera : ' These 
are the things which saith (the) Son of God, He whose eyes 
are as a flame of fire, and his feet as [a] burnished brass : 

19 "I know thy works, and thy love and thy faith and thy 
ministry and thy patience, and thy last works which are 
greater than the first. *° But (A.) I have against thee, that 
thou allowedst the woman 'Iezabel,' who saith, that she is 
(lit. I am) a prophet and teacher ; and is leading astray my 
servants to commit fornication, and to eat from the things 
slain for idols. n And I gave a time to her, that she might 
repent ; and she wisheth not to repent of her fornication. 

** Lo, I will put (lit give) her into (the) bed, and them who 
commit adultery with her, into a great tribulation : unless 
she repent. M I shall (lit. will) kill her sons with C&ert) 

al pier vg syr aeth &c. rt&Ae**] cf. Or. exo. 1. eertAATf] AD* 
G«w(tr. Jj»\)NT: eeitAIteY 'good,' T*BOD«EFO*(tr. j^)HZ. 

eni£,cnrA*f] -rf , t. m cnrott] abcd*f*n : pref. e, t*d« 

EF"GHTZ. ilTHI £,Ap°*] cf. Gr. ABCP al 60 fere am fu demid 
tol harl lips al 1 "*" syr aeth &c. AiC^ 00 ] cf - ? Gr - *** ^ 3 s - arm &c - 
«^«o*. 'fc&IJULl] cf. Gr. MOP 1. 7. 36. 38. 95. al vg arm aeth &c. 

ie^AJkeX] eie^., b ? for &\ cf. Gr. m°abop i. ai*° &c. npo- 

♦HXHC] cf. ? Gr. BP 7. 36. 87. 96* Ac. ecC(om. CJtOpeM.] T»A 
BCD*F*G*HNZ: ttCeCWpeJUL 'and they deceive,' T : CCCW&.I 
'mocking,' ED«»«F*G*. RlU.efi.IA.lK] iUtl. 'the &c.,' D*E 
F*G«. # *0£,3 c ]t*AD« | w»N: om. BD*: Ite**., CD"e u EFGHTZ. 
eoi-COJW.]T»ABD*HN: eYUXftA, CGTZ : OTfCOJUL, EF; position 
cf. ? Gr. (exc. 1. 36. &c). 21 OTTO£, 2° &c] cf. Gr. (exc. 1. arm). 

CO*»tt)Oj] AD*N: pref. rt(ftce, H), T*B &c. double negative. 
eepJU.e*T.]T»ABD*N: £,HtA ttTecepJULGT., CD»wEFGH 
TZ. nopitIA] cf. Gr. MA. M g,HHrie] cf. Gr. exc. 1. arm. 

•f IU.THIC] tense cf. i Gr. M°(B)P 38. al pauc vg««« Ac; obs. Tert 
'dabo': €AITrUC 'having given her.'B. €ntfT| €IU<T.,T. €OjWn\ 

+a.e, h«. ep(om. ep, B)ju.e*ra.ttom] a*N: +efi.oX j6en- 

IteC£,&HOYI 'from her works,' T*A"»e*' BODEFGHTZ, cf. Gr. MB 
P 6. 7. 14. 1.9. 29. 31. 35. 38. 49** 87. 91-6. al plus 10 am fu harl* tol lips 
omntaAm gy r & c# *a necojHpi] cf. Gr. A. 

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460 oxnovax^Yuwic. 

0*ro£, ereejuu nxenieKJ&KciA. THpoir* xe jltiok 
ne $h exj6oxj6ex iim&Kx neju. m<T>vajx* 
OTrog, erf £jLmo-*A.i movAJ kaxa. neq&- 

is- ** fieooxen 2k.e *f xu> Jjuuloc nooxen 4- | j6a. ncem 

KHK €Tj6eK eTAXHpA.4- ItH 6X6 XAJcfi.00 

ftxoxoir A,n*» hk exejOLnoTieJUU enajioic j3l- 
nca.XA.nA.c4- iJL$pH*f exoirxco juuutoc*- 
fi-fit^&icnri nKe£.A.poc A.n exen okkot* 
M nXnn «t»K exexeneKno'* Ajuumi juumoq 

M O*0£, $r eoitA.tfpo | oirog, eenAA.peg, ertjLg,- 
&KOYI ajA.efi.oX*- eief" nA.q nonrepajiaji exen 
meenoc 4* 
"O*o£, eqeAjuLom iJUuuooTr j6en ofajfi.u>x jQL- 
Aenmi* JuL^pK-f noircKevoc ttKepAJUtevc +• 
eqej6ejuj6t»-«Jw>'» * 
88 U$pK*f &u> exA.i(JT itxoxq iuLiw.Ktt*r+ cnrog, 
k eie-f nA.q | juLmcior eajA.qajAJ nxoo-*i *■ 
... » <j> H exeoiron jmA.ajx juuuLoq eceoxe**. juuupeq- 
AA-A-ajx, curreu.* xe or ne exe nrnnZ xu> JOuutoq 

nit!6KK>vHC!A. 4* 

Cj£ai JuLniA-vreXoc nxe *f €kkXkcia. nxe cA,p- 
2iiC4> xe haj ne rnt exeqxco JDuuLoaoT-s- itxe$H 
exe nif JuLnRX nxe <H"| x K nxoxq* newt 
nif ncionr* 

2Ce •fccaoiftt nneK£,&Ko*ri 4- xe oiron nxAJt jDuula."* juLnio*rxA.i xe j?onj6 4- o-rog, 


e*reejuLi] erejuu, f. ei-f ] a*d«et : eief, t»a«fghz : 

6X*f 'who giveth,' BOD* N. neq£,fi.Wm] cf. Gr. B 38. rg** lipj 
tol al ann &c. ** ^>A.nC€mJ cf. Gr. (exo. 92 "« vg^ arm Ac). 

eTfAXKpA.] the same as ver.i8exc.B : *f A...T: -2iK(I,H)pA, F*HZ: 


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REVELATION II. 24— UL 1. 461 

(the) death. And all the churches shall know, that I am he 
who searcheth the hearts and the reins ; and I am giving to 
each one according to his works. £4 Bot to yon (pron.) 
I say, namely (the) rest of them who are in Thyatera, they 
who have not this teaching, who knew not (the) depth of 
Satan, as they say ; — I shall (lit. will) not cast another 
burden upon you. u But that which ye have, lay hold on it 
until I come. M And he who will overcome, and who will 
keep my works onto the end (lit out), I shall give to him 
an authority oyer the nations : w And he shall rule* them 
with 06ert) a staff of iron; as a potter's vessel he shall 
crush them. a As I also received from my Father ; and 
I shall give to him the star which riseth in the morning." 

89 He who hath ear to hear, let him hear what it is which 
the spirit saith to the churches' 

UL Write to the angel of the church of Sardis: 'These 
are the things which he saith who hath (pQH. &c) the seven 
spirits of God, and the seven stars : " I know thy works, 
that thou hast a name of the health that thou art alive: 

•Lit. 'tend,' reading eqeJULOItl. 

-T**pA., B ; for -nj- of. Gr. BP, for -r«- cf. Gr. AO. €TeTA.!C&CO] 
eTATAIcilu), G*H: CTAX, EF. KK 3 ] cf. Gr. (exc. Tg* 1 *). 

enaju>*c]T*ABCD*N:, d«e?fghtz. rVfnA&icnn] 

om. H, C single negative ; tense cf. Gr. K(B I. 82.) 14. 49. 91. 92. al 
▼g &c. Alt 2 ] tre. after eKItOTT, B. a * d>H €*T.] T*ABO DF« 

o«N: iter., ef*g*htz. ererene.] abd*N: erene., 

T»C Ac. gA."f l] cf. Gr. MAOP Ac. 28 OTO£, i°] om. B, cf. 

Gr. 7. 16. 38. 69. 98. &c. €e(T, B) ItAtfpO OTO&J om. N homeot. 
S7 i*4>pK'f]TtABD*: om. JUL, TS: pref. OTTO£„ OD"«EFGHTZ. 
eqej6-] cf. Gr. BP al 60 fere vg syr aeth &c ** itTOOTi] 

ft&AitATocnri, cz. »• ne] om. c. 

1 Cj6ai] A*N : pref. OTfOg,, T»A»« &c. CA.p2k.Ic] -2kKC, H : 
CATHC, N*. $fl] 1U, T. OTTOIt ItTA*] CnrOItTAK, FG*. 
JUUULA**] tre. before KCnr., B. X6 4 ] cf. Gr. MACP al pin &c. 

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462 axnovox^Yuwic. 

s UJcom OTfit expftc e&oX* o*»o£, juuLTAxpe ncem 

jGuulok x iuJULO ' ,r * 3ceo-»Ki r*.p jGLnixeju. 

ka, neK&ftKon «■ ctxhk efi.oX j6A>|*ren nAnovf* 

8 3Xpi$Jtx.e*v! oTtit xe nouc ajcoT* onrog, ajccuj- 

xeju.4- ovog, A.peg,«. oTfog, Apuu.eTA.nom * 

Gajum om A*ajTejut.epjui.eTA.ttom+ ovog, n*reK- 

gTejULptoic* *fiu.i JuL$pR*f" itoirpeqtffo'w. 

°**°& X 1 "* 6 ** 1 *- n ef'oTrnoTr * e-f into"* excoK 


4 HXXXa oTron g,irtKOTrxi iipAn nxw j6en cA.p- 

2>.ic4> haj eTejuLnoTretuXeft Kno*ir&jlu)c tteju. 

c&ijuu* orog, e**ejuu>aji nejuuti ^ben £,AKg,~ 

fttoc novuoilaj *■ xe cejuuiajA VAp •► 
6 4>h eeitAd'po juLnAipirf ere*f gjiurrq ii&Ait- 

tff£,&u>c no-vw&aj * o*»og, nnoirceXx | 
K&. efloX g,! iuxtojui. are nu>nj6* eieonrusng, 

jULnorpAn e&oX ii.nejut.eo juLnAKUT*- ne*x 

neiuteo iirieqAvveXoc* 
• 4>h ereovon julaojx jOuulocj ecurrejut JuuLpeq- 

cwTejuL* xe oi ne ere ninnl! xa> jQuuioq 

nmeKKXiiciA *• 

7 Cj&ai jBLniArreXoc irre *f ckkXhcia n*re $i|Xa- 

2 JUULT AXpe] am. JULA, D«('not in some copies *)FG*H j cf. Gr. 
KABCP al plu &c. J0UU.On(G Ir. 3U, gloss jjj,) X nAJUW >' ,f ] for 
' 2° person cf. Gr. B a. 6. 8. 14. 91. al plus 20 ; for airo0a>*u> cf. Gr. N ACP 
i°« al mu rg syr arm aeth &c, but tbe version is different. tteKg,- 
fi-KOTfl] om. nCK, B. nAnOVf] cf. Gr. MABCP al 60 vg syr 
aeth &c. 8 OTIt i°] cf. Gr. (exc. M 14 aeth &c). Xe] om. H*. 

nOJC] otw erasure, A«. AKdf] AK£,6I 'thou fellest,' 0. AJCCW- 
TeJUL] AJKCUjpejUL tr. 0J1U ' thon wentest astray,' A. OVO£, 
ApegJ cf. Gr. MAOP 1. 7. 38. 87. 91. 96. al rg syr Sec: om. BDZ*, ct 
aeth u *'. OTTOP, Apl.] om. OTfOg,, C D«F* G* H NZ*. eojUHl . . . 
JULe*rA,noiIt] cf. ? Gr. »* : om. F* ; cf. Gr. N« &c. egjton] A*B 
OD*N: pref. OTTO&, T*A«D"«FGHTZ. OTftt a ] T*ABCDEN: 

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REVELATION HI. n-j. 463 

and thou art dead. 2 Be thou then watchful, and confirm 
(the) remainder; otherwise thou wilt die: because I found 
not thy works fulfilled with my God. 3 Remember then 
how thou receivedst and thou heardest ; and keep, and repent. 

Unless then thou repent and watch I shall (lit. will) come 
as a thief, and thou wilt not know the hour in (ii.) which 
I come upon thee. 4 But (A.) I have a few names in 
Sardis, these which polluted not their garments with woman : 
and they shall walk with me in white garments; for they 
are worthy. *He who will overcome thus, they shall 
clothe him with white vestures ; and they shall not blot out 
their name from the book of (the) life: I shall confess their 
name before my Father, and before his angels." 'He 
who hath ear to hear, let him hear what it is which the 
spirit saith to the churches' 

7 Write to the angel of the chv/rch of Philadelphia : ' These 

om. FGHTZ ; obs. Or. 36. ii. *frtA.l] cf. Or. ACP 1. 12. 28. fa demid 
harl* tol lips omn •»•*"» arm aeth &c. 3C!t£.6JUU] cf. Gr. MB 2. 7. 8. 
«4- *9> 35- 38- »l so *g &c. A,it] om. B (tr. % 'and nof). eXOUK] 
om. H*. 4 A»VA.] cf. Gr. (exc. 1. al»» arm tee.). KOTXl] AO 

D*N, cf. Gr. (exc. 1); position cf. ? Gr. NACP Z. 28. 38. al sat ma 
»g arm syr aeth ftc: pref. K6, T*BD n wEF*GHTZ, cf. ? Gr. 1. ItAJ 
classed by Tisch. with ol ofc, bat is ambigaoas. tteJULCg,IJUU 
cf. aeth. OfO£,] om. BD*. j6eit] IteJUl, Z. £,£,&/ 

om. £,A.n, f. £,&o>c] £,>, bo. 6 juLriAJpirf' 

cf. Gr. H»AO al 80 vg syr arm aeth Ac. 6Te*f£,l] A*D"»«: 
eqef^l, T*A,»* Ac: *f ItA&I, C", cf. ? Gr. (exc. 0). g,AJt- 
tfl&ikoc] T* fte.: gjAJt^IiUSC, 0: OT&eflCU), D*G"»«T. i°] iMrrpAK 'their &c.; cd«f*hz ; _ mafuwuL] A: 
rac., t» &c ftTenwrtj6] t*a=w &c:_ju.najr^6, a*n. 
ei€cnra>ri£,] a* : pref. 0V0&, t*a« &c jtMiofpAJt 2 ] t»a 

BCD*G«NT: 'their names,' D^'FG'H:, Z. 
neAJLOO ft] ABOD*F a, «G ,,, «NT: pref. *X, T*: om. D"W('notin 
some copies')F*G*H*Z. e ne 6T6] 116X6, 0. ' Cj£>Aj] 

A*N, cf. Gr. 38. &c: pref. 07TO&, T»A»w &c. <plX.] AN : fytK, 

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464 axnovaxaotwic. 

^eXtfriA.* ace haj ne kk exeqacao iSUxtooir* 
ftaceneooTA& mejum* $h e*re mgogjT irre 
nm tL2>.&.ri2>. irro*rq * $k eeiu.ofu>!t. jGUuon 
&Xi n4.ajeAJU.4- 01 o& AqajAJtajeAJU. juumoit 
&Xi nAcrcon* 
• 'f'couoTn nneKg,fi.KOTf i new. neicn4£/f * g,Rime 
icr ic | Ai*f" ii.neicii.eo noTtpo eqo*»K«* juuutoit 
ajxoju ti*re £,Xi ajeAJU jujuocj*- ace cnroit 


AKApeg, enACAaci oTog, JuneieceX nApAit 
9 2>ftnne *fnA"f n&x efioX j£en *f cwArcorit kts 
ncAT ah ac * nn eraao jujuoc ace g,"»wu 
ne | ovo£, £,Ano-<ron A.n ne* aXXa ceace- 
8>Hnne eieepon oTog, eieepoTroTujgjT' juuuok* 
OTrog, e^e^iTo** enecKT ii.neju.eo rmeKCfA- 
neju.-^ XA-*ac* o-*og, enreejuu xhpot* ace Ano* ne 
eTAJJu.enpiTK *■ 
2Ce AKApeg, enACAxi neju. TA£,Tnoju.oitK* 
K2i eefie $ai | Ano* g/o AiApeg, epoK e&oX g,A 
nmipi.cju.oc * $h eenAi e^bpKi eacen nieo 
THpq eepmpA^m noron m&en erg,ncen 
"^nKoT nx^^eju. ajuohi ju.$k ereirroTK* 
g,mA irreajTeju. g,Xi tff ju.neicx^ OJUL * 

vO«.», Ju 

10 < 

-^cX^IA] -TeX$IA, B ; for -la cf. Gr. unc al mo, for genitire 
cf. vg &c; A tr. LJlkiUi, gloas i^llly^ 'the love of the brothers.' 

neeoTAii] a on : $k ee. (ee-r, T), t» &c. } position cf. ? Gr. 

B P al fere omn vg syr arm aeth Or Ac. 6Te] exepe, B. ilT€- 
nHt] cf. aeth. K2iA*in2\] ftSXS, H ; cf.? Gr. AG 38 ; obs. refertur 
etiam a Gb 'abyssi' cop. <1>K eenAOYUm] cf. ? Gr. (exc H). 
JUUUOK i°]a*BODN: pref.OYOg,,T*A»eFGHTZ. ItAOjeAJU.] 
A*CDN: nAJUAOjeAJU, B, cf. Gr.MABCP al 40 fere Or Ac: 
JUAajeAJU, T*A C FGHTZ, cf. Gr. 1. 6. 31. 36. 49. 92°>b al vg arm 

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REVELATION m. 8-n. 465 

are the things which saith the holy, the true, he who hath 
the keys of (the) house of David, he who will open, no one 
will shut ; and should he shut, no one will open : 8 " I know 
thy works and thy faith, behold, I set (lit. gave) before thee an 
opened door; it is not possible that any should shut it; 
because thou hast a little power, and thou keptest my word, 
and thou deniedst not my name. 9 Lo, I will give to thee 
from the synagogue of Satan them who say that they are 
Jews, and they are not such (lit. some), but (4.) they say 
falsehood. Lo, I shall cause them to come, and I shall 
cause them to worship thee ; and they shall cast themselves 
down before thy feet ; and all shall know that it is I who 
loved thee. 10 Because thou keptest my word and my 
patience, therefore I also kept thee from the trial, which will 
come upon the whole multitude, to try all who are upon (the) 
earth. u I come quickly : lay hold on that which thou 

ayr &c; for om. avrij* cf. Gr. MACP al mu vg arm syr Or &c. A.CJ- 

gj£.itaje(*r,N)AJUt.] £.qcg4.njut.£.cu;.,G*. itA-OTrcun] a*fg*, 

cf. Gr. KB al 40 fere Or &c. : nA.cyOTUjn ' wiu ** able *«•>' T* * c - 
8 *f CCOOTflt] pref. 2£6, B. ic] T*ABD*F«N : om. CD°F*GHTZ. 
JOLneKJULOo] trs. after eCJOTTHtl, D°, obs. Gr. 95. Or 6ip. irimtw vov. 

iicnrpo]-pcu, a°f«. ijuuton. ..ijUu.oq]cf.?Gr.NABCPai 60 

vg syr arm aeth Or&c. OjO^JU.] A D FG* N T : pref. JJU., T' B G«H Z. 

o-rog, 2 ] om. bdn. ixneicxeX] ABCDFGHN : -XA.X, T : 

-3CCoX,T*Z. •£,KlUie] A*BD*N: +a.ttOK,T'A«CD n '«F«GHTZ. 
-f-nA.*f]cf.?vgaeth&c. ItR] pref. it, B D*. CeX€(om. 2C6, F*T)- 
Jtft.eeitO*»2£]+ne,BT. jOL«.OK]om.F*G*T. €Tfe£,IXOTf... 
OTTOgJ om. T homeot. &*€£**.(] cf. Gr. 15. 36. vg syr arm aeth &c. 
<5.nOKJ cf. Gr. NAOP al sat mu vg syr arm aeth &c. Tie CTi.1.] 
ABNZ: neXi-I., T* &c. 10 £,U>] T*ABCF>G°NZ: om. DE 

F«G*HT. €pOK] om. A*. nmipi-CAJLOC] om. Ill, A*Z*. 
ej^pHl] eg,pHI, T«DH*. nieo] A'OD'Go'H'PN: niOA.- 
JULIO, B tr. A gloss 1 (gloss " 'correct : the inhabited') ^jl*^' ,JLc 
'upon the created ' (plur.) H* f : IlieettOC, T*A C D»»«EFG*TZ«: 

meeitoc, h<=. er&ixen] abcd*n : etxh g,ia£e!t,T*D«w 

EFGHTZ. HKA.£,l] IUK£.£,I, T«CD. " "f IIKO**] cf. Gr. 

N ABOP i. al 80 fere am tol onm"**"' syr ar* &c. £,Xl] om. A*D*. 
TOL. IV. H h 

Digitized by 


466 amova^Yuinc. 

11 4>h eeni.d*po eieucj ftcxirXXoc * £>en nm fixe 
ni.noxf * | OTrog, fineqi efk>X xe* 
0*»o£, eiec;6e $pi.n jOLni.rto-rf £,K»xq*- new. 
$pi.n fi*f ftija ijL&epi fixe ni.icux* iXhjEX oh 
eeitHcnr enecKX* e&oX j£en x<fce e&oX £,ixett*rf +■ ne**. juLftepi * 
18 4>k exeofon ju.a.<xjx juuutoq eccoxe**. JuuLpeq- 
Tce curre**.* | xe o-» ne exe mriiti. xoo ijuutoq 


J4 Cj6i.i iSLniixreXoc fixe -f eKKXitcii. * fixe 
Xi.02.iKii.*- xe nil ne nn exeqxio jQUulcuot 
fixemiJULKn * nwu.i.px*»poc nmicxoc* o**og, 
nii-Xnoinoc *• xi.pxn ikmcconx fixe <H* *| 
"'frcwcnrn fineK^&HOTfi * xe onr^e K&opaj 
o-rxe k<£haa i.rt*- a.jlx.oi niKoi ijuuioT&ujx 
ne* le ni.Kfiep&ep * 
"2Ce iu.ipirf koi * o-vxe koi ii- 
jtiLo-v^ejuti i.n* o^rxe koi juuutoT&twx i.n* 
jOUuLon fi&pHi j&en £,eni*| 
ko- 1? 2Ce kxu) jOuuioc xe i.noK o-*piJULA.o 4. oTog, 
•fepxpi*- fi&Xi* oTfog, K6AJLI i.n xe fieor 

" eieijq] AB0D*N : "f ni^.iq, T*D"*EFGHTZ, weak form. 
fiCX**XX(om. B)Oc] ABCDN : fiOTTCX., T»EFGHTZ«. IlHl] 
A gloss jC*y ' Sah. sanctuary.' ftxeni-] T* AF*N: JULrtA., BC 
DEF*GHTZ. OfO£, i°] om. B. eenKOTf] cf. ? Gr. K*ACP 
1. 12. 15. 25. 28. 37. 40. 45. e&oX J&enX$e] om. N* homeot. 
ni.pi.n] cf. Gr. HACP al sat mu vg°'« am (al pier) syr aeth &c: 
mpA.It, EFG*T, cf. Gr. B al s0 fu arm. " ne 6Xe] neXC, 

F*: om. ne, C. 14 c£i.l] A*N : pref. OTTO£„ T*A«* &c 

eKKXHCIi. fixe] om. F*. fixeXi.02i.IKIi.] for genitive cf. rg 
arm eyr aeth &c; for -«& cf. Gr. KAO 7. 94. &c. niAJULHtt] om. 
m, F*, cf. vg. niJULi.pXTfpOc] ni^, T ; cf. Gr. (exc K* aeth). 

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REVELATION IJX 12-17. 467 

hast, that no one take thy crown. n He who will over- 
come, I shall make him pillar in (the) house of my God, and 
he shall not come out any more. And I shall write (the) 
name of my God upon him, and (the) name of the new city of 
my Father, Jerusalem which cometh down out of (the) heaven 
from my God, and my new name." 18 He who hath ear to 
hear, let him hear what it is which the spirit saith to the 

14 Write to the angel of the church of Laodikia : * These 
are the things which saith the Amen, the witness, the faith- 
ful and the true, (the) beginning of the creation of God. 

15 "I know thy works, that neither art thou cold, nor art 
thou hot. Would that thou wert being as (jQL) cold water 
or thou wert boiling. ,e Because thus thou art as (JOL) water 
lukewarm, neither art thou as (£*.) hot water, nor as (Jul) 
cold water, therefore* I will vomit thee out of my heart. 

17 Because thou sayest, that I (am) rich, and I have need 
of nothing ; and thou knowest not that thou (art) weak and 

• Lit. 'otherwise.' 

"*°£>] ABOD*N, cf. Gr. NABCP al pier vg m 81 arm aeth &c. : om. 
T'D^Cnot in some copies'JEFGHTZ. niA-XHOI (X , D)ItOc] cf. 
Gr. »G a.: R&.X, 0, cf. Gr. ABP al pier &c. TA.pXH] <*• <**• 
(exc. K aeth). " "fcUJOTr it] pref. 26, B. 0*»2k.e i°] om. D*. 

jo6iuul) om. k, f. ne] om. b. ru-Kftepftep] + ne, t». 

16 2C6 n($, N)i-IpK"f ] cf. Gr. »: IUJpH*f X6, T*. Ot^€ i°] 
cf. Gr. NABCP Ac. KOI 2 ] cf.? Gr. &>. JULJtJLOts£>eJJL.i] ABC 
D*N: -£>HJUl, T*D»wEFGHTZ; position cf. Gr. NBC 1. al 40 fere 
ayr arm &c. Olf 2w€ 2°. . .] om. B homeot. KOI 3 ] cf. ? Gr. X*. 

ii&pHi j6eit£,eit ( + k, a°) i] a* b n : eg,pm it&eHi, d* g« 

HT: €£,. j6eri£,OHK, D<**: eg,. rt&OHK, CEFG*Z, obs. Gr. 
J4* navtrt rov arifn. irov : €&oX jfeeitpCJOI 'from my month,' T*. 

17 K3£U>] 6KXU), EGT. 2C6 2 ] cf. Gr. AC 1. 6. a8. 31. 35. 38. 
48. 79. 87. 95. al ma" vg syr &c. €pXP>A.] epttXpIA-, DN. 
tt&^O A *= + *-N, T'A«BCDF«N: A.II ft&Xl, EF*GHTZ. 
K6JU.1] pref. it, B, donble negative. 

H h 2 

Digitized by 


468 oxnovax^Yuwic. 

oirxujfi. * irrA.Xenu)poc * oirog, itooK o*»ojA.*r- 
j«.e©rtA.i ng,HKi* oirog, ii&eXXe eK&Hcg*. 

18 'I' iu.k onrn* egen o-citonrfi. 
ktot* eq$oci it&pHi | j£>en o«»xP">-**-* £>»u. 
irreiceppajuLi.o * 
Oirog, g,£,&toc eTr^opi julhitott &110TJC+ 
£,iiu. KTeqajTeo-OTumg, e&oX tlxenajmi 
itTeneK&iottj 4- onrog, OTneoTXicnrpioit JULtuq 
eneicfi.A.X* ^m^. irreKiu.'* ii&oX-s- 
K ? " HXnoK rip hk *• | oja-ica^ujot * 
ajA.i*fcfi.u> nuxnr* x°& o** 11 enmeeiu.neq * 
oirog, a.puu.eT4.nom * 

80 8»Hnne va.p *fog,i epiT*- £,ipeit nipo* o*»o£, 
*f KiuXg,. $h een*.cio*reM. OTO& ivreqofujn 
Xinipo nwfr *fna.aje ej6o*»n nejuu.q*- otto£, 
KT&xrtwM. nejuu.q* <y*o£, iieoq ttejuuu*| 

81 4>k r^-p eeitA.(fpo *f iti.TKic na.q * eepeq£,e**.ci 
nejjLHi*- &i iu.eponoc juLmpirf e*r<utfpo* 
oirog, <ug,eju.a new. ru-itux £,i neq- 
eponoc «■ 

M 4>k e*reo"»oit julaojx juumoq eauxeju. JULa.peq- 
currejut* 2te oir ne e*re niritu. xto juuuLoq 

nniEKKXHCIA. 4- 


kh UenencA. itA.i *.e ) JLin&.r. £,itnne ic onrpo 
eqoifHri j£>en Tcfce* oirog, *fcjw.K n&oirrf 
eiti.ccjLXi nejw.Hi-5- oh jDL«J>pHf 
ktcjw.k RoTrciXnirx * ecci^n nejutHi ecxcu 

OTT20W&] cf. ? Gr. HOP i. 14. 28. 36. 47. 79. 90. 92. 95. al &c 
KTi.X.] ABD*N: pref. OTO&, T»CD«wEFGHTZ. OTTO£, 3 ] 

om. c. 07rajA.TJtt.eo.] oirajA.ojui.eT., bh. ng,HKi] abc 

D*NZ»: pref. OTfOP,, T'D»«EFGHTZ"«. OfO£, 4 ] T*ABN: 
om. C &c. eKjS.Hg]AON : pref. 07TO&, T' &c. " 0*»lt] tr«. 

before HAK, B ; cf. Gr. 38. demid lips, eajen] -tOU, B. KTOTj 

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REVELATION HI. 18— IV. i. 469 

(it) miserable, and thou (art) a poor and blind beggar, being 
naked : " I counsel thee then to buy [a] gold from me, 
refined in [a] fire, that thou mayest become rich; And 
clothe thyself with splendid garments, that (the) shame of 
thy nakedness be not manifested ; and give eyesalve to thine 
eyes, that thou mayest see. M For I — them whom I love 
I reprove, I chasten them. Be zealous then for the good, and 
repent. 20 For lo, I stand at the door, and I knock: he 
-who will hear and open the door to me, I shall (lit. will) 
go in with him, and eat with him, and he with me. sl For 
he who will overcome I shall (lit. will) give to him to sit with 
me on my throne, as I overcame, and I sat with my Father 
on his throne." 22 He who hath ear to hear, let him hear 
what it is which the spirit saith to the churches.' 

IV. But after these (things) I saw. Behold, a door being 
opened in (the) heaven, and the first voice, which was speaking 
to me, which I heard as (the) voice of a trumpet Bpeaking 

+ q, D* ; position cf. Gr. B 6. 7. 8. 14. 29. 38. al 80 fere &c. £,&UJc] 
£,e&CU>, EFG*. KOirXA.OfpI (om. Z)Oit] AF»?Z: KoX., 

D"«N : KOfXXoTTpIOft, T t BEF*GH«TZ n w ('another copy'), cf. Gr. 
1. &c: KoXXoifp., CD*, cf. Gr. AP 36. 49. 91. 93"* 95. 98. al 
nm"4c: KO*rXXipiOtt, H*. JULHiq] cf. ? Gr. NAO(P) al 
&c. I9 fflA.l1" Cftu>] A*CD*N : pref. OTfOg,, T»A'"«BD n w &c. 

20 VA>p] om. B. £,Ipeit]T*ABCN: £,1X611, D: 6X611 (om. F), 

efghtz. irrecjcnrum] a*C: iiTeqA.cnrum, T'A« &c. 

JLJLnipo] om. B : tre. after ttHl, H. "f ltA.a)e] A* D m «('not in some 
copies ')N : + ItHI, T* A™* &c. ; for om. «u cf. Gr. A P 1. 7. 28. 36. 38. 79. 
al vg m 32 arm syr aeth Or &c. OTTOg, 3 ] om. BCD*. sl T*A.p] 

om. d. eepeq£,6JULci]T*AD m 8EFGH*NTZ: irreq£,., BC 

D*H»», conjunctive. IlAeponoc] TUO. 'the &c.,' D m «F*G*. 
jOLmpH*f] A &c: JU.nA.ip., T*Z. eXA.l6^o] A*H»: pref. 
£,00 'also,' T»A»3 & c . ** Of] om. F*. ne] om. C. 

1 JULenenCA.] pref. OTTOg,, OF"*. gRIHie ic] A C D m 8 N : pref. 
0**0£,,T*F«: OfO£, IC, BD*EF*GHTZ. KTCJU.KJT'ACD* 
F™«G m «HNZ: om. BD^H'not in some copies ')EF*G*T. 6CXU)] 
cf.? Gr. H C P 1. 38. 49. 79. 91. 92™* al Ac. JUUlfcOc] +ItHI 'to me,' B. 

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470 axnovax^owic. 

2Ce jumot encycoi juuta.! •> o-cog, rVrA.TAJU.0K 

erot eonAajumi jmertertcA itAi 4- 1 
*0*»o£, Aiajumi £en mmtA* ofO£, AinAT 
£,Knne ic ofeponoc eq&ert T$e* *o"*o£, 
$h er&ejuici g,! neponoc* riAqoi rurrwim 
ne ruAcnic* net*. o*»o£, -fipic 
ecxurf erueponoc-s- eqoi nonreturn ncjuuLp&x- 
Ke *0*»og, eoiron k£ | rteponoc* erxn iinKtwf 
iJLnieponoc*- oiro£, k^ jGLnpecfrrrepoc* 
ertgj/ejJLcx g,i2cen meponoc* evKTHOTrr j£en 
g,AndTg,&u)c noTru}&aj«. itejut ^nxXoju. 
nnoirfi.*- evxoi enoir a^hovi «• 
•Orog, ni-irnHOY e&oX £,a meponoc*- nxe- 
g,An|ce*re&prUC4- new. g,AncjuiK new. £,Att- 
j6apa&ai4- onrog, f nXAJutnAC nxP u,JU -* 
enrKurf enieponoc* ere nif juLmiAl rVre 

• Oirog, eqx« JU.neu.eo jOtmeponoc * ix^pH-f 

itoTriojm. iJULAXHim > eqom no*rx;picTA.Xoc + 

X Onrog, ^eit ©*JLH*f | juurueponoc-s- eo*»on i" 

n^uson erjuteg, jUL&aX* £,ix£,k new. £,i$a- 


'(Hog, ni^ujon ng/mT* eqom noTJU.0**!* o**og, 

JUtnAl] €JU.n Al, T» D. OTOg, a ] T» A C D* N : om. B D"«E F 

ghtz. eenAcy.] e*rn., b. * oirog, i°] cf. ? Or. p. i. 7. 

al sat mi vg d0 demid arm aeth &c. : om. B, cf. ? Gr. NAB al zs am fu bail 
tol lips omn toehnl syr Ac. g,Hnne] pref. OTTOg,, D. eq^Ctl . . . 
3 OpOITOC i°] om. 0* homeot. 8 OfOg, <J>K &c] Tisch. classes 

this with t. &c, but the Coptic appears to have a different version ; obs. 
Gr. N in ver. 2 has 6 An'. g,l] g,IXett, B. ttAqOl] cf. vg: 
ITAqom, T' 'was like.* ne] om. BH. neJULOTTC.] OTTOg, 
ItC, B. (It, C*)] cf. Gr. P 1. 36. Ac: om. OT, 
(B)EF*G*Z. "fipic] cf.Gr.M«BPal fere omnvg syr &c. IUOpO- 

noc 2 ] t*a &c. : neponoc, n. eqoi] eqom 'brio* 

like,* T*. CJULApAKafT, B)Oc] ABCEFHN: -TOkOC, 

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REVELATION IV. 3-7. 471 

to me, saying : ' Come up hither, and let me (iVTA.) show 
to thee the things which will happen after these.' 2 And 
I became in the spirit : and I saw. Behold a throne, being 
in (the) heaven, * and he who sat on (the) throne was being 
in light of iaspis and a sardinos : and the iris encircling 
the throne being of light of smarakdos. 4 And there 

are (eOTTOlt) twenty-four thrones set Och) around the throne, 
and twenty-four presbyters sitting upon the thrones, clad in 
white vestures and crowns of gold upon* their heads. 8 And 
were coming from the throne lightnings and voices and 
thunders. And seven lamps of fire encircling the throne, 
which are the seven spirits of God. a And there is 

( €C f2G K ) before the throne as a sea of glass being like to 
a christalos. And in (the) midst of the throne there are 
(eovott) four living-beings full of eyes before and behind. 
7 And the first living-being like to a lion, and the second 

* Lit. 'given to.' 

T«DGTZ. * 07TO& i°] cf. Gr. i*»AP 1. al sat mu vg arm 

aeth &c. eOTTOn] om. e, G*: HCO**., B. KZ> i°] cf. Gr. B 

1. 93- 95- 98- «l_&c- 6TXH] ««•• D*: om. et, B : 6TXK, T. 
AATlKUrf ],_N. OfO£, 2°] cf. Gr. ABP al plus* vg syr 
aeth &c. om. <2&>r. K2*. 2°] cf. Gr. AP 1. 38. al plus 10 &c. om. rove ; 
position cf. Gr. BP al pier vg rell &c. ^>6It] cf. ? Gr. MB al pier &c. 

evxoi] exoi, e*f. eito"*A.<b.] hot., B: nito**., cnz. 

* ItA/fttHO**] cf. ? Gr. 7. vg«'« demid tol lips &c. £,A.] £,!, CF. 
2,A.nCA«.H] position cf. Gr. NABP al plus 40 vg arm aeth &c. 

e-rKurf ] om. eir, f*. eruepoitoc] juUu., b ; cf. Gr. kap i. 

36. 38. al vix mu vg arm aeth &c. TlIJj] cf. ? Gr. M°AP 1. 14. 28. 36. 
38. 79. 91. 93*»»et»« al_&c. • eqXH] *iX.H> EFGT. Hr 

TieJULeo] om. N«. Jixnioponoc] A* B D^N, tf. Gr. (exc. 7. 40. 46. 
add airov) : +ItTe4}*f- 'of God,' T'A«8CD*EFGHTZ. JUL^plti"] 
cf. Gr. K ABP al*°fere vg syr ar« &c. JtfJL] fuJL, T* &c. eqOltl] 

eqoi, cd««ef*g*h. iio-»xP>(H, B).] itxP'-. ef*g*h. 

jOLlHOpOItOc] cf. Gr. 38. 29. 30. 98. harl* arm"* om. ml *v«Xy Ac. 
£] f, B by error. £,»T£,h] pref. €&oX, T»N(but om. jOLfiA.X). 

7 ecjoni i°] i^ab'^dg^nt: Aqom, o U) efg* U) h U) z. 

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472 axnovox^Yu^ic. 

ni^uson i3L*juLg,ft * eqoni onrog, 
ni^coon iJUwA^r* eqoni jGLn&o itonrajHpi 
itpuxiuu* onrog, ni^coon | jOLju.i.£,:£ *• eqoni 

8 Onrog, monrij njoirA.1 iljuuBonr-s-enrKuyf epujonr*- 

icxen nonriefi c&j&oin juuuicuonr enrjuteg, jUL- 
fi.i.X-5- onrog, ni.nrjuLOTen jDuuuoonr i.n ne*- 
iJLnie&oonr ne**. mexiupg,* enrxtu juuuloc*- 
Xi. 2Ce qonriJi qonrifi. * nxe|nor: $1" nmi.n- 
TOKpi.Tio.p fr 4>h eTcgon*. onrog, $h eni-qajon* 
onrog, 4>h eenHonr* 

9 Onrog, ecyum A-peaji-n mX Racoon *f JOLnAiujonr 

nejuL ne«*. nAJajeng^uurr * £M>h 

ex&ejULci g,!2£en meponoc* $r eTonj6 

ajA.eneg, | rVre nieneg,* 
UjA,nrg,rronr enecmr exeit nonrg,o raceme jEjl- 

npecfinrxepoc *■ onrog, aji.nronru)ajT jULnejuteo 

£M>k e*ronj6* cy^eneg, nxe meneg,* 
Onrog, gi.nrx«> nnonrxXojuc e&pm Xl.nejui.oo 

juLmoponoc enrxio jOuuloc* "xe rteoK 
Xfi exeAxnaji- ndc nennonrf * | etfi jOLmtoonr 

new.* ne**. •fxo.wt.* 
2Ce neoK AJ<cu>mr ng,u>fi. mfien* onrog, ne- 

*reg,nA,K A.qajajni-5- onrog, A.nrcu>nT* 

eqoni 3 °] cf. ? Qr. N 35. jQLng,0 . . . piOJUu] cf. arm** aeth. 
m^COOn JLKJtKJL^} cf. Gr. NAP al sat mu vg syr &c. Aj6u)JUl] 

-ojw., efgtz. 8 monri.1 monri.1 jDuuLOJonr] cf. vg ejt 
&c: mS n^tuon eonron niF nxeng, nxennionri.1 

niOnri.1 JUUULUJOnr 'the four beasts having six wings each,' T*. None 
of the collated MSS. read here 'having six wings,' obs. Gr. 31. 91. aeth 

om.7 X ttv'&c. ic2£ennonriefi]T«A*BCD*EN: +onrog, hionrAJ 

niOnri.1 $> nTertg, , audeachonesixwings,'A ,n «D ,,, *('in some copies') 
FGHTZ ; A gloss ***»•' &. ^u ja.\j JS3j j+ 'Sah. and to each of them 
six wings.' C(om. T)Aj&Onrn] CAj£)pHI, 0: pref. onrog,, E. 

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REVELATION IV. 8-n. 473 

living-being like to a calf, and the third living-being like 
to (the) face of a son of man, and the fourth living-being 
like to an eagle flying. 8 And each one of them — all over ■ 
them, from their claws inside of them, being full of eyes. 
And they were resting themselves not in (jQL) the day and 
the night, saying : • Is holy, is holy, is holy the Lord God, 
the Almighty, he who is, and he who was being, and he 
who cometh.' ° And if the four living-beings should give 

this glory and this honour and this thanksgiving to him who 
sitteth upon the throne, he who liveth unto age of the age, 

10 Fall down upon their face the twenty-four presbyters, and 
they worship before him who liveth unto age of the age. 

And they lay their crowns down before the throne, saying : 
11 ' Thou (art he) who is worthy, the Lord our God, to receive 
the glory and the honour and the power. Because thou 
(pron.) createdst all things, and thy will was done, and they 

» Lit. 'encircling.' 

AJL(ft, B)&i.X] +oiro£, nionrii mo***.! F nxeng,, d»«. 
«A.*rjuLO(u>, N)*ren] itA/fjOLxon, t*. JGLnie&ooV] t»a 

DG«HNTZ:, BCEFQ*. qo*Ti.& &c] cf. Gr. **>AP 1.7. 
8. 14. 28. 29. 31. 92. 94. 95. al 20 fere vg syr arm " aeth &c. ttXeilGC] 

om. rtace, b. cnrog, <bH eiti.qajon] position cf. Gr. 17. 31. 36. 

38. 49** 94. lips &c: om. B. OfOg, <&R eerlHoV] T'ABD* : 
IteAft. Ac, D"«EFG HTZ : om. N, cf. aeth. » 111^ it^UJOtt] 

n*.i^., c: mS ^(won,EF«G: iii^., f*.] nix., 
g*. exonj6] exionj6, h. nienegj cf. ? Gr. abp ai pier 

vg Byr aeth arm*" &c. 10 enCCHX] ej6pHI, D*. eXCtt] 

£,I2Cett, T*GZ. nO*»g,o] nOT£,0, H plural. k5TJ cf. Gr. B 
I. 7. 28. 92. 95. 96. 98. al mu. OTTOg, ajA/lf.] A*DHN: pref. 
ijLUeJULOO iinieponOC,T«A»*BOEFG('not in somecopies')TZ. 

jui.neju.eo i°] om. d°«n. juL4»h exonj6] jGLnex., c. 
11 noc nertnonrf] cf. ? Gr. p. 7. ai fere 10 vg aeth &c. A.qcyu>m] 

Tisch. classes this with $<">>> by error, the version being different, G gloss 
ojo ah..f.,»» ,3 'Coptic, and thy will was.' 

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474 axnovox^Yuwic. 

1 OTTO& Ainit cjLotmjutx jOL4>h er&ejuici £,ixen 
nieponoc4- eo*occujui eqcjiHovr *• cAj£o-*n 
neiu. caAoX 4- | oirog, eq*ro&. it^ n*re&c4* 

* 0**o£, iiiu.t eoTfiweXoc eqxop eq&icuiaj j£>en 
oirmgj'f ncjuiHfr xe num exejuinajA. eonrtwit 
jGLiu.ixiojui.4- oiroj?, nTeqoirum nneqTejic +■ 

8 OTro£, jOLne £,Xi ogxejuixojui. j6en *r$e 4- ott^c 

Xr £,!2£eit nK4£,I4> | OTf2>.e CA.HeCKT JUt-IlKA^,!* 

epoq..., eAxnrum julmxcojut. onra.e eiULir epoq* 
i« 4 Orog, nA.vpi4uu xHpoTr ne 4- xe julne £,Xi eju.- 

ncyi. eoTrtJun jULtuxcojui. ov^.6 en^nr epoq 4- 
6 Oirog, a. ottaj eftoX j£>en nmpecfrrrepoc 4- A,qi 
&A,poi nexA,q itm 4- xe jutneppuuu 4- 1 
2>Hime A,qo"po nxenuuto-w e&oX j6en t^ttXr 
Rio'c^.a.4- eftoX ;6en onofiti n^jLt its. * ga.- 
oirum jULtuxcjojul iteju. neqTe&c* 


8 OfO£, A.inA.v j£>en eju.H*f jULmeponoc 4- neju. 
niS Racoon 4- neju. j6en ejuurf nnmpec&Tr- 
Xa. Tepoc* eo**£,iHJ&. eqo&i | epA/rq eqj6eXj6t«X4- 
eoTfon f itTAii epoq ety^H Ji^u^l 4- newt % 
jGLfU-X* ere nif juLmtA irre $"f ne* nH 
eT^.TXA.oTfujoT e<s6pm exen niKAg,i THpq* 

7 Oiro2, A,qi AqioXi jGLnixiojut e&oX j6en eo"»i- 
nAJU. X«.<t>K er&ejuLci | £,ixen nieponoc * 

1 CA&oX] ADN: + JUUULOq, T*BCEFGHZ; cf. Gr. BP al 40 
arm aeth &c 2 J&Ctt] cf. i Gr. NAB al 40 fere &c Xe] T»A* 

BD m *N: eqxco juuutoc xe, A">«cd*efghtz. eoTnon] 
AC*N: itOTfCOn, EFG*: eAOTUDrt, T»D n «G«TZ: nAo*»tt>n, 

d*h. iixeqoTion] n*reqA.oiru}n, c. nneqTe&c] 
nxeqxe&c, z. 8 j6enT$e] cf. Gr. hap i. 28. 36. 47. 49. 

51. 87. 91. al mu vg arm aeth Or &c. OTTXe £,IXertHKAg,l] om. 
E*H* ; for oMc' cf. ? Gr. AP &c. thrice. 4 OfOgJ cf. 1 Gr. KP 

I. 13. 28 2 36. syr arm aeth. THpOTf] obs. Gr. 1. arm 0<ld aeth ira&Aoi: 

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REVELATION V. 1-7. 475 

were created.' V. And I saw on the right hand* of him 
who sat upon the throne a book written inside and outside 
(of it), and sealed with seven seals. 2 And I saw a strong 
angel proclaiming in a great voice : ' Who is worthy to open 
this book, and open its seals?' s And no one was able 
in (the) heaven nor upon (the) earth nor below (the) earth 
to open the book, nor to see it. 4 And they all were 
weeping, because no one was worthy to open the book, nor 
to see it. "And one from the presbyters came to me, he 
said to me: 'Weep not. Lo, the lion from (the) tribe of 
Iouda, from (the) root of David, overcame to open the book 
and its seals.' 

'And I saw in (the) midst of the throne and the four 
living-beings, and in (the) midst of the presbyters, a lamb 
standing, slaughtered, having* 1 seven horns and seven eyes, 
which are the seven spirits of God which were sent down 
upon all the earth. T And he came, he took away the 
book from (the) right hand of him who sat upon the throne. 

■Not 'on the hand,' but 'by 'the side.' b Lit. 'being to him 

set on his head.' 

om. B, cf. Or Are Hil, tr. -40 u ^£l> 1yl5^ 'and they all were weeping,' 
E tr. F tr. oj^t 'so I wept.' ejULIiajA.] T*ADNTZ : JULngjA., BC 

efgh. eoTrusit] an : eA.oirion, BC: nAxnrcjurt, T'DEFGH 

TZ ; cf. Gr. NBP al 40 vg syr arm"" aeth Or &c. €poq] om. F*. 
* OTTO& A.OYA.I] OTTA.I OTTA.!, B. A.qi] !, OD. IOTT^A.] 
IOY2.A.C, BDN : IOY2.A.I, A* ?. eA.OYU)n] cf. NAP 1. 7. 28. 
36. 38. 49. 51. 79. 91. al vg aeth Or &c. JULmX(J0(O, T)JUt] 6IUX., 
T*. IteJU.] cf. Gr. ABP 1. al 50 fere am fu tol harl oran lMhm arm*" 
syr aeth Or om. \vaau * A.IttA.1*] cf. Gr. KB P 1. al 4S lips syr arm 

aeth. eqj£eX.] cf. Gr. 31. 50. 95. arm Ac. 6T6] itxe, N. 
IIIJJ] cf. Gr. KB al pier vg°«« am** demid tol harl** al"**"' lipss syr 
arm &c. jGLnttZ] position cf. Gr. (exc. 1. al?). 6TA.YTA.- 
OTrtOoV) cf. ? Gr. HA I. 38. 49. 79. al i &c. TUKA£,l] T'AC : TIK., 
B Ac 7 A.qi] om. T. JUlmXUJJUL] cf. Gr. i**"W 7. 36. al ? 

am** lips tol syr &c. 

Digitized by 


476 sfcnovaxa.Yuwic. 

g Ofog, emjqdT jOLmxioju. *• a. mS n^coon *> neju. 
niK^ juLnpecfi.Trrepoc*» A/cg,iTcnr enecnT £k- 


Gofoit otKT&&.pjL n*ren nio-YAj nicnrAj £».- 

juiccrr* neju. g,i.n$TA.XK itnoTrfi.* erjuteg, 

Xe nceoincnrqi *■ ere nmpoc|eTrx M "* re n,_ 


•Ocog, MJtg/xc j&en o*rg,aj^.K juiftepi*- e-*acu> 
jOLjuloc xe KejunajA. ecfi ii.nixu>ju.4- o**o£, 
€A.OTton nneqre&c*- ace i.T<6eXj£>u>XK cnrog, 
AJcajonTen *■ jGLcfri" ii&pHi j&en neiecnoq e&oX 
£>en 4>*»Xh m&eit | tteju. Xa.c niften*- neju. 
ajXoX m&en* neju Xa.oc m&eit* 

"Orog, &.KG&JULIU0O-* ju.nennoir*f* nontAxer- 
ccpo* tteju. £,A.ncy*H& *■ OTOg, ereepoTrpo 
£,i2ten niKi-g,!*- 

"Orog, AinA.Tr cnrog, Aicurreju. * excjuu ncnr- 

juhoj nA,rreXoc* jOLnKurf JGLmeponoc *• 

X$> neju. I m^toon* ne**. nmpecfi.irrepoc. onrog, 

ne ToirHni ne* g,Aite&A it£, ne* 

neju. g,A.nA.ncyo * n&AttAnajo*- 

"Gtxio jujuoc j£en oirttiaj*f nj6puxr*-i- xe 
qejuinafA. wceiuyK& eTj6eXj6ioX *• etTi af- 

• KX] cf. Gr. B 1. 7. 8. 38. 92. 93. 95. 96. 97. 98. al. A.*¥£,rrOTr] 
£,lTOTf, D. 0*»K"»e^.pA.] cf. Gr. NABP al 40 syr arm aeth»» 

ar«&c nxenni] irre, h*z«. £,An<fr7r(i. bnjaXk] om. 

g,A.n, D m «EF*: 0*$., G*. mnpOCe**XH] cf. Gr . N°ABP I. 

28. 36. 38. 47. 49. 51. 79. 91. 96. al && irreniATioc] a*e : p«f. 

ne, T*A'CDN : + ne, BFGHT : pref. and + tte, D. » OT- 

£,U>2wH]T*ABCFH NZ: 0*YU)2wH, DEGT: OTf£,U)C 'a praise,' 

h». etfi] ncTT, cd*: om. f*. A.-rj6eXj6i»Xic] t*abcf» 

HNZ : -oXk, DEF«GT. AJCOJonTen] cf. Gr. NBP i. al longe 
pin &c. <H"j vocative; A tr. dill VajI '0 God,' Ldt b^-» 'Sah. our 
God'; Tisch. classes cop with I. harl* &c. omitting t$ 6*$. 6&OA 

j£>en] T'A« &c. : oin. efioX, a*. ^ttXh] ojXoX, D*. Xac] 

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REVELATION V. 8-1 a. 477 

8 And he having taken the book, the four living-beings 
and the twenty-four presbyters threw themselves down before 
the lamb, Having each of them a harp, and vials of gold 
full of incense, which (are) the prayers of the saints. • And 
they were praising in a new song, saying : ' Thou art worthy 
to take the book, and to open its seals: because thou wast 
slaughtered, and thou bought us for God in thy blood from 
every tribe and every tongue and every nation and every 
people. 10 And thou madest them for our God a kingdom 
and priests ; and they shall reign upon the earth.' n And 
I saw, and I heard (the) voice of many angels around the 
throne and the living-beings and the presbyters; and their 
number was ten thousands of ten thousands and thousands 
of thousands; u Saying in a great sound: 'Worthy is 
the lamb who was slaughtered to take the power and the 

T*ABCN: Xi.OC, EFGTZ: <bfXH, D: OjXoX, H. IteJU. 

gjXoX] OTr|ajXoX, B: nejuiXAc, d*h. nejutXAoc 

Itl&eit] T*AN: om. BCDH: neJUlXAC ItI&6It, EFGTZ. 
10 OTTO& i°] om. C. AKeAJULKUO?] cf. Gr. NAB 1. al M fere am 
syr arm aeth»* T &c. JUUieitnOff"] cf. Gr. (exc. A om.): om. £«., 
E F G : (Unen ItOlf *f , T vocative. no** JULeXOTfpo] cf. Gr. K A 

v g &c. nejuL£,Ano*»Hfi.] om. h*. oiro£, eireepfeep, z)] 

om. OTOg,, EFGT ; tense cf. Gr. MP 1. a. 4. 5. 6. 8. 30. 31. 32. 36. 47. 
49. 50. 79. 8a. 87. 91. 96. 98. al t0 fere am fn harl tol lips omn toohm &c. 

£,i2cen] exen, efh. niKA&i] hk., befgh. u e*rc- 

JULH] cf. Gr. AB*P 1. 14. 49. 79. al vix ma vg arm aeth &c. JtA.We- 
Xoc] over erasure, A°. neTOfKIU ne] ACD»eF«NZ : n€TOTf- 
Mni, D*G°H«(T): TOTTHni tt€, B : TOTfHni, T*F*G*H*: 

epexoTram, d»>s. £,£.nefiA. it&AneftA ne]ACD*N: 
£,£.rte&£. tto&A ne,T«EFGHZ: £,An|£.neftA. ite&A ne, 
B : £, itefiA., t. neAA&AitAitcyo n&AnAnajo] 
A: new. . . . ne.M.(om. neju., F«>)£,i.n., D m «EF*: nejm- 
£,A.nA.najo iiajo, bhtz*: £,£.najo n&Aitcyo, d*N: 
KejuLg,AnA.najo najo ne, T*(om. <Mt)CG. "jOuuloc] 

+ 2C6, T by error, ibcenig,.] JUUUg,., B. 

Digitized by 


478 axnovax^YU*ic. 

xojui iteju. *f jutexcnrpo * nejm | *f co$ia> + ire**. 


"Orog, cconx iti&ert expert x^c*- new. g,ixert 
iika.2,1* nejuL itH exajon £ert <fcioju«.* nejtx 
itK XKpoir exert^pHi kj6htot *> 
Onrog, Ajctuxeju. epcooT erxuo Juuu.oc-8- JuL<t»H 
^? ex|g,£ g,ixert mepoitoc •$■ xe iucjulo-* <&iok 
ne neju. itiuxvv+ neju. niT-Lio* itejut ni&.- 
JULA.&J4- ajieneg, itxe nieiteg,* 

"Chrog, mS n^tuon erxao juuuloc xe Ajuuut* 
o**og, mnpecJ&.VTEpoc i.nrg,txoT exert lunr&o* 
A/coftoajx * 

1 UettencA. iu.i | ajiu/t * g,oTe ex^qcnrum iixe- 

m&mfi.* item rutixefi.c* A>icu>xe«. ecnraj 
jDLni^ ft^cooit eqxto juumoc 4- i34>pH'f itxcjuut 
ito*cj6i.p,&.j&i.i xe Ajuunr* 

2 (Hog, a-iita.** g,Hnne ic cnrg,eo eqcwo&aj * 
Xh onrog, $h exg,eA*.a g,ixtt>q* eofort | oTr<t>rf 

itxoxq o**og, A/rf rtA,q rtoTrx^ **-* *-*i l 
e&oX eqtfpHxnrx onrog, A.q<fpo* 

neftJL'fjU.eXOTrpo] A*BD«WG»«N: It. *f AHeXpAJULA-O 
'the riches,' T*CD*EF*G*TZ : om. H : + IteJU."fjU.eXpAJUt.A.O, 
A»«; A glow jJIj U*)!^, ' Sah. riches and might ' : n€AJL*f JULCTpA^ 

nejuffAJtexoif., f»w. rteuinitDonr] om. d»«ef*g*t. 

13 CCOrtX] A gloss v \j\yM j* 'Sah. the living creatures.' €Xj£>eit] 
ABOD*G*HNT: It€X.,EF: ItH €X., I^D^G-eZ ; cf.?Gr.»AB 
6. 7. 8. 14. 29. 31. 38. 91. 9a. 93. 94. 95. 97. 98. al 20 tol &c. g,IX€It i c ] 
ABD^eEFGN: pref. nK €X,T*CD»HTZ; for prep. cf.Gr. NAB Pal 
plus^vgsyr&c. TlKAg,l]T«ABG*NZ: niK.,CDEFG<>HT; cf.Gr. 
M 12. 14. 33. 47. 95. fa arm ; A gloss om Uj \ji>p\j* ' Sah. the earth and 
what is under.' eXOjOTl^en] T'AD»wF«NTZ, cf. ? Gr. A 6. 7. & 
14. 29. 31. 51. 9a. 93. 94. 95. 97. 98. al phis 26 &c. : expert, BCD*E 
F*GH, cf. i Gr. K 28. 38. 47. 79. eyr arm aeth &c; for prep, and ro cf. 
Gr. tt vg syr. XHpOnr] trs. after ru6HXOTT, B: om. EF*G*. cf. 

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REVELATION V. 13— VL 3. 479 

kingdom and the vrUdom and the honour and the glory 
and the blessing.' n And every creature which is in (the) 
heaven and upon (the) earth, and those which are in the sea, 
and all those which (are) in them — [And] I heard them 
saying to him who sitteth upon the throne : ' The blessing is 
thine and the glory and the honour and the strength unto 
age of the ages.' 

14 And the four living-beings are saying : ' Amen.' And 
the presbyters threw themselves upon their face, they wor- 
shipped. VI. After these (things) I saw, wlien the lamb 
opened one of the seals : I heard one of the four living-beings 
saying as (the) voice of a thunder : ' Come.' 2 And I saw. 
Behold, a white horse, and he who sat upon it, having a bow : 
and a crown was given to him. He came forth conquering, 

arm. ftj6pHl] K£,p., B. OTfO£, A.IClOT€AJl] T'ACEFG* 
NZ, cf. Gr. NB 30. 34. 35. 36. 87. 98. &c: om. OTTOg,, BDG'HT, 

cf. Gr. ap &c. £,ixen] £,1, b. nieponoc] n©., b. itejm- 

niOJOTf] AN : trs. after TA.IO, T* &c. : om. F*. Itieiteg,] AD : 
meiteg^ T* &c. ; om. 6^ cf. Gr. I* AP 7. 35. 87. 94. al vis mu vg syr 
arm&c. " K£(WOIt]om. it, EF. e*r2£Uj]cf. ? Gr. B al 38 fere&c. 

AJUlHtt] cf. Gr. NAP 1. 6. 14. 28. 36. 38. 79. &c Hinpec] cf. Gr. 
KABP 1. al*° fere am fu tol all"*- &c< ^.if^ixoif] €*»£,., T. 
48.**<moaj*r] AD*N: pref. OlfOg,, T' Ac; om. addition cf. Gr. HA 
BO P 1. al 60 fere am fu demid harl* tol lips omn lMbm syr arm«° h aeth &c. 
1 JUteneitCA.] ABN : pref. 0*CO£„ T* &c £/>Te] of. Gr. 
KACP 1. 6. 7. 28. 38. 79. 91. al demid syr arm aeth &c. ttXeiU- 
£,IH&] om. &IH&, H*. KOTljA^it, over erasure)BEFGHT : 
eOTTI, T*ODNZ. KlttTefLC] cf. Gr. Pj. 6. 28. 31. 79. al arm &c. 
AJCUJXeJUL] cf. Gr. 7. 36. Ac. JULTII2l n^UOOit] om. K, EG ; 
cf. ? Gr. X* 91. om. in. JULJULOc] + ItHI 'to me,' B. 3Ce] obs. 
Gr. A add \iyorrot. AAJLOTf] cf. Gr. A OP I. 2. 10. 17. 18. 28. 36. 
37. 38. 47. 49. 79. 91. 96. am arm ar e &c: + 0*C0£ > JLn&t, T* without 
any collated MS. 8 OTfOg, illtit] cf. Gr. KAOP 1. 7. 36. al 

sat mu vg ele am hail** lips al l » bB » arm aeth &c. £,HHHe] pref. 

cnro&.B. ic]om.H. eqcnru>fi.aj] -o&aj., bd. eTg,] 

A gloss yJ\J\j+ ' Sah. the rider.' A.qi] A D-*N : pref. OTTOg,, T* Ac. 
^.qi . . . OfO£j om. E? injured. i.q(Tpo] cf. Gr. K. 

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480 axnorax^Yuwic. 

8 GT*.q<m»it 2^.e irfTe&c i3uui.A.£,cito-rf «■ ajcoj- 
Teut em^uxm juijuia.£,5*- eqxoo jGuuloc xe 
ajumtc 4- * o*cog, iinAt. £.qi efioX K2ceo-*£,eo itxpuJ-"- THpq * | 
Onrog, 4>h e*T2, £,ixtoq* a/rf itA.q etoXi 
ivf g,ipHHH e&oX £,ixen iika.£,i TRpq * g,iiw. 
Sce.£>oXj6eX itiioirepHOTr * o**o£, A,ff iioir- 
niaj*f ilcHqi iu.q* 

*Oro£, e*TA.qoT(wn it*f*refi.c £uuLA.£,v"f ajcu>- 
Xe xeju. enuuu.£,v Reason eqxau juuuloc*- | ace 

2>Hime ic oir&eo nx,*-**- e * oto£, $h er£, 

g,i2£u>q * eoir on ottjuu-oj 1 j£> en Teqxix *• 
• 0"*o£, AicurrejuL eoTrcjuLK ecn^ajT* j6en eajurf" 

JUlniS it^UDOIt* iSt^pH'f IITCJU.K ftOI&J&UOJUL 

ecxoo iiuuLoc *• | 
2Ce otxajuxi Scoto j6a. oTCA.eepi4- oirog, rf" 

nx4.ruxi Kicoxfr j£a. o*»cA.eepi * nme& ^.e 

nejut nmpn £x.nepep£.xiKiit juuuuoot *• 
7 O*0£, eTA.qoTum irf-Te&c juuuu.£,;£4->- 

tcju. eniixi-g,^ il^cooit eqxuo juumoc xe 


ju. 8 (Hog, ArnA.** I g,Knne ic o-reg,o eqoTreroTruyr + 

s Z.e] om. D*. iSUUW.&CnOVf] T*A»EFGNT: Jjl- 
JJL*.&Kf, A»eCHZ: JJLKK&.&E, BD; cf. ? Gr. NACP i. 6. is. 
34- 35- 49- 87. vg &c. €111^.] JULTII., T. AJU.O**] cf. Gr. ABOP 
1. 2. 6. 7. 8. 14. 16. 28. 39. 31. 36. 38. 49. 51. 91. 92. 93. 95. 96. 97. 98. 
al plus 20 am fu omn 1 """" syr arm : OTOg, JLtULI, T*Z*, cf. Gr. » &c 
4 OirO£, 4JIM.V] cf. Gr. ? K 34. 35. Ac. : om. T». A.qi] ABN : 
pref. OTO&, CDEFGHTZ'. JU.OTi.(U>, N)lt] ABDEFGH 
NT: pref. eqoi, T'CZ. iV)CPU><**-] ABON : hotX,?™*** 
EFG* : iJLIlIXP UJJt *-> T»DG«HTZ»; cf. Gr. ABP 1. 6. 7. 8. 14. 29. 
31. 87. 93. 94* 95. al 80 fere Ac. It£.q i°] cf. Gr. (exo. N«l 31). 
eftoX £,IXeit] cf. ? Gr. (exc. 1*>A 7. 16. 39. 46. &a). £,IItA.] cf. 
Gr. B al 40 fere arm aeth &c. £,IItA. . . . IT*.q 2°] om. D»« ^ U 

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and he conquered. 8 But he having opened the second 
seal, I heard the second living-being saying : ' Come.' 4 And 
I saw. A horse of colour of fire all (over) came forth. 

And to him who sat upon it was given to take away 
the peace from all (the) earth; that they might slaughter 
one another : and a great sword was given to him. e And 
he having opened the third seal, I saw the third living-being 
saying: 'Come/ And I saw. Behold, a black horse; 
and he who sat upon it having a balance in his hand. 

6 And I heard a harsh voice in (the) midst of the four 
living-beings as (the) voice of an eagle, saying : ' A measure 
of wheat for a stater, and three measures of barley for a 
stater; but the oil and the wine hurt them not.' T And 
he having opened the fourth seal, I heard the fourth living- 
being saying: 'Come.' 8 And I saw. Behold, a grey' 

» Lit. 'green.* 

*_jJl (_,««> ^ yj L ^u^UIl 'between the two marks is not in some of the 
copies." KOVnigji"] position cf. ? Gr. A aeth. * JUUUA£,V*f ] 

ABEFGHT: -Y, T*CDN ; of. i Gr. (exc. 1. 36. 38. al &c). €IU- 
ODEFGHTZ. AJULOTf] cf. Gr. ACP &c: +0*»0£, A.ttA.Tf, T*. 
cf. Gr. KB &c. OTTO& A.Itt£.Tr] cf. Gn NAOP 1. 7. 28. 36. 47. 49. 
79. 91. al mn : om. T«, cf. Gr. B &c. «Xi.«.e] ABHN : -JULH, 
T* Ac. £,I2CUjq] eXUjq, G. • eOTTOULH] cf. Gr. B al pier 

syr arm aeth &c. J^eit] €Cj£>eit, B. n^CUOIt] om. It, E°G. 
JU.<frpK*f" ii*rCJULK itOVAjiujJlx] cf. aeth : om. B, cf. Gr. &c. 
0-WCA.TUXl] T*ABD«N: -TIAJO, 0: -$l(A., H)2£I, D*EFGHTZ. 
OTTO& a ] om. B. V*f] TUB D-wN : V, &c. itX^-IUXl] as 
above exc. -<$!, CH. 7 JJUULA.g,2T] cf. ? Gr. (exc. 38. &c). 

enuiA.&.gjZ it£.]T»AB0N: em?. £x*A&.£,% DEFGHTZ; 

cf. Gr. BCP al 40 vg«" •"<! 1 " 1 " n syr &c. 6CpCU>] cf. ? Gr. (exc. 1). 
AAJLOTf] cf. Gr. ACP I. 7. 28. 36. 38. 49. 79. 91. 96. al am fu al 1 ** 1 " 
arm ar« &c: +OYO£,, T», cf. Gr. KB &c 8 OTOg, 

A-IItA/lf] cf. Gr. NACP 1. 7. 28. 36. 49. 79. 91. 92. 94. 96. al am fa 

alUchm gy, arm £ & 

TOL. IV. I i 

Digitized by 


isa axnovax^Yuwic. 

oTtog, 4>k e*rg,ejuLci £,nco>q*- ne 
$jtM.ot* cnrog, AJU-eirf XHpq eqctujc itcu>q+ 
0**o£, Affepajioji itAq exert mpeS rtc 
nKA&ifr ej6ooAo"» j6en xaiqi new. ni&ja>+ 
ne-u. ru&ox&ex* rtejut | nieHpioit frre 
•Chro£, exAqoirum ivtxejlc £juuu.£ j e*> AirtA* 
cAnecHX juitiijula nepajtuoraji *• ennHx K 
nxe mpwjuu* exA*irj6eXj6u>>vO'* eefke ra- 
caxi nxe $i" *• nejut. •fAJtexjmeepe ckac- 
nxoxo** «• 

aaa 10 Oro£, A/ruxy e&oX j6en oTrmaj'f | ncium emw 
juuuloc* xe ajAoitA.Tr xe nennK&* $k eeo*vA& 
nieju.Ki-4- Jcfg,Aii An* cnrog, itxeKtfT juLnea- 
najiaj juLnencnoq* eftoX <(6en nn ergon 
£,ixen nKA£,i* 
11 Otto^, A*rf- jOLnioYAi movAi ijuuLoucnr no*»- 
ctoXh nonra>fi.aj «■ oirog, | attxoc ntcoTr * £,iru 
nxcnrjuLxon iiuuiuxnr * nieeKOTrxi itCHa** 
ajAxofXujK e&oX nxencnrgj4>Hp ne&iAiK* 
neju. noTrcitKonr *■ itK exornAjfcoe&oT £,uxrr 
"0*»og, AioAir £,oxe exAqofuon nfjULAg,? nxe&c* enrruaj-f ijuut.01tjut.en | Aqajwiut 

£,IXU>q] cf. Gr. N AB al pier vg rell && neqpAlt] A»N : pret 
€, T*A° &c. 4>JULO**] cf- ? Gr- (e*s. NO 16* 37. 49. 95. 96. om. ait.). 
eqCU)K]cf. ? Gr. 1. 38.49. 79.91. &c HAqj cf. Gr. B al plus*' 
vg ayr arm aeth &c. nipe] 4>pe, H. ni£,KO] nj>,., CDBFGT. 
neJUtm^OX.] A'D^F *: cfejutoir '(the) death,' TtA-trBOD'EF* 
GHTZ: $JU-OTT ng,OXg,eX, N. • OTfO£,] AD°>«EFG*HTZ: 
+£,OTe, T'BCD'G^N. JULJULA&e] position cf. i Gr. K* 14. 93. 
vgf>« demid lips tol al. ettHjnrXH] Jtltl., T*A«0 D»«N. itXCm- 
pWJULl] cf. Gr. MP 1. 10. ia. 17. 36. 37. 46. 49. 91. 96. arm aeth™ Ac 
eTA1fJ6.] A: pref. ItK 'they,' T* &c. tl€Jtx\ cf. Gr. A tol Ac. 
•f AJteXJULeepe] cf. Gr. N AOP i. 38. 36. 38. 47. 79. al vg &a +KT£ 

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REVELATION VL 9-13. 483 

horse ; and he who sat upon it, his name is (the) death ; and 
all Amenti drawing after him. And authority was given to 
him over the fourth part of (the) earth, to kill them with 
(j£>ert the) sword and the famine and the tribulation and 
the wild beasts of (the) earth. 9 And he having opened 
the fifth seal, I saw below the altar the souls of the men 
■who were slaughtered because of the word of Qod, and the 
-witness which they were having. "And they cried in 

a great voice, saying: 'How long yet, our Master, he who 
is holy, the true, judgest thou not and takest vengeance for 
our blood from them who dwell upon (the) earth V " And 
to each of them was given a white robe; and it was said 
to them, that they should rest themselves yet (K€) a little 
time, until were fulfilled their fellow servants and their 
brethren who will be killed also like them. u And I saw 
when he opened the sixth seal, a great earthquake hap- 

IKC nXC 'of Jeans Christ,' F*. cf. Gr. 34. 35. 87. &c. 10 A/lTUJaj] 
cf. Gr. KABC el 40 fere ftc. j6e« . . . CJULH] cf. ? Gr. NAOP 1. 
7. 39. si ma &c. enrXO)] eCXU), B fern. sing. $K eeOTTi-6.] 
nee., B : 4>K ee*», T. nie«.Kl] cf. Gr. 1. 30** 87. si syr &a; 
for om. ml cf. Gr. 35. tcf £,A.n] OC nA >"f"£A w » B » «'• ? 8unt et£am 

qm KpwU &c. juLnencrtoq] t* a c n z : tvr (ac, e) eneit., b d e 

FGHT. e&oX j6eit a ] cf. i Gr. KABO si 40 &c. Ac. IllCA.£,l] 

niic, t. " jDLnioifA.1 iuo*ya,i ijuMwoo**] cf. ? Gr. nacp 

7. 14. 16. 35. 36. 38. 49. 51. 79. 87. 91. 9a. 96. si 10 am deraid al hobm syr 
aeth &c. ; for atrS>» cf . Gr. 28. Ac. SOTfCToXK Ac] cf. Gr. N A B C P 
1. al 60 syr Olem &c. nO*»0>(0, BD)ficg] -ttjl, BC. JULXOIt] 
ABCEFGHT: eiULTOIt, TtDNZ. nK€KOT3Cl] order cf.? Gr. 
(K)ABCP al omn' 1 vg 01 * demid harl syr aethw &c; for twtpSv cf. Gr. 
» ACP 1. 38. 38. 51. 79. al vg syr arm aeth™ &c. naceitOTf.] cf. Gr. 
B &c. nejULItOTfCnKO**] A*BD*N: -ItOTf +K6-, T»A«D B WEFG 
HTZ : om. C; G tr. has a° plur. thrice. J0LnO*»pK'f ] cf. ? Gr. 39. 38. 
tol arm aeth. doubtful because £,1001* precedes. l " rt*f"JU»..&.g,F- 

ri*reAc]T*AD n «N: n*f (om. zjTeKc iiuuiA.£,F, bcd*ef 
ghtz. oimiaj'f &c] t*a*B: pref. a., a°o &c. A.qajuum] 
t* abf» : eqaj., n : ajumi, cdef*ghtz. 

1 i * 

Digitized by 


484 axnovax^Yrac. 

OTtog, 4»pK A.qx-**- OJUL **.4»pK*f koycujk ii- 
qun * oro£, nuog, THpq A,qepcttoq * 
"Orog, mcicnr* ^.Trqopqep enecicr eftoX j6en 
*r<t>e eg,pHi exert ni&L&i* £M>pK*f nonrfiuj 
KKeirre* a. oTrmgj-f Renoir qopqep ititec- 

&KOJ4- | 

"O*og, T$e eTTKooX ijuuLoc JOL^picf notxuoxx* 

OTTOg, TtOOTT Itlfieit IteAX. ItHCOC ItlfLert &.fKl*X 

efLoX j6eit ncnr jula. * 

"Onrog, mo*»pu)OT THpoir ft*re tika£,i*- new. 

nrxiXiA.p;x;°c * ne**. mpAJuuLoi* necx. ra- 

XttJpl* IteJUL &U3K Itl&ettf- iteju. mpejut&eir 

At.r THpoT*- I A/rxonoT j6eit lu&itil*- neu. 

hix°^ Sre nmeTpA.* 

" 0*»o£, cexuu juuuloc new. itrrux>**+ 
ace £,ei e&pm exuurt orog, x onT "€ n e&oX £A 
n&o* juL4»h eT£, £,ixert meponoc* new. 
e&oX j6a.T£,k iJLnixcorrr irre ni£,m&<3- i 
17 xe A.qi rtacemnig'f iie&ocnr ivre neqxusirr* 
num. exeoTtoit ojxojul juuutoq eo&i epA/rq 


UenencA. itA»i 2*.e A.mA.T eS ftAxreXoc *• enro&t 
epA/ro** £,ixeit niqxoTf Xaj?£, nxe hka^,i+ 
erAjmom ixniqTOT oko*** £,mA. irroTr- 

iqX-M-OJUt] -&>**.o*x, efg*z*?: A.qepx&-**J*» T 1 - 

ftOirciOK] AT : -COK, T* &c. : om. Of, B. TRDq] c£ Gr. K ABC 
al 40 vg syr arm aeth &c. ls A/Cqopqep] A.TfJ&.Op.&.ep, B thw 

again. e&oX j6enx$e] cf. vg 01 * hari &c e&pm exert] 

T»AN : 6^)., ODEFGHTZ; cf. Gr. N 47. fte.: om. e&pKI, B, cf. ? 
Gr. relL IUKA,£,l] WC., B. A.] AFGN: €A* T*BODEHTZ. 

nnec&Hoj] -neq., T: -&eaj, bd«: rt&eaj, d» ; a gioes 145,^ 

' Sah. her leaf,' \^>J. j 'Coptic, her nakedness.' " €Tf KwX] A.T., 

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REVELATION VI. 13— VII. 1. 485 

pened ; and (the) son was blackened as a sackcloth of hair ; 
and all the moon became blood; 18 And the stars shook 
down from (the) heaven upon the earth as a fig-tree (when) 
a great wind shakes (down) her unripe figs. u And (the) 

heaven is being rolled up as a scroll*; and every mountain 
and every island were moved from their place. 18 And all 
the kings of (the) earth and the chiliarcha and the rich and 
the strong and every servant and all the freemen hid them- 
selves in the caves and the holes of the rocks. le And they 
say to the rocks and the mountains : ' Fall upon us, and hide 
us from (the) face of him who sitteth upon the throne, and 
from before the anger of the lamb. 1T Because the great day 
of his anger came. For whom is it possible to stand before 

VIL But after these (things) I saw four angels standing 
upon the four corners of (the) earth, laying hold on the four 

•Lit. 'book.' 


a gioM -wV^- ' Sah - their P ,ace8 -' " nixti^PXoc] 

position cf. Or. KABCP al 40 vg syr arm aeth; om. iea\ ol layurrants. 
ItlXUjpi] cf. Or. unc. &c. TRpOTf 2 ] cf. i Gr. K«P 1. 28. 38. 49. 
91. 96. al arm Ac. iStXpnO*] -&OTT, CGH*TZ. Itlftrlii] 
T*ABODF«HN:, EF*QT: OTf., Z. ItllieTpA.] 
T»A*BOD*G nl «HN(Z): IIKA.PJ '(the) earth,' A»wD"*EFG*T. 
16 OTTO& C6X03 . . . nerp^Jom. B homeot. 6£,pKl] T*AN Z : 

ej£., b &c. x oir »" en J X°&Tert, 0. e&oX &A.H&0] 

A gloee AHj. 'Sah. before.' j6a.*T£,k] T*ACDF-wG m eH«NZ: 
£,A,*T£,H, EF*G*H*T: £,*., B. JUUlIXUmT] JULTUS., CD: 

om. ix, (B)ef«*ht. " «x(x, B)e neqxtumr] naaorrr 


1 JU.eiteitCA.ltAJ 2k.e] pref. OTfOg,, A°, for ml obs. Gr. (exc 
AC vg). ItA.l] cf. Gr. P 1. 28. 36. 47. 79. 92. 95. al vg syr arm &c: 
$AJ 'this,' A'BD'N, cf. Gr. NABO al 40 aethjtc. £,!2£eit i°] 

ad*N: exeit, t» &c: &i, 0. qTOTr i°] a., z«. oho-* i°] 

cf. Gr. 38. ar* &c. 

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486 axnovaxa.Yuwic. 

jua gT€JLi.|itiqi nxenieHoir g,ixen nKA.g,i* crt%£ 
gjixen <J>iojuL «■ oT2».e £,ixen nnApuxrr «• cnr^e 
g,ixen majajHrt* 
* Orog, a.ixotojt A.trtAT eKeArveXoc «• eA,qi 
e&oX j£en mjuuL fccg^i nxe $pH* ecnroit 
cnrc<t> ftTcrrq ftxe <H" e*ronj6*| 
Orog, Aqtoaj e&oX j6eit o # »nitg*f nj6pux>T+ 
oTr&e niS iuxreXoc hk eTA/rouc mucnr*- 
eepa.2k.iRin julniKAg,! nejut 4>iojul 8 eqxu> ii- 


2Ce juLnepepA.2>ijan juLniKAg,! *• nejut (fciojut new. 
majajKn* ajA/rereirreii me&iAiK nxe tfr-f <• 
jute erovre&m * 

4 Orog, iicioxejuL exHni khk eTA/rro&o-* * 
excrreg,!!! pjui2w najo* nit erA/rroiiof *• 
eftoX j6en ni$**XH trpott nxe nenajKpi 
! i G&oX j6en t^ttXr iiioY^A.* IS itajo*- 
& G&oX j6en t^ttXk itpoT&Hrt *• | 15 itajo* 
v GftoX j6en t<p**Xh nrA,2v* IS ngo-s- 
•*. G&oX j6en t4>**Xh ne^ea-XiJUL. IS najo* 
e GftoX j6en t^tXh it^in* IS itajo * 
...*r4nr- **>• G&oX ^en t$**Xh nor jutecon * IE itajo* 
Xh it, b ^ G&oX j£>en t$**Xr itXe*w * | IS itajo * 
•"^ h G&oX j£>en t$**Xh nicA,x*-P * iS itajo* 
8 e GftoX j6en t4>tXh n£*JknrXum* IS ngjo* 

menoTr] for article obs. Qr. o 14. 26. 93. 93. 95. 98. g,ixen a°] 
exen, befh. hka.£,i]abn: niK.,T*&c. o**2>.e g,ixeit- 
$ioju.] om. n. g,ixen 3 ] ad* : exen, t» &c. g,ixen 4 C ] 
ad*n: exen, t» &c. £,ixen 5 ] ad*efghnt: exeit, 

T'BCZ. niajOJH(6, N*)tt] cf. syr arm aeth. * eA,qi] cf. ? Qr. 

1. arm : A.qi 'he came,' BEF*G*HT. niJUUL nojAlJ cf. Or. A 
90.: niJULA., T», cf. Qr. roll. OTTC^pAXIc] om. OT, A*. 
OTTOg, 2 ] om. E ¥• G * H. AqiOOj] cf. Or. (exc. A P &c). Oirfte] 
ee&e 'concerning,' D"WEF*G*. epA,2k.IKin(AJL, B)] -2t!AJait, 

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winds, that the winds might not blow upon (the) earth, nor 
upon the sea, nor upon the rivers, nor upon the trees. 

8 And I looked, I saw another angel having come from the 
places of rising of (the) sun, having a seal of the living Qod. 

And he cried out in a great shout towards the four angels, 
to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, s saying 
to them : ' Hurt not the earth and the sea and the trees, 
until ye seal the servants of Qod in (e) their forehead.' 

* And I heard (the) number of them who were sealed in 
(e) their forehead, an hundred forty four thousand, they who 
were sealed from all the tribes of (the) sons of Israel. 

8 i. From (the) tribe of Iouda twelve thousand. 

2. From (the) tribe of Rouben twelve thousand. 

3. From (the) tribe of Gad twelve thousand. 

• 4. From (the) tribe of Ephthalim twelve thousand. 
5. From (the) tribe of Dan twelve thousand. 

7 6. From (the) tribe of Symedn twelve thousand. 

7. From (the) tribe of Levi twelve thousand. 

8. From (the) tribe of Isachar twelve thousand. 

8 9. From (the) tribe of Zaboulon twelve thousand. 

A ; A gloss \fi^.j» ' Sah. to destroy.' n!KA.£,l] nK., B. 8 AJL- 

nepep.] om. ep, G*H; A gloss \_yX~i5 j* 'Sah. corrupt not.' 
IteJUL i°] cf. ? Qr. A 37. 38. 41- 4^ vg 014 arm hart** lips omn 1 " 1 "" Ac: 
Of2>.e, B, cf. Gr. rell. H6JUL 2 ] T*AN : cnr^e, B &c. OJA.T€- 
Tenxe(K,FHZ)£i] ACEFGHNT: ajA.nT.,T*DZ: gjA.TOTf- 
TcSl, B 3 person, $"f ] cf. Gr. 28. 47- 9°- <& lips arm*™* aeth. 

erovre&ni] nrr., N: -Teng, 'wing,' tr. ^u. 'their faces,' 

B also verse 4. * pSXS] cf. Gr. B 1. al sat mo. eftoX] 

K&PKI, 0. neitOJKpi] nittj.i B. •*• l5] cf. Gr. B P al permu 

Or. Tabulated arrangement, all MSS.; numerals, AD. * IOTf2i.A] 

-A.C, T»: -A.I, N. itOJO i°] ABCDHNZ : +eTTTOii 'sealed,' T»E 
fgt. npcnfilHn . . . T^»Xh] om. N. • ne$©A.XlJU.] 

nie4>., H; for -\lfi cf. Gr. AB 6. 9. 14** 30. 92** 93. al* &c. 
T C*»A«.ea>n] CUtX., EFGT. Xe»l] cf. Gr. A BCP rell. 1CA.- 
3C*-P] cf. Or. BO 1. al pier fu al>«*». 

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488 axnovax^TWic. 

i G&oX j6en T4nrXH rtA.ccHp-5- IS ftajo* 
ia. G&oX j6eit t4>**Xh kiiocm^*- i5 nap* 
t&. G&oX £>eii t4>**Xh jOLftemAJUuit * | iff itajo* 
erA/repc^pAxi^m juuulu>ott. 


» Q-»o£, jmenettcA. hai imn eo*»nia1" -jOuulhoj * 

ijuuLott cyxau. ivre £,Xi tfTkm juumoq * e&oX 

j£en ajXoX mfteit* nejut <t>**XK iti&ert* next. 

Xa.oc rufLen* riejut Xa.c m&eitfr erto&t epa.- 

jul? to*» jOLnejuteo juuueponoc *• | iteju. nejuteo 

JuLru&iRfi. * e**XHX ii£,A,ricToXR no-wufLaj epc- 

cnrort £,A,no**u>mi nj6pm j6eit no-wax* 

"GTfOjaj e&oX j6en oirttijgi- kcajlh eirxto jDL- 

jytoc* xe nio-rxAi tpAnennoTrf ne* $r er- 

£, &ixen nieponoc* new. | ni£,in&*- 

11 0**o£, niA,vveXoc XKpoTf * iu.tto£,i epA/To** 

JOLnejmeo ixnieponoc *■ nejut nmpecfi.-rre- 

ne**. 2° poc *■ ne*x m^ n^coon * 

...,b 0**o£, iT^iToir enecKT £,ixen no**£,o*> jDL- 

nejuteo jOLmeponoc «■ otto^, A/roirujajT i]L<H" 

12 €TXU) JOUULOCfr X6 AJtt.HK *• | 

JU.H Ilicjuunr * ne«. nitooir nejw. -faxfciA.* neu 

majeng^uLOT * new.* ne**. •fxojuL* 

nAnenno-rf ne ajA.ene£, irre meneg, Ajuum* 

18 CN0& jLqepQTra) RxeovAi eftoX j6en ninpecfto- 

Tepoc nexA.q itm*- xe m**. ne imj e*re 

• A.CCHp] AODF«G«NTZ«: -€p, T*BEF*G»: -ip, H. &€rt- 
lAJUUrt] cf. Gr. HBO al pier. eTA/cepC^pA-VI^m] for 'sealed* 
twice (w. 5 and 8) cf. Gr. MA BOP 6. 14. 89. 35. 38. 49. 51. 87. 92-98. 
al pins 26 fu &c. : for 'sealed' once (v. 8) cf. aeth. * 4J.lttA.Tr] om. 

H*. eoif Hig-f &c] cf. Gr. A vg aeth &c om. ml Mow ; for case cf. ? 
Gr. A vg aeth &c nT6£,Xl] ft&Xl, 0. JUUULOq] T' A C D* EK, 
cf. i Gr. MA OP 1. 14. 36. 92. al vix mu: JUUULtUOT 'them,* D«FGH 
TZ°j the idiom requires the expression of the object. gjXoX] -U)X» 

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REVELATION VII. 9-13. 489 

10. From (the) tribe of Asser twelve thousand. 

11. From (the) tribe of Ioseph twelve thousand. 

12. From (the) tribe of Beniamin twelve thousand who 

were sealed. 

9 And after these (things) I saw a great multitude ; it is 
not possible for any one to number it, from every nation and 
every tribe and every people and every tongue, standing 
(plur.) before the throne and before the lamb, vested in white 
robes, having (lit. being) harps in their hands; 10 Crying 
out in a great voice, saying: "The salvation is of ($£•) our 
God, he who sitteth upon the throne, and (of) the lamb.' 

11 And all the angels were standing before the throne and 
the presbyters and the four living-beings ; And they 

threw themselves down upon their face before the throne, 
and they worshipped Qod, "saying: 'Amen. The bless- 
ing, and the glory, and the vnsdom, and the thanksgiving, 
and the honour, and the power are of (tt£.) our Qod unto age 
of the age. Amen.' "And one from the presbyters 

answered, he said to me: 'Who are these who are clothed 

DN. 4/cXk . . . XA.OC] T'ABCDN : X*.OC . . . d/fXH, EFG 

htz. nejUL\&.c ni&eit] om. c*. iteM.neju.eo] ne&*. 
jtiLn., t». enrxitX] enrxoXg,, d*. epecnron] t*abdn: 

eOTfOIl, OEFGHTZ. £,4.KCmomi] om. £,A.n, EFG*T ; A tr. 
\yi 'light,' gloss i, .ljil 'lights,' gloss ii, t_4*-. -» 'Sail, palm branches.' 
ftj£>pHl] T»ABD N : Kg,., C &c. w eTU30j] cf. Gr. 1. al ? arm &c. 

4>A>neiutcnrf] cf.? Gr.A 38. £,ixen] T'abcd* hnz : exen, 
d«wfgt. ll iu.**o£,i] a.*vo£,i, h*. JuLnieponoc] cf. 

Gr. NACP al sat mu vg &c. IllS] ACDFGHNZ: t\\% T»BET. 

n^uxm] om. ft, e«fg. £,ixen] ad»N: exen, t* &c. 

nOTfg,o] cf. Gr. 1. aeth &c. : nOTfg,0, H, cf. Gr. rell. OTO£, 
A.TfOTrUJajx]T t AB0DN: eTfOTfCOOJX, EFGTZ: A/VO**., H. 

12 xeAJU.Kn] om. n, cf. vg™. majen&JU.oT] ni&J«.ox 
•the grace,' eg*t. irremene;>J ftxemeneg,, t'(b)od<> 

HN plural: om. F» : +THpOT, B. 13 OTAj] pref. m, Z. 

e*re] eri, t. 

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490 smiovox^yuwic. 

rtA.ig,&ujc itoTru>&aj | toi g,uoTo-c* oiro£, 
ex^Tfi e&oX eu>rt* u nexw tu»q xe 
fteoK €*rca)o*»it Xjuulujott * 
0*»o£, nexAq hki xe ita.i ne ntt eeniunr e&oX 
j6eit nmigi" it&ox&ex* onrog, £.tdiuj6i ancnr- 
ctoXr* OTrog, 4.?$epiu)0'* > *6eit mcnoq irre 

IU£,IR&. <!■ I 

jute "Ge&e $*a cex« Xi.neM.eo juLmeportoc ii-re 
<H" * o*»o£, cegjejULcyi iJU*.oq j6en neqep<t>ei * 
jULnie&oo** ne«. mextop&fr cnrog, $k er- 
£,eju.cns- &ixeit meponoc* eqeep&Hi&i 
" flnot£,Ko * o*»2k.e iincnri&! xe* o-**.e nno*v- 
j6ici 4- 1 o*Y2t.e nne j6hi&i i extoo-* 4- onrxe 
KA-Tfcoori mfteit* 
17 2Ce m&mfi. erxw ii.neju.eo Xiniepoitoc*- iteoq 
eqjuLoaji nejuLiooTfr o*ro£, eqecfijuuorr ituxnr 
exeit •f**- '*-**- 1 jOuuuoot ntoiui* oirog, epe 
<t>*f qtwf nepjuiK m&en efk>X &A. noiriU.X * 


n Oro£, er^qoTrum | n-fxe&c jjuula.^^ a. 
o*tj£puxnr ajwnt j&en x<&e a*. oTroiritoT *• 
* Oro£, juiu.? enif iu.weXoc* er^R ii.neju.eo 

g,fiu)c] AN: prefcjff, T* Ac. u neXHl] ACDN: pref. 

OTfO£„ T» Ac IU-OC] cf. Gr. NBCP al fere 40 vg syr Ac: XIOC, 
D», cf. Gr. A i. al? vg« d< > •"<« >•<*»» aeth»*» arm Ac. eTCtUOTflt] AB 
EFG*HNT: neTC, T*CDG«Z. OTO& i°] om. B. &.t$€- 
pIOJOTT] i*»T4»., DG'HTZ; cf.? Gr. NAP i. ro. ia. 19. 37. 46. 49. 
79. 91 . 96. ; A gloss \y»x&jjj+ ' Sah. and they were sanctified.' J\ ICItoq] 
T'ABDGHTZ: ne, CEFN. 16 OTfOg, i°] om. 0. CegjeJUL- 

gji] e**aj., 0. neqep4>ei] niep. 'the Ac.,' cz«. e&oo** 

. . . exiopgj om. F* homeot. eqeep^HI&l] AB0D*N: 
fteoq exep^). 'himself (is he) who Ac.,' T'D , »«EFGHTZ. 
" Umnr&KO] AB0D*HN: pref. 0*»2l€, T»D"«EFGTZ ; cf. Gr. 

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with these white garments, and whence came they?' 14 I 
said to him : * My Lord, thou (art he) who knoweth them.' 

And he said to me: 'These are they who come from the 
great tribulations, and they washed their robes and made 
them glorious in the blood of the lamb. u Therefore they 
are before the throne of Ood ; and they serve him in his 
temple, in the day and the night : and he who sitteth upon 
the throne shall overshadow them. "They shall not 

hunger, nor shall they thirst any more, neither shall they 
toil, neither shall shadow come over them, nor any (lit. every) 
heat : 1T Because the lamb which is before the throne 
himself is walking with them, and he shall guide them unto 
(exert) the fountain of water of life: and God shall wipe 
every tear from their eyes.' 

VIIL And he having opened the seventh seal, a sound* 
was made in (the) heaven unto an hour. * And I saw the 

• J^ptOOT has been confused with X^-P^ '«!«»<*.' 

N 36. vg syr arm aeth &c. 2te] of. Gr. NAB al pier vg syr aeth &c. : 

om. OH*, cf. Or. P 1. 34. 35. 36. 38. 4a 87. arm Ac. t\ltOTrj£)IC! 

OTf2k.e] om. P*. itne&HI&! &c] A gloss gjl Ji 3 yj^fyj. 

iJp >uu y 'Sah. and the son and all heat shall not fall upon them.' 

"ecrjuLOttji nejuLioo**] ad"»bN: ee(x, B)iu^.(om. d*)- 
jtAoiti jOUuuuot, bd«efght: neeruuuut.oru juL, 

T»CZ; tense cf. Or. NABP 1. 6. 7. 14. a8. 30. 36. 38. 49** 51. 79. 
92. 96* al vg syr arm aeth &c. ; A gloss ~*W j* ' Sah. shall tend them.' 
eqetfUUUOrr] cf. Gr. NABP i. 14. 28. 36. 38. 51. 79. 92. al vg syr 
arm aeth &c. ttU>n£>] cf. ? Gr. KABP al plus 40 vg arm aeth utr &c. 

C«5r. eped/f qurf] ad*g«hn: eped/f eqequrf, t»Z: 

€pe«p*f qeX, BO: eqequrf, D«w('not in some copies')FG*T. 
ttepJULH] om. ft, BO : ftepJUUDOTTI, T«, cf. Gr. 14. plural. €&o\ 
£,*.] cf. i Gr. N 28. 47. 49. 50. 79. 92. al vg"* lipss &c. 

1 OTj£>pUJO"»"] A"»« ua^L j+ 'Sah. silence.' OJUJIll] om. Z by 
error. ajA-OTfOTItOTr] ItA-TrOTItOTf, B. 2 eTXK] AD"*N : 

pref. itH, T* &c. Xi.nejut.eo] + e&oX, b. 

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492 axnovax^Yuwic. 

Ju.<H"* enrog,i epJxxo***- o**o£, A.vf" ttuxnr 
nf ncA,Xnir£* 

3 O*o£, Ke^rreXoc A.qi •*• A.qo£,i epaxq *6A.xen 

nuu.4. nepajiooTrgn- 5 -! eoTroit oTrXifiA.non niunrfi 
iixoxq*- onrog, /vrf n^q noirjUKaj itceoi- 
no**qi * £,m*. nxeqxmxot Rca. itmpoceTf^R 
nxe niAxioc XRpo*** £,ixen nuuuL iiep- 
cyuxnraji $h er^H i5.neju.eo 
oponoc *■ 

4 0**o£, *.qcye rtA.q enajiui nxemxpejuxc irre | 
n*. mce-oinoirqi * nxe mnpocerxH nxe niAxioc 

TKpoTffr efioX ;6en xxix juniAxveXoc* $h 

er^H ii.neju.eo ju/fc'f * 
8 0*oj>, maxreXoc A.qdT ju.mXifiA.non itnoTjS* 

A.qju.A.£,q efioX j6en mxs** 3 **- «T€ nuutA. 

nepcycoovcyi * | crog, Aq&ixq ej£>pHi exen 

niKJx&i* oiro£, ATajaini nxeg,Anj6*-p<&AAJ * 

newt £,A.ncju.K«- neju £,A,ncexefipKXfr neju. 

oif juonjuen * 
•O»oj>, mf iu.TTeXoc* nn exe *ff ncA-Xnirroc 

nxoxoir*- A.ircefixi»xoTr * g,m.&. nceepcA.X- 

nfi 7 0-»og, m&o-wx iuxreXoc*- A.qepc*.Xni£m * 

oirog, *.qaju>ni nxeo-»iX* neju. oixpuutx 

erjuoxx *6en nicnoq* o**o£, a.Tr£,rxoT 

£,ixen niKA.£,i* 
0-*o£, AqpojKj^ nxe<ppe? ju.niK<s.g,t * neju $per 

nu)OTf] trs. after CA.XniV£, EF»GHTZ : trs. after itXOXOT, 

f*. nf] 5, ef. ncA,Xmv£] f« & c .: + nxoxoir, f*. 
8 A,qi] om. z*. Xifi^non] Xt„ deft ; a gloss «* i^aV^^* 

'Sah. much incense (plur.) with.* £,I3£ett] ABOD*N: eXCtt, 
T*D«EFGHTZ. * Aqaje rt*.q &c] 'went up'; A gloss *i,\ ^ 

'Sah. caused to rise.' mceomoTrqi nxe] om. n. nxeninp.] 

A: exemnp. 'which (is) the prayers,' D>»«: ttCJUmnp. 'with'or 

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seven angels who were before God, standing; and seven 
trumpets were given to them. 8 And another angel came ; 
he stood by the altar, having a censer of gold: and much 
incense was given to him, that he might give it (pluf.) along 
with (ttC£.) the prayers of all the saints upon the golden 
altar, that which was before the throne. * And the smoke 
of the incense of the prayers of all the saints went up from 
(the) hand of the angel, he who was before God. 8 And 
the angel took the censer of gold, he filled it with the fire 
of the altar, and he cast it down upon the earth ; and there 
happened thunders and voices and lightnings and an earth- 
quake. 'And the seven angels, they who had the seven 
trumpets, prepared themselves that they might sound. 

7 And the first angel sounded, and there happened a hail 
(lit stone) and a fire mingled in the blood, and they were 
cast upon the earth. And (the) third part of the earth was 

'and the prayers,' T* Ac. TKpOTf] om. D»*E F* Q*. <&K 6TXR 

JuLnejuieo jGLd/f\] T ' AB0I) * NZ! <j>k er^R iineqjuLeo 

'who is before him,' D=* : tt*Te<H" $R CT^H JUUieCJJULeO 
'of God who is before him,' EFGHT. * IUAXV. A.q<fi] 

T»AN: AmiTT. <ff, B &c. Xi&A.non] >vTrfU.KOC, BE?F. 
*.qJULA£,q(om. B*)] AB«ODN: pref. OlTOg,, T»EFGHTZ. III- 
^CptOJUt] IUX" N plnraL OYOg, 3 ] om. 0. £>A.p,&.ft<SJ . . . 
CJUJt . . . CeXe&pH3C] order cf. Gr. KB 6. 8. 14. 99. 31. 35. 87. al M 
vg arm Ac. g,A.ltC6X.] OTTCeT., B singular. OTJULO It Alien] 
&A.I1JU.., Z plural. e Hit] T»AB0DNT: pref. ^ EFGHZ. 

ltH ere) cf. ? Gr. ABP al pier &c: om. ItK, D*. of. ? Gr. K 36. &c 
CA-XlUTTOc] T»AD"«N: C*.XlUV£, B &c i*»CeATt»- 

tot] -toto**, g*h. Kceep(om. ep, BG*)ciXni5m] 
nTOTrepc., (bjo. 7 iu.rre>voc] cf. Gr. 1. 28. 36. 38. 79. 98. 

al yg arm aeth &c. eTJULCOrr] AN: -OTfXT, T» Ac: eq- 
JU.O(+TT, EFG)2£T, OEFG*. jfeeit] of. Gr. HABP al fere 40 
vg &c: neJUL 'with.' CD*, cf. Gr. 1. al demid harl* &c niCItoq] 
AD»* : ncnoq, N : OTC, T« &c. indefinite. <r*0£, A/*g,rrOTr 

£,ixenniK4.£,i] om. f* homeot. oTrog, a.qpt«K£, ftxe<p(ni, 

C twice) pev JULUI(om. D)KA.£,1 &c] T*A &c, cf. Or. NABP al 

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494 axnovax^Yuwic. 

mticgajHii* oirog, A.qpujK£, rtcuui m&en*- | 
eroterroywr *• 
8 Otto£, niA.rreXoc Juuu-iL&K*- jss\epcjLkm^itt 
£M>p*rf noirnittj"f nxaaoTr rVxP ttWUL eqjULOg, * 
4/*&n"q €j6pni e$iOA*.* 
0*»og, $pev aL4>iojul Aqepcitoq* 'oTrog, *.•*- 
jutcnr nxe$pev nttiaorrr TRpof e*r/6en 
nv 4>Joajl«- itK ereoifon 4nrx K 1 t«onj£> njbKTot 
OTfog, $pev SmexHOT A/rrA-Ko* 
,0 O»o£, iuArveXoc iJUuiA.£,v* AqepcAXm^m* 
oiro£, A-q&ei enecHX e&oX j6gk *r$e itxe<nr- 
mcgi" ncicr** eqjutog, jOL^pirf RcnrXAJULnAx 

KXP" 3 **-* 
Orog, Aq&ei exert 4>pev rimii.pu30T *■ neju. 

m|ju.cnrjuu juuuuoo*v. " cnrog, $pA.rt JGLmcicnr + 

xe ^meion epertq*- 
Onrog, <frper nituuLtocnr A/*epenajA.aji juLcfepicf 

ncnrAXXoK* oto£, o-rjuutaj e&oX j£>ett itiptujuu 

AxwioTr * e&oX j6en nuuLU)oir *• xe A/vepen- 

it;*. "0**o£, ruAvveXoc juuuul&x -s- Aqep|cA.Xiu^in + 
cnro& <|>pev JuLmpH A.qjuuaji* new. 4>per jul- 
nnog,* nejuL 4>pev niucKnr* ^iiu. inrcnrep- 
X^-Ki* nxegxeA*. no-rper epcnm>iru j£>eit 
me&ooir*- newt ruexiopg,* 

Ili.IpH'f OH 18 OTfO£, JLIHA.Tr 4- 0**0£, A-icunreju. 

fere 50 vg syr arm aeth &c: om. JU.IUKA.&I neJU.4>pe^, T, cf. Or. I. 

35. : o**o£, AqpuuKg, nxenpevnpev &c. (omitting juLmic. 

It.). B. A.qp(OK£, 2 ] trs. after €T(G, BODJO-reTOTTOST', B. 
8 TUA.VV.] pref. A, EFG*. J0L$pR''f ] A* : pref. OfOg,, T* A-« 
('correct') &c. ttXP 1 * 5 **-] cf< Or. SAP 1. al mu vg syr aeth &c. 

e4»ioA«.] v etyojix, n. 9 nmcconx]T*ABD*F»NZ: 

nCtOItX, CD^EF'GHT. THpoif] T«AB D» F»«N : Itlfteit, 
CD n wEF*GHTZ. ^"T^h] ABD*N: pref. Of, T» Ac; cf.? aeth. 

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burnt, and (the) third part of the trees, and it burnt all green 
grass. 8 And the second angel sounded: as (it were) a 
great mountain of fire burning was cast down to the sea. 

And (the) third part of the sea became blood ; * and (the) 
third part of all the creatures which were in the sea died, 
those in which there was soul of life ; and (the) third part 
of the ships perished. "And the third angel sounded, 

and a great star, burning as a torch of fire, fell down from 
(the) heaven. And it fell on (the) third part of the rivers, 
and the fountains of water ; u and (the) name of the star 
is called* Apsinthion. And (the) third part of the waters 
became bitter as an alloe ; and many of the men died of 
the waters, because they became bitter. 12 And the fourth 
angel sounded, and (the) third part of the sun was struck b , 
and (the) third part of the moon, and (the) third part of the 
stars; that they might become dark, and that their third 
part might not shine in the day and the night. Thus also. 
18 And I saw, and I heard an eagle in (the) midst of (the) 

* Lit. 'any, Apsinthion to name it* b Lit. 'fought.' 

A.TrTAJ«>] om. A.**, E. 10 n!AXr.]pref.A.,EF. OTTOg, a°] 

om. 0. enecmr] om. d»«. eqAJiog,] qjuu, g. Ju/bpicf ] 

om. F*. nXPUX**-] «!**.<>£, 'burnmp,' B. 4>pe] Ilipe, C. 
11 X6 i°] ne, : ow.D«w. A.^1 (Tf.OD^HZ) IteiOtt (of. Gr. H* Ac.) 

epenq] *$. ne 'Aps. is his name,' d««. oirog, 4>pe 
. . . a.XXoh] om. b. nnuuuocnr] nxeniJULUJOT, t^bd-*. 
4/vepen(n, f»)oja.oji i°] t' ant .- A-Ttepaj., bef*g*h-. a/»- 
ajouni e-iroi en(S, 0)ajA.aji, cz. ncr*A.XXoK(n, tj] -ojh, 
g*: -um, oef*. A.**epen(rt, cF»)ajA.aji a ] om. en, d*ef* 

G*TZ. 12 iinipH] AN: £M>pK, T* &c. nniCIOTf] om. 

m, n. itTe(o-*\ T»)g*reA«. &c] cf. ? Gr. b ai M . noirper] 
no*»pH 'their sun,' efg*. £enmeg,.] jGLnieg,., b. oaj- 

pH*f On] (NT join to OTfO£, as A) om. B. " OTTO& 1°] T«A 

BD*N: +nA.ipK*f 'thus,' B: om. CD'EFGHTZ. AJnA.*r] 
+2k.€,CZ: om.F*. 

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496 axnovox^Yu^ic. 

eoTr4.j6toju.-s- j£en | e.**.!rf ftT<f€*- eqoug 

e&oX ;6eit o*vmaj*f kcjulk eqxtw jUuuloc* 
2Ce ottoi ottoi ottoi Smt ergon &ixen niKA&H- 

e&oX j6en ncem irre nicjutH ft*re mf Six- 

veXoc* nK eeni.epcA.Xm5m * 
^Ttog, niftjtA&e iU.rreXoc* A-qepcA-Xni^mt 
ne otto£, I <gjiu.Tr eoTfcio-r e&.q&ei e&oX j6en 

T"4>e* g,ncen niKA&i* otto£, A/rf itA.q Rm- 

goajT irre 'fajurf £x$notn * 
*OTrog, A.qaje enajun nxenixpeA*.*rc nxe 

•fajtu-f* JOVfrpicf iixxpe**-TC iioTritigt 

Oro£, A,qepxAJ« ibfe^pK* iteju. | mAHp-s- e&oX 

j6eit mxpeJi«.Tc rVre *fajurf *■ 
8 Otto £, atti rbce^jLitajxHOTr e&pKt exen iuka&h- 

e&oX *6en nixpeJUtTc otto;>, A*rf epgraji 

ntooTr* jDL^pK*f nmdfcit* exeoToitTOT ep- 

jgicgi JOUuu.Tr £,&en nKA&i* 
ns>- *Otto£, attxoc naooTr-s- egTejutepiJMKm | iiiuc- 

JUieg, irre nicA&i* oTr^e ojojkk nulen * orae 

enxAi nuleit eTOTreroTrurr * e&nX entpuxui 

hh ere -fc^pAvic n*re $*f &I *roTr*re£,iu 

•Orrog, attthic ittocnr £,titA ftTOTrajTejuu6oe- 

fi.oTT4- aXXa £.m& nce-f juiKA£, hcoot* n|e 

nAfi.o*r-}- oTrog, mJuLKJLg, irre noTrr&ea- 

Ko* eqeajtum eq.M.0K£,4- JOL^picf jOLiuT- 

eOTr] cf. ? Gr. HP. A^WJUl] cf. Gr. KAB al M fere yg »jr 
aeth &c. eqXtO JUUU-Oc] T*AN: trs. before &et\, B &c: om. 
F*. OTTOI 3 ] om. B, cf. Gr. i. syr aeth &c. nitH €TOJ0n] 
cf. ? Gr. AP 1. 7. al sat mti &c: om. OJOIl, EFG*T. niKA&l] 

nK., bo. e&oX j6en] ee&e 'because of,* 0. hicjulk] 
nicAXmv£, 0. mf] an : m (e, zjjcef , cfghtz : micev, 
t*bde. eenAep.] ernAep., b. 

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heaven, crying oat in a great voice, saying : ' Woe, woe, 

-woe, to them who dwell upon the earth, from (the) remainder 
of the voices of the three angels, they who will sound I ' 

IX. And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fallen 
from (the) heaven upon the earth : and they gave to him the 
keys of the pit of (the) abyss. * And the smoke of the pit 
went up as (the) smoke of a great furnace. And (the) sun 
and the air became dark from the smoke of the pit. 

•And locusts came upon the earth from the smoke; and 
authority was given to them, as the scorpions who have 
authority upon (the) earth. 4 And it was said to them 
not to hurt the herbage (plur.) of (the) earth, nor every tree, 
nor every green thing, except the men on whose forehead 
was not the seal of God. 6 And it was given to them that 
they should not kill them, but (A.) that they might give pain 
to them five months ; and the pain of their torment shall 

1 lII.fJLA,g,e] pref. A, EFG*. £,I2£6lt] T*AD*N: €2611, 
B &c. ; cf. ? Gr. 38. 97. lllKA&l] IIK., B. "f fflUrf £M>.] A : 

*foj- irre<fr., t»b &c: Tajurf- juL4>., D"*n. a o**o£, 

A.qaje] cf. Gr. MB al plus 30 am harl* tol* aeth ntr arm &c. for om. xol 

fy«£n &c. frrerf aj . . . xpejucrc 2 ] om. b, cf. Gr. 1. 35. 41. 

87. RTXpe«.TC s°] adn: Sotx.T'ic. rtcnrruaj'f] 

ABDN: itTecnr., T* &c; cf. Gr. MAP i. 28. 79. al mu vg arm 
aeth &c. mg-f S£,piO(0, EF)] ABOD*EF*G*N: rHaj'f 
K*f*&ptO(0, T), T^DoQ^BTZ : Ojuyf ft&po, F° by error. 
a €£,pHl] nj6pKI, CD. TlIKA£,l] IIK-, B. TUXP&**-'*~ C ] 

nxpejutxc irre*f gurf , b. iuca^i] t»anz : tuk., b &c 
4 eajxewLep.] a*d»«N: ^im nxoTrajxeAJLep., t»a«« &o. 

eitX^O KX. »• empOWUU] cf.Gr. HABP 1. 6. 7.8.14. al 40 syr 
arm aeth &c. KH 6Te] om. ItK, D»»E F* G*. *f C ( + 1, F) $pA.- 
Vic] om. "f", T. RTe4>i" ] cf. Gr. NABP al pier vg syr aeth &c. 
TOTfXe^Itl] cf. Gr. B al pier vg d « fu demid Hpss al syr arm aeth &c 
HNT: nie«.K., T*DZ. AJLniT&eUJCo] A: iiUXg,., D; 
VOL. IV. K k 

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498 axno?axaj¥TOic. 

&6AJLKO ftxe £,A.lttfXK 4- CttJOJU A/<rg A.!tXeK£, [*] 
OTf piUJUU «• 


•CW0& n&ptti j6en me&oo-* erejuuuL£.T * epe 

mpcojuu ereKurf Rca. Qjtxot*- o-*o£, nitonr- 
n^ aceimq*- | ereepenie"»JU.m e4>A«.0Tf-s- cnrog, 
<t>AJLo*v eqecpmnr e&oX g,A.pu)o-ir * 
^O*o£, ncjuurr ivre ruajXKOY * 
eiroiti itm&euop erce&rrwr enndXejULOc* 
eoTfon o"»x^ OJL,L eqToi exen TA.$e iAruoTAi 
njoTTA.1 sjuuLwox* ctoi itA.oT,&.« nnorft *• I 
Q"*o£, noTf^o eqom un^o n£,£.npuMUt.i +• o*vo£, 
ito**itA.2C£,i enroni jOLtfrpirf ttitAjniJuunn* 
8 o*ro£, epe noTfqaji oru £M>4.m£,ioAJu* 
•ofog, itoTrrert£ > ij/frpicf n&AJtj&eXi&cy ju.- 
£emm * 
Of o£, -f auut irre no-rreng, *• JGL$pH*f ktcmji | 
kk pTe £,£,£.p£*.£. KTe £,A.n£,eiop* e-*ce&- 
tcot ennoXejtiLoc *■ 
10 0*<ro£, ott on chx epuxr* AjL^pH-f nmtfXtt *• neu. 
2,A.ncoTrpi *■ otto£, epe noirepajiaji rt^pKi j£>eit 
noTCHT* eepAAiKitt nmpuuuu he JU.&OT + 
"6qx K &QOW* nxenofpo | maxreXoc irre 

jjuLneTg,., T* &a: iitniJULKA^, 'the pain,' C. A.TrajA.K- 
X€K£,} ABn-wN: A.COJA.!t., T* &c: A.TfttJA.ItXOTfKg, II, C 

• itg,pHi] nj6p., bd. me&oo-*] meg,., o. mptujuu 

eTfeKU3'f}T t AD' n 8N: om. e"*€, B: ptVAJU Itl&eit KWf, 
D* EF G H°TZ ; obs. Or. 2. 8. &c. ftroCw. €Tf eepeiHOT JUUn] 
<t>AAO"»] om. T. eqec^CJOX] of. Gr. B al pier vg &c eftoX] 
CAJLoX, D»«GT. £,A.pUXnf] T* A BO D*N : JJUULUSOt, D"«E 
FGHTZ. 7 nCA«.OT] AOEFGT: niC, T»BDHNZ. €11- 

noXejuLoc] enin., t*tz. eq*roi] toi, d*. mo*r£.i a ] 

om. B. enrol] eqQI, B; of. ? Gr. MAP &c. nA.OfA.rt] nOTf., A*: 

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REVELATION IX. 6-u. 499 

become painful as the torment of scorpions, if they should 
Bting a man. 

* And in those days the men shall seek for (the) death, and 
they shall not find it : they shall desire (the) death, and (the) 
death shall flee from them. T And (the) form of those 

locusts — they are being like to the horses prepared for (the) 
war, having (lit. being) a crown put (lit. given) upon (the) 
head of each of them, being of colour of gold. And their 

face is being like to (the) face of men ; and their teeth being 
like [as] to those of the lions ; * and their hair being like to 
that of the women; 9 and their wings as breastplates of 
iron. And the sound of their wings as (the) sound of 

chariots of horses prepared for (the) war. 19 And there 
are tails to them as the scorpions, and stings; and their 
authority is being in their tail to hurt the men five 
months. "(The) king is being over them, the angel of 

iu.u)£.n, a«. eqom] *.q., cefg*. e-*om JOLtbpR"t]AD«»« 

F^wNZ": e-*OI JUL$pH"f, C: €(*., EF^Troit^T'BEF'GHT: 
£M>pH-f-, D*. , OItl]oi,C: CTfOI, DHZ«. JUL$A.rU£,.] JGL- 

<fcpHi" ftrtA,ru£,. 'as those of &c.,' cz. » j6eXiftaj] ;6eXX., 
t*. g,A.pjuu. irre&i.n] £,. nejuL&A.n, b : om. h. enn.] 

dim., T*. 10 OTTO& i°] om. B. OfOIt CH(o. e., A«)*t] A*N 

(pref.6): eOTOH £,A.ItCRT,CD*: ecnTOIt £,A.nCA.T, B ; cf.Gr. 
(exc. 38) : neOTrO(om. G*)H g,A.ItCHT, T*A«D«EFGHTZ, cf. Gr. 
38. yg Ac. : neOTTOIl CA.T, D»*. JUL^pH-f] ertOM 'being like,* 
BCD*,cf.?Gr.BPalfereomn&c.:+eTfOIU,Z. ftlU(f?vH]A*: ftlU.- 
ItltfXH 'to those of the scorpions,' T* &c. £,A.ItCO"*pi OTTO&] 
cf. Gr. NABP al pins 86 syr ar» Ac. epeHOfepajIOJI Ac] Tisch. 
classes this with Gr. uncials &c. (exc. I. 36. 47. 79. al &c). It£,pHIJ 
AN : ft**)., T» &c nOTfCHX] AOD* BG*Z : -CA.T, BN : Itcnr- 
CKT, T*D«FG«HT. eepA.2k.Iiait] -2tIA.Kirt, A. fte] om. ft, 

B. " eqx H ] AD * : ^XH. N : eA.qx H » B ; c£ ? Qt - * AB 

al (Ixownr, ?*ovaa«) : P***- OfO£,, T'AoOD^EFGHTZ, cf. Gr. P 1. 
ml sat mo vg syr arm aeth &c. ftxeiXOTpOJ position cf. ? Gr. A P. 1. 
14. 28. 36. 79. 92. al vg &c: -nOtOTfpo 'their king,' CEFG*. 
IUA.WeXoc] cf. Gr. N(A)P 1. 7. 14. 28. 36. 79. al ma &c 



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500 axnovax^Yuwic. 

<t>ncnrn* <t>H ere iJUmere&peoc net 
AJLA.re2s.a3n-}- egjA,TroTrAg,jL«.eq jQUA.ero'vemm+ 
ace <j>h eTTAJco* 
" TLi&oixt ncnroi Aqam «• ic £,Hnne eqnHo-c race- 
nuuiA&S no-col* 
UenencA. nA.i "a. niAAA.&F rtAxveXoc A.qep- 
ne cAXni^m*- | cnrog, A.icajxeA*. eoircAAH eAoX 
j6en niTA,n nxe niAiu. nepajuxnraji itttcnrfU 
4>h erx" ii.neA*.eo ixnieponoc ivre <fc*f + 
"eqxuj jjutitoc ii.iiuuiA£,F nAxveXoc* <»}k 
e*re -f-cA.Xmr£ nTcrq* 
2Ce &eX ni2l nAXveXoc eftoX*- nn erce&TtiJT 
e+loTrnoT*- neju. me&ooTr* neAA. niAJioT+ 
nejut "* £,inA. nce^wre^ £M>pe? 
nniptuAJLi * 
16 CHrog, TKm JQLnKrrp^.'reTfjuu. iixe nig/vniuKoit 
e&A, St n& net AJctoTeA*. ercnrKiu 
"£JUu.ipK*f * 
X OfO£, what em|£,eop j£>en *f g,opA.cic *• neju. 
nH er&eAAci ^ixcoott «• eofon &A.rtj£>eXi&g 

iton «• neAA £,A.neim *■ otto^ TA.$e nni£,e<op * 
Afc.tym'f nTA.$e ng,A.itAAcnri * 

^noirn] <J>AAOT tr. isyM ' (the) death,' B ; A gloss *=>JAj~ ' Sah. the 

death.' AAere&peoc] a*n : AAer&e., t»a« &c. ne] ni, 

£lUllLeXOTrem!n]ACD , »«EFG*HNTZ: pref. 2ve, B; c£?Gr.B 
al*° (vg) syr *c: pref. £eirf" and om. AA, T»D*G">«. " ic] 

AF>: om. T» &c. eqitROTf] q«., BN. niAAA.&E] cf. Gr. 7.:, T'. AX.ertenCA.nA.1] AD*N, connection, and om. «*, 
cf. Gr. M : pref. OYO£, AXCfjUmi 'and it came to pass,' T» Ac 

" A.niJULA^,F] nijuu, d*. AqepcAXn.] epcA,Xn., cef* 

G* H. OTTO&] om. EFG*. eOTTCAAK] cf. ? Gr. 38. arm, om. pua* 
niXAn] cf. Gr. N°A 38. 79. am fu harl lips tol omn 1 **" syr aeth Ac 
14 eqaCU)] ABDN, cf. Gr. NA(B al 80 etc.): eC2£«5, TOEFGHTZ, 
cf. Gr. (W)P 1. 7. 28. 35. 36. 38. 49. 79. 87. 91. al Ac. F] f , C. 

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REVELATION IX. 13-17. 601 

(the) abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Magedon, which they 
interpret in Greek, ' He who destroyeth.' u The first woe 

passed: behold is coming the second woe. After these 

things 1B the sixth angel sounded, and I heard a voice from 
the horns of the altar of gold which is before the throne of 
God, u saying to the sixth angel, he who had the trumpet : 

'Loose the four angels, who are prepared for (e) the hour 
and the day and the month and the year, that they might 
kill (the) third part of the men.' 18 And (the) number of 
the army of the horsemen was twice* ten thousand of ten 
thousands. I heard their number 1T thus. And I saw the 
horses in the vision, and those who sit upon them, clothed 
with breastplates of fire and a hyakinthinon and sulphur 
(plur.): and (the) head of the horses as (the) head of lions. 

• LH. 'two.' 

niS] pref. JUL, T* by error. eftoX] om. G*. " ItK €TC€ft- 

TOOT] all the collated MSS. omit the addition given by Tattam, 

itH eTA."»coit£,oTr ecnrmaj'f niA.po e**tbpA.THC <nro£, 

iTT&oXoY ni^ i(AXVe\oC e&oX 'those whom they bound to 
a great river Euphrates, IS and they loosed them the four angels '; A alone 
bas note 2Jo3l» i*>JH\ Ijl* ti]> J .^ *- s ~N (•*2 J * > . t^**" i&&\ iiJJ iolb. c£*«** 
\AH Jae.y\ cyUiJI j+i ,Jc ^^^JA 'peculiar to the Sa'idic: to the six 
angels in whose hands (were) the six trumpets, Loose the four angels 
bound upon the great river Al FrSt ; and they were loosed.' ItGAJL- 
Tlie^OOTf] cf. Gr. 28. 38. 49. 79. 91. 96.: trs. after A.&OT, B. 
TlUJiOT] nieXUjpg, 'and the night,' H*. w J0UUCTpA.T.] 

ftm., 0. mg/»-nntKoit] -&in., efgt: nun., b: nnrn., 

D*: mm., ; cf. ? Gr. «ABP 1. 7. 14. 28. 31. 36. 38. 49 n, « 79. 
92. al Ac. «&A. 5 U£,(om. B)A.Ite&A,] cf. Gr. (N) 1** 28. 79. 
al* Ac. «€] om. B. AJCCOTeJU.] AD°*N, cf. Gr. NABP 1. al 
plus 40 am fu demid tol lips omn I » ol,m syr arm &c: + VA,p, T' Ac. 

"en(n,Z)ig,eop] anz: -cup,T*B&c: irreiti., 0: eoig,- 

OU>p, B sing. : trs. after £,OpA.ClC, T»OD*EFGHTZ. g,I2£CUCnr] 

e&pm exax>t, b. £/*A.Kinemon] £,!&., gtz: -jnrn., 
bcefght .- -e^non, d. g,A.neHit] ad*: oTreRn, t* &c. 

itX^tbe] Ti over erasure, A : n£,&ItT£.$e, D"*. il£,A.n- 

Digitized by 


502 amovcfc^YuiMc. 

GTrnwnr a>e e&oX j£en pujoT foseoTXP 1 * 5 **-* I 
nejut o"»xP eA *-" rc net*, or mm* "ofog, 
e&oX j6en iu.iv itep£>oT* &st*xo-* nxe<fcpe? 
nmpiojuu e&oX j6en mxP" 5 **- nejut *f- 
XpeJU-Tc*- ne** nteiut* itH eenHoir e&oX 
£en ptooTf* 
18 Ilepajiaji VA.p irre m&etop 4. nA.qx H i>en 
%/L ptooTf ne nejut no"»cH*r* nofCHT vA,p | n*.q- 
oni ne ft&A.n&qou eo**on £,£.$e epuxnr* 
Oto^ tt&pw j£>en $£.1* itA/vepA^uan ne rtm- 
piujULi ite ttiloT* 

20 Orog, ncem nmpuMuu J0LnoxM.cnr j£en tt£jep- 

j^urr* o-»^e ii.ncnrepJiiLeT4.noHt e&oX i6en 
ni£,&HOT« irre ncnrxnc*! ^m& nxoTraj*reju.- 
0^0)017 itnit^) nejut mi^toXon-}- 
HiwoTffi.* nejut nigA**"* neju. mg,oju.T4- nejut. 
niaje* neju. mcom* rot erejEJuuton ajxojut. 
ijuu.coo'r en&st JtL&oX* o**2ie ecurreju. of^e 
ejuLocgi * 

21 OfO£,'vepAX.exA.noin efioX £en kottj6u>- 
£& re&fr I oTf^e e&oX ;6en no-!r<I>Aj6pi n&iK* 

OTf^e eftoX j£en «ot nopmA. ■»■ new. nonrctoq * 
oTr^e e&oX j6en noi6iot\ * 


Oro£, a-ika.-* eK€A.vveXoc eqxop* eA.qi e&oX 
£en T$e*- eo**on o-*<fHni toi £,KOTq* o**oj>, 

JULOTTl] T*A"«(coiTect)BON : JU.07I, A*: JtniJUtOTI 'of the 
lions,' DEFGHTZ. etrnHOTr] A* : eqttHOf, T*A« &c. 2l€] 
T»ABD*F«G»«HNZ: om. CD»wEF*G*T. OTfeHtt] £,AJt- 
OHtt, N: 0HH, Z. " €&oX j6en i°] T»A">« &c: om. A»: 

om. e&oX, B, obs. Gr. i. al ? {mi. nep^OX] cf. Gr. (exc. I. 38. 

ai ? &c). $pe] $pH, f. nixpw**- nejut] om. z*. ttejut- 

1*XPeJt«.Tc] A*D(N): niXP-» T»A* &c; for om. Ac cf. Gr. NAB 

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REVELATION IX. 18— X. i. 608 

But coming from their mouths are [a] fire and [a] smoke 
and [a] sulphur. w And from these three plagues died (the) 
third part of the men, from the fire and the smoke and the 
sulphur, those which come from their mouths. "For 

(the) authority of the horBes was being in their mouths and 
their tail: for their tail was being like to serpents having 
heads. And in this they were hurting the men five 

months. *°And (the) remainder of the men died not in 
these plagues, nor did they repent from the works of their 
hands, that they should not worship the demons, and the 
idols, The gold 4 and the silver and the brass and 

the wood and the stone, for which it is not possible to see, 
nor to hear, nor to walk. 2i And they repented not from 
their murders, nor from their magic potions, nor from their 
fornications and their defilements, nor from their thefts. 

X. And I saw another strong angel, who came from (the) 

» Plur., thus again. 

7. 8. 14. 29. 38. 79. al M fere am fu demid lips harl* tol omn U6hm aeth &c. 
neXimeHn] tlteJUlHI 'the truth,' B by error; for om. « cf. Qr. 
M ABO al 40 fere vg aeth Ac. Itrl] cf. Gr. 28. 36. 38. 79. vg 01 * Kpss &c. : 

om. cd»«efg*. " itTEm&etttp] iim&e., b : no-r&e., v*. 

It&*JUl(n, D«G°HT)OTrCH(i., Bagain)*T] cf. Or. (exc. 1. 36. &c); 
A gloss Vlijlj^'Sah. and their tails.' It<&.qOm] £.qOttI, F. 
it£,pHl]ACN: «£., T*&c. <bAl] ABD«wN: lti.1, T'CD*EF 
GHTZ; A gloss ~+>)j* 'Bah. and in them.' Fie 2 ] T*ADN : trs. 
after pOJXJLI, BOEFGHTZ. w XJLnoif XXOI ] A*D*H*N: 

pref. 6X6 'who,' T*A« &c. epjfccUT] AN : -6T, T' &c. Of^e] 
cf. Gr. N ABP 1. 14. 30** 36. 38. 92. al vix mu vg syr &c. IlI£,fi.HO"*l] 
ItCr*£,&. 'their &c,' F. nittOTffi.] pref. ItOU., EFG*. IteAJL- 
ni^OJUllr] cf. Gr. uncials &c. IteJULItlOje] position cf. Gr. N. 
OTto^e eJUtOttJl] om. D 1 -*. " OTTOg,] ABDNZ m «: OTf^C, 

T'OEFGHTZ*. 6&oX jfceit 2 ] It, EF. nopniA.] cf. Gr. N° 
CP -fiat. 

1 eKe^.VY.'] cf. Gr. NAO 35. 36. 38. 87. al non ita mu vg sah syr 
arm aeth &c. 6A.CJI] om. 6, D*. 

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5M axnovox^Yuwic. 

-fipic ecXH &ixeit TeqA.$e4- | oirog, neqg,o 
eqoi ii.cfrpH'f jDL^ph 4- o"*o£, neqtfXXiirac e**oi 
ix<l>pH*f ii&A.iicTfXXoc tLX.P<u*x± *cnro£, 
ottoh otoumul il)6pHt £>eit Teqxix*- 

Orog, A.qx«> KxeqtfXXoa: noYiitA.**. £,ixen 
$iojui.+ *reqxA.dH £,ixen iuka&i* 
£f »Oro£, A.q(oaj e&oX | ^eit oTmiaj-f- kcajik* jOL- 
<fcpK"f ncnrjULOfi eq£,eju.£,ejut.*- <nro£, erA.qu>aj 
e&oX* a. *ff oj6a-PA-Saj A.vf irrcnrcMJi +• 
4 0*og, ^icurreju. eitH eTA/raccro** «• iuce+f 
nj£>A.pAJLu. it£.mA.c£K*roTr. oit ne* 

Oiro£, ajccut&m. eoTCJutH e&oX | j^eit *r$e+ 
ecxco juuuloc uri -s- xe To&ot * ijlnepc^e itR 
6Ta.tca.2h ijuuuucnr nxe-ff iij6A.pAJ$LAj ♦> 
8 Oirog, niAXveXoc eTA.mA.Tr epoq *• eqo&i 
epArq £,ixert $io*a*- ne.*A &ixeit mKA.g,i* 
A.qccucnrTen irreqoTrmAJUi enajwi er^et 
$2>> 'oTfog, 4&.qt«pK ii|4»H erortj6 cgA.ene£, irre 

4>r eTA.qccuitT itT<t>e* new. tuka^i*- nexx. 
4>ioajl*- neju. itR e*rajon THpcnr* 

2Ce itne citcnr ajcom xe T j6eit nie&ocnr itTe 

•f ipic] cf. Qr. »*et«ABC al 8 * &c. €CXH]T'ABDNZ : CYH, 
OEFGHT. g,I2£en]T*ABCDN: €X.., EFGHTZ. eqOljom. 
D : + nOTTCOmi ' of light,' B. CTOl] T* A D* G°NT : A.TCH, F> : am. 
B0D»*EFG*HZ. CTfXXoc] CTTXoC, T»; cf. Gr. (exc 

38. &c). 2 OTTOg, i°] om. B, cf. Gr. 38. 0*»0«] AD*N : pwt 

6, T» &c ; cf. ? Gr. N ABOP al plus 80 syr &c. OTfXUJA*.] AD"«N, 
cf. Gr. A: + eqO-*HIt 'open,' T*A»>«B0D* Ac, cf. Gr. roll; for #/9W 
cf. ? Gr. B al 86 &c Sj6pHl] T'AN : Kg,., B &c. KOfm^JU.] 
cf. Gr. (exc. 0). £,l2Cen twice] T»ADN: 62C., B &c TCq- 
3£A.tfH] -3£tfH, A«. £,!2Ceit 2 ] A*B : pref. *.€, T*A« &c III- 
KA£,l] IlK., T*. 8 6&oX 2 ] om. F*. ll£>A.p.] €.£., N. 

ATJ . . . * .©A.pAJlA.1 J om. B* homeot. (omission added in margin 
except A/rf iVTOTCJULH) : om. A/*, 0DEF*G*H doubtful because 

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REVELATION X. 3-7. 505 

heaven clothed with a cloud; and the iris being upon his 
head ; and his face being as (the) sun ; and his feet being as 
pillars of fire ; * and there is a book in his hand. And 
he put his right foot upon the sea, his left upon the earth. 

8 And he cried out in a great voice, as a lion roaring : and 
he having cried out, the seven thunders gave their voice. 

4 And I heard the things which the seven thunders said ; 
I was about to write them also. And I heard a voice 
from (the) heaven, saying tome: ' Seal them, write not the 
things which the seven thunders spake.' 5 And the angel 
whom I saw sta