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A Publication of Roxbury Community College • Vol.1 No 4 • April 19 9 4 


Now Ibat the Winter is behind us, 

Vie Sphngvis around i4s. 

Roxbury Commimity^ College at the 


Isweauing a future ahead of us. 

With frustration and dedication,, 
With pain and pride, | 

We, like the birds and fiotvers are: 
striving for the sun 
And reaching for the sky. 

We know the route ahead is 


The weather awaiting is stormy, * 

But we believe 

What we reap is what we sow. 

Our seeds of caring and sharing, 
conmuiment and devotion 
Will yield fruit of rebirth and 

With thL^ confidence and determi- 
llie Spring we embrace. 

Jianping Wang xS36i 

Message from 

Co-chairs of the Steering Commtttee for Reaccreditation 

As co-chairs of the Steering Committee for reaccreditation, please allow 
us to take this opportunity to express our greatest appreciation for your 
participation and support in the self-study process. ., * 

It is your understanding and cooperation that has made our formidable 
task less difficult and our experience more rewarding. - , ,__ 

Thanks to the commitment and diligence of the members of all the 
committees, the self-study has now entered the second stage where all 
committees will be submitting their first drafts. 

In the forthcoming summer and fall, we will be revising and refining 
these drafts. Validation of data will be vigorously conducted. Commu- 
nity feedback's will be actively sought. We are striving for a final report 
that will be a product of collective endeavor and wisdom. 

We sincerely believe that this self-study should be a bonding process 
that elevates all of us to a higher level of understanding, communica- 
tion, trust, cooperation and commitment. With our strong belief in and 
commitment to the College, we pledge to lead this self-study process to 
a great success. And we kindly ask for your continuing participation 
and support. ... ' 

y\^ " ' i. : '; ,^Z - Jianping Wang x536l 

'' . « *: ■ 1. .' ,' ^ . '-.'■'/ ^ - Sandra Vaughn x5370 

Honor Assembly 

In celebration of the Honor Assembly 
April 26th, we are presenting a com- 
plete list of all of the students who will 
be awarded at the assembly in the in- 
sert of this newsletter. . 


The institutional self-study process 
for reaccreditation is being vigor- 
ously pursued All committees are 
in the middle of collecting data as 
well as writing the first drafts. To 
facilitate data collection, a college- 
wide survey was administered be- 
tween 10:00AM-3:00PM April 11th 
in the Auditorium of the Media & 
Arts Building. April 12th, 5:30PM, 
the same survey was made avail- 
able to the part-time faculty. 
Thanks to the support from fac- 
ulty, staff and students, we were 
able to achieve a high response 
rate. 174 college employees and 
students participated in the survey. 

The survey responses will be ana- 
lyzed by the Nationallnitiative for 
Leadership and Effectiveness at 
North Carolina State University 
where the survey was designed. 
We expect a report from them by 
the end of May. A summary of 
that report will be distributed to 
the entire college community. The 
results of the survey will be used 
for the self-study report and insti- 
tutional planning. We thank you 
again for you participation and 
hope you will continue support- 
ing and participating in our self- 
study process. 


On March 22, the Acuerdo meeting 
was held. Faculty, professional and 
administrative assemblies reported 
their assembly discussions on the 
Acuerdo mission and structure. In 
response to the administrative 
assembly's request, Jianping Wang 
briefly presented five theoretical 
models of governance and four 


cf 2 

working models of community col- 
lege governance. This is followed 
by a discussion and evaluation of 
our own governance structure — 
Acuerdo, The discussion and pro- 
posed changes of the stmcture were 
recorded in the meeting minutes 
which are available from Jianping 
Wang x536l. The Acuerdo urges 
all assemblies to review the pro- 
posal. The April Acuerdo meeting 
will produce the first draft of the 
proposal for revising the Acuerdo 
structure, Any comments will be 
gmatly appreciated . 

Jitmping Wangx536l 

MiO'SOL Conference 

The ESL Department was pleased 
to host the Spring MATSOL (Mas- 
sachusetts Association of Teachers 
of English to Speakers of Other 
Languages) Conference at Roxbury 
Community College April 8th and 
9th; MATSOL is a state-wide pro- 
fessional organization with a mem- 
bership of 800. It is composed of 
diverse interest groups ranging 
from primary, secondary, adult 
English to higher education and 
workplace English to speakers of 
other languages. 

Every year, MATSOL holds two 
professional conferences, pub- 
lishes three newsletters, and offers 
services for the MATSOL Job Bank, 
a clearinghouse for job seekers and 
employers in need of staff. In ad- 
dition, MATSOL publishes a direc- 
tory of ESOL programs in the state 

The two day conference at RCC 
included plenary sessions, work- 
shops, demonstrations, and panel 

- Crossing • April 1994 

discussions. For further informa- 
tion concerning MATSOL please 

MATSOL ' ,, 

RO, Box 391887 
Cambridge, MA 02139-0008 
Tel: (617) 576-9865 

Manfu Hertzig x5 125/5037 

News from the RCC 
Boston Business Sohool 

The RCC Boston Business School 
Campus will hold its eleventh an- 
nual Career Day on Wednesday, 
April 27r 1994, from 9 to 11:30AM 
in the Schools Cafeteria. All po- ;,. 
tential graduates are invited to at- 
tend Students should bring cop- 
ies of their resumes. Don't miss this 
wonderful opportunity to meet 
personnel representatives from 
many large companies and law 
firms. .. ■ ■ ■ 

Congratulations to: 

• 1993 graduate Adrianna 
Rodruguez who will be work- 
ing as a Chief Administrator of 
the Renal Department at 
Brigham and Women^s Hospital. 

• 1993 graduate Christina Belozos | 
who is working as an Accoun- 
tant for Stewarts of Newbury 

• 1994 graduate Elizabeth Curtin 
who is graduating from our Ca- 
reer Ladder Program this June 
with an Associate Degree in 
Word Processing. Elizabeth be- 1^- 
gan taking classes through her "^ 
Local 285 Union in 1987. 

Beverly Titunik x 787-5600 t^ 

Business Office 

All students petitioning for gradu- 
ation must have their balances paid 
in full. Students owing the Col- 
lege will be unable to participate 
in graduation ceremonies and will 
be placed on a "Business Office 
Hold" status until their balance is 

All Tuition Remission students will 
have to settle their balance in full 
prior to the registration of another 
semester. This means that all back 
payments of unpaid tuition and 
fees must be settled. 

Students paying for the Spring '94 
semester while registering for fu- 
ture semesters (6/94-9/94) should 
have their payments in the form 
of a Money Order or VISA/MAS- 
TER CARD payment. This will cut 
down on returned checks. 

Quintan Wilder X5475 

The registration payment policy 
has been revised for the Fall 1994 
semester to allow students to reg- 
ister for classes before the Spring 
semester ends. The change will 
allow students to register without 
paying anything at registration. 
Billing for selected courses will be 
sent to students in June. 

By taking part in early registration, 
students will enjoy the advantage 
of having your choice of courses 
and avoiding the long lines that 
often occur at registration in late 

Early registration will take place 
during April 25th through April 
29th. Please see your advisor to 
complete the registration form. 

To take advantage of this new 

policy, students must do one of the 

1. Students receiving Financial Aid: 
If you plan to receive financial aid 
for the Fall 1994, you must pick 
up and complete a 1994-1995 
FAFSA form from the Financial Aid 
Office (Administration Building 
Room 201), Once you receive your 
blue Student Aid Report, BRING 
the report to the Financial Aid Of- 
fice, so that it can be processed. 
(Your financial aid file must be 
COMPLETE before your award can 
be applied toward your tuition 

Please note; It is extremely impor- 
tant that you complete your Finan- 
cial Aid Paperwork in a timely 
manner. If your financial aid file 
is not complete or if the amount 
of financial aid for which you are 
eligible does not cover your bill, 
you will have to pay 50% of your 
tuition bill by July 15th or your 
course registration will be 

2. Non Financial Aid Students: If 
you plan to pay for your courses 
yourself, you must either: 

• Enroll in the college payment 
plan by July 15th (you must have 
a zero balance, prior to enroll- 
ing in one of the two RCC Pay- 
ment Plan Services) 

• Pay 50% of your tuition/fee to 
the Business Office by July 15th. 

Important: If you have NOT en- 
rolled in a payment plan or satis- 
fied half of your bill by July 15th, 
your courses will be dropped. 

This new policy applies only to Fall 
1994 course registrations and not 
to Summer course registration. 

Craaaing • April 1994 

You must have a zero balance and 
pay for Summer 1994 classes at 
time of registration. 

Should you have any questions 
about early registration policy, 
please call or visit the Business 
Office/ Administration building, 
Room 213, Phone:541-5321. 

Paul WiUenbrock xS306 

Barbara Burgess x5308 

Todd Bausley x5321 

Quinttm Wilder x5475 


Due to our great demand of space 
here at Roxbury Community Col- 
lege, we no longer do tentative 
bookings. We will not accept over 
the phone bookings from internal 
staff, faculty, and administration 
unless from the director of Facili- 
ties. We need a 72 hour notice for 
internal events and one week no- 
tice for external events. All clubs 
and organizations requests should 
be made directly through the Stu- 
dent Governnient Association, and 
must be approved by the Director 
of Student Activities. NO EXCEP- 

Pm Washington X5451 

Intern Needed 

Intern writer needed one day a 
week for union publication; re- 
quires some light typing. Inter- 
ested parties should contact Jason 
at (617) 497-1691. 

Crossing Staff , 


Jianping Wang, Jeremy Ryan 

Design & Layout Coordinator: 
Boris Thamasian 

Distribution Staff; 
Wanda Rodriguez 



Z^taBS)(iro ^ ©W^MiteO^Dlfe Continued., 

News From CAPS 

CAPS Provides Assistance 

If you need to talk with someone, 
or you're having a problem, CAPS 
counselors are available either by 
appointment or on a walk-in ba- 
sis, Monday-Friday, 9:00AM- 

• Counseling in Spanish 

• Choosing a major 

• Choosing which courses to take 

• Part-time job book 

• Internship and volunteer infor- 

• Cross-registration to Northeast- 
^ em, Simmons, UMASS Boston, 

Mass College of Art, Wheelock 
College and others. 

• Full-time job book 

• Resource Book containing infor- 
mation on childcare, housing 
and more. 

From CAPS Newsletter 

Highlights of up-com- 
ing April and May 

Graduate MHciures ^ - - 

Tuesday April 19th-Thursday April 21sl 

Student Lounge in the Students Build- 

Choral Music Society Presents The 
Multicultural Spring Concerts 

Thursday April 21st, 11 :00AM- 1:00PM, 
RCC Cafeteria. - ... 

Acting II Class Presents: 

"Day of Absence" a one act satirical 
Fantasy by Douglas Turner Ward 

Date to be announced 

Counseling and Placement Honors 

Tuesday April 26th, 11:00AM-1 :00PM, 
Media & Arts Auditorium 

RCC Caribbean Focus/Convocation 

Special Guest: Prime Minister P.J. 
Patterson of Jamaica 

Saturday April 30th, lr30PM-7:00PM, 
Media & Arts Auditorium 

Last Day of Classes 

Friday May 13th 
Final Exam Period 

Monday May l6th-Thursday May 19th 
Awards Ceremony 

Friday May 20th, Cafeteriay Room 200 

DanaFarber Cancer Institute Con- 

Thursday May. 26th, 8:00AM-5;00PM, 
Campus Wide 

Campus Recruitment 

Graduating seniors who are inter- 
ested in private interviews with 
participating companies must con- 
tact the CAPS office C54l'-5327) in 
order to schedule appointments. 
The event is open to all students 
as well as the general public, 

TVme; 9:30AM-3:OOPM 

Place: Room 300 in the Student Center 

Date: April 25-29 

From CAPS Newsletter 

Human Resources 

New Hires 

• Veronica Patterson started March 
28, 1994. She is a clerk in the 
Vice President for Academic and 
Student Affairs Office. 

• Christine Fajors started April 4, 
1994 as Administrative Assistant 
in the President's Office. 

Open enrollment for Benefits 

Open enrollment for the Common- 
wealth of Massachusetts benefit 
programs will be held from April 
11, 1994 through May 13, 1994. 
The Human Resources Office has 
information and enrollment pack- 
ages available to you. These pro- 

grams are run through the GIG for 
employees of the Gommonwealth 
and are described thoroughly in 
the 1994-1995 Benefit Decision 
Guide. Please contact the Human 
Resources Office for the appropri- 
ate forms you will need to enroll 
in any of these programs. If your 
questions are not answered in the 
Benefit Decision Guide, please 
contact us at extension 5330. 

The Human Resources Office is 
happy to armounce that the T Pass 
program is now on the campus. 
For more information, please con- 
tact Gretchen Jones at the Human 
Resources Office, extension 5330. 

Kim Houghton xS330 

Student Govemment 
Association News 

• Student Government met with 
Framingham State College's SGA 
at Framingham April 12th. 

• Phi Theta Kappa, the honor so- 
ciety, has returned from Ana- 
heim, CA. for their Annual Na- 
tional Convention* ;. 

• Student Govemment elections 
are coming up May 3rd, 4th, and 
5th. All students eligible to run. 
All interested candidates please 
contact the SGA office at x5000. 

• Amborse E>avis will attend the 
Annual Republican Convention 
as a community delegate in the 
near future. 

• Ruth Hines, RN was named 
"Woman of the Year" by the 
President's Hostess Club; 

• Dave Sealy and Pam Washing- 
ton spoke to students from 
MMCHS in their outreach pro- 

tf 4 

Crossing * AprU 1994 

Please tell us about upcoming events. You may attach a flyer/brochure or use the space below. 
Be sure to mclude date, time, place, title of event, contact, deadlines, and ticket or admission 
information, etc. You may submit information for the entire semester and it will appear in the 
most appropriate monthly newsletter- 

Please tell us your professional nev.s-^-onferences attended, promotions, new programs, 
published works, recent nominatior^ or election to office of an organization, and awards etc. 

Please share with us personal armouncements — births, marriage, birthdays, or any other news 
you would like to share the communitv. 

— ^ 1 

Please send in all announcements, deadline information, or business that you would like 
circulated to the college community. 

Comments or suggestions? 

Please fold and staple (usii^g address below) or submit to Jianping Wang, Special Assistant to 
the President, Office of the President, Adminstration BuUdmg. 

jL\hfPiNG Wang 

Special Assistant to the President 

OPTice of the President 

Administration Building 

Roxbur\' Community College 

President's List 

The following students carried 12 or more college level credit hours with a grade point average 
(GPA) of 3.76 or above (and no grade over than a C) during the Spring 1993 semester: 

Anccsah Abdullah 
Belayneh Abebe 
Zeta Z. Anderson 
Coral E. Aziz 
Christa N. Belezos 
Grace Belmont 
Lia Ann Blackberg 
Jennifer S. Bragdon 
Nicole Y. Bryant 
Shirleyann Depieza 
Margaret M. Doyle 
Matthew E. Ehimwenma 
Denice Fonville 
Shirley Shukling Fung 
Sonia A. Galvez 
Amy Ge 
Lisa A. Graham 
Opal Hines Fisher 
Zu Zheng Huang 
Donald Innocent 
Phyllis A. Jones 
Donna Elaine Jules 

Jameed Khan 
Ukonwa Kuziorizu 
Johny Lefevre 
De Hua Long 
Yan Hua Ma 
Patricia Louise Madden 
Mima Martinez 
Anita Moore 
Loida A. Mora 
Mark B. Nathan 
Melissa Nicotera 
Omoizele J.A. Okoawo 
Karen L. Oneill 
Cynthia Ann Salerno 
Linda Sawyers 
Jean M. Sheehan 
June M.E. Shillingford 
Christine M. Tomlinson 
Van Huong Dinh Tran 
Onasi B. Villar 
Kimberly Anne Warren 
Cheryl Wilks 


Dean^s List 

The following students carried 12 or more college level credit hours with a grade point average 
(GPA) of 3.50-3.75 or above (and no grade over than a C) during the Spring 1993 semester: 

Saad Ammour 
Bruce A. Applewhite 
Damian Barker 
Kerrie Ann Bisceglia 
Luisa Amanda Bowser 
Nicole Y. Bryant 
Judith Mae Brown 
Albertina R. Cardoso 
Tessa E. Cox 
Alicia Maria Crenshaw 
Rina Marce DavidMartinez 
Lucy DeRiggs 
Karen Renee Dulski 
Kearin J. Dunbar 
Lisa Marie Fabiano 
Brian C. Forde 
Marie G. Glemaud 
Tomas Gonzalez 
Benjamin F. Hollins 
Barbara Ann Howard 
Janine M. Jordan 

Delleperche Joseph 
Evelyn Patricia Knight 
Evella Lopes 

Carlos Lissandro Maynard 
James W. Mbugua 
Debra A. Mulcahy 
Tri Minh Nguyen 
Edward B Oneal 
Antoinette Richardson 
Edward Sadak 
Bryon C. Scott 
Abria Smith 
Frank Earl Staples Jr. 
Marcella Stephens-Austin 
Margella St, Bricc 
Kelly Jean Sullivan 
Fitzroy Hugh Tliompson 
Lawrence Townsend 
Micheal G. Walker 
Lois A. Walsh 

President's List 

The following students carried 12 or more college level credit hours with a grade point average 
(GPA) of 3.76 or above (and no grade over than a C) during the Fall 1993 semester: 

Damian Barker 
Etzer Barthelemy 
Morgan Commodore 
Jim Dauphine 
Shirleyann Depieza 
Lucy DeRiggs 
Margaret Doyle 
Carole Dreyfliss 
Tarrice Farrar 
Shirley Fung 
Sonia Galvez 
Joshua Garret 
Tomas Gonzalez 
Lisa Graham 
Deborah Hand 
Julie Huggins 
Donald Innocent 

Haile Jacob 
Phyllis Jones 
Delleperche Joseph 
Ukonwa Kuzi-Orizu 
Johny Lefevre 
De Hua Long 
Yan Hua Ma 
Mima Martinez 
Otis Moore 
Melissa Nicotera 
Peter Obijaku 
Gerardo Pinto 
Claude Pretorius 
Jean Sheehan 
Madreen Shirdzinomua 
Florence Sutton 
Sharon Watkins 


Dean's List 

The following students carried 12 or more collie level credit hours with a grade point average 
(GPA) of 3.50-3.75 or above (and no grade over than a C) during the Fall 1993 semester: 

Aneesah Abdullah 
Luisa Bowser 
Amery Caddy 
Magali Dimanche 
Kearin Dunbar 
Tony Ehikhamhen 
Eric Giordano 
Cheryl Hampton 
Cynthia Jones 
Jameed Khan 
Kisanga Kitenge 

James Mbugua 
Loida Mora 
Andrea Raye 
Valerie Saucer 
Marilyn Smith 
Margella St Brice 
Rui Tang Liu 
Van Huong Tran 
James Wade 
Cheryl Wilks 
Xuemei Zhang