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Full text of "Diseases Of The Nose Throat And Ear"

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List of Plates

Plate I        1. Septal haematoma.

2.  Bleeding area of septum.

3.  Enlarged posterior ends of inferior conchae.

4.  Tuberculous ulceration of the lateral wall of the nasal cavity.

Plate II       1. Lupus of the nose.

2.  Nasal polypus seen on anterior rhinoscopy.

3.  Nasal polypi. The epithelium of the polypus in the left side
has become vascularized as it approaches the nostril.

4.  Naso-antral polypus seen on posterior rhinoscopy.

Plate III     1. Rhinophyma.

2.  Pus in middle meatus seen on anterior rhinoscopy.

3.  Pus in olfactory cleft seen on anterior rhinoscopy.

4.  Pus seen on posterior rhinoscopy.

Plate IV     Mucocele of left frontal sinus.

Plate V       1. Vincent's angina.

2.  Diphtheria.

3.  Pharyngeal ulceration in acute leukaemia.

Plate VI      1.  Retropharyngeal abscess.

2.  Keratosis of the pharynx.

3.  Lupus of the pharynx.

4.  Acute tonsillitis.

5.  Peritonsillar abscess.

Plate VII    1. The so-called 'adenoid fades'.

2.  Acute laryngitis.

3.  Pachydermia.

4.  Fibroma of vocal cord.

5.  Papilloma nipped between the vocal cords on phonation.

Plate VIII   1. Cancer of the left vocal cord.

2.  Laryngomalacia.

3.  Laryngocele.

4.  Laryngeal web.

Plate IX     1. Otitis externa.

2. Polypus projecting beyond the external meatus.

Plate X       Various appearances seen on examination of the drumhead.