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Full text of "Diseases Of The Nose Throat And Ear"

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Fig. 5. Lateral wall of right nasal cavity with the superior and middle conchae removed; the infundi-
bulum and nasofrontal duct are continuous; the uncinate process has been turned down in order to show
the maxillary sinus ostium. 1, Right frontal sinus; 2, Nasofrontal duct; 3, Ethmoidal bulla; 4, Infun-
dibulum or semiluoar groove; 5, Maxillary ostium; 6, Superior meatus; 7, Right sphenoidal sinus; 8,
Spheno-ethmoidal recess; 9, Posterior ethmoidal cells; 10, Anterior ethmoidal cell.

Fig. 6. Left side of the nasal septum, covered with mucous membrane, showing an oblique septal crest
at the jonctioa of the vomer with the cartilage of the septum. 1, Left frontal sinus; 2, Septum of the nose;
3, Nasopharyngeal cavity; 4, Left sphenoidal sinus.