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scald the child. They should never be used by young children in whom the hot
steam may precipitate a laryngeal oedema. The most common medicaments
are menthol and tinct. benzoin, co. Menthol may be used as crystals, in which
case not more than three crystals should be used in a pint (0-5 1) of water, or
as 20 per cent solution of menthol in rectified spirit in which case only five
drops are added to the pint (0-5 1) of water. Tinct. benzoin, co. (Friar's
balsam) is used in the proportion of 5 ml to the pint (0-5 1) of water. The
disadvantage of this is that it stains the jug in which the inhalation is made up.
The water should have been boiled and allowed to stand for a few minutes
before being used at a temperature of about 70 C. The patient sits upright
and covers the head with a towel which also covers the jug, and inhales for
5-10 minutes.