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operation is also undertaken in tumours of the gland, such as eosinophil
adenoma, basophil adenoma, chromophobe adenoma or malignant tumours
of the gland. The pituitary gland may be approached through the nasal cavity,
often following an extensive septal resection to reach the anterior sinus wall,
or through an external incision when access is gained through the ethmoidal
cells. Operation is contra-indicated in the presence of sepsis in the nose or
sinuses and it may be technically difficult if the sphenoidal sinus is shown
radiographically to be small. Some surgeons attempt to destroy the pituitary
gland by the implantation of seeds of yttrium-90 through the nose using a
special instrument. There may be a leak of cerebrospinal fluid into the nose
following hypophysectomy and this requires reopening of the sphenoidal
sinus and closure of the defect or plugging of the sinus.