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.after each feed. The condition may be treated by systemic
nystatin giveiEDralry in doses of 100 000 units four times daily for a week, or
*^mphotericirJwungilin) lozenges 10 mg four times daily.

Candida qjjijcans may be caused by the long-term use of antibiotics, and
spots on the tonsils or the posterior pharyngeal wall. The
Skhat for thrush.

Blastomycosis produces shallow granulating ulcers, and it responds to a
slow intravenous infusion of amphotericin (Fungizone). There is a danger of
renal damage if the infusion is not slow. Local lozenges of the same drug
(Fungilin) may be allowed to dissolve slowly in the mouth, and have a local
eifect on the lesion.

Actinomycosis gives rise to characteristic sulphur granules in the pus of deep
ulcers, and may be treated by a prolonged course of penicillin.