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sterile precautions. She should wear a mask. She should make sure that the
patient has a 'magic slate' on which to write and he should have a bell with
which to summon assistance. The *magic slate* is the device on which

Fig. 77. Tracheostomy—to show structures exposed. 1, Sternohyoid muscle; 2, Sternomastoid muscle;
3, Cricoid cartilage; 4, Isthmus of thyroid gland; 5, Trachea.

g. 78. Tracheostomy—site of incision in trachea. 1, Isthmus of thyroid gland divided and ligated;
2, Third ring of trachea; 3, Sternohyoid muscle retracted; 4, Site of incision in trachea.

messages may be written and erased by pulling out the plate under the
cellophane surface.

2. Fixation of the Tracbeostomy Tube. It is essential not to tie the tube too
tight and not to tie tbe knot in a bow since this may come undone. If it is tied
with tapes the head should first be flexed to relax the neck muscles. If tapes