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BENIGN LARYNGEAL TUMOURS                      175

2. Pyogenic Granuloma. This can occur anywhere in the head and neck region
and often resembles a carcinoma. It is basically an infected granuloma and it
does not recur after adequate local removal. Bleeding and ulceration also

3.  Granuloma Gravidarum. This is a pyogenic granuloma occurring during
pregnancy. It is better to leave it alone until the pregnancy is over.


This has a characteristic histological appearance of pseudo-epitheliomatous
hyperplasia. The tumour is always sessile and can usually be removed totally
at direct laryngoscopy. It is now believed that it is not a malignant or a pre-
malignant tumour.


This is a rare tumour affecting almost exclusively the cricoid cartilage. It is
very slow growing and presents a smooth swelling which encroaches into the
lumen of the larynx (Fig. 79). Occasionally the difference between benign

Fig. 79. Tomograph of larynx of a man, aged 70 years, with a chondrosarcoma of thyroid cartilage
showing considerable narrowing of the airway.

chondroma and chondrosarcoma is difficult to make. If the diagnosis is made
early and if local removal can be accomplished while preserving the ring of the
cricoid cartilage the condition may be kept under control, but if it is not
possible to preserve the ring of the cricoid the condition is probably sarco-
matous and a laryngectomy should be performed.