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PATHOLOGY. Most of the tumours of the hypopharynx are squamous-cell
carcinomas and their site incidence is as follows: pyriform fossa, 60 per cent;
postcricoid/cervical oesophagus, 30 per cent; posterior wall, 10 per cent.

The pyriform fossa has the richest lymphatic drainage and so patients with
tumours in this site have a 75 per cent incidence of lymph node metastases
(Fig. 122); of these, about half will have bilateral nodes. Tumours on the

Fig. 121. Lateral view of larynx showing: 1, Posteriorpharyngeal wall; 2, Postcricoid region; 3, Cervical


Fig. 122. Routes of spread of tumours of the pyriform fossa. 1, Epiglottis; 2, Pyriform fossa; 3, Thyroid

cartilage; 4, Cricoid cartilage; 5, Trachea; 6, Hyoid bone; 7, Thyroid gland. (By courtesy of

Heinemann Medical Books.)