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lateral processes and handle. The handle is attached to the drumhead (Fig.
129) and the head is situated in the attic articulating with the body of the
incus, the short process of which has a ligamentous attachment to the floor
of the aditus. The long process of the incus extends downwards to articulate


Fig. 130. Relations of the left tympanic cavity. 1, Cerebral cortex; 2, Subarachnoid space; 3, Canal for
tensor tympani; 4, Eustachian tube; 5, Internal carotid artery; 6, Jugular bulb; 7, Dura mater; 8, Aditus;
9. Lateral semicircular canal; 10, Oval window; 11, Pyramid :12, Promontory; 13, Mastoid process;
14, Round window.

*.u>.i u~t *, j mt_uau; cj.ijjuucjuvc, o, rronjunewce 01 lateral semicircular canai; /, lympanic amrum
(mastoid antrum); 8, Mastoid air cells; 9, Fenestra cochleae (foramen rotundum); 10, Ammlus
tympanicos; 11, Jugular bulb; 12, Internal carotid artery; 13, Pharyngeal opening of pharyngotympanic

{T^re$a.efyfaTO tube.