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composed of fibres which are the central processes of bipolar cells in the
spiral ganglion in the modiolus of the cochlea. The peripheral processes of
the ganglion cells pierce the bony spiral lamina to reach the inner and outer
hair cells of the spiral (Corti's) organ. Other fibres follow a spiral course on
the internal part of the basilar membrane. The vestibular part consists of the
processes of the bipolar cells of the vestibular ganglion in the internal acoustic
meatus. From the superior part of the ganglion fibres pass to the macula of
the utricle, the ampullae of the superior and lateral semicircular ducts and
the anterior part of the macula of the saccule. The inferior part of the ganglion
sends fibres to the macula of the saccule and the ampulla of the posterior
semicircular duct.