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Once a diagnosis of deafness has been made the problem is largely an
educational one and it must be commenced at as early a stage as possible. The
development of speech is dependent on exposure to speech sounds and the
mother must be encouraged to take her part in training the child as well as
the teachers of the deaf. In most cases there is some residual hearing which
can be utilized by fitting a hearing aid. Exposure to the speech of mother, the
family and teachers has to be augmented by intensive auditory training, the
oral method (lip reading) being generally the accepted basis for such training.
It must be admitted that many of the severely deaf eventually come to rely on
communication by sign using the manual alphabet.

The detection of deafness in children, its assessment and management
requires the close co-operation of otologists, obstetricians, paediatricians,
health visitors, psychologists and teachers of the'deaf as well as those who
may be dealing with other handicaps, e..