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Saleem Khanani 

"When I want to read a book, I write a book." 

'The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write about it. " 

Benjamin Disraeli 

Welcome to the first edition of the Dow 85-Facebook magazine. Our class has 
been very active on the net. We started our online career in 1997 with the 
establishment of the class web page designed by Saleem Abubakar Khanani. It 
was hosted by AOL for a number of years before the online giant decided to 
discontinue their web hosting service. By this time, however, our class fellows had 
restablished contact with each other through emails and the every busy 
newsgroup established by Nadeem Zafar. 

The focus has now shifted to Facebook. Many of us are regular contributors or 
visitors. The depth and breadth of the postings, both original and shared, by our 
class fellows reflect the variety of interests and talent in our class fellows. 

I decided to compile a monthly magazine selecting some postings, news and 
photos of interest. This effort will be shared with our class fellows in the form of a 
PDF file and will also be put on a free internet file sharing web site . 


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Shared by Shams and Shah Muhammad Vaquas 


Saleem Khanani 

Colonel Muhammad Munir, Arif Hussain, Saleem Khanani, Sam Khan, Shehla Hussain and Sameera 
Hussain at Kebab King New York, September 2012. 

Ardasher CowasjeE 

"I am 86 now, too old to pen weekly columns. Besides what's there to write about with the same old 

politics and same old politicians. Do you really believe that they will go away? I am bored writing about 

them again and again/' he said in an interview last month. 

A sad comment by probably the most sincere and patriotic Pskistani journalist. He did not write for 

money. He did not have to. He never went for gimmicks to increase his ratings. He did not have to. He 

did not forge and spread rumors. He did not have to. Was he a "journalist"? 

Pakistani journalists, most of them, don't do what he did. 

And yet the learned ones loved him for his sincerity, patriotism and real journalism with the ability to 

write the truth. 

In the end his final comments sum up the pessimism that many of us experience but do not find the 
words or the ways to express it. Or perhaps we don't want to express it, deal with it or share it with 
others. Keeping it hidden in the aging closet of our subconscious will not change anything. We must 
express it but not with a negative attitude. It's expression should be coupled with a plan to change it into 
optimism. And it begins with the motivation and determination to change oneself. We cannot change the 
existing politicians, bureaucrats and religious patriarchs. But perhaps a new Cowasjee may show the right 
path to the young Pakistanis of today to follow a path different than that of their elders. 




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The just-concluded elections confirmed that there is a divide, nearly in the middle, 
between those who support President Barack Obama's policies and oppose the 
Republican agenda of no increase in taxes on the rich, and those who oppose Obama's 
handling of the economy and support Republicans' fiscally conservative agenda. 

It also confirmed that tomorrow's America will be much more ethnically diverse and the 
Democrats have truly embraced this change and benefited. It was also clear that level- 
headed Americans did not support truly disappointing statements from Senate hopefuls 
in Missouri and Indiana against women or by those running for Congress who tried to 
use the peace-loving, taxpaying and loyal American Muslims as punching bags. 

This is not the time for another struggle for the heart and soul of the GOP or a 
positioning for 2016. In politics everything is negotiable and the best consensus is at the 
50-50 divide, however difficult it may be. It is time for a smaller government, but it is also 
time for higher revenue for the state through increased taxation at the higher financial 
strata of the society. The future of this nation cannot be held hostage to a pledge of no 
tax increases, particularly when such a policy has been rejected through both popular 
as well as electoral votes. 

No more filibustering or foot-dragging. Obama is the president for four more years. Let's 
be functional again, please. 

Nadeem Zafar 


By Sam Khan in Ponderinqs ( Files ) ■ 

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ijjuo aS US < _*m ^jjjI ^ ijjuo v>SjJ .US 3S < — il jJLil j^Amj ^S yS*-**J&> i^JLuul ^ ^jjjI J3I US Oj uI>a> >S ^Su^ ^^.^i.-ig.o 3> Ul 

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JU 9 ^"9J u5^H ^ U£J$j£ ^J^-f JS^ -u*t <— 'l>*^S < _ml «--»>S >AAJUi p/ J9I ^ IaS I UUgJ? uS^ uhm°^ js' ^ US ^>5?r wl9>,! 

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>C>r 09 9J ^_I uSljJ >o^ v-jlp- .^ UJ 9J i£a£j jxmj&q IS UU9 aS <— i usslo £Ubl /&j$j£ \S 9^ Ul> uSljJ u^j'3 uhm°^ I JuJ -^ UJ 
>5b>r 9^ *Sj\ \j£jJ ijju JI9 <=j>^ v^jjbjj pj /\S u$s^>95 >^» JI9I o>S oJUU -o>^j ov^ u*H Jjo>Sjo ^9! o>aS oj onau sSj^ii 
ijjuo jU^ ^ «=^ ^ Jjo>Sjo ^ss^j >5b>r 9^ J9I uSsSpt vjj JjcxSuo jjc? 09 v-a> - < _ < > ««; 9^ ojlJLil Cajuu^^ IS ^.9 Uj />SU ^^ uhJ^J jS' 

U5 xs£ esJjZ IaJ v' /v^U^ >o^!J " /5 ^3^ ^ <v *=*£ v-Jobco 35 ujuLjuu i5>iuo ^3! u$Obu usJU cJ \S&$$ y£j\ ^3^34 

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v^fcJ >| iuul>SuuUUD u5^?I «— ' J ^ U^*J "-«— J AO^ /\9JLd iSul ,jsAJ OuI^SLaaJUO " /5 iJ ^JLo lg5J iSsjdIj^ ^LuSjI 15 pJujJ$ /JI3 
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uSV v>!^ ^ 0^ -v>!>0^ ^I>SL**juo >oj /\S ^ v5>» Oj3>nO U5 (jjuotj /5 jj-u e= >+S jxt j$\ U5 3J v^yJaLC U5 ujuJ /Om ^m>> 
>£ ij-wJ Jjl9 15 vjjuI >^f 3J ijjo /\*5 pSA c fi\LujJ\ $£ is^ujS jxi v-*> /5 ^ Ul> L5 ^3! ^ Ui£5j vj^la) £)Lus ^5 isOuolLuu 
Ljj c= J|>5Laaajo) L*5 /J pSAc /jILuuJI >£? 3J /%*juuI^uIjl> 3^ o^ljl 15 «— >>S Jjl9 35 cSsjuulS >Sl 15 mI .«— *5ju;) u^' v' *&$*£ 

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{.^Jf jSLmJ \£j\ 15 v^Jl^ < _ml e-JI^^ U*jl M^Ld ^Lft-JuOl (yjU ^J$J V-*>L^ v5il ,_»»! ijjuO JaPoO v JJ i) ^l^' 

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■(uhij «— '9^ '-f^ v-fc>L^ J3I viJI) .^ uU L5 0I3 0I3 :iub>L^ ^UlmjI 

^-juu «_!.» **J3>5 03 <— ib>r ^_l> LJ «_»»! U3a/I>5Laajuo o^Uju; ^1 vj5aJ ^ UL> UU v33> o^Uj cji*j y-wJ IJ3-^ :jlos^I ^La^uol 
£> u^»U ^ i LfijoJ uLo v^IajujI /5 ^^J < _m.^ Oi *Sj\ ^—113 j3> uS^^ UU ^ i Loj .^ y-wJ oU v5U v33> 03 3J 3J /J v$j£ ^s^f 

03 -^ ^>\ <^*J J3l ^ i5 0*3j ^ 3 > 3-AAi v5j|l 03 e~i \jjj\j> <* mjO 3>" V^> U5 ^ jjjuO .^J 15 < _*i> < > 03 ^ \JjJ DI3 < _«g^l 

?-<— ^ Ul 15 <— a*5 Luuuuui /5 <= lJ ^Ji&$j) 03 

U5 ^ ijjuo -3>S UJ ^J i.$v3 vjav <— ^J ,— ^Lo>3 .(L^> Ul ijjuo «— iloj v>*il) .«— i Ul 15 1= *jjuj ^jouil ^3^ viJI 03 /5 U5 <— i jjjuo 
v>u < _mi mI u5^^5 J3I ujuI^- ^b«5l^ mI uS^j5 v-jl> Cjm ^-aJ < _m^ 03 -^ \S^j £> c^. i5jj ^>aa 3^ Uju^ v>u Luuuuuu UjI />S 
>oljI mI j3l l^ 3J uH!-H >°^ u5^^5 35 mI 3J ^_l> ib>r ^5 l^J yjuo v-**> uSUjI >5 J34; 03 ^3! ^ L^5J /Oyi ^^^.o /5 ^J v^Jlo 
uLuU^S J3I ^5i ^^jLjpI oI>^sl^ 3 u-m'^> -^ & &£* I Jj ^5 mI 3J l^ 3^ ^l3 c=f9j £ ^ 9-*** ^' >^' v>^J ^ u^^> 9-*** €=*** 

^>b vJJO> J3I v>^^ ^ JjoLyJ \j+0 U3JI3 <— JUL) fiyJUO U3JI3 ^>5 /xJLuUU pj fS c-i fJ tAjj^o uLuul <— J ^5 «— j>^ ^3^ 

yjjjS £ iqj ^-5 ^ i qj ijjuo vjji 3^1 /5 ^f Lu5 Uuu Ijj I^juo -3l> >i J^l^ ^ >qj ^S ^ ioj u-iuo vjji /5 ^ Lu5 i^JIa> JJ^Ijls^ 
J3I ijju <— >l> 3J J>b ijjud ^3^ >Jl >S ^J ijl5 v^J^3i ,pj ,_»»! ^>b (jjui?r /5 U3J Lu5 35 <jjjI yjuo 3J yjul> 3J J>b ^>b 

U-VH i3^^ >^ u5^ ^^ U^l UHM°^ JS' 15 ^l> uSV UHM° vJuOuui CJuuij^ /vl /5 jjjU <--»l^- $J jS3 ^ flJ jS £juU jjjuo jU> >^ 
/\dld >53 USJ35 35 mI J3I u^ c=i\> &+> M £*+**> «—-**' >°Ul v' ^^ «=^ ^fJ 'J' w^ -«=/ ^J J' 3^ v3>b ^ma5 jU> /5 u5^3J 
jS' uhm° U5 ) juui3> i^y >^f 3J ^a/U: U3J <j*jU ^ > U^ ^j!5 ^-Su^^^j 15 \JjJsu. ^j\ $j\£ \£j$j$i 15 ^>»i <=mI ^5 mI -^ U3J uhh^ 

>o5> < ^-S iHHDj ^ U34JI v-fc> ^-^J ^ ul >p ^Jsuuu v^5 JLib>r $> -^ U5Lwv 3^ J^li jjjuo v/AAAil-M' u5V a» ^3! ^ U5L**i 3^ J>li 
^3! pS^ t _ui <_"**'» vj5J «— ^ u$0U>^jyp />^> -Uj l> ij-wJ <— poJ < _mi A^ v5jI Loj3 /5 U5 ^— i jjajI 3J L^J U^b>r Loj3 ^Usuo ^5 
z^> u$ouul x» q j ^>5 /xjJLuou 35 uU ^-i jjjuI J3I l^J < _«m ijjuo U3JI3 <= _ajLo 03 -^ UU2? Loj3 />A> i^JMil ijji^joJ uHH^ /5 U5 
■i^^j (juuMJ \jj+J\ uS^5 vjajl> U^ I ^>U ^3..n.g.o >^3^ 03 ^Mj ^5 vja'I ^3! Ulb>r Loj3 

CJuuouui U3J^> >5 3J jl3^ui ^ v3'>^ °S jS' ^ ^^ &**y v ^ v5Udl ,>5 $j\ < _ui vJ 1 ^ ^ u**' u^^ ^l3 ^jLo ol>-A> 3 vJ-mI.9^ 
jjjij < _m.^ uIjuuuuuLuj .^ Ul> Oj U>^j Luo3^5 l>*-H ^jL**' ^ > ^ ©jb>r ^ 03 ^ U3J D I3 ^-juLo /J 3^ ^3! ^ Ul> ^u«v ^3! 
U /\5aPt ^ U3J &3>jui >fLjui ^I5l IjLoj J3I ijjij < _«l"> ^-^l >o^ >£4 3"» e=^ uM^ u*a-**a5 u-iuo \J+Qj fS u-u < _i> J uLo /y ,pj v-jl> /5 
-«-J uS^>! JSuuuuo <-_**» c-jJlo 

JaiL> OJJI -^_Lo>d Uslc v3>juJ 15 ^JjS p+mjju uLuLujI ^3! £loj3 Uac uLuLujI 35 v' °UJI 

jloI v^lAjyJl 


\zkttM &-< 

Posted by Saleem Abubakar Khanani 

Allama Iqbal's migration from philosophy to love. 

Iqbal started his academic career with the study of philosophy. 

From 1893 to 1910 his nights and days were spent in studying both eastern and western philosophy. 

He writes 

(jjuo Ji t jg r-^f.j . } OJu»juj9j 

But from 1911 onwards he continued his journey in a different direction. He embarked upon a serious 

research oriented study o 

f the Holy Quran. He soon realized 

kSj^o <== j <== f ij> />b*jl 

In 1918 he adopted the religion of love that he pursued till the end of his life. 
The last quartain of J>jjjuo />L> 
sums it up. 

5j5 u^> ^_9_aJulC jl \j jo\5 5p> Ji 

^JOuJ jJ/O* lo^J ^SlS JLsl j 

Eventually he walked away from from the multidisciplined intellect 

he turned his selfish heart into blood 

what are you now asking from the once philosopher Iqbal 

the all knowing sage has turned him into passion 

Allama Iqbal's advice to the aging class of Dow85 

jjS oLljJj\ J^ 9 /J\) uLjo 

jjS ul^9 [JJJj* v\$j> /xxxaj £jjO j 
j-u »-Sl /\jLjuo5 l _sOI9ju jl jSI 

j-p OuC> jjjl ^LljuJ jl L _syuu^u 

Make your garden between the tulip and the rose 

learn the art of crying from the singing bird 

If you have grown old due to weakness 

Takd your share from this youthful world 

A modern day explanation: 

Live in the company of the beauties 

Listen to the romantic songs of Amitabh and Rajesh Khanna on Youtube 
What if we are old, the world is still young. 

How to wake up our compatriots who have been sleeping 

since 1947? 

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Do not puff up if you achieved power and fame for a 

couple of days 

All of this will pass like a flowery breeze 

Do not weave stories in your mind since you do not know 

for sure what is real and what is not 

when you stop judging and hating others only then you all 

attain the purity of heart 


The problem of good and evil has posed one of the most 

mind boggling issues in the philosophy of religion. 

In fact the question why evil exists if there is a merciful 

God has shaken the faith of many. 

Lets look at how Iqbal handles it. 

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What shall say what is the reason for the existence of 

good and evil 

Its explanation is so complex that my tongue trembles 

It is like a branch that carries both the rose and the thorn 

on its outside. 
But inside it there is no rose and no thorn. 



Once I saw a guy on a bridge about to jump. I said, "Don't do it!" He said, "Nobody loves me." I said, 
"God loves you. Do you believe in God?" 

He said, "Yes." I said, "Are you a Muslim or a non-Muslim?" He said, "A Muslim." I said, "Me, too! 

Shia or Sunni?" He said, "Sunni." I said, "Me, too! What mazhab?" He said, "Hanafi." I said, "Me, too! 

Deobandi or Barelvi?" He said, "Barelvi." I said, "M 

e, too! Tanzeehi or Tafkeeri?" He said, "Tanzeehi." I said, "Me, too! 

Tanzeehi Azmati or Tanzeehi Farhati?" He said, "Tanzeehi Farhati." 

I said, "Kaafir" and I pushed him over. 

I said: what about my eyes? 

God said: Keep them on the road. 

I said: what about my passion? 

God said: Keep it burning. 

I said: what about my heart? 

God said: Tell me what you hold inside it? 

I said: pain and sorrow? 

He said: ..stay with it. 

The wound is the place where the Light enters you. 

~ Rumi 

"Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of timing. 

There is a time for silence. 

A time to let go and allow people to hurl themselves into their own destiny. 

And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces when it's all over/' 



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