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-Whq We Recommend 







ueKjroGi, Sc Hotchkisa Co., 

Nev/ Haven, Conn. 


4-SQUARE LUMBER in stock 

"Mfegcrhoeascp R>rcst Prodttcts 





(T^^Il Plus values of 


4 Square Lumber 

L Full Lengths 

2, Square Ends 

3* Properly Seasoned 

4* Better Craftsmanship 

5« Better Construction 

6* Protected Ends and Faces 

7. Better Appearance 

8. Marked for Species 

9. Marked for Grade 

10, Tradc'Marked 

11. Guaranteed by Weyerhaeuser 

and Dealer 

What is 4 SQUARE LUMBER ? 

EVERY man who ever spent his hard-earned 
money in building a hom.e has wished for this 
kind of lumber — modern lumber planned and manu- 
factured to meet today's exacting standards of guar- 
anteed quality, and modern, money-saving efficiency 
in use* 

Until 4-Square Lumber was introduced, lumber 
was not a guaranteed product* Pieces were seldom 
square on the ends, and might or might not be the 
exact designated length* The lumber was unprotect- 
ed, exposed to dirt, damage and depreciation* And 
it was difficult to determine with assurance the exact 
species and grades* 

4-Square Lumber takes the gamble, the waste out 
of your lumiber purchase* Packaged, protected, plain- 
ly labeled, full length and squared on the ends, 4- 
Square is, in every sense of the word, modern lumber* 

« 5 


^Fplus value Full Lengths . , . 

6 « 


^r PLUS VALUE Full Lengths . . ♦ 

Measured with a steel tape, every piece of 4' 
Square Lumber proves that it is exactly the 
standard length specified on the package label. 

rSvery piece of 4-Square Lumber is cut 
to exact standard length at the mill. 
This means that every 16-foot piece is 
16 full 12-inch feet in length — an ad- 
vantage that, in itself is almiost worth 
the small extra first cost of this mod- 
ernized lumber* You get exactly the 
lengths you order. Consequently much 
of the waste of hand-trimming to 
length on the job is ended. And full 
length is only one of 4'Square's eleven 
plus values. 


PLUS VALUE Properly Seasoned 

Cjrreen lumber can- 
not be trusted* Ex- 
cess shrinking and 
warping play havoc 
with good construc- 
tion as well as in- 
crease the cost of 
working the wood* 

There is one safe 
way to end your 
doubts about prop- 
erly seasoned lum- 
ber: buy 4'Square 
Lumber and you 
know that the lum- 
ber you get is sea- 

By approved 
processes of air 
seasoning or 
kiln drying, 4' 
Square Lumber 
is made ready 
and fit for use 
in good build- 

At the Weyer- 
haeuser mills the 
green boards are 
stacked with the utmost care so as to regulate the air circulation around every 

board in the stack. At a cost of many thousands of 
dollars, dry kilns have been built. In these kilns 
4-Square Lumber is dried by the most modern me- 
chanical methods. Whether air-dried or kiln-dried, 
when the seasoning operation is finished 4-Square 
Lumber coraies to you ready and fit for use in good 

» 10 « 


^4-^PLUS VALUE Better Craftsmanship 

Your carpenter is a member of an an- 
cient craft* But frequently his ideals of 
craftsmanship are forced aside, against 
his will, in the rush to complete a job 
within arbitrary time limits* Anything 
that reduces the time he has had to 
waste on tedious labor and frees him 
for the more exacting part of his job 
is welcomed by the good carpenter* 
4''Square Lumber, because it is manu- 
factured to exact standards, saves much 
of that time previously wasted on un- 
necessary hand'trimming* 

4'Square Lumber is trimmed exactly 
square at both ends* It makes a perfect 
joint whenever two 4"Square boards 
are laid end to end and nailed in place. 

Good joints are not easy to make with ordinary 
lumber. They require tedious hand-trimming and 
expert squaring. But the machine'squared ends of 
4-Square make perfect, scarcely visible joints with- 
out hand'trimming, a source of genuine pride to 
the carpenter who works with this improved 

An additional element that makes 

for better craftsmanship with 4-Square 

is the fact that your carpenter knows 

and respects good lumber* His respect 

for 4-Square packaged lumber is reflected in the care 
he takes with every piece he handles* 

Good carpenters welcome the chance to use 
4-Square Lumber, not only because it saves them a 
lot of drudgery and frees them for the finer work of 
their craft, but because they know that it helps them 
to make the finished job right* 

» 11 

Ghe II TH 


b^PLUS VALUE Better Construction 

Crood construction is worth every dollar it costs^ In 
resale value, in the added years it gives to the life of 
the building, in owner satisfaction, quality construc- 
tion pays its way* 

4-Square's contributions to better construction are 
best realized when you see it used on the job, where 
you see its plus values translated into action* 

Suppose we follow the carpenter as he takes the protective caps off the ends 
of some 4-Square Lumber* 

He lays a board in place and nails it down* Because it is exactly square on 
both ends, the joint made by two 4-Square pieces laid end to end is perfect* 
Because each piece is properly seasoned for good construction, it stays put* 
Because 4-Square is packaged, the ends and faces are protected from dirt, dam- 
age and depreciation, and fit to be used in a good building* Because the 4* 
Square package is marked for species and grade, you can see at a glance that 
the kind and quality of lumber specified for each purpose is being used for that 

part of the job* And because 4-Square is trade-marked 
and guaranteed, you Unow you are getting quality lum- 
ber, the good lumber good construction deserves* 

These 4-Square advantages make for better build- 
ing* They reduce the chances for haphazard results 
and bring us closer to the day of ideal construction* 

» 12 «c 






PLUS VALU E Protected Ends and Faces 

The ends and faces of 
4-Square Lumber are 
protected to reduce 
your lumber bill* 
Without such protec- 
tion, each piece is ex- 
posed to end check- 
ing, to dirt, damage 
and deterioration. 
The board may be 
sound as a dollar, but 
the dirty or damaged 
ends must often be 
sawed off and thrown 
away, a costly waste. 

This is only one of the 
operations where lumber 
is exposed to dirt and 
damage. But the 4'Square 
package protects ends 
and faces. 

Each piece of lumber is handled at least six times from mill to job. 

4-Square Lumiber, because it is carefully packaged, de- 
serves and gets respectful handling every step of the 
way. As damage and depreciation are reduced, the 
money you spend for lumber buys more lumber that 
is completely useful, and less that is wasted. End and 
face protection means money in your pocket. 

» 13 * 

ahe "Tth ^ 


Better Appearance 

Why should you 
worry about how 

good lumber looks, 
so long as it is good 

A piece of ordi- 
nary lumber may 
be as good as the 
clean, well finished 
4-Square piece* The 
piece that is unpro- 
tected ifnay be equal 
in quality to the 
carefully protected, 
attractively pack- 
aged 4-Square piece. 
But carpenters and 
contractors instinc- 
tively do better 

work with the best ^ ^ l which lumber would you pre 

looking boards* ^ f^r to work with if you were 

doing a job of building? 

Consequently, the 
appearance of the lumber and the condition in which it comes to the job has 
a strong influence on better craftsmanship and better construction. And lum- 
ber that tells its high quality by good appearance deserves and gets more 

careful handling and use than ordinary lum.ber. 

On every point then, good looking lumber saves 
money for its buyer. Is it any wonder that the manu- 
facturers of 4-Square Lumber have done everything 
they can to make this excellent lumber look as fine as it 
really is? Is it any wonder that you take extra pride in 
the work being done for you when you see the truck 
drive up with its packages of bright, clean, lumber? 

» 14 « 


O p"lU S VA LU E Marked for Species 

Forty different species 
of woods are manufac- 
tured and used for 
building in this coun- 
try» Many of them re- 
semble others so closely 
in appearance that even 
the most experienced 
lumber buyers have 
difficulty in telling one 
from the othen Yet 
though they are close 
in appearance, they are 
often far apart in strength, 






Srvoqualmic Falla Planl 




durabihty and construction value. 

How can you be sure you get the species of lumber you order and pay for? 

Boldly printed on the label of every 4-Square Lumber package is the species 
name of the lumber in that package. If the label says Douglas Fir, that package 
of lumber is Douglas Fir, 

If the specifications call for Genuine White Pine and the label does not say 
Genuine White Pine, you know instantly that a mistake has been made, and 
can correct it immediately before the package is opened. 

Even the man who knows nothing whatever about 
lumber knows with certainty that he is getting what he 
ordered, when the order is filled with 4-Square Lumber, 

You can trust this species mark with absolute faith, 
Weyerhaeuser guarantees that the species marked on 
the label is the species of lumber in the package. And 
your 4-Square Dealer makes the same guarantee. 

» 15 « 




ypLUS VALUE Marked for Grade 

vJrades of lumber are 
also frequently difficult 
to determine* But dif- 
ference in grade means 
diflference in price and 
difference in quality, a 
subject of utmost im- 
portance to you as a 
lumber buyer* 


Rtq. U B PAT Ofl 





j\fanufatiur*d by 

Snoquklmle Fftila Ptaal 



4w 16' B[V SDG 

On every 4''Square 
package label is a line that tells you the full grade name of the lumber con- 
tained in the package* Because of this grade mark there can be no mistake 
about lumber quality when 4-Square is used* 

Grade marking might seem to be unnecessary to anyone who is not familiar 
with some of the corner-cutting methods used too often in the past. 

But grade marking is heartily endorsed by 4-Square Dealers because it saves 
you and every other buyer of 4-Square Lumber from 
being imposed upon* With the grade marked plainly, 
you can have complete confidence in the lumber you 
buy and the men you deal with* And you have the 
thorough satisfaction of knowing that the 4-Square 
Lumber of the proper grade to do its job well is being 
used to give you better construction. 

» 16 « 



"i ^ " 

iO PLUS VALUE Trade'Marked 

The 4-Square 
trade-mark is the 
symbol of pre- 
ferred lumber* It 
is the nationally 
known sign of 
lumber quality* 

This trade-mark in itself has made it possible for Weyerhaeuser and the 4- 
Square Dealer to supply you with lumber that measures up to your exacting 
standards. Untrade-marked lumber may be good lumber, but 4'Square Lumber, 
marked with this identification must fulfill every claim made for it by the 
manufacturer who makes it and the dealer who sells it. 

When you see the 4'Square trade-mark you see the 
nationally advertised mark of fine lumber, manufac- 
tured by modern methods for modern, improved con- 
struction. It is visible evidence that you are getting 
the greatest possible lumber value for every dollar you 

17 *< 





TH Guaranteed by 

PLUS VALUE Weyerhaeuser and Dealer 

Ihe largest lumber producing organization in the 
world stands solidly back of every piece of 4-Square 
Lumber you buy* 

Weyerhaeuser, leader in many important conserva- 
tion, utilization and reforestation projects, produces 
4-Square Lumber to answer the nation-wide demand for better construction* 

Twenty sawmills, a fleet of steamships, railroads, great distributing yards 
and an army of men are engaged in the manufacture and distribution of this 
modern lumber* This great organization co-operates with leading lumber mer- 
chants from coast to coast to make 4-Square Lumber available to you* 

Weyerhaeuser guarantees and makes it possible for 
the 4-Square Dealer to guarantee every piece of 4-Square 
to be full length, squared on the ends, and properly 
marked for species and grade* This is your assurance 
that you get full value for every dollar you spend for 
4-Square Lumber* 


When you buy 4 SQUARE the lumber with the 

Eleven Plus Values 

you get better lumber at lower final cost 

You have seen how these plus values of 4-Square 
Lumber save you money by reducing time and labor 
v^astes, and providing guaranteed quality lumber 
ready to go right into good construction. 

These savings are made wherever 4''Square Lum- 
ber is used. Add them all together and you find, as 
many other lumber purchasers have found, that the 
savings resulting from 4-Square plus values more 
than offset the slight additional cost of this guaran- 
teed material. And you get better lumber* 

>» 19