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Full text of "Encyclopaedia Dictionary Islam Muslim World, etc, Gibb, Kramer, scholars. 13 vols & 12 vols. 1960-2004.1875.2009."

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The object of this book is clearly indicated by the title : 
it is intended to be a companion to the Traveller who visits 
the Bast for pleasure or business purposes, and a help to 
the advanced Student who begins to translate from English 
into Arabic. In the interest of the Traveller, therefore, 
primary regard is paid to the modern idiom, as it is spoken 
at the present day, principally in Egypt - and Syria. For 
the benefit of the Student, on the other hand, to still 
greater extent, recourse has been had to the literary and 
even poetical Vocabulary ; nay, in order to give a fuller 
idea of the character and richness of this remarkable 
language, numerous words have been inserted which belong 
to various slang dialects, as, for instance, the nicknames 
given to the principal necessaries of life in the Tufaili 
dialect. Any reader versed in these studies will, therefore, 
on close examination, find a great deal of curious and 
useful information condensed in this comparatively small 

Guided by the idea that the task of a Dictionary is to 
supply those etymological facts which cannot be taught by 
the Grammar, the Author has excluded regular forms of 
inflexion, but carefully recorded €he irregular plurals of 
nouns and adjectives, both in the Arabic and Roman 

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character, and given in full the Aorists of verbs after the 
Preterites, in transliteration, both of them in the third 
person singular. On the above-stated principle, he might 
have dispensed with the Aorists of the derived forms, and 
of quadriliteral verbs, as these are regularly formed from 
their Preterites. To enhance the usefulness of the book, 
however, it appeared advisible to give those Aorists also. 
He who studies the language, not from a scholarly point 
of view, but for practical ends, can scarcely be expected 
always to remember the rules for the formation of this class 
of v \vords, and will be glad to find them ready to hand. At 
the same time, the knowledge of the Aorists enables him to 
form from them the active and passive participles, or, in 
the parlance of the Arabic Grammarians, the nouns of the 
" Agent" and "Patient"; and thus it became feasible to 
pass over a great many words, which in English are either 
originally participles, or nouns derived from verbs by the 
syllables -er, -or, -tor, &c. The Arabic for such words has, 
therefore, only been given when they have a particular 
form or a particular meaning of their own. A few examples 
will illustrate this. 

On page 1 of the present volume we find the words 
Abandoned, Abashed, Abet, Abide. The rules* for the 

* These rules are :— The Agent of a triliteral verb follows the measure 
JcU fdHl, that is to say, the first consonant of the root is pronounced 
with a, the second with i. Its Patient follows the measure Jy** maf'iil, 
viz. the syllable ma is placed before the root, whose first consonant is 
pronounced without a vowel, whUst the second takes 11. From derived 
forms and quadriliteral verbs the two participles are obtained by 
changing the initial yn or ya of the Aorist into mu, and pronouncing 
the last consonant but one with i («) tor the Agent, with a (a) for the 
Patient. Compare the examples, mdkis, matrdk, ntuddivim, muslaaun, 
muhajjal, given above. 

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formation of the Agent and Patient teach us that 
"abandoned," in the sense of "forsaken," would be 
matruk ; in the sense of "given over," musallam. There- 
fore only the meaning of " profligate " has been rendered 
into Arabic. From the verb hajjal, " he abashed," the 
participle mahajjal is regularly derived ; but besides that, 
the form hajldn is in use, and has consequently been 
mentioned as an equivalent. From the Arabic Preterite 
makas or the Aorists yastaqim, yuddwim, the active 
participles, mdkis, musta^vm 9 muddwim, are as easily 
formed as the English " abiding " from the infinitive 
" to abide " ; and if the Reader knows that the Arabic 
word yuharrilc means " he abets " or " incites," he will 
not have the slightest difficulty in translating the English 
word "abettor" by muharrik. 

By this appeal to the spontaneous mental activity of an 
intelligent Student space has been gained for a far greater 
number of words, both English and Arabic, than other- 
wise could have been comprised in a volume of the same 

With regard to the sources from which this Dictionary 
has been compiled, the Author was not contented to 
consult and to follow the works of a similar scope, which 
have appeared in France, Germany, and in this country, 
but he has largely supplemented the information thus 
gathered by extensive reading of the best Arabic writers 
up to the present day. Not only Hariri and the Arabian 
Nights have amply contributed to this little volume, but 
the works of contemporary authors, as Nasif-al-Yaziji, 
Dr. Bustani, Faris-el-Shidiac, &c, Manuals in different 
branches of knowledge, written by natives, and translations 

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from European standard books into Arabic, have afforded 
valuable assistance. Unfortunately the whole of the 
manuscript was in the hands of the publishers before 
Dr. Badger's great Dictionary came out, and during the 
ensuing year, while the printing was unavoidably delayed, 
the -Author's time was fully taken up in preparing an 
Arabic-English Dictionary, on a vastly enlarged plan (now 
in the Press) ; so that, to his very great regret, he could 
not avail himself of the substantial help which this 
important work undoubtedly would have lent him. 

Nobody can be more keenly alive to the imperfections 
of this book than the Author, and he will be thankful for 
any hint which fair and intelligent criticism may have to 
offer him, with a view to future corrections and improve- 
ments in another edition. Still, as it is, he ventures to 
hope that he has, in a certain measure, supplied a real 
want ; and he will feel himself amply rewarded for the care 
and labour bestowed on it, if it affords aid and wins friends 
to the study of a language which not only possesses great 
beauties of its own, and a rich literature, but which will 
also become of more and more practical importance to 
Englishmen, as the Eastern policy of the empire follows 
out its destinies — let us hope, not in narrow-minded hostility 
to, but in friendly and mutually advantageous alliance with, 
the Muhammadan World. 


London, September 13th 1882, 
on the day of the Battle of TeUel-Kebir. 

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The Arabic letters have, in this volume, been transliterated as 
follows : — 

t a, i, u, at the beginning of a word (see the remark on the 
Hamzah below). 
v> b. 
«> t. 
**> §. Pronounced like the English th in thing. 

* J- 

C fc. A guttural aspirate, stronger than h. 

t h. Pronounced like the Scotch ch in loch. 

* d. 

* z. Pronounced like the English th in that, with. 
a- s. 

v> sh. Pronounced like the English sh in shut. 

\f 8. Strongly articulated %. 

v> d. Similar to the English th in this. 

t %. Strongly articulated palatal t. 

I Z. Strongly articulated palatal z. 

£ '. Strong guttural, the pronunciation of which must be 
learnt bv the ear. 

t g. 

sJ £. 
J q. 
*> k. 

J L 

f* m. 

O n. 

» h. 

> w. 

The Hamzah has not been marked at the beginning of a word, where 
it has always the Alif for a prop, r and is pronounced as a, i, u, preceded 
by a very slight aspiration, like h in the English word " honour." 

The vowel signs have been rendered by a f or - , i f or t , « for — ; the 
long vowels by a for \— , — , or "\ , i for ^7 , 6 for <jr , at for ^,5— , 4 for 
y-, o for j—, aw for j— , all to be pronounced as in Italian or 

The Arabic ^ and j— are represented by i-y and u-w> the feminine 
termination 8- by a-t, in which cases the final letters are joined to the 

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1 todies of the words by a hyphen, +o show that in modern Arabic they 
are not to be pronounced, unless the two former are followed by a 
feminine or plural termination, or the feminine noun in 5— is placed in 
a state of construction with a pronominal suffix, or another noun pre- 
ceded by the article. 

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A, indef. curt, frequently expressed 

by 8 (fern, term.) subjoined to 

a generic noun, as, y*$ samar, 

"fruit "; ly» samara-t, "a fruit." 
Aback, adv. (backwards) \y wara; 

\ja {$+ min wara. — (by surprise) 

&± <J* 'ala gafla-t. 
Abandon, v. (leave) dy tarak, ya- 

truk; j+b> uajar, yahjur; f*\* 

ha jar, yuhajir. — (give over) jJU 

sallam, yusallim. 
Abandoned, adj. (profligate) y*\* 

fajir (pi. j^%* fujjar, ytty fawa- 

jir) ; <>-^i fasiq (pi. «~i fasa- 

qa-t, jV-i fussaq). 
Abandonment, s.a. dy tark; j+&> 

hajr ; q\j*** hijran ; n. d\y&\ in- 

tirak ; jWe^ inhijar. 
Abase, v. JU zallal, yuzallil ; J^ 

azall, yuzill ; /*> haqqar, yuljaq- 

qir ; J»j watta, yuwatti. 
Abased, adj. JJ** zalil (pi. J33 

zilal, *1±\ azilla, &±\ azilla-t); 

yu** muhtaqar. 
Abasement, *. Sjlfe* ^aqara-t ; y&* 

ta^qir ; Jeltf tazlil. 
Abash, v. Jv* tajjal, yu^ajjil; 

<Sp* haza, yahzi. 
Abashed, adj. ($+* hajlan. 
Abate, v.a. jli qallall, yuqallil; 

±f& naqqas, yunaqqis ; n. <j*& 

naqas, yanqus. 
Abatement, s. JJU? taqlil ; t^u* 

tanqis ; <j& nuqs ; ^^» nuqs an ; 

Sy-U* mukasara-t. 

Abbess, s.jt^\ &~*) rayisa-t ad-dair ; 

cy\*jfc\jj\ &~ij rayisa-t ar-rahibat. 
Abbey, *. y* dair (pi. Sjy*> duyura-t, 

&y<A adyira-t). 
Abbot, s. y^\ <j~i) rayis ad-dair 

(pi. *\~» rusa) ; gWAy\ u~*j rayis 

Abbreviate, v. yd qassar, yuqaf- 

sir; j*&*\ ihta?ar, yahta?ir. 

Abbreviation, s. j\*&»\ ihtigar 

)\*a«j\ iqti^ar. 
Abdicate, v. 0* JjUj tanazal 'an, 

yatanazal ; J)*> ta'azzal, yata'az- 

zal ; Jy»\ i'tazal, ya'tazU. 
Abdication, s. Jtysrf i'tizal; J<>y 

nuziil ; Jj^» tanazul ; dJ tark. 
Abdomen, s. &\+ ma'na-t (pi. «w\ -at, 

yfy mu'un, tfy mu'un). 
Abduction, s. s-«i~ salb ; *-&*> 

Aberration, a. J)U <Jalal; a^j* 

tauhan ; tlfc galaf. 
Abet, v. (incite) { J& J**- hamal 

'ala, yahmil; **^ harrak 'ala, 

yuharrik. — (back up) *j& •** sadd 

zahra-hu, yaiidd. 
Abeyance, *. *^Vj ta'ahhur. 
Abhob, v. y karih, yakrah ; y&i 

bagacj, yaogudL 
Abhorrence, s. *\/a*\ istikrah ; 

W/ karaha-t ; S^/karahiya-t. 
Abide, t?. •*** qa'ad, yaq'ud ; fUu«.\ 

istaqam, yastaqim ; S*£+ makas, 

yamkus. — (continue) p\* dam, 

yadum j fjW dawam, yud4wim. 


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Ability, s. 8jAS qudra-t ; ^Jtfrt iqti- 
dar ; &*k\* qabDiya-t. 

Abject, adj. jtfr- haqir; ^a * 

hasis, *^-*j wagd (pi. *>Li^ 
Abjectnbss, s. &4** daniya-t (pi. 

\i\it danaya); S*V**> dana'at ; £** 

zilla-t ; Sj^- haqarat. 
Abjtjbe, v. J&) rafa<J, yarfu<jL ; *W* 

jahad, yajhud ; /i nakir, yankar ; 
j&\ ankar, yunkir; *5j\ artadd, 

Abjuration, e. *>j^* juhud ; *A^j\ 

Able, adj. j**Vi qadir ; JjVi qabil. 
Ablution, s. J-~fc gasl, gusl ; Jt-J^ 

igtisal. — (before prayer) *y±) 

wadu. — (with sand) (*+£ tayam- 

Abnormal, adj. yf\&\ xs dudd al- 

qanun ; tjj-a* ^ gair mawjbut. 
Aboard, adv. s-*^*tt <j* fi-'l-mar- 

Abode, s. (j^-^ maskan (pi. (^SV- >• 

masakin) ; J^» mahall (pi. JV^« 

mahall) ; Jyt* manzil (pi. JjU* 

Abolish, v. JM abtal, yubtil ; (~J 

nasah, yansah, £~i fasah, yaf- 

Abolition, «. JVXa^X ibtal ; JJa** tab- 
til, (^ butlan. 
Abominable, ad/. **/ karih ; a^^* 

makruh ; &** 6ani* ; «t>yu* 

mamqut ; «>*&• maqit. 
Abominate, v. »/" karih, yakrah ; 

«ycu.\ istakrah, yastakrih; <>»** 

baga4, yabgud; <**&• maqat, 

Abomination, *.a. &&j£* makraha-t, 

makraha-t ; ^ kahr, kuhr ; n. 

lpj£" makraha-t ; ***** sani'a-t 

(pi. gjU* Sanayi') ; £«** qabi- 

ha-t (pi. £>Wi qabayih, cW* qi- 

Aboriginal, adj. s. ^M asli-y ; 

^\ awwali-y; ^>»^ {$* (^j** 

(j)U)J\ mutawattin min qadim az- 

Abortion, *. tVa-.\ isqat ; c^ tirb, 


Abortive, adj. tyu*» masq&t » 

u^e* jahicj ; {j^ naqis. 
Abound, v. j& kasur, yaksur ; \J& 

fad, yafid ; fr wafar, yafir, *• % *•**■ 

hasab, yahsib. 
About, prep. Jj*- haul. — (speaking 

of time) Joe 'and ; f^ naljw. — 

(concerning) 0* 'an ; ^ fi. 
About, adv. %*yff taqriban; f* 

Above, prep. adv. ,jj* f auq. — (more 

than) (f j£\ aksar min. 
Abrade, v. Jft akal, ya'kul. 
Abrasion, *. uy. saraf , J^ akl. 
Abreast, adv. <>*\) «-** ^ fi saff-in 

Abridge, v., Abridgement, *., see 

Abbreviate, Abbreviation. 
Abroad, adv. (without doors) "W^ 

harijan. — (out of the country), 

*\ji barran. 
Abrogate, v. JM ibtal, yubtil ; Jk* 

battel, yubattil ; c-~* nasah, yan- 
Abrogation, s. JM ibtal; £~* 

nash ; *sJy tark. 
Abrupt, ad/, (steep), UUrtj waqif ; 

^•U ^amih. — (sudden) &Afc <J^ 

'ala gafla-t. 
Abruptness, s. (rudeness) ^\-^- 

Abscess, *. &*** habba-t ; J^^ dum- 

mal, SL-*> dummala-t (pi. J^Uo 

damamil) ; $M *> dumbala-t (pi. 

danabil) £/ qarh (pi. cjj* 

Abscond, v. ^J*s»\ ihtafa, yahtafi ; 

£&\ inqala', yanqali*. 
Absence, s. ^t gaiba-t ; v»W^ 

Absent, v. s^^ gab, yagib. 
Absent, adj. (in mind) i* ***&•>• mu- 

^attat ; ^t- sahi. 
Absentee, s. s-st^ gayib. 
Absolute, adj. (despotic) <3^ 

mutlaq; Jtel* mustaqill. — (com- 
plete) J*^ kamil ; ^ tamm ; ^Uj 

Absolution, *. yfc* *af u ; Sywu mag- 

fira-t; q\J& gufran; Js>U? tah« 


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Absolve, v. /* gafar, yagfir ; J*k\ 

igtafar, yagtafir. 
Absorb, v. (imbibe) UUJ naiif, 

yaniaf; s-**> nagab, yangib, 

yangub; sV* ^ari^>» yakrab. — 

(wholly to engage) Ja* sagal, 

yaigal. — (be absorbed in thought) 

J**a^ i^tagal, yaitagil. 
Absorption, 8. gM ibtila'; s^* 

Abstain, v. £**A imtana', yam- 

tani' ; {mS **>\ ihtama, yattami, u£ 

kaff, yakuff; J^j zahad, yanzad 

(all with i$£ 'an). 
Abstemious, adj. ^ ♦■W* muhtami ; 

±*>\j zahid. 
Abstemiousness, s. U*A ibtima; 

JUfcj zuhd; SjVa; zahada-t, u\i6\ 

Abstinence, 8. £U-^\ imtina' ; cJtf 

kaff ; *eU»i qa$a'a-t. 
Abstract, adj. (existing in the mind 

only) *j^>» mujarrad. 
Abstract, s. (epitome) &*>%*- hula- 

sa-t ; ^afc* muhta§ar. 
Abstract, v. (separate) Jy*- jarrad, 

yujarrid. — (purloin) Jk^* naial, 

yan£ul ; j^- saraq, yasruq. 
Abstraction, 8. «tyr tajrid. — (deep 

thought) jVXsi\ iftikar. — (absence 

of mind) je~ sahu. 
Abstruse, adj. <jl** nraglaq ; (*&>* 

mubham ; ,3**^ daqiq. 
Abstruseness, 8. •*«**> ta'qid. 
Absurd, adj. ^j** je£ &• min ger 

ma'na, Afrff ±* dudd al-'aql; 

J^» muhal. 
Absurdity, 8. gl*Afc hazayan, 

Abundance, *. Sy^ kasra-t ; . 

hisb ; SjVjj ziyada-t ; <J±*L f aid ; 

ijfl^ rahs ; ^ raha. 
Abundant, adj. j~& kasir; t/*\i 

f ayid ; }\ wafir ; j^y maufur ; 

J«\j zayid. 
Abuse, 8. (insult) &<*& bahdala-t, 

l+~Jb> satima-t. — (misuse) &* 

Abuse, t;. f*s± satam, ya^tim, yas- 
tum ; 6attam, yuiattim ; s-*~ sabb, 

8 [Ace 

Abusive, adj. s-*tw~» sabib (pi. 

s-^W- sabayib) ; ^>U satim. 
Abut, v. J*rt ittasal, yattasil. 
Abutment, s. (of a bridge) J^ 

kabi (pi. ^»W* kibas, <J~£\ akbul, 

jfcW^ akbiU). 
Abyss, 8. <>*x 'umq (pi. ,jUrf 

a'maq) ; ^3 lujja-t (pi. g*3 lu- 

jaj) ; kj*> hawiya-t. 

Academy, s. *U1* oV j di w *n 'ula- 

ma. — (school) %**)<*+ madrasa-t. 
Academician, s. ^lc 'alim (pi. 

*Ulc 'ulama). 
Accede, v. «t> o - *; rada bi, yard a ; 

J** qabil, yaqbal. — (to a throne) 

{j^t- jalas, yajlis. 
Accelerate, v. J^ 'aj jal, yu'ajjil ; 

£j~\ asra', yusri*. 
Acceleration, 8. Ja*** ta'jil; 

&j~\ isra'. 
Accent, s. (tone) ( 1 >J labn (pi. 

(;jVJ\ alhan, g*J luhun). — (pro- 
nunciation) kft£ talaffuz. 
Accept, v. J*S qabil, yaqbal ; J*# 

taqabbal, yataqabbal. 
Acceptable, ad/\ Jj*** maqbiil; 

j^-4^ ma^kur ; s-*~k* munasib. 
Acceptance, s. J«3 qabul. 
Acceptation, s. (received meaning) 

^y*^ ma'na (pi. ^^ ma'ani) ; 

v.Sj*** fahwa (pi. v^^* fahawi). 
Access, s. Jy*-*> duhul ; A*oj wu?ul. 
Accessible, adj. *+>\/&i\ Je- sa- 

hil al-iqtirab. 
Accession, 8. (addition), 8*>^j 

ziyada-t. — (to a throne) <j*j^ 

Accessory, adj. (additional) Jst^) 

zayid. — (accomplice) ^ <*kj* 

<r*&\ ^arik fi-'z-zamb. 
Accident, 8. jW\ ittifaq; &*&*• 

mu§iba-t (pi. s-s*^** masayib) ; 

^»j^ 'arida-t (pi. ^f 'awarid) ; 

&6\s» hadi§a-t (pi. *±>S\^. ^a- 

Accidental, adj. ^J* 'aridi-y; 

^/^ 'aradi-y. 
Acclaim, v. Jy* hallal, yuhallil. 
Acclamation, s. J<1«> tahlil. 
Acclivity, *. *}* 'uluwwa-t (pi. 

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««JU <alawi); J* tall (pi. J^ 

tilal, Jp tulul). 
Accommodate, v. <3*j waffaq, yu- 

waffiq ; «J*U» {abaq, yutabiq. 
Accommodation, *. (adaptation) 

L*jm\j*» munasaba-t ; &&\y» muwa- 

faqat. — (agreement) l&)\*+ musa- 

laha-t. — (comfort) &*)} lazima-t 

(pi. fj\ji lawazim). 
Accompaniment, s. (in music) &*W 

Accompany, v. s-^^ sahab, yusa- 

hib; &\) rafaq, yurafiq ; &\* 

Say a', yusayi*. 
Accomplice, *. s-*>«^ ^ **kj* 6arik 

fi-'z-zamb; s-^\ <jMj rafiq az- 

Accomplish, v. J*^ kammal, yu- 

kammil; ^-tf qada, yaqdi; ++* 

tamman, yutammim ; ^/^ halla§, 

Accomplished, adj. (completed) 

j»W> tarn am ; J*&« mukammal. — 

(in mind or person) s-» J ^ s-^^* 

sahib adab; <-A*U latff; J** 

Accomplishment, a. (completion) 

*U*\ itmam ; J**# takmil. — 

(talents) J* fa<Jl (pi. J^ fudul, 

JU*\ afdal); &*** facjila-t (pi. 

J*U* fadayil) ; JUi'kamal (pi. &\ 

Accord, v. (agree) v$£\ ittafaq, ya- 

taffiq; ^\ ittahad, yattahid. — 

(grant) £*- samuh, yamsuh. 


faq; *>W itti^ad; &*\y* muwa- 

According to, Accordingly, adv. 
s-^^H bi-mujib; w-*-*- hasab, 
hash ; «etf 3 s-**j* ^ 'ala mujib 

Accost, a. (come near) s^* qarib, 
yaqrab. — (address) s-^^ hatab, 

Account, a. s^~*> hisab. — (bill) 
^*\~+&)\ £*j>^> qavima-t al-hisab. — 
(narrative) p± habar (pi. jW*^ 
ahbar) ; l^» qissa-t (pi. yo-rf 
qisa8,|^e-sAi\ aqasis). — (onaccount 

°f) J^ <f K" 11 ajl; s-**~* bi- 

Account, v. (esteem) » i a hasab, 

yahsub. — (explain) j** 'abbar, 

yu'abbir ; ^--i fassar, yufassir. 
Accountant, s. s-*-W« muhasib. 
Account-book, ytfo daf tar (pi. /Vte 

Accoutre, v. je* jahhaz, yujahhiz ; 

^- sallah, yusallih. 
Accoutrement, s. $»** 'adda-t (pi. 

*>ac 'udad) ; j*er tajhiz. 
Accrue, v. J^ hasal, yahsal ; *>\) 

zad, yazid. 
Accumulate, v.a. f& kawwam, yu- 

kawwim ; £♦<*- jama', yajma' ; 

*1 lamm, valumm; n. fr*A 

rjtama', yajtami' ; (*$\ iltamm, 

Accumulation, *. ptfi takwim ; 

£♦<*- jam* ; &*J lamma-t. 
Accuracy, s. &*** sahhat ; W-* dabt ; 

&*> diqqa-t ; <J**»tf tadqiq. 
Accurate, adj. ^y**+ nia4b&t 5 

ijS±» mudaqqiq. 
Accurse, v. {&v la'a 

la'an, yula'in. 
Accursed, adj. of&" mal'iin (pi. 

{#*&• mala'in) ; ^^ la'in. 
Accusation, *. &♦*> tuhma-t (pi. 

f& tuham) ; h\£* 6ikaya-t ; IJ6± 

£ikawa-t ; c3^** ^akwa. 
Accusative, s. s-^J nasb (pi. *yA*t\ 

ansab) ; ^ J^uJ\ al-maf iil 

Accuse, v. v» p$ taham bi, ya- 

thim ; <J^ { J^J^ iitaka 'ala, 

Accuser, s. p*to tahim; ^sJ^m 

muStaki : ^J^ mudda'f. 
Accustom, v. ^ *)* 'awwad 'ala, 

yu'awwid. — (oneself) *>^«* ta'aw- 

wad, yata'awwad. 
Accustomed, adj. «jy*U ma'luf; 

oyu^ muta'awwid; *>U**« mu'- 

Ace, s. *>y fard (pi. *ty fir&d) ; ^ 

Ache, *. &* waja' (pi. £Wj wija', 

£W^ auja'). 

/an, yal'an ; ^H 

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Ache, v. g*f tawajja', yatawajja 4 ; 

£f1 ittaja', yattaji*. 
Achieve, v. J*£ kammal, yukam- 

mil ; p ♦ > tammam, yutam- 

Achievement, a. £** + * 'ajiba-t (pi. 

s-iW* 'ajayib) ; Sa***- tainida-t 

(pi. J«W bamayid). 
Acid, adj. J^^ hamid; {j~fo 

naqis ; y**+ ma4ir. 
Acidity, a. &>y*** Ijamuda-t. 
Acidulate, v. ^fi+* hammad, yu- 

Acknowledge, v. j*\ aqarr, yuqirr ; 

<jy»t i'taraf, ya'tarif. 
Acknowledgment, a. j\j»\ iqrar; 

sJ\f*\ i'tiraf. — (thanks) ^V^ 

Acorn, a. ty ballut. 
Acquaint, v. p±\ ahbar, yuhbir; 

«-i^ 'arraf, yu'arrif . 
Acquaintance, a. &f* ma'rifa-t 

(pi. «-ijU* ma'arif). — (knowledge) 

f$* 'ilm (pi. f>f* 'ulum). 
Acquiesce, v. ^j ra4a, yarda; J*s 

qabil, yaqbal; J J**^ imtagal 

H, yamtasil. 
Acquiescence, a. J**J qabiil ; \*j 

rida ; s }\*j+\ imtisal. 
Acquire, v. <*UsM imtalak, yam- 

talik ; s-~~stf iktasab, yaktasib ; 

J*»» ha§$al, yuha^^il; JU nal, 

Acquirement, Acquisition, a. 

d%s*\ imtilak; sA-j^ iktisab ; 

J**es* tabgil. 
Acquit, v. # barrar, yubarrir, yte 

gafar, yagfir; yoU- hallas, yu- 

Acquittal, a. y^ 'afu; ^uu mag. 

Acre, a. (field) Jfe> fcaql (pi. Jy^ 

huq&l) ; ^ git (pi. eM gitan). 

— (mecwttrew*en-<) ^W faddan (pi. 

^*)W fadadin). 
Acrid, adj. *-**?- tirrif ; y murr 

(pi. j\f\ amrar) ; v*L. Mmiz. 
Acrimonious, adi. $*- barr. 
Acrimony, a. fijy» marara-t ; $/• 

Across, adv. "U^W* munfrarifan ; 

J^ifM^ mu'taritjan ; u 6 /" 5 ^ bi-'l- 

Act, v. J«* fa'al, yaf'al; J*W 

'amal, yu'amil. 
Act, a. (deed) J** fi'l (pi. JUrt 

af'al) ; J** 'ami (pi. JU*t a'mal). 

— (decree) y\ amr (pl./»ty aw &- 

mir), <^W firman. — (of a drama) 

> jaz' (pi. ^ ajza'). 
Action, a. (law-suit) 8jco da'wa-t 

(pi. «^\ys*> da'wat) ; ^^ da'wa 

(pi. isj<** da'awa) ; £ty niza*. — 

(battle) **ij waq'a-t (pi. g>Uj 

waqayi') ; £*>V^* muharaba-t. 
Active, a. (in grammar) ^U*3\ £**© 

sigat al-ma'lum ; JeUM al-fa'il. 
Active, adj. df» l^arik ; l*M na&t ; 

£** suni'. — (in grammar) <£***• 

Activity, a. &y ^araka-t; ^Ui 

na^at ; ^a bimma-t. 
Actor, a. (stage-player) v^ la'ib ; 

sr>^ la 4 ab ; ^jVa t&di. 
Actual, cw^;. jM^ taqiqi-y ; O^ 

Actuality, a. &*&>• haqiqa-t ; ^Sj 

waqi'a-t (pi. £>Vij waqayi'). 
Actuate, v. **^ harrak, yuharrik ; 

J^o. hamal, yahmil. 
Acute, g^Vs qd^i* ; *>U. hadd ; ^U 

ma<Ji. — (ingenious) ^^ zaki ; ^ok 

Acuteness, a. fo*. hidda-t; ^J^. 

hiddiya-t. — (acumen) &lo*fitna-t; 

i-\y firasa-t ; £;&& zakawa-t. 
Adage, a. (proverb) J** masal (pi. 

J\JU\ amsal). — (oW saying) J»8 

qaul (pi. J\j^ aqwal, Ji^ aqa- 

Adamant, a. (j*U3\ almas. 
Adapt, v. s-*~^ nasib, yunasib; 

<J»U» tabaq, yutabiq. 
Add, v. «-J^>\ adaf, yu<Jif ; *>\j zad, 

Adder, a. <j«i\ af'a (pi. ^^^ 

Addict, v. (oneself) J* *>j«* ta'aw- 

wad 'ala, yata'awwad. — (be ad- 
dicted to) s-» &p wala* bi, yaula*. 
Addition, a. Sobj ziyada-t; ii^>\ 


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Addees8, v. (speak to) s-*-U. hatab 

yuhfitib ; (& kallam, yukallim 

Address, s. &*i»s* hutba-t (pi. s-^ 

hu^ab) ; s-»^» hitab. — (of a letter) 

s->j*£*H (^y* 'unwan al-maktub. 
Adduce v. (bring forward) fJ^qad- 

dam, yuqaddim. — (quote) f& 

zakur, yazkur. 
Adept, a. y&U mahir (pi. 8^* ma- 

hara-t) ; j**± habir. 
Adequate, adj. <3*V» muwafiq ; 

s-*~^ munasib ; «J*$ layiq. 
Adequateness, Adequacy, 8. &&£ 

liyaqa-t ; &*l\y muwafaqa-t ; 

C^" munasaba-t. 
Adhere, v. (stick) s-» vJH*^ iltasaq 

bi, yaltasiq ; rf lazam, yalzam. — 

(be a partisan) Q~ s-***? ta'assab 

ma*, yata'assab. 
Adherence, Adhesion, *. jj-aS 

lusuq ; (^f^ iqtiran. — (agree- 
ment) ^ rida ; J^"\ ittifaq. 
Adherent, 8. <j*ij rafiq (pi. *U*j 

rufaqa, &&j ruf qa-t, ,3^ rif aq) ; 

Uk-J lasiq. 
Adherent, Adhesive, adj. &*&• 

multasiq ; &) lazij ; $ysL» multa- 

Adhibit, v. J**a-\ ista'mal, yasta'- 

mil ; «J^> sarraf , yusarrif . 
Adieu, 8. fWj wada*. 
Adjacent, adj. J->** muttasil ; 

jfa" mujawir ; &<>%• mulasiq. 
Adjective, 8. *-A*j wasf (pi. «-jUj\ 

ausaf) ; &* sifa-t ; «>** na'at 

(pi. &f> mi'ut). 
Adjectively, adv. *Vs*j na'atan. 
Adjoin, v. && lasiq, yalsaq ; J-°j 

wasal, yasil ; J-*\ ittasal, yatta- 

Adjoining, see Adjacent. 
Adjourn, v. f*\ ahhar, yu'ahhir ; 

J$M amhal, yunihil; ^J^ hazaf, 

Adjournment, 8.j*£-*\* ta'hir ; JW^ 

imhal ; <*J±*. hazf . 
Adjudge, Adjudicate, v. J (*£*> 

hakam li, yahkum. 
Adjudication, s. (*£*» hukm (pi. 

p\&»\ aJ^kani); &*•)&> j^ukuina-t. 

Adjunct, *. *ty>> sarik (pi. *fJ\ya»\ 

a£rak, *V^a £uraka) ; s-s^ nayib 

(pi. s-»V nuwwab). 
Adjunction, *. *sMjsM i^tirak. — 

(addition) to\*\ idafa-t. 
Adjure, v. a^W *JLc ^— *\ aqsam 

ale-hi bi-'llah-i, yuqsim ; J^U 

naiad, yuntUid. 
Adjust, v. s-^> rattab, yurattib; 

(& nazzam, yunazzim; (j&U» 

(abaq, yutabiq. 
Adjustment, «. s-**>/ tartib ; pjttf 

Adjutant, *. w-**# naqib (pi. %& 

nuqaba) ; s-«4^ nayib (pi. v*V 

nuwwab) ; gjl** mu'awin. 
Administer, v. ji* dabbar, yudab- 

bir ; (*£*- hakam, yahkum ; ^L. 

sas, yasus. — (physics) gJ^c 'alaj, 

Administration, «. ^trfJtf tadbir; 

£~W~ siyasa-t. 
Administrator, s. ^-a* mudabbir ; 

J-^5 wakil (pi. W* wukala). 
Admiral, s. j**J\ y*A amir al-bahr ; 

)^\ u-tsij raiyis al-bahr. 
Admiralty, s. j^\ ty+\ imarat al- 
bahr; j^\ S)VtJ naza'ra-t al- 
Admirable, adj. s « c » f* 'ajib. 
Admiration, «. s-*%c 'ajab ; s-^v^ 

ta*ajjub; s-'W*^^ isti'jab. 
Admire, v. <$* s ^> ta'ajjab min, 

Admirer, *. s «■»**'• muta'ajjib. — 

— (lover) (JaAc *aiiq. 
Admissible, adj. JA yuqbal (3 

aor. pass.) ; Jj*** maqbiil. 
Admission, «. (<o a person or place) 

Jj*^ duhul ; J^ wusiil. — 

(granting) &iW\ ijaba-t; J^«i 

qabul, qubul. 
Admit, v. J^»> dahhal, yudahhil; 

adhal, yudhil. — (allow, grant) 

J*S qabil, yaqbal. 
Admittance, «. J^a\ idhal ; J*-*> 

dahl; Jy^J duhM. 
Admix, v. U* halat, yahlut ; ^» 

mazaj, yamzaj. 
Admixture, s. WU. hilt (pi- WU.^ 

ahlat) ; l»to.^ ihtilat. 

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Admonish, v. g* nagah, yan?ah ; 

kcj wa'ag, ya'iz ; &V nabbah, yu- 

Admonition, 8. &*$ wa'aga-t ; *>U^ 

ir£ad ; s-***y targib. 
Ado, 8. \tjk gauga ; &*& galgala-t ; 

v T >y B -fc\ ld^irab. 
Adolescence, 8. &dtj** 6abubiya-t. 
Adolescent, adj. 8. s^» &ibb (pi. 

(j)W* Subban, s>W*\ a^bab, &«a 

£ababa-t) ; s^j** 6abub. 
Adopt, v. (a son) ^^ tabanna, 

yatabanna; *U*\ kteA ittahaz-hu 

abnan, yattahiz ; ^S\ izzahar, 

yazzahir. — (an opinion) {$~* &* 

tahassan, yatahassan ; j\&\ ihtar, 

yah tar. 
Adoption, «. ^j^s tabanni ; £*•**> 

tabniya-t ; oL_*^ ittihaz ; S^ 

S^mU^ banuwa-t az-zahira-t. 
Adorable, adj. *p** ma'bud ; 

S*>V^—J\ s-«**\j wajib as-sajada-t. 
Adoration, 8. SoLx 'ibada-t ; foV^* 

sajada-t ; *>?*~» sujud. 
Adore, v. J ^- sajad li, yasjid ; 

a*c 'abad, ya'bud. 
Adorn, v. q\) zan, yazin ; &) zay- 

yan, yuzajyin ; jy zawwaq, yu- 

Adornment, *. &># tazwin ; j^j 

zawaq ; Ujjdj zuhruf . 
Adript, adv. ^W bi-'l-'aum ; "U*Vc 

Adroit, adj. £>\* Satir (pi. ;VLdi 

Suftar) ; j^-J labiq ; y^^ mahir. 
Adroitness, 8. SjUa satara-t ; &W* 

labaqa-t ; ij\&» mahara-t ; &^** 

ma'rifa-t ; Sal haffa-t. 
Adulation, 8. «J*U> tamliq ; &&Ay 

muwajaha-t ; j**+i* taba^bu?. 
Adulatory, adj. <3U* mumalliq; 

v >U . ? .- mutamalliq ; &*Ay muwa- 

Adult, £JW balig. 
Adulterate, v. ^ zawwar, yuzaw- 

wir; JuJ^ afsad, yufsid; u^ 

gasS, yagusS. 
Adulteration, 8. ol— -i\ if sad ; 

*>t-J fasad ; foy tazwir. 
Adulterer, 8. u ; \) zani (pi. **>^j 


Adultery, s. Uj zina ; <3~i fisq ; 

(jj^a- haun, hawan. 
Adultness, «. ^ bulug; **±jl* 

Adultress, 8. &*s\) zaniya-t (pi. 

^rtjj zawani). 
Advance, v. f*B taqaddam, yata- 

qaddam. — (money) «-AL. sallaf , 

yusallif ; ^fh aqnuj, yuqrid. 
Advance, 8. pJtf taqaddum. — (of 

money) *-AL» salaf ; ?<&• g*o daf * 

Advancement, *. &<& taqdim; 

^*x«> taqadddm ; sfj*tt~\ istidraj ; 

J>j tarraqi ; *\&j\ irtiqa*. 
Advantage, «. SjjU fayida-t (pi. 

J*\y fawayid) ; &****• manfi'a-t 

(pi. ^iU. manafi'). 
Advantageous, adj. &\i nafi' ; J^u 

Advent, «. 4%*A\ j»W* ^iyam al- 

milad ; & A \ "^^^ maji al- 

Adventure, *. <j*;Us 'arid (pi. u*)^ 

'awarid) ; £*» ha^ar (pi. ^\w- 

hitar, jb±\ ah^ar) ; y»\^ mu- 

hatara-t (pi. ^»U^ mahatir). 
Adventurer, a. ^^aL tafsdni-y 

(pi. &AUL (afasina-t). 
Adventurous, Adventuresome, 

<wZ/- cSr^" niujtari ; ^-*W- jasir. 
Adverb, 8. «J[^. harf (pi. «-^ hu- 

ruf) ; «J^ zarf (pi. cJ^ zurM). 
Adverbial, adj. ^£> zarfi-y. 
Adverbially, adv. *Ujk garfan. 
Adversary, «. ^ 'adu-w (pi. *\^ 

a'da; ^^^ a*adi). — (in a Zaw- 

8uit) (**± ha^m (pi. j»U^\ ah- 

9am) ; ^ » ^ hasim (pi. ^ ».o^ 

Adverse, adj. <-AJU^ muhalif; 

^*W« muha^im. 
Adversely, adv. ±* dudd, didd ; 

Juij bi-dudd ; u~**^ bi-'l-'aks. 
Adversity, a. S^Vsa. ^aqawa-t ; ^-^ 

nahs ; Sja sidda-t (pi. ^>^ja sada- 

yid) ; &**»> dubaila-t ; J^> nakad. 
Advert, v. ^j^^^ i'tana, ya'tani; 

> \ - ^ - r LJ taqayyad, yataqayyad. — 

(refer to) ^\ J*>\ aiar ila, yu^ir. 
Advertise, v. p± habbar, yuhab- 

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bir; yt*\ ahbar, ynhbir; j&>\ 

ashar, yuShir. 
Advertisement, *. y*&* habar (pi. 

jL*U ahbar) ; S ; U\ i£ara-t ; fk\ 

Advice, 8. &^««t nasiha-t (pi. ^U> 

nasayih) ; j^» Saur (pi. j\^»\ as- 
Advisable, adj. <J*S layiq; s-^-^ 

wajib ; s-~l^» munasib. 
Advisableness, Advisability, *. 

& »-U* munasaba-t. 
Advise, v. c*^ nasah, yunasih ; 

v^ ijlc j\*\ aiar 'ale-hi bi, yuSir. 
Advised, adj. {prudent) «*J* s-^^*» 

sahib tadbir (pi. v»W*1 aehab). 
Advisedly, adv. (on purpose) *\<)*& 

Advocacy, 8. fete* safa'a-t. 
Advocate, 8. J-^ wakil (pi. *)^ 

wukala) ; ^W* muhami ; J-&U* 

munadil ; M* faqih (pi. *V** fu- 

Advocate, v. g*AS ta^affa', yata- 

Aerate, v. <.$y& hawwa, yuhawwi ; 

&) ray yah, yurayyih. 
Aerial, adj. ofy* hawayi-y. 
Aerolite, 8. i£)*>f**- hajar hawi-y. 
Aeronaut, 8. \^( yt~^ musafir al- 

Afar, adv. Ju*> ba'id ; »***» &• min 

Affability, «. «-J&J lu$f ; &UJ lata- 

fa-t; jUW £y~ sahulat al- 

ahlaq; I&Xa* ba$a£a-t. 
Affable, adj. ^J^ halim; «-Aj^ 

la$if ; {j~t*\ anis ; vr 1 ^ ba- 

Affair, *. y\ amr (pi. jy\ umur) ; 

**^ fcaja-t (pi. «>V^ hajat, &U- 

baj, ^fjo* hawayij); jj*A gugl, 

&gl (pi. JV^*-^ asgaf, Jj-*-a 

Affect, v. (influence) f\ a§§ar, 

yuassir. — (touch, move) <&>*» 

hannan, yuhannin; <J*; raqqaq, 

yuraqqiq. — (pretend) »i» qallad, 

yuqallid ; ^«M azhar, yuzhir. 
Affectation, Affectedness, s. 

§**S tasannu* ; SU&1** mubaha-t. 

Affected, adj. (not natural) £&«*• 

Affection, 8. J** mail; &>y* mn- 

wadda-t ; &*a^» muhabba-t. 
Affectionate, adj. *>«*>* wadud ; 

Ok** safiq ; s-^y« mufcibb ; «^>Wj 

Affiance, v. s ^ hatab, yah^ub ; 

haftab, yuhattib; ^U <*\«* 

£abak li-'z-ziia-t, yaibuk. 
Affiance, *. &*!■** hutba-t. — (confi- 
dence) *>Ws^ i'timad. 
Affidavit, a. j*—** ^/5 taqrir bi- 

Affiliate, see Adopt. 
Affinity, 8. h\p qaraba-t; ^^-i 

Affirm, v. *&\ akkad, yu'akkid; 

rf qarrar, yuqarrir. 
Affirmation, 8. ^\* ta'kid ; u^Wft 

isbat ; <Jk&** tahqiq ; yt/S taqrir. 
Affirmative, adj. ^Jk «*-» tasdiqi-y ; 

i^tA^ tahqiqi-y ; ^W-J ijabi-y. 
Affix, v. «j-J la§?aq, yulassiq. 
Affix, «. &*** muttasala-t. 
Afflict, v. ^\ aganim, yugimm ; 

yy-\ ahzan, yuhzin ; h bala, 

yablii ; 6jtU- ^1^ kasar hatir-hu, 

Affliction, *. Qp> huzn (pi. y\y>\ 

ahzan, &#* huzun) ; +k gamm 

(pi. fy>± gumum) ; h\± kaba-t. 
Afflictive, adj. fA+ mugimm ; 

)<*£+ mukaddir. 
Affluence, «. ^^ gana ; J^» mal 

(pi. >}\y\ amwal) ; £~) wusa* ; W 

sarwa-t ; ^ kasra-t ; *Vj rahaC 
Affluent, adj. ^^ gani ; jh\) 

wafir ; J*«W jazil ; ^ kasir. 
Afford, v. s-a^ wahab, yahab; 

Jac «ata, ya*ti. — (be able) j<& 

qadar, yaqdir. 
Affray, *. ^rajja-t; gV^ irtijaj. 
Affright, v. «-*j*» hawwaf, yuhaw- 

wif; fy fazza 4 , yufazzi*; *t**j\ 

ar 4 ab, yur*ib. 
Affront, v. <J* t^**5 ta'adda 'ala, 

yata*adda ; ^^ azza, yu'azzi. 
Affront, *. <^j«? ta'addi; ^4^ 

aziya-t ; Afe- _* ^ naqs fi fcaqq- 

hu; V^^^ 

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Afloat, adv. U*^ 'ayimaii. 
Afoot, adv. "V**U ma&yan. 
Afore, adv. J*J ^ min qabl. 
Afore-hand, Afobe-time, adv. 

U*U sabiqan; UXL. salifan; W*** 

qadiman ; ^Ji ^ min qadim. 
Afobe- mention ed, Afore-named, 

Afobe-8AID, adj. \£±* mazkur. 
Afraid, adj. «-A*U. Myif (pi. u\*» 

huwwaf, c^-i. hiyyaf, «-*j*» haul). 

— (be afraid) «-*^» haf, yahaf; 

W faza', yafza' ; Ja* jafal, yaj- 

Afresh, adv. *i±* ^ min jadid ; 

if ^J\* sani marra-t. 
Afbont, adv. *>U5 qusad ; h^ mu- 

After, prep, (of place) «-*!*■ half; 

tjjj wara. — (0/ ^trwe) j*» ba'd; 

.**» (^ min ba'd. 
After, Afterward, Afterwards, 

adv. *.**» <j* min ba'd-hu ; f* 

After, conj. U a** ba'd ma; o*j 

^ ba'd ann ; U s-^ gabba ma. 
Afternoon, *. j-* 'asr ; «t>^^oc 

'asriyat ; y&&\ .**» ba'd az-zuhr. 
Aoain, adv. "W aidan ; j^a* ^ 

min jadid. — (again and again) 

^)\y* mararan. 
Against, prep. ** dudd, didd ; <J& 

'ala ; U»± hilaf . ' 
Age, *. j*c 'umr ; ^— sinn. — 

(period of time) J**- jail (pi. 

JU^ ajyal) ; y&*> dahr (pi. ^t 

duhur) ;' f* 'a§r (pi. j\**\ a'sar, 

jr o* 'u§ur). 
Aged, ad/- jj%& 'ajuz ; j\#&\ ihtiyar ; 

(^— - musinn; y~l\ «j* ^U» 

ta'in fi-'s-sinn. 
Agency, s. &\*) wakala-t; 2L+\j 

Agent, 8. Jefj wakil (pi. ^ wu- 

kala) ; J*U f a'il ; J*& 'arnil. 
Aggrandise, v. y4 kabbar, yu- 

kabbir ; ^ 'azzam, yu'azzim ; 

£~j wassa', yuwassi' ; J* *>\j 

zad 'ala, yazid. 
Aggrandisement, s. j#t& takbir; 

(*}*o ta'gim, fr-f tausi'; ^)\ 


Aggravate, v. (make mine) J* 

gaqqal, yusaqqil ; *Uj\ p* sayyar 

arda, , yusayyir. — (make angry) 

s~aM agdab, yugtjib; l\t\ agaz, 

Aggravation, 8. && saqla-t ; *+>\*t\ 

Aggregate, v. a. g**. jama', yaj- 

ma' ; rf kawwam, yukawwim. 
Aggregate, Aggregation, e. £+*- 

jam' ; ^y£> takwim ; &W jum- 

Aggress, v. (*+* haiam, yabjum ; 

J**> hamal, ya^mil. 
Aggression, 8. fy+* hujum ; 8U*> 

Aggressive, adj. ^J^ta* muta'ad- 

Aggressiveness, 8. ^a** ta'addi. 
Aggressor, 8. j*»Aa hajim ; ^J^a* 

muta'addi ; <^*>l* badi. 
Aggrieve, v. s-»«^ 'azzab, yu'az- 

zib ; Qf»\ afczan, yuhzin ; ^ 

galam, yaglim. (See Afflict.) 
Aghast, adj. ^\^ hainin. 
Agile, adj. ^ na^H ; J^^ *ajil ; 

JUa. ^amlal; U^As. hafif (pi. 

^V&s. hifaf , *J\*±\ ahfaf , UU ahif- 

^ a ) ; &r* 8ar ^ (P^ o^r* s ur<an ; 

f . S , pi. g^ sira') ; ,3^ ra^iq. 
Agility, 8. &\&* na^at a -t; ^W*» 

^ahama-t; &^ ra^aqa-t ; ^Ua 

^amlala-t; iAi hiffa-t; ^y« 

sur'a-t ; il^ 'ajala-t. 
Agitate, *f3^ harrak, yutarrik; 

t) rajj, varujj ; y» hazz, yahuzz ; 

\J& qallaq, yuqalliq; ^jA hay- 

yaj, ynbayyij. 
Agitation, s. ^^ hayajan; 

^) rajja-t; fy* huzza-t; s^y**^ 

i(Jtirab ; (ji* qalaq. 
Agitator, *. *«3^* mubarrik ; s^V^ 

{$& cjarrab fitan. 
Ago, adv. "VajU sabiqan; J*J ^ 

min qabl. 
Agonise, v. n. £)U naza', yunazi' ; 

a. v**^ 'azzab, yu'azzib. 
Agony, 8. icjU* munaza'a-t; gy 

«wy*i\ niza' al - maut ; »*>\^5w 

va>yJ\ sakrat al-maut. 


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Aor] 10 

Agree, v. s> o^ m 4a bi, yar<Ja; 

<j*5\ ittafaq, yattafiq. 
Agreeable, adj. Jj*** maqbul ; 
s-~-U* munasib ; <3*V muwafiq ; 

ugj latif (pi. ^UJ lull). 
Agreeableness, a. &UJ la|af a-t ; 

UtfJ lutf . 
Agreement, 8. •*** 'aqd (pi. *>y^ 

<uqud) ; *»,* Sart (pi. M* Surut) ; 

jULJ\ ittifaq; *>M ittihad ; 

SjutU* mu'ahada-t. 
AoRiciTLTURE, 8. &*&> f alaha-t ; 

,/)» ^ taflih al-ard; Wjj 

zara'a-t ; #\^- harasa-t. 
Agriculturist, *. c^* fallal ; *±>^ 

fcaris (pi. s±>\jcw hurras) ; £j\) 

zari' (pi. f^j zurra'). 
Aground, adj. (on the ground) J* 

ijbft 'ala-'l-ard. — (run ashore) 

glSjfc garqan. 
Ague, «. fy\* ^j-*^ humma dayira-t. 
Ahead, adv. ^J* quddam; ^abJ 

Aid, v. q)\* 'awan, yu'awin ; q\b\ 

a'an, yu'in; J^U. sa'ad, yusa'id; 

U u u.\ as'af, yus'if. 
Aid, 8. (jjjc'aun; &j** ma' una- 1; 

&jU* mu'awana-t ; &^ i'ana-t ; 

SjkcL-^ musa'ada-t ; 8& ? \-~ * uiusa.- 

'afa-t ; »>J^ madad. 
Ail, v.a. &-> wajja', yuwajji' ; n. 

Q*f tawajja', yatawajja*. 
Ailing, Ailment, s. g*j waja* 

(pi. gW-^ auja«) ; J>f mard (pi. 

^UM amrad) ; &* 'illa-t (pi. 

«*& 'illat, JU 4 ilal). 
Aim, v. (design) *-* qasad, yaqsid ; 

a— a a,» taqas?ad, yataqassad. — 

(fake aim) q^ ±±\ ahaz ni&in, 

jahuz ; jf» harrar, yuharrir. 
Aim, 8. (design) & my a-t ; A*i 

qasd ; **\f murad ; a-Su maqsad 

(pi. a*V*» inaqasid) ; y^* garad 

(pi. J>\£\ agrad).— (target) ^i**> 

hadf (pi. u\*t\ ahdaf); <^ 

ntean, y^<J nUan (pi. <^«W 

naya^in) ; \j>£ garad. 
Air, 8. \)& hawa (pi. k^ abwi- 

ya-t); & rih (pi. c^; riyah); 

p~i nasam (pi. f^\ ansarn) ; 

^%^-i nasim (pi. ^ nisam).— 


(in music) &+*> nagma-t; f# 

nagam (pi. f\-*->\ angam). — 

(mien, aspect) }&• manzar (pi. 
JL\j* manazir); **j wajh (pi. 

tp\ ujuh, »^ aujuh, 6^ wu- 

Air, v. ^y* hawwa, yuhawwt ; &j 

rayyah, yurayyih. 
Airy, adj. ^^ hawayi-y. 
Akin, ai;. s-4^5 qarib (pi. ^\ aq- 

riba) ; s-^—> naaib (pi. W*\ an- 

Alabaster, «. u±ts^ /•/• marmar 

abyad ; ^ ruham. 
Alacrity, «. jy» 6auq (pi. j>\y*\ 

a^waq) ; ^A* naiat ; S^c gaira-t 

Alarm, v. ^y^ hawwaf , yuhawwif ; 

g)i fazza 4 , yufazzi* ; <jk qallaq, 

yuqalliq ; J^* qalqal, yuqalqil. 
Alarm, s. *~*f* hauf ; ^ qalaq ; 

&*rtj ru*ba-t ; ^^ dajja-t. 
Alarmist, s. «-A«^\)^ s-^^* sahib 

arajif (pi. s-»W*^ ashab). 
Alas! interj. *>\ ah; »^ wan, *Va^ 

Album, «. Z&y±^+ rnajuiu'a-t. 
Albumen, s. j±*J\ u*W bay ad al- 

Alchemist, s. W*^ &\*> sani* ki- 

Alchemy, a. U »^\ ^lc ^m al-ki- 

Alcohol, s. Jj**\ ^ ruh al- c araq. 
Alcoholic, adj. ^^ nihi-y. 
Alcove, «. £>-a* madja* (pi. ^^« 

niadaji 4 ) ; l*i qubba-t (pi. s-»W* 

qibab, s-^i qubab) ; ^ hidr (pi. 

j)<u» hudur) ; v>j* 'ar^ (pi. ^^ 

Alderman, s. &* ^aih (pi. ty** 

Ale, 8. Sj^ buza-t. 
Alert, adj. (vigilant) &*+* nabih ; 

&** - * *• muntabih; uHt^- haris; 

j±*> hazir. — (active, nimble) 1**J 

Alertness, 8. £ - a I-.-j nabaha-t; 

b\+*\ intibdh ; tUi nasa^. 
Algebra, s. aJl^UJ^ rf ^ s 3\ ^Jc 'ilm 

al-jabr wa-'l-muqabala-t. 

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v->U*U afamat) j 
oV quti-y; 

Alien, *. s-j/ garib (pi. ^ gu- 

Alienate, v. {-property) £^ ba', 
yabi' ; ^tt Jtf naqal ila, yanqul ; 
J^ hawwal, yuhawwil. — {the 
mind) J& naffar, yunaffir; »*«t\ 
&* ab'ad 'an, yub'id. 
Alienation, *. **\f* hawala-t; £U* 
naqla-t ; £«jL* mubaya'a-t. — 
{aversion) ijU naf ra-t ; yw ta- 
naffur; Sy^c 'adawa-t, jLa-a 
Alight, v. Jy nazal, yanzil ; jJ^\ 

inhadar, yanhadir. 

Alike, adj. ^L-j^ mutasavi ; J** 

misl ; J*&« masil ; J>U* munia- 

sil ; a**a sabih ; ^ nagir, J»>U* 


Aliment, a. «y»* qut (pi. «y\ys\ aq- 

?**); Jf akl; fUL $a'am (pi. 

***M at'ima-t, 

i^U* ma'as. 

Alimentary, adj 

«^**a* muqft. 
Alimony, 8. &tf kalfa-t ; &tf na- 

Aliquot, 8. J**\j^ *>«xe 'adad mu- 

Alive, adj. ^ bai-y (pi. W 

ahya) ; <j**W 'ayis\ 
Alkali, s. <Js qali ; <JUtf\ ^» milh 

al-qali ; ^^ usnan. 
All, adj. J^ kull ; £**► jam!'. 
All, *. aJ^ kulliya-t: *W jum- 

Allay, v. ^- sakkan, yusakkin ; 
i$+L t^mman, yu^ammin; ^ja 
hadda, yuhaddi ; U*± baffaf, 
Allegation, 8. *\j>\ irad ; ji/s taq- 

Allege, v. ^\ aurad, yurid ; /* 
zakar, yazkur ; <j^ rawa, yarwi ; 
$* qarrar, yuqarrir. 
Allegiance, a. £*Ux~\ istiqama-t ; 
&\±o sadaqa-t; £eU» {a'a-t; ***** 
Allegorical, adj. «4y»; ramzi-y ; 
i3$++ majazi-y ; ^y^ makni-y ; 
o^* mukanna. 
Allegobically, adv. k^^ bi-'l- 

kinaya-t ; y^W bi-'r-ramz ; "IjW* 
Allegorise, v. J£* masgal, yu- 
masgil ; yj ramaz, yarmiz (yar- 
muz); <J* kana, yakni; j-J 

&L£5\ ^ ^.y\ ^ifc^ L*_a fassar 
£ayan bi-ma'na - 'r - ramz wa-'l- 
kinaya-t, yufassir. 
Allegory, 8. AjU* kinaya-t ; J***? 
taingil ; SjU\ i^ara-t ; y+) ramz 
(pi. )yj rumuz) ; j \+* majaz. 
Alleviate, v. «-AAt baffaf, yu- 

haffif ; Je-» sahbal, yusahhil. 
Alleviation, s. *-M**tabfif, Ja*~J 

tashil ; &JL-J tasliya-t. 
Alley, 8. {narrow road) jUj zuqaq 
(pi. ^Uj zuqqan, Al)\ aziqqa-t) ; 
<J»^ baniq (pi. vj^^ hawaniq). 
Alliance, 8. *>«c 'and (pi. *>j$e 
'ubud) ; S a &V-*-« mu^ahada-t ; 
ii^»\ ittifaq. — {by marriage) 
&j&\*" musahara-t. 
Alligator, 8. c^-^ timsa^ (pi. 

£*~U* tamasih. 
Allocate, v. g*j wada', yadia' ; ^ 

ha^t, yahutt- 
Allocation, 8. W hatt, £•*$ wa4* 

(pi. £^ auda'). 
Allocution, «. W&*. hu^ba-t (pi. 

s-^ bntab) ;' v>^ hitab. 
Allot, v. f*~* * qasam, yaqsim ; qas- 
sam, yuqassim ; ^**- ba^^as, yu- 
Allotment, 8. £*»» bi?9a-t (pi. j*** 

hi^as) ; ^-»— 3 qisma-t. 
Allow, v. && azan, ya'zan; ^4— 
samut, yasmuh. — (botb witb *J 
<^*4 la-bu bi-sayin) ; ^ <& q/^-j 
rabbas la-bu fi, yurabhis. 
Allowable, adj. l*±f\ s-^^ wajib 
ar - ruhsa-t ; cW^ mubah ; yiW 
Allowance, * &S\ izn; t)\+X ija- 
za-t ; £-o4y rub? a-t. — {portion) 
see Allotment. — {abatement of 
price) j& naqs. 
Alloy, v. Ua. halat, yablut. 
Alloy, *. Uk hilt (pi. ^U\ ahlaj). 
Allude, v. J\ j\*\ aiar ila, yudir ; 
u**\ a'na, yu'ni ; ^ ^ kanna 

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'an, yukanni; <j*k fahha, yu- 
fahhi (with s^ bi and J\ ilk). 

Allure, v. vW- jazab, yajzub ; 
^yt\ agwa, yugwi. 

Allubement, 8. *r>«**» jazb ; \jt\ 
igwa ; hty gawaya-t ; v ^/ tar- 

AlliTsion, 8. y\ ramz (pi. \y\ 
ramuz); £*Us kinaya-t; h^bS 

Ally, v.a. ^ waeal, yasil; &+ 
jama', yajma'; n. <**\ ittahad, 
yattaljid; &s\ ittafaq, yataffiq 
(both with g* ma'); v> &*** 
ijtama' bi, yajtami'. — (by mar- 
riage) yfcU sahar, yusahir. 

Ally, «. JUfcU* mu'ahid ; fjto* mut- 
tafiq ; j^a« mutta^id ; «-AjL. 
fcalif (pi. VaU fculafa). 

Almanac, *. ^y* taqwim (pi. m^S 
taqawim); *>V*c!N f*~j& fihrist 
al - a'yad ; &-^\-Jj« ruzniima-h 

Almiohtiness, «. &e$\ S^jj qudra-t 

Almighty, aci;. ^ J^ Jc »*>ls 
qadir 'ala kull se-y; J*N LjU 
cjabit al-kull. 

Almighty, *. <JU? a)tt allah ta- 

Almond, «. jj-J lauz, loz; Sjj-J 


Almost, adv. J*U » ilia qaltl ; Jjl 

J*l* lau-la qalil ; W*y* taqriban ; 

J^fi 'and. 
Alms, *. &a* ?adaqa-t; fa~» ha- 

sana-t; Syfj zakwa-t ; SUjj za- 

Aloe, a. ^ 'aud (pi, ^\j^ 'idan, 

•tfj^ a'wacj) ; <4/** qumari-y ; 

p*> ?abr. 
Aloft, adj. J\* 'ali ; g**; rafi'. 
Alone, adj. *A) wahid; J^ wa- 

hid ; *>yu* munf arid ; *>/&* mu- 

Along, prep. jyJV* bi-'t-tM ; &• 

Aloof, adv. s-u*. ^J* < a la jamb; 

*«^ <J* 'ala nafciya-t; **** 

Aloud, adv. JU <*>^ bi-saut 'all. 

Alphabet, *. W* hija ; W^ ^^ 

huruf al-hija; * » « ♦ H *-*#** 

lmruf al - mu'jam ; *J^\ ^^ 

W huruf al-alif ba; J*r.\ abjad 

(=a, 6, c, d, arrangement of the 

letters according to their nu- 
merical value). 
Alphabetical, adj. ^J^ s-V/ <JL* 

\+£\ 'ala tartlb hurul al-hija. 
Already, adv. <& qad ; J£* fa-qad ; 

J^fi la-qad. 
Also, adv. ^ aidan; ^W kama- 

nan ; *aU^ kazalik. 
Altar, 8. £»X» mazbah (pi. &\*" 

mazabih) ; J-£*-* haikal (pi. 

J*Wfc hayakil ; s^j^* mihrab (pi. 

s-stj^ maharib. 
Alter, v.a. j^ gayyar, yugayyir ; 

JJ4 badal, yabdul ; baddal, yu- 

baddil; n. j<*s tagayyar, yata- 

Alteration, a. j«** tagyir; ^*» 

Altercate, v. £fr naza', yunazi' ; 

^►^ 6ajar, yu^ajir, ^ ladd, ya- 

Altercation, 8. £cjU* munaza'a-t ; 

S^-lA^ mu^ajara-t ; ^ ladad. 
Alternate, v. s-*to> taqallab, yata- 

qallab ; s-iU? ta'aqab, yata'aqab ; 

j^ J4A 'amal bi - 'd - daur, 

Alternately, adv. j^W bi-'d- 

daur ; &eiViu3l| bi-'l-mu'aqaba-t. 
Alternative, «. (choice) J^^ ih- 

tiyar; S«^ hira-t; v>^^^ inti- 

Altitude, «. J^ 'alii-w ; gVtf%^ irti- 

Always, adv. WW dayiman; Jc 

f>\)<£\ 'ala-'d-dawam. 
A.M. (Arlium magister) ff*R fl*+ 

l**sy\ mu'allim al-'ulum al-ada- 

biya-t. — (Anno Mundi) &.& w 

^%JU3\ min takwin al-'alam. — 

(Ante Meridiem) ]&&\ J<i qabl 

Amalgam, 8. 8W-\y ^jW3\ l^^\ 

vjM^\ ihtilat al-ma'adin bi-w&- 

sitat az-zibaq. 

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Amalgamate, v. q*>\*<A\ Ua- balat 

al-ma'adin, yabluj. 
Amanuensis, *. s-*?tf katib (pi. 

s^ kuttab) ; £~U nasib. 
Amass, t;. e** jama*, yajma' ; jJ 

lamm, yalumm ; f>? kawwam, 

Amateur, a. ^M. gawi (pi. «a>\** 

guwat); s-JVL talib (pi. *t>&> 

tullab) ; ^ h-^j ragib fi. 
Amatory, adj. <j*^ 'a&q; 0*** 

Amaze, v. j#» bayyar, yubayyir; 

s~*ȣ 'ajjab, yu'ajjib ; ,J**S\ ad- 

bai, yudbis\ 
Amazement, *. S^a. l^ira-t; 

'ajab ; s-^*? ta'ajjub. 

Ambassador, *. ^- safir (pi. \yk- 

sufara); Jj-j rasul (pi. J-j 

rusul) ; JUj* marsal (pi. J*~V* 

marasil) ; <^V ilcbi-y (pi. &*^)\ 

ilcbiya-t, Turk.). 
Amber, s. (yellow) ^*y^ kabru- 

man; tas kabruba (vulg. W/ 

Ambergri8, 8. j*** 'ambar; f\*- j*& 

'ambar bam ; j*** 'abir. 
Ambiguity, *. fiLja>\ istibab ; l±&6 

ta'qida-t; pi&\ ibbam; <j*W^\ 

tj***^ iltibas al-ma'na. 
Ambiguous, adj. ^j raibi-y ; 

^5***^ (jmfjl* multabis al-ma'na ; 

c5 *** mu'amma ; **X£a* musak- 

kak ; f*** mubham ; 0**** ^ 

zu ma'nen. 
Ambition, *. Lj* bugya-t; fcUxrt 

intifah; g*L tama* ; &♦* him- 

Ambitious, adj. g*ll {ami' ; JUL 

tamma ( ; &+* ^ zu bimma-t. 
Amble, v. s-^ habb, yabubb ; J^yfc 

barwal, yubarwil. 
Amble, s. s-^ babab; fl^y* bar- 

Ambulance, s. yL**M Uyi &to naq- 

qala-t li-murada al-'askar; ^ 

(^>^»%^^ ^/»N 'araba-t al-mu- 

ra4a wa- 1-niajruhin. 
Ambuscade, Ambush, 8. &*** ka- 

min; *y. c^ mat rat bftna-t 

(pi. t^VU ma{arib) J^ kaid. 

Ameliorate, v. ^ sallab, yusal- 

lib; ^M a^lah, yuslih; £^« 

sahbah, yusahhih; J^ a'dal, 

Amelioration, 8. &?** taslih ; 

t$*>\ islah ; Ji J«? ta'dil. 
Amen, 8. {$#•} amin. 
Amenable, adj. (responsible) s-JU>* 

mu^alab ; Jj*-^ mas' ul. — (govern- 
able) &!*• mutf'; •>** yuqad (3 

aor. pass.). 
Amenability, 8. £<JUa* mutalaba-t ; 

&£ySZ~* mas'uliya-t. 
Amend, v. Amendment, 8. see Ame- 
liorate, Amelioration. 
Amends, s. {compensation) SUX» 

makafat ; &*jU* mu'awa^a-t ; 

\ff* 'iwad (pi. jAjd a'wad). 
Amenity, 8. &J lazza-t (pi. **A& 

lazzat, $*)& lazayiz) ; iivW lata- 

Amerce, v. &+ij+}\ **?& ^j& qada 

'ale-bi al-jarima-t, yaqdi. 
Amethyst, s. q\&/ karkaban ; s*S/ 

karkand ; f»y*W jaballaqum. 
Amiable, adj. J)-*- 3 -* maqbiil; 

*T>fs*>» mahbub; «-Aj^ la^if (pi. 

^<U li^af). ' 
Amiableness, Amiability, a. UhU 

lu^f; A*^Jlatafa-t. 
Amicable, ad;. <j«**\ anis; *-AjJ 

la^if (pi. «-i^ litaf) ; w-*^* mu- 

Amicableness, 8. *>\j* wadad; 

£*^» mubabba-t; ^^w la^afa-t; 

jU^ &je~ subula-t al-ablaq. 
Amid, Amidst, prep. W-j ^y f i wast ; 

(^ ben, bain ; ($* min. 
Amiss, adv. ^-3\ a«m J^ 'ala wajb 

as-su; ^iU3 it bi-'l-bilaf. 
Amity, s. l*y muwadda-t; &***• 

Ammunition, a. 8^0 zabira-t (pi. 

^jU-3 zahayir) ; AiVa^. jabbana-b 

(Per 8.). — (ammunition waggon) 

s^yj\ hf 'araba-t al-^arb. 
Amnesty, s. f\* yke 'afu 'arnm; 

^U\ aman ; &£*• mutaraka-t. 
Among, Amongst, prep. {&* bain ; 

^ U ma bain ; (^ U J> fl mA 

bain; <$*• min. 

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Amobous, adj. <J*Vc <iUiq (pi. jUc 

'ussaq) ; <JjA£* masgM. 
Amorousness, a. <>^ *i£q ; '<-*** 

sagaf ; &*^* muhabba-t. 
Amount, v. £l* balag, yablug. 
Amount, a. *W jumla-t; £l** 

mablag (pi. g\*» mabalig). 
Amphibious, adj 9 ^^ ^ barri-y 

Amphitheatbe, a. g;^ •*«*• maq'ad 

bi-duraj ; &^«* ma'araka-t (pi. 

*4>U* ma'arik) ; ^J^ maidan 

(pi. c^W* mayadin). 
Ample, adj. £-\j wasi' ; £*~j wast* 

(pi. £U> wisa'); s-^j rahib; 

E*"» * fasih. 
Ampleness, Amplitude, a. &u.j 

wus'a-t ; £*~ si'a-t ; £*,~i fasha-t. 
Amplification, a. £*-»/ tausi* ; 

J*y»» tatwil.— (m worda) &^U 

ifcala-t ; Itiiy mubalaga-t ; J*** 

Amplify, v. £-j wassa', yuwassi* ; 

g\* balag, yubalig; *>\j zad, 

Amputate, a. \y& gSai qa$a* 'ad wan, 


Amputation, 8. ^»i qat*. 

Amuse, v.a. J- salla, yusalli ; u*^ 

anas, yunis. — (one's self) Ji~J 

tasalla, yatasalla ; )*~*i\ imbasat, 

yambasit ; Sy* tanazzah, yata- 

Amusement, 8. &JL-J tasliya-t ; £*y 

nuzha-t ; i\~~,i\ imbisa^. 
Anachbonism, 8. &fly&\ o* ^ 

galat fi-'t-tawarih. 
Anagbam, 8. ^jA+ld lafz maqlub ; 

s-^» qalab. 
Analogical, Analogous, adj. 

*t*-U* munasib ; s-^^* muta- 

nasib; &*\&f musabih; <j-W* 

Analogise, v. w^-i nassab, yunas- 

Analogy, a. £*-U* munasaba-t ; 

s-*-^* tanasub. 
Analyse, v. J-* fassal, yufassil ; 

*r>f\ a'rab, yu'rib ; J^ tall, ya- 

Analysis, a. (grammatical) **>\fb 

i'rab. — (chemical) J*-tf tafsil ; 

J- hall ; JM inhilal. 
Analytical, ad/. <JL> halli-y; 

^5^*-^ tafyili-y. 
Anabchic, Anabchical, adj. ^ac 

^J\ 'adim al-hukm ; f!kA\ ^y 

muzil an-nizam. 
Anabchy, a. ^J\ j^c 'adam al- 
hukm ; (J^yiS taSwte; Jte±\ ih- 

tilal ; ty* ) &)* harj wa marj. 
Anathema, 8. f^ hirm, hurm (pi. 

f»/»- hurum, p^ hurum) ; 2jj& 

la'anat ; (<fi qa$*. 
Anathematise, v. ^ haram, yah- 

rim j ^«J la'an, yaTan. 
Anatomical, adj. ^f^s tairihi-y. 
Anatomise, v. c/» £arrah, yu^ar- 


Anatomy, 8. ^r^^ (^* i ^ m &t-ta£- 

Ancestob, 8. <*+ jadd (pi. »>^ ju- 

dud, »>\^ ajdad); UdL salaf 

(pi. ^iSU sullaf, ^iX.\ aslaf). 
Ancestby, 8. j\ al (pi. Jty awal) ; 

s-^-i nasab (pi. s->*— ^ ansab); 

J*^S^ al-awayil. 
Anchob, s. SL-^ mirsat (pl/cr*V* 

marasi); s-ifc halb (pi. s^^ 

hulub, ^Jt\ ahlab). 
Anchobage, a. ^j-y marsa (pi. 

is*\f marasi). 
Anchovy, «. hfA anjuya-t. 
Ancient, adj. ^Ai qadim ; &** 

4 atiq (pi. jUc 4taq). 
Ancients, «. Uxs)\ al-qudama; 

J£)N al-awayil. 
And, conj . ) wa. 
Anecdote, 8. &*& qissa-t (pi. ^j*** 

qi?as) ; k^- hikaya-t (pi. k^ 


Anemone, s. jM*» Saqiq (pi. dM^ 

Anew, adv. *&<**• ^ min jadid. 

Angel, s. «t\U malak ; d%» malak 

(pi. &*%• malayika-t). 
Angelic, Angelical, adj. ^s^U 


Anger, a. s-^fc ga<Jab; M gaiz; 
^ feulq; OM* tanaq; W* 

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Ano] 15 


Anger, v. ttM agftz, yugtz. ; s-uM 

agdab, yugdib; b**\ ahfaz, yuh- 

Angle, a. Wj zawiya-t (pi. V*^j 

zawaya); ^5 qurna-t (pi. <J\f 

qarani). — (for fishing) S;U* sin- 

nara-t (pi. «t>> at, and yU* 

sananir) ; £*i^ balii* (pi. *Jta 

Angle, v. c«U-* ju*» tasayyad 

8amak, yatasayyad. 
Angry, adj. ^W-** gadban. 
Angular, adj. k\)) ^ zu zawaja. 
Anguish, s. *ja £idda-t (pi. j*\ja 

sadayid) ; v»/ karb ; &** diqa-t ; 

**r>\J**\ idjirab ; ^UM { J>^\ inqi- 

bad al-ha$ir. 
Animadversion, s. (observation) 

&*>X» mulahaza-t. — (censure) f£ 

laum, lom ; £*.x* mazzama-t. 
Animadvert, v. (turn the mind to) 

^aJ dl* JLc\ a 'ta bfilbu li-se-y, 

yu'ti; t-»-^ lahag, yulabiz. — 

(blame) &* wabbah, yuwabbih ; 

^3 lam, yalum. 
Animal, s. ($\yt*» haiwan (pi. cyUU**. 

haiwanat); &-*U dabba-t (pi. 

v»\j J dawwab) ; (*& babim (pi. 

piw bahayim). 
Animal, adj. o>V** haiwani-y. 
Animalcule, s. ^^ huwwain (pi. 

*A>Wy»- ljuwwainat). 
Animate, v. ^-^ ahya, yuhyi. — 

(encourage) <jb** harrad, yuhar- 

rid, s-*; raggab, yuraggib. 
Animate, adj. ^ bayy (pi. \&A 

ahya) ; Cj; ^ ?u ruh. 
Animated, adj. (lively) **** nabih ; 

sj»y** basus; q\£* batran; N-»jk 

Animation, s. <j*Aju$\ inti'jU. — 

(liveliness, spirit) &&>\&* ba£a£at; 

tU* naiat ; &J^ hadda-t ; tyy* 

Animosity, 8. &*»U£ kaiaha-t ; *+* 

kaid ; J* gill ; ja*. haqd. 
Ankle, s. s-^ ka'ab (pi. s-»^ 

Anklet, s. Jail*, balhal (pi. J^)^ 

halahil, J*£u halahil). 
Annalist, 8. tfy muw'arrih. I 

Annals, a. (fyf tawarlh ; Ji^\ ah- 

Annex, v. <J\ «jU\ adaf ila, yucjif ; 

<Jastt albaq, yulhiq. 
Annexation, s. &l^ idafa-t ; &*k) 

ziyada-t; jWH ilhaq. 
Annihilate, v. vJ^* mabaq, yam- 

haq ; mahhaq, yumahhiq ; y<* 

damar, yadmur; dammar, yu- 

dammir; *\>\ 'abad, yu'bid ; p±&\ 

a'dam, yu'dim. 
Annihilation, s. <j-*-* mahq; 

j\+* mubaq ; y*+<£ tadmir ; S S^\ 

Anniversary, s. ^y^- j^ 'aid 

Annotate, v. c/» 6arah, yairah ; 

^— i fassar, yufassir. 
Annotation, s. c/» 3arh ; jt-JS 

taf sir ; S*aU* hiUiya-t (pi. ^^ 

Announce, v. p±\ ahbar, yubbir ; 

y*± habbar, yuhabbir ; ^\ a'lam, 

yu*lim. — (good news) jM baSsur, 

Announcement, s. ;W ibbar, ^y 

tabbir ; (*A*s ta*lim ; pb\ i«lam. 
Annoy, v. $*)\ az'aj, yuz 4 ij ; Jcj 

za u al, yuza"il ; s-*>\ at'ab, yu- 

t*ib ; J*\ amall, yumill. 
Annoyance, s. &b> saqla-t; s-*> 

ta*ab; u^jA* taiwis ; &%• ma- 

Annoyed, adj. ^Jbj za 4 lan. 
Annual, adj. ^^u. sanawi-y ; ^J^ 

Annuity, s. ^y- & *> daf * sanawi-y ; 

^y-» sanawiya-t. 
Annul, v. £*~} nasah, yansah ; JW 

baUal,yubattil ; JM abtal,yubtil. 
Annular, adj. j^ mudawwar; 

^Ai-^ mustadir; MJ\ J^> 

bisikl al-halqat. 
Annulment, s. ^— i nasb; JJ<^ 

tabtil ; J^^ ibtal. 
Annunciation, s. see Announce- 
ment. — (feast of) SjU^\ jua 'aid 

Anoint, t;. ^j daban, yadhun ; 

dabhan, yudahbin ; ^-—« masab, 


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Anointed, 8. £6~*tt al-masty. 
Anomalous, adj. yf>&\ •** Qidd 

al-qanum; l*y**+ pA ger matfbut ; 

pjtL* ytft ger manzum. 
Anomaly, s. fUtf ^ 'adam nizam ; 

W* &* qillat dab*. 
Anon, adv. A\J\ ^ ft-'l-hftl ; 3^ 

Mian ; teeu ^ min sa'at-bu. 
Anonymous, adj. J*£ gufl (pi. J^ 

agfal) ; ,*-3\ ^A^ muhfi-'l-ism, 

f*<W J?**"* majbul al-ism; ^ 

JU-\ katim ism-bu. 
Another, adj. y*k ger (pi. j^\ 

agyar) ; /*\ ahar ; f . ^/A ubra 

(pi. &jl\ abarin, /^ uhar, «4)W 

Answer, v. s^W jawab, yujawib ; 

s-»M ajab, yujib. — (be surety) 

JaT kafal, yakful ; t>*-* damin 

Answer, s. s^j* jawab (pi. %a>\ 

at, %^ ajwibat) ; **jV» mu- 

Answerable, ad/, (wfcatf may 6e 

replied to) v>\j*^ J*^> qabil al- 

jawab. — (responsible) er*^ 4 a - 

min ; J** kafil (pi. ** kuf ala'). 
Ant, «. iUi namla-t (pi. J** naml, 

JUi nimal). 
Antagonism, s. **j^ hu?uma-t ; 

SjU* mudaddat ; **J^ dudiyyat. 
Antagonist, s. ^-**- ba§m (pi. f\**»\ 

abeam) ; (**<*» hasim (pi. U— s. 

hueama; a* didd, dudd (pi. 

J\j^ acjdad). 
Antagonistic, adj. ^*^ 'ada- 

Antarctic, 007. ^j**^ v*WM jjW* 

mujawir al-qu^b al-janubiy. 
Antecedent, 8. ?<&• muqaddam. 
Antecedent, adj. f.Wtt* mutaqad- 

dim ; v5*^- sabiq. 
Antediluvian, adj. q^^ J** &• 

min qabl a|-tufan. 
Antenuptial, adj. u-^ J* 5 &" 

min qabl al-'urs ; c^^ J*S <^ 

min qabl an-nikab. 
Anterior, adj. «J*U sabiq; [••***• 

Anthem, s. e**~? tasbih ; &*>** 

madiljat (pi. e*^ madayib). 

Antic, ad;. *W*» mu4tfr> **-*^ 

Antic, s. ^— * masbara-t (pi. 

^Uw« masanir). 
Antichrist, s. JW*d\ fcc ~» fl al- 

masib ad-dajjal. 
Anticipate, v. J*- sabaq, yasbiq ; 

sabbaq, yusabbiq, b bazz, ya- 

Anticipation, s. <J**~ * tasbiq. — 

(expectation) Jk&\ intizar. 
Antidote, s. jV tiryaq ; ^~tt •** 

dudd (didd) as- samm. 

Antimony, s. JW**^ J** kuW 

isfabani-y ; ±*$\ ismid, usmud ; 

«t^-.U\ ^^ hajar ar-rasubt; 

yy+zsA antimun. 
Antipathy, s. &*>\/ karabat; 5y» 

Antipodes, s. Wa^^J SjU* ^j%\ (jjVC 

snkkan aJ-ard mudadda-t liba'- 

Antiquarian, Antiquary, a. ^JVc 

^jjC\ ^l>^l^ 'alim bi-'l-agar al- 

Antiquated, adj. %3y*~~+ masbuq ; 

j»jJU^ mutaqaddim. 
Antique, adj. ^4^ qadim (pi. U^i 

qudama) ; <3<^ 'atiq (pi. jUc 

'itaq, ^c 'utaqa). 
Antiquities, s. *+i*&\ )W\ al-asar 

Antiquity, s. l^\^\ JW^\ al-ajyal 

al-baliya-t; MU)\ JW^ al- 
ajyal al-macjiyat. 
Antithesis, s. a* didd, dudd. 
Antler, s. Jty^ oj* qarn al- 

Anvil, s. ^juu. sandan (pi. t>**>U- 

Anxiety, *. j*± cjajar ; 8^* duj- 

ra-t; ^ qalaq ; ^ hamm (pi. 

f]+jt> humum). 
Anxious, adj. s^ 8 -^ mu^tarib ;j»^* 

mukaddar. — (desirous) ^fat * 

mu^tabi ; ^ s-^^ ragib fi. 
Any, adj. q& ^ <J\ ayyu m& kan, 

yakun ; q\£ W« mabma kan. 
Anybody, Anyone, s. ^ J^kull 

man ; ^ ^\ ayyu man. 

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Anyhow, adv. *y*jH er* **•# bi- 

wajh min al-wujuh. 
Anywhere, adv. Uo^ aina-ma ; ^ 

q\Z g*y <j\ fi e mauda* kan. 
Anywise, adv. £ty3\ ^ gyt* bi-nau' 

min al-anwa*. 
Aobist, 8. £j\A" mudari*. 



Apace, adv. J*>*^ bi-'l-'j 


Apart, adv. "tayu* munfaridan ; 

a^yw* a*A> J* kull wahid bi-mu- 


Apartment, s. &>)\ auda-t (pi. 

<j6^ uwad) ; o^j bait (pi. «y)rf 

buyut) ; Sjj-aJU maqaura-t ; &M> 


Apathetic, adj. &W+^ ^i^ 'adim 

Apathy, 8. &\~A\ +m 'adam al- 
mubala-t ; *<>h balada-t ; ^ 
Ape, 8. *>^i qird (pi. J^l qurud) ; 
Or*** maimun; ^ja- sa'dan 
(pi. ^i*^*- sa'adin). 
Ape, v. & qallad, yuqallid. 
Aperient, a. J$«~* mushil; &£+ 
mulayyin ; J«— * \y» dawa mushil. 
Aperture, a. <W* fathat ; J/- 
harq (pi. J^ huruq) ; v-iu* 
manfas (pi. ^-JU* manafis). 
Apex, a. e^ auj ; <j*\> r'as (pi. u*^\ 

arus, (j-jj; ru'us). 
Aphelion, a. &* ^>fl\ «**» ,j*i\ 
(.r*-^ aqsa bu'd al-ard min a£- 
Aphorism, a. J** masal (pi. JW 

amsal) ; ^ ra'y (pi. \>\ ara). 
Apiary, 8. J^» manhal. 
Apiece, adv. **A) J& li-kull wahid. 
Apish, adj. JkU* muqallid. 
Apocalypse, 8. Jrv^ ^^ j^* ^j 
ruya mar yohana ar-rasul ; s->^> 

ir-* ?lfy ^ kitab abukalibsis ; 

«- ft i*-6 taksif ; ^W^- jalayan. 
Apocryphal, ad/. ^* munkar (pi. 

f^» manakir) ; s-**/« marib. 
Apologetic, Apologetical, adj. 

^Jue^ i'tizari-y. 
Apologise, v. ^ tabarrar, yata- 

barrar ; j±**\ itazar, yatazir. 
Apologist, 8. ^Vft. hami. 

Apology, 8. {excuse) S>J«* ma'zarat 
(pi. jS\ju» ina'azir) ; j\Aze\ i'tizar. 
— (defence) SUV^* muhama-t. 

Apoplectic, adj. <j*£~ sakti-y. 

Apoplexy, 8. &*£- sakta-t ; &<*+& 

Apostasy, 8. &<A\ &* *A^\ irtidad 
'an ad-din ; &<A\ )\&\ inkar ad- 
din ; ytf kufr ; »W*. jahd. 

Apostate, 8. &>&\ djti tank ad- 
din ; tfj" murtadd. 

Apostatise, v. (ji^\ ^ ^ irtadd 
'an ad- din, yartadd. 

Apostle, 8. <^;V- hawari-y (pi. 
C#!)V^ a * " bawariyun) ; J*-j 
rasul (pi. J-j rusul) ; c*L salih. 

Apostleship, 8. & — J^j rasala-t; 
&yj rasuliyya-t. 

Apostolic, Apostolical, adj. Jrt) 

Apostrophe, 8. ^>U^ muhataba-t ; 
IM- hutbat (pi. s-U hutab). — 
(the mark) £* &f± haraka-t 

Apostrophise, v. s-^^ hatab, yu- 

Apothecary, 8. ^yA ijzaii-y; 
^s^o saidalani-y (pi. &a\*± 

Appal, v. Jj* hawwal, yuhawwil ; 
s-^ ar'ab, yur'ib. 

Apparatus, a. «^ alat; Sjl-c 
'udda-t (pi. *>J* 4 udad). 

Apparel, 8. ^-^ libs ; &>*) badla-t ; 
s-»W> siyab or s-»V^ a ? wa b (pi. of 

Apparel, v. {j~*} labbas, yulabbis ; 

^5-^ kassa, yukassi. 
Apparent, adj. y^Vk zahir; ^-*^ 

Apparition, 8. (phantom) JV^s. 

hival; obUta'if (pi. u\jL tuw- 

Appeal, v. y£\ ^U J\ &s^ gj^ 

rafa* da'watbu ila hakim akbar, 

yarfa' ; *i>^ gawwas, yugawwis. 
Appeal, 8. (for mercy) &\**J\ 

istigasa-t ; y£\ f*X\c* <Ji\ S^cj ^ 

raf da'wat ila hakim akbar. 
Appear, v. ^ zahir, yazhar; ^l| 

ban, yabin ; c^ lab, yaluh. 


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Appearance, a. (look) ^ zuhur ; 

^ zahir; l )y o sura-t ; q\& ba- 

Appease, v. fc>£~ sakkan, yusak- 

kin ; ^^a hadda, yuhaddi ; ^J^\ 

ahda, yuhdi. 
Appellant, a. — cu* munda'i ; 

v ^^to » mustagig ; Ajy>*> g*\j 

rafi' da'wat-hu. 
Appellation, a. ^-t ism (pi. U-\ 

asma, ^U\ asami) ; fin ». l ? tas- 

Appellative, a. u *a^5\ ^ ism al- 

Append, v. <j\* 'allaq, yu'alliq. — 

(add) U\*\ adaf, yudif. 
Appendage, a. Appendix, a. & ♦- , »■♦* * 

4amima-t (pi. ^JU* dama'im) ; 

Ji^ zel, zail (pi. J^3 zuyul, J^\ 

Appertain, v. <j** hass, yahuss; 

s— ^\ intasab, yantasib. 
Appetite, a. J*\ u**** nafas akl ; 

\&*>\ istiha. 
Applaud, v. J <3&*> saffaq li, yu- 

saffiq ; Jk> hallal, yuhallil ; .3u** 

habbaz, yuhabbiz. 
Applause, a. vJk*-* tasfiq; J*l$* 

Apple, a. &»-te tuffaha-t (pi. tte 

Appliance, a. &*~j wasila-t (pi. 

J*~j wasil, Jfl-j wasa'il). 
Applicable, adj. v3*^* mu^abiq; 

<3^y* muwafiq. 
Application, a. « J » ? Vi ? tatbiq ; 

mu|abaqa-t. — (study) 
j\qx+\ ijtihad ; a^ jahad. — (for 
a place) s-<& talab. 

Apply, v. (a law, &c.) <J*1=> Jabbaq, 
yu^abbiq. — (employ) J**s-^ ista'- 
mal, yasta'mil. — (apply oneself 
to) *&*\ ijtabad, yajtahid ; <**& 
taqayyad, yataqayyad. 

Appoint, t). imS +~> samma, yusanimi, 
J«* ja'al, yaj'al; & qallad, yu- 
qallid ; s-^ nasab, yansub. 

Appointment, a. s- ****** niansab (pi. 
s-^l** manasib) ; &*kj wazifa-t 
(pi. «-tfU>j wazayif). — (for a 

meeting, &c.) j\&\ ittifaq ; 

raa'bad ; *>U** mi'ad. 
Apportion, v. ij^ hass, yahuss ; 

yj***» hassas, yuhassis ; ^-a» qas- 

8am, yuqassini. 
Apportionment, a. tei/s tafriqa-t ; 

( n*~B taksim. 
Apposite, adj. <jfc$ layiq ; &\y 

muwafiq ; s-~l** munasib. 
Appositeness, a. &*— U* munasa- 

ba-t ; &u\y muwafaqa-t. 
Appraise, v. f~ sa"ar, yusa"ir ; 

(^ saramau, yusainmin ; jJu> 

qaddar, yuqaddir. 
Appraiser, a. J$o dallal ; y-** 

Appraisement, a. ^>**** tahinin ; 

j**~> tas'ir; £<& taqdir ; Zx& t lS 

Appreciable, adj. ^JA*5\ y£++ 

mum kin al-taqdir. 
Appreciate, v. y*\ a'azz, yu'izz ; 

p**\ i'tabar, ya'tabir. 
Appreciation, a. &*<ssN &yi* ma'ri- 

fa-t al-qima-t; ^ys? taqwim ; 

{$*+£ tasmin. 
Apprehend, v. (understand) ^ 

fahim, yafham , v* ^ fa^in bi, 

yaftan; djS\ adrak, yudrik. — 

( fear) «-*W haf, yahaf ; gy faza 4 , 

yafza*. — (seize) ceL-^ masak, 

yamsik; ^ j^i qabad 'ala, 

Apprehension, a. (conception) ^ 

fahm; f*&} wahm. — (fear) <Jy± 

hauf, hot* ; iiUy* mahafa-t. — 

(seizure) ,J^ qabd. 
Apprehensive, p*& fahim; J*lc 

%il. — (fearful) «-Afti ha'if; 

<-*tf» hawif. 
Apprentice, a. ,*Ux* muta'allim ; 

&*\j*° ^ Xn*\5 talmiz fi samVa-t 

(pi. ±**)5 talamiz). 
Apprenticeship, a. J*s ta'allum. 
Apprise, v. ^ habbar, yuhabbir ; 

^4-^ ah bar, yuhbir. 
Approach, v. s-*/ qarib, yaqrab; 

v»y^ iqtarab, yaqtarib ; Vs*> 

dana, yadiiu. 
Approach, a. v»\^5\ iqtirab ; Jy^o 

^\ dahul ila ; s-»/ qurb. 

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Approachable, adj. v>V*^ J*- 

sahil al-iqtirab. 
Approbation, see Approval. 
Appropriate, v. {set apart) { J± 

halla, yuhalli ; {j-& 'ayyan, yu- 

'ayyin. — {take possession of) 

< «U ♦ ? *\ istamlak, yastamlik ; 

Jyu.\ istaula, yastauli ; ^J^ls-t 

istalhaq, yastalhiq. 
Appropriate, adj. o — W layiq; 

s-*~U* munasib. 
Appropriateness, s. &-— U* muna- 

saba-t ; &&\y muwafaqa-t. 
Appropriation, s. **3JUL.\ istim- 

lak ; &*U> hassa-t ; j*~c& tahsis. 
Approval, Approbation, s. 

^■■ ■ ^; „ \ istihsan ; s^j*^ istis- 

Approve, v. &~»**:~*\ istahsan, yas- 

tahsin; s^* 8 -^ ista§wab, yasta§- 

Approximate, v.a. v»y qarrab, yu- 

qarrib; n. v^ lqtarab, yaq- 

Approximate, adj. s-s^* qarib ; 

^j*jB taqribi-y. 
Apricot, s. < L*JL±* mu^muk-t (pi. 

^ ■■•■■ ^" * muSmns') ; (J^ nis. 
April, a. ^W* nisan. 
Apron, s. aLj* fu^at (pi. I J fuwa-t) ; 

py** mihzam (pi. fjW* maha- 

zim) ; jjS* mi'zar (pi. fi\* ma'- 

Apt, adj. (J^y muwafiq; &$ la- 
yiq ; s-*~^ munasib ; j*^ 

Aptitude, Aptness, s. &i~U* mu- 

nasaba-t ; &WJ liyaqa-t ; WjU 

Aqua fortis, a. s-JUlt Utt al-ma al- 

Aquariu8,«. J^\ eyburj ad-dalw; 

Utt s-A- sakib al-ma. 
Aquatic, Aqueous, ad/. ^U ma- 

yi-y (vulg. ^U mawi-y). 
Aqueduct, s. UM <4;%* majra al- 
ma; SUi qana-t, £*UJ qanaya-t 

(pi. Ui qina, «t>^U5 qanawat) ; 

<jb* qari-y (pi. kj»\ aqriya-t, 

^v^j quryan). 

Aquiline, adj. ^y^i nasri-y. 
Arable, adj. *£>/*: yuhras. — {arable 

land) *±>/«* u 6j\ ard tuhras, Ac). 
Arbiter, Arbitrator, s. J^ J*£> 

wakil 'urfi-y ; ^Vl qacu (pi. 

SUi quda-t) ; W-j wasit ; ^U 

Arbitrariness, a. ^ zulm ; ^e* 

qahr ; jW**^ ihtiyar. 
Arbitrary, ad/, (despotic) ^^ 

zalim ; ^tf qadir. — (auided by 

will) j^*** muhtar; <4;H>*^ ihti- 

Arbitrate, v. Ui^e ,*£&. hakam 

'urfiyan, yahkum. 
Arbitration, ^f- f£*- hukm 

Arbour, s. &Mj* 'ariSat (pi. <J*\]* 

Arc, s. )*>&+ ^a. hatt muqantar; 

S^\jN £«Li qafat ad-da'irat. 
Arcade, a. a^\^c i^a* §aff 'awamid. 
Arch, s. lf>j* qausara-t (pi. ^y» 

[awasir) ; 2^* qantara-t (pi. 
»U qanatir) ; jU» {aq (pi. SVi\L 


Arch, a^/. «-A^i zarif ; cJ^y la(if. 
Arch, prefix, <j~S\ ra'is. 
Archangel, a. KEUtt ^^ ra'is al- 

Archbishop, s. Z&\~$\ v-is ra'is 

al-asaqifa-t ; q\}** mu^ran (pi. 

&j&+ matarina-t, &ijb+ mata- 

Archer, s. <j*\j* qawwas (pi. &~\£ 

qawasa-t, (^*-\y qawwasin) ; ^\j 

rami (pi. SUj ruma-t). 
Architect, s. ;U** mi'mar; *W 

banna* (pi. ^*W banna'un) ; 

<j*ju$* munandis. 
Architecture, a. W3\ ^Jlc 41m al- 

bina ; SjU«X^ al-^imara-t. 
Archives, a. cr - t! tyfi\ &U*> hizana-t 

al-qaratis ; %»UjJ\ Sip. hazna-t ad- 

dafatir; AiCs. ytfj daftar hana; 

(jj^o diwan (pi. &fa dawa- 

win) ; jU£ kinar. 
Archness, a. iA^» zarifa-t. 
Arctic, adj. ^Ua ^amali-y. 


Ardent, od;. ^ab- 
Mini ; j^ tarr. 

suhn ; ^^ 

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[A KB 

Ardour, *. **- harr; fyj* harara-t ; 

vt*j* 6auD. — (zeal) S^ gira-t. — 

(of love) *** wajd ; ^$^ jawa. 
Arduous, adj. s-**-> sa'ab (pi. s-»^** 

si'ab) ; w— * 'asir ; J£^** mus- 

Area, a. ^.U sahat (pi. w&>\ at, t^» 

sah, Cj~ suh) ; S^s—i fusha-t ; 

&^e 'arsa-t). 
Arena, *. ^a** maidan; &f* 

ma'raka-t (pi. dj** ma'arik). 
Argue v. (discuss) ^^ bahas, 

yubahis. — (reason) £*^- hajaj, 

Argument, s. (controversy) *^^. 

bahs (pi. v*>W;\ abhas) ; SjtL* 

munazara-t. — (reason) *^ huj- 

ja-t (pi. *<**. hujaj).— (subject) 

*±-^** mabhas, oj*-** madmun 

(pi. <^ # ^* mad am in). 
Argumental, Augumentative, 

adj. ^W* qiyasi-y. 
Argumentation, s. o^*s taba- 

Arid, adj. ^w^ yabis ; «-AaU nasif ; 

JeA* qahil ; y&* muqfir. 
Aridity, Aridness, s. u*** yabs ; 

£~jrt yabusa-t ; &<*•* nasfa-t ; 

&j^3 quhula-t. 
Aright, adv. v3^^? bi-'l-haqq ; 

v^jjCf bi-'§-?awab. 
Arise, v. *%V» qam, yaqum. — 

(ascend) &* tala', yajla' ; ^*-» 

sa'id, yas'ad. 
Aristocracy, s. jW>\ f£*# tahak- 

kum al-akabir ; j^\ W—> tasal- 

lu£ al-akabir ; jiW\ )&** jamhur 

Aristocrat, s. j*\&\ ^ ahad al- 
Aristocratic, Aristocratical, 

adj. ±J\j*$\ (*£*» u^Kyahu?? hukm 

Arithmetic, s. sy»\-»J\ f)* 'ilm al- 

hisab; ^\ ^ 41m ar-raqm. 
Arithmetical, adj. ^ye— ^ muha- 

Arithmetician, s-*^-*^ f*W «Jj;^ 

'arit* bi-'ilm al-hisab ; s-*~W* 

muhasib ; ftfj raqqam. 
Ark, s. (of Noah) cj*^ &**- safi- 

na-t an-Nuh. — (of the covenant) 

j&&\ &f\S tabut al-'ahd. 
Arm, s. f1>i zira' (pi. £)S\ azru') ; 

J^L. siVid (pi. ±&\y~ sawa'id). 
Arm, v. A* sallah, yusallih. — (one- 

8tl f) c£~> tasallah, yatasallah. 
Armament, s. &**f- &\y&r tajhizat 

Armistice, s. &*>W* muhadana-t ; 

26j\s* mutaraka-t ; t^~^ £*j raf a' 

Armorer, Armourer, s. t&- sal- 
lah ; ^asW £U*> sanna* asliha-t. 
Armory, s. c^~^ &f- hazna-t as- 
Armpit, s. W\ Sju nuqra-t al-ity. 
Arms, s. yl. t*- silah (pi. £^i~\ 

asliha-t). — (coat of arms) (*$* 

s-*~jJ\ 'alayim an-nasab. 
Abmy, s. <J~s* jais, jes* (pi. u^f**- 

juyus) ; ^~* 'askar (pi. ^i~* 

'asakir); •**► jund (pi. *y«* 

juniid, *>W\ ajnad). 
Aroma, s. &&}) rayiha-t (pi. &\y 

rawayih) ; f* *atar. 
Aromatic, adj. }** mu*attar. 
Aromatics, 8. s-»W a^yab; j^oc 

*utur ; js*\** *aqaqir ; c^^^iac 

Arouse, v. df* harrak, yuharrik ; 

*x-3 nabbah, yunabbih. 
Arraign, ^ ^^\ i^taka 'ala, 

yastaki; v» f*v taham bi, yat- 

Arraignment, h\£* sikaya-t. 
Arrange, v. s-^j rattab, yurattib ; 

f& nazzam, yimazzim ; W« 'aba, 

ya 4 bu. 
Abrangement, 8. s-y/ tartib; 

f^s tanzim ; p\k& nizam. 
Arrant, adj. ^ waqih (pi. cVij 

wiqah) ; i«&- safih (pi. W*-» su- 

Array, v. <-A* ^aff, yasuff ; s^?j 

rattab, yurattib. 
Array, s. «-A*a^ masaff; uu §aff 

(pi. ^y- sum). 
Arrears, 8. ^j*^ baqi ; %^X^ baqi- 

Arrest, v. <J& ^/M qabad 4 ala, 

yaqbid ; »sX— • masak, yamsik. 

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Arrest, *. &±y± hausa-t ; aX— • 

mask ; <>** qabd. 
Abbiyal, s. Jj*>j wu8ul; *>^ 

wurud ; fytf qudiim. 
Abbiye, v. J*} wasal, yasil; g* 

balag, yablu^ ; J**\ aqbal, yuq- 

bil ; *)) warad, yarid. 
Abbogance, s. j+& takabbur, j&r 

tajabbur, j^ 4 atw, 'uttuw. 
Abbogant, adj. y*£z+ mutakabbir ; 

j*^z+ mutaj ihbir ; U^*^ mu- 

Abrogate, v. ^j\ idda'a, yadda'i. 
Abbogation, v. Vcj\ iddi'a. 
Arrow, s. ,»**• sahm (pi. fW~ 

siham) ; A»Ui nus^aba-t (pi. s-*^ 

nussab) ; J-J nabl (pi. JW* 

Absbnal, 8. c^utt J* dar as-silah ; 

A»U*-;> tars-hana (Per*.). — (o/ 

artillery) #V*jL top-hana. 
Arsenic, a. £j^j zarnih ; JUJU 

Absenic, Absenical, adj. ^^-afc^j 

Art, 8. i*io san'a-t (pi. gjU-a gana- 

yi') ; (^ fann (pi. (^ funun). — 

(cunning) &«*> hila-t (pi. Je** 

$iyal) ; /*• makr. 
Abtery, 8. (jjVjjA Saryan (pi. u*^;A 

£arayin) ; ^\j rafiz (pi. y U> rawa- 

fiz) ; v^ darib (pi. s->JV* da- 

Abtful, adj. J6* makkar; JU^* 

Artfulness, 8. & -t j &* makariya-t ; 

JW*^ ihtiyal. 
Article, s. (clause) iyfr Sart (pi. 

1m/i £urut); S^U madda-t (pi. 

•>ij* mawadd). — (merchandise) 

cJUo sanaf (pi. ^J^o\ asnaf). 

— (in grammar) &***H al-ma'ri- 

fa-t ; *-A*>«N uy* harf at-ta'rif ; 

fMj utftf al-alif wi-'l-lam. 
Abticle, v. 1>j*> sarat, yasrut- 
Abticulatb, v. 1*5 lafag, yalfig ; 

b*M\ {fei bayyan al-lafz, yubay- 

Abticulatb, adj. (distinct) &f> 

sarih ; ^ bayyin. — (jointed) 

J*a* mufassal. 

Abticulatbness, *. I&Att talaffuz ; 

Abticulation, 8. (distinctness) ^5 

talaffuz. — (a joint) J-»A* mafsil 

(pi. J*^* mafasil). 
Abtipice, s. &**• hila-t (pi. Jt^ 

hiyal) ; &**&• makida-t (pi. J^VX* 

Abtificeb, Abtisan, *. g>U> sani' ; 

&cU* s-^^-o sahib sana'a-t (pi. 

£>UJ\ s-*U»*\ ashab as-sanayi'). 
Abtificial, adj. ^Ukc\ i§tina'i-y ; 

tJUc 'amli-y ; £*-*• musanna*. — 

(fictitious) )fi-" muzawwar, 

&**• musanna*. 
Abtillebist, 8. o^^ 9 topji. 
Abtilleby, s. (guns) s-*^4» t u ^ab 

(for &£> \Turk.) ; ^aJ\ al-ma- 

dafi*. — (/Ae <rot*p) &-t%J° topji- 

Abtless, adj. &>U sadij; ^w^ 

Abtlessness, *. ^»W basata-t; 

Wju. sadaja-t. 
As, conj, d ka ; J^» migl. 
Ascend, i?. *^** sa'id, yas*ad; gU» 

tala', jatlu* ; tali', yatla 4 . 
Ascendency, s. p±B taqaddum ; 

s-J^5 tagallub. 
Ascension, *. (feast of) £^j^ Jus 

'aid al-irtif a' ; ^^\ j^c ^aid as- 

Ascent, s. ^^*-> sa'ud, su'ud. — 

(hill) S^-lfi 'uluwa-t (pi. ^Ac 

'alawi-y) ; J? tall (pi. A%> tilal, 

J^ tuliil). 
Ascebtain, v. <3&* haqqaq, yu- 

Ascebtainment, s. ij*8c* tahqiq. 
Ascetic, s. ±*>\) zahid. 
Asceticism, s. *&) zuhd ; SjVaj za- 

hada-t; <**y tazahhud. 
Ascbibe, v. J**- hammal, yuham- 

mil ; ij\ s-^— * nasab ila, yansub, 

yansib ; ^j**. hassas, yuhassis. 
Ascbiption, 8. »>^— \ isnad. 
Ash, *. ^iU«3\ ^UJ ij^jb, sajara-t 

lisan al-'asafir. 
Ashamed, adj. ^Vy*- hazyan ; ($%*£■ 

hajlan ; J^«e» mahjul. — (to be 

ashamed) J>*> hajjil, yahjal j 

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»s-\ ista^a, yastahi, s^j 

wa'ab, ya'ib; %+>*\s\ itta'ab, yat- 

Ashes, 8. *A*; ramad ; £— ©a* safi- 

ya-t ; Syu eafwa-t. 
Ashore, adv. y^\ ^ fi-'l-barr; ^ 

J^Utf fi-'s-sahil. 
Ashy, adj. ^^i ramadi-y. — (grey) 

«j5*W*~ sinjabi-y. 
Aside, adv. s-^*- ^jl* 'ala jamb ; 

±jjk> <Jn. «ala taraf . 
Asinine, <4;^°- himari-y. 
Ask, v. (question) ( *} te ~ \ istafham, 

yastafhim ; j ~ to~A istafsar, yas- 

tafsir. — (beg) J C U. sa'al, yas'al ; 

s-U» {alab, yatlub. 
Askance, Askant, adv. *^Vc 'ari- 

datan ; u\^ bi-'nhiraf ; *\*j*s* 

Aslant, adv. "Uy** mu'taridan. 
Asleep, adv. *W^ na'iman. 
Asp, Aspic, *. ^\ af'a (pi. <jeM 

afa'i) ; w*>l*J\ **U* malik al-hay- 

Asparagus, s. 0j*1a halyun, hil- 

yaun ; f*j*l* halyum. 
Aspect, «. **« wajh (pi. *j+\ ujuh, 

8^^ wujuh, &+£ aujuh); ;k* 

manzar (pi. ^^ manazir). 
Aspen, *. &\f*J>\ jf^\ al-haur ar- 

Asperity, s. &j£a. hu£una-t ; l*»\f- 

Asperse, v. ^»; rass, yaru^ ; \j»J° 

{arai, yatros\ — (slander) ^J* ^ 

namrn *ala, y aim mm ; { J^ i*sj**\ 

iftara 'ala, yaftari. 
Aspersion, s. <J~Aj tars*is\ — 

(slander) \j&\ iftira; &+*+* na- 

Asphalt, s. j**- humar ; ;*♦*■ hu- 

mair ; ^^\ ytf qafr al-yahud. 
Aspirant, s. s-J& tfdib (pi. W&> 

talaba-t, s->^ ^ullab) ; J^*inurid. 
Aspirate, v. a~ a J£* ^ lafaz bi- 

kull nafas-hu, yalfuz; ^ 1*5 

ij^)\ lafaz min al-halq, yalfuz. 
Aspiration, s. (ardent wish) ^jt 

garad (pi. \J>^\ agracj) ; (guttu- 
ral pronunciation) <jl*)\ if 1*5 

lafz min al-halq. 

Aspire, v. ^ u***^ nafas fi, yuna- 

fis ; •v-B qasad, yaqsud ; ^e*^ 

i£taha, yaitahi. 
Asquint, adv. *$f»\ ahwalan. 
Ass, *. jUa. himar (pi. j*+*- hamir). 

— (she ass) q\s\ itan (pi. q/s\ 

Assail, s. (*+* bajam, yahjum; 

J**» hamal, yahmil (both with 

Jtc 'ala). 
Assailable, adj. ^M f^W^ o^* - 

mumkin al-hujum alehi. 
Assassin, s. J*VI qatil (pi. JUS 

quttal) ; J^i qattal, J^** mug- 

tal; *aX>U f&tik. 
Assassinate, v. Jjtf qatal, yaqtul ; 

«fi)tfi fatak, yaftik. 
Assassination, s. J*S qatl; **Xx* 

Assault, v. f*+* hajam, yahjim. 
Assault, s. fy+*> hujum ; ^^a haj- 

ma-t ; aU*w hamla-t. 
Assay, v. j** *ayyarS yu'ayyir ; *ak- 

hakk, yahakk, yahukk. 
Assay, s. ^ 'iyar. 
Assemblage, Assembly, 8. &W 

jama*at; g ♦ » - majma* (pi. 

^•V* majami') ; cr^^ majlis 

(pi. <j~3l** majalis). 
Assemble, v. a. £*+ jama', yajma' ; 

n. £***A ijtama 4 , yajtami*. 
Assent, v. ^j radi, yarda; J^J 

qabal, yaqbal. 
Assent, s. J^J» qabM ; ^; rida. 
Assert, v. ^3 za'am, yaz*um ; £ 

qarrar, yuqarrir. 
Assertion, *. taqrir ; ^ za'm. 
Assess, v. *-Ajw ^\ alqa takalif, 

Assessment, s. <- * l£& taklif (pi. 

«-&JUo takalif) ; (j-X» maks (pi. 

\j*£* mukus) ; ^-j rasm (pi. fy~j 

Assessor, 8. u^W jalis ; ^^i qadi 

(pi. SUi qud&t). 
Assets, 8. wyWy^j* maujudat. 
Asseverate, v. p~* *> (**) za'am bi- 

qasam, yaz'um. 
Asseveration, >**& takid; «i>W$\ 

is bat. 
Assiduity, 8. i^\j^« mudawama-t j 

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[A ST 

&*Mj* muwagaba-t; *>^*^ ijti- 
Md ; *M» taqayyud. 
Assiduous, adj. *&**+ mujtahid ; 
w£\y muwazib; fj^ muda- 
Assign, v. {$e* 'ayyan, yu'ayyin; 
fj^»6. hassas, yuhassis ; J^- haw- 
wal, yuhawwil. 
Assignable, adj. & && &\ <j£+* 
mum kin at-ta'yin ; Jij^sft J*Vs 
qabil at-tahwil. 
Assignation, 8. &\f* hawala-t. 
Assignee, s. Jflj wakil. 
Assimilate, v. M» sabbah, yu- 

sabbih ; J^« mas sal, yumassil. 
Assimilation, s. &**& taibih; 

J~U» tamsil. 
Assist, v. yj^ 'awan, yu'awin ; J^U 
sa'ad, yusa'id; tj& <** sadd 
zahra-hu, yaiidd. 
Assistance, s. &j** ma'una-t ; ^J* 
'aun ; •*>** madad ; y* nasi* ; 
fa f L»^ musa'afa-t. 
Assizes, s. q\)**R ^ nazir al- 

Assizes, SUaJ\ lt^* majlis al- 

Associate, v. /Ac 'asar, yu'a&r; 
J*U Sakal, yusakil; UU halat, 
juhalit (all three with the ace. 
of the person) ; a** Us±\ ihtalat 
nia'ahu, yahtalit. 
Associate, 8. v5^ rafiq (pi. Vai^ 
rufaqa, cJVi^ arqaf ) ; s-^-^» sahib 
(pi. vW»\ ashab. — (partner) 
<skj± sank (pi. V^a. suraka). 
Association, s. -SjAU* mu'asara-t ; 
&*^e a uhba-t. — (in a commercial 
sense) aSjA sirka-t. 
ASSORT, v. fy nawwa', yunawwi* ; 
J£M aikal, yu6kil ; s-**j waddab, 
Assortment, s. s-**-*/ taudib; 
&}£ tanwi* ; ^^ &**» jumla-t 
Assuage, v. ^ layyan, yulayyin ; 
ij£~ sakkan, yusakkin; «-*&&. 
haffaf, yuhaffif. 
Assume, v. (suppose) \J>£ farad, 
yafrad ; )<& qaddar, yuqaddir. — 
(take upon oneself) &A ahaz, 

ta'huz. — (claim) ^*y\ adda'a, 
yadda'i. — (presume) y& takab- 
bar, yatakabbar; j&f tajabbar, 
yatajabbar; ^A> tafahhar, yata- 

Assuming, adj. ui ^ u* muta'ajrif ; 
y*£z* mutakabbir; ^afcta* muta- 

Assumption, s. &»\ ahz ; *i\**\ 
ittihaz. — (supposition) ^-^ 
qiyas.— (feast of) £top\ J^ 'aid 

Assurance, s. Ju£\J ta'kid; jkte* 
tahqiq. — (promise) **y wa 4 d.— 
(trust) JK?\ ittikal ; JSTy tawak- 
kul. — (boldness) S1^ jara'at.— 
(insurance) *y-£y-~ saukira-t ; 
5jL^3\ ^*4-i» tadmin al-hasara-t ; 
&)£** sikurta, 6^i ) ^ t B \^ m 

Assure, v. <& akkad, yu'akkid. — 
(promise) ^ wa'ad , ya*id ; J^ 
ta'ahhad, yata^ahhad. — (insure) 
fy~ saukar, yusaukir ; SjU^l\ ^j, 
damman al-hasara-t, yudammin. 

Asterisk, s. l^\ i^ara-t. 

Astern, adv. J>y3\ ^ fi-'l-kausal ; 
\jy wara. 

Asthma, 8. U ~*A\ &u> diqan-nafas; 
yj rabw, rabu ; v»/ karb (Syr.) ; 
«^ lahsa-t. 

Asthmatic, Asthmatical, adj. 
v~*A\ iJh* dayyiq an-nafas; 
u ~mS\ ^3^ { Js+* mubtala bi-diq 

Astir, adv. *^^s* mutaharrikan. 

Astonish, v. ijut>j\ adhas, yudhi^ ; 
Ja j\ azhal, yuzhil ; s-^^fi 'ajjab, 
yu'ajjib ; p^ hayyar, yuhayyir. 

Astonishment, 8. vyu> ta*ajjub ; 
i^-Aj dahsa-t; ^ > -^ hira-t, 
haira-t; v»^^-^ istigrab. 

Astound, v. ^ hayyar, yuhayyir. 

Astounded, &*U samih. 

Astray, adv. *SU dallan. 

Astride, adv. "VW*\ if jajan ; "V\j 


Astringent, s. <J*\* qabid (pi. 
*>W& qabiclat). 

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Astrologer, 8. (*+** munajjim. 
Astrological, adj. o*J^ nuju- 

A8TEOLOQY, 8. (**+ u &\ jJc <jlm at- 

Astronomer, 8. j «£Ud\ ^ u^U 

(•j^d\ 'arif bi-'ilm al-falak wa- 

'n-nujuni ; ce\UJ\* j,***. habir bi-'l- 

falak ; te*t}\ ^3Vc 'alim al-haiya-t. 
Astronomical, adj. ^^i falaki-y. 
Astronomical table, s. J^ jad- 

wal (pi. JjW jadawil) ; £>j zij 

(pi. «^W^ zij at). 
Astronomy, fj^b i£Ua5\ ^Jlc <ilm 

al-falak wa-'n-nujum ; &2^\ ^ic 

41m al-haiya-t. 
Astute, adj. ^03 fatin ; Ja*tt ^to 

zaki-y al-'aql ; &~y Ja\ ahl 

firasa-t. — (crafty) }£• makkar. 
Astuteness, s. <sJai fitna-t ; &~\j* 

firilsat. — (craftiness) y£* makr. 
Asunder, adv. *\S\j*\ infiradan. 
Asylum, 8. ^* malja (pi. '^JU 

malaji') ; *%• malaz (pi. 3^JU 

malawiz). — (for lunatics) Vfc£J\ j\j 

dar as-sif a. 
At, prep. v> ba, bi ; ^J* 'ala ; <£ 

lad ; ^ f i. 
Atheism, s. &\ *f*y )\&\ inkar 

wujud allah ; *M\ ($y^ nukran 

allah ; y£ kufr. 
Atheist, s. &&\ >y^^\i nakir wujud 

allah ; ^ kafir (pi. jut kuffar). 
Atheistical, ad;. /*>*• munkir. 
Athirst, adj. gUJac 'atsiin (pi. 

^U* 'atasa, o*^* %U). 
Athlete, 8. ^^e* pahluwan (Pers. 

pi. e*J*^ pahalawin) ; £>U* 

musari' ; ^aa sadid. 
Athletic, adj. <^y> qawwi-y ; {m £* 

Athwart, adv. *Uy** mu'taridan ; 

"U^u* munharifan. 
Atlas, s. (maps) q)\^\ py*) Zy*** 

majinu* rasum al-buldan; s-*^ 

Lr .lL ; 25\ kitab al-qirtas. — (silk- 
satin) v~UA a^las. 
Atmosphere, s. ^\ al-jaww ; \^\ 

al-hawa; \^\ fy*U dayira-t al- 

Eawa ; Cj 5 luh, lau^. 

Atmospheric, Atmospherical, 

adj. o^y^ hawa'i-y. 
Atom, *. fy zarra-t (pi. *sA -at, 

ji zarr); W* haba (pi. W^ 

Atomism, s. ^ ^JUH s-^/ h-**^ 

JjAJJ yfcj^tt mazhab tarkib ai- 

*alam min aj-jauhar al-mufrad. 
Atone, v. (^ f& kaffar 'an, yu- 

kaffir ; y f±s~\ istagfar min, 

Atonement, s. S^ltf kaffara-t ; 

j*A& takfir ; jU»s*.\ istigfar. 
Atrocious, adj. (horrible) &tj£ 

karih ; *yfi* makruh ; £*-a* sani 4 ; 

«^yu*« mamqut. — (cruel) ,^-VS 

qasi ; ^3^» zafim. 
Atrociousness, Atrocity, s. £*Ua 

^anii'a-t; S^-*^ kabira-t. 
Attach, v. (3-J lassaq, yulassiq ; 

^ rabat, jarbut ; *>* iadd, ya- 

Attachment, *. (affection) &+*+ 

muhabba-t ; Sjy» mawadda-t. 
Attack, (+***> hajam, yahjum ; J^- 

hamal, yah mil. 
Attack, s. fy*& hujitan ; &W ham- 
la- 1. 
Attain, v. JV3 nal, yanal ; ^ J*^ 

hasal 4 ala, yah sal. 
Attainable, adj. y~v muvyassar ; 

J^*^J\ (j&++ mumkin al-husuL 
Attainment, s. Jj*^ husul ; Je-*** 

tahsil. — (proficiency) J^* fadl 

(pi. J^A fudiil, JUi\ afdal). 
Attempt, v. j^. jahad, yajhad; 

^ aqzsA ijtahad fi, yajtahid ; 

s-* (***\ ihtamm bi, yahtamm ; 

i^s* o*- - sa ' a fi> yas*a. 
Attempt, *. ^^ sa*i ; J^- jahd ; 

*>W^ ijtihad; ^ jidd; «**»! 

Attend, v. (accompany) s-^-^» 

sahab, yusahib. — (be present) ^- 

hadar, yahdur. — (listen to) £+*~\ 

istama*, yastami 4 ; i*~4 nasat, 

Attendance, s. ;^ hudiir; ^-J^ 

hidma-t. — (retinue) s-^y* inau- 

kab (pi. s-^\y« mawakib) ; ^A^ 


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Attendant, g. f^W hadim (pi. 
f*^ huddam, f*j*. hadam, &»J** 

hadama-t); #U tabi r (pi. gj -un, 

£*? taba', g»y tawibi 4 .) 
Attention, g. U»\ i'tina ; J^JB ta- 

qayyud ; fUx&\ ihtimam. 
Attentive, adj. J^ ^ wa'i <ala ; 

v o^*** mu'tani bi; ^ .**&• 

muqayyad fi. 
Attenuate, t;. «jij raqqaq, yuraq- 

qiq ; 4_aU laftaf, yulattif . " 
Attenuation, g. &*y tarqiq ; 

*-A*H? taltff . 
Attest, v. »*e* sfohid, yashad (with 

v bi and <jie 'ala). 
Attest, Attestation, g. 6*>^a» 6a- 

hada-t; j\^ iqrar; *jz>IJ\ isbat. 
Attic, g. &».Uj fasaha-t. 
Attire, u. ^-J labbas, yulabbis ; 

t-£ kasa, yaksu ; ^3 zayyan, yu- 

Attibe, g. s^ siyab ; v>y\ aswab ; 

&i\ zina-t ; <Jo* hali (pi. of &ak> 

Attitude, g. WW hala-t ; &«* 

hi'a-t ; 5^«i qi'da-t. 
Attorney, g. J**j vakil (pi. *Kj 

Attorneyship, s. &\f) wakala-t. 
Attract, v. s-*V jazab, yajzub, 

yaizib ; v>x^ ijtazab, yajtazib ; 

s-i* jalab, yajlub, yajlib. 
Attraction, g. v>^^^.\ istijlab ; 

v>^J^^ injizab. 
Attractive, adj. s-JW jalib ; v>»*W 

Attractiveness, 8. b^W jaziba-t ; 

irf^W jazibiya-t. 
Attribute, v. s-~~ * nasab, yansib. 

— (grammatically) juu\ asnad, 

Attribute, 8. (quality) &* sifa-t ; 

£*W hassa-t ; <-A-e>j wasf (pi. «^t*^ 

ausaf). — (in grammar) > \ » ■■■» 

Attune, v. *W Jj* 'addal al-ala-t, 

yu'addil ; *Mi jla fodd al-autar, 

yasldd; e^i aslah, yuslih. 
Auburn, adj. j+~\ asmar, f. \p*- 

■amri (pi. ^4— sumr). 

Auction, g. *>yJW &** bai'at bi-'l- 

mazad ; g>^ tahrij ; $\f> baraj. 
Auctioneer, g. JSj dallal (pi. 

^^ dallalin) ; jl~*- samsar 

(pi. J-.U— samasir). 
Audacious, adj. (daring) y-W jasir ; 

jy~* jasur. — (impudent) M- 

safih ; ^ waqilu 
Audaciousness, Audacity, g. SjL^ 

jasara-t; fy* jur'a-t; &&UL. safa- 

Audible, adj. Zy+~" masmu. 
Audience, g. (admittance to a hear- 
ing) &*&• muqabala-t; &&Ay 

muwajaha-t; SViJU mulaqat. — 

(assembly of hearers) <j~lq»* maj- 

lis ; <^*VJ\ al-Mdirun. 
Audit, s. «t^L~^J\ yo^i fahs al- 

Audit, v. s-**— ^ {j*^ fahaa al- 

hisab, yafhas. 
Auditor, 8. (hearer) ^»U. sami'; 

£ *z~* mustami*. — (examiner of 

accounts) «wW^— J^ i»)*"\ amin al- 

hisabat; uy&-» muirif. 
Auditory, g. u-^»^ majlis (pi. 

tr-JV* majalis); ^^*LJ\ as-sa- 

Auoht, Ought, s. ^ £e-j. 
Augment, v. ^j zawwad, yuzaw- 

wid ; j£ kassar, yukasgir. 
Augment, Augmentation, s. 8^j 

ziyada-t ; ^^)\ izdiyad. 
Augur, s. JUJ\ ^U fatih al-fdl ; 

cJ^ 'arraf (pi. &\j£ *arrafa-t) ; 

JV^ rammal. 
Augur, v. JW ^ fatah al-fal, 

yaf tat ; v^e* 5 ^ ^Z 5 'arraf al-gaib, 

Augury, 8. J^ fal ; ^j zajr. 
August, adj. JVc 'ali ; J«l* jalil ; 

^c 'azim. 
August, s. ^r>\ ab ; u*yu.jM agiis- 

Aunt, g. (paternal) &*c 'ammat.— 

(wa^er^aZ) ^3^s- hala-t. 
Auricle, g. qS\ uzn (pi. q\&\ azan). 
Aurora, g.^ fajr ; ^^^ v3^ ^aqq 

al-fajr ; £#0 subh. 
Auspice, g. MU fal. — (at^gpicgg, 


himaya-t ; 


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SUV** muhamat; SjlcL-* mu- 

Auspicious, adj. .***- sa'id ; ->j*~ * 

mas'ud ; J*A* muqbil ; ytt* hair. 
Austere, adj. ^j^ sarim (pi. rfr* 

sawarim) ; u~*^ 'abis (pi. u^jfi 

'awabis) ; s-*** sa'b. 
Austerity, a. *M^> sarama-t ; Sja 

iidda-t ; hj**> sa'uba-t. 
Authentic, adj. £**»« saljih ; c^l» 

sabit; y3&*f muhaqqaq; (jfl*?" 

Authenticate, v. £*-• sahhah, 

yusahhih ; <J&»- haqqaq, yuhaq- 

Authenticity, v. o^-» sihha-t; 

&**»• haqiqa-t. 
Author, s. «JtfU mu'allif; i-A^o* 

Authorisation, 8. J^^s tafwid ; 

j^-f tarhis ; q$\ izn. 
Authorise, v. jAi qaddar, yuqad- 

dir ; J\ J>£ fawwad ila, yufaw- 

Authority, s. &AL* sultana-t ; S^oi 

qudra-t ; j\<uS\ iqtidar ; ){*x*\ 

i'tibar. — (authority referred to) 

*Aj—\ isnad. 
Autocracy, s. ft ftx—* folaL . sultana-t 

Autocrat, s. Jft£~* ^VUL- sultan 

Autograph, s. ^ ^ hatt yadd. 
Autumn, 8. »-**/- harif ; *-*ij^\ J-«i 

fasl al-harif. 
Autumnal, ad}. ^^ harifi-y. 
Auxiliary, adj. s. j*k nasir (pi. 

j\«i nus§ar, yd nasr, nusar,jV<art 

ansar) ; <#^** mu'awin ; **eL-* 

Avail, v. (oneself) &* *>Vax^ ista- 

fad min, yastafid ; v> 8**^ in- 

tafa' bi, yantafa'. — (be of use) 

J gtf nafa* li, yaufa*. 
Avail, 8. gtf nafa', naf ; Sj^U fa- 

yida-t; 8*A*\ ifada-t. 
Available, adj. ***** mufid; g*Vs 

nan' ; j*>VS qadir. 
Avarice, 8. &~± hissa-t ; £♦!» tama* ; 

d\~*\ imsak. 

Avaricious, ad;. £*»* Tahiti ; Jt^. 

bahil ; < j ~ <~~* hasis. 
Avariciousness, *. J*: buhl, 

bahal ; &-L-4. hasasa-t ; tJ&H Jj** 

juniud al-kaff. 
Avaunt, interj. t) rult ; <^>~\ imii. 
Avenge, v. f\* sa'ar, yas'ar; ±*\ 

j\A\ ahaz as-sar, yahuz. 
Avenue, s. (passage) ^y maurid 

(pi. *>jV» mawarid) ; **** manfaz 

(pi. AiU* manafiz). — (of trees) 

hy+fi* s'ajariyya-t ; j\^M «~&-o gaff 

as jar. 
Aver, v. rf qarrar, yuqarrir; Jtf 

akkad, yuakkid; <jM^ haqqaq, 

Average, s. l*-« wasat- 
Average, adj. *~yt* mutawassit- 
Averment, s. tj*** 5 taljqiq; J^ 

ta'kid ; «Atft isbat. 
Averse, adj. (disinclined) ^i nafir 

(pi. y» nuffar, ji>\f nawafir). — 

(unfavourable) *-il\i* muhalif. — 

(be averse) ^ p nafar min, 

Aversion, s. &*>\£ karaha-t; i^ 

Avert, v. **)\ ab*ad, yub'id ; »Jy*- 

harraf, yuharrif. 
Aviary, 8. ;jj» ct-^ bait tuy ur ; e^ 

Jr jt> burj tuyur (pi. ttf buriij). 
Avidious, adj. £~&> timmi* ; q\*J* 

^arhan ; ^y* haris. 
Avidity, s. 8*6^ sahwa-t; g4l 

tama' ; tVcUi tania^at ; &*\j* 

saraha-t ; yp^ hirs. 
Avocation, s. J*a &ugl (pi. JUa\ 

a^gal); aIaa-. maigala-t (pi. 

j£U*» masagil). 
Avoid, v. s-^^\ ijtanab, yajtanib ; 

tajannab, yatajannab ; j$ 
hazar, yahzar; u*f* taharras, 
yataharras (the last three with 

Avoidance, s. v»^*Hjtinab; j*W 

Avouch, v. *S\ akkad, yu'akkid; 

^s^J sabbat, yusabbit; &*t*\ 

asbat, yusbit. 
Avow, v. uy:c\ i'taraf , ya'tarif ; /\ 

aqarr, yuqirr. 

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Avowal, a. u\~z\ i'tiraf ;^f\ iqrar. 
Await, v. ^s-fistanzar, yastanzir ; 

J&\ intazar, yantazir. 
Awake, v.a. &* fayyaq,yufayviq ; 

4W nabbah, yunabbih ; *-%$ 

aiqaz, yuqiz ; n. &**\ intabah, 

yantabih ; jU f &q, yafiq ; ±***~\ 

istaiqaz, yastaiqiz. 
Awake, adj. ,3-ft* fayiq; *-*** 

Award, v. J p&* ^akam If, yah- 

Award, s. (*&* hukm (pi. *&*\ 

ahkam) ; Ui qa<Ja (pi. &*& aq- 

Aware, adj. £&*• muttali; &*&* 

Away, adv. Ju«* ba'id ; interj. t) 

ruh ; A-^ \mi\. 
Awe, 8. l**b haiba-t ; 2*\q+ muha- 

ba-t ; yeif tauqir ; f\/oA ihtiram. 
Awe, v. s-**6» tahayyab, yatahay- 

yab ; U>y- hawwaf , yuhawwif . 
Awful, adj. UL-*afc* muhayyif; 

J*** majaffil ; Jj«* mah&l. 
Awfulness, 8. £«* haiba-t. 
Awhile, adv. *$J^ muddatan ; '&** 

ytjktt ^ habbatan min ad-dahr. 

Awkward, adj. (m&& gaSim ; i^»/* 

AWKWARDNE88, *. ***y^ gU8&- 

Awl, 8. )f*~ mihraz, mahruz (pi. 

j;U^« mahariz). 
Awning, 8. &♦**• haima-t ; &k* 

mizalla-t (pi. w\ -at, JUfc* 

Awry, ad/. Sj** mu'awwaj ; ^5^U 

Axe, 8. u- c U fa'as (pi. y-/^ fu'us) ; 

**V farra'at; &i* bal^a-t (pi. 

Uj bulut). 
Axiom, s. Z**\i qa'ida-t (pi. ^y 

qawa'id) ; ^i qadiya-t (pi. 

C-4S qadaya). 
Axis, *. s-ki qutb ; &*k* qu^ba-t 

(pi. s-ki qutub). 
Axle, Axle-tree, a. j^» mihwar 

(pt. j;U^ mahawir). 
Ay, adv. f*> na'am. 
Aye, adv. - U*U dayiman ; 1«fc>\ 

Azure, 8. ^^— o^ laun samawt. 
Azure, adj. ^5 J j;j^ lazwardi-y ; jy\ 

^U— azraq samawi-y. 


Babble, t>. u*d laqas, yalquS ; o^\ 

abaqq, yubiqq ; fI*N £ kagsar 

al-kalam, yukag§ir. 
Babble, 8. <J* baqq ; J^i fait; 

£«1* gaJaba-t. 
Babbler, 8. <JK <J* laqq baqq ; JV 

qawwal; \f>\& laqqas; p&\ j*& 

ka§ir al-kalam. 
Babe, 8. J& tifl (pi. JW atfal) ; 

j-a- j3j walad sagir (pi. jU- j$^ 

aulad sigar). 
Baboon, «. ej*** maimiin (pi. 

^^•W^ mayamin). 
Bacchanal, 8. br&* mairaba-t (pi. 

s^Ia* maiarib). 

Bacchanalian, 8. ^A suraba-t 

s^Aj* ^arrab ; j«^- sikkir. 
Bachelor, *. v»j^ 'azib (pi. s^)* 

*uzzab); v>^ a*zab (pi. <^>* 

*uzban. — (academic title) i£j***^* 

Back,'«.^ zabr (pi. ^ zuhdr.) 
Back, adv. \» <J\ ila wara ; \ } } li- 

Backbite, v. ,J*y waia, yaii. 
Backbiter, «. ^^ wa^i (pi. «*Uj 

Backbone, ^\ ^ haraz az-zahr ; 

j&&\ JUL. silsila-t az-zahr. 
Back-door, *. ^^ v»W bab has s. 

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Backslide, v. «tf^ irtadd, yartadd. 
Backslider, s. <&f murtadd. 
Backstairs, e. ,jpU. s ; j daraj bass ; 

y* {X* sullam sirr (pi. JJ)Ju 

Backward, adj. qX~£ kaslan (pi. 

<J*~* kasla, JU* kasala) ; J*e* 

muhmil ; J^$x* inutahaoril. 
Backward, Backwards, adv. ^ 

\# min wara. 
Backwardness, s. JUa\ ihmal; 

J*W» tahamul. 
Bacon, s. SJU* ^yA. iy*i fahza-t 

hinzir mumallaha-t ; jty*£\ (**** 

sahm al-hinzir. 
Bad, adj. <^*>j radi-y (pi. k^\ ar- 

diya) ; JLU <atil ; ^ Jarir (pi. 

j^\ aSrar) ; ^ sarr ; e«i qabih. 

— (sick, ill) J±iy marid. 
Badge, $. &*l* 4 alama-t (pi. s*>\ -at, 

f*$* 'alayim) ; ^Ui nisan ; gU** 

nisan (pi. (^Ui nayasin). 
Badger, s. yj>jl\ jUc «anaq al-ard 

(pi. (J^*\ a'naq, j^c 'unuq). 
Badness, 8. j* sarr ; Sj\ **> radawa-t ; 
hubs. ; &W<*- habasat ; k*W5 

Baffle, v. s-^- hayyab, yuhayyib ; 

JW baftal, yubattil. 
Bag, 8. s->\^- jirab (pi. £j*^ ajri- 

ba-t) ; %f~ hurj (pi. %\yS ahraj). 

— {small bag) w*** kis (pi. y-C^ 

Baggage, 8. <J»J labas* ; &\f* ha- 

wayij ; JU*^ ahmal ; J^»\ agqal ; 

v»W asbab. 
Bag-pipe, ^** 'unnaiz (pi. ^>>Uc 

'ananiz) ; ^S qirba-t. 
Bail, v. Jtf kafil, yakful; Ja# 

takaffal, yatakaffal. 
Bail, s. jltf kafil; ^U (Jamin; 

(£*♦-* damin. 
Bailiff, «. £♦£** J^-j nisul ma^ 

kama-t (pi. J-j rusul) ; J*** 

Bait, s. £-*&> {u'mat (pi. f *-«l 

Bait, v. ^ ta"ain, yuta"im ; v»^ 

jazab, yajzib. 
Bake, v. (bread) y^ habaz, yahbiz ; 

28 [Bal 

habbaz, yuhabbiz. — (fish, etc.) 
iji qala, yaqli ; qalla, yuqalli. 

Baker, *. jW*- habbaz; y\jl far- 

Bakery, Bakehouse, s. j*afc* mah- 
baz (pl.yU^ mahabiz). 

Balance, 8. (scales) ($\yt+ mizan 
(pi. *a>U^** mizanat, ^j^y* ma- 
wazin). — (large ones) &W> qab- 
bana-t. — (equilibrium) &j\y mu- 
wazana-t ; £-J*>U* mu'adala-t ; 
^VL-i qistas. — (balance of ac- 
counts) *r>l~+}\ J**** mi'dal al- 
hisab ; s->^-^ •*-**; rasid al- 
hisab. — (surplus) tjto talawa-t. 

Balance, v. (in walking, etc.) yz*\ 
ihtazz, yahtazz ; g>^ irtajj, yar- 
* a jj > J**** tamayal, yatamayal. 
— (make equal) <^L. sawa, yu- 
sawi ; ^5^-. sawwa, yusawwi. — 
(settle accounts) s-*^— J^ j=^ 
hallas al-hisab, yuhallis. 

Balcony, s. ($#** & > sahnisin (Pers.) 
&i\U\ jLj^ mangar at-t»qa-t (pi. 
^iU# manajir). 

Bald, adj. ^>\ asla', f. UU ^al'a 
(pi. £U 9 ul0; ^ ajlah; £^\ 
aqra', f . \*y qar'a (pi. £/ qur*, 
e^ qur'an). 

Baldachin, s. J*\j~ siradiq (pi. 
«^\ -at). 

Baldness, s. &° sala* ; &J* jala- 

Bale, s. Sj^ farda-t (pi. ^*>y fa- 
radi, *\/\ afrad) ; i}\* balu^ (pi. 
^V bawalit) ; &")) rizma-t (pi. 
fy rizam, razam, ruzam). 

Bale, v. (bundle up) py* hazam, 
yahzim ; hazzam, yuhazzim. 

Baleful, adj. u*** nahis ; »*Ue- 
muhlik ; y*+ mu^inr. 

Balefulness, s. (j~c* nabs; && 

Balk, v. s^s*- hayyab, yuhayyib. 

Ball, *. (to play with) fy kurra-t ; 
i»U» ^aba-t (pi. reg. and v*^ t u - 
wab). — (for fire-arms, &c.) fi^ 
killa-t (pi. J^kilal) ; UU; ra*a- 
?a-t. — (dancing) ^j ) crW* 
majlis wa raqs. 

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Ballad, 8. U£ gina (pi. ^J\t\ 

agani) ; &*xt ganniyat (pi. jUfc 
Ballad-maker, e. fb* ik'ir (pi. 

V* Su'ara'). 
Ballast, *. Sj***» tasbira-t; S>j** 

Ballet, *. v/^ raqs ; ^jy^ yoij 

raqs ramuzi-y. 
Balloon, *. &»y^ £*U» $aba-t man- 

fuhat ; \j*> & qubba-t hawa\ 
Ballot, *. W kurra-t. 
Ballot, «. */h s-afc^ intahab bi-'l- 

kurra-t, yantahib. 
Balm, *. ^y» marham (pi. j**V* 

Balmy adj. (soothing) ^ layyin. 
Balsam, 8. (*~k balsam (pi. p~h 

balasim) ; <y^— W balsan, bala- 

Balsamic, atf/. ^54—1* balsami-y. — 

(odoriferous) }**+ mu'attar. 
Baluster, Balustrade, 8. ei)*V 

darabzin (Per*.). 
Bamboo, *. ^V^ haizuran (pi. 

;jW*» hayazir). 
Ban, #. f^ hirm ; &**& la'nat. — 

(bans or banns) e^j 5UU* ma- 

nadat zawaj. 
Ban, v. (£«i la'an, yal'an ; **1* ^ 

da'a aleh, yad'ii, yad'i. 
Band, s. (fillet) **Ue 'asabat (pi. 

s~iUa£ 'asayib, s~** *usab) ; &W) 

ribata-t. — (Jroop) A*W jama'a-t ; 

^•3 zumra-t (pi. yy zumar) ; 

4j- surba-t (pi. s^r* surub, 

v»\y-^ asrab). 
Band, v. (unite) vy** tahazzab, 

yatahazzab ; ***** tafcaiiad, yata- 

Bandage, s. ^^ frufaz (pi. «*Aito»- 

fcnfaza-t) ; U|> ribat (pi. Wj 

rabut) ; ^ lafafa-t (pi. Ufctf 

Bandit, *. o*V* barami-y ; 0*^ 

qafi-y (pi. £^ qutta 4 ). 
Bandy, *. &\*}y saulajaa (Pers.). 
Bandy, v. j&\ ^^ rama al-kurra-t, 

yarmi. — (dispute) J*>W jadal, 

Bans, 8. (poison) p~ samm (pi. 

fj*~ sum&m). — (anything perni- 
cious) &&&• mahlika-t. 
Baneful, adj. (poisonous) ^— • 

musimm. — (pernicious) «*U$* 

muhlik ; y+ niudirr. 
Banefulness, s. &&• mahlika-t; 

My tahlika-t. 
Bang, s. by darba-t ; £*U lafma-t. 
Bang, v. ^ sadam, yasdim. 
Banish, v. *]* tarad, yatrad ; «j0 

nafa', yanfi ; J^-» sarkal, yusar- 

Banishment, a. ^ tard; «jtf 

nafi ; Utf t intifa. 
Banisteb, see Balusteb. 
Bank, *. (of a river) la* faft (pi. 

If* sutut) ; &^ haffa-t.— (of 

the sea) J«^U sahil (pi. J»»V- 

sawahil) ; ^^ £a{i. — (banking- 
house) ***;*• sairafiya-t; 0&> 

«^\j* dukkan sarraf. 
Bank, v. (deposit money) £*>) wada', 

yada'; £y auda', yAdi*. — (dam 

in) ±- saad, yasudd. 
Banker, s. u>\j* sarraf (pi. toj\** 

Bankbupt, s. )y~£" maksiir ; <j«U* 

Bankbuptcy, 8. X~&\ inkisar ; S^ 

kasrat; ^\ lflas; UUfalasa-t. 
Banner, ». 8^joj bandera-t; J;W 

bairaq (pi. jj;Vrf bayariq). 
Banquet, «. <W^ walima-t (pi. 

^3L walayim); i*WA 4iy4fa-t; 

£»*>U maduba-t. 
Banter, v. gyb harraj, yuharrij; 

ty mazah, yamzafci. 
Banter, s. Qj* harj ; zy maz^ (pL 

C^ mizah) ; \y&~*\ istihza. 
Baptise, v. «uc 'ammad, yu*am- 

mid ; y& nassar, y unassir ; ^j^t 

ga«as, yugauis. 
Baptism, s. &i*y**" ma'nmdiyat; 

oUc 'irnad; j*+£ tansir; £**• 

sibga-t ; ^^t gitas. 
Baptist, s. (St. John) (^ V> » » - 

m^midan ; a«ju mu ( ammid. 
Bab, s. (bolt) y*^ darbas (pL 

u-**V darabis) ; J^ galaq (pi. 

jW aglaq, ^J^ agaliq).— (of a 

court of justice, &c.) ^y wasj. — 

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(ingot) **«- sabika-t (pi. *stfW~ 

Bab, v. (shut) ^ galaq, vagliq, 

yagluq; Jtf qafal, yaqfil, yaq- 

ful.— {hinder) j\* *aq» ya'&q J 

gx* mana', yamna*. 
Barb, «. (of an arrow) s^ kullab 

(pi. s-J** kalalib) ; ^^ bu«af 

(pi. U^UU hatatif). — (horse 

from Barbary) ^jj** gU* bisan 

Babbabian, 8. r+*\ a'jam (pi. 

f\+?\ a'jam). 
Babbabic, o<#. (savage) if—?* 

Barbarism, 8. (in speech) *+%* 

'ajmat; (^J lain (pi. gym) 

Babbabity, 8. SjLJ qasawa-t ; ^ 

Barbarous, adj. <j-V* qasi; fi& 

Babbeb, *. jV ballaq; ^jy mu- 

zayyin ; «-Aa*. kaffaf ; g^-i. has- 

Bard, *. ^^ sa'ir (pi. \*± su'ara). 
Babe, adj. ^ 'ari ; ^f- 'uryan. 
Babe, v. e&* 'arra, yu'arri; ^ 

jarad, yajrud ; *-*^ kasaf, yak- 

*if ; ^ follah, yasallib. 
Babe-faced, adj. & waqib (pi. 

C^ wiqah) ; M~ safib (pi. *^ 

sufaba') ; W Je^ qalil l^aya\ 
Bare-facedness, *. &^j waqa- 

ha-t ; ^>^- saf aba-t ; *;*** f an- 

jara-t (Pers.). 
Barely, adv. (with difficulty) ^W 

Babene8S, 8. (nakedness) <jf^ 'ura ; 

kf 'urya-t; Uj zalt.— (aridity) 

&jw* quhula-t. 
Bargain, s. (agreement) ±o* 'ahd 

(pi. Jpa 'uhud) ; J^l ittifaq.— 

(a cheap purchase) k*^ *;/» 

sarwa-t rahisa-t. 
Bargain, t*. (stipulate) ^A* sarat, 

yuMrit; *** 'ahid, ya'had; J** 

^ 'amul bazar, ya'mal. 
Baboe, s. s^U qarib (pi. s^V 

qawarib); J)>) zauraq (pi. J^j) 


Babk, *. (of a tree) j±S qisr (pi. 

jy±3 qusur). — (of a dog) &> 

nabb. — (ship) &^A* safina-t (pi. 

^Va- saf ay in, i$*~ sufun). 
Bare v. ( peel) y*£ qaisar, y uqai- 

i\x. — (as a dog) &* nabah, 

yanbah, yanbih ; ^j* 'awa, 

Barley, s. jt**> sVir. 
Barm, 9. ijt**- hamira-t. 
Barn, s. hj*> Jauna-t ; J^\ ambar 

(pi jfc\ anabir) ; ^^ mabzan 

(pi. aj^fc* mahazin). 
Babometeb, 8. u~tiA\) \j6^ ob*^ 

mizan al-hawa' wa 'fc-taas. 
Barometrically, adv. tfyt* 8*+\# 

\)$\ bi-wasita-t mizan al-hawa. 
Baron, s. yrf baron. 
Baroness, s. Q)jJ\ Ry\ amrat al- 

Barrack, Barracks, s. /l~*&\ &*& 

qa'at al-asakir. 
Barrel, s. Je^» barmil (pi. J*^ 

baramil) ; &i battiyat (pi. 

^Ui batati). — (of a gun) fyj-U 

ma8ura-t (pi. j*~\y mawasir) ; 

l**+ ju*ba-t (p].v>««»- ji*ab). 
Barren, adj. (land) f\* 'aqir (pi. 

ji\jfi 'awaqir) ; (**** 'aqim (pi. 

fUe *uqam). — (be barren) jte 

'aqur, ya c qur; J^» mafcal, 

yam^al ; J^»\ am^al, yumfcil. 
Barrenness, s. &+** uqma-t ; S^fi 

'uqrat ; Sj^ft 'aqara-t. 
Babbicade, 8. v*\j*~ mitras (pi. 

tH^U* mataris) ; Ju. sadd (pi. 

S\x*\ asdad). 
Babbicade, v. cr-4;^ J** 'amil 

mataris, ya'mal. 
Barrier, s. (obstacle) a- sadd (pi. 

S\x*\ a8d4d). — (boundary) «^ 

hadd (pi. *)*» fcudud)* 
Babbisteb, 8. «.5^aJ\ Je^ wakil ad- 

da'wa (pi. ^ wukala). 
Barrow, «. &w naqqala-t. 
Barter, t;. J^j badal, yabdil j </Vl 

qa4, yaqid; ^ qawaxj, yuqa- 

Barter, s. A* badal, &*\*+ muba- 

dala-t; J-*** tadbil; S-*j*~ 


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Basalt, 0. y\y j+* hajar saw- 

Base, adj. J»j watf-y ; J*> dani-y ; 
u-*-*« hasis ; jt**» ljaqir. 

Base, s. (foundation) ^*U\ asas; 
•w— • misnad. — (principal part) 
J— t a»l (pi. Jr-\ usul).— 
(pedestal) SjubU qa'ida-t (pi. ^y 
qawa'id). — (in music) ^ bamm 
(pi. py+* bumum). 

Baseness, s. *}&** haqara-t; S*Uj 

dana'at; l~t * • hasisa-t (pi. 

y>V~A. hasa'is). 

Baseless, adj. y*W j*£ ^ min 
gair asas. 

Basement, 8. S aAf tablita-t. 

Bashful, adj. s->j%^* mahjub; 
^.»., ^ ^ muhtaiim; o^^— • mus- 

Bashfdlness, «. W*» bay a ; &c 
'iffat; JU+* hij&la-t. 

Basic, ad;. «jM asli-y. 

Basin, s. (vessel) o^J» tis*t, t u ^t 
(pi. ty&l $u£ut). — (of a fountain) 
4fy birka-t (pi. ^ birak). — 
(dock) W* mina (pi. o*V* ma " 
wani, (^** nriyan) ; &£~\ iskala-t 
(pi. JSU asakil). 

Bask, v. <j-*"£* taiammas, yata- 

Basket, s. && quffa-t (pi. *-*** 
qufei); &- salla-t (pi. *>\ -at, 
JJL sulalh J**^ zambil (pi. 
J**Uj zanabil). 

Bass, *. (* bamm (pi. fj** bumum). 

Bastard, f»^*H &\ ibn al-haram ; 
V>j jJj walad zina ; j^J^ bun- 
duq (Syr.) ; ^j zanim. 

Bastard, adj. (spurious) »y mu- 
zawwar ; £*-*• musanna*. 

Bastinado, *. &^ 'alqa-t, 'ulqa-t 
(pi. <jlc 'alaq, *ulaq). 

Bastinado, v. &U v>r* darab 'al- 
qa-t, yadnib; t^i qaiat, yaq- 

Bastion, *. fy burj (pi. $\jl\ 

abraj) ; X*\L tabiya-t. 
Bat, s. (animal) M^Lj wa{wa$ (pi. 

W«VL« wa*awH) ; J>\*» huffas (pi. 

jt^VAt hufafis). 

Batch, s. (of bread) Sy** hubza-t. 

— (assortment) *W jumla-t. 
Bath, 8. fU*. hammam (pi. oUU 

Bathe, v. (*&*~\ istahamm, yasta- 

himm ; (++^ tahammam, yata- 

hammam ; J— *±\ igtasal, yagta- 

sil ; J— a? tagassal, yatagassal. — 

(in the sea) e*~ sabah, yasbah. 
Bath-keeper, s. ^j-^U*. ham- 

mami-y ; (^ ballan. 
Baton, s. ^ 'asa; **;j*Utt s ^ 

qa4ib al-mamuriya-t. 
Battalion, s. &>^ or(a (pi. t ; \ 

orat) ; jyU» tab&r . ^ buluk. 
Batten, v. (fatten), ^-»— samman, 

yusammin. — (dung) J?j zabbal, 

Batter, v. v5^- sahaq, yasfcaq ; jj 

daqq, yaduqq ; ^-yfc haras, yah- 

rus ; harras, yuharris. 
Batter, s. ^ hilt (pi. WW ahlat). 
Battering-ram, «. j^a- ^ j^ man- 

janiq (pi. *a>\ -at, v^V* majaniq, 

v^^^* majaniq). 
Battery, s. g^\^\ JU saff al- 

madafi*; g*\^- ^ alay (Turk.) 

madafi 4 ; s^L t&biyah (Turk.). 
Battle, s. i«lj waqa*at; ^^* 

muharaba-t; J^i qital ; ibl&« 

muqatala-t; yp kaun, kon (pi. 

(•fiyfi akwan). 
Battle, v. ^U qatal, yuqatil; J?V« 

taqatal, yataqatal ; »4>U5 ta'arak, 

Battle-field, s. l**y mauqa*a-t ; 

df*+ mu*tarak. 
Battlement, s. J*-»* fasil (pi. ^JU* 

fuslan, JUI fi 9 41); &/* ^urfa-t 

(pi. u^ ^uraf) ; ii jj quzfa-t (pi. 

cJ«Vi quzaf). 
Battle-order, s. «JU#« masaff. 
Bauble, s. <jb$ la ^ay, l&ie; ***) 

Bawl, v. fi na'ar, yan'ar; ^>«q- 

ja^a*, yuja'ji'. 
Bat, adj. ^\f^\ aiqarani-y ; j*e»\ 

(***\ ahmar adham. 
Bay, n. (of the sea) ^^ jun ; g«Lk 

b ali i (pl- ©^ b ulu J» eV^ hul- 
jao). — (laureUtree) j\t g4r (pl. 

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)\)t\ agwar, (^\jtt giran).— (bark) 

C** nabh. 
Bay, v. (bark) ^i nabah, yanbili, 

Bayonet, *. &*+* harbat. 
Bayonet, v. ^J^ (^ {a'an bi-'l- 

^arba-t, yat'an. 
Bb, i?. qP kan, yakun; (imper.) 

yf kun. 
Beach, *. J^ sahil (pi. J^V* 

sawahil; JA* i&ti (pi. J*\)* 

Beacon, *. u*>*^ fanus (pi. u**«*V 

fawanis); fyU- manara-t (pi. 

;*U* manayir). 
Bead, *. &<** ^abba-t. — (of silver) 

gW juman (Pers.). — (beads, 

rosary) £**-• subha-t (pi. e<— 

subah, v*>W*- subuhat) ; J wl» 

Beadle, «. Jy> surtf-y (pi. t/» 

surat); j/y taugur (pi. ^>fy 

tawasir) ; y*&* muhdir. 
Beak, s. f** ininqar (pi. j£\*~ ma- 
il aqir). 
Beam, s. (timber) &*a* ha^aba-t ; 

s^ju. ^— ► jisr haSab (pi. jj~* 

jusur) ; S*^ £uhiya-t (pi. ^r* 

sawahi). — (0/ scales) q\)*A\ &eJ> 

qubba-t al-inizan. — (ray) £Ua 

sVa* (pi. &*±\ asT'at, £** sVu<). 
Beam, v. £-*•** s*a 4 sV, yusa^i* ; 

\A ada, yudi ; jjM aSraq, yus>iq. 
Bean, s. Jy ful; u~y turmus; 

£**y lubiya-t. 
Bear, *. v>*> dubb, dibb (pi. *r»^ 

adbab, v***> dubab). 
Bear, v. (carry) J**- hamal, yah- 

mil; J^» sal, ya£il ; J** saqal, 

yasqal. — (suffer) J*-^ ihtamal, 

yahtamil; *-* sabar, yasbur 

(with J^ 'ala). 
Bearable ad/. (6e bearable) y\* 

han, yahun. 
Beard, s. £«** lihyat (pi. <^J 

liha) ; q*3 zaqan (pi. ^y^ 

Bearded, ad/. £*J y& zu lihya-t ; 

^i f\ abu zaqan. 
Beardless, od/. *y\ amrad, f. \Sy 

marda* (pL *j+ niurd). 

Beardlessness, 0. fo)f muruda-t. 
Bearing, 0. (behaviour) d£~ suluk ; 

«slL~* maslak ; 8p~ sira-t. 
Beast, g. y\y#» haiwan (pi. «*Artj*ft. 

haiwanat) ; Z*\* dabba-t (pi. 

v>V dawabb) ; (*& bahim (pi. 

(*i<W bahayim). — (vrild beast) 

ij**) wahs*(pl. \&f*) wuhiis). 
Beastliness, *. &* * *& bahimiya-t. 
Beastly, adj. f*M\ J** misl al- 

Beat, v. v>/* darab, yadrib, yadrub. 

— (conquer) s-J^ galab, yaglib ; 

j~S kasar, yaksir. — (throb) «J*> 

daqq, yaduqq. 
Beat, s. h/* darba-t ; &&U latsa-t. 
Beatipic, adj. *«JjW^ mubarik, jWjfe 

Beatipy, v. (make happy) «*«-\ 

as 'ad, yus4d. 
Beatitude, s. •**-. sa*d ; 5»>U- 

Beau, s. (fop) ^ gandar ; ^*u* 

gandur. — (lover) <JMAc *a^iq (pi. 

jUx *u^saq). 
Beauteous, Beautiful, adj. ^J— ^ 

hasan ; J«4^ jamil ; <jH>/ ku- 

wayyis; ^* malih (pi. t^* 

mil ah). 
Beautify, v. ^—^ hassan, yuhas- 

sin ; fc>aj zayyan, yuzayyin ; J^. 

jammal, yujammil. 
Beauty, s. ^— *> husn ; JW 

jamal ; £*X« malaha-t ; <C«i^ 

kuwayyisiya-t. — (beautiful wo- 

man) JU£ ^ ^ »*>U S\^ imrat 

zat baha wa kanial. 
Beaver, «. (animal) U3\ s-J^ kalb 

al-uia ; jS~»A* A^. ^^^ haiwan 

jand badastar (A. Pers.) ; eV* 

tarah. — (0/ a helmet) Ui gima. 
Becalm, v. (^- sakkan, yusakkin. 
Because, coti/. q$ li-ann ; s ■;■■■! 

(^ bi-sabab ann; ^ J^S H-ajl 

Beck, *. SjW igara-t ; \*) warn', 

warn a. 
Beck, Beckon, v. ^fjl auma, 

yumi ; J&\ aiar, yusir. 
Becloud, v. (*£ gayyam, yugay- 


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Become, v. >\~ sar, yasir. — (befit) 

j3 laq, yaliq ; <J*» haqq, yahiqq ; 

s-—^ nasab, yunasib. 
Becoming, adj. (fit) <3>3 laviq; 

s-»-.U^ munasib. — (graceful) <-A*^ 

Bed, Bedding, s. &*/ farsat ; ^/ 

fars ; J*\j* firas (pi. j^ funis). 

— (of a river) flA\ «4^ majra 

an-nahar. — (flower -bed) 1*$ rau- 

dat (pi. ^k) riyad). 
Bedaub, v. ^3 latah, yal^ah ; *±>f 

lawwas, yulawwis. 
Bedeck, v. <$\) zan, yazin; <#} 

zayyan, yuzayyin. 
Bedew, v. JI» tall, yafull. 
Bedim, v. (M a?lam, yuzlim ; ^ 

'attam, yu'attim. 
Bedizen, t?. &) zayyan, yuzayyin ; 

j^j3 zawwaq, yuzawwiq; <-*j*>j 

zahraf, yuzabrif . 
Bedlam, s. ^^a-j^ maristan (Pers.) ; 

to-S-H jta dar as-safa. 
Bedlamite, 8. e^%^ majnun (pi. 

<2**V* majanin) ; \J»ifA" matyus". 
Bed-rid, Bed-bidden, adj. e^ 

JfyM tarih al-firas\ 
Bedstead, 8. c^* 5 taht (pi. «t>^ 

Bee, *. &** nahlat (pi. J* 1 nahl). 
Beech, 8. y\) ^A sajar-zan ; %*A 

t\j~J\ ^jt^c 6ajar l ei as-sawwah. 
Beef, *. ^/j (**) lahm baqari ; (**) 

^-a-s. lahm basin. 
Beehive, s. J=^ **k* haliyyat nahl 

(pi. V>is* halaya) ; &j\j£ kuwara-t 

(pi. yi\f kawayir). 
Beer, 8. S^ bira-t ; £to f uqa' ; 

5jy biiza-t ; ^jy buza. 
Beet, Beet- root, *. ^j* sawandar 

(Pers.) ; ;W* banjar; «J^* silq. 
Beetle, «. J** ju'al (pi. gW 

ji'lan) ; * — fc*. hunfisa-t (pi. 

u ^i\jA. hanafis). 
Befall, v. «■£>•*»- hadas, yahdas ; 

^ jara, yajri ; <J>f 'arad, 

Befit, v. j3 laq, yaliq ; w— ^ 

nasab, yunasib. 
Befool, t*. (lead astray) £«x 

yahda'; ;-* garr, yagurr. — 

(delude) <J& gass, yagu£s\ 
Before, prep. ( of place) f\^ qud- 

dam ; fM amam. — (of time) J** 

qabl ; J** ^ min qabl ; conj. 

^* J* 5 qabl ma; q\ J-i qabl 

ann ; adv. J*S ^ min qabl. 
Before-hand, adv. ^as5 li-qud- 

dam ; J-i ^ min qabl. 
Before - time, adv. '\*±*+ mu- 

qaddiman; ^ awwalan; "Va*U 

Befriend, v. q)^ 'awan, yu'awin ; 

q\h\ a'an, yu'in ; J*U sa'ad, 

Beg, v. (intreat) ^f tarajja, ya- 

tarajja ; J^- sa'al, yas'al. — (for 

alms) «W» ^ahaz, yashaz; J^— > 

tasawwal, yatasawwal. 
Beget, a. ^ walad, yalid; ^y^\ 

ansal, yunsil. — (produce) j&>\ 

aghar, yugbir; ^3^ ballaq, yu- 

Beggar, *. *>W«i ^ahhaz ; JjU sa- 

yil ; J j— 2 * mutasawwil. 
Beggar, v. r&\ afqar, yufqir. 
Beggary, s. j& faqr ; ij&ft iflas. 
Begin, v. ^M bada, yabda; \^\ 

ibtida, yabtadi ; J-*^ ja*al, 

Beginning, s. ^ badw, badu; 

1a£*\ ibtida' ; {j*\j ras. 
Begird, v. kW\ aha^, yuhit ; <-A^ 

kannaf, yukannif . 
Begone, interj. t) ruh ; ^^-^ 

imsi ; '^5^- suhqan ; ^*** bu'- 

Begrime, v. *±>f lawwas, yulawwis. 
Begrudge, v. ^ ^ \**\ ^-*- 

hasad ahad 'ala ^e, yahsid. 
Beguile, v. <j^ ga^, yagu^; 

£m* hada*, yahda; ^—^ masah, 

Beguilement, s. (J^t giii ; &V**. 

hiyana-t ; &• makr. 
Behalf, s. ©j*^ fayida-t (pi. ^\^ 

f away id). — (on behalf of) J*^ ^ 

min ajl. 
Behave, v. oeU- salak, yasluk. 
Behaviour, 8, *&}•>» suluk; oU - ^^ 

maslak ; 5^- sira-t. 


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Behead, v. <j*\fl £* qata* ar-ras, 

yaqta* ; i>**K s^;-* 4arab al-'unq ; 

Behest, *. y\ amr (pi. y\£ awa- 

mir) ; f£+* hukm (pi. *lx^ ah- 

Behind, j?rep. c-*k* half ; \# wara' ; 

adv. \j) er* m * n wara*. 
Behindhand, adj. Jt»*» muta- 

wani ; J*W** mutaba^i. 
Behold, v. ^ nazar, yanzur ; gN* 

tatalla', yatatalla*. 
Behold, interj. J*\ unzur; t&\* 

hanaza; W iza. 
Beholden, adj. (indebted) <$y*-* 

Behoof, a. Sj^U fayida-t; S*A*t 

ifada-t; gtf naf. 
Behove, v. see Befit. 
Being, s. (existence) *ft) wujud; 

q£ kaun. — (condition) J^ hal. 

— (thing in existence) ($& kayin 

(pi. uyUjtf kayinat) ; *Wy* mau- 

jud (pi. v^W^y* maujudat). 
Belabour, v. v>/* darab, yadrib, 

Belch, v. <JJ faiS, yafu£s\ 
Beleaguer, v.^*W hasar, yuhasir ; 

y\e* tahasar, yatahasar. 
Belfry, *. i^r-aflj^H ^ burj an- 

Belie, v. (tell a lie) v>^ kazab, 

yakzib. — (show to be false) v>.tf 

kazzab, yukazzib. 
Belief, s. &> siqa-t ; *>Vaxc\ i'tiqdd ; 

j\^sr\ i'timad. — (religious) gU^ 

iman ; (^*> din. 
Believe, v. (trust) **te*\ i'taqad, 

ya'taqid ; {^\ aman, yumin. — 

(credit) ,3 a* saddaq, yusaddiq. 

— (think) ^ zann, yazunn ; &+± 

hamman, yuhammin. 
Believer, s. <yy mumin. 
Bell, s. u-^ naqus (pi. u~**ty 

nawaqis). — (small one) <j*y* 

jams (pi. u*\y*\ ajras). 
Belle, s. JW «yU Ry\ imra-t 

zafc jamal. 
Belligerent, adj. s. s^W> muta- 

Bellow, v. f* na'ar, yan*ar ; ^ 
har, yahur. 

Bellows, s. €**" minfah ; ^A** 
minfah (pi. £*Va* manafih). 

Belly, s. &* ba{n (pi. c^W butun) ; 
v>/ kirs* (pi. J»rf kurus). 

Belong, v. J u^ hass li, yahuss ; 
s-*~ &\ intasab, yantasib (mostly 
expressed by the words indi- 
cating possession, as fix* mata* ; 
<J*- haqq; JU mal, <fcc.). 

Beloved, adj. v»^^» mahbub ; 
,jj£** ma^uq. 

Below, |>rep. aifo. <*** taht ; J»^ 
^ auta min ; ^ JM asfal min. 

Belt, s. p\^ hizam (pi. «y\ -at, 
^yo-\ ahzima-t, fy*. huzm) ; jUj 
zunniir (pi. ^Uj zananir) ; j+f 
kamar (pi. jU^ akmar, Pers.) ; 
vj^^*> ?aulaq. 

Bemire, v. *±>y lawwas, yulawwis ; 
£~j wassah, yuwassih ; y-r naj- 
jas, yunajjis. 

Bemoan, v. ^J* «-A-^ asif 'ala, 
ya'saf ; ^ (^ hazin 'ala, yah- 

Bench, s. J^s^ maq'ad (pi. acV&» 
maqa'id); «^^ taht (pi. «yy^ 
tuhut). — (of stone) &J*++ ma^ta- 
bat (pi. s-kU* mas&tib). — (fri- 
bunal) S+Z^s* mahkama-t (pi. 
^W* mahakim). 

Bend, v.a. ^y^ hana, yahni; tj* 
'awwaj, vu'awwij ; ^ sana, 
yasni; ^y lawa, yalwi; n. JU 
mal, yamil ; v y»=*\ inhana, yan- 

Beneath, prep. adv. *s**& taht; 
vms* ^ min taht. 5^ec Below. 

^Benediction, s. &fy baraka-t ; *«3^> 
tabarruk (pi. «wf -at). 

Benefaction, *. jtA her; Uj^ 
'urf ; (^^-e.\ ihsan ; £+** ni'ma-t 
(pi. (**> ni'am). 

Benefactor, s. ^J\ &-*&• nmhsin 
ila; ^ p**" mun 4 im 'ala; rf 

Benefice, s. (a church living) aa^ 
i«— i^S wajifa-t kanayisiyya-t. 

Beneficence, s. j^\ J** fi'l al- 
ter; *f* jud; q\~+>\ i^ san. 

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Beneficent, adj. p*>* mun'im ; 

(*/ karim ; ($>~*" niuhsin. 
Beneficial, adj. «x*A* muf id ; g*^ 

nafi 4 . 
Benefit, s. (favour) q\~-A ihsan ; 

&#»\/ karamiya-t; £+** ni'mat. 

—(profit) Sj^U %ida-t; g* 

Benefit, v. (do good to) c**\ an*am, 

yun'im ; &~> *»\ ahsan, yuhsin. — 

(gain an advantage) £fc*\ intafa'. 

yantafi* ; **\te~\ istafad, yastafid. 
Benevolence, *. &&\ &**» husn 

al-laf ta-t ; &*\/ karama-t ; «-AU 

lutf; &i»^ 'atifa-t (pi. «-AUy* 

Benevolent, adj. j*** hayyir ; <-& & 

la^if ; (**** mun'im. 
Benight, t;. ^JM aglam, yuzUm. 
Benighted, s. J*W» jahil (pi. JW 

Benign, Benignant, adj. pj*- 

halim (pi. U1&. hulama, p%*\ ah- 

lam) ; <Jf» ra'iif ; &** safiq. ' 
Benignity, *. ^ l^ilm ; &\> rafa-t. 
Bent, *. (curvature) \j&*\ inhina; 

g^\ in'iwaj. — (disposition) Ja* 

Bent, adj. $}** mu'awwaj ; ^w-* 

munhani ; Uka** mu'aqqaf. — 

(addicted) jl*** muta'alliq ; tfy 

mula' (both with v> bi). 
Benumb, v. s<*± haddar, yuhad- 

Bequeath, v. ^-a* >>+$ ^^ wassa 

li-ahad bi-£e, yuwa??! ; «J&t 

***y feallaf bi-wasiya-t, yuhallif ; 

«-ASj waqaf , yaqif. 
Bequest, *. l~°y wasiya-t; u&± 

^p halaf muwassa. — (for 

pious uses) «-Aij waqf (pi. U>\>£ 

Bereave, v. (deprive of) ^ 

haram, ya^rim. — (render desti- 
tute) J#\ agkal, yuskil. 
Bereavement, s. ^ yatm, yutm, 

yatain ; J# §ukl. 
Berry, *. w^- habb ; &**» habba-t 

(pi. *r>y&- hubub). 
Berth, s. w^yA\ ^ ^U» manam 


Beseech, v. ^\ £*£ tadarra' ila, 

yatadarra ; {j-+&\ iltamas, yalta- 

Beseem, v. *r~*k nasab, yunasib ; 

jS laq, yaliq. 
Beset, v. tW\ ahat, yufcit; ^»W 

hasar, yuhas ir. 
Beside, prep, s-*** jamb ; s-^W: 

Besides, prep. ^ 6*>^j ziyada-t 

Besides, conj. **&$ j*k ger zalik. 
Besiege, v. ^*W hasar, yuhasir. 
Besmear, v. U la$, yalut, yalit; 

^ tala, ya^li. 
Besom, s. & —■ * . < * miknasa-t (pi. 

^VX* makanis) ; &4-A* muqas- 

Besot, v. (stupefy) <j*aj dahlias', 

yudahhis. — (intoxicate) j < »\ 

askar, yuskir. 
Besottedness, s. j£~* sikr. 
Bespatter, v. Jty tarjai, yutar- 

Bespeak, v. (order) <J^ ^-j wa^^a 

'ala, yuwa§?i. 
Besprinkle, v. u^ ra&i, yaru^s ; 

u*»y» taras, yatru^. 
Best, adj. ($~*\ ahsan ; jAi^ af4al ; 

s-**M atyab. — (one's best) j& ^ 

(jjl^5\ ala* qadr al-imkan. 
Bestial, adj. {mS *t^ bahimi-y. 
Bestir, v. df. harrak, yuljarrik. — 

(one 1 8 self) *&*\ intahamm, yan- 

tahimm; &f* taharrak, yata- 

Bestow, v. s-^^ wahab, yahab ; 

J»* 4 ata, ya'ti ; J^> bazal, yabzil, 

Bestowal, s. Uac 'ata' (pi. *ssM 

a*tiya-t) ; h*f mauhaba-t (pi. 

s-^'y* mawahib). 
Bestrew, v. ^ ra^, yarusi. 
Bestride, v. g* fajj, yafujj ; £&i 

fassah, yufaisih ; s-^; rakib, 

Bet, *. (jjVAj rihan ; eJ^V tarahun. 
Bet, v. {$*\j> tarahan, yatarahan ; 

LjUj ta^arat, yataiarat- 
Betake, v. a^j* tawajjah, yatawaj- 

jah ; J\ ^^ iltaja ila, yaltaji. 

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Bethink, v. f& tazakkar, yata- 

zakkar; £& tafakkar, yatafak- 

Betide, v. J*** haeal, yahsal ; *£>^ 

hadag, yahdis. 
Betimes, adv. «**$ J* 'ala waqt. 
Betoken, v. <J>\ j\*\ a6ar ila, yuSir ; 

Jft J*> dall 'ala, yadull. 
Betray, v. q\± han, yahun ; ;^ 

gadar, yagdir, yagdar. 
Betrayal, *. j*k gadr ; &W** hiya- 

Betroth, v. s-^ hattab, yuhattib. 
Betrothal, a. &*!**» hu^ba-t. 
Better, adj. adv. {$*~**\ ahsan ; 

Ja*\ afdal; ^ ahyar; s-*M 

Better, v. ^>\ aslah, yuslih ; ^> 

^allah, yusallih ; J»>-^ a'dal, 

yn'dil. — (morally) a*^- ^ naz- 

zam sirat-hu, yunazzim. 
Bettor, a. i)U^ mu£arit; (£*V* 

Between, Betwixt, prep. ^ ben ; 

^ U ma ben. 
Bevel, «. ^j zawiya-t; i}*~* 

Beverage, «. s-»V* ^ araD » **/• 

sarba-t; s^/*"* niairub (pi. «^ 

Bevy, «. £*j- surba-t. — (of people) 

Cj* fauj (pi. gpt fuwuj, ©y^ af " 

Bewail, v. jJLc fcU nah 'ala, ya- 

Beware, v. )&» hazar, yahzar ; 

)&*A ijjtazar, yaljtazir. 
Beware, interj. **^ ^ d\i\ ayyaka 

summ ayyaka ; j»w\ f )^J\ al- 

hazr suinm al-hazr. 
Bewilder, v. (Ju*S\ adhas, yudhis ; 

yt*» hayyar, yuhayyir. 
Bewilderment, s. &&** daha£a-t ; 

^Iaj^ indihiU ; S^ hira-t. 
Bewitch, v. (by sorcery) <J>j raqa, 

yarqa ; ^»~ sahar, yashur. — (by 

personal charms) lak^A Sah^at, 

Beyond, adv. prep. \^ warit, \y U 

ma wara ; Jj* f auq. 
Bias, 8. (prejudice), ^ wahm 

(pi. py*>)\ auhum). — (inclination) 

J** mail. 
Bias, v. J** mayyal, yumayyil; 

utf* 'aftaf, yn'aftif . 
Bib, v. *▼>/• sarib, yasrab ; s-**> 

ta'abbab, yata'abbab. 
Bibber, *. s->V» sarrab ; s-*«/» sir- 
rib ; ^W* 'abbab. 
Bible, *. y-JA^ v»US3^ al-kitab al- 

muqaddas; va>WH at-taurat. 
Bid, v. (order) /•* amar, yamur. — 

(a price) ^j* 'arad, ya'rid ; J±f\ 

a'rad, yu*nd. — (to bid adieu) g^ 

wadda', yuwaddi*. — (bid good 

day) ^ jJL. sallam 'ala, yusal- 

Bide, v. a. (endure) J* y** sabar 

'ala, yasbur ; J-*^ ihtamal, yah- 

tamil ; n. (abide) fM\ aqam, yu- 

qiin ; (jjX- sakan, yaskun. 
Biennial, adj. &<~~ J^ kull sana- 

Bier, 8. s&>f\s tabut (pi. *^**\>* ta- 

wabit) ; ij±**-i na's (pi. ^f*y*> 

Biq, adj. j*4 kabir (pi. ; W* kibar, 

kubar) ; ^Jac 'azim (pi. ^^c 

*izam, L-iLc 'uzama). — (with 

child) ^J*** hubla (pi. JW*- ha- 

bala) ; &»\* hamila-t. 
Bigamist, s. ^V^* Cjjy 8 * niuta- 

zawwij bi-imraten. 
Bigamy, 8. ^^j*^ **f$\ az-zijat 

Bight, s. (bay) ^ haur (pl.^^ 

ah war) ; <^y^ jfin. 
Bigot, Bigoted, adj. s-^»^* muta- 

*a99ib ; {mS **ri ta^subi-y. 
Bigotry, s. s-^** ta*a?9ub. 
Bigness, *. p* kubr, kibr, kibar; 

(J** ^lzm, 'izm, *izam ; £*kc 

Bile, «. S^ mirra-t (pi. ^y mirar) ; 

\^o ^afra ; W^- sauda, soda. 
Bilious, ad/, v^^;* -6 safrawi-y ; <&y 

\^\ muwallid 

as-safra; ^^y 

Bill, 8. (beak) j&*» minqar (pi. 
^iU^ manaqir). — (pruning knife, 
&c.) J^* minjal (pi. J^U^ ma- 
najil) ; JW> miqsal (pi. J«-^ 

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maqasil). — (printed advertise- 

ment) h^& kitaba-t. — (account) 

sA- a- hisab ; s>^— ^N £**\i qayi- 

mat al-hisab. — (money order) 

&\f* hawala-t. — (of law) &*j* 

Billet, *. S^i? tazkira-t (pi. /Ms 

tazakir); &jj waraqa-t; £*ij 

ruq'at (pi. gVi ; riqa'). 
Billet, v. (quarter soldiers) yX- 

sakkan, yusakkin; Jy\ anzal, 

Billion, utf\ UkN <_aN alf alf alf ; 

Oyeb bilyun. 
Billow, s. &y mauj (pi. $y\ am- 

Billow, t>. gU maj, yamuj ; ,J»3s 

talatam, yatala^am. 
Billowy, adj. ©^^ Ms* muta- 

la£im bi-'l-amwaj ; ©ij* mawwaj. 
Bin, s. j^J^-» ganduq (pi. ^joU-o sa- 

Binary, adj. iJ &» musanna. 
Bind, v. Uj raba{, yarbit, yarbut ; 

J^c 'aqad, ya'qid ; *£ qayyad, 

yuqayyid. — (a book) •&* jallad, 

yujallid ; **W l^abak, yahbik. 
Binding, *. v>^ *<**& tajlida-t 

Biographer, s. 5^- s-*^ katib 

Biographic, adj. ^*-J\ t^** yahuss 

Biography, s. fy** sira-t (pi. ;*«* 

eiyar) ; S^jj tazkara-t. 
Biologist, *. ^ s-^^* sahib 'ilm, 

&e. (See the following.) 
Biology, s. %y#J\ ^ ^ s->W ^ 

'ilm asbab wa suwar al-hayat. 
Biped, adj. <j*Wj ^ zu rajlen. 
Birch, *. (tree) 3y* batula. — (rod) 

s-**-** qadib (pi. ^W^» qudban). 
Bird, p± $air, ter (pi. ^ tuyur). — 

(small) jy^-ac 'asfiir (pi. ^**^>* 

Birth, s. %<&) wilada-t ; *>^a* mi- 

Birth-day, i*%+ (*j> yom uriladhu ; 

*>%~d\ j^c 'aid al-milad. 
Biscuit, *. tU— J» baqsimat. 
Bisect, v. ^ qata', yaqta' ; «-**» 

naeaf, yansuf; ^ wassat, yu- 

Bisection, 8. «-&***> tansif. 
Bishop, 8. Ute-^ usqut" (pi. &iL.\ 

asaqifa-t, c-AiL^ asaqif ). 
Bishopric, 8. < E »ta - \ usqufiyat. 
Bismuth, a. ^Ju»aJ\ flay** 8 /* marqa- 

£i$a-t al-qasdir. 
Bit, 8. (of a horse) «sU fakk ; f\+i 

lijam (pi. f»^J lujum, &*^*J\ alji- 

ma-t). — (small piece) ^»i qifa-t 

(pi. £* qu^a') ; s->y~J lasub, 

Bitch, 8. L& kalba-t ; SUJ la'a-t. 
Bite, v. <j±& 'a^d, ya'a44- 
Bite, Biting, s. &ac 4 ad4a-t ; &*•$* 

Biting, a<7/. (severe^ sharp) A* 

Bitter, ae?/. y murr (pi. ^^ am- 

Bitterness, *. 8^^ marara-t. 
Bitumen, s. *4*- humar ; ^**- hu- 

mair ; *>^> fi qafr al-yahiid ; 

U naft. 
Bituminous, adj. Ja« naf^i-y. 
Bivalve, s. ^» mahar; ij^+ 

Blab, v. f> namm, yanimm, ya- 

Black, adj. *y^ as wad, f. \*>y* 

sauda (pi. «y» sud) ; ^a^ ad- 
ham, f. Uao dahma (pi. *fco 

duhm); J^^ akhal, f. W 

kahla (pi. J^ kuhl). 
Black, 8. (colour) *>\y- sawad. — (a 

negro) *y~\ aswad (pi. ($\4y* 

s lid an). 
Black- bird, s. jh** sahrur (pi. 

^Wfc saharir). 
Blacken, v. (make black) *y~ saw- 
wad, yusawwid. — (defame) ^at- 

sahham, yusahhim. 
Blackguard, *. ^^ falati-y ; 

ifyM- hulbAs (pi. &*t^ halabi- 

Blacking, s. k$ b6ya-t, b%a-t. 
Blackish, adj. *>y~* muswadd; 

^U^ aswadani-y. 
Blacksmith, a. »>W ^addad. 
Bladder, a. &U~ ma§ana-t; &y*~ 

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mibwala-t. — (gall bladder) fyy 

Blade, *. &-»> naela-t (pi. JU» 

nisal, J-rt ansul). 
Blamable, ad/. ffi\ s-^j wajib 

al-laum; f!Utt &**>-* musta- 

hiqq al-malani ; fk yulam. 
Blame, v. ($ lam, yalum ; f*i 

zamm, yazumm; s-*** 'ayyab, 

yu'ayyib; #y wabbah, yuwab- 

Blame, s. rf laum ; &»X» mazam- 

Blameless, adj. v>^ **** ^ ma 

'aleh 'itab; v^ 3 la yu'ab. 
Blanch, v.a. y*et bayya£, yubay- 

Bland, adj. (*J** halim ; g**>j 

Blandish, v. UD la^af, yula^if ; 

(j)U mallaq, yumalliq. 
Blandishment, s. &&%• mulata- 

fa-t ; <3*Us tamliq. 
Blandness, *. &*)** 'uzuba-t; ^ 

hilm ; W j$ wada'a-t. 
Blank, ad/, (white) J^\ abyad. — 

(empty) ^J^ hali. — (without 

rhyme) g**—* ^ ger musajja'. 
Blank, *. (empty space) *&• hu- 

lu; U*fi<Ja\ 
Blanket, «. <-0 lahaf; <^U4 

lifcaf (pi. «-*J luhuf).* 
Blaspheme, v. <*J<*+ jaddaf, yu- 

jaddif ; y^kafar, yakfur. 
Blasphemes, *. <*J*x^* mujaddif. 
Blasphemous, adj. <J*<*r tajdifi-y. 
Blasphemy, 8. c^jk«r tajdif. 
Blast, a. £^# nafha-t (pi. *a>\ -at). 
Blast, v. (blight) Jt«i zabbal, yu- 

zabbil. — (split rocks by gun- 
powder) y«S* tayyar, yutayyir. 
Blaze, s. &*£ lahaba-t; s-^ 

Blaze, v.n. s «- o * lahib, yalhab ; 

s-^» talahhab, yatalahhab ; s-6*N 

iltahab, yaltahib. — (spread news) 

j&\ aShar, yuihir. 
Blazon, s. (coat of arms) &»^ 

'alama-t (pi. {&* 'alain, fjbz 

'alayim) ; ^UJ ni£an (pi. ^*aW* 


Blazon, v. (decorate) ^M a'lam, 

yu'lim ; (^y zayyan, yuzayyin. — 

(spread about) ji*\ aihar, yu£hir. 
Bleach, v. J^i bayyad, yubayyi^ ; 

j*i qassar, yuqa§sir. 
Bleacher, s. JV~£ gassal. 
Bleaching, s. J*- *> tagsil. 
Bleak, o$. (cota) *>;W band. — 

(cheerless) }*&• mukaddir. 
Bleakness, s. *j* bard. 
Blear, adj. <ja+*\ a'mas, f. Wc 

'amsa (pi. yo** 'urn?). 
Bleakness, «. <joW* 'imas. 
Bleat, v. <j*t ba'a, yab'a; { ^» 

ma'a, yam'a ; g+** ma'ma', yu- 

Bleat, s. &u** ma'ma'a-t. 
Bleed, v.n. f»> la# naqqat dam, 

yunaqqit ; f*> JU sal dam, yasil ; 

a. ^ fasad, yafsid, yafsud ; J*>\ 

^» f»> ahaz dam min, ya'huz. 
Bleeding, s. S»>Ui fasada-t (pi. 

a?U* fasa'id). 
Blemish, «. s-^ft 'aib ; jU *ar. 
Blemish, v. J^-i^ afsad, yufsid; 

cJdrt atlaf , yutlif . 
Blench, v. \jf g^ raja 4 li-wara, 

yarja* ; ^^^\ ahjam, ju^jim. 
Blend, v.^. laUt\ lhtala^, yabtalit ; 

SjU mazaj, yumazij ; a. U*- 

halat, yahlut ; cy mazaj, yam- 

Bless, v. ^W barak, yubarik. — 

(make happy) »**~\ asa*d, yus'id. 

— (bless God) *U\ jb» ^akar 

allah, yaskur. 
Blessed, adj. ^^ mubarak ; J^u 

sa'id ; <J^$* tubani-y. 
Blessedness, s. SjU-, sa'ada-t ; 

^ baraka-t ; ^J* tuba. 
Blessing, «. ^ baraka-t; dp* 

tabarruk (both pi. *&>\ -at). 
Blight, «. (^«ft. hiss ; j* ^irr, (j-^-« 

Blight, v. ^«ft- hass, yahuss. 
Blind, adj. {S **\ a*ma, f. ^ 

'amja (pi. ^j^x <umi, ^^c «um- 

yan) ; ^W** 'amjan. 
Blind, v. (make blind) ^^ 'amma, 

yu*ammi; ^^^^ a*ma, yu'mi. — 

(darken) (J±\ aglam, yujlim. 

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Blind, *. fyla- sitara-t (pi. ^U- sa- 

tayir) ; £j\^ bardaya-t (pi. s*>\ 

Blindfold, v. &**& U) rabat ain- 

hu, yarbit, yarbu^. 
Blindness, *. Ue ( ama ; **U* 

Blink, *. (glance) p* nazar (pi. 

j&H anzar) ; &L talla-t. — (mo- 
ment) &*J lahja-t. 
Blink, v. ij^»j ramai, yarmiS, yar- 

mus ; y** gamaz, yagmiz ; <ji^ 

***** barqaq 'aine-hi, yubarqiq. 
Bliss, Blissfulness, *. 8*>U~ ga'a- 

Blissful, adj. oj*~*» mas'ud. 
Blister, s. (swelling) &**fi* baq- 

biqa-t ; &*&. habba-t. — (plaster) 

£i\^ harraqa-t. 
Blister, v.n. {&s\ intafah, vanta- 

Blithe, Blithesome, adj. t»j~** 

mabsut ; gWj* farhan ; \j>y** 

Blithesomeness, s. U— *rt inbisat ; 

£%& bahja-t ; &>l£i nasata-t ; 

**U* baiaia-t. 
Bloat, v.a. (# nafah, yanfuh ; ^ 

warram, yuwarrim ; n. (J&\ in- 
tafah, yantafih. 
Bloatedness, s. £&* nafh. 
Block, *. (of wood, &c.) &y> qur- 

ma-t; £**/ qirmiya-t (pi. <j»\f 

qirami). — (hindrance) g*U mani' 

(pi. g\y mawani'). 
Block, v. (stop) «-A*j waqqaf, yu- 

waqqif; \JA** has, yahu3. — (a 

harbour, &c.) j°\*> ljasar, yuha$ir; 

Jc L^ s-»/* darab halaqiya-t 

4 ala, yadrib. 
Blockade, s. $;->W« mnljasara-t ; 

J**- hisar; Jf& M^- s-»/* darb 

halaqiya-t 'ala. 
Blockhead, s. &**\ ahmaq ; •**!* 

balid ; **** huka'a-t ; ££** hu- 

Blonde, s. j*&$\ \/* saqra ai- 

Blood, *. (>** dam (pi. Uo dima). — 

(kindred) s-~- * nasab. — (ojf- 

spring) J~* nasi. 

Bloody, acfy'. (stained with blood) 
fjJl* «A>yu mulawwas bi'd-dam. — 
(sanguinary) J*^ qatil ; *s)l*«. 
UjJ\ saffak ad-dima; r}*~ saf- 

Bloom, Blossom, f>) zahar; Syfcj 
zahra-t ; rf naur (pi. j\jrt anwar). 
— (fif youth) ^yki 'unfuwan. 

Bloom, Blossom, v. yfcj zahar, 
yazhar; j&)\ azhar, yuzhir; rf 
nawwar, yunawwir. 

Blot, s. (stain, spot) £*«? buq'a-t ; 
&» nuqta-t (pi. W» nuqat, ^ 
niqat). — (morally) s-«** 'aib (pi. 
^jac «uyub). 

Blot, v. (stain) *±>y lawwas, yulaw- 
wis ; £** baqqa', yubaqqi*. — 
(obliterate) £-j wassah, yuwas- 
sih ; < j^» maha, yamhi, yamhu ; 
£~i nasah, yansah ; <jJLL (alas, 

Blotch, *. &j*** baqbuqa-t; ^ 
waram (pi. f\^\ auram). 

Blotch, v. (blacken) ty* sawwad, 
yusawwid. — (spot) *±>y lawwag, 
yulawwig ; gij baqqa 4 , yubaqqi*. 

Blotting-paper, «. ^/U^\ j^ waraq 
al-ma8s; ^^\ j;* waraq aJ- 

Blow, *. ty darba-t ; i^U lat^a-t. 
— (into the face) WjX la^ma-t. 

Blow, v. £& nafah, yanfah, yan- 
fuh ; s-*a habb, yahubb. — (the 
trumpet) toy^^ j»> daqq bi-'l- 
buqa-t, yaduqq. — (blow the nose) 
j$ bazar, yabzir ; !aa£w»^ imtahat, 

Blubber, s. (++**> sahm (pi. fj*> 

Bludgeon, *. vo^i nabbut (pi. 
s-^»W> nababib) ; &Sj zaqla-t ; 

&2j~»+ miswaqa-t 
►lue. adi. iS\\\ az 

Blue, adj. j^ azraq, f. \*j) garqa 

(pi. 4» zurq). 
Blue, Blueness, s. iijj zurqa-t. 
Bluff, s. (steep bank) l^ tahdi- 

ra-t ; jy**> hadur. 
Bluff, adj. h & l- t> galiz ; ^ > t .- ^ 

Bluffness, *. ^^ galaga-t ; &l**k 


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Bluish, adj. topH J\ J*U mayil ila 

Blunder, 8. p* sahu ; RAt galta-t. 
Blunder, v. Jj zall, yazill; ^ 

galit, yaglat. 
Blunt, adj. ±*}\ W>** mugallaz al- 

hadd. — (of manner) W* galiz. 
Blunt, v. ^ gallaz, yugalliz ; J^ 

akall, yukill. 
Bluntness, *. *W£ galaza-t; &h 

Blur, *. (stain) s-*e* 'aib (pi. ^j** 

Blur, v. £~j wassah, yuwassih. 
Blurt, v. J^M> harfai, yuharfis\ 
Blush, v. j+*\ ahmarr, ya^marr. 
Bluster, v. f&\ if tahar, yaf tahir ; 

j£* fasar, yafsur. 
Bluster, a. jjAi fusur ; ;U^\ ifti- 

Blusterer, 8. J^^ fas^ar; ^a**** 

Boar, 8. J*i jty^ hinzir fahl. 
Board, 8. (plank) tf lauh, loh 

(pi. cV^ alwftl ?) ; ^ daff (P L 
«^j**> dufuf) ; tr^ umsuh.— 
( fare) wf qut ; f\& ta'am ; 
J*\*+ ma'as. — (of a ship) *-*£> 
s-**^ $araf al-markab. — (on 
board) s-^N ^ fi-'l-markab. — 
(cover of a book) i±ekr tajlida-t. 

Board, v. (cover with wood) s ~&»* 
has&ib, yuhas&b ; c^W \J*j* faros' 
bi-'l-lau^, yafrus. — (enter a ship 
by force) Sy s-V ^J\ ^ tal a ' ila 
markab quwwatan, ya^la* ; **M» 
s-*/^ sabak al-markab, yaibuk. 
— (furnish with food) <£+&\* (***A 
attain bi-'s-saman ; ($+&\i v&>\5 
qat bi-Vsainan, yaqut. 

Boarish, adj. <^j*y^ hinziri-y ; 
^j+eV bahiuii-y ; M± galiz. 

Boast, v. fkxfi iftahar, yaftahir. 

Boast, s. f*& tafahhur ; ^U^ ifti- 

Boastful, f&&" muftahir. 

Boastfulness, 8. f*& taffahhur. 

Boat, s. s^ qarib (pi. ^V 9 a " 
warib) ; J;^j zauraq (pi. 


Bode, v.a. J* J*> dall 'ala, yadull ; 
v» ^5-i^ anba bi, yunbi. 

Bodice, s. l**~ sudaira-t; t#j 
zabun (pi. &i)\ azbina-t). 

Bodily, adj. ^ »^ % jasadi-y; 
^U—*. jismani-y. 

Bodkin, s. )\y±* mihraz (pi. >*jU* 

Body, s. **— ► jasad (pi. *>^-*^ aj- 

8 M) ; f* * jism (pi. r*W^ 

ajsam) ; <^ hadan (pi. q^ 
abdan).— (dead body) &+ jussat 
(pi. t^^jusas). — (collective body) 

fr+ J am< - 
Bog, 8. &*<— sabha-t (pi. £W- 

sibah) ; &a i * — * masbaha-t ; ^aW 

batiha-t (pi. ^ batayih). 
Boggle, v. «jy»* ta*awwaq, yata'aw- 

waq ; s->^ irtab, yartab. 
Bogqy, adj. ^aw- sabhi-y. 
Boil, v.n. J± gala, yagli ; a. ^\ 

agla, yugli ; J^- salaq, yasluq. 
Boil, s. (tumour) &*yA baqbuqa-t ; 

ft) waram (pi. f>\jy\ auram). 
Boiler, s. of** ma*un (pi. e^^r* 

mawiVin) ; ^ hulla-t (pi. ji^ 

hulal) ; &+J burma-t ; jt- satal 

(pi. J^. sutul). ^ 

Boisterous, adj. <-A-« *asif ; *^^» 

Boisterou8NESs, e. ^ rajja-t ; 

cV^ irtijaj ; ft*** sidda-t. 
Bold, arfj. ^-W jasir; gW^ ^ja*. 
Boldness, *. *; W jasara-t ; ^c^ 

Bole, 8. (trunk) &»jS qurma-t. — 

(bolus) Zfr balu 4 . 
Bolster, s. Sj^at^ mihadda-t (pi. 

J^« mahadd) ; &a* ~ * masnad (pi. 

jiL-^ masanid). 
Bolt, s. (dart) p*~ sahm (pi. ^W- 

sabam). — (of a door) <j-^ dar- 

bas (pi. u-e»^;*> darabis). 
Bolt, v. u-*/> darbas, yudarbis. 
Bomb, s. s-*** bomb, bumb ; 5^?-** 

qumbara-t (pi. ^Ui qanabir). 
Bombard, v. ^^ fi s-*** s^ darab 

bomb au qanabir, yadrib. 
Bombardier, *. j*&\ s->\r* darrab 

al - qumbar ; ^;. *» i > qumbar- 

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Bombardment, 8. jjjtfH v*^ darb 

Bombast, s. &J\** mubalaga-t; 
«/ ifrat ; ftttt j £* nafh fi- 
Bombastic, ac?/. u-AbU mukallif. 
Bond, «. (he) Lb^ ribat (pi. «t>^W ; 
ribatat, Wj rubut) ; J^ habl (pi. 
JW^ hibal, J*W habayil).— 
(fetter) ^Vj zanjir (pi. ^) 
zanajir).— (for debt) xu* sanad 
(pi. j\sJ\ asnad) ; * s\ ~ ~ *5 tamas- 
suk (pi. «t>\ -at). 
Bondage, *. h*y** 'abudiyat. 
Bondsman, s. m^U damin ; J-tf 

Bone, 8. (M «azra (pi. p&* 'izam, 

f£*\ a'zuin). 
Boneless, adj. f&e\ <C U ma lahu 

Bonfire, «. X^juc ^U nar 'aidiya-t 

(pi. ^^J niran). 
Bonnet, a. (cap) A-^li qallusa-t (pi. 
er-**^* qalalis) ; J^^ tarbus (pi. 
cr-aft^ tarabis). 
Bonny, ad/. sj~>£ ku way vis ; cJUai 

Bony, ad;. ^4^ 'agnri-y. 
Booby, s. &**\ ahinaq ; <j~>s tais 
(pi. u-^ tuyus, <j-Wrt atyas) ; 
J^« bahlul (pi. J-% bahalil). 
Book, s. s-A^kitab (pi. s-^kutub). 
— (division of a work) y* juz ; 
vW bab. — (account book) ytf*> 
daftar; &+*\i qayima-t (pi. ^ji 
qawayim) ; ^W hawi. 
Book, t?. yijJ\ J* jlJ> qayyad fi-'d- 

daftar, yuqayyid. 
Bookbinder, «. Jd^* mujallid ; 

«*!Ua. habbak. 
Book-keeper, *. s-~*W« muhasib. 
Book8Eller, *. s-***N gWt bayya' 
al-kutub ; {tS ~£ kutubi-y ; JW« 
Boon, s. £*** ni'ama-t (pi. ^*> 
ni'am); J-tf fadl (pi. JUtf 
Boon, adj. y^-* masrur; L, 

Boon-companion, 8. ^a* nadim 



Boor, s. t*l* galiz ; &&fl\ ^j^ 

'adim at-tarbiya-t. 
Boorish, adj. ^U fallahi-y ; &&A. 

Boorishness, 8. &U*s. haiana-t; 

&^ gilaza-t. 
Boot, «. &•)* jizma-t (pi. «^\ -at, 
fy+ jizam) ; J^jj zarbul (pi. J-^j 
Booth, «. (shed, cottage) £/ kuh 
(pi. fctjrt akwah, (^U^ kihan)"; 
u^ huss (pi. ^U^t ahsas). — 
(stall at a fair) q\£j dukkaa (pi. 
itP&SJ dakakin) ; «t>yU- hanut 
(pi. vs^J^ hawanit). 
Booty, *. &*** ganima-t (pi. ^Ufe 
ganayim) ; M* nuhba-t ; ***** 
inagnam (pi. ^U- maganim). 
Border, 8. &W haffa-t; &*aU 
M3iya-t (pi. ^\f* hawasl). — 
(boundary) •*»* hadd (pi. ^J** 
hudud) ; ^ tuhm (pi. pf& 
tuhum) ; j-*S sagr (pi. Jr Jtf 
Border, v. J-»\ ittasal, yattasil ; 

^V» tahain, yutahim 
Borderer, «. ^^^ mujawir. 
Bore, v. (perforate) ^ haraz, 
yahriz ; s-^fii naqab, yanqub ; 
s-a* saqab, yasqub. — (annoy, be 
tedious) JM amall, yumill ; Jft) 
za"al, yuza"il. 
Bore, s. J^U* mamlM ; Jcy» mu- 

Borer, «. j^« mihraz (pi. jjW-« 

mahariz) . 
Borouoh, 8. kj» qarya-t (pi. ^ 

Borrow, v. j\*z~.\ ista'ar, yasta*ir ; 
c &L >^\ istaslaf, yastaslif ; <j*jSj\ 
iqtarad, yaqtarid. 
Borrower, s. ^ y u^^ mustaqrid. 
Bosom, 8. ^ sadr ; &*»» hida (pi. 

&}**■ hudun). 
Boss, s. h±* hadba-t ; fa& baq- 

Botanic, Botanical, adj. ^W* 

Botanise, v. s-Ajs 'assab, yu*as^ib ; 
^U^ ^5 lamm haiayis, ya- 

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Botanist, *. «t>VjlfjJVj u»jU «arif bi- 

'n-nabatat; v»^ 'a^ab. 
Botany, «. <«>Utl*fiR ^ <ilm an-na- 

Botch, v. (patch) gl; raqqa', yu- 

Both, adj. » kila, f. Utf kilta; 

(;)**>^ al-asnen. 
Bother, 8. &a$ saqla-t ; s-**> ta'ab ; 

vj^^> taiwi£. 
Bother, v. «JLc ,Jtf saqqal 'ala, 

yusaqqil ; $*)\ az'aj, yuz'ij ; ^* 

,Jc £awwa£ 'ala, yusawwiS. 
Bottle, *. SjUi qazaza-t (pi. y^- 

qazayiz) ; &*^ qannina-t (pi. 

Js*U* qanani) ; &&** £isa-t (Pers*) ; 

Sj^Vi qarura-t (pi. ^y qawarir). 
Bottom, a. ytf qa'ar (pl.;j** qu'ur) ; 

s-a* 'uqb (pi. s^^ a'qab, s-*** 

Bottomless, adj. j\p d ^ ma lahu 

Bough, «. &-afc gusna-t (pi. 0^^ 

ag?an, (^ gusn) ; & far* (pi. 

lit furu<). 
Bounce, «. (noise) £**y qarqa'a-t. 

— (untruthful boast) J^i fusar. 
Bounce, s. (make a noise) giy 

qarqa', yuqarqi'. — (leap) 1=* natt, 

yanutt ; s-*»j wasab, yusib. 
Bouncing, adj. (*}& 'azim (pi. 

fU&c 'izam, Ul&e 'uzama). 
Bound, ad/, (obliged) yf+* mam- 

nftn. — (to a place) ^-»^ qasid ; 

&et-)X* mutawajjih. 
Bound, Boundary, s. •**. hadd (pi. 

^Jko- hadiid). — (leap) && nafta-t ; 

SyAiqafza-t; S)<*3 qaroza-t. 
Bound, v. (limit) *>J^ haddad, yu- 

haddid. — (leap) see Bounce. 
Boundless, adj. Aa. *5 U ma. la-hu 

Bounteous, Bountiful, adj. ^at- 

sahi-y (pi. W^t-^ ashiyft) ; mS 

karim ; &*ydu fi**a yad-hu maftu- 

ha-t (his hand is open). 
Bounty, 8. ^t— saha; S^Ut— Saha- 
ra- 1 ; 8*>^* jftda-t ; ^ karam. 
Bouquet, s. )*) ^iW baqa-t zahar ; 

yfcj t^ mirbat? zahar. 
Bovine, adj. o*/* baqari-y. 

Bow, v. <y^ inhana, yanhani; 
£-&*- hada', yahdu*. — (in prayer) 
g^ raka', yarka*. 

Bow, 8. (obeisance) U»*\ inhina; 
g^ hudu'; **$ rak'at.— (/or 
shooting) <j*y> qaus (pi. ^^-i 
qusi-y, u*V' aqwas). — (knot) 
Slvac uqda-t (pi. •*** 'uqad). 

Bowels, *. ^-±*^ ah£a ; \*A am 'a. — 
(compassion) &&* £afaqa-t. 

Bower, *. &A*;* 'arisa-t (pi. v/*^ 

Bowl, s. (vessel) &£b batiya-t (pi. 
J^y bawati) ; *i^j zabdiya-t 
(pi. «^^j zabadi). — (ball) **U» 

Box, «. (case) «Jj«^ sanduq (pi. 
^4*>Uc sanadiq) ; W» 'ulba-t (pi. 
s-Jl* *ulab) ; ^b- huqqa-t(pl. £B- 
huqaq, jVa». hiqaq). — (tree) y* 
baqs. — (blow) &I*J lakma-t; WJ 

Box, v. {& lakam, yalkum; f&3 
talakam, yatalakam. 

Boy, s. <Ay walad (pi. *ty aulad) ; 
,j*-o ?abi-y (pi. ^W» subyan, 
gibyttn) ; ^ gulam (pi. iUfc 
gilma-t, (jjUlfc gilman, Wi\ agli- 

Boyhood, *. v»Wa sabab ; & -erx*± 
^ubibiya-t ; S^W* |abawa-t. 

Boyish, adj. iy** ^ zu ^abwa-t. 

Boyishness, s. S^-o sabwa-t ; ^^ 

Brace, s. (tie) SjJte 'uqda-t (pi. j^c 
'uqad) ; Jo» band (pi. Jy*) 
buniid). — (pair) fy) zauj (pi. 
6^ azwaj). 

Brace, v. (bind) J^fi 'aqad, ya'qid ; 
•^1 sadd, yasudd ; ^ rabat, yar- 
bit, yarbut. — (strengthen) ^y 
qawwa, yuqawwi. 

Bracelet, s. j\y~ siwar, suwar (pi. 
6;^ aswira-t, ))\~\ asawir) ; ^Ua 
dumlaj (pi. gJUodamalij); ^^Uj 
dumliij (pi. gtJt-j damalij). 

Bracing, adj. ^yu muqawwi-y ; 
oxa^ mu^addid. 

Bracket, s. s->^ killab (pi. s-«J^ 
kalalib) ; iiVac 'uqqafa-t (pi. 
«-M\ac 'aqaqlry. 

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Brackish, adj. ^U malih. 
Brackishness, a. Xo.yu nmluha-t. 
Brag, v. f*&\ iftahar, yaftahir. 
Brag, s. j^i\ iftihar ; jUi f uiar. 
Braggart, i^-*i f assar ; ^afcx** muf- 

tahir ; *_*U) laggaf . 
Braid, *. (of hair) lycM dafira-t 

(pljilfc* dafayir); *W jadila-t 

(pi. JaW jadayil). — (trimming) 

«*J^- sajaf; M>W hasiya-t (pi. 

o^V* hawasi) ; !<*/• garit (pi. 

t^Ai suru$). 
Braid, v. Jj^ jadal, yajdil; yt± 

daffar, yudaffir ; UfcJ laff, jaluff. 
Brain, a. £• muhh (pi. £Va£»\ am- 

hah) ; £U*> dimag (pi. &u*>\ ad- 

Brainless, adj. gUo % bila dimag ; 

j*y«U maltus ; *^>X~* masliib. 
Bramble, 8. <JfeUH «^y tut al- 

Bran, s. 8V*» nuhala-t; £*>; rid- 

Branch, s. y± gusn (pi. g^M 

ag?an, yyok gueun) ; £/ far 4 (pi. 

Branch iness, 8. <$\*t$\ S^ kasra-t 

Branchy, adj. ^Ufc^ ^JS kasir al- 
'agsan ; £^» mufarra*. 
Brand, s. %&** jizwa-t (pi. <^* 

jiza, juzi) ; &** su'ala-t (pi. J** 

su'al). — (mark) f+«y wasm (pi. 

fj~j wusum). 
Brand, v. p~) wasam, yasim ; g«^ 

laza', yalza*. 
Brandish, v.y*)* hazhaz, yuhaz- 

hiz ; tjL tawwah, yutawwili ; ©; 

rajj, yarujj. 
Brandt, a. <j;jU~y j/s 'araq frin- 

Brasier, 8. Ja** minqal, manqal 

(pi. J»U* manaqil). — (worker in 

brass) (j-W nahhas. 
Brass, *. yu\ ^W* nuhas asfar. 
Brassy, ad/. <j-^ e^ m ^ n nu t as » 

— (impudent) W* ^ bila haya; 

M- safih (pi. V- sufaha'). 
Bravado, *. <%*& tahdid ; s-*e*/ 

tarhib ; &"jQ* jahrama-t. 
Brave, adj. &** suja 4 ; g**A saji* 

(pi. o**** Suj'ao); ^ .J zu 

bas ; J^A fahl (pi. J^i fuhul). 
Bravery, 8. i*^* £aja'at ; £jW 

bu^iila-t ; k*i* jaza'na-t. 
Bravo, s. J*tf qatil ; ctJto^ saffak ; 

ctX>U fatik (pi. *)U* futtak). 
Bravo, interj. *sJUlc 'afak ; «^~*^ 

ahsant ; *U-e* hasanan ; dj* aU 

li-'l-lahi darruk. 
Brawl, s. &** fitna-t ; ^ hai{ ; 

LUa hiyat ; <5>V** tahanuq. 
Brawler, *. J?^ muhati. 
Brawn, s. (muscular part of the 

body) J-4* *adal. — (bodily strength) 

Sy» quwwa-t. 
Brawny, adj. J-te *adil. 
Bray, v. (as an ass) <3e* nahaq, 

yanhaq. — (in a mortar) <J^- 

sahaq, yashaq. 
Bray, *. j^ nuhiiq. 
Braze, v. (solder) ^ laham, yal- 

Brazen, Brazier, see Brassy, 

Breach, s. (of walls, &c.) &*# naq- 

ba-t; W*)\ J> U# fathat fi- , l- 

hayii; ^Ul> §ulma-t (pi. fi* 

sulain). — (of an agreement) j*& 

*%*1\ naqd al-'ahd. 
Bread, s. y*± hubz. — (livelihood) 

u~>* *ai^. 
Breadth, s. <J>?l *ard. 
Break, s. j~£ kasr (pi. j^-^kusur) ; 

l&te* maqata'at ; £te&\ inqita*. — 

(break of day) jtyfi &»11» tal*at an- 

nahar ; j+d\ ^a saqq al-fajr. 
Break, v. f~£ kasar, yaksir ; kas- 

sar, yukassir. — (a promise, faith, 

&c.) q\± han, yahun; *r> f* 

qassar bi, yuqassir ; J& naqa4> 

Breakfast, s. ^ f ufiir. 
Breakfast, v. ^h fatar, yaftar, 

Breast, *.^ju> gadr (pLj^ sudur). 

— (of a woman) &**- hidn (pi. 

^^ hudua) ; J^ nahd (pi. 

»>^ nuhiid). 
Breath, s. <j~m nafas (pi. ,j-U>^ 

anfas) ; v~M> tanaffus. — (tye) 

«t>^ ^ayat; ^U— i nasama-t. — 

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(breath of air) f**~J nasim ; £*# 

Breathe, v. ij~tos tanaffus, yata- 

Breathless, adj. y-AAX £}&• maq- 

tu' an-nafas. 
Breeches, «. J^ sirwal (pi. J^U- 
tubban (pi. ^us 

sarawil) ; ^W* 
tababin) ; jy—L £ Jb» 
^aUa sahiUir). 

£ahiur (pi. 

Breed, v. ^ walad, yulid; (;^ 

hadan, yadhun. — (rear) ^j-t; 

rabba* yurabbi. 
Breed, s. J-i nasi ; vy* jins (pi. 

<j-y* juniis, ,j-W^ ajnas). 
Breeding, e. &*f tarbiya-t ; s-*^ 

ta'adib; *^>S\ adab (pi. ^»\S\ 

Breeze, s. *«~i nasim (pi. pL-i 

nisam) ; £*,&* nafha-t (pi. **A 

-at); V hawa (pi. ^Jfc\ ahwi- 

Breezy, adj. ^y* hawai-y. 
Brethren, 8. J\y**\ ah wan. 
Breviary, 8. ^y^ «^y* v>US 

kitab salawat al-fard. 
Brevity, 8. jWJ ij&z ; L-j> dab{. 
Brew, v. SjP^ J*c <amil al-biiza-t, 

ya'mal S^ £*L tabah bira-t, 

Brewer, *. i)yJ\ J*lc 'amil al- 
biiza-t; ^Ui fuqqa'i-y. 
Brewery, *. Sj«3\ J*«* ma'mal al- 
biiza-t ; gVwft J-mu. mammal al- 

Bribable, adj. J*»j** niubartal, 

o^V* murtaSi. 
Bribb, s. £-1^ bartala-t; J-J^t 

baitil (pi. J*U^ baratfl) ; *j*»j 

raswa-t (pi. ^ rusa). 
Bribe, v. Ji^ bartal, yubartil; 

{$&*> dahan, yadhun ; u*; rasV, 

yarsT, yarsu\ 
Brick, 8. s^° tub, tob ; •***/ qir- 

mid, qarmid (pi. J^y qaramid). 
Brick, v. <**£ aarmad, yuqarmid. 
Brick-bat, 8. h^> tuba-t. 
Bricklayer, 8. J^^a* muqarmid. 
Bridal, 8. <j*f 'urs (pi. <j*\f\ 

a'ras) ; t/ farafc (pi. t^ afrah). 
Bridal, adj. ^j* 'nrsi-y. 

Bride, 8. ^^ 'arus ; &-^ 'arusa-t 

(pi. lHI^ 'arayis). 
Bridegroom, 8. ^jc 'aris. 
Bridge, «. S^ qan^ara-t (pi. y»L* 

qanatir); y>~+ jisr (pi. jj~*. 

Bridle, s. f^J lijam (pi. **>\ -at, 

^ lujum, &*^H aljima-t) ; ^^ 

'inan (pi. ^j-^-x 'unan, Ljl^\ 

a* inn a- 1). 
Bridle, v. ^ lajjam, yulajjim ; 

f^\ aljam, yuljim. — (restrain) 

f^\ aljam, yuljim ; )***> dabat, 

Brief, 8. U- haft (pi. ty** hutut) ; 

s-»W?srt intihab ^ raqm (pi. 

f\*j\ arqam). 
Brief, adj. j**i qasir ; j*&* muq- 

Brier, 8. d)* Sauk, £ok (pi. db\y*\ 

Briery, adj. osJj* ^»> zu ^auk ; ui^Ui 

^ayik ; *i^A-« muswik, musaw- 

Brig, Brigantine, * 

(pi. &iy±\ agriba-t). 
Brigade, 8. hj£-~* 

4 askariya-t (pi. j T 

liwa (Turk.). 
Brigadier, s. &»jt 

firqa-t ; \f yo* mir liwa. 
Brigand, e. ^f* harami-y ; gVU 

j^Vy\ qa^ta* at-tariq ; JaJ luss 

(pi. \j>y& lu8us, \j>\*&\ alsas). 
Bright, adj. jt^ barraq; ^3 

lami* ; ^+ mudi ; ^« munir ; 

J+ jali-y. 
Brighten, v.a. g ♦ ^ lamma', yu- 

lammi' ; J^ jala, yajli ; n. <J^\ 

injala, yanjali. 
Brightness, a. <5*^ raunaq; V 

lila ; fiy^ jalwa-t ; ^* diya ; ^tj 

lam'at ; Ul sana. 
Brilliancy, »., Brilliant, ad/\ 

see Brightness, Bright. 
Brilliant, *. ^UX^ almas ; u-Ui\ 

«^» almas birlant. 
Brim, s. i»U. ha£fa-t, a**W hafiya-t 

(pi. ^^ hawafi) ; ^ fura (pi. 

l»Ui\ afiuam, ^y^ aiwah). 

^V g uraD 

^*y tirqa-t 
firaq); ^ 

^rrfj rayis 

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Beim, v. a. %• mala, jam la ; n. J** 

tamalla, yatamalla. 
Brimming, Brimful, adj. ^\ £+* 

p&\ mamlu ila-'l-fum. 
Brimstone, 8. «h^ kibrit. 
Brine, a. ^JU U ma' malih. 
Bring, v. s-»W jab, yajib ; s-JL*. 

jallab, yujallib ; s-» j\ ata bi, 

yati. — (cause to come) ^^ wadda, 

yuwaddi. — (bring about) J*£ 

kammal, yukammil. — (bring 

forth children) ^ walad, yalid. 
Brink, s. <*J^> taraf (pi. u\}*\ 

Briny, adj. ^JU malih. 
Brisk, adj. i*** na£i$. 
Briskness, *. kl£J nasa^- 
Bristle, a. jty^- f* sa'ar hinzir. 
Bristle, v. \JJ*\ innafas, yanna- 

fis ; s-** qabb, yaqubb. 
Brittle, adj. j^~Sj}\ gj^- sari* al- 

inkisar ; s-J*»H Qy~ sari* al-'a^b ; 

ijt\) wahi. 
Brittleness, 8. s-W\ &y» sur'at 

al-'atb; j\~Si)\ Aty- sur'at al- 
io kisar. 
Broach, 8. (spit) £©- sih (pi. fcW-^ 

asyah). — (ornament) ^^ qurs 

(pi. \j>\j\ aqras). 
Broach, t?. s-**» saqab, yasqub ; 

***a sakk, yasukk. — (a ca*A;) Jj)t 

bazal, yabzul. 
Broad, <uZ/. jbj* 'aricj. 
Broad-cast, «. ^ bazr ; jU* nisar. 
Broad-side, «. £i\i*H J* jJM»\ 

^j-UM s-*** (^ i^laq kull al- 

madafi' min jamb al-galyun. 
Brocade, 8. $Wa*> dibaj ; <j-*u«. 

Broil, *. ,jp^ tahanuq ; &*U*» 

musakala-t ; ^55 takrar ; &*y*» 

ha^uma-t ; *>*d ladad. 
Broil, v. ^$j*» sawa, yaiwi ; sawwa 

yuiawwi; s-^ kabbab, yukab- 

Broker, e. J3»> dallal (pi. &£$* 

dallalin) ; ^\— ^— samsar (pi. 

S^-U— samasira-t). 
Brokerage, a. &3*> dalala-t; Sj*\ 

J3jJ\ ujra-t ad-dallal; S ; 


Bronze, «. /*t <j*W nuhas a? far ; 

gy tiij (Turk.). 
Brood, v. <j±*J\ ^ Ai> raqad *ala- 

'1-bed, yarqud ; ( 1 j-^ hadan, yah- 

dkin. — (in thought) j+*\ admar, 

Brood, 8. &-** hadna-t ; &/ qar- 

qa-t ; \Syo sii? (pi. ejU* sisan) ; 

Brook, 8. ^j*^- saqiya-t (pi. o^j- 

sawaqi) ; ^;** ruajra (pi. <^;W* 

majari) ; Jj^ jadwal (pi. JjW 

Brook, v. { J^ j~° sabar 'ala, yas- 

bur; J-*** tahammal, yataham- 

Broom, *. (plant) ^j ratam; Jtjj 

wazal. — (besom) &~j£* mikoasa-t 

(pi. ij~i\£" makanis) ; &£*• mu- 

Broth, 8. 8*j* ^urba-t ; iiy mara- 

qa-t ; a5^l1« masluqa-t (pi. ^5^^* 

Brothel, «. *>U-aJ\ o^ bet al- 

fasad ; )f-\* mahur (pi. jt*^y 

Brother, *. ^ ah, ^\ ahii (pi. S^\ 

ihwa-t, (^^-\ ah wan). — (by the 

same mother) <J &&•« ^aqiq. — 

(brother-in-law) j&» sahr. 
Brotherhood, *. ^ iha* ; hf»\ 

Brotherliness, 8. S^ uhuwwa-t ; 

Sj*. huwwa-t. 
Brotherly, adj. ^^A ahawi-y. 
Brow, 8. (forehead) ^*** jabin (pi. 

if+A ajbun, &*+\ ajbina-t) ; %«- 

jabha-t (pi. *^A -at) ; &*!* ^uPat. 

— (eye-brow) s-^-^- hajib (pi. 

s-^^ hawajib). 
Browbeat, v. <j~*** ta'abbas, ya- 

ta'abbas ; «-Axft 'annaf, yu'annif ; 

«^^- hawwaf, yuhawwif. 
Brown, adj. j+~\ asmar, f. \j*— 

samra (pi. ^— sumr). 
Brownish, adj. ^y^A asmara- 

Brownness, 8. 8^4— sumra-t ; ^U— 

Browse, v. ^ ra'a, yar'a; ^ysj{ 

irta'a, yarta'i ; g) rata', yarta*. 

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Bruise, g. &*; radda-t ; ^ju» $ad- 

ma-t ; &*> da&a-t. 
Bruise, v. «*-*; radcjad, yuraddid; 

y^j ra4ra<ji, yuradrid; ^jao 

dasdas\ yudasdis\ 
Brunette, *. \j4~ samra, (f. of 

j*~ \ asmar, pi. j*~ sumr). 
Brunt, a. &**• ham la- 1 ; l*&* sa<J- 

ma-t; ^\jLo\ istidam. 
Brush, s. &•/ fur$a-t ; a***^ bar- 

slma-t; &&• muqas^a-t. 
Brush, v. l****^ utia nazzaf bi- 

'1-bargima-t, yunazzif ; ^ ..... + 

^M^^ masah bi-'l-fursa-t, yam- 

san. — {touch slightly) Uut haff, 

Brushwood, *. v>^ hur£ (pi. 

^s»\f*\ ahnU) ; &As± gaida-t (pi. 

u*& gayad). 
Brusque, adj. M* galiz ; ^^aa. 

Brusqueness, s. *U£ gilaza-t; 

&U^. hasana-t. 
Brutal, adj. (&&}\ Ji* migl al- 

bahayim ; ^5^ zalim. 
Brutalise, v.a. <J*»y waljhas, yu- 

wahhis* ; fk balain, yablam. 
Brutality, s. Wb* mazlama-t; 

^ zulm ; &Vk* fazaza-t. 
Brute, *. (*& bahim, &♦*# bahi- 

ma-t (pi. ^*W* bahayim). 
Brutish, adj. ,^+tW bahimi-y. 
Brutishness, *. < Whw bahimiya-t ; 

&-*«W* bahama-t; &U*. hama- 

Bubble, s. UM &•*«* baqbuqa-t 

al-ma. — (cheat) £*• mikr ; <jk* 

Bubble, v. (a* water) ^ gala, 

yagli ; <JM* baqbaq, yubaqbiq. 
Buccanier, 8. s-^/* «t»\>-* <Jarrab 

marakib ; l»Ui qaisat (pi. &US 

Buck, s. v~£ tais, tee (pi. ^^ 

tuyus, <^*^ atyas, *~ *> tiyasa-t, 

L.«j^» matyusa) ; /** zakar (pi. 

;j& zukur). 
Bucket, *. y*> dalu, dalw (pi. So 

dila) ; J^* min^al ; Jk. satal 

(pi. J>- satM). 
Buckle, s. ^ bazira, (*yi\ ibzim, 

abzim (pi. ^jW^ abazim); &£* 

bukala-t (pi. ut>\ -at). 
Buckle, v. ^w\ l»> haft ibzim, ya- 

hutt; (•JjW **M» Sabak al-aba- 

zim, yasbik. 
Buckler, *. <j-y turs (pi. <j*tf 

turus, \j&f\ atras) ; &;*> daraqa-t 

(pi. j;»> daraq, jW\ adraq). 
Bud, *. j) zarr (pi. jy\ azrar) ; 0*c 

'ain (pi. yytP 'uyun). 
Bud, v. y* bazz, yabuzz ; $f tazar- 

rar, yatazarrar. 
Budget, 8. J^\ u^U* ^ j^ &*$ 

*W- layiha-t trad wa masarif 

ad - duwal sanawiyyan ; s-»^— *- 

^W^afc^ ^ *&*H J^-*^ hisab mad- 
Mi al-bilad wa mahrajat-ha ; 

8***+ maxjbata-t. 
Bupp, *. ij*yW ^ jild jamus. 
Buffalo, *. <j*yW jamus (pi. 

<^~**\}* jawamis). 
Buffet, s. &**J lakma-t. 
Buffet, v. p& lakam, yalkum. 
Buffoon, «. ^at— + mashara-t (pi. 

fX~+ masahir). 
Buo, *. OW baqq; ifX** & baqq 

muntin; i-JL-j fasfasa-t, u*U~i 

fisfas (pi. ^Ui fasafis). 
Buobear, 8. JW^ hiyal ; Jj^J tah- 

wil (pi. JiJ& tahawil). 
Bugle, 8. j^> buq (pi. ^>\ -at, j^\ 

Build, v. ^ bana, yabni ; j+* 

'ammar, yu*ammir. — (a ship) 

•** madd, yamudd. 
Building, Uj bina (pi. *«^\ abni- 

ya-t) ; SjUc 'imara-t. 
Builder, *.^U** mi*mar ; W banna. 
Bulb, s. J-q» basal ; v*\j ras. 
Bulbous, od;. ^J^ ba^ali-y. 
Bulk, s. W^c 'azama-t ; ^ f uzm ; 

)^5 qadr.— (o/ a eAtp) s-^J^ ^ 

hinn al-markab. 
Bulkine8s, «. &»W jasama-t. 
Bulky, ad;. ^«— *► jasim; j*** 

Bull, s. j3 saur, gor (pi. ^^ 

giran, ;\y\ aswar). — (Papal) S^ 

WW^^ bara-t al-baba (pi. «a>\^ 

Bullet, *. l»Uj rasasa-t. 

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Bullion, *. y* tibr ; &a*~ sabika-t 
I (pi. ^*W— sabayik). 
Bullock, 8. ^-at* jy sor mahsi-y. 
Bully, s. ±*f* mutawa"id; oj$a* 

Bully, v. «*ey tawa"ad, yatawa"ad ; 

•>.*«> tahaddad, yatahaddad. 
Bulrush, *. ^U halfa* (pi. Utfo. 

huluf) ; J-\ asal ; y^y**- haizu- 

Bulwark, *. $j» burj (pi. g^\ 

abraj) ; **}U> tabiyah (Turk.). 
Bump, 8. ^ waram (pi. f\^\ 

Bump, v. <J&& la^aS, yaltuJ; jo 

daqq, yaduqq. 
Bumper, s. t^qadah (pi. c^ 

Bumpkin, 8. &>*** haiin ; M* galig. 
Bun, *. \j>p qurs (pi. <j°\^ aqras, 

£*ji qirasa-t). 
Bunch, «. W/» mirbat ; &^ baqa-t. 

— (°f grapes) ->yue 'anqftd. 
Bundle, 8. &•)*- huzma-t (pi. (^ 

huzara); 8j^» jurza-t (pi. j^ 

juraz) ; 6 a* 6adda-t (pi. *>*** 

Bundle, v. ^ hazam, yahzim. 
Buno, 8. J<yy 6o\ju. sidada-t bar- 
mil (pi. j^ju. sadayid) ; Jty 

bizal, buzal. 
Bung, v. J<y*^ •*- sadd al-barmil, 

Bunole, 8. U± gala* ; &l* galta-t. 
Bungle, v. U^ galit, yaglat ; cr*/ 

barqai, yubarqi£. 
Buoy, *. ay^U* samandara-h. 
Buoy, v. (keep afloat) \J*U fn&, ya- 

fus* ; fVe 'am, ya'&ni. 
Buoyancy, 8. (vivacity) kUi naiat ; 

AAt haffa-t. 
Buoyant, ad;. ^ nasi$. 
Bur, *. ^j*^ arqatiyftn; uU if 

balsak, bilsik; *sU* ^^ ^^^ 

'ammi huzni ma'ak. 
Burden, *. &** saila-t ; &♦*. ham- 

la-t. — (of animals) J*** haml (pi. 

JU^ ahmal). 
Burden, v. (Zoad) J*** hammal, 

yuhammil. — (opnress) ,^J* J*> 

gaqqal 'ala, yusaqqil. 

Burdensome, ad;. s-***> sa'b; 

s-«* mut'ib ; J*# saqil. 
Burg, «. (borough) £**i qasaba-t; 

jA* balad. 
Burgess, Burgher, s. ^ &\ ibn 

balad (pi. Jl* *>^\ aulad balad) ; 

^Jkl* baladi-y. 
Burglar, a. jjU sariq (pi. j^- 

Burglary, s. &*- sarqa-t, sariqa-t. 
Burial, *. SjW janaza-t ; ^io dafn ; 

^iJk? tadaffun. 
Burial-place, s. Ip** maqbara-t. 
Burlesque, s. lf**~* mashara-t 

(pi. ^s.L-^ masahir). 
Burliness, s. &»U^ jasama-t. 
Burly, adj. (* s-* jasim. 
Burn, v. J/* haraq, yahriq; jf»\ 

ahraq, yuhriq. 
Burner, 8. «J^* muhriq. 
Burnish, v. Ja* saqal, yasqul. 
Burnish, 8. Ja* saql ; J^u. siqal. 
Burnisher, s. J^c saqqal, Jfi«-» 

saiqal (pi. JiW* say&qil). 
Burst, «. tf fazr. 
Burst, v.n. ^y*^ infazar, yanfazir ; 

j^S tafazzar, yataf azzar ; £& 

faqa', yafqa* ; a. gft* faqqa 4 , yu- 

Bury, v. ^^ dafan, yadfin ; pi 

qabar, yaqbir, yaqbur. 
Bush, s. Ofe*> dagala-t; £-*&*& 

gaida-t (pi. u*W^ giya<J). 
Bushel, 8. J^» mikyal (pi. J>&* 

makayil) ; ju» madd (pi. S\j*\ 

Business, s. (affair) J*a» ^ugl; 

a1aa« ^ugla-t (pi. JV**\ aigai).— 

(profession) ^iu* san'a-t. 
Buss, «. ^-y bausa-t ; &**5 las ma- 1. 
Buss, v. <j*v bas, yabiis ; ^ lasam, 

Bust, s. J^>* timsal; ^L*}^ y-^ 8^ 

»;J^ j siirat ras ai-insan wa sadr- 

Bustle, v. s-»^^ idtirab; gW^ 

irtijaj ; l^ rajja-t. 
Bustle, v. *&f& taharrak, yata- 

Busy, adj. Jy^*^ maigM ; v )*s^^ 


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But, conj. && lakin ; Ut am ma. — 

(except) $\ ilia. 
Butchbe, 8. s-^- 8 * qassab ; j\y* jaz- 

zar ; j&& >+ musaqqis. 
Butchery, *. (slaughter) J** qatl ; 

C* »> zabh. — (slaughter-house) %jj+" 

Butlee, a. ^SU saqi (pi. v&>U- 

suqa-t, ^4- suqi-y, ,^3- suqqa). 
Butt, v. ^ natah, yantah ; ^^ 

tana^ah, yatanajah. 
Butt, 8. (cask) £*** battiya-t (pi. 

^W batati. — (target) «^Juj* 

hadaf (pi. ^t\±*\ ahdaf) ; ^Ui 

Butt-end, a. (of a gun) jJui qan- 

daq (pi. J»>US qanadiq); &*i/ 

Butter, *. Sjl^j zibda-t; (;)—•— 

Butter, v. «JLc Say U. haft zibda-t 

'ala, yahutt ; y+~ samman, yu- 

Butterfly, 8. rf£ farfiir (pi. j^\^ 

farafir) ; v-r»V f ara * ; fy*** Da s- 


Buttermilk, yt+2 §amir; {j^es** 

Buttery, adj. ^$^) zibdi-y. 
Buttock, «. ^tok- halfani-y ; ^j\j* 

warani-y; «^»>; ridf (pi. u\*f 

Button, s. j) zurr, zarr (pi. j\j)\ 

Button, v. j^j zarzar, yuzarzir; 

jjy tazarrar, yatazarrar. 
Button-hole, s. Sj^ 'irwa-t (pi. 

^f 'ira). 
Buttress, s. iJ^Z kabs (pi. j^Wtf 

akbai) ; o^U 'amud (pi. *v«\je 

Buxom, adj. ,•*—* basfm (^afc—* 

mush in ; «*)W*&* midhak. 
Buy, v. i>sf±\ i£tara, yastari ; &*\ 

ibta', yabta*. 
Buyer, «. ^l* sari (pi. \j* Surra) ; 

i^fA* mustari ; g^i** mubta*. 
Buzz, t7. jjj^ wazwaz, yuwazwiz ; 

q) zann, yazinn. 
Buzz, 8. Sjjjjj wazwaza-t. 
By, |)rejp. (near Jo) Jux 'and. — (by 

the instrumentality of)±ei bi-vad. 

Cab, fyfc 'araba-t. 

Cabal, s. Rq\f murabata-t ; & — & ** 
dasisa-t (pi. u*"*^ dasayis) ; 
l~*z 'asba-t (pi. s-~°* 'usab). — 
(Jewish tradition) &*S qabala-t. 

Cabbage, s. s-^ kuruinb ; «-JjAU 
rnalfuf; J-Ji} baql (pi. . Jyt* 

Cabin, 6. &y± hazna-t ; *y»^ kama- 
ra-h ; hy" misriya-t (pi. **>\ 
-at, <j»)\*" masari). 

Cabinet, *. (chest of drawers) &)*■ 
hazna-t ; s-»^*> dfilab (pi. s-^J^j 
dawalib). — (private room) £>>***• 
mahda' (pi. £*>Uy» mahadi') ; 
S^Ls. halwa-t (^5^ halawi). — 
(government council) (^^ e^ J 

£Jj.xJ^ diwan mudabbirin ad- 

daula-t; ^^ (£ji* diwan hasa. 
Cabinet-maker, «. ^W* najjar. 
Cable, a. J-«* habl (pi. JW^ hibal) ; 

l**f kumana-t. 
Cacao, s. 1»%fy&\ jy loz ai-^oko- 

lata-t ; ^±& )f loz himli-y. 
Cackle, v. j»/ qaraq, yaqruq ; &J& 

naqnaq, yunaqniq ; M** bat bat, 

Cackle, s. jy qarq ; &&*& naqna- 

Cadaverous, adj. c^**tt Jju misl 

al-mayyit ; ^^ jifi-j. 
Caddy, ^^ IA& 'ulba-t a.4-sai. 
Cadence, s. q+~ saj 4 (pi. £V-^ 

asja', gt^M asaji*). 

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Cage, $. ^atf qafas (pi. gpUfl 

Cage, v. (j*& qaffas, yuqaffis. 
Caitiff, *. e^»^ habig (pi. «AmA. 

hubus) ; ^ slrrir (pi. reg.) ; 

<^*> danis. 
Cajole, v. <jl* mallaq, yumalliq ; 

«jU* tamaUaq, yatamallaq ; *J&i 

lataf , yulatff. 
Cajoleby, 8. jkU> tamliq ; l*Ay 

muwajaha-t ; &UU mulatafa-t ; 

fl»W* muhayala-t. 
Case, a. (jeyiqurs (pi. <j*y^ aqras); 

*W ka'k ; Ul^j ragif (pi. *tf^ 

argifa-t, «JU^ ruguf). 
Cake, v. £-; rasah, yarsuh. 
Calamitous, adj. u-j^a* manhus ; 

cr** natris ; fy*-« masum. 
Calamity, a. ***\*> dahiya-t (pi. 

o*\j*> dawahi) ; &«-*• musiba-t 

(pi. s-i^» masayib) ; hk baliya-t 

(pi. \|fc balaya). 
Calcareous, adi. ^-tf kilsi-Y. 
Calcine, v. <j~" kallas, yukaliis. 
Calcination, 8. u~J& taklis. 
Calculate, v. s *■■-» ^tasab, yah- 

Calculation, a. s^ *• hisab. 
Calculus, a. (stone in the bladder) 

Ub* hasa ; &&* sihia-t. — (differen- 
tial and integral) ; ^JUUsM ^le 

c5 *U-d\ 'ilm at-tafaduli wa at- 

Caldron, s. Jt- sat?l (pi. JjL* 

su$ul) ; c>V qa^a 11 - (See Boileb.) 
Calendab, a. iatflaM s-»^ kitab at- 

tabha-t; £j*k* mafbuh; ^y& 

taqwim; &~M f\i\ s^\JL ljisab 

ayyam as-sana-t; ^•^jjy ruz- 

Calendeb, a. &*yU milzama-t. 
Calendeb, r. jio gaqal, yasqal. 
Calf, 8. J*e <ijl (pi. Jj** 'ujul); 

^ <ijla-t (pi. JW* «ijal).— (o/ 

the leg) jl-H ,**! lahm as-saq ; 

J^J\ &U~ samana-t ar-rijl. 
Calibre, 8. »W* 'iyar. 
Calico, 8, f»u» ham ; ***** Sit. 
Caliph, a. &*£ halifa-t (pi. «-*** 

halayif, ULt hulafa). 
Caliphate, 8. &JU bilafa-t. 

Calk, u. (a afcip) «-*!* qalaf, yaq- 
lif; US qalfat, yuqalfit. 

Call, v. **tf nadah, yandah; tr° 
sarah, yasruh; A *** 'ayyat ii, 
yu'ayyit. — (name) ^4— samma, 

yusammi. — (visit) j\j zar, yazur. 
Call, 8. ^*> du'a (pi. fl***rt id'iya-t) ; 
byo sarha-t. — (visit) fyi) ziya- 

CaLLIOBAPHY, 8. W\ (;>—» • bU0H 

Calling, *. (profession) tt^ ^dr- 

fa-t (pi. «J^ ^iraf); ««• sa- 

na'a-t. — (religious) ^\*5 &\ If* 

da'wa-t 'allah ta'ala; ^^ hida- 

ya-t ; |*^\ ilham. 
Callosity, *. ^-^*> dii^as; ©Uj 

daman ; h-^* qasab. 
Callous, adj. s-«&a* muqa^Sab; 

0^^^ mutadammin. — (hardened) 

&ajlJ\ ^jlc <adim ai-safaqa-t; 

Callousness, a. *jV-J» qasawa-t. 
Callow, adj. ^J*) h bila riS. 
Calm, ai/. c5*>^ had! ; c^» mur- 

tah. — (of the sea) (*jfl) raKin. 
Calm, *. ^jlfc galina-t; &}\ ^ 

hudu ar-rili. 
Calm, v. ^ rayyah, yurayyUt ; ^X- 

sakkan, yusakkin; ^5^ ahda, 

Calmness, s. &*\j ra^a-t; 5^ a* 

Calomel, a. *^»* j-^J zibaq mu- 

fa <( ad. 
Calobic, 0. S;^^ 8*>U maddat al- 

fyarara-t ; y*** hamw. 
Calumniate, v. <J>* ^ namm 'ala, 

yanimm, yanumm ; ^ ^fi\ 

lftara 'ala, yaf tari ; v» <j*j waia 

bi, ya^i. 
Calumniator, s. fUi nammam; 

^yA. muftari; ^^ waii (pL 

«^Uj wu^sat). 
Calumny, a. &+*** namima-t ; \jxl>\ 

if tira ; ^U^ wi^aya-t ; q\x& buh- 

tan ; <*J±i qazf . 
Calve, v. 8y^^ «^«^ wa^'at al- 

baqara-t, ta4a*. 
Calyx, s. fS kimm (pi. j»U£ kimam, 

f*US\ akmam). 


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Cambbic, s. * *kj ** £ kambrik. 

Camel, s. J^ ibl (pi. JV^ abal) ; 
j**t ba'ir (pi. f^\ aba'ir, g^ 
bu'aran, %j**\ ab'ira-t). — (male) 
J** jamal (pi. JW iimal). — 
(female) &U naqa-t (pi. <*A -at, 
jy nuq). 

Camel-dbivbe, a. J W jammal (pi. 
8 -at, gj -An). 

Cameo, *. />j* jauhar (pi. /Ay* 

Camomile, a. g*^ babunaj ; q\)+J\ 

Camp, s. ^^ (<5^) 'urdi (Turfc.) ; 
j£~a* ma'askar. 

Camp, v. ^-y* s— »» nasab 'ur<& 
yansub ; ,***■ hayyam, yuhay- 
yim ; jy nazal, yanzil. 

Campaign, a. /- safar (pi. ^to-^ 
asfar); s^- 6 * barb (pi. s^> 
hurub) ; Sjyk gazwa-t ; *>Ve^ jihad. 
(plain) J$- sahl, &$~ sabla-t 
(pi. Jj*- suhul) ; £^~i fasha-t. 

Camphor, a. ;y ^ kaf ur. 

Can, a. e^ bakraj (pi. qfo baka- 
rij, ZWfc.) ; &ji\ ibriq (pi. jijV 

Can, v. jJuJ qadir, yaqdar, (vulg. 
qadar, yaqdir) ; j*&\ inqadar, 
yanqadir ; y**\ irakan, yumkin 
(impers. with pronominal suffix ; 
lit. it enables me, Ac.) ; v$U» taq, 
yajuq ; gU*-A istata', yastatf*. 

Canal, a. SUi qana-t; ^Ui qana- 
ya-t (pi. «t>^Ui qanawat, &*&\ 
aqniya-t); g^U fealij (pi. gk- 
huluj, (J**k* huljan). — (duct in 
the body) <£j++ majra (pi. ^W* 

Canary, a. fa huzar ; j*^ 'asfur ; 
SijUi qanariya-t ; jUs kinar. 

Cancel, v. W* maha, yamhu, yam- 
hi ; £~* nasah, yansah. 

Cancer, a. (disease') && akila-t; 

&lS*) ri'aya-t; 0^7- sarafan. — 

(sign of the zodiac) o^r* Ba ra- 


Candid, adj. £*&*> sadiq; ij&st!* 

muhlis ; ^^ halis. 
Candidate, a. s^ talib (pi. s^» 
tullab) ; *ty murid. 

Candidature, Candidateship, 8. 

s-U> talab ; **U> talba-t. 
Candle, s. W gam'a-t ; g*A 

sam' (pi. g^A sumu').— (wax- 
candle) ^JL— ^ g4A sam* 'asali-y. 
Candlestick, a. ^j^^a s*ama'dan 

(pi. *A -at, ^acUa sama'idin) ; 

&*+.. * »+ mi^ma'a-t (pi. g*^* ma- 

Candour, a. i*W sadaqa-t; JJ^ 

fidq; 8jLa* g af awa-t ; ^&-^»t 

Candy, 8. «t>W> yL. sukkar nabat ; 

JuS qand ; tji\ abluj ; J()^» tabar- 

Candy, v. J&-* sakkar, yusakkir. 
Cane, a. s-^i qasab; \j>$ bus. — 

(stick) Uc «af a. 
Cane, v. U«J^ v»/* diarab bi-'l-'a^a, 

yadrib, ya4rub. 
Canine, adj. <jJ* kalbi-y. 
Canister, s. &4* c ulba-t. (See 

Canker, s. see Cancer. 
Canker, v. J^ akal, ya'kul. 
Cankerous, Cancerous, adj. JSt 

Cannibal, s. {j*\A\ f*+) ^^ c^» 

man ya'kul lahm an-nas. 
Cannon, s. g**^ madfa* (pi. g*\J^» 

madafi') ; v»^ t?ob, top (Turk.). 
Cannon, 0. ^ gi^^ v»/* <Jarab 

al-madafi* 'ala, yadrib, yaijrub. 
Cannonade, 8. jp\±A\ s^ 4*rb 

Canoe, s. 5»y^A gahtura-t (pi. 

jf\*** ^ahatir) ; ft* jarm (pi. ^^* 

Canon, s. ^yVl qanun (pL ($**V 

qawanin); SjlcU qa*id!a-t (pi. 

^y qawa'id). 
Canonical, adj. jy^ qanuni-y. 
Canopy, *. J^V- suradiq (pL 

«>M^ suradiqat). 
Cant, «. (hypocrisy) f+ makr ; V^ 

Canter, «. yAS) raq<J ; ^j ramh. 
Canter, v. </»; raqa4, yarqu4 ; c^) 

ramah, yarmit; Je*- hayyal, yu- 

Canticle, s. (hymn) e*t~? tasbi^ 

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(pi. ^UJ tasabifc) ; *>UiM j^aj 

nasid al-an£ad. 
Canton, 8. £*LU* muqata'a-t ; h^ 

Cantonment, 8. /L-*N W» mahatt 

Cantab, 8. v/Ate* janf as ; ,J*<& hais* 

(pi. (J^** huyui, yJ*\#A ahyaS). 
Canvass, v. (solicit) s-*M» talab, 

yatlub. — (discuss) *£**: bal^ag, 

Canvasses, 8. s-^^» t&lib. 
Cap, *. X-j^i qallusa-t (pi. u*** 5 ^ 

qalalis) ; J*y^ tarbui (pi. ^r^V* 

Capable, adj. (able to do or contain) 

j*>VS qadir; J*Vi qabil. — (clever) 

jtlk s&tir; y^U mahir; «J»jVe 

Capableness, Capability, Capa- 
city, 8. 5jJ£ qudra-t ; Ick^ qabi- 

Capacious, adj. g-\> wasi'; s-*^ 

ra^iib ; £*-* fasiiL 
Capaciousness, Capacity, a. **-j 

wus'a-t ; &*-S fusfca-t. 
Caparison, v. «*^ rahhat, yurah- 

hit; V J^ u^\ g-*j wa4a* ar- 

raht 'ala, ya4a*. 
Capabison, 8. u^ raht (pi. uu^ 

ruhut, Pers.). 
Cape, *. y*\j ras (pi. uV>> ni'us). 
Caper, *. (leap) &* natta-t. — 

(Perry) j£ kabar (pi. )W* kibar, 

jWfl akbar). 
Capeb, v. U natt 9 yanutt ; JaJ ^ ai nat- 

nat, yunatnit. 
Capital, *. (o/ a column) *>j*e <^ 

ras 'amud. — (chief town) ^j* 

*U*M kursi-y al-mulk; hlf\ /* 

dar al- wilaya-t. — (stock of trade) 

JUN ^j ras al-mal. 
Capital, adj. (principal) ^^\ 

asli-y. — (crifiunoZ) Js«K s-<*\j 

wajib al-qatL 
Capitalist, s. J^ s-^U saldb mal. 
Capitation, 8. hyt jizya-t. 
Capitulate, v. ^-* ^ <J*^ 

ittafaq 4 ala taslim, yataffiq ; ^ 

^j^ sallam bi-surut, yusallim. 
Capitulation, t. t^** **Lj taslim 

bi-£urut ; ^LJU* musalaha-t ; 

8*jlt+ mu^arata-t. 
Capon, 8. o* 3 ^ *^ J ^^ muhsi-y. 
Capbice, a. iU) zantara-t; \yt 

hawa (pi. \}*\ ahwa) ; U^* kaif . 
Capbicious, adj. J*\* muzantir; 

<^yfc hawayi-y ; &?*• mutalaw- 

win ; s ^lfc* mutaqallib. 
Capbiciousness, *. yjs talawwun ; 

s-JLai taqallub. 
Capbicobn, 8. ^s<**}\ erf burj aj- 

Capsize, v. s-J&\ inqalab, yanqa- 

Capsule, *. «^U gilaf (pi. U&t 

gulf, guluf, gullaf). 
Captain, 8. (of infantry) ^^ jji 

yuz ba£i (Turk.). — (of a ship) 

^/^\ {j~l) rayis al-markab. 
Captious, adj. j*y*" mu'taricJL 
Captiousness, 8. ^/x^ i'tirM. 
Captivate, v. (make prisoner) j~\ 

asar, ya'sir. — (charm) {uS *~ saba, 

yasbi;* J4«J\ s-^- salab al-'aql, 

Captive, 8. adj. j&~\ asir (pi. \j-\ 

Captivity, 8. j~\ usr ; W-» siba. 
Captube, 8. j{ ~~&J \ isti'sar. — 

(booty) &+ && ganima-t (pi. ^^ 

Captube, v. j~\z~\ ista'sar, yas- 

ta'sir ; ^ ganam, yagnam. 
Cab, 8. Sjjfc 'araba-t (pi. **>\ -at) ; 

^c 'ajala-t. 
Carabine, 8. &*»^» qarabina-t. 
Cabat, 8. Mj*i qirat (pi. ^jV qara- 

Cabavan, *. &i\i qafila-t (pi. J*ty> 

qawafil) ; JA5 qafl, qufl (pL J>** 

quful); y\)f karwan (pi. ^\^ 

Cabavanseby, 8. q\± han (pi. &\i\*. 

Cabaway, 8. yy* kammun ; (J^tS 

Carbon, s. f **$\ SjU madda-t al- 

f ah in. 
Cabbonic, Carbonaceous, adj. 

^5*^* fal>mi-y. 
Carcass, 8. &+j rimma-t (pi. ^ 

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rimam) ; &«• Jifa-t (pi. 
jiyaf, «-iW^ ajyaf ) ; &*% lasa-t. 
Cabd, 8. (for play) j^ waraq (pi. 
j\^ auraq). — (for cotton, &c.) 
(W mihlaj. 
Cabd, v. ^ lialaj, yahHj, yafcluj ; 

«-JJ* nadaf, yandif . 
Cabdinal, adj. <J*\ asli-v. 
Cardinal, *. JW*>/ kardinal. 
Cabe, a. (sorrow) (** hamm (pi. 
fy+Jb humum). — (attention) Usc\ 
l'tina; h^^ 'inaya-t; &*a him- 
ma-t. — (caution) j^ hazr. 
Cabb, v. s^ ^W bala bi, yubali. 
Cabekn, v. te& qalfat, yuqalfit. 

(See Calk.) 
Cabkbb, *. (full speed) j&j raqcj. 
— (progress in life) utU~*« mas- 
Cabkful, adj. «^*»* mu'tani. 
Cabele8S, adj. J*te gafil; J*^ 
hamil; J*^e** mutah&mil; ^t* 
Cabelessness, 8. J*W tahamul ; 

JUj^ ihmal; J*U? tagaful. 
Cabess, v. «-&$ lataf, yulatif ; <jU 

maUaq, yumalliq. 
Cabess, 8. &&%• mulatafa-t ; <jU* 

Cabgo, s. s-^i^ ®y** hamula-t al- 
markab; s-**y*^ £**«? ta'biya-t 
al-markab; &U»wasqa-t. 
Caricature, 8. l f k~~* lyy sura-t 

Cabmine, 8. t J^ la'li. 
Carnage, 8. JsJ qatl ; e*** zabh. 
Carnal, adj. { j\>^^ jasdani-y; 

ij\)&> 6ahwani-y. 
Carnation, s. (colour) ^Uc 'un* 
nabi-y. — (flower) J*/ qaramf ul. 
Cabnival, 8. £*/• marfa' (pi. g*V* 

marafi') ; fyf kariza-t. 
Cabnivobous, ad;. CjW jarit ; J^* 

^W\ ya'kul al-lal^m. 
Cabol, a. U± gin£ (pL Jl^ agani) ; 

&+** nagma-t. 
Cabol, v. ^j** ganna, yuganni; 
^* naga, yunagi; *>^ garid, 
Carouse, v. p*>U nadim, yunadim ; 
s^V* sarab, yusarib. 

Cabouse, Cabousal, 8. &oU* mu- 

nadama-t ; fyUu* muiaraba-t. 
Cabp, v. J^ «azal, ya'zul. 
Cabp, 8. L** Sabu* (pi. W»W* saba- 


Cabpenteb, 8. jW* najjar. 
Cabpentby, a. 5)V nijara-t. 
Cabpet, a. ^U* basat (pi. 1*~* 

busut) ; &~A^tinfi8a-t, tunfusa-t 

(pi. u-iUt tanafis) ; j^ f ar$ (pi. 

J^i funi£). — (for prayer) **>V* 

Cabpet, v. jy faraS, yafruS ; f ar- 

rai, yufarriS. 
Cabbiage, a. bj* 'araba-t; fcV^fc 

'arabana-t ; 6 ^°^ karosa-t. — 

(cost of conveyance) &j*e- humu- 

Cabbion, 8. US lasa-t ; &** jifa-t 

(pi. i-Atsq- jiyaf). 
Cabbot, 8. )y* jazar. 
Cabboty, adj. j^\ yj* bi-laun al- 

Cabby, v. J^- tamal, ya^mil ; JU 

^al, yaiil. — (transport) J^ naqal, 

Cabbies, *. JU*" hammal; JW* 

6ayyal.— (of a letter) ^j&A\ J*W 

hamil al-maktub; ^C sa'i (pL 

SU~ sa'a-t). 
Cabt, «. ij^ 'araba-t. 
Cabt, t?. i^yJW J# naql bi-'l-'arar- 

bana-t, yanqul. 
Cabtage, 8. Jy naul. 
Cabteb, 8. bj* J^ sawwaq 'ara- 

ba-t ; t^-^ 'arabaji. 
Cabtelage, a. v>A* qurqus ; «-*jy-^ 

gtujriif (pi. iJ^Ufc gacjl&rif).— (o/ 

t^e rtfo) «-i^-y* 6ursuf (pi. t-A^^i 

iarasif). — (of the nose) ^» 

j^bJuJ\ qa§ aba-t al-manhur. 
Cabtelaginous, adj. o^ir 4 * gu^ru- 

Cartridge, s. &&i fa^aka-t (pi. 

•aUi faSak) ; ««W^ («><V) 

fau^ik (pi. iaX^y fawlUik). 
Cabve, v. (in stone, &c.) <jr* 

naqaU, yanqai. — (meat) g-tB 

qafta', yuqafti*; c/» ianuh, yu- 

Carver, a. <>ta naqqa^. 

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Cascade, *. Utt^J»=»\ inliidar al-ma; 
UH »afe^ maharr al-ma. — (of the 
Nile) Jju* jandal (pi. JoU* 
janadil) ; vulg. J)U fallal. 

Cass, «. (box) JjJ^« sandilq (pi. 
<j*jU-b Banadiq). — (sheath) U&± 
gilaf (pi. «-Alfc gulf, culuf, gul- 
laf). — (event, state) yR amr (pi. 
jy«\ umur); JW hal (pi. J^\ 
ahwal, &^\ ahwila-t). — (cause in 
a court) 8y**> da'wa-t; isf* 
dawa (pi. e^ da'awa). — (in 
grammar) s*&/&\ &*$* 'alamat 
al-'irab, U-!N j*»V^ j** 5 tagay- 
yur al-awahir al-asma*. 

Case, v. ^ ^ haft ft, yahutt ; «-Ate 
gallaf, yugalUf. 

Casemate, s. &>•*!»• matmura-t (pi. 
^•Ua^ matamir) ; Zjd** mitmara-t. 

Casement, s. **)W* gubbak (pi. 
«*^W*» 6ubabik); e>-^»» roSan 

Cash, a. JU5\ j;Juu> Banduq al-mal ; 
&y*. hazna-t. — (ready money) *& 
naqd (pi. *>y» nuqud). 

Cash, v. «jy» saraf, yasrif. 

Cashier, s. ;W^t hazandar ; e^y*^ 
j^u «J\ amin as-sanduq; qj\± 
hazin (pi. Ay*, hazana-t). 

Cask, *. Je^ barmii (pi. Je*ty 
baramil) ; &* battiya-t (pi. ^«* 

Casket, *. £*** 'ulba-t (pi. s-*l* 
'alab, s*&c 'ilab) ; g)*> durj (pi. 
A^j diraja-t, c\)*rt adraj). 

Casque, s. &y*- huza-t (pL &jl hu- 

Cast, t?. (throw) ^j rama, yarmi ; 
(J* salah, yailah ; c^ {arah, ya{- 
rat; tanuh, yutarrih; <J±-** 
^azaf, yaljzif . — (mottZd) s— 
sabb, yasubb; **W- sabak, yas- 

Cast, *. (&row) ***j ramya-t ; &.**» 
hazfa-t. — (glance) fy*} lahza-t. — 
(cast image) »*Jy*~ *• ^** sanam 

Castaway, *. JyW» mahzul ; J^ 
arzal (pi. J^ arazil). 

Castigate, v. ^^ qasas, yuqas is ; 
'aqab, yu'aqib. 

CA8TIOATION, 8. ^pUi qigas ; hjte 

'uquba-t ; s^** 'iqab. 
Castle, s. y<* qasr (pi. sy& qusur) ; 

AJ5 qaTa-t (pi. &i qila'). 
Castor-oil, 8. £)f&\ «**) zait al- 

Casteate, v. v>y» t&wwa£, yufaw- 

wis* ; ^ m f<±> hasa, yahsi ; s-^ jabb, 

Castbation, 8. iJ*J* tatwiS ; \**A 

Casual, adj. <J>\*>\ ittif aqi-y ; ^j^ 

'ari4 ; ^Ve 'ari^i-y. 
Casualty, 8. *a>»>W hadig (pi. 

<±>S\fi- h&Yfkdis) ; £«-*• musiba-t 

(pi. s-st^» masayib). 
Cat, s, & qi« ; &* qifta-t (pi. ^^»» 

qitat, Uoi qu^at). — (torn cai) y& 

nirr (pi. fijyfc hirara-t); ($ys* 

Catalepsy, s. AX-. sakta-t; Sjua 

hamda-t ; fip» nuqta-t. 
Catalogue, 8. «^-j6* fihrist, fah. 

hsat (pi. u*jW* faharis). 
Catalogue, v. ^-^ fahras, yufah- 

Catabact, *. (waterfall) Js>- sail 

(pi. Jj*~ suyul); s^V* n^z&b 

(pi. s-stjW^ mayazib, Per*.). — 

(disease of the eyes) {>)^\ ^ A&W 

baya^a-t fi-'l-'ain. 
Catabbh, s. &f nazla-t (pi. Jjy* 

nuzul) ; pty zukam. 
Catastbophe, s. £»U^ musaba-t; 

h bala ; &**U dahiya-t (pi. o* V 

Catch, v. «*L-^ masak, yamsik; 

^ ahaz, ya'huz. — (infect) W 

'ada, ya'di ; eir* sara » jasri- 
Catch, s. £&~* masaka-t. — (^ooA;) 

s^ kullab (pi. v^)^ kalalib).— 

(burden of a song) *>/• maradd. 
Catechise, v. (teach by question- 
ing and answering) y JW~t ^ 

s^^ 'allam bi-aawal wa jawab. 
Catechism, s. (religious instruc- 
tion) i j**~A \ f^s ta'lim al- 

Categobical, adj. ^U g&fi. 
Category, a. jo* find, fand (pi. 

oUi\ afnad^j £y nau' (pL ^\y\ 

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anwa'); u-*- jins (pi- <j*W^ 

ajnas, Lr*r^" junus) ; ***/• marta- 

ba-t (pl. s-^V* maratib). 
Cater, t?. c*W\ <4r^ Mtam al- 

liawayij, yastari. 
Caterpillar, s. ^ dud; fojd 

duda-t (pi. o^ J didan); <^-W 

lahas (pi. u-VJt alhas). 
Cathedral, «. *o*^W» &~* ^ kanisa-t 

Catheter, «. *>j*fc'amud (du.gtaj+e 

Catholic, adj. (universal) ^fy** 

Catholic, s. o*«V^ katoliki-y. 
Catholicism, *. (universality) 

fl e *j»j» 'umumiya-t. — (catholic 

religion) ^Jf\&\ &<A\ ad-din 

Cattle, *. J|*U miUi (pi. <j*V 

mawfUi) ; ^ ganam. 
Caul, *. (netf for the hair) *£** 

sabaka-t (pi. *>W* Sibak).— (o/ a 

c&ita) **>^ qudat. 
Cauliflower, a. s-**/ kuramb; 

W/ qarnabit ; «>*»^ karnabit. 
Caulk, see Calk and Careen. 
Cause, s. (reason) && 'illa-t (pi. 

Ji* *ilal) ; s-*e- sabab (pi. s»W 

asbab) ; &*^ ba'iga-t. — (faw- 

suit) eir*** da'wa (pi. «j&^ J 

da'awa). — (party) v/- fcizb (pi. 

s^\ ah zab ) 5 ^ t*»* (pl- 

«J*;M atraf). 
Cause, v. «-r**«- sabbab, yusabbib ; 

JU> 'allal, yu'allil. 
Causeless, ad;. s-^y» *» bila 

mujib ; v**~» £t bila sabab. 
Causeway, a. j~*» jisr (pl. jj~* 

jusur); &1* bulta-t; ^ <Jfejl» 

tariq 'amm ; 5^i qantara-t. 
Caustic, adj. <,$$& kawi; <3j** 

Cauterise, v. «^/ kawa, yakwi; 

g«33 laza', yalza*. 
Cautery, 8. y+f mirsan ; Jf kayy. 

— (instrument) $U** mikwa-t ; 

Caution, s. u*V*^ ihtiras; \±*> 

hizr, l^azar. — (warning) jU*\ 

in^arj ^J** tafczir. — (security) 

£Uf kafala-t ; J** kafil ; &U* 

Caution, v. s&\ anzar, yunzir ; j^ 

hazzar, yu^azzir. 
Cautious, adj. cr«^- ljaris; j^ 

hazir ; )^* muhtariz. 
Cavalcade, *. s~*y* maukab (pl. 

s-^y» mawakib). 
Cavalier, s. y£$ kawalir; <j*j\* 

fans (pl. gCji fursan, u*)V **" 

waris) ; JVs*- hayyal (pL fl^ 

Cavalier, oa)'. (brave) j;W* maba- 

riz. — (haughty) j**** mutakab- 

Cavalry, s. &\& hayyala-t; J**- 

hail ; ^^i fursan. 
Cave, Cavern, s. *jVa* magara-t 

fpl. j\** magayir) ; J& gar (pl. 

j\yt\ agwar) ; Utf kahf (pl. 

^Jf^ kuhiif). 
Cavil, *. jV» niqar. 
Cavil, v. jfo naqar, yunaqir ; *&£* 

nakkat, yunakkit. 
Cavity, s. *-*y* jauf ; e^ab* faht. 
Cease, v. &* ^i\ inqa^a' 'an, yan- 

qafi* ; g+ fy farag min, vafrug; 

J\) zal, yazal (with following 

aorist or participle). 
Ceaseless, adj. ^ h bilafutur; 

g0*\ h bila inqi^a*. 
Cedar, s. ))\ arz; [$*)j* sarbin 

Cede, v. »*J/ tarak, yatruk; J*- 

halla, yuhalli; ^L sallam, yu- 

Cession, s. »*J/tark; **>y fawat; 

f*sL-* taslim. 
Ceiling, s. *-M- saqf (pl. «^yu 

suquf, «-A&* suquf, ^uau 8 uq- 

Celebrate, v. (exalt) fM 'azzam, 

yu'azzim ; c^ maddah, yumad- 

di^. — (a feast) •*** 'ayyad, yu- 

Celebrated, adj. )#**• maihur ; 

jQ*±<» mu^tahir ; j&* sahir ; JJk- 

jalil ; t)±+* mamdut. 
Celebration, *. (of a feast) J*a 

^\ 'ami al-'aid. — (praise) &*" 

madb \ J^t majd j **» ^LamcL 

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Celebrity, *. J&*\ i&ihar; 8^* 

Celerity, *. J^c 'ajl ; fry- sur'at. 
Celery, $. u**/ karafs, karfas. 
Celestial, adj. ,4J**- sainawi-y ; 

<4jk 'alawi-y. 
Celibacy, s. Jgs 'uzba-t; Srfjy* 

Cbll, 8. Zfr qillaya-t (pl. Jfc qa- 

lali); IjU. halwa-t; k>\) zawi- 

ya-t (pi. \i\$ zawaya). 
Cellar, «. S ; ^U matmura-t ; pi 

qabu (pi. O^ aqbiya-t). 
Cement, «. ^W hafiqi ; $jt* harj ; 

&J* tin ; *M» said. 
Cement, v. \jt garra, yugarri ; &£ 

tayyan, yutayyin; o^ sayyad, 

Cemetery, a. S^ju maqbara-t (pi. 

ji\*+ muqabir) ; ^J* madfan 

(pi. ^\j* madafin) ; &W jaban- 

Censer, s. lf*~* mibhara-t (pi. 

/s*W* mabahir) ; kjy* "suriya-t. 
Censor, a. s «-»»** muhtasib; 

J-tts «&zil ( p l. j^ < U zzal). 
Censorious, adj. fjl* mulawwim ; 

^•«^» muzammim. 
Censoriousnbss, 8. &*&• mazam- 

ma-t ; &*3i* malama-t. 
Censurable, adj. fy*^* mazmum ; 

f»yu malutn. 
Censure, s. rf laum, lorn ; **«k» 

mazamma-t ; s **** * ta'yib. 



Censure, t>. ^3 lam, yalum; ^ 

zamm, yazumm ; J^u^ 'azal, 

Census, 8. ^-y^M S\**5 ta'dad an- 

Cent, 8. k\" maya-t. — (per cent.) 

ZiUl\) bi-'l-maya-t. 
Centipede, 8. {$e*ij\ #\ abu arba'in ; 

h\" $\ abu maya-t. 
Central, Centrical, adj. la~ys* 

mutawassit ; %sff markazi-y. 
Centralise, v. j*>\j g*y« ^ g** 

jama' fi mauda' wahid, yajma* ; 

p* 4amm, yazumm. 
Centre, 8. yp markaz (pl. 4\y 

marakiz); fa^ wast (pl. tU^ 


Centre, v.a. l»»j wassat, yuwassit ; 

n. l*-y tawassat, yatawassat. 
Centrifugal, arf/. W-jN ^c j^V^x* 

mutaba'id 'an al-wast- 
Centripetal, adj. L.JJ\ J\ JjU 

mayil ila-'l-wast. 
Centuple, ad;. «-*U*\ £*U mayat 

Century, 8. j*>* dabr (pl. jyfcd du- 

hur) ; ^y qarn (pl. ^1 qurun) ; 

&u« £&l« mayat sana-t. 
Cereals, *. *A*yi^\ al-hububat. 
Ceremonial, adj. (solemn) JUso.t 

Ceremonial, s. (^ertym al-qawanin. 
Ceremonious, adj. c^Ultt ^U 

sahib takallufat. 
Ceremony, 8. (religious) u»& taq8 

(pl. u-yit ^uqiis) ; i& i *■» mansik 

(pl. iftl-U» manasik). — (of polite- 

ness) J*^*J tabjil (pl. <*A -at) ; 

fi^W^ mubajala-t; Ul^s taklif ; 

«-Al^> takalluf. — (master of cere- 
monies) «^yui\ J^ W 41J a t- 

Certain, adj. <3*&* haqtq; (^ 

yaqin. — (a certain person) ($b 

fulan ; (jaafeAi sahs. 
Certainty, s. ^^A yaqin ; ^^fij^ ^ 

'ilm al-yaqin; ji>^ tahaqquq. 
Certificate, s. fioV^ ^ahada-t; 

£j& taqrir. 
Certify, v. ^M^- baqqaq, yiitaq- 

^ J J^ qarrar, yuqarrir. 
Certitude, s. j\^ qarar. 
Cerulean, adj. ^U- j^ azraq 

Cessation, 8. gUa»\ inqita*; &t\jh 

Cession, *. f »JLj taslim ; 0^^ »*y 

tark al-haqq. 
Chafe, v. (warm by rubbing) ^ a 

daffa, yudaffi. — (rage) s-*** ga- 

dib, yag^ab ; t^ igtaz, yagtaz. 
Chaff, s. ^ tibn (pl. ^\ atban, 

OF* tubun). 
Chafing-dish, *. J&* manqal (pl. 

Jhi* manaqil). 
Chagrin, s. ^ gamm (pl. ,»;+£ 

gumum) ; *r>S karb ; (^ huzn. 
Chagrin, v. ^*\ agamm, yugimm ; 

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0fA ahzan, yuhzin ; (^ ^azzan, 

Chain, s. &L~L * silsila-t (pi. J-^- 

salasil) ; j#r*) zinjir (pi. y<&k) 

zanajir) . 
Chain, v. &JLJ l» j^S qayyad bi-'s- 

silsila-t, yuqayyid ; /*j zanjar, 

yuzanjir ; jy+ janzar, yujanzir. 
Chair, s. ^-^ kursi (pi. sj^f 

karasi) ; ^ sarir (pi. iy\ asir- 

Chairman, s. ( j»l »» ti u*f> rayis 

al-majlis (pi. U.» ru'asa) ; <J?+ 

( j»l »» U mutawalh al-majlis. 
Chaise, s. Jfy* 'araba-t. 
Chalk, «. ;\ ^ hawwar. — (a piece of) 

fyf* hawwara-t ; ^**WL taba&r. 
Chalk, v. 5^j^W (•— j rasam bi-'l- 

hawwara-t, yarsum. 
Challenge, «. £jpt*" mubaraza-t. 
Challenge, v. (to fight) u^ bariz, 

yubariz. — (call upon) Cto da'a, 

Chamber, s. &*£ au<Ja-t (pi. <*>\ 

-at, j*)\ awa4) ; S^^JU maqsura-t. 

— (small) S^a. hujra-t. 
Chamberlain, *. s-«*^ hajib (pi. 

s->^^ hujjab). 
Chameleon, «. ^ hirba (hurba- 

yat, hurbana-t) ; ^j* 5 ^ barbah- 

ti-y ; *y-*£\ J-** jamal al- 

Chamois, s. h$ arwiya-t (pi. <j*\)\ 

arawi) ; Je^ wa'l (pi. J^j\ au'al) ; 

JV saisal. 
Chamomile, see Camomile. 
Champ, v. *sUc 'alak, ya'lak ; £a* 

ma4ag, yam (jag. 
Champaign, s. Je~» sahl, &e~ sahla-t 

(pi. Jj6~ suhAl) ; l^~i fusha-t. 
Champion, «. ^W* muhami ; j^W*» 

Chance, *. £*y fursa-t (pi. «^\ -at, 

^y furas). 
Chance, v. (happen) e^ ,j ara , 

yajri ; »a>J^ hadas, yahdis. — 

(risk) jLU. hatar, yuhatir. 
Chancel, *. <j*j/- horus (pi. u-jV* 

Chancellor, *. (c&ief justice) <j±V$ 
L SUi qacji qucjat. 

Chandelier, 8. <^«fcuA gama'dan 

(pi. <*A -at, ^J^Ua satna'idin). 
Chandler, s. f Ua lamina*. 
Change, «. (alteration) *** tagay- 

yur. — (change of clothes) &** 

oadla-t. — (small money) 8*y- u*jU 

f ulus hurda-t. 
Change, v.a. pk gayyar, yugayyir ; 

J^i badal, yabdul ; n. jt*» ta- 

gayyar, yatagayyar. — (change 

money) Ujj-© saraf , yasrif . 
Changeable, adj. s-*^ 5 qallab ; 

^l*> JJLS qalil gabat ; je*** mu- 

Changeableness, 8. *r-te taqallub ; 

«*W* ill qilla-t gabat. 
Changer, «. u\j* sarraf. 
Channel, s. ^5;%* majra (pi. <4>W* 

majari) ; v>V* mizab (pi. s-4)^ 

mayazib). — (strait) j^jt bugaz 

(pi. >>^^ bawagiz). 
Chant, *. J-*y tartil. (See Song.) 
Chant, v. J*j rattal, yurattil. (See 

Chanter, 8. J>/« murattil, ^»*> ^ 

Chanticleer, s. *sk* dik (pi. **J^a 

Chaos, «. \f* hawa ; ^U. hawiya-t ; 

J^a hayAla. 
Chaotic, od/. J^>* bayAli-y ; Urf- 

tU j halt wa malt. 
Chap, s. 0^ ^aqq ; ^^ 3aqqa-t (pi. 

jyi ^uqAq) ; ^ falaq (pi. 

j^ fulAq). 
Chap, v.a. <j* ^aq<l» ya^uqq; n. 

<>Ai\ in^aqq, yansaqq. 
Chapel, s. &*)* ( azaba-t; X*\* ka- 

Chapiter, see Capital. 
Chaplain, s. v~* qiss (pi. u*r^ 

Chaplet, s. ^ misbaha-t (pi. 

£*lw« masabih) ; ^W— subha-t 

(pi. £*~* subah, «t>Urt- subuhat). 
Chapter, *. ^ Mb (pi. *r>\*\ ab- 

wab) ; J-* fasl (pi. J^-* f usikl) ; 

y* juz* (pi. \yA ajza).— (of the 

Coran) S;^- sura-t (pl.jy-» suwar). 
Char, v. (reduce to coal) j*^ jam- 
mar, yujammir. 

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Char, b. {day's work) &#•£ yaumi- 

Character, $. (mark) *-*f* harf 
(pi. s^)f» buriif); 1»a ha« (pi. 
tjW hutut, Vb*\ ahtat).— (dispo- 
sition) &*> {aba* (pi. #*M atba') ; 
,j1a hulq (pi. jlw ahlaq).— (ac- 
count of a person's qualities) 
*JLo) wasf (pi. u\*)\ ausaf). 

Characterise, v. iJUj was af, ya- 

Characteristic, adj. ^t wasfi-y. 

Characteristic, s. &* gifa-t. 

Charade, a. j*S lugz, lagaz (pi. jUft 

Charcoal, a. ^w* fahm (pi. fU> 

Charge, s. (load) &•*** hamMa-t. 
— (of a gun) ^^n J^ 'umar 
bariid. — (attack) <•>** hui&m; 
£Ua»ha mla-t. — (custody) &*W* 
muhafaza-t. — (office) s~ *** man- 
sab (pi. s-^Vx* manasib). — 
(order) y\ amr (pl.^ty awamir). 
— (expense) lt& kulfa-t; *-*p*~ 
masr&f (pi. *Jfc*;U* masarif); 
Gf* harj. — (accusation) £*Vaa si- 
kaya-t ; &h? tuhma-t. 

Charge, v. (to load) J*». hammal, 
yuhammil ; <>-j wassaq, yuwas- 
siq. — (a gun) j+* 'ammar, yu'am- 
mir ; d* dakk, yadukk. — (order) 
s* f\ amar bi, ya'mur, J^ v5 «« 
wassa 'ala* yuwasgi. — (attacA") 
,»V* hajam, yahjum ; J^ Ca- 
rnal, yahmil (both with prep. 
J* 'ala). — (impute) **> ^J^\ p& 
taham a^ad-an bi, yathim. — 
(demand as price) s^ talab, 

Charger, s. (horse) <j*^ faras (pi. 
v**k funis, u*^ afras). — (fray) 
,j£ tabaq (pi. jWM afbaq). 

Chariot, s. bj* 'araba-t; £^e 

Charioteer, a. <.***«>* 'arabaji. 

Charitable, a**;. <>W* fayyad; 
<^-*r* muhsin; ^ karim (pi. 
^y kiram) ; jj^u* mutasaddaq. 

Charitableness, a. lAf karama-t ; 
•>j% jud; gl-*^ ilisan. 

Charity, 0. £*** ma^abba-t ; to** 

6afaqa-t. — (alms) &•*-» sadaqa-t ; 

&:...■* ^asana-t. 
Charlatan, *. M^a harrat ; £&* fai- 

sar ; jW AA*. huqqa baz (Pers.). 
Charm, a. (amulet) &♦*** tamima-t 

(pi. ^U? tamayim); ju»- liurz, 

tirz (pi. 8j$/» $uruza-t) ; JtU*. 

hamayil. — (enchantment) y-+*~ 

sihr ; a^Sj ruqya-t. — (attractions) 

&~** husn; «A*V jazabAt; &h*A 

Charm, t?. (by sorcery) ^- sal^ar, 

yashur. — (bewitch by beauty) v***- 

vjUN jazab al-qulub, yajzib. 
Charnel-house, «. ^W,aa. ha^ha^ ; 

£aiW&a ha^hasa-t; ?^3\ r ^ ; \j 

dar 'izam al-mauta. 
Chart, *. u*^* qhrtas (pi. <.r*U/ 

Charter, a. £%»» bujja-t (pi. ^^ 

hujaj); jjj waraq (pL j^\ 

auraq) ; Ufc/i ^a ha« sarif . 
Charter, v. (hire a ship) (s£*~*\ 

istakra, yastakri. — (let a ship) 

15/ kara, yakri; ^^\ akra, 

Chariness, s. ^y^\ ittiraa 5 jAo. 

l^izr, bazar ; j*if taufir. 
Chary, adj. (cautious) cr*j°- taris ; 

%A>- bazir. — (economical) s «»■■■■'» 

flasib ; /y» muwaffir. 
Chase, s. (hunt) a** said; ^aS 

qaiis. — (game) j*& qanas. 
Chase, v. (drive away) *^» tarad, 

ya^rad ; tf»\ ahraj, yuhrij ; yk»> 

da^sar, yudas^ir. — (hunt, pursue 

eagerly) *>V* sad, ya? id ; $? taba', 

yatba*. — (work or emboss plate) 

£U sag, yas^g. 
Chasing, s. tr° ?aug. 
Chasm, s. ^j$\ ^ ^y» 

ar4; £^ bald' (pi 

Chaste, adj. <-Mc 'afif 

a*iffa, ^Vto <if &f) ; 

'affif ; Lr AJ\y fc a tahir an-nafs. 
Chasten, Chastise, v. ^a-Vs qi^as, 

yuqasis ; s^*^ 'aqab, yu'aqib. 
Chasteness, Chastity, «, 

<ifia-t j uUft 'af af . 


q fl-i- 

IV ba- 

(pl. M 

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Chastisement, s. ^pUs qi^a? ; k^ 

'uquba-t ; s-*^* 'iqab. 
Chat, s. J** $ J^> qal wa qil ; SjjU*« 

Chat, t>. <^W tahaka, yataMka; 

(J& laqai, yalqul 
Chateau, a. /i qasr (pi. ^ 

qu?ur). — (country-seaf) ^ o** 

S**Att bet fi-'cj-de'a-t. 
Chattels, s. A)**" J^* mal man- 

qul ; *a>^ asas. 
Chatter, v. &*i*N y^kagsar al-gala- 

ba-t, yukassir; y^ fa&ar, yu- 

fai&r; <3*te 'aq'aq, yn'aq'iq 

(from <3*a* 'aq'aq, " magpie "). 
Chatter-box, Chatterer, s. ^ 

**Utt kasir al-galaba-t; Jty 

Chatty, adj. ($S j*\ abii kalam; 

^Vw« musayir ; J*^ laqqai. 
Cheap, adj. j*&) rahis. 
Cheapen, t?.a. yj*») rahhas, yurah- 

his; {$+&\ Jy nazzal as-saman, 

yunazzil ; n. ^a*^ raha§, yarha§. 
Cheapness, a. ^o^ ruh$. 
Cheat, v. <J-t ga&, yagu££; gU. 

han, yahun; gj*- hawwan, yu- 

hawwin ; £J^ hada', yahda*. 
Cheat, s. (fraud) <J>& ffi^ ; &W±- 

hiyana-t ; gj*. haun ; «*»* hila-t ; 

j&» makr. — (cheater) J*»\*t± gai- 

sa£; gW hadda'. — (in play) 

UU* mugalit ; J*!)* muzaugil. 
Check, s. (hindrance) g*^ mani' 

(pi. g^y* mawani') ; Ofe^* 'ayiq 

(pi. <3i\j* 'awayiq) ; Ju sadd (pi. 

oW\ asdad). 
Check, v. (stop, restrain) <-Wj waq- 

qaf, yuwaqqif; g— *-*• mana', 

yamna' ; y»> ha§ar, yali§ur, yah- 

§ir. — (control) W-a <Jabat, yaijbit. 

— (check and mate) «^U fiU sah 

Cheek, a. ^ hadd (pi. ^J*» hu- 

dftd) ; j^Aft 'izar (pi. j«V* 'uzr). 
Cheer, v. <j-J\ anas, y&nis. — (greet 

with joy) W fcayya, yu^ayyi. 
Cheer, s. (gladness) jy~ surur; 

8p-» masarra-t (pi. jw» masarr) ; 

— (J°yf u ^ greeting) **& ta^iya-t 

58 [Chi 

(pi. **>\ -at, V*W» taMya).— (fare) 

SSyB qdta-t. 
Cheerful, ad;. tj~** mabsAt; jj/-* 

masrfir ; q\**jI f arhan. 
Cheerfulness, *. yp* surAr; t& 

f arh ; tW\ imbisat ; cV^ i»- 

surafc; e^ ibtihaj. 
Cheerless, ad;, (of persons) )%- 3^ 

bila STiriir ; c/ ^ bila f arh ; &y» 

hazin ; ^*iu mugtamm. — (of 

things) )<*&• mukaddir. 
Cheese, s. &#* jubn, jibn. 
Cheesemonger, s. ^W jabban. 
Chemical, adj. ^W^kimiyawi-y ; 

^U^" kimawi-y. 
Chemise, s. j*#+S qamis (pi. ^Ui 

qumsan); «w batt (pi. <&>y^ 

butAt, «^U> bitat). 
Chemist, s. W+«£H ^* mu'allini 

al-kimiya ; W^W ^^ 'arif bi- 

Chemistry, s. <j)\+c&\ JasN ^ 

'ilm al-lgiall al-kim&wi-y; W^ 

Cheque, a. ^y*. fcawala-t; Ji^ 

Cherish, v. v»- habb, yahubb, 

ya^ibb ; ^ wadd, yawadd ; ^y^ 

nawa, yahwi. 
Cherry, s. j/ karaz ; 8j/karaza-t ; 

4>*^* qarasiya-t. 
Cherub, s. f^^ karubim ; oydjj^ 

Chess, s. tfja* satranj. 
Chest, s. (large box) J^*^- ^and^q 

(pi. &*\**> $anadiq); XiyL haz- 

na-t; v>^o dulab (pi. s-^^o 

dawalib).-— (treosOj^ sadr (pi. 

))<** ^udiir). 
Chestnut, *. 8«^ jft abii f arwa-t ; 

^uu-^ kastana-t ; i^fcU ^ahibal- 

liit- — (horse) j++\ q\*** tisan ac- 
inar ; y*. (^ faras hamra. 
Chestnut, adj. (colour) j+-\ asmar, 

f. \j+~ samra (pi. ^*— sumr) ; 

i^AUJ\ g J laun ai-^ahiballiit. 
Chew, v. «sUc «alak, ya'lak; Ja« 

ma^ag, yam^ag. 
Chicane, s. &#» hila-t; &«* fitna-t 

(pi. (^ fitan) ; fla-ju saf sata-t ; 

jVat niqar; to musakala-t 

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Chick, Chicken, 0. Kj>r° sils (pi. 

^Ijj- divan) ; v*>j&S katkut (pi. 

**w**U$ katakit) ; ty-k f arr&j 

(pi. ^V fararij). 
Chicory, 0. W^** bindiba; kj^ 

gikoriya-t ; q\j£* Sukuran. 
Chidb, v. &) wabbah, yuwabbih. ; 

«^-Jlc 'atab, yu'atib ; <A lam, ya- 

Chiding, 0. s-^ys? tagrib. 
Chief, adj. ^*>\ a? li-y. 
Chief, 0. ftt* muqaddam; J^ 

wali ; u^j ra'is, rayyis. 
Chieftain, 0. j*^ amir (pi. ^ 

Chilblain, 0. *pl\ w p» waram 

min al-bard. 
Child, 8. ^ walad (pi. *>)M awlad) ; 

J*t tin (pi- JW atfal). 
Childbed, 8. u*W\ ,»\t\ ayyam an- 

Childbirth, 8. *>3t wilad. 
Childhood, a. vyk tufuliya-t; 

Wo saba. 
Childish, ad/. <J^» tifli-y ; o*>^** 

sigari-y. — (by old age) *j*«* 

Childishness, 8. ly**> sabwa-t. 
Chill, Chilly, adj. tft band. 
Chill, Chillness, Chilliness, 8. 

•y bard ; **>#» buruda-t. 
Chime, 8. u-e^ytt (j>**k tanin al- 

Chime, v. qL tann, yatinn. 
Chimera, 0. JW*> hiyal (pi. *W 

ahyila-t) ; jy* tasawwur ; ^ 

wahm (pi. (*^\ auham). 
Chimerical, oc^'. 15**; wahmi-y ; 

J^hiyali-y; JkW ba^il. 
Chimney, 0. &*>ju madhana-t (pi. 

^\^« madahin) ; jW^ ujaq. — 

(Jhe fire-place within) t&p mau- 

qada-t (pL j£\j* mawaqid). 
Chin, 8. y** zaqan. — (of a woman) 

3—te 'uqsa-t. 
China, 0. (the country) e>*» ?in. — 

(porcelain) ***** siniya-t (pi. 

fj\y sawani). 
Chink, 0. &* saqqa-t (pi. jya» 

Chink, v.n. &*i\ insaqq, yansaqq. 

Chip, 0. &*ji farma-t ; &/» sarta-t. 
Chip, t>. ^ faram, yafrum. 
Chibp, v. *j± garrad, yugarrid; 

<jfc^ naga, yunagi; pif taran- 

nam, yatarannam. 
Chisel, 0. v>Vju* minqas (pi. <j**iU» 

lnanaqiS) ; jVju* minqar (pi. j**U* 

Chisel, v. <j*# naqai, yanqai ; fi 

naqar, yanqur. 
Chivalbic, Chivalrous, adj. isj*+\ 

Chivalry, 0. fyU\ imara-t. 
Chlorine, 0. S^H jJj* muwallid 

Chocolate, 0. &?/•* £okolata-t. 
Choice, 0. }*&*\ intiyar; v>Uy?rt 

Choice, adj. jUab* muhtar ; s - ^ ^ 

muntahab ; J*-&* fadil. 
Choiceness, 0. J-4* fadU; S«ty* 

Choir, 0. (band of singers) &*++ 

&t & *" jama'a-t inuganniyin. — 

(part of a church) u*;j*- horus 

(pi. <j*j\y* hawaris). 
Choke, v. a. v3-^s- hanaq, yahniq, 

yahnuq; (jJa* fattas, yufat^is; 

n. ^1 ihtanaq, yahtaniq ; J-Ja* 

fatas, yaftis; J^ ga?8, yagass. 

— (block up) Ju. sadd, yasudd. 
Choler, 0. (bile) \^* safra. — 

(anger) ^ gaiz ; s-«^ gadlab. 
Cholera, Cholera morbus, 0. 

&*e* hai^a-t ; ^$a^\ ^U» \&'ihi 

Choleric, adj. <^V* safrawi-y; 

s-»^ ga4^b. 
Choose, v. j^l\ ihtar, yahtar ; ^ 

naqqa, yunaqqi ; s-<£^ intahab, 

yantahib ; { J&°\ istafa, yas^afi. 
Chop, 0. &* qi^a'-t, quta*t (pL ^i 

qi$a', quta 4 ). 
Chop, v. ($& qatta', yuqatti*. 
Choral, 0. fcf tartil (pL Jss?V 

Chord, 0. /j watar (pi. j$)\ autar). 
Chorist, Chorister, 0. $y mtu 

rattil ; &>->* musabbi^. 
Chorus, 0. see Choir. 
Christ, 0. £*~+J\ al-masi^. 

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Christen, v. **+e 'ammad, yu'am- 
mid ; y* na$? ar, yuna§§ir ; yj^t 
gatfas, yugattis. 

CHRISTENDOM, 8. &**t~~4\ «sMUU\ 

al-mamalik al-masibiya-t ; SkJ\ 

lj\j*A\ al-balad an-na8araniya-t. 
Christening, 8. h*y**~ ma'mudi- 

ya-t; aWc 'imad; j#*£ tansir; 

**«-• sibga-t; y*^ gi$as. 
Christian, 8. <j\y* na? arani-y (pi. 

Z&\j*> nafaraniya-tjCJ)^ nasara) ; 

e.c -- masibi-y (pi. &-*&-** 

masibiya-t, gti^ » -" * masildyyin). 
Christianity, 8. re— d\ ^*> din al- 

masifc ; o * a "'* ^ 0*^ ad-din al- 

Christmas, 8. &-*& *>)&• •*** 'aid 

milad al-masifc. 
Chronic, adj. wy muzmin. — 

(chronic disease) «-JUj danaf. 
Chronicle, 8. &jv tarib (pi. ^y 

Chronicle, v. tfl arrah, yu'arrih, 

Chronicler, 8. tjy" muwarrib. 
Chronological, adj. ^^s ta- 

Chronolooi8t, 8. fyy muwarrib ; 

&)\j&\ (J** mu'alfim at-tawarib. 
Chronology, 8. &j\y&\ fJ* 'ilm at- 
Chronometer, s. &ty\ ^^ miq- 

yas az-zaman. 
Chrysalis, Chrysalid, a. <j*j* 

$arnaq ; &*/> 6arnaqa-t (pi. <J*V> 

Chubbiness, 8. &\& gabana-t. 
Chubby, adj. £$f marbu*. 
Chucbxe, v. «*W* cjabak, yadhak. 
Chuckle, Chuckling, a. 

<Jahk, <£kk. 
Church, a. &-*** kanisa-t (pi. (j-|U* 

kanayis) ; J*** haikal (pi. Jfl*A 

hayakil). — (community) & -*—<* 

bfa-t (pi. get biya'). 
Churchyard, «. &;*&• maqbara-t 

(pi. j*&» maqabir). 
Churl, s., Churlish, adj. M* 

galiz; (jj-A-i- baiin; <j**^ wahs; 

cJtf* jilf (pi. *jM ajlaf). 
Churn, $. &#\ *** \f&z J*y bar- 

mil yahudcju fibi al-laban ; _ 
mimbada-t; y*&\ </«£ *>j* qir- 
ba-t li-ha44 al-laban. 

Churning, 8. &£\ j^ ba44 al- 

Chyle, 8. u*jW kilus. 

Cicatrise, v.a. t;*N ^ battam 
al-jarb, yubattim; n. s-^\ in- 
qatab, yanqatfb. 

Cicatrix, 8. Ci^*M fl agar al-juruh : 
£W dag (Per*.). 

Cider, «. c^ s^V* &•***> at-tufak ; 
tVteN U ^. hamr ma at-tufalu 

ClMETER, ClMETAR, 8. vJ^. gaif 

(pi. «^j*~ suyuf) ; j^ battar. 
Cincture, 8. p\f* mzam (pi. *a>\ 

-at, l+f*\ abzima-t, ^ huzm); 

;Uj zunnar (pi. h^Uj zananir). 
Cinder, 8. &• milla-t ; *>Uj ramad. 
Cinerary, adj. ss>\y1\ s^>\f JjVi 

qabil turab al-amwat. 
Cinnamon, *. &^V* b£ qirfa-t 

sailaniya-t ; <j**o jU dar ?ini-y. 
Cipher, 8. ^) raqam (pi. p\ij\ 

arqam). — (secret writing) y») 

ramz (pi. jy^) rumuz). 

S^U da*ira-t (pi. ji^ 

Circle, *, 


Circuit, 8. ^*J> tauf.— (circum- 
ference) SjjW da'ira-t ; Sj\jo-^ isti- 

Circular, adj. j)** mndawwar. 
Circularity, 8. Wj*~\ istidara-t. 
Circulate, v.n. jw dar, yadur ; a. 

j^*i dawwar, yndawwir. 
Circulation, *. q\j*~ sayaran; 

<j<ij+ jarayan; ^o dawaran. 
Circumambient, adj. s-» W^* mu- 

hit bi. 
Circumcise, v. y^VL (ahar, yutahir ; 

^t» tabhar, yutabbir; &*> hatan, 

Circumcision, 8. <$lja- hitaB/ (hittU 

na-t) ; ^ tatbir ; 8j^ tabara-t ; 

)& tuhur. 
Circumference, a. see Circle. 
Circumflex, s. *>^ju-J\ ^Jl iU^e 

( alama-t a^-^aut a! mamdild. 
Circumjacent, adj. J-as*» mutta$il ; 

j)\+>" mujawir. 
Circumlocutary, adj. Jjtjl tainL . 

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CntcuMLOCUTiON, *. 8U»t Hala-t; 
^ J^ tul al-kalam ; Utf laff . 


haul, yusafir. 


safar haul al-ard. 
Cibcumscbibe, v. *>**»■ haddad, yu- 

Circumscription, *. (limitation) 

JfcJ^ tahdid. — (inscription round 

a coin) £UU* fy\ j da'ira-t mu'a- 

Circumspect, ad/, jy^* muhtariz ; 

u-4^- haris ; ^ s-^V* Baljib rai. 
Circumspection, 8. v**- fcars; 

u*V"»* "?tira» ; jo**** tadbir. 


fcala-t ; *A* kaifiya-t. 
Circumstantial, o^/. (incidental) 
Jite\ ittifaqi-y ; ^lc 'aridtf-y.— 
(minute) t>p*» ma^but; J - ** 


Circumvallation, *. jjuu. handaq 

(pL v5*>U*. hanadiq) ; u»ij&» ma- 

Circumvent, v. <J*t ga4£, yaguSS ; 

s-J^ galab, yuglib; (j*fc gaban, 


CIRCUMVENTION, $. J^t gi£s* ; &£J4» 

hadi'a-t (pL &\**» hadayi'). 
Cibcus, 8. q\±** maidan, mi dan 

(pL <$4*>W* mayadin). 
Cistern, s. &#* sihrij (pi. gjta* 

saharij) ; s-^ jubb (pi. s^W 

ajbab, v»W iibab, s-*** jubab) ; 

^^ hau<J (pi. <>**&. luyad, t>\j»-\ 

ah wad). 
Citadbl, s. W5 qal'a-t (pi. g!fci 

qila'); j* buri (pi. m buruj, 

sljtf abraj, &*^n abrija-t). 
Citation, a. (summons) s-J^ t&lab« 

— (quotation) f± zikr. 
Cite, r. («e*?wmm) Vc*> da'a, yad'u. 

— (guofe) ^& zakar, yazkur. 
Citizen, s. <&* &\ ibn balad (pi. 

al* jty aulad balad) ; ^jA* bala- 

Citizenship,*. <&J\ *>ty <^» J^l o^ 

kaun aJ^ad min aulad al-balad. 

Citbon, *. o^J laimun, limun. 
City, a. &*»fc» madina-t (pi. ^J^ 
mudun, ^W madayin) ; »U» 
balad (pi. *fe bilad, gto4 bul- 
dan) ; ^a* misr (pl.JjU*\ amsar, 
jy*» muBur). 
Civet, «. ***-*• misk, musk; *>Wj 

Civic, adj. <s>k baladi-y; J*^ 

Civil, adj. (not military) ^jflU 

mulki-y; ^V J diwaui-y. — (noi 

extraneous) (j-W** dahiH-y. — 

(polite) *r>*>\ s^^^-» sa^iib adab. 
Civilisation, 0. s^ adab; shi*>V* 

tadib; V*N s»W« al-adabal- 

Civilise, v. <&>*>\ addab, yu'addib ; 

<j~i\ annas, yu'annis ; (^J^ mad- 
dan, yumaddin. 
Civility, s. ^*S\ adab ; UkW lutf ; 

fijy* muruwwa-t; ^jIa- hulq (pi. 

Claim, v. Jtc ^>\ idda'a'ala, yad- 

da*i ; <J^ ^5^0 ^Uc 'amal da'wa 

'ala, ya'mal; s-J^ ^alab, yatlub. 
Claim, s. Uu>\ iddi'a; «t>VcW mu- 

da'at; <>« ^aqq. 
Clam, 0. jW* ma^ar. 
Clam, t?. <j^ lassaq, yulassiq. 
Clambeb, v. <J*j* 'arbai, yu'arbis'. 
Clamour, s. cW siyah ; ^o sar- 

ha-t ; &/* sarah ; ^e^ gau£a-t ; 

&+* 4a]ij ; J*W istilaq. 
Clamour, v. t\* sah, yasih; t/* 

sarah, yasruh ; j^ gawwa^, yu- 

gawwi^; ^ diajj, yadijj. 
Clan, s. a^ qabila-t (pi. J*Ws 

qabayil) ; ^5 qaum (pi. ^y\ 

aqwam); S^Ax 'aslra-t (pl.jj^fi 

Clandestine, adj. ^fta^ mahfi-y 5 

pf£+ maktum. 
Clang, s. &> ranna-t 5 &A tanin. 
Clang, v. ^ rann, yarinn; ^1» 

tann, yatinn. 
Clank, s. &&j&> tanfana-t. 
Clap, s. (of thunder) ±*\ ra'd. 
Clap, v. J^* safaq, yasfiq. 
Claret, s. od^-V «W nabiz fran- 


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Clarification, 8. &&s tasfiya-t. 
Clarify, v. vjA« safEa, yusaffi. 
Clash, a. &•** gadma-t; f>\^o\ 

isticjam ; ^Mtf talcum. 
Clash, v. f*>U* tasadam, yatasa- 

dam ; ,»L& talatam, yatalatam. 
Clasp, s. (hook) *-&*. hutfcaf (pi. 

«-A-*JALs> hatatif). — (embrace) 

gUxD>\ ihti<j£n ; (^ ba4n. 
Clasp, v. **L** ma8ak,yamsik; <jk 

'allaq, yu'alliq. — (ewifcrace) <J*^ 

'anaq, yu'aniq; ^* (jLamm, ya- 

Class, «. (A»nd) <j~** iins (pi. ^-W^ 

ajnas) ; £y nan' (pi. g\y* anwa'). 

— (rank) &£ tabaqa-t; &£j* 

martaba-t (pi. *r*\f maratib). 
Class, v. if nawwa', yanawwi* ; 

s-^ rattab, yurattib. 
Classic, Classical, adj. j*x** 

mu'tabar ; a*sa* mu'tamad. 
Classic, s. p£*+ u&\* mu'allif 

Classification, s. s-*e?y tartib ; 

g^a* tadrij. 
Classify, v. see Class. 
Clatteb, $. S*ty qarqa'a-t; &&& 

Clatter, v. gi/ qarqa', yuqarqi* ; 

<jM» taqtaq, yutaqtiq. 
Clause, s. (sentence) *W jumla-t 

(pi. J** jumal). — (article of an 

agreement) l»y» 6art (pi. J»«y* 

surxit); S^U madda-t (pi. *>\j* 

Claw, a. y& z ifr, zufr (pi. jW 

azf ar, j«ilM agafir) ; s-*U-* mih- 

lab (pi. s-JU^ mahalib). — (of 

cattle, Ac.) «-Aik 2 il£ (pL ^jfcM 

Clay, *. &)* tin. 
Clean, ai/\ U^a nagif (pi. «^Utf 

nizaf); jj\) rayiq; j&± Mlis; 

y*U. jahir. 
Clean, v. <J&t nazzaf, yunazzif ; 

«-JU* 'assaff, yu'assif . 
Cleanliness, 8. &U* nazafa-t; 

ty# naqawa-t. 
Cleanly, adj. «-Aji* nazif . 
Cleanse, v. see Clean. 
Clear, a#. (bright) je* • nayyir ; 

jA« mudi. — (transparent) <Jk* 
s&fi ; «^Va* saffaf .—(etwfenO y*^ 
zahir ; ^-*^ waduji. — (distinct) 
Clear, v. (make clear)* <jA-> saffa, 
yugaffi. — (remove) JUi Sal, yaiil. 
— (acquit) Vte <afa, yafu; jy 
barrar, yubarrir. — (gain) w~& 
kasab, yaksib. 
Clearness, s. <jip raunaq ; y* du; 
V** <Jiya. — (distinctness) t^S 
icjafc ; Mj* 9araha-t. 
Cleaye, v. (adhere to) <jk 'aliq, 
ya'laq ; <J&> ta ( allaq, yata'allaq ; 
<J-J lasiq, yalsaq. — («p2i^) <J* 
saqq, ya&uq ; O** falaq, yafliq. 
Cleaver, a. (butcher's knife) jf>\— 

satur (pi. j*Mj- sawatir). 
Cleft, s. <JA ^aqq; &* saqqa-t 
(pi. j*^ suquq); ^ falaq (pi. 
v3^* fuluq). 
Clemency, a. &**.j rahma-t ; &+*»y 

marhama-t ; to^ safaqa-t. 
Clement, ad/. ^/ kanm; <3^ 

6afiq; jy^ 6afuq. 
Clergy, «. <j*j&\ aklirus ; Z~)\~d\ 
al-qasawisa-t ; &*£\ XcU*^. ja- 
ma'a-t al-kahana-t. 
Clergyman, s. ^ qiss (pi. u«j~J 

qusus) ; <j*>e-i qissis. 
Cleric, Clerical, adj. ^-^ ka- 

nayisi-y ; e^ akliri-y. 
Clerk, s. s-*"tf k4tib (pi. v»^ kut- 
tab) ; J^ wakil (pi. *£ wukala). 
Clever, ady. y^U mahir ; ^W satir ; 
tjk* labiq ; j^^- haziq ; £f* nilj- 
rir (pl.>tj^ nafcarir). 
Cleverness, s. fyv mahara-t ; 
2jU* satara-t; &-i\J labaqa-t; 
&\$*- ha?aqa-t. 
Clew, s. see Clue. 
Click, s. <j^ taqq. 
Click, v. <j^ taq<3> y^t^qq. 
Client, s. ^U*. him4ya-t; (^^* 
mahmi-y ; ^y« maula (pi. JV» 
mawali); ^U ?agi (pi. a^U 
Clientship, a. ^Ua. bimiya-t; 
&+S zimma-t, zumma-tj #»U*i 

T.i mam 

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Cliff, *. ^o sahr, S^fe* sahra-t 
(pl.j^afe- suhur). 

Cliffy, adj. fk* sahir ; ijfk* sah- 

Climate, Clime, s. f*W iqlim (pi. 
(*}\j\ aqalim) ; jk»K eV mizaj 
al-qutr ; £U* munab. 

Climax, 8. g^JJ tadrij ; &^.x* mu- 

Climb, v. Jj raqi, yarqa; *** 
ga'id, yas'ad ; <j**ytf ta'arbaS, ya- 
ta'arbas; ijlL~5 tassallaq, yata- 

Clinch, v. (fix) «*** sabbat, yu- 
sabbit; «**tt asbat, yu§bit. — 
(grasp) yM qabad, r yaqbid. — (the 
fist) *J« <3*1> |abaq yaddahu, ya{- 

Cling, v. see Cleave. 

Clink, v. ^> tann, yatunn; <£>&> 
tan^an, yutantin. 

Clink, s. &LJ& ^antana-t. 

Clip, v. <j& qass, yaqus s ; y* jazz, 

Clip, a. (sheep-shearing) ^\ ty* 
jazza-t al-ganam. 

Cloak, *. S»y burda-t ; <j-J^ burnus 
(pi. cr^ty baranis) ; £&*• mai- 
lah (pi. £U- maialih) ; W* 'aba, 
**W* 'abaya-t (pi. W» *iba).— (0/ 
a pilgrim) Af*\ iferam. — (conceal- 
ment) {j^S talbis. 

Cloak, v. u-^ labbas, yulabbis; 
<J** hafa, yahfi ; f~ satar, yas- 
tur ; ~p£ katam, yaktum. 

Clock, *. &U sa'a-t. 

Clog, *. (obstruction) &\* mani 
(pi. grtj* mawani') ; <jfe^ 'ayiq 

(pL <3*V* '& w &yiq) » ^ s 8 ^ (P 1 - 
otJu^ asdad). — (tuooden shoe) 
sA>* qabqab (pi. s-^M qaba- 

Clog, v. &\* *aq, ya'uq ; jy* *aw- 
waq, yu'awwiq; g-** mana', 

Cloister, s. £* dair, der (pi. S;ji*> 
duyura-t, 8ji^ adyira-t). 

Close, adj. (shut) ,JjU* magluq; 
Jyuu maqful. — (narrow) Ok-* 
tfayyiq. — (near) s-*ij* qarib ; 

jamb. — (sultry) ^ fcarr. — (be 

close to) ^M as"fa, yuifi. 
Close, v. (shut) j^ galaq, yagliq ; 

£~> sakkar, yusakkir. — (the eyes) 

ij^\ agmad, yugmi<jL — (finish) 

*+> tammam, yutammim ; pz*. 

natam, yahtim. 
Close, s. \&}\ intiha ; &j\& nibaya-t ; 

(•Ut hitam ; f\*S tamam ; J^j 

Closeness, a. (narrowness) to** 

4iqa-t ; ^W*m ihtibas. — (vici- 
nity) v>/ qurb. 
Closet, s. 8jU halwa-t (pi. igjl*- 

Clot, v. s^\> rab, yar^b; *u^ ta- 

jammad, yatajammad ; <j*ji qa- 

ris, yaqras. 
Cloth, s. tf* jftt (pi. feW^ ajwah) ; 

v>Ui qumy (pi. ^U51 aqmi^a-t). 

— (table-cloth) tyutt 3^ biz as- 

suf ra-t ; J^j^ mifrai. 
Clothe, v. J-J labbas, yulabbis ; 

{j»J\ albas, yulbis. — (one*s self) 

{ j^ labas, yalbis; ^-4? talab- 

bas, yatalabbas; { J~*\ iktasa, 

Clothes, Clothing, s. s^V^ ag- 

wab ; <j)\~* * kasawi ; ^w^* ma- 

labis ; U*\j* ^araiif . 
Clothiee, *. ^^ juhi-y (pi. l&y* 

juhiya-t) ; J^Ui qamma^. 
Clotjd, s. £}W~ sahaba-t (pi. vW»* 

sahab); l*U± gamama-t (pi. 

j*Ufc gamam). 
Cloud, v.a. ^ gayyam, vugay- 

yim; s^^ tajjab, yu^ajjib ; »• 

f^* 5 tagayyam, yatagayyam. 
Cloudiness, 8. &Jk zulma-t. 
Cloudy, adj. ^u mugayyim. 
Clove, s. Jaj^ qaramful. 
Cloven, part, of Cleave, q.v. 
Clovee, s. &*L. l^ulba-t; 3Lo» fa?- 

sa-t ; p6~fl barsim ; Jtt nafl. 
Clown, 8. c^* fallah (pi. ^ -un, 

C^J^ falalih). 
Clownish, adj. ^y^* fallati-y; 

y*± ba^in. 
Clownishness, a. &Iaa. baiana-t ; 

&U gilaza-t. 
Cloy, v. &A3 tasabba', yata^abba*. 

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Club, a. «*>;«* nabbut (pi. u*«tl<i 

nababit) ; u*r~* J dabbus (pi. 

u-**^*> dababis). — (society) £ • +* 

majma ( (pi. £*W" majami'). 
Cluck, a. j/ qarq. 
Cluck, v. j/ qarraq, yuqarriq; 

jVl q&q, yaquq. 
Clue, a. (guidance) &**> dalala-t. — 

(ball of thread) <3*#* jarauhaq. 
Clump, a. (of tree&S B&j dagila-t. 
Clumsiness, a. &&& gilaza-t. 
Clumsy, adj. pet* gaslm; b*l* 

Clustee, a. (ofarapes) &**> hu$la-t 

(pi. J-* husal). 
Cluster, v. (collect together) g** 

jama', yajma?. 
Clutch, a. yM qab<J ; **** qab<Ja-t. 
Clutch, v. <>** qaba4, yaqbicj; 

«*L-* masak, yamsik. 
Clutter, a. tej* gaug& ; ^* <Jaj- 

Clyster, 8. &**. tuqna-t (pi. (^ 

Coach, a. S^V* karosa-t; &\j^ 

Coachman, a. &Wy*H j\j- sawwaq 

al-'araMna-t ; o***/* 'arabaji ; 

oVty* 'arabanji. 
Co-adjutor, a. <j-*Jj rafiq ; «*X-4/> 

Coagulate, v.a. J**, jammad, yu- 

jammid; n. M*r tajammad, ya- 

tajammad ; M^A injamad, yan- 

Coagulation, a. *>W^ injim&d. 
Coal, 8. ^j\ j**t fahm 'ardi-y. 
Coalesce, v. £+*A ijtama, yaj- 

tami' ; J^ ittahad, yattajiid. 
Coalescence, a. $\y*>\ imtizaj ; 

fU-tf\ incjiniam. 
Coalition, a. £U*^ ijtima* ; jVa*\ 

ittif aq ; *>M itti^ad. 
Coarse, adj. M* galiz ; &*± haiin ; 

Coarseness, a. &1U gal&za-t; 

&U* haiana-t ; &^ tahana-t. 
Coast, a. J»»U sllhil (pi. J*-W- sawa- 

hil); JLU satf (pi. Jty 6a- 

Coat, 8. gUdtf qaft&n ; &t* jubba-t 

(pi. s-** jubab); J*jj* surtft 

(Fr. surtout). 
Coat, v. ^~* kasa, yaksu. 
Coax, v. <j3U mallaq, yumalliq; 

,jU* tamallaq, yatamaJlaq j «Jkl»1 

l&{af, yul&tif . 
Cobble, v. g*> raqqa', yuraqqi'; 

clo salla^, yusallih. 
Cobbler, a. )\/» harraz. 
Cobweb, a. «t>«£*«i\ g~* nasj al- 

'ankabut (pi. e^-* nisaj) ; <>» 

«*~5u*N <u& al-'ankabut (pi. 

JAAc 'u&U) ; «t>j**.*«N «>** bait 

Cochineal, a. (insect) yjft So^a 

duda-t al-qirmiz; lthZ±f kosa- 

niliya-t. — (dye) yf qirmiz. 
Cock, a. *k* dik (pL **>y*> duyuk). 
Cock, v. (a gun) <*k>£\ «^Sj\ auqaf 

ad-dik, yuqif ; JMAAJ\ Jmi qa"ad 

a^-^aqmaq, yuqa"id. 
Cockatrice, *. «^WJ^ <^^- sult&n 

ai-hayyat; J-» sill (pi. J3u\ 

Cock-crow, a. «*V^J^ ^«« sit ad- 
Cockscomb, 8. *k<£\ ulc *nrf ad- 
Cocoa, a. <^Juub ^ joz (jauz) hindi ; 

Jt-^U narjil. 
Cocoon, a. j«N j^ joz (jauz) al- 

qazz; o^/ 1 8arnaq (pi. J^^a 

Cod, a. (husk) y** qi^r (pi. j^tj 

Code, a. gnyJ\ v»V^ kitab as*- 

Codicil, a. l**}\ &**** Q&mimar-t 

al-wasiya-t (pi. ^U-a damayim). 
Codipication, a. 5>^^ (J* nazm 

Codify, v. 0**ty^ f^* nazam al- 

qawanin, yanzim. 
Co-eppicient, a. L*» j »+ ma'lii- 

Co-equal, adj., a. (^/ qarin ; J^U 

mi§l ; J*** ma§il ; ^* nazir ; 

&*«* sabib. 
Coerce, v. f$\ alzam, yulzim; 

s-«^ gasab, yagsib ; ^t^\ ajbar, 


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Coercion, s. f>\J\ ilzam ; 

gasb ; ^A*^ igtisab. 
Co-eternal, adj. &* ^J^ abadi-y 

raisl-hu; <*i£* m\* dayim misl- 

Co-eval, adj. y>\*+ inu'a^ir ; j+* ^ 

fard 'umr. 
Co-exist, v. j^j o^j ^ q\* kan fi 

waqt wahid, yakun. 
Co-existent, adj. j*.^ c^*j ^i ^y* 

maujtid fi wakt wahid. 
Co- extensive, adj. S\ja*$\ ^L-a* 

mutasawi al-imtidad. 
Coffee, 8. (the fruit) & bann (pi. 

<$^\ abnan). — (the beverage) Sj$3 

Coffee-pot, 8. by&&\ ,3^ ibriq al- 

qahwa-t ; ©^? bakraj (pi. 5^ 

bakarij, Turk.). 
Coffer, s. s3)±*~ sanduq (pi. ,3^^* 

sanadiq) ; &y* hazna-t. 
Coffin, *. &~*U «yyV> tabut li-'l- 

mayyit (pi. «^~*\y tawabit). 
Cogency, 8. &&\ iqmV ; pty\ ilzam. 
Cogent, adj. £J&* muqni' ; ^L» 

mulzim ; gkVi qati'. 
Cogitate, v.^s*\ iftakar, yaftakir ; 

£& tafakkar, yatafakkar. 
Cogitation, *. f& tafakkur ; J*^ 

Cognate, adj. s-^/ qarib (pi. s-^ 
*V <l al %ib, W/^ aq- 

nasib (pi. s-^^ 



Cognition, Cognisance, 8. &f* 

ma'rifa-t (pi. U^U* ma'arif) ; p± 

hubr; j*± habar (pi. j^A ah- 

Cognomen, 8. V^kinya-t, kunya-t; 

s-*s* laqab (pi. s-»W alqab). 
Cohabit, v. g* ^^ 'as ma% ya'is\ 
Coheir, s. *£>\^^ «^/*» sank bi-'l- 

Cohere, v. *>«sN iltasak, yaltasiq. 
Coherence, Cohesion, a. j^UxH II- 

Cohesive, adj. &*&• multasjq. 
Cohort, *. C j* fawj (pi. e#» 

fuwuj, eV^ afwaj) ; ;j*U» tab&r. 
Coil, *. jW *&* halqa-t hibal ; 

* *$ wali'a-t. 

Coil, u. £*% waisa', yuwaiSi' ; s-^ 

kabb, yatubb. 
Coin, 8. &*U* mu'amala-t; ££«► 

sikka-t (pi. *£X£- sikak). 
Coin, t;. *£- s^/* darab sikka-t, 

yadrub ; &*U* ,30 daqq mu'a- 

mala-t, yaduqq ; £Uc «tt- sakk 

'amla-t, yasukk. 
Coinage, 8. ££- s^/* <Jarb sikka-t. 
Coincide, v. v>*\j wafaq, yuwafiq ; 

<J*U, {abaq, yutabiq ; ^asH iltaqa, 

Coincidence, 8. ^y tawafuq ; 

Z&i\y muwafiqa-t ; J^ ittifaq. 
Coincident, adj. \3^y muwafiq; 

{ J^» multaqi-y. 
Coke, 8. (**> fahm. 
Coition, 8. &**^ mujama'a-t ; 

t& nikah ; ulW* nik. 
Cold, adj. ^ barid ; ^-y bardan. 
Cold, 8. *y bard ; ^^3 zamharir. 

— (a coZfi) c 4 ^ rash; Jy nizl ; 

A3y nazla-t. 
Coldness, #. Sj^) baruda-t. 
Colic, «. u^*^ mags; ^W^ ^; 

waja' al-batn ; gdy* qaulanj. 
Collapse, s. t^fi- suqut ; l°j**> hu- 

Collapse, v. l&~ saqat, yasqut ; 

U-a habat, yahbit, yahbut ; gij 

waqa 4 , yaqa'. 
Collar, *. (0/ a coat) &) ziq (pi. 

jVjj\ azyaq) ; jU^ hunaq. — 

(necklace) j£> tauq (pi. J^^ 

atwaq); *>$* qilada-t (pi. ^t^* 

qilayid) ; Afic 'uqd, 'aqd (pi. Jyte 

Collar, v. J-** 'aunaq, yu'anniq. 
Collate, v. J*U> qabal, yuqabil. 
Collateral, adj. %j$f" muta- 

wazi ; «j;^^* musawi. 
Collation, 8. ^^* muqabala-t. 

— (repast between two meals) &£\ 

Colleague, s. J^j zamil (pi. %•) 

zumala) ; ,3**; rafiq (pi. Wj ru- 

Collect, v. £** jama 4 , yajma' ; ^ 

lamm, yalumm; j^ t az > yahuz. 

— (gather fruit) ^y* jana,yajni. 
Collected, acy. (*eZ/-j)OMe«*e(i) 


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£;**•* majmu' (pi. g**^ maja- 

Collectedness, 8. £****» jam'iya-t. 
Collection, *. £U*>^ ijtiuia* ; £+^f« 

Collective, adj. £j*^»* majmu*. — 

(collective noun) &j*&\ f*~A ism 

Collector, 8. g»W jaini*. — (of 

revenue) J*^* muhassil. 
College, s. &~)** madrasa-t (pi. 

<j*j\jt* madaris) 



&\ ibn al- 
^ ban! 

Collegian, 8, 

madrasa-t (pi. 

Collier, 8. ^j\ f**»i ^J^* mu'ad- 

din fahm ardi-y. 
Colliery, 8. ^j\ p*J &>**" ma'din 

fahm ardi-y. 
Collision, 8. f\d**\ istklAm ; ^^ 

tasadum. — (of interests) &cjU* 

munaza'a-t ; «*iJka^ ihtilaf. 
Collocate, v. &>i wada', yada*. 
Colloquial, adj. y>S~ savir. 
Colloquialism, s. &**& lugayya-t. 
Colloquy, 8. &*>W* muhadaga-t ; 

£JA^ muhataba-t ; *jj^* muha- 

Collusion, 8. ,3^ ittifaq; S^^t* 

Collusive, adj. ^W gaddar ; y^» 

Collyrium, 8. J^ kuhl (pi. JW^ 

akhal ; W>y tutiya ; t^jy* sur- 

Colonel, s. ^\ j~»\ amir (mir) 

alai ; ^V* c»5jlt baliik basi. 
Colonisation, s. S^W* muhajara-t. 
Colonise, v. gfc hajj, yahujj ; j*A* 

Mjar, yuhajir. 
Colonist, s. g*^& hajij ; j +* z~* * 

Colonnade, 8. ^\j* *-*-» saff 

Colony, 8. (body of colonists) &W 

&-+\jt> iama'at hajja-t ; d - rU-> 

t^^te*}* jama'at al-muhajirin. — 

(country) £**V» *xl* balad tabi'a-t. 
Colorist, *. t)J^» mulawwin. 
Colour, *. ^y lawn (pi. y\f\ al- 

wan). — (coZows) Jjti bairaq (pi. 

j^ bayariq); *e\> raya-t; ^ 

'alam (pi. ,«M a'lam). 
Colour, u.a. ^ law wan, yulaw- 

win ; £**> sabbag, yusabbig. — 

(blush) j+*-\ ahmarr, yahmarr. 
Colt, 8. #• muhr (pi. jw\ amhar, 

£%+ mihiir). 
Colter, Coulter, *. «&>^*H *£~ 

sikka-t al - mihras (pi. <d*S~* 

Column, s. *>^*Vc 'am (id (pi. •V^j* 

'awamid) ; *y«* 'amud (pi. S»ux\ 

Comb, 8. )***• must, m\&\ (pi. ±\£>*\ 

amsat). — (honey-comb) J— * <*& 

£ahd 'asl (pi. ^W sihad). 
Comb, v. Is-*-* maisat, ynma^it. 
Combat, s. Uj^» muqatala-t ; ^U> 

ta'aruk ; A^U* mu'araka-t. 
Combat, v. Jto qatal, yuqatil ; J>Va? 

taqatal, yataqatal; cs^UJ ta'arak ; 

Combination, 8. M^tahlit ; £Ua^\ 

ijthna 4 ; J^ ittifaq; ^W1 itti- 

Combine, v.a. £++ jama*, yajma* ; 

ji^ waffaq, vuwaffiq ; s-*j rat tab, 

yurattib ; n. £+*t>\ ijtama%yajta- 

nii' ; <J&\ ittafaq, yattafiq ; Jec^\ 

ittahad, yattahid. 
Combustible, adj. J/**; yahtariq ; 

***£ yuqad. 
Combustible, 8. ^^ waqud. 
Combustion, 8. ^j-*** ihtiraq ; 

oV*^ inhiriiq ; v^/ 1 ^ tahriq ; 

&\)*\ ihraq. 
Come, v. W jii, yaji ; ^j\ ata, yati. 
Comedian, 8. h*")&\ s-^ la*ib al- 

komediya-t ; s-*^3 la"ab. 
Comedy, 8. h**j£ komediya-t. 
Comeliness, 8. {$—*- husn ; &*»%• 

malaha-t ; J W jamal. 
Comely, adj. &)*• malih (pi. c^* 

milah) ; ($~~*' hasan (pi. & ' * a > 

hasana-t, U-a. husana) ; Je^^- 

Comestible, 8. *>\) zad ; \J*\*~ 

ma'as ; «y^S qut (pi. &\)*\ aq- 

Comet, s. s-*^^ s-fj^ kaukab az- 

zanab (pi. ^Si\ s-^/ kawakib 

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al-aznab) ; s-^^ &*r najma-t 

Comfit, s. ^ hulu, S^U hulwa-t 

(pi. ^5^ halawa, *a?\j^ hala- 

Compobt, *. (ease) &je- sahula-t ; 

&*Aj raha-t; &~*k bulahniya-t ; 

j~>i yusr, yusur. — {consolation) 

aJ— 5 tasliya-t ; hf> ta'ziya-t ; 

Jl-» tasalli ; ^UH ^^ jabran 

Comfort, v. <J~> salla, yusalli ; <^f- 

'azza, yu'azzi ; yt* jabbar, yu- 

jabbir. — (strengthen) ^j* qawwa, 

yuqawwi; *>ja Saddad, yusad- 

Comfortable, adj. J«~ sabil ; &y 

murih ; {$** bayyin ; s-*-^* mu- 

nasib; •>**; ragld. 
Comfortableness, s. &je- sabu- 
Comic, Comical, adj. *aW^ mud- 

Comicality, s. &£*-&* inadhaka-t; 

Cf mazh (pi. c^* mizah) ; S^—^ 

Coming, s. *)# wuriid. 
Command, s. y\ amr (pi. y\y\ awa- 

mir) ; {£** hukm (pi. f>&*\ ah- 

Command, v. j+\ amar, ya'mur. 
Commander, s. (&*■ hakim (pi. 

f\£*» hukkam) ; j~*\ amir (pi. V^ 

uraara). — (of an army) ^ 

qavid. — (of a garrison) k*^* 

Commandment, s. l#°y wasiya-t (pi. 

V*Uj wasaya). — (the ten) *&\ ^j 

wasaya allah ; w\*X j**&\ al-'asar 

Commemobable, adj. fh yuzkar 

(3 pres. pass.). 
Commemorate, v. j& zakar, yaz- 

kur ; j&* tazakkar, yatazakkar. 
Commemoration, s. /** zikr. 
Commemorative, adj. tsj^* 5 taz- 

Commence, v. ^ bada, yabda; 

tort ibtada, yabtadi ; J«* ja'al, 


Commencement, s. \^\ ibtida ; 

c Usi\ iftitah ; <j*\> ras. 
Commend, v. t±* madah, yamdah ; 

.U** hamad, yahmud ; *-&*>) wasaf , 

Commendable, adj. c^**** mam- 

duh ; •**♦*- hamid ; *y+&+ mah- 

mud ; ^y°y* mausuf. 
Commendation, s. *+*. hamd ; 

»Uyfe* niahmad ; &*" madh ; *>**»♦» 

Commendatoby, adj. a+^* muham- 

Comment, Commentaby, s. ty* 

sarh (pi. t)r* ^uruh) ; j*~ti taf- 

sir (pi. ^s~to tafasir). 
Comment, v. t/» sarah, yasrah ; 

j~i fassar, yuiassir. 
Commentator, *. C;^» sarih (pi. 

tfj* surrah). 
Commerce, s. ^^a* matjar; ^V^> 

tijara-t. — (intercourse) S p frU* 

inu'asara-t ; &*o.Uo* musahaba-t. 
Commercial, adj. ^W* tujari-y. 
Commingle, v.a. ^ halat, yahlu£ ; 

n. \k&\ ihtalat, yahtalit. 
Commiserate, v. ^ rahim, yar- 

ham ; <J& (JA*. 6afaq *ala, yasfuq ; 

^jlc ^ hann *ala, yah inn. 
Commiseration, s. ^Ue^ rahma-t ; 

^5AAi £afaqa-t. 
Commissary, s. J*^ wakil (pi. Kj 

wukala) ; ^»W» mubasir. 
Commissaryship, 8. ^^j wakala-t. 
Commission, s. (on goods) £7** 

*umula-t. — {warrant) ^^* sanad 

(pi. *>U-\ asnad). — (delegation) 

£jtfj wakala-t. — ('perpetration) 

*tJ&3j\ irtikab. 
Commission, v. ^y wassa, yuwassi ; 

J^ wakkal, yuwakkil. 
Commissioner, *. J^y* muwakkal ; 

J**3 wakil. 
Commit, v. (intrust, deposit) fX* 

sallam, yusallim; g^ wada*, 

yada'. — (imprison) <j~+** habas, 

yahbis; {$*~ saian, yasjun. — 

(perpetrate) s-*^> irtakab, yar- 

Committal, Commitment, s. (to 

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prison) <j~*»- habfl. — {perpetra- 
tion) v»^»^ irtikab. 

Committee, *. *a« » i jani'iya-t. 

Commodious, adj. s-*~^ munasib ; 
(3*\y* muwafiq. 

Commodiousness, 8. *V- U* muna- 
saba-t ; &i\y* muwafaqa-t. 

Commodity, 8. (merchandise) £cUj 
bida'a-t (pi. g>Uj badayi') ; SjW* 
tijara-t; s-**~ sabab (pi. s^W-^ 

Commodore, *. ))*y$ komodor. 

Common, adj. f\* 'amm ; ^yy** 
'umumi-j ; d j -z&* mustarik. — 
(usual) ^{#&\ i'tiyadi-y ; jVsa* 
mu'tad. — (ignoble) j*'i*» haqir. 

Common, *. ^J^ maidan, midan 
(pi. e>* J ^* mayadin) ; &y marj 
(pi. SW muruj). 

Commonness, 8. Sy£ kasra-t ; JjW 

Commotion, s. a^ haraka-t. — 
(perturbation) &** fitna-t ; £Utt 
qalqala-t; ^»\Ju\ idtirab; *yJ 

Commune, v. UW halat, yuhalit ; 
j*>\* 'asar, yu'tUir. 

Communicate, v. (impart informa- 
tion) j*&\ ahbar, yuhbir; <*Jf> 
'arraf, yu'arrif. — (be connected) 
J*^ ittisal, yattasil; &* nafaz, 
yanfuz. — (partake of the Lord's 
Supper) u-J^U^ q\*^\ JjVtf tana- 
wal al-qurban al-muqaddas, ya- 
tanawal; ^ a . s jS \ q\*j&\ ^jSS 
taqarrab al-qurban al-muqaddas, 

Communicative, adj. <j*W* fayyad ; 
jjtw« musayir ; ttf** mumtazij. 

Communion, 8. (familiar inter- 
course) £**A-o*mu$ahaba-t ; aU^* 
muhalata-t. — (the sacrament) 
^*^U3\ y\ij&\ al-qurban al-mu- 

Community, 8. &**+* jam'iya-t; 
j)*** jainhur (pi. ^W jama- 

Commutation, s. J->«V tabdil ; 
v>W inqilab ; Ja*** tahwil. 

Commute, v. J* badal^ yabdil ; 
qalab, vaqlib. 

Compact, adj. *-&J& kasif ; U&\Sjl* 

Compact, *. Age < a hd (pi. ^^ 
*uhud) ; I»j* sart (pi. 1$* siuriH) ; 
£te\ ittifaq. 

Compact, v. ^ sahhan, yusahhin ; 
«--&& kas*af, yukassif. 

Compactness, s. &C£ kasafa-t. 

Companion, s. vj*^ rafiq (pi. Ui ; 
rufaqa, jM^ arfaq) ; s — *A* 
sahib (pi. v»^°^ ashab). 

Companionable, adj. u ~~>\ anis. 

Companionship, s. &*; rufqa-t (pi. 
&j rufaq, j\ij rifaq, j^ arfaq). 

Company, s. d\«o jam 4 iya-t ; a*^» 
§uhba-t ; l-M\j* murafaqa-t. — 
(commercial) *f± sirka-t, surka-t. 

Compare, v. J* J?Vi qjibal 'ala, 
yuqabil ; v> oj^ qarau bi, yu- 
qarin ; s-» M» Kabbah bi, vusab- 

Comparative, adj. { jte***S tasbi- 

Comparative, 8. (degree) J*-a» 
tafg*il. — (noun) J*^ ^ ism at- 

Comparison, s. &~-&j tasbih ; i#U*» 
musabaha-t; J*JU> tamsil ; &*Uu 
muqabala-t ; &~-aVa* muqayasa-t. 

Compartment, s. (*~* qism (pi. 
f^^\ aqsam) ; Vc ; wi'a' (pi. ^Lcj\ 

Compass, s. (circle) S^U dayira-t ; 
S ; \as«.\ istidara-t ; ;^a daur (pi. 
j\)^ adwar). — (extent, limit) j\*vfi* 
miqdar; Aew hadd (pi. *y^ 
feudud). — (^e mariner's) 0-** 
^»S^ bet al-ibra-t ; fiU^ busola-t ; 
Afi^huqqa-t; «tW hikk ; <»-^ iV> 
qibla-t nama-h. — (pair of com- 
passes) j^ti baikar, bikar (pi. 
/W* bayakir, j£\$ bawilkir). 

Compass, v. (surround) v» ^^ 
ahat bi, yuhit ; *-JaS kannaf, yu- 
kannif.— (attain) JU nal, yanal ; 
J-a^ hassal, yuhassil. 

Compassion, s. Asia, ^afaka-t; 
marhama-t ; &5j riqqa-t. 

Compassionate, adj. «jya» safuq ; 
<Jh** saiiq ; ^j^a^ musfiq ; j^ij 
*r*A\ raqiq al-qalb. 

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Compassionate, v. (**) raljam, yar- 

him ; <JL* «J&* 6afaq 'ala, yast'uq ; 

ij** if* hann 'ala, yahinn ; J jj 

raqqli, yariqq. 
Compatibility, s. &&\y» muwafi- 

qa-t; £fii*tf qabiliya-t. 
Compatible, adj. J ij^j* muwafiq 

li ; £* fJ^ yattafiq ma' a ; J?^* 

Compatriot, s. ^ &\ ibn balad 

(pi. Sly\ aulad). 
Compel, v. rf\ alzam, yulzim ; s-*** 

gasab, yagsib; j*\ ajbar, yuj- 

bir ; f^ qahar, yaqhar. 
Compendious, adj. yty mujaz ; 

j*z&" muhtasar. 
Compendium, 8. ^afc* muhtasar ; 

j\-oaU ihtisar. 
Compensate, v. ^ J>f 'awwad 

'ala, yu'awwid. 
Compensation, s. J*f- 'iwad, 'awad 

(pi. <j>\f& a'wad) ; S ; lJ. ij»f5 

ta'wid hasara-t. 
Compete, v. jM gayar, yugayir ; 

^>V*J tagayar, yatagayar; <j,jW 

jara, yujari. 
Competence, *. (capacity) S^jJ qud- 

ra-t; *^*\* qabiliya-t. — (liveli- 
hood) (•jtyN al-lawazim. 
Competent, adj. ^ qadir; s-^\j 

wajib ; <Ji^ laviq ; s— ^ muna- 

Competition, s. *^ gaira-t ; S^^±* 

niugayara-t ; ^>V*J tagayur ; &*j&» 

muqawama-t ; &^W^ mujarat. 
Compilation, s. £♦* jam' ; c-AjU 

Compile, v. £♦** jama', yajma' ; 

ULu» sannaf, yusannif; c-Al\ 

allaf, yu'allif. 
Complacence, Complacency, s. 

^*)f" ma'rut ; &UJ lat&fa-t. 
Complacent, adj. *-*)f-* s-*-»^* 

sahib ma'ruf ; «~AJal latff. 
Complain, v. ^fr saka, yaski; 

i^&y istaka, yaitaki. 
Complainant, 8. (plaintiff) (**te 

tahim ; ^J^ muda'i. 
Complaint, s. ft^* 3akat. 
Complement, 8. &U£ kamala-t; 

1+& tatimma-t. 

Complemental, Complementary, 

adj. pz+ mutimm ; J-^» mukam- 

Complete, adj. J-^ kamil ; J*£* 

mukammal; (A* tilmm; fU> ta- 

Complete, v. J*£ kammal, yukam- 

mil ; f*i> tammam, yutammim ; 

s-»; rabb, yarubb. 
Completeness, 8. JU£ kainal ; &^-> 

sahha-t, sihha-t. 
Completion, 8. (•Usa^ ihtiinam. 
Complex, adj. s-^/» murakkab ; 

«-JiJtf lafif ; <*/*+}*& gair mufrid. 
Complexion, 8. &*f\ <$$ laun al- 

Compliance, «. ^cVL $a'a-t ; ic^VW. 

Complicate, v. **M» sabbak, yu- 

3abbik ; Wai4 lahbat, yulahbit. 
Complicate, adj. «jy*U malf uf ; 

yysp* )A zu sujun. 
Complication, 8. laU. halt ; ^ W*- 

halt malt ; ^WaesJ lahbata-t. 
Complicity, 8. *r*>&\ ^ &/• ^ar- 

ka-t fi-'z-zamb. 
Compliment, 8. cA)L& takalluf (pi. 

<*>\ -at) ; UlJ*3 taklif (pi. Ukjtfi 

takalif) ; (jUJ tamalluq. 
Compliment, v. (congratulate) ^^ 

v» hanna bi, yuhanni. — (address 

with approbation or jlattery) (jfi*3 

tamallaq, yatamallaq. 


adj. ^jfiJU? tamliqi-y. 
Comply, v. £^ t&wa', yutawi' ; ^4— 
samuh, yasmuh ; v»W ajab, yu- 


Component, s. yt- juz (pi. \y*\ 

Comport, v. q* **XU salak ma', 

Compose, v. s-*^ rakkab, yurak- 
kib; S°) wassal, yuwassil. — (as 
an author) cJUo sannaf, yusan- 
nif ; *-rt\ allaf, yu'allif. — (music) 
VAi\ an^a*, yansi\ — (calm) ($£— 
sakkan, yusakkin. 

Composedness, 8. J^\ t+\j raha-t 
I Composer, 8. (author) Uu** mu- 

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sannif ; U&'y mu'allif. — (of 
music) fc)VJ\ s-^-^* sahib alhan. 

Composition, s. *-r***/ tarkib. — 
(literary work) *- & &>*> tasnif (pi. 
oLoU» tasanif) ; ^^\ insa. 

Compositor, s. (of types) ^y 

Compost, s. »>j zibl ; flWj zabala-t. 

Composure, s. &u*U1> tumanina-t ; 
£)U**U i^minan. 

Compound, *. U± hil$ (pi. ^ 
ahlat) ; s-**/* raurakkab. 

Compound, v. ^ halafc yahlut ; 
^Sj rakkab, yurakkib. 

Comprehend, v. (understand) p& 
fahiin, yafham; csJjj\ adrak, 
yudrik. — (comprise) g-j wasi', 
yasa' ; { J* <>sf*^ ihtawa 'ala, 
ya^tawi ; J^ J+**\ istamal 'ala, 

Comprehensible, adj. (*&*t yanfa- 
him ; j»^» mafhuin. 

Comprehension, s. (intellect) ^e» 
fahm (pi. f& fahum) ; J&* 'aql 
(pi. Jy* 'uqul) ; Jy*<* ma'qul.— 
(containing) \f** il^tiwa ; JWxM 

Comprehensive, adj. (intelligmt) 
csJ ; J^ mudrik; J*^ 'aqil; f+*& 
fahim. — (comprising) J^*- 7 "" * 
musftamil ; <^f**~ muhtawi. 

Comprehensiveness, « : (discern- 
ment) Sjtfj zakawa-t ; &&* litna-t. 
— (precision) W-* cLib{. 

Compress, s. &u& lafafa-t (pi. «-A>^ 

Compress, v. j** 'as?, ya'us? ; <Jh* 
dayyaq, yudayyiq. 

Compression, ». v>«^ tadyiq; 
a*U\ idaqa-t. 

Comprise, v. see Comprehend. 

Compromise, s. (agreement) ^*> 
suit ; &J^* musalaha-t ; <J*jl» 
&yfr-S\ tariq as-suhula-t. 

Compromise, v. (ogrree) c 5 ^ tasa- 
lab, yatasalah; e&*>\ istalah, 
yas^alih. — (expose) W laft, ya- 

Compulsion, s. (*\j\ ilzam; s-*** 
gasb; v>*— ' *** igtisab; JL-t+\ 

Compulsory, adj. j+v mujbir; 

f}+ mulzhn. 
Compunction, s. WaJ uadama-t ; 

p<& nadam ; j»aaJ tanaddum. 
Computation, s. v»^—°* hisab ; 

v>l~»*^ ihtisab. 
Compute, v. » « * hasab, yah sub ; 

^jL-o. J+c 'amil hisab, ya'mal; 

s-*— ^ ihtisab, yahtasib. 
Comrade, s. <j**; rafiq (pi. Va^ 

rufaqa, v5^ arfaq). 
Con, v. M* ^ <J^ (J^ ta'allam 

'ala juhr qalb hu, yata'allam. 
Concatination, s. J~L~* tasalsul ; 

j)*r tajanzur. 
Concave, adj. <*JyA ajwaf, f. My* 

jaufa (pi. «J^ juf) ; s-*j** mu- 

Concavity, s. s-*y* jauf (pi. u\fA 

ajwaf) ; «-^yr tajwif. 
Conceal, v. { J± hafa, yahfi ; <^**\ 

ahfa, yuhfi; f~ satar, yastur; 

^ katain, yaktum. 
Concealment, s. ***** tahbiya-t; 

UU ihfa; fi£ katm; cjU^ kit- 
Concede, v. (admit) J*i qabil, yaq- 

bal ; ,J~ sallara, vusalliin. — 

(yield) £jU* ^awa', yu^awi*. 
Conceit, *. (fancy) JW^ hiyal ; 

j^-» tasawwur. — (affectation in 

speech) &/-J zahrafa-t ; g*-» ta- 

sannu'. — (self-esteem) y*& takab- 

bur; j U . C ^-\ istikbar. 
Conceited, adj. (affected) £~*" 

musanna*. — (full of self-esteem) 

y SsL** mustakbir; }*£*• muta- 

kabbir ; ^yu magrur. 
Conceitedness, s. y*& takabbur ; 

jiSs J \ istikbar. 
Conceive, v. (in the mind) ^ 

fahim, yafham; ^j\ adrak, 

yudrik. — (in the womb) va«l»» 

habilat, tahbal ; «*-^ 'aliqat, 

Concentrate, Concentre, t?. (an 

army) **\) £*y ^ <J»y**R g^ 

jama' al-juyus ft mau^a* wahid, 

yajma'. — (condense) *-*^ kas§af, 

Concentration, *. fUs^\ ijtiuia*. 

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\)-<fy *5 lahu 


Concentric, adj. ^ 
markaz wahid ; j$yA\ 
tahid al-markaz. 
Conception, s. (thought) 

idrak ; ^y* tasawwur ; J*** ta- 
hayyul. — »' pregnancy) J-^ habal ; 
JU*. hubal. 
Concern, s. (business) y\ amr (pi. 
jy A amur) ; J** sugl (pi. JU*t 
aigal, J^*a sugul). — (affection) 
sj>-^r^ inuhabba-t. — (anxiety) ^ 
hamm (pi. fj** hunium) ; <jr* 
Concern, v. <j^ has?, yahuss ; 

v^-w^ intasab, yantasib. 
Concerning, prep. \j&i U*i ii-ma 

Concert, v. kj rabat, yarbut ; y^ 

dabbar, yudabbir. 
Concert, *. (agreement) J;^ ta- 
dawul ; o^ ittifaq. — (musical 
entertainment) **f nauba-t. 
Concession, s. kW\ ijaba-t ; Jj** 

qabul ; ,•**— » taslim. 
Conciliate, v. (gain) U&*&~ \ ista'- 
taf, yast'atif. — (reconcile) ^^» 
^~* salah ben-bum 
fLo\ aslah, yuslih. 
Conciliation, s. £* sulh ; &JU* 

Conciliatory, adj. £*• mualih. 
Concise, adj. ?*£,>• muhtasar; 
U^* uiujinal ; f*&* muqtasar ; 
Y*y+ mujaz. 
Conciseness, s. ;UaU ihtisar ; JU*^ 

ijmal; &£* tanqih. 
Conclude, v. (finish) (*+* tam- 
mam, yutammim ; «jfik- halaa, 
yahlus ; (*&> hatam, yahtiin. — 
(logically) g~s-^ istantaj, yas- 
tantij ; J«^-\ istadall, yastadill. 
Conclusion, s. (termination) ^~ 
hitam; k^W nihaya-t. — (infer- 
ence) u-W* qiyas (pi. *~*fl aqyi- 
sa-t) ; *%** natija-t (pi. gjVtf 
Conclusive, adj. <J* batti-y ; && 

Concoct, v. (digest) p** hadam, 

71 [Con 

yahdim. — (plan) j+±\ admar, 
Concoction, 8. f+ut hadm ; fW^ 

inhidam ; J-l^ tahlil. 
Concomitant, adj., s. h^U sahib. 
Concord, s. j\&\ ittifaq ; &&\y 

muwafaqa-t ; ^V*^ ittihad. 
Concourse, s. £\+*A ijtiina' ; &m*j 

zahma-t ; fWjj\ izdiham. 
Concrete, adj. (compound) s-^» 
murakkab. — (having a real exist- 
ence) ^f»-y maujiid ; &\* kayin. 
Concubine, s. hy~ surriya-t (pi. 
<4)V* sarari) ; £«W» mahgiya-t 
(pi. ^^ mahagi). 
Concubinage, s. <^y~* tasarri. 
Concupiscence, *. Sje* 6ahwa-t; 
£cUJ» {ama'at ; ^Viy tauqan ; s~*- 
«y\je-&^ hubb as-sahwat. 
Concupiscent, adj. ^jfl* £ahwa- 
ni-y ; v^— & nafsi-y ; ^9^^ mus- 
tahi; (*& gillim. 
Concur, v. <J*>\ ittafaq, yattafiq; 

Jcs^ ittahad, yattahid. 
Concurrence, s. jto\ ittifaq ; *>Wi 

ittihad ; SjusL~* musa'ada-t. 
Concussion, s. £y*y taza'zu* ; Syfc 

huzza-t; ^»xlo«\ istidam. 
Condemn, v. (sentence) ^ #•£&• 
hakara 'ala, yahkum. — (reject) 
<J>-t) rafad, yarfid, yarfud. — 
(blame) ^ lam, yalum ; p«J zamm, 
Condemnation, s. a <r^ hukm; 
&*)£*- hukuma-t. — (rejection) j^j 
Condensation, s. &***& tashin; 

1 J1 . J& taksif. 
Condense, v. {^ sahhan, yasah- 

hin; cJUi'kassaf, yukassif. 

Condescend, v. JjUj tanazal, yata- 

nazal ; £jU» tawa', yutawi*. — 

(stoojj) £-*=- v tahadda', yatahadda*. 

Condescension, s. Jj& tanazul; 

^\L« mu^awa'a-t. 
Condign, adj. s-^\j wajib ; ^3 ^ " "* 

Condiment, s. j\& bahar (pi. **>\ 

-at) ; Jj** tabul ; J«<-sy tatbil. 
Condition, s. (state) J^ hal (pi. 
jy \ ahwal) ; ^ hala-t.— (rank) 

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<^A san (pi. yfyt* s&'un, q\2± 
^i'an) ; ,•&• maqarn (pi. cw\ -at) ; 
&y martaba-t (pi. s-^^* mara- 
tib). — (quality) l^S kaifiya-t ; 
*-*-*} wasf ; &-> sifa-t. — (stipula- 
tion) L ; a. sart (pi. l^ surut). 

Conditional, adj. ^t^ sarti-y ; 
^>r*"* mi\sr\i\. — (in grammar) 
Q)* sartiya-t. 

Condole, v. ^j* 'azza, yu'azzi. 

Condolence, 8. £*)*> ta'ziyat. 

Conduce, v. &* nafa', yanfa' ; M\ 
afad, yufid. 

Conducive, adj. g*U nafi* ; j^a* 
mufid ; Q)\*" mu'awin. 

Conduct, s. ctl^L- suluk ; «tU— ^ mas- 
lak ; S^-j- sira-t. — (management) 
F*<£ tadbir. 

Conduct, v. (guide) ^JUfe hada, 
yahdi ; ^o. wadda, yuwaddi ; J«J 
dall, yadull. — (a?* army) *>U qad, 
yaqiid. — (manage) ^ dabbar, 
yudabbir. — (behave) ctXU salak, 

Conductor, a. J*J*> dalil (pi. !b\ 

Conduit, g. ^^^ majra (pr. ^;V- 

majari) ; s-»^y» mizrab (pi. sh^j* 

Cone, s. ^)f*" inahru{ (pi. i&A -At). 
Coney, Cony, 8. s-*>^ arnab (pi. 

s-^ aranib). 
Confection, 8. ^ halu ; ^jU. 

halwa (pi. <£)%» halawa, «y^V 

halawiyat); ^y murraba (pi. 

ut>W/* murrabayat). 
Confectioner, s. ^V^ halwaui-y 

(pi. &*>\£*» halwaniya-t) ; ^y 

Confederacy, s. SjaU^ mu'aha- 

da-t; J^c 'ahd; jUrt ittifaq ; 

*>W\ ittihad. 
Confederate, v. j«aVc *abad, yu- 

'ilhid; <3*^ ittafaq, yattafiq ; 

<--&JW? tahalaf, yatahalaf. 
Confederate, adj. 8. «-A)l*-x* mu- 

tahalif; *W^« muttahid; <JAs* 

Confer, v. (bestow) Jsc 'a$a, ya'ti ; 

s-^ wahab, yahab ; ^Mi\ an'am, 

yan'im. — (consult together) j^tftj 
tasawar, yatasawar ; J^jJ tada- 
wal, yatadawal. 

Conference, s. SjjIa* mu&awara-t , 
S^a* muzakara-t. 

Confess, v. (sins) *-*jZ*\ i'taraf, 
ya'tarif ; <*Jf*~\ ista'raf, yasta*- 
rif . — (hear confession) sj\ft&\ £*- 
sama' al-i'tiraf, yasma*. — (admit) 
j>\ aqarr, yuqirr. 

Confession, s. s-*\f&\ i'tiraf ; j\y\ 

Confessional, s. u\f*$\ c^** bet 
al-i'tiraf ; ^\f*$\ ^ kursi al- 

Confessor, 8. (who confesses) sjya^» 
mu ( tarif. — (who hears confession) 
u\f*$\ (A** mu'allim al-i'tiraf; 
sJ^ niu'arrif. 

Confidant, s. (confidential friend) 
Jel* halil (pi. 2M ahilla, ^ 
hullan) ; y~3\ s-^V-9 sahib as-sirr 
(pi. s->^-^ ashab). 

Confide, v. (trust) (f\ aman, yu- 
min ; v» <3*j wasaq bi, yasiq. — 
(entrust) g^ auda 4 , yAdi*. 

Confidence, *. *>ViUc\ i*tiqad ; JSy 
tawakkul ; is> §iqa-t. 

Confident, adj. (relying) J^» 

Confidential, adj. i$~»\ auiin (pi. 
U^ umaria) ; ,jSy\ ausaq, f . ,J$y 

Configuration, 8. l^y* sura-t (pi. 
jy* suwar) ; &S**> hai'a-t. 

Configure, v. jy eawwar, yusaw- 
wir ; £U sag, yasug. 

Confine, v. (limit) jj^ haddad, 
yuhaddid; ysi\ iqtasar, yaqta- 
?ir. — (imprison) u~*» habas. 
yahbis ; <#*~> sajan, yasjnn. 

Confinement, *. (imprisonment, 
restraint) <j~*^ habs; ^W-^^ 
ihtibas; ^tw hajz. — (childbirth) 
fi->^ wilada-t ; (j-U> nil'as. 

Confirm, v. j/ qarrar, yuqarrir ; 
«3&* baqqaq, yuhaqqiq.— (sacra- 
mentally) «^> sabbat, yugabbit ; 
V))*+l\ y* £**• manah sirr al- 
mirun, yamnah. 
Confirmation, «. j\j»\ iqrar ; «y^ 

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igbat; J^V* ta'kid. — (sacrament) i 

**<**£ tasbit ; Q)j**R al-mirun. ' 
Confirmatory, adj. <£*• muwak- , 

Confiscate, v. )*** 4&b&t> ya^bit. I 
Confiscation, 8. W-* dabt ; &;*>U* 

Conflagration, *. <J2;»* ^ariq (pi. 

ijf» harqa). 
Conflict, 8. (of interests) &JW« 

muhalafa-t ; So*>U* mudadada-t. 

— (of bodies) p*\*5 tasadum ; 

p\jL*>\ ietidam. — (combat) &>&• 

Conform, v. (comply) «J»U* {abaq, 

yutabiq; <3*\j wafaq, yuwafiq. — 

(make conformable) «J*j waffaq, 

Conformable, adj. v5*s* muttafiq ; 

<J*\j* muwafiq; ,J*U»* mu^abiq ; 

gala* mutf'. 
Conformation, *. e#j*» takwin; 

s-^y tarkib. 
Conformity, *. &U\y muwafaqa-t ; 

£fi*Ua* mutabaqa-t. 
Confound, v. (confuse) Was3 lah- 

ba{, yulahbit ; yjh± habas, yah- 

bis. — (take one thing for another) 

U^ halat, yahlut. — (astonish) ^ 

hayyar, y uhayyir. — (destroy) ±~*\ 

afsad, yufsid ; *-&\ atlaf , yutlif ; 

«cUa hallak, yuhallik. 
Confront, v.a. J*tt qabal, yuqabil ; 

n. J*te taqabal, yataqabal. 
Confuse, v. (disorder) W/» harbat, 

yuharbit; <J*/- harbaq, yuhar- 

biq. — (perplex) j^ hayyar, yu- 

tayyir ; <jp* haza, yahzi ; <JJ*S\ 

adhai, yudhis\ 
Confusion, 8. ^WabJ -lahbata-t; 

£•■*. habsa-t ; Us^ ihtila* ; ^ 

bailala-t. — (perplexity) i-AAJ 

dahaia-t; v>U.*M indihas; S^. 

Confutation, *. JU*\ ib^al ; &-tfL* 

Confute, v. &+X <J& naqa4 kalam- 

hu, yanqud ; *Jji JM abial qaul- 

hu, yub^il. 
Congeal, v.a. *u*. jainniad, yu- 

jammid ; n. .*— *r tajammad, 

yatajammad ; ■ > » «r ^ injamad, 


****r tajmid ; *>W*\ injimad. 
Congenial, adj. y^W* mujanis. — 

(agreeable) Jj*A* maqbM; «-AjJ 

Congeniality, *. J~J^* mujana- 

sa-t; l*\p qaraba-t; £*V~J nasa- 

Congest, *. £*** jama', yajma'; 

^ lamm, yalumm ; ^ kawwam, 

Congestion, *. f*N £♦* lam* ad- 
dam; tW £;+*" majmtt' ahlat. 
Conglomerate, v. £♦* jama', yaj- 

ma ( ; rf kawwam, yukawwim. 
Conglomeration, s. f*£> takwim. 
Congratulate, v. ^y* hanna, yu- 

hanni ; cs3^W barak, yubarik. 
Congratulation, s. £**& tahniya-t 

(pi. J^ tahani). 
Congratulatory, adj. { j**~ mu- 

Congregate, v.a. g*+ jama*, yaj- 

ioa ( ; n. &J+\ ijtama, yajtami*. 
Congregation, s. &W jama'a-t; 

^a* » >» jain'iya-t ; gU-s^\ ijtima* ; 

£»»* majma' (pi. g^W« ma- 

Congress, 0. (^W* majlis (pi. 

^^ majalis) ; JW» mahfil 

(pi. J»W« ma^afil). 
Conic, adj. oS^* mahru^i-y. — 

(conic sections) va>\J»^ae» manrii- 

Conjectural, adj. ^-Wi qiyasi-y ; 

^5^ wahmi-y ; ^j-J^- hadsi-y. 
Conjecture, s. y-** & tahmin; 

p~f tawassum ; ^ty tawahhum ; 

^; rajm. 
Conjecture, v. yk zann, yagunn ; 

i3+± hamman, yuhammin; f+) 

rajam, yarjum ; p*f tawahham, 

Conjoin, v.a. J-»^ wassal, yuwassil ; 

e>) zawwaj, yuzawijj ; g - » ^ 

jama', yajma* ; ^ qaran, yaq- 

rin; n. J-»\ ittasal, yattasil ; 

£***^ ijtama', yajtami'; c)7-^\ 

iqtaran, yaqtarin. 


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Conjoint, adj. J— »*• muttasil; 

£*^V mujtami* ; J^s* in ut ta- 
Conjugal, adj. ^^j ziji-j ; <j*:j/ 

Conjugate, v. J*aN uy» sarraf al- 

fi'l, yusarrif . 
Conjugation, s. J**K «-^/-» tasrif 

Conjunct, adj. see Conjoint. 
Conjunction, *. (union) *>W\ itti- 

had; J^\ ittisal; &-\j* muwa- 

sala-t. — (in grammar) «-^L*M *J^ 

harf al-'atf (pi. *->#*• huruf). 
Conjuncture, b. JV^ £**-£ kaifi- 

ya-t al-ahwal ; J^ b»l (pi- J^ 

Conjuration, «. &•*)* 'azima-t (pi. 

^y* 'azayim) ; ,♦*)*> ta'zim. 
Conjure, v. {entreat earnestly) 

Al5l* &JLc r ^-i\ aqsam 'ale- hi bi-'l- 

lah-i, yuqsim. — (spirits, 'Ac.) ^ 

^ 'azzam 'ala, yu'azzim ; p~J*~\ 

istaqsam, yastaqsim. 
Conjurer, *. ^f 'azzam; ff* 

rau'azzim ; ;W* sahhar. 
Connect, v. J-j wassal, yuwasail ; 

0/ qaran, yaqrin, yaqrun. 
Connection, Connexion, *. JU?\ 

ittisal ; <£f*\ iqtiran ; V* } ribat. 

— (relationship) £*V qaraba-t. — 

(by marriage) o^U* musahara-t. 

— (business friends) gjy zabun 

(pi. e*V> zabayin). 
Connivance, s. <j**J\ u*ui\ lgmad 

al-'ain ; &-^Lw« musainaha-t ; 

&~A\y» muwalasa-t. 
Connive, v. J* u**^ agmatf 'ala ; 

^ ^a^ gammad 'an, yugammid. 
Connoisseur, s. /^* niahir (pi. 

lp» mahara-t) ; u^ 'arif (pi. 

u^j* 'awarif . 
Connubial, adj. see Conjugal. 
Conquer, v. h-^ galab, yaglib; 

jU faq, yaf uq ; /k zafar, yazfir. 
Conqueror, s. &\**f&\ #\ abu-'l- 

futilhat; tf^\ c* U f&ti t al- 

Conquest, s. 8*M galaba-t; ^ 

f ath ; /t gafar. 
Consanguineous, adj. s-st/ qarib. 

U lamma-t 
$alab li-1- 

Consanguinity, *. w-— * nasab; 

Aj\t* qaraba-t. 
Conscience, *. &••* zimma-t (pi. 

^S zimam); j++* 4amir (pi. 

jjU-a damayir). 
Conscientious, o«&'. **••* s "*7°^° 

sahib zimma-t (pi. v»W^ ashab). 
Conscientiousness, *. &•»* zim- 
Conscious, adj. ^\) wa'i; Jc o 6 ^ 

A-J* wa'i 'ala nafsi-hi. 
Consciousness, s. •**> rusd ; ^j 

w'ai ; fl* *ilm ; <j-o. hiss. 
Conscript, s. c*A" malmiim ; s^ 8 * 

ii j £~»to ma^lub li-l-'askariya-t. 
Conscription, «.^~ * * ~ 

'asakir ; k / »~*u w-N* 

Consecrate, v. ^j rasam, yarsum ; 

u-jlJ qaddas, yuqaddis; u-»^ 

karras, yukarris. 
Consecration, s. &*\~j rasaina-t; 

ft~Jj\ irtisam ; {j»t>*B taqdis. 
Consecutive, adj. v ^'" muta- 

'aqib; J~l~s* mutasalsil; J^» 

tali ; JUa* mutatali. 
Consecutivenebs, ». v*^*^^ i'tiqab. 
Consent, «. U^ rida ; J^t* qabul ; 

v»WJ ijab. 
Consent, v. v> o 2 ^ ra 4 a ^» yarda ; 

J-i qabil, yaqbal. 
Consequence, «. j*>V* sadir ; J*^- 

hasil ; a**^ 'aqiba-t (pi. s-**V 

'awaqib). — (importance) J** siql ; 

fj&fc 'uzm. 
Consequent, ad/. ^^* tabi' ; J^* 

tali ; { J*** mutatalli. 
Consequential, adj. p**" muta- 

kabbir ; ^As^ mutafahhir. 
Conservation, s. &\**> hifaza-t. 
Conservative, adj., s. k*^ b ft fiz ; 

)ti\^» muhafiz. 
Conservatory, s. (greenhouse) o^-i* 

mambat (pi. cw^« manabit) ; 

vs^--^ munabbit ; SUufc^ ma^tat. 
Conserve, s. £*» halu (pi. ^ ha- 

lawa) ; W/* murabba (pi. «wVjv» 

murabbat, wa>^^« murabbawat) ; 

jW; risar (pi. ^*^; rawasir). 
Conserve, v. (in sugar) <jtj rabba, 

yurabbi. — (in vinegar) J^ hal- 

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lal, yuhallil. — (keep in good con- 
dition) (;jt» san, y as fin ; W. 
hafiz, yahfaz ; J^ rasad, yar- 

Consider, t?. J*^ ta'ammal, ya- 
ta'ammal ; j&5 tafakkar, yata- 
fakkar ; j*£ tabassar, yatabassar. 

Considerable, adj. (Cj** 'azim; 
j**** mu'tabar; ^^i\ <j*,a~« 
musta^iqq al-i'tibar. 

Considerate, adj. jti^ ^ ^ s-*»A* 
sahib rai wa tadbir; ^ fatin 
(pi. ^Ll futn) ; JiU> «aqil (pi. 
&&e 'uqala, JVac 'uqqal). 

Consideratenbss, 8. &dak fi^na-t; 
&y~i basira-t; ±*>j rusM ; Jac 

Consideration, *. (thought) J**tt 
ta'ammul; ) < h > tafakkur. — 
(respect) (>\jl\ ikram; j\**e\ i'ti- 
bar ; v»*~-»- hisab. — (compensa- 
tion) f+\ ajr (pi. jy^ ujur, M 
aj** r ) 5 u*j* 'iwad (pi. u*V^ 
a* wad). 

Considering, prep, s— -*■ hasb; 
* 1 « "p . bi-basb. 

Consign, v. (transfer to) J^ haw- 
wal, yuhawwil ; ,>>y fawwad, yu- 
fawwid. — (intrust to) ^JL. sallam, 

Consignation, Conseignment, *. 
U**y* taf wid ; S\^ hawala-t. 

Consignee, *. J^ wakil. 

Consist, v. ^ s-^» tarakkab min, 
yatarakkab; ^ J***\ istamal 
'ala, yastamil. 

CONSISTENCY, a. (uniformity) &*i\y 
muwafaqa-t ; &}Ua* mutabaqa-t. 
— (stability) f\t* qiyam; *&>p* 
gubut.— (density) &Vtf kagafa-t. 

Consistent, adj. (composed of) 
J« J »gA * mustamil 'ala. — (710$ 
contradictory) &V*" mu^abiq ; 
t/tfU* ^t gair muuaqid. — (solid) 
> y +'<+ munjamid ; «-A^ kagif . 
Consolation, s. &*L~? tasliya-t; 
v ^— * tasalli ; hy* ta'ziya-t ; o^p*- 
jLlafctt jabran al-hatir. 
Consolatory, adj. <JL~* musalli; 

iSf* mu'azzi. 
Console, v. <Ju salla, y usalli ; t^f- 

'azza, yu'azzi; &*1* 7** jabar 

qalbahu, yajbur. 
Consolidate, v. ^jS qawwa, yu- 

qawi ; y5 kasgar, yukagsir ; £♦** 

jama', yajma'; jji qarrar, yu- 

qarrir ; {$>*• makkan, yumakkin. 
Consolidation, «. s****£S tasbit; 

(^*afctf tashin ; J tf takgif ; ji/? 

Consonance, a. v&>\j*!tt jjW\ ittifaq 

Consonant, adj. (agreeing) vJ*** 

muttafiq; <3*\j* muwafiq; OH^ 8 * 

Consonant, s. (letter) £«** «-*;•■ 

harf sahih. 
Consort, s. (companion) «jki> rafiq. 

(husband, wife) &fi zauj ; &^j 

zauja-t (pi. g^j\ azwaj). 
Consort, v. j*\* 'asar, yu'aslr ; UU. 

halat, yuhali^. 
Conspicuous,^ zahir; £-a\j 

Conspicuou8NESS, s. \yfr zuhur. — 

(celebrity) £&Jb>\ i^tihar. 
Conspiracy, s. ^JW- muhalafa-t; 

*-ti\e* tahaluf ; y^ tahamur. 
Conspire, t?. *-A3l^ Mlaf, yuhalif; 

uJftc* tahalaf, yatahalaf ; s-^«> 

ta'assab, yata'assab. 
Constable, 8. WU ^abit ; y*V 

qawwas; ^/i 6urta-t (pi. 1^ 

Constabulary, s. dj*J\ v >L-^o\ 

ashab ad-dark ; ^ ^ura^. 
Constancy, *. l*)\±+ mudawama-t ; 

j\j+z~\ istimrar; vsAy gabat. 
Constant, adj. «^V> sabit; +£*+ 

mudawim ; » , ^ V \j* muwagib ; 
j + a~" m\i8tammir. 
Constellation, s. j»yr &#* sura-t 

nujiim (pi. ;r o suwar).— (of the 
zodiac) sfl burj (pi. c^ buruj). 
Consternation, s. Zaj** dahaia-t ; 
^Lj^jj^ indiha^; I,-** hira-t, 
Constipate, v. J^i qabba^, ya- 
qabbid. — (be constipated) j±t&\ 
inqabacl, yanqabi<J. 
Constipation, *. u *l f &\ inqiba^; 
tP**N u^ti yubs al-batn. 

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Constituency, s. {$t&y$\ 
jami'a-t al-muwakkilin. 

Constituent, adj. ^U zati-y; 
j»yu muqawwim ; i J^\ asli-y ; 
^S„y 4uriiri-y. 

Constituent, *. (essential part) J-\ 
asl (pi. Jy\ U8M).— (who de- 
putes) ^y muwakkil. 

Constitute, v. f*yft aqam, yuqim ; 
s-— * na?ab, yan?ub ; <£** 'ayyaD, 

Constitution, s. (of the body or 
mind) dy mizaj (pi. &+y\ am- 
zija-t) ; &«1 Jabi'a-t (pi. &\ 
-at, gtWL tabayi*. — (peculiar cha- 
racter) &*~\± ha$§iya-t (pi. \f*S*± 
hasayis); ItAtf kaifiya-t. — (esta- 
blishment) s— * nasb ; (^— «** 
ta'yin. — (form of government) 
g>yj\ Sj*U qa*ida-t ai-sarayi'; 
& <U » N c^V qawanin al-mamla- 

Constitutional, a<f/. (inherent to 
the natural frame) ^U zati-y ; 
^Jlc\ a$li-y ; ey**-* mumtazij. — 

Constrain, v. *f\ alzam, yulzim ; 
^1* s~ofc gasab 'ala, yag?ib. 

Constraint, *. f>\£\ ilzam; s-*** 
gasb ; ;W\ ijbar ; j& qahr. 

Constrict, v. (bind) J^c 'aqad, 
ya'qud ; W> rabat, yarbuf. — (con- 
tract) uM qaba4, yaqbi<J. — 
(condense) y* qasar, yaq§ur. 

Constriction, *. •*** 'aqd; *>Va»\ 
i'tiqad ; (**> <Jamm. — (contraction) 
U**8 taqabbu^. 

Constringent, s. (medicine) \y 
Jt^S dawa qabid. 

Construct, v. (build) ^ bana, 
yabni ; y* 'ammar, yu'ammir. — 
(a ship) *• madd, yamudd. — 
(arrange) s-^ rattab, yurattib. 

Construction, *. (building) W 
bina' ; y+** ta'mir. — (arrange- 
ment) v-*>/ tartib; s^/ tar- 
kib. — (explanation) J*j°^ ta'wil. 

Construe, v. (explain) j~b fassar, 
yufassir ; c/> sarafe, yairalj. 

Consul, s. J**i qonsul (pi. J-»Ui 

Consulate, s. W-^i qonsuliya-t. 
Consult, v. ;jU sawar, yuiawir ; 

jyUS taiawar, yata&iwar ; ;L£a-\ 

ista£ar, yastaiir. 
Consultation, *. 5^Va*« musawa- 

Consume, v. (eat) JS^ akal, ya'kul. 

— (spend, waste) *U*\ ahlak, 

yuhlik ; s-*y saraf, yasrif ; (&-\ 

asqam, yusqim. 
Consumption, *. (use, spending) 

^iy sarf; &y harj. — (consump- 

tiveness) J~ sill ; J~ N W da* as- 

sill ; y. bahar. 
Consumptive, adj. J/— * maslM ; 

ytp^. bahir. 
Consummate, v. J+* kammal, yu- 

kammil; p+» tammam, yutam- 

Consummate, adj. J^^ kamil ; fV* 

tarn ; pUs tamam. 
Consummation, s. Je^J takmil ; 

pUs\ itmam. 
Contact, s. v~d lams; &~*3u» 

mulamasa-t ; <j~+ mass ; J^\ 

Contagion, s. ^a* 'adwa; Wj 

waba' ; ^2^ saraya-t. 
Contagious, adj. ^V- gari ; ^j*^ 

Contain, v. ^y hawa, yahwi ; 

4^ <- 5y^\ ihtawa 'ala, yaljtawi ; 

(;y^s tadamman, yatadamman ; 

^Ic J*sa\ iitamal 'ala, yastamil. 

— (abstain) <£* «*X— •* tamassak 

min, yatamassak. 
Contaminate, v. *a>^ lawwag, yu- 

lawwis ; ^--^ wassah, yuwassih ; 

{j~*i najja8, yunajjis. 
Contamination, s. &-V najasa-t; 

*i-s>^ talwis ; *±»^s talawwug. 
Contemn, v. /* haqqar, yuhaqqir ; 

yfc^\ ihtaqar, yahtaqir; j ftx? >\ 

istahqar, yastanqir ; q\a\ ahan, 

Contemplate, v. J^ 6 ^» ta'ammal, 

yata* animal ; gJVL ^ala', yutali 4 ; 

J* nazzar, yunazzir. — (design) 

Ju£ qa^ad, yaqsid ; *Wff taqassady 


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Contemplation, s. £*JVL* muta- 
la'a-t ; J*V> ta'animul. 

Contemplative, adj. J**U* muta- 
'ammil ; /**• mutafakkir ; s-^/* 

Contemporaneous, adj., Contem- 
porary, adj., 8. y^*+ mu'asir. — 
{contemporaries) q\+$\ Ja\ ahl 

Contempt, s. j \**±\ ihtiqar; <^y& 
hawari; &\*\ ihana-t. 

Contemptible, ad;. «fe*haqir; J*ij 
razil ; JJ3 zalil. 

Contemtibleness, 8. fl33 zalala-t; 
J^t ibtizal. 

Contemptuous, adj. £***• muhta- 

Contend, v. gjV* naza', yunazi'; 
t**^ hasam, yuhasim ; J *>W j ti- 
dal^ yujadil.— (vie) jAt gayar, 
yugayir; ^U? tagayar, yataga- 

Content, adj. ^y-v mabsu* ; <^*>\ 

Content, Contentment, 8. kL*^ 
imbisat ; Uj rida ; &eU* qana'a-t. 
— (contents) o^-a* macjniun. 

Content, v. ^ ratfda, yurad^i ; 
^)\ arda, yurdi ; £** qanna 4 , yu- 

Contention, s. Z*f*s» husuma-t ; 
i**^« muhasama-t ; &ejL* mu- 
naza'a-t; fl*>V» mujadala-t. — 
(emulation) Sj*k gaira-t ; ;>U? 
Contentious, adj. gjU* munazi'; 

^«tae» iuuhasim. 
Contest, v. £%a» hajjaj, yuhajjij ; 
J*>W jadal, yujadil; gjU naza', 
yunazi' ; ^>U. hasam, yuhasim. 
Contest, 8. &*y*s» husuma-t ; &cjU* 

Context, *. i^5 qarina-t; &* 

main (pi. ^j** mutun). 
Contexture, *. s-**9? tarkib ; ^U-i 
nisaja-t; fVL> nizam. 

CONTIGUITY, 8. J^ ittisal; &o%» 

mulasaqa-t ; j^sH iltisaq. 
Contiguous, adj. J*** muttaeil ; 
v5*sU multaaiq ; J*1U mulasiq. 



Continence, Continenct, «. Jub) 

zuhd ; &* 'iffat ; £# wara*. 
Continent, *. $ barr (pi. j^j 

Continent, adj. JJ*>\) zahid ; s-^v 

mujtanib ; »... w muhtami ; 

%)f+ Diutawarri*. 
Continental, adj. ^ barri-y. 


<j*^e 'arid (pi. jbj\y* 'awari^) ; 

#*>Va. hadisa-t (pi. s±>S\f* ^awa- 

Contingent, adj. ^te 'arid ; o^ 

'aridi-y ; <j«fc gaibiyy. 
Contingent, s. (quota) s-^ nasib 
(pi. W-M ansiba', &**»\ ansiba-t) ; 

&*■ hissa-t (pi. (ja-B. hisae). 
Continual, Continuous, adj. ^>U 

dayim ; p\±+ mudam. 
Continuance, Continuation, 8. 

&»jW mudawama-t; ^j da warn; 

^^♦jl^ istimrar ; &*M^» muwaza- 

Continue, v.n. fi* dam, yadum; 

^ j^W dawam 'ala, yudawim; 

Jy ^ lam yazal (with participle 

or aorist) ; ^ s-*Mj wagab *ala, 

Continuity, *. j\*A\ iltisaq ; JU»\ 

Contort, v. ^ lawwa, yulawwi ; 

e^c 'awwaj, yu'awwij. 
Contortion, s. g>* 'awaj,. 'iwaj ; 

eW^\ i'wijaj ; ^\fti\ in'iwaj. 
Contour, s. fyU dayira-t; ^JJ 

Contraband, 8. «t>UyL^» mam- 

nu'at ; ^^ AcU> bada'at muh- 

Contract, 8. J*c 'aqd (pi. oy^ 

*uqud) ; !>/• sart (pi. ^ Surfy). 

— (in writing) v»«^ ftitab (pi. 

s^ kutub) ; **o. hujjat (pi. 

G^^ hujaj. 
Contract, v. (draw closer together) 

f**> 4amm, yadumm; o^ 4ay- 

yaq, yudayyiq. — (wrinkle), a. 

(jM qabbad, yuqabbi^; u^ 

qallas, yuqallis ; n. J^Si\ inqaba^, 

yanqabicj; ^j&s taqallas, yata- 

qallas. — (contract debts) ^JJ ta- 

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day y an, yatadayyan. — (enter into 

a contract) Ly* J** <amil surut, 

y'amal ; \J* J^^ ta'ahad 'ala, 

Contractedness, 8. <jola» taqallus ; 

^ taqabbud. 
Contraction, *. u*-*j> qab<JL — 

(abridgment) J^sdA ihtisar. 
Contractor, *. ****• muta'ahhid ; 

y\** mu'amir; j^» mubasir. 
Contradict, v. *>*>^-* dadad, yu<Ja- 

did ; <J&* naqad, vunaqicj. 
Contradiction, s. h&±* munaqa- 

da-t ; &J^* muhalafa-t. 
Contradictory, adj. .x>Ux* muta- 

dadid ; u**^** mutanaqicjL 
Contrariety, 8. &5W« muhalafa-t; 

i_*iV^ tahalluf ; SoU* mudadda-t. 

— (adversity) j^\ idbar; &«-* 

musiba-t (pi. s-a^ musayib) ; 

Sja £idda-t. 
Contrary, adj. u&\&* muhalif; 

jjIa* mudadid. 
Contrary, «. J^ <Judd ; U**. hilaf ; 

ifSe. 'aks. 
Contrast, «. &*U* niuqabala-t; 

s_iteA ihtilaf. 
Contrast, v. J*Vs qabal, yuqabil. 
Contravene, v. <£*** ta'adda, yata- 

4 adda ; *-<^ halaf , yuhalif . 
Contravention, *. ©>V*-tt <>$*** 

ta'addi as-sarayi'; &1U* muha- 

Contribute, v. £*•> dafa 4 , yadfa* ; 

JAi f alaz, yafliz ; J* ^ 'awan 

'ala, yu'awin. 
Contribution, s. •>**-* madad ; qj* 

'aun; M± filza-t; *\* bidad, 

Contributor, *. •u-* mumidd. 
Contrite, adj. «-A~U* muta'assif ; 

pj\i nadim (pi. ^^ nuddam, 

nidani) ; ^J* nadinan (pi. ^^ 

Contrition, s. «-A-V? ta'assuf ; &»W 

nadaina-t ; ^ nadam. 
Contrivance, 8. (invention) £\<*\ 

ibda'; *W$ ijad ; £^*M ihtira'. 

— (scheme) J^5 qasd ; 4* niya-t. 
Contrive, v. (invent) £^ abda', 

yubdi* ; a^\ aujad, yujid ; £/*! 

ihtara', yahtari' ; Q&*\ istana', 

yastani*. — (jp^aw) J* WV tariU 

bat 'ala, yatarabat ; j*> dabbar, 

yudabbir ; j**>\ acinar, yudmir. 
Control, v. (check) W-* dabat, 

yudbi* ; £*» qama', yaqma' ; J»Vi 

qabal, yuqabil. 
Control, 8. &*to* muqabala-t ; W* 

Controller, ». J*V&* muqabil ; 

!*U (Jabi*. 
Controversialist, *. t^a-W* mu- 

Controversy, 8. &&-W* mubaha- 

ga-t ; &*>W* mujadala-t ; S^U* 

Controvert, v. *£•**: bah as, yab- 

has ; *±*»\* baha§, yubahis ; J*>W 

jadal, yujadil. 
Contumacious, adj. <-&{s*+ muha- 


•u Vm 

*anid (pL 

Joe *unud) ; JJ^** mu^nid). 
Contumacy, «. (jj^-c 'isyan ; &JVafc* 

muhalafa-t ; ^>Vifi 'inad ; *y> ta- 

Contumelious, adj. (insolent) M— 

safih (pi. V- sufaha'); ^V* 

fadih; ^ waqih (pi. c^j wiqa^). 

— (haughtily reproachful) /; ■ » *— 

Contumely, *. ^Vc 'ar ; ^->-i* f adi- 

Contuse, v. ^/Wj raddad, yurad^id ; 

yj>y*j ra^rad, yuradrid. 
Contusion, s. &*j radda-t; ^ 

rad4 ; *•»*> dai^a-t. - 
Conundrum, *. W» naqt (pi. ^\&\ 

anqaO; ^^ nukta-t (pi. <**& 

Convalescence, f . ^ buru' ; iftV» 

naqaha-t ; &a> naqh. 
Convalescent, cui;. *3^ naqih (pi. 

A« nuqqah) ; M> naqih ; ^ ? - fc ^ 

mu^tafi ; <J»\/&\ {$* ^ qayini 

min al-fira^. 
Convene, v.a. £♦* jama', yajma* ; 

n. £***\ ijtama', yajtami*. 
Convenience, Conveniency, #. 

l*Ju* munasaba-t; ^>^ liyaqa-t; 

&&\y» muwafaqa-t. 
Convenient, adj. &$ layiq ; s-^^ 


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wajib ; s-^-lfc* munasib ; \3*\y 

Convent, s. £* dair (pi. S^a du- 

yura-t, S^^ adyira-t). 
Convention, a. (assembly) &W 

jama'a-t ; gUa^ ijtima' ; <j~l^ 

majlis (pi. ^W* majalis). — 

(agreement) •*$* 'ahd (pi. «Jj$e 

'ubud) ; j\iS\ ittifaq. 
Conventional, adj. (customary) 

*A- t . « * mu'tM; j-i^* sayir. — 

(tacitly understood) )&• muqad- 
• dar. 
Conventionalism, s. SjU 'ada-t 

(pi. J*\)* 'awayid;. 
Converge, v. <jw\ iltaqa, yaltaqi ; 

s->jto taqarab, yataqarab. 
Conveeoence, *. **A/S\ iqtirab ; 

v»;^» taqarub. 
Convergent, adj. s^Uu* mutaqa- 

Conversant, adj. *-Afy waqif (pi. 

s-Mj wuqftf) ; ^» mut^aW ; 

yfcU mahir. 
Conversation, *. £*k^« muhata- 

ba-t ; &oV^» mubada§a-t ; ^ 

kalam; 6^W« muhakat; &*&*%• 

Converse, v. *±>o\e. hadas, yubadis ; 

« *»> rd t tahaddas, yutahaddas ; 

s±>s\cJ tahadas, yu tahadas ; f&3 

takallam, yatakallam. 
Conversion, s. s-^» taqallub; 

fiV^u.\ istihfila-t. — (in a religious 

sense) **f tauba-t ; c>U*^ J\ £j^ 

rujfi' ila-'l-iman. 
Convert, v. (change) s-*li qalab, 

yaqlib; J^ ahal, yuhil. — (in a 

religious sense) *>; radd, yarudd ; 

£►; rajja', yurajji*. 
Convert, s. J*s^ dahil ; J\ g*\> 

^jUjS^ raji' ila-'l-iman. 
Convertibility, *.^*AsN ^Uqabi- 

liya-t at-tagayyur. 
Convertible, adj. ^*sj yatagay- 

Convex, adj. v>.w« muhaddab; 

<t-~ & « muqabbab. 
Convexity, s. &*** hadaba-t ; *r-***> 

Convey, v. J» naqal, yanqul ; JiV* 

naqal, yunaqil ; £l* ballag, yu- 

Conveyance, s. (act of conveying) 

J* naql; £*M tablig. — (means 

of conveying) w*y markab (pi. 

s-fy« marakib). 
Convict, v. Jc c^*> sabbat 'ala, 

yusabbit; { J& c^*ft asbat 'ala, 

Convict, s. ffi* mulzam. 
Conviction, s. (of a crime) «yl*>\ 

pj-*2\ isbat aj-jarm. — (firm 

belief) <JM*W ta?diq ; jfefc** tah- 


Convince, v. £*** aqna', yuqni' ; 

«jfe* haqqaq, yuhaqqiq. 
Convivial, adj. m*> nadim (pi. 

Ujj nudamiV, ^aJ nidam, (jjUaJ 

nudman) ; pou* munadim. 
Conviviality, 0. &**>U* munada- 

Convocation, «. £U*^ ijtima'; 

(jJ^k* majlis (pi. J-5 V* majalis) ; 

Q\jt<y diwan (pi. &£)*> dawawin). 
Convoke, v. gUa^^M amar bi-'l- 

ijtima', ya'mur. 
Convoy, v. /* gaffar, yugaffir ; ^ 

haffar, yuhaffir. 
Convoy, s. /* gafar ; J± hafar ; 

Sbks. hafaga-t. 
Convulse, v. «-A^ rajjaf, yurajjif ; 

fy) za'za', yuza'zi*. 
Convulsion, 8. \y&\ iltiwa' ; ^^S 

talawwi ; S^«5 laqwa-t ; &*** ta- 

Cook, v. ^» t a bab, yatbuh. 
Cook, s. t^ tabbah. 
Cookery, s. £*!» tabh. 
Cool, adj. ^ barid. 
Cool, v. a. ^ barrad, yubarrid ; n. 

tytS tabarrad, yatabarrad. 
Coolness, 8. Sj^ burAda-t. 
Coop, s. (cage) <jaA* qafas (pi. \j>\*3\ 

aqfas) ; & qunn (pi. t)Ui qimin). 

— (cask) J#^» barmil (pi. J**\^ 

Coop, v. J&* qaffas, yuqaffis. 
Cooper, s. o^*V baramili-y; s-»W* 

Cooperage, s. J>\z£\ J*** mi*mal 


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Co-operate, v. J*U sa'ad, yusa'id. 

Co-OPERATION, 8. $JkfiL~* mUSH- 


Co-ORDINATE, adj. &t?j«tt J*** 

masil al-martaba-t. 
Co-partner, s. «*^;* sarik (pi. 

d\j*\ airak, tf/> 6uraka'). 
Co-partnership, Co-partnery, 8. 

&V» 6iraka-t. 
Cope, v. {j^* maras, yumaris ; 

^cL. sa'a, yasa'i; j;W* tabaraz, 

Copious, adj. JjA^ jazil; ^" 

kasir ; jl\y wafir. 
Copiousness, *. ij£ ka§ra-t ; ^-j 

ruhs ; U. ; raha*. 
Copper, a. <j*Vp=* nuhas. 
Copperas, «. ;-*U s\} zaj ahdar. 
Coppersmith, *. <j*W na^ljas. 
Coppice, Copse, «. *J*y feir^ (pi. 

v>V^ ahr*U) ; &*j dagla-t. 
Copula, s. &*\> rabita-t. 
Copulate, v.a. g^j zawwaj, yuzaw- 

wij ; y&* 'as^ar, yu'ai&r ; n. $tf 

tazawwaj, yatazawwaj ; &y*)\ 

izdawaj, yazdawij ; j£*> ta'a^ar, 

Copulation, 8. a**^* mujama'a-t; 

g*^y tazwij. 
Copy, 8. &3&~s nusha-t; %y sura-t 

(pl.jr B ? uwar )- 
Copy, v. ts^y ±*\ ahaz surathu, 

ya'huz ; £-~* nasah, yansah ; J** 

naqal, yanqul. 
Copyist, 8. £-U nasih (pi. fcL-i 

nussah) ; j\)j warraq ; s-^^ 

katib (pi. s-»^ kuttab, &+& ka- 

Coquet, v. g± ganij, yagnaj ; &*s 

tagannaj, yatagannaj ; Ji^> ta- 

dallal, yatadallal. 
Coquetry, *. &± gunj, gunuj ; 

gUfc gunaj. 
Coquette, s. &+j& ganij a-t. 
Coquettish, adj. £** ganij. 
Coral, 8. &\*y marjaa; ±~i bus- 

saz ; *x~i busd. 
Cord, 8. J-** habl (pi. JW*- hibal) ; 

&~f uiarasa-t (pi. v*y maras, 

\j\y\ ainriis). 
Cordial, adj. (sincere) fjt^ qal- 

bi-y ; <J* safi-y. — (invigorating) 

<£)&• muqawwi. 
Cordial, 8. h^ muqawwiya-t. 
Cordiality, *. &\ xo sadaqai-t ; \j>}** 

Cord-maker, *. J^ habbal. 
Cord wain, *. oW***-* suhtiyan ; 

ijy ^awara-t (pi. jj»> huwar, g\)j»> 

Core, *. «^-i* qalb (pi. vj 1 * qulub) ; 

(**+* samim. 
Cork, 8. ^jji fillin ; &U*. haffana-t. 

— (stopper) &«U fillina-t; So\a- 

sidada-t (pi. a^ju. sadayid). 
Cork, v. a- sadd, yasudd. 
Corkscrew, *. &*^ barma-t; **ty 

ban ma- 1. 
Cormorant, s. J^yu\ asfarud ; jVJ 

U3\ qaq al-ma'. 
Corn, 8. (grains) ^-m qaroh ; vj*°- 

hubub. — (a single grain) £*•• 

habba-t. — (on the foot) j~* 

'usiiw; JUj dumal; y-Wj du- 

Cornea, «. ( I ^«J\ &eJ^s qarniya-t al- 

Corner, 8. h£) zawiya-t (pi. k^fi 

zawaya) ; X*y» qurna-t (p.!. ^y 

Corner-stone, *. tyfl f**- hajar 

az-zawiya-t; ^ rukn (pi. ^^ 

Cornice, s. \ij*\ ifriz ; uij raff (pi. 

uy ; rufuf). 
Corn-merchant, s. s-»j*4^ £Wi 

bayya 4 al-hubiib ; ^U fami-y. 
Corolla, s. p$ kimm (pi. ^U^\ 

Corollary, s. S^ip qarina-t (pi. 

&\/ qarayin) ; Z**si natija-t 

(pi. gi^si natayij) ; A«*V? tabi'a-t 

(pi. C?V tawabi*). 
Corona, «. (halo) &&** halqa-t. 
Coronal, Coronet, *. J-l^ iklil 

(pi. J*W akalil); 6 W taj (pi. 

aW tijan). 
Coronation, *. ^^t julus ; JJ^ 

taklil ; $fS tatawwuj. 
Corporal, adj. ^^^ jasadi-y ; 

jU-^ jismani-y. 

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Cobpobal, 8. ^ q*\ on basi 

Corporate, adj. £*q** mujamma'. 
Corporation, *. JcW jama'a-t. 
Corporeal, adj. ^U~s»» jismani-y. 
Corps, *. iUc ty firqa-t 'asakir 

(pi. jji firaq). 
Corpse, s. <a**~ mayyit (pi. *aAy\ 

amwa£); ii+ ju^a-t (pi. v±^* 

ju^as); SjL^ janaza-t (pi. j*W 

Corpulence, a. ,**»** £ a hm ; £*W 

Corpulent, b. f^A Sahim; 




Corpuscle, s. S.J zarra-t (pi. &\ 
-at, jS zarr) ; W*> haba' (pi. W*rt 
Correct, v. (amend) &** ?ahhah, 
yufahhih ; ^JU 9 allah, yu§allih.— 
(punish) s-sVc 'aqab, yu'aqib ; 
ufl*V5 qa?a?, yuqa§is. 
Correct, adj. £**** §ahih, t«-A- 

Correction, *. (emendation) C JU 
ta§li^ ; c^ i?lah; &*** tashih. 
—(punishment) ^-o-S qi 9 a? ; 
&*->to* muqa^af a-t ; Sjlac <uqa- 
ba-t ; vte* 'iqab. 
Correctness, *. ^-» sahhat; !q«-* 

Corrector, 8. £***• musafchih; 

£*-*• muaalli^. 
Correlative, adj., 8. ^y~±+ man- 

sub ; £^ raji* (pi. ^ ruja<). 
Correspond, v. (suit) U&\ y waqaf, 
yuwaqif ; ,j*U» #baq, yutabiq.— 
(by letter) ^S\S katab, yukatib ; 
v^U? takatab, yatakatab; J~y 
tarasal, yatarasal. 
Correspondence, s. (suitableness) 
&**\y» muwafaqa-t; &*Ua* muta- 
baqa-t.— (by letter) £*?K- muka- 
taba-t ; &J\f murasala-t. 
Correspondent, s. s-^V£* muka- 


Correspondent, adj. Ji^ muwa- 

fiq ; v^U# munasib ; «jfe3 layiq. 

Corridor, b. ^yu* mamsa (pi. 

<^*U* mamasi) ; vjUo dihliz (pi. 

jelWo dahaliz) ; jv« majaz. 

Corroborate, t;. ^^B qawwa, yu- 
qawwi; »3JA saddad, yusaddid; 
rf qarrar, yuqarrir. 

Corroboration, 8. hjB taqwiya-t ; 
*i±*3 taidid ; j>/S taqrir. 

CORROBOBATIVE, adj., 8. i£^" mu- 

Cobbode, v. JH akal, ya'kul ; ^ 

qarad, yaqrid. 
Cobbosion, *. jp qar<J; uy- saraf. 
Cobbosive, adj. ^U qari<J ; $S\ 

akkal ; u^U sarif . 
Cobbuqate, v. (jj-Afc ga<jldan, yu- 

gatjdin; u**»/ karmai, yukarmis^ 

COBBUGATION, *. (;)*<4*> tAgdin ; 

&ft-^ karmasa-t. 
Cobbupt, v. juJ* afsad, yufsid; 
C^ ansah, yunSifc.— (bribe) Ji^ 
bar^al, yubartil; ^o dahan, 
yadhun ; U.^ rasa, yarsu. 
Cobbuption, Cobbuptness, *. *3U-i 

fasad.— (bribery) AlL^ bai^ala-t. 
Cobsaib, *. s-^/« ^/* darrab ma- 
rakib (pi. lj\j* <Jarraba-t) ; 1.U5 
qai4at (pi. &Ui qas^a^a-t) ; l^ 
zabantut ; (j-^ qarsan (pi. yAji 
Cosset, 8. &£** sudairi-y; ^j 

Cobteoe, *. w*y maukib (pi. 

w*\y mawakib) ; &*S; wakba-t. 
Cobuscatb, v. g^J lama', yalma* ; 
C^ lamah, yalmah ; «-*j zaff, 
Cobuscation, 8. ^*J lam'a-t ; £*J 

Cosine, *. ^ sahm (pi. p\Q~ 

Cosmetic, *. {$**&* muhassin. 
Cosmic, Cosmicai,, adj. ^y^*y dun- 

Cost, */&tf kulfa-t ; ^)f» ma? ruf 

(pi. 4-A^U^ ma^arif). 
Cost, v. v_A5j waqaf, yaqif ; ^Ux-^ 
islaqam, yastaqiui; <JAS kallaf, 
yukallif ; Utes takallaf, yatakal- 
Costive, adj. ^ > a ** maqbu^ 

u~«** mutayabbis. 
Costiveness, a. ^W^ inqiba<J 
V^\ u~& yubs al-batn. 


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Costliness, s. gUft isman. 
Costly, adj. &t+* samin ; (j-^» 

mugman ; <j**6* nafis ; /-Vi fahir. 
Costume, *. trJ labs (pi. ^^ 

lubus) ; (+~ £ kasm. 
Cot, Cottage, b. tf kuh (pi. t^ 

akwah, ^s^ kihan) ; Ja*. huss 

(pi. ^Ud.^ ahsas). — {cot, cradle) 

»*e* mahd (pi. <*#* muhud). 
Cote, a. (pen) <j*tf qafas (pi. «jpUA 

Cotton, *. ^ qoton. — (stuff) &*&& 


C0TTON-DRE88ER, 8. $k- hallaj. 

Couch, *. ^A»y firas (pi. JV * uni £> 
^fy* funis) ; ^^- sarir (pi. 8^ 
asirrat, w- surur) ; »>V mihad 
(pi. 8^ramhida-t, »*e* muhud). 

Couoh, v. cf ka^h, yakuhh ; J«- 
sa'al, yas'ul. 

Cough, s. *-** ka^ha-t; *-U- 
sa'ala-t ; JU^ nahma-t. 

Coulter, *. s±>\f*A\ *£- sikka-t al- 
mihra? (pi. «siX- sikak). 

Council, *. ^^*> diwan (pi. yifo* 
dawawin) ; trW* majlis (pi. 
cr^W* majalis) ; &*»> hufla-t ; 
fMA\ ilti'am. 

Councillor, s. ^*&*» mu6ir ; jUa— * 
mustaiar (pi. m^jN J^ an l ad- 
diwan ; ^^ ». m s-»^ arbab al- 
ma j lis). 

Counsel, a. (advice) ^ £aur ; S^ 
saura-t (pi. ,^\ aiwar) ; l )y s^» 
maiwara-t ; & -*t?* nasilta-t (pi. 
&S*i nasayilj). — (advocate) j)rtj 
wakil (pi. X) wukala'); J*U. 

Counsel, v. <Je J* sar 'ala, yaftir ; 
C** nasa^, yan?ah. 

Count, v. j* 'add, ya'idd; ^-^ 
tasa, yahsi ; s » fcasab, yahsab. 

Count, a. (counting) vA~^ hisab. — 
(<t«e) c^/ kont (-Fr.). 

Countenance, a. (/ace) tf*j wajh 
(pi. »^ wujuh) ; j^ manzar 
(pi. ^ku* munazir). — (patronage) 
^W ljimaya-t ; fyWt ijara-t. 

Countenance, v. jW\ ajar, yujir; 
^s*^ hama, yuhami. 

Counter, 8. (board) ***** tabt (pi. 

«^** tnhiit) ; ^a* tahtaj (pi. 

^k tabatij). 
Counter, adv. -A-aJW bi-'d-dudd ; 

U>U- hilaf ; u-5^4 bi-'l-'ak's. 
Counteract, v. UtfU halaf, yu- 

halif; J*f*\ i'tarad, ya'tarid; 

u-Sle *akas, yu'akis ; Jj* 'addal, 

Counterbalance, t;. J*>^ 'adal, 

yu'adil ; f^Vi qawam, yuqawim. 
Counterbalance, 8. fl^U* mu- 

Counterfeit, v. w> zawwar, yu- 

zawwir; Jto qallad, yuqallid ; 

^t ga&, yagu&; Jfcj zagal, 

Counterfeit, 8. (imposture) <J& 

gis^ ; &W*- hiyana-t. — (impostor) 

J&Lk gassas ; j^ muzawwir ; 

J*^y» muzaugil. 
Counterfeit, od;. j^y* muzawwar. 
Counterfoil, «. W* 4ab|; &k\*+ 

Countermand, v. J^JW y\ amar 

bi-'d-dudd, yamur. 
Countermand, *. JuftJ^^»\ amr bi- 

'd-^udd (pi. y\$ awamir). 
Countermarch, v. ^jU *>Vc *ad 

sayir, ya'ud. 
Countermarch, 8. £vt) ruju*. 
Countermine, 8. (*% a-a ^ Jugm 

dudd lugm (pi. ^ lugum, &•;*! 

Countermine, v. ^J j^ ^ J^x 

'amil lugm dudd lugm, ya'mal. 
Counterpane, 8. «-*0 lihaf (pi. 

UUJ lu^uf). 
Counterpart, «. iljUu muqabala-t. 
Counterpoint, *. ^J lahn (pi. 

0jj luhun, ^VJ\ alhan). 
Counterpoise, «. ^j^ muwazi- 

Counterpoise, v. Jj* 'addal, yu- 
Countersign, v. ^»\ am(Ja, yum- 

Countersign, *. U»\ im<Ja\ 
Countless, aaj. Jk«i 3 la yu'add; 

^f** 3 la yuhoa. 
Country, 8. (state) ^ balad (pi. 

.*» bUad, ^jJ4 buldan); *Su 

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mulk (pi. d%*\ amlak); &2U* 
mamlaka-t (pi. ««UU* mamalik). 
— (tiative country) y^y wa{an (pi. 
CjVL^ autib); ^V» v/^ ar<jl milad 
(pi. oy*)\ ardun, «^UjV aradat, 
Jt>\$ arad, o*l^ aradi).— -{apposed 
to town) **** dai'a-t. 

COUNTBYMAN, &. (rustic) C^* fal- 

lah. — (compatriot) ^^ baladi-y. 

County, *. *& Jj wilaya-t. 

Couple, *. c^j zauj, zoj (pi. e^ 
azwaj). — (married couple) 8^)Jt 

Couple, v. gjj zawwaj, yuzawwij. 

Couplet, *. •-&*** bait (pi. t&>l*tt 

Courage, a. wUtt Sji quwwa-t al- 
qalb; <j*W bas ; M^ saja'a-t; 
SI;* jara'a-t ; SjL-^ jasara-t. 

Courageous, od;. £W* 6aja' ; «jjj* 
jari* ; ;j— ► jasur. 

Courier, a. jjfcL. ga'i (pi. ct>U- 
su'at) ; A-ij-* barid (pi. Jy-i 

Course, *. (race) jW~ sibaq ; &*L** 
musabaqa-t; «-*yfc £araf. — (race- 
ground) q\*** uiaidan (pi. ^ftAf* 
mayadin). — (way of life, conduct) 
J*-l- sabil (pi. J*- subul). — (at 
table) s^UUU\ Q* badla-t at- 

Coubse, v. «J*^- sabaq, yusabiq. — 
(hunt) »3to gad, yafid; { j*& 
qanas, yaqnis. 

Coubseb, a. S\f* jawad (pi. ^W 

Coubt, 8. (yard), \J»^ l?aus, ljos* 
(pi. (jjti^ hUan); &*U gaha-t 
(pi. «w\ -at, c^- sab, Cj~ sub); 
&^° sahn (pi. e^* suhun) ; U* 
fina (pi. ***tf afniya-t, ^ 
funi-y). — (palace) <^j- saray ; 
^•i qa?r (pi. j^i qusur). — (retinue 
of a prince) pA** hasam. — (court 
of justice) 3 « W » ma^kama-t. 

Coubt, r. (flatter) «-AW la{af, yu- 
latif ; <jU mallaq, yumaliiq ; Jjte 
gazal, yugazil; J^**» tasandal, 
yatasandal. — (solicit) s-^» talab, 
yajlub. — (woo) s^*- ha{ab, yah- 

Coubteou8, adj. sri*\ adib ; g»us* 

mutamaddin ; *-A*W latff. 
Coubteousnes8, Courtliness, 
Coubtesy, s. s*^ adab; &L1U 
mulatafa-t ; S\>W mudara'at. 
Coubtesan, *. &+*? qa^aba-t (pi. 
v»^»* qihab) ; J*Mj zafiya-t (pi. 
«jMj) zawatf). 
Coubtieb, s. «*U+!\ (^r-J^ jalis al- 
malik (pi. U-W julusa') ; s-»W fj^ 
^VULJ^ mulazim bab as-sultan. 
Coubtship, 8. W*- hutba-t. 
Cousin, s. m. ** (^ ibn 'amm ; 
flU. ^ ibn hala-t (pi. ^ bani) ; 
f . ^ «^ bint 'amm ; ^JU. «^o# 
bint hala-t (pi. «t>W banat). 
Cove, *. yp> jun ; ^y»- juna-t ; 
esJLs- hali] (pi. gi* huluj, yW^- 
Covenant, s. ^\ ittifaq ; SoaU^ 
mu'ahada-t; a-^c c ahd; j^» 
misaq (pi. <J*\y mawasiq). 
Covenant, v. ty* iarat, yu^arit ; 
•xec 'ahid, ya'had ; <3*^ wasaq, 
Coveb, «. (covering) Vlafe gtya (pi. 
Wafc^ agtiya-t). — (shelter) ^iU 
timayat. — ( pretext) &e 'illa-t 
(pi. Jlc <ilal; i^ l^ujja-t (pi. 
g%^ hujaj). 
Coveb, v. J* gatta, yuga«i; r~ 
satar, yastur. — (conceal) *** 
haf a, yahfi ; p£ katam, yaktum. 
— (shelter) imS **- hama, yahmi. — 
(copulate) t^° tat> yatuh ; j|^> 
taraq, yatruq; v»^ darab, ya4- 
Coveblet, 8. «-*VJ lihaf (pi. <JW 

Covert, adj. f>f&* maktum. 
Covebt, *. (thicket) **M aik. — 
(hiding-place) {J t^ m mahba (pi. 
^Va^ mahabi). 
Covey, a. &~A* faqsa-t. 
Cow, «. 8y^ baqara-t, baqra-t. 
Cow, v. «-*j*- hawwaf, yuhawwif ; 
f)A fazza', yufazzi* ; y#t jabban, 
Cowabd, 8., adj. oW jaban ; ^W%- 
jabnan; f>-*& la'im (pi. ^VsJ 

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li'am, ^V lu'ama) ; &+\J5 tifra- 
Cowardice, Cowardliness, *. 

&\**» jabana-t. 
Cower, v. ff) raka', yarka*. 
Cowl, *. s-*V^ ^Z §°b ar-rahib 

(pi. s-»V^ a §wab); (*£-\ iskim. 
Coxcomb, «. jy*** gandur. 
Coy, adj. (+****?• muhtaiim. 
Coyness, *. fa waqar ; &* 'iffa-t ; 

i<*. taya')- 
Crab, s. o^-/» sar^an. 
Crack, s. <J* 6aqq; &* 6aqqa-t 

(pi. jj** Suqiiq) ; v3^ falaq (pi. 

jjl* ful&q). 
Crack, v.a. «J* Saqq, yaiuqq ; v3^ 

falaq, yafliq. — (as the fingers, a 

whip, &c.) g«* faqa', yafqa', yaf- 

qu'; n. &s*\ insaqq, yansaqq. 
Cradle, s. ***• mahd (pi. *#• mil- 
Cradle, t?. ybjfc bazhaz, yuhazhiz ; 

C+j+ marjan, yumarjih. 
Crapt, s. (skill) ***-» sana'a-t (pi. 

ffS^o sanayi') ; &y* hirfa-t (pl. 

«-*^ hiraf). — (fraud) j&* makr ; 

Craptine8S, s. £+ makr; hj£* 

Crafty, adj. jV&» makkar. 
Crag, s. f*~ sahr ; if** sahra-t (pi. 

jf** suhfcr). 
C ragged, Craggy, adj. ft*** nius- 

Cram, v. *-**• ha£a, yah^il. 
Cramp, s. s-*** \y&\ iltiwa 'asab. — 

(hook) *t>X kullab (pi. s^JK 

Cramp, v. (confine) (3*-* <Jayyaq, 

yudayyiq ; f& qas^ar, yuqaasir. 
Crane, s. (bird) <J>\)Z \) wazz *ira- 

qi-y ; Jf ^irki ( P l. j\f ka- 

raki). — (machine) <j**>** man- 

Crank, 8. <jjU milwa (pl. ^^» 

Cranny, s. <jm» iaqq (pl. jywi 

Crape, *. <J*y buranjuq (Turk.) ; 

^/ kiri&Ut. 
Crash, a. ^* qarqa'a-t ; <J^ J> 1 1 • 

Crash, v. f&p qarqa', yuqarqi* ; «> 

Jaqq, yaiuqq; J?) zaqzaq, yu- 

Crater, 8. jV» J*^N ^ fumm al- 

jabal nar (pl. *\y*\ afwah, f!ui\ 

Cravat, s. l£}\ &*j** mihrama-t 

ar - raqaba-t (pl. fj^=" maba- 

Crave, v. j^ i£taq, yaitaq (J\ 

Craven, «., adj. J& nazil; Ji^J 

Craving, 8. jW*^ i^tiyaq ; j)*> 

Sauq, 6oq ; (&£ garain. 
Crawl, v. v>° dabb, yadubb ; «-A*j 

zahaf, yazhaf. 
Crayon, *. lP^*j ^ qalam ra$as 

(pl. pb*\ aqlam, ffci qilam) ; ^y 

mirqam (pl. f*\y+ maraqim). 
Craze, v. tr* jannan, yujannin. 
Craziness, *. of+> jun&n. 
Crazy, adj. *r*^«^ majzftb ; *J>fA* 

maltu^ ; 0j^%* majniin. 
Creak, v. 3»& taqtaq, yutaq^iq. 
Cream, *. S^ ragwa-t; Sj^ zub- 

da-t; ^»Ai qa$ta-t; ^j^j qaj. 

maq (Tf*rA;.). 
Creamy, auj. c5^j zubdi-y. 
Crease, s. <£}*• matwa (pl. ^VL* 

Crease, v. ^£> tawa, yajwi; ^ 

sana, yasni ; ***■ ja u ad, yuja"id. 
Create, v. <ji± halaq, yahluq ; \f 

bar'a, yabr'a. 
Creation, *. ^^- hilqa-t; <jk» 

halq ; ^^» takwin. 
Creator, s. j^ hallaq; <jJ\^ 

haliq ; ^^W bari. 
Creature, *. j^£-» mahlAq ; &uU. 

haliqa-t (pl. «34^- halayiq; l^f 

barriya-t (pl. \&\f baraya). 
Credence, *. a*> siqa-t ; 4\tec\ i«ti- 

Credentials, s. *u- sanad (pl. 

jU-\ asnad). 
Credibility, s. j^a-b? ta?diq. 
Credible, adj. *>U*cS\ J^« mahall 

al-i'tiqad; J*** musaddaq. 
Credit, *. (belief) »3Usc\ i'tiqad. — 
^(esteem) ) } ^\ i'tibar. — (wit 

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regard to money, &c.) £*&• muk- 
na-t ; &^a* mudayana-t. 

Credit, v. (believe) jx© saddaq, 
yusaddiq ; Jdfcc\ i'tiqad, ya'ta- 
qid. — (sell on trust) qi^ £^ 
ba' bi-'d-din, yabi*. — (give credit, 
lend) (^W day an, yudayin ; ^/>jB\ 
aqrad, yuqrid. 

Creditable, adj. ps** mu'tabar. 

CRRDITABLENES8, *. J*Z*\ i'tiMr 

Criditob, *. {^i^\ ^r^Xo sahib ad 

din (pi. s-^*^ ashab) ; y*^ v»j 

rabb ad-din (pi. s-»^ arbab) 

yi±+ mudayyin ; p»jk garim (pi 

U^fc gurama'). 
Credulity, *. uUuc^N j^j zaud al 

i'tiqad; Wi. sadaja-t. 
Credulous, adj. *>Usc3\ gj^. sari* 

Creed, s. yW$\ *M^ 'aqayid al- 

Creek, s. g*k* halij (pi. gk* huluj, 

qW*» huljan). 
Creep, v. v>*> dabb, yadubb ; «-Aoj 

zahaf, yaz^af; ^ hamm, ya- 

Crescent, *. J^ halal (pi. &*\ 

Cress, s. «-*^ hurf ; UN *\±j rasad 

al-ma' ; if qurra-t. 
Crest, *. ft^i qumbara-t (pi. ^*Ui 

qanabir) ; «J^ 'uruf (pi. «-*\^\ 

Crb8ted, adj. <£)*& qumbari-y ; ^ 

Sj-^s zu qumbara-t; «-*^ a'raf, 

f. U^'arfa (pL uys 'urf). 
Crevice, *. <3^ falq (pi. jjl* 

fuluq) ; ,J* saqq (pi. JjSa su- 

Crew, *. hf*. bahriya-t; icW 

Crib, *. *)*• niadwad (pi. *)\±* 

madawid) ; <- A - U * ma'laf (pi. 

<_a5U* ma'alif). 
Crib, v. (confine in a small space) 

y**- hasar, yahsur. 
Cricket, a. (insect) y>y* sursur; 

J«M j\j* Qarar al-lel ; o^*> y\ 

abu dardan; ****** judjud (pi. 

«**»W jadajid). 

Crier, s. «^U* munadi. — (of a 

mosque) <$&y mu'azzin. 
Crime, s. pft> jaram (pi. f>\y*\ 

ajram) ; J\ ism (pi. p\S\ asam) ; 

s-*»i zatnb (pi. s-»y«* zunub) ; $f> 

Criminal, adj., s. s-*A* muznib; 

ft** mujrim ; (+J\ asim (pi. 

&*>\ asima-t) ; j$y mauzur. 
Criminality, s. ***** ma'siya-t; 

%))y mauzura-t. 
Criminate, v. v> (*v taham bi, 

Crimination, *. &*e> fcuhama-t (pi. 

^ tuham). 
Crimp, Crimple, v. *u> ja"ad,*yu- 

Crimson, *. yj* qirmiz. 
Crimson, adj. ijj-f qirmizi-y. 
Crimson, v.a. yfo* <$} lawwan bi- 

'l-qirmiz, yulawwin ; n. (blush) 

j+eJ ahmarr, yahmarr. 
Cringe, v. J*& tazallal, yatazallal ; 

£-s** tahadda', yatahadda'; £^ 

tadarra', yata^arra*. 
Cripple, *. tf\ a 4 raj, f. Wj* 'arja* 

(pi. e/s 'urj, qWj* 'urjan) ; &~S 

kasih ; •**&• muq'ad. 
Cripple, v. tfb a*raj, yu'rij ; ^-^ 

kassah, yukassih ; j^e 'aw war, 

yu'awwir; £a> jada', yajda*. 
Crisis, s. (^f*. buhran (pi. (^Vsc*. 

baharin) ; g^ai qatu*. 
Crisp, ad/, (curly) ^»^ ja'd (pi. 

*>W ji*ad); J^*%^ muja"ad. — 

(brittle) p**** ha^im; jUi35t gj^- 

sari' al-inkisar. 
Crisp, v. (wrinkle) a*> ja"ad, yu- 

ja"id ; ^^ jau'ad, yujau'id. 
Criterion, «. q\&s nisan (pi. 

(^AiW* nayasin) ; ^»)U 'alama-t 

(pi. ^ 'alam, ^)U 'alayim) ; S ; ^ 

isara-t; JJ*> dalil. 
Critic, «., ^**A* bah is ; vi^a.V^ mu- 

Critical, adj. ^t*. bahsi-y. 
Criticise, v. *^aA* bahas, yubahis ; 

}t&\ &-j jj\ adaqq fihi an-najar, 

yudiqq. — (find fault with) f2 
^lam,yalum; JJ^azal, ya'zul. 

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Criticism, a. *±**. bats (pi. *±>Uc»\ 

abljas) ; &»»W* mubahasa-t. 
Croak, *. (of a raven) s~«* na'b ; 

v»to nu'ab. — (of a frog) «Jhs* 

Croak, v. s»-*-* na'ab, yan'ab, 

ya'nib ; «J* ^aqq, yaniqq. 
Crock, *. &* qulla-t (pi. Jl* qulal, 

J)fci qilal) ; Mf barrada-t ; S,U> 

Crockery, *. SjVa** fuhhara-t (pi. 

jU»* fahhar) ; «-*ys- hazaf . 
Crocodile, a. c^~ ♦* timsah (pi. 

ea-W tamasih). 
Crocus, a. oV*) za'fran. 
Croft, a. fyj*^ hakura-t (pi. ;**V* 

Crook, a. ^V^ ^^ <a ^ ar-ra'i. 
Crook, t?.a. ty* 'awwaj, yu'awwij ; 

^5^- ^ana, yabni ; n. i^**^ in- 

hana, yan^ani ; t^-*-*\ in'aj, 

Crooked, adj. tf" mu'awwaj ; 

^W-* munhani. 
Crookedness, 8. fy* 'auj ; &f*\ 

in'iwaj ; Ue=^ inljina\ 
Crop, 8. (of a bird) &«^ Ijausala-t 

(pi. J*V* hawasil). — (harvest) 

Jj-a^* ma^sM ; ^yx** mahsu- 

lat; Sjljwod. hasida-t (pi. <h\*** 

Crop, v. ***» hasad, ya^sid ; <J^- 

ha&, yahu£s\ J-» qaaal, yaqsil. 
Crosier, a. «-AJu3\ SUc *asat al- 

usquf ; lj6* 'ukkaza-t (pi. >^£e 

Cross, a. s^ salib (pi. <$W* sul- 

Cross, ad/\ (oblique) «-*^a* mun- 

harif; (j***** mu'tarid. — (peevish) 

y*~*- hasir ; ^j za'lan. 
Cross, v. (make the sign of the 

cross) s-*Ln W^fc J** 'amil *ala- 

ma-t a?-salib, ya'mal. — (mark 

with a cross) »-r*k sallab, yusal- 

lib. — (pass over) ^*c 'abar, 

ya'bur. — (thwart) *-AJU. halaf , yu- 

Cross-bow, a. JJ^J^ <j*j* qaus al- 

buuduq (pi. u**V^ aqwas). 
Cross-examination, a. ^\ ibram. 

Cross-examine, v. <jo^» fahas, 
yaf^ias ; ^i\ abram, yubrim. 

Crossing, Cross-way, s. j^J\ jyu 
mafraq at-turq (pi. j^Uu ma- 
fariq) ; *+*l* saliba-t. 

Crotchet, a. (A00&) v>*£ kullab 
(pi. s-*lK kalalib) ; w*U*> hu^af 
(pi. U^U. hatatff). — ('fancy, 
whim) S^j zantara-t; &**- has- 
la-t ; Jl^ hiyal (pi. &#l\ ah- 
yila-t). — (m music) U*5\ && 
nuqta-t al-gina* (pi. U> nuqat). 

Crotchety, orf;. J*ab** mutahay- 
yil ; Jeiy muzantir. 

Crouch, v. (bend down) it ye^\ in- 
hana, yanhani ; ^*V» taqaear, ya- 
taqasar. — (fawn) JJtf tazallal, 

Croup, 8. (of a horse) ^k gahr (pi. 
)& zuhur) ; «-**>j ridf (pi. U>Uj\ 
ardaf). — (disease) &Ua. hunaqa-t ; 
Jf\± hanuq. 

Crow, *. (bird) jtf qaq (pi. ^VM 
qiqan) ; ytA* v»\^ gurab sagir. — 
(of a cock) &*k*o siyaha-t. 

Crow, v. t^-° sab, yasih. 

Crowd, *. ^^j\ izdiham; &4**j 

Crowd, v. ^\y tazaham, yataza- 
bara ; ^*>j\ lzdaham, yazdahim. 

Crown, s. JJ^ iklil (pi. Jj^ 
akalil) ; ^ taj (pi. e W tij'an). 
—(top) yjj ras (pi. y*/^ ni'us) ; 
e^- sath (pi. cjk- Butuh).— (0/ a 
<ree) idb^i Siisa-t (pi. ^yen ^a- 
wa^i). — (coin) f~* #\ abu nasr ; 
J^> riyal (pi. «^j riyalat). 

Crown, v. (a king) $y tawwaj, yu- 
tawwij ; Jtf kallal, yukallil. — 
(compUte) f*+* t am mam, yutam- 
mim; ^j-tf qada, yaqdi; J-^ 
kammal, yukammil. 

Crucible, «. ^y biita-t ; ii*>y bii- 
daqa-t (pi. j*>^y bawadiq). 

Crucifix, s. v»^* maslub (pi. 
s-n>3U^ masalib) ; s-»jk»*N S^^o 
siirat al-maslub. 

Crucifixion, 8. s-Jl© salb. 

Crucify, v. s-Jl* salab, yaslub. 

Crude, adj. ^ ham ; \j nay ; ^J 

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Crudeness, Crudity, 8. S^W* fa- 

jaja-t; &*j*s nuyiVa-t. 
Cruel, ad;. ^^ zalim ; ^U qasi. 
Cruelty, *. S^L-i qasawa-t; ^ 

zulm ; U*. jafa\ 
Cruise, b. &*$ bol$a-h ; yL. safar ; 

&*ji qarsana-t. 
Cruise, v. SJy J** 'amil bol^a-t, 

ya'mal ; &**> qarsan, yuqarsin. 
Cruiser, «. 0t*ji qorsan. 
Crumb, *. («o/$ jparJ o/ bread) s-J 

>*afctt lubb al-hubz (pi. v>**J 

lubub). — (small fragment) **>«* 

f utat, fitat. 
Crumble, t?.a. «~* fatt, yafutt; 

<**& fattat, yuf attit ; n. o^stf 

tafattat, yatafattat ; ks~m\ infatt, 

Crumple, v. •*** ja"ad, yuja"id ; 

J-**»> da'bal, yuda'bil; «**W 

ja'lak, yuja'lik. 
Cruse, *. &£** 6isa-t. 
Crush, v. **^*> dahak, yadbak ; 

y-^fc haras, yahrus. — ((werw^eim) 

p qabar, yaqbar. 
Crush, *. <j*yfc bars ; tejUu muqa- 

ra'a-t ; &*xo sadma-t. 
Crust, b. %y£* qisra-t (pi. jy** 

Crustiness, *. &-** faqsa-t. 
Crusty, adj. (ill-tempered) gV-Jtt 

Crutch, b. Sj^c 'ukkaza-t (pi. uv\ 

-kt,y£\£* 'akakiz). 
Cry, v. (aloud) c^* ?ah, yaaih ; ty 

sarab, yasruh. — (lament) c^ nah, 

yanuh ; J^ walwal, yuwalwil. — 

(weep) Jn baka, yabki; g*»> 

dama', yadma* ; damma', yu- 

dammi'. — (proclaim) ^\i nada, 

Cry, s. cW-» eiyab; l*y* sarha-t; 

cy naub; ^4* nauha-t. — (weep- 
ing) ; V£j buka\ 
Crystal, b. sj* billur (pi. j<*h 

balalir) ; >£*& y+* bajar al-bil- 

Crystallisation, a. *>Uflr^ injimad ; 

JJv tajlid. 
Crystallise, v.a. «u*. jammad, yu- 

jammid; jfjb J** ye* sayyar 

misl al-billur, yusayyir; n. jU 

j£J\ j£* sar niial al-billur, yasir. 
Cub, 8. (fox) £*jU* mu'awiva-t. — 

(lion) J-a. &bl (pi. JWM aSbal, 

J^_jA 6ubM, MW* sibal, J— e*t 

aibul). — (bear) j<A* s*° dubb 

Cube, *. s-*** ka'ab (pi. *r>f$ 

ku'iib, s^*ki<ab). 
Cubic, Cubical, adi. s-«*** mu- 

Cubit, 8. g^ zira* (pi. £j^ azru*). 
Cuckold, b. *±>ji*> dayyug ; j^o 

saqqur ; ($/>+ muqrin. 
Cuckoo, b. ff kuku ; jft waq- 

Cucumber, b. j^ hiyar; ^* 

'ajjur ; Ui qiga. 
Cud, 8. S^. jirra-t (pi. S^ ajir- 

Cudgel, b. **>^i nabbut (pi. u^^Li 

Cudoel, v. «>^W sj^ (Jarab bi-'n- 

nabbut, yadrib. 
Cuff, b. (blow) WJ la^ma-t. — (of a 

sleeve) u c^3^\ j»U^ fyU dayira-t 

li-akmam al-qamie. 
Cuff, v. ^ la(am, yaltim. 
Cuirass, b. £^*> dir* (pi. £jy»> duni*, 

J\)*>^ adra*) ; k*fi zardiya-t. 
Cuira8sieb, 8. £;J^ mudariTt'. 
Culinary, adj. ij&d* matbabi-y. 
Cull, v. (gather) «-A^i qa^af , yuqtif ; 

v.5^ jana, yajni. — (select) jud>\ 

ihtar, yahtar; s-^* nabab, yan- 

Culm, b. «^W* «J^- saq nabat (pi. 

0^-. siqan) ; fiLsA ^atla-t. 
Culminate, v. **$ kabbad, yukab- 

Culpability, 8. &+tj* jarima-t. 
Culpable, adj., Culprit, b. s-*^ 

muznib ; ft+* mujrim. 
Cultivate, Culture, v. (the soil) 

ijbj}\ pj>6» badam al-ard, yabdum ; 

^ fall ah, yufallih; y+* 'amar, 

ya'mur. — (the mind) s^ addab, 

Cultivation, Culture, b. (of the 

earth) U* falaha-t ; <?& taflih ; 

&\j* l^ar&ga-t; Wjj zara'a-t. — 

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(improvement in general) *<>>/ 

tarbiya-t ; s-»^ ta'addub. 
Cumber, v. (load) <JL* Ja» saqqal 

'ala, yugaqqil. — (stop) <-Jtfj waq- 

qaf, yuwaqqif; g — *-* man a, 

Cumbersome, Cumbrous, adj. 

s-**** mut'ib ; J**» saqil ; 

Cumbrance, *. fltf §aqla-t ; 

ta'ab ; ^ kadd ; g*U mani' (pi. 

g*\y mawani'). 
Cummin, 8. <$y£ kammun ; qf*& 

Cunning, adj. J6* makkar ; <fl*t± 

sai^an ; JU** inuhtal. 
Cunning, *. &«**» hila-t (pi. J**- 

ljiyal) ; &+ makr ; ±£ kaid (pi. 

j^ kiyta). 
Cup, s. c^qadah (pi. t^ aqdah) ; 

o*VS kas (pi. «U* kasat, ^Y 

Cup, v. (bleed) ^%»- ha jam, yahjum. 
Cup-bearer, s. ^U gaqi (pi. «wU-. 

suqat, «- suqi-y, ^58- suqqa). 
Cupboard, s. «^*. hazana-t (pi. 

<£j^ hazayin) ; <;)^-/» huristan 

(pi. cyUU-^ huristanat). 
Cupidity, *. Sje* sahwa-t; g*I» 

tama' ; yj>f* hire. 
Cupola, a. *** qubba-t (pi. s-^5 

qubab) ; <j>j-W jamlun ; &£*► 

hu£sa-t (pi. ^./^a^husaS). 
Cupper, s. f\+** hajjam ; £\^* bar- 
Cupping-glass, s. (**<*• mihjam 

(pi. ^W* mahajim). 
Cur, 8. s-K kalb (pi. v>^ kilab). 
Curacy, s. £**#*> huraniya-t. 
Curate, «. ^j*. huri-y (pi. &j^ 

hawarina-t ; i<V. cure). 
Curator, *. e^V* mu'taman. 
Curb, *. pV^J lijam (pi. ^ lujum, 

&*^J\ aljima-t) ; «*U fakk (pi. 

*>Krt afkak, ^ fukuk).— 

(restraint) W-* dabt ; J-** man*. 
Curb, v. ^ lajam, yaljum ; ^\ 

aljam, yuljim. 
Curd, 8. v>*/* s-J^ halib muraw- 

wab ; shI\> e** laoan rayib ; v>jy 

raub ; h$ rauba-t. 

Curd, Curdle, v. a. s^ rawwab, 

yurawwib; n. v>\> rab, yarub. 
Cure, s. S\j\a* mudawat ; && 'ilaj ; 

^*> diwa\ 
Cure, t>. (&ea/) ^*> dawa, yudawi ; 

gJVc 4 Alaj, yu'alij ; <j*, £afa, 

yaifi; s^J» tayyab, yujayyib. — 

(ptcfcZc) e^* mallah, yumatiih. 
Cureless, ad/. JUe 'a^jal. 
Curiosity, 0. (inquisitiveness) 

R±\±+ mudahala-t. — (rarity) &*** 

tuhfa-t (pi. «-** tuhaf); *-** 

nafisa-t (pi. u-*te nafayis) ; &j^U 

Curious, o<2/. (inquisitive) Ja»W 

mudahil ; u % * • mutajassis ; 

^5-afti—^ mustaq8i. — (rare) ^*>^* 

nadir; s-st^ ganb. 
Curl, *. j«Ai £2L halqa-t sa'r (pi. 

vu\ -at, <jk- halaq); Jtf^ ja'd; 

Sj^^ ja'da-t (pi. *>W ji'ad). 
Curl, v. **+ ja"ad, yuja"id. 
Currant, 8. {Corinthian grapes) 

U m ,».. »X kismi^. — (fresh) s— ** 

s-J^\ 'inab ag-sa'lab (pi. s^^^ 

Currency, s. 0^*- sairan; ^W 

jarayan. — (of money) **tf tarwn. 
Current, adj. <j,jW ]ari; g-iij 

Current, a. J<^- sail (pi. Jj*~ 

Curricle, s. &%e 'ajala-t (pi. J^c 

'ijal, JW* c ijal). 
Currier, a. ^»> dabbag ; <£*>£+ 

Curry, v. A**> dabag, yadbug, yad- 

bag, yadbig. — (a horse) j*+ jabar, 

yaj bur ; j^ qas^aq, yuqa^siq. 
Curry-comb, s. ip* jabra-t ; & ** *? • 

Curse, v. ^ la'an, yal'an ; ^ Vc*> 

da 4 a *ala, yad*u, yad'i ; J« bahal, 

Curse, s. &*J la'ana-t. 
Curt, adj. ^-5 qasir. 
Curtail, v. fXf qartam, yuqartim ; 

?* qassar, yuqa§sir. 
Curtain, s. SjU- sitara-t (pi. ^U- 
. satayir) ; ju. sitr (pi. >f- sutur) ; 

^t^->^ burdaya-t. 

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Cubtain, v. **~ gattar, yusattir ; 

«*■*»» hajjab, yuhajjib. 
Cubtness, s. y& qusr. 
Cubtsby, a. Ust»\ inhina'. 
Cubvb, a. jla^u U* hatt muqantar ; 

o - * ^* **- h^tt munhani. 
Cubvb, v. tf* 'awwaj, yu'awwij; 

«j*»* hana, yahni. 
Cubyilineab, adj. J*auS\ L^tt JJU 

misl al-haft al-muqantar. 
Cushion, 8. as ~ ~ * masnad (pi. «tfl~* 

masanid) ; .*«&• maq'ad (pi. 

•**V«* maqa'id) ; SoUj wisada-t. — 

(cushion of honour) pifi takrim ; 

i+j& takrima-t. 
Custody, 8. ^ rasd, rasad ; l-\f* 

hirasa-t ; l**- hif z ; ^j***. habs. 
Custom, a. {manner, habit) 8*>Vc 

'ada-t (pi. 4>\j* 'awayid) ; (+* } 

rasm (pi. ,•*-> rusftm) ; s^U 

da'b (pi. v>V^ ad'ub). — (impost) 

v~S* maks (pi. <^j** mukus) ; 

j*-; rasm (pi. ^j-j rusftm) ; **);*£ 

kumruk (gumruk, Turk.). 
Customaby, adj. *>Vx*» mutad; 

^4-j rasmi-y ; «-ijJU ma'Kif . 
Custombb, 8. ^jUi sari (pi. \/i 

£urra) ; isf**" mus^ari ; g^j 


9 [Dam 

Custom-house, 8. dy+&\ t*** bet 

al-kumruk ; *-*l aklfr«£ kumruk- 

Cut, v. g& qataS yaqta'. — (tnto 

pieces) (&& qa^ta', yuqatti. — 

(carve) (J& naqai, yanqas*. 
Cut, 8. £& qaf ; &* qata't. 
Cutlass, s. «-A*- saif (pi. <J^«~ 

Cutlbb, a. <j*fi fl £- sakakini-y; 

0^» sakkan. 
Cut-pubse, a. j^U sariq (pi. j^- 

surraq ; j\> tarrar ; JUi na&al. 
Cut-thboat, *. jfcjiaN glVi q&ti* at- 

tarfq (pi. eU»B qut&S ^i qut') ; 

JLai JUi qattal qatli-y. 
Cycle, *. >y± daur (pi. y^o^ adwar). 
Cyclic, Cyclical, adj.^* dauri-y. 
Cyclopcedia, 8. ($y*d\ £+**• majma' 

al-funftn (pi. g*W* majami'). 
Cylinder, 8. *>y*l* 'amud; *>j*e 

'umftd (pi. &ue\ a'mida-t, >V*^ 

'awamid); &tjL»t ustuwana-t. 
Cylindbical, adj. ^^Vc 'amiidi-y. 
Cymbal, a. gJ-> sanj (pi. ^ 

Cymbalist, a. &U* sannaj. 
Cypheb, *. see Cipher. 
Cypbess, 8. )j~ sarw ; 8p» sarwa-t. 


Daffodil, 8. im ^- hanga (pi. ^yW. 

Dagger, a. ^«- hanjar (pi. ^Ua. 

Daily, a<2;. ^y yaumi-y. 
Daintiness, 8. iMy nazaka-t ; ^VIol 

la^afa-t; tt^k zarafa-t. 
Dainty, adj. ^ laziz (pi. J3 luzz, 

•>U lizaz); cJ^oJ latff; *X& 

nazif (pi. ^*V!b» nizaf). 
Dairy, «. oUsAk ^iftlik (Turk. 

Dairy-maid, «. WW haliba-t ; &M 

Dairyman, 8. s-^W halib (pi. ^- 
halaba-t) ; ^W labban. 

Daisy, *. ^IjU^ j*} zahr al-lAlA. 

Dalliance, 8. (fondling) <jUJ ta- 
malluq; <*J&s talattuf. — (pro- 
crastination) y<A^ ta'hir. 

Dally, v. (fondle) <jl* mallaq, yu- 
malliq; *JH3 lataf, yulatif).— 
(trifle) tj* haraj, yahrij. — (delay) 
j^«? ta'awwaq, yata'awwaq. 

Dam, 8. SjJ\^ walida-t ; ^ umm (pi. 
d>U ummat, «t>^«\ ummahat). — 
(rft^) ♦— ^ jisr (pi. j^-^. jusflr) ; 
a- suad (pi. «yu suaiid). 


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Dam, v. Ju sadd, yasudd. 
Damage, s. %*> darar ; iy** ma^ar- 

ra-t ; Sjl—s. hasara-t. — (damages) 

SjL-a. ijtf 3 ta'wid hasara-t ; <j&j* 

'awad ; £*jU* mu'awada-t. 
Damage, v. f> $arr, yacjurr; />\ 

adarr, yu^irr. 
Damask, 8. (silk) Vafc*£ kamha; 

j +> & * musajjar. 
Dame, s. &- sitta-t (pi. «£>U~ 

Damn, v. <J* nafa, yanfi ; j&\ 

ankar, yunkir; ,*4*ft J**^ ad- 

hal al-jahannam, yudhil. 
Damnation, *. ^$^\ d%£\ al-halak 

Damned, adj. «sUU halik; of** 

ma'lun; f * * Q + i \ J^ ^ min ahl 

Damp, adj. s-J»j ratib; ^ nadi; 

0Vt^ nadyan. 
Damp, v. h^ rattab, yurattib ; ^ 

nadda, yunaddi. — (depress) *u*A 

ahmad, yuhniid. 
Damp, Dampness, *. <kfo rutuba-t ; 

fy& nadawa-t. 
Damsel, *. h*~ sabiya-t (pi. V*L* 

sabaya) ; kjW jariya-t (pi. ^j\yt 

Damson, s. <j>W\ ijjas (Egypt); 

Gf- hauj (Syria). 
Dance, s. yoB, raq? (pi. <^l> 

ruqus) ; &+**. ^anjala-t. 
Dance, v. ^j raqas, yarqus ; J***** 

tahanjal, yatahanjal. 
Dancer, s. jMj raqqas. 
Dandelion, s. s*Xfi\ J^ rajl al- 

Dandle, v.a. s-*S te'ab, yula'ib ; 

s-*H al'ab, yul'ib ; jyfcj zahzaq, 

yuzahziq ; n. yo^c 'arqae, yu'ar- 

Dandy, *. j.u£ gandar ; #**& gun- 

dur (pi. SyUfc ganadira-t). 
Danger, s. J*, ha^ar (pi. J3*l\ 

afetar) ; S^Uy muhatara-t ; *->*. 

hof ; Jj-a haul (pi. J\j-a1 ah- 

wal). ^ 

Dangeeous, adj. U^. muhif; 

t-ifia* muhawwif ; }*» ha^ir. " 

Dangerousness, s. 2^U** muha- 

Dangle, v. <jk* ta'allaq, yata'al- 
laq ; Jj$ tadalla, yatadafla. 

Dare, v. (venture) v» j^ ha^ar bi, 
ynhatir. — (defy) ^ tfpr tajah- 
ram 'ala, yatajahram; ^a-\ 
istahtar, yastahtir. 

Daring, adj. j~W jasir. 

Daring, Daringness, s. *;*— •* 

Dark, at*/, ^c 'atim; f*s** mu- 
'attam ; (J*>+ muzlim. — (of mean- 
ing) f*&y mubham; M^ .mu^- 

Darken, v. jJM aglam, yuzlim ; 
^xc 'attain, yu'attim. 

Darkness, *. &*** 'atma-t; £♦& 
zulma-t ; jX-fe galam ; ij* x ,.i f> 
hindis (pi. (j-»>Uo. hanadis). 

Darling, ». s hm* tabib, f. S (pi. 
v»W^\ ahbab, W ahibb4', ^^ 
ahibba-t, s-^W»- habayib) ; y**)^ 
nur 'ain; o^y S**> samara- 1 fci- 
wad (both with affixed pro- 

Darling, adj. s->j*^* mahbub ; 
^ *aziz. 

Dart, s. hf» harba-t ; j^ mizraq 
(pi. (Ji^y* mazariq). 

Dart, v. ^j rama, yarmi; «-i*W 
hazaf, yahzif . 

Dash, v. ^J latam, yaltuni; ^^-» 
sadam, ya^dim. — (as waves) cj*s 
tamawwaj, yatamawwaj. 

Dash, s. &M la^ma-t; &••*«> sad- 
ma-t ; i-^*>U^ mu^adama-t. — 
(line) ^ hatt- 

Dastard, a., adj. ($W jaban. 

Date, s. (time) ^4>Vj ta'rih (pi. 
&j\y tawarih). — (fruit) y*s tamr, 
ly» tamra-t (pi. juS\ atmar, jUS 
timar, ^ tumur) ; s-^-i qasb ; 
&e-~5 qasba-t. — (fresh) ^ balah, 
^l» balaha-t; s-J»j ru^ab, &J*) 

Date, v. tj arrah, yu'arrih. 

Dative, *. <JJ^5 Jj»a- maf'ul li- 

Daub, s. <jk*& tahbis. 

Daub, t?. go**- habbaf, yuhabbia. 

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Daughter, a. <**** bint (pi. ws>U* 

banat) ; <3?Ve «atiq (pi. O^j* 

Daughter- in-law, a. ^!M 8\y»\ 

imrat al-ibn; &tf kanna-t (pi. 

yiSsS kanayin). 
Daunt, v. ±*±\ abmad, yuhmid. 
Dauntless, adj. j-W jasir (pi. 

j-\y* jawasir) ; jy~« ► jasur (pi. 

^-^ jusr, jusur); J&J* ^ zu 

Daw, s. hj& 'aqariya-t. 
Dawn, a. jW*3\ &*1I» tal'a-t an-nabar ; 

j%aN <JM» Saqq al-fajr. 
Dawn, v. j+&\ <JM» Saqq al-fajr, 

yaiuqq; y&\ g& tala' ad-4u', 

Day, a. (twenty-four hours) f»y 

yaum, yom (pi. fVrt ay yam). — 

(from sunrise to sunset) f& nabar 

(pi. j9 nuhur, Sjty nabara-t). 
Day-break, a. see Dawn. 
Day-light, a. y*> du\ 
Daze, v. ty* dawwab, yudawwib ; 

yj*i)» $awwa£, yutawwis. 
Dazzle, v. je* jabar, yajbar ; J^j 

}*A\ zaglal an-nazar, yuzaglil. 
Deacon, a. ^*Ua Gammas (pi. £«Ua 

Dead, adj. «*-** mayyit (pi. **Ay\ 

amwat) ; ^y mauta ; <^f" 

mutawaffa. — {inanimate) *+W 

Deaden, v. «-A*a da"af, yuda"if ; 

iJbc*\ a4'af, yud'if ; y**\ a'jaz, 

Deadly, adj. JAs qatil; *s\i$* mub- 

lik ; «j - »»* mumit. 
Deadness, a. (rigidity)^ badar; 

j\j**\ inbidar. — (of trade) aL-£ 

Deaf, adj. v>>^ ajraa, f . W^L {arsa' 

(pL ^^ turS) ; f^o\ asamm, f. 

U-» samma' (pi. ^-» summ). 
Deafen, t;. \j»)* tarrai, yutarrii; 

^y» tawwai, yu^awwiS. 
Deafness, s. \j>}° taras; &*jL 

torsa-t ; f*** samam. 
Deal, a. (quantity) j<& qadr (pi. 
^Jtft aqdar) ; £^ kammiya-t. — 

(board) *-**> daff j &«> daffa-t (pi. 

«-iy*> dufuf); *~f lauta-t (pL 

c\jN alwah). 
Deal, v. (distribute) f>~* qasam, 

yaqsim; qassam, yuqassim; &£ 

farraq, yufarriq. — (traffic) v*V> 

tajar, yutajir. — (behave) J*^ 

'amal, yu'amil. 
Dealer, s. (at cards) j^ j*-V5 qasim 

Dealing, s. SjW* tijara-t; J** 

'amal. — ( plain dealing) &i\x* 

sadaqa-t. — (double dealing) ^ 

Dear, adj. (costly, expensive) <^te 

gali. — (beloved) fy* 'aziz (pi. \jyfc 

'uzaza', fy\ a'izza-t); s-»j*^* 

D earn ess, 8. ^ gala'. 
Dearth/ s. v»^ jadb ; £fcl^* ma- 

ja'a-t (pi. & W* majayi'). 
Death, a. «y^» maut ; oW mamat ; 

u^U^ wafat; ^y tawaffi; Uu*> 

tutf (pi. «-*yto. hutuf). — (violent 

death) j+**\ ^>y maut ahmar. 
Deathless, adj. **>jh % la yamut ; 

f»>\«> dayim ; ^U,^ muballad. 
Debar, v. pj*> haram, yahrim; *> 

radd, yanidd. 
Debase, v. /*» taqqar, yubaqqir. 
Debasement, s. JJ^» tazlil. 
Debate, s. ^»-W^ mubaba§a-t; 

iXoV^* mujadala-t. 
Debate, v. <$* «^^^ ba^ag 'an, yu- 

Debauch, a. ^W^ inbimak; ^>Ui 

f asad ; J-i fisq ; 8^ sabwa-t. 
Debauch, v. <JM fassaq, yufassiq ; 

«eXsA batak, yabtik. 
Debilitate, v. «-*** 4a"af, yu- 

4a"if ; «-A*a^ a4*af, ytuj'if. 
Debility, a. «-*** <Ja'f, 4u'f . 
Debit, a. &*k ^^ Qjt**ft ad-duyun 

allati 'alehi. 
Debt, a. ^»> dain (pi. ^ a duyun) ; 

^ qar4 (pi. ^/ quru^). 
Debtor, a. oy^« madyun. 
Decadence, a. v»^/- harab; J\>) 

Decagon, a. y^» mu'a^^ar. 
Decalogue, a. «wUJ^ yt«J\ al-'asar 

kalimat ; ^\ ^^ waaaya allab. 

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Decamp, v. J^ racial, yarhaL — 

(hastily) s-»i* harab, yanrub. 
Decant, t;. uf J\ \i\ ^ £y farrag 

min ina ila ina, yuf arrig. 
Decanter, a. &***» £isa-t. 
Decapitate, v. ^J^ (& qafa' ar- 
ras, yaqta* ; <JM*N s*/* <Jarab al- 

'unq, yaiflrib. 
Decapitation, a. y*yt ^aB qat* 

ar-ras ; <JM«N s*/* 4arb al-'unq. 
Decay, t?. M> habat, yahbit, yab- 

Decay, a. J^j ziwal. 
Decease, a. «*>*• maut ; SU^ riljla-t ; 

JUtf\ intiqal; «*Vij wafat. 
Decease, v. **>U mat, yamut ; ^f 

tuwuffi, yutawaffa (fcass. V.). 
Deceit, a. J^ gi£s; gj*» haun, 

hon ; j&» makr ; £**• had*. 
Deceitful, ad/. J*»U± gaisai ; j*»te 

ga& ; fW hadda' ; ^ makkar. 
Deceitfulness, a. & W- hiyana-t ; 

£W hida'. 
Deceive, v. <J±& gaiS, yagu^s" ; q\± 

han, yahun; ^j*. hawwan, yu- 

hawwin. — (mislead) <j^ gawa, 

yagwi ; J* <Jall, yacjill. 
December, a. J^ ^ytf kanun al- 

Decency, a. s>^ adab ; *r>j*jtt al- 

wujub ; &VJ liyaqa-t ; &♦**•. 

Decent, adj. «J*^ lajiQ; s— ^** 

munasib; ( ^ ♦■■O^ s-»^) <J*y» 

muwafiq (li - '1 - adab wa-'l-IjiS- 

ma-t) ; <j+*~* trismi-y. 
Deception, a. see Deceit. 
Decide, v. «-** batt, yabitt; pf* 

takam, ya^kum ; g-Ui qafa', 

yaqta'; ^ qa4a, yaqdi. 
Decimal, adj., a. ^Ua 'iSari-y; 

^j^tMS ta^iri-y ; ^aa IjAa «asara-t 

Decimate, v. y*** 'a&ar, yu'aisur. 
Decimation, a. j#&*s ta'slr. 
Decipher, v. y** 'abbar, yu'abbir ; 

y~i fassar, yufassir. 
Decision, 8. ^ hukm (pi. f\£*\ 

afckam) ; J-a* fasl (pi. Jj** 

f usul) ; i£fi fatwa (pL ^^ 

fatawa). — (of character) s-^ fyi 

quwwa-t qalb; ^ bazm; M)* 

Decisive, adj. <jS* batti-y; £M 

Decisiveness, a. l+f+» l^ukuma-t. 
Deck, 8. «*^*tt ^k- sath al-markab 

(pi. c£- sutufc); v^ Jly 

fauqani-y al-markab; ^ bont 

(pont) ; ^A- saqifa-t (pL «-AiU- 

Deck, i?. ^j zayyan, yuzayyin; 

J|jj zawwaq, yuzawwiq. 
Declaim, e. ±£i\ an^ad, yun£id ; 

s-t^ hatab, yuhatib. 
Declamation, a. £*Uafc* muhata- 

ba-t ; kytit un^iida-t (pL i^^^ 

Declaration, 8. jW**»^ iitihar; jtjB 

taqrir ; «-A^ ta'rif . 
Declare, v. (publish) j&>\ ashar, 

yu&iir; j$>\ aghar, yughir. — 

(affirm) >f qarrar, yuqarrir. 
Declension, s. (inflexion of nouns) 

Um}\ <Jfcjtj*F tasrif al-asma ; v»^ 

Decline, v. (refuse) ^ radd, yar- 

rud ; ^\ aba, ya'ba. — (diminish) 

ij& naqas, vanqus ; { j&xi\ inta- 

qas, yantaqis; J\j zal, yazal 

(yazil). — (a no«n) uy» sarraf, 

yusarrif ; s^ 'arrab, yu'arrib. 
Declivity, s. S^ wahda-t; fly 

nazla-t ; j^ hadiir. 
Decoct, v. g» naqqa', yunaqqi*. 
Decoction, s. g**» naqi*. 
Decompose, v. J*» hall, yahull; 

«aU fakk, yafukk. — (rot) ^^X 

in'afan, yan'afin; q**5 ta'affan, 

Decorate, v. q\) zan, yazin ; &i) 

zayyan, yazayyin; j^j zawwaq, 

yuzawwiq|; «-i/.j zahraf, yuzah- 

Decoration, a. &H) zina-t; ,j^} 

zawaq ; Uj^) zuhruf ; llj**} zah- 

Decorous, adj. <&} layiq; s^^* 

munasib ; s-^j wajib. 
Decorousness, Decorum, s. &*~U* 

munasaba-t ; ii^J liyaqa-t. 
Decoy, v. s*«W jazab, yajzub ; jt 

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garr, yagurr; }) t garrar, vu- 

garrir ; g*l» tamma', yutammi*. 
Decoy, s. **«k tu'ma-t (pi. ^ 

Decrease, v. a. <j& naqqas, yu- 

aaqqi?; J* 5 qallal, yuqallil; n. 

ij& naqas, yanqus; K jate\ in- 

taqas, yantaqis ; J* qall, yaqill. 
Decrease, s. j& naq$ ; <£*& nuq- 

§an ; ^Uurt intiqas. 
Decree, 5. ^ amr (pi. y\£ awa- 



bukm (pi. f{-£*A 

afckam j ; ^Uy farman (pi. <£e*V 

faramin). — (of God) UB qacja 

(pi. **-4i\ aqdiya-t). 
Decree, r. y\ amar, ya'mur ; ,%*•- 

hakam, yahkuni. 
Decrepit, ad/. ^ harim; yA* 
'awajiz); y*+* 

'ajiz (pi. v^je 'awaj 
'ajiz (pi. eV%* 'ajzan) 

Decrepitude, s. j%c 'ajaz ; ^ 

Decry, t;. ^ zamm, yazumm ; p*3 
zammam, yuzammim. 

Dedicate, v. (consecrate) v*<& 
qaddas, yuqaddis; ^a- 
yuhassis ; *-*** waqaf , yaqif. 

Dedication, s. u-.-iJds taqdis ; 
j*t*& tahsis. — (0/ a book) \ub\ 
ihda' ; &*i& taqdima-t (pi. foto 

Deduce, v. q&\ antaj, yuntij; 
g£*2«»1 istantaj, yastantij. 

Deduct, t;. U-^ asqat, yusqif ; (*** 
hasam, yahkum; t]* tara^, ya(- 

Deduction, s. (inference) &%** 
natija-t (pL g^to natayij) ; gU«-\ 
istintaj. — {abatement, subtrac- 
tion) f***- hagm ; p~±> hasm ; SaL 
«aqt; C>*arfc. 

Deed, s. (action) J** 'ami (pi. 
JUftt a'mal); *Ue 'amla-t (pi. 
JiUc 'ainayil, «y!Uc 'amlat) ; J»* 
fi'l (pi. JUi\ af'al).— (document) 
**■* bujja-t (pi. g**. fcujaj); 
J%- eijill (pi. va>)^ sijillat) ; 
J^- sijl (pi. J%~ sujul). 

Dee m, v. <j± zann, yazunn ; s « "-» 
^asab, ya^sib. 

Deep, od}'. «j*** 'amiq ; j&* qa'ir. 

— (o^wwre) ,/Sj* g&wis; t>*te 

gamid ; J^» mus'kil. — (saga- 
cious) J**J\ ^/«i zaki-y al-'aql; 

JLy s-~U sahib firasa-t. 
Deep, s. (the sea) ^ lujj ; &V 

lujja-t (pi. cV lujaj). 
Deepen, t>. a. <JK* 'ammaq, yu'am- 

miq ; &+&\ a'maq, yu'miq ; ». 

v>**> ta'ammaq, yata'ammaq. 
Deepness, s. <3** 'umq ; ^jt gaue. 
Deer, «. ,jA zaby (pi. s~M azbib, 

ijJA azbi, W^ ziba', ^ zubi-y, 

«>WA zabayat); J^ gazal (pi. 

fiyfc gizla-t, (^H>fc gizlan). 
Deface, v. (disfigure) »y* sawwah, 

yusawwih ; gA» bai^a', yubassV ; 

^aa haiiam, yuha^im. — (erase) 

<-5 ^« maha, yamti, yamhil ; ^— * 

nasah, yansah. 
Defalcate, v. f**\j*y j^- saraq 

dirabim, yasriq. 
Defalcation, s. &j- sariqa-t ; ^M 

Defamation, s. \fh\ iftira' ; ^\ 

ittiham ; 0^ but tan ; &*s* 

Defamatory, adj. £** mufdih ; 

^j^a hatkiyy. 
Defame, v. £-&* fadah, yafdah ; 

ciXsa hatak, yahtik; A^fi y*& 

kasar *ir$hu, yak sir. 
Default, s. J*U? tagaful; J^V 

tahamul ; ^^-a» qusur ; ^B? taq- 

§ir ; j& naqs ; ^^»» nuqsan. 
Defaulter, s. f*\y± jjC sariq 

Defeat, v. y~S kasar, yaksir ; fp 

hazzam, yuhazzim. — (frustrate) 

s-«^ hayyab, yuhayyib ; JW\ 

ab^al, yub^il. 
Defeat, *. ^kaer; S^kasra-t; 

f\y$\ inhizam. 
Defect, s. (deficiency) p** *adm; 

&i qilla-t ; j& naqs. — (blemish) 

s-** 'aib (pi. *r>y+* 'uyiib) ; ^J^ 

gal^a-t ; &*{* 'aha-t. 
Defection, ». S\jsA irtidad ; j\&\ 

inkar ; <$W** 'isyan. 
Defective, ooj. <joft* naqis ; v»^t*^ 

Defectiveness, s. &•»& naqiea-t. 

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Defence, s. b&\j* mudifa'a-t; 

ijW himaya-t; Sti\^* muha- 

faza-t. — (in a law suit) SUV^* 

muhamat ; hy tabriya-t. 
Defend, v. ^ giU dafa' 'an, yu- 

dafi* ; i$* <^**~ hama 'an, yahini ; 

^ Oj radd 'an, yarudd ; (^ ^^ 

hama 'an, yuhami. 
Defendant, s. (in a law suit) v^**** 

Aelc mudda'a 'alehi. 
Defer, v. Je^ amhal, yamhil ; f>\ 

ahhar, yu'ahhir ; %^S^ hazaf , yu- 

Deference, *. (respect) j{*s*\ i'ti- 

bar ; (*\£\ ikram. — (submission) 

lz\L *a'a-t. 
Deferential, adj. gja* mutf* ; 

g*U hadi* ; &\f" mutawadi*. 
Defiance, s. ytjt* tabriz; &"j&- 

Deficiency, s. >r* qusur; ^Ua* 

Deficient, adj. <j&\* naqi§ ; jy**» 

maq?ur; f*- muqaf^ir. 
Deficit, *. ^ qu§ur ; t** 'udm ; 

<j& naq§. 
Defile, v. ^^ dannas, yudannis ; 

u ^r najjas, yunajjis ; *±>y law- 
was, yulawwig ; £-j wassah, yu- 

Defilement, a. *-^ danasa-t ; 

&~\cr najasa-t. 
Define, v. (limit) *>^o. ^addad, yu- 

haddid. — (explain) *-^c 'arraf, 

Definite, adj. (limited) *>j«W* 

mahdud ; «>.»-** muhaddad. — 

(exact) &f> $arih ; kj--A* uia4but ; 

)fi+ muqarrar ; {$<&• mu'ayyan. 
Definition, s. *-Mf3 ta'rif (pi. *&>\ 

-at, U*j\j* ta'arif). 
Definitive, adj. gLVi qati* ; ^Ui 

Deflect, v. u^\ inharaf, yan- 

harif ; s-^- janab, yajnib. 
Deflection, s. *-*y^ inhiraf ; J** 

Defloration, a. ^Usrt iftidacl. 
Defluxion, 8. (cold) J^y nuzul ; 

fly nazla-t ; {&) zukam. 
Deform, v. g** 6anna', yuSanni* j 

^—ei qabbah, yuqabbih; g— ** 

baisV, yuba&i*. 
Deformity, «. £fc^ baia'a-t ; £fcL* 

Defraud, v. <jk* ga£6, yagu£s; 

£j** hada', yahda* ; j^ gadar, 

yagdir, yagdur. 
Defray, *. ^ wafa, yafi; g**> 

dafa', yadfa*. 
Defunct, adj., s. try marhum; 

^y*** magf ur ; ^?" mutawaffa. 
Defy, t;. (challenge) j;W baraz, yu- 

bariz. — (set at defiance) tj9^ 

tajahram, yatajharam. 
Degeneracy, s. *J& talaf ; *A— Art 

Degenerate, v. U& talif, yatlaf ; 

J^Jkrt infasad, yanfasid ; <$* jt& 

6le\ l^L tagayyar 'an tiba-t ael- 

hu, yatagayyar. 
Degenerate, adj. *>j*~a* mafs&d; 

Degrade, v. (depose) J^e 'aza!, 
ya'zil ; 'azzal, yu'azzU. — (dis- 
grace) £& fadah, yafdah; J3j 
razzal, yurazzil. — (in both senses) 
&>) wada', yada*. 

Degradation, *. J>c 'azl; Jj^» 
ta'zil. — (disgrace) J«i zall ; JeJ^» 
tazlil ; ji^y tarzil. 

Degree, s. (rank) ^*> daraja-t (pi. 
t)^ daraj) ; &y* manzala-t (pi. 
JjU* manazil) ; l*y martaba-t 
(pi. s-^V* maratib). — (measure, 
extent) )<& qadr. — (lineage) s-*-^ 
nasab (pi. ^>\~!\ ansab). — (in 
geometry) &►;*> daraj a- 1. 

Deify, v. &\ allah, yu'allUi. 

Deign, v. (condescend) JjUl tana- 
zal, yatanazal; J-^ tafad(}al, 

Deject, v. ^- hazzan, yu^azzin ; 

Ci gamm, yagumm; s-«W j~& 
asar al-qalb, yaksir. 
Dejection, *. ^*-» sawda* ; sp*' 

humiid; bf* kaba-t. 
Delay, v.a. ^A ahhar, yu'ahhir; 
yS ahar, yuhir; J«^\ amhal, 
yumhil ; n. *±+J labi^, yalbas ; 
Jr 5 ta'awwaq, yata'awwaq. 
Delay, s. *JUy tawaqquf; j^s 

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Whir ; *±~t* lubs ; &*• mahla-t ; 

i±* mudda-t. 
Delectable, adj. s->yy» margub ; 

*l& laziz ; ^e* 3ahi-y. 
Delectation, *. !&*> hazz (pi. W 

ahuzz, ky&a. huzuz, ^ huzzi Ac.) ; 

jjj- surur ; *>^» talazzuz. 
Delegate, a. s-s^ navib (pi. v»V 

nuwwab); Jj~j rasul (pi. J-j 

ru8ul); JA wakil (pi. K« wu- 

Delegate, v. J^ wakkal, yuwak- 

kil ; v>y nawwab, yunawwib. 
Delete, v. <J^* mahaq, yamhaq ; 

mahhaq, yumahhiq. 
Deleterious, adj. <joX» mahiq 

(pi. <j*.\f mawahiq) ; y±+ mu- 

dkmmir; *&*• niuhlik. 
Deletion, e. <3^* mahq ; jW* 

Delibebate, i?. ^j* £& tafakkar f!, 

yatafakkar; ^ J*^ ta'ammal 

fi, yata'ammal ; jjUJ taiawar, 

yatasawar ; /\& tazakar, yata- 

Deliberate, adj. j*a* mudabbir; 

)f*f muhtariz. — (slow) Jaj bati* 

(pi. U* biU')- 
Deliberation, 8. J**^> ta'auimul ; 

/& tafakkur ; SjjjU** musawara-t ; 

<J°\s ta'anni. 
Delicacy, s. (fineness of texture) 

iff* Jarawa-t; &^ liyana-t; 

&j riqqa-t. — (elegance) &ty naza- 

ka-t; &JJ latifa-t (pi. «-*|\U 

latayif). — (nicety) SJJ lazza-t. 
Delicate, <w£/. (fine of texture* 

soft) ,jai) raqiq (pi. jU, riqaq, 

Vi^ arriqa') ; ^cU na'ini ; ^ 

layyin. — (dainty) h& laziz ; (j~e# 

nafis. — (weak) U^ec* nahif. 
Delicious, ad/. »toU mulazzaz ; 

j«jj laziz ; {jr~s& Dafis. 
Deliciousnbss, *. &~to nafasa-t ; 

SjJ lazza-t ; ^*U» talazzuz. 
Delight, t>.a. ga» bahaj, yabhaj ; 

gtt^ abhaj, yubhij ; ^ lazzaz, 

rtilazziz ; w-. •>•& talazzaz, yata- 

Delioht, s. ^ hazz (pi. ^^ 

huzuz, ^- huzz, &c.) ; S^ ma- 

sarra-t ; SA5 lazza-t. 
Delightful, a<i/. J*& laziz; c/" 

Delineate, v. (*~j rasam, yarsum ; 

jjo sawwar, yusawwir. 
Delineation, s. f*~*j rasm (pi. fy+) 

rusum, (*~j\ arsum) ; jty* taewir 

(pi. j>jus tasawir). 
Delinquency, a. py* jurm (pi. 

fyf* jurum) ; s-*^ zamb (pi. s-»y»* 

Delinquent, s. s-**^ muznib ; 

?)++ mujrim. 
Delibiou8, adj. ^ J^» mihzar ; *-*>*. 

harif ; )**> hazir, hazur. 
Delibiou8NESs, Delirium, 8. Q^U* 

hazayan ; j**> hazr ; j\i& tahzar ; 

($\f* buhran. 
Deliver, v. (liberate) { jA± hallas, 

yuhallis; <^r najja, yunajji.— 

(transfer) ^i- sallam, yusallim. 

— (pronounce) ^ lafaz, yalfiz. 
Delivery, s. (rescue) c^W 5 najat ; 

(jo)U. halas. — (handing over) 

^JL-J taslim. — (utterance) ^S 

talafEuz ; eW* bayan ; £j& taqrir. 

— (child-birth) SjSj wilada-t. 
Delude, v. J^> dallal, yudallil ; j^t 

garrar, yugarrir; ^t gai^, ya- 

Deluge, s. ^Vi^ {Man ; y*± gamr 

(pi. jUfc giinar, ^^U gumur). 
Deluge, v. J^ gatta, yugatti; 

j/ garraq, vugarriq. 
Delusion, s. J!U dtalal ; jm^ gurur. 
Delusive, adj. J^ mudill. 
Delve, v. j*- hafar, yahfir; yft^i 

nabai, varabus*. 
Demagogue, 8. && s^V darrab 

Demand, v. s-^» talab, yatlub ; 

J P U Ba'al, yas*al; { ^j\ iqtada, 

Demand, «. s-J^» t^lab. 
Demean, v. caJUL. salak, yasluk. 
Demeanour, *. *&}*+ suluk ; ** V lw 

inaslak ; S^- sira-t. 
Demented, ac?/. ^^^» majnun ; 

sJȣX* nialtu^. 
Demerit, s. s-^^ zamb (pi. v>y^ 

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zunub); *J«* hatfya-t (pi. l|U* 

hataya) ; ^ qusur. 
Demise, *. **>y maut; <*>W» ma- 
mat ; «y^ waf at ; «-A*w ^atf . 
Democracy, s.j)Q++}\ (**** hukm al- 

Democrat, *., Democrat, Demo- 

cratical, adj. j)9++}\ ^J £»^ 

tabi' li-hukm al-jamhur (pi. 

g>y tawabi*). 
Demolish, v. s^*- harab, yahrib, 

yahrab; harrab, yuharrib; (••** 

nadam, yahdim, yahdum. 
Demolition, *. s-*>j** tahrib ; j»ja 

hadm ; ^»*6» tahdim. 
Demon, *. ^* jinn (pi. &** jinna-t) ; 

(jjW jann (pi. ^W jinan) ; c^^c 

'ifrit (pi. oi;Vte 'afarit). 
Demoniac, Demoniacal, ad/, ^j^ 

Demoniac, «. (possessed by a demon) 

Qf+" majnun (pi. e>**W* maja- 

nin) ; <j*yt^» inalbus; qj£~* 

Demonstrate, v. &tf bayyan, yu- 

bayyin; **~t*\ as bat, y us bit ; Ja 

,J* dall 'ala, yadull ; (^y bar- 

han, yubarhin. 
Demonstration, *. *&\± sahid (pi. 

**\p sawahid); JJ*> dalil (pi. 

J-4*a dalayil) ; ^V*^ burhan 

(pi. (j**\j* barahin) ; v*>l*ft if bat ; 

il*» bayyina-t. 
Demonstrative, adj. &***+ mus- 

bit ; J)J^ mudallil ; e)^7^ mu " 

Demonstrative, s. SjUW ^ ism 

Demoralisation, *. ^Ui fasad. 
Demoralise, v. •>— i fassad, yu- 

fassid ; J^—^ afsad, yufsid. 
Demur, v. v»^ irtab, yartab ; *sb> 

sakk, yaiukk ; cd&tJ taiakkak, 

Demure, adj. (grave) jfy waqur. 

— (prudish) J-*^ J*l^ 'amil 

Demureness, s. jVSj waqar; &»*U* 

Den, s. SjU^ magara-t (pi. j\** 

magayir) ; j\t gar (pL^jrf agwar). 

Denial, *. (refusal) fyU ma'b&t. — 

(negation) j&\ inkar ; «j» nafy. 
Denizen, s. ^^ baladi-y. 
Denominate, v. <j*~ samma, yu- 

Denomination, *. f+*\ ism (pi. 

U— V asma', <j»\~\ asami) ; <j*~ 

simay; s-Jfl laqab (pi. **A&\ 

algab).— (sect) &*& tfyifa-t (pL 

U*\£ tawayit); &/ firqa-t (pi. 

3/ firaq). 
Denominator, *. (in fractions) 

&f*» muhraj ; p\&* maqam ; fX*\ 

Denote, v. ^** bayyan, yubayyin ; 

JJ j\±\ isar ila, yuiir. 
Denounce, v. (inform against) ^«-» 

s^ sa'a bi, yasa' ; v> a*j wasSa 

bi, yu waist ; ^J^ qJ** ta'awan 

'ala, yata'awan. — (proclaim) j$\ 

aghar, yuzhir; p 1 * \ a'lam, 

Dense, adj. «-**£ kasif; «-tfV£x* 

mutakasif ; M* galiz. 
Denseness, Density, *. i*^ kar 

Dent, s.^ hazz (pL )^ huzuz); 

(^- sinn (pi. (;)U«.\ aanan). 
Dent, v. ^ hazz, ya^azz ; j)»- 

ljazzaz, yuhazziz ; (j~>~> sannan, 

Dental, adj. ^y- sinni-y. 
Dentist, *. ^U-^ tj^ft jarayilti-y 

Dentistry, *. ^U-U^ v^/^ ^^ 

sana'a-t jarayihi-y al-asnan. 
Dentition, s. <^U«.^ g^t ^ulu* al- 
Denudation, *. laJj zal^; hp- 

Denude, v. <j^c 'arra, yu'arri ; Uj 

zalla^, yuzaUit; r^ Wallah, yu- 

Denunciation, *. (infoimation) 

k^*) wiiaya-t; ^U- si 4 aya-t. — 

(publication) J*±\ ibbar; )\&>\ 

Deny, v. f± nakir, yankar; jb\ 

ankar, yunkir. — (refuse) J& ^\ 

aba 'ala, y'abi. 
Depart, v. (go) s-**^ zahab, yaz- 

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hab. — (start) J^ ; rahal, yarhal ; 
j&~ safar, yusafir. 
Department, *. (office) **J^ hid- 

Depabtube, s. J^j rahil; JV*^ 
irtihal ; 3yt-* musafara-t ; s->^»* 
Depend, v. (hang from, be con- 
nected with) ^ Jf** ta'allaq fi, 
yata'allaq. — (rely on) <J^ <>+j*\ 
i'tamad 'ala, ya'tamid ; { J* J55t 
ittakal 'ala, yattakil; v> <3>j 
wasiq bi, yasiq. 
Dependant, Dependent, adj. 
tjl*** muta'alliq, *-*$y* mauquf ; 
s. (retainer) $\5 tabi' (pi. $\y 
Dependence, Dependency, *. 
(reference) <jk> ta'alluq; s->^-*^ 
intisab. — (confidence) *>Ujx\ i 4 ti- 
mad. — (stibjection) &b& $a'a-t. 
Depict, v. (paint) >y* sawwar, yu- 
sawwir. — (describe) *JLc^ wasaf , 
Deplorable, adj. ^** mubakki. 
Deplobableness, s. (m £++ JU. hal 

Deplore, v. <J^ <j£j baka 'ala, 
yabki ; c^ nah, yanuh ; ^Jj rasa, 
Deploy, v. 1*- * basat, yabsut. 
Depone, v. j^ sahid, yaghad. 
Deponent, s. ju*U sahid (pi. *>je* 
suhud, J** suhhad, *>l$M ashad, 
J**,* sawahid). 
Depopulate, t;. v»/- harab, yahrib ; 

harrab, yuharrib. 
Depopulation, s. v»V* fea-rab. 
Depoetation, s. JUuM intiqal ; Jtf 

Deportment, s. *sJjU suluk ; *s\l*~* 

maslak (pi. *sUL~* masalik). 
Depose, v. Jy* 'azal, ya'zil ; 'azzal, 

yu'azzil ; g± hala', yahla*. 
Deposit, 8. &\+\ amana-t; &o*>j 

wadi'a-t (pi. g}^ wadayi*). 
Deposit, v. £<*) wada', yada* ; &)\ 
auda', yudi* (both with Jun'and). 
Deposition, s. (evidence) S*>\$* 
aahada-t. — (dethronement) Jay* 
ta'zll ; &f 'azla-t ; gU. hal*. 

Depo8itoby, s. £»>yu«* mustawda'. 

Depot, s. (^^ mahzan (pi. gj^afc* 

mahazin) ; J-U. hasil (pi. J-»^ 


Depbave, v. ju~* fassad, yufassid ; 

•»*~rt afsad, yufsid. 
Depravity, 8. *>\— i fasad; vA^a. 

hubs ; &oXi* qabaha-t. 
Depbecate, v. (ask forgiveness) 
jA*s-t istagf ar, yastagfir ; j **s~S 
i8ta'zar,yasta'zir. — {pray against) 
v±>Ux-»\ istagas, yastagis. 
Depbecation, 8. j\**z~\ istigfar; 
j\&ma»\ isti'zar. — (prayer) *&>\as~\ 
Depbeciate, v. /*- haqqar, yuhaq- 
qir; <j«fj wakas, yakis; q\&\ 
aban, yuhin. 
Depbeciation, *. jUsb^ ihtiqar; 
^\jA hawan; JUyut istirzal; 
u~&) waks. 
Depredate, v. s~6* nahab, yanhab ; 
s-J^* salab, yaslub ; j^. saraq, 
Depredation, s. s-^ nahb. 
Depredator, «. s-»^ nahhab ; £Uai 

v3^^ qatta' at-tariq. 
Depress, v. (deject) ^t\ agamm, 
yugimm ; ($y*\ a^zan, yuhzin. — 
(lower) J3\ azall, yuzill ; <>**. 
hafad, yahfid. 
Depbession, *. (hollow) %**• jura-t 
(pi. %y* juwar) ; ^ jauf (pi. 
u\f*\ ajwaf). — (sinking of spirits) 
<^Jk\ j\~£}\ inkisar al-qalb ; •>$♦*- 
Depbive, v. (j* &>\ ahaz min, 

ya'huz ; pf* haram, ya^rim. 
Depth, *. <j*e 'umq (pi. jjUft^ 

a'maq). See Deep. 
Deputation, *. Ji^ wafd ; )S) wn- 

kala' ; J-j rusul. 
Depute, v. J^ wakkal, yuwakkil ; 
a*^\ aufad, yufid; J-^ arsal, 
Deputy, s. shi^ nayib (pi. s^y 
nuwwab); J^-; rasul (pi. J~; 
rusul) ; Aj^ wakil (pi. 15* wu- 
Derange, v. j»U^^ ^^ a < dam an- 


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nizam, yu'dim ; WafeJ lahbat, yu- 
lahbit ; W/* harbat, yuharbit. 

Derangement, 8. f^i * r &&\ inqi- 
lab an-nizam ; &*afcJ lahbata-t. 

Deride, v. ^ **W» <Jahak 'ala, 
yacftak ; o^ «*W*t i^a^k 4 ala, 
ya44atik; s^ t>*s-t istahza' bi, 
yastahzi' ; v ^fe- sahir bi, yas- 

Derision, *. \yts~\ istihza; $f* 
huzu; j4b~ sahar; kf*~ sahri- 

Derisive, adj. i £fi*~** mustahzi. 

Derivation, *. jtetf^ is*tiqaq. 

Derivative, adj. <J*A* nius*taqq ; 

Derive, v.a. {draw from) J^ t aw - 
wal, yuhawwil; 5^ ahraj, yuh- 
rij. — {a word) <jaM istaqq, yas*- 
taqq ; g^--^ istahraj, yastahrij ; 
n. {flow from) &• ;*>-> sadar min, 
yasdir, yasdur. 

Derogate, v. {lessen) j& naqqas, 
yunaqqis. — (disparage) j3*> haqar, 
yahqir ; f 'arr, ya'urr. 

Derogatory, adj. {damaging) y** 
mucjirr. — {disparaging) ; -ft^* 
muhqir, muhaqqir ; JJa* muzal- 

Dervish, Dervis, s. u^;** darwish 
(pi. <*Mfo<* darawis). 

Descend, v. Jy nazal, yanzil ; j**^ 
inhadar, yanhadir; W* habat, 
yahbit, yahbut. — {from ancestors) 
ij\ % % *~s i\ intasab ila, yantasib ; 
if e^- haraj min, yahruj. 

Descendant, Descendent, adj. 
*t+~z*" muntasib. 

Descendants, s. J~* nasi (pi. JV— i\ 
ansal) ; hj& zurriya-t (pi. «j:;\)»* 

Descent, *. {progress downwards) 
Jjjj-i nuzul; jW\ inhidar. — 
{slope) &** habta-t. — {extrac- 
tion) J-t asl (pi. JU-* usul) ; J~* 
nasi (pi. JL-M ansal). — {invasion) 
&— *£ kabsa-t ; py***> hujum. 

Describe, v. *-A*j wasaf, yasif. 

Description, s. «-A*j wasf. 

Descry, v. {see from a distance) 

*-iU £&f , yaiuf . — {espy) ±~) raaad, 

yarsud; s-*\> raqab, yuraqib. 
Desecrate, v. y~**> dannas, yu- 

dannis ; u* - ^ na j j a8 » yunajjis. 
Desecration, *. &-U j danasa-t ; 

&~»\qr najasa-t. 
Desert, *. {wilderness) kf barri- 

ya-t (pi. «4)V ^ arar J *-* J ^ 
badiya-t (pi. «^y bawadi) ; /» 
qafr (pi. ju* qif ar) ; \j** 8 a^ra' 
(pi. ^;W« sahara). — (meri* or 
demerit) s-^-^ wajib; J *,?- * 

Desert, adj. {wild) vj-**^ wahs*i-y. 
— {waste) fy wa'ir ; /^* mudai- 

Desert, v. {abandon) df tarak, 
yatruk ; J^ hazal, yahzul. — {as 
a soldier) v>y& harab, yahrub ; y 
farr, yafirr. 

Deserter, s. Zi j£ «~* S \ 0^ s-»^ 
harib min al-*askariya-t; j^ 

Desertion, *. ctJy tark; ^^^ 
ha j ran ; <^yfc haraban ; ty firar. 

Deserve, v. &+?~\ ista^aqq, yasta- 
Ijiqq ; *r*+*z~\ istaujab, yastau- 
jib ; JaU-\ ista'bal, yasta'bil. 

Design, v. (intend) «*-* qasad, yaq- 
sid ; S\j\ arad, yurid. — {draw) 
f*~j rasm, yarsuin ; )y° sawwar, 

Design, *. {intention) ^ niyya-t ; 
a*S qafd ; *>^/» niurad ; tf *azm 
(pi. fjf 'uzum); JuA* maqsad 
(pi. Ju>UU maqasid) ; *>y«a*» maq- 
sud (pi. J^-©^ maqasid). — {draw- 
ing) (*~j rasam (pi. j»j~j rusiim, 
(*~j\ arsum) ; £y* taswir. 

Designate, v. {mark out) <J\ j^\ 
asir ila, yuSir ; y*t bay y an, yu- 
bayyin. — {name, appoint) ^j*~ 
samma, yusammi. 

Designation, s. {mark) lj\±\ isA- 
ra-t ; &*$* 'alama-t. — {appoint- 
ment) ^e * - * " y tasmiya-t; > v - e la» 

Designing, adj. &**» hadda 4 ; j&* 
makkar; J^I** muhtal. 

Desirable, adj. s-»^/* margub ; 

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0>W sayiq; i^\ jUAj yustaq 

Desirableness, «. **tt lazza-t (pi. 
«y) -at, **\& iazityiz). 

Desire, v. (wish for) ^y+s tamanna, 
yatamanna; <jf±\ i&taha, yai- 
tahi; s-^; ragib, yargab ; jUa^ 
i£taq, yaitaq. — (request) Wj raja, 
yarju (with ace. or {$* min); 
h-U» talab, yatlub (with ^ ila 
or <&• min). 

Desire, «. ffty maram (pi. «J -at) ; 
v»y^ matlub; jy* sauq (pi. 
jtjtA aiwaq) ; Ay* garam ; ***) 
ragba-t ; *je* sahwa-t. — (request) 
w-& talab ; **& talaba-t. 

Desirous, adj. jL-aA^ muitaq ; 
s-*^\) ragib. 

Desist, v. (f fy farag min, yaf- 
rug ; Jtj zal, yazal (followed by 
aorist or participle) ; {k&rt in- 
qaja', yanqatf' ; «-A* kaff, yakuff 
(both with ^ 'an). 

Desk, s. s-^5U maktab (pi. s-^^* 
makatib) ; ^^.;A ) baitahta-h 

Desolate, adj. (waste) s^V" harab. 
— (comfortless) s «&■*■<* mukta'ib ; 
^f^y muhai. 

Desolate, t?. v»/> harab, yahrib, 
yahrub ; harrab, yuharrib. 

Desolation, s. s^/* harab. 

Despair, *. <j*^ iyas. 

Despair, v. (^* J^S) ^>* qata* al- 
amal min, yaqta* ; ^^2* ya'is, 

Despatch, v. (send away) J->\ 
arsal, yursil ; o-** ba'as, yab'as. 
— (kill) J-55 qatal, yaqtul. — 
(execute speedily) J-qi* 'ajjal, 
yu'ajjil ; «JA**> damsaq, yudam- 

Despatch, s. (speedy performance) 
JaV* ta'jil ; «a*j dam£aqa-t. — 
(message) &{~j risala-t (pi. J>^j 
rasayil) ; ^ habar (pi. ;W 

Desperate, adj. (who despairs) 
tj~i\ ay is. — (who is despaired of) 
jo* u-jiU mayus 'anhu ; W-jN £$&• 
maqtu* ar-raja ; \y&\ f*J* 'adim 

ad-dawa. — (rash) jje*» mutahaw- 

Desperatbness, s. )f? tahawwur; 

{+*& tahajjum. 
Despicable, adj. *fr* haqir; J*> 

dani-y ; J**S; razil (pi. 3*Sj ruzala', 

JU ; ruzala) ; JJ3 zalil (pi! flS 

zilal, lit azilla', &S\ azilla-t). 
Despicableness, s. SjVfe* ^aqara-t ; 

&A zilla-t ; &Uj razala-t. 
Despise, v. yu*.\ ihtaqur, yahtaqir ; 
^Jfe- ljaqqar, yu^aqqir; yi ^ ? . ^ 

istahqar, yastahqir ; q\*\ ahan, 

Despite, Despitefulness, 8. 

(malice) Jtf*. ljaqd (pi. *>yfe» ljiiqud, 

a*Ufe* haqayid, *>W afcqad) ; ^a** 

Despiteful, adj. *>yfe» haqud; ^ 

J^b- zu taqd. 
Despoil, v. c^ salla^, yusallit; 

pf» haram, yahrim ; s-^ nahab, 

Despot, *. #^^ jalim (pi. ^ zul- 

lam) ; #J^\ s-^-^» sahib az-zulm 

(pi. vW>! ashab) ; jW jabbar 

(pi. S^V^ jababira-t). 
Despotic, adj. ^^ zalim; jtW 

Despotism, e. p& zulm; ULj tasal- 

lut; J5to-^ istiqlal. 
Dessert, 8. Ja> naql. 
Destination, s. <j>\*&\ ihtisas; 

(2^-s** ta'yin. — (ultimate design) 

g*j+ marja* ; *>^u maqsiid. 
Destine, v. (intend for) ac\ a'add, 

yu'idd ; ,j^ has? as, yuhassif . — 

(fix) ;/ qarrar, yuqarrir; ^ 

qaddar, yuqaddir. 
Destiny, s. s-^-^ nasib (pi. W^ 

an8iba , , &**&\ ansiba-t) ; ^-J 

qisma-t; Ui qa<Ja' (pi. ^a*\ 

aq4iya-t) ; #<&• maqdur (pi. y»>Uu 

Destitute, adj. )^ 'awiz; s-siU. 

hayib ; J^sa* f aqid ; «a* f aqir ; 

Jj«^» mahzul (pi. Ja»fe* maha- 

Destitution, s. SjVc 'aza-t ; ysA faqr, 

f uqr ; JM <Jiq. 
Destroy, v. s^/* harab, yahrib, 

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yahrub ; harrab, yuharrib ; ^a 

nadam, yahdum; «iu* halak, 

yahlik ; hallak, yuhallik ; i*U*i 

ablak, yuhlik; /•*> damar, yad- 

Destruction^ 8. v»^- harab ; s-*>;** 

tabrib; p** hadm; fi\<*&\ inhi- 

dam; <-m\ itlaf ; ; U> damar. 
Destructive, adj. <*U«* muhlik; 

y*+ mudammir ; p»>Vfc hadim ; 

j*" mu^irr. 
Destructiveness, s. SjuJU maf sa- 

dat (pi. JuU* mafasid); S^ 

ma4arra-t (pi. *a>\ -at, \*+ mad- 

Desttltorinbss, *. &*VL» As qilla-t 

Desultory, adj. OM^* ^ gair 

Detach, v. j^ faraq, yaf ruq ; J-«* 

fasal, yafsal ; J**- hall, yahull ; 

*aU fakk, yafukk. 
Detachment, *. fy firqa-t (pi. 

jy firaq) ; l*pr tajrida-t. 
Detail, v. J** fassal, yufassil. 
Detail, «. Je-tf tafsil. 
Detain, v. «-AJj waqqaf , yuwaqqif ; 

«-Ai^ auqaf, yuqif ; «3jc 'awwaq, 

Detect, v. uu£ ka^af, yakSif; 

j&\ azhar, yuzbir. 
Detection, *b. Ul&* kaif; jW 

Detention, *. «-My tauqif ; j/s 

'auq. — (confinement) ^r-*°" babs. 
Deter, v. *-i^ hawwaf, yuhawwif ; 

tJ*J zabhaq, yuzahhiq. 
Deteriorate, v. a. <s*yjv sayyar 

arda, yusayyir; J~±& 'akkas, 

yu'akkis ; y~*^ ahsar, yuhsir ; 

a-1\ afsad, yufsid ; n. ^j\ j\*> 

ear arda, yasir; >*~&\ infasad, 

yanfasid ; y~ a- hasir, yahsar. 
Deterioration, 0. >>V .... k f asad ; 

oLjkrt infisad ; j*~-** tahsir. 
Determinate, ad;, (fixed) jy-** 

muqarrar; jju^-* muhaddad; 

t)*** mu'ayyan; j**^* muhak- 

Determination, s. (resolution) **> 

niya-t; o*i qaed; ^ 'azm (pi. 

fjyfc 'uzum). — (decision) (*£*• 

hukm (pi. p\£*\ ahkam). — (limi- 
tation) •*>»*** tahdid. 
Determine, v. (fix limits) *>•*»■ 

had dad, yuhaddid. — (resolve) 

Juai qasad, yaqsid ; ^ py* 'azam 

'ala, ya'zim. — (influence) <&f~ 

harrak, yuharrik. — (finish) f*&~ 

hatam, yahtim. — (decide) p&* 

hakam, yahkum; ^ i qada, 

Detest, v. */ karih, yakrab ; *j£s~\ 

istakrab, yastakrib. 
Detestable, adj. **/ karih. 
Detestation, 8. *\j£*~\ istikrab ; 

***/ karaba-t ; &aa, bugda-t. 
Dethrone, v. g^ hala', yahla'. 
Detonate, v.n. ^ ra'ad, yar'ud ; 

jtf sar, yasur; a. acj\ ar'ad, 

Detonation. *. <**) ra'd (pi. *fy 

ru*M) ; %f i \ ura-t. 
Detract, v. ^ ft namm 'ala, 

yanumm ; ^ \fl\ iftara 'ala, 

Detraction, s. &•*** uamimat ; 

\f*\ if tira ; wJA* qazf ; *i\*) wisa- 

Detractor, s. fW nammam ; ^y^* 

muftari ; ^Mj wa^i (pi. vw^ 

Detriment, s. tf darrar; ly*~ 

madarra-t ; S^L-i. basara-t. 
Detrimental, adj. y*>+ mudirr ; jt* 

<Jarr ; ^y inuzi. 
Devastate, t;. v»y^ barab, yabrib, 

yahrub ; harrab, yuharrib. 
Devastation, s. v»^ harab ; s-4/^ 

Develop, v. (unfold) y** nasar, 

yan^ur; Ja--» basti yabsu^. — (tm- 

ravel) J«^ hall, yahull ; Jk* hal- 

lal, yutallih — (explain) £*) 

wadcjah, yuwa^dih ; ^\ audah, 

Development, s. Vi .. fl ; ? tabsi^; 

jl*ji\ intisar ; J«le^ tahlil ; c#*j> 

taudih ; t^^ H&h. 
Deviate, v. J* dall, yadill ; <-*f*\ 

inharaf, yanharif ; *>L^ bad, 


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Deviation, b. u\f#\ inhiraf ; S*>U.\ 

ihada-t ; J!U dalal. 
Device, 8. (contrivance) ^*»J* tad- 

bir ; &-»» hila-t (pi. ji- hiyal). 

— (ngw) &*^e 'alama-t (pi. j»ic 

'alam, ^j^c 'alayim); ^Vii nisan 

(pi. ^**W nayasin). 
Devil, s. ^U^a gaitan (pi. (jJs»W^ 

sayatin) ; u-<k\ iblis (pi. .<j~JW 

Devilish, adj. ^J^a saitani-y. 
Devilment, Devilry, s. & * V»&fc 

saitana- 1. 
Devise, v. £*\ abda', yubdi' ; gx^\ 

ibtada', yabtadi* ; £f±\ ihtara', 

yahtari* ; y+*\ admar, yudmir. — 

{bequeath) ^** <**% ^j wassa li- 

ahad-in bi-£e-yin, yuwa8?i ; «-Al*. 

A*-*y hallaf bi-wasiya-t, yuhallif. 
Devoid, adj. ^U fadi ; Ji^ hali ; 

tj* farig. 
Devolve, v.a. Jy»- hawwal, yuhaw- 

wil ; n. J £*j waqa' li, yaqa*. 
Devote, v. j& nazar, yanzur, yan- 

zir; ^5^ ahda, yuhdi; pJu> 

qaddam, yuqaddim. 
Devoted, adj. (faithfully attached) 

<jeU^ muhlis. 
Devotee, *. **\) zahid ; «**^ 'abid ; 

*si-U nasik. 
Devotion, 8. (piety) **>W* 'ibada-t ; 

.***» ta'abbud ; &^o diyana-t ; 

**A~J nask, nisk, nusk. — (offec- 

tion) *Jy* mawadda-t ; hy** nda- 

Devoub, v. £t bala 4 , yabla' ; £^ 

ibtala 4 , yabtali'; y*T*^ iftaras, 

Devout, adj. .****• muta'abbid; 

«dUU nasik. 
Devoutness, s. ^ys taqwa; S^ 

taqawa-t ; 5»>W* 'ibada-t ; «£*— * 

Dew, *. ^j^ nada (pi. \<*\ anda\ 

^ andiya-t) ; Jt tall (pi. JU 

tilal, JU. tilal). 
Dewy, adj. <j<x nadi-y. 
Detxtebity, 8. Sj\kfc Sat»ra-t ; &M 

labaqa-t ; SjW* mahara-t. 
Dbxtbous, ad/, y^* satir; <J** 

labiq; <j«J labiq. 

Diabolic, Diabolical, adj. <jV*e± 

sai^ani-y. " V 

Diadem, 8. *t^e 'asAba-t (pi. s-4^* 

'asavib); JJW'iklii (pi. JJ^ 

akalil). Setv Crown. 
Diagonal, V. s->>$ warb (pi. v>\)^ 

aurabJV^;^ i± haft az-zawi- 

ya^t r 
Dj*€feitAL, at//. ^tt ^j (^ p~ te ~.*» 
''hp\) mustaqim inin zawiya-t ila 

Diagonally, adv. s^W bi-'l-warb. 
Diagram, b. tjy> sura-t (pi. jy> siir, 

§uwar, si war). 
Dial, 8. < * «.. ,* t k ac'ui sa'a-t samsi- 

ya-t; Ba#~i basita-t. — (of a 

watch) £cLJ\ A*. j wajh as-sa'a-t. 
Dialect, 8. aaJ luga-t (pi. «yUJ 

lugat, 0J*! lugun, ^ lugan) ; 

**** lugwa-t ; uy^ harf (pi. u^\ 

Dialogue, «. i«lUy« muhataba-t ; 

»;jW- mubawara-t; ^*^ hiwar; 

iiX« mukalama-t ; a>j»W« muha- 
. dasa-t ; ^^ tahaiuz. 
Diameter, *. j*> qatr, qutr (pi. 

jlLfl aqtar). 
Diametrical, ae^'. <j£i qa^ri-y. 
Diamond, 8. {m y^\ almas. 
Diaphragm, a. oaVi sahit. 
Diarrhea, «. JW-^ ishal; ^V- 

fc>WM sayalan al-ba|n ; (^W^ v»jj 

zarab al-ba|n. 
Diary, *. ^•^; roznama-t (Per«.) ; 

^**-6^ wadi 4 a-t (pi. ^^ wada'i 4 ). 
Dice, pi. of Die, q.v. 
Dictate, v. (command) y\ amar, 

ya'mur. — (a letter, &c.) <J* 

malla, yumalli ; ^y-^*^ amla, 

Dictation, *. %A imla' (pi. JU\ 

amalin, j^ amali). 
Dictator, 8. (commander) ^W 

ij^ hakim mu^laq (pi. j*^. 

Dictatorship, 8. l+£** hukuma-t ; 

f&\ k$) wilava-t al-amr. 
Diction, «. j»w\ ^«^ tahbir al- 

kalam ; ij\*z 'ibara-t. 
Dictionary, *. ^aU\ u*y*^* qamus 

al-luga-t (pi. u-e^y qawamis) j 

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&! s»l* .kitab luga-t (pi. s-^ 

kutub) ;•;••'•.. 

Die, v. (cetep'to live) oU mat, 
yamut; ^jy .'ttf^uff i, yutawaffa 
(pass. V.) ; *^\^. qada nahb- 
bu, yaqtfi. :./.. 

Die, 8. (pi. Dice) s^'ka'b (pi. 
v*^ ki'ab, v»y^ ku'j&ti).;, «j 
zaqa-t. — (pi. Dies) s^/^*. »id- 
rab. •* .'*• 

Diet, s. J*N jti^ tadbir al-akK 

Differ, v. (disagree) *-AJU. halaf, 
yuhalif ; o&JV** tahalaf, yataha- 
lafj «-Al*U ihtalaf, yahtalif.— 
(to be unlike) jiS** tagayar, yata- 

Difference, s. wjJ^xiA ihtilaf ; jh* 
farq. — (in subtraction) ^^ baqi. 

Different, oe(/. i-Ais^ niuhtalrf ; 
^Ux* mutagayir; jy ,»«■*** ben- 
hum farq. 

Difficult, adj. s-** sa'b (pi. vA**» 
si'ab) ; j-* 'asir ; ,*-~* 'asir. 

Difficulty, *. kj**> su'iiba-t ; ^~fc 
'usr. — (embarrassment) &^k bala- 
sa-t ; <3*-* diq. 

Diffidence, «. £$** subha-t (pi. 
«y\ -at, M» subah) ; ^ sakk 
(pi. d£± sukuk) ; ^^-^ istih- 

Diffident, adj. { j- 6 - * > sakki-y ; 
p by* mutawahhim ; ^y^a-* 

Diffuse, v. (pour out) s-**» sabb, 
ya?ubb; s-^- sakab, taskub. — 
(spread) y** naiar, yansur ; £^ 
asa', vu*i'. — (odours) c^ f&h> ya- 
ffil " 

DIFFUSE, adj. (not precise) Ja^» 

Diffused, adj. (scattered) y^** * 
muntas*ar ; jj-***** man£iir. 

FUSION, s. j\^^i\ intisar ; (^V^*- 
sayahan. — (of speech) ^ &N*\ 
r K3\'itala-t fi-'l-kalam. 

Diffusive, a lj. j .&. y %* muntasir. 

Diffusiveness, s. jU^i^\ W*VS 
qabiliya-t al-intisar. 

Dig, v. y^- fyd,fo,r, yafefir; <j*«** 
nabas, yanbus* ; f* qa'ar, yaq'ar ; 

qa"ar, yuqa"ir ; o^i fahat, yaf- 

Digest, v. (in the stomach) ^-4* 

hadam, yahdim ; haddam, yu- 

hadcjim. — (to arrange) fin naz- 

zam, yunazzim ; s-*j rattab, 

Digestible, adj. (+*&. yanhadim 

(3 aor.) ; (**&• raunhadim. 
Digestion, s. (*t*> hadin ; f\**&\ 

Digestive, adj. j*-&e*" muhdim; 

^Aft badum ; pUfc haddam. 
Dignify, v. %* 'azzaz, yu'azziz ; 

y\ a'azz, yu'izz. 
Dignitary, s. &^ s-*^ sahib 

wazifa-t (pi. vWel ashab) ; (^ 

s— oU*M v>V niin arbab al-mana- 

Dignity, «. (ranA;) ^>/« martaba-t 

(pi. s-3rt/» maratib) ; ^)^» man- 

zala-t (pi. Jj^ manazil) ; *-i^ 

saraf . — (o^ demeanour) &«* hai- 

ba-t ; ;VS^ waqar. 
Digress, v. *-ifA inharaf, yan- 

Digression, *. wi^^^ inhiraf; 

yAjS*] i*tirad. 
Digressive, adj. «-*^*» munharif . 
Dilapidate, v.a. s-»^ harab, yah- 

rib ; harrab, yuharrib ; f»^-^ 

hadam, yahdim. — (squander) 

<*Jte\ atlaf, yutlif ; n. ^/*\ in- 

harab, yauharih ; ^\ inhadam, 

Dilapidation, s. v>V» harab; 

p\A&\ inhidam. — (dissipation) 

J>«M tabzil. 
Dilate, v.a. g~j wassa ( , yuwassi* ; 

la--» bassat, yubassit; n. t— ?i\ 

imbasat, yambasi^. 
Dilatoriness, s. ^\f tawani. 
Dilatory, adj. <J>\*z* mutaba^i' ; 

^r* mutawani. 
Dilemma, s. S^ hira-t ; j<t^ ifeti- 

Diligence, s. *\&+\ ijtihad ; ^e^ 

jahd ; •M> taqayyud. 
Diligent, adj. <*&^" mujtahid ; 

^u muqayyad ; &** s-^^-» sahib 


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Dilute, v. J^ ball, yabull; g& 
naqa', yanqa' ; naqqa', yunaqqi'. 

Dilution, s. J*- hall; £g\y»tt J*- 
hall al-mawayi* ; £& naq'. 

Dim, adj. (dark) ^** mu'tim, mu- 
f attam ; fJ&" niuzlim. — (dim- 
sighted) )*A\ jf* qasir an-nazar ; 
J*tf kalil. 

Dim, v. fM azlam, yuzlim. 

Dimension, 8. **- sa'a-t; S\±z+\ 

Diminish, v.a. Jl* qallal, yuqallil ; 
^j& naqqas., yunaqqis ; y**> sag- 
gar, yusaggir ; y**^ babas, yab- 
has ; n. J* qall, yaqill ; «jatf 
naqas, yanqus. 

Diminution, 8. J*ltf taqlil; <ja» 


q\*& nuqsan. 

Diminutive, adj. je*~ ?agir (pi. 

jU* si gar, sugar) ; j~<* qasir. 
Diminutive, *. (in grammar) p~\ 

£■*+ ism musaggar ; jt**» tasgir. 
DlMINUTIVENES8, 8.^**sugr. 

Dimness, s. &*)i zulma-t. — (of 

sight) JK kalal. 
Dimple, s. (in the chin) Sj^ gur- 

za-t ; */& uuqra-t (pi. fi nuqar, 

jVa» niqar). — (in the cheek) 5)Wfc 

Din, 8. i»W* 'iyat ; £*-& dajja-t ; **j* 

Din, v. v>y» tawwaS, yutawwis\ 
Dine, v. ^i** tagazza, yatagazza. 
Din .in ess, 8. *♦& gulma-t; &+*& 

Dingy, adj. ^** mu'tim; ^» 

Dinner, s. \St giza' (pi. &t**\ agzi- 

Dint, *. Z+J> himma-t ; ^5*- sa'i. — 

(mark of a blow) &•*> da^a-t; 

&*± habta-t. 
Diocesan, 8. «-A&^ usquf (pi. toU^ 

Diocese, *. 2~Jb>ji\ abar£iya-t ; £**; 

&a-3\ ra'iva-t al- usquf a-t. 
Dip, v.a. <j-k gaftas, yugaftis ; n. 

cr^ gatas, yagtfs; j»^- gas, 

Diphtheria, 8. &^ bunaqa-t; 

jyU banuq ; jUa. hannaq. 

Diploma, 8. «^? barat (pi. «w^ 

barawat) ; ju~ sanad (pi. *>U-\ 

Diplomacy, 8. ctUU*tt oWW ^Jlc 

Ve-s«) 0-j* 'ilin istilahat al-raamalik 

ben ba'd-ba. 
Dire, Direful, adj. «*J ja** inuhaw- 

wif ; <-A*afc^ mubif ; Jj«* mahiil ; 

s-** fr * mabib. 
Direct, ad[/. (straight) ^u^ * mus- 

taqim. — (immediate) fla-^ j** (^» 

min gair wasi^a-t. 
Direct, v. (point out the way) **fl 

ar^ad, yursul ; ^ja bada, yahdi. 

— (manage) j* J babbar, yudabbir. 

— (address) (^* 'an wan, yu'an- 

Direction, s. (side) uj^ {araf (pi. 

u\jlA a^raf). — (guidance) *>^ 

irsad; ^5*** buda. — (manage- 

ment) jei<£ tadbir. — (address) 

g\f* 'unwan. 
Director, 8. (manager) j)±+ mu- 

dabbir; Ja^ hayil (pi. J/- 

hawal) ; £&*• munazir. 
Dirge, s. &fo walwala-t (pi. J^3^ 

Dirt, 8. £~j wasah (pi. t^ 

ausab) ; [j~qr najas. 
Dirtiness, 8. &A~j wisaha-t ; &~\^ 

Dirty, adj. ^-^ wasib ; £*y mu- 

wassah ; <j— r najis (pi. {j*W>\ 

Dirty, v. ^-^ wassab, yuwassih; 

(j-r najjas, yunajjis. 
D18-, (in composition) 7-*-** bi- 

gair ; <#J* bi-dun ; 3 la ; U ma ; 

p±* 'adam ; ^»^ 'adim. 
Disability, s. h^ ^ 'adam kafa- 

Disable, v.y*e\ a'jaz, yu'jiz. 
Disabuse, v. U*l\ *** J^ azal 'an- 

hu al-galat, yuzil. 
Disadvantage, s. ^Us} nuqsan ; 

(^j-^ husran ; tf darar. 
Disadvantageous, adj.y** mudirr ; 

jU darr; AA* *£ gair raufid. 
Disapfect, v. J* *^~±t\ agdab 'ala, 

yugdib ; tafc-*^ asbat, yushi^. 
Disaffected, adj. y t^-^» j+± 

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gair niabsftt niin ; v» c^*l) }** 8 a i r 
nidi bi ; ^ (jW-^ gacjban *ala. 
Disaffection, 8. Sya nafra-t ; Z*\/ 

karaha-t ; £*** bugda-t. 
Disagree, v. c-AXU. halaf, yuhalif ; 
Utfte* tahalaf, yatahalaf ; <-*k±\ 
ihtalaf, yahtalif. 
Disagreeable, adj. J^u^ gair 

maqbiil ; *)£" makriih. 
Disagreeableness, s. £&Ul»M p±& 

'ad am al-basiisa-t. 
Disagreement, «. U8&A ihtilaf; 

&JU-« muhalafa-t. 
Disallow, v. j& nakir, yankar; 
j&\ ankar, yunkir ; ^ haram, 
Disannul, v. JW baftal, yubaftil ; 

JM abtal, yubtil. 
Disappear, v. s-»^ gab, yagib ; 
{ J^\ ihtafa, yahtafi ; J^U^ id- 
inahall, yadmahill. 
Disappearance, 8. s-»W* gayab ; 

v>j** guyub ; J)U*-^ idmihlal. 
Disappoint, v. s-**» hayyab, yu- 

Disappointment, s. &*+** haiba-t. 
Disapproval, Disapprobation, 8. 
+f laum, loin ; &o zamma-t ; J&\ 
Disapprove, v. (blame) p*i zamm, 
yazumm ; ^ lam, yalum. — 
(reject) j&\ inkar, yankir; ff» 
harani, yah rim ; harim, yahram. 
Disarm, v. c^~-^ **\ ahaz as-silah, 
ya'huz ; ti~M &* qalla* as-silah, 
Disarmament, 8. t^~^ £** qal' as- 
Disarrange, v. s-^5 qalab, yaqlib ; 

W**J lahba£, yulahbi^. 
Disarrangement, 8. A-kA\ *** 
'adam an-nizam ; ^jS\ s^&&\ 
inqilab an-nizam. 
Disaster, s. h*>\<± dahiya-t (pi. 
^^ dawahi) ; *W«* musiba-t 
(pi. s-i^ masayib) ; £*1* bali- 
ya-t (pi. i>h balaya) ; Sja 3idda-t 
(pi. J^J* ^adayid). 
Disastrous, adj. ^^a* manhus ; 
f)3U>»* mai'um. 

Disavow, v. j& nakir, yankar ; 

jahad, yajhad. 
Disavowal, 8. J&\ inkar; 

Disband, v.a. jjiM atlaq, yutliq ; 
c^sAi £attat, yu^attit ; n. tj&»\ 
intalaq, yantaliq; **~±}\ insatt, 
Disbelief, s. f& kufr. — (denial of 
belief, mistrust) *>V&sc\ px& 'adam 
Disbelieve, v. (in a religious 
sense) f& kafar, yakfir; fi\ 
ankar, yunkir. — (refuse credit) 
•xfcc^ U ma i'taqad, ya'taqid. 
Disburden, v. {$* J-**»M Jy nazzal 
al-haml 'an, yunazzil ; g*> rafa% 
yarfa'; ^ haft, yahuft (both 
with the same construction). 
Disburse, v. uy» saraf, yasrif, 
yasruf; sarraf, yusarrif; &\j*A 
ahraj, yuhrij ; *-*& takallaf, ya- 
takallaf; <JM^ anfaq, yunfiq. — 
(advance) "tol— b^oe\ a*^ahu salaf- 
an, yu*ti-hu. 
Disbursement, *. 5^. harj ; «^;/* # 
masruf (pi. ^ij^» masarif). — 
(advance) «-AJL, galaf. 
Disc, s. ^f qurs (pi. ^jSft aqras, 
&*>/ qirasa-t); Z*j» qursa-t (pi. 
(j^ quras). 
Discard, v. />*> dai^ar, yudassir; 

(J*j rafad, yarfid, yarfud. 
Discern, v. (j* y*~ mayyaz min, 
yumayyiz ; ^i\ afraz, yufriz ; jy 
<j*i faraq ben, yafruq. — (per- 
ceive) ^ nagar, yanzur. 
Discernible, adj. j*>U» gahir ; jfi*~ 

manzur ; )rf>+ mafruz. 
Discernment, *. y*e+5 tamviz ; J«c 
*aql (pi. Jy^ 'uqul) ; i-y fara- 
Discharge, v. (unload) see Dis- 
burden. — (a gun) <j& $alaq, 
ya^luq; &-&\ a^laq, yutliq. — 
(dismiss) Jyc 'azal, ya'zil ; ^j^A 
a^iaq, yutliq. — (perform) J*** 
*amil, ya'mal. — (set free) jA** 
hallas, yuhallis ; <3*U a^laq, yut- 
Discharge, b. (flowing out) ($k&+ 

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sayalan. — (dismission) J^U iflaq; 

J>c 'azl. — (release) ^4^ tahlis ; 

j^ i'taq. — (in writing) Jl# 

ycStf- waraqa-t halas. — (of fire- 
arms) <j*\j* qirwas; £*.** s->/* 

darb madfa'. 
Disciple, s. ±#d5 talmiz (pi. J^Jfc? 

talaniiz, 5Wfc? talamiza-t). 
Discipline, s. (training) l&j tar- 

biya-t ; s-**>^ ta'dib. — (regula- 
tion) W-& <Jabt- — (punishment) 

ij^ac 4 uquba-t. — (mortification) 

**\ij riyada-t. 
Discipline, v. (train) ^ rabba, 

yurabbi ; s^ addab, yu'addib. 

—(regulate) W-* dabat, yadbij. — 

(chastise) tf~\* qas&s, yuqasis ; 

s-^ 'aqab, yu'aqib. 
Disclaim, v. j&\ ankar, yunkir. 
Disclose, v. «-&•*■* kaiaf, yak&f; 

kaisaf , yukassif ; j-&\ azhar, 

Disclosure, *. «-&-*•* ka^f; j\&\ 

Discolour, v. oj^ £~* fasah al- 

laun, yasfah ; Qfi\ ^ kaddar 

al-laun, yukaddir. 
Discolouration, *. gjltt j*tf tagay- 

yur al-laun. 
Discomfit, v. y~* kasar, yaksir ; tf* 

hazam, yahzim ; s-*l& galab, yag- 

Discomfiture, 8. p\y&\ inhizain; 

^-^kasra-t; £**y*«* maglubiya- 1. 
Discomfort, 8, iy~*- basra-t; ft 

gamm ; *v*j za'ja-t. 
Discommode, v. <J* J^ saqqal 

4 ala, yuiaqqil ; ^ <^y> sawwai 

'ala, yu£awwis\ 
Discompose, v. (disorder) \*j± har- 

ba$, yuharbit ; (j***- habag, yah- 

bis. — (agitate) «jb qallaq, yuqal- 

liq ; JXi\ aqlaq, yuqliq. 
DISCOMPOSURE, 8. v»tjM i<ftirab; 

W* balbala-t (pi. Jtfc balabil) ; 

<J*y&3 ta£wis\ 
Disconcert, v. u~S\* 'akas, y u'akis ; 

JW batfal, yubattil. 
Disconnect, v. Jo* hall, y ahull; 

J*** hallal, yuhallil ; J-»* fasal, 

yaffil ; «&U fakk, yaf ukk. 

Disconsolate, adj. ,JL^ S layata- 

salla; jU^N jy** maksur al- 

Discontent, v. s~*M agdab, yug- 

dib ; J°\± y~Z kasar ha$ir, yaksir. 
Discontent, *. UjN f±& 'adam ar- 

Discontented, adj. lj~ <»•;*& gair 

mabsut ; o*\> ;** g a i r r*4i« 
Discontinance, *. «--Aiy tawaqquf ; 

£U«art inqita* ; JU) zawal. 
Discontinue, v. gfisrt inqata', yan- 

qati* ; «-A* kaff, yakuff (both 

with &* 'an) ; (^ y farag min, 

Discord, *. jto* £iqaq ; &«* fitna-t ; 

^Jh^\ ihtilaf; ^iJ^y muhala- 

Discordance, *. see Discord. — (tn 

music) 8+*A\ ^xc 'adam an-nag- 

Discordant, adj. ijfty *** g air 

muwafiq ; «-A3U^ muhalif ; ^U* 

munafir. — (in music) ^UaJ\ ^j* 

*adim an-naguia-t. 
Discount, *. &***>) wacli'a-t (pi. 

$S*P wadayi*) ; (jjUtt nuqsan ; 

tUu( isqat;. 
Discount, v. ^V ^^ 'amal 

darahim, yu'amil. 
Discountenance, v. *>j radd, ya- 

rudd ; &* mana', yamna*. 
DiscouRAOE, v. (dishearten) a^- 

hammad, yuhammid; *+±\ ah- 

mad, yuhmid. — (intimidate) ^Jf- 

hawwaf, yuhawwif. 
Discouragement, s. *>y+± humud. 

— (intimidation) «-A*j*r tahwif ; 

a***** tahdid. 
Discourse, s. (conversation) f& 

kalam ; IMs** muhafaba-t ; S^X* 

muzakara-t. — (speech) it^ hut- 

ba-t (pi. s-Ja*- hutab). — (treatise) 

fiL.^ risala-t (pi. J«^ rasayil). 
Discourse, v. <±>J^r tahaddag, ya- 

tahaddas; f&s takallam, yata- 

Discourteous, adj. ^>^\ JJU qalil 

adab; i-i3\ J*U qalil al unsa-t ; 

s-^^ jt£ (^* min ger wajib. 
DiscouRTEST, s, s^^ &* qilla-t 


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adab ; *~i\ &* qilla-t unsa-t ; *U 
s-«*^ qilla-t wajib. 
Discover, v. (reveal) j$\ azhar, 
yuzhir ; «JUtf kasaf , yakSif. — 
(find out) *+) wajad, yajid ; g^\ 
abda', yubdi'. 
Discoverer, s. *A) wajid; £f**" 

muhtari'; wiU^ka^saf. 
Discovery, s. (invention) *^Wi 
ijad; gift* ihtira'; £W ibda*. 
— (revealing) j&\ izhar; *-*USi\ 
inkiSaf ; J&Skaif. 

Discredit, 8. )\***\ (*±* 'adam i'ti- 
bar ; J&±\ i^tiqar ; <^y* hawan. 

Discredit, v. (not to believe, doubt) 
jxo U ma saddaq, yus addiq ; 
<j* ctU sakk fi, yasukk. — (dis- 
grace) &-*/> y*£ kaaar 'irdhu, yak- 
sir; £<** fadah, yafdah ; e«*j *>j~ 
sawwad wajh-hu, yusawwid. 

Discreditable, adj. ^^ fains" ; 
j-aU ftUJilj. 

Discreet, ac?/. (prudent) J-*^ 
'aqil (pi. 3to 'uqala') ; jt*** s-^U 
sahib tadbir (pi. s^W^ ashab). — 
(mode**) v>^ s-^ sahib adab 
v>*>*y« mu'addab. — (keeping i 
secret) j~*tt pfX katum as-sirr 
qgA amin. 

Discrepancy, *. u>k&\ ihtilaf 
v3/ farq. 

Discrepant, adj. cJdsa^ muhtalif 
jj\az* mutagayir; <j&*" muna- 

Discretion, *. (prudence) J&* 
'aql ; *;*-* basira-t ; y**+S tamyiz. 
— (liberty of action) j**x*»\ ihti- 
yar ; U^y* tasrif . 

Discretionary, adj. tg^*^ ihti- 
yari-y ; J^ mu^laq. 

Discriminate, v. j/ faraz, yafriz ; 
&* ye* mayyaz min, yumayyiz ; 
^ j/ faraq ben, yaf ruq. 

Discrimination, *. yt*** tamyiz; 
)jt farz ; )\/\ ifraz. 

Discus, s. see Disc. 

Discuss, v. JjW tadawal, yatada- 
wal; /\& tazakar, yatazakar; 
e^cp balsas, yabhas ; «a^W balsas, 

Discussion, s. ^/^ fah§; go^tf 


tafathuf; **-*: bahs ; L-icX** 
Disdain, v. /* feaqar, yabqir; 
haqqar, yu^aqqir ; yu^\ iljtaqar, 
yaljtaqir; yw«^ istahqar, yas- 
ta^qir; <^ aMn, yuhin. 
Disdain, s. jVas^ ihtiqar; <$y> 

hawan ; & W ihana-t. 
Disdainful, adj. / * **»» • mustaliqir. 
— (jwoiwi) t*^^ mutakabbir ; 
^yu magrur. 
Disease, «. o*/» mar<J (pi. u*y»\ 
auirad) ; &* 4 illa-t (pi. j* 'ilal) ; 
W da'' (pi. \ } *\ adwa'). 
Diseased, ad;. t u*4/* mari<j. (pi. 
^^ manja); Je** 'alii; *-***-* 
da'if (pi. tou* (Ju^fa*). 
Disembark, v.a. s-*/*tt ef* 5j*^ 
ahraj min al-markab, yuhrij ; n. 
*^SjS\ 0^ git tala' min al-mar- 
kab, ya^la*. 
Disembowel, v. {jfafi <J* saqq al- 

ba^n, ya^uqq. 
Disen chant, v. j+~R J°" t a ll *&- 
sihr, ya^ull ; >^-J^ **^* fakk as- 
si^ri yafukk. 
Disencumber, v. <-***■ haffaf, yu- 

haflif ; ,jd*- hallaf , yuhallis. 
Disengage, v. (free) <j^ hallas, 
yuhallis. — (loose) tsU fakk, ya- 
fukk ; > hall, yahull. 
Disengaged, adj. (at leisure) £>* 

farig.— (free) J^ mutahalli. 
Disengagement, s. ^^- hulus ; 

Afc\y faraga-t. 
Disentangle, v. J^ hall, yahull ; 

ceU fakk, yafukk. 
Disfiguration, s. g**M tabsi*. 
Disfigure, v. &* bai^aS yubaisi* ; 

C-fi qabba^t, yuqabbi^. 
Disgorge, v. (vomit) 0^ nataq, 
yantuq; t)**~* istafrag, yasta- 
Disgrace, *. (being out of favour) 
Jy* 'azl; Wy tu'aba-t; SjU 
nazila-t. — (cause of shame) s-*«* 
'aib (pi. v>^ 'uyub) ; ^ *ar ; 
0«Ai 6ain ; A^^u mafdaha-t. 
Disgrace, v. (^raJ 0^ of favour) 
b]n 0^ U~\ asqat min nazarhu, 
yuskit ; Jj* 'azal, ya'ziL— (bring 

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reproach upon) **k* hatak, yah- 

tik; j** 'ayyar, yu'ayyir; ^ 

fadah, yaf<Jah. 
Disgraceful, adj. &** $ani* ; £«i 

qabih; vj«** ma'yiib; C"-*A* 

Disguise, v. fi nakkar, yunakkir ; 

u*^ labbas, yulabbis. 
Disguise, *. j&5 tanakkur; p&5 

tankir; ***** tahfiya-t. 
Disgust, s. <Jj> qaraf ; Z*&\£ kara- 

hiya-t ; Sy» naf ra-t. 
Disgust, v. *-iji qarraf, yuqarrif ; 

v-i^i\ aqraf, yuqrif ; /* naffar, yu- 

Dish, *. (vessel) <^-> sahn (pi. 

Qj*,* euhun); Jj* tabaq (pL 

jL_,U afbaq); *-***-» ?ahifa-t 

(pi. *-iW-> j*il?af ). — (food) r UL 

{a'am (pi. &+*^\ afima-t, uwUUL 

Dishearten, v. sJ ^ kasar 

al-qalb, yaksir; **»-*M ahmad, 

Dishevel, 0. y**\ ai'an, yus'in. 
Dishonest, adj. &U!N J*i* qalil 

al-amana-t; &»te*~t h bila isti- 

qama-t ; ^J^ ^ gair §alih ; }&• 

makkar ; <>Vfc ga&L 
Dishonesty, s. &^ hiyana-t; &* 

L*&\ qilla-t az-zimma-t. 
Dishonour, s. s-**c <aib (pi. s->j** 

«uyub) ; >c <ar; *W* fadiha-t. 
Dishonour, v. £<&* fadah, yaf dah ; 

*m \ *sa hatak, yahtik ; f- 'arr, 

ya'irr ; o^» san, yasin. 
Dishonourable, adj. s^-*"*""" 

ma'yub; c^VAfa^ife; <jt-ai fahis. 
Disinclination, *. l*\f karaha-t ; 

fyi nafra-t. 
Disincline, v. /i naffar, yunaffir ; 

*f karrah, yukarrih. 
Disingenuitt, *. ,j©)U1N p*z 'adam 

al-ihlas; jU* nifaq, nafaq; *£• 

makr; &**J* hadi'a-t (pi. #W 

Disingenuous, adj. v3 J ^» 7** fi^ir 

f adiq ; j^» makkar. 
Disinherit, v. ±>jt\ &*f* haram-hu 

al-irs, yabrim-hu; *-fy** ^»* 

qa{a' mirag-hu, yaqta'. 

Disinheritance, s. *d>\^\^U qaf 

Disinter, v. y^ naba£, yambuS ; 

yj>j$\ ($- &/A akraj min al-ar4, 

Disinterested, adj. j*/&\ ^ac 

'adim al-garad. 
Disinterestedness, s. ,>j*N p** 

'adam al-garad. 
Disjoin, v. «3/ faraq, yafruq ; J-* 

fa?al, yaffil. 
Disjoint, v. **Vi fakk, yafukk ; £*» 

halla, yuhalli'. 
Disjunction, s. jV 4 ^ ^ tiraq ; jfy* 

firaq ; J^-«A^ infi§al. 
Disjunctive, adj. JUArt infisali-y. 
Disjunctive, s. (in grammar) *Jf* 

J-a* harf-u fasl-in. 
Dislike, *. *l*\f karaha-t ; i\£s~\ 

istikrah ; S/> nafra-t. 
Dislike, v. /*s~A istanfar, yastan- 

fir ; fij£u\ istakrah, yastakrih. 
Dislocate, v. «*** fakk, yafukk ; 

gl^ halla', yuhalli'. 
Dislocation, *. gj*^ tahli'; £± 

(J*&\ hal ( al-'azm. 
Dislodge, v. jJ* tarad, yatrad ; 

^ naf a, yanfi; &/»\ ahraj, 

Disloyal, adj. &\± hayin; (*)\f*- 

hawwan ; j*>U gadir. 
Disloyalty, *. fo\t£> hiyana-t ; ^ 

Dismal, adj. (gloomy) ji^ kadir; 

j*£* mukaddir ; pk+ mugimm. — 

(horrible) Jj«* mahul; c-d^afe^ 

muhif; £/" mufazzi'; ij~-y 

Dismantle, v. (strip) ^ Wallah, 

yusallit- — (a town or fortress) 

fJA hadam, yahdim. 
Dismay, *. g>> jaza' ; *Jf- hauf ; 

$* faza' (pi. fy\ afza*) ; 8p» 

hira-t ; Jy^ haul (pi. J\yfe\ ah- 

wal) ; JVajj\ indihal. 
Dismay, t;. *-i^- hawwaf, yuhaw- 

wif; gy fazza', yufazzi'; Jaj\ 

adhal, yudhil ; <j&j*j\ adhal, 

Dismember, v. c/» sarralj, yusar- 

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rib; «M qatta', yuqatti'; ,U 

fawal, yufassil. ^ 

Dismiss, v. Jjy* 'azzal, yu'azzil; 

jfdttiar, yudas&r; jIU atlaq, 

Dismissal, ,. J>* 'azl; Jjytf ta'zil; 

;•*•» tadsir. 
Dismount, *.». Jy nazal, yanzil . 

0-+f tarajjal, yatarajjal; a. 
(throw off) tr J\ y* <3i qalal> 
«an as-sarj, yaqlib ; y»,« J* vy 
karkab Ua 'l-artf, yukarkib.- 
(rmows /row a stand, &c.) Jj 
nazzal, yunazzil. 

Disobedience, ». &U. ^ <adam 
ta'a-tj UIW. muhalafa-t; ^U 
isyAn', 'usyAn ; jJto ' uq a q . 

Disobedient, «#. ^u. ^ ga ir 

%\; u4JU- nmbalif; jW^aq 
(pl. «* 'aqaqa-t, fcM a'iqqa-t) I 
jyaqfiq; ^le'ati. ™ '' 
Disobey, ». uilU. halaf, yuhalif; 
«* .j*" 'a»a <ala, ya'si ; j* «aqq< 
ya'uqq. " 

DlSOBUQE, ». 0<y«J\ iUiMU, 

•amil ma'hu qUla-t al-ma'rSf 

DlSOBLIOINO, adj. >Jtful\ ^jj. 

'adim'ruf; jkuT^t gair 
nais/U j o^\ ^ wa . r atfna&f . 
Disoedee, «. ( Wan < o/ o«fer) ^ 
r . » adttm <">.nizam; >L* 
Wr»J\ <adain at-tartib; 4»*»t 
f*f ™P**b an-nijam; fl^ 
JibMa-t; ^y. i &w&i .-(indis. 
Portion) utoyU taswis. 

W labbat, yulahbit. 
Uisoedbbuness, «. fcju. feala'a-t 

at-tartib, yu'dim; ,\kdt ^. 
Jjarab z ft m , yahrub. 

S "•^ , ank «.~yunkir ; /to- 
te, tanikar, yatanakar; .w iahad 

D ^jM ; ^bala-,y'ah1at 3tad ' 

qTr ^r^^W^aq- 

!^^qir EHT ''^ taD ^ U8 ' 

Dispassionate, adj. fj*~ ^ g«r 
mugram; f^^H r j.i^ t^ 
al-garam.--(mi7i) ^-L halim.- 
(without partiality, just) »-■*■» 
Dispatch, r. see Despatch. 
Dispel, t\ «~a sattat, Yuiattit; 

•>* baddad, yubaddid. * 

Dispensary, #. i^Jt e ^ dukkin 

al-adwija-t (pL ^^lij dakikin). 

Dispensation, s . (distribution) 

vJ*;* tafriq; r ■ S taqsim.— 

(exemption) ,-** *affi (<afw); 

v~UU* mu 4 afat— (of Providence) 

« W- i qisma-t. 

Dispense, r. (<ieai oni) ^-J qasam, 

yaqsim ; ^ j^ faiTaq 'ala, ju- 

farriq; gj^ wazza', juwazzi'.— 

(exempt) #* ^ a f a 'an, ju'fi. 

Disperse, v.a. vs-ja sattat, yusat- 

tit; j^a bazzam, yuhazzim; ys 

lasar, yangur: n. ss^ii\ insatt, 

yanjiatt; r ^-«.^ inLazam, yan 


Dispersion, «. oU satat ; i^-.- A ? 

tastit; r y^ inhizam; J& niskr. 

Dispirit, t;. s-W\ ^kasar al-qalb, 

I yaksir. 

I Displace, v. gls qaila 4 , yuqalli'; 
J» naqal, yanqul. 
Displacement, a. J* naql. 
Display, v. (expand) ^ nasar, 
yangur; L~i basat, yabsu* ; J^i 
farai, yafru^.— (exhibit) ^\ aia, 
yuri ; j£\ azhar, yuzbir. 
Display, « >r u na^r; ; W i 2 hA r . 
Displease, v. lit\ agag, yugiz. 
Displeasure, «. ^i qahr; .V§»\ in- 

Disposal, s. u^ tasarruf. 
Dispose, t;. (arrange) ^ nasam, 
yanzim ; nagzam, yunazgim ; 
s-*; rattab, yurattib ; ^ j dabbar, 
yudabbir.— (incline) s-^ ; raggab, 
yuraggib; J-. mayyal, yumay- 
yil. — (give away, sell) «Jj— ? ta^ar- 
raf, yata?arraf ; £l* ba*, yabi*. 

5f° M T. Iolr ' f • (or ^ v -^/ *»• 

tib ; j,Utf ni 2 ,tm ; ^ehaF tanzim.— 
(/mww 0/ wincf) eV mizai (pl 
«*H amzija-t); f^ t ib a * ; i4U 

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$abi'a-t (pi. &\ -at, $\£ $aba- 

Dispossess, v. ^ haram, yahrim ; 

<y j±\ ahaz min, ya'huz ; $^A 

ahraj, yuhrij. 
Dispbopobtion, 8. s *-WJ\ dlj qil- 

la-t at-tanasub. 


gair muhandam; jfxx^ ^j* 

'adim al-i'tidal; s-**^\ ^jkc 

'adim at-tanasub. 
Disprove, v. J* ^ radd 'ala, 

Disputation, 8. *£-<*: bahe ; &a*W* 

mubahasa-t ; a3jI^» mujadala-t. 
Dispute, v. J^W jadal, ynjadil ; 

^ e^ bahas 'an, yubahis. 
Disqualification, s. y+z 'ajz ; ^ 

*»^ 'adam liyaqa-t ; &U£ ^ 

'adam kifaya-t. 
Disqualify, v.^v^ a'jaz, yu'jiz. 
Disquiet, 17. Jk qallaq, yuqalliq ; 

Jdi qalqal, yuqalqil. 
Disquiet, Disquietude, 8. JM* 

balbal (pL J>^ balabil) ; J^yts 

JW^X taswis al-bal; &Sl* qalqa- 

Disquisition, 8. u a^ fahs ; {j^js 

tafahfcus ; gV^sM imtihan ; <J~>s*5 

Disbeoaed, v. JiU? tagafal, yata- 

gafal; <#W tabawan, yataha- 

DiSBEOABD, 8. JiU? tagaful ; j\te*\ 

ihtiqar ; ^yfc hawan. 
Disbelish, 8. sJf qaraf. 
Disrelish, v. **J/s taqarraf, yata- 

qarraf; *j&~\ istakrah, yastak- 

Di8Bbputable, adj. £**" mufcjih ; 

Disrepute, 8. j\* 'ar ; A^au maf- 

daha-t (pi. c*^* mafadih). 
Disrespect, s. pV^ ^* qilla-t al- 

Disbespectful, adj. f^W* ^ gair 

Disruption, *. j-£ kasr (pi. jy~* 

Dissatisfaction, *. UjN p±* 'adam 


Dissatisfy, v. tte\ agaz, yugig ; 

^bj\ U ma arda, yurdi. 
Dissect, v. tj* 3arrah, yusarrih. 
Dissection, 8. &}>&>* tasrih. 
Dissector, 8. ty*** musarrih. 
Dissemble, v. <J*U nafaq, yunafiq ; 

^ rayya, yurayyi; J\j m'a, 

yurai ; ^;W dfira, vudari. 
Disseminate, v. ^J\ azra, yuzri ; 

jk bazar, yabzur; y& nasar, 

Dissemination, 8. y*J na^r. 
Dissension, *. &Jli*» muhalafa t. 
Dissent, 8. wJjta^t ihtilaf . 
Dissent, v. <-Ato tahalaf, yata- 

halaf ; oMaU ihtalaf, yahtalif . 
Dissebtation, s. &L,j risala-t (pi. 

^ -at, J*Uj rasayil). 
Disseveb, v. ^loi qa|a', yaqta* ; 

qattaS yuqa^i 4 . 
Dissimilar, adj. &*l£* ^i gair 

musfibih ; <-Al^« muhtalif. 
Dissimilabity, 8. &-e?U^3\ j«J^ 

'adam al - musabaha-t ; *-fl*±\ 

Dissimulation, s. ^ riya' ; ^Ui 

nafaq ; &+&* tahtima-t." 
Dissipate, v. u*1s\ atlaf, yutlif ; 

j^i bazzar, yubazzir; uy*\ asraf, 

yusrif ; j^ ba'zaq, yuba*ziq. 
Dissipation, 8. J> V tabzil ; wJ^\ 

israf.— (vice) *>U-i faskd ; ^j-^ 

fisq ; J^--i f usuq. 
Dissolute, adj. «£U$i* munhamik ; 

*-U fasid ; ^-U f Asiq. 
Dissoluteness, *. csJU^J^ inbimak ; 

*>V~i fasad ; J-J fisq. 
Dissolution, s. ^ hall ; v>j»> ?ub ; 

^-i fash ; £*~tf tafsih ; '(>« 

naqd. — (death) wy maut. — (of 

an assembly) JIM inhilal. 
Dissolve, v. (melt) ^ hall, yahull ; 

^r>^ zawwab, yuzawwib. — (break 

up) JW battal, yubattil; JL>\ 

abial, yubtil. 
Dissolvent, adj. JU* muballil; 

s-»^ mu?awwib. 
Dissonance, *., Dissonant, adj. 

see Discobd, Discobdant. 
Dissuade, v. q& g^ rajja' 'an, 

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yurajji'; 0* &* mana' 'an, 

yamna' ; (^ j>j radd 'an, yarudd. 
Dissuasion, *. &>W» mumana'a-t. 
D18TAFP, s. Ay*+ migzal (pi. JjU* 

magazil) ; &> rukka-t. 
Distance, 8. *** bu'd ; &U*» masa- 

fa-t ; ij#~" masira-t j s^* haub, 

Distance, v. Oh— sabaq, yasbuq. 
Distant, adj. ±**i ba'id (pi. \**i 

bu'ada') ; <*«Vi qa§i ; tjl* nazi^. 
Distaste, «. *y\ ikrah ; *-i^ qaraf . 
Distasteful, adj. *#&• makruh ; 

uyu muqarrif. 
Distemper, s. <>/• mard (pi. u*V* 

amracj) ; ^yk* ta£wis\ 
Distend, v. g~j wassa', yuwassi' ; 

,J>]* 'arrad, yu'arrid; ±+ madd, 

Distention, a. i"e~*> tabsit ; £*-/ 

tausi'; <jkf* ta'rid ; *rt.xxM im- 

Distich, *. c^trf bait (pi. «yl<^ 

Distil, v.a. ^»5 qaftar, yuqaftir ; 

g^ ahraj, yuhrij ; n. ^i qajar, 

yaqtur ; a. and n. iatt naqqat, 

Distillation, 8. )£ qatr ; jje& 

taq^ir ; y\jtei qa^aran ; g>/=* tah- 

Distiller, *. j^a* qaftar; ttf* 

cSj*^ harraj al-'ambari. 
Distinct, ad;, (different) o^ afe* 

muhtalif ; ;-**-**• mutagayir ; 

(^Ws* mutabayin. — Separated) 

J-6a* munfa?il ; ^a** mu'ayyan. 

— (cZear) c*^» 9 arih ; ^ zahir ; 

C**j wacjih. 
Distinction, *. (difference) yt*+* 

tamyiz; )\jk\ ifraz; Jjj* farq.— 

(preference) J*-atf tafdil. 
Distinctness, «. (clearness) c^ 

idah ; ^^* saraha-t ; (^W bayan. 
Distinguish, v. ^ y#* mayyaz 

min, yumayyiz ; tf faraz, yaf riz ; 

{$** ,3^ faraq ben, yafruq. — (give 

preference) ^ ji* faddal 'ala, 

Distort, v. tf barram, yubarrim ; 

<£$ lawwa, yulawwi; J** fattal, 

yufattil. — (words) s-^ qalab, 

Distortion, 8. \y&\ iltiwa; t\f*\ 

Distract, v. (divert) ^^ laha, yu- 

lahi ; ^a- sahba, yusahhi. — 

(perplex)^ fcayyar^ yufcayyir; 

^y* iawwai, yu6awwis\ 
Distracted, adj. vHjt** hairan ; 

s-A- salib ; \j*y*>" mu^awwai. 
D18TRACTEDNES8, s. (perplexity) 

J^yi* taiwis; 8^ hira-t; ^y**- 

Distraction, s. (absence of mind) 

JJfctt c^Uai £attat al-'aql. 
Distress, 8. &*& nakba-t; l*£~~> • 

maskana-t ; &*-* 4iqa-t ; /* f uq ; 

So* 6idda-t ; s^* karb. 
Distress, t;. f*t\ agamm, yugimm ; 

5^^ 'akkar hatir-hu, yu'ak- 

kir ; &y*\ ahzan, yuhzin ; j^ 

akdar, yukdir. 
Distressing, adj. ?*• mugimm ; 

jjSJ* mukaddir ; o>^* niuhzin. 
Distribute, v. f*~* qasam, yaqsim; | 

qassam, yuqassim; J./ farraq, j 

yufarriq; tj) wazza', yuwazzi* \ 

(all with J^ 'ala). , 

Distribution, s. tys tafriqa-t; | 

l+t-JS taqsim ; &jf tauzi'. 
District, s. h^ wilaya-t; 5*^Vft* j 

Distrust, *. ^H* tahma-t ; *«^ 

subha-t; «^ gakk (pi. %*5y^ 

^ukiik) ; o\^-^ istihwan. 
Distrust, v. yfi^ istahwan, yas- 

tahwin; if (j*^-^ istahras 

min, yastahris ; J* f*f tawah- 

haui fi, yatawahham. 
Distrustful, adj. ^^ zanun. 
Disturb, v. (disquiet) j^ kaddar, 

yukaddir; ^A**» iawwai, yusAw- 

wi^ (both with J* 'ala); v3** 

qallaq, yuqalliq ; vi- 15 ^ aqlaq, 

yuqliq. — (disorder) W^ lahba^, 

Disturbance, s. »>J^» takdir ; *-«* 

fitna-t; ^ siqla-t; s-»^^^ i^ti- 

Disunion, «. jVa^ siqaq ; A«* fit- 

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na-t ; yVx* munafara-t ; oiU. 
hilf , half ; jV^ iftiraq. 

Disunite, v.a. j^ faraq, yafruq; 
J-i fasal, yaffil ; n. j/>\ infaraq, 
yanfariq ; J-^ infasal, yanfasil. 

Disuse, *. JWju-!M ^ac 'adam al- 
ls ti'mal ; S->US\ <&f tark al'ada-t. 

Disuse, t?. SjUH JW baftal al- 
'ada-t, yubaUil ; W«N ^/ tarak 
al-'ada-t, yatruk. 

Ditch, *. JJ^- handaq (pi. j*>Ua. 
hanadiq); Sj-^ hafira-t (pi. 
^>Ua- hafayir). 

Ditty, *. ^ gina; ***^ ugniya-t 
(pi. ^^l agani) ; **** gauniya-t 
(pi. ^Lfc ganani) ; §y muw- 
wai (pi. J>jV* mawawil). 

Diurnal, adj. ^j-"*-* yaumi-y, 

Divan, *. q\j>* diwan, daiwan (pi. 
[•ytfo* dawawin, q*^ dayawin). 

Dive, v. v±& ga$as, yagfcis ; ^te 
gas, yagus. 

Diver, 8. ^^ gatjas ; ^\j* gaw- 

Diverge, t?. Uf&\ inharaf, yan- 
harif ; £* sa", yasr' ; acW* ta- 
ba'ad, yataba'ad. 

Divers, adj. (sundry) {j*i ba'd. 

Diverse, adj. (different) cAlsafc* 
muhtalif ; fS**» mutagayir. 

Diversify, v. yA gayyar, vugay- 
yir ; J»M baddal, yubaddil ; &± 
fa a nan, yufannin ; £y nawwa', 

Diversion, *. (turning aside) u\f*\ 
inhiraf ; & * Um« mu^agala-t. — 
(amusement) &/» tafarruj ; **f 

Diversity, 8. uh&\ ihtilaf; Jj* 
farq ; «wjte taf awut ; <jJ& tafan- 

Divert, v. (turn aside) <***\ ab'ad, 
yub'id ; U^ harraf, yuharrif ; 
Uj~ $araf, yasrif (all with ^ 
'an). — (amuse) ,J~ salla, yu- 
salii; <Jj\ anas, yu'anis ; e^ 
farraj, yufarrij. 

Divest, v. £** iallah, yusallih ; 
^p 'arra, yu'arri. 

Divide, v. f+~* qasam, yaqsum ; 

qassam, yuqassim ; fa zawwa', 

Dividend, s. (share) &«. hissa-t 

(pi. <>*»* hisas) ; s-**-* nasib (pi. 

\^d\ ansiba', &**>\ ansiba- 1). — 

(in arithmetic) f*y** maqsum). 
Divination, s. s-~*H (J& *ilm al- 

gaib ; J^j ramal ; &^£ kihana-t. 
Divine, v. JW ^s* fatah al-fal, 

yaftah ; C**N up 'arraf al- 

gaib, yu'arrif; <ji& takahhan, 

Divine, adj. ^^ ilahi-y. 
Diviner, s. u\p 'arraf (pi. b\p 

'arrafa-t) ; JU; rammal ; £»V* 

jUtt fatih al-fal. 
Divinity, a. **\ (5») ilah (pi. fy\ 

aliha-t) ; «yy^^ lahut. — (theology) 

«*yfcW ^ 'Um al-lahiit. 
Divisibility, *. j»^ SJ\ inkisam ; 

^wjuJ\ (;)^*^ imkan at-taqsim. 
Divisible, adj. ^— ^ yanqasim. 
Division, *. fJ~* qasm (pi. f\~*\ 

aqsam) ; y+ juz (pi. ^T ajza') ; 

J-i fasl (pi. J|** fu§ul).— (in 

arithmetic) f *#~8 taqsiui; ^U-J5 

qisma-t. — (separation) v54/* taf- 

riq. — (disunion) Wk&\ ihtilaf. 
Divisor, *. (in arithmetic) f*~^ 

qagim ; *J^ j»^-A« maqsum *ale- 

Divorce, a. j^ talaq ; (3*^ tatliq. 

— (6y «n#A of the wife) £*k 

Divorce, v. <J& tallaq, yu^alliq ; 

(jlU a^laq, yu^liq. 
Divulge, v. j6* ^ahhar, yu^ahhir ; 

^\ aShar, yushir; &*> ^ayya', 

yu^ayyi* ; £^ asa*, yu^i*. 
Dizziness, s. ^*> dauha-t, doha-t. 
Dizzy, adj. #V.> dayih. 
Do, i;. J** 'amil, ya'mal ; J«i fa'al, 

Docile, adj. (*)*A\ J*Vi qabil at- 

ta'liin. — (obedient) &U* t a yi*- 
Docility, *. &J*^\ M<^ qabiliya-t 

at-ta*lim ; &ML ^a*a-t. 
Dock, *. W* mina' (pi. o^^ ma " 

want, <£#+ miyan) ; &£~\ iskala-t 
(pi. J*^ asakil) ; ^ bxm\. 
Dock, v. i**A\ <J J**rt adhal fi-'l- 

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mina', yudhil. — (lop off) gti 

qata', yaqta'. 
Doctor, s. (scholar) fJ\* 'alim (pi. 

UA* «ulama) ; #J** mu'allim. — {of 

law 8) <M* faqih (pi. \#& fuqaha'). 

— (physician) (**£** hakim (pi. 

U£e» hukamiV) ; s-^J» Jabib (pi. 

WU atibba'). 
Doctrinal, adj. {mS -*A* 'ilmi-y; 

^j**!** ta'limi-y. 
Doctrine, 8. ^*1*> ta'lim (pi. ^W 

ta/aliin) ; h— *>$* mazhab (pi. 

s-jfc\.i* mazahib) ; SjicU qa'ida-t 

(pi. J^y> qawa'id). 
Document, s. &+&■ hujja-t (pi. £%*» 

bujaj) ; J*- si j ill (pi. i*^e- 

Doe, a. &K* gazala-t. 
Dog, s. s-J^ kalb (pi. v>^ kilab). 
Dog, v. *>^» tarad, yatrad; s-*a*> 

ta'aqqab, yata'aqqab. 
Dog-days, 8. )f*^\ fkH ayyam al- 

bahur ; \jfJJi bahura' ; ^^\ f\t\ 

ayyam as-si'ra. 
Dogged, adj. «yy*** mu'afrat ; <**** 

Doggedne8S, 8. £-JL-t basala-t ; 

SjtfU* mu'anada-t ; *>Uc «inad. 
Dog-star, a. ^5;** sl'ra. 
Dogma, *. S»xc\i qa'ida-t (pi. ^\y 

qawavid) ; 8jUfcx\ i'tiqada-t ; ^yVi 

qanun (pi. <j*j \ji qawanin) ; J*\ 

l$id\ asl ad-din (pi. J^ usul). 
Dogmatic, Dogmatical, adj. (posi- 
tive) ^5*^ hukmi-y ; p^&- Ji at- 
tain. — (overbearing) o^*s* mu- 

Dogmatics, *. fte ^lc 'ilm kalam. 
Dogmatise, v. p**- hatam, yah- 

Dole, s. (alms) &•** s adaqa-t ; fa .,. .* 

hasana-t. — (portion) s-*-»* nasib 

(pi. &**»\ ansiba-t) ; ^— * qism 

(pi. pV-~i\ aqsam). 
Dole, v. ^ wazza', yuwazzi*. 
Doleful, adj. ^j^ hazin (pi. V^ 

huzaruV) ; y^'f* haznan ; jj~-£* 

^»UJ\ males ur al-ha^ir ; f+z** mug- 

Dolefulne88, ». ^ gamm ; ^y* 

huzn, hazan ; vy karb. 

Doll, s. **** lu'ba-t (pi. 

Dollar, *. ^— * y\ abu nasr ; s-*l* ^ 

abu kalb ; J^j riyal. 
Dolorous, adj. py** magna um ; 



w ^ — .- 

Dolphin, s. J«i)tj darfil; Je^a 

danfil ; fl* y\ abu salam ; <j*«a~S 

Dolt, s. &**\ ahmaq (pi. <j*»> 

humuq, jU^ himaq, &c.) ; ,3/^ 

ahraq (pi. j^ hurq) ; &*£& hu- 

Domain, s. *stt* milk, mulk (pi. 

dU\ amlak). 
Dome, *. &** qubba-t (pi. s-^5 

qubab); aad. huSsa-t (pi. (jt-i*. 

Domestic, adj. (belonging to the 

house) ^s*} baiti-y. — (tame) {j~ti\ 

anis; (j*y^* ma'niis; U^^« mu- 

wallaf ; ^yw baituti-y. — (not 

foreign) ^J±\*> dahili-y. 
Domestic, *. f\<*» haddam; p*\± 

hadim (pi. p\<*» huddam). 
Domesticate, v. &L> tabba*, yu- 

tabbi* ; u~>\ annas, yu'annis ; 

*-&) wallaf, yuwallif . 
Domestication, 8. g«ia» tatbi' ; 

tre»Vj ta'nis. 
Domesticity, 8. &•«*** hidma-t. 
Domicile, *. ^— • maskan (pi. 

(^— ^ masakin); &-"\*\ J*- ma- 
hall iqama-t ; Jy* manzal (pi. 

Jj^« manazil). 
Dominant, adj. «-r-3U galib ; Jj*—'* 

Dominate, t?. U~J tasallat, yata- 

Domination, s. &*•£** hukuma-t; 

^loL. saltana-t ; iX-J tasallut- 
Domineer, v. <J^ jV^ jar 'ala, 

yajur ; ^ zalam, yaglim. 
Dominion, *. (territory) a <l »^ 

mamlaka-t (pi. ctUU* mamalik). 
Don, v. u~«J labas, y albas ; V— S 

kasa, yaksu. 
Donation, s. ^a hiba-t ; ^o^ tuh- 

fa-t (pi. U*# tuhaf) ; £*ju& hadi- 

ya-t (pi. ^\Afc hadaya'). 

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Donkey, *. jU»» himar (pi. j*4*. 

tamir); <j£^* jah£ (pi. v>^* 

Donor, 0. s— Mj wahib; ^J^-e* 

muhdi ; J*\* 'atf ; J** mu'ti. 
Doom, v. ^4*. hakam, yahkiim; 

J*- sajjal, yusajjil. 
Doom, *. (sentence) ^ hukm (pi. 

f>\**\ ahkam); Us qa^a (pi. 

a*-*5\ aqdiya-t). — (fate) &4--J 

qisma-t; j& qadr (pi. jW\ aq- 

dar) ; Ui qa4a\ 
Doomsday, 0. **W* qiyama-t. 
Door, s. s^ bab (pi. s^jrt abwab, 

G)W biban). — (folding-door) s^t 

i^ 5 *)** 0** h ft h m ^ n darfaten. 
Door-keeper, 8. s^tf bawwab. 
Doob-po8t, *. *r>*Jt J*) rijl al- 

Dormant, adj. ^ nayim. — (latent) 

iJ**~ mahfi-y. — (sluggish) Jla»* 

Dormitory, s. f*U* manam; «*** 

f»yl\ bait an-naum ; v***** mabit. 
Dose, s. i±*\ ahaza-t ; hj* Sarba-t. 
Dot, s. &» nuqta-t (pi. &* nuqat) ; 

W* mabaft. 
Dot, v. t» naqqat, yunaqqit. 
Dotation, *. jW jahaz (pi. 8^\ 

ajhiza-t) ; y&r tajhiz ; ^** tam- 

Dotage, s. «-*/. haraf ; Mjl hara- 

fa-t ; (^Jk* hazayan. 
Dotard, 0. Q^if- harfan; <J^ae« 

Dote, v. (from old age) ^f- harif, 

yahraf; * . ■« subih, yusbah 

(pass.). — (dofe on) s^ ^ wali* 

bi, yaula*. 
Double, adj. <JteU* muda'af ; *;*** 

#«*/• qadr-hu marraten; { j*+ 

mug anna. 
Double, v. Udu da"af, yu<Ja"if ; 

«-A*U 4A«af , ytuja'if ; Uuu>\ ad'af , 

yn4'if. — (sail round) ^J^ 'adda, 

yu'addi ; gj* 'awwaj, yu'awwij. 
Double-dealer, a. (^e**; ^ zu 

wajhen ; jV£* makkar. 
Double-dealing, «. V^ riya; V/» 

mnraya-t; jW nifaq; &~3\y 


Double-tongued, adj. 0*>UJ ^ 

zu lisanen. 
Doubt, s. *sUi gakk (pi. <^y^» 

£ukuk) ; *$** 6ubha-t ; s-ty raib ; 

^4) riba-t (pi. s-i> riyab). 
Doubt, t;. ^ «*U $akk fi, yaiukk ; 

^ s^ty irtab fi, yartab. 
Doubtful, adj. *dJA\ «-e^ taht 

ai-sakk; »*5yC&*» maskuk; &*A* 

muiabbah ; v*/* murib. 
Doubtless, adj. «*** <J*i U ma 

fihi sakk. 
Doubtlessly, adv. «*Ui ^ bi-la 

Dough, *. &*+* 'ajin (pi. (^%ft 

Doughy, adj. {J >*** 'ajini-y. 
Dove, s. puL hamam, i^Ul. ^ama- 

ma-t (pi. ^U- hamayim). 
Dove-cot, 0. ^W g^ burj ^amam 

(pi. ©#* burui). 
Dowager, 0. utj* ^Uj\ armala-t 

Dower, Dowry, 0. jW jahaz. — 

(^n'ven 6y ^Ae husband) #• mahr 

(pi. j^« muhur). 
Down, 0. (feathers) ^ fjty ri^ 

na'im. — (hair) ft wabar. 
Downy, adj. ft wabir ; ^i na'im. 
Down, adv., prep, va^r ^\ Ua 

taht; Ja-\ J* ila asfal; «>«*» 

Downcast, adj. (dejected) ft**** 

mahdum j o^j^« mahdAd. 

Downfall, *. s^V* b* 1 "* > ^^ 

halak; J^ zawal; ^W^ inhi- 

Downs, a. JU> rimal (pi. of J*j 

Doxology, *. c*^ madfe; JU». 

Doze, v.n. ^r** na'as, yan'as ; a. 

u-*i na"a8, yuna"is. 
Doze, Doziness, a. <j*U* nu'as. 
Dozen, «. j&& im j*\ agnaiar ; &->*)£> 

{ozina-h, dozina-h. 
Dozy, adj. v— o\i na'is; q\~* 

Drab, s. (prostitute) &«^? qaljaba-t 

(pi. *r>W qit&b). 


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Drachm, a. f**j*> dirham (pi. (**\j* 

Draff, a. j£* 'akar. 
Draft, a. (for money) &*J}* boli- 

sa-t (pi. u^V buwalis) ; &W 

hawala-t. — (of soldiers) &ty nr- 

qa-t (pi. Jj^ firaq). — (outline) 

^— j rasm. 
Draft, u. (detach) j;^ faraq, yaf- 

ruq. — (<?eZmea*e) ^ sawwar, yu- 

sawwir ; ^-j rasam, yarsum. 
Drag, v. s-n^- sahab, yashab ; j* 

jarr, yajurr. 
Dragon, a. (;>*■*> tannin, tinnin (pi. 

^Uj tananin) ; ($*—!*> §u'ban, 

sa'ban (pi. ($**^> sa'abin). 
Dragoon, a. «-A*~ JW* hayyal say- 

Drain, v. cy nazals, yanzah, yan- 

Drain, a. es^* m *J™ (P 1 - «3jW* 

majari) ; s^j** mizab (pi. s-s^** 

Drainage, a. aW»tt J*^ tahwil al- 

Drake, a. W baft (pi. ^ buffy). 
Dram, s. see Drachm. 
Drama, a. ±£s s-*J la'ab taqlid. 
Drape, v. f~> satar, yastur; ^^ 

gatta, yugatti ; r~* kaseam, yu- 

Draper, a. ^^- juhi-y (pi. £*s*j* 

Drapery, a. S*U- sitara-t (pi. jiV*-. 

satayir ; J*>y- suradiq (pi. *sA 

-at). — (cfoJA. manufactory) J*** 

fyqitt ma'mal al-juh. 
Drastic, adj., a. J&-^ mushil. 
Draught, a. (drink) **/• sarba-t ; 

s^/*"* mainib ; ^c^ jar'a-t. — (of 

a net) &)*+ jazba-t. — (a sketch) 

***» taswir ; S»>j-~* musawwada-t ; 

;»«•; rasm. — (of air) c>j rih (pi. 

t^ arwah). 
Draughts, a. (game) £*UN s-«*J 

la'b ad-dama-t. 
Draughtsman, a. f*-\> rasim ; jy 

Draw, v. (pull) ft* jarr, yajurr ; 

s^ jazab, yajzub, yajzib ; s-^j- 

sahab, yashab. — (a sword) J- 

sall, yasull ; Jy* jarad, yajrud. — 

(design) ^-j rasm, yarsum ; jy 

sawwar, yusawwir. 
Drawback, a. SjU-a. hasara-t ; (^j~*» 

Draw-bridge, a. J*^ j g*»/ 8jL** 

qan^ara-t tartafi' wa tatawatta*. 
Drawer, a. e^ durj (pi. rij*^ 

adraj). — (cAeaJ 0/ drawers) s^5j*> 

dulab (pi. s-jy dawalib). 
Drawers, a. jje* maizar (pi. jjW* 

mayazir) ; ^-W3 libas (pi. «t>LA*) 

Drawing, a. ^j rasm (pL fj-; 

rusum, p~j\ arsum). 
Drawl, v. (jJw lahhan, yulahhin. 
Drawl, a. <^ lahn (pi. ojJ 

luhun, q\+)\ alhan). 
Draw-well, a. >** bi'r, bir (pL 

^ ab'ar,^A abar). 
Drat, a. &«i naqqala-t. 
Dread, a. «-*$&• hauf ; &U** maha- 

fa-t; gyfaza*. 
Dread, Dreadful, adj. «-A*ab* mu- 

hayyif; J*** mujaffil; «-Mfe^ 

muhif ; Jje* mahul. 
Dread, v. &• *J>\± haf min, yahaf ; 

fy faza', yafza'; <f*± hasa, 

Dream, a. ^Jo- hulm (pi. ^^ ah- 

lam, «pUjU huluniat) ; f»^» 

manam (pi. «*>UU* manamat). — 

(fancy) J^ hiyal (pL &**\ 

Dream, v. ^ halam, yahlam ; ^ 

j»U« ra'a manam, yara ; f>\*~ <~*\± 

ikf manam, yaiuf. — (indulge in 

day-dreams) J*** tahayyal, yata- 

Dreamer, a., Dreamy, adj. ^JW 

halim; J^ s-^^-» sahib hiyal 

(pi. s^e\ ashab). 
Drear, Dreary, adj. (person) 

&f* hazin; f*** mugtamm. — 

(thing) jJ^» mukaddir ; ^ mu- 

Dreariness, a. qj*» hazan; p& 

gamm, ^ kadar. 
Dredge, a. ^* 6abaka-t (pi. ^Wa 


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Dbedge, v. & ft *3W *>\W as^ad bi- 
'g-sabaka-t, yastad. 

Dbedgeb, a. *>Ve-o sayyad. 

Dbeg8, $. ;V£e 'akar ; s^j- s rusub. 

Deench, v. Ji ball, yabull; J*t 
ballal, yuballil. 

Deench, s. hj* sarba-t. 

Dbess, s. s^y §aub, §ob (pi. s^W* 
giyab); <j*\<J libas (pi. *— *^ 
albisa-t) ; 8j-«£ kiswa-t (pi. %s£~* 
kasawi) ; &*X} badla-t. 

Dee88, v. {clothe) trJ labbas, yu- 
labbis; ^\ albas, yulbis ; \~* 
kasa, yaksii. — (prepare) \** hay- 
ya, yuhayyi ; >e* jahhaz, yujah- 
hiz. — (food) £± tabah, ya^buh. 

Deibble, v.a. jti qaftar, yuqaftir ; 
U naqqat, yunaqqi*; n. J* 
qatar, yaqtur; ^Si naqqat, yu- 

Deibblet, s. tJ&* nutfa-t (pi. *-AU 
nutuf, «-*U* nitaf); &*> nuqta-t 
(pi. L\& niqat). 

Deift, a. (aim) &** niya-t (pi. «&>U 
niyat, l&y nawaya) ; v/j* garad 
(pi. grtjtf agrad). 

Deipt, v. (float) J^ f&, yafui; 
^ 'am, ya'um. 

Deill, s. (borer) s-A** migqab (pi. 
s~Sti* masaqib) ; jj-^* mihraz 
(pL j;W» mahariz) ; <J*a*** mib- 
hai. — (military training) p£** 
ta'lim ; s^ tadarrub. 

Deill, v. (pierce) w& §aqab, yas- 
qub ; yf~ haraz, yahriz. — (train) 
y^ darrab, yudarrib ; </j> raw- 
wad, yurawwi4- 

Deink, «. s^V* ^arab ; s^r"* ma4 " 
rub (pi. «**-*#-*- masrubat); 
s>y&* masrab (pi. s^*** maia- 

Deink, t>. *r>>fc sarib, yasrab; £/*• 
jara% yajra' ; s-* 'abb, ya'ubb. 

Dbinkbb, Dbunkabd, *. *y>\j* dar- 
rab ; s-*/» sirrib. 

Dbip, v. *■» naqqat, yunaqqit ; J*j 
waial, yasil. 

Deip, s. (of a roof) v>V* mizab 
(pL s-j)V^ mayazib). — (that 
which falls in drops) J*j waial 
(pL JW,\ ausal). 

Dbippino, «. (/a*) (**A sahm ; jy 

Dbive, v. J*- saq, yasuq ; *Ai qad, 

yaqud. — (chase) *f> tarad, ya{- 

rad.— (drive at) *** qasad, yaq- 

sid ; Ju>a? taqassad, yataqa^sad ; 

S\j\ arad, yurid. 
Dbive, a. (ride) &tf*\ ^ fy 3 ta na z- 

zuh fi-'l-'araba-t. — (road) tjij* 

tariq (pi. J> turq). 
Dbivel, v. (slaver) Jij rayyal, yu- 

rayyil. — (dote) Uys. harif, yah- 

Dbivel, *. J^j riyal ; s^^ lu'ab ; 

Dbiveb, *. o^*/ 5 'arabanji. 
Dboll, adj. i^afc-* mushin. 
Dboll, Dbolleby, «. Sjafc—* masha- 

ra-t (pi. f»\~~+ masahir). 
Dbomedaby, *. &*** hajin (pi. 

^^a bujun, eiW* bajayin) ; jW 

Dbone, a. )$* dubbur (pi. j*h* 

bababir).— (idler) o^> kaslan 

(pi. J\~* kaaala). 
Dboop, v. Jj»> zabal, yazbul ; ^»U» 

tata, yu#tf. 
Dbop, *. yai qutra-t, qajra-t; &***> 

dam'a-t (pi. £y»*> dumu*, g^^ 

adma ( ). 
Dbop, v.a. )*> qattar, yuqattir ; tei 

naqqat, yunaqqit. — (let go, lay 

aside) s-**- sayyab, yusayyib ; 

£*j wada', yada 4 ; n. (fall in 

drops) j* qa^ar, yaqtur.— (fall) 

& waqa', yaqa* ; ±&* saqat, yas- 

Dbopsical, adj. a~.M~.« mustasqi ; 

(j*cr*- habin. 
Dbopsy, *. Va— z~\ istisqa 1 ; ( ; ^b- 

Dboss, a. 0*>WN Sysj ragwa-t al- 

ma'adin; JV>y tubal. — (refuse) 

Ltte *af ^a-t. 
Dbossy, adj. jA\±j<£ gair talis. 
Dbouoht, *. <j~& yabs ; &~j*i yu- 

biisa-t; &j^» quhula-t. 
DsouaHTY, aa)'. (dry) u^^i yabis. 

— (thirsty) ^UftJ^c ^t&in. 
Dbove, *.j^» qHar (pi. ^ qu^ur, 

cp^>i qu^urat); gi* qatf 4 (pi. 

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fVLfl aqta 4 ) ; v r sirb (pi. s^V*^ 

Drover, s. j\j~ sawwaq. 
Drown, v.a. j^ garraq, yugarriq ; 

n. j^ gariq, yagraq. 
Drowsiness, *. v*\*> nu'as. 
Drowsy, adj. {j-eM na'is; ^U-** 

Drub, v. s^* 4arab, yacjrib; JsS 

qatal, yaqtul. 
Drubbing, *. s^-* darb. 
Drudge, t;. s-^» ta'ab, yat'ab; 

s « " « * hasab, yah&b. 
Drudgery, s. s-*» ta'ab (pi. s^t 

Drug, *. W dawa (pi. S*^\ adwi- 

ya-t) ; SjVw bahara-t ; jVac 'aqqar 

(pi. ^-jJUc 'aqaqir). — (article 

slow of sale) &*-& SjW* tijara-t 

Drug, t;. (mix) W^ halat, yahlut ; 

u^ babbas, yuhabbis. — (o<£- 

minister drugs) tfi bannaj, yu- 

Druggist, s. ;VLc 'attar; ^^S^c 

Drum, *. JU tabl (pi. J^t tubul) ; 

fl*j*> darbala-t. 
Drum, v. J*l» tabal, yatbul ; tabbal, 

yutabbil ; J*U\ j*> daqq at-tabl, 

yaduqq ; J*ja darbal, yudarbil. 
Drummer, a. JW*» tabbal. 
Drum-stick, s. jiiaH jj^ midaqq 

Drunk, Drunken, adj. ^V^- sak- 

ran (pL <4;V£- sakara). 
Drunkard, s. k+\j* sarrab ; s-s>/» 

Drunkenness, s. f*+ sukr; Sj£~ 

Dry, ad;, ^l* yabis; U*\i naiif. 

— (tn speech, &c.) ^Vj band ; ^j^ 

Dry, v.a. «-AAi na&af, yuna&Sif; 

u~** yabbas, yuyabbis ; n. *-*-£<* 

na^if, yansaf; <j~«> tayabbas, 

Dryness, a. (j^ti yubs; &-j*4 yu- 

busa-t ; ^Jlti niSaf . 
Drysalter, «. (druggist) A 


Dual, a. ***£ tasniya-t ; ^♦tt al- 

Dubious, adj. td j - Xfc - maslriik; 

&*-£*• musabbah. 
Ducat, s.y+* s-*^ zahab majar. 
Duck, «. «* batta-t (pi. JLjLt butut). 
Duck, v.a. u^t gattas, yugattis ; 

n. u-tfc gatas, yagtis; u-ttf 

tagattas, yatagattas. — (stoop) 

ij*#\ in^ana, yanhani. 
Ducking, s. u^ gat* ; u^ gau$ ; 

u*W* giyas. 
Ductile, ad;, (malleable) «xx*4 yam- 

tadd. — (frooiaofe) *\&» muqtad ; 

ffP* tayi 4 . 
Ductility, *. *)\±sA imtidad ; &Vs* 

Due, adj. s-*^ wajib ; pjS lazim ; 

«jfeS layiq ; s-*-^ munasib. — (as 

a biU, Sc.) JW ball. 
Due, *. <>* taqq (pi. jy^ huquq). 
Duel, a. e**ft ^ J^ qital ben 

esnen ; ic^U* mu^ara'a-t ; 2j)W* 

mubaraza-t ; ^U-^ musayaf a-t. 
Duelist, a. &**• mutasari*. 
Dues, s. (taxes) S->W 'ada-t (pL 

j«^ 'awayid); S*y farda-t, fir- 

da-t ; u~& taqs. 
Duet, a. *M nauba-t. 
Dug, a. ^X- talama-t ; y bizz (pi. 

)\y bizaz). 
Dull, adj. (not cheerful) Qi,^ 

^azin; JjU malM; ©lej za'lan. 

— (alow of understanding) J^lj 

baHd ; ^» bahim. — (drowsy) 

gL-** na'san ; 


na"as. — 

(dull market) <*~\S j^- sauq kasid. 
— (cloudy) (***+ mugayyam. 

Dulness, s. (stupidity) &*>h bala- 
da-t; &*\# bahama-t; 5^W* ga- 
bawa-t). — (aodneaa, annoyance) 
^ gamm; ^j za'la-t. — (slug- 
gishness) J-^ kasl ; ^J\y ta- 

Dumb, ad[/. (unable to speak) y*/*\ 
abras, f. U^. harsa* (pi. y^ 
burs); ^\ abkam (pi. ^ 
bukm). — (silent) vs^U sakit ; 
c^X- sikkit; o-*U nasit; «■=-,:♦— 

Dumbness, *. u - ^ haras; (A 

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bakam. — (silence) «*>j£- sukut ; 

**♦• samt. 
DUMMY, *. J&» slid. 
Dun, adj. iy\tj*~\ asmar gamiq; 

^ 'atam. 
Dun, v. 7-* 'asar, ya'sur, ya'sir; 

j—*\ a'sar, yu'sir; ^^5 taqacjia, 

Dun, *. j-\* 'asir; ^Vfia- muta- 

Dunce, *. J^ balid ; (*& bahim. 
Dung, *. J*j zibl ; AVy zaMla-t. 
Dung, v. J*j zabbal, yuzabbil ; Jy\ 

azbal, yuzbil. 
Dungeon, *. u****- tabs (pl« u*j**- 

tubus); &+~ sijn (pi. oj%~ 

Dunghill, 8. &*y mazbala-t (pi. 

J*ty* mazabil). 
Dupe, *. v>y uu magsui, j^yu mag- 

nir ; j*&-^ gaslm. 
Dupe, v. yt^ ga&, yaguss. 
Duplicate, ad/. {J ^» musanna. 
Duplicate, s. . {copy) J* naql, 

nuqi ; *e*tf £ab~* nusha-t saniya-t. 
Duplicate, v. ^ sauna, yusanni ; 

Uuu <Ja"af, yuoV'if. 
Duplicity, s. see Double-dealing. 
Dubability, s. «***tf sabat; &F* 

gubut ; f*\^> dawam. 
Durable, adj. (j^U makin; v&*jtf 

sabit ; piW dayim ; (*& qayim ; 

^Ai— • mustadim ; j*s— • musta- 

Durance, «. (imprisonment) ^W^ 

in^ibas ; y***- tabs. 
Duration, «. 8^* mudda-t; W 

During, |>rg>. 8^ ^ fi mudda-t ; 

JjW bi-tul ; (»U U ma dam ; ^ 

t# ben ma. 
Dusk, s. «j** safaq. 
Duskiness, «. &*jie 'atma-t'; Wt 

Dusky, adj. f>x* 'atim; ,♦**• mu- 

'attim, mu'attam. 
Dust, *. s^V tura b > jW* gubar ; 

iyt gabara-t, gabra-t. 
Dust, v. (free from dust) <j*u 

iLiffad, yunam^; «-*k uazgaf, 

nazgif; ^ masah, yamsah. — 

(cover or sprinkle with dust, &c.) 

p± gabbar, yugabbir; v>j *as£, 

Dustman, *. J*>y\ cty nazzft^ al- 

Dusty, adj. y**~ mugabbir; gi* 

s^V D^ala 11 turab. 
Duteous, Dutiful, adj. ga^* 

mu^i* ; »>Uu* munqad ; ^•i yi 

zu zimam. 
Dutifulness, a. &cU»\ it&'a-t ; XcU. 

ta'a-t ; S^JS»\ inqiyad. 
Duty, s. s-**^ wajib (pi. *a>W^ 

wajibat) ; &*p lazima-t (pi. ^y 

lawazim) ; o^ taqq (pi. jyfe. 

^uquq). — (^oW) ^^r^* maks (pL 

(^yU mukus) ; **5j*£ kumruk 

(pi »i)jU^ kamarik). 
Dwarf, a. W»- ba^it; s-^* han- 

qab; c^***^ dahdah; iAU* mu- 

qattafa-t ; J^ tintal. 
Dwarf, v. ytoTasgar, yusgir. 
Dwarfish, adj. ^*** §ugayyir ; )y*s 

Dwell, v. q£~* sakan, yaskun. 
Dwelling, *. ^X— • maskan (pi. 

(j^V-^ masakin) ; q\£+ makan 

(pi. l&A imkana-t, (j&A ama- 

^ n ) 5 vj**^ magna (pi. o*^** 

Dwindle, v. ^att naqas, yanqus. 
Dye, v. ($y lawwan, yulawwin; 

^> sabag, yasbug ; sabbag, yu- 

Dye, *. Q*° sibag. 
Dyeing, s. &W-* §ibaga-t ; £** §ibg. 
Dyer, *. JW-» sabbag. 
Dynasty, $. J^ al (pi. J^\ awal) ; 

J-i nasi; &f^ ta'ifa-t; ^ 

daula-t (pi. J^-> duwal). 
Dysentery, *. uf*£\ ($&* sayalan 

al-bafn; f* JW-^ ishal dam; 

(•*> «Jjy nuzf dam. 
Dyspepsia, *. f\*#y\ £* bu\\i' al- 

indiham; f\*&$\ y~* 'usr al- 

Dyspeptic, adj., s. pW^N J 6 * Da ^' 

Dysury, *. J^J\ ^-^ ^sr al-bM. 

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Each, adj. J* kull; ^ J* kull 

wahid; *>y fard. — (each other) 

u**t ba'd; <>** ^fi** ba'4 ba'4 

(with pronominal affix). 
Eager, adj. (ardent) < j}& * » * mui- 

tahi ; jV*a* mu&aq. — (vehement) 

*>*•** Sadid. — (zealous) *>*e<* jahud. 
Eagerness, 0. **♦*. tamiya-t ; S^i 

gira-t; S^jU* mugayara-t. 
Eagle, 0. ^-J nasr (pi. jj~J nusur). 
Eaglet, 0. ^ wulaj. 
Ear, 0. ^ uzn (pi. ^U\ azan, du. 

(j)VjJ\ aznan) ; vulg. ^W dan, 

m^ wudn. — (0/ corn) J-*-- sabal ; 

&*-• sabala-t; &*ju sumbula-t 

(pi. J|U- sanabil). 
Ear, v. (form ears) J*- sabbal, 

yusabbil; J*-^ asbal, yusbil. — 

(plough) *±y» Ijara§, yaljras ; 

^u falat, yanak. 
Earliness,$*5 tabkir. 
Early, adj. jtA bakir. 
Earn, v. * t «— ■«. £ kasab, yaksib; 

\-~~j£\ iktasab, yaktasib; gj 

rabih, yarbaljL 
Earnest, adj. jfy waqur; *>^- 

jahud ; •**&• muqayyad. 
Earnest, Earnestness, s. fa 

waqar ; •** jidd ; pUs*\ ihtimam. 
Earnest-money, s. gV^e 'urban 

(pi. e***\j* 'arabin). 
Earnings, s. s-^-^ kasb; s ^< 

maksib; sA — « j^ \ iktisab; gj 

Ear-ring, 0. Wk l^alqa-t (pL u^toU 

halqat) ; tJ quri (pi. Ui\ aqraj). 
Earth, 0. ^ ar<J (pi. ^y ar&4i) ; 

^5/ gara (pi. *\/\ agra') ; v>V 

turab ; jVafcA fahhar. 
Earth, v. ^*> dafan, yadfin; ^i» 

tamar, yatmur. 
Earthen, adj. s^V u^ min turab ; 

^j\f turabi-y ; jW ^ min fah- 
Earthlinuss, 0. W^ s-^ bibb ad- 


Earthly, adj. o- - ^ ar<Ji-y. — 

(worldly) ^>t>**> dunyawl-y ; <J*J^ 

'alami-y ; JA- sufliyy. 
Earthquake, 0. #Jj zilzila-t (pi. 

JjSj zalazil). 
Earthy, adj. {J **L tinf-y. 
Ear-wax, 0. q\£I\ £~j wasah al- 

Earwig, 0. ^jJ\ v>^*^ muhkiU 

ad-dan ; (J^^ haris* ; &*J qum- 

mala-t. — (slanderer) ,J>>\) wa£i 

(pi. «t>U^ wuiat). 
Ear- witness, 0. g**- sami*. 
Ease, 0. (comfort) &+>\j raha-t; htej 

raf aha-t ; ^-* yasar, yusur ; &**& 

bulahniya-t (pi. ^1^ balahi, 

Q*h balahin). — (facility) fl^e- 

suhula-t ; ^-i yusr. — (of manners) 

J2o dalal ; A^JU mulayama-t. 
Ease, v. Uk*. haffaf , yuhaffif ; J*- 

sahhal, yusahhil. 
Easiness, 0. flje- suhula-t; &VU 

lataf a-t ; &*1a ^albana-t. 
East, 0. jJa garq ; j^ maSriq (pi. 

jjU-» maiariq). 
East, Easterly, Eastern, adj. 

^ji/i sarqi-y ; o*r** mairiqi-y. 
Easter, 0. r-itt J^ 'aid al-fa$t > 

u*jJA\ j*JY al-'aid a4-sarif . 
Easy, adj. (quiet) &/• murta^i. — 

(not difficult) J«- sahil; o^ 

hayyin (pi. Vjy^\ ahwina'). — (not 

formal) m^* mulayim. 
Eat, v. JM akal, ya'kul. 
Eatable, adj., s. Jj^*^ ma'kul (pi. 

«^U ma^ul^t). 
Eaves, 0. s^V* mizab (pi. s-ijW^ 

Ebb, 0. jy* jazr. 

Ebb, v. jy* jazar, yajzir, yajzur. 
Ebony, 0. u»j*»)t s-^a^ haiab al- 

Ebullition, 0. ^V-lfc galayan ; ^y 

fawaran; o^* hayajan; ^-ej 

Eccentric, ad;'. (oa\Q s-i/ garib. 

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119 [Eff 

— (in geometry) jfy>tt «JUU^* 
mahtalif al-marakiz. 
Eccentbicity, s. (oddness) &*\£ 
garaba-t. — (in geometry) u!kuJ\ 
^/d\ ihtilaf al-marakiz. 


ij-iSsf kanayisi-y. 

EcCLE8IA8TIC, 8. o~S qi88 (pi. u-y-S 

qnsus, £-jLJ qasawisa-t). 

Echo, s. W, ^j-© sada (pi. W\ 
asda') ; ^ dawi-y. 

Echo, v. ^A adwa, yudwi ; ^Xo\ 
asda, yusdi. 

Eclat, *. (scandal) lflh> suhra-t. — 
(splendour) Jpjj raunaq; Sjl* 
jalwa-t (jilwa-t, julwa-t). 

Eclipse, s. u\~S&\ inkisaf. — (of 
the sun) <j~4-tJ\ ±jy~£ kusuf ai- 
^ams. — (of the moon) j+d\ ^Jj~a. 
husuf al-qamar. 

Eclipse, v. UuS kasaf, yaksif.— 
(the sun is eclipsed) UuSi\ m . 
kasaf, yankasif. — (the moon is 
eclipsed) ^*ai\ dLd hasaf al- 
qamar, yahsif; UuM inhasaf, 

Ecliptic, *. g^t &&*** mintaqa-t 

Economic, Economical, adj. ^y 
muwaffir ; Jxat* mu'tadil ; Ju*a* 

Economise, v. ft waffar, yuwaffir ; 
•*-*fl iqtasad, yaqtasid. 

Economist, s. (manager) yJ^» mu- 
dabbir. — (one who saves) Jy 
muwaffir.— (farmer) x$* fallah 
(pi. reg. and ^ falalih). 

Economy, *. (management) s-***y 
tartib ; r \itsi\ intizam. — (fru- 
gality) jjj taufir; d\~*\ im- 

Ecstasy, s. **< wajd (pi. •>**.. 
wujfid) ; ^\i^\ inhi t af. 

Ecstatic, ad/. ^£&+ mahtuf . 

Ecumenic, adj. ^W 'amm; ^j** 
< umumi-y. 

Eddy, *. Utt ^o dawwar al-ma' ; 
j\j* gawwar. 

Eddy, v. jW dar, yadur. 

Edge, *. (border) «-A*U> hayif (pi. 
^Vo. fcafa-t, u^ fcuyyaf) ; **a>W 

h/Uiya-t (pi. ^\y hawasl); 

^V- sajaf. — (of a blade) J*. 

hadd (pi. *yn* ljudild). 
Edge, v. (sharpen) •***. haddad, 

yutaddid ; ($~ sann, yasunn. — 

(fringe) Uu+~ sajjaf, yusajjif; 

<jd lafaq, yalfiq. 
Edible, adj. see Eatable. 
Edict, *. j-*\ amr (pi. r-"ty 

awamir); ,*&». hukm (pi. p\**\ 

ahkam) ; gUy firman (pi. e>**y 

Edification, a. ,*Jbtf ta'lim ; s-^*>*^ 

ta'dib ; &&/ tarbiya-t. 
Edifice, s. u* bina (pi. S^ ab- 

niya-t) ; ^Wi bunyan ; SjU* 

'imara-t, 'amara-t. 
Edify, v. (instruct) ^Jtc 'allam, 

yu'allim; s^ addab, yu'addib. 

— (improve) ^o sallah, yusallih ; 

cM aslat, yuslih. 
Edit, v. u*\ allai', yu'allif; ULu 

sannaf, yusannif; ^ agnar, 

Edition, *. g«l $ab' ( p j ^^4*) ; 

^» tab'a-t. 
Editob, 8. U&y mu'allif; «JU«« 

Educate, v. ^A addab, yu'addib ; 

,jtj rabba, yurabbi. 
Education, s.a. l*f tarbiya-t; 

s-i^ ta'dib; s-st4> tahzib ; n. 

*t>*>\ adab ; s^^ ta'addub. 
Educe, v. &/»\ ahraj, yuhrij. 
Eel, s. ^ iaeX*— samak hayya-t ; 

crt^c (erJ^^) 'ankilis (anklis) ; 

<3ft> jirri-y (pL e^ jarari). 
Efface, v. ^^^^ maha, yamljii; 

cr*t t a ^ias, ya^mus, yatmis ; 

tammas, yutammis; <j>& t^las, 

yatlis ; tallas, yu^allis. 
Effect, Effectuate, v. J** 'amil, 

ya'mal; J-fe. hassal, yuhassil; 

^ tammam, yutammim. 
Effect, *. J«i fi'l, fa 4 l; Jyuu 

maf'iil (pi. J^U^ mafall).— 

(consequence, result) J->W hasil 

(pi. J^^ hawasil) ; &+*& nati- 

ja-t. — (impression) y\ agar (pi. 

j^[ asar).— (purpose) J>£ gara4 

(pi. ^ji\ agra<J) ; **& qa? d. 

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Effective, Effectual, adj. Jv*J 
fa"al ; J)& taft ; />• mu'aggir. 

Effectiveness, a. £*lfcU fa'iliya-t. 

Effects, a. JU mal (pi. J^ am- 

Effeminacy, a. JJ»tf tadlil ; e ^ 
tahnis ; e*u£* tahannug. 

Effeminate, ad/. J5*** mudallal; 
^^oe« muhannag. 

Effervesce, v. <J^ gala, yagli ; jU 
far, yaf ur ; ^j raga, yargS. 

Effebve8Cence, a. q^M galayan ; 
S^ ragwa-t (pi. ^j rugan). 

Effete, adj. ^ harim. 

Efficacious, Efficient, adj. ^tf 
kafi ; JU* fa"al ; J^Vi f a'ili-y. 

Efficaciousness, Efficacy, Effi- 
ciency, a. &*l*li fa'iliya-t. 

Effigy, a. l^yo §ftra-t (pi. j^« 
euwar) ; &&# naq£a-t. 

Efflobesce, v. J*) zahar, yazhar ; 
zahhar, yuzanlnr ; j*)\ azhar, 
yuzhir ; rf nawwar, yunawwir. 

Efflorescence, a. y**y tazhir. — 
(eruption of the skin) j% bagr 
(pi. )& bugur) ; v>j* jarab. 

Effluence, Efflux, a. ^jV- saya- 

Effluent, adj. &* J**- sayil min. 

Effluvium, a. J&: bahar; J^U? 

Effort, a. «*e* jahd ; *>W^ ijtihad ; 
a,*!; J^jadd. 

Effrontery, a. &»Aij waqaha-t; 

&aU~ saf aha-t ; 8*^ fanjara-t. 
Effulgence, a. 8jU- jalwa-t; J*r 

Effusion, a. s— > sabb ; s^*-»rt in- 

sibab; &\^ iraqa-t; «*to- safk ; 

«3io dafq. 
E.G., (exempli gratia, for instance) 

"^i* masalan. 
Egg, v. (instigate) **^ harrak, yu- 

Egg, a. <J><# baid ; *Atf baida-t. 
Egg-cup, a. *-*^ zarf (pi. «-J^ 

Egg-shell, a. *A«tt *■*■* qi£r al- 

baida-t (pi. jy*J> qulur). 
Egotism, a. &**U\ ananiya-t. 
Egregious, adj. j^» mumtaz; 

jje-A'* masliur; ^lUks*» mutafa- 

Egress, a. e^ huruj. 
Eight, adj. ***U* gamaniya-t, f. 

^lU* , ^Ui gamani. 
Eighteen, ad;, j±* ^U> gamani- 
ya-t 'a£ar. 
Eighteenth, ad;. ^ &M gamin 

Eightfold, adv. u\m*\ l^US sama- 

niya-t a4'&f. 
Eighth, adj. ^tf gamin. 
Eighth, a. (an eighth part) &*$ 

gumn (pi. q\**\ agman). 
Eighty, Eightieth, adj. (^e*U> 

Either, adj. **\ aljad ; Uao*>\ 

Either, con/. f \ am ; \A amma. 
Ejaculate, v. (cry out) <j*j za'aq, 

yaz'aq; \& nada, yandu. — (utter 

a short prayer) <jfl^> haulaq, yu- 

Ejaculation, a. 8^> da'wa-t ; &1^ 

haulaq a-t. 
Eject, v. e^\ a^raj, yuhrij ; c^L 

tarah, yatra^i. 
Ejection, Ejectment, a. $\jt\ 

Elaborate, v. J*^ kammal, yn- 

kammil ; &* ?anna', yusanni'. 
Elaborate, adj. J*^ kamil ; J*£* 

mukammal; £*<*• mu$anna'. 
Elabobateness, a. &»> diqqa-t. 
Elabobation, a. g**-» tasni* ; J«*X? 

Elapse, v. ^^ macja, yam<Ji ; *^>^* 

fat, yafut. 
Elastic, od/. *u« j yft^ yukas^ wa 

yumadd ; <$<& ladn. 
Elasticity, a. &fcl&£ kaia^a-t; £jJ 

Wy*' quwwa-t tafeawwuliya-t; 

&\A ladana-t. 
Elate, v. j4 babbar, yukabbir. 
Elate, adj. j-t&* mutakabbir; 

^-Aa* munfasih. 
Elation, a. p& takabbur. 
Elbow, a. £/ ku* (pi. o^^ ti'an, 

$f\ akwa') ; j^ mirfaq O^V 

Elbow, v. ^j za^am, yuza^im; 

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yfti^ darns', yadfuS; daffai, yu- 

Elbowing, a. f^tf izdiljam ; &**} 

Elder, adj. y£\ akbar, f. ^j4 

Elder, *. &*> saih (pi. tyo* suyuh, 

£W^ aiyah, m^>^ ma^ayih, &c). 

— (tree) &\~X* bailasan ; UUi. 

ha ma mil ; ^U*. human. 
Elderly, $. )\#&\ ihtiyar. 
Elect, v. jUU ihtar, yahtar ; s-*b*rt 

intahab, yantahib; i J&*°\ istafa, 

Elect, *. J*a*~ muhtar, ^d*** mus- 

tafa ; H<b*** muntahab. 
Election, 8. j>*&*\ ihtiyar ; s^afctf \ 

Elective, adj. s-at"* muntahib. 
Electoral, adj. o*U^ intihabi-y. 
Electric, Electrical, adj. ^Jhjtf 

Electricity, s. £*fy6* kahrabayi- 

Electrify, v. s^ kahrab, yukah- 

rib. — (excite) && hayyaj, yuhay- 

Elegance, 8. ^^ zarafa-t; &^e» 

Elegant, adj. *-&i± zarif; ^ 

bahi-y ; £*U malin. 
Elegy, s. v*y marsat; &*>/• mar- 

siya-t (pi. ^J\y marasi) ; Sj^ 

qasida-t (pi. ****** qasid, J^U* 

Clement, s. (constituent part) 

j*** 'unsur (pi. y°\** 'anasir); 

J-J asl (pi. J^ usul) ; <j*\ is8 

(pi. <j*\~\ asas). — (rudiments) 

«** badw; <^W* mabadi (pi of 

*a^# mabda) ; Jj*A usul. 
Elemental, Elementary, adj. 

c5r *ic 'unsuri-y ; V J^ asli-y. 
Elephant, *. J** fil (pi. JW^ 

afyal, JW* fiyal). 
Elephantiasis, *. *W jazam ; W 

J**tt da* al-fil. 
Elevate, v. £*j rafa', yarfa' ; «jlc 

'alia, yu'alli. 
Elevation, 8. £W^ irtifa'; £**; 


Eleven, adj. y*-& j^ ahad 'asar, f . 

S^&js ^Jto.\ ihda 'asara-t. 
Eleventh, adj.^ ^-^hadi 'asar, 

f. iyt* JjoW hadiya-t 'akra-t. 
Elf, e. if* jinn (pi. &V ]inna-t) ; 

^y* jinni-y, f. &**+ jinniya-t. 
Elicit, v. s^* jazab, yajzib ; tyA 

ahraj, yuhrij. 
Eligible, adj. s <*■*■** yuntahab ; 

$*+ jadir. 
Eliminate, v. ^\ alga, yulgi. 
Elision, 8. <*J±** hazf. 
Elite, 8. **^ halasa-t ; &*** nuh- 

Elixir, s. ^-^ iksir, aksir. 
Ell, 8. £\>*J zira', zara' (pi. £j*tf 

Ellipse, Ellipsis, s. (omission) 

c-*J^ hazf; )W$ ijaz; j4»x» taq- 

dir. — (in geometry) ^-m baidi-y. 
Elliptical, adj. «-*j«W» mahzuf; 

^Jtf? taqdiri-y. — (ovaQ ^-^ 

Elm, 8. S ; \^j dardara-t; ****** 

buqisa-t; ^3\ 8^ ^ajara-t al- 

Elocution, s. (^ bayan; £j5 

taqrir ; J* naql ; j* nass. 
Elogium, Elogy, 8. ^J^ madih. 
Elongate, v. J^» tawwal, yutaw- 

wil ; J^M atal, yutil. 
Elongation, s. Ja^» tatwil ; fi^ 

Elope, v. £ farr, yafirr. 
Elopement, s. ^ firar. 
Eloquence, *. ^U* fa§aba-t ; &h 

balaora-t; ^W bayan. 
Eloquent, adj. &*& fasih (pi. 

W-i fusaha') ; ^ balig (pi. Ul* 

Else, a<f/. ^ gair; f\ ahar, f. 

^5^ uhra. 
Elsewhere, adv. f-\ &>y ^ fi 

mauda* ahar. 
Elucidate, v. y~* fassar, yufassir ; 

U** bayyan, yubayyin ; ^ wa<J- 

dah, yuwaddih; c>^ ^arab, yak- 

Elucidation, *. ^--a? tafsir; c/» 

^arh; (jjW» bayan; &*£ tau- 



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Elude, v. <$& J^W fcawal 'an, yu- 

Emaciate, v.a. U&* nahfcaf, yu- 

nahhif ; *-A*M anhaf, yunhif ; Jyfc 

hazal, yahzil ; n. jj^ iuhazal, 

Emaciation, 8. &^ nuhafa-t ; J^ 

Emancipate, v. &*\ a'taq, yu'tiq ; 

v3*U atlaq, yujliq. 
Emancipation, s. <3*fc 'atq ; j\ze\ 

i'taq; jU>\ itlaq. 
Embalm, v. ^ hannat, yuhannit ; 

f+~ k balsam, yubalsim. 
Embalming, s.\j*# tahnij ; ^U 1» 

Embank, v. Ju« sadd, yasudd. 
Embankment, e. j—^jisr (p1.jj~* 

jusur) ; ^ gudd (pi. o^ju. sudud) ; 

(*j* 'arim. 
Embargo, 8. tsf^ o* s-«fy*N &*• 

\*#d\ (^ man* al-marakib 'an al- 
ii uruj min al-mina. 
Embark, v.a. s-^JW jy nazzal bi- 

'1-markab, yunazzil ; vj-j wasaq, 

yasiq; n. ^\ s-^j rakib al- 

bahr, yarkab. 
Embarkation, *. s-^W J^y uuzul 

Embarras, v. y**» hayyar, yuhayyir ; 

u^ balai, yablus ; Jy^ 3awwai, 

Embarrassment, 8. S^- hira-t ; 

<Jt*)&5 taswis* ; &&b bakiia-t. 
Embassy, s. S;Va- sifara-t, safara-t. 
Embellish, v. (j— &» Hassan, yuhas- 

sin ; J**, jammal, yujammil ; 

&) zayyan, yuzayyin. 
Embellishment, 8. ^— of tahsin ; 

J**r tajmil. 
Embers, 8. &* malla-t. 
Embezzle, v. ^\) j J^* saraq dara- 

him, yasraq. 
Embezzlement, *. &»«• sariqa-t ; 

*~k- hulsa-t (pi. v~b» hulas). 
Emblazon, v. ^\ 'alam, yu'lim ; 

e^j zayyan, yuzayyin; ^ saw- 
war, yusawwir. 
Emblazonment, Emblazonry, e. 
&•&* 'alama-t (pi. f*U 'alayim) ; 
^U~i nisan (pi. (^**Ui nayasin). 

Emblem, s. J^UJ tamsil; l^\ 

isara-t ; jV^« majaz ; yj ramz 

(pi. )yj rumuz) ; S*US kinaya-t. 
Emblematic, Emblematical, adj. 

<jtyj ramzi-y ; SjWJ li-'l-i&ira-t. 
Embodiment, *. ^-^ tajsim. 
Embody, v. j*~* jassam, yujas- 

Embolden, v. j~* jassar,yujassir ; 

&* Sajja', yusajji'. 
Emboss, v. g*t ta'aj, yafaj ; g*j 

ba ; aj, yab'aj ; <3** ba'aq, yab'aq. 
Embowel, v. ^W\ ^a saqq al- 

batn, yasuqq. 
Embrace, v. <J*^ 'auaq, yu'aniq ; 

(^ tadan, yahdun. — {seise 

eagerly) tefi\ ittahaz, yattahiz. 
Embrace, *. qJuzo*\ ihtidan; ^a»- 

ha^n ; &yU^ mu 4 anaqa-t. 
Embrasure, 8. g*J-^ i»^» $aqa-t 

li-'l-midfa 4 . 
Embroider, v.jjt* tarraz, yutarriz. 
Embroiderer, v. fi± tarraz. 
Embroidery, «. Sjy> ti r »za-t ; yi^s 

ta^riz ; 3^ tii'az- 
Embroil, v. u^ balai, yablui ; 

«sM» sabbak, yuiabbik. 
Embryo, 8. y***. janin (pi. i^^ 

ajinna-t, (^\ ajnun). 
Emendation, «. £«U> taslil^ ; c^*^ 

Emerald, s. *y\ zumurrud. 
Emerge, v. ©/* naraj, yahruj ; gi! 

C^» t^la* min, ya^lu* ; j^» baraz, 

Emergency, a. JjlL ^ulii 4 .— (event) 

u*jVc 'arid (pi. u*;\^ 'awarid) ; 

iJjU. hadisa-t (pi. «a>j^ hawa- 

dis). — (occasion) £*y furaa-t (pi. 

\j>£ furas). 
Emetic, s. ^&» muqayyi; J±J*~ 

Emigrant, *. <jtiU, ^ a fis; ^U 

Emigrate, v. J*>& ^afai, ya|fi^ ; 

^> hajar, yabjur ; c y^\ intazah, 

Emigration, *. ^U^aL tafa^an ; *dj> 

^f\ tark al-watan ; S^^ft hijra-t, 

Eminence, *. gva*^ irtif a 4 ; 

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'a^ama-t ; f* 'ulw, uluw. — (title) 
*U^ fadila-t (pi. JjUi fadayil). 
Eminent, adj. J^c 'all ; £&y uiur- 

tafi k ; <-&>;* sarif ; ^J&c 'azim. 
Emissary, «. ^j-W jasus (pi. 
tr**-^ jawasis ; ±>\j rayid (pi. 
j\$ ruwwad). 
Emission, e. &\f»\ ihraj ; j^ 

Emit, v. (send forth) &/»\ ahraj, 

yuhrij ; )j*\ abraz, yubriz. 
Emmet, 8. J*> naml, &*> namla-t 

(pi. JU> nimal). 
Emolument, s. Sj^V* fayida-t (pi. 
<H\j> f away id) ; &*L~» manfa'a-t 
(pL g*U* mauafi*) ; Jy*-** mad- 
Emotion, 8. &{+**> hayajan; &y* 

haraka-t ; s^jW idjirab. 
Emotional, adj. &&• muhayyij ; 

^j^» niuharrik. 
Empale, v. jj^ hauzaq, yuhauziq. 
Empalement, *. *ijf» hauzaqa-t. 
Empebob, s. (^VUL. sultan (pi. ^5u- 
salatin) ; j**? qaigar (pi. S^W* 
Emphasis, «. j^Vj ta'kid ; S^ 

nabra-t ; aaJIj^ mubalaga-t. 
Emphasise, v. <*£\ akkad, yu'akkid ; 

t*3*l fahham, yufahhim. 
Emphatic, adj. ^J^sH* ta'kidi-y ; 

^ati fahm. 
Empire, s. (kingdom) &U+ mam- 
laka-t; d3.j dawla-t (pi. A^ 
duwal). — [imperial dignity) SM^ 
saltana-t. — (dominion) yA amr; 
l*j£** hukuuia-t ; UL-* tasallu^. 
Employ, v. (occupy) J±* sagal, 
yaigal ; saggal, yusaggil. — (one- 
self) J*sa\ i^tagal, yastagil. — 
(use) Jlacu^ ista'mal, yastagil ; 
f**» had dam, yuhaddim; uy* 
tasarraf, yatasarraf ; JSj wakkal, 
Employment, «. (occupation) J** 
Sugl (pi. J^ asgal, J/a 
iugul) ; a U a^ maigala-t (pi. 
JfclJL* masagil) ; J*fc 'amal (pi. 
jUfct a'mal) ; &•.** tridnm-k — 
(office) s~a** mansab (pi. s-~U* 

Emporium, *.jJuj bandar (pl.^W 

banadir, Per 8.). 
Empower, v. j** qaddar, yuqaddir ; 

^Aj* f aw wad, yufawwid. 
Empbess, 8. &UJl. sul^ana-t. 
Emptiness, *. &*. hala' ; ^ hulii-w ; 

U* fida'. 
Empty, adj. ^Vi fadi ; J^ hali ; 

ty fa rig ; ^^ hawi. 
Empty, v. ^j-tf fa4da, yufa^di ; & 

farrag, yufarrig. 
Emulate, v. /\t gayar, yugayir; 

<3*U sabaq, yusabiq ; ^U nafas, 

Emulation, s. S^fc gaira-t, gira-t ; 

Sji^u mugayara-t; AfijU^ musa- 

Emulous, ad;'. jjU^ mugayir; u-i^ 

Enable, v. j& qaddar, yuqaddir ; 

^ji qawwa, yuqawwi ; {$&• mak- 

kan, yuinakkin. 
Enact, v. p£** hakam, ya^kum; 

^ qada, yaq<Ji. 
Enactment, «. y\ amr (pi. y\)\ 

awamir) ; f&» hukm (pi. p\£*>\ 

ahkam) ; ^* qada\ 
Enamel, 8. \*v mink (Pers.). 
Enamel, v. W^W w*) rakkab bi-'l- 

mina', yurakkib ; <j&* naqqai, 

Enamour, v. «-Aa* ^agaf, yaigaf; 

fjt\ agram, yugrim. 
Encamp, v. ^*- hayyam, yuhay- 

yiui ; ^f s-^ nasab 'ur^i, 

yaneub ; Jy nazal, yanzil. 
Encampment, «. ^f *ur^[i (^5^ 

urdi, Turk.) ; /»~* * ma'askar ; 

a!q^# muha^ia-t. 
Encase, v. ±+* gamad, yagmid, 

yagmud ; jl-*^ agmad, yug- 

Enchain, v. ±£ qayyad, yuqayyid ; 
jy* janzar, yujanzir ; yr) zanjar, 

Enchant, v. »^~ sahar, yashur. — 

(delight) *SJ3 lazzaz, yulazziz. 
Enchanter, *. jW- sahbar. 
Enchantment, 8. ^- sihr; W- 

Enchantress, 0. 8^U sa^ira-t. 

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Enchase, v. £*) rassa', yurassi* ; < 

•^ Dad dad, yuna<Jdid. I 

Encircle, v. «-J^ kannaf, yukan- 

nif ; *r> L\*\ ahat bi, yu\i\\. 
Enclose, v. v»jj zarrab, yuzarrib ; 

JJ^*. hadaq, yahdiq; v* ^W aha^ 

bi, yuhit ; {$+* damman, yu<Jam- 

Enclosure, a. (fence) v»j) zarb (pi. 

s^j zurub). — (place enclosed) 

&%*>■ fcadiqa-t (pi. «jfe^ bada- 

yiq) ; u-*- salju (pi. (#-*- 

9uhun) ; v*^* mazrub. — {in a 

letter) «~*jAU malf uf ; &J» tayya- 

hu ; **<♦-* dimna-hu. 
Encomiast, a. c^ maddah ; c^^ 

Encomium, a. f*" madh ; U* sana* 

(pi. &e^\ asniya-t); li*y& taqrig. 

— (of a dead person) ^ P tf ta' bin. 
Encompass, v. ^sf*^ ifctawa, yah- 

tawi; J*aU istamal, yastamil, 

jW dar, yadiir (all three with ^ 

Encounter, a. (meeting) &oU* 

musadafa-t; tett iltiqa'; &%• 

malaqa-t. — (combat) &*uu inuqa- 

tala-t; £*ij waq'a-t ; s^ harb 

(pi. s^ fcuriib). 
Encourage, v.^-^ jassar,yujassir; 

£** &jja',yusajji' ; s-±j raggab, 

yuraggib ; ^^ £a§s, yahusg. ^ 
Encouragement, a. s-4*/ targib ; 

*d*f* ta^rik ; a**/** tahri<J. 
Encroach, v. <J* is**** ta'adda 

'ala, yata'adda; ^ J^ ta{a- 

wal 'ala, yata^awal. 
Encroachment, a. ^***s ta'addi ; 

J^Ua? tatawul. 
Encumber, v. ^ Ja» saqqal 'ala, 

yugaqqil; J**, ^ammal, yuham- 

mil ; »*Wi labbak, yulabbik. 
Encumbrance, a. [J>f* ta'amuj; 

Jtf giql (pi. JUift agqal) ; J*«? 

tagqil. — (family) JW* 'iyal. 
Encyclopedia, a. fj**N < ; ♦>* 

majma* al-uiuin (pi. g^W^ ma- 

End, a. (termination) \&\ intiha' ; 

f»\ ahir; fU*. hitam ; h^ gaya-t. 

— (aim) A*i qasd; (•)* 'azm; *>\/» 

murad. — (death) J<^ ajal (pi. 

JW\ ajal). 
End, v. a. (*+* tammam, yutammim ; 

J** kammal, yukammil ; ^4. 

hat am, yahtini; hat tain, yuhat- 

tim ; n. <j&\ intaha, yantahi. 
Endanger, v. jl»l*. ha^ar, yuha^ir. 
Endear, v. s-^*- habbab, yuhab- 

Endearment, a. s-^ ^ taljbib; 

s-*** 5 tahabbub. 
Endeavour, v. ^j*-. sa'a, yas'a; 

>*4*h\ ijtahad, yajtahid ; ^ jadd, 

Endeavour, a. *&*» jadd ; •xe* jahd ; 

a\qx+\ ijtihad ; £*-* himma-t. 
Endless, adj. hW & ^* ma la-hu 

nihaya-t; ^-*U dayim; ^5^ 

Endlessness, a. f^ daw am ; *^^ 

abad (pi. »>W^ abad, *>^»^ ubud) ; 

0^ hulud). 
Endemic, adj. ±$>A* baladi-y. 
Endorse, Endorsement, a. see 

Endow, v. )** jahhaz, yujahhiz ; 

#* mahar, yamhur ; J s-*; rattab 

li, yurattib. — (for pious uses) 

«Jtfjj waqaf, yaqif ; «-A*j\ auqaf , 

Endowment, a. y<&r tajhiz ; j**** 

tamhir; p» muhr. — (/or pious 

uses) «-ASj waqf (pi. <-ity auqaf, 

^Jfy wuquf). 
Endurance, a. y*» sabr; j^A 

iftibar; J**** tahammul. — (last- 

ingness) ^ baqa* ; j\j+*~*\ istim- 

rar. — (perseverance) ^\j^ mu- 

dawama-t; ^Uj\ idman; bb\y 

Endure, v. (bear) J**^ ihtamal, 

yahtamil ; J^*^ tahauimal, yata- 

hammal; ^ p*> sabar *ala, 

yasbur. — (last) ^a dam, yadum ; 

aV&w\ istaqam, yastaqim; ^u.\ 

istamarr, yastamirr. 
Enemy, a. ^ 'adii-w (pi. \j^\ a*da', 

^\st\ a*adi, «y\^c 'udat, ^J^ 

'udan, idan); ^Uaj dusuian 


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Energetic, adj. ^j* qawi-y ; f*t&* 

Energy, s. Z+\&k sahama-t; $y> 

quwwa-t (pi. ^jyi quwan, qiwan). 
Enervate, Enfeeble, v. «-A** 

<Ja"af, yu<Ja"if; UL_ju\ ad'af, 

yud'if ; J*s^ ahmal, yuhmil. 
Enervated, adj. ,3^ haflaq, hafal- 

Enervation, 8. <- fi g. * ^ ta<l A if ; u\*A 

Enforce, v. (strengthen) ^ qaw- 
wa, juqawwi. — {compel) p$\ 
alzam, yulzim; w— ^ gasab, 
yagsub; ff+\ ajbar, yujbir. 

Enforcement, s. fty\ ilzam ; p 
qahr; ^W ijbar. 

Enfranchise, v. <j!U atlaq, yu\- 
liq; j|^ harrar, yuharrir; && 
*ataq, ya'tiq. 

Enfranchisement, *. <3^ i^laq ; 
s}^\ i'taq. 

Engage, v.a. (occupy) J** saggal, 
yusaggil; rf\ alzam, yulzim. — 
(Aire) j+\ ajar, ya'jir, ya'jur.— 
(pledge) ^j rahan, yarhun, yar- 
hin ; ^\j rahan, yurahin ; n. 
(embark in business) ^ fy* 6ara' 
fi, yasra*. — (fight) J;U» ta'araq, 
yata'araq ; J»v» taqatal, yata- 

Engaged, adj. J)***** masgul, &c. 
—(betrothed) s-^ hittfb, hatfb ; 
J s^a** mahtub li. 

Engagement, s. (appointment) 
s— ^* mansab (pi. v^»^* mana- 
Bib); &*Jb) wazifa-t (pi. *-A*U^ 
wazayif) ; &«J* hidma-t (pi. *J^ 
feidam). — (battle) £jjW« muhara- 
b*-t; J^* qital; &?U* muqa- 
tala-t. — (to marry) &M> hutba-t. 

Engaging, adj. (captivating) *r>**W 

jazib (pi. s^V* jawazib). 
Engender, v. (beget) jJj walad, 
yalid. — (cause to exist) s-«*- sab- 
bab, yusabbib ; gsrt antaj, yun- 

Engine, «. *11 ala-t (pi. &)\ alat). 
Engineer, *. <j*<*+&* muhandis. 
Engrain, v. <>*te £*+ sab.ig gamiq, 

Engrave, v. {J& naqai, yanqas\ 
Engraver, *. \J»\& naqqas ; »*5^ 

Engraving, s. <J& naqs (pi. ^>j» 

Engross, t?. JW^ J** sagal al-bal, 

Engulf, v. gl* bala', yabla' ; g^ 

ibtala*, yabtali*. 
Enhance, v. j\) zad, yazid; **y 

zayyad, yuzayyid ; *>jj zawwad, 

Enhancement, s. >>k<*j\ izdiyad; 

£\£j\ irtifa'. — (of price) ***# 

tazwid ; £aU> tagliya-t. 
Enigma, s.yd lagz, lugz (pi. jU3\ 

algaz) ; y»j ramz (pi. jj*j rumuz). 
Enigmatic, Enigmatical, adj. yd* 

mulgaz ; ^m^ mu'amma. 
Enjoin, v. jA amar, ya'mur ; ^>y 

wassa, yuwassi; ^^ ausa, yfisi. 
Enjoy, v. Jb*. hagi, yal^za; &+s 

tamatta 1 , yatamatta 4 (botb with 

v» bi). 
Enjoyment, *. &+> tamattu* ; && 

talazzuz ; ^ju? tana"um. 
Enkindle, v. J*M ai*al, yiis*il; 

**}\ auqad, yuqid. 
Enlarge, v. g-»^ wassa', yuwassi' ; 

y£ kabbar, yukabbir ; Jy» ^awwal, 

ya^awwil. — (set free) JA± ballas, 

yuhallis ; «jU>\ atlak, yu^lik. 
Enlargement, s. *\i*$ izdiyad; 

j*& takbir ; g^-y tausi* ; £Uj\ 

Enlighten, v. U^ ada', yudi' ; rf 

nawwar, yunawwir. — (instruct) 

l^& *allam, yu'allim. 
Enlightenment, a. £f* tanwir; 

{*£** ta'lim. 
Enlist, v.a. h£~*R ^ ^JL-a ^abak 

fi-'l-'askariya-t, yasbuk ; n. J"**** 

a 4; ^*J\ ^ dahalfi-'l-'askariya-t, 

Enlistment, s. d\*&\ ia^ibak; 

yL^J\ ^ J^j duhM fi- , l- 

Enliven, v. (cheer) ^ basat, yab- 

su t ; Cr^ farrah, yufarruL — 

(make vigorous) ^y qawwa, yu- 

qawwi ; { j^ banima, yu^ammt 

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Enmity, s. S^ac 'adawa-t; o\>J* 

'udwan; Z+ya&~ husiima-t. 
Ennoble, s. <Jjt> sarraf , y usarrif ; 
)y* 'azzaz, yu'azziz; jb\ a'azz, 
Enormity, s. S^kabira-t. 
Enormous, adj. J*J^ sadid; j*£ 

Enough, adj., adv. &U$3^ bi-'l- 
kafaya-t; ^r* bass; <J& jakfa 
(3 aor.). 
Enough, s. ^ kafi; h^ kafa- 

ya-t ; s-*~*. hasb. 
Enrage, v. s~a* ga<J4ab, yugad- 

4ib ; s-~4*t ag^ab, yugdib. 
Enrapture, v. Ja«5\ s-£* salab al- 
'aql, yaslub; U*** sahta*, yu- 
Enrich, v. ^\ agna, yugni. 
Enrol, v. J*~ sajjal, yusajjil; 
j**«*N ^ **> qayyad fi-'d-daftar, 
Enrolment, *. J*%~J tasjil; ±*± 

Enshrine, v. qy*. hazan, yahzun, 

yahzin ; bfe» hafigfyahfaz. 
Enshroud, v. &£ kafan, yakfin ; 

kaffan, yukaflin. 
Ensign, s. (jlag) ^ 'alain (pi. 
(&*\ a'lam); &>\j raya-t ; j^ 
bairaq (pi. ,3 ; L* bayariq).— (Me 
bearer) j^^ bairaqdar; ;\aJ* 
'alamdar (pi. of both & -iya-t). 
Enslave, v. Ajas-\ ista'bad, yas- 
ta'bid; p\3 tam, yatim ; ^ tay- 
yam, yutayyim. 
Ensnare, v. £*^ vsJU- masak bi-'l- 
fahh, yamsuk; ^3^ ^ gi^ 
auqa' fi-'g-sarak, yuqi'. 
Ensue, v. &s taba', yatba* ; J~ 

hasal, yahsal ; *? tala, yatlu. 
Ensure, t;. see Insure. 
Entail, v. tf^jfl j***. hassas al- 

wirasa-t, yuhassis. 
Entail, s. ti\ } j\ j**** tahsis al- 

Entangle, v. i^ lahbat, yulah- 
bit ; csljA £abbak, yu^abbik ; Ji^ 
'arqal, yu'arqil. 
Entanglement, s. &***) lahba{a*t; 
£-»**• faabsa-t. 

Enter, v. A±a dahal, yadhul ; ^ 
walaj, yalij ; [J^- hass, yahuss. 

Enterprise, s. &+&• muhimma-t ; 
AoJU maqsad (\A. j^Uu maqa§id) ; 
Sy»U^ mubasara-t. 

Enterprising, adj. ^-W jasir ; 
jy~+ jastir. 

Entertain, v. (converse) ^> ta- 
kallam, yatakallam. — (as a host) 
^JU daf, yadif. — (divert) J- 
sal la, yusalli ; ^-^ anas, yu'auis. 
— (ketp) «-6l* kallaf, yukallif. 

Entertainer, s. cJUa* mudif ; 
&i\^\ s-o.Ld sahib ad-4iy»fa-t. 

Entertainment, s. (banquet) &W* 
diyafa-t ; ^UJ^ walima-t (pi. ^3j 
walayim) ; d-^j^ 'azuma-t. — 
(amusement) &Jfy nuzha-t ; &*jt 
farja-t; M lazza-t. 

Enthrone, v. (j~M ajlas, yujlis. 

Enthusiasm, s. ^V^^fc hayajan ; 
(jjU^A hayaman ; s— ««» ta*a§sub. 

Enthusiast, s. Enthusiastic, En- 
thusiastic al, adj. (*iS*> hayim; 
p\&~~» mustaham ; s-^*^* mu- 

Entice, v. ^£ gawa, yagwi ; gaw- 
wa, yugawwi ; ^y*S agwa, yugwi. 

Enticement, s. \j&\ igwa' ; b^W 

Entire, adj. *k tamm ; f\+s 

tiiinaiu ; J^^kamil ; ^^* eahil^. 

Entirely, adv. m ^J6 kulliy-an ; 

aJ^JW bi-l-kulliya-t. 
Entireness, Entirety, s. JUS' 
kamal; J«j^ takmil; l^ kul- 
Entitle, v. (name) {mS 4^» gamma, 
yusammi. — (give a title) s-Jfl 
laqqab, yulaqqib. — (authorise) 
^/y fawwa^, vufawwi^. 
Entity, s. ^^ kayin (pi. *z>\j$\S 
kayinat) ; ^y» maujiid (pi. 
**>\Af*y maujftdat). 
Entomb, v. pi qabar, yaqbur, yaq- 

bir ; (ji J dafan, yadfin. 
Entombment, s. j*o* inaqbar. 
Entrails, s. \****\ ahsa* ; &j\*~ 

Entrance, Entry, s. J^ duhul. 
— (door) J*.j^ uiadhat ; *t>W bab 

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(pi. v»V &bw&b, o^** bibAn). — 
{beginning) \±z*\ ibtida'. — (in a 
book) J*%~» tasjil ; W^ dabt. 
Entrance, v. Uo^A sah$at, yu$a^- 

Entbap, v. i±#*A\i *iL-^ masak bi- 

'l-misyada-t, yamsuk. — (take in) 

^t gais, yagu£s. 
Entbeat, v. ^f tarajja, yatarajja ; 

tyi* tadarra', vatadarra*. 
Entbeaty, 8. <*4*» talaba-t; g^> 

tadarru' ; J^ ibtihal. 
Entby, a. see Entrance. 
Entwine, v. j** dafar,yadfur ; §~i 

nasaj, yansij, yansuj. 
Enumerate, v. ±* 'add, ya'idd; 

^j**» hasa, yah si. 
Enumeration, u. *t*** ta'did ; U«^ 

Enunciate, v. (pronounce) Xfc — *i 

lafag, yalfiz; ^to talaffag, yata- 

laffaj. — (make known) p±\ ah bar, 

yuhbir ; ^» sahhar, yusahhir ; 

j&>\ aihar, yusliir. 
Enunciation, 8. tote talaffug. 
Envelop, v. o* Ut laff fi, yaluff ; 

^ cilfc gallaf bi, yugallif. 
Envelope, s. &^ lafafa-t (pi. U*\t& 

lafayif); ^*" inugallaf ; <JU 

gilaf (pi. *-A-l* gulf, guluf, 

Enviable, adj. ju-o? yuhsad. 
Envious, adj. JuW hasid (pi. *>t-a. 

hussad) ; *y-*- hasud. 
Environ, v. w> kU\ ahat bi, yuhit ; 

ty* hawwa^, yuhawwi^. 
Environs, «. J^ hawala; «^;M 

atraf ; jV* jawar. 
Envoy, *. J?~; rasul (pi. J-; rusul) ; 

J**- safir (pi. ^ sufara'). 
Envy, a. •*—»* hasad. 
Envy, v. •x-*. hasad, yahsid. 
Epicure, «., Epicurean, adj. ^»^* 

'ayyas; ^J^** batnani-y.^ 
Epidemic, adj. ^^ waba'i-y ; ^U 

sari; ^Jufc* niu'di; ^ watid. ^ 
Epidemic, *. Wj waba (pi. W^ auba', 

irf^ aubiya-t); & ; ^- &* 'illa-t 

Epiobam, 8. t>* qidh (pi. c^ 


Epigrammatic, Epiorammatical, 

adj. ^Ai qadbi-y. 
Epigrammatist, *. eto j*l* 6a'ir 

Epilepsy, 8. tr° 9ar* ; &£*\ U da' 

an-nuq^a-t; A-itt ^y marad 

Epileptic, 8. Zyr 6 " masru*; s^U* 

&&A\ \±* musab bi-da' an-nuq- 

Episcopacy, 8. 1<&J\ usqufiya-t, 

Episcopal, adj. ^J&-\ usqufi-y ; 

Episcopate, 8. £siL^ asafiqa-t (pi. 

of JU-1 usquf, " bishop "). 
Episode, 8. &>&*» hikava-t (pi. ^\^ 

hakaya) ; wS-o^ hadis. 
Epistle, 8. &Uj risala-t (pi. vu\ 

-at, JiUj rasayil) ; s-»y^* mak- 

Epistolary, adj. ^\ij raqa*i-y. — 

(epistolary hand) ^-cU^M ^ 

raqam ar-raqa*i-y). 
Epitaph, 8. ^ ^^ kitaba-t qabr ; 

pi (^^y^ *unwan qabr. 
Epithet, adj. &**> sifa-t ; &** na't 

(pi. «y^«i nu*ut) ; «-A* ; wasf (pi. 

<^*m ausaf) ; h-^J laqab. 
Epitome, 8.j~*3*+ muhtasar; ^Us*.^ 

ihtisar; y&* muqtasar; y-+y 

Epitomise, v. j*xd»\ ihtasar, yah- 

Epoch, 8. &j& ta'rih (pi. ffy\f 

Equability, Equableness, s. 

i^L-^ mu8awa-t; £*- sath (pi. 

eya- su^uh). 
Equable, adj. (smooth, uniform) 

^S){~* mu8awi ; t}*~~* musattah ; 

<J<M am las, f. UJU malsa*. 
Equal, adj. ^U*^ mutasawi ; JA« 

misl ; J~* masil ; ^ nagir. 
Equal, s. &j» qarin (pi. \ij> qu- 

rana ). 
Equal, v.a. i£y~ sawwa, yusawwi ; 

^U sawa, yusawi ; ^5^ aswa, 

yuswi ; n. <4)^—* tasawa, yata- 

Equalisation, 8. hy~* taswiya-t 

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Equality, Equalness, s. ^j^s 

tasawi ; S^U^ musawa-t. 
Equanimity, s. J^^ i'tidal ; y**> 

Equation, s. (in mathematics) &*Uu 

muqabala-t; &*>^ mu'adala-t. 
Equator, *. V~S\ ^ hat* al- 

istiwa' ; )W j J* 5 J**** niu'adil 

lail wa nahar; J^S\ ^ haft 

Equatorial, a<#. \j*~^ 1^4 s^~- **• 

mansxib li-haft al-istiwa\ 
Equbrry, 8. jf»\ j6"\ amir ahor 

Equestrian, adj. <J^£- hayali-y ; 

^5-.^ fanisi-y. 
Equiangular, adj. \£$\ ^ 

mutasawi az-zawaya. 
Equidistant, adj. <***$\ ^ 

mutasawi al-bu'd. 
Equidistance, 8. <***1\ J£* misl al- 
Equilateral, adj. $UN <^U*x* 

mutasawi al-a^la*. 
Equilibrium, 8. J^^ i'tidal ; 

fljU* mu'adala-t; &)\y muwa- 

zana-t ; g*- sanj (Pers.). 
Equine, adj. J^ hisani-y. 
Equinoctial, adj. ^J\*&\ i'tidali-y. 
Equinoctial, s. J*U\ j j\qA\ J^ 

mu'adil an-nahar wa-'l-lail. 
Equinox, s. } \qA\ j JeW J^J*^ 

i'tidal al-lail wa-'n-nahar. 
Equip, v. )«* jahhaz, yujabhiz. — 

(an army) ^U sallah, yusallih ; 

^ a'add, yu'idd. 
Equipage, 8. (equipment) Sjlc ( ud- 

da-t. — (carriage) hf 'araba-t. — 

(retinue) f+&&- hasam ; £t^j5tt at- 

tawabi' ; s-fj* maukab (pi. s-*^j* 

Equipment, 8. *•** 'udda-t ; y#r 

tajhiz; )\&* jahaz (pi. iy&\ aj- 

Equipoise, 8. &)V* muwazana-t. 
Equitable, adj. J*A* 'Mil. 
Equitablene8s, Equity, 8. J*vc 

'adl; &\±* 'adfila-t; *->U\ iusaf. 
Equivalent, adj. v^-** musawi ; 

<4)W jazi. 
Equivalent, *. <j*j* 'iwao 1 , 'awad. 

Equivocal, adj. q » ' « * * ^ ?u 

ma'nen ; f*6** mubham. 
Equivocate, v. ^^ abham, yub- 

Equivocation, 8. f>\&\ ibham. 
Equivocator, *. iy*&*+ masbiih. 
Era, s. &f\* ta'rih ; ^Uj zaman ; 

^»c 'asr (pi. jUc\ a^ar^^cHisur). 
Eradicate, v. J*'U^ ista'sal, yas- 

ta'sil ; j^\ <&+ &* qala' min al- 

jizr, yaqla*. 
Eradication, s. JW^ istiaal. 
Erase, v. ^i qasat, yaq&t ; o^* 

maha, yamhi. 
Eraser, 8. 1«**ju miqsat (pi. ^ate* 

Erasure, 8. j*+ mahu ; 5j%** mah- 

Erect, v. s—«* nasab, yansub ; (*W 

aqam, yuqim. 
Erect, adj. s «—«. ? „ ; - munta§ib ; 

^ A - *-.* mustaqim. 
Erection, «. *^ iqama-t ; s~-» 

nasb. — (building) Uj bina* (pi. 

Lj*\ abniya-t) ; SjUc 4 imara-t. 
Erectne8s, 8. ^*y qauma-t. 
Ermine, 8. vV- sinjab (Pers.) ; 

f*y»U qaqum, ^Vi qaqum (TttrA:.). 
Erosion, *. ^ akl. 
Erosive, adj. J^ akkal; ^^ 

Err, v. (go astray) J* 4^1 yadill ; 

&^5 tah, yatih. — (commit errors) 

^ galit, yaglat ; J^> dall, ya^ill. 
Errand, 8. a**; wasiya-t (pi. W^ 

Errant, Erratic, adj. a*Vj tayih ; 

JU dall. 
Erratum, «. ^ galat. 
Erroneous, adj. Ute galit; (^^A6 

galtan ; U*^ mugalla^. 
Error, s. J^ dalal ; ^ gurur ; 

ALU gal^a-t. 
Eructation, 8. {JA fas^. 
Erudite, ac?;. ^^c *alim (pi. UIc 

*ulama) ; W^c 4 allama-t. 
Erudition, ». p^ 'ilm ; ^** ma'ri- 

fa-t ; (J*}\ a*-. si*a-t al-'ilm. 
Eruption, 8. (of a volcano) ^ W e^ 

^Vj J^^ hayajan jabal nar; S^ 

faura-t. — (cutaneous disease) ys* 

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basr (pi. jjj*» bugur ; v»>* jarab ; 

Sjj*. buriij ; **& tuf^a-t. 
Escalade, s. ^JUt-H *yu> siTud as- 

salalim ; &*** sab'ata-t. 
Escalade, v. sjL~* tasallaq, yata- 

sallaq ; <J - U ' ft J tasVlaq, yata- 

Escapb, v. W* naja, yanju ; ^»*U 

falat, yaflit. 
Escapb, s. &r najat ; ^>^ balas. 
Escarpment, *. j^ badur ; J*« 

Eschew, v. &• s^ harab min, 

yahrub ; s-*m»^ ijtanab, yajta- 

ESCORT, v. /** bafar, yabfir, yab- 

fur; baffar, yubaffir; /fc gafar, 

yagfir; gaffar, yugaffir; &** 

sayya', yusayyi*. 
Escobt, s. /** bafar ; J& gafar. 
Esculent, ad;. J*ji yukal; J**^ 

Esculent, «. Jfl ukl, ukul. 
Especial, ad;. j*y±" mabeue ; 

j**a*+ muhtass ; (j*j**- bususi-y. 
Especially, adv. *Uj-*- bueuean; 

o^^W bi-'l-abass. 
Espionage, s. <j~e— **tajsis ; <j*^— s*\ 

Esplanade, s. Mj raqba-t ; 

fusba-t ; (j^-e^ maid an 

(^tol** mayadin). 
Espousal, #. t^j zawaj ; 

Espouse, r. &tf tazawwaj, yata- 

zawwaj. — (adopt) J^ ittahaz, 

Espy, v. <j~~qr tajassas, yatajassas ; 

***** V <j\> ra ' a niin ba'id, ya'ra. 
Esquire, *. •**- sayyid, sid (pi. 

*>l*-\ asyad, «*UU sadat) ; ^Jutf 

a&ndi (ZWft.). 
Essay, #. {endeavour) v yt- sa'y; 

-*♦* jabd ; A*i qasd. — (frioZ) ***r 

tajnba-t ; s-**r tajrib ; ;^ 'iyftr. 

— (treatise) UU ; risala-t (pi. «a>! 

-*t) J* u ; rasayil). 
Essay, v. (endeavour) ±*++\ ijtabad, 

jajtahid. — (try) s^ jarrab, yu- 

jarrib ; ^ *ayyar, yu'ayyir. 
Essence, #. «>U zat ; M^ inabi- 

( P i. 

ya-t; j*j* jaubar (pi. y^>* 
jawahir) ; ^ 'ain (pi. gjU 
'uyun); ^ kunb. — (best part, 
cream) **) zabad (pi. *\i)\ azbad) ; 
fij^ij zubda-t (pi. jw zubad). — 
(perfume) ]** 4 it r (}>*• )J** *iHur). 

Essential, od;. ^U zati-y; ^M 
a*li-y ; %3»r* 4ururi-y. 

Establish, v. fto\ aqain, yuqim ; 
«-Aij\ auqaf, yuqif; j^ qarrar, 
yuqarrir ; s-*** nasao, yansub. 

Establishment, s. £*Urt iqama-t ; 
i»Wi qiyam; w/ tartib; g^ 
wad 4 (pi. g^ au<Ja')- 

Estate, s. (property, especially 
landed) JU mal (pi. J\j^ am- 
wal) ; *U* milk, malk (pi. *>M 
amlak) ; ;^* 'aqar. 

Esteem, v. y*\ a*zz, yu*izz ; jt**\ 
i*tabar, ya'tabir. 

Esteem, «. M* ma*azza-t; jW^^ 
i'tibar; f>\/\ ikram ; s^u-**. 

Estimable, adj. yiy* 'aziz ; ^ai 
yu*azz ; ^-»^ mu'tabar ; <J^*~* 
jWsc^\ mustabiqq al-i'tibar. 

Estimate, v. &** samman, yu§am- 
min ; f~ sa"ar, yusa 4 *ir; {$+** 
bainman, yubammiu ; *- i " ~s *\ 
ibtasab, yabtasib. 

Estimate, s. <j*+£ tasmin ; **2<&«? 
; U-3\ tabdid al-as^r; s^--* 
bisab; v-**** tahmin; j -t p -J 

Estimation, s. (esteem) jWsc^ i'ti- 
bar. — (opinion) «^\) ra i (pi. \j\ 
ara') ; ^ zann (pi. (^^*i zunun). 

Estrange, v. •»«* ba"d, yuba"id ; 
{^ jy faraq ben, yafruq. 

Estrangement, s. v3V firaq; J ^ 
ib*ad; ^ gurba-t; ^y nawa; 
^i»i qatra-t (pi. gjUu qa^ayi 4 ). 

Estuaby, *. j*} (** fumm nabr (pi. 
f*Ui\ afmam, &\yl\ afwah). 

Et cetera, Etc., adv. *^ ^ wa 
gairu-hu ; \j+ (A*> balluma jarran ; 
^5^ abbrev. of */»} J\ ila abiri- 

Etch, v. s }+)\ W J& naqai bi-ma' 
al-ball, yanqu^. 

Etching, s. ij& naq£. 


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Eternal, adj. <J)\ azali-y; ^$^\ 

abadi-y ; ^->^ dayim ; ^J^- 

sarmadi-y ; <Jh baqi. 
Eternity, a. Jj^ azal; &*}j\ azali- 

ya-t ; **\ abad ; h**\ abadiya-t ; 

(*\)J dawara ; ^• r - sarmad. 
Ether, a. \y* hawa' ; jJM *&U* falak 

al-asir ; p?\ asir. 
Etherial, adj. o*V* bawayi-y. 
Etiquette, a. ^ceremonial) ^\/S\ 
. al - qawanin. — (manners, good 

breeding) s^jft al-wujfib; v*^ 

Etymological, adj. ^iUae^ i^ti- 

Etymology, s. jUx^ ^lc <ilm i^ti- 

qaq ; jtokt i^tiqaq ; f$&\ J r \ 

usul al-kalam. 
Etymon, a. J*\ asl. 
Eucharist, a. ^-J^uft gltyft al- 

qurban al-muqaddas. 
Eulogise, v. j^* majjad, yumaj- 

jid; •^•^ amjad, yumjid. 
Eulogistic, adj. a^ »* mumajjid. 
Eulogium, Eulogy, 8. ±#±*s tani- 

jid ; »Uft» hamd ; c«** madh. 
Eunuch, a. ^-^ ha$i-y (pi. oW- 

husyan) ; o^jk t aw ^i-y (pl« ^ 

Euphonious, ad;. ^^A gaji-y ; 

«t>jj\ v^Jlc 'azib as-saut; Jst^ 

g » *J3 laziz li-'s-sam*. 
Euphony, 8. f*> ^^ 'azuba-t 

nagam; q\^\ ilhan. 
Evacuate, v. £/ farrag, yufarrig ; 

^-tf fadda, yufaddi; Jk» halla, 

yuhalli. — (by stool) &A$ Je~ J ta- 

sahhal batn-hu, yatasahhal. 
Evacuation, a. £*/> tafrig; SJ** 

tahliya-t. — (o/ Me body) jta 

biraz ; u"^* majlis ; $/*~\ isti- 

Evade, v. J^ hawal, yuhawil. 
Evanescence, a. J^j zawal ; Ui 

Evanescent, ad/. ^^ f ani ; 'JH>V* 

f ayit ; Ja\j zayil. 
Evangelical, adj., Evangelist, a. 

oWl injili-y. 
Evangelisation, s. ^y^rN fi^U* 

bisara-t al-anjil. 

Evaporate, u. i^. j**f ta$a"ad 

buharan, yatasa"ad. 
Evaporation, a. .**-» tasa"ud. 
Evasion, 8. &**- hiia-t (pi. J**> 

hiyal) ; ^ hujja-t (pi. g^p- 

Evasive, ariy. J**** muta'allil. 
Evasiveness, a. JU? ta'allul. 
Eve, Even, Evening, a. *~* masa' ; 

U*rt al- 4 isT ; M^ 'aiiya-t. 
Even, adj. (ZeveZ) <j£*~-* musawi; 

^j*— *• mustawi. — (even number) 

Cjj zauj. — (placid) &&\ <^- 

sakin at-jab*. 
Event, a. J>M 'arid (pi. u*;V 

'awarid); £j*A». hadisa-t (pL 

^i>j^ hawadig). — (outcome) ;*>W 

sadir; j*V^ ha?il. 
Eventful, adj. AfoL. ^j zu hadi- 
Eventual, adj. ^^ ittifaqi ; g5^ 

Eventuality, a. ^\ ittifaq ; ^*5^ 

waqi'a-t ; %**y inauqa'a-t. 
Ever, adv. *W^ dayiman; *\<*\ 

abad an. 
Everlasting, adj. ^^ halid ; ^*> 

dayim ; ^yW baqi. 
Every, adj. J* kull. 
Everybody, Everyone, a. ^ Ji 

kull abad ; ^ J^ kull wahid. 
Everyday, adj. (common) ^\<jx\ 

i*tiyadi-y ; *&*** uiu'tad. 
Everywhere, adv. &>** J^ ^ fi 

kull rnauoV ; ^^* J^ ^ fi kull 

Evidence, 8. (testimony) IS^u £&- 

hada-t ; t^ idah; ^ bayyina-t. 

— (witness) J^^*» sahid (pi. ^^ 

Evidence, v. (jorove) ^^ bayyan, 

yubayyin ; *a~£\ a§bat, yugbit. — 

(give testimony) «*e^ s*ahid, yai- 

had. — (make clear) j$>\ aghar, 

yughir ; £*j waddah, yuwa<jldib. 
Evident, adj. y^^ gahir; ^\y 

wadih ; ^^- sa^i* ; ^ bahir. 
Evil, adj. ^^ radi-y (pi. \>*)\ 

ardiya) ; ^ ^arir (pi. j\j*\ 

asrar) ; ^- sau, su ; J^Vc 'atil. 
Evil, s. j* sarr (pi. ^ iurur) ; 

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&e*\*y dahiya-t (pi. ^yfc^ da- 

wahi) ; oUi fasad. 
Evince* v. **~*\ asbat, yusbit ; j$M 

azhar, yuzhir. 
Evoke, v. k j^x^J\ istad'a, yastad'i ; 

j**\ ahdar, yuhdir. 
Evolution, 8. jj^» tahlil ; ^^-^ 

Evolve, v. *aXi fakk, yafukk. 
Ewb, 8. A«^i ganama-t ; U^*i na'ja-t 

(pi. «*\ -at, gUi ni'aj). 
Eweb, *. ij>ji\ ibriq (pi. «jtyV|\ aba- 

riq> &;W\ abariqa-t). 
Exact, ad/. Ly*±* madbut; <3JJ* 

mudaqqiq; £-**- eafcik; ^ 

Exact, t?. s-& (alab, yatfub; ^\ 

alzam, yulzim. 
Exaction, 8. &-JvW» mufcalaba-t ; &«lt 

balsa-t ; s-JL. salb ; ^i/» tagrim. 
Exactness, Exactitude, «. W-* 

^abt ; A**> diqqa-t ; ^.tf tadqiq ; 

£^« $ahha-t. 
Exaggbbate, t?. ^ £5V| balag fi, 

yubalig; ^ kabbar, yukabbir; 

1^* farrat, yufarrit ; (&* 4 azsam, 

Exaooebation, *. £*1W* mubala- 

ga-t ; «*£? takbir ; W/> taf rit ; 

U/\ ifrat. 
Exalt, *. £*> rafa', yarfa'; J^ 

'alia, yu'alli ; psik fahham, yu- 

f ah him. 
Exaltation, 8. gVtf^ irtifa* ; &Jk*\ 

Examination, «. e~~; bahg ; ,ja^ 

fahs; i/&-**> tafahhu?; <$W^ 

Examine, v. j*** fahas, yafljas; 

<^^ imtaban, yamtahin. 
Example, #. J^u masai (pi. JU*\ 

amgal) ; JU* migal (pi. £LU^ 

amgala-t); Sy* qidwa-t; fi^ 

*ibra-t (pi. ^c *ibar) ; fc«>j*rt un- 

Exaspeeate, v. fa\ augar, yugir ; 

•*~^ ag^ab, yug^ib; Ufc\ agaz, 

yugiz; vj^j zahhaq, yuzahhiq. 
Exaspeeation, 8. fijto- fridda-t; 
jUjj zahaq; K* gaiz; i^*^ 


Excavate, t>. /&■ hafar, yahfir; 

c^afci fahat, yafhat ; <j&** nabai, 

Excavation, 8. j\^J\ ihtifar;^ 

haf r. — (hollow) /** hafar ; »/&. 

Exceed, v. (surpass) j^-i faq, 

yafuq ; J* *>\j zad 'ala, yazid. 

— (go too far) ^s*** ta'adda, ya- 

ta'addi ; j^W^ tajawaz, yatajawaz. 
Exceeding, Exceedingly, adv. 

"W jiddan ; A*U15 li-'l-gaya-t ; 

"\y*£ kagiran ; ^W bi-'z-zaud. 
Excel, v. J** fadal, yafcjui; J^*^ 

af^al, yufdil ; jVi faq, yafuq. 
Excellence, Excellency, 8. J^* 

fadl (pi. JU*\ af^al) ; SLM fadi- 

la-t (pi. JjUi fadayil); Sj^ 

juda-t ; S&ft bari*a-t. — (title) 

iyi*» hadra-t ; SoU- sa*ada-t. 
Excellent, Excelling, adj. J^U 

fa^il ; <-*«/• sarif ; J^* jayyid. — 

(pi. *>W jiyad, ^W jay ay id) ; 

J-^Ai nafis ; £;W Mri*. 
Except, v. { j**z~\ istasna, yastasni. 
Except, conj. q\ $\ ilia ann ; J^» 

baid ; q\ J^» baid ann. 
Except, prep. u&± hilaf ; j^t gair ; 

\^- , ^y* sawa ; o;*> dun ; \j^ 

'ada; UUma 'ada. 
Exception, 8. Uis-\ istigna'. 
Exceptionable, adj. ** & *«• mu- 

Exceptional, ooj. Uis-^, ^i& z** 

Excess, «. L\fl ifrk\; •>$ zaud; 

SjV>j ziyada-t ; ^W^ mubalaga-t. 

— (intemperance) ^ naham ; ^c 
cjUc ( adam *afaf; d\+&\ inhi- 

Excessive, ooj. J«\j zayid; j^W*^ 

mutajawiz ; 1^-JU mufrit ; 7-*^ 

Exce88IVEness, 8. j^V tajawuz ; 

ty\ ifra^. 
Exchange, ». Jjkj badal, yabdil ; 

^\ abdal, yubdil. 
Exchange, «. J«M badal ; J\j^ 

bidai ; J4*M tabdil ; flow* mu- 

badala-t ; &*jU* mu < awa4a-t. 
Exchangee, 0. *J^ sarraf ; J*?** 

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sairafi-y (pi. &jV*- sayarifa-t, 

<-*;^ sayarif). 
Exchequer, «. &j*. bazna-t ; &»)*. 

hazina-t (pi. <£*y* bazayiu). 
Excise, 0. ^-) rasin (pi. ^ 

rusuni) ; *-A*l# taklif (pi. U^S 

takaiif ) ; ; W bahar. 
Excision, «. ^5 qat\ 
Excite, v. ge» bayyaj, yuhayyij ; 

»*^ tiarrak, yufcarrik ; ^/^ bar- 

raiji, yuijarri^ ; j*&*~\ istanbatf, 

Excitement, s. J^ tahrik ; J^f^ 

ta^i*i(J ; £)l%eA bayajan. 
Exclaim, 0. t/* sarab, yasroh ; x^° 

sal?, yajifc; j^; za'aq, yaz'aq ; 

«~Asa hataf, yabtif ; W* 'ayyaj, 

Exclamation, e. byo sarba-t ; £V 

surab ; toy za'qa-t ; c^° siyak ; 

«-JUa butaf ; %a>y saut (pi. *a>\y\ 

Exclude, t?. ^ baram, ya^rim ; 

£** mana', yamna'; <J* nafa, 

yaiifi; ^ ab'ad, yub'id; *>U 

zad, yazud. 
Exclusion, «. £-*• man'; f^- 

Exclusive, adj. g>U mani*. 
Exclusively, adv. if tj^ barij 

Excommunicate, v. ^ barani, 

y at rim. 
Excommunication, s. ^ birm; 

f»^ burum. 
Excoriate, v. ^aj qa&ar, y uqai^ir ; 

•*W jallad, yujallid. 
Excoriation, *. j**** taqsir. 
Excrement, s. \j*> bira* ; £~; 

wasab ; j\^ biraz. 
Excrescence, s. *>; waram (pL f>\#\ 

auram); Jjty gu'lui (pi. JJ\I 
Excruciating, o$. s-»^* niu'az- 

Exculpate, v. a. y* £*<* safab "an, 
yasfafc; j** 4 azar, ya'zir; # 
barrar, yubarrir. — (onestlf) )±*&\ 
i'tizar, ya'tazir j jpS tabarrar, ya- 
Exculpation, $. j±* 4 izr, uzr (pi. 

jW\ a'zar) ; ^Jset i'tizar ; I)*** 

nia'zira-t (pi. j3U* ma'azir). 
Excursion, s. (pleasure-trip) tj* 

tafarruj : &ty nuzba-t. — {hostile 

excursion) %^t gaziya-t ; 8^ 

Excusable, adj. »±** ma'zur; 

jS*}\ s-%^ wajib al-'izr (*uzr). 
Excuse, s. j±* 'izr, 'uzr (pi. )\&*\ 

a'zar) ; SjJ** ma'zira-t (pi. jJU* 

ma'azir); »\Axe\ i'tizar. — (pre- 
text) j\±* imzar. 
Excuse, v. ^ *azar, ya'zir; jSs\ 

a'zar, yu'zir; "1;^ J*j qabil 

'izran, yaqbal. 
Execrable, adj. *jp&« makruh ; 

&2j£ karib ; ^y^* ma'lun. 
Execrate, v. (curse) ^ la'an, 

yal'an ; (j*H la'an, yula'in ; ^ 

J^ da'a 'ala, yad'i.— (detest) a/ 

barib, yakrab. 
Execration, s. ^^la'na-t; fi)y^-\ 

istikrab ; Z*\/ karaba-t. 
Execute, v. (perform) (*+* tam- 

mam, yutammim ; J^ kammal, 

yukammil; Sa\ anfaz, yuntlz. — 

( put to death) J** qatal, yaqtul. 
Execution, s. ( performance) fUs**\ 

ibtitam ; ^Ui tamam ; J**& tak- 

mil ; U*\ im^a*. — (of a criminal) 

J* qatl. 
Executioner, s. «~i^~ say yaf ; o^ 

jaJlad ; J^Aa* mas^l'ili-y. 
Executive, s. (*£+)\ al-^nkm; 

p£^\ al-tukkam. 
Executor, s. vJ ^ wasi-y (pi. W»^ 

Exemplary, adj. "ijt* ytf kayin 

'ibratan; ***+ mu'tabar; £^+ 

Jt£*J\ mali$ al-migal. 
Exemplify, v. J** maggal, yumas- 

gil ; J^» tamaggal, yatamasgal ; 

*te+ sj*/* 4arab miglan, ya4rib. 
Exempt, adj. u\*+ mu'af; ^W* 

mu'afa ; *y- munazzab. 
Exempt, v. Uc «afa, ya'fu; <J*\ 

a'fa, yu'fi. 
Exemption, s. Ze*\** mu'afiya-t. 
Exercise, s. (labour) J*a» iugl ; 

JUa»i\ iitigal.— (pfoch'c«) ^U^ 

idman ; <^;U- mumarasa-t ; i^e*. 

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hibra-t — (driU) Utj riyatfa-t ; 

+J*s ta'lini. — (motion) &f» hara- 

Exercise, v. (practise) &£+ maras, 

yumaris ; j+* 'amil, ya'mal. — 

(instruct and drill) {S* 'allam, 

yu'allim ; <J* s^ J darrab 'ala, 

yudarrib; jt>» rawwacj, yuraw- 

w *d ; <$/• marran, yumarnn. 
Exert, v. (put into action) J*-^ 

a'mal, yu'mil; J**s~\ ista*mal, 

yasta'mil ; J^ ajhad, yujhid. — 

(strive) *>** jahad, yajhad ; J*s^ 

ijtahad, yajtahid. 
Exertion, s. •**» jahd; oVe*^ 

ijtihad ; ^^yt- sa'i. 
Exhalation, s. &*-£ faufca-t ; jV*». 

Exhale, v. («cen*) t^* fak yafufc, 

Exhaust, v. <&\ anfad, yunfid ; 

«-*> saffat, yuiiffit. 
Exhaustion, s. o ^a a j talfit. 
Exhibit, t?. ^\ ajhar, yuztar ; ^^ 

aura, yuri ; ^^ 'aratf, ya'ruij ; 

v/y farai, yafru$. 
Exhibition, «. ,>/* 'ar<J; ^/^ 

i*r&4 ; jW azhar ; v>/ fars\ 
Exhilarate, v.a. get bahaj, yab- 

haj ; bahhaj, yubahhij ; geri 

abhai, yubhij ; t/ farrab, yu- 

Exhilabation, «. t/ f arafc ; #/» 

tafrilj; &%6» bahja-t. 
Exhobt, v. Ikcj wa'az, ya'ij ; ^ 

au'az, yii'iz ; ^ arsad, yur*id ; 

C«i najfab, yansalj. 
Exhortation, #. We* wa*z; &ej 

wa'za-t ; oU^ irsad ; *«-» nasi- 

fca-t ; s-^y" targib. 
Exhumation, «. <j*** naba\ 
Exhume, o. <j*** nabai, yambul; 

u*j^ <£* fcj*^ abraj min al-anj, 

Exigence, Exigency, s. %))/* <Jaru- 

ra-t; 2*W b&ja-t; t\r*+\ iliti- 

Exigent, <u#. ^yU mulzim ; ^j*> 

Exile, *. (&ant>Ame*tf) *JL tarad; 

^/* nafi; ^*\ mtiia'. — (the per* 

son) *>)»• matrud; ^ tarid; 

J*/— - niusarkal. 
Exile, v. *>f* tarad, yatrad ; ^J* 

nafa, yanil ; J*r- sarkal, yusar- 

Exist, v. q\& kan, yakun ; ^ 

wujid, yujad (to be found). 
Existence, s. <$f kaun, kon ; *f*y 

Existing, adj. &V kayin; ^y 

Exit, *. g^/- huruj ; s^*»* zahab. 
Exonerate, v. \ji barra', yubarri' ; 

tf barrar, yubarrir; y** 'azar, 

Exoneration, s. ^ 'azr; kp! 

Exorbitance, s. Jail** mubalaga-t ; 

j^V tajawuz. 
Exorbitant, adj. g\*+ mubalig; 

);V^ mutajawiz ; J^J^ jy fauq 

Exorcise, v. <J* ft* <azam 'ala, 

ya'zim ; 'azzam 'ala, yu c azziui. ' 
Exorcism, s. &•*)& ( azima-t (pi. 

^&Uc 'azayim) ; ^Uju-\ istiqsam ; 

^\LmAJ\ Sjft.a~ mad^ara-t a^-saitan. 
Exorcist, #. f\y* *azzam ; ^.» &? ..*..^ 

Exotic, adj. s-4^ garib (pi. v»\^ 

agrab, ^ guraba') ; <j*-**\ ajna- 

bi-y ; *t>£+* majlib. 
Expand, v,a. L~* basa^, yabsut; 

v>/ farai, yafrus ; farras\ yufar- 

^ ; C*^ wassa*, yuwassi* ; n. 

W--i\ imbasat, yambasit ; y***\ 

intaiar, yantaiir. 
Expanse, *. ^*-^ wasa'-t; &-* 

basta-t ; ^-i f usfca-t. 
Expansion, «. ^Ai nasr ; *A*uj»\ im- 

tidad; k^ tabsit; tL^i^ imbi- 

Expatiate, v. ffc^N jy. tawwal al- 

kalam, yufawwil. 
Expatriate, v. ^ tarad, ya^rud j 

^tt nafa, yanfi ; tr*L ^affas, yu- 

Expatriation, «. ^ tarad ; \&\ 

Expect, v>J&\ intazar, yantazir; 

fto*~\ istangar, yastauairj s-^/ 

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taraqqab, yataraqqab; gij? ta- 
waqqa% yatawaqqa'. 


intizar; j*iii-t Htmiar; A-y 

tara#sad ; *^y taraqqab. 
Expectorate, r. Jp tazaq, yab- 

joq ; ££** tanafeha% yatanahliA* ; 

p+a tanahham, jatanahham 
Expectoration, j. ,jtj* bozaq; 

^i# tanahho* ; f ^* -* tanhim. 
Expedient, adj. ,3*3 layiq ; %^-U* 

Expedient, s. **2^ {ariqa-t ; «*^ J* 

tadirak ; £*-tj wasita-t (pL «^ 

Expedience, Expediency, s. a*U 

liyaqa-t ; £ j .V;.* monasaba-t. 
Expedite, r. J** *ajjal, yn'ajjil; 

ZyA asra% yusri' ; $p rawwaj, 

Expedition, #. (Ao*fe) A%e 'ajala-t; 

i-^- sar*a-t; g-i^? tarwij. — 

(journey) £~ safar (pL ;V*J 

asfar). — (military) ^r tajrid 

(pi. JtyW 1 tajarid) ; *»jte gaziya-t. 
Expeditious, adj. Jj%* 'ajul; lȣ* 

na&t ; #7- sari 4 . 
Expel, t?. ^ {arad, ya$rud; £**> 

data*, yadfa* ; g/^ ahraj, ynhrij. 
Expend, v. «J^ saraf, yasrif, yas- 

ruf; sarraf, yusarrif; «-*l£? ta- 

kallaf, yatakallaf; <j*rt anfaq, 

Expenditure, s. e/»harj (pi. &f\ 

ahraj, ^/-) ahrija-t, ©0^ aha- 

maaarif; ; &tf nafaqa-t (pL «y\ 

-At, jU> nifaq) ; jW\ infaq. 
Expense, b. &tf kulfa-t (pi. uU* 

Expensive, adj. (cosily) JVfc gali. 

— (extravagant) j±t+ mubazzir; 

«^** musrif (uy- • musrif). 
Expensiveness, 8. (costliness) Ite 

ffalA\ — (extravagance) ^i\j-~\ 

israf; u&talf. 
Experience, 0. «>*-**. bubra-t, 

bibra-t; jW*^ ibtibar; **/r taj- 

Experience, v. v/r tajarrab, ya- 


Experien ced, adj.js*** habir; j*U 

Experiment, #. ij^ tajriba-t (pL 

«***r tajarib) ; <£W^ imtihan. 
Experxkent, r. v*^ jarrab, yu- 

Experxxxntal, adj. ^U^ imti- 

Expert, adj-, s. ja± habir; j*\+ 

Expertxess, «. ;^** mahar ; i;^A 

Expiable, adj.j*i yngfar (3 pass.). 
Expiate, r. &*■ f& kaffar 'an, yu- 

kaffir; ej^ ywu-^ istagfar min, 

Expiation, $. *£& kaffara-t ; j**& 

takfir ; jt**^ is|igf ar ; h* diya-t. 
Expiatory, adj. ^j***^ istdg- 

f ari-y ; «4f**» takliri-y. 
Expiration, #. (conclusion) \&\ 

intina'. — (last breath) *--** nabb. 
Expire, r. (breathe out) <j~&£ ta- 

naffas, yatanaffas. — (die) <jr** 

&-*> qada nahba-hu, yaqdi; f±- 

CjjH sallam ar-riih, yusallim. — 

(terminate) ^e^^ intaha, yantabi. 
Explain, p. ;—* fassar, yufassir; 

P* 'abbar, yu'abbir; c/» sarab, 

jairah ; *** fahham, yufahhim ; 

J^ awwaljyu'awwU. 
Explanation, s. ^-^ taf sir ; &?** 

tasrih ; ^W* bayan ; J^V* ta*^^. 
Explanatory, adj. ^W* bayani ; 

iSjt-ts tafsiri-y. 
Expletive, adj. *A) zayid ; ^^\ 

Explicit, adj. j*^ zahir; ^^ 

EXPLICITNB88, 8. c^ i<$h ; W/* 

saraha-t ; ^W bayan. 
Explode, v. ,J^\ intalaq,yantaliq. 
Exploit, s. £♦*• muhimma-t ; 5y»L 

Explore, v. u~~*r tajassas, yata- 

jassas ; 0^** fahas, yafhas. 
Explorer, s. &»• mut^alli 4 ; u » T * 

mutajassis ; ^ rayid. 
Explosion, s. &&* ^alqa-t.^ 
Exponent, s. (in alg.) tyM ^ j 

dalil al-quwwa-t ; )**> jadr. 

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Export, v. &/A ahraj, yuhrij ; J» 

naqal, yanqul. 
Export, Exportation, s. e^ 

i^*\ Si^\ J\ Jt r Jt ihraj al- 

amwal ila-'l-bilad al-ajnabiya-t ; 

fy S%i Jt <*»U-ft yu safar al- 

badayi* ila bilad barra. 
Expose, v. (put in view) j$\ azbar, 

yuzbir; v/r* 'arrad, yu'arrid. — 

(put in danger) jlaafcU ^f. 'arad 

H-'l-hafar, ya'rid. — (cast off) ^ 

rama, yarmi ; *«5/ tarak, yatruk. 

— (to infamy) ^i* fadah, yafdah. 
Exposition, s. (explanation) ««>** 

ta'bir ; gW* bayan ; j*~JS taisir ; 

tj* £arh (pi. ty* Sunih). 
Expositor, *. tjj* 6arih (pi. tV* 

hurrah); y~*~ mufassir. 
Expostulate, v. s-*?U 'atab, yu- 

'atib ; j^ anzar, yunzir. 
Expostulation, s. &*$U* mu'ata- 

ba-t ; s^ 4 itab. 
Exposure, *. (disclosure) j\-&\ 

izhar; Urt ifsa* ; £-tf fadh. 
Expound, v. ^-i fassar, yufassir. 
Express, adj. £*\) wadih; <j*** 

mu'ayyan ; $y* sarih. 
Express, *. (messenger) ^L. sa'i 

(pi. ts?U~ su'at) ; flV % «? , ^ isti*- 

jala-t ; ^ barid ; ^j* tatari-y. 
Express, v. (squeeze out) y* 'agar, 

ya'sir. — (by language, writing, 

&c!) W lafaz, yalfiz; &* bay- 

yan, yubayyin; ^ na$aq, yan- 

tuq; &* j** 'abbar 'an, yu'ab- 

Expression, s. ^5 laf z ; b*l? talaf- 

fuz ; 3jl** 4bara-t. — (0/ the 

features, &c.) &** hiya-t. 
Expres8Iye, adj. j^s - ^ \ ±t±*» sadid 

at-ta'bir ; { J*) wasfi-y. 
Expressiveness, s. «-A-»jN S^s quw- 

wa-t al-wasf ; <>J\*3\ ittisaf. 
Expulsion, s. $\/A ihraj ; ^ 

tard ; £**> daf. 
Expunge, v. ^5** maha, yamhi ; 

v-U* Dallas, yutallis; **^ hakk, 

Exquisite, adj. &<>* badi*; {j~*u 

nafis ; £-JU malih (pi. c^* milah, 

C*M amla^). 

Exquisiteness, 8. iftVJaX latafa-t ; 

UU malaha-t ; &-U* naf asa-t. 
Extant, adj. *fty maujud; J\* 

Extemporaneous, Extemporary, 

adj. o* 1 ^ badihi-y. 
Ex tempore, adv. "SW^ irtijalan. 
Extempore speech, *. t\fi\ iq- 

Extemporise, u. J**^ irtajal, yar- 

tajil ; tf^ iqtarah, yaqtarih. 
Extend, v. (stretch (rut) £** 3abah, 

yasbah; ** madd, yamudd. — 

(enlarge) £~j wassa*, yuwassi*. 
Extension, s. S\x*\ iintidad ; *t±+S 

tamdid ; £*-y tausi*. 
Extensive, adj. •>)*+* mamdftd; 

(j^^ ^rid ; £-*• muttasi*. 
Extensiveness, Extent, s. $~s\ 

ittisa* ; a*- sa'at. 
Extenuate, v. (lessen) ^ raqqaq, 

yuraqqiq. — (palliate) ^ 'azar, 

ya*zir ; &~» *S ahsan, yuhsin. 
Extenuation, s. &j riqqa-t ; J*te 

taqlil. — (palliation) j±2 'azr. 
Exterior, adj. ^^ zabir; g;U. 

Exterior, s. ^* manzar; yfeli 

zahir ; k*y ru'ya-t. 
Exterminate, v. *•*> dammar, yu- 

dammir ; *^\ abad, yubid ; J*U-^ 

ista'sal, yasta'sil. 
Extermination, s. JUsx~\ isti'sal ; 

^•^ tadmir; fo\*\ ibada-t. 
External, adj. yfc^ zabir; q\± 

Extinct, adj. { jti*» matfi-y ; ^^1*^ 

niuntarT ; ^J^* ma*dum. 
Extinction, s. (of fire) \&\ i^fa*. 

— (destruction) dlto halak; J^ 

baid ; J^j zawal. 
Extinguish, v. <jL\ atfa, yutfi; 

a^£» hammad, yuhammid; ±+dA 

ahmad, yuhmid. — (destroy) p>& 

hadam, yahdum; p±*\ a 4 dam, 

Extinguisher, s. ,J&a+ rau$fi. 
Extirpate, v. y*^l» |amas, ya^niiis, 

yatmis; gammas, yu^ammis ; jli 

qala*, yaqla* ; J-U-^ ista'sal, 


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Extirpation, s. JUau^ isti'iAl. 
Extol, v. r£ kabbar, yukabbir ; 

t^* maddat, yumaddi$. 
Extort, v. H-i- salab, yaslub ; ^ 

ballas, yuballis. 
Extortion, s. Jb bals ; W» bal- 

sa-t ; ^ zulm. 
Extra, adv., prep, ft^fc gair-hu. 
Extra, s. Soiy ziyada-t ; *i\) zayid. 
Extract, t;. £** qala', yaqla* ; 

Sj it*. \ istahraj, yastahrij. — 

(from a book) J# naqal, yanqul ; 

j+s*\ ihtasar, yahtasir. 
Extract, s. **^ hulasa-t, fcilasa-t ; 

j*J** tahlis ; ^4^* muhtasar. 
Extraction, *. (lineage) J*\ asl ; 

s-*~* nasao. 
Extradition, s. t ^W\ j**!—* 

taslim al-muznibin. 
Extraneous, adj. tj^ harij ; s-*/> 

Extraordinary, ad/. *>U«* j+± gair 

mu*tad ; vsA**^ ^ gair i'tiya- 

di.y ; SjUJ\ ^c g^U. harij 'an al- 

'ada-t ; ^ nadir ; s:e» ^ 'ajib. 
Extravagance, «. u\j~\ israf; 

JjJ^? tabzil. 
Extravagant, adj. (prodigal) ;-V» 

mubazzir; «jy~* musrif. — (^ro- 

ftigate) **W^ munhamik ; **X~U 

fasiq ; «*~^ fasid. — (excessive) 

J^J\ tffi gjW 


'an al-hadd ; 
al-qa'ida-t ; 

J^ ftujul. 
Extreme, ad;. ^\ aqsa (pi. ^Vrt 

aqasi); f-\ ahir ; J*Ua* muta- 

Extreme, Extremity, s. a_*^ 

gaya-t ; y* 'izz ; Sja &dda-t. 

Extricate, v. oJ^hallas, yuhallis ; 

<*U fakk, yafukk; «*K* fakkak, 

Extrication, *. **!*&» tafkfk. 
Extrinsic, adj. <4^^ zahiri-y ; 

^^ hariji-y ; ^-j-^ ajnabi-y. 
Exuberance, s. <jh* faid; <j^ 

rahs ; */* kagra-t ; ^ waf r ; j^ 

Exuberant, adj. <j>t\* fayicj ; yt& 

kasir ; J*\) zayid ; j\y wafir. 
Exudation, s. y nazz ; £**; raiit ; 

j^c 'araq. 
Exude, v. y nazz, yanizz; £*j 

rasah, yariah ; j>^ 'araq, ya'raq ; 

</* bass, yabiss. 
Exult, v. Ja hall, yahull ; Jl«* 

tahallal, yatahallal.j 
Exultation, s. Jltf tahallul. 
Eye, *. (^ <ain (pi. 0j*fi 'uyun, 

du. {$**** 'ainen). — (of a needle) 

(>f» hurni (pi. ftf- hurum) ; f*~ 

1»W^J\ 8amm (samm) al-hiyity. 
Eye, v. gU* tatalla', yatatalla'. 
Eye-ball, s. y*»&\ &j»* hadaqa-t 

'ain ; q*»&\ ($\~i\ insan al-'ain. 
Eye-brow, s. s-^^ hajib (pi. s-*^ 

Eyed, adj. (<&**** , ^^e) ^ ;3 zu 

'ain (*uyun, *ainen). — (one-eyed) 

X*\ a'war, f. \>jc *aura* (pi. j^c 

*ur, ^yi 'uran, e^ Iran). 
Eye-lash, «. s-»Jufc hudb, hudub. 
Eye-lid, *. (^ jafn (pi. <^y^ 

jufun, o^ ajfan). 
Eye-witness, *. ^W^ 4yani-y ; 

^>U sahid (pi. *>^e*» ^uhud). 


Fable, «. JA- magal (pi. J^ am- 
§al) ; &\f» hurafa-t. — (fiction) 
^la? tasnifa-t. 

Fabric, e. {building) U* bina* (pi. 

***»\ abniya-t) ; S^Uc 'imara-t. — 
(workmanship) &*** lan'a-t. 
Fabricate, v. (construct) {J ^ bana, 
yabni ; j+& 'ammar, yu'ammir. — 

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(make) J*fc 'amil, ya'mal; £*<• 

?anaS yasna'. 
Fabrication, s. r -***> ta'mir ; &*• 

?an'; £^*W istina*. — (falsehood) 

v»j^ kizb. 
Fabulous, ad;. JW tasnifi-y. 
Face, *. (visage) &+) wajh (pi. »j*« 

wujuh) ; J* nazar (pi. ;W 

anzar) ; W^* rauhayya. — (sur- 
face) ^- sa^h (pi. c^°- sutut) ; 

y*&M az-zahir. 
Face, v. Jj^ qabal, yuqabil ; J*te 

taqabal, yataqabal. — (oppose 

boldly) u*J* «arad, yu'arid. 
Facetious, adj. «~*JJ latff ; cty* 

mazzah ; Jy* hazil ; $fl* mu- 

Facbtiousness, s. ty mazh ; &^a* 

mu(Jhaka-t ; &\^ zarafa-t ; q*j# 

Facile, ad/'. Je- sahil; {$** hay- 

yin (pi. bjk\ ahwina') ; j#~i 

Facilitate, v. Je- sahhal, yusah- 

hil ; <$y& haw wan, yuhawwin ; 

y~i yassar, yuyassir. 
Facility, s. *Jje- suhiila-t. 
Fact, «. (deed) J«* fi'l (pL JUi^ 

af'al); *U* fa'ala-t ; J** 'ami 

(pi. JUft^ a'mal) ; &*c 'amla-t. 

— (case) &***■ haqiqa-t ; JW l^al ; 

**e*j waqi f 

f\ amr 
Faction, #. v^ fcizb (pi. *r»V^ 

aljzab) ; &*** 'usba-t (pi. s-*-* 

Factioni8t, #., Factious, adj. (jjU* 

fattan ; JuJU muf sid ; »»** * «* 

Factiousness, «. ****e 'asabiya-t ; 

w »—> ta'assub ; &«* fitna-t. 
Factitious, od)'. ^cW istinal-y ; 

£*•*• musanna'; <JUc 'amli-y ; 

<^LsU5 taqKdi-y. 
Factob, s. (agent) J^ wakil (pi. 

J& wukula'). — (in arithmetic) 

jU 4il* (pL gW a41a'). 
Factory, #. J*** ma'mal (pi. J*^ 

ma'amil) ; ajW ^ kar-hana-h 

( Pen.) ; <a**/ karhan. 

tqi'a-t (pi. #tij waqayi') ; 
(pi. jy»* umur). 

Faculty, «. jAi qadr ; SjA* qudra-t ; 
fi^i quwwa-t ; a*1*^ qabiliya-t. 

Fade, v. Ji«J zabal, yazbul; *-*& 
naiif , yansaf ; ^ f ana, yaf na ; 
J^4-*J idmahall, yadmabill. — (0/ 
colours) /*\ iefarr, yasfarr. 

Faded, adj. yk£ zablan ; J>U 

Fag, v.a. (force to hard work) f*~ 
sahhar, yusahhir; s-*^ at'ab, 
yut'ib ; n. (fail in strength) s-*? 
ta'ab, yat'ab. 

Fag, s. f&s*-* musahhar. 

Fagot, s. l*y* huzma-t (pi. ft* 

Fail, v. (be or become deficient) j*& 
naqas, yanqus ; ( j*zi\ intaqas, 
yantaqi? ; ^ ^-al qa??ar 'an, 
yuqaf^ir. — (miss) \-W ah^a, 
yuhti ; <$*• s^*^ hab min, yahib. 
— (become bankrupt) j~£i\ inka- 
sar, yankasir ; yJA aflas, yuflis. 

Fail, *. (omission) J-^e* tahamul. 

Failing, *. sy*Z qu?ur ; e^U nuq- 
san ; Uas. ha^a* ; s-^c *aib. 

Failure, s. ^ galat ; *«*• haiba-t. 
— (banJcruptcy) j\~S}\ inkisar; 
lr~S kasra-t ; «j-!M iflas. 

Fain, aaj. ^j radi. 

Fain, adv. s-^t ^ min %\b ; (^ 
^LU «*U min zat ha^ir (both 
with pronoun affixed). 

Faint, adj. ^W* 'ayyan ; ^u 
saqim ; *-& & »* da'if . 

Faint, t;. ^ ^^ gumi 'ala, yug- 
ma ; ^ ^y^ guii 'ala, yugsa 
(both pass.). 

Faint, Fainting, 8. SyuA gaiwa-t ; 
^5^ gamy, gaman. 

Faintness, s. <-JU* 4a'f ; >^ 'ajaz ; 
)f± futur. 

Fair, aJ/. (handsome) &~*- tasan ; 
J«^ jamil ; ^eU malit ; j%*-j 
wasim. — (?m>< darA;) <J^ ?af, 
safin; JU safi ; J*\ aiqar, f. 
\ywi^aqra' (pl./fc suqr).— (just) 
JoU 'adil. 

Fairness, s. (beauty) JW jamal ; 
0— ** tuan ; a%^ bahja-t. — (just- 
ness) Jad 'adl ; wiU^ ineaf. 


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Fair, s. (**y mausim (pi. p~\y 

Fairy, 6. &t&> jinniya-t; ^ pari 

Faith, s. (religion) ^U^ iman ; 

04*> din. — (trust) &» siqa-t; 

*>Usc\ i'tiqad; JUs&\ i'timad. — 

(fidelity) j^« sidq ; &VM ama- 

na-t ; U^ wafa\ 
Faithful, adj. &**\ amin (pi. 

U*J uHiana') ; &+y mu'min ; 

,3*A*|adiq; ^ s-^^> sa^ib waf a\ 
Faithfulness, «. £M amana-t. 
Faithless, adj. (infidel) ^ kafir 

(pl^tf kuffar, e*/tf kafirin); ^ U 

(^^3 ma lahu din. — (treacherous) 

Uy\ ^ac 'adim al-waftT ; ^U. 

hay in (pi. ^^ huwwan, {$& 

Faithlessness, s. (unbelief) /& 

kuf r ; ^^ f»^ 'adam ad-din. — 

(treachery) ^ p±* 'adam al- 

wafa' ; &^ hiyana-t. 
Falcon, «. /* saqr (pl.jj 5 * suqur) ; 

3^ baz (pi. c^UW bazat, Per«.) ; 

y**\* sahin (pi. e^j* Sawahin, 

Falconer, *. j\^ bazdar; ^U© 

Fall, v. & waqa', yaqa' ; La- 

saqa(, yasqufc ; c&> t&h, yatfh. 
Fall, s. M~ suqfy ; £**j waqa'a-t. 

— (wn) J\j) zawal ; s^;*- harab ; 

aJ!U halak. 
Fallacious, ad;. v»^ kazib ; j^ 

muzawwir ; J^ batil. 
Fallacy, 8. *r>M <j*W* qiyas kazib. 
Fallibility, s. U^H y&A imkan 

Fallible, adj. U*&\ J*U qabil al- 

Fallow, adj. (yellowish) J&& J*U 

mayil li-'s-safar ; £sy muza'far. 

—(untilled) tV murtah ; **>U h 

bi-la falaha-t. 
False, adj. (not true) s^tf kazib ; 

J1»W batil; #y muzawwar. — 

(artificial) £ -**" musanna*. — 

(treacherous) ^^ Myin; f\* 

makir; &#+) )& zu wa]hen. 
Falsehood, Falsity, s. s->^ kizb ; 

<^ men, main (pi. qj** muyun) ; 

^j zaur. 
Falseness, adj. %&• makr; £**«**■ 

hadi'a-t ; ij*± giss\ 
Falsification,*.^ tazwir; J^lff 

taqlid ; J*> zagal. 
Falsifier, «. py muzawwir ; <£&• 

muqallid ; fyy muzaugil ; <JLfc) 

Falsify, v. ^3 zawwar, yuzawwir ; 

jJt* qallad, yuqallid. — (money) 

J*3 zagal, yazgal; J*jj zaugal, 

Falter, v. (hesitate) &f5 ta'awwaq, 

yata'awwaq ; *-tfy tawaqqaf , ya- 

tawaqqaf. — (stammer) <j£i la kin, 

yalkan ; (*x+S tamtam, yutamtim. 
Fame, s. ****• majd; fy«A £ubra-t; 

^Jk\ i^tihar ; ^afei fahr. 
Famed, Famous, adj. jp*~* mai- 

hur ; j*& iahir ; t)**" mamduh. 
Familiar, adj. (intimate) *~if\* 

ma'liif; *-AJ c U* muta'allif; <-4J\ 

ilf (pi. UN alaf). —(affable) f*± 

talim; v~j\ anis. — (well versed) 

j#t± habir. 
Familiarise, t;. ^^ annas, yn'an- 

nis ; *-*X\ alaf, yulif ; *>y 'awwad, 

Familiarity, s. &~*\ nnsa-t ; l~*\f 

muwauasa-t; &-J&\ ul£a-t; Jj»> 

dalal ; ^J^ wilaf . 
Family, s. ^\ ahl (pi. <J\*\ 

ahali, J\ al); JL* <iyal (pL 

w^SUc *iyalat) ; &e* 'aila-t. — 

(race) J-i nasi (pi. J^~^ ansal). 
Famine, s. s^ jadb ; &c^» ma- 

ja'a-t (pi. ^V. majayi'); W 

qaht ; ^* quhu^. 
Famish, v. a. g^ jawwa', yujawwi' ; 

gW aja', yuji* ; n. £V> ja% yaja'. 
Famished, adj. ^ wabid. 
Famishing, oc^'. ^U** ji'an ; e^>^ 

Fan, a. 8*yy mirwaha-t, marwaha-t 

(pi. tflf marawih). 
Fan, v. J* t)) rawwah 'ala, ^yfc 

&*.)*A\i a] hawwa lahu bi-'l-mir- 

waha-t, yuhawwi. 
Fanatic, adj. t s. S^*N j«ja iadid 


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Fanaticism, s. ty+*&\ Soe* £idda-t al- 

gaira-t ; S^^ harara-t. 
Fanciful, adj. (imaginative) J*a&** 

mutahayyil ; )y aSJm mutasawwir. 

— (capricious) J&y muzantir ; 

^y& hawayi-y. 
Fancy, s. (imagination) JW 5 * hiyal 

(pi. £JLs.\ ahliya-t) ; /**>) wahm 

(pi. p\&)\ auham) ; ^ tasawwur ; 

JW bal. — (inclination) J** mail 

(p!. JW^ ainyal). 
Fancy, v. (imagine) J^. Ml, yahal ; 

J*a- hayyal, yubayyil ; jycS tasaw- 

war, yatasawwar; ^y tawah- 

hara, yatawahhain. — (like) s-** 

habb, yahubb; *>j wadd, yawadd. 
Fang, *. (tusk) s^ nab (pi. «y^ 

nabat) ; s-** naib (pi. vWI 

anyab). — (claw) f& gifr, zufr (pi. 

j\j&>\ azfar, y~i&\ azafir) ; s-Ji* 

mihlab (pi. s-J^» mahftlib). 
Fanged, adj. v»W^ ^ zu anyab ; 

vJ^» y$ zu mahalib. 
Fantastic, adj. JW*- hiyali-y. 

See Fanciful. 
Fab, adj. **** ba'id (pi. tj*i 

bu'ada') ; tjV* nazih ; L5 *U qasi ; 

^-fl aqsa (pi. ^Urt aqasi) ; £-U 

sasi' (pi. g~A Sua', gj-i Susu'). 
Fabce, «. S^ mashara-t (pi. 

jl\~* masahir). 
Fare, 8. (carriage) Jy naul ; ip\ 

ujra-t. — (food) «yy> qut (pi. 

*~Ui\ aqwat); Jtf akl ; r UL 

{a'am ; J*»U* ma'iU. 
Fare, v. (ad on) ^»Vc <as\ ya'is\ — 

(/eed) ^ ta'im, yafam. 
Farewell, 8. £Wj wada*. — (bid 

fareweU) £*>> wadda', yuwaddi*. 
Farinaceous, adj. <j**J» tahini-y ; 

<j*i*> y$ zxl daqiq. 
Farm, 8. ^y* mazra'a-t. 
Farm, v. (cultivate land) ^ falah, 

yaflab; *a>^ haras, yahris, yah- 

Farmer, 8. $\) zari* ; y*^>~* mus- 

ta'jir; t& f allah ; *a> ; W hari§ ; 

j^ jawwar. 
Farnes8, 8. .*** bu'd ; &V— *• masa- 

Farrier, «. ^ bai^ar (pi. S ; ^> 

baitara-t, S^LLj bayatira-t) ; .u*l«* 

na'lband (Pers.). 
Farrow, s. <ja*>U«s* hananis (pi. of 

^py**- hinnaus). 
Fart, v. *>/* darat, ya4rit. 
Fart, s. &^a darta-t. 
Farther, adj. <**i\ ab'ad. 
Farther, conj. (moreover) "V-A^ 

aidan ; *iWU % J^ Saly ziyada-t 

'ala zalik. 
Farthing, 8. to fadda-t. 
Fascinate, v. j^- sahar, yashur ; 

s^ jazab, yajzib ; <j~*& talmas, 

Fascinating, adj. s^JW jazib. 
Fascination, 8. ^^- sihr; R™A 

Fashion, 8. (style of dress, &c.) 

^— i'kasm; <j\ zai-y ; te^jb hi'a-t. 

—(shape) J& ^akl (pi. JV5a^ 

askal, Jy&» sukul). 
Fashion, v. £>*• §ana', yasna* ; JU 
handam, yu- 

sag, yasug; 

Fashionable, adj. «>5y\ ^j J^ 

'ala zai-y al-waqt. 
Fast, v. p\*> ?am, yasum. 
Fast, Fasting, s. fyo saum, som, 

sum (pi. f\y\ aswam) ; ^U* 

Fast, adj. (firm) «wl> sabit ; (j^U 

makin ; 1»^« madbut- — (swift) 

J^ 'ajil ; J^*.m&* musta*jil ; 

j*^- sari* ; f^-^ musri*. 
Fasten, v. c^«> sabbat, yusabbit ; 

i*~*\ as bat, y us bit ; <$&• mak- 

kan, yumakkin; W; rabat, yar- 

Fastidious, adj. n£+ magrur; 

jfUi ? -'"* mustahqir; ^^ muta- 

Fastidiousness, s. }&*?~\ istih- 

Fastness, «. (firmness) «t>M sabat ; 

^ qarar. — (stronghold) &*& qa- 

la c -t (pi. &i qila*). 
Fat, ad/, e^* 4 ^ samin (pi. ^U— 

siman) ; ^atA ^ahim ; <j*>^ mud- 

Fat, s. &toJ dubn ; ^A sahm ; (jj-^- 

samn ; *-»*> dasam. 

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Fatal, adj. (deadly) Jto qatil; 

tfXle* muhlik ; ** * * *■>• mumit. 
Fatality, s. $<& taqdir; s^y^* 

maktub ; <,$*t+}\ <J* s-** U ma 

kutib 'ala '1-jabin. 
Fate, *. &•— i qisma-t; ^* qada* 

(pi. **-ai\ aqdiya-t) ; ^JJJ? taqdir 

(pi. «d -at, ^oW taqadir) ; s-*-> 

nasib (pi. W-M ansiba', *<-*rt an- 

siba-t) ; yyx* manftn. 
Fated, adj. )*&• muqaddar; *fy 

Father, s. s*A ab, #\ abu (pL W 

aba', *a>\tft abhat) ; jMj walid. 
Father - in - law, «. (husband's 

father) ^\ $\ abft - 'z - zoj. — 

(wife's father) tt^Jt ,rt abu-'l- 

imrat ; ^ ham ; j+* hamfi. 
Fatherhood, s. i$\ abuwwa-t ; 

hji\ abawiya-t. 
Fatherland, s. *%«• ^\ ar<J 

milad ; dy maulad ; ^) wafan 

(pi. ($&)\ au(an). 
Fatherle88, adj. ,**** yatim. 
Fatherly, adj. ^\ abawi-y ; <^«*Mj 

Fathom, s. & bau', bu' ; £\* ba' 

(pi. £\jrt abwa') ; &-U qama-t. 
Fathom, v. (measure) £# bawwa', 

yubawwi* ; £j*> tabawwa 1 , yata- 

bawwa' ; <j~-c 'ass, ya'iss. — 

(penetrate into) JM*? ta'ammaq, 

yata'ammaq ; ^«i tabahljar, ya- 

tabahhar (both with ^ fi).— 

(reach) ^ darak, yadrik. 
Fatigue, s. s-** ta'b ; J* kail (pi. 

jy* kulftl). 
Fatigue, v. s-** ta"ab, yuta"ib ; 

s-*rt at'ab, yut'ib; Jfl akall, 

Fatigued, adj. <$W«? ta'ban. 
Fatness, s. (j-i— siman, sumn ; 

&u— samna-t. 
Fatten, v. q+~* samman, yusam- 

Fattening, s. <£*•—> tasmin. 
Fattiness, s. (*~4 dasam. 
Fatty, adj. f~*> dasim. 
Fatuity, s. JM fiLi qilla-t al-'aql ; 

&W bamaqa-t ; &fy ru'ima-t. 
Fatuous, adj. ,j+»\ ahmaq, f. \*+* 


hamqa' (pi. tJ+»- huniuq, jU»- 
himao^); J^W- jahil (pi. J** 
juhl, ]uhul, JW juhhal, &c.). 

Fault, *. s-** <aib (pi. s^je* 
'uyftb) ; *-*» naqisa-t (pi. ^VaJ 
naqayis) ; gL-dS> nuqsan ; °* 
gal at ; je~ sahw. 

Faultines8, *. w-** 'aib; 
ta'ayyub ; £«** ma'yaba-t. 

Faultless, adj. w+eP ** ^ ma lahu 
«aib ; ^ ^*> bigair ha*a\ 

Faulty, ad/\ s^j*** ma'yub ; <ja*fc 
Daqis ; f**i zamiui. 

Favour, s. *♦** ni'ma-t (pi. f**> 
ni'am); J-a* fadl (pi. J^ 
afdal) ; l+J* himma-t (pi. ^a 
him am, ^Ufc hamayim); ^VLe 

Favour, v. (^-Va. hasan, yuhasin ; 
J^ 0-*^^ ahsan ila, yuhsin ; p**\ 
an*am, yun'im ; J}* j-art afdal 
c ala, yufdil. 

Favourable, adj. (propitious) 
<J*\t* muwafiq ; <J*S layiq ; *>•*—-• 
maa'Cid. — (hind) pk* halim ; 
ugj la^if . 

Favourite, «. ^i^ nadim (pi. Ujj 
nudama) ; s-****- habib (pi. v»W^ 
ahbab, s-st^»- habayib, &c.) ; W^ 
haba' (pi. W»-^ ahba') ; s-oA-* 

Fawn, s. JU^ gazal (pi. &yt gizla-t, 
V$jt gizlan). 

Fawn, v. JJJJ tazallal, yatazallal ; 
g^d^ tahaddaS yatahadda' (both 
with prep. J li) ; J» tall, yatull ; 

, ^jjbj dahlaz 'ala, yudahliz. 

Fealty, 8. U^ wafa' ; SLJi\ inqi- 
yad ; b&>\ ita'a-t. 

Fear, «. <*Jy** hauf ; &Vae» maha- 
fa-t; fy faza'; £*£*- haiya-t; 
v>; wa]al (pi. JW^ aujal). 

Fear, v. (^ <^U haf min, yahaf ; 
^jA^- hasa, yahsSa; ^>* faza% 
yafza* ; ^ s-^; rahib min, yar- 
hib. — (fear God) ^\ ittiqa, 

Fearful, adj. (timorous) «J^W 
hayif ; wi^ hawwaf ; Jts^- jafil, 
jiffil; (jjicy faz'au; J%.^ wajil 
(pi. JVj wijal). — (dreadful) 

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muhayyif; Jje* mabul; 

JV mujaffil. 
Fbablbss, adj. cj\*> S la yabaf ; 

^^ jasur ; <j*J* batis\ 
Feablessness, s. cJ»abtt j»ac ( adam 

al-hauf ; ij\~+ jasara-t. 
Feasibility, s. q\£*\ imkan ; %N»\ 

Feasible, adj. J+*g yu'mal (3 

pass.) ; {$&+* mumkin. 
Feast, s. (entertainment) &W-* diya- 

fa-t; &i*lj walima-t (pi. (*&) 

walayiin). — (holiday) •*** 'id 

(pi. J\e*\ a'yad). 
Feast, v. (entertain) ^\ aulam, 

yulim ; &W* J** 'amil $iyafa-t, 

ya'mal. — (delight) c/ farih, 

yafrab ; s-» & lazz bi, yalazz. 
Feat, s. l+v muhimma-t ; %$°~ 

Feather, s. <J*j ris; I**) risa-t 

(pi. ^ij riyas, v>V arya^). 
Featube, *. (trait) gets taqtf' (pi. 

£j>te taqatf 4 ) ; fr sirar (pi. l^\ 

asirra-t). — (appearance) *-*j 

wajh (pi. *y^ wujub) ; ]*** man- 

jar (pi. ^iU* manazir). 
Febbile, adj. ^^ ^ainmi-y. 
February, s. I»W* gubat. 
Federal, ad/. ^Ves^ ittibadi-y. 
Federation, *. Sju&U* mu'abada-t ; 

•>W ittihad. 
Fee, *. ^\ ajr (pi. jp\ ujur, jW[ 

ajar) ; i?>\ ujra-t ; ^ kira. — (a 

broker's) Sl> dilala-t. 
Fee, v. j*\ ajar, ya'jir, ya'jur; 

j^*U*\ ista'jar, yasta'jir ; v5;**~^ 

istakra, yastakn. 
Feeble, adj. <-**** ^a'if (pi. 

<Ju'af a') ; ' y*\* 'ajiz (pi. yjf 
^wajiz); y-**c 'ajiz; g^V 

Feebleness, s. *Jbu da'f, du'f ; 
)%fi 'ajz, 'ajaz. 

Feed, v.a. f^\ afam, yufim ; uwtt 
qat, yaqut. — (animals) «-a1* 
'allaf, yu'allif; n. J-tf akal, 
ya'kul ; p*L ta'am, yat'am. 

Feed, s. Jfl akl ; fUk ta'&m ; «>y 
qut. — (of animals) *-Al* 'alai. 

Feel, v. (perceive by the senses) 

v—> bass, yaha88. — (touch) <j-* 
jass, yajuss ; u~d lamas, yalmus, 
yalmis. — (compassionate) J* y- 
bann 'ala, yabinn ; ^; rahim, 
yarfcam; <Jl* o*** safaq 'ala, 

Feeler, s. (of an insect) ^lyU 

Feeling, s. (perception) ^r*- hass ; 
^i fabm ; *d\^\ idrak. — (touch) 
v~A lams ; v*+ jass ; v~» mass. 
— (sympathy) l**>) ra^ma-t ; &** 

Feign, v. J^- J** 'amil i)kl, 
ya'mal ; ^^\ auma, yftmi. Fre- 
quently expressed by tbe 6tb 
form of any verb, as ^y 
marid, " to be ill ; " u*;U? tama- 
rad, " to feign illness." — (invent) 
ijXsdA ibtalaq, yabtaliq. 

Feint, s. &*** hila-t ; 1%* siira-t ; 
j£* makr ; fiJl*^ mugalata-t. 

Felicitate, v. v* o** banna bi, 
yuhanni; Jc »sJjW barak *ala, 

Felicitation, s. &**& tahniya-t ; 
iSjV* mubaraka-t. 

Felicitous, adj. •***- sa'id ; »>*--• 

Felicity, s. SjW# sa'ada-t; ^*- 
sa'd ; w^=: babt (Pers.). 

Feline, adj. W ^r^ <£* min jins 

Fell, adj. ^-Vi qasi ; ^J^ zalim. 
Fell, v. g*j waqqa', yuwaqqi*. — 

(trees) &i qa^a', yaqta'; t * 

badab, yabdab. 
Fell, s. jJ^ jild ; SjJ^. jilda-t (pi. 

o^ julM). 
Fellow, s. &*j rafiq (pi. V«; ru- 

faqa', jty arf aq) ; ^ qarin 

(pi. V^l qurana') ; s-»A* sa^ib. 
Fellowship, s. toj rafqa-t ; i<^« 

sul^ba-t ; l&j* ^iraka-t. 
Felon, s. h-^^ muznib; f)+* 

Felonious, adj. K J^ ^aqi-y ; *&+*t* 

babig ; jtj* slirir. 
Felony, «. ^ jurm (pi. ^ 

juriim) ; J\ igm (pi. ^ agam; 

s-*^^ zamb (pi. v»y^ zunub). 

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Fklt, *. «*V lubbad. 
Felt, v. jJ labad, yalbud. 
Female, Feminine, adj. 

mu' annas. 
Female, s. ^\ unsa (pi. ^J\}\ 

anasi, *±>\i\ inas) ; **Urt unsaya-t. 
Fence, b. c^*- siyaj (pi. «*>WW- 

siyajat) ; v>j) zarb (pi. v>j;j 

zuriib); &M ifcata-t.— (protec- 
tion) AjU*. ]pmaya-t ; &*V«^ mu- 

Fence, v. (encfoae) g*- sayyaj, yu- 

gayyij ; v»j»j zarrab, yuzarrib. — 

(un/A foils) &&s taja'an, yata- 

ta'an (literally with lances) ; s-^ 

<-A»-3\ la'ab as-sef, yal'ab. 
Fences, b. v>x*N j <^«UW ^*^ habir 

bi-'t-ta'n wa '(J-cJarb. 
Fencing, b. {$*$* ta$a'un; s-^ 

c-Atj-J\ la*b as-sef; b*S~* musa- 

Fennel, *. $;** £umra-t ; Wj- £**. 

habba-t sauda' ; <j*W~* basbas. 
Ferment, r.a. ^ hamar, yahmir, 

yahmur; ham mar, yuhammir; 

y*±\ ah mar, yuhmir ; n. y*& ta- 

hammar, yatahammar; j ♦ *M 

ihtamar, yahtamir. — (be agitated) 

gVa haj, yahij. 
Ferment, 8. j#*± hamir; fi^*- 

hamira-t. — (agitation) ^ »a ft 

hay a Jan. 
Fermentation, *. ^3^ tahmir; 

jWs*^ ihtimar. 
Fern, «. u-*/- sarhas ; <j*Jh bata- 

ris ; jUl^. hangar. 
Ferocious, ad;'. ^-^ wah^i-y ; 

lt^^* muwahha^; ptL galim; 

^5-Vl qasi. 
Ferocity, Ferociousness, *. £*-fco>; 

wahsiya-t ; Sjl-J qasawa-t. 
Ferry, v.^»c 'abbar an-nahar, 

yu'abbir ; (f& qafta', yuqattf'. 
Ferry, b. y**+ nia'bar (pi. fl\*+ 

ma'abir) ; £** maqta* (pi. &&• 

Fertile, adj. y*2* musmir ; c>~a* 

mum bit ; s^ e ^ hasib ; s«*ai- 

Fertility, s. s— «^ hisb, hasb. 
Fertilisation, b. ^j\^a\ ihsab. 

Fertilise, v. * i * «* \ ahsab, yuh$ib. 
Ferule, *. s~*-4i qadib (pi. gW-tf 

Fervency, b. fyj* ^arara-t; *jU*» 

Fervent, adj. jl*. harr ; S^fc s-^*-» 

sahib gaira-t (pi. s-»^*^ ashab) ; 

^Vft. hami. 
Festal, Festive, adj. ^Ju* 'idi-y. 
Fester, v. J*j*\ indamal, yanda- 

mil; J**>\ iddamal, yaddamil; 

C*8> taqayyah, yataqayyah. 
Festival, b. j^c 'id (pi. *>W^ 

Festivity, b. g/s tafarruj ; tUi 

naiat ; &>y nuzha-t. 
Festoon, 8. yfcj J*ltf iklil zahr (pi. 

JJlfl akalil). 
Festoon, v. U3 JJ^V* (^j zayyan 

bi-akalil zahr, yuzayyin. 
Fetch, v. v*V jab, yajib ; v*W- c^ 

rah jab, yaruh yajib ; v W ja 

bi, yaji ; r**\ ahdar, yuhdir. — (a 

price) {m f**\ asman, yu§min ; s^^- 

jab, yajib. 
Fetch, 8. (stratagem) j£+ makr ; 

il*^ hila-t. 
Fetid, adj. &***• muta'affin ; &**+ 

Fetidness, b. ^^ natana-t; (^ 

*ufn ; &y^ 'ufuna-t. 
Fetter, 8. ±t* qaid (pi. •>«* quyiid, 

aWi\ aqyad); J^ nikl (pi. JV&\ 

Fetter, v. *£ qayyad, yuqayyid. 
Feud, 8. (inveterate auarreV) S^ac 

'adawa-t ; jVa* ^iqaq ; ^s* fitna-t 

(pi. ^ fitan). — (tenure) &a*U 

qati'a-t (pi. g>^5 qa^ayi') ; i-Vcj 

zi'ama-t; icUai\ iq^a'a-t. 
Fever, b. ^j*** humma (pi. «^W^- 

Fever, v. ^J**)^ g*j waqqa* bi-'l- 

humma, vuwaqqi* ; ^-^ hamma, 

yuhammi ; (^a&- sahhan, yusah- 

Feverish, adj. fj*^* mahmvim ; 

(jj^at- sahnan. 
Feverishness, 8. &f*~ suhuna-t. 
Few, adj. &• J«ii qalil min. 
Fewness, 8. *1» qilla-t. 

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Fiat, s. (command) y\ amr (pi. 

j»\\ awamir). — (the fiat of God) 

& JW Jy qaul ta'ala kun. 
Fib, s. &*ji barbaka-t (pi. *si*t\^ 

Fibber, s. *&)?*• mubarbik. 
Fibre, s. &J lifa-t (pi. UtJ tff). 
Fibrous, adj. ^^a* lifani-y. 
Fickle, adj. **>W» Jeii qalil sabat ; 

« ylifa * mutaqallib ; gjk* muta- 

Fickleness, s. vi>L» £ls qilla-t 

sabat ; j\ji &* qilla-t qarar ; ^B 

taqallub ; yfi talawwun. 
Fiction, s. (falsehood) s^kizb; 

,jkae# muhtalaq. — (literary com- 
position) &~-a# tasnifa-t (pi. 

*ju»\*s tasanif). 
Fictitious, adj. ^<>^S taqlidi-y ; 

,JU* 'amaliy ; <jl*afc* muhtalaq ; 

£**• musanna*. 
Fictitiousness, s. J^» taqlid. 
Fiddle, s. ajWj rababa-t ; &^u^ 

kamanja-h (Pers.). 
Fiddle-stick, s. a^»^ <j*j* qaus 

(q6s) kamanja-h (pi. <j*\j*\ aq- 

was) ; sr>V^ mi4rab. 
Fiddle-8Trino, *. /j watar (pi. 

jV)\ autar). 
Fiddler, *. &^-*£5W jW daqq bi- 

'1- kamanja-h (pi. £-ju*.> daqa- 

Fidelity, s. £<** sidq ; &W sada- 

qa-t ; &V*\ amana-t ; Uj wafa\ 
Fidoet, v. «*)/** taharrak, yata- 

Fidgety, adj. **)^*» mutabarrik; 

ir-^" mu^arkis. 
Field, s. &a»> ^aql^-t (pi. J^fc- 

huqul, ^^ haqali) ; Z*jy maz- 

ra'a-t (pi. fy\y mazari') ; ^ 

gait, get, gH (pj. U^ gitan).— 

{the open field) kjl barriya-t. 

FlBLD-PIECE, 8. «J!;A- V*^ t<>b 

(top, Turk.) safri-y. 
Fiknd, s. ($b± saitan (pi. &Mt* 

Fiendish, adj. <j*U»** ^ai^Ani-y. 
Fikndishness, 0. &&*& sai£ana-t ; 

i^UoflA saitaniya-t. 
Pierce, adj. ^^ wafcSi-y ; vZ-^r* 

muwahhai ; <j*/» saris ; ^ 

PlERCENE38, 8. (J&> zulm ; &y &» j 

walj6iya-t ; Uj* sarasa-t. 

Fiery, ad/, (like fire) ijft nari-y. — 
(easily provoked) ^f^ hami-y ; 
;Vd. harr; s-*a*N j*j* sadid al- 

Pieriness, 8. fy^ l^ara-*; ***•- 

Fife, *. 8;^* saftara-t ; j^y miz- 
mar (pi. je^V mazamir). 

Fifteen, ad;, y^ * ■■♦ * hamsat 

Fifteenth, ad}'. ^^ j^U. hamis 

Fifth, adj. {j~*\± hamis. 

Fifthly, adv. *L-^U. hamisan. 

Fifty, Fiftieth, adj. oj— ♦*• ham- 
sun (vulg. (j a ■«■■» * hamsin). 

Fig, «. &*> tina-t (pi. (^ tin). 

Fight, 8. &>&• muqatala-t; £*ij 
waq'a-t ; £»>W» muharaba-t. 

Fight, i;. Jto qatal, yuqatil ; »*)^ 
'arak, yu'arik ; J?to taqatal, ya- 
taqatal ; ««J;W ta'araq, yata'arak. 

Figment, s. w^^ tasnif; ,3kafc* 

Figurative, ad/, v^; ramzi-y ; 
^.SjW^ majazi-y. 

Figure, a. (form) S;j* sura-t (pi. 
yy* suwar) ; J^fti sakl (pi. J^M 
aikal, J»^ ^ukul). — (stature) •** 
qadd (pi S\M gidad, »>^ qudud, 
^ aqudd, S*tf\ aqudda-t). — 
(number) ^ raqam (pi. p&)\ 
arqam). — (diagram) Jj^ jadwal 
(pi. JjW jadawil;. — (in rhetoric) 
j^* majaz. 

Figure, v. (shape) jy saw war, yu- 
§awwir ; £U> §ag, yasiig. — (repre- 
sent) Jto qallad, yuqallid. — (con- 
ceive) jf* tasawwar, yataaawwar. 

Filament, s. (thread) W^ hait (pi. 
^ huyut).— (fibre) && lifa-t 
(pi. cAJ lif). 

Filch, v. J^» nasal, yaniul; jj^- 
saraq, yasruq. 

File, s. (of papers, &c.) ,jj» t^baq 
(pi. jWU a^baq, iA^\ a^biqa-t). 
— (of soldiers) *-*<• saff (pi. *Jj*~ 

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144 [Fib 

sufftf). — (tool) *y* mibrad (pi. 

*>>W* mabarid). 
File, v. ( fasten together) p* damm, 

ya^umm. — (polish) ty barad, 

yabrud ; Ja* saqal, yasqul. 
Filial, adj. ^fi banawi-y. 
Filiation, «. ^ bunAwa-t. 
Fill, v. b- mala', yamla* ; <^» 

malla, yumalli ; <,j*fc 'abba, yu- 

'abbi. — (an office) J> fV* qam fi, 

Fillet, s. (band) **V*e 'asaba-t 

(pi. s-i^^ 'asayib). — (of beef, 

Ac.) j& (**i lahin zahr. 
Film, s. U^ gisa\ 
Filmy, adj. ^J^ gisayi-y. 
Filter, s. c^to** mis fat ; h\**" 

misfaya-t ; J;}\> rawuq. 
Filter," v. 0&* sana, yusaffi ; J^ 

rawwaq, yurawwiq. 
Filth, Filthiness, «. £~j wasah 

(pi. 6^ ausah) ; &A-j wisaha-t; 

&-W* najasa-t. 
Filthy, adj. £~j wasih ; u**^ 

Filtration, *. *«**> tasfiya-t. 
Fin, *. cW janab, jiuah (pi. Z*J+\ 

ajniha-t, t^ ajnub). 
Final, adj. (last) jtfA ahir. — (con- 
clusive) gt^» qati*. — (complete) 

J*tf kamil. 
Finance, Finances, s. (public) 

^j*d\ J^ mal al-miri-y ; Ajt. 

maliya-t ; &)*- hazna-t. — (income 

in general) J**^ madhM (pi. 

smA^-a* madhulat). 
Financial, adj. JV* mali-y. 
Financier, s. £JU5\ J*^* muhas- 

sil al-maliya-t. 
Find, v. ^ wajad, yajid ; J& 

laqa, yalqa; Jtt laqa, yulaqi; 

jl\ alfa, yum.— (get) JU nal, 

yanal; J-»^» fcassal, yuhassil. — 

(provide) J fJ* qaddam li, yu- 

qaddim ; ys^ jahhaz, yujahhiz. 
Fine, s. &*ty* jarima-t (pi. p&ft- 

jarayim) ; W^ garama-t ; f^ 

gurm ; A|*> diya-t. 
Fine, v. (mulct) ff* jaram, yaj- 

rim; fjk garram, yugarrim. — 

(clarify) ^ sana, yusaffi ; yf 
karrar, yukarrir. 

Fine, adj. (not coarse) fr*j rafi' ; 
^ raqiq ; (pi. jVi) riqaq, ty 
arnqa') ; (**& na'im. — (refined, 
elegant) *-**> zarif (pi. \>£ Z u- 
rafa', ^> zuruf, &c.) ; *-Aj-J 
latff (pi. «-^ litaf).— (handsome) 
J***- jainil ; ^j— *> hasan. 

Fineness, s. &*U) rifa'a-t; &j riq- 
qa-t. — (elegance) &\^ zarafa-t — 
(beauty) e>~-> husn ; J W jamal. 
— (purity) SjUc safawa-t; yj>^ 

Finery, s. JU y ,J*. huli-y wa 
hulal ; &y zina-t. — (furnace) 
yf\ atun, attun (pi. **>\>f\ atu- 
nat, ^ utun, ^M atatin). 

Finger, s. &~\ asba' (pi. £»W 
asabi 1 , C«}M asabi'). — (thumb) 
p\&\ ibham (pi. ^^ abahim). — 
(index) ^W- sababa-t. — (middle 
finger) £©>Ua-j wastaniya-t ; *kjf* 
tawila-t. — (ring finger) ?*** binsir, 
ban^ur (pi. voW bana^ir). — (little 
finger) y&- ninsir (pi. y\&* bana- 

Finobr, v. (touch) u~+ jass, ya- 
JU8S; u— ^ lamas, yalmas. — 
(handle) ^ 'alaj, yu'alij. — 
(steal) jy* saraq, yasraq. 

Finical, adj. ^ gundar, gundur ; 
jyjj±. gundAr. 

Finicalness, 8. S^Ai^ gandara-t. 

Finis, s. (at the end of a book) 
f£ tamm. 

Finish, v. (complete) pA atamm, 
yutimm ; p*3 tammain, yutam- 
mim ; (+** hatam, yahtira ; { ^&\ 
anha, yunhi. — (perfect) L ^- 
halla?, yuballis ; J«^ kammal, 

Finish, s. JU^ kamal ; &t^ fadi- 

Finite, adj. *>*W* mahdiid ; 

Fir, s. v*yJ tannub ; c^» ^b ; 7^** 

^s*y\ lajar ar-ratinaj. 
Fire, s. jU nar (pi. g\^ niran) ; 

J^ waqid. — (conflagration) sMf*- 

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hariq. — (ardour) S^fc gaira-t, 
gira-t ; Sj^ harara-t. 

Fibb, v. (light a fire) *>Vi qad, yaqid ; 
A5^ auqad, yuqid. — (set on fire) 
Jj*» haraq, yahriq. — (discharge 
fire-arms) <j*£ qawwas, yuqaw- 
wis; ,J-1M atlaq, yutliq; s->/* 
darab, yadrib; £/ farrag, yu- 

Fibe-abms, s. ty* &*J~\ asliha-t 

Fibk-engine, s. l*+j turumba-t. 

Fibe-man, 8. u^y turumbaji. 

Fibe-wobks, 8. &u«* J6 nar musan- 
na'a-t ; &i\f± haraqa-t. 

Fibm, adj. ^tf sabit } <^U niakin ; 
1*£** muhkam ; £~.\j rasih. — (of 
character) v5>\j wasiq ; &J) wasiq 
(pi. jtfj wisaq) ; ^jS qawwi-y. 

Fibmament, 8. va*f\ysi\ <jU falaq 
as-sawabit; jWj ^U falaq ai- 
aflaq ; U-J\ as-sania*. 

Fibmness, s. «t> W* sabat ; j^ qarar ; 
&{*• matana-t ; &Uj rasana-t. 

Fibst, adj. Jjt awwal, f. Jj\ Ma 
(pi. e>*^ awwalin). 

Fibst, F1B8TLY, acfo. 1j\ awwalan. 

FlBSTLING, *., FlBST-BOBN, adj. 

& bikr(pl. ; W^ akbar). 
Fibth, 8. y& f* fumm nahr (pi. 

i\j\ afwah, f\+i\ afmam); jVty 

bugaz (pi.j«*tjt bawagiz). 
Fiscal, adj. JU mali-y. 
Fish, 8. *£*- samaka-t (pi. **U- 

samak, **)L-*~\ asmak, »*)j— ♦— 

sumftk) ; «yy^ hut (pi. ^^^ 

hi tan, «^y*\ ahwat). 
Fish, v. *& U ... A~a> tasayyad sainak, 

yatasayyad ; « t X ♦- *>IW is$ad 

samak, yas{ad. 
Fisher, s. (*& U ■♦.«.) »>W* sayyad 

Fishmonger, a. *s3U— sammak. 
Fisscbe, s. ,3* 3aqq ; fa* £aqqa-t 

(pi. Jj2* suquq) ; v>U falaq (pi. 

,3^* fuluq). 
Fissure, r. v>-Ai saqq, yasuqq ; 

v$Jj falaq, yafliq. 
Fist, e. &j*£j\ *lJ\ al-yad (yadd) 
al-ma$buqa-t (pi. ^\ aidi, v$^\ 

ayadi ; du. (^J* yaden). 



Fistula, 8. )r M nasur ; JT *\i nasAr 

(pi. ^y nawasir,^>-V nawasir). 
Fit, s. (attack of an illness) **y 

nauba-t (pi. v>y nuwab) ; ^ 

daur (pi. ; \ ; j\ adwar) ; 4^ gas- 

Fit, adj. jfe$ layiq; <J»V ,:IUW »- 

fiq ; s-*-U* munasib ; ^^ jadir. 
Fit, v.a. <jij waffaq, yuwaffiq ; ,j*I» 

tabbaq, yutabbiq; jfcU, {abaq, 

yutabiq ; n. <3*^ wafiq, yuwafiq ; 

s-*-^ nasab, yunasib ; <JM labaq, 

Fitness, s. L-*-*)y muwafaqa-t ; 

&*U~ mutabaqa-t ; iiVJ liyaqa-t ; 

&**U* munasaba-t. 
Five, adj. &~*s* hamsa-t, f. y-*^- 

Fix, v. c^ sabbat, vusabbit ; «^^ 

asbat, yusbit ; {$£• makkan, yu- 

makkin ; rf qarrar, yuqarrir. 
Fixity, s. «a>W* sabat. 
Flabbiness, s. Ifa rahawa-t ; \&j\ 

Flabby, adj. ^ rahi-y; ^y 

murtahi ; ^f^* mustarhi. 
Flaccid, adj. J>U zabil ; ^»J zab- 

Flaccidity, s. J^3 zubul. 
Flag, s. j»«rf bairaq (pi. j;W* baya- 

riq) ; \y liwa* (pi. &>J\ alwiya-t) ; 

S*\j raya-t; ^lc 'alam (pi. pk\ 

a'lam) ; (jv- sinjaq, sanjaq (pi. 

v5^^- sanajiq). — (flat stone) 

*W^ balata-t. 
Flag, v.a. (adorn with flags) ^j 

*aA^ zayyaa bi-rayat, yuzayyin. 

— (pave) ial* balat, yablut; n. 

(grow languid) ^j&J irtaha, yar- 

tahi ; ^y^ istarha, yastarhi. 
Flagitious, adj. o-^ fasiq ; Jjij 

razii (pi. SJ^ ruzahV) ; ^XVt. ^alih 

(pi. c^» tullah) ; ^ saqi-y (pi. 

Ws^ asqiya'). 
Flagitiousness, 8. ^L«i fasad; 

*k<*j razila-t (pi. J>\3 ; razayil) ; 

&~* fisq ; &^W* qabaha-t ; S^j^ 

Flagon, s. 6jU* qazaza-t (pi. ^\y 

qazayiz); i*«A5 qinnina-t (pi. 

JyUs qanani). 


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Flagrant, adj. (notorious) j*M 

gahir; «^-** ma'ruf; j j - flA ** 

Flail, b. J** midaqq (pi. j\±+ 

madaqq) ; vy** mi drab. 
Flake, b (of snow) gi> <toj ruq'a-t 

salj (pi. Vi, riqk').— (of wool, &c.) 

K£ kauka-t.— (small foyer) &M» 

tabaqa-t ; £^*Ac gafiha-t. 
Flambeau, 8. J*-*** rui^al ; &*■!:<• 

ma$'ala-t (pi. JeU* maia'il). 
Flame, *. <W lahaba-t; s-*6* 

lahib ; JJ lagan ; Sy* hara-t. 
Flame, v. J«^» tasa"al, yatasa"al ; 

J*x*\ i^ta'al, yaita'il ; *^*A\ ilta- 

hab, yaltahib. 
Flank, s. s-** jamb (pi. v*W^ 

ajnab) ; s-^W janib (pi. s-*\j* 

j award b). 
Flannel, s. *e*)U flanella' ; sJy 
V suf (pi. u\yo\ aswaf). 
Flap, b. kjJl {araf, tarf (pi. u\)A 

atraf); uft rafraf (pi. U^U ; 

rafarif). — (of a garment) J*** 

zail (pi. Jy»S zuyul). 
Flap, v. (the wings) sJfr rafraf, 

yurafrif; cJ ; raff, yaruff; <j** 

eafaq, yasfiq. 
Flare, v. gJ lama', yalma* ; gL* 

aata', yasfa*. 
Flare, s. £*J lam' ; gWJ lama'an. 
Flash, s. jy barq ; ^A^ wami<J. 
Flash, v. ty baraq, yabruq ; ^^ 

wamad, yamid. 
Flask, 5. Li~uu muqa^a^a-t ; &£** 

£i£a-h. — (powder-horn) y^^» mu- 

Flat, adj. ^5;^-** musawi ; r ^ '~" 

musattah; ±*>~* basfy. — (insipid) 

&* dali'. 
Flat, b. Je- sahl ; &*- sahla-t (pi. 

Jj6- sahul) ; i^-i f usha-t. — 

(shoal) W^j ramliya-t. 
Flatness, s. (levelness) Je- sahl. — 

(insipidity) ^> &i qilla-t ta'm. 

— (dulness) &•*# buruda-t. 
Flatten, v. ^ sattab, yusaftik ; 

Je~ sahhal, yusahbil. 
Flatter, v. 0^ mallaq, yumalliq ; 

<jW tamallaq, yatamallaq. 

Flattery, s. «j)UJ tamalluq ; «-AU? 

Flatulency, b. $> rih ; &» nafh. 
Flatulent, od/. £to naffah. 
Flaunt, v. y^fc<* tabahtar, yata- 

bahtar ; *>.***> tabagdad, yatabag- 

Flaunt, s. fya** fahra-t. 
Flavour, s. SJ^J lazza-t; *-**L 

tu'ma-t. — (odour) ****}) rayiha-t 

(pi. ^ rawayih). 
Flavour,v. J*? tabbal, yutabbil; 

J*y taubal, yutaubil. 
Flaw, s. (crack) *** saqqa-t. — 

(blemish) s-** 'aib (pi. *▼>«* 

'uyub); £«* 'aiba-t (pi. v*e* 

Flax, 0. q\£ kattan, kuttan. 
Flaxen, adj. ^^ kattani-y ; ^ 

q\£ min kattan. 
Flay, t>. jJ^ jalad, yajlid ; jallad, 

yujallid ; ^L salab, yasluh, yas- 

Flea, 8. *±>y^ bargus (pi. *a^^ 

Fledge, v. <J*\ rayyas, yurayyis. 

Flee, v. v>jA harab, yahrub ; fp\ 
inbazam, yanhazim ; £ farr, ya- 

Fleece, s. ly* jizza-t, jazza-t (pi. 
*aAy+ jiz zat , j«- j izaz ) . 

Fleece, v. (shear sheep) y* jazz, 
yajuzz. — (plunder) ^ Wallah, 
yu^allih ; w^-» salab, yaslub. 

Fleet, 8. SjUe 'imara-t (pi. ^Uc 
*amayir) ; J^»-^ us^ul (pi. Je^t.^ 

Fleet, adj. J^c 'ajil ; gjt^- sari'.— 
(of horses) »>\y* jawad (pi. »>W 
jiyad, oWl ajyad, ^V^ ajawid). 

Fleeting, adj. Jj^j zayil; ^U 
%it; ^Ufdni. 

Fleetness, *. J^c 'ajal; ^* 

Flesh, s. ^J lahm (pi. r VJ liham, 
(•>J luhum) ; ^ habr. — (in 
opposition to spirit) Ju^ jasad 
(pi. jL-^\ ajsad, »>^-^ jusud).— 
(carnality) S^ £ahwa-t ; **AMR 
l^\x^\ al-lazzat al - jasadani- 

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Fleshly, adj. ^a-*- jasadani-y; 

J\~ti nufsani-y. 
Fleshiness, b. £*l~* jasama-t. 
Fleshy, adj. (**)*• mulhim, uiulah- 

ljam; (+**) lahim. 
Flexibility, Flexibleness, s. 

*W liyana-t; &Utt l£\3 qabiii- 

ya-t al-'atfa-t (&f&\ al-'auj) ; 

*±>L£*\ inhinas. — (of character) 

i+i%» malayima-t. 
Flexible, Flexile, adj. 

yanhani (3 aor.) ; **«N 

sahil al-'a^fa-t. 
Flexure, *. $j* 'auj ; U*^ inhina' ; 

«J&e 'atf . 
Flicker, tf. £** lama', yalma'. 
Flight, 8. v>#* hurub ; p\y&\ inhi- 

zam ; $£ firar. — (ac* of flying) 

q\j~L tayaran. — (flight of stairs) 

e^*>\ adriij (pi. of ej^ daraj) ; g;*> 

duraj (pi. of &*;•> durja-t) ; fJ%- 

salalim (pi. of fj~ sullam, sul- 

Flightiness, s. v>^ taus, fawas. 
Flighty," adj. <j*stU» $ayi6; < - A ts^ 

hafif (pi. «^Us> hifaf, ^JUM 

ahfaf) ; s^ qallab. 
Flimsiness, s. &\*» (*)& ( adam ma- 

Flimsy, adj. &**• ^ gair matin. 
Flinch, v. s-^r tajannab, yata- 

jannab ; W g>j raja* li-wara, 

yarja* ; &* \)\ aza* 'an, yaza\ 
Fling, v. <jf\ rama, yarmi ; *J**- 

hazaf, yahzif . 
Fling, *. **^ ramya-t. 
Flint, s. b\y sawwana-t (pi. y\yo 

sawwan) ; Sy^ lja§wa-t (pi. ^j** 

Flintiness, a. **3t* salaba-t. 
Flinty, adj. <j\** sawwani-y. — 

(obdurate) s-*l*H s-^> §alib al- 

Flirt, v. §& ganij, yagnaj. 
Flibt, s. &+*& ganij a- 1. 
Flirtation, s. g*& gunj ; e Ufc 

gunaj ; Sy^A 'iswa-t. 
Flit, v. (fly about) f^-*- ham, 
ya^um. — (remove) J«*^ irtafcal, 
yarta^il ; «-**. half, yaniff . 

Float, v. *\g 'am, ya'um; c*~ 

sabah, yasbah ; ^>U fas\ yafui. 
Float, s. k**" ma'diya-t, mu'ad- 

diya-t ; \j*y*y rum us (Syr.) ; ceUS" 

Flock, s. (herd) && qatf' (pi. 

gUoi qutan, g^ aqta').— (o/ 

fcircfo) ^- surba-t (pi. v>V^ 

asrab) ; &*f» hauma-t. — (congre- 
gation) £*W jama'a-t). 
Flock, v. £*r tajamma', yatajam- 

ma ( ; £+*A ijtama', yajtami*. 
Flog, v. v>/* darab, yadrib, yacjU 

rub ; £y> qara*, yaqra' ; 1»U aa$, 

yasut ; v*^ addab, yu'addib. 
Flogging, s. hy* darba-t; tj- 

saut ; l*y~5 taswit ; ^ jaid. 
Flood, s. U3\ jt^ faid al-ma' ; 

gVijL ^awafan, tufan. 
Flood, v. ^/Vi fad, yafid ; JU gal, 

Floor, s. &t±j\ ardiya-t. — (story) 

&&£ ^abaqa-t (pi. jW^ (ubaq) ; 

to* daur, dor (pi. j^^ adwar). 
Floral, adj. ^y*) zahri-y. 
Florid, adj. j*\) zahir. 
Floridness, 0. Syfe) zahra-t. 
Florist, 8. J^-w bustani-y ; ^V^J 

Flounce, 8. < j£&& kaika^; v** 3 ^ 

hudub ; *r>\<*Jb huddab ; «-*V-i 

sajaf ( Per s.). 
Flounder, v. jm baram, 'yabrum ; 

t^ 5 tadahraj, yatadahraj ; {j^j 

rafas, yarns, yarf us. 
Flour, 8. <jfe**> daqiq; Oki^ y^j 

zahr ad-daqiq ; &*»U£ kamaja-t. 
Flourish, v. (bloom) y&j zahar, 

yazhar; j&)\ azhar, yuzhir; rf 

nawwar, yunawwir. — ( prosper) 

(*** na'am, yan'um, yan'im ; 

na'im, yan'am. — {brandish) yby& 

hazhaz, yuhazhiz ; £*J lamina', 

Flourish, s. (of a trumpet) v>/* 

j^J\ 4 ar b al-buq. — (in writing) 

V* tugra' ; */L ^ugra-h (Pers.). 
Flour-merchant, s. yUJ» t a tt^n ; 

^5j £W bayya' daqiq. 
Floury, adj. ^J**^ ^atini-y ; jyo 


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Flo] 148 

Flow, v. JU sal, yasil; c 1 - sab, 
yasih ; <^ jara, yajri ; s— »\ 
insabb, yan^abb. 

Flow, s. ^^-. sayalan. — (abund- 
ance) lf£ kasra-t ; <ja*i faid ; fr 
waf r ; ^ wuf ur ; ^ darr. 

Flower, 8. yfcj zahr ; Syfe) zahra-t 
(pi. jy*j zubur, j<&j\ azbar) ; ; y 
naur (pi. j\f\ anwar) ; j\y nuw- 
war (pl- ^y nawawir). — (the 
beet part) <J~)U bula?a-t ; Sj*j 

Flower, v. y&>)\ azbar, yuzbir; j? 
nawwar, yunawwir. 

Flo wee-pot, s. jf*\* majur. 

Flowery, adj. ^ybj zabri-y. 

Fluctuate, v. (move, as a wave) 
Gy+* tamawwaj, yatamawwaj. — 
(be irresolute) s->^ irtab, yartab ; 
s^» taqallab, yataqallab. 

Fluctuation, s. (of waves) ty* 3 
tamawwuj; ,*U? talcum. — (of 
the ground) J)3y tazalzul. — (of 
the mind) s-& taqallub; sAJjt 

Fluent, adj. (in speech) ^V-J las- 
san ; £~J fasih (pi. U-* f usaba') ; 
&h bah A g (pi. Ul* bulaga'). 

Fluency, s. a^U* fasaba-t; flj&~ 

Fluid, adj. #U mayi* ; J*U sayil. 

Fluid, s. g>U mayi* (pi. &\y ma- 
way i'). 

Fluidity, s. &&{#• miya'a-t. 

Flush, v.n. j+*\ aljtmarr, yabmarr ; 
a. J*** hammar, yubammir ; j+*S 
abmar, yubmir. — (elate) t£ far- 
rah, yufarrih. 

Flush, s. j\j+°*\ ihmirar. 

Flute, s. a?V± gaba-t ; ^ nai (pi. 
**>UU nayat) ; &W* sabbaba-t. 

Fluting, s. (of a column) !*&» ha^t 
(pi. Ly^ butut) ; W*^ # tabtit ; 
f*fs tabrim. 

Flutter, v. (flap the wings) ^J^ 
raf raf , yuraf rif . — (be agitated) 
(3**- hafaq, yahfiq, yabfuq. 

Flutter, s. Jyj zalzal ; <J^j rati. 

Flux, *. (flowing) (^^ jarayan ; 
($#» sayalan. — (rising of the 


tide) a* madd. — (dysentery) Jl#-t 

Fly, s. ^^i zubaba-t (pi. s^jJ 

zubab, &> j\ azibba-t) ; vulg. &W 

Fly, v. jU, $ar, yatir. — (/fee) ftyatf 

inhazam, yanbazim ; s->j* barab, 

yabrub ; y farr, yaf urr. 
Foal, s. #• mubr (pi. $q*\ ambar, 

^ mibar) ; Ji filw, filu (pi. V\ 

Foal, v. ^ walad, yalid. 
Foam, s. ^ raga; iyt } ragwa-t ; 

*v?j zabad (pL *>^ azbad). 
Foam, v. ^j\ arga, yurgi; jhj\ 

azbad, yuzbid. 
Fob, s. s-^^ jaib, jeb (pL s-»j±> 

juyub) ; &«* jaiba-t, jeba-t (pL 

s-^s^ jiyab). 
Focus, s. j\jsc^\ &*> nuqta-t al- 

Fodder, 8. u&? < a laf (pi. ufe 

'ilaf, cJV, a'laf, *JjL* <uluf) ; «y 

Foe, «. ^ 'adu-w (pi. \±*\ a 4 da', 

^^^ a'adi, oW 'udat, ^ac 

'udan, 4dan). 
Fog, «. v>W* dabab ; a?W* dababa-t ; 

^ gaim, gem (pi. rr ± gu- 

Foible, s. )yci qusur; ^Ua* nuq- 

Foil, v. (frustrate) s-***- hayyab, 

yuhayyib; J^\ atyal, yub^il. — 

(defeat) O^ galab, yaglib. 
Foil, «. (defeat) ^ya> hazima-t (pL 

^)A hazayim). — (in jewellery) 

jy** munawwir. — (for fencing) 

!blA* u^-. saif mugallag (pL «-*^a— 

Fold, v. <<4» tawa, ya^wi ; ^ lawa, 

yalwi ; lawwa, yulawwi ; vj— ^ 

sana, yasni ; <-AJ laff, yaluff ; «J*^ 

tabbaq, yutabbiq. — (encZo*e) s-»jj 

zarab, yazrub. 
Fold, *. *J* ^iya-t ; ^y lawiya-t ; 

&*£ sanya-t. — (for sheep) fyaW* 

hagira-t (pi. ^VW hagavir) ; cV* 

murab (pi. tf murb). 
Folding-door, *. &>**j* wW b4b 


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Foliage, s. j\ }) \ auraq (pi. of jh* 
waraq, " leaf "). 

Folk, *. <j*U\ an-nas ; ijk» halq. 

Follow, v. £-J taba', yatba' ; £?V? 
Jc taba' *aia, yutabi' ; to tala, 
yatlA. — (pursue) v>J lahiq, yal- 
haq ; <3^-^ istahlaq, yastahliq. 
— (ensue) J-». hasal, yahsal. — 
(obey) gU, ta', yaii' ; gti a*iV, 

Follower, s. ( partisan) &\* tabi' ; 
£*^* mutabi*. — (disciple) *W* 
talmiz (pi. J^«^ talamiz, Sa*^ 

Folly, s. &W jahala-t ; J^ jahl ; 
aaVa- safaha-t ; &U*. hamaqa-t ; 
&y lfisa-t. 

Foment, v. J** habbal, ynhabbil ; 
a ♦ f kaminad, yukanimid. — 
(excite) dy*. harrak, yuharrik; 
t/»^ harrad, yuharrid. 

Fomentation, *. ^~**J takmid; 
*>UX kimad ; SjU£ kimada-t. — 
(encouragement) <*hf* tahrik. 

Fond, adj. (tender) 0^ hanihi; 
s^aN «3-**> raqiq al - qalb. — 
(loving) ,j^Ac <asiq ; J\ J«U 
mayil ila; s-w« muhibb; s-^VL 
talib ; v> ft** mugram bi ; £y 
s-> mula' bi. 

Fondle, v. «-ALS M^af, yulatff; 
Utes talattaf, yatalaftaf; <JJU 
mallaq, yumalliq ; Ji*> dallal, yu- 

Fondness, 8. J«* mail (pi. JW^ 
amyal) ; &**j ragba-t ; <J>*** 4 isq ; 
a*^* muhabba-t. 

Font, s. h*y**+& ©A jurn al- 
ma'mudiya-t (pi. y\y*\ ajran). 

Food, 8. **>j* qiit ; fUL ^'arn ; Jtf 
H-»y» ; akl wa 6urb ; \±± gi?a\ 

Fool, *., Foolish, adj. eV^* niaj- 
nun (pi. (^^» majanin) ; &+*-\ 
ahmaq, f. \&+*» hamqa (pi. <3**- 
humuq, jU*. ljimaq) ; *W ablah, 
f . \& balha' (pi. *1» buih). 
Foolhabdinbss, s. (++& tahaj- 

jum ; 8a*\y muwaha^a-t 



adj. f* +Q~ * mutahaj- 
Fooleby, s. yf+ 

junun; £iu^ hamaqa-t; SjW& 
gabawa-t ; &W jahala-t. 

Foot, s. J*; rijl (du. ^J^ rijlen, 
pi. J^\ arjul) ; p*i qadam (pi. 
I^Jurt aqdam, p>3\ aqdum). — (the 
measure) (•>& qadam. — (in poetry) 
J**A> taf'il (pi. J**W tafa'il) ; y* 
juz (pi. \yA ajza'). — (0/ a moun- 
tain, &c.) Ja-^ asfal. 

Fop, s. j»>^ gandar ; jj^ gundiir. 

Foppish, adj. jw U Aa* mutagaudir. 

Foppishness, Foppeby, s. tjjat 

Fob, prep, (on account of) J li ; 
J*3 li-ajl. — (instead of) ^*Uje 
'iwadan (vulg. 'awad) 'an. 

Fob, conj. ($ li-ann; s±~*. haig, 
hes ; U^> hais-ma. 

Fobage, 8. u^ 'alaf (pi. ufe\ 
a 4 laf, U^ 4 ilaf). 

Fobage, v. «-Al*ft fi lamm al-'alaf, 
yalumm ; JU rad, yarud. 

Fobay, 8. ^— </kabsa-t. 

Fobbeab, v. (abstain) us \» ~+5 tamas- 
sak, yatamassak; &z+\ imtana', 
yamtani*. — (desist) £^2>\ inqata*, 
yanqati'; «-^ kaff, yakuff. — (to 
endure) J-*s^ ihtamal, yahtamil ; 
^^Ic j+* sabar 'ala, yasbir. — (be 
merciful) p*~) rahim, yarham. 

Fobbeabance, «. (abstinence) )\j**\ 
ihtiraz ; gy*»\ imtina*. — (pa- 
tience) j** sabr ; ^A isobar ; 
J^ tahammul ; JUso.\ ihtimal. 
— (lenity) ^-SAAi gafaqa-t; £«*j 
rahma-t ; ^4*^ marhama-t. 

Fobbeabing, adj. (patient) jy*~ 
sabur. — (merciful) f^t^j rahim ; 
^U^ rahman. 

Fobbid, v. a*1* pf* harram *ale-hi, 
yuharrim; ^ ^* £*~ mana' 'an 
se-yin, yamna'; $f* t arra j> y u - 

Fobbidden, adj. £^» mamnu'; 
f\j*> haram ; f j^» manhi-y. 

Fobce, 8. (strength) Sj* quwwa-t 
(pi. ^ quwa) ; ^a» qudra-t ; 
j\jjj\ iqtidar ; &U* taqa-t. — (t?io- 
lence) s— ^ gasb; ^* qahr; S^ 
quhra-t; w^ jabr ; ^ jaur. 

Fobce, v. py\ alzam, yulzim ; s-^» 

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gasab, yagsib; & qahar, yaq- 

Forceps, s. aaUS kammaia-t ; &&£ 

kallaba-t (pi. **>\ -at, s-Jtf kala- 

lib); q\*<X kalbatan (kalbatain, 

Fobd, 8. <J>f* bau4, ho4; **W» 

niahacja-t (pi. u*}Us* mahawicj) ; 

gU* maqta* (pi. ^to* maqati'). 
Fobdable, cu2/. u*U^ yanMd (3 

aor. pass.). 
Fobe, adj. ^^ quddami-y. 
Fobeabm, e. Ja-S* Jjy\ az-zand al- 

asfal (pi. *>y; zunud). 
Fobebode, v. Jys tafawwal, yata- 

Fobecast, v. jte tafakkar, yata- 

fakkar; J**^ ta'ammal, yata- 

'ammal; **G taqassad, yatakas- 

sad ; a^c 'amad, ya'mid. 
Fobecast, «. ^a» tafakkur; ±S 

taqassud ; *u^ 'amd. 

FOBECASTLE, 8. (of a skip) )±" 

s-^*N sadr al-markab (pi. j;^* 

Fobedoom, v. jAi qaddar, yuqaddir. 
Fobepatheb, s. J^% jadd (pi. *)*t 

judud, *>W^ ajdad). 
Fobefinoeb, 8. JkfcUutt a$-.4ahid ; 

^l*«J\ as-sabbaba-t. 
Forego, v. **)/ tarak, yatruk ; JjU> 

y*- tanazal 'an, yatanazal ; J *a>U 

fat li, yafut. 
Fobegoing, adj. f JAs* mutaqad- 

dim ; <3*t- sabiq. 
Fobehead, a. {$*t+ jabin (pi. (2**t 

ajbun, £*^ ajbina-t) ; £$«- jab- 

ha-t ; &*L* sul'a-t. 


garib (pi. ty guraba', v>^ 

agrab) ; (J**** ajnabi-y ; jty 

Fobeknow, v. J<i ^ «J(^ 'araf 

min qabl, ya'rif ; "V*^ v>«— sabaq 

'arifan, yasbiq, yasbuq. 
Fobelock, s. $**U nasiya-t (pi. 

^5-^y nawasi). 
Fobbman, 8. u~>\) rayis. 
Fobemast, *. Sjj^jJ\ ad-duwaidra-t. 
Fobemost, adj. f ja*N al-muqad- 

dim ; JjS\ al-awwal ; f±>\ aqdam. 

Fobenoon, 8. *w* <Jahwa-t ; ^^ft 

cjuhan ; j^\ Jji qabl az-zuhr. 
Fobe-obdain, v. ;•** qaddar, yu- 
Fobe-obdination, 8. ji<x8 taqdir 

(pi. wy^Atf taqdirat, ^*>U& taqa- 

Fobebun, v. <J*- sabaq, yasbiq, 

FoBBSBB, v. s ^ ft - hasib, yas^ib ; 

0-wt hamman, yuhammin. 
Fobeseen, adj. *^- ;jk*» manzur 

Fobesight, 8. (prudence) &*~ W* 

muhasaba-t ; S*— *a* basira-t. — 

(fore-knowledge) Jto* ta'aqqul. 
Fobeskin, 8. &i qulfa-t (vulg. 

l&t gulfa-t) ; &/ gurla-t. 
Fobest, 8. v>^ gab; £?^ gaba-t; 

v>/* hirs* (pi. \j»\f>\ abrlU) ; *—*•> 

disa-t (pi. u-i^ dis, diyus). 
Fobesteb, 8. \j*j^\ )^ n&tur al- 

hirs (pl.^V nawatir). 
Forestall, v. Jh— sabaq, yasbiq, 

yasbuq; ^ L^ b^wwat *ala, 

Fobetell, v. W^ aiiba', yunbi ; j&\ 

anzar, yunzir. 

FOBETHOUGHT, 8. S-J>\j*^ V»^— *• 

hisab al-'awaqib ; Sje*o? basira-t. 
Fobetoken, t;. v* ^t abna bi, 

Fobetoken, s. JU f al ; «>;W isa- 

ra-t; %** dalala-t; ^-)b <ala- 

Fobewabn, v. ^^ anzar, yunzir. 
Fobpeit, 8. &+tf* jarima-t (pi. ^^ 

jarayim) ; ff* jurm; lAjt gara- 

Fobpeit, v. aJU k^\ indaba^ mal- 

hu, yandabit. 
Fobpeitube, *. ^U^- jarima-t ; W* 

Fobge, v. (iron) m^\ <3«> daqq al- 

hadid, yaduqq ; j^j^J^ j>^ (araq 

al-badid, ya^ruq. — (falsify) ^ 

zawwar, yuzawwir ; J*j zagal, 

yazgal. — (forge lies) <j,f*\ iftara, 

Fobge, 0. ^a*J\ ^ kur al-haddad ; 

«ri**3\ s y^» mi'mal al-baddad. 

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Forger, *. $y muzawwir; J*£* 

Forgery, *. *£& taqlid ; jitf taz- 
wlr ; Ali^j zaugala-t. 

Forget, v. ^-i nasi, yansa ; ^y t^ 
*3W rah min bal-hu. 

Forgetful, adj. ^W-* nasyan ; 
^5— > nasi-y; ^ nassa\ 

Forgetfulness, 8. ^W— * nisyan. 

Forgive, t>. y* gaf ar, yagfir ; ^ Uc 
'afa* 'an, ya'fu ; J £*- samuh li, 
yamsuh ; ^ £** safah 'an, y as- 

Forgiveness, s. Sywu magfira-t, 
magfara-t ; /* *af u ; tU~ samab. 

Fork, *. &j* soka-t, £auka-t ; &£#]* 
furtaika-t; taU milqat (pi. ^)t* 

Fork, v. £/ farra', yufarri' ; &\ 
afra', yufri*. 

Forlorn, oc?/. ^)f~ matruk ; JjJ^* 

Form, *. Isy sura-t (pi. jy suwar) ; 
J** safcl ( p l. J\&\ askal, J/a, 
sukul). — (mould) s-J^ qalib (pl. 
s— JU* qawaiib). — (ceremony) 
UkJX taklif (pl. u^Uj takalif). 
— (in grammar) £**• siga-t ; ^ 
wazn (pl. ^\j^ auzau). — (bench) 
&& taht (pl. s*>f* tuhut). 

Form, t?. (create) »±>j^ ahdas, 
yuhdia ; <$£ kawwan, yukaw- 
win. — (shape) jy sawwar, yu- 
aawwir; £U sag, yasug; &~ 
sana', yasna'; J£a» sakkal, yu- 

Formal, adj. (ceremonious) s-»^ 
v^UbJ 9 ahib takalluf at (pl. vW 
afhab). — (precise) ^)y suri-y. 

Formality, *. U i ^ s taklif (pl. 
«~AtJV5S takalif) ; ^yU qanun (pl. 
^)— *»\j* qawanin) ; SjL^ 4 ada-t 
(pl. *&f> 'awayid). 

Formation, s. jtyS taswir; i^*j*> 
takwin; s-*-^/ tarkib; &-*• 

Former, ad/. <3tl*» sabiq; f»xfc* 

Formerly, adv. *Ua&* muqadda- 

Formidable, adj. Jje* mahul, mu- 

hawwil ; «-A^» muhayyif ; 

Formidableness, 8. flyfc haula-t; 

&«* haiba-t. 
Formula, s. l^y sura-t (pl. >y 

suwar) ; J^ jadwal (pl. JjW 

jadawii) ; £-*~o siga-t ; <2j-*Vi 

Formulary, s. (£**V ^^ kitab 

qawanin ; &*\* ^yU qanun na- 

ma-h; )f~* dastiir (pl. ^JUj 

Fornication, s. V*j zina* ; <>*•* 

Fornicator, *. <^\j zani (pl. ct>Uj 

zunat) ; <>-U fasiq. 
Fornicatress, s. ***\j zaniya-t (pl. 

^^j zawani) ; &-Vi fasiqa-t ; a«*\j 

za^iya-t (pl. J»^j zawani). 
Forsake, v. J3U- hazal, yuhazil ; 

»aJ/ tarak, yatruk. 
Forsaken, adj. J;*^* mahzul (pl. 

Ja Jlat^ mahazil) ; d^f* matriik. 
Forsooth, adv. "\**» haqqan ; 'W^o 

Forswear, v. (renounce) J&) rafad, 

yarfid, yarfud. — (swear falsely) 

te~+i ^ e-Uft. hanis fi yamin-hu, 

Fort, Fortress, *. &*& qal 4 a-t (pl. 

g^l qila 4 , fjl* quhY); ^^ hi?n 

(pl. (jj^-»- husiin, i^». hisana-t, 

(^Ud.\ ahsan). 
Forth, adv. (abroad) gyU. harij ; 

~\fl barran. 
Forthcoming, adj. y-* *^- hadir; 

jA^x*» mutahaddir. 
Forthwith, adv. JU^ ^ fi-'l-hal ; 

*3W halan ; a^cL. ^y min sa'at- 

Fortification, s. {;)***? tahsin. — 

(stronghold) (;>— «** hisn ; & -*\i 

qal 4 a-t (for pl. see Fort). 
Fortify, v. (for defence) &**» haa- 

?an, yuhassin. — (strengthen) ^ 

qawwa, yuqawwi. 
Fortitude, s. Sjl— ► jasara-t ; l^A 

Fortnight, 8. ^ e - 7 - * * * juui'aten; 

&6*y*~ \ usbii^en. 
Fortress, s. see Fort. 

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Fobtuitous, adj. y*;U 'arid ; ^}* 
'aridi-y ; J>^ ittifaqi-j. 

Fortunate, adj. x**~ sa'id; oyu-* 
mas'ud ; u^f*** mabhut. 

Fortune, 8. (lot) s-~-* nasib (pi. 
U«>\ ausiba', l**i\ ansiba-t) ; j*>*> 
dahr (pi. )$*>*> duhur,jfc^ adhar). 
— (luck) k>^*- sa'ada-t; e^_*^ 
baht (Pers.) ; ^ hazg. — (bad 
fortune) h bala. — (wealth) JU 
mal (pi. JV^ ainwal); «tXU 
milk (pi. d%*\ amlak). 

Fortune-teller, s. J^; rammal ; 
,»fr.** munajjim. 

Forty, Fortieth, ac?/. <£e**^ ar- 
ba'in (ej**^ arba'un). 

Forward, adj. (anterior) (* & « > S 
qadiin ; f* - ft -* muqaddam. — 
(eager) »\ fr *%* inujtahid. — (pre- 
sumptuous) F&" mutakabbir ; 
^ waqih ; ^W jabbar ; J*-** 
fuduli-y. — (early in season) j*** 

Forward, Forwards, adv. f\& 
quddam, p\±* ^\ ila quddam. 

Forward, v. (help on) <^* 'awan, 
yu'awin. — (transmit) J-*^ arsal, 
yursil; *^*? ba'as, yab'as. 

Fosse, s. jj^l handaq (pi. jAw. 

Fossil, 8. ij**" ma'dini-y. 

Foster, v. (nourish) *a>tf qat, ya- 
qut; <jj rabba, yurabbi. — (en- 
courage) yjtf* harrad, yuharrid; 
it**, hass, yahuss. 

Foster-brother, s. &\*j f\ ah 
radsVa-t (pi. *y.\ ihwa-t, ^^ 

Foster-sister, 8. &u>) &±\ uht 
rada'a-t (pi. *s>\jl\ ahawat). 

Foul, adj. (unclean) {j~*r najis ; 
(j-i^ danis ; £~j wasih ; ^ 
darin. — (abominable) &>£ karih; 
£~i qabih ; a-U fasid. 

Foul, v. lt^ najjas, yunajjis ; £* 3 
wassak, yuwassih. 

Foulness, s. a-W najasa-t ; ^^ 
wi saha- 1 ; £~j w as a h . — ( 10 ic&ecZ- 
7ie«fl) ^W* qabaha-t ; £^» sana' ; 
AcUa samVa-t. 

Found, v. u~- t assas, yu'assis ; ^ 

bana, yabni ; fte\ aqam, yuqtm ; 

«-A5^ auqaf, yuqif. — (cast) s— 

sabb, yasubb; *at*— sabak, yas- 

Foundation, s. <j*\-\ asas (pi. y— \ 

usus) ; J-\ aal (pi. Jj-A usul).— 

(endowment) «-Aij waqf (pi. utefl 

auqaf) ; «yb— ^ hasanat (pi.). 
Founder, s. (builder) <j~~\>» mu'as- 

sis ; &>\) wacji'. — (moulder) »*5W- 

Founder, v. Jj± gariq, yagraq; 

djti tagarraq, yatagarriq; *±yw 

harras, yubarris. 
Foundery, Foundry, s. tsX*~* 

masbak (pi. cdjL-^ masabik). 
Founding, s. s-*^js tazwib; £*W 

izaba-t ; *sl*~ sabk. 
Foundling, 8. ^ laqifc (pi. Ud 

Fount, Fountain, «. (^ 'ain (pi. 

e^*c 'uyun, &ec\ a'yun) ; ^# 

mamba* (pi. gjU* mauabi') ; 

£^4 yambu 4 (pi. £*»U* yanabi'). 

— (i e ^ °f water) t*&~i fisqiva-t 

(pi. ^iUJ fasaqi) ; ^^oU sadir- 

wan. — (origin) J*\ asl (pi. Jj*\ 

usul) ; ^^» mania*. 
Four, adj. &*ij\ arba £ a-t, f. gjl 

Four-fold, adj. u>lb\ &*jj\ arba'at 

Four-footed, adj. ^>\y{ gj\ ^ zu 

arba* qawayim. 
Four-score, adj. ^U* samanin. 
Fourteen, adj. yuc i^j\ arba*at 

4 aiar. 
Fourteenth, adj. jA* g>\j rabi* 

Fourth, adj. £?\> rabi*. 
Fourthly, adv. *\*i\j rabi'an. 
Fowl, s. (cock) ^o dik (pi. ^*> 

duyuk. — (hen) *+W* dajaja-t.— 

(poultry) )jj°\\iy ur (pi. of^Ltair). 
Fowl, v. ^ >^> tasayyad tuyur, 

Fowler, s. (jj-J») *>W* sayyad 

Fox, s. s-^w sa*lab (pi. s-^^> sa'a- 

lib) ; (;>ti-»^^ f\ abu - '1 - huaain ; 

J^ haital. 

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Fraction, 8. j~£ kasr (pi. jy~* 

Fractional, adj. isy~£ kasri-y. 
Fractious, adj. <jiU-» mubnniq ; 

*r*f& gadub ; ^jUfc gudabi-y. 
Fractiousness, 8. i~*\j± sarasa-t. 
Fracture, 8. ij~Z kasra-t. 
Fracture, v. a. y~& kasar, yaksir ; 

n. y~&\ inkasar, yankasir. 
Fragile, adj. j.~- C ;j yankasir (3 

aor.) ; j . ■■■ < ;* munkasir. 
Fragility, 8. J>S*y\ Mi\i qabi- 

liya-t al-inkasar; * i « V*\ \ &*iy~ 

sari'a-t al-'a$b. 
Fragment, 8. iy~S kasra-t; &to 

qi{«a-t (pi. e^ qita 4 ). 
Fragrance, Fragrancy, 8. &*:\> 

rayiha-t; s-wJ» {ib (pi. «r»W 

a(yab) ; tj-* fauh (pi. cV^ 

af wah) ; £^& nafha-t. 
Fragrant, adj. £** mu'attar. 
Frail, adj. ^ fan! ; ^JUt* da'if. 
Frailty, 8. ^i tana' ; te\y nazaka-t. 

— (fault) Z**& naqisa-t (pi. ^Va* 

naqayis) ; Z~&\ UL-x^ du'f at- 

Frame, *. (structure) SjUc 'iinara-t. 

— (of a picture) )\rf barwaz (pi. 

jl)\ji barawiz). — (of the mind) 

J^ hal (pi. jy\ ahwal). 
Frame, v. (make) g— s -*> sana', 

ya$na' ; J-*e 'amil, ya'mal. — 

(fit) &) waffaq, yuwafiiq; )}* 

balwaz, yubalwiz ; p~) rasam, 

Framework, 8. flV**> saqala-t. 
Franchise, v. (free) ,j^*\ a{laq, 

yu^liq ; ,3^ a'taq, yu'tiq. 
Franchise, Franchisement, *. 

J&\ i$laq ; j\**\ i'taq. 
Frank, adj. (candid, sincere) jAsk* 

muhlis ; ^\*> saf i ; joU sadiq. — 

(liberal) ^ kariin ; ^jafc- sahi-y. 
Frankincense, 8. ^. bahur, bah- 

hur (pi. y<A^. bahahir) ; (jW* 

liban, luban; j^ kundur. 
Frankness, 8. »;^* sat'awa-t ; j*b*\ 

Frantic, adj. gW-** gadban ; j*~» 

sa'ir (pi. e;^- sa'ra) ; &\& bayij. 
Fraternal, adj. ^ytA ahawi-y. 

Fraternity, 8. if»\ uhuwa-t ; 

«yla^j* muwahat. — (congregation) 

hf»\ abawiya-t. 
Fratricide, 8. a^\ Jtoqatilaha-hu. 
Fraud, Fraudulence, *. <j*** giss ; 

j£+ makr ; &**• hila-t ; Ju£ kaid 

(pi. *>W*kiyad) ; a*>^ hxdi'a-t. 
Fraudulent, adj. j&+ makkar; 

julLt ga^stL4 ; £^ hadda*. 
Fraught, adj. q^^A* masbun ; 

(:)%• mai'an ; jU* mamlu-w. 
Freak, 8. «^yfc hawa (pi. \y*\ 

abwtV) ; (**) wahm (pi. f&^ 

Freakish, adj. o 4 ^ wabmi-y ; 

<^yfc bawayi-y ; }4y muzantir. 
Freckle, s. <jW namas* ; &*»♦* na- 

Freckled, adj. <JU* namis. 
Free, v. <j&± hallas, yuhallis ; «j!M 

a^laq, yu^liq. 
Free, adj. ^ burr (pi. j\y>\ abrar, 

j\f- hirar) ; J^*^ ma 4 t\iq ; (joJV*. 

halis. — (in manners, speech, &c) 

v5^ t^liq; <3^ taliq. — (public) 

f\* *amm. 
Freedman, *. «3iw^ 'atiq (pi. Vise 

*utaqa) ; J^»^ ma'tuq. 
Free-he a.rted, adj. &g-" v*a.U 

sahib murawwa-t; ^>ykarim. 
Freeness, Freedom, 8. &>f* hurri- 

ya-t ; jW itlaq ; loiuc 'ataqa-t ; 

&>& talaqa-t. 
Freeze, v.n. ±+* jamad, yajmud; 

Ju-r tajammad, yatajammad ; a. 

Ju^ jammad, yujammid. 
Freight, 8. (load) ^^*- hamula-t ; 

v>-; wasq (pi. Jj~j wusuq, ^>-^ 

ausuq). — (charge for carriage) 

Jy naul (pi. J^ anwal). 
Freight, v. <>-j wasaq, yasiq. 
Frenzy, s. **-** gadaba-t ; g^ 

bayajan ; vy* junun. 
Frequency, 8. fy* kasra-t; kj£\ 

Frequent, adj. *>oy^ mutai-addid ; 

j^» mukarrar; £j*£\ ^ kasir 

Frequent, v. ^ ^ taraddad 

'ala, yataraddad ; j*** 'aiar, yu- 



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Fresh, adj. (cool) JjW barid. — (not 

faded) ^ tari-y; s-J»> ra$ib.— 

(not salt) *r>±* 'azib ; <f*> balu. — 

(new?) •**•** jadid. 
Freshen, v. ^J* tarra, yutarri. 
Freshet, 8. «t>y U ma furat ; J*-» 

sail (pi. Jj*- suyul). — (overflow) 

U3\ Jm fai<J al-rau. 
Freshness, 8. S,y» {arawa-t ; S ; U> 

na^ara-t ; Sj^ burudu-t. 
Fret, v.a. (abrade) *y farak, yaf- 

ruk ; f arrak, yaf arnk ; *£* hakk, 

yahukk. — (vex) ^/y» 4awwai, yu- 

iawwis" ; s-^ gadtfab, yuga4<Jib ; 

n. \f>f*j taiawwas", yatasawwai. 
Fretful, adj. v>j** ga4ub ; v>r*"** 

Fretfulness, 8. <j*4jA* taswis; 

s^W icftirab. 
Friability, 8. &±\±* hasasa-t. 
Friable, adj. u*-* has*s\ 
Friar, 8. w*>\ } rahib (pi. ^W*; 

Friction, 8. **W bakk ; ceLX** tah- 

kik ; dji f urk ; *k/s tafrik. 
Friday, «. i-ju^\ fj-t yom al- 

jum'a-t. — (Good Friday) &*++ 

fW\ jum'a-t al-alam. 
Friend, 8. s ^ ^ habib (pi. v*W 

ahbab, W*^ ahibba') ; s-n** mu- 

fcibb ; J^ haiil (pi. (^U hullan, 

JU hulla-t) ; s-~ U sahib (pi. 

v>W^ ashab) ; <Jfc«*-> sadiq (pi. 

Mxo\ asdiqa'). 
Friendless, adj. Jv^b* mahzul. 
Friendliness, 8. *m*>j wadad ; &UJ 

Friendly, adj. **-^~ mufcibb; 

u ~*±\ anis ; c!a«U latff . 
Friendship, 8. &*+*• muhabba-t; 

s-*- hubb ; foy inuwadda-t ; 

ii\^o sadaqa-t ; j?^ hulus. 
Frieze, *. ^\ ifriz (pi. ^W 

Frigate, 8. &>ty firqata-t. 
Fright, 8. Jyfc baui, hoi (pi. J^ 

ahwal) ; 8yfcjwahra-t; s-^; ru*b. 
Frighten, v. Jy* hawwal, yuhaw- 

wil ; *-*y*» hawwaf, yuhawwif ; &* 

fazza', yufazzi* ; «-r^ ar'ab, 


Frightful, adj. J^» mahul ; J|U 

hayil; *-*f** mahuf, muhawwif; 

i-A*^** rauhif. 
Frightfulne8s, 8. &y* haula-t ; 

J^J tabawwul. 
Frigid, adj. ^ barid. 
Frigidity, *. $>># buruda-t. 
Frill, *. W layya-t ; cJV* sajaf. 
Fringe, 8. v>J^ hudb, hudub; 

cJV- sajaf (Pers.). 
Fringe, v. Ji^ zayyal, yuzayyil; 

t&>Ul^~t ^4j zayyan bi- sajaf at, 

Frisk, v. Jh* 'anzar, yu'anzir; W 

natt, yaoutt- 
Friskiness, 8. tUi naiaj. 
Frisky, adj. Was naii* (pL Uaj 

nisat, <>^ nasata). 
Fritter, v. (break) y& kassar, yu- 

kassir; ^ai qa^taS yuqatti'.— 

(waste away) ^jd\ afna, yufni. 
Frivolous, adj. JtW Mtil ; J^W 

baUal ; J&d\ <-***» bafif al-'aql. 
Frivolousness, Frivolity, 8. (^ 

bullan ; flVL> ba^ala-t ; i*«- baffa-t. 
Fro, adv. \# wara* ; \^ li-wara*. 
Frock, s. g\Ui qaf^an ; ^V fara- 

Frog, *. ^cja* dafda'a-t (pi. £** 

dafda*, JjUi ^afadi') ; J,-** 

'uqurruq ; ^ lujm, lajam. 
Frolic, 8. $y* barj ; ^^» tahrij ; 

v*^» tarab; ^ mazn (pi. cV 

Frolic, v. tj* harraj, yuharrij ; 

C>* mazab, yarazah. 
Frolicsome, adj. $j\* tarij ; cV 

From, |>rep. ^ 'an ; ^ min ; ^ 

•uc min 'and. 
Front, 8. <%j wajh (pi. *y^ wujuh) ; 

f*^ quddam ; i*»jJU muqadda- 

Front, v. J^Vi qabal, yuqabil ; J»^ 

taqabal, yataqabal. 
Frontage, 8. **j wajh (pi. »^ 

Frontier, «. »w hadd (pi. »>^*»- 

^udiid) ; ^ tahm, tuhni (pi. 

^ tuhum, * f tuhum) ; /» sag 1 " 


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Frontispiece, a. (of a building) 
see Frontage, Front. — (of a 
book) y^r* 'unwan ; gW>.»> dibaj 
(pl- t^** dayablj, £*A>*> daba- 

Frontlet, s. **W 'isaba-t (pi. 
* i * & * ? 'asayib, s— * *usab). 

Fbost, s. J^Wjalid. 

Fro8tt, adj. *W ^ band jiddan. 

Froth, *. Sy^ ragwa-t ; B*\& $uf &- 
fca-t ; *jj zabad (pi. »>ly\ azbad). 

Froth, ». ^fc^ arga, yurgi. 

Frothy, adj. ^\ } ragi ; 8 fy ^ zft 

Froward, adj. (perverse) *?* sarir. 
— (refractory) •***« 'anid (pi. «uc 

*unud) ; J-Ac 'asi (pi. ~ oUt 


Frowardness, s. ( perverseness) ^ 

sarr ; tyj* sarara-t ; Ifa rada- 

wa-t.— -(refractoriness) *>Ue 'inad ; 

(jU-ac 'isyan ; SjUd 'asawa-t. 

Frown, *. u-j-** 'ubus; u*-*;«> 

s-^j*N ta'arqus al-hawajib. 
Frown, v. *«*} lt*** 'abas wajhu- 
hu, ya'bis ; 'abbas wajha-hu, 
yu'abbis ; s-**VJ\ <jaijfi 'arqas al- 
tajib, yu'arqis ; ^ kalah, yak- 
Frozen, adj. > w %« mujammad; 

j^yu maqr&r. 
Fructiferous, acfy*. 7*** mugmir. 
Fructification, *. ry& talqih. 
Fructify, v. j+* sammar, yusam- 
mir; ^ as mar, yuamir; ^aJ 
laqq ih, yulaqqih ; s— *»\ ahsab, 
Frugal, adj. Jas«* mu'tadil ; d^ to 

*afif ; L^+ jst gair muf tit- 
Frugality, s. **Ui qana'a-t ; je*f 

taufir ; SjUj zahada-t. 
Fruit, *. SrM §amara-t (pi. %Uft 
as mar, ^U> simar) ; *e*U fakiha-t 
(pL **U* fawakih). — (advantage) 
gt* naf'; S«a** maufa'a-t; Sj^U 
f&yida-t ; S*M ifada-t. 
Fruitage, #. (produce) Jj— «^» 

Fruiterer, *. tf\j* gW* bayya* 
fawakih ; <J\&> fakihani-y. 

Fruitful, adj. ^U musmir; j*£ 

jUftt ka*ir al-asmar. 
Fruitpulne33, 8. ;U>\ iamar ; lj& 

;U*S\ kasra-t al-asmar. 
Fruition, a. £*♦* tamattu' ; uytf 

tasarruf ; **•& talazzuz. 
Fruitless, adj. £*V* ^ gair nafi* ; 

Sj«U ^ bila fayida-t; JU» batil. 
Frustrate, v. s-~** hayyab, yu- 

bayyib ; JW battal, yubattil ; JW^ 

abtal, yubtil. 
Frustration, s. s^w*^ tahyib; 

JkM tabtil. 
Fry, «.a. ^ qala, yaqli ; qalla, 

yuqalli; n. { J&\ inqala, yan- 

Fry, s. fyj\~* basariya-t ; y#* sir. 
Frying-pan, s. ^>^» tajin (pi- 

&*\£ tawajin) ; h^ miqlaya-t 

(pi. ij^*" maqali). 
Fuel, s. *j») wuqAd; s-^»- ha^ab 

(pi. v >U«v\ ah^ab). 
Fugitive, adj., s. v»;^> harib ; ^W^ 

harban ; ^^ firari-y. 
Fulcrum, s. ^s- sanad (pi. *>^ 

Fulfil, v. (+» tammam, yutam- 

mim ; {u ^ qada, yaqdi ; qa4da, 

Fulfilment, *. f\**\ itmam; ^ 

tamm ; Jj^ takmil. 
Full, adj. ^JU malan ; ^^» mal- 

yan; /^» mamlii-w; {J t*+ mu- 

Full, s. (repletion) g** saba*. 
Full, v. f* qa^r, yaqsur; W*- 

habba^, yubabbi^. 
Fuller, s. j\** qassar. 
Fullery, s. lj*&+ maq8ara-t. 
Fulling, s. S^Ui qasara-t. 
Fulminate, v. *^> ra'ad, yar'ad; 

J^\ ar*ad, yur*id ; J*Art inia'al, 

Fulmination, s. A*j\ ir'ad ; JUaj^ 

Fulness, «. !U«\ imtila' ; c^» ti^b- 
Fulsome:, oc?/. uyu muqarrif ; «;^» 

makruh ; yft^U fa^is. 
Fulsomeness, 0. <jW fuhs, fahs; 

iA^U fahtiia-t. 
Fumble, v. (manage awkwardly) 

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(*&& gaiam, yagsira. — (grope) 

^r— *. hassas, yuhassis. 
Fumbler, 8. (**£& gasim (pi. U-fc^ 

Fumbling, s. &y ^ gasumiya-t. 
Fume, g. (^*> duhan, duhhan (pi. 

&u^ adhina-t. 
Fume, v. &*»* dahhan, yudahhin. 

— (rage) s-^ gadab, yagdib; 

M*±\ igtaz, yagtag. 
Fumigate, v. f&. bahhar, yubahhir. 
Fumigation, g. ;*afc*> tabhir ; J**y 

Fun, 8. s-*J la'ab; &>y nuzha-t; 

Cy* mazh (pi. cV m i za b) ; g^«> 

Function, g. J** 'amal (pi. JUc^ 

a'mal) ; s-~«^* mansab (pi. s-*«l** 

manasib) ; £-*ja. hidnia-t (pi. 

p±± hidam). 
Functionary, g. &;.*U.* s-^-^> sahib 

niunasaba-t ; ^a ^ * mansabdar. 
Fund, s. JUN <j-^ ras al-mal 

(vulg. rasmal) ; JUM J-^ asl al- 
Fundament, 8. <j-U^ asas (pi. ^r*~^ 

U8us). — (seat of the body) «**a* 

lnaq'ad (pi. Ju*\iU maqa'id). 
Fundamental, adj. <j~^ asasi-y ; 

<jl*t asli-y. 
Fundamental, g. ftJ^Vi qa'ida-t (pi. 

±*\y* qawii'id). 
Funeral, 8. SjW janaza-t ; {$<*<£ 

tadfin ; ^jiJ* tadaffun ; \p *aza\ 
Funnel, g. £♦* qim', qum' (pi. 

£t** q um u*). 

Funny, adj. ^^st— * mushin ; ctW^ 

mudhik. " 
Fur, 8. *rf farwa-t (pi. v^;V farawi, 

^y» fira). 
Furious, adj. s^ 4 * gadub ; g*V* 

Furiousness, Fury, g. s-^ gacjab ; 

^L^-db hay a jan ; $•** 3idda-t ; 

lj+juh gasmara-t. 
Furl, v. <sf* $awa, ya^wi ; fi 

lamm, yalumm. 
Furlong, g. J**N <$*$ sumn al- 

Furlough, s. c\j^ Sj^ ijaza-t li- 

'r-riwab ; &**} ruhsa-t. 

Furnace, g. &f\ atun (pi. v&>V*yt 

atunat) ; ^ f urn (pi. ^V^ 

Furnish, v. (supply) fj^ & (*& 

qaddam la-hu al-lawazim, yu- 

qaddim; y&* jahhaz, yujahhiz; 

^5** hayya', yuhayyi'. — (fit up) 

i±J\ assas, yu*as§is; J^* faraS, 

Furniture, g. \J»^ fars ; *±>\*\ asas ; 

u&~*H «£>^^» manqulat al-bet 

Furrier, g. \£ farra\ 
Furrow, g. ^ talam (pi. ^ 

atlam) ; !■** hatf (pi- ^ hu^). 
Furrow, v. ^i* tallam, yutalliin; 

^ hattat, yuhattU- — (wrinkle) 

yj*f karrai, yukarriS. 
Further, adj. ±**\ ab*ad. 
Further, v. ^ raqqa, yuraqqi ; 

fAi qaddam, yuqaddim ; ^^c 

'awan, yu*awin. 
Furtherance, s. (*<** taqdim ; 

(jjy^ *aun ; Zif*» ma*una-t ; i*cU-« 

Furthermore, adv. *£&$ ^ S^Vjj 

ziyada-t *ala zalik ; *s\33 ^ gair 

Furthermost, adj. ±**\ ab 4 ad. 
Furthest, adj. ^\ aqdam. 
Furtive, adj. v3)r-^ masruq ; <J*» 

Fury, 8. see Furiousness. — (tno- 

Zenf woman) &j£ gula-t. 
Fuse, v. <&W~ sabak, yasbuk ; s-»^»> 

zawwab, yuzawwib. 
Fusee, 8. iy*6>* zahira-t (pi. ^WJ 

zahayir); ^e^' fatila-t (pi. JjUA 

Fusibility, s. d\-^~J\ insibak ; 

(;jWfr- say ah an ; (^^ ziibaii. 
Fusion, 8. csJLj— sabk; ^*U^ iza- 

Fuss, 8. ^>\^z\ id^irab. 
Fustian, 8. (cloth) WaS qotoniya-t ; 

fV*. ham. — (bombast) £*JW-*muba- 

laga-t; r KJ\ ^ Uy^ ifra* fi-'L 

Fustiness, g. i$te 'afan ; ^*y^c *uf ft- 

na-t ; *-Ajy«» ta?wif. 
Fusty, adj. iJ ** 'afani-y. 

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Futile, adj. J\L| baftal; J^W 

batil; «j** bafiq. 
Futility, b. qW* butlan ; SUa* ba- 

tala-t ; «j** hafaq. 
Future, adj. J*fc~* mustaqbil. 

Futueb, Futurity, *. JW**-^ istiq- 

Ft, excl. «« wah ! u\ uf ! J V 

tabban li; 6&\ yuu-A astagfir 



Gabble, v. M* batbat, yubatbit. 
Gable, s. ^^ ma^raf (pi. <j^U*« 

masarif) ; <;)jW jamlun. 
Gao, s. fU*> fimam ; d\*jb> £ihak ; 

j»W^ ^ibam. 
Gao, v. id+A sahak, yaihak ; Ji* 

gallal, yugallil ; ^ sabaiu, yas- 

Gage, a. ^ rahn (pi. ^y&j rubftn). 
Gaifty, s. &**? bahja-t ; U~-i\ i m . 

bisa* ; <-A** kaif ; ^ ;r - surur ; tj* 

Gain, 8. s-*~ * kasb ; < E ,»~. < « maksi- 

ba-t (pi. »r— ^» makasib) ; ^j 

ribh (pi. cW^ arbah) ; SojU f&yi- 

da-t (pL a*tj* f away id). 
Gain, v. * . ■■. * kasab, yaksib ; 

» i « """ , sfl iktasab, yaktasib ; ^ 

rabih, yarbab. — (obtain) J^J nal, 

yanaL — (^ain on) «j*~ sabaq, 

yasbiq, yasbuq. 
Gainful, adj. &b nafi* ; .M* mu- 


Gainsay, v. cJMW Mlaf, yuhalif ; 
^Ai^ naqacj, yunaqi^. 

Gait, b. 5jA* maswa-t ; &#**• mai- 

Gale, «. j^ja ^ rih sadid ; &*^ 
'asifa-t (pi. Juy awasif). 

Gall, b. ly mirra-t, murra-t (pi. 
if mirar) ; \£~ safra'. — (gall- 
nut) £*Ae 'afsa-t (pi. uoAc *afs). 

Gall, v. (break the skin) $*\ adbar, 
yudbir ; j«e 'aqar, ya'qir ; 'aqqar, 
yu'aqqir. — (vex) ^-W Daka, 
yanki ; *r~&t\ ag<Jab, yugdib. 

Gajllant, adj. (brave) g*^* saji* ; 
u*\* jS zA bas; Jk ba^al ; JW; 

raj jal.— (showy) Utf£* mukallaf ; 

v-Aj^t zarif . 
Gallant, *. (dandy) jJoi gandar ; 

J!***** gundur. — ( paramour) ij±\* 

Gallantry, g. (bravery) & r\ ¥ 4 

sVja'a-t; fl^ butula-t. — (polite 

attention to women) Jita dalal; 

&)U* mugazala-t. 
Gallery, s. <j&+* mamsa (pi. 

^aU* mamasi) ; j^ riwaq, ru- 

waq (pi. ta^ arwiqa-t). 
Galley, s. s^/ gurab (pi. a>^\ 

Galloon, s. Wj* sarit ; ZJ*m\ an- 

Gallop, s. a^) raqd ; ^ ramji. 
Gallop, v. (jA*j raqad, yarqu^ ; c"j 

ramah, yarinah ; J** hayyal, yu- 

Gallows, a. & u&- ma^naqa-t (pi. 

,3>U^ masaniq) ; s -*^ &**3 la'bat 

Gamble, v. jUA\ w^ la'ab al-qimar, 

yal*ib ; j-tt qaraar, yuqamir ; j*B 

taqammar, yataqammar. 
Gambler, s. s^** la"ab; s-^ 

la"ib ; y\&+ muqamir ; j^-j yas^r. 
Gambling, *. jUi qimar ; iy\&* mu- 

Gambol, t;. y» qafaz, yaqfiz; W 

naU, yanuft. 
Gambol, s. S)A* qafza-t ; iy*3 qam- 

za-t ; &> natta-t. 
Game, «. (pfoty) s-*l la'ab, lu'b.— 

(animals hunted) J^ said; ^/^S 

qanas ; W* qanisa-t (pi. ya^ 


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Game-bag, $. pfe** himyan (pi. 

(^dtUA haniayin). 
Gamut, 8. &C.j*J\ SjjU dayirat al- 
io usiqa-t. 
Gander, *. f$ jj wazz zakir. 
Gang, *. &W jama'a-t ; S^j zum- 

ra-t (pl./^j zumar) ; i*;~ surba-t 

(pi. s^r* 8Ur M>, v»V*^ asrab); 

top- jauqa-t. 
Gantlet, b. j*jw. (^» utf kaff min 

tadid (pi. «^ytf kufuf). 
Gaol, *. y^^ habs (pi. u*f*»* 

tubus); (j+m sijn (pi. (jj^- 

Gaoler, *. ^-W habbas ; gW- 

Gap, *. jp harq ; <ja gaqq, h*> 

aaqqa-t (pi. jy* suquq). 
Gape, v. (yawn) s^*» tasawab, ya- 

tasawab. — (open) n. ^ tafallaq, 

yatafaliaq; ,j**> taiaqqaq, ya- 

Garb, 8. <j~*J libs (pi. ^-^J lubus) ; 

f*~* kasm; ^j zi-y (pi. Vy\ 

Garbage, *. (fcotoek) (£y* nius- 

ran ; <#;U* masarin. — (offal) 

iAAc «ai$a-t ; Wu saqa* (pi. Ua-t 

Garble, v. (sieve) J^± garbal, yu- 

garbil. — (picA; out for a purpose) 

s-aUrt intahab, yantahib. 
Garden, e. &a*^ janina-t (pi. ^W 

janayin); o^JL* bustan (pi. 

i$£\~* basatin) ; fep rau^a-t, 

ruda-t (pi. ^iij riyad) ; lii** 

fcadiqa-t (pi. j|W fcadayiq). — 

(kitchen -garden) $;/£» ljakura-t 

(pl.j**V> fcawakir). 
Gardener, «. JtL* bustani-y ; 

o» u «* bustanji (Turk.) ; ^L* 

janavini-y; *>U warrad ; J^ 

hauliy (pi. J^s* hawal). 
Gardening, *. ^L^tt 2**l. hidmat 

Gargle, Gargarism, «. ipp gar- 

gara-t ; pps tagargur. 
Gargle, v. pp gargar, yugargir. 
Garland, «. p) JJtf iklil zahr (pi. 

J*W akalil): VP 

Garlic, *. rf gum ; f/ turn. 

Garment, *. v»y saub, gob (pi. 

sA; siyab) ; &* hulla-t (pi. jl^ 

hulal, JJU hilal) ; Sj-* kiswa-t 
Garner, *. j\**\ ambar (pi. j&\}\ 

auabir) ; yy** mahzan (pi. <^jU^ 

mahazin) ; up sauna- 1, suna-t 

(pi. <v V* iawani) ; ^p hury (pi. 

\p\ ahra'). 
Garnet, 8. Jfe** 'aqiq (pi. «j*Ub 

'aqayiq) ; ^V* ;*»» ha jar saya- 

Garnish, v. yi) zayyan, yuzayyin ; 

<Jp) zahraf, yuzahrif ; «-A»? tah- 

haf , yutahhif. 
Garnishment, 8. ky zina-t ; &i^j 

Garret, *. S^«w hujra-t (pi. j^b*. 

hujar) ; S^%^ hujaira-t). 
Garrison, «. (fortified place) Wi 

qaTa-t(pl. £^i qila 4 ).— (6ody o/ 

troops in it) ^jJaiWJi al-muhafi- 

zin ; A«lfiJ\ Ja\ ahl al-qaJ'a-t. 
Garrison, v. ^ f^~* &> wada* 

'asakir fi, ya4a*. 
Garrulity, *. Jy^ fudul; jUi 

fuSar; IM galaba-t; (2SS\ lp£ 

kasrat al-kalam. 
Garrulous, arf/. ^«2^ mibzar; 

Jp* f u^uli-y ; jUi f ai^ar ; J\jl 

Garter, *. jUJ^ LVj^ ribat as-saq 

(pi. Wj rubut). 
Gas, *. tjy ruh ; jVi gaz. 
Gash, 8. &*-\y> jiraha-t (pi. e^j* 

jirah) ; c^ jarh (pi. ttf* juriUji, 

oW^ juruhat). 
Gash, v. ty* jarah, yajrah. 
Gasp, «. ^-Ai? tanaffus. 
Gasp, v. ^-AaJ tanaffas, vatanaffaa. 
Gate, *. v»^» bab (pi. v»V^ abwab, 

(^W biban) ; &i\f bawwaba-t. 
Gateway, *. yj** dihliz (pl.jJV^o 

Gather, v. q++ jama', yajma*. — 

(fruit) ^5** jana, yajni; «-ftkJ 

qa^af, yaqtif. — (infer) ^r m - , m r ^\ 

istantij, yastantij. — (suppurate) 

J^J^^ indamal, yandamiL 
Gaudiness, s. <-*py tazahruf. 
Gaudy, adj. <-*py muzahraf. 
Gauge, s. ^C* qiyas (pi. i-^ 

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aqyasa-t) ; u*W** miqyas ; fl^ 

kaila-t ; jW* 'iyar. 
Gauge, v. ^Vi qas, yaqis; j^ 

'ajar, yu'ayir. 
Gaunt, adj. <)%*• mahzul (pi. J>jW* 

mahiuil) ; Jjyfc hazil. 
Gauntinbss, s. J\)A nazal. 
Gauze, s. ^aa£ kaif ; *sW>* baran- 

jik (<J*y burunjiq, Turk). 
Gay, od/. (merry) fij~* masrur ; 

±y—~» mabsu^; 0^7* farhan. — 

(showy) <-*i^ zarif; *-i/^« mu- 

Gaze, v. J**^ ta'ainmal, yata'am- 

mal ; g*U» t&a-S yutali' ; Uj rana, 

Gaze, s. J*A\ &+\<A idamat an- 

nazar; g&>\ ittila'. 
Gazette, s. hp± &« waraqa-t ha- 

bariya-t; &~*)> j(**\ ah bar yo- 

miya-t ; ^sjj^ gazeta. 
Gazette, v. j#±\ ahbar, yuhbir. 
Gazetteer, *. j*a»-* muhabbir. 
Gear, s. {j*iy tazyin. 
Geld, ^j-^ has 1, yahsi ; yj»J* taw- 
was, yu$awwis\ 
Gelding, *. \j»f— q\*** hisan mu- 

tawwas ; ^-ojfc* ^Ua- hisan mah- 

"|i-J ; lt*^ kadis (pi. j5»J^ kud~s\ 

Gem, s. y*j* jauhar (pi. j*\fh jawa- 

hir) ; &~4J ft^^o. hajara-t samina-t 

(pi. } ^\ ahjar). 
Gemini, s. (constellation) \)j%H g^ 

burj al-jauza*. 
Gender, *. <j~^ jins (pi. ^W^ 

ajnas, u*j**- junus). 
Genealogical, adj. ^-—i nasabi-y. 
Genealogist, *. s-»^ nassab ; 

A>U-j nassaba-t ; &»)U> ti'lama-t. 
Genealogy, s. n-*~<* nasab; J~i 

General, ad/, (public) fU 'amm; 

^fy** 'amumi-y ; ,»*+£ 'amim. — 

(tm>* special) «JU»* mu$laq ; J*^ 

mujmal. — (usual) ^SLjls\ i'tiya- 
di-y ; o\j»* mu'tad. 
General, *. ^C-c ^* sari 'askar ; 
j £ »»e ^U sari *askar ; j£~*5\ y*^ 
ras al-'aakar; J*VS qayid; J\y^ 

Generalisation, s. jj*U iflaq. 
Generalise, v. p* 'amm, ya'umm ; 

/*** 'ammam, yu'ammim ; <jlM 

a$laq, yujliq. 
Generalissimo, *. ^ye^iXj&A amir 

al-juyui; \j-!R ^\ amir al- 

Generality, *. fj-** 'umura; 

£**j*fc 'umumiya-t; &»U <am- 

ma-t ; ^» t ur r- 
Generally, adv. "Wite galiban. 
Generalship, s. &e*)+)\ ^\ al- 

fann al-harbiya-t. 
Generate, v. ^ 5 walad, yalid. 
Generation, s. J^Jy taulid; foUj 

walada-t; J-»U* tanasul. — (jpro- 

^e^y) ^3 zurriya-t. — (age) •** 

'asr ; ^»> dahr ; t)Uj zaman ; J«* 

jil (pi. JW^ ajyal). 
Generative, adj. Ay muwallid. 
Generic, Generical, adj. {mS ^J^ 

Generosity, *. V^- saha* ; SjV^- 

sahawa-t; »>^> jiid ; S*>^> jAda-t; 

tf karam; lAf karama-t; ly* 

Generous, adj. ^at- sahi-y (pi. 

Wab-t ashiya') ; ^ karim (pi. 

r y kiram) ; S\^. jawad (pi. S\p\ 

ajwad, *>)W\ ajawid, &c). 
Genial, adj. (cheering) tj*- muf- 

rih, raufarrih. — (natural) e*>U 

sadij ; W-4 basi{. 
Genitive, *. (state of construction) 

&U\ idafa-t. — (noun in the gene- 

tive case) &^\ «-*U* mudaf ilaihi. 

— (noun governing the genitive) 

«~*U* mudaf. 
Genius, s. (superior faculties) &*^ 

qariha-t (pi. ^\jB qarayilj).— 

(man of superior faculties) ^i ^ 

zu qari^a-t. — (a spirit) (^ jinn 

(pi. k* jinna-t) ; ^ jinni-y. 
Genteel, adj. s-*>*^ adib ; s-^-^* 

v>^ sahib adab; Ul£A latif; 

c-A>^ zarif ; l^y ^ zu muruwa-t ; 

<^± ^alabi-y ; [j~*$ kuwayyis. 
Gentile, s. ($$\ J^U 'abid al- 


Gentility, s. lyf muruwa-t ; ^S\ 

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adab ; &UJ lafafa-t ; b\£ Z ara- 

Gentle, adj. (mild) (*J*» halim; 

g»^ wadi* ; <-As^ latif. — (tame) 

v~e*\ anis ; o~*- salis. 
Gentleman, a. fv 3 ^ mahdum ; 

Ju- say y id (pi. *>W~^ asyad). — (i/ 

a scholar) {&** mu'allim. — (if a 

tradesman) W^-bawaja-t, haja-t, 


GeNTLEMANLINESS, *. S^ adab ; 

lyf rauruwa-t ; &-1* 6albana-t. 
Gentlemanly, adj. ^A adami-y 

(pi. f^^ awadim) ; q*+a+ muta- 

Gentleness, e. fo\j) wada'a-t ; 

(J** bilm. 
Gentlewoman, a. <$yU. batun (pi. 

y&\y± bawatin) ; >j^a- sitta-t. 
Gentet, *. \*j&S\ ai-6urafa\ 
Genuine, adj. jd^ halis (pi. (jal*. 

bulla?) ; £W sahih (pi. c^*- 

sihab, c^W* sahayih, Ub*\ asih- 

Genuineness, 8. v/*^ hulus ; *a-«> 

Genus, 8. v-** jins (pi. <j*W^ 

ajnas, u*r^ junus). 
Geographer, 8. <j*;^ f\~») rassam 

al-anji ; *>M UU ha^at al-bilad ; 

«^*\jA> jagraf. 
Geographical, adj. o*V* jagra- 

Geooeaphy, *. u*^ (*~j fJ* 'ilm 

rasm al-ard ; £>N;*> jagrafiya-t. 
Geologist, 8. <j*jfi\ s-*«^* (J\* 'alim 

bi-tarkib al-ar<jL 
Geology, 8. ij*jb\ s-^> ^ 'ilm 

tarkib al-ard. 

Geomanceb, 8. JUj rammal. 




IB, 8. J^> ] 

s^ 4 ar b ar- 

Geomantic, adj. ^^ ramli-y. 
Geometeb, Geometrician, *. 
(j-^6^ mubandis; c^* massah. 


^5-j^a handasi-y. 
Geometry, 8. &-jo$H ^ic <ilm al- 

Germ, s. &** nabt; £**A* naalya-t 

(pL u^V nawiUi). 

Germinal, oJ/. ^M nabati-y. 
Germinate, v. ***** nabat, yambut ; 

fc^e* 'ayyan, yu'ayyin ; £/ farra', 

Germination, 8. «>W* nabat ; »£>j** 

Gestation, *. J**> habal; J^ 

Gesticulate, v. Uj wama', yama' ; 

^^ auma, yumi; yt± sabbar, 

yuSabbir ; ^a>\ a£ar, yuSir. 
Gesture, 8. &f» haraka-t ; tj\A>\ 

i^ara-t ; W^ ima* ; >«-** taibir. 
Get, v. JVi nal, yanal ; jW haz, ya- 

huz ; J^ J-a. basal 'ala, yabsal. 
Ghastliness, 8, Jy& baul (pi. J^y^ 

abwal, J$y& huwul). 
Ghastly, adj. (deadly pah) J** 

*s**6*l\ misl al-mayyit; **^jN j**\ 

asfar al-wajh. — (terrible) J^» 

Ghost, «. «t^\ c^Jke 'ifrit al- 
mayyit ; JW^ hiyal (pi. aLa.^ 

abyila-t, «y3W^ hiyalat) ; UbVL 

^ayif (pi. U\ylm tawwaf) ; cJLi 

taif.— (the Holy Ghost) u -ofii\ tj» 

nih al-quds. 
Ghostliness, «. ^^; ruhaniya-t. 
Ghostly, ac?;. 0*^5; ruhani-y. 
Giant, *. y^ 'aun (pi. J\^\ a 4 wan) ; 

J^> baikal (pi. J*W* bayakil). 
Giantess, *. &)* 'auna-t. 
Gibbet, 8. fa' a * ma^naqa-t (pi. 

j^U^ ma^aniq). 
Gibbous, ad/. v>^ ahdab, f. V|jto. 

feadba (pi. v>»^ hudb). 
Gibe, v. v> ^^fe- sahir bi, yashar ; 

j -a fc -»* tama8bar, yatamasbar ; 

«£W&» tadabbak, yatadabbak (the 

latter two witb «J^ «ala). 
Gibe, *. \pzJ\ istibza' ; rf* buzu ; 

^fc- sabar ; &£*X±+ mudahaka-t. 
Giddiness, 8. &•;*> dauha-t, doha-t. 

— (levity) &A*L ^iyaia-t. 
Giddy, adj. £>^ &-\j ras-bu da- 

yib ; (j^tf \kjii. 
Gift, «. l^ 'atiya-t (pi. V^V^e 

'atAya') ; &*&) wahaba-t ; a ,.j* 

biba-t (pi. «yW^ hibat) ; Atoufc 

hadiya-t (pi. k\<** bad^ya') ; ^A»? 

tutfa-t (pi. «Jfc* tutaf).— (talent) 

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«,oJ qudra-t; ^U qabiliya-t; 
**>/ qariha-t. 
Gifted, adj. ^»U sa^ir ; y>U mahir. 
Gigantic, adj. ^y* 'auni-y ; Jty. 

Gioole, t>. ^W^^ istadhak, yas- 

Gioot, s. (**& ^ati fahz ganam. 
Gild, v. s-a^ JLk $al a bi-'z-zahab, 

yatli ; s-^*i zabhab, yuzahhib. 
Gilded, Gilt, adj. { J&» mu^alla. 
Gildeb, s. { JS— mu^alli ; U $alla' ; 

s-^J^ muzahhib. 
Gildino, s. ^ tali ; ^jll» talya-t. 
Gills, *. ««U„tt jyL** nahs&S as- 

Gilly-floweb, 8. jy±- mansur. 
Gimlet, 8. jf** niihraz (pi. j^Vae* 
mahariz) ; s-**** misqab (pi. 
s-«3 '^ masaqib). 
Ginoeb, 8. J««r) zinjibil; J**y* 

Gipsy, 8. <^^a* jingan; i$j+± ga- 
jari-y (pi. ^ gajar) ; «j;*j zan- 
kari-y (pi. &^>j zanakira-t) ; g*j 
zinj ; tj zuft. — (in Syria) <jrf 
nawari-y (pi. rf nawar) ; ^J^f 
qurbati-y (pi. «^W/ qurbat). 
Gibd, v. pf* hazzam, yuhazzim ; yj 
zannar, yuzannir; «*li qallad, 
Girdle, *. f\y± hizam (pi. »^>U\j*. 
hizamat, &Ly>\ ahzima-t, ^. 
huzm) ; jVij zunnar (pi. j&\i) za- 
nanir) ; j-+S kamar (pi. J<*£\ 
akmar) ; vjpj© gaulaq. 
Girl, «. «^ bint (pi. «^U* banat) ; 
***-• sabiya-t (pi. Vjl** sabaya) ; 
iijW jariya-t (pi. «j&V* jawari). 
Girlish, adj. sl^\ Jju migl al- 

Gibt, Gibth, 8. qV* bitan (pi. 
£*M abtina-t, ^ butun) ; ffy* 
hizam (pi. ^ huzm). 
Grrs, t7. Jtc «ata, yatf ; s-^j wa- 
hab, yahab; ^^ ahda, yuhdi; 
^4 -1^ c^»*\ athaf ahad-an bi- 
se-yin, yuthif; gi»> dafa 1 , y ad- 
fa 4 . 
Gizzard, *. &*^ hausala-t (pi. 
J-V* bawasil). 



Glacial, adj. gtf galij. 
Glad, Gladsome, adj. )*}**• mab- 
sut ; ^Wy farhan ; »***• masrur. 
Gladden, v. c/ farrah, yufarrih ; 

1*—* basat, yabsut. 
Glade, *. J* ^**2\ ^ ^U g*^ 
<>j». mauda* fadi min al-aijar ft 
Gladiatob, *. <j\*~. sayyaf. 
Gladness, Gladsomeness, *. t-4 

bast ; jfl- surur; t/ farah. 
Glance, *. ^ nazar (pi. ; Ukrt 
angar) ; 8^i nazara-t ; £^*1 1am- 
ha-t; ^W lahza-t. 
Glance, v. J\ ^ lamah ila, yal- 
ma^; ^j ramaq, yarmuq. — 
(shine) &b lama*, yalma*. 
Gland, «. Sj^J lauza-t, loza-t; l±k 

gudda-t (pi. *>»xfc gudad). 
Glass, s (substance) gWj zajaj ; 
jV qazaz. — (tumbler) *+W) zaja- 
ja-t; &iltS kubbaya-t; c^ qadt 
(pi. ct-tf aqdah); ^ kas (pi. 
8U^ kasat, ^-^ ku'us, ^-^^ 
akwus). — (looking - ^2ass) *&Ay 
mirat (pi. ^ mara, Vjy. maraya). 
Glassy, oif;. o^^j zajaji-y. 
Glaze, v. (vrindows) )y qazzaz, yu- 
qazziz. — (earthenware^ &c.) (j^oj 
ra§sas, yurassis. — (paper, &c.) 
Ja- saqqal, yusaqqil. 
Glazieb, 8. gWj zajjaj ; jt)l qaz- 

Gleam, «. JUa ^ u 'a' (pi. &tflb^ 

aii"a-t, e** ^a*uO ; W* 4ija. 
Gleam, v. £A*a ^a'ia', yuia'^i' ; 

£*5 lama', yalma*. 
Glean, v. U) laqqa^, yulaqqif; ; ^ 

u^aJ\ lamm al-qas^, yalumm. 
Gleaner, s. t^J laqqat ; ^r^^ fWi 

lammam al-qai^ ; ^»Uj qa&al 
Glebe, s. (clod) &j^ madara-t. 
Glee, s. (joy) tj* farafc ; L^ bast ; 
fc^ tazz. — (catch) Ufc gina' (pi. 
J^\ agani). 
Gleeful, Gleesome, adj. ;jJr -^ 

masrur ; ^^ farhan. 
Glen, *. 8ja ; wahda-t (pi. ^Va. 
wihad); s-*ei &<b (pi. v»Uai 
Glib, adj. (slippery) <jpy* muzliq. 


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— (voluble) gt-lN J*- gahil al- 

lisan ; j^ a^daq, f . VIja sadqa 

(pi. JJA sudq) ; s-ac *a<Jb. 
Glibness, s. (jjUJJ^ a^e- suhMa-t 

al-lisan ; **«*» ba'ba'a-t. 
Glide, v. S>y tazallaq, vatazallaq ; 

v3^y tazanlaq, yatazahlaq. 
Glimmer, v. £*1 lama*, yalma*. 
Glimmer, *. &*«J lam'a-t. 
Glimpse, *. gU*J lama'an; £*J 

Glisten, 0. g*J lama', yalma' ; j^ 

baraq, yabruq. 
Glitter, v. £±*m> sa'sa', yusa's*i'. 
Glitter, *. gWi lama'an; j^ 

barq ; W-* 4iy&'« 
Gloat, v.^ gammaz, yugammiz. 
Globe, *. S/ kurra-t; fl^killa-t. — 

(the earth) v/;^ 8/ kurrat al- 

ar<J ; W*»> dunya. 
Globular, adj. ssf kuri-y; e&* 

Globule, s. h** fcabba-t. 
Gloom, s. (darkness) &♦& zulma-t. 

— (sullenness) ^— ^ gamm ; )<& 

Gloom, v. (be sullen) j<& takaddar, 

yatakaddar. — (grow dark) (*s* 

J atam, ya'tim; ^ * M a'tam, 

Gloomy, ad;. ^* muzlim ; jj£s* 

mutakaddir ; ;i/^ qamtarir. 
Glorification, s. ^W- subhan; 

ee*~~? tasbih. 
Glorify, v. J^#majjad,yumajjidJ; 

C-— sabbah, yusabbilj. 
Glorious, ad;. Jel* ialil (pi. 2M 

ajilla', &► jilla-t, *M ajilla-t) ; 

p&> Sahir ; tj»w* mamdiih. 
Glory, *. •*%* majd; A**, ljamd; 

jafei fahr ; 8y* 'izza-t. 
Glory, v. (exult in) «■*» /** fahar 

bi, yafhar ; ^A? tafahhar, yata- 

fahhar ; f&\ iftahar, yaftahir. 
Gloss, *. (glossiness) ^ jila' ; 8^1* 

jalwa-t. — (comment) tr* sarh; 

je~ A? tafsir. 
Gloss, v. (give lustre) Ja* eaqqal, 

yusaqqil. — (comment upon) c^ 

saiufc, yasrafc ; /-* fasar, yaf sir, 

yafaur; f aasar, yuf assir. 

Glossary, s. **>UJ ^,1** kitab lugat 

(pi. s-** kutub) ; (;)W/ tarju- 

Glossy, adj. i^+* mujalla Jj*-"* 

Glove, *. Utfkaff (pi. •Jytf'kufuf). 
Glover, a. <Jy*-Z £W* bayya* 

Glow, *. ^ fcarr ; tyf* harara-t ; 

£«*•. ham mi y a- 1. 
Glow, v. <j*o- hami, yahma. 
Glowing, adj. <j**- hamiy, biman ; 

^U. ljami ; i****" mubma. 
Glow-worm, «. s-«^W» j^ abfi haba- 

Glue, «. y gira\ 
Glue, «. <j/£ garra, yugarri ; <>J 

tykft* lassaq bi-'l-gira', yulassiq. 
Gluey, Glutinous, adj. &} lazij ; 

jj»»> dubAq. 
Glum, cwi;. o^U. fciinn4; ^^. 

hasir ; o^J za'lan. 
Glut, v. &*5 tasabba', yata^abba' ; 

f&*\ ibtala', yabtali'; ***\ ilta- 

qam, yaltaqim ; fi/» ^arib, yasrab. 
Glut, #. gee-^ tasbi'; {«i» sab', 

Glutton, *. Gluttonous, adj. gi» 

bula' ; JV^ akkal ; ay* sarib ; o^ 

sarbin ; <j&*>U malji^. 
Gluttony, #. g<-*i tasabbu* ; ^\^» 

s^traha-t; *j* sarab. 
Gnarl, «. ^* bambam, ynbam- 

him ; y^ barbar, yubarbir. 
Gnash, v. ^U-3^ ^o earr al-asnan, 

yaaurr; ty qarqat, yuqarqH ; 

pj$\ j^ taraq al-urram, yahriq. 
Gnashing of teeth, s. ]Lf> sarir ; 

fi^i qarqata-t. 
Gnat, s. L.y\i namftsa-t; ^y«t 

ba'foja-t ; i-ti^i bargasa-t. 
Gnaw, v. ^ qaracji, yaqrid ; o*V 

qarqa4, yuqarqicj; ltV <iar<ia4 

Go, v. (walk) u&* maia, yam^i. — 

(go away) c\) rat» yariih ; s-^^S 

zabab, yazhab. 
Go-between, s. l»-y^ mutawassit ; 

fia-^ wasita-t. 
Goad, s. y**+ minbaz ; jW* mih- 


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Goad, v. $* nahaz, yanhaz ; {J-& 

nahas, yanhas, yanhus. 
Goal, s. ^tu nisan (pi. 0**W* na- 

yaiin) ; a*s* maqsad, maqsid 

(pi. juU* maqasid). 
Goat, s. y** ma'z ; Sy** ma'za-t (pi. 

U»* mi'za') ; y& 'anz ; S^c 'anza-t 

(pi. *a>\ -at, jUc 'inaz). — (he- 
goat) jcU ma'iz (pi. f\y ma- 

wa'iz) ; ^-o? tais (pi. u-ja* tuyus). 
Gobble, v. s-** 'abb, ya'ubb ; £j* 

jara', yajra* ; ^ lafaJj, yalfah. 
Goblet,' #. c** 5 qadat (pi. C^ 

Goblin, s. Jla* hayal (pi. &*M 

ahyila-t) ; &* jinn (pi. &* jin- 

na-t) ; i _ 5 *> jinni-y. 
God, 8. AlH allah. — (tjrocl tn greneraJ) 

*3\ , ait ilah (pi. *eN aliha-t).— 

{goddess) ty ilaha-t. 
Godchild, s. Qy<& filliyun, f. bye?* 

Godfather, s. &$** gabin; &*t*>\ 

tebin (pL &6*\*\ aaabin). 
Godhead, *. &*f\ uliiha-t; l**f\ 

Godless, adj. ^ kafir (pi. Sytf 

kafara-t, j& kuffar). 

GODLESSNESS, 8. j& kuf T ; <j>V^ 

Godlike, od;. &!N J** migl ilah. 
Godliness, *. <^/» taqwa; 8$to 

taqawa-t ; S*>W* 'ibada-t. 
Godly, ad;, ^a? taqi (pi. W*rt at- 

qiya') ; .x*jtt* muta'abbid. 
Godmother, #. &*-a sabina-t. 
Gold, *. s-*»* zahab ; %p> tibra-t. 
Golden, adj. s~a<* {&• min zahab ; 

^5**^ zahabi-y. 
Goldsmith, 8. &S+ sayig (pi. £\*-> 

•uyyag) ; #*- sayyag. 
Gold-thread, *. Ji? tail. 
Gondola, #. j^j zauraq (pi. jfy 

Gonorrhoea, 8. (jr-^ <$V* sayalan 

firanji-y ; &&\ zanqa-t. 
Good, adj. s-*a* tayyib (pi. ^ -In, 

h*V-M atyab) ; p^ hair (pi. j>^ 

hiyar, j^\ ahyar) ; .**► jayyid; 

iU salife ; g*** safcik (pi. cU* 

Good, 8. (goodness) J*>* jamil ; ^ 
hair; ($v-*^ i^san; ji* fadl. — 
(advantage) S^»U fayida-t (pi. 
•fcU* fa way id) ; £*&*• inanfa'a-t 
(pi. g-i\X« manafi'). — (goods) 
v»W-^ asbab; g>U> badaji* (pi. 
of XcUj ba<ja'a-t) ; fyW* tijara-t ; 
gU» mata' (pi. ***^ amti'a-t). 

Goodly, oo}'. (*fc 'azim; p^* 

Goodliness, s. &*%• malaha-t; 
(jj— ► husn (pi. th- W« ma^asin). 

Goose, *. )y wazz ; 83^ wazza-t. 

Gore, *. (clotted blood) u*^* f J 
dam muqarras. — (pafcA; &*** 
baniqa-t (pi. v>jW banayiq). 

Gore, v. ^i nata^, yantah. 

Gorge, *. (throat) ^J^ k&lq; f»y^ 
bulquni. — (mountain pass) Ok- 4 * 
madiq (pi. v>5^* ina4ayiq) ; s-***» 
si'b (pi. v>^» &'ab). 

Gorge, v. (swallow greedily) {te)\ 
ibtala', yabtali*. 

Gorgeous, adj. gl&H ^JtD. 'azim 

Gorgeousness, *. W^c 'agama-t ; 
JL*\ke uzzama-t. 

Gormand, Gourmand, Gorman- 
dise r, 8. (jh ba( in (pi. a^ 
bitan) ; ^^ batnaai-y. 

Gormandise, v. ^ ba^an, yabtun. 

Gory, adj. f*t *a»^U mulawwai bi- 
dam ; f»»> ^Vi^ garqan dam. 

Gosling, *. ij«A» fy wazza-t sagl- 

Gospel, *. J*r^ injil (pi. J*>^\ 
anajil); ji\&* $j\ arba* baiayir; 
iSyt* buira (pi. ^\^ bu^rawat). 
— (the Christian faith) £t~~d \ ^»> 

din al-masib ; o^» *^ eH^ a< i- 

din al-masihi-y. 
Gossamer, s. J»*jA\ v>^ li'ab ai- 

sams; ^^W^^ i»U^ muhaf ai- 

foitan; J^-* nusal; f}\y* jawa- 

Gossip, «. W*5^ ^j^ ka§ir al-gala- 

ba-t ; vJ^a* f u^uli-y. 
Gossip, v. &*i*H /^ kaggar al-gala- 

ba-t, yukagsir. 
Gouge, v. ^*»N (& qala* al-'ain, 


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Gourd, s. £? qar'; l*ji qar*a-t; 

C^2 yaqtin ; Z±M vaqtina-t. 
Gout, *. d£A\ U da? al-muluk ; 

d^4$\ frp waja' al-muluk. 
Gouty, adj. <Af*A\ U a* bihi da* al- 
muluk; Gy& mafluj (pi. qJ\** 
Govern, v. J* ^ hakam 'ala, 
yahkum; J^ U~J tasalla* 'ala, 
yataaaUat ; f* dabbar, yudabbir ; 
v^-U sas, yasus. — (in grammar) 
o* J** *airiil fi, ya'mal. 

Governable, adj. q^ mutf'. 

Governess, 8. 2+i** mu'allima-t. 

Government, *. (rule) ^ hukm ; 
^•^ hukiima-t; ^ tadbir. — 
(JWy of rulers) p\£+}\ al-huk- 

Governor, «. ^^U hakim (pi. f\**» 
hukkam); J\, wall (pi. ^ 

Governorship, «. £^ wilaya-t. 

Gown, s. (a woman's) vy saub (pi. 
s-»W> §iyab) ; 8,1** habara-t ; &U** 
mantana-t. — (a man's) u^— *? 
baniiS (Turk.) ; £**V*y fauqani- 
ya-t ; ^y f aragiya-t. 

Grace, *. (favour) C*s ni'ma-t (pi. 
*** ni'am); ^Uc 'inaya-t ; r / 
karain. — ( pardon) y* 'af u ; c^- 
samah. — (loveliness) «J^ zarf ; 
*M> zarafa-t ; J W jamal ; &UJ 
la^afa-t ; *-*)iu» malaha-t. — 
(prayer) Uj du'a' (pi. Z**S\ ad'i- 
ya-t).— (fttfe) S^ hagVa-t. 

Grace, v. (adorn) (;)—*■ hassan, yu- 
bassin ; ^j zayyan, yuzayyin. — 
(honour) tf\ akram, yukrim; 
<Jj* £arraf, yu^arrif. 

Graceful, adj. u^t zarif ; Ui^ 
latif; J*** jamil; *# bahij. 

Gracefulness, s. o£j lujf; &**w 
bahja-t ; b\£ zarafa-t. 

Graceless, adj. (coarse) M* galig. 
— (depraved) Ju.U fasid. 

Gracelessness, 8. &U gilaza-t; 
*>Uj fasad. 

Gracious, adj. (speaking of God) 
t)W ; ragman ; (**») rahim. — (of 
man) **/ karim; u&%» mula- 



Graciousness, a. lAf karama-t; 

***i^ kariiniya-t. 
Gradation, a. gjjjtf tadrij. 
Grade, s. &*^ daraja-t (pi. $>»> 

daraj) ; &4>y martaba-t (pi. s-^V* 

Gradual, adj. o^4)^ tadriji-y. 
Gradually, adv. g£)«*2» bi- tadrij. 
Graduate, v. (divide into degrees) 

gyAj j*~ 5 qassam bi-daraj, yu- 

qassim ; ty darraj, yudarrij ; n. 

(take a degree) tj^ tadarraj, ya- 

Graduation, *. g^ &*~J qismat 

< * ara J > C?^ tadrij. 
Graft, s. y>k gusn ; 5j*oL gusua-t 

(pi. li*t gisana-t, yyo± gu?un, 

Q\*t\ agsan). 
Graft, v. ^ $a"am, yata"im. 
Grafting, s. ^a? ta^im. 
Grain, s. (granule) s-^- habb ; &**- 

habba-t (pi. s^**. hubiib). — 

(corn in gem ml) £+* qamh; 

•**W^- hububat. — (smallest 

weight) l<t*» habba-t ; &*-** qam- 

ha-t. — (disposition) g*l» t aD< (pi- 

eWt tiba'). 
Graminivorous, adj. J±6&b. JZ\ 

akil hasis. 
Grammar, s. y^^) uyJ^ ^lc *ilm 

afi-^arf wa 'n-nahu. — (book) ^»^ 

y^A\ ) i*jj*l\ ^Jc kitab *ilm a$-sarf 

wa'n-nahu (pi. s-^ kutub). 
Grammarian, s. f*y <J^c ^» mu- 

'allim sarf wa na^ii; <j»A* na^i 

(pi. oW nuljiat) ; isf* nahwi-y 

(pi. yjlf* nahwiyun). 
Grammatical, adj. <^f* nahwi-y. 
Grammatically, adv. ±*\£ ^Jb 

^3^ y cJv-N 'ala qaw&*id a?-sa,rf 

Granary, s. )\^\ ambar (pi. j&\i\ 

anabir) ; &yb> suna-t. 
Grand, adj. f+J** 'agim (pi. ^Vke 

^igam, Ubc 'ujama') ; ^ kabir 

(pi. JLf kibar, \jf kubara', \ JT *sL* 

makbura'); jX jalil (pL V^ 

ajilla', JM ajilla-t). 
Grand-child, s. <A£\ jJ^ waiad 

al-walad ; JiW fcafid. 

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Grand-daughter, 8. <£f\ <*u* bint 

Grandee, s. Unj* garif (pi. \i/* 
surafa, u\jb>\ airaf) ; ^ kabir 
(pi. jffl\ al-akabir) ; 5a*c 'um- 
da-t. — (grandees) <$^) v>^ 
dl^oN ( V^c\ arbab (arkan, a'yan) 
Grandeur, *. Wbc 'azama-t ; JIM 

Grandfather, 8. ±* jadd (pi. S\*+\ 

Grandiloquence, *. ^^4 fihbira ; 

^* pK kalam dahm. 
Grandiloquent, ad;, jj£i fahur ; 

^afei fabir, fibhir. 
Grandmother, s. i**- jadda-t. 
Grandness, 8. p& kubr ; fit 'ugm. 
Grand-son, *. see Grand-child. 
Granite, 8. <$\t-» j*** hajar sawan. 
Granivorous, adj. s-^ JH akil 

habb ; &* JH akil galla-t. 
Grant, v. (bestow) J* f**i\ an'am 
'ala, yun'im; Jae\ a'ta, yu'tf ; 
JW anal, yunil. — (accord) *r>W 
ajab, yujib. — (admit) J-i qabil, 
yaqbal; v> cA "$ bi, yarda; 
jJL- sallam, yusallim. 
Grant, #. fUM in'am ; &♦** ni'ma-t 

(pi. (*** ni'am). 
Grantee, 8. a*M q** ^ + muhsan 

Granular, adj. &*•- J** misl bab- 

Granulate, v. s-***- habbab, yu- 

Granulation, *. s-**** tahabbub. 
Grape, *. (berry) s-*** 'inab (pi. 
^>\j^\ a'nab). — (cluster) *>yuc *an- 
qfid', 'unqud (pi. j^Uc 'anaqid). 
Graphic, adj. uu!^ wasif. 
Grapple, v. (seize) y±<* qaba<J, 
yaqbid ; .** l w masak, yamsuk. — 
(contend) £jU gara', yusari*. 
Grasp, 8. i-M qabda-t ; **L-* mask. 
Grasp, v. (seize) <j**s qabad, yaq- 
bid ; «*l— • masak, yamsuk. — (lay 
hold of greedily) jt&. haz, yahuz ; 
jL^ i^taz, yafctaz. 
Grasping, ad;, (covefotw) £U*1 

Grass, s. Jk» # & * ha^is; &a^&^ 
fcaiisa-t (pi. (jtoUua. bagayte); 
s~A* *i£b, *u£b (pi. sA**1 a'sab). 

Grass-hopper, «. *>^ jarad; M^ 

Grass-plot, a. ^as. hudra-t. 

Grate, *. (grating) &£** sabaka-t 
(pi. csJ^a &bak) ; &W* Subbaka-t 
(pi. *sX*iWa sababik). — (fire- 
grate) <&y mauqad (pi. *3\y 

Grate, v. **W hakk, yabukk; Lis 
qaisat, yuqas&t. 

Grateful, adj. (thankful) /\± 
sakir ; j^ 6akur ; {$f+* mam- 
nun. — (agreeable) Jjj£» maqbul ; 
s-*;^ magrub. 

Gratefulness, Gratitude, s. 
q\j£* ^ukran ; &**+* mamnuni- 
ya-t ; Je**N ^u^ <irfan al- 

Grater, 8. !*&&• miq^at; &&&• 

Gratification, *. LL-^^ imbisat; 
C^^ in^irah; 1^ hazz; *££** 
mahzuziya-t. — (reward) \y* jiza' ; 
ty+\ ijara-t; ^fys 'iwacji (pi. 
u*V* a*wa4). 

Gratify, v. (delight) L^ basat, 
yabsu^ ; ^ lazzaz, yulazziz ; ^«« 
sarr, yasurr. — (satisfy) ' \ji>j\ 
ar^a, yurcjii. 

Grating, ad;, (harsh) gi^» mu- 
qarqi*. — (disagreeable) &)/* mak- 
ruh ; Jj*a* ^ gair maqbul. 

Grating, s. &** sabaka-t; ^«ik 

Gratis, adv. yj»h bilai (for ^ ^ 
bila 4e-yin) ; *U^ majjanan. 

Gratitude, «. see Gratefulness. 

Gratuitous, adj. (free) <j>f. h bi- 
la 4 iwad ; ^W\ h bila ijara-t.— 
(without proof) JJ^ h bi-14 
dalU ; JU| batil. 

Gratuity, «. ^fc*!» tuhfa-t (pi. Ubtf 
tuhaf); u * . a trfn ' bah^ii (pi. 
u*^^=: babasis, Pers.). 

Grave, ad;, (person) jfy waqur; 
jVi. s-o.U saldb waqar (pi. v»^»^ 
asbab). — (matter) ,*£e 'agim ; 
pf munimm. 

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Ghun, s.p* qabr (pL ^ qubur) ; 

£*/ turta-t (pL vy turab) ; ^^ 

rams (pL <^rt ramus, ^^t 

Geate, r. Jt* naqai, yanqas. 
Gbateb, #. {engrattr) ^»* naqqas. 

— (engraving tool) ^>^tJ\ ,Ji 

qalam an-naqqas (pi. fSi\ aqlam, 

fM qilim) ; ,>UU* minqas (pL 

^yLgiU* manaqis). 
Gbatel, s. iy»- haswa-t (pL ^^ 

Gbatitatx, r. s*M iniazab, jan- 

jazib ; ,J\ & rakaz ila, yarkuz ; 

^ JU mil ua, yamiL 
Gbatitatios, 8. **>\br\ injizib; 

J** maiL 
Gbatity, *. {weight) Jrf siqal; 

XJW saqala-t. — (steadiness) jtfj 

waqar ; *»*> haiba-t. — [import- 
ance) fte 'uzm. 
Gbayy, s. ^Jy masluqa-t (pL 

«jj\— * maaaliq) ; ^ *ij* mara- 

qat latm. 
Gbay, Gbby, cwy. ^W*- sinjabi-y ; 

i5«>Uj ramadi-y. 
Gbay-eyed, a^". jj^ azraq, £. Vij 

zarqa' (pi. Jjj zurq). 
Gbay-haibed, ad;. «i-<U> sayib. 
Gbayhess, 8. {of the hair) 

Gbaze, v. {rub lightly in passing) 

Uut haff, yabiif ; y-« mass, ya- 

moss; — (/eed cm oross) n. ^ 

J^ - i + fl ra'a al-ljasis, yara* ; ^j\ 

irta'a, yarta'i; a. o-*^ ar'a, 

Gbazieb, s. «**\> ra'i. 
Gbazino, *. *e^; ri 4 aya-t. 
Gbease, s. <£**> duhn ; ,»~> dasam ; 

y>j zafar ; ^A satm. 
Gbease, v. &** dahan, yadbun; 

dahhan, yudabhin ; /j zaffar, yu- 

Gbbasiness, 8. &*y-J dusuma-t. 
Gbeasy, adj. {$*** mudhin ; i y*>* 

dubni-y ; ^-* > dasim ; ,^4^* 

Gbeat, adj. {bulky) y*£ kabir (pi. 

;W* kibar, kubar) ; Jj^ tawil 

(pi J*> tuwal) ; J*p> jaziL— 

{eminent) ^Jkc 'ajhn (pL <&* 
i^am, Ui* *nfama') ; J-W jalil 
(pi. V* ajilli\ fl* jilla-t, *M 
ajiila-t > : ^** ^ili. 
GBKA-nrsss, jl <fr«ZIr)j** kfbr, kubr, 
kibar; J^ ttl (pL Jt,Lt atwal). 
— (ew^jus**) JM ijlal; w^a 
1 saraf ; *•** <azama-t. 
\ Gbeed, Gemdhibss, a Xa^a sara- 
| ha-t ; ,/y* birs ; *cUt tama'a-t. 
I Geeedt, ad;, i^ sarib; o^V 
! sarbin; £UL tammi' ; ^— ^> 

Geekk, adj. ji*\ abdar, £. ^a 

badra' (pL^ budr). — (aanfp^)^ 

fajj; ^%c *ajir. — (inexperienced) 

f» j» . fr gasim (pi. U-a* gusama'). 
GEEEK-aou8E, *. 5\?Vjl# niasata-t- 
Geeenish, adj.j*+)\ <J\ Ji^* mayil 

ila '1-badar ; ^e» mubdarr. 
Gbeenness, a j*^ hadar; ^ia 

budra-t (pL ^a budar, bu^r). 
Greeks, *. «£>\^^a badrawat. 
Gbeet, v. <J^ ^ sallam 'ala, yu- 

sallim; J\ ijW birak ila, yu- 

Gbeetino, «. fl- salam; ^-^ 

taslim ; i-^ tabiya-t. 
Gbeoabiou8, od;. v»^ sarib. 
Gbekadk, 8. j*£ qumbar; iyt** 

Gbenadieb, s. j*& v>V 4arr*^ 

Gbidibon, *. £«-•* musabba* ; «>^ 

Gbief, 8. ^fc gamm (pi. fj** gu- 

mum) ; sj^ karb (pL *t*JT^ 

kurub); ,»a hamm (pi. (»^* 

Gbievance, s. s-«J ta'ab ; »y* <Jarar 

(pi. ^ a4r4r) ; ^ kadd ; *V^a 

Gbieve, v. a. (*t\ agamm, yugimm ; 

($y*\ abzan, yuhzin ; jUift ^S 

kasar al-ha^ir, yak sir ; n. ^^ 

in^amm, yangamm ; yy*» hazin, 

Gbievous, adj. s-«*s* mut'ib; Je* 

§aqil ; s-«-» sa'ib. 
Gbibvousnbss, s. Jtf giql; ^Ua 

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saqawa-t; f)\ alam; f}*\* ta'al- 

Gbim, adj. u*j** 'ab&s ; <jA^ wafr- 

Grimace, 8. 8^ kaSra-t. 
Grimness, s. &~y*x 'ubusa-t ; &<r* y * * 

Gein, v. y&& kas'ar, yaks'ir; j*\* 

kaiar, yukaiir. 
Grin, Grinning, s. ly*£ kasra-t; 

ZjbJ&+ muka£ara-t. 
Grind, v. {reduce to powder) &^* 

tab an, yathan ; ,j*>~ sahaq, yas- 

fcaq; \>f* jaras, yajris\ yajruS; 

y*^ haras, yahrus. — (sharpen) 

&~ sann, yasunn; *>J^ haddad, 

yuhaddid. — (oppress) ^ zalam, 

Grinder, s. <$U-. dannan. — (back- 
tooth) <j*j*> 4irs (pi. <j*\j*\ adras, 

u*^ durus). 
Grindstone, s. &~" j^** hajar 

misann; g*>W*~ sumbadaj. 
Grip, Geipe, *. *sU-* mask. 
Grip, Gripe, v. «sX~* raasak, yam- 

sik, yamsuk. — (gripe, pinch) ^ 

qaras, yaqrua. 
Gripes, *. ^h» mags ; u *** magis ; 

{J*J\ g>j waja* al-batn; %Af 

Grisliness, s. Jy& haul. 
Grisly, adj. Jje* mahul ; fy^* mu- 

Grist, *. £*i qamh. 
Gristle, *. v-^A* <l ur( l u ^; «-*#** 

gudr&f, gadruf (pi. vJ^ ; Ui gada- 

Grit, $. flU» nahala-t ; fy ridda-t ; 

j&a * hus'kur. — (gravel) <j*»- fcasa 

(pi. of S^oa. baswa-t). 
Gritty, adj. ^J^j ramli-y ; J*j* 

Groan, v. c^ nah, yanu^i; s-** 

nahab, yan^ab ; q\ ann, ya'inn ; 

5^*^* ta'awwah, yata'awwah. 
Groan, s. tty nuwah ; s-*^ na^ib ; 

5^*Vi tu'awwuh. 
Grocer, a. j&* 'attar; «y^ ^ 

bayya* baharat ; Jtf* baqqal. 
Groceries, s. u*\>W baharat. 
Grocery, $. {grocer's shop) ;VLe ^V& 

dukkan 'att&r, Ac. (pi. e^^ 

Groin, *. s-J^- halib (pi. s-Nj*- 

bawalib) ; £**^ arnaba-t ; &+>)\ 

Groom, s. ^r-4^- sayis (pi. <j*^*-» 

suyyas). — (of the bed-chamber) 

s-**^ fcajib (pi. &»»• hajaba-t, 

s^W*- hujjab). 
Groom, v. ^U sas, yasus. 
Groove, *. <Jfh jauf (pi. *J\y*\ 

ajwaf) ; &j zaya-t. 
Groove, v. *>Jy± jawwaf, yujaw- 

Grope, v. y** dass, yaduss ; <j*a—> 

dasdas, yudasdis. 
Gross, adj. (corpulent) ( *r~* jasim. 

— (coarse) M* galiz (pi. WU 

gilaz) ; q>Aa ha£in (pi. ^Uu. 

%iiku).— (indelicate) J*M fahii; 

^j zifir. 
Gross, *. &•); ruzma-t (pi. f»j; 

rizara, ruzam). 
Gro8SNes8, s. (corpulency) X^U-^. 

ja8ama-t. — (coarseness) H&t gi- 

laga-t; iiU-k hasana-t ; i-iW* 

sahana-t. — (indelicacy) <j**A4 ^ 

kalam fahis ; ^) pte kalam zifir. 
Grot, s. 8jU^ magara-t (pi. j>Va* 

magayir) ; vJ^ kahf (pi. U^ 

Grotesque, adj. **V^a* mudhik, 

mudhak ; if*~~» mashara-t. 
Ground, *. (earth, soil) ^\ ard ; 

&*/ turba-t. — (bottom) fS qa'r 

(pi. j^*i qu'ur) ; 0*-^ hadid (pi. 

J*** hudu4). — (cause) s-**— 

sabab (pi. v>W-^ asbab) ; J-\ 

asl (pi. Jj-t usul) ; ilc J illa-t (pi. 

Jlc 'ilal). 
Ground, t;. (lay on the ground) ^y% 

u*)^ J^ rama ila ^1-ard, yarmi. 

— (in a science) f^\ <j*u\ $jL 

tarah asas al-'ilm, yatrah. 
Groundless, adj. s-<— ^ bi-la 

sabab ; ii^c^ ^ bi-la ba*i§ ; JLVj 
. batil. 
Groundlessness, s. s>— » - ^ 

'adam sabab; ^^W «ab 'adam 

Groundwork, «. foets qa'ida-t (pi. 

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Justus qawa'id); ^-Ut asas (pi. 

U-Jl U8U8). 

Group, *. **W jama'a-t; *W 

jumla-t (pi. J** jumal) ; /& 

naf r ; W limma-t. 
Group, v. s^j rattab, yurattib ; ^ 

lamm, yalumui. 
Grove, s. \J»f* hirs* (pi. jM^J ah- 

ras) ; lj^~ h^ gaba-t sagira-t ; 

ky+* gajariya-t. 
Grovel, v. v»*> dabb, yadubb. — 

(be mean) ^*> dan a, yadnu. 
Grow, v.n. (increase) Ui nama, 

yanmu; ^ nama, yanmi ; Ui 

nasa, yansa ; «^ nabat, yambut. 

— (become) jU gar, yasir ; a. «**** 

nabbat, yunabbit. 
Growth, s. j*J numu-w ; Uusrt in- 

tisa* ; *k>>)\ izdiyad ; v^*«jJ tam- 

bit; JjMul. 
Grub, a. (worm) *y> dud; 8*>^ 



duda-t (pi. q\*iJ didan); Z~ : 
susa-t (pi. u*^- bus) 
v*>y qiit ; J*U* ina'as\ 
Grub, v. <j*^ nabai, y ambus ; gls 

qala*, yaqla*. 
Grubber, 8. (tool) *• marr. 
Grudge, *. £*u/ kasatia-t; 
gill ; xJk. hiqd, haqad ; . 
Grudge, v. ^— hasad, yahsid ; <$* 

dann, yacjiun, ya^ann. 
Gruel, *. 6^« <^y* siifan mat- 

buh ; <^j*» S*x^«oc 'asida-t iufan. 
Gruff, ad/. f)\~ sarim ; <j*j** 

Gruffness, 5. Wj- sarama-t. 
Grumble, v. ^ bar bar, yubarbir ; 
y& tadammar, yatadammar ; 
f^UJS taqamqam, yataqamqam. 
Grumbling, 8. j~»<>* tadmir ; ytf 

tadammur ; (*&*B taqamqum. 
Grunt, v. f m A\*si$\ J** W* *ayya$ 

misl aJ-hanazir, yu'ayyij. 
Grunting, 8. ^W* 'iyafc. 
Guarantee, 8. &U-* damana-t; 

flU* kafala-t. 
Guarantee, v. J^ kafal, yakful ; 
Jafl akfal, yukfil; ^4-* (jiamin, 
yacjman ; &+i5 tadamman, yata- 

Guard, v. (protect) ^^ hama, 
yahmi ; Wka. hafig, yahfaz ; q\* 
san, yasun. — (watch over) {j*f- 
haras, yahrus, yahris ; (j»y^ 
ihtaras, yahtaris. — (guard one't 
self against) &• )±*>\ ihtazar 
min, yahtazir. 
Guard, *. (custody) A~W hirasa-t ; 
tjmy*. ljars. — (body of men) <j*\^- 
hurras (pi. of <j*;U haris) ; yfc 
gufara' (pi. of j*Afc gafir) ; ^-My 
nawatir (pi. of j^»U n*i$ur). 
Guarded, adj. (circumspect) ;«W 

hazir; ))+*" muhtariz. 
Guardian, s. to\*. hafiz (pi. iW 
huffaz) ; u-;^ haris (pi. u*y 
hurras). — (of orphans) ya&\ J**j 
al-qussar (pi. $6) wukala'). 
Guardianship, *. &i>\&* muhi- 
faga-t ; &~\j** hirasa-t. — (of 
orphans) e^^N &\X) wakala-t al- 
qasirin ; && kafala-t. 
Guess, 8. y± zann (pi. (^yti gunun) ; 

(^♦^ tahmin. 
Guess, v. jf* hazar, yahzir; ^-i 
fassar, yufassir; (^- hamman, 
Guest, s. «-A>^ daif (pi. <>Jy~> 
duyuf) ; ^ warid (pi. ^ -in, 

*>^ wurrad) ; J*y nazil ; ^»U 

ha^ir (pi. j^ huftar). 
Guidance, *. ^^ja hidaya-t ; *>U ; \ 

Guide, v. ^ja hada, yahdi ; J«> 

dall, yadull ; ^\ ar£ad, yuriid. 
Guide, s. JJ^ dalil (pi. **\ adilla') ; 

<^*Aa hadi; ±*>f mur^id. 
Guidele88, adj. ^\j* dlUma lahu 

hadi ; J*l»3 oi J c^* niin dun 

Guile, a. &«•> bila-t (pi. Je^ 

hiyal); *2^ makariya-t; (^ 

Guileful, ad/. ]&• makkar ; £^J^ 

hadda* ; j5*U^ ga^iai§. 
Guilefulness, *. £ \j^ hida*. 
Guileless, adj. ^^ 9alih; j*>t* 

sadiq ; jA^ halis. 
Guilelessness, «. Wju sadaqa-t ; 

y/U\ ihlas. 

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Guillotine, *. pd\ gaj^» minqa* 

Guilt, #. 2Jo± hatiya-t (pi. bUa^ 

hit Ay a) ; ^> jurni (pi. ^fh 

jurum) ; f*\ ism (pL ^\ a^am). 
Guiltiness, 8. f\pM ijtiram. 
Guiltless, adj. ^ bari-y (pi. \>^\ 

abriya') ; jW barr (pi. j\j*\ abrar). 
Guiltlessness, «. i*-afc *isma-t; 

6;^ barara-t. 
Guilty, adj. s-*i^* muznib ; fy^* 

mujrim; ^jW jani (pi. $W ju- 

Guinea, 8. £*****• jiniya-t. 
Guise, *. <S) zai-y (pi. Vyt azya') ; 

(*-* kasm. 
Guitar, 8. ^ *ud, J aud (pi. ^^ 

'idaa) ; 6;^4* qitara-t. 
Gulf, a. ^ jun ; £*li. halij (pi. 

gl*. huluj, ^^s- huljan). 
Gull, v. ^J^ gasi, yaguis; £«**» 

hada', yahda*. 
Gull, s. (dupe) &***\ ahmaq ; ,»«■&■ * 

gasim. — (f/*e fori) &&*> danka- 

Gullet, *. ^- halq (pi. j^ 

huluq, jpieA ahlaq) ; f^f^- hul- 

qum (pi. f+Jk* haluqiiu) ; jy&°» 

hunjur (pi. ^? > ^s> hanajir) ; ,»*1* 

bul'um (pi. ^iXj bahViui). 
Gulp, v. & bala', yaula' ; £k$\ ib- 

tala', yabtalr. 
Gum, s. £♦- samg, sumg (pi. ty+* 

Gum, v. £♦*> sainmag, ynsammig ; 
£•-«* ji lassaq bi-samg, yula$- 
Gummy, atf/\ 4^5*** ?amgi-y. 
Gums, *. ^U-.^ &1 lisat al-asnan 
(pi. *^^I ligat, ^ Lisa); ^J 
( jU^3\ lahm al-asnan (pi. f^J 
Gun, a. {rifle, &c.) &**)*** banduqi- 
ya-t (pi. JJ^ bunduq) ; &£& 
tufank i-h (Turk.) ; 5j^ bariida-t 
(pi. -*257* barawid). — (cawjow) 

&** madfa* (pi. £*^ madafi') ; 

v>^» tob, top (TwrA:.). 
Gunner, 8. ^fr.£ tobji (pi. &#r.£ 

Gunpowder, 8. ^J* bariid. 
Gun-shot, * £**v* by* darbat 

Gurgle, v. ,3**? baqbaq, yubaqbiq. 
Gush, v. JU sal, yasil ; s-~«^ in- 

aabb, yansabb ; £■** naba', yam- 

ba 4 , yambi', yambu'. 
Gush, 8. v*^-*-^ insibab; £j— ** 

Gusset, «. £**; ruq'a-t (pi. fVij 

Gust, «. (o/ wind) SmAc 'asifa-t 

(pi. *-My* 'awasif) ; &*»*> nafha-t 

(pi. ct>Wii liat'ahat). 
Gusto, Gust, «. (taste) jji zauq. 
Gut, «. ^*^ masir (pi. ^^* mus- 

ran) ; i>^^« musriina-t (pi. ^^* 

masririn) ; ^s*^ mi'a (pi. «^ 

Gut, t;. (ijW^ ^» saqq al-batn, 

yasuqq; £;* farrag, yufarrig. 
Gutter, «. ^s/^ majra (pi. ^5;V^» 

uiajan) ; s^j** mizab (pi. s-s»jW* 

Guttural, adj. ^jSU halqi-y. 
Guttural, 8. ij^J\ «-*^ hirf al- 

halq (pi. ijlaJ\ vJ;^- huruf al- 

h:ll 4 ). 

Gymnasium, «. ^J^» maidan, mi- 
dan (pi. ^>>*>W* mayadin) ; J^^ 
^b^ mahall riyada-t. 

Gymnast, «. £j^* musari*. 

Gymnastics, 8. ju*^5\ a-&V>j riya4a-t 
ai-jasad ; 4^U* mu8ara*a-t. 

Gypsum, *. (j*^> jibs ; &*** jabsin, 
jafsia; u^^jass, jis?^ 

Gyrate, v. ^*> dar, yadur. 

Gyration, «. j;»> daur (pi. j^^ ad- 
war) ; (^\)^*> dawanin. 

Gyves, 8. Ju* qaid (pi. *>^j* quy&d, 
*>W*^ aqyad). 

Gyve, v. J^i qayyad, yuqayyid. 






Haberdasher, 8. ^^s- saqatf-y ; 

fij^i. £L* bayy a 4 hurda-h ; w %««»*»• 

Habiliment, s. *j~* kiswa-t (pi. 

<j)\~£ kasawi). 
Habit, s. (dress) <j-U libas (pi. 

Z~~£\ aibisa-t) ; v»y gaub, sob 

(pi. s^V^ sivab). — (custom) b^ 

'ada-t (pi. ^j* 'awiivid) ; s->^ 

dab (pi. s^ adiib) ; ^U^ 

id man. — (habit of body) &\y 

inizaj (pi. &+y\ amzi ja-t) ; £**-k 

tal»i'a-t(pl. «yt -at, £>tl talmvi'). 
Habit, v. <j~?J labbas, yulabbis ; 

u^-ft albas, yulbis ; ^ kasa, 

Habitable, adj. {$£**» yansakin 

(aor. of vn.) ; y\* 'amir ; s— ^ 

&..-C*!) munasib li-'s-sakina-t. 
HABITABLENES8, 8. &£~1 3 3L-U» 

mun/isaba-t li-'s-sakina-t. 
Habitation, «. &-*£- sakina-t; 

{ j£~+ maskan (pi. ^ — * masa- 

kin) ; &*^rt J*-* mahall iqama-t 

(pi. JW* mahall) ; pU* maqam. 
Habitual, adj. «^W*^ i'tiysidi-y ; 

*>\jau» mu'tad ; J*«*~-* musta'nial. 
Habituate, v. «ji j^e 'awwad 4 ala, 

Hack, v. &* qa«a', yuqatti' ; r ^ 

faram, yafrum. 
Hackney, s. <j)**~~ J*** bail mu s- 

Hackney, v. (««e much) \)+*z~\ 

ista'mal, yasta'inil; Jy* jarrad, 

Hemorrhage, 8. «-*y nazf, mizf. 
Haft, 8. A> yad ; &~X~J\ <Uyi qab- 

dat/as-sikkina-t ; v»^ nisab (pi. 

s-~«J nusub). 
Hag, 8. S^L- sAhira-t ; <j~**^ ^^ 

'ajuzat an-nahs. 
Haggard, adj. o-^ wahSi-y; 

<j£a*j* muwahtas ; &#* qabilj ; 

£&* baii*. 
Hail, «. •>/ barad (pi. [*& burud). 

— (sanitation) fX* salam ; *H» 

Hail, v. *ji barrad, yubarrid ; J/ 

^ nazal barad, yanzil. — (greet) 

^ (X* sallani 'ala, yusalliui.— 

(call out) v» &° ?ah bi, yasih. 
Hair, s. f*> sa'r ; ^** s a'ra-t (pL 

.**a. sii'ur). — (of the pudenda) 

&tc <ana-t (pi. o^ <un )- — (°f 

animals) ft wabar (pi. ^ 

Hair-dresser, 8. tti-« massat; 

<£>y muzayyin. 
Hairless, adj. ^)f*\ ajrudi ; £U 

asla', f. UU sal'a (pi. &* snV). 
Hair-pin, s. ^^^ dabbus (pi. 

u-*?^ dababis). 
Hairy, adj. o'V** ^a'rani-y ; f± 

Hale, adj. f*±~ salini ; ^^t- s ihih. 
Half, s. *-**> nisf, nusf (pi. *->^ 

ansaf) ; ^ satr (pi. J&*\ as#r, 

j^La. sutur). 
Half-boiled, adj. ^y ni\ nai. 
Half-moon, s. J^> halal (pi. &*>\ 

abilla-t, Jk^ ahalil). 
Half-way, «. <3>^ *-A-i nisf at- 
tar iq. 
Hall, 8. &tf qa'a-t; ^\ iwan 

(pi. wt>\i\^>\ iwanat, yiffl awa- 

Halleluja, inter j. t&\ ^U-- sub- 

han allah. 
Halleluja, e. £ •* ? •■»> tasbih. 
Hallow, r. ,^-ju* qaddas, yuqaddis. 
Halo, 8. AJ^> hala-t; S\j6 nad'a-t. 
Halt, ac//. (linrpiny) s ; *\ a'raj, f. 

W-/ 1 'arjiV (pi. o^^ 'urjan). 
Halt, 8. (halt in y) $,* 'arj.— (« : f <?/)) 

c-W^ waqf; «^^; wuquf; ^^ 

Halt, v. (limp) tf *araj, ya'raj ; 

(stop) n. «-a*j waqaf, yaqif; a. 

«-jal^ waqqaf, yuwaqqif. 
Halter, 8, *>^« miqwad (pi. ^^** 

maqawid) ; &-J* marasa-t (pL 

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ijAf\ amras) ; ^—j rasan (pi. 
$\~)\ arsan). 
Halve, v. <-**<* nasaf, yansuf ; nas- 

§af, yunassif. 
Ham, 8. J^i iahz (pi. 3U^ afhaz) ; 
dfi wirk (pi. «s)\^ aurukj. — 
(bacon) £JU* yiy±> **£* i'ahza-t 
hinzir mumallaha-t ; e>*^ jam- 
Hamlet, 8. ^y mazra'a-t (pi. 
£)\y inazari') ; y£ kafr (pi. ^ 
kut'ur) ; $-^1* bulaida-t. 
Hammer, 8. &j** mitraqa-t (pi. 
j;U>» matariq) ; k)y inirzaba-t 
(pi. v>;V* marazib). 
Hammer, v. j^> {araq, vajruq. 
Hammock, s. £aU* $Aji farsa-t 

mu 4 allaqa-t ; *+-y*y marjuha-t. 
Hamper, 8. &S quffa-t (pi. <-*& 
qufaf) ; J*?*j zambil (pi. J**^j 
Hamper, v. (impede) j>\* *aq, ya'uq ; 
j^-c *awwaq, yu'awwiq; £— ^ 
mana', yamna*. — (embarras) 
**bj± sirbak, yus\trbik; pp* hay- 
yar, yuhayyir. 
Hamstring, s. jV-J^ <L*e. 'asaba-t 

Hand, s. <* yad, yadd (du. &\*i 
yadden; pi. C 5-^->\ aidi, ^^ 
ayadi). — (hand- writing) la*- hat{. 
— (hand of a watch) v*; 5 * 'aqrab 
(pi. *^>)\a* 'aqarib). — (workman) 
£>U $aui* (pi. £^*> suumV). 
Hand, v. <^^> yada, yuwadi ; J^ 
nawal, yuuawil ; ^y 'arrad, yu- 
'arrid ; ^J>y\ a'rad, yu'rid. 
Handcuffs, 8. J* gull (pi. JW 
aglal) ; J& nikl (pi. J^rt an- 
Handcuff, v. *<* »M qayyad yadd- 

hu, yuqayyid. 
Handful, «. &£-*£ kamsa-t ; ^i 

Handicraft, 8. a^u» $ana'a-t (pi. 
^Vju» §anayi 4 ); &y ^irfa-t (pi. 
*-tjo- hirai). 
Handiness, 8. *jb*» ^atara-t; ifa 

mabara-t ; &W* labaqa-t. 
Handiwork, 8. a> J** ^ u gl yadd 
(pi. J^ aigal, Jy* sugul). 

Handkerchief, 8. J>aa* mandil 

(pi. J>*Ai* nianadil) ; &»•}&• mah- 

rama-t (pi. f;^* mahanm). 
Handle, «. *-M qal>da-t; <>**&• 

miqbad (pi. u^^-» m iqabid) ; 

v>^» nisab (pi. s— o> nusub). 
Handle, v. u~> jass, yajuss ; <j-+ 

mass, yamuss; cd— * masak, yam- 
si k ; ^e 'alaj, yu'alij. 
Handmaid, 8. &,W jariya-t (pi. 

^ff jawan) ; &>»\m» haddama-t. 
Hand-mill, 8. <u>yW jarusa-t (pi. 

uH)^> jawai is; ; U.j raha' (pi. 

^j\ arfca, &s**j\ arhiya-t). 
Hand-saw, 8. jU-^ miniar (pi. 

j+b^ mauiKir). 
Handsel, «. ^f- 'urban (pi. ^J^ 

Handsel, v. *^f\ a'rab, yu'rib. 
Handsome, adj. ^^ malih ; (^—^ 

hasati (pi. <^— ©- hasaua-t, U— *. 

husma'j ; J > o jamil ; ^ ■ * - j 

wabim (pi. L-^-^ wusamii). — 

(ample) f**±* *azim. — (handsome 

action) q\~~*A ihsan. 
Handsomeness, 8. ($>-*> husn ; JW 

jam a I ; &*$»• malaha-t. 
Hand-writing, 8. ^ ha^t. 
Handy, adj. (skilful) £\± sa^ir; 

y^U mabir ; £**> saua,* ^ani*. — 

(convenient) <J>3 layiq ; v^^U* 

muntUib ; ^^ hadir. 
Hang, v.a. vi^ *allaq, yu'alliq. — 

(fey the neck) J^ft* ^anaq, yainuq ; 

n. * vJ^** ta'allaq ti, >ata 4 alliq. 
Hanger-on, 8. v3^* muta'alliq ; 

&\> tabi* (pi. £*> tabaS g?y ta- 

wabi 4 ). 
Hangings, 8. f~ sitr (pi. jj*~ 

sutur) ; Sj\jl* sitara-t (pi. ^U- 

satayir) ; &tU^ burdaya-t. 
Hangman, 8. ^J^^* masa'ali-y (pi. 

AUfi^A^ maiiValiya-t) ; J^ jallad. 
Hank, 8. ^i kabba-t. 
Hanker, v. ^J\ j^a^ istaq ila, 

Hankering, 8. jUxa,\ isliyaq ; Jy± 

^auq, soq (pi. ^^ aiwaq) ; ji^ 

mail (pi. JW*\ amyal). 
Hap, Hap-hazard, 8. &X* eadfa-t j 

v3^^ ittifaq. 

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Hapless, adj. ^ £■*■« mas'um ; 
v*y***" mauh&s. 

Happen, v. <^ 7 > jira, yajri ; *i>J^ 
hadij, yahdas ; ,j-i?\ ittafaq, 
yattafiq ; ^o sar, yasir ; g*^ 
waqa', yaqa' ; <j>f- 'arad, ya'rid. 

HAPPINES8, 8. J^-iU, sa'd ; SjU- 
sa'ada-t; «>**. baht ; ^jl $uba 
(f. of s-*M atyab)'; &** gibta-t. 

Happy, ad;. J^L sa'id (pi. \j*~ 
si^ada') ; J y r»~* mas'ud ; L<-x*<* 
mugtabit. — (happy tidings) S^U^ 
basara-t. — (ready) ^W hadir. 

Harangue, «. &^ huU»a-t (pi. 
s-Ja» hutab) ; £-l\ci* inuha{a- 

Harangue, v. s-^ hii{ab, yuhatfb ; 
^^ J** 4 amii hu^ba-t, ya'mal.. 

Harass, v. s-*>\ at'ab, yut'ib ; J*f 
lawwas, yulawwis\ 

Harbtnger, 8. p*£z* rautaqaddim ; 
?!*&• muhbir; yZ~+ mubsir, mu- 
bas^ir ; ^ basir (pi. \j&* bu- 
sara, ^ busY). 

Harbour, 8. (port) ^-^ marsa 
(pi. o-V marasi) ; ^ niiua (pi. 
o>V* uaawani, (j-** miyan). — 
(asylum) V^U malja (pi. ^^ 
maJaji'); ^U ma'wa (pi. ^U 

Harbo jr, v.a. J*s*~.\ istaqbal, yas- 
taqbil ; *-**-& dayyaf, yudayyif ; 
Jy nazzal, y unazzil ; Jy^-\ istau- 
zal, yastanzil ; n. (take refuge) 
V^ iltaja, yaltaji. 

Hard, adj. (solid) s-i- salib; Jl* 
said (pi. 4%o\ aslad).— (severe) 


£adid : 

qasi ; 

sa'b ; JaJA 
(•^ sarim. — (difficult) 
s— *-> sa*b (pi. v»U- si'ab; ; >—* 
*asir ; j*~& *asir. 

Harden, v.a. s-1* sallab, yusallib ; 
^5^5 qassa, yuqassi ; o^ nassaf, 
yunassif ; ^^ jab bas, yuvab- 
bis ; n. s-J-> tasallab, yatasallab ; 
u~**> tay abbas, yatay abbas. 

Hardihood, 8. {boldness) S ; W 
jasara-t ; &A^ft. sija'a-t.— (effron- 
tery) k-WS qabaha-t. 

Hardiness, 8. Sy quwwa-t; Sja 

Hardly, ady. (with difficulty) <&h 
bi-'l-kadd; &-ifu> J-** bi-kull 
gu'uba-t. — (scarcely) <jr^ anjaq 
(Turk.). — (wi/A severity) J*t 
W^-» bi-kull sarania-t. 

Hardness, 8. *?^ $alaba-t ; *}* 
sulud ; *j^—i qasawa-t ; &-if* 

Hardship, s. (severe labour) s-** 
ta 4 ab ; j£ kadd ; &***• maiaqqa-t 
(pi. j^A^masaqq). — (oppression) 
C& zulm; &♦&*• mazlauaa-t (pi. 
f^V*" magalim). 

Hardy, adj. (strong) ^ji qawi-y; 
»v>j^i ^adid. — (brave, bold) ^-W- 
jasir (pi. x^y* jawasir) ; jy~ * 
jasur (pi. y~* jusr, jusur) ; &***> 
saji' (pi. ^^6» ^uj'an). 

Hare, 8. s-^ arnab (pi. s-i^ 

Harem, 8. pj* haram (pi. ^\^ 
ah ram). — (the women) (*-±f* 

Hark, v. o-oJ nasat, yansit ; £+*~\ 
istama', yastami*. 

Harlequin, s. ^w* mashara-t 
(pi. ysX~+ masahir). 

Harlot, s. ^^* qahba-t (pi. v^*W 
qihab ; &Je\) za^iya-t (pi. <j*^j 
zawati) ; Liu^Xi fahi^a-t (pi. <J^*\ji 

Harm, 8. (damage) j* durr; %* 
darar; ty&* madarra-t (pi. «t>\ 
-at, jU* madan). — (wrong) ^ 
zulm ; £ ■■♦ & * mazlama-t ; ^ 
jaur. — (there is no harm) ^*Q 3 
la bas. 

Harm, v. j* darr, yudurr ; %* 
darrar, yudarrir; yi\ adarr, yu- 
dirr ; ^o\ azza, yu'azzi. 

Harmful, adj. y*>* niudirr ; ^U 
darr ; ^*y mu'zi (muzi). 

Harmless, adj. ^ p^ gair inudirr ; 
tj^ <ui U ma fi-hi bas. 

Harmlessness, 8. jj* p±z 'adam 

Harmonic, Harmonical, Har- 
monious, adj. ^^A saji- J ; %•* 
&♦*> zu nagma-t. 

Harmonise, v.a. ^J lahin, jal- 
han; ijk) waffaq, yuwaffiq ; ^ 

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nazzam, yunagzim ; n. <J&\ itti- 
faq, yattafiq. 

Harmony, 8. ^>\^\ j\ti\ ittifaq al- 
a8»vat ; vi>\yc3\ &5\ ulfat al-aawat ; 
q{*}\ alhau (pi. of ^>J lahu). — 
(concord) J^»\ ittifaq; »>b^\ itti- 

Harness, 8. f*& {aqm ; Sac 'udda-t ; 
o^ raht (pi. ^>fy ruhut). 

Harness, v. j*&> {aqqain, yutaq- 
qim ; J*attt jac 'addad ai-hail, 
yu'addid ; o*.j rahhat, yurahhit. 

Harp, s. clW junk (pi. csJy*. 
junuk) ; SjUS' kinnara-t (pi. ye>^ 

Harp, v. *&^\ <J* j<> daqq *ala- 
'1-junk, yaduqq. 

Harper, 8. o**>- junki-y. 

Harpoon, 8. sjXJ^^ hut^af (pi. 
Olik hatatff). 

Harpoon, s. «**VL*J^ tsL-i masak 
bi-'l-huttaf, yamsik. 

Harrow, 8. &LL* niislafat. 

Harrow, v. «-4L. salaf , yasluf ; £* 
gala', yasla*. — (torment) v*-^ 
*azzab, yu 4 azzib. 

Harsh, adj. (to the taste) y murr 
(pi. $f\ ainrar). — (to the ear) 
&i£ k irib. — (in manntr and dis- 
position) *)}-£" makruh; p^° 
sarim ; <j*j** 'abiis ; ^yW jail ; 
^jtec unfi-y. 

Harshness, *. (of tas ( e) tyy ma- 
rara-t. — (of disposition) Ui jafa ; 
s^A> jaf wa-t ; *jV-J qasawa-t ; 
etur 'unf. 

Hart, 8. J>^ ayyal, ayal (pi. JArt 

aya'il, &*\ ayila-t) ; J»j\ aryal. 
Harvest, *. (time) <-&/- hirif; 
oLacbJ\ ^sJij waqtal-hi^Ad. — (reap- 
ing) *>^»- hisful. — (crops) t. v g <e> 
ha^ida-t (pi. ^^ h isayid) ; 
Jy*^* mah?ud ; Ale eilla-t. 
Harvest, v. ±~*- ha sad, yahsid ; 
^ jana, yajni ; «1a1d5 qa^af, yaq- 

Hash, t?. rf faram, yafrum. 
Hash, s. 5W*~ sakbaj. 
Hassock, 8. SjV^* sajada-t. 
Hastk, «. &^e 4 ajala-t; A-Cj*. 

gur'a-t ; *«Xa^ waik. 

Haste, v.a. J** 'ajjal, yu'ajjil ; 

J^c\ a'jal, yu'jil; tp rawwaj, 

yurawwij ; n. J^*i-^ ist a'jal, 

yasta'jil; £;- saru', yasru' ; g^ 

asra', yusri' ; ^ badar, yubadir. 
Hastiness, 8. J^»*£-.\ isti'ja.1. — 

(violence) Sja sidda-t ; *•*»- hid- 

Hasty, adj. J^ 'ajil ; J^c 'ajul ; 

J*^* 'ajil ; ft?* sari 4 . — (irri- 
table) eW^ J*- sahil al-bayaj ; 

JaJA 6adid ; ^jM qaliq. 
Hat, 8. ALty bame^a-t (pi. W>ty 

Hatch, v. ^-21 faqas, yafqus ; ty 

i'arrah, yufarrih ; ^-a*- hadan, 

yahdun. — (plot) y+* damar, yad- 

Hatch, s. &-*»• hadna-t ; £~£i faq- 

Hat< hel, s. oj^\ £±" midaqq al- 

Hatch el, v. q^&\ J^> daqq al- 

kattan, yaduqq. 
Hatchet, s. ^^iqaddum (pi. f**A<& 

Hate, v. */ karib, yakrab ; <J** 

bagad, yatgud ; iJJ*\ abgacj, 

yul gid; c^t^ maqat, yaniqut. 
Hateful, adj. *)/*• inakrub ; **_/" 

karib ; *&>f++ inamqut ; J±y.*" 

Hatred, s. &J*\/ karaha-t ; 6^ ; Xs-\ 

istiknih ; a-^Aj bugda-t ; *£* hiqd 

(pi. o^e. huqud, oj^ haqayid, 

*>VtD.^ ahqad). 
Hatter, s. ^\^ gW bayya ; baranit ; 

J«^»^ baraniti-y. 
Haughtiness, 8. \>y£ kibriya* ; p& 

takal»bur ; a*> taih, tib. 
Haughty, adj. y*&* Biutakabbir ; 

yW tayyabau ; ( b** * muta'ag- 

Haul, v. s-*^~ sahab, yashab ; y± 

jarr, yajurr.— (a ship) ^ qat;ar, 

Haunch, s. ^ wirq (pi. *d\j)\ 

aurak) ; s-^*> sulb (pi. s-»M 

Haunt, *. jy+** J^« maJ^all ma ( - 


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Haunt, v. y+* 'amar, ya'mur ; tsf 

ij\ taraddad ila, yataraddad ; 

J\ ^ lata ila, yalfi. 
Haunted, adj. (by gliosis) )$+** 

in a* 111 ur. 
Have, v. d la-hu ; »J^c 'inda-hu ; 

viVU inalak, yamlik; «tlW tamal- 

lak, yatamallak ; jU haz, ya- 

Haven, s. ^y marsa (pi. ^j-V 

marasi) ; ^y* mina' (pi. ^J\y 

mawani, ($** urivaD). 
Haversack, 8. v>\r> jirab (pi. 2*fA 

ajriba-t) ; S)U^ mihla-t (pi. J^ 

Havock, 8. v»\^ harab ; s-a/^ tah- 

Hawk, 8. p° saqr (pi. ;j&* suqur) ; 

jW baz (pi. «y^ bazat, Pas.) ; 

<J^ basiq (pi. vi^V bawasiq). 
Hawk, v. (carry about for sale) jU 

£-*> dar yabi', yadiir. 
Hawker, 8. (pedlar) Jac- saqa- 

$i-y ; J)J daw war ; ^^ hur- 

Hay, 8. v~)\i i J^As - basis yahis. 
Hazard, 8. (accident) &**> sadfa-t ; 

v3to\ ittilaq; <^^ 'arida-t (pi. 

J±fo 'awarid). — (risk) f** hatar 

(pi. j&±\ ah tar) 

a^l^ muha- 

tara-t (pi. t^** niabatir). 

Hazard, v. ^^- hatar, yuhajir. 

Hazardous, ad;. j*± ha^ir ; ;kVai* 

Haze, s. s->W* clabab; ^^ daba- 

Hazy, at//. v»W^ ^ <J U 4abab ; s-^a- 
mudabhab ; f+e** niugim ; j&& - 

He, pron. y* hu. 

Head, 8. <j* fr \) ra's, ras (pi. v*f)) 
ru'us). — (chief) <j~ij raj vis, rais 
(pi. U*^ ru'asa') ; j~»\ amir (pi. 
\f\ umara ). — (intellect) J*£ 'aql 
(pi. Jy* 4 uqul) ; vsJ\ ; j\ idrak. — 
(source) £<•*■* manibu' (pi. £>^* 
manabi') ; <j* fr \> ra's (pi. u-/;j 
ru'us) ; J-\ as I (pi. J^ usul). 

Head, v. *>tf qad, yaqud; fJtf 
qadain, yaqdum ; fji? taqaddain, 

Headache, a. <j*V^ g^ waja* ar- 
ras ; £^Ju> §uda*. 
He a din ess, 8. f*-^*3* tabajjum; 

i*j^»^ iuujazafa-t. 
Headland, 8. <j*\j ras (pi. u*/^ 

Headlong, cm//, (rash) )]&* niuta- 

bawwir. — (steep) £*^» Miuiih. 
Headmost, at/;. ^\ aqdain. 
Headquarters, 8. j&- *&\ j*+ uiaqarr 

al- 4 askar. 
Headstrong, adj. juac 'an id (pi. 

a;x *unud) ; £J°" p± gair ninth 
Heady, adj. (affectinj the head) 

j£~** muskir. — (rash) (+*&•* uiu- 

tuhajjiui ; dL**4\ j$ja sadid al- 

Heal, v.a. ^^ safa, yasfi ; ^\ 

a^fa, yusii ; s-^» tayyab, yutay- 

yib; \^\ abra, yubn ; n. ^J^ 

istafa, yastufi ; v»^» t«b, yatib. 
Healing, 8. UM i^fa' ; U^\ istifa'; 

•f. l>aru. 
Health, s. a^-o 8ibha*-t, sahha-t; 

iciV£ 'afiya-t. 
Healthful, Healtht, adj. ^ 

salim ; ^U salim. — (sal i» brio us) 

^«J\ &\y muwufiq us sibha-t. 
Healthfulness, Healthiness, s. 

Mu salama-t; ^« &iia; ^»^ 

*afiya-t.— (salubrity) &at<A\ &*>\y 

uiuwaiaqat as sahha-t. 
Heap, s. ^^ kuuia-t (pi. ^\ ak- 

wain, fkf kuvvaui) ; pf kum (pL 

(^W^ kiman). 
Heap, v. rf kawwam, yukawwim ; 

^-^ jama 4 , yajma* ; ^ lamm, 

Hear, v. £♦— sauia', yasma*. 
Hearing, s. (sense of) £♦- sam* ; 

£*-J\ A-.U. hassa-t as-saiu 4 . — 

(audience) £-l)U* muqabala-t ; 

a«>^ muwajaha-t ; icU— sa- 

Hearken, v. £+*~\ istania', yas- 

tann' ; o-ai nasat, yausit; c^ai* 

tana§s:it, yatauassat. 
Hearsay, 8. ^4— saui' ; p± habar 

(pl.jW^\ ah bar). 
Hearse, 8. SjU^. jinaza-t, janaza-t 

(pl.^W janayiz). 

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Heart, a. s— 1* qalb (pi. s^* 
qulub) ; £%6* muhja-t (pi. <*>\ 
-»t, ge^ muhuj) ; J4* kabd (pi. 
^\ akluld, *>jj^ kubud) ; *>^ 
fuwad (pi. Sj£*\ afi'da-t). The 
last two words comprise, pro- 
perly speaking, liver and lungs. 

Hearth, s. *&y» mauqida-t (pi. 
<&\*+ mawaqid) ; Jiy^~*» mustau- 

Heartily, adv. iS\^S\ ^ s-^^> bi- 
'1-qalb wa-'l-iruda-t ; (***> <&• 
s-JwbJ\ min samim al-qalb. 

Heartiness, s. (sincerity) &&>**> 
sadaqa-t ; J*** sidq ; v^^ ihlas ; 
\j>£±- hulus. — (cheerfulness) j^ 
surur ; t/ t'arah ; !a~* bast. 

Heartless, adj. &^\ p>±* 'adim 

Hear i some, adj. (merry) o^ 
farhan ; %?-* niasrur. 

Hearty, adj. (sincere) jp^> sadiq ; 
u<aU> muhlis. — (healthy) ^y^* 
muta'afi ; p^~> saii'.n. 

Heat, e. f- harr ; tyf- harara-t ; 
v** 4 * saul>, sob ; &^i— suhana-t. 
— (of passion) M* gaiz ; s-^^ 
gad _ib ; W*** b umma ja. — (ardour) 
*F- ^raira-t. 

Heat, v. ^^ hamma, yuhonimi ; 
^^s— sahhan, yusahhiii ; 

hamm, yabumm. — (excite) &*> 
h'ayvaj, yuhayyij ; fy\ augar, 

Heathen, «., Heathenish, adj. 
^^\ j^Vc 'abid al-ausan ; ^'j 
wa«ani-y ; ^ kafir (pi. ^ kuf- 
far, *f$ kaiara-t). 

Heathenism, s. fU«3M SjI*c 'ibadat 

Heave, v. (raise) £*; rafa', yarfa' ; 
Jwa» sal, yasil. — (heave a sigh) 
\jjucM (j^Lj tan anas aa-su'ada, 
va'.anaiias. — (heave as the sea) 
£U inaj, yamuj ; £<*> baj, yahij. 

Heaven, s. U-. sain a* (pi. »^>\jU~. 
sauwiwat, «^j*— samawat) ; cdli 
falak (pi. vsJ^i\ afiak, *aXii luluk, 
Heavenly, adj. ^^- samlwi-y ; 
,^1* *ulwi-y, 'alawi-y. 

Heavens, interj. $\ Sji U y Jjd. U 
aUW ma haul wa ma quwwat il-la 
bi-'llah ; f$\ allahumma. 

Heaviness, s. (weight) Js> siql ; 
&&' saqala-t. — (dejection) ^ 
gamm (pi. py± gumutn) ; ^ 

Heavino, 8. ty mauj (pi. c^ 
amwaj) ; (jW*A bay a j an ; f&fc 
g^^\ talatum al-amwaj. 

Heavy, adj. (weighty) J*» saqil 
(pi. ie* suqahV, J^5> siqal). — (de- 
jected) j>>&" mukaddar; vS^ J j~ 
saudawi-y. — (oppressive) <*><*** 
sad id. 

Hectic, adj. J/- -* maslul. 

Hedge, s. eW- siyaj (pi. ssA -at, 
i*^ aswija-t, eL-t asyaj) ; v»jj 
zarb (pi. s-»j;j zuriib). 

Hedge, v. £~~ .savyaj, yusayyij. 

Hedgehog, s. ^» quni'uz (pi. AiUi 
qanatiz) ; *&\ anqud ; ^i lutun- 

Heed, s. (gvard) ^ bizr, baznr. — 
(care, attention) U^c\ inina' ; AaUc 

Heed, v. (take care) ^^ 'ana, 
yu'ani; v» ^^? bala l>i, yubali. 
— (observe) <^«^ tanabbah, yata- 
nabbah ; ^ ^\ (j**\ am'an an- 
nazar ii, yutn'in. 

Heedful, adj. (careful, attentive) 

c5^ o^b Wil ^ * ala ; s^ (^^ 

nm'tani bi ; ^i Jua^ muqayyad 

fi. — (watchful) <W nabih ; < M ^» 

muntabih ; (j^/*- haris. 
Heedfulness, «. ^Uia\ ihtimam; 

aaW> nabiiha-t ; <j-^y^^ ihtiras. 
Heedless, adj. (incautious) j<£ 

v~>f» gair haris ; j^^\ (*>** 

'adim at-tadbir. — (negligent) JiVi 

Heedlessness, s. &te gafla-t; &* 

b\+x y l\ qillat al-intibah. 
Heel, «. s-£c 'aqib (pi. v»V5c\ 

a'qal;); s-^ ka'b (pi. v»^ 

ki'ab, s^^*^ ak*ab). 
Heel-bone, s. ^^ zauraqi-y. 
Heft, s. Haft. 
Heifer, 8. S^fi* baqara-t, baqra-t; 

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>j\) &J U ma la-hu 
mirasa-t (pi. 

Xl^c <ijla-t (pi. J%c 'ijal, JW* 

'ijal, *ajal). 
Height, s. &&>j\ irtifa* ; jlc 'alu-w. 

—{of the body) J^» { U i. 
Heighten, v. £*; rata*, yarfa' ; ^J* 

'alia, yu'alli. 
Heinous, adj. &*.£ karih 

makruli ; £-«^» sani' ; 

Heinousness, 8. Ae.V-3 qabaha-t ; 

£\ja Sana' ; £cUa 6ana'a-t. 
Heir, s. *±>j\) waris (pi. K^ wara- 

sa-t, *£>\>j wurras). 
Heirdom, 8. ^ ir§ ; *±>\y*+ miras. 
Heiress, *. Hfo warisa-t. 
Heirless, adj. *±>j\ 

Heirloom, 8. &\fs" 

s±+>j\y* mawans). 
Heirship, 8. &# wara?a-t. 
Heliotrope, 8. ^»a 3\ j\j*> dawwar 

Hell, 8. f*** jahannam ; ,»***» 

jahiin. — (hell-fire) f~ saqar. 
Hellish, adj. ^»-* y » jahannami-y ; 

^4-sa^ jahirni-y. ^ 
Hellishness, 8. & &+*» saitana-t; 

i*>VLjii saitaniya-t. 
Helm, s. ^-*j*M &*> daffat al-mar- 

kab (pi. <-*£* dufuf). 
Helmet, s. fi^ huza-t (pi. »Sy» 

Helmsman, «.s-^tt^.x* mudabbir 

al-markao ; s-**j*S\ J***—* nius- 

ta'mil ai-nmrkab 
Help, v. yd nasar, yansur; <^Ve 

'awan, yu'awiu ; ^^ a'an, yu'inj 

•**^ sa'ad, yusa'id. 
Help, s. &j** ma'una-t ; ^y* 'aun ; 

&jU* mu'awana-t ; 8acL-^ musa- 

'ada-t; yd nasr; lyd nusra-t; 

*>J^» madad. 
Helpful, adj. q£** mu'awin ; 

±s\~~» inusa'id. 
Helpless, adj. Jy^ mahziil ; 

yA* *ajiz. 
Helplessness, s. J\.xaU ihtizal; 

j9ffi *ajz ; q\j*& 'ajazan. 
Helpmate, a. ,j**; rafiq (pi. VaA^ 

rufaqa', &*j rufqa-t, jVij rifaq). 

Hem, s. ,jd lifq ; &d lafqa-t ; &Vtf 

Hem, v. ,3*5 lafaq, yalfiq ; otf kaff, 

yakuff. — (hem in) v> kU\ ahat 

bi, yuhfy; v-6-^ kannaf, yukan- 

nif. ' 
Hemisphere, *. ij&\ oL» nisf al- 

kora-t (al-kurra-t). 
Hemispherical, adj. ij&\ JU Jl* 

niisl ni?f al-kora-t. 
Hemistich, *. f^ misnV (pi. 

£>j^* masari'). 
Hemlock, 8. oVj* sukaran, sau- 

Hemp, a. s-^i qunnab, qinnab, 

qinirib ; j>a>\£ kauadir. 
Hempen, adj. i>s ^i qunnabi-y. 
Hen, 8. tW^ dajaj ; £*W»> dajaja-t; 

4^ ; i farha-t (pi. t\^ at rah) ; 

Gtf farruj (pi. 5 > ; ^ i'ararij). 
Hence, adv. (from this place) q* 

Ua niin huna ; ctJUfc ^v« min hu- 

nak ; ^ ^ niin samma. — (from 

this time) ^\ ^y min al-iin. — 

— (away) "Xj barran. — (for this 

rea8o?i) mtiJ J^\ ^ min ajl 

Henceforth, adv. J^U ^ ^ ^ 

min al-an wa §a'id ; ^ j ^ er* 

min hallaq (for haza '1-waqt) wa 

Her, adj. \*> -ha, affixed to a noun 

(as W^ ibn-ha, " her son ") ; ^^ 

matjVha (/*/. " her property," as 

\q*{z+ v>U^ kitab mata k ha/ " the 

book which is her property = her 

Herald, 8. (proclaimer) <£<&** 

Herald, v. ^^ nada, yunadi. 
Heraldry, s. s- — A\ (*>$* ^ 'ilm 

'alayim au-nasab. 
Herb, 8. <j~-^ h isi^ ; A.t. a .t.g> ha^i- 

s:i-t ; s— ^ l isl» (pi. v*^^^ a*sab) ; 

J^ baqi (pi. J^ buqul). 
Herbage, 8. t/* niarj (pi. £•#• 

muriij) ; Syc^hudra-t. — (pasture) 

Herbal, «. (book on herbs) s-»^ 

s^Vac^ ^lc kitab ^ilm al-^asab 

(«pU^\ an-nabatat). — (collection 

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of dried herbs) ^AjtA^. £5-**^* 
£~& majmu* haSayis" yabisa-t. 

Herbalist, s. v»^* *a£sab ; 
»s>iiLjJVj 'arif bi-'n-nabatat. 

Herbarium, s. £— «*• «*A»Li £;+>~ 
majmu' nabatat muyabbasa-t. 

Herbivorous, adj. s-*a>* Jtf akil 
'isb ; u*-£^ Jfl akil hasls. 

Herd, «. £*!»* qatf* (pi. (^U!ai qut'an, 
£U*\ 'aqtaS C*^ aqatf') ; v»r- 
sirb, surb ; ^- 8urba-t (pi. v»V^ 
asrab). — (cm pasture) ***; ra*iya-t 
(pi. \>\*j ri'aya). — (herdsman) ^\j 
ra*i (pi. SWj ru'at). 

Herd, t?. £**»^ ijtama', yajtami*. 

Here, adv. Ua huna; U*U ha- 

HeRBAFTEB, adv. J ; & " »3\ ^ fl-'l- 

mustaqbil ; ^*» U ^ fi ma ba'd. 
Hereby, cufo. \±* g* ma'a haza. 
Hired itable, adj. *±>)# yftras, yu- 

warras (3 aor. pass.). 
Hereditary, adj. ^^ warasi-y ; 

Jhyf mirasi-y ; *±>m* maurus. 
Herein, adv. \±* ^ fi haza. 
Heresy, s. &&y& harjaqa-t ; *>VJ\ il- 

Heretic, s. ^j* hartaq ; W* 

mulhid (pi. JtoX* malahid). 
Heretical, adj. ^^^ har^uqi-y 

(pi. &k\y& hara^iqa-t). 
Heretofore, adv. *^U sabiqan; 

*Ujju muqaddaman. 
Heritable, adj. *±>^ yftras, yu- 
warras ; *a>\^*3\ ^ — < »■* mumkin 
Heritage, a. *±>^ irs ; *±>^** miras ; 

Aft;j wira§a-t. 
Hermit, 0. i r », s *»- feabis (pi. ^~*»- 
tnibasa'); *si-U nasik (pi. **3V--i 
nussak) ; &S~ sayih (pi. c\f- 
Hermitage, s. &—>*&• muhbasa-t 
(pi. u~?U^ mahabis) ; <g L o>» 
mansik (pi. «sL.U* manasik) ; 
i**yo sauma'a-t (pi. £*\y° sawa- 
Hkro, 8. J)«* batal (pi. JM atyal) ; 
^Ifc gazi (pi. «*>^fc guzat) ; j»S 
^W zii bas ; ghi qari*. 
Heroic, adj. &+A suja'; £*%* 

£aji' (pi. e^*** *uj'an) ; tjb 

ba^ali-y ; ^^ fidawi-y. 
Heroine, s. &***** &y\ inirat Sa- 

Heroism, *. &W* saja'a-t; #jk* 

butula-t; ^UW* sahama-t; SoUr 

Herring, «. £*-i fasih ; *&; ran- 

Hers, adj. ^ la-ha. 
Herself, pron. W—** naf su-ha. 
Hesitate, v. jytf ta'awwaq, yata- 

'awwuq ; c-Aij tawaqqaf, yata- 

waqqaf ; s^sS irtab, yartab. — (in 

speech) p>^ baldam, yubaldim. 
Hesitation, s. ^»Vc 4 aqa-t; jf* 

ta'awwaq ; *$** s^ubha-t. — (stam- 
mering) i^U*J timtama-t. 
Heterodox, adj. o*^^ hart&qi-y. 
Heterodoxy, s. &ky& har^aqa-t. 
Heterogeneous, adj. s— «^* ^ 

gair munasib ; «-A3Vae« muhahf ; 

Udsafe^ muhtalif; cr^W** 7*^ 

gair mutajanis. 
Heterogeneousnes8, *. <*Jk&\ ihti- 

laf ; «yjto tafawut ; J/ farq. 
Hew, v. ^o» qata', yaqta'; qafta*, 

Hewer, s. (of wood) s-*^ hattab. 

— (of stone) fa** hajjar; w\&* 

Hexagon, *. ^4^^ ^ju-^ musaddas 

Hiatus, s. $± halal (pi. jb» 

Hibernate, v. { j* ^atta, yu^atti. 
Hibernation, *. &*££J taitiya-t; 

^y^* tasatti. 
Hiccough, Hiccup, s. ^y»- hazqa-t ; 

&^ bazAqa-t. 
Hide, v.a. K J^ hafa, yahfi ; ^J*A 

ahfa, yuhfi ; (+£ katam, yaktum ; 

W^ haba', yahba' ; n. { J>^ ta- 

haffa, yatahaffa; <Jx*A ihtafa, 

yahtafi ; ^AaftfS-^ istahfa, yastahfi. 
Hide, s. <&* jild ; SjJ^ jilda-t (pi. 

*>^> julud). 
Hideous, adj. ^a ^ani* ; ^«i 

ji^\ qabih al - manzar ; 85^* 

makrfih; J^« mahM, muhaw- 



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Hie, v. J %«?- ^ ista'jal, yasta'jil. — 

(hie thee!) <^ J^-*^ a'mal 

Hierarchy, 8. &**L tugnm-t ; £yj 

rutba-t ; &*ifi±+ nianzuma-t. 
Hieroglyphic, 8. <j*<fi> naqs, uiqs 

(pi. ^»y» nuqiis) ; ^JtfK ,Jai\ al- 

qalam al-qadim. 
High, adj. ^ 'ali-y ; J^ 'Alt ; 
<^lc 'ulwi-y ; &*j rati* : £#/• 

murtafi*; £*^» Samih (pi. £*a 

kmmah), f. S a-t (pi. £*V» sawa- 

High-born, adj. J*^ Uoj* sarif 

al-asl (pi. u^fti saraf, bj* surafa', 

*^\^\ airaf). 
High-bred, adj. s->*^ s-^^° sahib 

adab (pi. v>^*^ ashab). 
Highly, adv. S^t bi-kasra-t ; gto^ 

High - minded, High - souled, 

High-8Pibited, adj. &*a jj zu 

Highness, s. £* 'ulu-w ; £\&j\ irti- 

fa'.— (title) i?** hadra-t. 
Highway, 8. pVc ^j^ {ariq 'amm ; 

jUJl. v»j^> darb sultani-y. 
Highwayman, «. <3>^ ^Lu qati* 

tariq (pi. g& quU'V) ; ^y 

harami-y (pi. 8 a-t). 
Hilabious, adj. ))y~~* inasrur ; 

^U.y farhan ; I»j~** mabeii^. 
Hilabity, s. fry* suriir ; t/ farah ; 

s>^» $arab. 
Hill, Hillock, s. J> tall (pi. J^ 

tilal, Jjfc tulul) ; Sjtj ribwa-t, SjW) 

ribawa-t (pi. £tf\>rabiya-t) ; J*<* 

Hilt, s. *-M qab(Ja-t; u^* miq- 

ba<ji (pi. u**^ maqabid). 
Himself, proru &~ # naf su-hu. 
Hind, 5. Sty* gaziila-t. 
Hind, adj. ^^^ halfani-y ; ^j\# 

warani-y ; j*»*y" mu'ahhar. 
Hindebmo8T, Hindmost, adj. p£»\ 

Hindeb, v. j^fi *aq, ja'uq ; jf 

'awwaq, yu'awwiq ; £^» mana', 

yamna* ; a© sadd, yasadd. 
Hindrance, 8. gj^» mani* (pi. £>\^ 

niawani') ; foW* muuiana'a-t ; 

j^W 'Awiq (pi. v3*^ 'awayiq); 

Ju, sadd (pi. a\x«\ asdad). 
Hinge, 8. v>W^ j»W jArur al-bab. 
Hint, v. ^^ auma, yiimi ; J*>\ 

aiar, yusir ; yj ramaz, yarinuz. 
Hint, 8. ty*\ isara-t ; ^ wain' ; )<•) 

ramz ; 5y** gamza-t ; j\&\ iDzur. 
Hip, s. ^ wirk (pi. d\jy\ aurak). 
HirroDROME, 8. <^«*** niaidan, 

midan (pi. (^>»>W* mayadin). 
Hippopotamus, *. y&J\ t>^»- hisan 

al-bahr (pi. u-~* husun) ; O**;? 

Hire, v. (take on hire) ^7^ iktara, 

yaktari ; ^$^^\ ista,kra, yastakri ; 

^►U-^ ista'jar, yasta*jir. — (let on 

hire) ^/ kara, yakri ; ^/\ akra, 

yukri ; j*\ ajar, yujir. 
Hire, 8. \/ kira; fA ajr (pi. )fA 

ujur, jW\ ajar) ; SjM ajara-t. 
Hireling, s. (mercenary) J^«-« 

mubartal ; im ^ s y m murtasi. 
Hirsute, adj. *r>)\ azabb, f. ty 

zabba' (pi. s-»j zubb) ; j**>\ as'ar, 

f. y* sa'ra (pi.y^» ^u'r) ; ^V - * - * 

His, adj. » -hu, affixed to the noun 

(as <J^rf bet-hu, " his house ") ; 

AfiVs^ mata- 4 hu ; &J^» mal-hu ; *^ 

haqq-hu, &c. 
Hiss, 8. (whistling) y**~ safir ; cM* 

hafif. — (of derision) Sjyfc hazwa-t. 

— (of a snake) £**£ fahih. 
Hiss, v. (whistle) y^» safar, yasfir; 

«-Afe haff, yahtff. — (as a snake) 

C* fahh, yafuhh, yafihh. 
Historian, Historiographer, *. 

tfy mu'arrih ; ^>/^* s-^^* sahib 

Wrih (tarih); Q^\ ^s\S katib 

Historic, Historical, adj. ^-J* 

Historiography, 8. &)\fR *A^ 

kitabat at-tawarih. 
History, 8. £i)V> tarih (pi. ^i>V 

tawarih) ; 5^- sira-t (pi. ^e— 

siyar) ; p&> habar (pi. J*±\ ah- 

Histrionic, adj. ^^ss taqlidi-y. 
Hit, v. a. (strike) s-*/ 4 darab, y ad- 
rib, yadrub. — (hit the mark, &c.) 

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s-»^ asab, yusib; n. ^^S ta- 
§adam, yatasadam. 

Hit, s. (stroke) &*j* darba-t ; &••*-» 
sadma-t. — (chance) jto\ ittifaq. 

Hitch, s. (catch) «~jU*s* hu^taf (pi. 
t- ftgi Ug s . hatA^if). — (impediment) 
£>U mani' (pi. &\y* niawani'). 

Hither, adv. ^>Ia ^\ ila hfihuna. 

Hithermost, adj. v*/^ aqrab. 

Hitherto, adv. q$\ ^J\ ila al-an. 

Hive, s. J=* aJLs. haliyat nahl (pi. 
lj)U halaya) ; Js* \\f kuwarat 
nahl (pi. jSf kawayir) ; ^, 
jabh (pL &+\ ajbuh, cW^ aj- 

Hoar, Hoary, adj. (with age) s-*a^» 

Hoard, s. (store) &*y mu'na-t ; *>\) 
zad; *^j zawada-t. — (treasure) 
yS kanz (pi. )y* kunuz). 

Hoard, v. »u-o sammad, yusam- 

yakniz ; 
taf mid ; 


saib ; &«* 

mid ; y* kanaz, 

zahar, yazhar. 
Hoarding, s, 

Hoar-frost, s. y*> sirr. 

HOARINES8, s. S-*-g* 

Hoarse, adj. tj^*~ mabhuh ; &\ 

Hoax, s. s-»j*k* inal'iib (pi. s-***)^ 
mala'ib) ; &-»- hila-t. 

Hoax, v. s-»j*^* **1c s-<*l la'ab 'ale- 
fa i mal'ub, yal'ab ; &**■ *al* w-^ 
nasab ale-bi hila-t, yansub. 

Hobby, s. (favourite pursuit) &-■*. 

Hobgoblin, s. { y^ jinni-y. 

Hob, $. **^* mijrafa-t (pi. *-*^* 
ma jar if) ; y marr. 

Hoe, v. «-*;* jaraf, yajjruf; { y ) 
i^j& rama al-ard, yarmi. 

Hoo, a. j>y*- hinzir, hanzir (pi. 
^>jU^ hanazir). 

Hoooish, adj. <£ff±> hinziri-y. 

Hogshead, s. (cask) J~»;* barmil 
(pi. J^*V baramil). 

Hoist, v. £•> rafa', yarfa'; s— * 
nasab, yansub. 

Hold, v. (grasp) <ft^~* masak, yam- 
gik, yamsuk ; v> u** 5 qaba4 bi, 

yaqbid. — (detain) «-Aij waqqaf, 
yuwaqqif. — (contain) g~j wasi', 
yasa' ; ^5^- hawa, yahwi ; ^f^ 
<J& ihtawa *ala, yahtawi; ^ : y^^S 
tadamman, yatadamman; v }Ua\ 
^-1* istamal 'ala, ya^tamil. — 
(hold an opinion) s *-- * hasib, 

Hold, s. (grasp) & £~~» maska-t. — 
(influence) j&*b ta'sir ; SjJtf qud- 
ra-t. — (of a ship) s-^*tt ^ hinn 
(hunn) al-markab. 

Hole, s. s-*> saqb (pi. v>y$ suqub) ; 
&*& §aqba-t (pi. s-**> suqab) ; 
&*&. buhsa-t (pi. J^yfc! buhus). — 
(in a dress) j/» harq (pi. &)f* 
huruq). — (in the ground) ljt± 
hufra-t (pi. /** hufar). 

Holiday, s. (feast) *x*e 'id (pi. 
*>W a'yad) ; •M* fj> yom (yaum) 
'id (pi. fb\ ayyam). — (vacation) 
flU* ba^ala-t ; tV fir ^g. 

Holiness, s. JLUi qadasa-t; Sj^L 

Hollow, adj. <*JfA ajwaf ; «^^» 
mujawwaf ; £ju farig ; ^U fa^ii. 
— (not sincere) jot© ^ gair 

Hollow, v. «~Jj* jawwaf, yujaw- 
wif ; /»- hafar, yahfir ; c^i 
fahat, yafhat. 

Hollowness, s. (cavity) *>Jy+ jauf ; 

f± hulii-w; tjf* jura-t. — (per- 

fidy) &j±t gadra-t ; ^W^ hiyana-t. 

Holocaust, *. X&j*" muhraqa-t; 
&*^a 4ahiya-t (pi. ^^* 4ahaya). 

Holy, adj. <j~>*i qaddis; y-J^ 
muqaddas; J^ wali-y (pi. VJ.^ 
auliya'). — (pure) y^^» \ahxr (pi. 
j\&\ athar). 

Homage, «. &-1AU i^a'a-t ; ^/o.^ 
ihtiram ; J**« taqbil ; ^/\ ik- 

Home, s. (dwelling) ^VX* makan; 
^w» maskan (pi. ^U-^ masa- 
kin) ; (•U^ maqam ; ^>^ bait ; 
J^^ mahall. — (native place) ^« 
watan (pi. (jjU,^ autan) ; Si^ ^^ 
ard milad. 

Homeliness, s. (familiarity) J3*> 
dalal; &~ i\ unsa-t; &-i\ , y« mu'- 

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anasa-t. — (plainness) £*U* ba- 
. £a'a-t; ^-J qubh. 
Homely, adj. (familiar) (j~*Vy 

mu'anis. — (ugly) J*u*\ g^ basi' 

al-manzar; <j^ wahi$ ; £«S 

J**+*\ qabih al-inanzar. 
Homeward, adv. &*t* J\ ila bait- 

hu ; fi^ J\ ila balad-hu. 
Homicidal, ad;. JUi qattal; *)U- 

Homicide, *. (murder) J*i qatl. — 

(murderer) J?U qatil (pi. JUi 

quttal) ; JUi qattal. 
Homilist, s. ±c\) wa'ig (ql. Ue, 

wu"az) ; j;^ kariz ; j^l* kariiz. 
Homilt, a. &cj wa'za-t; &e.* 

mau'iza-t (pi. K^y mawa'iz); 

j/ karz. 
Homogeneous, adj. J^\j (j-u* ^ 

min jins wahid; s-*-U* muna- 

sib ; tj-Jl^s* mutajanis. 
Homogeneousness, *. **-L* mu- 

nasaba-t ; &~Jlq»* mujanasa-t. 
Homologous, adj. <3*V* muwafiq ; 

iJfcU** mutabiq. 
Honest, ad/. ^U salih; ^ her, 

hair (pi. ; L^ hijar, j^\ ahyar) ; 

jpU sadiq ; ** burr ; i $~A amin. 
Honesty, s. t** salali ; jju> gadq ; 

u^Hhla?; ^•V&^ristiqama-t. 
Honey, s. J~xs 'asal ; s^* darab. 
Honeycomb, s. j^ sahd (pi. oV^ 

Honey-moon, «. q^JA ufruwan. 
Honour, s. (esteem, dignity) J^ 

jalal; iy* 4 izza-t; u^ saraf; 

jlf£s\ i'tibar; &*i* <uzma*t. — 

(reputation) ^f <ird, 'urd (pi. 

u*V*t a'ra^; ^-^U namus (pi. 

tj~**\f nawamis) ; **•]** hurma-t. 

— (chastity) £_Ac 'iffa-t ; «~J^* 

'afaf. — (proper spirit) *j-ek 

gaira-t, gira-t (pi. pA giyar) ; 

**fc himma-t. 
Honoub, v. yc\ a'azz, yu'izz ; r /\ 

akram, yukrim; u^ sarraf, yu- 

Sarrif ; pf*.\ ihtaram, yahtarim. 
Honourable, adj. j^^^\ ' ,^*^~* 

mustahiqq al-i'tabar; p*** mu'- 

tabar ; ?/- mukram ; ^j/ karim 

(pi. U/l akrima, r \f kiram). 

Honourableness, a.^W^ i'tibar; 

Sy 'izza-t ; &*\/ karama-t ; &*>j* 

Honorary, adj. ^^ 3arafi-y; 

(j*\^ ikrami-j. — {honorary dress) 

fcO*. hala'a-t (pi. £U hila<). 
Hood, *. £*i qub' ; jty tar^ur (pi. 

yJAJ* taratfr) ; (+*& iskim. 
Hoodwink, v. (bind the eyes) s-*c 

***** 'asab 'aine-hi, ya'sib. — 

(deceive) £•*** hada', yahda'. 
Hoof, a. y^ hafir (pi. jfij*. hawa- 

fir); J** na*l (pi. JUi ni'al).— 

(cZoren) UUL z ilf, zulf (pi. ^OM 

aglaf). — (0/ a camel) «-^ hiff, 

huff (pi. ^^\ ahfaf). 
Hooped, ad/. y\j*- ^»> zu hawafir, 

Hook, «. v»^ kullab (pL s-J^ 

kalalib); i)^ kallaba-t; ^iU«s. 

huUaf (pi. U^\^ hatatif).— 

(sickle) J*^» minjal (pi. J^U^ 

i.ianajil) ; JU»&« miqsal (pi. Ja*^» 

Hoop, s. &&*> halqa-t (pi. «yvfiL. ha- 

laqat, v3^ halaq, haliq, hilaq). — 

(of a cask) ijti* ^ara-t. 

Hoop, v. S**f^ ^b^ J 4 ^ <an1 ^ 

tarat li-U-barmil, ya'mai. 
Hooping-cough, s. ^^ JU- su'al 

Hop, v. (skip) yaij raqa^, yarqu?. — 

(limp) sf 'araj, ya*raj. 
Hop, s. &)Ai qaf za-t ; <joij raqs. — 

(plant) jUj^ & A s ~* .a hasisat ad- 
Hope, Hopefulness, a. J*\ ami 

(pi. JW dmal) ; W-j raja' ; S^^ 

rajwa-t; giy tawaqqu 4 ; jk&\ 

Hope, v. W-j raja, yarju ; ^j^/ ta- 

rajja, yatarajja; J--»\ amal, 

Hopeful, adj. J-**^ mu'amniil ; 

L&h r ^Ji J o'fr^ mutarajji. 
Hopeless, adj. (despairing) £^ 

Wy^ qfyi' ar-rajiV; ^-^^Umayiis; 

^>yi qanu^. 
Hopelessness, s. £e~ji*U ma'yusi- 

ya-t ; u*^ iyas ; tyii qunu^. 
Hopper, «. (funnel in a mill) ^^oU 

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Ctt^art qadus at-tahun (pi. ^ J\j* 

Horde, 8. &«S qabila-t (pi. J*\*S 

Horizon, 8. &\ ufq (pi. jltf 

afaq) ; 0^ hafiq. 
Horizontal, ad/, ^atf ufuqi-y ; 

^j* 'ardi-y ; W~* basi*. 
Horn, «. <^ qarn (pi. <^i qurftn). 
Horned, adj. <#y <0 lahu qurun ; 

o^ muqarna. 
Horny, o^/. Jjji qaroi-y. 
Horologe, 8. AcU sa'a-t. 
Horoscope, 8. gJU» ^ a li* (pi. gN^L* 

Hawaii 4 ) ; ^r najm (pi. ^ 

Horrible, Horrific, Horrid, 

adj. J*Va hajil ; J^ inahM ; &i/ 

karih ; ftj^- makruh ; g~u> iani'. 
Horribleness, HORRIDNE88, 8. 

&U* sana'a-t. 
Horrify, t?. JU hal, yahM; Jy& 

bawwal, yuhawwil. 
Horror, s. ij->j*±i qusa'rira-t; 

)\f*&3\ iq&'rar ; l&\f karahiya-t ; 

Jy* haul (pi. jy\ ahwal).. 
Horse, 8. J*l hail (pi. J^ huyul, 

JW^\ ahyal). — (stallion) ^Uw 

lpsan, husan (pi. &j**.\ ahsina-t). 

— (mare) <j*ji faras; &-y fara- 

sa-t ; S^o* hijra-t. — (gelding) 

\>j-*»* q)\**> fcisan mutawwas' 

(o*^* nia^i-y); ,J->^ kadis' 

(pL ^»^ kuds, kids, kidis.— 
(cavalry) J-^ hail, hel. — (sup- 
porter) «^-£* taht (pi. «y*_** 
tuhiit); &JUu saqala-t. 
Horseback, adj. (mounted on) s-^j 
rakib ; v>y>> rakub ; ^jU f aris. 

HORSB- BREAKER, 8. (jHtU Siiyis (pi. 

^^•V-^ siyas) ; (^UJ\ ,»1a* mu- 
'allim al-hisan. 
Horse-dealer, s. J<a £\<a bayya' 

Horse- doctor, Horse-leech, 8. 

jVLeJ baitar (pi. SJ.1^ bayatfra-t). 
Horseman, #. ^U fans (pi. ^^ 

fawaris, (^Uy fursan) ; J^ hay- 

jal (pi. a^ ^ayyaia-t). 
Horsemanship, 0. flje*- hiyula-t; 

l t .»* f urusiya-t. 

Horse-race, -racing, s. &?Lm» 

(J*^) musabaqa-t (al-hail). 
Horse-radish, 8. jW J^4 f u jl Mrr ; 

^ U^ hidaman. 
Horse-bhoe, s. gU^H J*j na q a i. 

Hortation, 8. ^ wa'aza-t ; &cy« 

mau'iga-t (pi. k*\y mawa'ig). 
Hortative, Hortatory, adj. jJu* 

munzir (pi. ;JL* manazir); keU 

Horticulture, 8. ^U^^ £+**» hid- 

mat al-janayin. 
Hose, s. v>;j* jaurab, jurab (pi. 

V>V jawarib) ; **^ jaraba-t. 
Hosier, s. «^^ £W* bayya' jara- 

Hospitable, arf/. ^W^ midyaf; 

«-&*-^ mucjif ; c-MJ^ f»yU mukrim , 



&W-* diyafa-t ; ^ i'wa, iwa. 

Hospital, 8. ^^^ c^ bait ai- 
marda; \^\ ; U dar ai-iafa; 
^U^U->j bimaristan (vulg. maris- 
tan, Per8.) ; a>Ul U& ^afa hana-h). 

Host, 8. (entertainer) c-A^j^-mudif ; 
SysaJ^ v^^> ?ahib ad-da'wa-t (pi. 
s>^*^ af hab).— (landlord) s-*A- 
^-^ sahib madyafa-t ; ^U. s-^^> 
fdhib feaii; ^U. hanji (pi. 
^r^- hanjiya-t) ; i^y^ man- 
zilji.— (arwy) ^^^ jais, jes (pi. 
d^r* J u Jus) ; ^ jund, jand (pi. 
*y* junud, oU^\ ajnad).— (witt^- 
titude) £W jumla-t. — (conse- 
crated wafer) &~*8* &\)j> qur- 
bana-t muqaddasa-t ; I ^^3 
zabiha-t ; i>la^ barsana-t. 

Hostage, 8. U**j rahina-t (pi. 
ei^ rahayin); q*j rahn (pi. 
t;y^ ruhun). 

Hostel, Hostelry, Hotel, 8. jW 
^\ dar al-guraba ; Jy^ manzil 
(pi. JjU^ manazil) ; q\± han (pi. 
«^^W tdnat); Utfp lokanda; 
^V^ wakala-t. 

Hostile, adj. ^ac 'adawiy ; ^j^ 

Hostility, s. S^oc 'adawa-t ; ^ac 





'udwan ; s-»j*- harb. — (hostilities) 

oWU« mu'adat. 
Hostler, s. v~i\~ sayis (pi. <j*W~ 

Hot, adj. ^^ hami ; jW harr; 

0— at- suhn. — (pungent) J** 

harr. — (hot-tempered) £f» harir. 

— (lascivious) ^jQ* sahwani-y ; 

«jh*^ fasiq. 
Hotel, s. j*^i funduq (pi. jSm 

fanadiq). See Hostel. 
Hotness, s. tyf* harara-t ; ^ harr ; 

v»^» saub, sob ; &Vat~. sahana-t. 
Hough, s. Z*k\*> dagisa-t. 
Hough, v. l*t\d\ £* qa$a* ad- 

dagisa-t, yaqta'. 
Hound, s. ^$<^* s-J^ kalb saidi-y 

(pi. A»Ju-s v>^ kilab saidiya-t) ; 

^iyu suluqi (pi. My- suluqi- 

Hour, s. &*\~ sa'a-t. 
Hourly, adv. &*\~ J* kull sa'a-t. 
House, s. o** bait, bet (pi. «yj*» 

buyut) ; jW dar (pl.j^ J diyar). — 

(^winter house) ^y^* masta. — 

(summer house) &f marba* (pi. 

gfty inarabi*)* — (family) **~~* 

nasab (pi. v>^~^ ansab) ; J~~* 

nasi (pi. Jt~>\ ansal). 
House, v. j£- sakkan, yusakkin ; 

Jy\ anzal, yunzil. 
Household, s. J*t abl (pi. JW 

ahali, J^ al) ; &*J\ J*\ alii al- 

bait ; &*fi 'aila-t ; JW* 'iyal (pi. 

«ySUc 'iyalat). 
Householder, s. «-*** ^ zu bait. 
Houseless, ad/. «^^ aJ U ma lahu 

Housemaid, s. WAt haddama-t. 
Housewife, s. Ja\ ahl ; J** 'ayyil 

(pi. &*^ a'yila-t, JiW* 'ayayil). 
Housings, a. JV jilal; u^- bUs 

(pi. o*jk- hulus, (j-W ahlas) ; 

a**^ tarraha-t; «^j raht (pi. 

«t>y^ ruhut). 
Hovel, «. c/ kuh (pi. &fl akwah, 

^W** kihan) ; j*** buss (pi. <j<»^«^ 

Hover, v. ^ ham, yahum. 
How, adv. (in what manner) «-&*£ 

kaif, kef ; ^j\ anna ; ^ azai-y, 

^$\j\ aza-y. — (t» tt?faif degree or 
extent) )<& <J>i\ es qadr. — (how 
many, how much) ^ kam. 

Howbeit, con}. \±*> £* ma 4 baza ; 
t«\ amma. 

However, cow/. «^ £* ina' zalik ; 
^ lakin ; ^j walakin. — (t» 
whatever manner) Ua*S kaifama; 
q\Z ±JlS kaif kiln. 

Howitzer, s. yju* bawun (pi. q\j*\ 

Howl, «. \j* 'uwa ; &y* 'awiya-t. 

Howl, v. ^y* 'awa, ya'wi ; 'awwa, 

Huddle, v. (bring into confusion) 
la^s* harbat, yubarbit. — (do any- 
thing precipitately) J*A* 'ajal, 

Huddle, s. (disordered crowd) *+*») 
zahma-t; fWjj\ izdiham. 

Hue, s. (colour) q£ laun, Ion (pL 
q\J\ alwan). — (dye) £W* sibag. — 
(clamour) l>\** *iyat ; A*^ sarha-t. 

Hug, s. q\**A ihtidan ; Afi»V** mu- 

Hug, v. t3*Vc *anaq, yu'aniq ; ^^.^ 
ihtadan, yadtadin; *;Ju> J\ p* 
damm ila sadr-bu, yadumm. 

Huge, adj. ^-Js* 'azim (pi. f>V*z 
'izam, Uloc 'uzama) ; y#J kabir 
(pi. jW^ kibilr, kubar) ; J>^» tawil 
(pi. JV* tiwal). 

Hugeness, a. A^L-9. jasama-t. 

Hulk, Hull, s. s-^J^ ^> jirm al- 
markab (pi. ^ jurum, ^5^ 
juriim, f\fiS ajram). 

Hull, s. (shell) j&* qisr (pi. )y±* 

Hum, 8. I)))) wazwaza-t. 

Hum, v. ft)) wazwaz, yuwazwiz. 

Human, adj. ^rM baiari ; ^V— h\ 

Humanity, s. (the human race) 
(j~*\ ins ; <j*^\ an-nas ; ^*>\ ^i 
bani ad am. — (human nature) 
&j\~J$\ &*#Jc&\ a^-tabi*a-t al-insani- 
ya-t ; hr** basariya-t. — (bene- 
volence) 4«iL-j\ insaniya-t; *a>j—\» 

Humane, adj. ijy*^ nasuti-j ; 
<j{>~i\ in8ani-y ; ^J^ haliin (pi- 

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Ulo> hulama, jJb*\ ahlam) ; ^j 
rahim; «3j**» safuq. 

HuMANISATION, 8. <j~j\* ta'niS ; 

u*^ inas. 
Humanise, v. v~*\ annas, yu'annis ; 
v~*\ anas, yunis ; ^ layyan, 
Humble, adj. &>\f" mutawadi' ; 
£*U. hadi* ; pP*- haqir (speaking 
of one's own person). 
Humble, Humiliate, v. JJ*> zallal, 
yuzallil ; J^ azall, yuzill; ^ 
wadda*, yuwaddi' ; £-2>\j wada', 
yuwadi*. — {humble one's self) g&f 
tawadda*, yatawadda'; JJA> ta- 
zallal, yatazallal. 
Humbleness, Humility, s. £j^ 
hudii' ; fr*&\ inhida' ; £*\y ta- 
Humbug, s.jAJ fagar ; £>y- hirata-t. 
Humiliation, 8. J3 zull; JJjtf 
tazlil ; J3^ izlal.— (self-humilia- 
tion) ^j^J tabrih. See Humble- 
Humour, s. (moisture) &*fo rutii- 
ba-t. — (temper) $\y mizaj (pi. 
*<y\ ainzija-t) ; jL>\± ha^ir (pi. 
jr&jp- hawatir); v*^- masrab 
(pi. s^^_ niasarib) ; JoU hiit. — 
(caprice) S^*) zan^ara-t. — (in 
good humour) <JU&i* mutakayyif ; 
«-*** <>* <ala kaif. — (in bad 
humour) ^LJtt faqsan. — (witty 
disposition) Jjfc liazl. 
Humour, v. &U» tawaS yutawi' ; 
•^ *:<J* o^b ™ <a 'ala hatir-hu, 
yura'ij oUtf ta'allaf, yata'allaf. 
Humourist, «., Humourous, adj. 

(^afe— ^ mushin ; t)^* mazih. 
Humourousness, 8. «ri lW tf tad- 

hiq ; csJV^i\ idhak. 
Humoubsome, adj. y^y muzan^ir ; 

^y* hawayi-y. 
Hump, Hunch, s. 2*>*&- hadaba-t 
(pi. *^-»oa. hadab) ; s-ui qatab (pi. 
*r*^^ aqtab). — (of a camel) fU~ 
sanani (pi. &->-\ asmina-t). 
Humpback, Hunchback, s. s->**^ 
4 ahdab, f. \****> b a( iba (pi. s->**°- 
budb) ; s-tf f\ abd qatab ; $\ 
t£;-A-s*e abu sanduq. 



Hundred, «., Hundredth, ad/. 

&U maya-t. 
Hundredweight, s. jUatf qan^ar 

(pi. ^jLUi qanatir). 
Hunger, *. £^ j ix' ; ic^. maiiVa-t ; 

&*4±. hamsa-t; a^— *fc j-*\ abu 

Hunger, v. gW ja', yaja'. — (Zcmgr 

/or) <J\ gW j a ' ila, yaja*. 
Hungry, adj. (jU^ ji'an; ^Vc^ 

ju'an ; g*W jayi' (pi. £W jiya,' 

£y* juwwa'). 
Hunt, s. ±~° said ; you qans. 
Hunt, v. %>U sad, yasid ; Ju-> ta- 

sayyad, yatasayyad ; *>\Lc\ istad, 

yasta3 ; j^-ii qanas, yaqnis ; 

u ou*\ iqtanas, yaqtanis. 
Hunter, s. *>W-o sayyad, f. S a-t. 
Hurdle, s. s^j zarb (pi. v^; 

Hurl, v. ^iAa» hazaf, yahzif ; ^^ 

rama, yarnii. 
Hurricane, s. Sju>\^ 'asifa-t (pi. 

Uu>\y* *awasif ) ; ^j zauba'a-t 

(pi. e?^j zawabi*). 
Hurriedness, s. J^ s *£~^ isti'jal. 
Hurry, s. ^-^ 'ajala-t; Z-Zy- 

Hurry, v.a. J^c ^ajjal, yu'ajjil; 

J^c^ a'jal, yu'jil; J^*^-\ ista'- 

jal, yasta'jil; n. £ ; -~ \ asra', 

yusri*; J**£^ ista'jal, yasta*jil. 
Hurt, s. t^ jarh (pi. t;^ juruh, 

t^fA ajrah) ; ly^» madarra-t ; ^ 

Hurt, v. tf* jarah, yajrah; ^ 

darr,yadurr; ^ J\ azza, yu'azzi ; 

v5^ aza, yuzi ; ^^ ailam, yu'al- 

Hurtful, adj. ?&• mudirr. 
Hurtpulness, 8. S^ madarra-t. 
Husband, s. t)\ zoj, zauj, vulg. )^ 

joz (pi. s\$\ azwaj); J»? ba'l 

(pi. JU? bi'al, Jytj bu^iil). 
Husband, v. (economise) fr waffar, 

yuwaffir ; ±**>\ iqtasad, yaqtasid. 

— (cultivate the ground) yj>^\ ^j^ 

hadara al-ard, yahdum. 
Husbandman, s. t^ fallah; ^> ; U 

baris (pi. *±Af* ljurrag). 

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Husbandry, «. &-*$* falahat. — 

(economy) j<±f taufir; *aJL^»\ im- 

Hush, interj. o£-\ uskut ; A* 

Hush, v. ss+£~ sakkat, yusakkit; 

^jufc bad an, yabdin ; baddan, yu- 

Husk, a. y*3 qisr (pi. jy*3 qusur). 
Husk, v. y** qa^sar, yuqasslr. 
Huskiness, 8. (hoarseness) &*; bab- 

Husky, adj. r*3 ^ zu qis>; p& 

yustt qasir al-qisr. 
Hustings, 8. ( platform) j*** mim- 

bar (pi. y^manabir). 
Hustle, v. f»\) zaham, yuzabim. 
Hut, 8. tf tub, kob (pi. t^ ak- 

wah, <J*k*£ kihan); ^*» buss, 

hiss (pi. u©^^^ ahsfis). 
Hutch, 8. <3jJ^ sanduq (pi. tjfc«>U« 

san ad iq). 
Hydra, 8. Ul\ &*** hayya-t al-ma. 
Hydraulics, 8. UJ\ gij ^ji fan raf 

al-ma; V^i^ j fiL-J\ ^- ^Jc <ilm 

sair al-miyab wa wuquf-ha. 
Hydrocele, s. &*** qali^a-t. 
Hydrophobia, 8. s-J^ kalab. 
Hyena, 8. £--* dab, dabu' (pi. gW^ 

Hymen, 8. {membrane) h)£*& s-»W°* 

hijab al-bukuriya-t. 
Hymeneal, adj. o - ^ 'arusi-y. 
Hymeneal, 8. ^-j^ *t«^ ugniyat 


Hymn, s. &*>• madiha-t (pi. &\±* 

Hyperbola, s. *\tVyJX £&\ al-qat* az- 

Hyperbole, «. £*JW* inubalaga-t; 

,**&*» ta'zim. 
Hyperbolical, adj. ^W^ mubalig ; 

AA3V--JS li-'l-mubalaga-t ; o+J** 

Hypercritic, *. Hypercritical, 

adj. ,3^ daqqaq ; £*UU c^&<« mu- 

nakkit li-'l-gaya-t. 
Hypochondriacal, adj. <^ J J— 

Hypochondrium, 8. e>**y* mara- 

qen (du.) ; f>\^ hawasir (pi. of 

iyW ha§ira-t). 
Hypocrisy, s. Vi> riya ; Slj^ niura- 

ya-t ; jto nifaq ; &UL* munafa- 

qa-t ; j;j zarq (Per 8.) . 
Hypocrite, e. <3iU* munafiq ; o*V* 

murayi ; V^ s-*^^> sahib riya. 
Hypocritical, adj. yJ*\±" muda- 

bin ; J*^* muhil. 
Hypotenuse, 8. & qutr fpl. &&\ 

Hypothec, 8. 

Hypothesis, *. u-W* qiyas ; ub\f*\ 

iftirad ; &~*j» fardiya-t. 
Hypothetical, adj. ^V^ l ^' 

radi-y ; ^^ fara^i-y ; o-** 5 V- 

Hyssop, a. <j~}\a Vijj zaufa (zufa) 


a. p qu^r (pi. ; 
<^*j rabn (pi 



I, pron. \i\ ana. 

Iambic, «. £f+v* ^ watad maj- 

Ibex, a. J*« wa'l (pi. J*j wu'ul, 

J^ au'al). 
Ibis, 8. <jlfiJ laqlaq (pi. <jP^* laqa- 

Ice, «. *VeW jalid ; ^ galj ; y$ buz 

Ichneumon, 0. <j~+i nims, name ; 

nimsa-t, namsa-t (pi. <j~y+* 

namus) ; j^j zaqzaq. 
Idea, «. j^>> tasawwur (pi. **Ajy*5 

ta?awwura-t) ; JW biyal (pi. 

&6*\ ahyila-t) ; ^ wabra (pi. 

p\J*)\ aubam). — (prototype) JVA« 

misal (pi. &*+\ amsila-t, vj^^* 

Ideal, adj. JW^ hiyali-y; ts^^-5 

taswiri-y ; jy*+ mutasawwar. 

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Identical, adj. (selfsame) 43\b 
bizatihi. — (not different) J*>^ 
wahid ; j^i* muttahid. 

Identification, *. vjk*** tahqiq. 

Identify, v. (combine) ^\ itta- 
had, yattahid. — (ascertain) <jfa* 
haqqaq, yuhaqqiq. 

Identity, s. *>M ittihad. 

Idiom, *. &*& luga-t (pi. «t>UJ lugat, 
Vjti lugun, ^ lugan) ; ^ rf* 
$arz kalam ; t^*°\ istilalju 

Idiomatical, adj. ^^ lugawi-y. 

Idiot, s., Idiotic, adj. J**N *-****- 
sahif al-'aql; xi^ balid; s^***" 
majdub ; *M a blah. 

Idiotcy, Idiotism, 8. J*»tt &l^- 
sahafat al-'aql ; 2^ balada-t. 

Idle, adj. y Idles, s. (lazy, unoc- 
cupied) q)%~£ kaslaa (pi. ^— ^ 
kasla, J^— * kasala) ; ^f" mu- 
tawani ; J*te gafii ; Jl<**« mut a- 
'attfl. — (fHvolous) JU* ba^l.— 
(unprofitable) g*Vi ^ gair nafi'. 

Idle, r. J-* kasil, yaksal ; J-^» 
takasal, yatakasal ; J^s ta'attal, 

Idleness, s. J—£ kasal; ^\f ta- 
wani ; aJVLj ba(ala-t. 

Idler, «. see Idle, adj. 

Idol, «. 

sanam (pi. f\**\ 

a$nam) ; ^ wagan (pi. ^^ 

Idolater, a. fU*$\ jkjic 'abid al- 

aanaui (pi. 5a*c 'abada-t, *>We 

4 bad) ; f ^-# *>W* 'abbad sanam 

(pi. & -in) ; ^j wasani-y. 
Idolatry, s. fU*& SjUc 'ibadat 

Idolise, v. (adore) .*** 'abad, 

ya'bud. — (love passionately) f>\* 

ham, yahim. 
If, conj. q\ in ; qj& q\ in kan ; ^ 

lau ; \S\ iza with pret. — (if not) 

f} q\ in lam, with aor. 
Igneous, adj. ijfi nari-y. 
Ignite, v. a. j^\ aljraq, yuhriq; 

<*i)\ auqad, yuqid ; n. jf* taljar- 

raq, yata^arraq; ^ waqad, ya- 

qid ; J**^ ista'al, yasta'il. 
Ionition, s. JUa*\ iati'al; &\f*\ 


Ignoble, adj. <j**> dani-y ; 

hasis (pi. ^-U-a. hisas, ^— *\ 

ahissa) ; J»^\ arzal (pi. g^t 

arzaliin, arzalin, J^ arazil); 

jtfr* ^aqir. 
Ionobleness, 8. &-U*. hasasa-t; 

AlUj razala-t. 
Ignominious, adj. ry^ fadi^i ; £-** 

mufdih ; vj©** nia'yub. 
Ignominy, 8. s-*a* 'aib (pi. s^j** 

'uyub) ; > « ft r; *^*a* fa^ifca-t. 
Ignoramus, Ignorant, s. J*W 

jahil (pi. J«^ juhl, J^ juhhal) ; 

Jj«* jahul (pi. ^ iuhala). 
Ignorance, s. Je*» iahl ; &\*+ jaha- 

la-t; y^ jahuhva-t. 
Ignore, v. Je* jahil, yajhal ; J^Ur 

tajahal, yatajahal. — (pass over) 

t^c saS~ sakat 4 an, yaskut ; «&>U 

(^c fat 'an, yafut. 
Ill, adj. (bad) ytj* Sarir (pl.j^ 

airar, \^\ aiirra) ; j- sau, su; 

v5^j rada (pi. V^ ardiya). — («cA;) 

gAir* mari4 (pL o*/ - niarija) ; 

jji 'alii ; ^Vt>« 'ayyan. 
Ill, s. £> sarr (pi. ^ ^urur) ; i«AU 

dahiya-t (pi. ^j*W dawahi). 
Ill-bred, oS/. s^*>^ ^^ 'adim al- 

Illegal, adj. ^ «>^ gair $ar'i-y. 
Illegality, s. g^Ail .^JU hil4f as- 

^ar c ; l»iyA^\ xt <Judd ai-sari'a-t. 
Illegible, adj. o^ ^ la yanqari. 
Illegitimacy, «. ^Oj J-\ asl 

Illegitimate, adj. (Aj^\ &\ ibn 

al-^iaram ; Uj 
j^Jui banduq 

( P i. 




S^. buhala) ; C ^U aa^ih ; 

hasis (pi. ^U^. hisas, 

Illiberality, 8. J*». buhl, bahal ; 

i-- *. hissa-t ; i-L-^. hasasa-t. 
Illicit, ac?;*. ^\^ l?arara ; f^-^* 

mahram ; ^j** mal^rum ; £f+* 

mamnu 4 . 
Illimitable, adj. «>**> S la yuhad- 

dad (3 aor. pass, n.) ; ojl^.^ 

gair mu^addad. 


od/. J***, bahil (pi. 

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Illiterate, adj. s-^-t^ yt* gair 

adib (pi. W^ udaba). 
Illitekateness, 0. &tAjA\ f**c 'adam 

Ill-luce, *. W^ j~ su al-hazz- 
Ill-natured, oe?/. gJJ^ v5 J ; radi-y 

Illness, *. u*y mard (pi. *>V^ 

amrad) ; &* 'illa-t (pi. Ji* 4 ilal) ; 

W da* ; s— ; wasab (pi. v»^ 

Illogical, ad;. 0^°*^^ ^V *-^^* 

muhalif qawa'id al-manjiq; ye± 

^filft^ gair niantiqi-y. 
Illogicality, *. jWtt w*!U fcilaf 

Ill-timed, adj. &**$ j*a ^ fi gair 

Illude, v. £J*» hada', yahda* ; J**» 

hatal, yahtul. 
Illuminate, Illumine, v.rf naw- 

war, yunawwir ; &ji auqad, y(i- 

qid. — (adorn with colours or pic- 
tures) <J*& naqas, yanqas ; naq- 

qas, yunaqqis. 
Illumination, s. S°t*\ i<Ja'a-t ; W* 

<Jiya ; jtys tanwir ; to; waqda-t ; 

•Mj waqid. 
Illusion, *. J^* hiyal (pi. *W 

ahyila-t); ^ wahm (pi. f\*)\ 

Illusive, Illusory, adj. ^J^ 

hiyali-y ; ^^^ wahmi-y. 
Illustrate, v. (explain) y~* fassar, 

yufassir ; ^ wa<J<}ah, yuwacjcjih ; 

<£-** bayyan, yubayyin ; j-e* 

'abbar, yu'abbir. 
Illustration, s. j*~tf taf sir ; j*t*5 

ta'bir ; e**j> tau<Jik« — (by picture 

or diagram) jif* taawir (pi. ^U? 

tasawir); J& niqs* (pi. Ji*fi 

Illustrative, adj. v^;*-** tafsfri-y ; 

j*** mu'abbir ; {$**• mubayyin. 
Illustrious, adj. Ufy* sarif (pi. 

+J\j*\ asraf, U/. surafa) ; ; j*a* 

mashur (pi. «a^» masahir) ; 

JJ* jalil (pi. M ajilla, *M 

ajilla-t) ; e^**** inamdiib. 
Image, *. fyj* sura-t (pi. ;r* 8Uwar ) » 

fly* taewir (pi. ^jW tasawir) ; 

b)k\ aiqftna-t (chow) ; cr** niqs' 

(pi. J^ya nuqils). 
Image, v. >y sawwar, yusawwir. 
Imagery, s. $.y* taswir. — (vivid 

description) «-A-»j wasf; «-A$-oj> 

Imaginary, adj. <J\t± hiyali-y; 

iJttA* tahyili-y ; ^^j wahmi-y. 
Imagination, s. JW*> hiyal ; J**** 

tahyil ; &eafc* Sj* quwwa-t mu- 

Imaginative, adj. Je*^ muta- 

Imagine, v. )y* tasawwar, yata- 

sawwar ; ^ waham, yahim ; 

J J*** tahayyal li, yatahayyal 

(impers.) ; q± zann, yazunn. 
Imbecile, adj. (weak) y*\* 'ajiz 

(pi. yAf 'awajiz); ye+* 'ajiz ; 

^)^c ajzan. — (stupid) <3**^ ah- 

maq, f. ^U*- hamqa (pi. <3*^ 

bumuq, jU^ him&q, &c.) ; *k\ 

ablah, f . ^ balha (pi. *k bulh) ; 

J,l« bahlM (pi. JJ^ bahalil). 
Imbecility, *. y+* 'ajz, 'ajaz ; &W 

hamaqa-t; S^ balada-t; &«W 

Imbibe, t?. ^o^ mass, yamuss ; &>) 

rada', yarcja ; vy*» sarab, yasrib ; 

vy** taiarrab, yatasarrab. 
Imbitteb, v. jy marrar, yumarrir ; 

y\ amarr, yumirr. — (make ti»- 

happy) Vafc ^aqa, yasqA ; { J*\ 

aiqa, yusqi. 
Imbrue, v. J* ball, yabull; JW 

ballal, yuballil. 
Imbue, v. ^^t gajas, yagtis ; fr~ 

sabag, yasbug, yasbig. 
Imitate, v. (follow) v» J^* tamaf- 

sal bi, yatamaggai ; v» ^j^i\ iq- 

tada bi, yaqtadi. — (counterfeit) 

& qallad, yuqallid. 
Imitation, s. J^UJ tamassul ; ^osi\ 

iqtida; J^» taqlid. 
Imitative, adj. vi*^ taqlidi-y. 
Immaculate, adj. y**** ^ Radr 

munaddas; u*ul\ &• f£\~ salitn 

min ad-danaa; f& ^ahir (pi. 

jWH athar, ^^ tahara) ; jb 

naqi-y (pi. \& niq&, \j* naqw4, 

W) anqiya). 

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IMMATERIAL, adj. o*J** 7** g*** 

bayull-y ; ^U ^ gair niaddi-y. 

— [unimportant) (*+ p£ gair mu- 

Immateriality, 8. S»>UN ^ *>/p 

tajarrad 'an al-madda-t (<$-* 

juI^ 'an al-jasad) ; ^5^* ^ 
. gair hayulaniya-t. 
Immature, adj. <jy3~* ye* gair mus- 

tawi ; ^ fajj. 
Immaturenbss, Immaturity, 8. 

\ys~l\ j^xc 'adam al-istiwa. 
Immeasurable, adj. ^W* ^ bi-la 

qiyas ; Jb. <tf U ma la-hu hadd. 
Immediate, adj. JU fcali-y ; j*^ 

Immediately, adv. JVJ\ ^ fi-'l- 

hal ; JUN &U * fl sa'at al-hal ; 

"1W halan ; jjAN J^ 'ala-'l-faur ; 

*\)^» fauran. 
Immemorial, adj. JW^ J? 5 qabl 

al-ajyal. — (in time* immemorial) 

fi qadim az-zaman wa salif al- 
*a$r wa-'l-awan. 
Immense, adj. v*\*i h bi-la qiyas ; 
j^W« **£ gair mahdud ; J^ il U 
ma la-nu fcadd ; ^jbe 'azlin. 
Immensity, 8. ^*W* ^ £^-»^ ittisa* 

gair mahdud. 
Immbrqe, Immerse, v. u-^ gatas, 
yagtis; gaUas, yugaftis ; J/ 
gariq, yagraq ; garraq, yugar- 
Immersion, *. <jJ»* gats ; u-J"** 

tagtis ; J/ garq ; j^t igraq. 
Imminent, adj. s-*y> qarib (pi. 
*r>V qirab) ; J***—" mustaqbil ; 
,3^ mu'allaq. 
Immobility, *. &^\ p-** 'adain al- 
haraka-t; oy-^~ sukun ; «^L_*> 
gab at. 
Immoderate, adj. l»yt* mufrit ; j^j 
ray id ; a^H &* $jU. harij 'an al- 
Immodest, adj. £**• ^l gair mut- 
ta4i* ; M- safin (pi. aa- suffah, 
*U- aifah). 
Immodesty, 8. £U»\ &s qillat itticja* ; 

&»U~ safaha-t. 
Immolati, v. c»^ *abal>, yazbab; 

J **ei** f*** qatfdam zabf^a-t li, 

Immolation, 8. &* zabfc. 

Immoral, adj. «*-^ fasid (pi. <^$a~* 
f asda) ; i/-A* f ahis ; j>U%\ ^ 
radi-y al-ahlaq ; <J~U fasiq (pL 
&~i fasaqa-t, J>\~* fussaq). 

Immorality, 8. •A—* fasad ; ^ •») 
jUN radawat al-a&laq; J--* 

Immortal, adj. «*>•** * la yamut ; 
^U dayim; J^U. halid; Jk-** 
8 amad ; J>\* baqi ; <^ abadi-y. 

Immortalise, v. *j& »^ hallad 
zikra-hu, yuhallid ; &-+J\ ^j 
daw warn isma-hu, yudawwim. 

Immortality, 8. Vfii baqa; *>^ 
hulud; (j*AJ\ ^j dawam an- 

Immovable, adj. Ky*)\ pi** 'adim 
al-haraka-t; **J^^^gair mu- 
taharrik ; yu-^ mustaqirr ; y&~ 
sakin ; c^jU sabit. 

Immunity, 8. )^t*"\ imtiyaz ; hy 
maziya-t (pi. \*\y mazaya) ; 8UU* 

Immure, v. ^ hawwat, yu^awwit. 

Immutability, 8. j**£\ p±& 'adam 

Immutable, adj. yt**t % la yatagay- 

Imp, 8. (child) <&y walad (pi. ^\ 

Impact, «. (shock) ^*>U? tasadum. 

Impair, v. $* 'a^tal, yu'auil ; 7-^ 
hassar, yuhassir; y* darr, ya- 
^urr ; J& naqqas, yunaqqis. 

Impalpable, adj. J*+k 5 la yul- 

Impart, v. (give) J<* 'a^a, ya'ti ; 
s-**j wahab, yahab. — (communi- 
cate) ^ habbar, ynhabbir; p±\ 
ahbar, yubbir. 

Impartial, adj. Jbjk+jt£ gair mug- 
rid; J>^\ ^ab 'adim al-gard; 
u Ayi\ JJU pii al-gar4; «-A^« 

Impartiality, 8. <>/N ?** 'adam 
al-gar4 ; *J\**\ insaf ; *ff tajar- 

Impassable, adj. jp^\ y&H 3 la 

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yumkin al-'ubur; utUU «± tr a ir 


Impatience, s. j**&\ &i qillat a?- 
sabr ; j*-aU j»ac 'adam ae-sabr. 

Impatient, adj. y^\ J^li qalil aa- 
sabr ; j^-o ^ gair sabur ; ^ 
J*^&» gair mutahammil. 

Impeach, v. ^ tahain, yathim. , 

Impeachment, *. p\&\ ithani ; X*)6± 

Impede, v. g** mana', yamna' ; 
jW «aq, ya'uq. 

Impediment, «. g*Umani'(pl. gi\y 

mawani'); <3*^ 'ayiq (pi. v5*V 

Impel, v. (vrge on) jU saq, yasuq. 

— (incit*) J**> hamal, yahmil ; 

**5^ harrak, yuharrik ; J±f» har- 

racji, yuharricjL 
Impend, v. v»^ qarub, yaqrub ; 

s-»j^ qarab, yuqarib ; b *> dana, 

yadnu ; «~*/A airaf, yu^rif . 
Impenetrable, adj. M ^ 3 la 

yunfaz fi-hi ; M J*j* S la vud- 

hal fi-hi ; *> ; * S la yudrak. " 
Impenitence, a. A*\ju3\ ^ « a dani 

an-nadama-t ; hy&\ ^ 'adam at- 

taubat ; SjL-J qasawa-t. 
Impenitent, ac?/. j*>U r -^ gair 

nadim ; shiV* ^i gair tayib. 
Impebative, s. (in grammar) y\ 

amr. — (negatively) «> uahi. 
Imperative, adj. ^yA amri-y ; 

(j^Sft. hatami-y. 
Imperceptible, adj. j-Jj 3 la yul- 

ma b ; v*r~** r** gair mahsus ; 

^j^i 3 la yudrak. 
Imperfect, adj. J^^^ gair karaii ; 

t/dfo naqis. 
Imperfection, *. JU£tt ^j* 'adam 

al-kamal ; yatf naqs ; ^Ua* nuq- 

san; *-*» naqisa-t; s-** 'aib 

(pi. s->j** 'uyub). 
Imperial, ad/. ^-JUJL- sultaniy; 

J V» sahani-y ; ^j+J qaisari-y ; 

^Ufe humayun. 
Imperil, v. v» ^^ hatar bi, vu- 

Imperious, adj.y*+fi* mutajabbir ; 
>• 'anif (pi. UUft <unuf) ; ^ 

zAlim (pi. &JL zalama-t) ; je£*» 
Imperiousness, 8. y*& takabbur; 
per tajabbur, «-Aic 'unf ^6* 
qahr; \fy&- jibriya. 
Imperishable, adj. J*\j «* gair 
zayil ; <J\* pk gair fani ; A*,* S 
*J)W la yudrik-hu al-halak. 
Impermeable, adj. Jj&l 3 la yuh- 
raq (3 aor. pass.) ; U3\ *«i ^ 3 
la yaufuz fi-hi al-ma*. 
Impersonate, v. jxk* sahhas, yu- 

Impersonation, 8. ^pta*** ta^his. 
Impertinence, «. J^a* fadul ; ^aU- 

Impertinent, adj. ^^ fudiili-y ; 
&**~ safih (pi. W^- sufaha, 5ul- 
Imperturbability, #. s-i* Sy> quw- 
wat qalb ; ^^j qarar ; vi>W* sabat ; 
^Ua. hasana-t. 
Imperturbable, adj. £^)^ 3 la 
yataza'za* ; JtJW 5 la yatahab- 
bal ; «wV> sabit. 
Impervious, adj. M J*-*i 5 la yud- 
hal fi-hi (3 aor. pass.) ; <M j^i 5 
la yunfaz fi-hi. 
Impetuosity, Impetuousness, *. 
S^a ^idda-t ; jt+ jabr ; Sj\^ hara- 
ra-t; Sjko. hidda-t ; S^W badi- 
Impetuous, adj. J^ja sadid; ^»W 

Impetus, *. S^S quwwa-t ; &f» hara- 

ka-t ; «^>/^ tahrik. 
Impiety, Impiousness, «. ytf kufr; 
oV^ kufran; ; ^ fujur; &-* 
fisq ; ^V^aL $agvaii. 
Impious, adj. jM kafir (pi. fyS ka. 
f ai-a-t, ^ kuffar) ; ^.U fajir (pi. 
&;** fajara-t, ;^ fujjar) ; ^iU» 
Impinge, v. ^ ^ la^am fi, yal^um ; 

f&*>\ istadam, yas^adiui. 
Implacability, 8. l~*J\*A\ ^ ~* 
'adam al - mu?alaha-t (^M..,»\X 
al-mu8amaha-t) ; *\0^ Sa* sid- 
da-t al-haqd. 
Implacable, adj. UW\ J,^ 3 1^, 
yaqbal al-muf alaha-t ; ^U^t ^ 

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la yatajalah; &k * layaltn ; J* J* 
<&*)\ Sadid al-haqd. 
Implant, v. J-»\ as?al, yu'assil ; 
s— * nas ab, yansub. — (in the 
mind) ji»3 ^ £-1 $aba 4 fi-'l- 4 aql, 
Implantation, *. s~«* na?b. 
Implement, 0. &X\ ala-t. 
Implicate, 1?. (entangle) «sW* sabak, 
yaibik; sabbak, yu&ibbik; s-~w 
naiSab, yumiisib. 
Implication, *. (entanglement) 
££-a sabaka-t; ce W &J tasbik. — 
(inference) %\*\ i£ara-t ; a^*s> na- 
Implicit, arf;. (absolute) J*tf ka- 
mil ; vi^ mujlaq ; f\3 tamm. — 
(inferred, understood) f*]&» maf- 
hum ; gSi* muotaj. 
Implore, 0. J^ fytf tacjarra 4 ila, 
yatadarra 4 ; Je*n abtahal, yab- 
Imply, v. J*a Carnal, yasmul ; 
^J* J*xM iitainal 4 ala, yaitamil ; 
i y^ *ana, ya 4 ni ; ^J\ juX aiar ila, 
Impolicy, *. j**^ ^ 4 adam at- 
tadbir; &-W-H ^a* 'adam as- 
Impolitic, ad[/. ^^sH f*J* 4 adim 

Impolite, adj. v»^ JJ* qalil adab ; 
^*>*U ^ gair mu'addab ; ^^a^ 
Impoliteness, *. **>S\ &3 qillat 
adab; *-rt £tt qillat unsa-t ; 
Ai^JL-i. husuna-t. 
Impokderability, «. J# ^ 4 adain 

Imponderable, ckZ/. ojj-i 2 14 

y&zan ; J# *3 U ma la-hu siql. 
Import, v. (goods) Ja»^ adhal, 
yudhil; v*W jalab, yajlub. — 
(mean) ^ 4 ana, ya'ni. 
Ikpoet, Importation, s. s^Wt 

SU* (J^^) ijtilab (idhal) ba- 
yi« ; **jl*- C»^ baxjayi 4 maj- 
Itkba-t. — (meaning) <j**" ma'na 
(pL ^^* ma'ani-y). 
Importance, *. J* giql ; ^ 4 uzm ; 
-J* qadr. 

Important, adj. p%+ muhimm; 

^♦Jhc 4 azim ; A*& saqil. 
Importer, *. v*V jallab. 
Importunate, Importune, ac?/. 
J** saqil; Jy* fuduli-y; »JV^ 
Importune, v. «J^ Ja» saqqal 4 ala, 

yusaqqil ; g*j\ az'aj, yu* 4 ij. 
Importunity, s. J^i fadul ; t^M 

ilhafr, SJl*A iihaza-t. 
Impose, v. J±j* farad, yafrid ; ^\ 

alqa, yulqi ; ^j rama, yarmi 

(all with JLe 4 ala) ; Ud* kallaf, 

yukallif. — (deceive) <j*** ga£3, va- 
gus^ ; £*** hada 4 , ya^da 4 ; <^*± 

gaban, yagbun. 
Imposition, s. «-*— i& taklif. — 

(deceit) <j*** gi£s; &L*. hiyana-t. 
Impossibility, *. ^X.Sl ^ 4 adam 

Impossible, adj. {$£++ y<£ gair 

mumkin ; JV^ muhal ; J<^-^ 

Impost, s. ^— ) rasm (pi. ^»--; 

rusum) ; ULK? taklif (pi. U>$S$ 

Impostor, s. \\£+ makkar ; £\j^. 

hadda 4 ; <j~£» mulabbis ; «t>^fcU» 

tagM (pi. «^*tjk tawagit). 
Imposture, *. £*• makar; ^**«^ 

Impotence, Impotency, s. y-*& 

4 ajaz, 4 ajz ; q)\)<** 4 ajazan. 
Impotent, adj. Ul*ju da 4 if (pi. 

U*6 du 4 afa) ; j*W ^ajiz (pi. ^\ys 

4 awajiz) ; ^y** 'ajzan ; ^±y 

Impoverish, v. fl faqqar, yufaq- 

qir; /l\ afqar, yufqir; gio\ 

adqa 4 , yudqi 4 . 
Impoverishment, *. te&\ iftiqar; 

u*U\ ifl4s. 
Impracticable, adj. J*** 5 la yu 4 - 

mai ; ^-4 3 la ya?ir ; ^>5U^ ^ 

gair mumkin. — (unmanageable) 

•>U^ 3 la yanqad. 
Imprecate, v. «J^ ^j da 4 a 4 ala, 

yad 4 i ; ^ la 4 aD, yal 4 an. 
Imprecation, s. i«J la 4 na-t ; Sysj 

da 4 wa-t (pi. va>\^> da 4 wat, ^^c»> 


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Impregnability, e. b\*+ feasana-t. 

Impregnable, adj. g**» mani*. 

Impregnate, v. (cause to conceive) 
J**. l?abbal, yuhabbil. — (saturate) 
g-A Sabba', yusabbi' ; g*^ aiba', 

IMPEES8, IMPBINT, V. g*k Jaba\ 

yafba' ; f\ assar, yu'asgir; ^ 

basam, yabsuni. 
Impress, a. gA tab* (pi. eWLtiba') ; 

(jUtf niqs" (pl. A \>j* nuqfis). 
Impbession, *./t agar (pi. jIm agar) ; 

fS*\3 ta'sir. — (edition) v»^ g*^ 

tab* kitib. 
IMPBE8SIONABLE, adj. y$'\A\ J*Vi 

qabil at-ta'sir ; /^ muta'agsir. 
Impbes8IVE, adj. f*y mu'a§sir. 
Impbison, v. {j-**- habas, yah bis; 

^abbas, yu^abbis; <^- sajan, 

Impbisonment, 8. u « — : ■■» tabs; 

u-w** tahbis ; ^j^- sajn, siju. 
Impbobability, *. JL. ♦* » M p** 

'adam al-ihtiinal ; J**M ^ J*t 

bu'd 'an al-'aql. 
Improbable, adj. <J^N AjU-» j*t 

gair musabih li-'l-liaqq ; j-*fc 

J4-W* gair muhtainal; A*<A»t 

Improper, adj. s-*~U* jt± gair mu- 

nasib ; <J4 $ ye* gair layiq ; ^ 

&\y gair muwafiq ; s-***j ^ 

gair wajib. 
Impbopbiety, a. &t«L*M pin 'adam 

al-muimsaba-t ; *r>y*f\ *JU. l^ilaf 

Impbove, v.a. £** sallab, yusallifc ; 

C±*\ aslalj, yuslih ; ^^c sahhah, 

yusahhih ; n. ^s tasalah, yata- 

sala^. — (in health) jVa&J istafaq, 

Improvement, 8. £*U> taslih ; c^ 

islah ; £***» tashHi. 
Improvidence, 8. lye+J\ (><*& 'adam 

Improvident, adj. JiVfc gafii ; ^ 

p*i gair basir. 
Impbovisation, 8. c\r*^ iqtirat ; 

l*\* badaha-t. 
Improvise, v. J*?^ irtajal, yartajil. 
Imprudence, *. ^^ ^ 'adam 

at-tadbtr; JJhH *U qillat al- 
'aql ; BjW* gabawa-t ; X-bi ^ 

'adam ntna-t. 
Imprudent, adj. $±- jtA gair mu- 

dabbir; j&^ (**& 'adim at- 

Impudence, *. ^^ waq&fca-t ; SaUu 

safaha-t ; S^*i fanjara-t ; &Va« 

Impudent, <m£/. gi; waqih (pi. elij 

wiqah) ; M- safih (pi. V^ su- 

faha) ; t$%** fanjari-y. 
Impugn, v. J»>W jadal, yujadil ; 

^>U hasaui, yuhasim ; £jt> naza', 

Impulse, «. **!*/** tafcrik ; *£«•. 

Impulsive, adj. dj^+ mu^arrik. 
Impulsiveness, 8. *±tes*y\ R - r r ~ 

sur*a-t al-inhiia«. 
Impunity, ». k^\ p** *adam ai- 

'uquba-t; \j>\*&\ p±t *adam al- 

Impure, adj. v*** najis ; ^-^ wasih ; 

yfcU* j*k gair t^bir. — (uncha8te) 

Oh-^ fasiq ; yfcVc 'abir. 
Impurity, s. &~\*r najasa-t; £~j 

wasah (pi. fcL.^ ausah). — (of con- 
duct) S~* fisq; *jW* *ahara-t; 

jL-1 fasad. 
Imputation, *. f>\&\ itbam ; &^» 

Impute, v. ^ J*«- hamal 'ala, 

yah mil ; v» f*6> taham bi, yat- 

him ; J\ ^~~& nasab ila, yansuh. 
In, prep. ^ fi. 

In, adv. J*^*> dfihil; *^ jawwan. 
Inability, 8. k^ ?** 'adam kif4- 

ya-t ; aJljU ^»xc 'adam qabiliya-t ; 

ij±ti\ pj* 'adam al-qudrat. 
Inaccessible, adj. Jj-°y* ($£+* 3 

*t^^ la yuinkin al-wusui ile-hi ; 

geA* mani'. 

InACCE88IBLBNESS, 8. q\-&*\ 

Jyc^\ 'adam imkan al-wusul. 
Inaccuracy, *. &<d\ ^ 4 ad-dia- 

qa-t; Ok*^ ^ 'adam at-tad- 

qiq ; Lc*dtt ^ 'adam a4-4al>t» 
Inaccurate, ad;. ^^» ^* g^ur 

ma^bdt; o^ ^ gair m\idaq- 


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'adam as-sugi ; flU* batala-t : 

J~* kasal ; &^N pJ* 'adain al- 

Inactive, adj. fc^tt ^ac 'adim 

al-fcaraka-t ; <Af» ~fc gair harik ; 

JU* ba«al ; X~Z kaslan. 
Inadequacy, Inadbquateness, s. 

4jVAfl\ ^ 'adam al-ki%a-t ; y+* 

'ajz ; gUa nuq^an. 
Inadequate, ad/, o*^** g«r k ^ 5 ; 

yoiU naqis ; j~d* qaeir. 
Inadmissible, acf/. Zf+* mamnii' ; 

fir* haram. 
Inadvertency, *. alj-tflN p**. 'adam 

al-intibah; LAht gafla-t ; J-*U> 

tagaful ; JUa\ ihuial ; p~ sahu. 
Inadvertent, adj. &*£** j^t gair 

muntabih ; Jite gafil. 
Inalibntable, adj. £W* 3 la yuba'. 
Inane, adj. £ ; U tarig ; <J\*> hali.— 

(twin) JU* ba^il. 
Inanimate, adj. t» ^ bi-la ru^ ; 

a«W jamid. 
Inanition, *. va^A.t? tasrlt ; fas,-** 

Inanity, s. jU hulu-w ; U» fi<Ja. — 

(ram*ie») JJ.W abatfl (pi.). 
Inapplicability, «. &-artj*n ^ 

'adam al - muwafaqa-t; fix-a 

**~WH 'adam al-munasaba-t. 

Inapplicable, adj. <J*V* -J** £ a * r 
muwafiq; <jtU«* ^fe gair muta- 
toq ; J vM * la yalbaq li. 

Inapplication, *. *>W**^ ^»xc 'adam 
al-ijtihad ; J*V« tagaful. 

Inappreciable, acf;. ^jJLs5\ ^L^y^h 
gair mamkin at-taqdir ; <^i H 
la yugannan. 

Inapproachable, od;. g*** mam'. 

Inappropriate, ai;. <jfc* j«* g ft i r 
liyiq ; «^-U^^fc gair munasib. 


'adam al-liyaqa-t. 
Inarticulate, adj. ^^\ )*+*• p£ 

gair mutamayyiz al - lafz ; p£ 

kAkN g^ gair saril^ at-talaif uz. 
Inartificial, adj. g*~ j^t gair 

Inattention, #« JU6 gafla-t ; J*t*» 

tagaful ; «Wa1t ^ 'adam al-inti- 

Inattentive, arf/. A**** ^fc gair 

muntabih ; J*te gafil. 
Inaudible, adj. Q+~i 2 la yusma' ; 

£;*~* ^ gair niasmu'. 
Inaugurate, v. jAS qallad, yuqal- 

lid ; (jJ^ jallas, yujallis ; <j*/ 

karras, jukarris. 
Inauguration, «. J^la? taqlid ; 

t,/"*l«r tajlis ; w*fi takris ; r^^i 

Inauspicious, adj. py*>&" mas^um 

(vulg. (*y*~» raaSum) ; ^f* na- 

hus ; y M a.»* mun^is; u*j-*** 

Inborn, adj. i^tJ* tabi'i-y. 
Incalculable, ad/. s « -hp 3 la yu^- 

sab ; ^-flcsi 5 la yu^sa. 
Incandescent, a^'. ^Vft. hami ; 

s-«6M aibab, f. W«a iubba (pi. 

s-** ^uhb) ; S ; ^^ fo& ^ J^^ 

abyad min £idda-t al-harara-t. 
Incantation, *. ^)fi 'azima-t (pi. 

f*\y* 'azayim, (*j* 'azim) ; ftfS 

ta'zim ; ^-* 8i^r. 
Incapable, adj. &$ j*± gair layiq; 

&i\y yat gair muwafiq; ^Ai j^t 

gair qadir ; ^y^ 'ajiz 'an. 
Incapablbness, Incapability, In- 
capacity, 8. &to\y put 'adam 

muwafaqa-t; i|Utt ^ 'adam ka- 

faya-t; j^ 'aiz; ^^c 'ajazan. 

—{mental) Jfcdt iU qillat al-'aql. 
Incapacitate, t>. (render «?i/^) j%c\ 

a'jaz, yu'jiz. — (disqualify) ^ 

haram, yatrim (l^arim, ya^ram). 
Incarcerate, v. w~t+- habas, yalj- 

bis ; (j^%- sajan, yasjun. 
Incarceration, s. {j~-**» habs; 

^rtw ^ tatbis. 
Incarnate, adj. ,»■.» > ■ " >• mutajas- 

sim ; .\.»» a» mutajassid. 
Incarnation, 9. a~*? tajassud. 
Incautious, od;. tW^^ JJ^ qaiil 

al-ihtiya^ ; ji^» ^A g a i r mudab- 

bir ; J*l* gafil. 
Incautiousness, *. iVt^^ &* qillat 

al-i^tiyat; ^?asJ\ ^ 'adam at- 

Incendiary, t. j^ tarra^.— (in- 

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citing to sedition) y^si fattan ; 
&ui s-«-^ $ahib fitna-t (pi. s-»U-*\ 
ashab) ; J^—^ mufsid. 
Incense, s. jf&. bahhur (pi. ^^. 
bahahir) ; l^ kaba ; ^W* hban ; 
5*~* bastaj ; ;J^kundur(xov8/>os). 
Incense, v. (burn incense) y&. bah- 

har, yubahhir. — (enrage) s~a^ 

agdab, yugdib ; k^* agfiz, yugig. 
Incensive, adj., s. £;**• muharriq. 
Incentive, adj., s. dj*+ muharrik ; 

[j*)**" muharriq. 
Incessant, adj. m\*> dayim ; )f± h 

bi-la futur ; £&rf>\ h bi-la inqita'. 
Incessantly, adv. J\y-j (+-* lam 

yazal (with ace. of participle) 
Incest, s. v»;W g* uy\ 

irtikab az-zina ma' al-aqarib ; 

A>tysM jy+k fujur al-qaraba-t. 
Inch, s. U^s qir&t (pi. tyj* qara- 

n\) ; &**o\ asba'a-t (pi. gW 

Incident, s. Kj^ tadiga-t (pi. 

*±>S\y*. liawadis) > &*£* 'ari<Ja-t 

(pi. ^j* *awari<J) ; **fy waqi'a-t. 
Incidental, adj. o^)^ *ari<Ji-y ; 

^WJ ittifaqi-y. 
Incipient, oS/. ^l* badi; <£>)**" 

Incise; t>. (cut into) £& qn^a', 

yaq$a' ; !■-** sabat, yaibit. — 

(carve) ^ kazz, yahazz ; <J& 

naqai, yanqus\ 
Incision, s. gfa> qaf ; tJ* saqq (pi. 

jyfci £uquq). 
Incisoe, *. (tooth) &*£ saniya-t (pi. 

soA -at, IjU* ganaya). 
Incite, t?. df. ^arrak, yu^arrik; 

J±f- harracj, yuharricj ; *±*~ bass, 

ya^ugg ; *±~\ a^ass, yutigg ; <&** 

agra, yugri. 
Incitement, s. j*/* tafcricj; *^^ 

ljasg ; e**fc* ta^sis ; s-**y tar- 
Incivility, s. v»^ *** qillat adab j 

£~M &s qillat unsa-t. 
Inclemency, s. &>&** e±* 'adam 

safaqa-t; l*+>j p*& 'adam ralj- 

ma-t ; BjL-j qasawa-t. 
Inclement, adj. (merciless); ,^3 

qasi ; Jj* ^ gair satft} ; A) U 

*♦**; ma la-hu rahma-t; fi^ 

zalim.— (stormy) g^c 'ajjaj. 
Inclination, *. (sloping or bending) 

Ue*M inhiLa ; ^J\f*\ inhiraf. — 

(ajfection) J** mail (pi. JW-^ 

amjal) ; U&c *a{f ; ***; ragba-t ; 

s-»^«V^ injizab. 
Incline, v.a. *-ALc 'ataf, ya'tif; 

Ja* mayyal, yumayyil ; n. J^ 

nial, yamil; ^y^ in^iana, yan- 

Incline, s. &**$ wabda-t (pi. *>^ 

Inclose, v. see Enclose. 
Include, v. ^ v^r 5 *^ ifetawa 'ala, 

yahtawi ; ^ J^*»^ istamal 'ala, 

yastauiil ; y-^A» tadainman, ya- 

Inclusive, adj. Ja»W dahil ; J**. * - 

Incognito, «. (^ talbis. 
Incoherence, s. J^-»^ ^ac 'adam 

ai-itti?al; (^^3\ p±* 'adam al- 

iqtirau ; iajUaJ^ ^ac 'adam al- 

Incoherent, adj. J**» j*± gair 

muttasil ; j^sU ^ gair multa- 

siq ; v>»^ 7^ gair mu^abiq. 
Incombustibility, s. %3\f*W ^ 

'adam al-ihtiraq. 
Incombustible, adj. j/«: 5 la yu^- 

ra <l ; Jr 86 : ^ la yaljtariq. 
Income, «. J/->* madhAi (pl. 

J«^^ madatil, «^>^j^ madbd- 

Incommensurability, «. ^W* ta- 


Incommensurable, oc^. y*^ 5 ^ ^** 
•*»»^ ma la-hum qiyas wahid. 

Incommodate, Incommode, v. ^Ja* 
^ saqqal 'ala, yugaqqil ; <J*y+* 
,J^ ^awwa^ 'ala, yu&iwwis" ; * , ms \ 
at'ab, yut'ib. 

Incommodious, adj. £J^—^ mu- 
saddi' ; J«^ gaqil ; w-*s^ mut % ib. 

Incommunicable, ac{;. y&. 3 14 
yuhbar ; <jyq ^ la yu'arraf. 

Incomparable, adj. ;J* *J U n^^ 
la-hu nazir ; J*^ 6i U ma la^hu 
magil; ^A farid; J^\ au^ad 

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(pi. q\**\ uhdan, q\**) wuhdan) ; 
(ji^\ £ju*» munqata' al-qarin. 


Incompatibility, *. &*U»*J\ p*& 

4 adam al-mutabaqa-t. 
Incompatible, adj. <JiV ye± gair 

muwafiq ; JfcUo* y*± gair muta- 

biq ; g* ijAx* 3 la yattafiq ma*. 
Incompetence, Incompetency, *. 

i»LJ ^c 'adam liyaqa-t ; h^ &* 

qilla-t kifaya-t. 
Incompetent, adj. <3*3 ^ gair 

lajiq ; s— U* ^ gair munasib ; 

j'jAS yto U ma hu kafu li. 
Incomplete, adj. pfc ^ gair tamm ; 

J*\£ j~k gair kamil ; j^b naqis. 
Incompleteness, 8. j»U? ^ac 'adam 

tamam ; l*&x+ manqasa-t ; jyoi 

Incompeehensibility, 8. {$* fyf- 

*£\ } J%\ aIb-d. huruj 'an hh;a-t al- 

Incomprehensible, adj. {*&i 3 la 

yanfahim ; ^Ju $ la yudrak ; 

Ja*tt jj* fauq al-'aql. 
Incompressible, ad/. u*-a«& $ la 

Inconceivable, adj. ;j-a** 3 la ya- 

tasawwar ; (+&. $ la yufham. 
Inconclusive, ad/\ g^ ^ gair 

qati' ; £*a* ^ gair muqni'. 

INCONCLUSIVENE8S, 8. £)*-& f±* 

*adam iqna* ; f\)M p** 'adam 
Incongruity, *. toU*tt ^ac 'adam 
al-muwafaqa-t ; £a*\k*tt ^ac 'adam 

Incongruous, adj. v3*V* J** £ a * r 

muwafiq ; ,3*Ua* ^fe gair mu$a- 

Inconsiderable, adj. f*Jt* j<£ gair 

'azjm ; ^Ai 3 la se-y ; pz*+ j*& 

gair mu'tabar. 
Inconsiderate, adj. ^J^ %ky\s ; 

^J<~ matyur ; J*V* gafil ; /& ^ 

bi-gair tafakkur ; y^*** p£ {$* 

min gair tamyiz. 
Incon8ideratene8s, s. &AJ* tija- 

sa-t ; &a* gafia-t ; ^j&N fJ* 'adam 

al-fikr ; y*t+A\ fls qillat at-tani- 

yiz ; pi^\ &S qillat at-tadbir. 
Inconsistency, 8. vs>W> &* qilla-t 

sabat ; &f &* qillat qarar ; s-J^» 

taqallub ; s->>M inqilab. 
Inconsistent, adj. «wW*N J-J£ 

qalil as-sabat ; s->^ qallab ; y**z+ 

mutagayyir ; i^aks* mutahallif. 
Inconsolable, adj. «JL~3> 3 la ya- 

tasalla; <sf*l 5 la yata'azza; 

^»U^ ;j~-£* maksur al-hatir. 
Inconstancy, 8. **A~H [••** 'adam 

as-sabat ; U^N &S qillat al-wafa. 
Inconstant, adj. eu**tf ^ gair 

sabit; s-»^i qallab; j**s* muta- 
Inconsumable, adj. uyo& 2 la yus- 

raf (3 aor. pass.) ; < J*k»* $ la 

yantalif (3 aor. vn.). 
Incontestable, arf/. icjU^ &} U 

ma bi-hi manaz^a-t ; g^^ qa$i* ; 

A) v*^ 3 la jawab la-hu ; £* 3 

la yunkar. 
Incontinence, s. «t>\AU\ ^ <dU&\ 

inhimak fi-'l-lazzat ; Uj^\ ^ac 

( adam al-ihtima ; &*$\ p±z 'adam 

Incontinent, arf/. ctU^J^ munba- 

mik ; ^5^^* ^t gair muhtami ; 

i-Mc^fc gair 'afif. 
Incontrovertible, adj. &*>V^* ^ U 

ma bi-hi mujadala-t. 
Inconvenience, «. uU^> taklif 

(pi. UlJUs takaiif); JU-.J zah- 

ma-t; ***>• madarra-t; ^ cjtarar 

(pl.j^f adrar): 
Inconvenience, v. u&& kallaf, yu- 

kallif ; Jc Jtf saqqal 'ala, yusaq- 

Inconvenient, adj. {incommodious) 

s-*^ mut c ib) ; J<J» saqil. — (un- 
suitable) &\y yiA gair muwafiq ; 

s-*-lfc* ^ gair munasib. 
Inconvertibility, «. ^^^^ «^xe 

J*a-jJ^ 'adam imkan at-tabdil; 

Ja-jJ^ (;)^«\ f^c *adam imkan at- 

Inconvertible, adj. J^ 3 la yub- 

dal (3 aor. pass.); Jji^^'gair 

Incorporate, v.a. (blend) 


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Vt*a*r yfc*-^ ; £•* war. jir.flw 

\%</j vztjn % £** 

Is'SjMlimblZi adj. Jj»*i« 3 la ran- 
VJ;, f# a//r. rir, ; ci*r J** 3 
1* ra/j',ai zl-^Jib; C ^i* 3 li 
Mij \*-U'i ; *y»yj| 3 t* yatab. 

LITT, #. J^JI fli qiJb-t al-iu- 

I*o>£ECf»r, *<(/. *-^ ^ jrair find ; 


Incorruptible, adj. JL-I| 3 li yu- 
faaaad (3 a/>r. ii.); li rufiad 
(% nor. pa*«. it.). — (not to be 
bribed) JJ* JA* 3 la yakul bir- 

BILITY, #. .>L-*3t ^ic 'adaoi al- 
io fiaad. — (integrity) z\* jaiah ; 
J^T^ Jj*i ^ 'adam qabul al- 

Iwcobuuption, *. *>Ljb3t fj* ( adam 

Increase, #. ft^Wj ziyada-t; jVmI 
izdiyad ; yt& tak^ir ; f& takA- 
sur; ^ nutnu-w. 

Inckeahe, v.a. jjj zawwad, yuzaw- 
wid ; j£ kassar, yukassir; «-AcU 
4&'af,yu4&'if ; n.'^zad, yazid ; 
*>Wj\ izdiid, yazdad; Uj nama, 
yamnfi ; ^i kabir, yakbar. 

Incredible, adj. jJ^i 3 la yata- 
■addaq (3 aor. v.). 

Incrkdibleness, Incredibility, 
b. jW**3\ ^ 'adam al i'tibar; 

ukr- "»x k!fca-t i^ 

Isnx:«n-:TL ©£.. -*teJ ^ l*n 

Is ctrr *n, : *r«yia£- Iscixx-^rLiTT, 
*- -x*=r^" mJ* -kiiJL fcl-r-Diid; 

IsciiKmjrx. r «* '^jjl Titiirni- 
IsriTST- T- f^ :* * i«r. Sc_ c — -3 

J~ll- I JOS. TT.Tt J ^Ti B^ «Kldi#, 

IawTRrsxanoi, #- w — ea* talyis ; je-y 


IxcrmaTios, a. o*«^ J* •*% mqid 

•aia-l-t^ed ; j*— ► Ladn. 
Iscrsrs. «. ^-u?« kiba* i ri. u**&f 

kavai is . 
Iscn>CATE, r. J*^ ^i ^s* taba 4 fi- 

'l-'aqL yatba\ 
IscoaunrcT, «. *dmti) i*j3 lixi- 

ma-t fpL ^y lavaxim); ^^ 

wajir*-t; j^» fard (pi. j*^J 

firad, j*^i farad). 


IscriCBEjrT, •<(;. f»j3 liziui ; 

J* wajib *ala. 
Inccr, r. J^^i-^ ista'hal, yasta'hil ; 

A— 4r J* s-W jala i« 'a la nafs-hu, 

jajlib. — (tn^ar debts) ^«*» ta- 

dayyaa, yatadayyan. 
Incurable, adj. ta a! u ma la-ha 

dawi ; *3 g\c 3 la *ilaj la-ha. 
Incurablene88, s. ©V«3\ *jlc 'adam 

Incursion, *. **— £ kabsa-t; r?** 

hujum ; AjjU gaziya-t (pi. «^^y^ 

gazawat) ; *J& gara-t. 
Indebted, adj. (in debt) e^-^* 

madyuD. — (obliged) ($f+* matii- 

Indecency, *. a*U3 ^oc *adaiii lija- 

qa-t ; Z**\» fahiia-t. 
Indecent, adj. (3*3^ gair laytq ; 

*r**\) ys& gair wajib ; ^r^U fahis. 
Indecision, *. ryA\ Ali qiiiat al- 

*azm; %a>jtp- haira-t; v*W*^ irti- 

yab; *>*y taraddiid. 
Indecisive, «rf/. u&\) waqif ; y^ 

f»j^ gair 'azim ; ^««^« mutahav- 

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yir ; s^Vjj* niurtab ; *y\ <j* aaj** 

mutaraJdid fi amri-hi. 
Indeclinable, adj. sJj+s* ^ gair 

munsarif ; u^*** ^ gair muta- 

Indecorous, adj. v54^ ^j* gair layiq ; 

y^iS\ j*M gair adib. 
Indecorum, s. s-»^ f**c 'adam 

adab ; Ji^J ^ac 'adani liyaqa-t. 
Indeed, a<2t>. *to* haqqan; "U M » 

haqiqatan ; *wji <j* iVl-haqi- 


INDEFATIGABLE, adj. J*i 3 j J^t H 

la jakill wa la yamuli ; s-*«* 2 

la yat'ab. 
Indefeasible, adj. JVLjSX <^£**^e± 

gair mumkiu al-ib^al ; a^ 2 la. 

yuradd ; j**** $ la yatagayyar. 
Indefensible, ad/, (inexcusable) 

)j*&\ gzx+* munitani' al-'uzr. — 

(incapable of defence) y£+" «* 

£*i\a+tt gair mumkin al-muda- 

Indefinable, adj. «-A*yun £»+* 

mumtani' at-ta'rif. 
Indefinite, adj. a^a** ^ gair 

mahdud; ^ o. »* mubham; ^ 

&***• gair muta'ayyin. 

INDEFINITENESS, 8. ($6**A\ f»ae 

'adam at-ta'yin; Jnta^sN ^ae 

'adam at-ta^did. 
Indelible, adj. { j^h^ la yun.hi 

(3 aor. pass.) ; u~+h 2 la yu{a.~- 

mas (3 aor. pass. n.). 
Indelicacy, 8. toty p±* 'adam $arii- 

Indelicate, adj. Uk^L «* gdr 

zarif; ^^ ^ gair na'im; **!* 

galig (pi. W* giiaz). 
Indemnify, v. <J* ^f *awwa4 

'aw wad ale-hu al-hasara-t, yu- 

Indemnity, 8. ^^ 'iwad (pi. \J>\f\ 
a'w&4) ; u**j»> ta'wicjL — (exemp- 
tion from punishment) ^-»d\ f»ac 
'ad am al-qisas. 

Indent, v. ^^- sannan, yusannin ; 
y*» tiazz, yahuzz; y^\ ihtazz, 
jabtazz. — (covenant) IjU g&rat, 
yusarit; iyid istara^, yaitari^. 

Indentation, 8. ej-ea-J tasnin ; 

c^W 6 * tahbik. 
Indenture, *. a*u Ijt. £ar{ nama-h ; 

&_*D j u qp 'ahd nama-h ; v*^ 

kitab (pi. s-s* kutub) ; &+»- 

tujja-t (pi. g*^ bujaj). 
Independence, Independency, 8. 

JUu«.\ istiqal ; U**«.\ istigna ; ^- 

Independent, adj. J***-* • musta- 


qill ; j^at^ muhtar ; ,J^ 

laq; ^yAs^* mustagni. 
Indescbibable, adj. Oo^> 5 la 

yusaf ; aa*j <^£** 5 la yumkiii 

Indestbuctibility, *. f\±&)\ ^ac 

( adam al-inhidam ; s^V^Jt f*** 

'adani al-harab. 
Indestructible, adj. (**&* 2 la 

yanhadim (3 aor. vn.) ; t*Uei 3 

la yahlik ; v/^L 5 la yuhrab. 
Index, *. JJa dalil (pi. fla\ adil- 

la-t, JiU dalayil).— (of a book) 

s**~j& fihrist (pi. (j-jVei faharis, 

Indicate, v. J\ jW aiar ila,yu^ir ; 

J^ Ja dall *ala, yadull. 
Indication, s. *J*>\ i4ara-t; £5Jo 

dalala-t; ; W izhar; M* 'ala- 

Indicative, ad; JJa dalil; JU 

Indicative, #. (in grammar) U| 

£tjU JnAI^ bina al-fi 4 l li-'r-raf 4 . 
Indict, v. s-» ^«* taham bi; yat- 

hum; ^ ^^^^ 'istaka 'ala, 

Indictment, *. &+& tuhnia-t (pi. 

f*V tuham) ; £g&fc iikaya-t ; \£± 

Indifference, 8. **rf buruda-t; 

JUa\ ihm&l; ,>Ve? tahamul; iU 

\*z*\ qilla-t i'tina. 
Indifferent, adj. (the same to) 

5a*a \y+ sawa 'ind-hu. — (careless) 

v>^ gatil; J^ J^ bali-y al- 

bal; J^W^ uiutabamil. — (|>a««- 

able) if** i$i# bain bain. 
Indigenous, adj. al» ^ ibn balad ; 

^5«^ baladi-y ; y^f" mutawat- 

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Indigence, *. yU faqr ; a£Uo sa'la- 

ka-t ; L- i£~* maskana-t ; &U 

Indigent, adj. y*M faqir (pi. tytf 

fuqara) ; q-£~+ iniskin (pi. 

^L^» masakin) ; ©U** muhtaj ; 

<jJuu muflis ( u ^\i^ inaf alis) ; 

i^U* su'luk (pi. ctLJU- ga'alik). 
Indigested, adj. (+*&■* ;** gair 

munhadim. — (not arranged) jt£ 

(•J*** gair lnangum ; s-^/*^ gair 

Indigestible, adj. ^e^t 2 la yan- 

hadim ; (+*£\ y~& 'asir al-hadin ; 

^e^ wahim ; W aqi£. 
Indigestion, *. &♦** tuhma-t ; &•-£* 

Indignant, ad/. yVafc gadban (pi. 

s->^£ gi^a-b) ; s->j^ gadub. 
Indignation, *. s-^ ga<Jab. 
Indignity, s. k-W* qabaha-t; ^ 

^twi 6e-y qabit; u**-^ ^ 6e-y 

Indigo, a. J** nil ; &*J nila-t. 
Indirect, adj. (* Jiz~~ + y<£ gair mus- 

taqim; J«**^ gair 'adil ; v^yl* 

multawi ; «J^w^* munharif . 
Indiscreet, adj. <J^° {avis' ; JJ* 

jl*s*$\ qalil al-imtiyaz; j**j$ h 

bi-la tadbir ; Jj* fu<Jiili-y. 
Indiscreticn, 8. ^y» tiya£a-t; 

&A£ gafla-t ; S«-o» j»ac 'adam ba- 

sira-t ; jW*»$\ &S qillat al-imti- 
yaz ; Jj-tf fucJM. 
Indiscriminate, adj.)**** h bi-la 

tamyiz ; <3;* ^ bi-1* ^ ar( l J j«* 

v3j^ gair mafruq ; ^ 'amm. 
Indispensable, adj. ^f> diaruri-y ; 

fp lazim ; s-«*\j wajib. 
Indispose, v. (disorder) J*»j* £aw- 

was, yu^awwis. — (disincline) 

^Jst s-^\ agdab 'ala, yugtfib. — 
(make unfit) ^r^ 'akkas, yu'ak- 

kis ; y+*\ a'jaz, yu'jiz. 
Indisposed, adj. (ill) \f*^ J** <J* 

'ala gair istiwa; J&»jA* musaw- 

Indisposition, ». (slight disease) 

<J*y*j taSwiS ; &***> da'bala-t. — 
(dislike) &*6t ga4ba-t. 
Indisputable, adj. <ji>\f£$\ JjU ytt 

gair qabil al-i'tirad ; J— ^a«— • 

&£jU»H mustahil al-nmnaza'a-t ; 

&\* qatf'; ^ M U ma fi-hi 

Indisputableness, 8. yjy tayaq- 

qun ; &*k yaqin. 
Indissolubility, s. J^*^ (••** 'adam 

inhilal ; odUfclM *ac 'adani al-in- 

Indissoluble, arf;. Jle*: 3 la yu- 

hallal (3 aor. pass, n.) ; J^i S 

la yanljall (3 aor. vn.). 
Indistinct, adj. &?<> ^ gair sarih ; 

Jklo ^t gair safi ; ^W ^ gair 

bayin ; y~++ pA gair mumayyaz. 
Indistinctness, 8. \^»^\ p**- 'adam 

al-imtiyaz ; t^*^ ^ 'adam al- 

iclah ; W^\ ^ac *adam as-9ara- 

Indistinguishable, adj. y#H 5 la 

yumayyaz (3 aor. pass, n.) ; pA 

ye+z* gair mutamayyiz. 
Indite, v. <JU malla, yumalli ; ^J^ 

J* amla 'ala, yumfi. 
Individual, *. ^aatA ^ahs (pi. 

v*f** ^uhus, vjp^fcAi\ ashas) ; ->^» 

lard (pi. ^ f urud, S\J>\ afrad) ; 

J^j zaul (pi. J\^ azwal). 
Individual, adj. j^j wahid ; *yu 

Indivisibility, «. ^U^U\ ^ 'adam 

Indivisible, adj. ^\ *£ fard al- 

fard ; ^&^ 3 la yanqasim ; y^A 

j* - te H J»Vi gair qabil at-taqsir. 
Indocile, ac?/. |^*^^ J»^ j*^ gair 

qabil at-ta'allum. — (intractable) 

£>> y<£ gair tayi' ; fcJ* - ^ gair 

Indoctrinate, v. ^ 'allam, yu- 

4 alii m. 
Indolence, s. J-^ kasal ; ^\y ta- 

wani ; JUa\ ihmal. 
Indolent, adj. ^y** mutawani ; 

J-Ve^ mutahamil ; J*^ gafi.1 ; 

q%~£ kaslan (pi. ^J»~Z kasla, 

J^^kasala); >^ kahil. 
Indomitable, adj. j&. 3 la yuqbar ; 

g^i 5 la yuqma' (3 aor. pass.)* 
Indoor, adj. Ja-U duhil. 

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Indubitable, adj. «sU» M U ma 

ft- hi sakk. 
Induce, v. d^> harrak, yuliarrik; 

g^ harrad, yuharridi ; <^ adda, 

Inducement, 8. s-*e^» targib ; ^f* 

Induct, v. J^*> dahhal, yudahhil ; 

J^*>\ adhal, yudhii. 
Induction, 8. {introduction) Jj*-^ 

duhul ; J*-^* mudhal, niudhil. — 

{inference) u*W* qiyas (pi. &~*i\ 

aqyisa-t) ; & >«■*> natija-t (pi. 

g>U> natayij). 
Inductive, adj. {J ^^ natiji-y. 
Indulge, v. £jU» ^awa', yutfiwi' ; 

J £*- samah li, yasmah; ^f\\ 

fijUi. ra'a ha$ir-hu, yura'i ; ^-^ 

agda, yugdi. 
Indulgence, s. &*)V*» mu$awa'a-t ; 

eU— samah ; Z—*,A~~» musama- 

ha-t ; U^ igda. 
Industrial, adj. {referring to in- 
dustry) o**-* sana'i-v. 
Industrious, adj. {diligent) >*o*y 

mujtahid ; JkfcV^* mujahid ; s-*J 

labib ; &*fc s~a»l» sahib himma-t ; 

Jua* muqayyad. 
Industry, 8. {arts) gjUJ\ as- 

sanayi*. — {diligence) *\&+\ ijti- 

had ; •>#* jahd ; *M> taqayyud ; 

,j*- sa*i ; «** jidd. 
Indweller, 8. y&~ sakin (pi. 

q\£~ sukkan) ; (^U qa^in (pi. 

CjVlai qutfan). 
Inebriate, v. ^- sakkar, yusak- 

kir ; j£~»\ askar, yuskir. 
Inebriation, Inebriety, 8. j&~ 

aukr ; »^- sakra-t. 
Ineffable, ad/. <-A-»ji 5 la yusaf ; 

o**: 3 la yuhka (3 aor. pass.). 
Ineffective, Ineffectual, In- 
efficient, Inefficacious, adj. 

y\*+ y^t gair muta'as§ir ; J1»W 

ba^il ; J*W ^fc gair 'amil ; ^ 

JU* gair fa"al. 
Inbfficacy, Inefficiency, 8. p±* 

l^e\A\ 'adam al-fa'iliya-t. 
Inelegance, 8. &\]A\ ^ 'adani ag- 

zarafa-t; *^*> fJ* 'adam bah- 


Inelegant, adj. «-^t ^ gair 

zarif ; g« ^ gair bahij. 
Ineligible, ad/. jVas^ la yuhtar ; 
AjUj^\ ^iU* 3 la yumkin intihab- 
In eloquent, adj. £*** ^ gair 

Inept, adj. &$ ^ gair layiq ; ^ 
jLU gair satir ; q*$\ J^* qalil 
Inequality, 8. S^U^» j»ac 'adam 
musawat; «-*^*M ihtilaf; J^ 
Inert, adj. ^;*** ^ gair muta- 
harrik ; &^N ^J^ 'adim al-hara- 
ka-t; J*tf kahil; <>> M*-y. 
Inertness, *. &^ (•*** 'adani l^ara- 

Inestimable, adj. &♦** <U U ma ia- 
hu qima-t; y+* ** U ma la-hu 
s a man. 
Inevitable, adj. &*+ £* $ la mifarr 
min-hu ; ^y&W ^^» ;*& gair mum- 
kin al-firar; **• J* 5 la budd 
Inexcusable, adj. j«W 2 la yu'zar 
(3 aor. pass.); »*** jtA gair 
ma*zur ; *«**-** «*£ gair muta'az- 
Inexhaustible, adj. tjk $ la yaf- 
rag ; J^xj 5 la yanfad ; o^A> 2 la 
Inexorable, adj. (^ U la yalin ; 
p*-f m 3 la yarham ; &•*•; ^ 0^ 
min gair rah ma- 1. 
Inexpediency, 8. SjoUX\ p±z *adam 
ai-fayida-t; ^ UJ\ p±* 'adam 
Inexpedient, adj. g*^ ^ gair 
nafi* ; »^* ^ gair mufid ; j<£ 
&\y» gair muwafiq; s-^^ jt* 
gair wajib. 
Inexpensive, adj. <jo*^ rail?* 
Inexperience, «. S^ &s qillat 

hubra-t ; A .^>» y A> 6 gaiumiya-t. 
Inexperienced, adj. ^£j\ J^ 
qalil ai-hubra-t ; p<t&& ga^im (pi. 
Ws^ gu^ama). 
Inexpert, adj. ^»U ^ gair ^ir ; 
ybU ^ gair mahir ; j*i ^ gair 
• labiq. 

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Inexpiable, adj. y*t 3 la yugfar 

(3 aor. pass.) ; y**H> 3 la yus- 

tagfar (3 aor. pass. x.). 

Inexplicable, adj. ty** * la yu&- 

rah (3 aor. pass.) ; ^-JL* 3 1£ 

yatafassar (3 aor. v.). 

Infallibility, *. LUN ^ ^Us^ 

i'tisam min al-gala{ ; &* s 

U»^N 'isma-t < an al-hata*. 

Infallible, adj. U*tt ^ 

ma'sum min al-galaf. 
Infamous, adj. ty*" mafduh ; £*-&* 

fadih ; df+» mahtuk. 
Infamy, s. i*~& fadifca-t (pi. ^U* 
fadayih) ; jW < a r; s-** 4 aib (pi. 
v»j** 'uyiib) ; v£lsA hatk. 
Infancy, *. fly*L tufula-t; SJy*. 

Infant, s. JaU jafl, tffl (pi. JUM 

atfal, JyM tuful). 
Infanticide, *. jit Jsi qatl tifl. 
Infantile, adj. J& {iiii-y ; ^yu 

Infantry, «. Su^. /U* 'asakir mui- 

Infatuate, v. UUa Sagaf, yasgaf ; 

gJ; walla', yuwalli*. 
Infatuation, *. uu* fogaf ; ^>M 

Infect, v. W 'ada, ya'du ; ^ 
sara, yasri. — {corrupt) ju-J\ a f- 
sad, yufsid. 
Infection, *. Sjoc 'adwa-t; Wj 
waba J d*^ saraya-t ; £*l*t i 9 4- 
Infectious, ai/. ^j^* mu'di ; ^U 

Infer, v. ^ qu*~\ istantaj min, 
yastantij; Jllc Jja-t istadall 
*ala, yastadill. 
Inferable, adj. J3ju-3\ J»tf qabil 

al-istidlal ; g&Ag yuntaj. 
Inference, s. *^ natija-t (pi. 
e*Vs» natayij); ^1*5 qiy&s (pi. 
&*~£\ aqyisa-t). 
Inferior, adj. <JS\ adna; J*-\ 
asfal, f. ^jU^ sufla (pi. JaU asa- 
fil) ; oty auta ; JW aqall. 
Inferiority, a. ^U«> danaya-t ; 
> sitia-t. 


jahimi-y ; 

Infernal, adj. _ 

^ *^» jahannami-y. 
Infest, r. s-**^ 'azzab, yu'azzib ; 
G*)\ az*aj, yaz'ij'; ^S\ azza, 
Infidel, <«(/., *. ytf kafir (pi. ; ltf 
kuffar, Sy* kafara-t), f. S^\^ ka- 
fira-t (pi. ^/ kawafir). 
Infidelity, s. ytf kufr ; ^Uf kuf- 
ran ; ^aH fie 'adam act-din. — 
{faithlessness) Uy^ ^ 'adam al- 
Infinite, adj. h^p d U ma la-hu 
nihaya-t; <** 3 la yuhadd ; 3 
^s*** la tuhsa; ^^^ yt£ gair 
Infinitive, «. (tit grammar) ;J^» 

masdar (pi. jj\*+ masadir). 
Infinity, s. j*.w3\ ^oe 'adam at- 
tahdid ; &»\*A\ f** 'adam an-niba- 
Infirm, adj. U^jla da 4 if (pi. Vfac& 
4u'afa) ; J^ 'alii (pi. W a'illa) ; 
u*i/* marid (pi. ^^ mar4a, 
v>^» mira4) ; (*•**- saqim. 
Infirmary, s. ^y^\ o-<* bait al- 
marda; \*jA\ ; (j dar a^-safa; 
t)^*;W bimaristan (vulg. (^Vs-^U 
mari8tan, Pers.). 
Infirmity, s. Uuu 4a'af; ,jy 
mar4 (pi. ^^ amrad) ; £J* 
'illat (pi. Jlfi «ilal) ; ^^ *4ha-t. 
Inflame, t;.a. j^* ^araq, yahriq ; 
^ auqad, yuqid ; J«a ^a« a l, 
yai'al; it. j^\ ihtaraq, yat- 
tariq ; s-^5^ lltahab, yaltahfb. 
Inflammability, *. j\y^^ &£\2 

qabiliya-t al-i^tiraq. 
Inflammable, adj. s-o^* mult&- 

Inflammation, *. s^V^J^ iltihab ; 
dfrf** i^tiraq ; S ; y. harara-t ; 
kp nariya-t {of the eyea). 
Inflammatory, adj. J^* muhriq ; 
^ nart-y; ^ ^ a rr ; <J^\ 
Inflate, v. ^» nafah, yanfah. ; 

naffah, yunaflBh. 
Inflation, *. ** nafh ; tUxrt inti- 

Inflect, v. ukLc -attaf, yu'attif } 

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,y*> tana, ya^ni; hanna, vu- 
hanni. — (grammatically) **Jy sar- 
raf, yus/.irrif. 
Ihflection, *. «-ALe <a{f ; J~« mail. 
— (of words) i-Ai^a? tasrif ; ^yo 
%xri.— (intonation) 8+J6 nagma-t ; 
^ latn (pi. VJ\ alhan, ^^J 
lu^iin) ; «t>j* S^i nahza-t saut. 
Ihflexibility, 8. Us*W fjui «adam 
al-iuhina; &j!o*M f ^xc 'adam al- 
'atufa-t; *>Uc 'inad. 
Inflexible, adj. ^ ^ gair lay- 
j'm ; ^y^j 3 la yan^ani (3 aor. 
vii.); &y»*J\ ^>oc *adim al-'atu- 
fa-t. — (unyielding) ***** 'anid ; 
•*jJA sadid. 
Inflict, v. ^ m f& qada, yaqdi; f*£*- 
ljakam, yahkutn (^eUaRj &JLe 
'ale-hi bi-'l-qisas) ; s-**^ 'aqab, 
yu'aqib ; (j**tf qasj.?, yuqaaas. 
Infliction, *. ^^ij a*jSUw buku- 

ma-t bi-qisas. 
Inflorescence, 8. ju>)\ izhar ; ^J>j\ 

izdihar ; j\jA)\ izhirar. 
Influence, *. jJ\s ta'sir; ^ 

hukm ; fijAi qudra-t. 
Influence, t;. ^ /\ assar fi, yu- 

'a§§ir ; ^ J*e *amil fi, ya'mal. 

Influential, adj. %<& s^ilo sahib 

qudra-t ; ^*>VS qadir ; y if <^*Xo 

j\isi\ g&hib quwwa-t wa iqtidar. 

Influenza, *. Ry nazia-t (pi. J^y 

Influx, Influxion, 8. Jy*>*> duhul ; 

v^»l ingibab. 
Inform, v. y&- habbar, yuhabbir ; 
jt±\ ah bar, yuhbir ; p^\ a'lam, 
yu*lim. — (ajainst a person) yj*** 
^ {a'awan *ala, yata'awan ; ^yu. 
s^ sa'a bi, yas'a ; s-> o^ wasa bi, 
Information, 8. j*&» habar (pi. j\*±\ 
ah bar) ; j**** tahbir ; p£*s ta'lim ; 
pte\ i'lam. — (accusation) h^ 
wLsaya-t ; ^U- sraya-t. 
Informer, 8. j**y muhbir; £l** 
inuballig. — (accuser) <j\f 4 iwa- 
ni-y ; jW* gamraaz ; ^Mj was! 
(pL *&>L_a.j wusat) ; j»Ui nam- 

Infraction, e. </» naq4; t-* 

199 [fro 

fash ; o^ nakg ; **J«5 ta'di- 

Infrequency, *. gjijtt aU qillat al- 

wuqu'; «>j*jtt &* qillat al-wujud. 
Infrequent, adj. ^ nadir; J*li 

gjSjN qalil al-wuqu*. 
Infringe, v. J& naqa4, yanqud ; 

^— i fasah, yafsah ; ^J^* ta'adda, 

Infringement, 8. J& naq$. 
Infuriate, v. g*^ hayyaj, yuhay- 

yij ; s-At^ agclab, yugdib ; tU\ 

agag, yugiz. 
Infuse, v. ga» naqa', yanqa* ; naq- 

qa*, yunaqqi*. — (inspire) ^ 

alham, yulhim. 
Infusion, «. g»naq'; gy» nuqu 1 ; 

^s?» naqi*. 
Inoeniou8, adj. y^U mahir ; ^3 

zaki-y ; &a*A zahiu ; ^* fabim. 
Inoeniousness, Ingenuity, s. *j£* 

zakawa-t ; ^»S zihn (pi. q\j*S\ 

azhan) ; ^-\^ firasa-t. 
Ingenuous, adj. j*\* sadiq ; jA^* 

muhlis; <j*U 9 afi; ^U. Mlis ; 

gjL. sadij. 
Ingenuousness, s. ja* sidq ; a*^ju» 

sadaqa-t ; Sj\A« § ifawa-t ; vj 6 *^** 

hulus ; ie* ^/p^ hahis niya-t ; 

Wju sadaja-t. 
Inglorious, ac(/. JJL*. ^i ^gj]. 

jalil ; t)±++ yt± gair inamduh. 
Ingot, «. & £& ** sabika-t (pi. *a\i\*« 

Ingraft, v. f**± ta"am, yuta"im. 
Ingrain, v. £*-> eabag, yasbug; 

sabbag, yusabbig. 
Ingrate, 8. jy£± je± gair sakur; 

^j})*+}\ £\i nakir al-ina*ruf. 
Ingratiate, v. AU*-\ istamal, yas- 

tamil ; c-4L*sJI ista^af ; yasta^if . 
Ingratitude, s. ^y^« pj* *adam 

mamnuniya-t ; U» ;r -JtJ^ <J>r-& 

(o^~^N) nukran alm^ruf (al- 

itsan); (&+*A\) ^^\ ^ kuf- 

ran al-jamil (an-ni c ma-t). 
Ingredient, s. &* juzu (pi. \y+\ 

Ingress, s. Jytj duhul 
Ingulf, v. & bala 7 , yabla* ; &*\ 

ibtala*, yabtali*. 

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Inh] 200 


Inhabit, v. <j* e*- sakan fi, yas- 

kun; ^ (J* qatan fi, yaqtun; 

^yu.\ istautan, yastautin. 
Inhabitable, adj. o^-^ yansakin 

(3 aor. vn.) ; * ■* < ■■■ » s-^U- mu- 

nasib li - 's - sakana-t ; j j -» * * 

Inhabitant, a. (^- sakin (pi. y^- 

sukkan); e^^ qatin (pi. ^VLi 

quttan) ; (J-Vf mutawattin ; 

^yu^» mu8tautin. 
Inhalation, «. (j~A^ tanaffus. 
Inhale, v. (j-Aa? tanaffas, yatanaf- 

fas ; fA saium, yasumm. 
Inharmonious, adj. &+*A\ p*** 

*adim an-nagma-t. 
Inhere, v. <3-^H iltasaq, yaltasiq ; 

,jU^ i'talaq, ya'taliq; pp lazam, 

Inherence, s. j\^\ iltisaq ; j>k*\ 

i'tilaq ; **j!fc* mulazama-t. 
Inherent, ad/, ^fi^ hiilqi-y ; <J~\ 

asli-y ; o^ J ?ati-y ; jW jibil- 

Inherit, v. *># waras, yans.^ 

Inheritance, s. ^ irs ; &\j) wi- 

rasa-t; *&>\^ miras (pi. estjtj* 

mawaris) ; &y tarika-t. 


'adam ad-diyafa-t. 
Inhospitable, adj. ^W^^ gair 

midyaf ; c-A*-^^ pair mudif. 
Inhuman, adj. £**U-^ <sJ U ma la- 

hu insaniya-t ; 8+*-s d ^ ma 

la-hu rahma-t ; Isl&S\ ^ac 'adim 

Inhumanity, s. (&J\~J^) &a*M r ^ 

'adam as - safaqa-t (al - insani- 

ya-t) ; ^ zulm ; SjL-i qasa- 

Inimical, adj. <*$fl** 'adawi-y ; 

*Jk3Vae» muhalif. 
Inimitable, adj. d&t ^ la yuta- 

kallad (3 aor. pass, v.) ; £***>• y£ 

gair mutatabba' ; Jj*** j<£ gair 

Iniquitous, adj. J^ j-*± gair 

'adil; JUH\ J*I5 qalil al-insaf; 

A3 «_*U\ 3 la insaf la-hu; ^ 

zalini ; ^*ft asira. 
Iniquity, *. &\jud\ ^ac 'adam al- 

<adala-t; JU\ Oi qfflat insaf; 
,Jk zulm ; )f* jaur. 

Initial, arf/. ^^ ibtidai-y ; J^ 

Initials, *. lt\x^\ ^J^ huruf ibti- 

Initiate, v. (instruct in the rudi- 
ments) s}yW rl* 'allam al-usul, 
vu'allim. — (give entrance) J^ 
adhal, yudhil. 

Initiation, s. ,**!** ta'lim ; JV^^ 

Inject, v. £ *fi ^ * K * # bahh bi-'l- 
mihqana-t, yabuhh ; (^ haqan, 

Injection, s. (act of injecting) & 
bahh ; ^«^. buhbuha-t. — (liquid 
injected) &*&. huqna-t. 

Injudicious, adj. i»W^^ J* 15 qalil 
al-ihtiyat ; )«1^^ J«l* qalil at- 
tamyiz ; *«& aJ U ma la-hu basi- 
ra-t ; J-* ^* ; ^ ^rair muta'am- 

Injudiciousne8s, *. J*«i^ &* qillat 
al-*aql ; >t»^5\ p** 'aHam at-tam- 
yiz ; S j ga«M j»j^ *adam al-basira-t. 

Injunction, *. ^^ hukm (pi. f»^^ 
N ; y\ amr (pi. y\A ~~~ 
Lj* 5 wasiya-t l 

ahkam) ; ^ amr (pi. y*y awa- 
mir) ; ^-^ wasiya-t (pi. VjU^ 

Injure, v. j* darr, yadurr ; ^ 
darar, yudarir ; y±\ adarr, yudirr. 

Injurious, ad/. y*+ mudirr ; ;U 
darr ; ^y* miizi ; ^^ zaliin. 

Injury, s. \j*> darar ; ly** madar- 
ra-t ; h^ aziya-t ; WL^ magla- 
ma-t ; q)^» nuqsan ; SjL^s. hasa- 

Injustice, s. &\±* f±* 'adaui *ada- 
la-t ; *-A*»\ ®3 qi]la-t insaf ; (•&* 
gulra ; ^ jaur. 

Ink, «. ^c^ hibr ; ^J^ midad. 

Inkstand, 8. va>^j dawat; ^;*> da- 
way a- 1 ; &^*^* mahbara-t, mill, 
bara-t (pi. ^Uy* mahabir). 

Inland, s. J^W dahil; p^ J*^*> 
dahil al-barr. 

Inlay, v. £~ ; rassa 4 , yurassi 4 ; ^1* 
qallam, yuqallim. 

Inlet, «. (entrance) J***** mad Hal. 
— (6ay) ;y^ haur (pl.;V^ afe w »r)- 

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Inmate, s. vs~~tt J*\ y min ahl 

al-bait; J*« 'ayyal (pi. JW* 

'iyal, JiW* 4 ayayil). 
Inmost, Innermost, adj. J^»>^ al- 

Inn, *. (jV^ han (pi. v&A>U. hanat) ; 

Jy^ manzil (pi. Jj^* manazil) ; 

fto>VS^ lokanda-h. 
Innate, adj. o***^ tabi*i-y ; ^^ 

garizi-y ; J«- jibilli-j. 
Inner, adj. {further in) J-*-^ 

adhal. — {interior) J^U dahil ; 

0U* ba^in. 
Inn-keeper, «. Jy*^ s-^-U sa^ib 

al-manzil; o***** uianzilji; yjr^ 

hanji ; fta»^i3T s-**-^ sahib al- 

Innocence, 8. ^4-oc 'isma-t; 5;\^ 

barara-t ; s~W &»5u salamat al- 

qalb ; \& naqa ; W-*- sadaja-t. 
Innocent, ad;. s-laN p^~> salim al- 

qalb ; ^ bari-y (pi. V^ abriya) ; 

jL-t birr (pi. )^ abrar) ; (•J— 8 ** 

ma'sum ; e*A- sadij. 
Innocuous, Innoxious, ad;. ^ 

^a* gair mutjlirr; u*W *** ^ ma 

fi-hi bas. 
Innovate, v. «£>j^ al?da§, yuljdis ; 

Jas*\ ibtada', yabtadi* ; f;*^ 

ihtara', yahtari'. 
Innovation, s. *±>\<**.\ ihdaj ; $as^ 

ibtida' ; &f*\ ihtira' ; 
Innuendo, *. 5jlfc\ isara-t; v— ** 

gamz ; Uj warn', waraa ; £*Us ki- 

naya-t; y> ramz (pi. )fj ru- 

Innumerable, od/. •*** $ layu'add ; 

^j-acp S la yubsA (3 aor. pass.). 
Inoculate, v. p*L ta"am, yu- 

ta"im ; ^ laqqafc, yulaqqifc. 
Inoculation, 8. (*& tat'im ; && 

Inodorous, adj. fy+**" )** gair 

Inoffensive, adj. y** j<£ gair mu- 

4irr ; j-a* 3 la yatfurr ; ^ V j<£ 

gair mu'zi. 
Inoffensiveness, *. k>R p** 'adam 
aziya-t; ft^ fJ* 'adam matfar- 
Ixopbbative, adj. J^Ve ^ gair 

<amil; JUi -fc gair fa"al; jtA 

f*y* £ a * r mu a s§i r ' 

Inopportune, adj. ***$ ^ ^ fi 
gair waqt-hu. 

Inordinate, ad/, {irregular) j*£ 
^j** gair mad but * fr*** p* gair 
man gum. — {excessive) !»/>* mu- 
frit; *$) zayid; ^^ 0* 6)^- 
harij 'an al-ljadd. 

Inorganic, adj. «x*W jamid (pi. 
Ju-h jamad, ^*^ jawamid) ; yt£ 
^ac gair 'iijwi-y. 

Inquest, s. ^j^fi tafahbu? ; &i\*+ 

Inquietude, *. *r>\J**\ i<Jtirab ; 
a<^ balbala-t (pi. Jth balabil) ; 
J^y** taiwis ; &* .qalaq. 

Inquire, v. (o«& /or) ^«A^.\ istaf- 
ham, ya8taf him ; j*s*z~,\ istahbar, 
yaatabbir (both with ^ ^ 'an 
Se-y); o^u*-^ istaqsa, yastaq?!. 
—{examine) u ^<^» tafattas, yata- 
fathae ; e~~; ba^ag, yabJ^ag. 

Inquiry, *. {question) f\&s~\ istif- 
ham ; ;Wafc*-^ istihbar ; j\ m*totm \ 
istifsar. — {search for) {t ^^» ta- 
fahhu?; Jt—atti taf tig ; <i^-flp 

Inquisitive, adj. J*-W mudibil; 
^j^ax-^ mu§taqsi. 

Inquisitiveness, «. ^U-^ muda- 
hala-t; Ute~\ istiq^a. 

Inquisitor, *. (>^u mufattis*. 

Inroad, *. {encroachment) ^•^ 
ta'addi ; J;VL? tatawul. — {inva- 
sion) 5;^ gara-t ; &-*£ kabsa-t. 

Insalubrious, od|;. ;V^ migyar; 
pf>) wahum ; fxj±) wahim. 

Insane, adj. (Or^ majnun (pi. 
^ V» majamn) ; ,>yaU maltui ; 
s^^» musab. 

Insanity, «. ^^ jonun; W jin- 
na-t ; Jl*- halal. 

Insatiability, adj. fr*A\ (*** 'adam 

Insatiable, adj. &M 5 la yaiba* ; 
^h $ la yaqna 1 . 

Inscribe, v. ^ raqam, yarqum; 
raqqam, yuraqqim; s^ katab, 
yaktub. — (dedicate) v^ ^^ 
ahda kitab, yuhdi. 


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Inscription, s. *A** kitaba-t. — (of 

a book) ^y* 'anwan. 
Inscrutable, adj. djSi $ la yud- 

rak; yoA*: $ ] a yuhfas (3 aor. 

Inscrutablenbss, 8. d\j4$\ fOC 

'adam al-idrak. 
Insect, s. Ij&* ^aiara-t ; ^*> du- 

Insecure, adj. &+\ *«i U ma fi-bi 

aman ; yt-\ j*t gair amin ; cJ^fe^ 

Insecurity, s. q\+\ &* qillat anian ; 

<-*)*» bauf ; SjL W« mubatara-t. 
Insensate, adj. &f+" majnun (pi. 

(£**W* majanin). 
Insensibility, s. ^La.^ ,*&& 'adam 

al-ifcsas ; <J**)\ j»xz 'adam al- 

tass. — (dulness) »*>#» baruda-t. 
Insensible, adj. (without percep- 
tion) u»+}\ &** 'adim al-ljass. — 

(imperceptible) y-j-^* ^ gair 

Inseparability, 8. j^j-mM ^ 

'adam al-infiraq, Ac. 
Inseparable, adj. jj^i 3 la yan- 

fariq ; J^j 3 la yanljall (3 aor. 

vii.) ; jualK y£++ «* gair mum- 
kin al-infisal ; *)L5toS\ g-A&»^ 

mumtani' al-infikak. 
Insert, v. J**>\ adhal, yudbil ; ^ 

wallaj, yuwallij; gty aulaj, yu- 

lij ; J\ ^iU\ a4af ila, yutff . 
Insertion, s. &*\ ilaj ; jWat id- 

Inside, «., «#. J*W dabil ; ^^ 

Insidious, adj. J** gaddar; JS* 

makkar ; j& 'ayyar. 
Insidiou8Ness, *. h£+ makariya-t ; 

/- makr; *1<^ hila-t (pi. J*^ 

Insight, 0. &&ft fitna-t; &Ub» fi{a- 

na-t; 8^** basira-t; ^ fahm 

(pi. r ^i fubum) ; Uf+ ma'rifa-t 

(pi. «-J ; U* ma'arif). 
Insignia, s. WU 'alama-t (pi. *A 

-at, f*U 'aJayim); ^U** ntean 

(pi. (£*±W nayasin). 
Insignificance, *. <jjm* *4d 'adam 


Insignificant, adj. <y** 43 U ma 

la-bu ma'na; J*l* qalil; J^ 

Insincere, adj. j*>U ^ gair 

sadiq ; <joiW ^* gair halis ; ^ 

(joloe* gair mublis. 
Insincerity, s. ja-M (*** 'adam 

as-sidq ; &i\^\ ^ac 'adam as- 

sadaqa-t ; (jo^ON ^ 'adam al- 

Insinuate, v. (hint) j\*\ aiar, 

yuiir; ^ laqqan, yulaqqin ; 

^) wa^a, yajii. — (push one's 

self into favour) i- d e* s ~*\ ista'taf, 

Insinuating, adj. ^Ve**J\ isti'ta- 


Insinuation, s. (hint) S ; U\ isara-t. 

— (into favour) «*jUc*aJ isti'faf. 
Insipid, adj. &**t d) U ma. la-bu 

ta'ma-t ; Wl aJ U ma la-hu laz- 

za-t ; gi*> dali' ; *>jW barid. 
Insipidity, s. &**UT ^jlc 'adam a$- 

ta'ma-t; iUJ\ ^ *adam al-laz- 

Insist, t?. gJ lajj, yalijj (witb ^ 

fi, or J^ 'ala) ; ^ «^*> §abbat 

fi ; yugabbit. 
Insnare, v. £*&\ ^ g*^ auqa' fi-'l- 

fahb, yuqi ; *>Ub-\ i 9 ^ a d, yas^ad. 
Insobriety, s. /~ sukr ; ^X- sak- 

Insociable, adj. J^*H 3 la yata- 

'a^ar (3 aor. pass, vi.); ^ 

Insolence, s. &*M) waqaha-t ; &Jb\A- 

safaha-t; ^ batar; i«/ far- 

Insolent, adj. & waqib (pi. c^j 

wuqat); M- safih (pi. V«A- 8 u- 

faha) ; *£*• mutakabbir ; 

mutajabbir ; }* batir. 
Insolubility, *. J)MN ^ 'adam 

Insoluble, Insolvable, adj. (riot 

to be dissolved) J*-** $ la yan^iall 

(3 aor. vii.) ; J^3\ £^*« mum* 

tana' al-tall. — (not to be ex- 
plained) tj** $ la yu^rali ; /— A»j ^ 

la yataf assar. 

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Insolvency, s. ijJA iflas; j\-£}\ 
inkisar ; r~* 'usr. 

Insolvent, adj., s. w^A* muflls; 
)?*-£* maksur ; j— ** niu'sir. 

Insomuch, conj. ^^ hatta; M& 
jAaJ\ bi-haza al-qadr. 

Inspect, v. jkVi nazar, yunazir. 

Inspection, 8. S^U* munazara-t. 

Inspector, a. ^U nazir (pi. J& 

Inspiration, *. (breathing) <j-tu5 
tanaffus ; ^-^ nafas. — (revela- 
tion) f>W ilhara ; ^) wahi (pi. 
£*a^ auhiya-t). 

Inspire, v. (breathe) (j~Atf tanaffas, 
yatanaffas. — (supematurally) 
^y waha, yahi ; { j^^\ auha, 
yuhi ; (*£\ alham, yulhim ; (*** 
hatam, yahtim. — (imbue with) 
*±>.w\ ahdas, yufcdis. ; J*-*>\ adhal, 
yudhil (both with J> fi). 

Inspirit, v. \ff- iarrad, yuharrid ; 
s-*> raggab, ^ yuraggib; J# 
nahha, yunahhi. 

Instability, s. v&>ljJ fls qillat gabat ; 
fp i\i qiUat qarar. 

Instal, v. s—** o* cr 1 * ] alias fi 
mansab, yujallis ; s— ^ nasab, 
yansub; ffr\ aqam, yuqim. — 
(install one 9 8 self)jte~\ istaqarr, 

Installation, 8. s-**-** mansab ; 
<j~£r tajlis ; Ajte-A istiqrar. 

Instalment, s. t*i qig$. 

Instance, #. (example) J** masal 
(pi. J^ amsal) ; JU* misal (pi. 
&£•* amsila-t) ; S^ 'ibra-t. — 
(occasion) *->;* fursa-t (pi. <j©> 
furas). — (solicitation) J\y* suwal 
(pi. &&~\ as'ila-t) ; W; raja ; **1L 
talaba-t ; Vcja-\ istid'a. 

Instance, t>. J** massaljyumassil; 
J^UJ tamassal, yatamassal. 

Instant, ad/\ (urgent) p\y muzim ; 
<4tfr* daniri-y ; £)} laziin. — 
( present) y*\*> hadir ; *f*>y mau- 
jud. — (entreating) ^y-*** niuta- 

Instant, *. ^W lahza-t ; £^*J 
lamha-t; &**•> daqiqa-t (pi. «J*^*> 

Instantaneous, ad;. «-Aiy> &* bi-14 

tawaqquf ; A^ct. ^ ibn sa'at-hu. 
Instead, prep., o^v. 0* ij>f *iwa4 

'an, (^ ~$±i badlan min ; &y+t 

bi-raanzila-t ; J^* ^ fi m ah all. 
Instep, s. ^ qadam (pi. pW\ aq- 

dam, f^J^ aqdum). 
Instigate, v. dy± harrak, yuhar- 

rik ; J**> hamal, ya^mil ; ^f- 

harrad, yuharri<J. 
Instigation, s. *iif* tahrik ; ij*^ 

tahri4 ; ***** hass ; ^yt\ igwa\ 
Instil, v. fci qattar, yuqattir ; ^ 

aqtar, yuqtir ; J*-^ adhal, yud- 
Instinct, *. &J> {aba* ; ^^eJ* )«^ 

tamyiz tabi'i-y. 
Instinctive, adj. &&\ v3»^ mu- 

tabiq at-taba' ; o**?^ t&bi'i-y. 
Institute, v. *-r~* nasab, yan?ub ; 

fto\ aqain, yuqim; J*> ja'al, 

Institute, Institution, 8. **Vi\ 

iqama-t; £*) wada* (pi. gU^\ 

au4a 4 ). 
Instruct, v. (teach) (A* 'allam, yu- 

'allim; ^^ 'arraf, yu'arrif. — 

(give directions) <j*j wassa, yu- 

Instruction, s. pj** ta'lim ; s-st*>^ 

ta'dib ; ^^e*' tafhim. — (advice ) 

W-* maflaha-t* — (direction) 

&**) wasiya-t (pi. V*Uj wasaya) ; 

&**f tausiya-t ; &\£) wakala-t. 
Instrument, s. (tool) ®\ ala-t. — 

(contract) s^^ kitab (pi. s-^ 

kutub); &V» bujja-t (pi. c^c- 

Instrumental, adj. J^^ 'amil; 

,J^U fa'ili-y; <#*** mu'in. — (of 

music) Jfi\ alati-y. 
Instrumentality, «. &J*\* fa'ili- 

ya-t; & *k~> sababiya-t; &~^ 

wasita-t (pi. VjU^ wasayit). 
Insubordinate, adj. «-AJU^» muha- 

lif ; ^W'asi. 
Insubordination, s. (j)W*» 'isyan; 

&)U^ muhalafa-t. 
Insufferable, Insupportable, 

adj. jtia** 3 la yantaq (3 aor. 

vii.) ; yy+^\ Q&++ jtA gair 

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mumkin at-tatammul ; > * ■ i> * 
Insufficiency, *. **Va£N f** 'adam 
al-kafaya-t ; &*k\jA\ f±* 'adam 
Insufficient, s. o 4 ^;** g** 1 " kafi 5 

yoiU naqis ; y»Ac <ajiz. 
Insular, ad;. c5^V jazaid-y. 
Insult, * 4t^ aziya-t ; <£>*** ta'ad- 

di ; \f*\ iftira ; \*** 6atni. 
Insult, v. JLc t^sM iftara *ala, yaf- 
tari ; ^ gatam, yaitum ; 6at- 
tam, yu^attim. 
Insuperable, adj. ^% ^ la yuqhar ; 

s^J*i S la yuglab (3 aor. pass.). 
Insupportable, adj. see Insuf- 
Insuppres8IBLE, adj. (inconquer- 
able) s-W * la yuglab ; W**i 3 la 
yu<Jbat. — (inconcealable) o**: 9 
yuhfa. — (not to be abolished) 2 
JW la yubjal (all 3 aor. pass.). 
Insurance, s. S^j- saukira-t; 
& ; j£c~ sikurta-t; &-J ; j**- siku- 
ransa-t ; &jV~^J\ Ci >**-ai taxjmin al- 
Insure, v. fy* saukar, yusaukir ; 
SjU^tt &+* (Jamman al-hasara-t, 
Insurgent, s. o*^ 'asi (pi. «*Uc 
«usat) ; o^j^ hariji-y (pi. tfy 
hawarij) ; <^ fattan ; ^ bagi 
(pi. vaAij bugat, (^W** bugyan). 
Insurmountable, adj. s-W 2 la 
yuglab ; &*i * la yuqta' (8 aor. 
Insurrection, *. &■** fitna-t (pi. 
^ fitan); &+? qauma-t; a (^*°* 
'is van, 'usyan ; SjUe 'asawa-t ; 
l^kL tfgyan; e^ buruj ; ^l 
Insusceptible, adj. taAtt f*i±z 
'adim as-safaqa-t ; <j«5) pA gair 
Intact, adj. (untouched) v*yd* ^ 
gair malmus; y-j«~** ^ gair 
mamsus. — (uninjured) )yy*+ j<£ 
gair madriir ; **U salim ; gJU 
salih (pi. qj*N* salihun, c^* 

Intangible, *. u**k S la yulmas ; 

^^♦4 3 la yumass. 
Integer, s. c*** JAC 'adad sahib ; 

j-S* y£ ojlc 'adad gair mukas- 

Integral, adj. e*^-° sahih; J*^ 

Integrant, adj. J*£* mukammil ; 

^4^* mutammim. 
Integrity, 8. (completeness) JU£ 

kanial; pU> tamam. — (ttprigAt- 

ness) &° salah) ; v/>^ hulus. 
Integument, s. ^ qis> (pi. ;^5 

qusur) ; ^ jild ; *<*+ jilda-t (pi. 

*J+ julud) ; cJfcfc gilat (pi. ^t 

gulf) ; ^± gisa* (pi. M^ agsi- 

Intellect, s. Jac 4 aql (pi. J^ 

«uqiil); ^ lahm (pi. ^ fu- 

hiim) ; ««J^ idrak ; )f*> su*ur ; 

&~\ji firasa-t. 
Intellectual, od;. J^ 'aqli-y ; 

Jfic ^»i zu 4 aql ; ^y^ 

mudnk ; 

^ fahiin ; ~ ^ s— ^ sahib 

fahm (pi. s^-»t ashab). 
Intelligence, «. (mcntof capacity) 

&~\j> firasa-t; ^ fahm; *>V>* 

idrak ; ^^ zihn. — (news) j*s* 

habar (pi. j^A ahbar) ; ^*" ha- 

Intelligent, adj. J*^ «aqil ; *%e8* 

fahim ; ;^**» s-^^> sahib su'ur ; 

yfcU mahir; <-r+*J labib (pi. ^ 

alibba) ; l-\f ,* ?u firasa-t. 
Intelligible, adj. (*&t yanfahim 

(3 aor. vii.); r ^* mafhiim ; 

f«Art ^ qabil al-fahm ; ^U-* 

*«J\j»>^ mumkin al-idrak. 

LITY, *. d\j4$\ q&*\ imkan al- 
idrak ; (*&\ q\&+\ imkan al-fahm. 

Intemperance, *. I*\j\ iirk% ; p& 
naham ; **J W^ inhimak. 

Intemperate, adj. l^ mufri^ ; 
+*& nahim ; va Uq ;^ muuhatuik ; 
,3<a sabiq. 

Intend, v. *** qasad, yaqsid ; ±~B 
taqassad, yataqassad ; *>\j\ arad, 
yurid ; ^ 'ana, ya*ni. 

Intendant, s. ^ nagir (jA. jte 
nuzzar) ; /»W* mubaiir ; Je^ 

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1st] 1 



walril (pi. X> wukala); Jy± 

hauli-y (pi. Jy*» hawul^ 
Intense, adj. •*».** 6adid; ^Jbc 

l azjm ; ^ kabir (pi. y** kibar, 

^ kubara). 
Intenseness, Intensity, s. $•** 

Intensify, v. *>ja gaddad, yu£ad- 

did ; v^y qawwa, yuqawwi. 
Intent, adj. <-^ *A.kif (pi. «-ij*c 

4 ukuf ) ; J^u muqayyad ; Jj*-*** 

Intention, *. *\f murad ; fo\j\ 

irada-t ; **-»* qasd ; 4y*B+ maq- 

*ud (pi. J^-Va^ maqasid); fj* 

*azm (pi. ^<jyft 4 uzuin) ; &*> niya-t 

(pi. **>W niyat) ; ^ garad (pi. 

i/>\jk\ agrad). 
Intentional, adj. *>j-A» maqsud ; 

^Jk-i qasdi-y ; tff* ma 4 zum. 
Intentness, *. **& taqayyud ; 

r \+s&\ ihtimani (pi. «wUU**t ih- 

timamat) ; ^j*- sa'i. 
Inter, v. ^ji** dafan, yadfin. 
Intercede, v. ^ £*■** tasaffa 4 fi, 

yataiaffa 4 ; <&* ^f tawassa* ben, 

Intercept, v. \J^ hai, ya^iuS; 

£»i qata 4 , yaqja 4 ; J* J** qabad 

4 ala, yaqbid. 
Interception, «. u^* qabd; g** 

mma' ; y^** b a j z * 
Intercession, 8. &*~\y muwasa- 

ja-t; !*-/ tawassuj; **\t* aaia- 

4 a-t. 
Interchange, v. J^i badal, yab- 

dul; J*>W» tabadal, yata badal ; 

v/y qawad, yuqawid ; u*^ ta- 

qawad, yataqawad. 
Interchange, «. J^ badal ; Ji***> 

tabdil ; fl*>W* mubadala-t ; &»jU* 

mu A awada-t. 
Interchangeable, ai;\ J^ <$*+" 

mumkin al-badai; &»>W*tt <3*^ 

layiq al mubadala-t ; £-^U*3\ J*VJ 

qabil al-inu 4 awa4a-t. 
Intercourse, *. S/iU* mu'a£ara-t ; 

A-^u*# ; &*U* mu 4 a- 

mala-t ; A-UU^ muhalata-t. — 


matjar; SjW 

Interdict, v. { J^ ^ harram 4 ala, 
yuharrim ; g** mana 4 , yamna 4 ; 
^ naha, yanhi. 

Interdict, Interdiction, 8. g** 
man 4 ; Je* nahi ; ^ haram. 

Interest, 8. (advantage) *^ fayi- 
dat; g*> naf 4 ; & ribh. — (con- 
cern) u*/ garad (pi. JrtjW ag- 
ra<J) ; jW*^ i 4 tibar ; &^ 'alaqa-t 
(pi. t>-j^ g 4 alaviq). — (share) 
A— hissa-t (pi. ua— hisaa) ; *>;* 
Sirk (pi. «2t/^ asrak). — (on 
money) 8a>U fayida-t (pi. ^U 
fawayid); W; riba; &*>}y mura- 

Interest, v. (affect) (J***, tannan, 
yuhannin; s-^ raggab, yurag- 
gib; jUs-\ istamfil, yastainil. — 
(concern) y^ hass, yahu?8 ; ^ 
4 ana, ya 4 ni. 

Interfere, v. (intermeddle) J^-W 
tadahal, yatadahal ; ^ tahallal ; 
yatahallal. — (oppose) g^ mana 4 , 
yamna 4 ; *J^U- halaf, yuhalif. 

Interference, 8. &d»\±* mudaha- 
la-t; Jl^tahallul. 

Interim. 8. Sj^« mudda-t. 

Interior, adj., 8. J^W dahil ; ^1»W 

Interjection, s. u&y* saut (pi. 
sA>\y*>\ aswat). 

Interlace, v. p* 4affar, yucjaffir; 
g-i nasaj, yausuj ; **M» ^abbak, 
yu^abbik; «t^ habbak, yuhab- 

Interloper, s. { J<A tufaili-y (pi. 
i-jLAt tufailiya-t) ; J^A- saflaq 
(pi. ifiJUu safaliqa-t) ; ^^ fu- 

Interlude, «. h±"j* p\~&\ {#& s-«5 
la 4 ab ben aqsam komediya-t. 

Intermeddle, v. J*»W tadahal, 

Interment, 8. <ji*> dafn; {^^ 
tadfin; ^i^ tadaffun ; SjW ja- 

Interminable, adj. &i\& aJ U ma 
la-hu nihaya-t. 

Intermingle, v.a. Ink. hala^, yah- 
lu£ ; n. i»^^ ihtalat, yahtali^. 

Intermission, #. ^»LV&» muqa^a'a-t ; 

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&a»\ inqit&' ; J*M tabtfl ; UUy 

tawaqquf ; ji halal (pi. JJU 

Intermit, v. g^ inqa$a', yan- 

qa*i 4 . 
Intermix, v.a. U^ hala{, yahluj; 

n. ^Xsa\ ihtalat, yahtalh;. 
Internal, adj. J±A*> dahil; ^W 

International law, 8. JU3\ j^ 

huquq al-milal. 
Internecine, adj. Jto qatil. 
Interpolate, v. ^ haia, yahii ; 

cs* ^^^^ft. has^a fi, yuljai*i. 
Interpolation, 8. &#±s& tah^iya-t. 
Interpose, v.a. l^yw £*> wa<jfa 4 bi- 

'1-wast, yada 4 ; k*j wassa$, yu- 

wassit ; n. !a~y tawassaf, yata- 

Interposition, *. *k-\j wasi^a-t 

(pi. k^j wasayit) ; k-y tawassut ; 

J3a-\^* muwasata-t. 
Interpret, v. ^/ tarjam, yutar- 

jim; ^-i fassar, yufassir; c/» 

6arab, yairah. 
Interpretation, s. l++y tarja- 

ma-t; j-tf tafsir; t/» $arh (pi. 

C^ ^uruh); ^W bay an ; «*** 

Interpreter, 8. £}U*.y tarjuman 

(pi. ij^V tarajamiu) ; ^y^ 

mutarjim; *-JU mufassir ; e^U 

Interregnum, *. 5^* fatra-t. 
Interrogate, 8. J*U sa'al, yas'al ; 

12+ p Q t a~ \ istafham min, yastaf- 

him ; ^ j*ats-\ istahbar min, 

Interrogation, 8. J^j- su'al (pi. 

&2~\ as'ila-t) ; f\&~.\ istifham ; 

jL-Ax-\ istifsar; jW«fc*~\ istihbar. 
Interrogative, 8. pW&~\ «jy» harf 

istifham (pi. •-*;;»- huruf). 
Interrogatory, «. ^W v&>3\j- 

suwalat al-qadi. 
Interrupt, v. £* qaja 4 , yaqta* ; 

JU «attal, yu'attil. 
Interruption, 8. Jto\ inqi^a' ; 

£*LU* muqata'a-t. 
Iniersect, v. £lrf qata 4 , yaqta' ; 

gtW taqata 4 , yataqa^a*. 

Intersection, $. gj* qata* (pi. 

£^i qutu') ; &\B taqatu 4 . 
Inter8per8E, v. ioL. halat, yahluj. 
Intersper8ION, s. ULt hilt, halt; 

Wu^t ihtilat. 
Interstice, Interval, 8. Jk- ha- 
lal (pi. JU hilal) ; (^ U ma 

bain, ben; ajL-* masafa-t. — {of 

time) ftJk* mudda-t. 
Intertwine, v. j* dafar, yadfir; 

daffar, yiujaffir; *&#*» habbak, 

Interval, 8. see Interstice. 
Intervene, v. ^-y tawassat, yata- 

wassat ; Ja^JS tadahal, yatada- 

hal ; ^jVi qaras, yuqaris. 
Intervention, s. k~y tawassnt ; 

&J\y» muwasata-t ; £U.\jk* muda- 

Interview, 8. 8Lo\p» muwasala-t; 

Us3\ iltiqa; Al}Vi« muqabala-t; 

4^^ muwajaha-t. 
Interweave, v. «si-^ hayyak, yu- 

bayyik ; Q~~i nasaj, yansuj ; /* 

dafar, yadtir; 4 anCiir » yudaffir. 
Intestate, adj. &**>) h bi-la wasi- 

ja-t ; I**) s y^ U ma 'amal wasi- 

Intestinal, adj. <4j«* mi*awi-y ; 

^5©*^ ma'yi-y. 
Intestine, adj. J«s-U dahil ; ^jlW 

Intestines, 8. ^ ahia; U#*\ 

tiin'a ; {$ij{*~ masarin ; jU^» ma- 

Intimacy, «. l~i\y mu'anasa-t ; 

&~~*\ unsa-t ; ^^« musahaba-t ; 

^Udalla-t; JS^dalal. 
Intimate, adj. s-^^» musahib ; 

v-i^y mu*anis ; u~*y inu'nis 

(munis) ; ^ nadim (pi. V^jJ 

nudama, f\*x nidam, ^jUjj nud- 

man) ; j»^« mahram (pi. ^\^» 

maharim); J^^ dahil; J la a 

Intimate, v. J*\ asar, yusir ; j** 

habbar, yuhabbir; p±\ ahbar. 

Intimation, s. S ; U\ isara-t ; y^, 

habar (pi. Ji^sA ahbar) ; X^J\ 


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Intimidate, v. kJ^ bawwaf, yu- 
hawwif; jy fazza', yufazzi' ; 
J>«^ ahjal, yuhjil. 
Intimidation, «. Lj\±\ ihafa-t; 

&^ tahwifa-t. 
Into, prep. ^ fi. 

Intolerable, adj. J*^ 9 la yuh- 
tamal (3 aor. vm.) ; J*^* B la 
yutabammal (3 aor. pass, v.) ; 
jUiuj S la yan^aq (3 aor. vn.) ; 
jU* 3 la yu^aq. 
Intolerance, «. J-^ca^ ^Afi 'adam 
tahammul; SjM ^ 'adam ija- 
Ihtolebant, atf;. J*^x* ^fi gair 

Intonate, v. ^ lal^han, yulah- 

Intonation, s. (^J? talhin; ^ 

lahn (pi. (jjUl alhan). 
Intoxicate, v. £~ sakkar, yusak- 

kir ; j£~\ askar, yuskir. 
Intoxicated, adj. q\j£- sakran 
(pL isj\£~ sakara, sukara, ^j^> 
Intoxication, *. /i~ sakr; i/L. 

sakra- 1 ; o^^-» sakaran. 
Intractability, jr. ($W*fi 'isyan ; 

AAllafc- muhalafa-t ; *>Uc <inad. 
Intbactable, ad;, j^ 'anid (pi 
Aifi *unud) ; UtfU* muhahf ; 
^Vfi <asi (pi. oUc *usat). 
Intransitive, s. (verb) *$ J** fi'l 

lazim (pi. JU*t af'al). 
Intrench, v. 0**. fcassan, yuhas- 

sin ; {j~>)\z+ 'amal mataris. 
Inter nchment, 8. l~f* mitrasa-t 
(pL u*j\z* mataris) ; v*\f* mit- 
ras (pL ^rijU. mataris); (^-»* 

fcisn (pi. ($ye*» kusun). 

Intrepid, adj. sJ& $ la yahaf (3 
aor.) ; ;j~* jasiir (pi. j~+ jusr, 



jusur); jjftioi bati^V lAW ^ zft 

Intrepidity, *?. yti* ba^; 5;l~*. 

jasara-t ; icV^Ai gaja'a-t. 
Intricacy, b. &*afcl lahba^a-t; U«s. 

hil$, halt; **t* habsa-t; •*£&* 

Intricate, ad/. W* 1 * mulahbat; 

**a** mu'aqqad; 

sir; J^-^mu^kil.' 
Intrigue, *. (scheme) &**■ hila-t 

(pi. J**- bijal) ; *-*-.> dasisa-t. 

— (love-affair) <>** *isq ; &N 

Intrigue, t?. (ptotf) J^to tadahal, 

yatadahal ; <j** dass, yaduss. 
Intrinsic, a<//\ Jf\& zati-y ; JL\ 

asli-y ; ^^M^ haqiqi:y. 
Introduce, v. (a person) J j»as 

qaddam li, yuqaddim ; v> «J^c 

'arraf bi, yu'arrif.— (fo a ^Zace) 

J*.^ adhal, yudhil. 
Introduction, *?. JU^ idhal; 

J* J^*> duhul «ala. — (to a 

book) &•.*&• muqaddima-t ; &**U 

Intrude, v. J^U dahal, yudahil ; 

Jlrf^ tahallal, yatahallal. 
Intruder, 8. Jafc* muhill ; Jt\j^ 

mudahil ; ^j zanim. 
Intrusion, *. &Ux» mudahala-t. 
Intrust, v. 5*; wacla 4 , yacja* ; £*£ 

auda 4 , yft^i' (both with J^ufi 

f and) ; &U^ L^ ^att amana-t, ya- 

Intuition, *. fi^s-j basira-t (pi. ^Uj 

basayir); ^i zakawa-t; p\J\ 

ilham ; ^Aflnlx. mukasafa-t. 
Inundate, v. J* gci«a, yuga«i ; 

s3j* garraq, yugarriq. 
Inundation, s. ^U^i faiijan ; j+± 

gamr (pi. ^Ufi gimar, )y *± gu . 

mur) ; j^ garq. 
Inure, v. *>jfi 'awwad, yu'awwid. 
Inutility, *. Sj^UX^ ^ *adam al- 

Invade, v. f++A hajam, yabjum; 

<j~£ kabas, yakois; J& gar, ya- 

gir (all with ^ 'ala). 
Invasion, *. l~~£ kabsa-t; f>^A 

hujum; SjVfi gara-t. 
Invalid, adj. Jt»W batil ; WfiU d) U 

ma la-hu fa'iliya-t. 
Invalid, *. ,j*y mari^ (pi. ^-a^. 

mar^a, ^5— i\y maracja, J2\)-* 

mirad) ; JjU* ma'lAl. 
Invalidate, v. (weaken) i-A-ju 

<Ja"af, yu4a"if ;y+*\ a'jaz, yu'jiz. 

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— (make ineffective) JW battal, 

Invaluable, adj. £**i ** I* ma la- 

hu qima-t; ^ <d U ma la-hu 

Invariable, adj. js**i $ la jata- 

gayyar (3 aor. v.). 
Invariableness, *. /**a^ f** 'adam 

Invective, 8. **— subba-t; f**± 

sa^m (pi. py* Sutilm) ; s-tf giib, 

salb ; £>y& taqri*. 
Inveigh, v. (>** Satam, yaitum ; 

w*~ sabb, ya«ubb; s-^» salab, 

Inveigle, v. ^\ agwa, yugwi ; £ 

garr, yagurr ; )y t garrar, yugar- 

Invent, v. £^ abda', yubdi* ; £^> 

ibtada', yabtadi'; £ya*\ ibtara', 

yahtari'; *+$ aujad, yujid.— 

(forge lite) ^fA iftara, yaftari. 
Invention, *. £^ ibda' ; £\^ 

ibtida'; *M ijad; gt/^ ih- 

Inventory, s. £**VJ qayima-t (pi. 

(*\j» qawayiin) ; f*± daftar (pi. 

yUJ dafatir) ; 4* $*h\. 
Inventory, v. &** 4 a bat, vadbi£. 
Inverse, adj. ^4*** mun'akis ; 

u-/** ma'kus ; u-^W bi-Vaks ; 

s^** inaqlub. 
Inversion, s. u-tf*^ in'ikas ; *r&*\ 

inqilab ; s-l« taqallub. 
Invert, v. s-tt qalab, yaqlib ; qal- 

lab, yuqaliib ; u~£* 4 akas, ya'kis. 
Invest, v. (clothe) <j~J labbas, yu- 

labbis ; <j~*M albas, yulbis ; \~* 

kasa, yaksil. — (instal) u^ jal- 

las, yujallis ; f\*\ aqam, yuqim ; 

s-^ nasab, yansub; ^ qajlad, 

yuqallid.— (besiege) /^ ta$ar, 

yutasir. — (money) *-*/* saraf , 

yasrif ; £*\ ab<Ja', yub^i*. 
Investigate, v. j*+> fa^as, yafhas ; 

*±*o*\ balsas, yabba§ ; v£-^*> ta- 

babt»as, yatabaha§s ; «j**** fatas, 

yaftus* ; fattas\ yufattis\ 
Investigation, 8. u ^*a» taf Ijis ; 

^Wtf ibtiljaa; J*>& tai'tis ; 
: tajassus. 

Investiture, 8. s-****tf tansib ; ±^8 

Investment, s. (cloths) ^-W libas 
(pi. a — ~J\ albisa-t). — (siege) 
SpoW* muhasara-t. — (money in- 
vested) JU mal (pi. JV^ am- 

Inveteracy, s. JUfl i'sal; J* 1 ^ 

Inveterate, adj. J**^* muta'as- 
sil ; (*><>* qadim. — (obstinate) 
J^ 'anid (pi. J^ 'unud). 

Invidious, ad;, (cncioiw) .^-W. 
hasid (pi. *>V~*. ^ussad) ; *y—* 
ijasild (pi. ^-^ tusud). — (hate- 
ful) s-aa* mugdib; **/ karih; 
vA ^ a habis. 

Invidiou8Ness, *. (e?n?y) > > -■■■ f* 
hasad. — (malignity) #W*> haba- 

Invigorate, v. ^y* qawwa, yu- 
qawwi ; *>**& saddad, yusaddid. 

Invincible, adj. s-^*i ^ layuglab ; 
v>jU* ^fe gair magltLb ; ^ 5 la 


v>)U>^ p.** 'adam al-ingilab ; p±* 

)\&$\ 'adam al-inqihar. 
Inviolable, ooy. u&i 1 la yun- 

qa<J ; &4fi> Js«> )l la ya^all naq4- 

hu ; ff> Ijaram ; ^^» mutar- 

Invisibility, s. sr^ gaib.(pl. s^W^ 

giyab, v»^-<^ g^yiib); s^^-«* 

Invisible, adj. ^ 3 la yura (3 

aor. pass.); s-st« gayib; s-HlVfc 

jlqW ^ gayib 'an al-absar (pi. 

h-«* guyyab, v>W* guyyab, s-^\^& 

Invitation, s. ^> du'a ; &»4yc *azi- 

ma-t ; iiC* (Jiyafa-t. 
Invite, v. Vcj da'a, yad'ii ; ^ 

'azam, ya'zim ; «-*^ kaUaf, yu- 

Invocate, v. (t'nvo&e) ^«> da c 4, 

Invocation, s. ^*> du*a; Syu> 

da'wa-t; ^aJ\ istid'a. 
Invoice, s. l+ip qayima-t; ^^jV* 


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Involuntary, adj. £~&\ h bi-lu 

ihtivar; Ju»i ^ bi-la qasd. 
Involve, v. *Jtf laff, yaluff . 
Invulnerable, ad/. CjV* ^ la yan- 

jariti (3 aor. vn.) ; tf^\ &*+" 

mumtana' al-jarh. 
Inward, adj. Js-Vj dahil; ^ 

Irascible, adj. gW-^ gadban (pi. 

s^Ufe gi^ab, ^-&& gadba, ^Ufc 

gadaba) ; s-»^ gadub ; s-*** 



**-*<• magdaba-t. 
Ibe, 8. s~a* gadab ; M gaig ; il*sfc\ 
igtiyag; <ja* hanaq (pi. jU*. 
Ireful, adj. s^-a* gaddab; ^W-^ 

Iris, 8. (rainbow) t)i ^y qaus 
(qos) quzah.— (of the eye) flU 
j?j*tt dayir al-bubu. 
Irksome, adj. J*tf saqil (pi. Jtf 
suql, JW siqal, Stf suqula) ; 
sa'b (pi. v>^-» si'ab) ; 

Irksomeness, 8. &\& saqala-t. 
Iron, 8. ajjtw Ladid. 
Iron, v. ^ kawa, yakwi ; kawwa, 

Ironical, adj. f£&* mutahakkim ; 

^5^6* tahakkumi-y. 
Ironmonoeb, 8. *\j** haddad. 
Irony, s. ^ tahakkum ; ^~J 

tashar ; \y&~\ istihza ; $* hazu. 
Irradiate, v. g-&*A sa'sV, yusa,&' ; 

^ ada, yudi. 
Irradiation, «. £A*aj taia'sV; 

jkf* tanwir. 
Irrational, adj. (void of reason) 
,jLU jst gair natiq ; J*^^ gair 
aqil. — (contrary to reason) «Jtfl^» 
J**U muhalif li-'l-'aql. 
Irreclaimable, adj. Jjuu* 3 la 
yan'adil (3 aor. vn.) ; ^X^ $ la 
yatasallah (3 aor. v.). 
Irreconcilable, adj. £*JU«J\ J*$ 3 
la yaqbal al-musalaba-t ; ^^* 5 
la yatasalah (3 aor. vi.). — (in- 
consistent) (JeJaxH e 5 ^* ;** gair 



muinkin at-ta^biq ; <J*V* j** 
gair muwafiq. 
Irrecoverable, ad/'. dJ $!b 3 1& 
'ilaj la-hu ; ^ytsj 3 la yuta'aw- 
Irrefragable, adj. *y^\ gs+* 
mumtana' ar-radd ; *y 2 la, yu- 
radd; d s^j* 5 14 jawab la- 
Irregular, adj. Qy-i\A\ «_j)L*. 
(s-*>;*N) fcilaf al-qanun (at-tar- 
tib) ; i**\&\ x* dadd al-qa'ida-t ; 
^JhL. ^ gair mangum; ^j* 
fVktt 'adim an-nizam; L.^** «^ 
gair madbut. — (in grammar)^ 
<j~U> gair qiyasi-y ; JU $az (pi. 
*J\t* sWaz). 
Irregularity, *. ^ ^ «adam 
nisam; S^cVaJ^ ^ac 'adam al- 
qa'ida-t; ^yUJ^ ^ 'adam al- 
qanun. — (vice) *>wi fasad. 
Irrelevancy, 8. &M\jA\ ^ac 'adam 
al-muwafaqa-t ; i»^5 ^jlc 'adam 
Irrelevant, adj. <Ji\y j^t gair 

muwafiq ; ^*4^ ^ gair mufid. 
Irreligion, «. fc^Jd\ ^ 'adam ad- 
din ; /* kufr ; ^\y^ kuf ran. 
Irreligious, adj. jM kafir (pi. 

jut kuffar, Sy^ kafara-t). 
Irremediable, adj. *J ^ 5 la 
'ilaj la-hu; ^ A3 U ma la-hu 
dawa ; gW\ (^i^ ^ gair mum- 
kin al-'ilaj. 
Irreparable, adj. ^^ ? la yata- 

sallah (3 aor. v.) 
Irreprehensible, Irreproach- 
able, adj. v>^» Ajjlc U ma 'ale-hi 
'itab; v>Uj 3 la yu'ab; ^ ^ la 
yulam (3 aor. pass.). 
Irrepressible, adj. Jk** S la yub- 
tal ; ^fck: 3 la yuhf a (3 aor. 
Irresistible, adj. ^Usj JJ 14 yuta- 

qawam (3 aor. pass. vi.). 
Irresolute, adj. j\j&\ v Us qalil al 
aarar : *\\& p± gair 'azim • — ^ 

qarar; r jU ^ ^ - , y -^ 

mutajiayyir; ^^ l?airan; s^>\5f 
murtab ; v>^^* muzabzib. 
Irresolution, s. ^ taraddud ; 
^ haira-t; v>^ irtiyab; ill 


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*)*N qillat al-'azm ; j\/» Ui qil- 

lat al-qarar. 
Irrespective, adj. j*«s** yet gair 

Irresponsible, adj. s-JU*» ^±. gair 

Irretrievable, adj. [J>fi 5 la yu- 

'awwad (3 aor. pass.) ; \j^f^i 2 

la yuta'awwad. 
Irreverence, 8. p\/\ p*z 'adam 

ikram ; f»\r°^ f** 'adam ittiram ; 

liS^j p±* 'adam ra'aya-t. 
Irreverent, adj. yts** j*k gair 

mu'tabir ; p£+ y<± gair mukrim ; 

f»" - ^* y*± gair muhtasim. 
Irreversible, adj. ;**» 9 la yata- 

gayyar (3 aor. v.) ; j<&&\ y - 

mumtani' at-tagayyur. 
Irrevocable, ad/. £*\r* II 1A yata- 

raja' (3 aor. vi.) ; £~a* II la yun- 

sah ; £~**i $ la yantasih (3 aor. 

viii.) ; jUrf $ la yutyal (3 aor. 

Irrigate, v. im £~ saqa, yasqi ; ^^M 

asqa, yusqi ; ^j^- sajjan, yusaj- 

Irrigation, *. (jJU saqi ; V&-^ isqa. 
Irritate, v. s-~ **\ agdab, yugdib ; 

&±\ agag, yugig; 'j-tf augar, 

Irritation, «.n. s--** gadab; ^ 

gaig ; g^ hiyaj ; a. &\t\ igaza-t ; 

iJ^ijV tahwis. 
Irritability, «. s *** M &y* sur'at 

al- gadab. 
Irritable, ad/. s «**K &y~ sari* al- 

gadab ; eW^ Jfr- sahil al-hayaj. 
Irruption, «. SM gara-t; &♦*• 

hamla-t ; &—*£ Kabsa-t. 
Ischdry, 8. Jj-J\ ^W*^ inhibas 

al-bol (al-baul). 
Isinglass, 8. **^ lijaz. 
Island, Isle, 8 fyy* jazira-t (pi. 
« ^\j+ jazayir). 
Islander, 8. <^#y* jaziri-y ; J*t 0^» 

6^ min ahl jazira-t. 

Issue, 8. (egress) e«^ buruj ; jy*" 
sudur. — (end) \&\ intiha; &iS& 
nihaya-t ; &**\* 'aqiba-t. — (con- 
sequence) &+*& natija-t. — (off- 
spring) J V aulad (pi. of ^ 
walad) ; h)^ zurriya-t. — (fon- 
tanel) ^ kai-y (pi. «t>\ -at) ; 
&*♦»» hummasa-t. 

I88FE, v.a. g/*\ ahraj, yuhrij ; jJ^ 
a§dar, yusdir ; n. e/- haraj, yah- 
ruj ; ;Ju> sadar, yasdir. — (spring) 
&* naba', yamba' (yambi*, yam- 
bu') ; <jf* jara, yajri. 

ISTHMU8, 8. (ftf*. (£** u*^ O^-J 

lisan ar4 ben bahren; ttf bar- 

zah (pi. tfo barazih). 
Itch, s. (disease) v^ jarab ; 4^ 

hikka-t (pL nXS*. hikak).— (the 

sensation) &£** hikka-t. — (longing) 

u-yfc hawas; Sje* sahwa-t; jyfc 

sauq ; \y& hawa. 
Itchy, ad)'. oV*- jabran. 
Item, ady. "W\ aidan ; ctUA^ kaza- 

Item, s. ty ^art (pi. ^/» ^uru^) ; 

8^>U madda-t (pi. *\y maw- 
Iterate, v. tf karrar, ynkarrir ; 

*>Ve\ a 4 ad, yu*id. 
Iteration, *. jtf» takrir; j\j& 

takrar; jj-& takarrur; S*>L_c\ 

i 4 ada-t. 
Itinerant, adj. 9 8. UL-* musafir ; 

^a- safari-y (pi. jVa«, sufEar) ; 

C*L. sayih (pi. cV - suwwa^). 
Itinerary, s. /- v>^ kitab safar 

(pi. s-^ kutub). 
Itinerate, v. /- safar, yasfir ; c^- 

sah, yasi^. 
Itself, p-on. a-ju naf su-hu. 
Ivory, «. c^ *aj ; J«aJ\ ^^ sinn al- 

fil ; ctU— ^j— sinn samak. 
Ivy, *. ^j^A-^^ J*** tabl al-niasA- 

kin; AMiVc 'asiqa-t ; J^^ oyuc 

^nqud *iUiq ; u - ^ - * 5 °t U8U8 » *^ •** 

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Jabber, v. &*UH y£ kassar al- 

galaba-t, yukassir. 
Jabbeb, *. £*i* galaba-t. 
Jackal, 8. ^\ ^ ibn awa (pi. 

i2)\ «a>U* banat awa) ; <^\j wa- 

wa ; JU*. jaqal. 
Jackass, 8. jU*. himar (pi. j#*± 

(pi. hamir) ; <JW* jah^ (pi. 

v^AW*. jihai). 
Jacket, *. £**. jubba-t ; ^J^ su- 

Jade, v. \j»f law was*, yulawwis; 

s-*^ at'ab, yut'ib. 
Jade,. *. (horse) ^^ kadiS (pi. 

\s>^ kucU). — (woman) &y*j* 

sarin uta-t (pi. la~Ayb saranii$). 
Jag, *. (f~ sinn ; &u- siuna-t (pi. 

q\*~\ asnan). 
Jaq, v. (jJ~ 8annan, yusannin ; y» 

hazz, yahuzz. 
Jail, *. <j~**> habs, habas (pi. (j-js*- 

hubus); tf*- siju (pi. ^j^-. 

Jailer, Jailor, 8. gW~ sajjan. 
Jam, 8. ,jiy murabba (pi. v&>Ujj* 

Jam, v. ^jlxs u^+Z kabas 'ala, yakbis ; 

(^r— •*■ 'assas, yu'aesis. 
Jamb, *. 6»>Uc 'idada-t (pi. J*Uc 

Janitor, 8. v>V bawwab. 
January, 8. J^N oy^ kanun as- 

gani (pron. at-tani). 
Jar, 8. (vessel) */► jaira-t (pi. ^^ 

jirar, jy* jurar) ; &* qui la- 1 (pi. 

,JlS qulai). — (creaking noise) &**ji 

Jar, v.n. (creak) £i^S qarqa', yu- 

qarqi*. — (be discordant) U&\& 

tahalaf, yatahalaf ; U i k *\ ihta- 

laf, yahtalif; a. (shake) (J^^ 

hadhad, yuhacjhid; y*> hazz, ya- 
Jasmine, s. (^—V* yasmin ; Ji full 

(pi. J^i fuiul). 
Jasper, s. s— < yaab ; p&t yasm. 

Jaundice, «. ^^ yaraqan ; ju* $\ 

abu safar. — (have the jaundice) 

l$aif taraiqan, yataraiqan. 
Jaunt, v. j\*y dar, yadiir; <j*U. ljas, 

yah us. 
Jaunt, «. ty* tafarruh ; l^ daura-t ; 

&*ji barma-t. 
Jauntiness, 8. <*-*/»? tazahruf. 
Jaunty, adj. *-*/-y muzahraf. 
Javelin, s. £*/* harba-t (pi. v»V- 

Jaw, s. ctU fakk (pi. d\&\ afkak) ; 

£a*U ma(Jiga-t. 
Jaw-tooth, s. ^-^ dirs (pi. ^AjA 

adras, (j-^ duriis). 
Jay, s. a^Sc 'aqariya-t. 
Jealous, adj. oj\jt£ gairan, giran ; 

jy*± gayur; j\*t gayyar. — (be 

jealous) jte gar, yagir. — (of each 

other) )>S*> tagayar, yatagayar. 
Jealousy, 8. S^ gira-t. 
Jeer, v. s-^-j zahlab, yuzahlib ; 

v> ^jQZ-A istahza bi, vastahzi. 
Jehovah, 8. y^ hu ; *U\ allah ; <*ift 

J to allah ta'ala. 
Jelly, *. (of fruit) <r>j rubb (pi. 

v»W> ribfib). — (o/ wea^) W»&> 

Jeopardise, v. s^^^-hatar bi, yu- 

Jeopardy, «. ^ ha^ar (pi. jVLi. 

hitar,j^^ ahtar). 
Jerk, v. )y& hazzaz, yuhazziz. 
Jerk, 8. &ya»jA hazhaza-t. 
Jest, v. gyfc harraj, yuhamj ; cy* 

mazah, yamzah ; C;^ mazah, yu- 

mazih ; Jyfc hazil, yahzal ; JjU 

nazal, yuhazil. 
Jest, s. tj& harj ; &jv tahrij ; ty 

mazh (pi. c^y* uiizah) ; J|yb hazl ; 

S^afc-^ mashara-t (pi. /.Um« ma- 

Jester, «. (buffoon) lf&~+ masha- 
ra-t ; ^^5 nadim (pi. Uaj nuda- 

Jet, «. (of water) S^iU nafura-t; 

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5yy naufara-t; fyy fawwara-t. — 

intone) ^y y+?» hajar musa. 
Jbtty, «. j~+ jisr (pi. y*^ ajsur, 

jj-"* J usur ); •*- sudd, sadd (pi. 

*>;»*-• sudud, *>\jl*\ asdad). 
Jew, 8. ^j& yahiidi-y (pi. *>j« 

Jewel, v. pp. jauhar (pi. y\^ 

Jeweller, 8. <j,j— toy* jauhari-y; 

fj*j*\f* jawahirji. 
Jewellery, s. &*» hilya-t; ^J^ 

taly (pi. ^ huli-y/hili-y). 
Jingle, 8. <^~k $anin ; Z-.l^.j, 

hashaia-t ; ^j ranin. 
Jingle, v. ^^Zl $an{an, yutantfn ; 

i r a fc * ** haihai, yuhashis' ; ^ 

rann, yarinn. 
Job, «. J** sugl (pi. JUa\ aigal) ; 

^Uc 'amila-t. 
Jockey, «. (horse-dealer) J*** gW* 

bayya* hail. — (cheat) £W had- 

Jocose, Jocular, adj. ty&» muhar- 

rij ; pjU mazih ; t\y mazzah ; 

«*W&* mudhik. 
Jocoseness, Jocularity, 8. cV*^ 

in£irah ; ©W^ inibihaj ; LL-*i\ 

imbisat ; £l\yfc huzala-t. 
Jocund, adj. #r~* masriir ; ^^/ 

fart an. 
Jocundity, s. ))j—+ surur; t/ 

farat ; 8>* hizza-t. 
Jog, v.a. (shake) y*y» bazhaz, yu- 

bazhiz. — (move slowly) ya> ba^u', 

Jog, «. Syfcyb bazbaza-t. 
Join, v.a. J-j wasal, yasil ; wassal, 

y uwassil ; yj* qaran, yaqrin ; £** 

^** jama' ben, yajma 1 ; tp zaw- 

waj, yuzawwij ; n. &*A rjtama', 

yajtami' ; J-»Uttasal, yattasil. 
Joiner, s. )W> najjar. 
Joinery, «. 8jV^d\ ^\S kar an-nija- 

Joint, *. J^u mafsil (pi. J*U* 

mafasil); fijtfc 'uqda-t (pi. j£c 

*uqad). — (of meat) **sj lahma-t; 

j*> *adu (pi. Uc\ a'da,. 
Joint, adj. djZA* mustarik. 
Joint, v. (fit) &J> {abaq, yatbuq. 


— (dissect) tj* sarrat, yusarrih ; 
" qassab, yuqassib. 

Jointly, adj. *U* ma'an; \j~ 
sawa, ; *$W jumlat-an. 

Jointure, *. #• niahr (pi. j^» 

Joist, s. Z*l± haiaba-t; &*».;* su- 
hiya-t (pi. <^V» Sawahi). 

Joke, v. ty mazah, yamzah. 

Joke, s. c^y* mazah; Jyb hazl. 
See Jest. 

Jolliness, Jollity, s. ^Uj nasa$ ; 
cy f arah ; v»^ \&mb. 

Jolly, adj. I^U nasit ; q^ far- 
ban ; c/ fari^. 

Jolt, v. iS******* hadhad, yuha4hid ; 
(J& nafad, yanfud; naif ad, yu- 

Jolt, s. Sy&yb bazbaza-t. 

Jostle, v. ^j zaham, yazbam. 

Jot, s. ij£ zarra-t; aU> nuqta-t 
(pi. Lfi> nuqat, kto niqat). 

Jcrnal, 8. (of a merchant) f**> 
dctftar (pi. /Uj dafatir) ; i^Vi 
qayimat (pi. ^\y qawayim). — 
(newspaper) hjt*» &;; waraqa-t 
habariya-t; b>j^ gazeta ; JUj* 

Journey, «. yu safar (pi. J*-\ 
asfar) ; S>iLl* musafara-t ; &*y 
ruhla-t ; &*y marhala-t. 

Journey, y. yL. safar, yusafir; 
^^ masa, yanisi ; t^j rah. 

Journeyman, s. J^^i fa'il. 

Joy, 8. tji f arah ; v»^» tarab ; S^-^ 
masarra-t (pi. ^~* masarr) ; j^ 
surur ; !fe» hagz ; cV mirah. 

Joyful, Joyous, arfj. j^-^ masriir ; 
0^i f arhan ; v>^ t^rib. 


ibtihaj ; li^i] imbisat ; e^/^ 

Jubilant, adj. ^Uy farhan ; jy~~ • 

Jubilee, s. f\* c^- samah 'amm. 
Judge, s. ^U qfidi (pi. SUi qudat) ; 

^^- hakim (pi. p\£*> hukkam) ; 

^^ mufti.— (expert) y^U mabir. 
Judge, v. (in a law-suit) ^ qada, 

yaqdi ; ^ p&~ hakam beu, yah- 

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kum; J-ifasal, yaffil.— (opine) 
U* zann, yazunn; Jl. ra'a, 

Judgment, s. (understanding) Jac 
<aql (pi J^ < uq &i) . tam _ 

yiz ; Wy firasa-t ; ^ fahm (pi. 
r^e* fuhum).— (opinion) Jlj ra'i 
(pL \j\ ara) ; ^1 zann ( p l. ^ 
zunun). — (sentence) ^ hukm 
(pL r tf»\ ahkam) ; Ui qada (pl. 
**f * aqdiya-t) ; ^yi fatwa (pl. 
v$j«* fatawa, fatawi). — (Day 
of Judgment) l*lJ&\ ^ yaum 
al-qiyama-t ; ,^J\ r ^ yaum 
al-hukm; ^dtt r ^ jaum ad- 
Judicatory, s. I***** niahkama-t 

(pl. ,»SW. mahnkira). 
Judicature, s. L.^ hukuma-t; 

*jUi qadawa-t. 
Judicial, Judiciary, adj. <«*** 

Judicious, adj. JiU 'Aqil (pl. Uz 
'uqala, JV* * U qq41) ; **U fahim ; 
&-y s— U 9a hib firasa-t (pl. 
v>W-t ashab). vr 

Judiciousness, s. &-U firasa-t- 

J*'aql; ^fahm. 
Juggle, s. J* ^ za'bar <ala, yu- 

za'bir ; 3^ sa'waz, yusVwiz. 
Juggle, Jugglery, Juggling, s. 

V*j za'bara-t ; i±f*> sVwaza-t. 
Juggler,, s. p^y muza'bir ; "s-*)U 
mula'ib ; 3j*a* musa'wiz ; ^Jy* 
Jugular, adj. J^ ftafld-y.— 
(jugular vein) J^ ; warid (du. 
tf^jj waridan, pl. Sj ; ^ aurida-t, 
*>j>j wuriid, a*^ warayid). 
Juice, s. j^c 'araq (pl. j\^ a'raq) ; 
**£) ru^uba-t. — {pressed juice) 
;*-* 4 asir; ^Uc 'usara-t. — (of 
meat) £y maraq. 
Juiciness, s. Utt i/S kasrat al-ma ; 

#»••»> dasani. 
ivicr, adj. (of fruit) Utt ytfkasir 

al-ma. — (0/ mea£) ^-j dasim. 
July, $. j^J tamuz, tammuz. 
Jumble, t;. W^ lahbaf, yulahbit. 
Jumble, s. &*£} lahba^a-t ; \y s/t 
harj marj. 



Jump, s. &* nafta-t ; fytf qafza-t • 

*> tafra-t. ^ 

Jump, v. te na«, yanu« ; r*° taf ar, 

yatfir ; jtf qafaz, yaqfiz. 
Junction, 0. J-j waal ; JUi itti- 
?al; e^ majW; gUs+\ ijti- 
ma*; 5^ izdiwaj; q\j-xJ>\ 

Juncture, s. (joint) J*a+ mafsil 
(pl. J*U* mafasil).— (time, cir- 
cumstance) t&Jj waqt (pl. «>Ul\ 
a^t) J (**- bin (pl. ^ ah- 
yan) ; JL> hal (pl. J^ a hwal, 
a^i ahwila-t). 

June, s. e ^ haziran, hizairan. 

Jungle, *. &fca dagila-t. 

Junior, o<#. ,**-» sagir (pl. jU* 
?igar, U- sugara); yuf asgar 
(pl. jjfcU\ asagir, S/U asagira-t, 
O;^*' asgaruii). 

Juridical, adj. ^ sar'i-y. 

Jurisconsult, s. M* faqih TdI 
W«* fuqaha). ^ VF ' 

Jurisdiction, s. ^Uy^ hukuma-t ; 
US qada (pl. **^ aqdiya-t) ; S,Us 
qa4awa-t; ^S ; wildya-t, wala- 

Jurisprudence, «. <uu fiqh. j^ 
f/^Mlm ai-sar 4 . ' '^ 

Just, adj. JjU * a dil; Ja*- mu'dil • 
*-A-^ munsif. — (upright) jjU 
9adiq; ^JU 9 aHh. — (accurate) 
V*. madbut ; ^x* mudaqqiq ; 
^5*^ wafi.— (merited) s-^U wa- 

Just, a^t;. fcj J^ bi-kull diqqa-t ; 
W* bi-4abt 5 U fa-qatt.-0-nrt 

J^fi.'1-hal • ^ 

Justice, «. Juft * a dl ; ^\ac 'adala-t ; 

uU1 in§af; ^^ taqaniya-t| 

Justifiable, orf/*. ^\ ^\i qabil 

at-tabrir ; ;7 ^ yatabarrar. 
Justification, *. ^ tabrir; 4^ 

tazkiya-t ; ,3,^" tahqiq. J 

Justify, v. # barrar, yubarrir ; ^Ji 

zakka, yuzakki; &± taqqaq, 


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Jut, v. u^ 6araf, yairuf; *-*j*>\ 
airaf, yuSrif (both with ^ 

Juvenile, adj. s^» sabb (pi. s^W* 

214 [Kin 

sabab, e W* subban) ; f. *U 
sabba-t (pi. v»V» sawabb) ; v^*- 
sabi-y (pi. gW- sibyan) ; f. &*** 
sabiya-t (pi. V>W-» §abaya). 


Keel, 0. s-^y* j** qa'r markab (pi. 
if* qu'ur). 

Keen, ad;, {sharp) ->W hadd ; jt^ 
qati' ; /W batir. — (piercing) SiM 
nafiz. — (sagacious) ^^ zaki-y ; 
^fatin. — (eager) j^s^ muS- 
taq ; < jfr * " * mu^tahi ; <*i±* sadid. 

Keenness, 0. lp£ gira-t; $«** &d- 
da-t ; J^ hadd. — (sagacity) *~y 
firasa-t ; \& zaka. 

Keep, v. (^oZd) vaL^ masak, yam- 
sik. — (retain) J*\*> hai, yahus\ — 
(take care of)^ hafiz, yuhfaz ; 
,j*f» haras, yahrus, yahris ; of- 
hazan, yahzun. — (feed) «^ 
qat, yaqut. — (observe) ^ hafig, 
yahfag. — (continue) ?\<* dam, ya- 

Keeping, 0. (custody) &iW» muha- 
faza-t. — (harmony) &&\y muwa- 
faqa-t; &*Uo* mu{abaqa-t ; J^ 

Keepsake, 0. ;&& tazkar; »^J 

Keo, 8. J**;» barmil (pi. J^V 

Kennel, 0. *r»KH J^» mahall al- 

Kernel, 0. w-^ habb (pi. v>j**- 
hubub, o^ hubban) ; 3^ lauz ; 
^J lubb (pi. s^** iubub, s^*tt 
albab); s-i* qalb (pi. s^* 

Kettle, 8. &*> hulla-t (pi. Jk- 
hulal) ; o^5 qazan (pi. «yWy 
qazanat, !ZW&.) ; j& qidr (pi. 
j^Ji qudur). 

Key, s. c^* miftah (pi. &s\*" ma- 
fatih); J*tt iqlid (Pers. ^ 
kilid, kXcis). — (of a piano) gU~* > 

dastan (pi. 0*>^-*> dasatin) ; 

£ ■■■■■ » U malmasa-t (pi. u-*^* ma - 

Kick, 0. &-*; rafsa-t. 
Kick, v. v~*j rafas, yarfus; W 

labat, yalbut; £*•; ramah, yar- 

mah. — (a kicking horse) ty*j 

Kid, s. <^ jady (pi. *±A ajdin, 

0^ jidyan, **W jadaya-t) ; 

£*> hilla'. 
Kidnap, v. <-&*» ha£af, yah^if ; h-^- 

salab, yaslub. 
Kidnapper, 0. *-&U. hatif (pL 

<_aUjA. hawa^if). 
Kidney, 0. & kulya-t; SJ£ kil- 

wa-t (pi. <J£ kila, ^5^ kalawi). 
Kill, v. J** qatal, yaqtul; wa>^~ 

mawwat, yumawwit. 
Killing, 0. J^S qatl ; J^ taqtal ; 

<aHt^J tarn wit. 
Kiln, 0. &f\ atun (pi. «i>Uy\ atik- 

nat, <j*\ utun, ^l?^ atatin) ; &jk 

furn (pi. oV^ afran). 
Kin, 0. W^S qaraba-t ; s— -^ nasab. 
Kin, aaj. s-*/ qarib (pi. v>j^ 

aqarib, s-^/ qarayib, W^ aq- 

riba) ; s-**~-> nasib (pi. s-4^-— * 

Kind, [0. <j~*i- jins (pi. ^-U^ aj- 

nas) ; £y liaw* (pi. £^y\ aawa 4 ) ; 

*J^- sanf (pi. cJU-©\ asnaf). 
Kind, adj. ^J^ halim (pi. UW hu- 

lama) ; «3***i ^afiq ; ULU latif 

(pi. cjUsl litaf) ; ^/ karim (pi. 

U^ akrima, ^y kuraina, f*\^ 

kiram) ; ( J ^— ^« muhsin ; J £A« 

Kindness, 0. ^ hilm (pi. ^3X0. 

hulum, j<4ft.\ ah him) ; ^ii. sa&. 

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ka-t; JW lutf (pi. U%>\ atlaf); 

Z-Af karama-t; lAj ra'fa-t; S^ 

muruwa-t ; U^** ma'ruf . 
Kindle, v. ^/A ahraq, yuhriq ; 

J*6i sa'al, yas'al; J*M ai'al, 

yus*il; £*j walla', yuwalli' ; **)\ 

auqad, yuqid ; py*>\ acjram, yud- 

Kindred, e. (relationship) &i\j» 

qaraba-t ; s-~~ * nasab ; fiybU* 

musahara-t. — (relations) v>j^ 

aqarib) ; s-*^~> nasayib. 
King, $. «sU* uialik (pi. *&}* mu- 

luk); q^~ sultan (pi. ^UL. 

salatin) ; *Va sah (Per 8.). 
Kingdom, s. (empire) 26U* mam* 

laka-t (pi. ci3W» mamalik) ; 

ajJbJL. saltana-t; &;*> daula-t (pi. 

J^ duwal, va>3^J duwalat, du- 

lat). — (royalty) «*\U mulk ; &U~ 

sal tana- 1. 
Kiss, «. *-y bausa-t, busa-t ; &-i 

qubla-t ; «UiJ lasma-t. 
Kiss, v. ^W bas, yabus ; J*S qab- 
_bal, yuqabbil ; ^ lasam, yal- 

Kitchen, 8. £&*• matbah (pi. ^^ 

Kitchen gabden, 8. *;j*^ hakura-t 

(pi. j^V* hawakir). 
Kite, *. v>^ 'uqab (pi. «-r-4c\ 

a'qub, (jjW&c 'iqban). 
Kith, 8. uijU-* ma'arif (pi. of &f* 

ma'rifa-t, " acquaintance "). 
Kitten, 8. ^ & qutt sagir ; S^a 

huraira-t ; ^jaw busain. 
Knack, *. (dexterity) »jU«fi» Sahara- 1 ; 

i;^6-* mahara-t. 
Knapsack, s. v»V jirab (pi. kfA 

Knate, *., Knatish, adj. jW* 

'ayyar ; jV£* makkar ; <J^ fala- 

ti-y ; )\±* gaddar ; ^-^ hasir (pi. 

j—*^ hussar); «^ws* habis (pi. 

iA~a tubus, ^-s. hubasa). 
Knatebt, Knavishness, «. #W*- 

habasa-t ; £+ makr ; &± had*. 
Knead, v. e»* 'ajan, ya'jin ; J** 

jabal, yajbul. 
Knrading-tbough, «. <;^«* mi'- 



mi'jana-t (pi. c^** 
rukba-t (pi. s-^> 

Knee, s. 

Kneel, v. \*+ jasa, yajsu ; g^ 
raka', yarka' ; a%- sajad, yas- 
jud. — (of a camet) **J«i barak, 
yabruk ; £* nahh, yanunh. 

Knell, *. &&&> $antana-t ; ^ts^ 

Knife, «. e)*£- sikkin (pi. (j)^^- 
sakakin). — (pen - knife) \*y 
mibra ; <£$*• mi^wa (pi. <£$*• 
matawi) ; <j*y mus (pi. \jAy\ 
amwas) ; \j&f ^U qalam taras" 

Knight, 8. f\ amir (pi. \y\ 
umara) ; je"^ kawallier ; ^U 
faris (pi. u"jV f^waris, (jjU.J 
fursan). — (knight-templar) ^(*> 
dawi-y (pi. *%^»> dawiya-t). — 
(knight in chess) <j*^ faras (pi. 
y-^* furus, ^-^ afras). 

Knit, t?. J^ jadal, yajdil, yajdul ; 
J^4c 'aqad, ya'qid ; «*M» ^abak, 
ya^bik; sabbak, yu^abbik. 

Knitting-needle, s. &~* misal- 
la-t (pi. J^« masall). 

Knob, s. Sj^c 4 uqda-t (pi. >x&t 
4 uqad). 

Knock, 8. ^->»--> darba-t; *L^jlo 
sadma-t; «5aU latsa-t; tb*> daq- 

Knock, v. j»> daqq, yaduqq ; j^ 
taraq, ya^ruq ; y qai-a', yaqra'. 

Knockeb, s. (of a door) s-»W-^ d*** 
midaqqal-bab ; %rW\ ^*U halqat 
al-bab. ' 

Knot, s. 8jsc 'uqda-t (pi. ate 

Knot, v. asc 'aqad, ya'qid. 

Knottiness, 8. «^yu- $u'uba-t. 

Knotty, adj. >**** mu'aqqad. — 
(difficult) <3i** muglaq; J^A-« 

Know, v. Uf 'araf, ya'rif ; Jlc 
'alim, ya'lam ; ^o dara, yadri. 

Knowing, ad;, (cunning) ]&• mak- 

Knowledge, *. ^ 'ilm (pi. *jle 
'ulurn) ; &i/^ ma'rifa-t (pi. uj!*+ 

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ma'arif) ; $t\)»> diraya-t ; &l 
fann (pi. gyift funiln) ; ^ fahm 
(pi. fft fuhihn). 

Knuckle, «. s-** ka'b (pi. s^ 
ki'ab, ^ff ku'ub, s-*fl ak*ub) ; 
J-** mafsil (pi. J^»^* mafasil). 


Label, s. ^V* 'unwan. 
Labial, adj. o*^* 6afabi-y. 
Labial, s. ^^ «-*^- Ijarf £afabi-y 

(pi. lfjb\to> ^f. hurftf Safabi- 

Laboratory, *. J*** ma'mal (pi. 

J*U* ma'amil). 
Laborious, adj. {industrious) 

<*&++ muj tabid ; ^* mujidd ; 

C^ kadih. — {difficult) 

mut'ib; s-*** ?a'b (pi. 

si'ab) ; J£a^ muskil. 
Laboriousness, *. *\&*A ijtihad ; 

»*e* jahad ; *<& taqayyud ; £>j*« 

Labour, Labor, *. J** Sugl (pi. 

JUM aigal); t^ kad^; ^5*- 

sa'i ; s-» ta'ab (pi. s^\ at'ab). 

— {travail) <j*U*« mibad; <jk 

Labour, v. ^^^ sa'a, yas'a; s-*> 

ta'ib, yat'ab; ^»- jadd, yajidd; 

j^\ ijtabad, yaj tabid. 
Labourer, «. g*V-° ^ani* (pi. JU* 

suna* ; J<^ 'amil (pi. SUe 'ama- 

la-t, jUe 'ummal, Sue 'umala) ; 

JcVA fa'il (pi. *U* fa'ala-t) ; JUa 

Labyrinth, *. s^o dftlab, dau- 
lab (pi. w-JV dawalib); &U* 
maglata-t; ^ warja-t (pi. l\# 

Lace, *. £♦*;** tahrima-t (pi. /tiju* 
tabarim) ; & Sl~j% 6abika-t. — 
{string) 0^ qHan ; &**» biya-t ; 
<Lsojj\ andi^a-t. 

Lace, v. •*«* 'aqad, ya'qid; Wf> 
rabat, yarbuj. 

Lacerate, v. jy*» bazzaq, yubazziq ; 
jy mazzaq, yumazziq ; e>* jar- 
rah, yujarrilj. 

Laceration, s. &fr tajrih; &»•}* 

Lack, *. f** 'adam ; ^jM naq? ; 

gW*^ ihtiyaj. 
Lack, v. (be in need of) <J\ e^\ 

ibtaj ila, yabtaj ; jVc *az, ya'ftz ; 

<J\ )Uc^ i'taz ila,.ya'taz; n. {be 

short of) <j& naqa?, yanqus ; Ji 

qall, yaqill ; p±* 'adim, ya'dam. 
Lackey, s. (&<**- baddam ; f*>W ha- 

dim (pi. f^ buddam). 
Laconic, ad;. ^-*sae« mubta$ar; 

j*s&+ inuqta$ar ; jW** mijaz. 
Lacquer, «. <^***~ sindarus ; ^Uj 

Lad, s. Jdj walad (pi. »>^ aulad) ; 

{mS ro ?abi-y (pi. (^Wt- §ibyan, 

§ubyan) ; (At gulam (pi. £Ufc 

gilma-t, oUifc gilman) ; ^ fata 

(pi. o^i fityan). 
Ladder, s. f\~> sullam (pi. ^5u 

salalim) ; SU^ mirqa-t (pi. o*^/* 

Lade, v. {load) J*** Mammal, yu- 

hammil. — (a *Aijp) v>-^ wassaq, 

Ladle, *. ^*^ migrafa-t (pi. »J^U^ 

magarif); ^W baiuqa-t. 
Lady, 0. «~- sitt ; &*- sitta-t (pi. 

up^- sittat) ; 0/^ batun (pi. 

(j>«J^ hawatin). 
Lao, v. /»*to ta'bbar, yata'abhar; 

£* batu', yabtu'. 
Lagoon, s. Safe*- sabba-t (pi. ^W- 

sibah) ; &**& batiha-t (pi. ^jVLj 

ba^ayih) ; g&^^ mustanqa*. 
Laical, adj. ^U ^alami-y. 
Lair, s. S^U* magara-t (pi. ^tUu 

magayir) ; j\t gar (pi. ^\ ag- 

war, y\jat giran) ; ^<^ ]uhr (pi. 
;W».^ ajhlr). 

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Laity, #. &*4JVe 'alaniiya-t ; £eW 

Lake, *. &y birka-t (pi. d$ birak) ; 

ijeP* buhaira-t (dimin. of /*. 

bahr, pi. j>^\ bahayir). 
Lamb, #. *J^ haruf (pi. ^U^ hur- 

fan); Uj^W haruf (pi. <-At,tj*. 

Lame, adj. (disabled) £ ~ &* mukas- 

sah ; £6~£ kasih ; .*«*>• muq'ad ; 

8^ a'raj ; £^ akta*. — (imper- 
fect) jaib naqis. 
Lame, t>. ^»* 'ajjaz, yu'ajjiz ; &f\ 

a'raj, yu'rij ; li* saqqat, yuaaq- 

Lameness, 8. 8*X~£ kusaha-t ; qWj* 

Lament, v. c^ nah, yanuh ; c^-^ 

istanah, yastanih. 
Lamentable, adj. {a ^** mubakka, 

mubki ; ^a saki-y. 
Lamentation, s. tf nauh; &*\s 

niyaha-t ; %r»Ji nadb ; s-**^ na- 

hib. * 
Lamina, 8. **Xtf tanak ; jM» tabaq 

(pi. jW atbaq, &*U ajbiqa-t) ; 

&j) waraqa-t. 

Lamp, *. t^r* 8 i ra J (pl« Sr* suru J) J 
• niasraja-t (pi. g;^-^ raasa- 



manara-t (pi. )ju* 

manawir, j^ manayir) ; cW-»* 
misbah (pi. e**^** inasabih) ; 
J>juS qandil (pi. J*»>^* qanadil). 

Lampoon, s. jV* haju. 

Lampoon, v. ^a baja, yahju ; ^Va 
haja, yuhaji. 

Lance, *. ^ rumh (pi. t^j rimah, 
C^ armah) ; ^y mizraq ; 
«3*;V* mazariq. 

Lance, v. (pierce with a lance) 
&- *1» ^a'an, yafun, yafan. — 
(chirurgically) y^JW s^ <jarab 
bi-'n-naitar, yadrib; £y bazag, 

Lancet, s. Bj^j risa-t ; UjA* mis- 
rat (pi. Wjii^ masarit) ; f^ 
naitar (Per 8.) ; ty bazg. 

Land, s. (opposed to water) ji barr. 
— (ground) <j*;\ ard (pi. Qy*j\ 
ardun, <j\j\ ariuj* o*t ^40 ; 
%^»ty turab (pi. **/\ atriba-t, ^W/ 

tirban). — (country) j&» bilad (pi. 

^jJl» buldan) ; ct\U mulk. — 

(estate) «sXU raulk (pi. d%»\ 

Land, v. jJ\ <Jl* £lL tala* 'ala-'l- 

barr, yaflu* ; j^\ J\ Jy nazal 

ila-'l-barr, yanzil. 
Landing, s. (act of landing) £j?* 

s~*j*^ ^ tulu* min al-markab. 

— (-place) Ay manzil (pi. Jj^ 

manazil) ; u&~\ iskala-t (pi. JaV~^ 

asakil). — (of stairs) B*~* basta-t. 
Landing-plank, *. ^J^l- saqala-t. 
Landlady, «. (lady of the house) 

is*«&£\ i-^U ^a^ibat al-bait. — 

(hostess) *x\*p\ &**Xo 9 ahibat al- 

Landlord, s. (owner of an estate, 

&c.) ; *a***M «ci3U* s-*^U sahib ma- 

lik al-bait. — (innkeeper) o *! ) *** 

manzil ji ; J^^i fanadiqi-y. 
Landscape, s. (view) &&> ^alla-t ; 

ijti nazra-t. 
Landward, adv. jj\ u^ li-taraf 

Lane, s. ^c *atfa-t ; jUj zuqaq 

(pi. (^Vsj zuqqan, ^ aziqqa-t). 
Language, s. (speech) ^Kalam; 

J^ nutq ; ^W lahja-t. — (idiom) 

^UJ lisan (pi. fc>— A alsun, Aa-J^ 

akina-t) ; £a1 ]uga-t (pi. va>UJ 

Languid, adj. J*U zabil ; ^V^c 

4 ayyan; *-A««^ da*if (pi. »-*U* 

di 4 af, ^t* du'afa) ; /U fatir. 
Languidness, Languor, *. J^3 

zubul ; «-&»* du'f ; fi fatar. 
Languish, r. Jj»* zabal, yazbul; 

/4 fatar, yaftur; ^y-fc 4ana, 

yadna; ^*— *\ insaqam, yansa- 

Lank, adj. «-As^ ahyaf, f. ^©a 

haifa (pi. «-As^ hif) ; <j*Sj raqiq 

(pi. jUj riqaq, U^ ariqqa) ; «-*<jt* 

da 4 if (pi. tot* du'afa). 
Lankness, *. «-A*fc hayaf; ^4-* 

dumr, dumur. 
Lantern, *. v*f^ fanus (pi. y^V 

fawanis) ; SjU- manara-t (pi. 

)){** manawir). 
Lap, s. ,+*■ hajr, tijr, hujr (pi. 


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)•+*» hujftr) ; (^ hidn (pi. gj-fc- 

$udun, t)Uk\ ahdan). — (of a gar- 

meat) J*** zail, zel (pi. J^ 

azyal); *-*)* taraf (pi. u>\J*\ 

Lap, v. (wrap round) *-Al latf, ya- 

luff ; ^y* tawa, yajwi. — (lick up) 

tr-J la^is, yalhas; ,j«J lu'iq, 

Lapidary, *. d\£*~ fyakkiik ; c5;*j* 

jauhari-y ; <j*jfj* jauharji-y. 
Lappet, s. J*»* zail (pi. J^*tt azyal). 
Lapse, #. (error) U* galat; aTJL* 

galta-t. — (fall) tj&- suquj. — (of 

time) fc)Uj iiUw* masaf at zaman ; 

j** mamarr ; gV*yN vj** n^ada az- 

Lapse, v. ^$r> jara, yajri; sJ ^ 

mada, yamdi. — (make a slip) U* 

galit, yaglat*. 
Larceny, 8. &r- sirqa-t, sariqa-t. 
Lard, *. fly*&' j**A suhm al-hinzir. 
Lard, v. ^^a s'aham, yasham ; sah- 

ljam, yuSahhim. 
Larder, *. fe karar ; J*U* hasil ; 

&j«tt c^ bait al-muna-t ;' &£U 

Large, adj. j*£ kabir (pi. ^ 

kubar, kibar) ; (*&* 'azjm (pi. 

f\W 'izam, Uke 'uzama). — (wide) 

Q~\) wasi* ; o/jtyi 'arid (pi. jb\j* 

'mid); ^-i fasih. — (abundant) 

j*iSl fayi4 ; ;*\j wafir ; ^^ kasir 

Largeness, a. &#Le 'azama-t; ^. 

kubr. — (extension) *«- sa'a-t; 

&^~i fas^a-t. 
Largess, *. (liberality) S^afe- saha- 

wa-t; 8*>y* juda-t; f*f karam. — 

(donation) &*%* tuhfa-t ; £-jfcj wa- 

haba-t; &<jb hiba-t. 
Lark, *. lj*& qumbura-t (pi. ^jU3 

Larynx, *. &+J& galsama-t (pi. 

(**&& galasim) ; {*&* bald am ; 

Sj^aa. jianjara-t (pi. j+\j+* hana- 

Lascivious, ad/. o*\}«* s*ahwani-y ; 

v>-^ fasiq ; ^J\~*& naf sani-y ; 

<JM» sabiq. 
Lasciyiousness, 8. S^Ai sahwa-t ; 

v^-i fisq; jj*i fujur; ,j?a 

Lash, v. jJ^ jalad, yajlud ; tL. sat, 

yasut- — (lampoon) ^J& haja, 

Lash, *. (whip) l*j 

siyat, Uj-^ aswat) ; 

^W dayim ; ^VB 

saut (pi. 1*U- 
i{, i»\*-t aswat; ; Ae^a* miq- 
-t (pi. &*• maqari'). — (blow) 

&*X* darba-t ; <&+ jald. — (mark of 

a blow) aaj das^a-t ; aV*. hab- 

Lass, *. «~*» bint (pi. *a>W banat) ; 

Z*~o gabiya-t (pi. ^W- sabaya). 
Lassitude, s. s-«* ta'ab (pi. v»^ 

at Tib) ; Jt. malal. 
Last, adj. /»} ahir. 
Last, *. (form) v>^^^ s-J^5 qalib 

Last, v. p\<> dam, yadum ; Va> baqa, 

yabqa; p\*z~\ istaqam, yasta- 

Lasting, adj 

Latck, *. aL\ju saqqa^a-t. 
Latchet, 8. ^ baud (pi. *>y* 

bunud, Per 8.). 
Latr, adj. (late-comer) g— ^ sis c 

(pi. £x~* susuO ; f±*y mu'ahhar ; 

fS\z+ muta'ahbir. — (former) 

&\~ sabiq ; p* \te * mutaqaddim. 

— (defunct) (•y^/ # marbum ; ^y** 

Latency, s. J<sz~\ istitar ; a-^ gai- 

ba-t ; f\z&\ inkitam. 
Lateness, *. /-*^ ta'ahhur. — 

(novelty) W Jidda- 1. 
Latent, adj. ^^ hafi-y (pi. V^U*. 

hafaya) ; ??&• maktum ; s-o\A 

gayib ; f * *~ + mustatir. 
Lateral, adj. ^^ tarafi-y ; u**** 

Lath, *. ^Vc 'aritja-t (pi. ^\j* 

'awarid) ; ^M badawara-t. 

hasiab, yuhaisib. 

Lath, v. 
Lathe, «. 

Lather, e 


J^» mihrata-t; Ul| 
Qjt*X\ lytj ragwat a^- 

*. (geographical) u*y& 
c ar4 (pi. u*j^ 'uriid). — (degree of 
latitude) j*fR &+■)* darajat al- 

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*ard. — {extent) £*-j was'a-t, 

Latitudinarian, 8. aJU mulhid. 
Latitudinarianism, s. *>VtoH ilhad. 
Latter, adj. fA ahir. 
Lattice, s. &-* sabaka-t (pi. v«JWa 

sibak) ; S^W* 6ubbaka-t (pi. 

*sXjrfW^ sababik) ; hj** sa'riya-t ; 

s-*£* muka"ab. 
Lattice, v. **M» sabak, yaibik ; 

sabbak, yusabbik. 
Laud, v. &*" madalj, yamdah ; *u*. 

hamad, yahmud; J^* majjad, 

yumajjid ; ^ ganna, yusanni. 
Laudable, adj. ***** hamid ; t)*** 

inamduh ; ^j*^* mahmud. 
Laudanum, *. (^^3\ Cjy rfth al- 

afyfin (ifyaun). 
Laudation, *. ±6+ +* tarn j id ; a^. 

hamd ; f 3 ^ madh. 
Lauoh, Laughter, *. csJU-* dihk ; 

£*aei qahqaha-t. 
Lauoh, v. *sW* dahak, yad^ak; 

4*6* qabqah, yuqahqih ; jiy> qar- 

qar, yuqarqir. — {loud and re- 
peatedly) ff karkar, yukarkir. 
Laughable, adj. **X*-a* mudhik. 
Launch, v. ^ rama, yarmi ; ^>\ 

ajlaq, yujliq. — (a ship) w-^;*^ Jj> 

j^\ <Jk nazzal al-inarkab fi-'i- 

bahr, yunazzil. 
Laundress, 8. ^5U-fc gassala-t. 

Laundry, *. fl * * magsala-t. 

Laurel, s. J& gar ; ^J^ difla. 
Lavatory, *. &-A* magsala-t. 
Lave, t?. J— * gasal, yagsil ; gassal, 

yugassil ; <-&* $a{af, yaituf . 
Lavender, a. ^^ nardin (Pers.) ; 

u*^ huzama. 
Layer, s. J~ *• magsal (pi. J~U* 

magasil) ; <*~*1 {ait (pi. «o>jAL 

Lavish, a<J/. j-*** mubzir; «-*;—• 

Lavish, v. ;^ bazzar, yubazzir ; ^ 

waddar, yuwaddir. 
Lavishness, 8. ^-M tabzir; u\j~\ 

Law, *. *tt fiqh ; g/i sar* ; X*ij* 

aari'a-t (pi. ©V 1 saravi'); **y 

fiuicja-t (pi. uAiV farayi4).— 

(rule) SacVs qa'ida-t (pi. ±*\f 

qawa'id) ; ^yVi qan&n (pi. (^e*y 

Lawful, ae?/. (conformable to law) 

^/» sar'i-y ; £/A^ tJ'V* muwafiq 

ai-sar* ; <j^- baqq. — (allowed by 

law) cW* mubah; JV halal; 

jiW jayiz. 
Lawfulness, «. &tyfc sari'a-t; 

S^ly* mubaliiya-t. 
Law-oiver, a. g^/&tt £*^ wadi' ai- 

Lawless, adj. j** h bi-la sar* ; j<£ 

^ys/i gair gar'i-y ; &*t j JA\ j^ dudd 

Lawlessness, 8. &*ij& S\ ^ac 'adam 

Lawn, «. (grass-plot) ^Us^ raqma-t ; 

gy« marj (pi. g^* muruj). — (^esc- 

^ttre) OM?=y binnjiq ; y qazz. 
Law-suit, *. S/i»> da'wa-t ; ^i^ 

da'wa (pi. ^^*> da*awa) ; &*y*d. 

Lawyer, s. M* faqih (pi. W«* fu- 

qaha) ; t5^JJ^ Je*j wakil ad- 

da'wa (pi. ^ wi^kila); J*U» 

Lax, adj. ^f+ mutarbi ; ^ rahA ; 

0^3 zablan ; J*^« munhall. 
Laxative, s. J«—^ mushil ; ^jJU 

Laxity, Laxness, «. I fa rahawa-t. 

— (want of exactness) W^^ &l 

qillat a4-4 a b{- 
Lay, v. g-ftj wada', ya4a* ; ^ hatt, 

yahutt; J** ja'al, yaj'al.— 

(calm) 0^- sakkan, yusakkin. 
Lay, oc(;., Layman, s. ^^ 'ala- 

mi-y; jUiVc 'alamani-y. 
Lay, s. f* ^i'r (pi. j\*±\ ai'ar) ; 

S^ai qasida-t (pi. «v^ qasid, 

j^Ui qasayid). 
Layer, s. jVL tiq (pi. «o»U\L taqat) ; 

iM» tabaqa-t. 
Laziness, 8. J-^ kasl ; 8M* ba^a- 

Lazy, adj. <^u£ kaslan (pi. JU^ 

kasala, { J-^S kasla) ; Ja^ kahil ; 

^^ mutawani; J»> batf' (pi. 

^ bita). 
Lead, #. <j©^ rasas. 

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Leafihess, #. %yjyi\ *r* kasra-t al- 

Lbad, v. (conduct) «>tf qad, yaqud ; 

•»ji qawwad, yuqawwicL — (show 

the way) <J* J^ dall 'ala, yadull ; 

^2** nada, yahdi ; J^ arsad, 

yurnd. — (induce) ^/^ harrad, 

Leader, s. J*tf qayid (pi. *rty quw- 

Leadihg, ad;. ,J^ a$li-y; ^ 

akbar; ^ ahamm* 
Leading-strings, s. o^ 'inan (pi. j 

£**\ a'inna-t). 
Leaf, #. j^ waraq ; a»^ waraqa-t 

(pi. «j\>^ auraq) ; *»*&» ?afihat | 

(pi. ^U* safavih). 

88, f. «i\)^ 


Leafy, adj. jp* mawarraq; j~& 
«3^)*\ kagir al-auraq. 

League, *. (confederacy) SaaU* 
mu'ahada-t ; jU»\ ittifaq ; S^\ 

League, v. ^ ittahad, yattahid ; 
jaU? ta'ahad, yata'ahad ; *1aJ^ 
balaf , yu^alif ; U&\s# tahalaf, 
yataljalaf. — (measure) J^* mil 
(pi. JW^ amyal) ; £-^i farsah 
(pi. £~V faxasih). 

Leak, s. <JA saqq, siqq ; &**» saq- 
qa-t (pi. ,JU«* suquq) ; ,jU falaq 
(pi. J^i fuliiq) ; &£**: buhsa-t. 

Leak, v. s-**/*^ j^ inharaq al- 
markab ; £*j rasah, yarsah. 

Lean, adj. Uue* nahif (pi. «-i^ 
niljaf) ; J*y* hazil (pi. ^y* 
hazla) ; Jj)6* mahziil ; ***** gass 
(pi. *£>Ufc gisas) ; cj U x a da'if. 

Lean, *. (flesh without fat) p* 
babr ; &* &*J lahma-t gassa-t. 

Lean, v. (rest against) J\ J^-\ 
asnad ila, yusnad ; jux-\ istanad, 
yastanid ; )£*> ta'akkaz, yata- 
'akkaz (both with <J^ *ala). — 
(incline towards) J\ JU mal ila, 

Leanness, s. &U* nuhafa-t; Jy* 
nuljul ; #U* gasasa-t; &U~ safa- 
fa-t ; u-ku. du'f . 

Leap, v. W naft, yanuft ; s->j wa- 
gab, ya§ib ; y** qamaz, yaqmuz ; 
/* qafar, yaqfir. 

Leap, «. & natta-t ; *r* qamxa-t ; 

*j* qafza-t. 
Leap-tear, #. *—*4 is- sana-t ka- 

Learn, r. f& ta'allam, yata'allam. 

— (hear) £*- sama\ yasma' ; 

q\ uk balag-hu an, yablug-hu. 
Learned, adj. ^ 'alim (pi. ^* 

<ulami); u^W 'irif (pL J;V 

'awarif ) ; ^J** mu'alliin. 
Lkarkiho, #. ^ Him (pL ^ 

'ulum); a*^* ma'rifa-t; a«^ 

^UJ^ sa*a-t al-*ilm. 
Lease, s. *J*A ijira-t. 
Lease, r. fA ajar, yujir; ^/ kara, 

yakri ; ^^ a^ 1 ^ y utr *« 
Leash, «. ^ ribat (pL sJU*) riba- 

tat) ; Jui qaid (pi. ^ quyud). 
Least, adj., adv. jj*~\ asgar (pL 

^V*\ aaagir, ^^ asagira-t, 

e; yut aagarun) ; J*^ aqall ; ^ 

Leather, «. ^ jild (pi. ^ ju- 

Leather-merchant, *. «>W fVrf 

bayya* jild. 
Leathern, adj. ^ if min jild. 
Leave, *. (permission) yj\ izn ; 

SjW\ ijaza-t; *-*•» ruhsa-t; ; %s-*> 

dastiir (pi. j*L* dasatir).— 

(fareicell) &* 9 wada*. — (take 

leave) &y wadda', yuwaddi' ; 

5^^ j±\ ahaz hatir-hu, ya'huz. 
Leave, v. (depart from) dy tarak, 

yatruk; j+* hajar, yahjur.— 

(forsake) J^ hazal, yahzul ; 

JJW hazal, yuhazil. — (bequeath) 

»*J/ tarak, yatruk; ^y wasaa, 

yuwassi ; U&*. hallaf , yuhallif . — 

(suffer to remain) ^^M abqa, 

Leaven, *. S^- hamra-t; ft;t»* 

Leaven, v. j**» hammar, ynham- 

Lecher, «., Lecherous, adj. ,3-Vj 

Lechery, *. 5^ Sahwa-t ; v3— ■* 

Lecture, s. a*/» taqriya-t ; o-4;«tf 

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tadris; **!■*• hu^ba-t. — (admoni- 
tion) St*} wa'aza-t. 

Lecture, v. ^-;*> darras, yudarris ; 
s-*»U. ha{ab, yuh&tib. — (admo- 
nish) Jfccj wa'az, ya'iz. 

Ledger, s. y*t&\ fi^\ ad-daftar 
al-kabir ; ^^\ al-hawi. 

Leech, *. (worm) *alc 'alaqa-t. — 
(doctor) s « t sA {abib (pi. WU 

Leech, v. «jl* 'allaq, yu'alliq. 

Leek, #. *±A£ kurras. 

Leer, b. tyy muzawara-t. 

Lbbr, v. j 5 1) zawar, yuzawir ; j***i 
basbas, yubasbi?. 

Lees, s. jV£e 'akar ; j£* 'akar. 

Left, adj. ^Ua ^amali-y ; ^L-* 
yasar (pi. j— 4 yusr). 

Left-handed, adj. o&V** 'asra- 

Leo, s. ,j\~ saq (pi. «t>UL. saqat, 
^Ul^ siqan). — (of animals) &+& 
qayima-t (pi. m\j* qawayim). — 
(of a chair, Ac!) J*j rijl (pi. J*^ 

Legacy, s. &#°y wasiya-t; u&± 
<^*y halaf muwassa. — (for a 
pious purpose) «-Ai^ waqf (pi. 
±J\*,\ auqaf). 

Legal, s. ^^> sar'i-y ; J r *J\ &\y 
muwafiq as-sar'. 

Legalise, v. ^j* J+e 'amil 
gar'i-y, ya'mal; Jl*. hallal, yu- 
hallil ; £^» sahhah, yusahhib. 

Legality, *. *«*/> 6ari'a-t; J^ 
hilal ; £** sahha-t. 

Legate, a. Jj-; rasul (pi. J-j 
rusnl) ; ^*- safir (pi. t/~ su- 

Legatee, *. a! ^j* muwassa la- 

Legation, s. ij*~ sifara-t. 

Legend, s. (inscription) **^ ka- 
taba-t; fa raqam (pi. fVl>\ 
arqam) ; ^-; rasm (pi. f»j~% 
rusum, +~j\ arsum). — (tale) 
AjV**. ^ikaya-t ; **■* qissa-t ; e^j^ 
hadis (pi. ^j^.\ ahdas). 

Legerdemain, s. f^j za'bara-t. 

Legible, adj. <j^h yanqari (3 aor. 


Legion, *. j^ tabur (pi. ye^f* ta- 

wabir); &£ fariq (pi. UJ\ 

afriqa, jy furuq, 3^ furuq) ; 

&j* jauqa-t (pi. J^ ajwaq). 

Legislate, t?. £^7* g±j wacja' 

Sarayi', yada*. 
Legislation, «. aMH £*j wad* 

ai-Sarayi'; £y*YisUra*. 
Legislature, *. &«j£». kukuma-t; 
gHj&S\ v*We\ e>V J diwan as^ab 
Legitimate, ad;. JV halal. 
Legitimate, v. Jk. hallal, yufcal- 
lil ; JJU J*c «amil Ijalal, ya'mal. 
Legitimation, *. JJ^ 5 tahlil. 
Legume, «. (greens) J* baql (pi. 
Jy% buqM); l*** feudra-t (pi. 
y*± hudar, «t>(^A*. hudrawat) ; 
J^i fdl.— (pod) j** qisr (pi. j^AI 
Leguminous, ad;. J/5^ cr*^ W 

min j ins al-f til ; Jyfc baqiili-y. 

Leisure, *. W^ faraga-t ; SjUi 

fadawa-t; J«^ mahl ; #*• muh- 

la-t ; &V* 4 atla-t. 

Leisurely, adv. *1^ ^ 'ala 

mahli-hi ; aJUj ^ 'ala rawaqa-t. 

Lemon, *. o;+J laimun ; ^^3 lai- 

Lemonade, s. **U^J laimiinata-h ; 

^^U\ v>^/» sarab al-laimun. 
Lend, v. «JtfL sallaf, yusallif ; ^Vc 
'awar, yu*awir ; ju\ a'ar, yu'ir. — 
(money) <j*y* qarad, yaqrid ; ,>y>\ 
aqrad, yuqri4 ; c^*> dayyan, yu- 
dayyin ; q\j\ adan, yudin. 
Lender, a. (^o ?end«) U>%~ sallaf ; 
o*V qarra4 ; ^«^ mudayyin ; 
o*/* muqri^i. — (usurer) ^\f 
Length, s. JjL \dl (pi. J^ at- 
wal). — (o/ time) fo* mudda-t. — 
(a< length) *y^ ahiran; 1^ 
Lengthen, v. J^» tawwal, yutaw- 

wil; J^M a^al, yufil. 
Lengthwise, adv. "^» tMan. 
Leniency, Lenity, s. jJ*» ^ilm; 
&+i%» mulayama-t ; &♦*■; rah ma- 1 ; 
^/ tara^^um. 
Lenient, adj. (softening) ($-tX* 

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mulayyin ; { $£—< • musakkin. — 

(not severe) f*k» mulayim ; ,*JL> 

fcalim (pi. UL> hulama, f&m\ ah- 

Lens, #. *+W) i~x* 'adasa-t zajaji- 

Lent, s . y*Q\ py gaum al-kabir. 
Lentil, #. y*!** <adas ; i-J^ 'ada- 

Leopard, s. ^ nimr (pi. l^ nu- 

mura-t ; ^ fahd (pi. •>** fuhud, 

J*H afhud). 
Leper, #., Leprous, ad;. j*j\ 

abras, f. Uy barsa (pi. ^ burs) ; 

(•^W* niajzum ; fJv* mujaz- 

Leprosy, *. «jp;» baras; 1* bala; 

^•W juzam. 
Less, od;. jM asgar (pi. ^to\ 

aaagir, S/U a^agira-t, e3 /U 

asgarun); Jit aqall ; ^J&\ an- 

Lessee, s. ^ j i Ca-— mustakri ; ^U— ^ 

Lessen, v. /-» saggar, yusaggir; 

Jtt qallal, yuqallil. 
Lesson, *. ^j dars (pi. u*^ 

durus) .— (reading) S*y qira'a-t. 

— (admonition) S^** 'abra-t. 
Lest, con;. 1U liyalla; ^ kaila; 

3 jf» fcatta la; UUtama. 
Let, v. (allow) )p> jawwaz, yujaw- 

waz ; )W\ ajaz, yajiz ; fry wada', 

yada'. — (to a tenant) ^ kara, 

vakri; ^f\ akra, yukri; fA 

ajar, yujir. 
Lethal, adj. Jto qatil. 
Lethargic, Lethaeqical, adj. 

<J\*~ subati-y ; ^U-«i na'san. 
Lethaeot, 8. *a>W- subat ; yJ** 

Letter, 8. (character) «J^ harf 

(pi. «-Jg» huruf, U^ a^riif); 

(fj raqam (pi. ^ ruqum). — 

(epistle) v>*-^£* maktub (pi. 

W^* makatib); v>Vs* kitab 

(pi. s-J* kutub); fil-, risala-t 

(pi. J*S rasayil) ; 81^ barat (pi. 

**>\fo barawat) ; U^j raqima-t. 
Letter-carrier, s. s^fSUl\ J*L. 

^amil al-maktub. 

I Lettsbed, ady. ,Jc v,-^U sahib 
11m (pi. v>W-1 ashib) ; * ^ 
! 'alim (pL Uc 'ulama). 
Lettuce, s. <j-a- baas. 
Levee, #. ^rW* ma j lis (pL ^JW* 

majalis) ; ^^»o diwaa. 
Level, adj. ^l— *• musawi; ^ ■ » 

musaftah ; L-L* bash. 
Level, s. (plane surface) <j;j— *• £**- 
sa$h mutasawwi. — (plain) J«- 
sahl; aJ^. sahla-t (pL Jj«- 
suhul) ; a^~J fasha-t — (equality) 
hy~* taswiya-t; ^\—^ musa- 
wat. — (tool) ^U fadim (pL ^j* 
fawadim); y*Uu miqyis; Jy** 
jadwal (pi. J.W jadawil). 
Level, v. (make even) ^j- sawwa, 
yusawwi; ^k- sattah, yusattih ; 
J«- sabhal, yusahhil. — (tojfce 
aim) cjVjuj ^ ahaz nisan, ya*- 
b u ?; <J^ s-$ rakkab 'ala, yu- 
rakkib ; ^Ic ^ harrar 'ala, yu- 
Lever, s. Jsc <atal ; a^c *atala-t ; 
Jae» muhl (pi. JU-*^ amhal); 
v»y qub (pi. v>^ aqwab). 
Levity, «. Jac aas. hiffat 'aqi ; 

&H*1» tiyaia-t. 
Levy, ». g4-j. jamma', yujammi* ; ^J 

lamm, yalumm. 
Levy, s. a*J lamma-t. 
Lewd, ad;, o*^^ 4 * ^ahwanl-y ; <J-Vi 
fasiq; ^Uaj naf sani-y ; O^ 
Lewdness, s. S^a» sahwa-t ; A^UJtt 

nafsaniya-t ; ^a sabaq. 
Lexicographer, s. <j*y\* ^'»* 
musannif qamiis ; A*I s-»^ s-**A<* 
sahib kitab luga-t; ^y^ luga- 
Lexicoorapht, t. aaU\ ^Jlc 'ilm al- 

Lexicon, s. SjM\ wy\* qamiis al- 
luga-t (pi. u-vfy qawamis) ; 
**5 *t&* kitab luga-t (pi. ^s* 
Liability, «. (responsibility) £*JVk. 
mutalaba-t. — (tendency) J &* 
mail. — (pi. de6^) q$* duyun 
(pi. of (^4»> dain). 
Liable, adj. (exposed) \^)f ma'. 

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^4; \fif* mu'arrad. — (subject) 

* ^ fi yad (" in the hand ") ; 

v**** tafct (" under "). 
Liar, a. s^-tf kazzab (pi. ^ -iin, 

yj***' kuzub) ; cjW* mayyan. 
Libation, *. *** subba-t. 
Libel, s. j>* haju; *-4>*fi»' taqyif. 
Libel, v. V^a haja, yahju; ^U 

haja, yuhaji ; *-A*i qayyaf, yu- 

Libeller, *. ^ haji-y ; u*^ 

Liberal, adj. (generous) 

sahi-y (pi. Wafc-^ ashiya) ; 

kariin (pi. p\f kiram) ; 

jawad (pi. *\f+\ ajwad, 

ajawid, \*>y+ juwada) ; ^m'un- 

S^Us- sahawa-t ; 

Liberality, s. 
Vat- s*ha ; p/ karam ; ^ jud ; 
i>y+ juda-t. 

Liberate, v. ^j^ hallas, yuhallis ; 
If* ljarrar, yuharrir ; v>^ a^laq, 
yujliq ; «J^ a'taq, yu'tiq ; *a»\ 
anqaz, yunqiz. 

Liberation, s. j$U i^iaq ; yoJ^ 

Liberator, s. j^^ muhallis ; 
v3^u» mu'tiq. 

Libertine, *. <J-V* fasiq (pi. &ui 
fasaqa-t, j^— * fussaq) ; ^>»U fajir 
(pi. j\+t fujjar, ipf f • jara-t, ^\y 
fawajir) ; jft^ fajur. 

Libertinism, #. *>U-i fasad; &~* 
fi»q ; J*—* f usuq ; S^a. £abwa-t ; 
jy +> fujur. 

Liberty, *. kf* hurriya-t ; ^>sc 
4 itq; jVsc <ataq; J^ itlaq.— 
(privilege) <3^ haqq (pi. jj&* 
huquq) ; j^*\ imtiyaz. — (ex- 
emption) ^giV** mu'afiya-t. — 
(choke) J~±\ jhtiyar. — (leave) 
i)W\ ijaza-t; i**>j ruhsa-t. 

Libidinous, adj. ^\j«* sahwani-y ; 
^UJb nafsani-y ; ^-JfcVc 'ahir ; 
JL~b fahis. 

Librarian, «. w-**H &y- ^ nagir 
hizana-t al-kutub ; ^Sl\ S&iU. 
hafiz al-kutub. 

Ltbrjlry, #. s-^ &\y± hizana-t 

kutub ; l~ £ * maktaba-t ; ****$ 
kutubiya-t ; 6i\&\£ kitab-Vina-h. 

License, s. (permission) i^\ ija- 
za-t. — (abuse of liberty) \jz*\ 
ijtira' ; **^ safaha-t. 

License, v. )W\ ajaz, yujiz; <j*y 
f aw wad, yufawwicj. 

Licentious, adj. ^^ falit; ^sJU 
faliti-y ; (jjUli falatan ; ^ waqih 
(pi. c^j wuqah) ; J^i saqi-y. 

Licentiousness, s. &l*&\ inhimak ; 
SjVMi saqawa-t ; ^-^ waqaha-t. 

Lick, v. yaJ lahis, yalhas ; «j** 
la'iq, yal*iq. 

Lickerish, adj. vJM* 5 la'iq. 

Licorice, «. ^-j- sus ; ^-^- j^c 
'irq sus. 

Lid, *. Uafc gita (pi. a\M\ ag^iya-t). 

Lie, v. (tell a falsehood) s^*iskazib, 
yakzab ; ^U man, yamm. — (give 
the lie) s^ kazzab, vukazzib. 
— (rest lengthwise) £J*~M insa^ah, 
yansatih; *^ raqad, yarqud. — 
(on one's side) gv daja', yadja*. 
— (recline) »xu. sanad, yasnud; 
(J -JCj\ attaka, yattaki. — (be 
situated) <*» £y*y* i* hu maudu* 


Lie, *. v»J^ kizb; ^^ kizba-t; 
(^» main (pi. ^^ muyun). 

Lieu, s. (in lieu, instead of) *Uje 
^ 4 iwadan 'an. 

Lieutenancy, Lieutenantship, s. 
a>W> niyaba-t; &\Z* wakala-t; 
i*5^ hilafa-t. 

Lieutenant, a. s-*^ n4yib (pi. 
v>y naub, v>V nuwwab); ^Vs 
pla* qayim maqam (pi. ^^ quw- 
wam) ; ^JLs. halifa-t (pi. Uk*)U 
halayif, UU hulafa). — (in the 
army) pj%* mulazim ; s-*4^ nayib. 

Life, s. (being alive) &\y<*» haiwa- 
niya-t; Sli» (for ly^) ^ayat; 
^Ajc 'aiia-t. — (time between birth 
and death) j*e 'amr (pi. ^Uc^ 
a* mar). — (manner of living, con- 
duct) Sp~ sira-t (pi. ,** siyar) ; 
v*jy^ suluk; «tU-L» maslak. — 
(biography) ije~ sira-t.— (life to 
come) Z/J\ al-ahira-t. 

Lifeless, s. (inanimate) Ju^l* 

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jimid fpL -W jamad, •***?► ja- 
lriuiid). — (dead) %&-*• may jit 
f pL **»*r^ amwit, ^j- ma at a) ; 
C S V bi-li rab.— (spiritless) ^ 
^f gair qawi-y; i»£i je± gair 

Lrrr. r. £»> iafa% yarfa' ; Jia ial, 

Ligament, #. (ra^ir) **-■* *asab; 
ir-c 'afiba-t (pL s>*-*t *aa£b). — 
(fetter) -*a* qaid (pL ^©5 qarud, 
^ aqyid). 

Ligatttkk, #. «>U* dimid; *?^ 
'aaiba-t ; W, riba* (pL ^ rabut). 

Light, #. yf nar (pL jtyt anwir) ; 
j* do; ^ diyi. — (wftai aire* 
/t^A/) £♦* ianV ; fcuA sam'a-t 
(pi. £j** sumn'). See Candle, 
Lamp. — (explanation) ^W bajin ; 
§4y* tasrih. — (knowledge, in- 
struction) f*-l* 4 ilm (pL rjl* 
Ilium); s-i^ ta'dib; ^ 

Light, adj. pt nayyir; #** mu- 
nawwar; ^j*~ mudi.— (of colour) 
C?U fatih.— (not weighty) «-M*> 
Eafif (pi. Ulte* hifaf). — (not 
clumsy) <J**j rasiq (pL «J*) 
raiaq) ; l**i naiit. — (not grave) 
J^> tayis. 

Light, v. (illuminate) W ada, 
yudi; »y nawwar, yunawwir. — 
(kindle) J** sa'al, yai'al; aijt 
auqad, yuqid. — (alight) Jy nazal, 
yanzil. — (/aH) gij waqa', yaqa'. 

Lighten, v. (illuminate) Ut a4a, 
yu<ji; ;y nawwar, yunawwir. — 
(flash) j^ baraq, yabruq ; £♦* 
lama', yalma*. — (ma&e lighter) 
*-AA*« haffaf, yuhaffif. — (alleviate) 
C-i fassah, yufaasih ; ^jL. salla, 

Lighter, #. (6oaf) ^3 zauraq (pi. 
j;^3 zawariq); &j^ w^y mar- 
kab ljamula-t. 

Lighthouse, a. fyU* manara-t (pi. 
;*U* nianayir) ; <^*yU fanus (pi. 
is«ft>\y fawanis). 

Lightness, *. &*» hiffa-t. 

Lightning, *. j^ barq (pi. j^ 

Lightsome, o<Jj\ rf+ (frriaii) ma- 

nawwar. — {cheerful) y%-" mas- 

rur ; \^f farhan ; tj— *-• mab- 

Lightsomkness, #. (fcruja/aef*) 

,j» r rannaq; *±* jalwa-t.— 

(eAe*r/*/*«f) «M? bahja-t; ^ 

farah ; j^^- surur. 
Ligneous, od;. < ■ ** tf* min 

hasab ; ^l ** hasabi-y. 
Like, ad/. J** misi ; J~* masil ; 

a«a sabih; ^fe» na^ir ; ^V—s- 

mntasawi ; ^55^— • musawi. 
Like, odr. «^ ka- f prefixed to a 

noon ; j£*£ ka-misl ; f* nahwa. 
Like, v. s-^ habb, yahnbb ; 

^■-^s-^ istahsan, yastahsin. 
Likelihood, # . s3>Jb *«tt- musa- 

baha-t al-haqq ; JUso.^ ittimal ; 

^*4^ tabmin. 
Likelt, od;. i3^J **^-*-* muiabih 

li-'l-haqq ; J^^ muhtamai ; 

JfcOl v^^S qarib U-'l-'aql. 
Liken, r. M» sabbah, yusabbih ; 

Jt* massal, yumassil. 
Likeness, «. (similarity) L-#\»L~ 

musabaha-t; J-*-**> tamsil. — 

(ima^e) St- sura-t (pl.;^-» suwar) ; 

J5a sakl (pi. J^^ aikal, J^a 

sukul); u*-» niqs, naq^ (pi. 

js>y& nuqiis). 
Likewise, odt;. (i» like manner) 

csXJJ^ kazalik. — (moreover) - V*jt 

Liking, *. ^ ri4a ; (^U^^-^ istib- 

san ; <}*• mail (pi. JW^ amyal). 
Lilac, *. J^- sambuq; yU. 

haman, human ; <jjUi-tf bailasan. 
Liliputian, ad;., *. jt±* sugayyir 

(dim. of j<-** sagir, " small "). 
Lily, *. o^-^- susan ; &&\ zambaq. 
Limb, s. ^ 'a^u (pi. Uc\ a'da). — 

(border) ***W basiya-t (pi. v^^ 

hawa^i) ; &^ hafa-t; U> taraf. 
Limb, v. (dissect) \** 'ada, ya'tjii ; 

J-i fassal, yufassil. 
Lime, *. <j& kils. — (quick-lime) 

p+jir.— (fruit) Qj+J laim^n. 
Lime, v. <j~tf kallas, yukallis. 
Limit, «. *w badd (pi. o^J^ hudAd) ; 

Xj\& nihaya-t. 

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Limit, v. (set bounds to) *>J^ had- 
dad, yuhaddid. — (restrict) j~* 
hasar, yahsur. 

Limitation, *. J*^ tahdid; j**- 

Limp, v. *f 'arij, ya'raj ; g~-s* 
hasa', yahsa*. 

Limp, s. $f 'araj. 

Limp, adj. y** layyin ; &f*l\ J^, 
sahil al-'ajufa-t. 

Limpid, adj. J>^> eafi ; uU* saf- 

Limpidnk88, s. t&« eafa; S;Uo safa- 
wa-t ; iJyt* suf uf . 

Line, *. U. haft (pi. ^^ hu^uO ; 
}*- sa^r (pi. j^ft- su^ur, j^A 
astar, ^U-.^ asa^ir. — (cord) J**» 
habl ; &**> fcabla-t ; &-j* mara- 
sa-t (pi. ^f maras, <j*t**t am - 
ras). — (equator) \yz~y\ Cl haft 
al-istiwa. — (row, line of battle) 
*-**> eaff (pi. *->£* sufuf).— 
(fishing -line) S^U* sinnara-t (pi. 
«>t -at,^-*U* sananir). 

Like, v. (mark with lines) Ua&> hat- 
ta{, yuhattit ; ^*- sa^tar, yusat- 
tir. — (cover the inside) ^ ba$- 
taD, yubattin. 

Lineage, s. h)* zurriya-t (pi. ^V«i 
zarari) ; Jl al (pi. J\^ awal) ; 
J~* nasi (pi. JV— i\ ansal) ; s-~-* 
nasab (pi. s^— ^ ansab). 

Lineal, adj. (placed in lines) }*~* 
musattar. — (descending) <JL-j 
naali-y ; s- «-****• muntasib. 

Lineament, s. gjatf taqti* (pi. 
&L\£ taqatf'). 

Linear, adj. J^ hututf-y. 

Linen, s. q& ^»Ui qumas* kattan ; 
yi bazz. — (underclothing) ^Ui 
^/Wi qumai bayad. 
Linen, adj. 0^ e* min kattan; 

yt &* min bazz. 
Linen-draper, s. )\y bazzaz. 
IiiNOEE, v. (languish) ^u saqim, 
yasqam. — (loiter) jj*> ta'awwaq, 
yata'awwaq; J^W ba$a, yubatf; 
JaU mahal, yumabil ; /-^ ta'ah- 
hax, yata'ahhar. 
^Linguist, s. *a>Uitt ^)U 'alim al- 

lugat ; *j*£ <a>U) (*)*+ mu'allam 

lugat kasira-t. 
Linguistic, adj. &M ^lc s-*-^* 

munasib 'ilin al-luga-t. 
Liniment, s. pby marham (pi. 

(**\f marahim) ; <$yfc*> duhun. 
Lining, *. &U»* ba{ana-t. 
Link, s. &U. halqa-t (pi. *&AaL. 

halaqat, ,31*. ^alaq); S*>j) zara- 

da-t ; **X^« masakk. 
Link, v. J— A- salsal, yusalsil ; «M 

qayyad, yuqayyid. 
Linnet, *. jj*/» 6ur£ur. 
Lint, *. (flax) s-^* qunnab, qin- 

nab. — (for wounds) «j - a ^ katit. 
Lintel, «. ^Vsy ^jx 'ataba-t fau- 

qaniya-t (pi. o! -at, s^» *atab) ; 

&*£Ji uskubba-t. 
Lintseed, Linseed, *. 0U3\ j$ 

bizr al-kattan ; v~*& qumbus. 
Lion, s. ±~\ asad (pi. ±~\ usud, 

«>^ usud) ; ^— sabu* (pi. £W~ 

siba') ; *^-J lais (pi. *£>j-*J 

Lioness, «. **>j*J labwa-t. — (m<A 

young) &<-£-• muibila-t. 
Lip, *. aaa. £affa-t (pi. fiUk ^ifah, 

«-AAAi Sufuf, ^^a. sifaf).— (e%e) 

^i fum, famm (pi. i\j*\ afwah, 

pWrt afmam). 
Liquefaction, s. s-4;^ tazwib; 

ig U «.«■■> tasbik. 
Liquefy, v. s^»* zawwab, yuzaw- 

wib ; «£X*~ sabbak, yusabbik. 
Liqueub, *. £*jA saraba-t. 
Liquid, s. g>U mayi' (pi. &\y 

mawayi*) ; ^ lif* iniya'a-t. — 

(liquid letter) &J layyina-t. 
Liquid, adj. ^U mayi* ; J«L. 

sayil ; s-4^ zayib. 
Liquidate, v. (accounts) s^~- *5^ ^ 

rasad al-hisab, yarsud. 
Liquidation, «. s^^*-^^ u ^ balas 

Liquor, s. (liquid) #U mayi* (pi. 

$}y , mawayi'). — (intoxicating 

drink) v»V» §arab (pi. &ij*\ a^ri- 

ba-t) ; Sj*s. hamra-t (pi. jy**- 


LlQUOEICE, S. <j*y~ 8U8 ; u - ^* v%* 

'irq sua. 


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Lisp, v. (>s+5 tamtam, yutamtim ; 

(^ lakin, yalkan. 
Lisp, Lisping, 8. &*U*J tamtama-t ; 

&y£ lukiina-t. 
List, 8. (register) £**Vi qayima-t; 

ct^e* fibrist (pi. v-bty farahis, 

Pers.)\ f>J daftar (pi. yU*> 

dafatir, Pers.). — (arena) <£±g+ 

maidan, midan (pi. ^*>W* maya- 

List, v. (enrol) «sA*a Sabak, yas- 

buk. — (desire) ^^^»\ i£taba, yai- 

talii ; *t-Aj ragib, yargab. 
Listen, v. g*~ sama', yasma* ; 

g*-~s-^ istasama', yastasami' ; 

o^ nasat, yangit ; o-o^j tanas- 

?at, yatanas^at. 
Listener, 8. £+~~z~* mustasami*. 
Listless, adj. (without desire or 

energy) >>& barid. — (careless) 

JA* gafil. 
Listles8Ness, 8. 8d^ buruda-t; 

&* gafla-t ; S jI» balada-t. 
Literal, adj. i Jbrt lafgi-y; ^yti 

lugawi-y, lagawi-y. 


0^*5 ma'na lugawi-y ; { J*\ ^y** 

ma'na asli-y ; U^i &*> diqqa-t 

Liteballt, adv. «jy*». «J^ harf bi- 

barf ; jfeiJtf J* <ala tadqiq. 
Litebabt, adj. s-4^ adib. 
Liteeati, adj. M udaba. 
Literature, s. <+>\rt\ al-adab ; ^JLe 

*^>S$\ 'ilm al-adab. 
Lithe, Lithesome, adj. U^t\ ab- 

yaf , f . U*a haifa (pi. UUa hif) ; 

<-*<&• muhaf haf ; <Jfe*) raqiq (pi. 

jl*> riqaq). 


riqqa-t, raqqa-t ; &V«J liyana-t. 
Litigate, v. f>W hasam, yuhasim ; 

p+\& tabasam, yatahasain; JjU 

naza', yunazi' ; £jU? tanaza', ya- 

Litigation, s. ^c*> da'wa (pi. 

iSJ^J da'awa) ; Z*y*± husuma-t ; 

£**4i qadiya-t (pi. V*Ui qa<Jaya) ; 

&*t\j+ murafa'a-t. 
Litigious, adj. ^a* muda'i. 
Litigiousness, s. $V lajaj. 

Litter, a. J+** mahmal (pi. J-»W* 
mabamil); &W« muhaffa-t; e*>y& 
haudaj (pi. e*>\y* hawadij) ; c^ 
(^ taht rawan (Pers.). 

Little, adj. (in quantity) J<sli 

3 alii (pi. 0jl*lS qaluun, J& qulul, 
Ai qilal, lit aqilla). — («na«) 

^j*-» eagir (pL jU* sigar, \^-» 

Little, 8. hf> 6uwaiya-t; Jeli 

qalil ; ^ jji qalil 6e-y. 
Littleness, a. JU* sigar; S;U* 

sagara-t ; yu sigar ; &* qilla-t. — 

(meanness) $+4\ p<** 'adam al- 

bimma-t ; &$ zilla-t. 
Liturgic, Liturgical, adj. ,^~& 

Liturgy, *. ^-Jk $aqs (pi. ^-y^ 

Live, v. {uS e^- bayi, yafcya; v>^ 

'a3, ya'is. — (live upon) v» o^aJ 

taqawwat bi, yataqawwat ; J^Uc\ 

i'tai, ya'tai.— (dwell) ^ sakan, 

yaskun. — (flourish) ^ na'im, 

yan*ara; ^*a* tana"am, yata- 

na u am. 
Liveliness, *. 8j^ hidda-t; ifa 

barara-t; Luj nasaf. 
Livelong, adj. (lasting) ^U da- 

yim; J|A tawil (pi. J^> tiw^l, 

JW^ tijal). 
Lively, adj. UU na^it ; ^^ naiit ; 

»>^ tadd ; v^ barik. 
Liver, s. ^ kabid (pi. ^\ ak- 

bad). — (together with heart, 

lungs, and spleen) <jj^** ma'aliq 

(pi. of jW mi 4 laq). 
Livid, adj. Ju>\ asfar^ f . \jiu> 9a f ra ; 

/** musfarr. 
Lividity, s. j\u sufar; &p\ ykJ 

tagayyur al-laun. 
Living, s. (livelihood) JL-* <ai£; 

^>Vfc. ma^a^ ; ^jj^ nm'isa-t (pi. 

u^U^ m^ayi^); j^ rizq (pi. 

v3^ arzaq). — (manner of life) 

&**>*& *ai^a-t. 

Lizard, s. ^ waran; ii 

na-t; yo^ burais; ^^ 
buraie; w— a <Jabb 



f^ abu 

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Lo, interj. & i?; W i?a; >\ 

unzur; q\ inna. 
Load, *. (burden) &** $ila-t ; &+*. 

tamla-t; J*»> haml (pi. JU«^ 

a^mal). — (cargo) &y**» tamula-t ; 

yy+y wasq (pi. Jj-j wusuq, «j~y 

ausuq) ; &-j wasqa-t. 
Load, r. (animals) J*»- hammal, 

yuhammil. — (a «Aip) <J-j wasaq, 

yasiq; «j-jt ausaq, yiisiq. — (a 

gun) j+* 'ammar, yu'ammir ; j»> 

daqq, yaduqq. 
Loadstone, *. j j *^**- J*** hajar 

Loaf, s. ^M; ragif (pi. &*y argi- 

fa-t, cJ* ; ruguf) ; ^ *->/ qur- 

sat hubz. — (sugar-haf) £~ s-J^ 

qalib sukkar (pi. s-J\y qawalib). 
Loam, #. i$J° tin. 
Loam, v. o^ tan, yatfn ; ^ tay- 

yan, yutayyin. 
Loan, a. (0/ ^oocfc) »)W* 'iyara-t. — 

(of money) <>/ qard ; W qar- 

da-t; <<#*> din (pi. <^*> duyun). 

— (without interest) «-&* salaf . 
Loathe, v. a/karih, yakrah; *;& 

takarrah, yatakarrah; Ij-*m 

istakrah, yastakrih; ^ nafar, 

yanf ur; J^ < a f, ya'af, ya'if. 
Loathful, Loathsome, adj. *)£*• 

makruh ; */ karih ; $>** sani'. 
Loathing, s. h*\j> karahiya-t ; 

h\fA~\ istikrah; &** bug<Ja-t; 

SjAi nafra-t. 
Loathsomeness, a. ***** Sani'a-t 

(pi. ffS&> $anayi«); ***** Saqa- 

Lobby, s. >>*> dihliz (pi. >^*> 

dahaliz) ; J^ rauq (pi. <J^ 

Lobe, 8. (anatom.) <y^j ragama.^ 
Lobster, 8. ^5/^ &f&~ salta'un 

(saltan) bafcri-y (pi. &*i&~ 

Local, adj. o*^* makani-y ; ^+f 

Locality, s. £±j* mau4a' (pi. e±V 

mawadi') ; q\*" makan (pi. e*^ 

am akin, &M amkina-t) ; Jw» 

mahall (pi. JW« mahall); fVa* 

maqam ; ***** kai§iya-t. 


Lock, 8. (of a door) Jtf qufl (pi. 

JVAi^ aqfal); ij*~ sikra-t (pi. 

/U- sakakir); yf\Z kaliin (pi. 

^\j* kawalin). — (of hair) &U. 

ft* fcalqa-t sVr; **\)& zuwaba-t 

(pi. s-*W* zuwayib). 
Lock, v. Ji* qafal, yaqf ul ; qaffal, 

yuqaffil; £~ sakkar, yusakkir. 
Locket, 8. (amulet) j/* \pxz (pi. 

)\f»\ a^raz). 
Locksmith, 8. J^* qaffal; &?&* 

sakakiri-y ; »>W haddad. 
Locomotion, «. ^ lg^raka-t ; J» 

(jj^U naql makan ; Jte*\ intiqal. 
Locomotive, 8. £A\ hf 'arabat an- 

LociJ8T, 8. l*\ft jarada-t (pi. *\p- 

Lodge, 8. (small house) 8^j du- 

Lodge, v. (deposit) &y wada', 

yada'. — (give shelter) y£»* sak- 

kan, yusakkin; Jy nazzal, yu- 

nazzil. — (dwell) J£- sakan, yas- 

Lodger, s. (*A* muqim. 
Lodging, s. Jy^ manzil (pi. Jj^* 

manazil) ; ^^» mas wa (pi. ^^ 

Loft, s. &J» tabaqa-t (pi. jW 

atbaq, bt±\ atbiqa-t) ; S*X~i fasa- 

Loftiness, «. (height) &*Sj\ irtifa 4 . 

— (sublimity) W* 'azama-t; y* 

'ulu-w. — (of mind) «-*/• ^araf ; 

&+&> himma-t. — (pride) y& ta- 

kabbur; ^ip* kibriya; tr-+* 

sumuh ; Sjab+* samhara-t. 
Lofty, adj. (elevated) £&>/• mur- 

tafi 4 ; J* 4 ali-y; JU ^ali.— 

(AigfA - minded) «-*!/• ^arif (pi. 

wi\^ aSraf, V ^urafa) ; ^/ 

karim (pi. ^/kirani). — (haughty) 

y£&+ mutakabbir. 
Log, s. ^y qurma-t ; *<s^i qirmi- 

ya-t (pi. ^y q ara mi). 
Logarithms, s. &*&\ <j*j wafq al- 

Loggerhead, s. &*&* huka'a-t; 

&i* hubaka-t ; jU- l^imar ; yi? 

tais (pi. o*^* tuyus). 

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Logic, s. <3WJ\ *ie 41m al-mantiq. 
Logical, adj. <jLlJ\ s-**j- ^ 'ala 

mii jib al-mantiq ; <j&a* man- 

Logician, *. ^aU* mantaqi-y. 
Loin, *. s-X* galb (pi. s-M aslub, 

v>W aslab). 
Loiter, t>. J~^ kasil, yaksal ; J-^» 

takasal, yatakasal; jJo* batft, 

yabtA ; f\*~\ ista'har, yasta'hir. 
Loiterer, s. J-^« mutakasil; 

O^-* kaslan. 
Loitering, s. fr butit ; JUj^ ih- 

Lone, Lonely, Lonesome, adj. 

(place) *>/** munfarid. — (person) 

>*+ y A* mutawahhid. 


Someness, 8. *>\j6\ infirad ; Sj*^ 
wahda-t ; J-***. wah.4at. 

Long, adj. J«y> ^awil (pi. J\^ 
tiwal) ; ^^^* mamdtid.— (alow) 
J* baii-y ; J»W^ mutaba^i. 

Long, v. Jh jUa\ igtaq ila, ya^taq ; 
^ s-ij ragib fi, yargab ; «^\ 
is'taha, yaStahi. 

Longeval, adj. j+*&\ J>y» tawil al- 
'umr (pi. J\jL (iwal, tuwal). 

Longevity, s. ^-mJ\ fly. tiilat al- 

Longing, *. ^ 4auq (pi. j\^\ 
aiwaq) ; jW**^ i^tiyaq ; M> rag- 
ba-t ; p\^ garam. 

Longitude, *. jy> $!•— (<%ree 0/) 
JjU\ &^»> darajat at-t&l (pi. &j*> 

Longitudinal, «<£/. ^jt {ulani-y. 

Look, v. (glance) ft nagar, yangur ; 
glW ta^alla', yatatalla' (botb 
with J\ ila). — (look for) Ju>\ 
intagar, yantagir. — (look into) 
%±"*. bahas, yabha§ ; j**J fahas, 
yafhas. — (look out) iju* fattai, 
yufattis\ — (appear) <^ ban, 
yaban ; J&* aJ la-hu mangar. 

Look, s. j* nagar (pi. j\te\ angar) ; 
ZJ& nagra-t; &L {alla-t. — (ap- 
pearance) J*** mangar (pi. ^u* 
managir); ky ruya-t; *+) wajb 
(pi. fiy>.j wujub). 

Looking-glass, s. $\y mirat (vulg. | 



^y miraya-t; pi. \y mara, \*^ 
maraya) ; j&** minzar. 
Loom, «. 5~-^ minsaj (pi. g-l** 
manasij); Jy naul (pi. Jtyt 
Loom, s. c$ lab, yalufc ; y*U* taga- 

bar, yatagahar. 
Loop, *. (noose) *l fabb (pi. fcU^ 
fihah, ty^ fuhul) ; flt^ fcibala-t 
(pi. J«W^ hibayif). 
Loose, adj. (not fastened) *sUx* 
munfakk ; J «, ;« munhall. — 
(lax) <J*f murtaha; ^f~~+ 
mustarha. — (not costive) &£* 
mulayyan. — (wanton) o-U f asiq ; 
p\* 'abir ; J^Xh fahil 
Loose, v. (untie) J«* ball, ya^ull ; 
«tU f akk, yaf ukk.— (set at liberty) 
(jai^ hallas, yuballis. 
Loosen, v. (relax) ^ rabba, yu- 
rabhi. — (the bowels) J«~\ asbal, 
yushil ; ^ layyan, yulayyin. 
Looseness, *. (relaxation) ifa ra- 
bawa-t. — (lewdness) Sje* sabwa-t. 
— (of the bowels) J^ isbal; 
e>WN (jjV- sayalan al-batn. 
Lop, v. glai qata 4 , yaq^a' ; s-*/ 
qardab, yuqardib.— (prune) ft 
qallam, yuqallim ; ^1^ kasalj, 
Lopping, s. M^ qar4aba-t ; ^L^ 

Loquacious, adj. (dSS\ ^ kagir 
al-kalam; ljj&\ ^ kagir al- 
calaba-t ; ^L-«U galabawi-y ; 
^±0+ mihzar. 
Loquaciousness, Loquacity, s. 
f$&\ lj£ kagra-t al-kalam ; ^Ui 
fu^ar; l^ galaba-t. 
Lord, s. (master) s-^to sahib (pi. 
v>W*\ as^ab); ^ rabb (pi. 
v>^>\ arbab) ; <Jy maula (pi. 
J^ mawali). — (husband) Jk* 
ba'l (pi. JW bi'al).— (my iord) 
^5^* Q ya sayyadi. — (addressing 
God) <jj k ya rabbi. 
Lord, v. s^/ tarabbab, yatarab- 

bab ; U-J? tasallat, yatasallat. 
Lordship, s. (dominion) fy*\ ima- 
ra-t; a^U malikiya-t. — (title) 

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Lose, v. {mislay) g** <Jayya, yu- 
4ayyi*. — (opposed to gain) y~± 
hasir, yahsar. — (as hope, courage, 

&c -) 5 tl* <l a t a S yaqta*. 

Loss, s. SjU4» hasara-t ; q\j>~*» hus- 
ran ; ^atf naqs ; e>U# nuqean ; 
•*** faqd. — {destruction) ^JU 
halak ; XtfU halaka-t. — (waste) 
*J$*\ itlaf . — (6e at a loss) j&* ta- 
hayyar, yata^ayyar. 

Lot, s. s-**-* nasib (pi. \**\ ansiba, 
&**\ ansiba-t); Z*j> qur'a-t (pi. 
g^ qura'); ^ sahm (pi. f^e- 
siham). — (fate) &•— J qisma-t ; 
Ui qa<Ja (pi. &*-ti\ aq<Jiya-t) ; j<& 
cjadr (pi. )\<&\ aqdar). — (cast lots) 
*cy6t s^a cjarab al-qur'a-t, ya4- 
rib; £/ qara', yaqru'; ^*^- 
saham, yuaahim ; p*l~5 tasaham, 

Lotion, a. Jjk natul ; Jj~* gasul. 

Lottery, s. s-*a** nasib; f**t-J 

Loud, adj. &yA\ <JU 'ali as-saut. 

Loudness, 8. vuyS\ 6AAi slddat as- 

Lounge, v. ^ batik, yabtu; J~* 
kasil, yaksal ; J~t& takasal, ya- 

Lounger, s. J^-X« miksal. 

Louse, s. *Ui qamla-t (pi. J4J 

Louse, v. ^ falla, yufalli. 

Love, s. ( jxwnon) <>** 'isq ; «^yfc 
hawa (pi. \y*\ ahwa) ; A* garam ; 
«JU* ga'af ; pW* huyani. — (affec- 
tion) s-^- hubb; 4*»* muhab- 
ba-t ; »>j wadd. 

Love, t>. <>*** *a£iq, ya'Saq; *-A*fr 
sVaf , yai'af ; p\* ham, yahim. — 
(be fond of) s-*^ habb, yahubb, 
yahibb ; ^ wadd, yawadd. 

Loveliness, 8. b\J* zarafa-t ; «J^ 
zarf; &VU latafa-t; JWjamal; 
($—*• husn ; &*>%• malaha-t. 

Lovely, adj. J*** Jamil; *-Aj«J 
latff (pi. *^U Htaf ) ; «-A^ Z arif 
(pi. U)t gurafa, wi> zuruf, u\jk 
ziraf) ; <jfe*\ aniq. 

Low, adj. (not elevated) <J*y wati-y ; 
«JWj wati. — (mean) i f*** hasis ; 

ytfr* haqir; J*> dani (pi. Uj 
duna'a, ^ adna). — (not loud) 
^hafi-y; J^wati. 

Low, v. fi na'ar, yan'ar ; g* 'ajj, 
ya'ij 3 ; j\*- har, yahur. 

Lower, v. (bring down) J»j wafta, 
yuwatti ; jy nazzal, yunazzil. — 
(lessen) Ju qallal, yuqallil ; ^ 
naqqa$, yunaqqis. — (degrade) 
JJ^ zallal, yuzallil ; /** ^aqqar, 

Lowing, s. ;U> nu'ar ; s\p> huwar. 
5WLINE8S, *. £*-**■ hi * 

Lowliness, *. gy**- hu^; g*V 

Lowly, ad;. (At*w6Ze) g±U hadi* ; 

^ys*» mutawadi*. 
Lowness, s. fa watA; JW^ ^xc 

( adam irtifa*. — (meanness) iju»> 

haqara-t ; ^ >»^^ hasisa-t. 
Loyal, adj. y*A amin (pi. UM 

umana); ^ s-^^-» sahib wafa; 

jjU eadiq ; j^^o siddiq ; f+ * &z~* 

Loyalist, s. ^*W ^ zA eadaqa-t ; 

U^ s^-U eatib wafa. 
Loyalty, s. &*U>\ ita'a-t; ^UU&-\ 

istiqama-t ; j»x* eidq ; ^ wafa. 
Lubricate, v. (jAJ dahhan, yudah- 

hin ; oPj zallaq, yuzalliq. 
Lubrication, s. &6*& tadhin; 

&Sy tazliq. 
Lubricity, *. l+j+t dusAma-t ; 

ItxtoJ dahniya-t. — (lewdness) <j~*j 

dauas ; S^a. ^ahwa-t ; ^^ sahu- 

Lucid, od;. ^^ wadit ; H/° 9 ar ib 

(pi. U^» guraha, &\y earayih). 
Lucidity, Lucidness, *. t^-At^ 

idat ; Wi* eara^at. 
Luck, «. ^Vl tali 4 (pi. jH A tawali') ; 

JW*^ iqbal; S*>U- sa*ada-t; «>*: 

baht (Pers.).—(bad luck) <j~c* 

nahs (pi. <j*f* nuhiis). 
Luckless, adj. {j*?*^ manh&s ; 

o*». aJ U ma la-hu baht; J«l* 

tf ^ijl qalil al-baht; ^ 

mai'iim (pi. ^©fU-» maia'im). 
Lucky, od;. ^--j*- sa'id ; jl-j 

mus'ad ; cw*. s-^^» sahib baht. 
Lucrative, adj. ***+ mufid; g*U 

nafi' ; &y murabbi^t. 

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Lucre, 8. s-*~* kasb ; h> ribh ; 

l^\i fayida-t ; *«aa* manfa'a-t. 
Ludicrous, adj. «cW&* mudhik; 

Sjat-^ masbara-t. 
Ludicroubness, a.^b— m tamashur ; 

J)tf tahazzul ; ^6» tahrij. 
Luggage, 0. <j^ labas ; &\f* ^a- 

wayij (pi. of W*. Mja-t) ; v>W-^ 

asbab (pi. of s-*- sabab). 
Lugubeious, adj. y&+ mukaddir; 

^* mugimm. 
Lukewarm, adj. yU fatir; JJ*** 

mu'tadil. — (0/ a j?eram) *>jW 

barid ; /V* fatir ; S^ aJ U ma la- 

hu gira-t. 
Lukewarmness, 8. jf* f utur ; 8j^ 

buruda-t; Syktt &* qillat al- 

Lull, v. (a child) ^ nayyam, yu- 

Lullaby, a. &V*<f. bajbaja-t. 
Lumbago, 8. £U> ruma ( . 
Lumber, *. JW asqal (pi. of Jtf 

gaqal). — {timber) s-*£^ basab (pi. 

v>U<U aUab). 
Lumber-room, 8. *J*j&\ &>*• baz- 

na-t al-fars. 
Luminary, 8. jt* nayyir (du. ^V* 

nayyiran, " sun and moon ") ; 

^J\rf ^-^ jasm nurani-y. 
Luminous, adj. jf* munawwir; 

jt*+ munir; ^j** mu<jli; g*i 

Luminousness, 8. jf nur (pl.jV^ 

an war) * &^ du. 
Lump, a. &* kutla-t (pi. J^ kutal) ; 

Ul qifa-t (pi. ^oi qita 4 ). 
Lunacy, *. ^^ junun; ^^ 

bazayan; Wj- sauda. 
Lunar, adj. ^j** qamari-y. 
Lunatic, ad;., 8. (^%* majnun 

(pi. e)**W* majanin) ; ^^aU 

maltus* ; csjWj- saudawi-y. 
Lunation, «. ^*al\ »* daur al- 

qamar (pl.;V^ ad war). 
Lunch, Luncheon, 8. \$& giza (pi. 

&i±L\ agziya-t) ; *W luhja-t ; 

£%*J lumja-t. 
Lung, «. #; riya-t. 
Lupine, *. u~*/ turmus, tarmus 


Lurch, 8. &&1* balasa-t. 

Lure, 8. &**L {u'ma-t (pi. ^ 

tu'am) ; *>«V jazba-t. 
Lure, v. s^-W jazab, yajzub; gA 

tamma', yutammi*. 
Lurid, adj. /***• mu'attam, mu- 

'tim ; }*-£* mukaddir ; j-i& 

Lurk, v. yS kaman, yakmun ; 

kamin, yakman ; **j raead, yar- 

sud ; ^y?* 5 tababba, yatababba. 
Lurking-place, 8. *~y marsad 

(pi. a*W» marasid) ; &+&• mak- 

man (pi. y*\£+ makamin) ; {$**& 

Luscious, adj. k& laziz (pi. ^ 

luzz, S\& lizaz) ; jU ^vIHl ; s^ 

Lu8ciousness, 8. S^U balawa-t. 
Lust, 8. Sje* £abwa-t ; «^yfc bawa 

(pi. \j*\ abwa); u~» nafs (pi. 

^-y* nufus, y*i\ anfus). 
Lust, v. W* Saba, ya^bu; ^.^e** 1 ^ 

i£taba, ya^tabi. 
Lu8tpul, adj. ^V-Jtt nafsani-y; 

iJ)}** sabwabni-y ; ^y^ fasiq. 
Lustfulness, 8. i^UJtf nafsani- 

ya-t ; v^- 1 fisq. 
Lustiness, #. 8jl quwwa-t; ^»)iu 

salama-t ; 4^^ 'afiya-t. 
Lustre, *. (splendour) W-* <Jija ; 

S^ jalwa-t; vJPjj; raunaq. — 

(renown) »^* majd ; ^W a fti\ i^ti- 

^ar ; ^ f abr. 
Lustrous, adi. ^» munir; j^» 

barraq; g*5 lami*. 
Lusty, o^/. ^5^1 qawi-y; ^l- 

salim (pi. UJL sulama). 
Lute, 8. ^ 'aud (pi. ^J^ 

Luxuriance, *. 8y£ kasra-t; S0V4J 

ziyada-t; ^ f ai<L ; U.^ rab&; 

)fr wuf ur ; «;*• wafra-t. 
Luxuriant, od;. u^V* fayi<jl ; y^ 

wafir ; ^^ kagir (pi. ^Utf kisar) ; 

j^y* mauf ur. 
Luxuriate, v. ^ na ( am, yumVim ; 

^**» tana 4 'am, yatana u ara. 
Luxurious, ad/. ^U* muna'am; 

^ mutana"im. 

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Lying, a. v>A& takazzub. 
Lying, adj. s-»^ kazzab. 


Lynx, e. J*t fahd (pi. *jfl fuhud, 

J*rt afhud). 
Lyre, b. *>j* 'aud (pi. y\±& 



Macs, *. (sceptre) s-**l qadib (pi. 

oW^ qmjban) ; Uc <aea (pi. V-e* 

a'sa).— (cZufc) «wj** nabbut (pi. 

ts~ctl$* nababit) ; <j*ti* dabbus 

(pi. u*^^ J dababis). — {spice) 

s-J» )y* jauz {ib. 
Machinate, v. J^ ihtal, yahtal ; 

&t+- J** 'ami! fcila-t, ya'mal; 

J*-W tadahal, yatadahal. 
Machination, *. ^s^ hila-t ; JW^ 

Machine, b. &\ ala-t ; v> V dulab 

(pi. s-JV dawalib); O*' * * " 

manjaniq (pi. <Jk*^*» manajiq, 

<jk*V» majaniq). 
Machinist, 0. ***v» manjani- 

Mackerel, 0. ^^ft-\ usqumn 

Mad, ad;, er^* majnun (pi. ^ W* 

majanin) ; s->jL~* maslub ; Js^aU 

Madcap, *. ey^* majniin. 
Madden, v. &+ jannan, yujannin ; 

q+\ aiann, yujinn; J**- habal, 

yahbal ; habbal, yuhabbil. 
Madhouse, *. ^Lju^U maris^an 

(Pers.for q\&~J**i bimaristan). 
Madness, $. ay-h juniin ; J—**- 

habl,hubl; J**» tahabbul; y-« 

Magazine, *. Qyis* mahzan (pi. 

^jW* mahazin) ; J-»^- hasil (pi. 

J-^ ^awasil). — (miscellany) 

£+*<• majma' (pi. g*V* maja- 

Maggot, $. (grub) 8-y> duda-t (pi. 

q\±i4 didan). — (whim) (**) wahm 

(pi. f\*f auham). 
Magi, *. v*w ma jus (pi. of ^^ 


Magic, b. f*~ 
W*- simiya. 

Magical, aa)'. ^ 
^4— il» tilsami-y. 

sifcr. — (0/ beauty) 
sahttari-y ; 

i- safcir (pi. 

su^ara) ; 


Magician, 8. 

safcara-t, Ua 

Magistracy, *. &»j£»- l^ukuma-t; 

*4$j walaya-t ; ttf qa4a (pi. &*&\ 

Magistrate, *. **^ l^akim (pi. 

r ^ fcukkam); ^U qatf (pi. 

8UI qu^at); J1, wall (pL S^ 

Magnanimity, b. *♦* himma-t; 

M/ karama-t. 
Magnanimous, adj. JU* s-^^» 

safcib himma-t (pi. s-»U-©\ as^ab) ; 

m£ karim (pi. p\/ kiram) ; fU* 

nuniam (pi. ,»Ua himam). 
Magnate, b. «*£ kabir (pi. £4 

kibar, ^ kubara) ; s>> rabb (pi. 

v>^ arbab). 
Magnet, g. (j^J*^* ^^- bajar mag- 

Magnetic, Magnetical, adj. 

j^e^* * magnatisi-y. — (attrac- 
tive) s^W jazib. 
Magnetise, v. ^^^LjuJ^ isW ^akk 

bi-'l-magna^is, yafeukk. 
Magnetism, b. < j » & *+i\ yj\^ ha- 

wass al-magnatis. 
Magnificence, «. fi^i f ahra-t ; 

JV jalal ; JV yy* 4 izz wa jalal ; 

&y> sauka-t. 
Magnificent, g. /-U fahir; ^afe^u 

muf tahar ; J«V jalil. 
Magnify, v. (exalt) y£ kabbar, yu- 

kabbir; ^ 'azzam, yu'aszim; 

j)ft *azzaz, yu*azziz. — ( praise) c* 3 ^ 

madat, yamda^; *♦*» l?amad) 

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yabmud ; J^« majjad, yumaj 
jid. — (amplify) £-j wassa', yu 
wassi* ; ^13 zayyad, yuzayyid. 

Magniloquence, 0. jl&j fu£ar 
J«±x\ if tihar. 

Magniloquent, adj. jV-Ai fai£ar 
jafe*A* muf tahir. 

Magnitude, 0. ^ kubr ; jJ&e 'uzm 
JUkc 'azama-t. 

Magpie, *. <3*** 'aq'aq (pi. «j>M*e 
'aqa'iq) ; sj»±£ kundus\ 

Maid, Maiden, 0. c^ bint (pi. 
«wW banat) ; ^j bikr (pi. ;Wtf 
akbar) ; &-Jj** batula-t ; \>J^-* 
4 azra (pi. ^^ 'azara). — (*pin- 
ster) h)\* 'aziba-t. — (servant) 
MJii haddama-t; hjW jariya-t 
(pi. ^5;V* jawari). 

Maiden, Maidenly, adj. ^$j£* 

Maidenhead, b. *j&i bakara-t; 
£Jy* batuliya-t. 

Mail, s. (armour) fy* dir* (pi. 
&j*\ adra', £$* duru 1 ) ; *>ij 
zarad (pi. *>\>j^ azrad, ^) zurud). 
— (letter-bay) ^j^k-j-H v-^ kis 
al-bostaji. — (conveyance) &~y 

Maim, v. £j*. jada', yajda* ; ^ 
'aw war, yu'awwir, 

Main, adj. JUt awwal (pi. J*M 

\ " "7 awali), f. J,1 uta 

(pi. *a>VJ^ ulayat) ; J«\ a*li-y ; 


fOA* muqaddam. 

Main, 0. (fotaZ) *W jumla-t (pi. 
J** jumal). — (ocean) W^*N ***N 
al-ba^r al-muhit ; j+^\ al-ba^r 
(pi. jf*. bu^ur, jW bibar). — (con- 
tinent) j^\ al-barr (pi. ^ burur). 

Mainly, adj. t %£\± galiban ; "U^. 

Maintain, v. (preserve) la*, hafiz, 
yaljfaz ; y*/* $aras, yaljrus, yalj- 
ris. — (support) «t>^ qat, yaqut; 
Jtf kafal, yakful; q\* man, 
yamun. — (affirm) rf qarrar, yu- 
qarrir ; & akkad, yu'akkid ; 
o^ gabbat, yugabbit. 

Maintenance, s. «t>y> qut (pi. 
«^j_Jft aqwat) ; J*\-*+ ma'as ; 
Ia&+ ma'isa-t (pL <j**U* ma- 

'ayis*).— (defence) **W bimaya-t ; 

<ftiUy» muhafaza-t. 
Majestic, Majestical, s. s-*»^» 

&«a satrib haiba-t; JeW jalil 

(pi. M ajilla). 
Majesty, s. *«* haiba-t; *fj* 

sauka-t; #V jalala-t. — (tUU) 

S^ tadra-t; i»U- ea'ada-t ; 

&K jalala-t. 
Major, ooj. j*tf akbar, f. ^5^ 

kubra (pi. j£ kubar) ; r*\ aksar ; 

fiot\ a'zam, f. { j*b* 'uzma. 
Majoe, s. £k nazir (pi. ^ nuz- 

zar); jh **K* bik b&i (bim- 

baii, Turk.). 
Majority, s. (greater number) j£\ 

akgar. — (full age) <j-*j* eft 

bulug sar*i-y. 
Make, v. J«J fa'al, yaf 'al ; &~ 

sana', yasna*. — (form) £U |ag, 

Y^s.-^-(creaie) <J^ balaq, yah- 

luq ; \j bara, yabra. — (gain) v*-^ 

kasab, yaksib ; & rabih, yar- 

Make, Making, b. (form) &«-• 

siga-t ; is** sura-t (pi. jy suwar) ; 

JX* sakl (pi. J^ aikal, J/* 

^ukul). — (structure) v^/ tar- 

kib. — (workmanship) &*x* $an'a-t. 
Maker, s. (creator) j)U hallaq; 

jpU. haliq ; ^ bari. 
Mal-administration, b. j&±d\ p** 

'adam at-tadbir; fyJl\ p±* 'adam 

al-idarat ; &-W^ ^ 'adam as- 


Malady, b. u*y manujl (pi. u*V^ 
amra4) ; &* 'iUa-t (] " ** 

U da (pi. V^ adwa) 

> c ili 


Malcontent, aaj. <^> ^ gair 

ra^i ; ^^— «-• ^ gair mabsut- 
Male, ao!;., *. /*i zakar (pi. jj& 

zukur) ; /J^ muzakkar. 
Malediction, s. &**& la'na-t. 
Malefactor, b. s~*A* muznib; 

pj+" mujrim. 
Malevolence, b, 

(jj^ac 'udwan. 
Malevolent, adj. <<$** 'adawi-y. 
Malice, s. &^>± habaga-t; h^ 

Malicious, adj. <J& saqi-y (pi. 

SjW ( adawa-t; 

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\*&*\ asqiya); <£****» habis (pi. 
^ hubasa). 
Maliciousness, *. #V*a. habasa-t. 
Malign, Malignant, adj. j±e*t 
bagi4 ; 4»U Satfr (pi. j\U sut^ar) ; 
($Ua s^in; c)Uh>a saltan.— (in- 
fecting) <£>**" mu'di; ^^ sari. 
— (pernicious) u-j^*-* mank&s ; 
«*Ue* muhlik. 
Malign, v. ^ ^ namm 'ala, ya- 
numm; a**^ »>^- sawwad wajh- 
hu, yusawwid. 
Malignancy, Malignity, *. &*U* 
baga4a-t; &** bugda-t; S^ $ir- 
Mall, Mallet, s. jj^ midaqq, 
muduqq; &•** midaqqa-t (pi. 
j^ madaqq). 
Mall, t?. vy* 4arab, ya^rib; j*> 

daqq, yaduqq. 
Malleability, b. »>\^>)tt J*1»U 
qabiliyat al-imtidad (LWN a l- 
imbisat) ; &^ layana-t. 
Malleable, ad;. •*&♦* yamtadd 
(3 aor. viii.) ; k-^ yambasit 
(3 aor. vii.). 
Malpractice, e. &*»*i SjU 'ada-t 
qabiha-t ; fy*j radawa-t; »>V~J 
Malt, e. jt**A\ J^ sufl aS-sa'ir. 
Maltreat, v. ^ zalam, yazlim; 

^♦tt aza, yu'azi. 
Maltreatment, *. ^ zulm ; h*\ 

Malversation, 0. <^ gi$s; &l*s- 

hiyana-t; &«•> hila-t. 
Mammal, *. &uy» muratjda'a-i. 
Mammon, *. (riches) JU mal (pi. 
J\^ amwal) ; J^ gana ; trf 
Man, 0. (human being) q\~J\ insan 
(pi. u-^ nas) ; pS\ \#\ ibn adam 
(pL ^ bani). — (the human race) 
u*\&\ an-nas; y*~£\ al-basar. — 
(male) J*, rajiil (pi. JW) rijal) ; 
y mar (pi. mjV mar'ftn). — 
(person) J*i* sans (pi. ^^fcM 
aiha?) ; <j~« nafs (pi. u~i*\ 
anfus) ; /> nafar (pi. jW anfar). 
Man, v. J* J*1 £*j waxja* ahl fl f 
yaga' ; <j^* sa^an, yai^an. 

Manacle, 9. ±£ qaid (pi. •>«! 
quyud); J* gull (pi. jitf 
Manage, v. ^*> dabbar, yudabbir ; 
/At basar, yubaiir; gJU 'alaj, 
Manageable, adj. ^ yudabbar 
(3 aor. pass. 11.); aa^ yursad 
(3 aor. pass. iv.). 
Management, *. ;-*»*£ tadbir; 
Sy*W* muMsara-t; JUU* mu'a- 
Mandate, e. *»\ amr (pi. ^1 
awamir); f£*- hukm (pi. f^\ 
ahkam) ; *#oy wasiya-t (pi. V*Uj 
wasaya) ; &#*y tausiya-t. 
Mandatory, $. J«*j wakil (pL 3tf> 

Mandible, 0. &uU ma^iga-t ; «*U 

fakk (pi. 4\Zi\ afkak). 
Mane, *. /* sVr ; uys «urf ; &f+ 

ma'rafa-t ; £^\ zu'zu*. 
Manes, b. v*^3f ^ rub al-may- 

yit (pi. c^ arwah). 
Manful, adj. JW-; rajaU-y ; jj~* 

jasur; g^i saja*. 
Manfulne8s, Manliness, *. l^y 
muruwa-t; &f*) rujula-t; Qy+j 
Mange, e. v>j* jarab. 
Manger, e. ^^ mid wad (pi. j^jl* 
madawid) ; UL - U* ma'laf (pi. 
«J^W« ma'alif). 
Mangle, b. ^yU milzama-t. 
Mangle, v. (mutilate) £j>* jada', 
yajda* ; ^ 'awwar, yu'awwir. — 
(smooth) Ja* saqal, yasqul. 
Mangy, adj. ^Wj* jarban. 
Manhood, b. JW^ £*• mablag 

Mania, b. ^y^ junun ; J^s. bubl ; 
t>V^ hayajaii ; y*yfc hawas, 
Maniac, b., Maniacal, adj. gyt** 
mainun (pi. y** W* majanin) ; 
yfi~* maskun. 
Manifest, adj. y&Vk gahir; ^-a^ 
wadih ; &<* bayyin ; ^ bayin ; 
&y sarih. 
Manifest, v.j&\ azhar, yughir; 
&d bayyau, yubayyin ; ^ wa4- 


Digitized by 





dah, yuwaddih ; £-*y audah, yu- 

Manifestation, b. j\$\ izhar;jj«k 
zuhur; c^ idah. 

Manifold, adj. *~&xsk+ muhtalif; 
f\Ss+ mutakagir; JK*t " JtfM 
aikal aikal. 

Manipulate, v. gJXc 'alaj, yu'alij. 

Manipulation, b. l+}\** mu'ala- 

Mankind, $. jh\ ^ bani adam ; 
u*UN an-nas ; ^L- i!N al-insan. 

Manna, b. ^ mann ; (^a^r/ taran- 

Manner, b. (method) J£* 6akl (pi. 
JKaI aikal); v>jU uslub; otf 
zai-y ; <Ji> tariq (pi. j> turuq) ; 
W namat (pi. 1»W nimat). — 
(fcmd") gy nau* (pi. gtyt anwa') ; 
UU-o ganf (pi. «-*Uo^ asnaf). — 
(custom) 80U ada-t (pi. *y* 
'away id). 

Mannerly, od;. s^y* mu'addab; 
♦^ s-^U sahib aaab (pi. v>W*^ 

Manners, b. {behaviour) **ljJL 
suliik; « *1 I - * * maslak; *£-*<- 
sira-t; j)M ahlaq ; J\j*« min- 
wal. — (good breeding) s^ adab 
(pi. v>M &dab) ; udtf takalluf. 

Manor, b.j** qasr (pl.^j-i queiir). 

Mansion, s. «>** bait (pi. «^^ 
buyftt; ^*> dar (pl.;W diyar,«J 
duwar) ; J)** manzil (pi. JjCC* 
manazil); (^— • maskan (pi. 
fcjA— * masakin). 

Manslaughter, *. J*S qatl. 

Manslayer, *. Jte qatil (pi. JVrf 

Mantle, b. cr*y burnus (pi. u^V 
baranis) ; (i-^» maila^ (pi. ^U^ 
ma&ilik) ; W* 'aba (pi. ^^ 

Manual, adj. ^a* yadi-y. 

Manual, a. s^ kitab (pi. s-**£ 

Manufactory, s. M*~ ma'mal 
(pi. J*U* ma'amil); <ttUy kar- 
hana-h (tt^tf karhana-h, Pera.). 

Manufacture, «. *-*ju» san'a-t; 
d^yA^U manifattura-h. 

Manufacture, v. J ♦ r *amil, 
ya'mal ; £** sana', yasna'. 

Manufacturer, 0. £$U sani'; 
ajU.^ s^U sahib karhana-h (pi. 
vvl ashab). 

Manumission, b. jlU itlaq; jVs^ 
i'taq ; J*** 'ataq. 

Manumit, t?. i&>\ aflaq, yutliq ; 
<3*^ a'taq, yu'tiq; ^ harrar, 

Manure, b. Jy zibl ; ^W) zabala-t. 

Manure, v. J»j zabbal, yuzabbil ; 
Jyt azbal, yuzbil. 

Manuscript, b. *ab~J nusha-t (pi. 
£~i nusah) ; L*> i^As* kitab haft ; 
Jk*N l*s* ha« al-yad. 

Many, ad;. p& kasir ; y^ wafir. — 
(how many) ^ kam ; «^« ^ 
kam wahid. — («o many) jW \Ju^ 
haza - '1 - qadr ; jJ^Ub balqadar ; 
a«U halqadd. — (as many as) *& 
qadd; J*^ misl. — (twice as 
many) &£f ^ qadr-hu mar- 
raten; *-i** dif (pi. <-t\**\ ad'af). 

Map, 8. J%$\ (*~\ to* waraqat rasm 
al-balad ; ij&f qutas (pi. \j~JAf 
qaratis); & ; ^ harita-t. 

Map, v. (*~j rasani, yarsum. 

Maple-tree, b. \y**y* jurmasaq. 

Mar, v. A-i^ afsad, yufsid; ^ 
kaddar, yukaddir; Ja** naggaa, 

Marble, b. yy marmar ; f>^ 

Marble, adj. <j,yy marmari-y; 
i^^j ruhami-y. 

March, *. (month) j\*\ adar. — 
(progression) y**+ mas(i; ^ 
mail ; j*~ sair, ser ; 8^— • masi- 

March, v. (move by steps) ^a* 
ma£a, yam^i; ^L. sar, yasir. — 
(border on) v> J-»^ ittasal bi, 
yattasil ; ^\5 taham, yutahim. 

Marches, b. (boundaries) ^.x-*. 
hudud (pi. of J^ hadd) ; ^ 
tuhiim (pi. of f& tuhm) ; f*+ 
maggar (pi. yU^ magasir). 

Mare, s. ^-y faras; &-y farasa-t 
(P 1 - u-^y furus, ^-^ af ras). 

Margin, s. ^W ^aiiya-t (pi. ^V 

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hawaii); u^ taraf (pi. a\JL\ 

Maeine, adj. <£f*\ bahri-y. 
Marine, 8. (sea-soldier) <^f*. ^^-^ 

'askari bahri. — (navy) &e>y nau- 

tiya-t, nutiya-t. 
Mariner, s. ^$f^ m baljri-y (pi. hf*. 

ba^riya-t) ; J>f nauti-y, nuti-y 

(pi. ^y nawati-y) ; c^ - nial- 

Marital, adj. i j^) zauji-y ; ^nj 

ziji-y ; <jrjy tazwiji-y. 
Maritime, adj. ^$f=\ bahri-y. — 

(bordering on the sea) y**$\ J-a** 

mutta$il al-bahr. 
Marjoram, s. ^yr\ anjuk. 
Mark, *. (sign) y\ agar (pi. ffi 

afar); Me 'alama^t (pi. fto 

'alam, p»%* 'alayim). — (aim) 

^U^i ni&Ln (pi. (^W nayaiin). 
Mark, v. (make a mark or im- 
pression) <JLc ^lc <allam 'ala, yu- 

'allim; ^ f\ assar fi, yu'asgir; 

f»~j rasam, yarsum ; ^— j wasam, 

yasim. — (note) 1*^ lahag, yula- 

fciz; ijb J* nazar ila, yanzur; 

jl £&!» tatalla* ila, yata^alla'. 
Market, s. (place) jj- sauq (pi. 

s3\f*\ aswaq). — (vaulted) jty 

bazar (Pers.). — (hall) kj^~e* 

qaisariya-t. — (sale) *«*• mabi*. 
Market, v. <>sf*\ y & ba* wa ii- 

tara, yabi' wa ya^tari ; f^s tajar, 

Marketable, adj. ^ A^le <alai-hi 

Marksman, s. «^fVa*$ niSanji. 
Marl, s. &£> tin. 
Masmelade, *. ^y murabba. 
Marquee, *. y\y° sawan (pi. &p>\ 

aswina-t) ; &•**• haima-t (pi. f\*&- 

Marriage, s. $\j>) ziwaj ; &r m ) zija-t ; 

C^ nikkh.— (demand in marriage) 

s-J^ hatab, yahtub. 
Marriageable, adj. ^ Mlig, f. 

£ -a-t ; fy)\ azwaj. 
Marriage- feast, s. <j*f- 'urs (pi. 

ij*\f\ a'ras) ; tj* f arah (pi. cV* 

Marrow, s. £* muhh (pi. fcU>* 

mihah). — (of the spine) g^ 

Marry, v. (take in marriage) trf 

tazawwaj, yatazawwaj ; J**\J ta- 

'ahhal, yata'ahhal. — (give in 

marriage) gjj zawwaj, yuzawwij. 
Mars, s. (planet) &y mirrih, mar- 

Marsh, s. &sb-~ sabha-t. 
Marshal, s. j£~* y sir 'askar 

Marshal, v. (J* nazzam, yunag- 

gini ; cA* §aff , ya§uff ; <*M* 

§affaf , yu^affif . 
Mart, s. ju~ sauq (pi. jV^ 

aswaq) ; ^jW bazar. 
Martial, adj. (referring to war) 

ijtf- harbi-y. — (brave) £V» 3uja* ; 

$*A gaji'*(pl. o^^Ai Suj'an); 

^W )** zu bas. 
Martin, s. (stoallow) *J^ huftaf 

(pi. cA*UU. ha^atif) ; *J^ hu- 

taif (dimin.) ; y^- sununu (pi. 

c^yyu. sun&nuwat). 
Martingale, s. &+tj* sarima-t. 
Martyr, s. ^^» 6ahid (pi. *>^» 

suhud) ; *V** ^ahid (pi. ^J^ 

Martyr, v. J^e*» *^ qatal-hu 

^ahid, yaqtal. 
Martyrdom, s. SjI$* ^ahada-t. 
Marvel, s. &**** 'ajiba-t (pi. 

s-^Wc 'ajayib) ; **^>* 4 ujuba-t 

(pi. s-^j^^ a'ajib). 
Marvel, v. ^ s-^» ta'ajjab min, 

yata'aj jab ; s^ ^<7 , ^ ista'jab, 

Marvellous, adj. s-^^» 'ajib; 

*j* garib ; g2»M bad!'. 

Masculine, adj. jti zakar (pi. ^ 
zukiir) ; ^^ zakari-y. — (in 
grammar) f±* muzakkar. 

Mash, *. (mixture) W*. hilt (pi. 
LU\ ahlat). 

Mash, v. (mix) U*- halat, yahlut. — 
(crush) <a^*> dahak, yadhak ; j»> 
daqq, yaduqq. 

Mask, s. 8/b-^ mashara-t ; ^ 
Sj^~* wajh mashara-t. — (pre- 
tence) &**■ hila-t; ^^ hujjat 

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(pi. e*»- hujaj) ; &e 'illa-t (pi. 


Mask, v. ^fe— ^ mashar, yumashir ; 

j-»£— tf tanakkar, yatanakkar. — 

(conceal) (+& katam, yaktum; 

tjte^ ahfa, yuhfl. 
Mason, *. W banna (pi. e>*>W 

baunayin) ; jUc 'ammar ; ^^W** 

Masonry, s. £*W binaya-t. 
Masquerade, *. %f&~* mashara-t. 
Mass, 8. (bulk) p~+ jisni ; gU—* 

jusman. — (quantity) fy£ kagra-t ; 

j\*&* miqdar (pi. fl*\&+ maqadir). 

— (heap) &•/ kuma-t (pi. +\£\ 

akwam, *£ kuwain) ; +<£ kum 

(pi. <£+*£ kiman) ; v*)*? kurdus. 

— (church service) y-W quddas 

(pi. cri^J^ qadadis). 
Mass, v. £♦*- jamma', yujammi' ; 

pf kawwam, yukawwim; <j**>j£ 

kardas, yukardis. — (say mass) 

u*^ qaddas, yuqaddis. 
Massacre, *. JjS qatl ; &&• maq- 

tala-t ; g± zabh ; &i\& nikaya-t. 
Massacre, v. J-tf qatal, yaqtul; 

£*«& zabah, yazbifc; zabbah, yu- 

zabbih; *-&- 6 ~ A \ *e*i JA* bazal 

fi-him as-saif, yaozil. 
Massive, adj. ^o\ asamm, f. U-o 

eamma (pi. p* eumm, ^U-» eum- 

nian) ; «-Ae*j rasif . 
Mast, s. ^U sari (pi. ^r* ?*" 

Master, *. (ford) s-»A* sahib (pi. 

vW ashab) ; s^ rabb (pi. 

v»W arbab) ; ^Jy mania (pi. 

o-tty* mawali) ; *sLJU matik 

(pi. **JjM umliik). — (skilful in 

anything) j *A * mahir; *>\ju^ 

ustad. — (teacher) fi»* mu'allim. 

— (mister, sir) *>*- sayyid, sid 

(pi. *>W-^ asyad, «yWL. sadat) ; 

<My** hawaja-h (Pers.); <j±**\ 

afandi (2W&.). 
Master, v. (subdue) s-l£ galab, 

yaglib ; j& qahar, yaqhar ; g*i 

qama', yaqma'; <*)U5 tamallak, 

yatamallak. — (acquire or possess 

skill) ,»!*; ta'allam, yata'allam; 

#* mahar, yamhir; fl*5 tamah- 

har, yatamahhar (the last two 
with <j* ft). 

Masterly, adv. fyUa&i bi-satara-t. 

Mastership, 8. &*U** mu'allimi- 
ya-t. — (dominion) 1+^** buku- 
ma-t; aL l»? tamalluk; laJuJ 

Mastery, *. (superiority) J^ facjl 
(pi. J^ fudul, JUrt afdal). 

Mastic, s. ^**» mastaka; «*Uc 
'ilk ; l&* «ilka-t (pi. djb 'uluk). 

Masticate, v. «eXlc 'alak, ya'lak; 
£*• macjag, yam^ag; &$ lak, 

Mastication, s. fry ma4g; «*Ue 

Mastiff, *. **** s-J^ kalb kabir (pi. 
v>K kilab). 

Mat, s. y~*>~ basil*; S^^. hasira-t 
(pi. ,~ tuer, ^U- tasayir) ; JtjW 
bariya-t (pi. ^^ bawart) ; ^i 
nahh (pi. fcM anhah). 

Mat, v. (waA^ wiate) ^*- J^c ( amil 
liusr, ya'mal. — (furnish with 
mats) C^y farai, yafru^ ; farrai, 
yufarris* ; j** ji gatta bi-ljusr, 

Match, s. (of a gun) &*** £atila-t 
(pi. J*V*i fatayil).— (tipped with 
sulphur, &c.) is^t^ *)* 'aud 
kibrit; «w^ kibrit, is^kibri- 
ta-t ; U> naf t. — (equal) &f 
qarin (pi. U^l qurana) ; JU* 
migal (pi. ^.^ amsila-t); Jft* 
musl, musuL — (fellow) fyj zauj ; 
V fard (pi. *\jk firad).— (confer 
tw a ^a?7i€) i^J la'ba-t, lu'ba-t ; 
&*Va* muqabala-t. — (union by 
marriage) c^j ziwaj ; ^3 zija-t. 

Match, v.a. (oppose) J*tf o^abil, 
yuqabil. — (pair) $$ zawwaj, yu- 
zawwij ; n. (6e cgrtuiZ) (^U qaran, 
ynqarin; 5^3 zawij, yuzawij ; 
^Vo. haza, yut&zi.— («4^) ,3*^ 
waiiq, yuwafiq. 

Matchless, adj. JU»N ^ac 'adioo. 
al-migal (mital) ; ^ iJ U m & 
la-hu nagir; a] ^tf S la §ani 
(tani) la-hu. 

Mate, 8. (companion) ij^j rafiq 
(pi. jV*^ arfaq, Uu^ rufaqa) ; 

Digitized by 



s~ftA* fafcib (pl- s^Wol aekab). — 

(male and female) Cj) zauj, f. 

a«^ zauja-t (pi. g^ azwaj, ^-^ 

ziwaja-t). — (of a ship) v«*^ ^J^ 

mudabbir al-markab. — (in chess) 

«>U «U £ah mat. 
Mate, v.a. e^j zawwaj, yuzawwij ; 

n. gjy tazawwaj, yatazawwaj. 
Material, adj. (consisting of 

matter) ^ye* hayuli-y ; <J*ye* 

hayulitni-v ; <3*>L^ maddi-y ; 

^U-*. jismani-y. — (essential) 

^U zati-y ; <jU a?li-y ; ^^ 

4ururi-y; pfl lazim; pf+ mu- 

Material, s. (stuff) J^Ui qamai. 

— (matter) SoU madda-t (pi. *>\j* 

mawadd) ; s-**— sabab (pi. s-»W-^ 

Materialist, s. ^^ «-*j-As* 

failasuf tabi'i-y. 
Materiality, 0. £*»>U maddiya-t ; 

^W jismaniya-t. 
Maternal, adj. <j»\ ummi-y. 
Maternity, s. l~y\ um^ma-t ; 

&#A ummiya-t. 
Mathematical, adj. ^kj riya<Ji-y ; 

,j+eto ta'limi-y. 
Mathematician, s. wwW^W ^ 

'alim bi - *r - riyaoaya-t ; *JVa 

«>W«^ 'alim bi-'t-ta'limiyat. 
Mathematics, s. w^*}\ ^ 'ilm 

ar-riya^iyat ; ^J*^1 ff*&\ al- 

< ulum at-ta c Mmiya-t. 
Matricide, s. (act) f$\ Jtf qatl 

al-umm. — (who commits it) J?^ 

fl\ qatil al-umm. 
Matriculate, 0. f*<A\ ^ <*£ qay- 

yad fi-'d-daftar, yuqayyid. 
Matriculation, s. *&& taojid. 
Matrimonial, adj. <^*y ziji-y; 

^j) zauji-y ; <jrjy tazwiji-y. 
Matrimony, s. t\j>3 ziwaj ; &rj 

zija-t ; g^y tazawwuj ; c^ nikah. 
Matrix, 0. (womb) p+j rahim (pi. 

pW arhain). — (woitW) O^* 

qalib (pi. s~tt;5 qawalib). 
Matron, 0. (respectable woman) 

Vf\** hatun (pi. {&6>\f- hawatin). 

— (nurse) &***\ amina-t. 
Matter, s. (substance) ±Jye* bi- 

287 [May 

yula; **>U] madda-t (pi. *\y 
mawadd) ; jby* jauhar (pi. y*\j*- 
jawahir) ; (+~+ jism (pi. ft-4^ 
ajsam, fj~* jusiim). — (subject) 
£*>U madda-t ; #*L^» mas'ala-t 
(pL Jft~* masayil) ; fl^a* maqu- 
la-t. — (affair) y\ amr (pi. ;*M 
umur); **W baja-t (pi. &\f 
hawayij) ; l*& qa4iya-t (pi. ^US 
qa^aya). — (matter of fact) J^ 
hal (pi. A\^\ ahwal).— (import- 
ance) J* giql; fSc 'ugm. — 
(pus) eei qaih (pi. cja* quyufc) ; 
•>*a-» ?adid (pi. ojuo fudud). 

Matter, v. (6e of importance) (M 
'azum, ya'zum. — (it matters not) 
y-W^ ma fi-hi Ms.— (toAa* 
3oe* it matter?) 0fr m (J*\ e& 

Mattock, s. £f* mi'wal (pi. JjU* 
ma'awil) ; ^J** ma'dur). 

Mattress, s. ^ farsa-t (pi. v>^* 
furus) ; MjL tarra^a-t (small 
one) ; £*3y» martaba-t (pi. s-J>V* 

Mature, adj. <£f~+ mustawi ; g^Vj 
yani* (pi. 5^ yana') ; g-fcU na^ij. 
— (mature in years) {$~A\ ^ ^VL 
ta'in fi-'s-sinn. 

Maturity, s. \f-\ istiwa. — (pu- 
berty) <j)-J\ g^ balag as-sinn; 
tf* bulug; ^1| bulugiya-t. — 
(maturity of judgment) j£i\ JU^ 
kamal al-'aql. 

Mausoleum, s. &*^ rauda-t (pi. 
u*^ riid); 8^ maqbara-t (pi. 
j|Va* maqabir); j\y* mazar; ^ 
qubba-t (pi. v»W* qibab). 

Maw, t. (stomach) S.*** mi'da-t (pi. 
^•^ mi'ad); &of* tau§ala-t (pi. 
J*^ tawafil). 

Maxim, s. Sj^U qa'ida-t (pi. *xc^ 
qawa'id) ; (jWU qanun (pi. (^V 
qawanin) ; £f U 4abita-t. 

Maximum, 0. s-J^^^ al-aglab ; ^^ 

May, *.^ ayyar. 

May, v. genemlly expressed by the 
aor. of a verb; in formulas of 
invocation for good or evil, as 

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Ms**- ^r/i v*-^» -til* ii. 7«- 


— <S-d; 


•;*^t.j»>» 5a*? :/ * - ^ 3i» 

jyf-**a «. £* V.T: J— *& w*V* 
jCe-.wnr, i. t** T&T zL £%* 

a.;u<- ^ aazL_— >>;-* ^«- 

Jf**f*, *. ( f//%r) g*m± tah ; n- — 
('saw*) £**» hiskai. — <ji*e) 
,>*** da/j>; ; l+*+£ kaH-iJA-t- — 
(report; & akla~t ; *-** giza, 
jri /ji ; I*a* gadwa-t ; (•*«£* taim ; 

Mkay, adj. (U/v) j** haqir; ^*> 

d*uUy ; ^ ' j * hand (pL ^t— ** 
J)i*aa,' u*^ ahi&sa; ; J~> zalii (pL 
J3*> zjJaI, £i1 azilia-t) ; <*«*• 
mabio (&L ^** mahana'). — 
(ttiwjy) Ja^. babil (pL 1*: bu- 

*i^>;, f, *»rW> &hiba-t (pL 
HW* <al)ajil>). — (middling) 
\Lf+ routawawH ; J***** muta- 

Mkay, j. (middle) k-> wast; J 1 ^^ 
wun^a. — (mediocrity) &Uj wasa- 
ta-t ; Jt JOfi^ i'tidal. 

Meaiv, t?. (intend) *** qa«ad, yaqsid ; 
xJi ta/jan«a/l, jataqassad; ^ 
ara/1, yurWl. — (signify) {mS ^ 'ana, 
ya'nl ; ^y*^ a'na, yu'ni. 

^u-iiifc-^ zi- ^": 

"-' * ^r jmm atna jL _ 

r-" . in* rirtfirn 7 : «f b-chL 


nwm J"*-* mil 

Mu^raj. *. €sz?nz «*• qadar; 
*-!*• aLJi'Lir zl jt **~ nn4*»fir). 

i—r^ iZJTcfik^ : J^ kail (pi. 
^•-** iir? i_ : -<-* "tTar. — i rmrfm- 
■^t j ,-■«*• ai3:jri5 ; J^* mik- 
yil rL J*i^ makayil). — 
71 -• r¥ <^? wain (jpL c?^3)' 
azLiiz. : ^*>s* Tr ; ran (jiL e^j^y* 
E*witii: . — ipL ^roc«rf*»^t) 

Mxxsrxx, r. i^*^:*, <*r.) ^Vi qis, 

raqis : £\* *irar. ra^iyir. — (com, 

A:.. J^ kiL yakiL 
Mkasxt&kmest. jl g-W* qiyas; 

ic^i— • m^saba-t ; i^v««* mu'aya- 

Mkat, jl (/"bod t» general) JA akl ; 
* ta'im (pi. ini»\ a^ma-t, 
ta^amat) ; «>j» qut. — 

(Jeek) f»J labm (pL r> J 

Mechanic, j. *s>33^ h-«^ ^ (J\* 

A alim fi tarkib al-alat; «*i\ #U 

^ani 4 alat. 
Mechanics, «. «>33^ *»j«^ ma'rifat 

al-alat ; &M\ s-^/ ^Jc 'ilm tar- 
kib al-alat; JeJ^ ^ 'ilm al- 

Mschakism, $. 8\ s-^> tarkib 

Medal, *. *^- sikka-t (pi. **X£- 

sikak) ; A»y quna-t (pi. gjl qu- 


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Meddle, v. J^W tadahal, yatada- 

hal ; <J>fS ta'arrad, yata'arrad. 
Meddler, s. J*^»> dahil (pi. IUj 

duhala); Jy* fud&li-y. 
Meddlesome, adi. J*-^ mudahil. 
Meddling, s. fl±W mudahala-t. 
Mediate, v. i*-y tawassat, yata- 

wassat ; ^-V tawasat, yatawasat ; 

^ J*.o dahal ben, yadhul. 
Mediate, adj. \**f* rau tawassat. 
Mediation, b. &>-.\j* muwasata-t; 

&>Uj wisa^a-t ; SjfcW* inubaiara-t ; 

*cU* sifa'a-t. 
Mediator, s. W-j wasit (pi. U*-j 

wusata) ; la-\fS* mutawasit ; £*** 

safi' (pi. Uaa sufe'a). 
Medical, (w?;. <j*i» tibbi-y, tubbi-y ; 

^o dawayi-y. 
Medicament, Medicine, *. \** 

dawa (pi. k)*\ adwiya-t) ; e&e 

'ilaj ; s-J» t^bb, tubb ; %* sar- 

ba-t (pi. s^* snub). 
Medicinal, ad/. ^^ tibbi-y, tub- 

Mediocre, adj. v^^j wastani-y. 
Mediocrity, s. &\~) was&ta-t. 
Meditate, v. %&» tafakkar, yata- 

fakkar; J* « ta'ammal, yata- 

'ammal (both with ^ fi). 
Meditation, s.j&s tafakkur ; J**l? 

Medium, s. ^ wast ; J*"* wusta. 
Medlar, s. &♦■■■ * >* mismila-t ; c^* 

^ tufah bani-y ; *«U* nulk. 
Medley, s. ULs. halt (pi. WW 

ahlat); Wu*\ ihtUat ; e*)*^ im- 

Medley, ad/\ LjUs* mahlut. 
Meed, *. V^ jaza ; <A>ty^* mujazat ; 

u*ViV£* mukafat. 
Meek, ooy. ^J^- halim (pi. Ul^ 

hulama, f&+\ ahlam) ; 5>*>j wadi*. 
Meekness, 8. ^ trilm ; M»>j wa- 

Meet, 007. <J*V* niuwafiq ; s-*-^ 

munasib ; <jt) layiq. 
Meet, v.a. ^ laqa, yalqa; ^yS 

laqa, yulaqi ; «^»>V* sadaf , yuaa- 

dif; •*»-; wajad, yajid; n. ^asN 

iltaqa, yaltaqi ; g***^ ijtama', 


Meeting, *. (eraotmfer) &»>U* mu- 
gadafa-t ; UxN iltiqa. — (interview) 
J*j wasl ; J4A saml. — (assembly) 
&W jama'a-t ; £ ^**^ ijtima' ; 
g »^« majma' (pi. g*W* niaja- 
mi 1 ) ; crW* inajlis (pi. <j~1W* 
majalis) ; JW« niahfal (pi. J*V*** 

Melancholic, ad/. *.$jWj- sauda- 
wi-y ; (#)^ hazin ; jj£* mukad- 
dar ; M^ jawwag. 

Melancholy, *. Uj- sauda ; ^y^ 
jawaza-t ; Z^figA" milanholiya-t. 

Mellifluous, adj. J-*- mu'assal ; 
J-U 'asil. 

Mellow, adj. (ripe) <sf*~" mus- 
tawa. — (soft) 0J layyin; f^i 
na4m ; ^ rahii ; ^ ^ari-y. 

Mellowness, s. \f-\ istiwa ; S^ 
rahawa-t; l*f* nu'iima-t; S^ 

Melodious, adj. { j^» ^aji-y ; sr*^ 

Melodiousness, *. pto h^ 'azft- 

^V*« , 

0— e. 


bat nagam ; 

Melody, a. &*** nagama-t; h^ 
sinaya-t ; &"ff tarnuma-t. 

Melon, *. £& bittih t battih ; ^W 
bittiha-t (pi. ^XVL> batatih).— 
(water-melon) <j~** jabas. 

Melt, v.a. v*^ zawwab, yuzawwib ; 
^>\S\ azab, yuzib. — (metals) *«X<— 
sabak, yasbuk. — (fat) ^*- say- 
yah, vusay vih ; x- sala, yasla ; 
n. v>^ zafe, vazub ; s-^-^\ in- 
kasab, yankasib ; c^- sah, yasih. 

Meltino, *. s-^^ tazwib; ^^ 
zawaban ; *«X<-» sabk ; < g^ . . »~J tas- 
bik; tfJ^— s\ insibak; (^W^ sa- 

Member, s. (limb) y& 'adu (pi. 
\**\ a'da); ^W jarilialt (pi. 
Ci^ jawarih). — (0/ an assembly) 
l $*\ ahl ; w— ^ §ahib ; /*^- hadir. 

Membrane, s. \&& giik ; SjU»fe gisa- 
wa-t (pi. &~&&\ ag^iya-t). 

Membraneous, adj. ^i^fe gisayi-y. 

Memento, s. Ij&s tafkira-t; j^i* 

Memoir, s. SyjJ tazkara-t. 

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Memorable, adj. j&t yuzkar (3 
aor. pass.) ; /att s-^ wajib az- 

Memoeaitoum, 8. S^Jj tazkira-t 

MEMORANDUM-BOOK, 8. &jJk& taf- 

Mbmoeial, 8.sp*~f\ asar maShur 
(pi. Ijpt* f\ &§ar mashura-t). — 
(solicitation) JW ^^ « a rd \k\; 
to) ruq'a-t (pi. fti, riqa'). ' 
Memorialise, t?. <j*jc 'arrad, yu- 

Memorialist, 0. JOt <>/* s^A* 
sahib 'ard al-fcal (pi. ^>W>t 
asfcab); to, s-^U gafcib ru- 
Memoey, s. {faculty) fcfe> hif z ; to 
i*«*N quwwat al-hif 2 ; &i\<J\ Syft 
al-quwwat al-^afija-t. — (remem- 
brance) j& zikr; &j£\&+ muza- 
kara-t ; /& tazakkur. 
Menace, 8. <**$ tahdid; *>Jk«? ta- 

haddud ; w-*as? tarhib. 
Menace, v. *>J*> naddad, yuhaddid ; 
<><*& tahaddad, yatahaddad ; *->f* 
hawwaf , yuhawwif . 
Mend, v.a. (improve) ^1* sallah, 
yusallih ; gUt aslah, yuslii ; ^Jo 
sah^ah, y usahhik.— (repair) ^ 
ramm, yarumm; ^»j ramram, 
yuramrim ; n. fcU? tasallat, ya- 
Mendacious, adj. ^MS kazzab; 

*-r>)& kazub ; t)W* mayyan. 
Mendacity, a. **>S& takazzub. 
Mendicant, a. yu faqir"(pl. \& 
fuqara); *>UA safchad ; Jft~ 
Mendicity, 8. SoV*a safcada-t ; Jj-J 

Menial, adj., 8. f*>\±- hadim (pi. 
p\j&- huddam) ; ^j^Jf^N s^—^ 
mansub ila - '1 - huddam) ; <jM 
Menses, 8. y^ ^ai<J; j±e «uzr; 
«^*J» tims ; L-a3\ «wUU «adat an- 
nisa. — (Aave toe menses) «~*W 
had at, tahid. 
Mensurable, adj. <j*^t yuqas ; J^ 
yukal (3 aor. pass.). 

Mensuration, $. i*X~* masiha-t 
Mental, adj. J** «aqli-y; ^ 

qalbi-y ; 15;*** damiri-y. 
Mention, a. y& zikr. 
Mention,- v. /«* zakar, yazkur; 
5jft v»W jab zikr-hu, yajib"; ^ 
i$* kana 'an, yakni. 
Mercantile, adj. <4>V tujari-y ; 
i5j**» matjari-y ; ^cUf ba^af-y. 
Mercer, a. e^ banri-y ; j>\f» £W 

bayya' karayir. 
Merchandise, s. M* bida'a-t (pL 
©>U| badayi') ; l^ ' tijaia-t ; 
j+*» matjar (pi. j*A&« matajir); 
W- sil'a-t (pi. ^U sila'). 
Merchant, $. *X? tajir (pi. %W* 

tujjar) ; #* bayya* ; \p sarra. 
Merciful, ad/\ (compassionate) 
(**»j ratlin ; ^.j rahurn ; ^U^ 
ragman ; jyt* safiiq ; ^ja*-* mu$- 
fiq. — (willing to pardon) j^kfc 
gafur (pi ykfc gufur). 
Mercifulness, $. t+*y marha- 

ma-t, <fcc. See Mercy. 
Merciless, adj. &•*») dJ U m4 la-hu 
rafema-t; <3^ ^ gair safiq; 
<j-Vs qasi. 
Mercilessness, «. SjUJ qasawa-t. 
Mercurial, adj. (containing mer- 
cury) { J**i) zibaqi-y, zaibaqi-y. — 
(sprightly) !**«* naiit. 
Mercury, s. (metal) OMj zibaq, 
zaibaq ; j\j-i firar, farar. — 
(planet) *>flaz 'a^arid (also used 
for the metal). 
Mercy, s. (compassion) &++j rah- 
ma-t; ^**^ marhama-t; &&*> 
^afaqa-t. — (pardon) 8^uu mag- 
fira-t; (^yfc gufran; /c «afu ; 
cU— samah. — (power) ^ qadr; 
•** yad. 
Mere, adj., Merely, adv. t*ft fa- 
qa{ (placed at the end of a sen- 
Meretricious, adj. %*U ( ahir; 
«>-U fasiq ; J*M fttp&.— (gaudy) 
*->?»y muzahrif . 
Merge, v.n. jjt gariq, yagraq; 
v3j*» tagarraq, yatagarraq ; y-Lfc 
gatas, yagtis ; a. j/ garraq, yu- 
garriq ; ijJot gaftas, yugattifl. 

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Meridian, 8. j\q£\ 

Meridional, adj. (southern) tjty*+ 

janubi-v ; ^J** qibli-y. 
Merit, s. J* fadl (pi. J^ fudiul, 

JUrt afcjal); S*+*~\ istihqaq; 
o^^*i-\ isti'dad ; &c^ bari 4 a-t. — 

(reward) v>V gawab; y*\ ajr; 

«y Vil£* mukaf A t. — ( punishment) 

^Ui qieas ; \y* jaza. 
Merit, v. (reward) <3*£~\ ista- 

haqq, yastahiqq. — (punishment) 

s + j x.«\ istaujab, yastaujib. — 

(either) J**U^ ista'hal, vas- 

Meritorious, adj. JiiW»«l istih- 

qaqi-y ; <j\f gawabi-y ; £ ; W bari*. 
Mermaid, «.^*tt vs^j bint al-ba^r 

(pi. v*>W ban at). 
Merriment, Merriness, s. t^ 

f arah ; s^ tarab ; j^— sarur. 
Merry, act/', ^r-* masrur; gW^ 

farhan; s^ {arib. 
Mesh, s. ^^ 'ain (pi. yye* 'uyun) ; 

Sj^ gurza-t (pi. jjfc guraz). 
Mess, s. (dish) fUL {a'ani (pi. U*L\ 

afima-t, v&>U^L-*L {a'amat). — 

(mixed mass) lot* Us. halt maty. 
Message, s. &\~j risala-t (pL Jil-j 

rasayil) ; ^ habar (pi. y*M 

ahbar) ; fyU* ba4ara-t. 
Messenger, s. Jj-j rasul (pi. J~j 

rusul) ; JL.y» mirsal (pi. J*-\^ 

maraeil); a*Vs qasid (pi. *>US 

qussad); ^ barid (pi. *y 

burud) ; -A** muba^sir ; ^*ft* 

basir (pi. yu* busara'). 
Messiah, s. £*~*H al-masifc. 
Metal, s. ^j** ma'din (pi. ^jU* 

Metallic, adj. <j*J** ma'dini-y ; 

O^*^ ($* min ma'din. 
Metallurgist, a. (^U*^ ^Sb 

'alim bi-'l-ma'adin. 
Metallurgy, s. qoU+H ^le 41m al- 

Metamorphosis, s. *>r&&\ inqilab ; 

s-to taqallub; J*/* taijwil ; 

£~U? tanasuh. 
Metaphor, a. S;U*-\ isti'ara-t ; k^ 
kinaya-t j j V* majaz. 

i^ haft nisf I Metaphorical, adj. v^W* maja 

zi-J ; v.^^*-^ isti'an-y ; j 

Metaphysics, s. f$&\ ^lc 'ilm al- 

kalam; ****U\ jy U ^lc <ilni 

ma fauq at-$abi'a-t ; cwSybuH ^le 

*ilm al-ma'qulat. 
Mete, v. <j*\* qas, yaqia ; Jtf kal, 

yakil; jUfl jktal, yaktal. 
Metempsychosis, a. j*+s taqam- 

Meteor, s. v»W*» iihab (pL 

suhub, oU^eAi suhban, 

Meter, s. <j*W* qiyas ; y*W** miq- 

Methinks, v. J (^Wi yaban li; 

i^\ agunn ; s-^-*-\ ahsib. 
Method, s. &** manhaj (pi. g*^ 

nianahij) ; ^^ {ariqa-t (pi. jfe^ 

tarayiq) ; fccti qa*ida-t (pi. J^^ 

qawa 4 id) ; v»/-\ uslub (pi. v^U 

Methodical, adj. s-^/» murattab ; 

f b **+ muntazim ; s^^-^ s-^-^* 

sa^ib uslub; (&* s-^^> ?ahib 

nizam (pi. v>W«^ ashab). 
Methodise, v. s-**) rattab, yurat- 

tib ; fte nazam, yanzim ; naz- 

zam, yunazzim. 
Metre, s. q% wazn (pi. ^^ 

auzan) ; y\yt" mizan (pi. ^j^ 

Metrical, adj. ff** manzum ; 

Q))y mauzun. 
Metropolis, s. l*j£+)\ u-/ kursi-y 

al-hukuma-t j ^ULJ\ j\j dar as- 

sal^ana-t. — (applied to Mekka) 

i$j&\ f\ umm al-qura. 
Metropolitan, s. q\J*" mitran, 

ma^ran (pi. &jUa* matarina-t, 

^VU» matarin). 
Mettle, s. <**» ^add (pi. *y*» 

tudiid) ; tyf* fcarara-t ; l>± sid- 

da-tj &*fc himma-t; 5j«* gira-t 

Mettled, Mettlesome, s. ^a ^ 

zii himuia-t ; j«j^ ljadid ; ^U. 

hami ; ^ja sadid ; £S+*> saja* ; 
jf~+ jasur. 
Mew, v. (o« a cat) <^y nawwa, yu- 


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nawwi. — (shed feathers) rf kar- 

raz, yukarriz ; <j~ip qarnas, ) u- 

Mew, 8. (cage) ^ti qafas (pi. ^Ul\ 

Miasma, s. J&. buhar (pi. l/*$ ab- 

Microcosm, s. j*** fJ\& 'alam sagir 

Microscope, s. s^a-i/^ &\ alat 
al-miqrosqob ; jUjf V**^ S/" 

Dazzara-t al-aiya as-sigar. 

Mid, adj. ^^-^ wastani-y. 

Mid-day, *. ^ zubr (pi. j\&\ 
azhar) ; kj& zahriya-t ; j^\ «-A-> 
nisf an-nabar. 

Middle, Mid- way, adj. Ja-$ wasa- 
ti'J} o*^~J wastani-y; W~j 
wasit (pi. &~j wusata) ; W-y^ 
mutawassit ; < JUju ^ muntasif. 

Middle, Midway, Midst, *. ^ 

wast, wasat ; k-^s* mutawassi^ ; 

«JU> nisf, nusf ; &>j*»; bufcbu- 

Middling, acfy\ <j*^-j wastAni-y. 
Midnight, s. JJM «JU> nigf a l- 

Midsummer, *. u^\ ulj nisf as- 

saif ; ^Ae- *>r>)&\ inqilab saifi-y. 
Midwipe, e. tyti qabila-t (pi. jiy 

qawabil) ; A*W daya-h (pi. «p\*U 

dayat, Pers.). 
Midwifery, $ *Jf ^ 'ilm taulid. 
Mien, *. }**• manzar (pi. £u* 

inanazir) ; ky ruya-t ; i+j wajh 

(pi. *yt- y wujfih). 
Might, 8. lj<& qudra-t ; ^.utf iqti- 

dar ; SjJ quwwa-t ; &>VL {aqa-t. 
Mightiness, 8. lj<& qudra-t. 
Mighty, adj. ^ qadir ; jk<& qadir ; 

fj* s-^-^* ?a^ib quwwa-t; y>* 

Mignonette, «. ***U fagiya-t. 
Migrate, v. JUL {afai, yaffis ; g* 

hajj, yahujj. 
Migration, b. g**ft hajij ; ^UaW 

Migratory, ad/. JtiVL tafW. 
Mild, a<ty\ ^ layyin ; ^J^- ballm ; 

gl^ wadi' (pi. ^j wuda'a) ; 

o~*o damlg. — (o/ ta#te) vJ* 


Mildew, *. <j#j~ sua; **>W*ft a~j~ 

susat an-nabat ; ** ^irr. 
Mildness, #. fk» Ijilm ; W*>j wi- 

da'a-t; hy±* 'uzuba-t; i+5%+ 

Mile, 8. Ja* mil (pi. J^ amyal) ; 

£-/ farsah (pi. £-V farasih). 
Military, adj. <jet*~"* 'askari-y ; 

^jf- l?arbi-y ; «^* jundi-y. 
Military, s. "h^^\ al-'askariya-t ; 

^L-*M al- c asakir; .**► jund (pi. 

J y^ junud, *>Wt ajnad). 
Milk, #. s-J^ halib ; &A laban 

(pi. 0^ alban, ^ libin). 
Milk, v. s-*1»» halab, yahlab. 
Milk-maid, s. W^- haliba-t. 
Milkman, «. s-J^ £W bayya' 

Milky, adj. ^j**** halibi-y. 
Mill, s. 0j*VL taljun ; ^VL tahu- 

na-t (pi. e<^^ tawabin) ; i^W. 

mitbana-t; Wj raha (pL ^ 

arl?a, ^-^ arfciya-t). — (turned by 

animal*) £*+ madar. — (wind- 
mill) \y*> Qf>& \*hun hawa. — 

(water-mill) U Q)*\L taljun mi. 

— (hand-mill) byW jarusa-t (pi. 

crtjV jawaris). 
Mill, v. (grind) 0*^ tafcan, ya$- 

^an ; J^ jaras, yajrus. — (coin) 

s^/* 4arab, ya^rib ; j^ daqq, 

Miller, s. ^U^ tahban; ^V^ 

Millet, s. ^\^\ s-^ babb as- 

saraniq ; (^-^*> dufen ; Wjp- 

Million, s. <-d\ *-J&\ alf alf ; 0^ 

Millionaire, *. va>U5^ s-»^* fa^ib 

alafat (pi. v>W-»^ ael?ab). 
Mill-stone, *. Q)f>& j++- tajar 

tabun (pi. 6;^*- tajara-t) ; <^; 

Milt, *. (spleen) JUJ» tifaal (pi. 

J^ttutul).— (offish) *W- Wrf 

nutfa-t samak. 
Milter, «. ^»i **U- samak zakar. 
Mimic, «o(y'., 0. jJa* muqallid; 

^Aja? taqlidi-y. 

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Mimic, v. <& qallad, yuqallid ; J» 

naqal, yanqul. 
Mimicby, s. *\sl» taqlid. 
Mince, v. rf faram, yafrum. 
Mind, s. ^U* hatfr (pi. j^f*> hawa- 

tir) ; cjy r<lh (pi. cV arwalj) ; 

J^> bal ; ^4-* damir (pi. ^U* <Ja- 

mayir) ; s-ii qalb (pi. s^ 5 

qulAb). — (inclination) )h* ha^ir j 

•>\^ murad (pi. **A*y\y muradat). 

— (opinion) ^; rayi (pi. \£ ara) ; 

(^ zann (pi. qJ& zuufin) ; f± 

fikr (pl. ; Krtafkar). 
Mind, v. **ss\ intabah, yantabih; 

^ d]^ JW a 4 ta bal-hu li-$e- 

yin, yu'tf ; v» o**** i'tana bi, 

Mindful, ad;, ^j wa'i; { y^^ 

mu'tani; hS*& ^ zft 'anaya-t; 

xJU muqayyad ; 4<;u* muntabih ; 

u*j*** mu^taris. 
Mine, a. (of metals) <$J** ma'din 

(pi. 0*>^** raa'adin). — (under 

walls, &c.) f£ lugra (pi. ^ 

Mine, v. ^-*» naqab, yanqub ; J** 

^*5 'amil lugm, ya'mal. 
Miner, $. ^J** mu'addin. 
Mining, *. 0*>UJ\ g\^A-\ ***-» 

?ana'a-t istihraj al-ma'adin. 
Mineral, $. y*** ma'din (pi. 

0.>U* ma'adin). 
Mineral, adj. ^J** ma'dani-y. 
Mineralogist, s. 0*>UJ^ ^3Vc 

'alim bi-'l-ina'adin. 
Mineralogy, s. goWtt ^U «ilm al- 
ma* Adin. 
Mingle, v.a. Ua. halat, yahlut ; n. 

Uj*\ ihtalat, yahtalit ; ^ hala*, 


Minim, adj. j**\ asgar (pi. /b*>\ 
afagir, Q)j**\ asgarihi) ; jt**> bu- 
gayyir (dim.). 

Minion, s. (favourite) (*•* nadim 
(pi. Uai nudama). 

Minister, 8. fy wazir (pi. \)jj 
wuzara). — (of the Interior) ft) 
&JU^jJ\ jy$\ wazir al-umur ad- 
dahiliva-t. — (of Foreign Affairs) 
a*9^U^ jy)\ ft) wazir al-umur 
aLhdrijiya-t. — (of Justice) ft) 

UaN wazir al-qtuja.— (of War) 
V^N fty wazir al-$arb. — (of 
Finances) WUJ\ ^ylX fty wazir 
al-umur al-maliya-t.— (of Police) 
&«Utt i«.l,j-J\ ^ wazir as-siyasat 
al-'auima-t. — (Prime-minister) 
fjk&1\ jxJ\ as-sadr al-a'zara. — (a 
clergyman) ^U* samraas (pi. 
& ~* Ufr £amamisa-t). 

Minister, v.a. (give) (*& qaddam, 
yuqaddim ; n. (serve) p±± feadam, 

Ministration, s. &••>* hidma-t; 
piJJS taqdim. 

Ministry, s. IMy wazara-t. — (the 
ministry) &)J&\ ^^ arkan ad- 
daula-t. — (the clergy) u-jJ^ ak- 
lirus ; &~)\~J&\ al - qasawisa-t ; 
ZjqQ\ &W jama'at al-kahana-t. 

Minium, *. /«rj zunjufr; g^* 

Minor, adj. j**\ asgar (pi. /k*\ 
a§agir, ljklo\ a^agira-t, O}^ 

Minor, *. (a person under age) 
^J\ yt^ko sagir as-siun; *»ti 
qa?ir (pi. j-5 quB^ar). — (of a 
syllogism) <£j*+ §ugra. 

Minority, s. £+ ?igar. — (smaller 
number) j**$\ *>J^ ( adad al- 

Minstrel, *. u**" muganni ; s^» 

Mint, a. sV 1 * ^ J da* ad-darb (pi. 
j<i4 diyar, j^ duwar). — (plant) 
S^xiMi na'na'a-t ; g^*J na'na*. 

Mint, v. *£~ v»r* 4 ara b sikka-t, 
yadrib ; «eL. satk, yasukk. 

Minuend, s. **+ tjj*d\ al-matr^t 

Minus, s. (sign of subtraction) 
gjLH Mz 'altimat at-t& r b* 

Minute, «. ^W*> daqiqa-t (pi. ,j*tt*> 
daqayiq. — (memorandum) ij&S 
tafkira-t ; Sj^-^ musawwada-t. 

Minute, v. ( put down in writing) 
£*L53^ o^S qayyad bi-*l-kitaba-t, 

Minute, adj. (small) j*** 9 u gayyir« 
— (exact) t^» madbu{; Jj»^» 

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Minuteness, s. (smaUness) £*> 

sugr ; }** ?igar ; l}±~ gagara-t. 

— (exactness) &*> diqqa-t ; <JtJ>*tf 

Mibacle, e. *)+*>• mu'jiza-t; W 

aya-t ; *»♦** 'ujfiba-t (pi. s-«*^ 

a'ajib) ; ***+* 'ajiba-t (pi. s «sW r 

Miraculous, adj. v, . c ^ r 'ajib. 
Mirage, 8. s^V* sarab. 
Miee, «. J*j wahl, wahal (pi. J^ 

wuhftl, J^ auhal) ; ^ tin. 
Mirror, s. «w^ mirat (pi. \y 

mara', ^/» miraya) ; jVLu» min- 

Mirror, v. ^\ ara, yuri ; ^-ie 

'akas, ya'kis. 
Mirth, s.jjr* surftr; S^—* masar- 

ra-t ; c/ farh, farah ; s^» tarab ; 

$W1 imbisat. 
Mirthful, adj. ny~ masrur ; y^y 

farhan ; y *~*± + mumbasit. 
Miry, adj. J»>j wahil ; <$Vj wah- 

lan ; J^y* muwahhil. 
Misadventure, s. ^ musiba-t 

(pi. s-*-4^a* masayib) ; «a>jU. 

hadis (pi. *±>o^ hawadis). 
Misanthrope, 8. tj^\ ij& karih 

an-nas ; ^f* busi-y ; U-&*» mai- 

Misapplication, s. te*\yA\ p±c 

'adam al-muwafaqa-t. 
Misapply, v. u"-** 'akas, ya'kis. 
Misapprehend, v. JLa? tadallal, 

yatadallal ; * Ufc galit fi', yag- 

Misapprehension, *. JUU dalal; 

U^ galat ; je~ sahw. 
Misbehave, v. &*j\ Jli qallal adab- 

hu, yuqallil. 
Misbehaviour, s. s^>S$\ ^ac 'adam 

al-adab ; £**>; S«~ sira-t radiya-t. 
Misbelieve, v. Ja dall, ya4ill ; ytf 

kafar, yakf ur. 
Miscalculate, v. vp^-^H ^ U^ 

galit fi-'l-hisab, yaglat- 
Miscalculation, s. s^~*H ^ W* 

galat fi-'l-^isab. 
Miscarriage, s. (failure) &«A 

haiba-t. — (abortion) tUu\ isq&t; 

Miscarry, v. w-ku^ asqatat, tus- 

qit ; sa^ tarahat, tatralj. — (as a 

Utter) J* dali, yatfill; £^ da«, 

Miscellaneous, ad/. v3^* muta- 

farriq; lj*&* mahlut; U+s** 

muhtalit; £^r* majmu' (pi. 

ga^W* majami'). 
Miscellaneou8NES8, 8. UU*J ihti- 

Miscellany, *. &tj*^ majimVa-t. 
Mischance, 8. *e*W dahiya-t (pi. 

<jb\^ dawahi) ; *J* baliya-t (pi. 

Vtfc balaya) ; S**** inusiba-t (pL 

<-r«tla* maeayib). 
Mischief, s.' (injury) ;r & 4arar; 

S^ ma^arra-t; k& aziya-t. — 

(wickedness) /• Sarr (pi. ^ 

Mischievous, adj. y*+ mudirr ; j* 

cjarr ; ^ V ™ u ? ! J /l* ^ arir (P l 

^\ asrar, ^ aiirra'). 
Mischievousness, *. 5a~a* maf- 

sada-t; S,^ ^arara-t. 
Misconceive, v. J^ tadallal, ya- 
tadallal ; )*\ in^arr, yangarr. 
Misconception, a. ^ galat ; J^* 

dalal ; %£ gurur. 
Misconduct, 8. ^j *^<h suluk 

radi-y : ^4^ %j#* sira-t radiya-t. 
Misconstruction, 8. j**** !qU gala* 

Misconstrue, v. js~*d\ ^ X=U 

galit fi-'t-tafsir (y<«*4\ ^ fi-'t- 

ta'bir), yaglat. 
Miscreant, *. ^ kafir (pi. y» 

kuffar) ; ^y mardud ; <*y mur- 

Misdeed, 8. pf* jurm (pi. ftp- 

jurum) ; {J\ ism (pi. f&\ asam) ; 

s-J*^ zamb (pi. s^y** zunub). 
Misdemeanour, *. ^J 8 ^ hatiya-t 

(pi. VjU-i. hataya); ;r «5 qu?ur ; 

s-** 'aib (pi. v'^ 'uyfib). 
Miser, *., Miserly, adj. S^> bahil 

(pi. 3^. buhala); u~*~^ basis 

(pi. ^U^ hisas, \~~*>\ ahissa) ; 

^U sahib ; e^A ^abih (pi. cW*» 

Sihah, 0>1 a4ihha-t, pi. f. c*^*> 

Miserable, adj. JJ*i zalil (pi. J3I^ 

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zilal, J«tt azilla) ; {&£-" maskin 
(pi. e*A~- masakin) ; <J* saqi-y 
(pi. LaM asqiya) ; y-** ta'is. 

Miseeableness, Misery, 8. R* 
zilla-t ; Z*£~" maskana-t ; SjU* 
kqawa-t; /* faqr; u-^ naljs 
(pi. u*y** nuhus). 

Mispobtune, «. o**=: j- su baht; 
2e*W dahiya-t (pi. o^V <*a- 
wahi) ; &«-* musiba-t (pi. s~*^ 
masayib) ; Sja &dda-t (pi. ^^ 

Misgive, v. ***** Sakkak, yusak- 
kik ; v>\> rab, yarib ; «^j±- haw- 
waf, yuhawwif. 

Misooveen, v. J^W (j-^- ^ ma 
gas bi-'l-'adl, yasus. 

MlSGOVEBNMENT, 8. (*£^\ f«** 

'adam al-hukm ; &~\i}\ fy*j rada- 

wat ar-riyasa-t. 
Misguide, v. JU 4allal, yudallil. 
Mishap, e. #*>^ fcadiga-t (pi. v±>j^ 

Misinfobm, 8. v»«^ kazab, yakzib ; 

jjU ^ ^ y*&\ ahbar £e gair 

eadiq, yuhbir. 

MlSINFOBMATION, 8. £*&*> yi£ y*± 

habar gair sabiq ; J->* h p± 

habar bi-la asl. 
Mislay, v. &* 4ayya', yudayyi*. 
Mislead, t;. jk, fallal, yudallil. 
Mismanage, v. j^^ j<£ &• J*i 

fa'al min gair tadbir, yaf'al. 
Mismanagement, «. j«t*ttH ^ac 

'adam at-tadbir. 
Misname, v. ^5*-^ o* ^ galit fi- 

't-tasammi, yaglat. 
Misnomee, 8. laU galat ; J^ dalal. 
Mispeint, s. &&\ U* galat at- 

Mispeonounce, v. £** lagig, yal- 

Mispeonunciation, «. £*J lasag. 
Misquotation, s. ^W 2 *-^ Llfc 

galat al-istiqbas. 
Misquote, v. ^W**-^ <j* W* galit 

fi-'l-istiqbas, yaglat. 
Miseepeesent, v. fti&\ s-^* qalab 

al-kalain, yaqlib; &-+)\ w — ** 
k \JtWiW labas al-haqq bi'1-batil, 

yalbis; j<± gayyar, yugayyir ; 
«-^ harraf , yutarrif . 

Miseepeesentation, «. <j~**l7 tal- 
bis ; d &^« $ t?*- habar la sah- 
lja-t la-hu. 

Miseulb, v. JJ*JW u*^- U ma sas 
bi-'l-'adl, yasus. 

Miseule, 8. <LX (r Ji\ ft*, 'adam as- 

Miss, a. {young lady) h*° sabiya-t. 
— (in addressing her) <y~ sitti. — 
(loss) jy*& qusur ; ^Ua* nuqgan ; 
SjL-*. hasara-t. — (want) ^U. 
^aja-t; e^*^ ihtiyaj. — (error) 
)At galat; ^ bata; ^e- sahw, 

Miss, v. (fAe marA;) U«U ahta, 
yuhti ; y* ^^ t&s 'an, yati^ ; 
jy» earid, yasrad (which, by 
opposition, means also " to hit "). 
— (fail) v^ hab, yahib).— ( per- 
ceive the want of) g^ fcaj, yahuj ; 
gV^^ ihtaj, yahtaj (both with J^ 
ila). — (omit) ^5- * na«a, yansa. 

Missal, ». ^^a3^ v»U^ kitab al- 


quddas ; JW^ misal. 
Missile, *. ^/^ mirma (pi. 

Mission, «. JU^ irsal; flt-j risa- 

la-t ; ^ l -^ marsala-t. — (preach- 
ing of the Gospel) ^j-^ tab^ir. 
Missionary, s. j ~ & *" muba^sir; 

J-/« mursal. 
Missive, s. £1~j risala-t; s-»y^* 

maktub (pi. s-<s*^* makatib) ; 

s^ kitab (pi. s-^ kutub). 
Mis-spell, v. &**&&\ ^5* W^ galit 

fi-'t-tahjiya-t, yaglat ; <JW« sah- 

haf, yusahhif. 
Mis-spend, v. Sj^U ^ uy> earaf bi- 
la fayida-t, yasrif ; *-tj~\ asraf, 

Mist, 8. (vapour) vpW^ <Jabab ; (*& 

gaim. — (darkness) £*xc 'atma-t ; 

Wi» gulma-t. 
Mistake, v. J-* 4all, ya^ill ; ki± 

galit, yaglat ; W- saha, yashu. 
Mistake, «. J)U dalal ; Ui galat ; 

&te galta-t ; VU hata. 
Mistaken, ac/;. JU ^lall (pi. J\** 

Hawaii); yu gflit; <^ galtan. 

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Kunii,?.^^^ J**«amilfi 
gafr wakt-hn, yainaL 

HjmMEA&y S. «r»*9-i1 idoib; A»i*a 

XurraAjrsLATZ, r. i*-*^ ^ U* 
galit fi-'t-t&rjama-t, ra^ia^. 

MumfcAJTSLATIO*, #. A— **~H U* 

gala*, at-tarjama-t ; £»jbu i**^ 
tarjan;a-t maeluta-t. 
Mistress, #. (*roman of authority) 
i^w *ahiba-t ; *s~. §itt ipL *s>u- 
titrat; ; ia/*- baton (pL tf^j** 
ipawatioj. — (lad if -teacher) A*la* 
ma'aUima-t. — (lady-love) hfs^" 
mal>buba-t; * > . , ■ > » habiba-t; 
fi|^* ma'suqa-t. — (concubine) 
h\*j& qahramana-t ; i»y- surri- 
ya-t (pL v5;V* sararij ; a~W* 
mal>ziva-t (pi. o^W» mahA^i). 

MirrEUHT, f , ^j«*i-J istihwan ; «£l* 
*akk (pi. ^^ rak&k); *•«? 

Mistrust, v. Qf**~\ istabwan, yas- 
tahwin; ^ g^» ) istahras 
min, yastaljris. 

Misty, adj. v^* ^ zu dabab; 
^-*a# mucjibb ; ;•**" mugayyam. 

Misunderstand, v. v^W J^» t~ 
ma fahira bi-'f-fawab, yafham. 

Misunderstanding, #. ,»e*N U* 
galat al-fahin; U* galaf; j*-* 
sahw, sahft. — (dissension) aaJU>* 
muhalafa-t; «j3u^ ihtilaf. 

Mite, #. (insect) £~j- eusa-t. — 
(small portion) ^y* suwwai-y 
(dim. of ^ 6e-y). 

Mitigate, v. ^ layyan, yulayyin ; 
wAU latfaf, yulatfif ; &£- sakkan, 
yusakkin ; u*l haffaf, yuhaffif. 

Mitioation, s. UlJ** tahtlf ; i ^-J 
taskin ; &&U inulatafa-t. 

Mitre, s. & taj (pi. W tijan). 

Mix, v. U^ hala*, yahlu$ ; gy 
mazaj, yamzaj ; n. UsL\ ihtalat, 

Mixture, s. U* huU ; WW ihtil&t i 
df*\ imtizaj. 

Moan, v. & na]?, yanu^i ; 

nafyab, yan^ab; q\ ann, ya'iun ; 
*fti ta'awwau, yata'awwah. 
Moan, Moaning, s. cV nuwAh; 

l**y naofea-t; s-^ nafefb; ^ 
anin ; */tf ta'awwnk. 
Moat, «. «>a^ hasdaq (pL j->U*» 

Mob. «. (crowff) **»j zahma-t ; 
r» ■ » ■ » ;* ixdiham. — (populace) 
^.uH J*t-t asafil an-nas ; £*.&«**> 
Mob, r. ^va hi jam, yuhajim. 
Mobile, adj. «a j%s * muta^iarrik ; 

**»3£ qallab. 
Mobiutt, #. *^*n Ate. hiffat al- 

haraka-t; ^/^taharrnk 
Mock, r. j^ ■ • » tamaahar, yata- 
mashar; *«Wa dahak, ya^hak 
(both with J^ *ala) ; ^L gabir, 
yaahar; <jr,-»=-t istahza, yastahzi 
(both with s,, bi). 
Mock, o^;. («o^ real) ^s*JJB taq. 

li<3i-w ; jjf muzawwar. 

Mockiet, «. ^ai- sahar ; ^., 4 l ta- 

mashur; $*> huzu; \)6*-^ istihza. 

—(false show) s^y zuhruf ; 

**/») zahrafa-t (pi. u^Wj zaharif). 

Mode, #. (manner) s-»J^ uslub (pi. 

s-JV-^ asalib); j1y^ manwal, 

minwal ; ,3*^ tariq (pi. jj^ ^urq, 

turuq, jf°\ a^ruq) ; Ai^L ^ariqa-t 

(pi. ^> tarayiq). — (fashion) 

^j zai-y. — (custom) Sole 'ada-t 

(pi. a>^ 'aw ay id). 

Model, t. w-JU qalib (pi. s-Njl 

qawalib) ; 5jaS qidwa-t, qadwa-t. 

Model, v. ,jft^ naqai, yanqai ; ^ 

sawwar, yuaawwir. 
Modeller, s. J*\& naqqas. 
Moderate, adj. (not excessive) p* 
^* gair mufri^; Jxa^ mu'ta- 
dil ; \>~f+ mutawassit ; ^ wari c . 
— (not exacting) cJUa^» munsif. 
Moderate, v. J^c 'addal, yu'ad- 

dil ; Ute kttaf, yulattif. 
Moderateness, Moderation, *. 
J^axc^ i'tidal ; «^U\ insaf ; dp+\ 
imtilak; l\^\ ^^ UjL\ iljtima 
miu al-ifra^. 
Modern, adj. j*a* jadid; wtstJ^ 
hadis (pi. s±Aj*.\ ahdas) ; *a>j^« 
Modern, *. fJ\z* muta'ahhir. 
Modernise, v. %w^ jaddad, yujad- 

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did ; J^J ajadd, yujidd ; ^ «3*U» 

***y^ <Jb tabaq 'ala zai-y al- 

waqt, yutabiq. 
Modest, adj. (becoming) s^V"" 

mu'addab ; f»-- w niuhtasim ; 

g-^j*« mutawadi*. — (chaste) «-**** 

'afif (pi. Uc\ a'iffa, «^^c <ifaf j ; 

Lr A^\ ytlL tahir an-naf6; ^^j**. 

Modesty, *. v»^ adab ; £*\y ta- 

wadu' ; W hava ; fa waqar ; 

&\jj rizana-t ; <UJUw hisma-t. — 

{chastity) i** 'iffa-t ; vliUc « a f af ; 

fy^ tahara-t. 
Modicum, s. &•* suwwaya-t; &* 

hana-t ; ie^fc hunayya-t. 
Modification, *. jj**s tagyir ; y^s 

tagayyur; «- * t» & takyif. 
Modify, v. ^A gayyar, yugayyir; 

«-A*£ kayyaf, yukayyif. 
Modulate, v. ^^5 Iahin, yalhan ; 

UaN h-*j rattab al-gina, yurat- 

tib ; &+*A\ fjbi nazam an-nag- 

ma-t, yanziui. 
Modulation, s. &<J lal?n (pi. q^ 

lu^iin, ^l^M alljan) ; &*i* nag- 

ma-t ; f*}f tarnim. 
Moiety, s. «-A-^ naff, nisf (pi. 

«jU\ ansaf). 
Moist, ad/\ s-^ ratfb ; ^^ nadi-y 

(pi. *tJtf\ andiya-t) ; q\i<x nad- 

Moisten, v. s-^j rattab, yurattib ; 

t^jtf nadda, yunaddi ; J* ball, 

MoisTNEss, Moisture, s. W>j rutu- 

ba-t; SjW nadawa-t; £y» buiu- 

Molab, *. y*y* <Jirs (pi. u*V^ a< *" 

ras, ^rf* 4urus). 
Molasses, 8. v»j rubb; <*y~\ J~* 

'asal aswad ; ^r»^> dibs. 
Mole, *. (mark on the skin) J^ 

hal (pi. ^V* hilan).— (dike) a- 

sudd (pi. *>j«»-* sudud) ; y*\* 

ljajiz (pi. S^ft- Ijajaza-t, j*V- 

iawajiz); j-* jisr (pi. ;♦—► 

jusur). — (animal) *^ huld, $jJ^ 

hulda-t (pi. ut^jd* huldat, i%U- 

Molecule, *. fyJ zarra-t. 

Molest, v. J*> gaqqal, yusaqqil; 

j^> nakkad, yuuakkid (both 

with ^ 'ala) ; g*}\ az'aj, yu'zij ; 

^^c 'anna, yii'anni. 
Molestation, *. && saqla-t ; s-*«» 

ta'ab ; #•*-■» tasdi* ; (J*y&5 tai- 

wis" ; •*& nakad. 
Mollify, v. (make soft) (^ lay- 

yau, yulayyin; ^ raqqaq, yu- 

raqqiq; ga* naqqa', yunaqqi*. — 

(pacify) q£- sakkan, yusakkin; 

v,$*vto hadda,yuhaddi ; ^$<u*\ ahda, 

Moment, s. (of time) *W la^za-t ; 

A-*^ ramsa-t ; *y+& gamza-t ; ^L 

tarfa-t ; &> rafta-t ; ^W lahma-t 

(all may be followed by &c* 

*ain) ; AcU sa'a-t ; JW hal ; ^5j 

daqiqa-t. — (importance) J*» §iqi ; 

^c 4 U2n3 ; *»j* (jiurura-t ; ^^ 

Momentary, adj. ^^ waqti-y ; 

«^W t^li-y J «^^ fani. 
Momentous, adj. (*+ muhimm; 

Jt>a* saqil ; ^ji 'azim. 
Monarch, *. ^j^i- sultan (pi. (^>lJiu 

salatin) ; **VU malik (pi. j)yu 

Monarchic, Monarchical, arf;. 

^UJL. sultani-v ; <^£* muluki-y. 
Monarchy, s. &&~ saltana-t ; <&U* 

Monastery, 0. ^t-> dair (pi. ^y*> 

duyiira-t, S^^ adyira-t). 
Monastic, Monastical, adj. J^j 

Monasticism, *. i^WA; ruhbani- 

Monday, *. y*£)\ ^ yaum al- 

Money, *. ^jU fuliis (pi. of (jJh 

fals, "obole"); e*\j*> darahim 

(pi. of ^*> dirham, '* drachm "). 
Moneyed, adj. y*^ s-^^ ea^ib 

fulus; (**>\j4 s-^^* saljib dara- 
him (pi. v»U-«>\ ashab). 
Money-less, adj. ^J^u muflis (pi. 

U J\A^ mafalis). 
Monger, *. f W bayya*. 
Monition, s. j\&\ inzar ; ji *** tal^- 

zir j &^ wa'aga-t. 

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Monitor, «. ^ wa'iz. ; j^» raun- 

zir ; ^ nasib. 
Monitorial, Monitory, adj. ^ 

nasih ; ;j^ munzir. 
Monk, *. s-*\> rabib (pi. q\**j 

Monkey, s. V qird (pi. ^/ 
qurud) ; yy*** maimun ; ^^u. 
sa'dan (pi. (^^*- sa'adin) ; vj+* 
bijris (pi. u-jW^ bajaris). 
Monkish, adj. o>W*; rubbani-y. 
Monocular, adj. (one-eyed) j^\ 
a'war, f. \f 'aura (pi. ^^ 
*uran) ; ^** *>** fard 'am. 
Monogram, s. 1/k tugra (Pers.) ; 

y^ ramz (pi. )y») rumuz). 
Monopolise, v. ^ ^ bawwa* 
'ala, yubawwi*; £** tabakkar, 
yatabakkar ; /^\ ifctakar, yafc- 
Monopolist, s. k\yw hawwat ; )&*+ 

mu^takir ; ^^* multazim. 
Monopoly, s. &S**H <J* Wj** tab- 
wit 'ala-'l-ba<Jayi' ; j**» fcakr; 
j&+\ ifctikar ; Sj*>^ ^ yad wahi- 
Monosyllable, *. Kf» W ^* 
£j*>^ kalima-t fiha baraka-t wa- 
Monotone, Monotony, s. &*fi\ ^ 
fard al-lafcn; #^-~* basala-t; 
£*^ft* ja'ja'a-t. 
Monotonous, ad/\ «^ {$+) A la- 
bu lalm wafcid j J-W basil ; ^ 
Monsoon, *. +A\ p~y* mausim an- 

nau ; yd\ ^\ awan an-nau. 
Monster, *. <J**) wabi£, wa^6 (pi- 
J*y*) wufcus) ; fr~" masib ; hjte 
'ifrit (pi. H;^ 'afarit). 
Monstrous, adj. ty-+" mamsftb; 

^a-.j wafcsi-y. 
Month, «. ^ sahr (pi. } &* Subftr, 
j&\ aibur) ; u^Ui numas (pi. 
,^+i numus, £-*** anmiea-t). 
Monthly, adj. ^fl* 6abri-y. 
Monument, «. ;<*£*• /^ agar maSbtir 
(pi. Sjje-*** ;*M agar ma^hura-t) ; 
Me 'alama-t (pi. <&* 'alarn, f*U 
'alayim). See Tomb, Mauso- 

Mood, s. Ul£ kaif ; >UN U^ kaif 
al-batir; ^ ba$ir.— (t» gram- 
mar) J**N ***- sigat al-fi'l. 
Moon, «. j+* qamar (pi. jU*\ aq- 
mar).— (full moon) j* badr (pi. 
j^ budur). — (new moon) J&* 
bilal (pi. &*\ abiila-t) .—(change 
of moon) y^\ J^- bulul al- 
Moonlight, Moonshine, *. j**H ]* 

du al-qamar. 
Moor, s. *a«— sabba-t (pi. fcW- 

sibab) ; hk &~+ masbaba-t. 
Moor, v. Wj rabat, yarbu* ; cr*^ 

arsa, yursi. 
Moot, v. ^f- *ara<ji, ya'ricj. 
Mop, 8. Ui .i u » min^af (pi. «-^aU* 

Mope, v. J^ mall, yamall; jUi 
tamallal, yatamallal ; J*j za*il, 
Moping, Mopish, adj. j#~* feasir ; 

^^cj za*laii. 
Moral, adj. (of good manners) 
iyt^jy 0— <^ hasati as-sira-t ; ±**o» 
v|U^ bamid al-ablaq; ,jeA 
adabi-y ; s-» J ^* muta'addib. — 
(mental) J** 'aqli-y. 
Moral, *. (practical lesson) fi^ft 
4 ibra-t (pi. ^ 'ibar) ; *«^ na- 
siba-t; b*S* fayida-t (pi. ^V 
f away id). 
Moralise, v. sy>S\ addab, yu'ad- 
dib; s&±*\ fM 'allani al-ablaq, 
yu*allim ; ^j wa'az, yu'ig. 
Moralist, s. j^^ ^ s-^U eatib 

*ilm al-ablaq. 
Morals, Morality, s. J^ ablaq ; 
v^ adab (pi. s^W^j adab) ; »<J/- 
suliik; tfJ^uJ^ ^-^ t UBn as- 
suluk.— (science 0/) ,jWN (^ 
'iim al-ablaq ; s^N ^ *ilm al- 
Morass, s. Zs**~ sabfea-t; g&«-^ 

Morbid, adj. <J%)" maricji (pb v^T* 
marda) ; JJ^ 4 alil (pi. W a411a). 
Morbidness, «. ^c illa-t (pi. «w^ 
'illat, Jlfi c ilal) ; o*/* m a™4 (pi. 
v/y^ amra4). 

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More, adj. y£\ akgar ; *$ azwad ; 

^ azyad; SjV*j ziyada-t. 
More, s. j& akgar. 
Moreover, adv. **H»J ^ gair zalik ; 
4*\J J ^JLc fij^j ziyadat 'ala zalik ; 
•*«t ^ min ba'd. 
Morning, s. cW* sabalt ; e*-» sublj 

(pi. eW^ asbal?). 
Morning, ad;. **-> aubti-y ; ^j^- 

Morning-star, s. y+$\ s-^kau- 
kab al-fajr; ^1 &*rnajmat a$- 
aubh ; Sy&j zubara-t. 
Morose, adj. ^ty* Saris ; j#~»* 
hasir ; J^* malul ; J*tf gaqil (pi. 
Jtf suql, JVa? siqal, ^ guqala) ; 
<j*j wa'iq. 
Moroseness, s. J1U malal; fl)U 
malala-t; Oej za'la-t; JLaej 
Morrow, *. •** gad. — (to-morrow) 

-W gadan ; J*F\ ^ fi-'l-gad. 
Morsel, s. (Wte) &**5 luqma-t (pi. 
^aJ luqam). — (small piece) &*i 
qit'a-t (pi. gt* qufa'). 
Mortal, ad,;, (subject to death) ^U 
fani.— (deadly) Jtoq&til; c>*** 
mumit ; *&&• muhlik. — (human) 
^L-rt insani-y; ^^ baiari-y. 
Mortal, *. ^V—rt insan (pi. <j*U 
nas) ; pA &\ ibn adam (pi. ^ 
^ bani adam). 
Mortality, s. ^* fana ; &y maut ; 

**;<** baiariya-t. 
Mortar, *. (for 'pounding) yp. 
jura (pi. 0£» jurun, <^ jiran); 
^U hawan (pi. «^V»^U hawanat) ; 
<j*\fl- mihras (pi. u^^* maha- 
ris . — (for building) ^^ ha- 
fiqi ; &J* tfa. 
Mortoaoe, a. &*j rahn (pi. ^j*; 

Mortoage, v. **^ (^) raban 4nd, 

Mortgagee, «. »Juc yytoy marhun 

c ind-bu. 
Mortgager, a. &*>y rnurbin. 
Mortification, s. (depression) f^ 

famui (pi. fy*& gumiira) ; s-»^ 
arb (pi. v»;/ kurub). — (affront) 
J3 zall ; J|.« izlal ; *^\ aztya-t. 

— (self-denial) jaj zuhd; 8oUj 
zuhada-t; &*V^ rivacja-t. — (gan- 
grene) ^ akila-t; s-Wt al- 
Mortify, v.a. (subdue) j$ qahar, 
yaqhar; g*I qama 1 , yaama*. — 
(humble) J»tt azall, yuzill ; ^W 
ahan, yubin ; n. e^*»( in'afan, 
Mosque, s. ±+~-* masjid (pi. j^Um* 
masajid); £*W jami' (pi. g*\j> 

Moss, *. &a^ u$na-t. — (white moss) 
ft+id\ I*** Saibat al-'ajuz; l*S 
)y***\ kussat al-'ajuz. 

Most, adj., adv., s. y&\ aksar. 

Mostly, adv. "V^ galiban; Jc 
s-3UX\ 'ala-'l-gaUb. 

Mote, s. <£& qaza ; Sj3 zarra-t ; 
Wa haba (pi. W*t abbaj ; J^ 

Moth, «. ^-y- susa-t. 

Mother, s. f>\ umm (pi. wa>^ um- 
mahat) ; l^ walida-t. — (mother- 
in-law) ty)tt p\ umm az-zauj ; p\ 
&*-d\ umm az-zauja-t; 8U». ha- 
mat (pi. «y\f-4*. hamawat). — 
(mother-of-pearl) *J±+ ?adaf (pi. 
JWI asdaf) ; ^ J^ *irq lMu. 

Motherhood, s. &*"\ ummiya-t. 

Motherly, adj. ^^ ummi-y ; ^y\ 
ummawi-y ; pJ\ J^» misl al- 

Motion, *. ^o- haraka-t. — (pro- 
posal) &>]* *urdla-t ; u*^ i'ra4 ; 
j*)f 'urud. 

Motive, s. s^- sabab (pi. s-»W-t 
asbab) ; &* 4 illa-t (pi. JU 'ilal) ; 
&&W ba*isa-t (pi. *±+*\tf bawa'i§) ; 
jbjt gara"4 (pi. ^^ agra^). 

Motley, adj. ^^\ abras\ f. \a^ 
barsa (pi. <^y bur^) ; ^^W ^aA* 
£ftUae« munaqqas* bi-alwan mub- 
talifa-t. — (mixed) ^JUe« mahlu^. 

Mottle, v. &Lsak* o^W u^»^ naq- 
qas bi-alwan muhtalifa-t, yu- 

Motto, s. yj ramz (pi. )yj ru- 

Mould, «. (earth) v»V turab ; ^/ 
turba-t. — (as on old bread, &c.) 


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ij ^>'.-i!* 1:22. * r 

i^-iTJtrij. - in. i_iinm 

till 4< 
** „U.-M1 

AT77 a u* t'llfliil 

iii— :hl 
ji~ i mo. *. ^-i i>uin* 

71TTT . 

rb-1 "HUT 1*. *4*aT £>1LT . 

LT" lr-: _~ r *> t*"*'*' , ~ IT }'"+/t£wI-'i\ 

iter ?*r*L ^ 

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Muleteer, *. JU» baggal; jU*. 
hammar ; ^^» mukari ; <j*;I»Vi 
Multifarious, adj. £ty IK «Jtf kasir 

al-anwa 4 ; Jl-£H JLj£\ a^kal 

Multilateral, adj. v^y^N p& 

kasir al-jumib. 
Multiple, a. »>jjut* nia'dud. 
Multiplier, Multiplicator, *. 

*** Var** m a4rub fi-hi. 
Multiplicand, «. s-»jp*&* ma<Jrub. 
Multiplication, s. (increase of 

number) j^S tak&r ; y\& ta- 

kasirr ; J\i*>)\ izdiyad. — (in arith- 
metic) v»/* (Jarb. 
Multiplicity, b. Sytf kasra-t ; *W 

jumla-t; *eW jama«a~-t. 
Multiply, v. (increase in number) 

a. f* kassar, yukassir; n. y£ 

kagur, yakgur. — (in arithmetic) 

o* v»^ darab fi, va^rib. 
Multitude, *. (great number) 8y£ 

kasra-t; l^yt gazara-t. — (popu- 
lace) u-Utt J*U^ asafil an-nas. 
Multitudinous, adj. j*ac 'adid; 

«^ka§ir (pl.j^* kigar). 
Mumble, v. /+*+* hamham, yuham- 

him ; ^a-j damdam, yudamdim ; 

ffi+s taqamqam, yataqamqam ; 

&& naqnaq, yunaqniq. 
Mumm, v. j£a> tanakkar, yatanak- 

kar; f * ~~ » tamashar, yatamas- 

Mummery, b. l f *~+ masljara-t ; 

f*~+3 tamashur. 
Mummy, b. &**y mumiya-t (pi. 

(*y mum). 
Mundane, adj. <j^* dunyawi-y ; 

«.5ja**> dunyawi-y ; ^^ 'alami-y. 
Municipal, adj. j!*H v/**:yahu88 

al-balad ; q±+x* mutamaddin. 
Municipality, 8. 8j***$\ J^\ akbar 

al-madina-t; Ji*M Ja\ ^ ^Ud. 

bukkain min ahl al-balad. 
Munificence, s. la»~ sa^aj Sjl^~ 

sahawa-t ; *>y* jud ; rf karam. 
Munificent, adj. i j* l ~ sa&i-y (pi. 

Wafc-t as^iya) ; ^/ kariin (pi. 

f\f kiram) ; j\j+ jawad (pi. *\f*\ 


Munition, 8. &U** jabhana-t (pi. 
«yliUrt^ jabhanat, Per*.); lyt&S 

zahira-t (pi. jjU. J zahayir). 
Murder, «. Jai qatl. 
Murder, v. Jtf qatal, yaqtul; 

qattal, yuqattil; J*x* Jsi qatal 

qatil, yaqtul. 
Murderer, s. J>Vs qatil (pi. JUJ 

quttal); Jbl qattal. 
Murderous, adj. JUS qattal ; **)U- 

saffak; U*aN *aUU sank ad- 

Murkiness, *.ytf kadar j &*lt.zul- 

Murky, adj. jj£* mukaddar ; px*+ 

Murmur, *. ^Uj^j damdama-t; 

^ fi » fi> taqamqum ; & && naq- 
naq a- 1. — (o/ water) £f» harir. 
Murmur, v. fxo damdam, yudam- 

dim ; q^j dandan, yudandin ; 
!+*+* hamham, yu ham him ; ^UJS 

taqamqam, yataqamqam. 
Murrain, s. ^W^ *<*$+ jayi^at al- 

bahayim ; ^\^1\ J*i fasl al- 

bahayim ; *sAj\j*J\ Q)*^ ta'un 

Muscle, a. SU* 'adala-t (pi. J^ft 

Muscular, adj. J*c *aclil. 
Muscularity, «. J-ic *a4al. 
Muse, v. /as tafakkar, yataf akkar ; 

J^*^> ta'ammal, yata'ammal (both 

with ^ fi). 
Muse, s. & fikr (pi. ^W afkar); 

&» tafakkur ; J^ P V* ta'ammul. 
Museum, s. u^sl\ &j*. ljaznat at* 

Mushroom, s. fS kam (pi. ^*i\ 

akmu, S*Ui kam c a-t) ; ^* fu^r (pi. 

^Uoi fa^ari). 
Music, *. hf nauba-t; ^W^ (^ 

f ann al-al^ian ; &V*y musiqa-h. 
Musical, adj. <J±~r musiqi-y. — 

(musical instrument) &-ij&\ &} 

alat an-nauba-t; v»^^ ^T alat 

at-tarab (pi. «^3f alat); 8jl-o 

&*a*~j'* 'udda-t musiqiya-t (pi. 

^J^ 4 udad). 
Musician, s. JV\ alati-y; Jtty 

naubati-y ; y^* mutrib. 

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Musk, $. a \ w musk, moik ; fy~*>+ 

Musk, v. ** L ~* massak, yumassik. 
Musket, #. XflJUif banduqiya-t (pL 

*JA* bandog) ; io^ b£ruda-t (pi. 

*tj\$ bawand). 
Musketeer, $. < j *fi y* * banduqji-y ; 

o » * t <g tufankji-y. 
Musky, <nf/. £~ • muski-y. 
Muslim, t. U^U^ muflina. 
Must, t?. J* s-%j wajab 'ala, yajib 

(# i# incumbent on) ; ^5 lazim, 

yalzim ; rfft iltazam, yaltazim ; 

eWt i^taj, yal?taj (the last three 

followed by q\ an). 
Must, #, *.** i^» nabtz jadid. 
Mustard, §. J.y> fcardal. 
Mustek, $. {review) J^\ ^J>f 

*ar4 al-jais\ 
Muster, v. (assemble) a. £** jama', 

yajma'; n. £+*+\ ijtaraa', yaj- 

Mustinbss, 9. X^Aft <ufna-t ; &y* 

'ufuna-t ; ^ ta'affun. 
Mustt, ad;. 0*** ma'aio, 
Mutable, o3/. v^ltt qallab; s-J&s 

yataqallab (3 aor. v.) ; «wW> d U 

m& la-hu gab&t ; ;***• mutagay- 

Mutablenbss, Mutability, s. [*a* 

**V 'adam sabat; ^ *U qilla-t 

qarAr ; ^ tagayyur ; s-1* ta- 

Mute, adj., $. y*^ ajjras, f. L^ 

barsA (pi. ^^a burs). — (be mute) 

u*f- haris, yahras. — (a mute 

latter) ^L. sakin. 
Mutilate, v. £a* jada', yajda' ; 

tf 'awwar, yu'awwir ; La- saqqat, 


MUTILATIOK, 6. £A% jada'; jlf* 

ta*wir ; U~ saqa*. 
Mutineer, *., Mutinous, arf/. ^^ 

'as! (pi. »Ue *u«at) ; e u kttan; 

A^i s— U sihib fitna-t; a-a. 

Mutiny, #. Ais* fitna-t (pL (^ 

fitan); A-^y qauma-t; t?U?-^ 

•isyan, 'usyan ; *jL«c "asmwa-t ; 

^UaL {ugyan. 
Mutiny, v. ^-^ < asa, ya*si; ^ 

taga, ya^gi. 
Mutter, r. fJUB taqamqam, yata- 

qamqam ; f<* tadammar, yata- 

Mutter, s. fJUJS taqamqam; f*> 

Mutton, 8. ^it ^ lahm ganam ; 

^5^^ f*+} lahm ganami-y; ^ 

<j*^a labm 4ani~y. 
Mutual, adj. *£f±* mustarik; 

U**t e*t*i ba'd-hum ba'd, Ac. 
Muzzle, s. (mouth) f^ fumin, famm 

(pi. »yt afwah, f»UA\ afmim) ; 

)$ biiz. — (corcr /or the mouth) 

fU£ kimam (pi. &*tf akimma-t) ; 

^ ka'm (pi. r V^ ki'am) ; r ^U 

Muzzle, r. ^ karam, yakumm; 

^«^ ka'am, yaka'am. 
My, adj. ^ i (affixed to a noun). 
Myself, pron. ^-^ M ana nafsi. 
Myriad, #. d)& lukuk; *yj rib- 

Myrrh, *. y murr; &&• f murr 

Myrtle, *. y\ as ; &*-*• marsiD. 
Myrtle-berry, $. <j*)\ s-^ ^ahb 

al-as (vnlg. ( j J ^* bumbalas). 
Mysterious, adj. <jj~ sirri-y. 
Mystery, b. y- sirr(pl.^^ asrar) ; 

s-^ gaib (pi. v»^ giyab, s^re* 

guy ub) ; sa>W** gaibat. 
Mystic, adj. ^y sufi-y; ^ytt* 

Mysticism, «. <J^ tasawwuf. 

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Nadir, s. jjtf nazir ; 

nazir as-samt. 
Naq, a. <j~tjl furais (dim. of uV 

Nail, *. (of the fingers and toes) /*■ 

Z ifr, zufr (pi. J&\ azfar, /VM 

azafir). — (of iron, &c) ;W~* 

mismar (pi. ^U-^ masamir). 
Nail, v. j+~ sammar, yusammir; 

j*~ *• masmar, yumasmir. 
Nailbe, s. c s*7*~' • mismarji-y. 
Nailery, «. j^wtt J*** mi'mal 

Naked, adj. <j»\* 'ari ; y^j* 'uryan ; 

laJy* muzalla(. 
Nakedness, *. v.^ 'ura; ^c 

'urya-t ; Uj zal{. 
Name, *. (*~»\ ism (pi. U-\ asma, 

ij-Ut asami); w-^ laqab (pi. 

v»W alqab) ; ^ < a lam (pi. fi*\ 

a'lam). — (nick-name) h^ kina- 

ya-t. — (reputation) ws-*ts-» sit ; j& 

Name, v. ^y*— sainma, yusammi. — 

(mention) /«* zakar, yazkur.— 

(appoint) u*"* samma, yusammi ; 

J«* ja'al, yaj'al. 
Namely, adv. *%* j wa-zalik ; j*> j 

wa-hu ; ^j*** ya'ni. 
Namesake, «. ^^ sammi-y (pi. 

W*-.\ asmiya). 
Nap, *. f»y naum ; fljl** qailula-t. 
Nap, v. f»^ nam, yanam ; JU qal, 

Nape, «. to qafa (pi. Mrt aqfiya-t). 
Naphtha, *. ^ naf{. 
Napkin, s. &*j&* milirama-t (pi. 

«V maijarim); i J u * . a « minlaf 

(pi. cJUiU* man&if ) ; &? futa-t 

(pi. ty fuwat). 
Narci88U8, a. (£*** baihan ; y>;* 

narjis; u»*r) ranjis (Pers.). 
Narcotic, aaj., *. (*s** munim, mu- 

nayyim ; jJ^ak* mubaddir. 
Narrate, v. ea> rawa, yarwi ; o^ 

feaka, ya^M ; ^ qaaa, yaqu#a. 

Narration, Narrative, s. *4^ 
ljikaya-t; *-* qissa-t (j>1. U*-* 
qisas) ; Wjt) r iwrt ja-t ; ^^ fca- 

Narrator, «. ^j raw! (pi. ^ 
ruwat); ^^ baki ; JiU naqil; 
*±>.W« niuljaddis. 

Narrow, adj. <3*-* <Jayyiq (also in 
the sense of bigoted and avari- 
cious); tf* barij. 

Narrow, v. (contract) tjh* <Jayyaq, 
yucjayyiq; y* qassar, yuqassir.— 
(limit) »>J^ baddad, yuljaddid. 

Nasal, adj. J*\ anfi-y.^ 

NA8TINESS, *. &*^ wasaba-t ; &-W* 
najasa-t ; *A»A* fabisa-t. 

Nasty, adj. try wasib ; <j^ wabis ; 
£tAt bail*; /j ziiir. — (obscene) 
J^\i f afcis* ; ji) zifir. 

Natal, adj. ^^V^ miladi-y. 

Nation, «. W umma-t (pi. f\ 
umam); ^ milla-t (pi. JU 
mHal) ; ^tVL {ayifa-t (pi. U$ J. 
tawayif) ; »>M J*^ abl al-bilad; 
&«S qabiia-t (pi. J^W* qaba'il). 

National, adj. ^yy* 'amumi-y ; 

; 4 1 

-Vc *amm ; i^\ {j*l yabues at- 

Nationality, s. £*•£ qaumiya-t. 
Native, adj. (original) ^\ asli-y ; 

^U zati-y. — (referring to the 

place of birth) ^) wa^ani-y. 
Native, *. ^^ baladi-y ; ^ &\ 

ibn balad; <J*f" mutawattin; 

J*\ abli-y. 
Nativity, «. Ay maulid (pi. d\y 

mawalid) ; *%*• milad (pi. *^\y» 

Natural, od;. ^*± ta-bil-y ; Jb* 

talqi-JJ ^/ garizi-y; J*. 

jibilli-y ; <&-*?>> jauban-y.— 

(illegitimate) J^ banduq (pi. 

JK«>U} banadiq). 
Naturalisation, s. «^jM tablid. 
Naturalise, v. ^ ballad, yubal- 

lid ; jA>\ ablad, yublid. 

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V**-* AlkkWub fpl. ^u^ nitwit 

Na* <>«*, «//,,, *, ^* 2 jl 4tuT C>* 

NAl"<M¥ftf£««, *, v*^ & qj,iai 

NAu<Wfr, a///, ^>A AJin+m a/Jab; 

^ rtt-Ji-y f pi, k'} twhyh). 
Nauwka, #, v^l g*j waja' al-qalb; 

aauba-t { ^ v*J Jit'b naf«.— 
(ilimjuit) *J ; * qaraf, 
Nau«i«*u«, in//, ^yu muqarrif; 
cr ,AU\ <^W» mu'aliib aiwmfi; 

fyA* ^MllttWWftb. 

Nautical, Naval, <m(/. ^y nawA- 
Navw, *, (<»/' a church) &-** 1$++ 

Navwl, h. ^ Hiivm4 (iilj^Numr) ; 

*/k hujiw-t (j»l, ^ hujtu'). 
Haviuatw, v, >**M ^ yu wafar It- 

't-Mir, YiimUin j+A\ <*k> qa^* , 

aJ-Mir, vmiU'i y^\ s-A> mkih ' 

&)-Mm\ Y&rlak 

NAYiaXtt*** * ^\y U*W^Y ; g^ 

[intb 1 ; v« -*» ;ujilK. 

J^>» V7 A /J/ III. 



lazuu ; *^.L vajii, ;" *^- 4 3 U 
iiudci miiKiiu. 
SBCE«&uei, «. i-j2 JAeiie»-4 (pL 

f^y ili.WazilLy ; i«M^ Mjr-t (pj. 


V-«* f^qaii); t^^- muhtaj; 
i & £—~ maikm (pL c ^— masa- 
kin); triA* muilis (j>L ^-JVA- 
malalk; ; ^y*- 9U *lak ( pi. *yu* 
ffa'alik). ^ 

Necessitt, $, rf luzurn; Ajj-i 
4arura-t; j\^>\ idtirar; Usi\ 
iqtida. — (indigence) ftjte *aza-t ; 
/* iaqr, fuqr; A*Ufaqa-t. 
Neck, «. o~*i, ra<^aba-t (pi. s^U, 
riqab)j ^Afi «uaq, *unuq (pL 
jUu^ a'naq); ^. j£d (pi. j^. 
juyftd, *>W^ ajjad). 
NfiCKEliCHIEF, #. lj^\ i^^m mi^. 
raiua-t ar-raqaba-t (pi. ^t^* 
Necklace, «. ^L ^aaq (pi. jU| 
at^iij); *J&* qilada-t (pL j& 
4«i«TKi); ate mqd (pL oJVc 
•u»jua^: tf U* kmivian (pL ^*>U 
kanitiia^ ' 

XKvjcvotjLXcjtm. *. -a- fii^ir (pL 

imi»^:iiiWr4 jju y^b* zxca^abir) * 



zi. ^j**** 

tf J 


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ya'taz; J>\ t^ ifet&j ila, yah- 

**j 5 o^ jU\ i^tarr ila, yad^arr. 
Needful, adj. pfl lazim; ^jp* 

daruri-y ; <*-«&* muqta^a. 
Needle, s. $ ibra-t (pi. ^\ ibar) ; 

C*^ m in 9 ah ; l***** minsaha-t. 

— (of the compass) fla .., li l a . i AiJ\ fy)M 

al - ibrat al - magna^isiya-t. — 

(packing-needle) &~+ misalla-t 

(pi. jL-*» masall). 
Needle-case, 8. Sj*£* mi'bara-t (pi. 

^W mayabir). 
Needle-maker, s. j\i\ abbar; <^ 

Needless, adj. ffljtA gair lazim, 

Neeplessness, 8. g^ft.\ ^jlc 'adain 

ihtivaj ; Us*\ ^»xc 'adam iqtida ; 

j« &S qilla-t naf*. 
Needy, adj. gV^* muhtaj ; j<& 

faqir (pi. tytt f uqara) ; ^JliU 

muflis (pi. u-JU* mafalis); 

<;>*£-• *• maskin (pi. {+*&-* masa- 

Nefarious, adj. &tf karih ; 8^£* 

makrub ; £*-J qabih (pi. cW* 

qibah, ^W* qababa) ; £*!* sani*. 
Nefabiousness, «. £*<U*» sani'a-t 

(pi. #Ua &,nayi'); ***** qabi- 

ha-t (pi. ^W* qabayih). 
Negative, adj. ^U nafi; (JU* 

munfi ; ^sj&\ inkari-y. 
Negative , s. ,J& <^f» hart' nafi. 
Negative, v. j& nakir, yankar ; 

^ nafa, yanfi ; *> ; radd/yarudd. 
Negation, s. j&\ inkar ; Ja nafi. 
Neglect, v. ^ Ja± gafal *an, yag- 

ful ; J*te tagafal, yatagafal ; 

J*V tahamal, yatahamal ; J*a\ 

ahinal, yubmil ; Ja*S zahal, yaz- 

Neglect, Negligence, *. &a& gaf- 

la-t; JiWtagaful; jUaHhmal; 

J*le» tahamul. 
Neglectful, Negligent, adj. Jite 

gafil ; J-*$* muhmil ; jJ^W** mu- 

tabamil ; JaU zahil. 
Negotiate, v. (transact) ^o dab- 
bar, yudabbir; J*^ 'amal, yu- 

'aiiiil. — (bargain) f*te tajar, yu- 


Negotiation, *. ^ tadbir ; JUU* 

Negro, *. *y.\ aswad (pi. ^Wj- 

Neigh, v. J*-* sahal, ya?nal ; /*++** 

hamham, yuhamhim. 
Neigh, Neighing, s. Jj*e guhiil; 

^ ♦ ^ ♦ r* hamham a-t. 
Neighbour, s. jW jar (pi. ^^ 

Neighboub, v. j)W jawar, yujawir ; 

J-^ ittasal, yattasil. 
Neighboubhood, 8. j\y* jawar ; 

S;jW* mujawara-t ; J^ hawala ; 

o^y nawahi ; u\)*\ ifraf . 
Neither, arf/. j*1t 3 j j^\y\ 3 14 

al-wahid wa la al-ahir. 
Neither, conj. 3 ^ wa la. 
Nephew, «. (brother's son) £$\ ^\ 

ibn al-ah. — (sister's son) &\ 

<^-*S\ ibn al - uht (pi. ^\ 

Nerve, *. v— e <af ab ; ^-*c 'aeaba-t 

(pl.^ v»U»c^ a*?ab). — (firmness) 

«a>W* sibat, sabat ; s-1* Sy quw- 

wa-t qalb. 
Nerve, v. ^ qawwa, yuqawwi. 
Nervous, adj.^ (strong) ^ qawi-y ; 

^5*-^ 'a^abi-y. — (having weak 

nerves) * t <**&\ cJ^au. cja'if al- 

Nervousness, ». s-^«J\ cJbu da'f 

((Ju^) al-*a?ab. 
Nest, 8. (on trees) J& 'u&& (pi. 

v>^ 'i^).— (against a wall) fr 

wakr (pi. jtfj\ aukar).— (w ^ 

*and) ^^^ udhi-y ; iy»S\ udhu- 

Nestle, v. j*~l* 'a^sai, yu*aisi^; 

/j wakkar, vuwakkir. — (fondle) 

UW lataf, yulatif . 
Net, «. *£*a ^abaka-t (pi. **JleA 

Nether, adj. <J\x* tahtani-y ; Ja^ 

asfal, f. JLU sufla (pi. JiU asa- 

Nettle, s. ,yfyi qaris, qurrais ; &]*■ 

bariq (pi. ^i^ harqa) ; &yr>\ an- 

Nettle, v. (irritate) fy\ augar, 

yugir; ^At\ ag^ab, yug^ib. 

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Naturalist, a. **>L*«Jq}\ ^U> u^U 

'arif bi-'ilm a{-tabi'iyat. 
Nature, *. ***A {abi'a-t ; gj» Jab* 

(pi. #WL fabayi') . &^ jibilla-t; 

v*^* niasrab (pi. v»j^-* masa- 

rib) ; &\y mizaj (pi. &*yM amzi- 

ja-t). — (creation) ijte* halq ; ^j*j 

Naught, adj., *. ^ 5 la Se-y (v>2 

las) ; ^ U ma se-y ( J^U mas). 
Naughtiness, 8. s-»^ &* qillat 

adab; fyWj radawa-t. 
Naughty, adj. v»^ J*VS qalil adab ; 

«^ radi-y (pi. Vjj>j\ ardiya). 
Nausea, s. s-<i*N £*j waja* al-qalb ; 

s-JJM »>j*> dud al-qalb; JL*^ 

dauha-t; u~M s-«*l la*b nafs. — 

(disgust) *Jji qaraf. 
Nauseous, adj. uyu muqarrif; 

ijjjR s -J ** mu'allib an-nafs; 

ty*i yudawwah. 
Nautical, Naval, adj. <J\f nawa- 

ti-y ; iSf*. ba^ri-y. 
Nave, *. (of a church) Z ~**£ &**• 

sabn kanisa-t. 
Navel, *. ij~ surra-t (pi. j^ surar) ; 

Ifr. bujra-t (pi. fr. bujar). 
Navigate, v. j*J\ ^ j*U safar fi- 

'l-bafcr, yusafir; j^\ £* qa{a' 

al-bafcr, yaqta' ; j+J\ s-S; rakib 

al-ba^r, yarkab. 
Navigation, a. j+J\ /- safar al- 

babr ; j**H *+>?) rukub al-babr. 
Navigator, $. <J>\y nawati-y ; i^f* 

bafcri-y ; f* % £to qatta' ba^r. 
Navy, s. &*/*: ^U* *imara-t babri- 

ya-t; *t*y nutiya-t. 
NAY,a<ir. Dla; J* Ma bal. 
Near, adj. v^i qarib (pi. v»V 

qirab) ; s-*** jamb. 
Near, v. s^* qarib, yaqrab ; s^U 
qarab, yuqarib ; s^sA iqtarab, 
Nearly, adv. J^ » ilia qalil ; J ^ 

Jja lau la qalil. 
Nearness, *. v/ qurb. — (reJafioit- 
#*•/>) «M;* qaraba-t. — (atxirice) 
J*: bubl ; A-U*. basAsa-u 
Neat, <u{/\ J> naqt-y ; *-*•* na*if ; 

Neatness, «. fyto naqawa-t; &U* 

najafa-t ; &UJ latafa-t. 
Necessary, adj. is^y* <Jaruri-y ; pjS 

lazim ; s~*^ wajib ; do* J* 3 la 

budd min-hu. 
Necessary, a. &*p lazima-t (pi. 

fj\yJ lawazim) ; a*^ haja-t (pi. 

gj^ hawayij) ; i JXf * (Jarurat. 
Necessitate, •». ^\ alzam, yulzim ; 

j& qahar, yaqhar; tf*\ afcwaj, 

Necessitous, adj. ^** faqir (pi. 

^-JU fuqara) ; gU^* muhtaj ; 

(j^-^ maskin (pi. (j^L-* maaa- 

kin) ; {j~&* muilis (pi. u"**^* 

maialis) ; d}** su*luk (pi. ctXJUo 

Necessity, «. f$ luzum; l^ 

<j[arura-t ; ^j*±\ id^irar ; U&\ 

iqtida. — (indigence) *j^ 4 aza-t ; 

J* 1 aqr, f uqr ; &U taqa-t. 
Neck, *. o^ raqaba-t (pi. s^^j 

riqab) ; O-ifi *uuq, 'unuq (pi. 

jUis\ a'naq); ^e^ jid (pi. ^^trt- 

juyud, *>W^ ajyad). 
Neckerchief, *. &*>J\ &*y*+ mih- 

rama-t ar- raqaba-t (pi. fj^* 

Necklace, e. jyL (auq (pi. j\^»\ 

a(waq) ; iS& qilada-t (pi. <*$> 

qalayid) ; JJto *uqd (pi. oyte 

'uqud) ; t>\^ kardan (pi. ^t/ 

Necromancer, «. /^\- sahir (pi. 

^^^- suhara) ; )W- sabbar. 
Necromancy, *. j^~ sihr. 
Necropolis, $. (cemetery) &*&• 

niaqbara-t (pi. ^Vfc. maqabir) ; 

^i^» madfan (pi. ^J^ mada- 









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ya'taz; <J\ e^ . w 

Jtt ^La* idtarr ila, yadtarr. 

ifctaj ila, yafc- 
r j* lazi'm; ^^ 

^jtfU muqtatfa. 
5^\ ibra-t (pi. f\ ibar) ; 

Needful, adj. 

daruri-y r _ 
Needle, a. S^ * -. 

^j> minsah ; 3 ^a* minsaha-t. 

— (of the compass) &e~j***+^ fy^N 

al - ibrat al - magnatfsiya-t. — 

(packing-needle) &—*• misalla-t 

(pi. JUw« masall). 
Needle-case, *. 5^^ mi'bara-t (pi. 

^L* mayabir). 
Needle-maker, s. J^ abbar; <j#\ 

Needless, adj. pjl jt£ gair lazim, 

Needle ssn ess, *. gW^ f** 'adain 

ibtiyaj ; Uxi* ^jlc 'adam iqtida ; 

£tf ili qilla-t Daf. 
Needy, adj. t^*** muhtaj ; yt& 

faqtr (pi. ty** f uqara) ; ^^ 

muflis (pi. crtJ^* mafalis) ; 

<^SL^. maskin (pi. tft^— mas *- 

Nefarious, ad/. **/ karih; *yf" 

makriib; e*** qabih (pi. tW* 

qibah, ^W* qababa) ; g**» sani*. 
Nefabiousness, *. £**** sani'a-t 

(pi. £>Ua £anayi'); ***** qabi 

ha-t (pi. ciWi qabayih). 


Negative, arf/. o*^ n *^ » 

munfi ; e»W inkari-y. 
Negative, *. o" *-*;*■ barf nafi. 
Negative, v. & nakir, yankar ; 

^J* nafa, yanfi ; *>; radd, yarudd. 
Negation, s. }&>\ inkar ; J* nafi. 
Neglect, v. ^ J* gafal 4 an, yaff- 

ful; J*^5 tagafal, yatagatal; 


Negotiation, e. ## tadbfr ; &*\*+ 

Negbo, *. *>j-^ as wad (pi. ($\*y~ 

Neigh, v. J«* ?abal, yashal ; j»^»» 

baniham, yubambim. 
Neigh, Neighing, *. Jj«-» suhM; 

&»*.**. bambama-t. 
Neighboub, $. jW jar (pi, 

Neighboub, v. ;jV jawar, yujawir ; 

i ys\ itta$al, yatta$il. 
Neighboubhood, 8. )\p- jawar ; 

8;jV» mujawara-t ; ^Ny* bawala ; 

^y nawahi ; u\j*\ itraf . 
Neitheb, atf/\ /-IN * j a^yt 5 la 

al-waljid wa la al-ahir. 
Neither, conj. % j wa la. 
Nephew, «. (brother's son) £3\ ($$ 

ibn al-ah. — (sister's son) ^\ 

<**-*S\ ibn al - uht (pi. 

Nerve, s. v— e ' a $ab ; &*** 'a$aba-t 

(pi. v»V-ac^ a*9ab). — (firmness) 

sa>^j sibat, gabtit ; s-1* %y» quw- 

wa-t qalb. 
Nerve, v. ^y* qawwa, yuqawwi. 
Nervous, adj. (strong) ^y qawi-y ; 

{S ^oc 'a^abi-y. — (having weak 

nerves) s~«*N «"A?* ^ 4a*if al- 

Nervousness, *. s— «J\ «-Jbu (Ja'f 

(du*f) al-«a9ab. 
Nest, s. (on trees) jjlc 'us^ (pL 

^Ux *i^). — (against a wall) & 

wakr (pi. &\ aukar).— (i* £* 

sand) ^*\ udhi-y ; S^Jt nanu- 

Nestle, v. lA^ 'a&ai. -i-ri»ij . 


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Heutbax, adj. *> J j <*• J lima'- 
ha wa U 'ale-ho. 

NEUTRALITY, *. ^ £* S— «sH f»* 

^3»<ofc^ 'adam at-ta'asaab ma' 

ahad al-hatimic ; is£~ J tasawi. 
Never, <ufo. "W abadan; 1*t 

as Ian ; S=* qatt- 
Nevertheless, con;. «*W £• ma* 

New, aJ/. (not old) •**.*% jadtd (pL 

*>4* judud) » * % * ■ ■ »• mostajadd. 

— (not before known) ^.w. had is 

(pi. *±>\j*»\ abdan) ; gj* bad!' (pL 

£* bad 4 ). — (different) /A Abar, 

f. ^5^ uhra (pi. qj/A aharun, 

f-\ uhar). 
Newness, 8. *«H- jidda-t ; k^ jid- 

News, 8. y*» habar (pL jW*t ah bar) ; 

&j\- t>adina-t (pi. *&>*rija. hawa- 

dis) ; W> naba (pi. W>t anba). 
Newsmonger, 8. j***** mutahabbir. 
Newspaper, 8. hp** &j) waraqa-t 

babariya-t ; &*jte gazeta-t ; J^* 

Next, adj. (nearest in place) v»/^ 

aqrab ; J— •** muttasil ; (£-*/ 

qarin ; J^? tali. — (nearest in 

time) <jrt ati ; f*to qadim. 
Nib, *. (point) <^- sinn (pi. ^^ 

asnan) ; <j*\j ras (pi. u*/« 

ru'ug). — (beak) J&* minqar (pi. 

ja*U* manaqir). 
Nibble, v. yj>? qarcuj, yaqrid. 
Nice, adj. (accurate) l»j*-** madbut ; 

j^J^ mudaqqiq. — (dainty) J*oJ 

laziz. — (pleasant) t-AjJ lafif ; 

cJkt^k zarif ; Ukjai nazjf. 
Nicene88, Nicety, *. &*> diqqa-t. 

— (squeamishnets) *\j&£~\ istik- 

rah. — (delicacy) &\^ zarafa-t ; 

&UJ latafa-t ; Jrtb nazafa-t. 
Niceties, *. (0/ Me fa&Ze) <j~jte 

Niche, 8. jVL #q (pi. «yliVL {aqat, 

yVflel tfqan). 
Nickname, *. h^ kinaya-t; s-^ 

Nickname, v. s-d laqqab, yulaq- 

Niece, 8. (brother's daughter) 

&\ bint al-ah. — (sitter's daughter) 

ss**3\ %»*J9 bint al-oht (pi. ts>U* 

Niggard, adj., s. J«*: bahil (pi. 

\&. bohalA) ; i r& * hasis (pi. 

^L-* hisas, ^-±\ ahissa). 
Niggardliness, Niggardkess, s. 

J*: buhl, bahal ; X-L-^ hasa&a-t. 
Nigh, adj. s-i/ qarib (pi. v»V 

Night, s. JJ lail, lei ; AJ laila-t 

(pi. JU lival, JW5 layali). 
Nightingale, #. s-« J ^ * 'andalfb 

(pi. J»>^* 'anadil) ; &W jumla- 

na-t ; aytf nagara-t ; J-l* bulbul 

(pi. JA balabil, P«r».) ; j^ 

hazar (Pen.). 
Nightmare, s. ^^ kibus (pi. 

t.r-rf^ kawabis). 
Nimble, adj. ^Ai casit ; v^j raiiq ; 

33iS lazlaz. 
Nimbleness, s. U^i nasa^ ; ^^»j 

raiaqa-t ; W«iS lazlaza-t. 
Nine, a/J;. a««j tis'a-t, f. g-* tisa*. 
Ninefold, adv. u\**\ a«— 5 tis'a-t 

a^ 4 af. 
Nineteen, a^'. y*-& X«— I tis'a-t 

Nineteenth, adj. r±>* g-^ tasi* 

Ninety, Ninetieth, *. t^-<«-j 

tis'in (ey*-* tis'un). 
Ninth, a^;. g-^ tasi', f. ^*-Vf 

Nip, v. (pinch) ^f qaras, yaqruf. 

— (cut off) &i qa^a 4 , yaqfa' ; ^ 

qa??, yaquss. — (as frost) **X1a 

haiiak, yuhallik. 
Nip, *. u°/ qar8 ; &^S qarsaba-t. 
Nippers, «. u©^ miaras. 
Nipple, «. >si^ **k> halamat al-bizz. 
Nit, «. s^*}- su'ab ; ^^*y» su'aba-t 

(pi. fc)W£* si'ban, vulj?. sib&n). 
Nitre, s. »>j;WM ^JU milh al-barud ; 

jfjy biiraq, boraq (Pers.) ; ^^ 

Nitrous, arf/'. o»^ natruni-y. 
Nitty, acf;. ^W**» ^ zu siMn. 
No, adj. J»»U ^ wa la a^ad ; J^ U 

ma ahad. 
No, adv. 3 la ; 1^ 5 la abadan. 

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as-^urafa ; ££UJ\ (^W^ 

mamlaka-t; *\ft\ al- 

arkan ad- 



Nobility, 8. (nobleness) «*J ; * £araf ; 
M/ karama-t; kW* najaba-t; 
^W jalala-t. — (body of noblemen) 

a'yan al 
akabir ; 

Noblb, adj., 8. *JtyA sarif (pi. u\^>\ 
airaf, U^ £urafa) ; J~*\ a?il (pi. 
J>^ asayil) ; pif karim (pi. 
i*y kiram) ; J«J nabil (pi. hi 
nubala') ; s-**?* uajib. 
Nobleman, *. ub^ garif ; *>/ •**- 
say y id kariin (pi. j»y o\jL 
sadat kiram) ; ^ kabir (pi \p£ 
Nobody, s. ju^ U ma ahad; ^ 

^\j wa-la wahid. 
Nocturnal, adj. o y laili-y. 
Nod, «. S;U\ is&ra-t ; U^ ima ; Uj 

Nod, 0. <jH ^^ auraa ila, y&mi ; 
*~\j )* hazz ras-hu, yahuzz. — (be 
drowsy) <j~*i na 4 as, yan 4 as. 
Noise, *. (sound) s&>y° saut (pi. 
ssAyo\ aswat) ; L> — a. hass, hiss. — 
(clamour) £>j rajja-t ; ^W* 4 iya{ ; 
£M*gjiga-t; &Ua.'sarnata-t; l±yt 
gausa-t; &>j zaita-t; k*l laga*. 
Noise, v. ^J»^ ^awwa.4, yugawwis* ; 
C* dajj, yadijj. — (spread about) 
fl* sahhar, yusabbir; g^ asa 4 , 
Noisome, adj. (injurious) ; -«*-* 
mudirr ; J^ju mufsid. — (offen- 
sive) * j& 2~~* mustakrah ; &***• 
Noisomeness, 8. A~J fasad ; %>l~i\ 

if sad ; &U* natana-t. 
Noisy, adj. e^ dajj. 
Nomad, s. ^jtt Ja\ ahl al-wabar; 
J*5> naqil ; fl^ ^S qaura dalla-t. 
Nomenclature, s. Z * +~* > tasmi va-t ; 

t%»\ istilah. 
Nominal, adj. ^+~\ ismi-y ; ^Uc 

Nominate, v. ^+~ samma, yusani- 

111 * ; J*> j a'al , y a j 4 al . 
Nomination, *. 3 «»..~ > tasmiva-t ; I 

«xJa> taqlid. 
Nominative, a. gi> raf*. i 

| Non (in comp.\ pt gair; *iJ* 

'adiui ; f±* 'adam, as seen below. 
Nonage, s. JJ* sigar; yu sigar. 
Non-appearance, a. j?*^\ ft* 

'adam al-budur. 
Non-compliance, *. UjN ^oa 'adam 

ar-ridla; Jj*fiH ^j* 'adam al- 

Non-conformity, s. la\yA\ *jlc 

'adam al-muwafaqa-t ; wiUo^ in- 

hiraf; aUHlfcad. 
None, adj., 8. J»^ 3 la atiad; 5 j 

Jto-tj wa la wa^id. 
Nonentity, s. ^^ p±* 'adam al- 

wujud ; *>y*y ^ gair mauj&d. 
Nonpareil, adj. jj& *i U ma la-hu 

nagir ; JU* dJUma la-hu misal ; 

** o vuA 5 la §» n i (t&ni) la-hu; 
^ farid. 
Non-payment, *. q^\ p** 'adam 

ad-dat 4 ; U>2\ r j^ *adam al-ifa. 
Non-performance, s. \fA p** 

\adam ijra ; U^\ ^Afi 'adam imda. 
Nonplus, «. i^. hira-t ; (j^yt»T 

taswi^ ; ^lf bala^a-t. 
Nonplu8, y. ^j*. hiyvar, yuljayyir. 
Non-resident, adj. ^t- ^ gair 

Non-resistance, s. ^UJ\ ^ac 

( adam al - muqawama-t ; |*tc 

AxiUJ^ 'adam al-mudafa'a-t. 
Nonsense, 8. { yM^y t t {: y^S kalam 

min gair ma*na ; y\i±to hazayan. 
Nonsensical, adj. { y*+ j*k iy 

min gair ma'na; Ja«J\ aa <Judd 

al-'aql ; ^ ba^il. 
Nook, *. &>/ qurna-t (pi. jU 

qarani) ; ^ ruka (pi. ^ly 

Noon, Noonday, Noontide, a. ^W 

juhr (pi. ;^ azhar) ; kjfr zah- 

riya-t ; jty$\ *-&+> nief (nasf) an- 

Noose, s. ^ fahh (pi. e^ fihah) ; 

&W^ hibaia-t; *i/i sarak (pi. 

os^. suruk, *«3^ asrak) ; &Lfte\ 

Nor, conj. 3 ^ wa la. 
Normal, ad/. ^-»^ysJ\ v^V* muwa- 

fiq al- jawania ; ^5V^ suUm. 
North, «. JUa samaL 


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North, Northern, Northerly, 

adj. <jIWa 6amali-y. 
North-east, s. j>/» p JUa Carnal 

wa 6arq. 
North-pole, s. «^Ua s~3oi qu$b 

6am ali- y. 
North- star, *. JU-&N s-^/ kaukab 

Northward, adj., Northwards, 

Northwardly, adv. JU-aJ\ <J^ 

'ala 's-samal. 
North-west, $. v»^ j J^** Carnal 

wa garb. 
Nose, s. *-*^ anf (pi. **j\i\ anaf, 

*Jy>\ unuf). 
Nosegay, *. f) & *£*>* *\ &^ ^ &W 

baqa-t (rat ua-t, taikilat) zahar ; 

^yfcj Sj^ jurza-t zuhur. 
Nostril, 8. /&• manhar, minhir ; 

jU^» minhar (pi. /-U* manahir, 

^U» manahir). 
Not, adv. 3 la ; ^J lam ; ^ Ian ; U 

ma — (i7 w /iof) u~J laisa. 
Notable, acfy\, Notability, s.)#&" 

mas'hiir ; y~*+ mu'tabar ; <j^a-* 

jLa*!&\ mustahaqq al-i'tibar. 
Notarial, adj. & » < ^» 1 W v*y^* 

maktub bi-'l-matkama-t. 
Notary, 8. ^ h-*^ katib £ar'i 

(pi. v»^ kuttab). 
Notation, 8. ij&s tafkira-t; WU 

'alama-t; bj&\ isara-t. — (of num- 
bers) fa raqam (pi. pty arqam). 

— (of music) \*&\ )*&5 tanqij 

Notch, *. *)•> hazzat ; ^£ fanj. 
Notch, v. ^ hazz, yahazz ; y*. 

hazzaz, yuhazziz ; ^^ faracji, 

Note, 8. (mark) fjj raqam (pi. •&£ 

arqam) ; ,*— j rasni (pi. py~j 

rusum, *-*^ arsuni) ; M# 'ala- 

ma-t (pi. f&* 'alam, /^Jb «ala- 

yim) ; ^ 'alam (pi. f£e\ a'lam). 

— (memorandum) i^JS tafkira-t. 

— (account) *— **Vi qayima-t. — 

(renown) «^*-» sit ; j\&*\ i.4tihar. 

— (marginal remark) i**^ hfisi- 

ya-t (pi. o*V" hawasi) ; <J^U 

mulhaq. — (short letter) Sjfttf taz- 

kira-t (pi. fi& tazakir), — (musi- 

cal character) UaN 2Ub nuqtat al- 
gina (pi. t» nuqat). 

Note, v. (notice with care) Wl 
lahaz, yulahiz; ^ ;-J^ e^ 
am'an an-nazar fi, yam'in. — (set 
down in writing) iju^W a<J qay- 
yad bi-'l-kitaba-t, yuqayyid. 

Noteworthy, adj. \t**ii j ^- * 
mustahiqq al-i'tibar. 

Nothing, v. ^ 2 la-se-y ; <>S las. 

Nothingness, a. j^xc 'adam. 

Notice, *. (observation) ]* nazar ; 
&J*o>%» mulahaza-t. — (written 
remark) J^»^ taqyid. — (intelli- 
gence) p± habar (pi. J*±\ ahbar) ; 
Z-l j t* habariya-t. — (warning) 
y**">5 tad^ir. — (give notice) ^ 
daisar, yudaSsir. 

Notice, v. fc*^ lahaz, yulahiz ; ^ 
nazar, yanzur. 

Noticeable, adj. £WuH s- *t y z~+ 
mustaujib al-mulahaza-t. 

Notification, s. j&& tahbir ; J*±\ 

Notify, v. ^ habbar, yuhabbir ; 
p±\ ahbar, yuhbir; fis\ a 4 lam, 

Notion, s. ^ tasawwur; JW*- 
hiyal (pi. SLjA ahyila-t) ; /* 
fikr (pl.jVXi\ afkar) ; ^ zann (pi. 
yy& z"ni\n) ; (J*>) wahm (pi. 
f\*)\ auham). 

Notional, adj. o^^" hijali-y ; 
^j**) wahmi-y. 

Notoriety, Notoriousness, s. lj&* 
suhra-t; jM i^tihar; ; L«M 

Notorious, adj. )#&* ina^hur; 
^f* ma'ruf ; ^ zahir. 

Notwithstanding, conj. «eUJ J^ j* 
ma* kull zalik. 

Nought, s. ^ 3 la se-y ; sj& \kk. 

Noun, s. (*-\ ism (pi. U-^ asma). 

Nourish, v. (feed) «t>^* qat, yaqut ; 
^j) rabba, yurabbi; (**L\ at 4 am, 
yu^im. — (cherish) s-*> habb, va- 

Nourishment, s. «yy qiit ; ^UL 

Novel, adj. 51^ badi* (pi. £•*? 
bud*) ; ^ nadir, 

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Novbl, 8. &*i qissa-t (pi. yOoS 

qisas) ; lt\£** hikaya-t ; S^J^ 

Novelist, *. ^) raw? (pi. %s>\^ 

Novelty, s. $j»>^ nadira-t (pi. jjty 

nawadir) ; *«*.** badi'a-t (pi. g>\^j 

badayi 1 ). 
November, s. <jW &/** tasrin 

as-sani (at-tani). 
Novice, s. «W* talmiz (pi. S^% 

talamiz) ; ^J^ mubtadi. 
Novitiate, *. fcUl? taluiaza-t. 
Now, adv. va*SjN \±& haza-'l-waqt ; 

^ al-an. 
Now-a-days, adv. \**j> ^ fi yaum- 

Noway, Noways, adv. "Uiai qafan ; 

")U^ aelan (both preceded by 2 

Nowhere, adv. tf— ^ 1 la fi 

matrah; J^» ^ 2 j wa la fi 

mahall ; g*y ^ U ma fi mau<Ja' . 
Nowise, adv. "3u>\ aslan (preceded 

by S la). 
Noxious, ad/. y&* mu^irr ; ^U cjarr ; 

JuJU mufsid ; **U^» muhlik. 
Noxiousness *. j^ 4arar ; ly** 

Nozzle, *. *» tumm ; ^ fumm (pi. 

*\j>\ atwah, *Uit af mam). 
Nucleus, s. &ty nawaya-t ; ctJLs 

qalb (pi. v»^i qulub). — (founda- 
tion) f>\ umm ; J«^ as!. 
Nude, ad;. ^^ *ari ; ^W * 'uryan. 
Nudity, «. ^ja 'ura; hf 'urya-t ; 

Uj zalt. 
Nugatory, adj. J1»W bajil. 
Nugget, s. iytS tibra-t 
Nuisance, «. &a> 

makruh ; &.L.J wasaha-t 
Null, ad/\ Jt^j bajil ; <v* J*** 5 la 

yu'mal bi-hi ; g^a 5 la yaufa*. 
Nullify, v. JM ab^al, yubjil ; £~J 

nasah, yansah. 
Nullity, 8. ^Ma* bu{lan; flU* 

Numb, adj. (torpid) ^ hadir; 

(^\)**-^> hadran. — (with cold) 

jp*\ ij* s ^ Aob^* mutahassib min 

al-bard; tfi band. 

saqla-t ; *%**• 

Numb, v. »>;* barrad, yubarrid ; J***- 

haddar, yuhaddir. 
Number, s. *>j* 'adad (pi. jUI 

a'dad) ; *J* 'idda-t. — (figure) 

(f) raqara (pi. fty arqam). — 

(even number) g«j zauj. — (odd 

number) *y fara. — (number in 

poetry) <$fr wazn (pi. q\$ auzan). 
Number, v. J^ 'add, ya'idd ; ^-a*- 

hasa, yahsi ; s-*~*» kasab, yak- 
Numberless, adj. »>J^ <d U ma la-hu 

'addad ; ^**i 2 ^ j*> 3 14 yu'add 

wa la yu^aa (3 aor. pass). 
Numbness, *. ^ hadar; *yu- 

Numeral, s. jj* 'adad (pi. *\**\ 

adad) ; ^ raqam (pi. pty 

Numeral, Numerical, adj. ^J* 

Numeration, 8. j^j«? ta'did ; vA~*> 

hisab ; \*+\ iJjsa. 
Numerator, *. (o/ a fraction) l^y 

sura-t (pi. ^ suwar) ; )*~i bas^. 
Numerous, acy. Jk»Aft 'adid ; «^ 

kasir (katir) ; ^ wafir; Jiyh 

Nun, 8. &**\) rahiba-t. 
Nunnery, s. «^Wa^ ^j dair rahi- 

bat (pi. S^»> duyura-t, S^j\ ad- 

Nuptial, ady. ^--^ 'ursi-y. 
Nuptials, «. ^-^ 'urs (pi. <j*\fb 

a'ras); c/ farah (pi. cV^ af - 

Nurse, 8. &tfj* murabbiya-t ; &£*> 

daya-t ; i*U haddama-t. — (wet 

nurse) ^*-*y* murcji^t (pi. g*^/* 

mara^li' ; a^^a, ra^a'a-t. 
Nurse, v. (take care of) ^U dara, 

yudari. — (suckle) ****> mcj^at, 

turacjcjii 4 ; s****j\ arda'at, turdi*. 
Nursery, 8. (plantation) <j*;±* 

magris (pi. <j*j*~ magaris). 
Nurture, «. (food) **>y* qiit ; ^UL 

ta*am. — (instruction) ptfc ta'lim; 

&~if tarbiya-t. 
Nurture, v. (feed) «Ai qat, yaqftt ; 

C*L\ at*am,yut 4 im. — (educate) ?j 

rabba, yurabbi. 

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Nut, 8. )p- jauz ; Sw* jauza-t (pi. 

sa>\)j*. jauzat, )\f*\ ajwaz). 
Nut-shell, 8. )yt^\ ^Ai qisr al-jauz 

(pi. jy**i qusur). 
Nutmeg, 0. s«« m jj* jauz at;-t;ib ; 

V i3+ J auz bawwa. 


Nutriment, Nutrition, 8. 

qut ; J^ akl, ukl. 
Nutritious, Nutritive, adj. ^ 

niuqit ; ^sfi* muqawwi. 
Nux vomica, 8. JaN )y> jauz al- 



0, inter j. ^ yfi ; \q\ avyuba. 
Oak, 8. L^i ballu* (pi. W*i balAlit- 
Oaken, ad;. J^l* ballutf-y. 
Oakum, 0. jU** musaq ; &AlaN jU** 

mu£aq al-qalfafa-t. 
Oar, 0. ^AjAs miqdaf (pi. U^ jV^ 

Oab, v. *-*ju> qaddaf, yuqaddif. 
Oarsman, 8. u\js qaddaf. 
Oasis, s. cV^ alwat (pi. *>WjN al- 

wahat) ; «Jb, rif (pi. ^^ aryaf) ; 

i3*>\) wadi (pi. h^ audiya-t). 
Oat, 8. Q)\h)± sufan ; JU.1 hur^al, 

hartal ; ^\^ ziwan ; (^Uioyfc hur- 

Oath, 0. ^IaL. ^alfan ; &*h yam in 

(pi. <&>U*»i yaminat, ^W^ aiman, 

&+A aimun) ; (+~1 qasam (pi. 

f\~i\ aqsam). 
Obduracy, 0. 5^L-i qasawa-t; «>Uis 

'inad ; *yJ tamarrud. 
Obdurate, adj. tf+s* mutanmrrid ; 

^5-*^ qasi (pi. v&>l~i qusat) ; ***** 

'anid (pi. juc 'unud). 
Obedience, 0. . £*U» $a'a-t; **U^ 

ita'a-t ; «JW*tf inqiyad ; J^\ 

imtisal ; q\b<S\ iz'an. 
Obedient, a#. #U> taji'j £***• 

mutf' ; *>Uu* munqad. 
Obeisance, 0. \**\ in^ina; fyid. 

Obelisk, 0. &-*• misalla-t (pi. J^~* 

masall) ; J«* mil (pi. J^ am- 

yal, Jj** muyul). 
Obese, adj. ^«-*> jasim (pi. p^~ * 

jasam) ; ,«** <al?im. 
Obesity, 0. &«W jasama-t; p*A 


Obey,^ 1?. £& {&', yatf' ; g^ a^a% 
yuti* ; J jVs»\ inqad li, yanqad ; 
{$** za'in, yaz'an; (^S\ az'an, 

Object, 0. (thing) ^ se-y (pi. ^©^ 
asya) ; <ja^A sah? (pi. j**&\ 
a£hus, \j°f**> suhii?) ; )**+ man- 
jar (|>1. ■ ^kU*» managir) ; j&* 
magbar (pi. yfcUb* niazahir). — 
I (aim) •x-ai qasd ; *>j*fi* maqsud 
j (pi. .x**U* maqasid) ; Sly inurad ; 
j £)* *azam (pi. j^ *uziim) ; <J>jk 
gai-acj (pl« u*^ agrad). — (in 
I grammar) ** Jy 1 ^ mai 4 ul bi-bi. 

Object, v. \j*f*\ i'tara4, ya*tari4 ; 
<j6 ; U *ara4, yu*ari4; o* ^^ 
balaf fi, yubalif. 

Objection, 0. ijAjvA i 4 tiracl ; i*;U^ 
mu ( araqla-t ; UtU. bilaf. 

Objectionable, adj. <*)£***• musak- 
kik ; g-ft^ basT. 

Oblation, 0. ^y qurban (pi. e>**V 
qarabin) ; i^Jk» laqdima-t. 

Oblige, v. (force) pyft alzam, yul- 
ziiu ; s-^ gasab, yagsib ; ^5 
qabar, yaqhar. — (do a Javour) 
<J* ^ mann 4 ala, yamunn ; f*>\ 
aii'am, yun*im ; ~\>j*+" *)*► ja 4 al- 
hu mamnunan, yaj*al. 

Obliging, adj. ^^* s^^ ^ sajiib 
nia'ruf ; *-&£ lat;if ; ^iu*« niu- 
n*im ; f£* mukrim. 

Obligation, 0. (duty) s-**\j wajib ; 
Jf far* (pi. u*V fir&4 f ^/ 
fur^); &*jy fari(Ja-t (pi. u^V 
farayiiji). — (favour) &«* minua-t 
(pi. &*• mman) ; i**» nriua-t 
(pi. ^ ni'am) ; ^U*.^ i^saiL 

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Obligatory, adj. <jfJ fardi-y ; 

fj3 lazim ; s-**\j wajin. 
Oblique, adj. «*-* r ^» munharif ; 

J*U mavil ; s^j warib. — (in 

grammar) mj+" majrur; t>j*afc* 

Obliqueness, Obliquity, s. u\f*\ 

inhiraf; v>;j warb (pi. v>\)^ 

Obliterate, v. <j^* maha, yamhi ; 

£~* nasah, vansah ; «tU bakk, 

yahukk ; uJl {alas, y at las. 
Obliteration, «. j^* mahft; £~* 

Oblivion, «. g^*-* nisyan; SjU-i 

Oblitiou8, adj. gW-J nasyan ; ^j-i 

nasi-y ; V~J nassa. 
Obliviousness, 8. ly~i naswa-t. 
Oblong, adj. J j *s~— musta^il. 
Obloquy, *. ^ laum ; &*%• mala- 

ma-t (pi. tfy malawim) ; &•** 

zamuia-t ; £**♦* namiraa-t ; £gV*j 

Obnoxious, adj. {hurtful) }*• mu- 

4irr; a-JU mufsid. — (hateful) 

*)/*• makruh ; */ karih. — (liable) 

J***» muta^aminil. 
Obscene, adj. \J^^ fa^is; ft 

Obscenity, «. uW fahS; &a*.U 

fa^isa-t (pi. u^*-V fawafciS) 5 

&*&** fahsiya-t. 
Obscure, adj. (dark) (*** 'atim; 

^»^ mu'tim ; jjk* muzlim. — (not 

clear) fy*v mabhum ; <jl*~ mug- 

laq ; J£**« mu£kil (muskal) ; 

&» & ■&■- mudtabih. — (not known) 

Jj«** majhM; ^*)f" ;** gair 

Obscure, v. f&\ azlam, yuzlini ; 

^-*c 'attam, yu'attim ; f*-**\ 

a'tam, yu'tim. 
Obscurity, *. Wt zulina-t ; &*** 

'atma-t ; jy*i* daij&r (pi. p*^ 

dayajir). — (of meaning) p\&\ ib- 

hani; «W**»^ istibah ; ceX* sakk 

(pi. dj*± sukftk). 
Obsequies, 8. y**r* tajniz ; fijW 

janaza-t (pi. j*U> janayiz) ; jW 

jannaz (pl.yU* jananiz). 

Obsequious, adj. &>\± hacjii* ; &>\f" 

Obsequiousness, s. g^«- hucjiu* ; 
&\f tawadu'. 

Observance, 8. (respect) ^s\ i'ti- 
bar ; a^- hurma-t ; &Wj ri'aya-t. 
— (of a law or duty) W. fcafz > 
SU\^# mura'a-t. 

Observation, *. &o.!U mulahaza-t ; 
v>y>; ruqub ; &V»^ muraqaba-t ; 
j& nazar. — (comment) && *£ tam- 
biha-t ; J}* qaul ; pif kalatn. 

Observatory, 8. *y*S\jQ\ **y mar- 
sad al-kawakib ; *y*}\ &** bait 
ar-rasd (pi. «w^ buyiit). 

Observe, v. (watch) ^ ju$\ {$*+\ 
am 'an an-nazar fi, yum'in ; l*»-i 
lahaj, yulahi? ; xoj rasad, yar- 
sud ; *-r*i\j raqab, yuraqib. — 
(remark) j&\ azhar, y ajhir ; (^ 
bay y an, yubavyin ; ^ zakar, 
yazkur. — (keep) ^A*. ^afaz, yak- 
faz ; ^\) ra*a, yura'i. 

Obsolete, adj. d^f* matriik ; ^ 
^U gair sayir ; J » « ■ ? ■-* ^ gair 
muat*amal ; J^ battal ; ty-** 
mansuh ; &*+ mu^attaq. 

Obsoleteness, s. ^^ bu^laa ; ^ 
JU*s-5\ *adain al-isti*mal. 

Obstacle, *. g>U mani* (pi. &\y 
inawani*) ; j^jW *ayiq (pi. v>t^ 

Obstinacy, «. »>Ua *inad; «>jw ta- 

Obstinate, od/. J^ 'anid (pi. 
Aic 'uuud) ; Jo** mu'nid ; Jk>U^ 
mu'anid ; »yj^ mutamarrid. 

Obstreperous, adj. &\* 4»jj ; 5^/° 
sarsa' ; gl^*,. j a *ja\ 

Obstreperousness, 8. &l£ gaga-t ; 
i^-6 4ajja-t ; ^^ gausa-t ; ^j* 

Obstruct, v. Ju* sadd, yasudd ; &* 
mana*, yamna* ; j^ 4 aq, ya*(iq ; 
j^fi *awwaq, yu'awwiq. 

Obstruction, 6. &uU* muma- 
ria^a-t ; g*U mani* (pi. g*^ ma- 
wani') ; jiff ta*arru4 ; u*^\ 
i 4 tira4- 

Obstructive, adj. OM^ « a yiq ; jyw 
mu'awwiq; «iitU mulabbik. 

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Obtain, v. J^ nal, yanal ; ^ J-»» 
basal 'ala, yahsal ; ha^al, yu- 
Jiaesil ; «tU*ju^ i statu lak, yastain- 
Uk ; Jj*-^ istaula, yastauli. 

Obtainable, adj. Jj**H (£-£•"• 
murakin al-busftl; »—«*• muta- 

Obtrude, v. J*^ tadahal, yata- 

Obtrusion, s. &*\a+ mudahala-t. 
Obtrusive, adj. J^W inudahil. 
Obtuse, adj. (stupid) «JM*^ a^maq, 

f. Uu*. ^amqa (pi. ,>•** humuq, 

vjW ljimaq); ^ balid; u*f±* 

malt&s. — (a* an angle) $£** 

Obtusene88, 8. &U». hamaqa-t; 

l*h balada-t. 
Obviate, v. (meet difficulties) ^»> 

darak, yudarak ; djj*~»\ istadrak, 

yaatadrik. — (prevent) £** mana', 

yamna 1 ; j^ 'aq, ya'ftq. 
Obvious, adj. ^W bayin; &**• 

mubin ; y&^ zahir ; £**tj wacjilj ; 

C*-*j wacjih. 
Obviousness, s. £**? tawacjcjuh ; 

ty*y wu^fth ; £*-* (jiaha-t. 
Occasion, s. £*y fursa-t (pi. «t>Uy 

fursat, ^* furas). 
Occasion, v. w-j— sabbab, yusab- 

bib; Jl* 'allal, yu'allil. 
Occasional, adj. ^}& 'aricjti-y ; 

J*\#\ ittifaqi-y. 
Occasionally, adv. Z*fl\ £y») juc 

'and wuqu* al-f urea-t ; &xJ^ bi- 

's-eadfa-t ; "^^ ahyan-an. 
Occult, adj. ^j- sirri-y ; ^-^ 

gaibi-y ; ^ft^ hafi-y ; «^afc* muh- 

fa; ff&" maktfim; of** mak- 


OCCULTNE8S, 8. ^ ihfa ; ^ck\ 

ihtifa; j- sirr (pi. j\y— ^ asrar). 
Occupation, s. J*a gugl (pi. juM 

asgal); J±U5 tasagul; &UA-. 

ma^gala-t (pi. J*U* uiasagil) ; 

***-» sana'a-t (pi. gU© sanayi') ; 

&*• mihna-t (pi. (^ mihan) ; 

bf* l?irfa-t (pi. «J^. hiraf). 
Occupy, v. (fa/re possession of) **U* 

malak, yamlik; **U*J tamallak, 

yatamallak; «W ahaz, ya'fcuz. — 

(6w*y) J** saggal, yusaggil ; 
JaM a^gal, yusgil. — (employ) 
*~iyo saraf, yasrif ; ^J^s-\ istah- 
dam, yastahdim. 

Occur, v. (happen) J-». hasal, yah- 
sal ; vi>^a- hadis, yahdas ; ^j* 
jara, yajri; £* sar, yasir. — (be 
presented to the mind) aJV* o* W 
ja' fi Ml-hu, yaji' ; *3Vj ^ J3 
qam fi bal-hu, yaqiun ; J \*i 
bada li, yabdft. 

Occurrence, s. ^^ 'arid (pi. <j*jV 
'awarid) ; i**3W hadisat (pi. *i»o\^a. 
hawadis) ; &u\j waqi*a-t (pi. 
«yUi\^ waqi*at). 

Ocean, «. l4*^^ ^^^ al-bahr al- 
muhit ; u-y^*^ oqiyanus. 

Octagon, *., Octagonal, adj. (^u 

Octangular, adj. ^t^j (jU* ^ zu 
samau zawaya. 

October, s. Jp\ ^^aj ti^rin al- 

Ocular, adj. ^j-^f basari-y. — 
(ocular witness) ^J^fi *iyani-y ; 
jaU sahid. 

Oculist, *. JV^ kahhal. 

Odd, adj. (not even) *£ fard ; **yu 
mufrid. — (left over) *i\) zayid. — 
(strange) s-s^ garib; s~e*c 
'ajib ; ^5**^^ p* gair i'tiyadi-y ; 
S*> taq. 

Oddness, Oddity, s. ^\jt garaba-t ; 
**y tawat^ud. 

Odds, s. (variance) ufcuA ihtilaf ; 
aaJ^ muhalafa-t. — (advantage) 
&fl& galaba-t ; s-^*j tagallub. 

Ode, *. A--a» qasid (pi. ^^-a* qus- 
dan) ; $.**•* qasida-t (pi. J^e-«» 
qasid, J«^» qasayid) ; J)* gazal. 

Odious, adj. *«/ karih ; fi^« mak- 
ruh ; u^yu* mamqut ; va.^u ma- 

Odiousness, 0. a\ j ^-\ istikrah ; 
**y karaha*t. 

Odium, «. &aa* bug<Ja-t ; aa\^ kara- 

Odoriferousness, s. W» ^i; riljia-t 

Odorous, Odoriferous, ooy. ;U* 

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mu'attar ; ; -*- * «* rau'ambar ; 
py*^+ maimum. 

Odour, s. &*?) riha-i ; So*)) rayiha-t 
(pi. £>\p rawavih). — (fragrance) 
LSx 6ce)j rayiha-t zakiya-t ; &&)) 
&& raviha-t lafifa-t. — (perfume) 
s-^ tib " (pi. v>WM atvab); £* 
'i*r, 'ujr (pi. jj* 'utur).' 

Of, prep. &* min ; ^ <an. 

Off, adj. (distant) »au** ba'id. 

Off, prep, (away) ^ •***» ba'id 

Opf, interj. t) ruh ; <j*~A im£i. 

Offal, 8. wu saqa{ (pi. L\&*\ 
asqat) ; 2jj& 'af£a-t. 

Offence, s. (injury, insult) (^*** 
ta'addi ; k& aziya-t ; )j* darar ; 
by** madarra-t; £U zilla-t. — 
(displeasure) S/e 'asra-t. — ( fault) 
s-** 'aib (pi. v»^ 'uyub) ; VLt 
ha^a; s-*_jJ z\mb (pi. s^*** 
zunub) ; ;^» qusur. 

Offend, v. <J& ^J^* ta'adda' 'ala, 
yata'adda ; ^\ azza, yu'azzi ; 
aza, yuzi ; L. sjV, yasu' ; J^ ^-\ 
asa ila, yasi' ; y* darr, yadurr. — 
(transgress) Jw ah{a, yuhtf ; 
Jj zall, yazill. 

Offensive, adj. otXCi^ musakkik ; 
t)j£" makriih ; y*+ mudirr ; ±~*+ 
mufsid. — (as a weapon, &c.) 
^jasU li-'t-ta'addi. 

Offensivene8S, s. l*>\£ karaha-t ; 
5\^x-\ istikrah. 

Offer, *. j\/l\ i'raci ; ^f 'urud ; 
pi±B taqdim. — (price) &+£ qi- 

Offer, v. p<& qaddam, yuqaddim ; 
J jbf <arad li, ya'rucf; Vc ji,f\ 
a'rad 'ala, yu'rid ; <j<m>\ ahda, 
yuhdi. — (as a sacrifice) s-y qar- 
rab, yuqarrib (aU li'llah); $* 
zabah, yazbah. 

Offering, s. ^j» qurban (pi. c^V 
qarabin) ; &**ss taqdima-t. 

Office, s. (employment) &*a± hid- 
ma-t ; &-ij wazifa-t (pi. <-k&j 
wa^ay if) ; «t««*« inansab (pi. 
s-**^-* manasib) ; J*c 'amal (pi. 
JUc\ a'mal). — ( place of business) 

s-*x&« maktab (pi. s-*^£* maka- 
Officer, s. &a^ s-**-U sa^ib wazt- 
fa-t (pi. U^ v»^ as^ab 
wazayif) ; s-*~ *• ^~*Xo sa^ib 

mansab ; 


(military commander) v~ij raw 

(pi. \~*% ru'sa). 
Official, adj. f^^\ &+ a» ^U* 

munada bi-hi min al-hukm. 
Officiate, v. a*a^ J«^ 'amil wa- 

gifat-hu, ya'mal. — (in church) 

<j*.tf qaddas, yuqaddis. 
Officious, adj. (intermeddling) 

Ja.\ju» mudahil. 
Officiouiness, s. &s*W muda- 

Offino, 8. <J***N al-'amiq. 
Offspring, *. <*ty aulad (pi. of ^ 

walad) ; h^ zurriya-t (pi. c5j^ 

zarari) ; jli nasi (pi. JU-M an- 

Often, Oftentimes, adv. "ty/» 

miraran ; 8^^ j\^\ amrar ka§i- 

ra-t ; 1^» kasiran ; U "^^^ 

kasiran ma. 
Ogre, s. c^yto 'ifrit (pi. ct^Uc 

'afarit) ; Jj* gul (pi. ^S^ gilan). 
Oil, 8. entj zait, zet. 
Oil, v. ct*>yW ^^ dahan bi-'z-zait, 

yadhun ; dahhan, yudahhin ; 

o*>3 zayyat, yuzayyit. 
Oil-cloth, s. g » A >* mu^amma'. 
Oilman, «. «w^j zayyat; jUc *as- 

Oily, adj. ^Jfi) zaituni-y. 
Ointment, s. ^yfe*> duhun; p*y 

raarhara (pi. ^/* marahim). 
Old, ad/, (aged) j±>**»\ ihtiyar (pi. 

Aj ; Uas.\ ihtiyariya-t) ; j^^ 'ajuz ; 

&~& vj* &*^° ta'infi-'s-sinn; y*4 

kabir; y^\ yȣ kabir al-'umr; 

(;j— ^ musinn. — (an old man) &A 

6aih (pi. tye* suyuh, £ite»» ma- 

^ayih). — (ancient) (*»<& qadim ; 

jk^ 'atiq (pi. J^c 'itaq, Vaxc 

Olden, adj. +><& qadim. — (in olden 

time) y yoti\ UtfLi ^ q\*}\ ^Ji ^ 
(jj^S^ fi qadim az-zaman wa salif 

al-'asr wa-'l-awan. 

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Oldness, b. (antiquity) &* 'utq. — 

(old age) l±f* s ~3A\ ai-£aihuba-t. 
Olive, *. yft) zaitun ; &y»j zaitu- 

Olive-tree, 8. ^^t) $;>* 3ajara-t 

Omen, s. JU fal (pi. JV fu'ul, 

jyi aful) ; &>t anfa-t. 
Ominous, adj. fj*"*"* mai'um (pi. 

,•&£*• raaiayiin) ; u*y*+* man- 
Omission, 8. po~ sabu ; *s)y tark ; 

JUa^ ibmal; J*la* tahamul ; 

JiVAJ tasraful. 
Omit, v. (have out) df tarak, yat- 

rak ; *-*«**. bazaf, yabzif ; ^\ 

alga, yulgi. — (forget, neglect) 

^5-i nasa, yansa; <$* Ja* gafal 

'an, vagful ; JAVA? tagafal, yata- 

gafal; J^V tab&mal, yataba- 

Omnipotence, 8. Sj^i qudra-t ; S^aS 

&<X qudrat kulliya-t; **>#** ja- 

Omnipotent, adj. ^ J* ^ ^ 

qadir 'ala kull ie-j. 
Omniscience, 8. &<SS & ; «* ma'rifa-t 

Omniscient, adj. s-**aJ^ ^Vc 'alim 

al-gaib ; ^ic 'alira ; (ib*\ a'lam 

(wAo knows best). 
On, ^?rep. jj* fauq ; ,J& 'ala. 
On, adv. (forward) ^Ji J^ ila 

quddam. — (without ceasing) h 

$* bi-la futur; gVLart ^ bi-lft 

Onanism, 8. VjuaJ istimna. 
Once, adv. (a single time) ly *£ 

fard marra-t ; *S^» marratan ; 

"fi^UJ taratan ; '£_***> daf'atan ; 

"I^a. batratan. — (in former time) 

'VajL. sabiqan; utfUtt ^* fi-'s- 

salif ; "Ua&* muqaddaman. 
One, adj. ^j wahid, f. Sj^j wahi- 

da-t; ^ abad, f. <^**»\ ibda. 
One another, pron. "U** </** ba'd 

Onerous, adj. s-*s* mut'ib; J*5» 

saqil ; *-r-*-° sa'ib. 
Onion, a. J-* basal ; &*? basa- 


Only, adj. J^j wafcid ; <ty farid ; 

•>yu mufrad. 
Only, arfv. t«* fa-qat. 
Onset, Onslaught, s. f^V* hujum ; 

&♦*. bamla-t. 
Onward, adj. (*<&• inuqaddam. 
Onward, Onwards, adv. p^ <J\ 

ila quddam. 
Onyx, s. £)* jaz*. 

Ooze, 8. (slime) (^{in; J^j wabl. 
Ooze, v. e*; ra^ab, yartah ; e*/ 

tara^sab, yatara^sah. 
OPACiTt, Opaqueness, s. &&& gil&- 

za-t ; &♦& zulma-t ; A*UjlJ\ ^ac 

'ad am ai-safafa-t. 
Opaque, adj. *-*Vaai j+t gair saff&f ; 

Li* galiz ; (&+ muzlim. 
Open, adj. (not closed) t?*~ maf- 

tuh ; s->y±£+ raakSiif. — (free to 

all) pVc 4 amm ; ^y+* 'amumi-y ; 

^JU 'alani-y. — (frank) j*>U 

sadiq ; u*U* mublis ; ^V* 9 afi. 
Open, v. £** fatah, yaftah ; fattafc, 

ynfntt : b. — (disclose) ^ft>\ azbar, 

yugbir; <-&-*^ kaiaf, yaksif. — 

(begin) ^ £;* ^ara' fi, ya^ra* ; 

J*^ ja'al, vaj'al; ^ bada, 

yabda ; ^J^ ibtada, yabtadi. 
Opening, 8. (hole) £& fath ; £*** 

fatba-t; Jr^ barq (pi. j^ 

huruq) ; s-^ naqb. — (beginning) 

)* badu; \***\ ibtida ; t^^ 

Openness, *. J** sidq ; SjVa* gafa- 

Opera, s. «l>^ j»> j Vj^ <M s--^ 

mul'ab fi-bi gina wa daqq &l&t. 
Opera-glass, s. S^« minzam-t. 
Operate, v. J** 'amil, ya*mal ; J** 

fa'al, yaf*al ; /^ assar, yu'assir. 
Operation, s. J^^ 'araal ; J«i fi'l ; 

j-j>tf ta'sir. — (q/" an army) Kf± 

Operator, s. (surgeon) cV* j arr »b. 
Opiate, 8. sjy^ ^>** ma*jun 

Opine, v. (^ gann, yagunn ; £* 

fakar, yafkur ; w ^o- hasib, yab- 

Opinion, s. ^ gann (pi. ^^i 

gunftn); i/\) r&'i (pi. ^ ara) ; 

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#*•*■ tahmfn; /A fikr (pi. Jta\ 

afk&r) ; v**-** mazhab. 
Opium, *. yyeft afyun. 
Opponent, 0. «JtfW« muhalif ; p*** 

hasm (pi. fU^\ ahsam); ,•*-&* 

hasim (pi. U-* husama) ; u*>^** 

Opportune, adj. «J*V* muwafiq ; 

OM^ mu^abiq ; <j-i^ layiq ; 

s-^-l** munasib. 
Oppobtunity, s. ty fursa-t (pi. 

«*Uji fursat, v/»y furas); o*Sj 

waqt (pi. «wVs^ auqat). 
Oppose, v. otfU. halaf, yuhalif ; ^ 

dadd, yadudd ; Su ^add, yu- 

4add ; ,j6^> ta'arrad, yata'arracj ; 

^f*\ i'tarad, ya'taricj; o*-*^ 

naqad, yunaqi^. 
Opposite, adj. (in front of) J*U* 

muqabil; *V tajah ; ^ l^izk\ 

— (contrary) cJLj W* muhalif ; 

j&*» munaqid. 
Opposite, s. j^ dudd, didd (pi. 

*\±*\ alidad) ; it%L hil'af ; J~& 

Opposition, *. (being opposite each 

other) *k\&+ muqabala-t ; &&\y 

muwajaha-t. — (resistance) &*^Ju» 

mudafa'a-t ; £*jU* muqawama-t ; 

foj\*+ mu'arada-t ; &J^ muha- 

lafa-t. — (contrast) S»>U* mudad- 

da-t ; £-&iU* munaqada-t. 
Oppbess, v. (J± zalam, yazlim ; j$ 

qahar, yaqhar ; ^ dam, ya^im ; 

<J*jW jar 'ala, yajur. 
Oppbb8sion, s. (cruelty) f& zulm ; 

£4!&* majlama-t (pi. ^U^ maza- 

lim) ; jf* jaur ; p qahr ; ^J*? 

ta'addi ; ^ jabr ; f*~& <Jaim. — 

(depression of mind) \jy sauda ; 

f>& gamm (pi. f>p& gumum) ; ^ 

Oppressive, adj. ^^ zulmi-y ; 

i3j& qahri-y. — (as heat, &c.) 

J^JA Sadid. 
Oppressiveness, s. Sja 4idda-t. 
Oppressor, s. ,J& zalim (pi. Ut 

zalamat) ; f&* (Ja'im. 
Opprobrious, adj. £&• niufdib ; 

j^» muzimin ; py±" mazmum. 
Opprobrium, s. J* *ar ; W *fc> fa4i- 

fca-t ; v** 'aib (pi. s^j«* 'uyub) ; 

f*3 zamm. 
Oppugn, v. g*U dafa', yudafi' ; 

♦JtfW- halaf, yuhalif. 
Optic, adj. isy* basari-y. 
Optician, s. J*A\ «yS\ g>U gani* 

alat an-nazar. 
Optics, s. qf**\ )* > jyA\ **f" 

ma'rifa-t an-nur wa nazar al- 

'uyun ; S^U*^ ^ 'ilm al muna- 

zara-t ; y+£\ (M *ilm al-basar. 
Option, *. 5^ hira-t ; J*x*\ ihtiyar ; 

v>U^ intihab. 
Optional, adj. <4^**^ ihtiyari-y. 
Opulence, s. ^^fe gana; JU mal 

(pi. J\y\ amwal) ; ^»> daula-t ; 

irf sarwa-t ; »W» jah (Pers.). 
Opulent, s. ^ gani; JU ^ zu 

mal ; Sjy ^** zu sarwa-t. 
Ob, conj. $ au ; ^ am ; i^ wa ilia ; 

^ ya. 
Obacle, 0. o^; ^^^i (pl« **P*y 

aubiya-t) ; s-^*J^ Uk5lA hatif al- 

Oral, adj. ^^ badisi-y. 
Obanoe, s. tffi naranj ; ^f taranj ; 

fcVaty burtaqana-t. 
Oration, «. &<^ hufba-t (pi. s-i* 

hu^ab) ; vAk*» hitab ; ^ kalam. 
Orator, s. W** ha^ib (pi. W*«- 

Oratorical, ad;. ^^^ hu^bi-y. 
Oratory, s. ^-V<oi fasaha-t; &^ 

balaga-t ; j^3^ ^i* 'ilm al-kalam. 

— (a place for prayer) ^J*+ mu- 

Orb, s. S^ kura-t; {y+ jirm (pi. 

rj * jurum, f»^ jurum, f\y*\ 

ajram); S^»> dayira-t (pi. ji\y> 

dawayir) ; ^ daur. 
Orbicular, adj. ^ A a w mustadir. 
Orbit, *. ^^»> dawaran; ^*> daur 

(pi. j^»>\ adwar) ; i»* daura-t.— 

(of the eye) &*& «^<rf bait al- 
*ain ; <j**&\ w-*^ waqab al-*ain. 

Orchard, s. ^V^-^ bustan (pi. ^e*W 

Orchestra, s. (place) &*}& £*y 
mauda* an-nauba-t; aJ^ £*y 
mauda' al-ala-t. — (body of per- 
formers) m\ al-'ala-t ; IjW al- 


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alatiya-t ; *-**»yN an-naubati- 

Obdain, v. (appoint) y** 'ayyan, 
yu'ayyin ; J«* ja'al, yaj'al ; fW 
aqam, yuqiui. — (decree) f>\ a mar, 
ya'mur ; <£*> hakam, yah turn. — 
(institute) £*j wada', yada' ; j*\ 
aqarr, yuqirr. 

Obdeal, s. gW*^ imtihan; hfr 
tajriba-t (pi- y^r tajabir). 

Obdbr, s. (methodical arrangement) 
s-*Sv tartib; ^a tangim ; fU* 
nizam ; ****** tadbir ; v>^ uslub 
(pi. s-JU asalib). — (command) 
jA anir (pi. **ty awamir) ; ^^ 
^ukm (pi. ^^L\ ahkam). — (rank, 
class) tej rutba-t (pi. s->; rutab) ; 
&*>/• martaba-t (pi. s-^/» mara- 
tib) ; **;♦> daraja-t (pi. tj* daraj) ; 
&*!» tabaqa-t (pi. «y^*L {abaqat). 
— (fraternity) hy*»\ uhwiya-t ; 
&**&) rahbana-t. 

Order, v. (regulate) s-*>j rattab, 
yurattib; ft nazam, yangim ; 
nazzam, yuaazzim ; ji** dabbar, 
yudabbir. — (command) y*\ amar, 
ya'inur; y\ amar, yumir; **j\ 
arSad, yurSid. 

Orderliness, «. (regularity) fN* 
nizam ; W-* <Jab{ ; s-**/ tartib. — 
(good conduct) & »A r* hismat ; 
pU*sa.\ ibtisam. 

Orderly, adj. (regular) (&** mu- 
nazzam ; fjk** manzum ; Ly*±» 
macjbut. — (well - behaved) 
lj^J\ hasan as-sira-t ; j)fc*»^ 
hamid al-ahlaq ; v»^V* mu 'ad- 
dab ; v5*>^ hAdi ; ^j*-**- hi^mi-y. 

Orderly, «. (sergeant) ^aAj ^ on 
bail (2W&.). 

Ordinal, adj. (j«y tartibi-y; 
^^ nizami-y. 

Ordinal, *. s-ts>/N *>J^ 'adad at- 

Ordinance, s. (law) £j* Sar' ; ***;* 
sari'a-t (pi. &\j± iarayi') ; ^yVi 
(pi. (^*V qawanin). — (regula- 
tion) 5jlcU qjVida-t (pi. J^V 
qawa'id) ; &*U (Jabi^a-t (pi. Wy 
(fawabit) ; y-W* qiyas. 

Ordinary, adj. (usual) ^W*^ 

i'tiyadf-y; ^Ljsh* mu'tad; y^- 

sayir ; imS *~j rasmi-y. — (low) <J* 

dani-y ; ir*-"* basis ; «Jfc* haqir 

— (no< handsome) £•** baii* ; c«3 

Ordination, s. S*\~j rasama-t ; ^-; 

rasm; f\~5j\ irtisam. 
Ordnance, *. (artillery) &&r.£ tob- 

Ordure, s. £•** wasah (pi. fcV-j\ 

ausah) ; *-*X-j wisaha-t ; ^r^ 

najas ; &-W* najasa-t ; &W) zaba- 

la-t ; y. hira. 
Ore, s. p\± &**+ ma'din ham ; ^J^* 

*rAf* tjli* ma'din mahlut bi- 

turab (pi. 0*>'^» ma'adin). 
Organ, *. ®\ ala-t ; y^ 4 adu (pi. 

tic\ a' da). — (musical instrument) 

&±j\ argan, argun (pi. ^^ ara- 

Organic, atf;'. ^j-* 'adwi-y ; s-*r* 

murakkab ; ^U* nizami-y. 
Oroani8M, s. •>— ^ jasad (pi. *>U-^\ 

ajsad) ; s-^» ^— ^ jasm murak- 
kab (pi. fl — . i»\ ajsam, (* y >■» 

Organist, *. (performer on the 

organ) ^^\ J^*> daqqaq al- 

Organization, s. s-^> tarkib; 

s-ts»y tartib; ^a? tadbir; j»Utf 

Organize, 0. ^» nazzam, yunaz- 

zim; s-^; rakkab, yurakkib; 

vy tarrab, yutarrib ; ^*> dabbar, 

Oriel, «. (bay-window) &>)) rau- 

ian, roian (pi. e^*^ rawaiin, 

Orient, adj. JjUi iariq (pi. j^ 

Surq); ^ taU« (pi. ^ *a- 

Orient, «. j^ui\ J±$> ar4 al-ma4- 

riq ; Jr^^ *>^ bilad as-iarq ; 

L£yiA\ fal\ al-aqt«r ai-.<arqiya-t. 
Oriental, adj., s. ^r* sarqi-y. — 

(Oriental countries) Jj^* maia- 

riq. — (Oriental people) J^ J*^ 

ahl a4-£arq; iy»\jl)\ ai-iaraqi- 

Orientalist, 0. j ^U3^ ^ %j^U 

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LJjJJ\ ^>W\ < a rif fi-'l-alsan wa- 
'1-adab a£-saraqiya-t. 
Oeipicb, a. (J furam, famm (pi. 
*\f\ af wah, fUi\ af mam) ; &*a> 
guqba-t (pi. s-** guqab, guqb) ; 
£^s* fat^a-t. 
Origin, s. J*t asl (pi. J^ usul) ; 
&*• mamba* (pi. #U* manabi') ; 
\±f mabda (pi. ^W* mabadi') ; 
j±*» masdar (pi. ^*>U* masadir). 
Original, adj. JM aeli-y ; gt*** 

badi' ; jj\ a wall- y. 
Original, s. J-\ asl (pi. Jy\ 
usul) ; A^-i nusha-t (pi. £~i 
nusah). — (odd person) && nuk- 
Originality, *. &«*J¥ badi'a-t. 
Originate, v.a. £.** bada', yabda* ; 
£±*i\ ibtada', yabtadi' ; 0/ kaw- 
wan, yukawwin ; n. ^ ^ sadar 
min, yasdur; g*J naba', yambi', 
Obigination, 8. *>WJ ijad; fyj* 

suru* ; &y& takwin. 

Obnament, 8. &y zina-t; j^ 

zawaq ; Q*. ^ilya-t (pi. J*. 

fcila). ^ 

Ornament, v. ^\j zan, yazia ; ^j 

zayyan, yuzayyin ; ^j zawwaq, 

yuzawwiq; u^j zahraf, yuzah- 


Ornamental, ai/. ^j* muzayyin ; 

*-*]*»y muzahrif. 
Ornate, adj. yiy muzayyan ; g*j* 

muraesa* ; *-*y±y mu zahraf. 
Ornithology, s. jp&\ q\*L tj* 
sarlji tabayi* at-{uyur ; jp&\ to,** 
ma*rifa-t at-Juyur. 
Orphan, s. ^ yatim (pi. ^-b* 

yatama, fV^ aitain). 
Orphanage, s. f>\si$\ *a»& bait al- 
aitam ; ^U^N JU«-t isbital al- 
Oethodox, adj. (Mohammedan) 
f* t *- ~ -~* mustaqim ; [$+y mumin ; 
fk~* • muslira; jA* sadiq. — (in 
a general seme) ^j-Sjy^ ortodok- 
8i-/ ; vJ^H ^>oU &\y muwafiq 
li-'d-dia al-haqq. 
Oethodoxy, 8. *X*\ islam ; v>V> 
i&4\ sawab ad-din; y*d\ v3^ 



sidq ad-din; &*~&x>^ ortodoksi- 

IfQ f 


Orthoepy, a. c*^*N WLsN at-talaf- 

fuz. as-sahil}. 
Orthographical, adj. { JXA im- 

Orthography, 8. M imla; W* 

**U*N <Jabt al-kitaba-t; k*R ^ 

rasm al-haft. 
Oscillate, v. yy hazhaz, yuhaz- 

hiz ; >*je» tahazhaz, yatahazhaz ; 

&rj\ irtajah, yatarjih ; ^.^ ta- 

marjah, yatamarjah. 
Oscillation, 8. iyty* hazhaza-t (pi. 

y\y*> hazahiz) ; cW^ irtijah. 
Osier, 8. <^U/u ^afsaf. 
Ossuary, 0. (a charnel house) 

^U-£-s* hasha^; ^U^&- haiha- 

Ostensible, adj. y*\l zahir; ^ 

yughar (3 aor. pass. iv.). 
Ostentation, Ostentatiousness, 

s. fk& tafahhur ; j^xA if tihar ; 

^ fahr; 4a^ jahha-t; SUW^ 

Ostentatious, adj.ja&+ mufahhir; 

ja&&+ muf tahir ; ^Ui faisar. 
Ostler, s. o^U sayis (pi. i-U 

sasa-t, <j*W- siyas). 

OSTLERY, 8. JAi* funduq (pi. JjU 

fanadiq, 7ravBo\€iov). 
Ostrich, s. fU* na^am, ^U> na'a- 

ma-t (pi. ^U* na*ayim). 
Other, orfj. ^ ahar, f. \f>\ uhra 

(pi. e>>/^1 aharin, p\ uhar, ^JW 

uhara) ; jt± gair. 
Otherwise, adv. (tn a different 

manner) J£* ^ gair slkl ; pt*l 

^ bi-gair wajh. — (else, if not) 

M y wa ilia ; ^ (jj^ wa in lam. 
Otter, *. Ul^ s-J^ ga*lab al-mi 

(pi. w-JW ga^alib, JW ga'ali) ; 

UJ\ v^ kalb al-ma (pi. s^U 

Ought, v. <jfe3 (^^ kan layiq, ya- 

kiin ; q\ yfc dji s-^>V^ al-wajib 

ale-hu hii ann ; f^\ iltazam, 

Ought, s. (anything) ^ &e-y (pi. 

W^\ asya) ; ^j* ^uwai-y (dim. of 

^ se-y). 

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Ounce, «. &*•) waqiya-t ; l££ oqi- 

ya-t (pi. j\j\ awaq) ; ti\ uqqa-t. 
Oub, adj. ^ na, affixed to a noun, as 

" our hooks," L^*s£ kutubna ; 

UcU* mata'-na; U1U nial-na ; 

^d. haqq-na. 
Oub8, adj. UJ la-na. 
Ourselves, pron. U»yU j { ^ nahnu 

Oust, v. *jl> tarad, yatrad; e/U 

ahraj, yuhrij. 
Out, adv. g ; U> harij ; \j barra. 
Out of, prep. <$+ min ; ^ \j barra 

Out (in composition with verbs to 

express superiority). See Out- 
Outbalance, v. gtj rajah, yarjah ; 

C*/ tarajjah, yatarajjah. 
Outbid, v. ^J* &eU*3\ yu. S\\ zad 

si'r al-bada'a-t 'ala, yazid; *$ 

zawwad, yuzawwid. 
Outbbeak, Outbubst, *. y\+**> 

hayajan; ($\tf sawaran; tj/- 

Outcast, s. t}}— matriih; *^* 

matriid; { J** manfi-y ; Sytf nif- 

Outcry, e. cW* siyah ; tfy sarah ; 

&T* sarha-t ; t^ 'iyaj. 
Outdo, v. J^ jU faq 'ala, yafuq ; 

s-^ galab, yaglib (both with s-> 

bi, or an adverbial accusative). 
Outdoob, adj. i***J\ ty\± harij al- 

Outeb, adj. e>U. harij. 
Outebmo8t, adj. ^^ aqsa, f . \y& 

qaswa (pi. ^\j\ aqasi). 
Outfit, s. jW jahaz (pi. ly&A ajhi- 

za-t); Sj* «udda-t; f)\f lawa- 

Outfit, v. ^ jahhaz, yujahhiz; 

**t a'add, yu'idd ; rfjfi {*<& qad- 

dain al-lawazim, yuqaddim. 
Outgoing, *. (expenditure) e>*- barj 

(pi. eV"^ ahraj) ; l*+fi}\ al- 

harjiya-t; ^y* masruf (pU 

«-A^U* masarif . 
Outguabd, *. M> t&li'a-t (pi. && 

Out-house, 8. <j>j* zar*. 

Outlandish, adj. shi^ garib (pi. 

v>V^ agrab, W^ guraba) ; «j*-^ 

ajnabi-y ; ^^ barrani-y. 
Outlast, v. ^ baqa, yabqa. 
Outlaw, s. <£f murtadd; *)*y 

mardud; f^* mahriim. 
Outlaw, v. ^ haram, yahrim ; J^- 

sarkal, yusarkil ; <Jw nafa, yan- 

Outlet, 8. Gf** mahraj (pi. t;W-» 

Outline, 8. (+*j rasm (pL «»-•) 

rusiim, p~j\ arsum) ; jty* taswir ; 

&£# naqsVt; j^\ ijar (pi. jL\ 

Outline, v. ^-.j rasam, yarsum. 
Outlive, v. ^ baqa, yabqa ; ^>lc 

ysA s*>y j«t 'as* ba'd maut ahar, 

Outlook, 8. ty* nagra-t ; &t talla-t. 
Outmost, adj. ^s\ aqsa (pi. ^-^ 

Outnumbeb, v. »>J*3^ ^5* S* faq ti- 

'l-^adad, yafuq. 
Outpost, 8. W*» tali'a-t (pi. g**l» 

Outpoub, v. s-^» eabb, yasubb ; 

s-^* sakab, yaskub; s^ kabb, 

yakubb ; <J*»> dafaq, yadf uq. 
Outbage, 8. (in words) \/J\ iftira ; 

(*3* &&tm (pL ^a*» ^utum). — (in 

deeds) ^ jaur; ^- jafa; ^ 

zulm; &Jjw bahdala-t; £-aUa 

Outbage, v. <J^ «jfr*^ iftara 'ala, 

yaftari ; ^ satam, yaitum ; 

sattam, yusattim ; Jj^ bahdal, 

yubahdil; ^M fa4al?, yafcjlah ; 

**k* hatak, yahtik. 
Outbageous, ad;, (offensive) ^J^^* 

niuta'addi ; ^ys*^ muftari. — (op- 
pressive) (J\± zalim ; y^Vi qahir ; 

^M qa8i. — ( projiigate) <j**-U 

iahis ; <>-^ fasiq. 
Outbageousnebs, s. Sja sidda-t ; 

lty\ if rat; <i— i fisq; vir** 

Outbids, i?. jj^-. sabaq, yasbiq ; 

sabbaq, yusabbiq (*r-^W bi-'r- 

Outbight, adv. "V* kuliiyan ; UIL« 

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mutlaqan ; fWsN j JW*^ bi-'l- 

kamal wa-'t-tamam. 
Outroot, v. & qala', yaqla' ; £* 

) ^i\ iy qala* min al-jizr, yaqla' ; 

J*U-\ ista'sal, yasta'fil. 
Outrun, v. «J*~ sabaq, yasbiq; 

eabbaq, yusabbiq (u^W bi-'r- 

Outset, «. ^^ ibtida; J^ awwal. 
Outshine, v. SjW^ ^ faq bi-'l- 

jalwa-t, yafuq; jU faq, yafuq; 

J-a* fadal, yafdul. 
Outside, 8. (exterior) e^N al-harij ; 

^\^\ al-barrani-y. — (surface) 

a»j wajh (pi. fi^j wujiih, &*^ 

aujuh) ; ^ sajh (pi. Cj-^ 

Outskirt, «. (border) &^» ^affa-t ; 

**fcW hasiya-t (pi. o*V tawaSi). 

—(suburb) l-H±+*\ 4*ty ***^ 

4ahiya-t barraniyat al-madiua-t 

(pi. o^V dawahi) ; ^^ ^W 

hara-t barraniya-t. 
Outspoken, adj. v3 J ^° ?adiq ; g»>^- 

sadij (pi. s^^- suddaj). 
Outstanding, adj. JW baqi (pi. 

(jj-i^ baqin). 
Outstretch, v.a. la~* basaf, yabsut ; 

a* madd, yamudd. 
Outward, adj. e;W b»rij ; ;*& 

Outweigh, v. c 1 ^) raj a k, yarjat 

(yarjit, yarju^) ; rajjaj>, yuraj- 

Outwit, v. u^ gas£, yaguss* ; (^ 

gaban, vagbun ; s-*^ galab, yag- 

hb ; <4)W dara, yudari. 
Oval, adj. j*#J\ J£* J* *ala &kl 

al-bai4; o- - *** baidi-y; <jy-*et 

Oval, s. ^^ J** &kl bai<jii-y. 
Ovation, s. <JM*» tasfiq ; y)tfe tah- 

Oven, s. q£ furn (pi. q\}\ afran) ; 

jf5 tannur (pi. ^^> tananir). 
Over, prep. ^ 'ala; vij* f auq ; 

i*y\i) ziyada-t. — (across) y*& 'abr. 
Overact, v. ^ ^ balag fi, yu- 

balig ; If farrat, yufarrit. 
Overalls, s. J\#* girwal (pi. J>y/» 


Overawe, v. «-*j*> hawwaf, yuhaw- 

wif ; s-**«S tabayyab, yatahayyab. 
, Overbalance, v. £=*; rajah, yarjafc 

(yarjih, yarjuh) ; rajjah, yuraj- 

jih; ffA) rajah, yurajih. 
Overboard, adv. s-*/^ &$*- harij 

Overcast, v. ffc\ azlam, yuzHm ; 

^ gayyam, yugayyim. 
Overcharge, v. (overburden) J*> 

gaqqal, yusaqqil. — (demand more 

than is just) J* galla, yugalli; 

ijte gala, yugali. 
Overcoat, s. £**tfy foqaniya-t. 
Overcome, v. s-J^ galab, yaglib ; 

^Jlc y^t zafir *ala, yagf ar. 
Overdo, r. <J ^ balag fi, yu- 

balag; 1^-i farrat, yufarri^.— 

(fatigue) *^\ at'ab, yu*tib. 
Overflow, r.a. j^ garraq, yugar- 

riq ; J* gatta, yuga«i ; n. c^ 

tafah, yattah; ^U fad, yufi<J ; 

^io» tadaifaq, yatadaffaq. 
Overgrow, v. ^kjl y£ kabbar bi- 

ziyada-t, yukabbir; <**& o* J \) 

zad 'an al-hadd, yazid. 
Overgrowth, *. f*A\ ^^i) ziyada-t 

an- nam u. 
Overhang, v. ^^\ airaf, yusrif. 
Overhaul, v. (examine, inspect) 

jltf nazar, yan^ur. 
Overhear, v. £**-^ istama', yas- 

Overjoy, v. *W t^ farrat jiddan, 

yufarri^. — (be overjoyed) a^c ; U» 

)HT^ &* & r *aql-^ u min as " 

Overlay, v. (cover on the surface) 

^ tala, ya^li. 
Overleap, v. J* ^ natt 4 ala, ya- 

nuU (J* e^* min <ala )- 
Overload, v. J^ J^ saqqal 'ala, 


Overlook, v. (vteiff /rom higher 
around) JU atall, yutill ; J^*-^ 
istatall, yastatill.— (neglect) ,>* 
gafal, yagful; «i*Vi fat, yafiit 
(both with <$£ 'an). 

Overmuch, adj. jr& kasir; ^j 

Overmuch, adv. ^^y bi-ziyada-t. 

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Otoplcs, s. £-«• fadla-t; J*%i 

fa4il ; •* ; zayid ; Jj= zaad, io<L 
Otkkpowek, r. *^-^ gaiab, yaglib ; 

^ qahar, yaqhar ; ^1* i* zarir 

*ala, yazfar. 
Otckkatk, r. ^vfe gila, yugili; 

Ly*ji y+* samman bi-ziyada-t, 

Override, r. tjU^H s-^ at'ab al- 

biaan, yutnb. 
Ovebeeach, f. (overhang) «Jj^ 

asraf, yuirif. — (ra^oi) J^fe g*^* 

y*igui« ; £j*. hada', yahda'. 
Ovebeule, v. (control) *-** dabat, 

yu4bi{. — (reject) J*j rafad, yar- 

fi4 ; <j* nafa, janfL 
Overrun, tr. (c-ryuer a£ orer) ^j* 

gatfa, yugatti. — (ravage) s^ 

harab, y ah rub; harrab, yuhar- 

"b ; ^jU j\t gar 'ala, yagir. 
Oversee, v. f» nazar, yanzur ; jLtt 

nazar, yunazir. 
Overseer, *. jU* nazir (pi. ; Us» nuj- 

zar) ; jiU* munazir ; /*W* muba- 

Overshadow, v. J& zallal, yuzal- 

lil ; JM azall, yuzill. 
Overshoot, it. (venture too far) 

^ s-*)ta galab fi, yugalib. 
Oversight, t. WJL-fc ga&t; j < ■ 

Oveespeead, 17. <JLfc gafta, yugafti ; 

J* j# nagar 'ala, y angur. 
Otebstep, v. ))W jawaz, yujawiz ; 

jpW* tajawaz, yatajawaz. 
Overstock, v. a^y %• mala' bi- 

ziyada-t, yamla\ 
Overt, adj. jb\± zahir. 
Ovebtake, v. s^ uW la^iq bi, yal- 

taq ; vjK* lajjaq, yulaldq ; ijte*\ 

s^ i^talaq bi, yahtaliq ; djj\ 

adrak, yudrik. 
Ovebthbow, v. **M qalab, yaqlib J 

£*j waqqa', yuwaqqi'. — (destroy) 

v»/> barab, yah rub ; ^J^ badam, 

Oveetheow, a. (downfall) ^»\ 

inqilab ; Uyu suqu^.— (destruc- 
tion) J*** hadm ; pUfrt inhidam ; 

^J-s- harib; + *~ -i f* tahrib. — 
(deferni) ij— * kaara-t ; ^jrt inhi- 

Overture, «. (opening) c^=*^ ifti- 
tah; ja fath.— (foptaatii^) \as*\ 

ibuda ; ^ Jt badawa-t. — ( pro- 

yj+al) iy t urda-t, 
Oteetxtes, r. *«-!» qalab, yaqlib; 

o*}^ o^ »J*) "una ila-'l-ard, 

yarmi. — \**odHi) /p qahar, yaq- 

har; w-^ ga«ab ? yaglib. 
Oteevalce, r. &•& J^ gala aa- 

»aman, yugaii. 
; Otkewbxslsg, adj. /*£*• mutakab- 

bir ; fk* *+ mutatahhir. 
Ovbe whexji, r. (subdue) s-i* galab, 

yaglib; j«i qahar, yaqhar. — 

{submerge) j+* gamar, yagmur; 

j*j&\ igtamar, yagtamir. 
Oteewoex, r. s-«^ at'ab, yut'ib. 
Ovipaeou8, adj. J&i bayiiji (pL 

o*rf buyud; ; ^/ei ^ ^J^i yata- 

wallad mill baid. 
Owe, v. ^*> Aelft 4 aleh ("alaih) dain ; 

fjt garim, yagram; fft\ igta- 

ram, yagtarim. 
Owino to, prep. J*J li-ajl ; «i ' i*l 

Own, a<i;. (belonging to) £Vs* mata*, 

with pronoun alliied, as ^^ 

matai, " my own ; " a— a» nafs- 

hu; A»\i zat-hu; ***c 'ain-hu. — 

(peculiar) fj***** muhaasas; ^^ 

Own, it. (possess) **^U malak, yam- 

lik; «iiu* tamailak, yatamallak. 

— (apow?) U(^c\ i'taraf, ya'tarif ; 

/\ aqarr, yuqirr (both with s^ 

bi). — (claim) <J* <ju\ idda'a 

'ala, yadda'i ; J* ^jc** J«^ 4 amil 

da'wa 'ala, ya'mal. 
Ownee, s. s-^U safeib (pi. s^*t 

as^ab); «aUU malik (pi. «*)jM 

umluk) ; ^j zu (pi. y^*i zawun). 
Owl, s. f*y bum ; **y buma-t ; p\ 

Je^\ 'umm al-lail ; a*U^ massa- 

sa-t ; o^J! ^Jb (air al-maut (pi. 

j^J» tuyur). 
Owlet, #. <u^i qubaisa-t. 

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Ox, s. /> baqar (pi. ; y* buqur) ; rf 
«5-aat^ §or (tor) mahsi-y (pi. o\^» 
&>ae* siran mahsiya-t). 

Oyster, 8. \i*tjZ-\ istridiya; w*J^ 

sadaf ; bx» sadafa-t (pi. w*W\ 
asdaf) ; fyW* mabara-t (coll. jV** 
mahar); ylS^ badalan; ^JL 


Pacb, 8. (stride) lf*> hatwa-t (pi. 

*»^ hatwat, U* hita).— (of a 

horse) {m f*** maii ; ***-• mas>a-t ; 

iyt* maiwa-t. 
Pace, v. U* ba$, yahtu ; Ji*\ 

ihtata, yabtati; j -A^» maia, 

Pacific, ad;. ^U hadi; f »JU 

salim (pi. UJL sulama). 
Pacification, s. UU* musala- 

ha-t ; e**> silah ; ^j**-! taskin. 
Pacify, v. (reconcile) g«t ^JU salab 

ben, yusalih; fX*\ aslah, yuslih. 

— (appease) y£~ sakkan, yusak- 

kin ; i^**>\ ahda, yuhdi. 
Pack, s. (bundle) &y* huzma-t (pi. 

(*f> buzara) ; fy^ jurza-t (pi. )/* 

juraz); &+*t buoja-t.— ( pack of 

cards) J» Z*± $idda-t waraq. — 

(body of hounds) a*-> *+&* kilab 

Pack, v. ^ hazam, yahzim ; y* 

sarr, yasurr. 
Package, s. &\* bala-t ; W/» mir- 

Packer, s. f>\^> hazzam. 
Packet, *. ly surra-t (pi. j^o 

surar) ; &»j ; rizma-t (pi. ^ 

rizam) ; *W ; rabta-t ; l+* buq- 

Pack-saddle, a. ^U g&gir (pi. 

^^ sawagir) ; J^ rahl (pi. JU ; 

rihal, J^J arhul) ; icjy barda'a-t 

(pl- £ J V baradi'). 
Pact, Paction, s. ^ sart (pi. Ly* 

Surfy) ; •** 'abd (pi. ^ <ubud) ; 

.*«* «aqd (pi. jyie «uqud); jto\ 

Pad, s. **■*-» bastfya-t (pi. 1*IAd> 

^aiaya, U-> haia). 

Pad, v. Va^ Jiaia, yahSu ; ^ bat- 
tan, yubattin. 

Padding, 8. y*+* baiu. 

Paddle, v. UN ^ s-*J l a 'ib ft-'l- 
ma, yal'ab. — (row) «-*ai qaddaf, 

Paddle, s. u\&* miqdaf (pi. u^jUu 

Padlock, s. ^^ Jtf qufl rumt-y. 

Pagan, s. qV*%\ *\* 'abid al-ausan ; 
«j^j wasam-y. 

PAGANI8M, 8. '(p\j*%\) yVpW foV*fi 

'ibadat al-ausan (al-aenam). 
Page, s. (servant boy) (&h gulflm 

(pi. Ldt gilma-t, oU* oilman). 

— (of a book) Sa^* 9 ahifa-t (pi. 

«-A>^* aahayif, U^ subuf) ; 

O* ?afaha-t (pi. ^A* sufu^). 
Pageant, s. s-^ maukib (pi. 

s-^j* mawakib); Ju* manjar 

(pi. jLU* manazir) ; S^w. mas- 

bara-t (pi. /.U-^ masahir). 
Pageantry, s. & *&». hasama-t ; lf*h 

fahra-t ; $**A ihtifai. 
Pagoda, «. r L-u,^ J^a baikal 

a*nam ; ^ «i^ bait sanam. 
Pail, s. (for milking) (1 >JU milban 

(pi. &U malabin).— (for water) 

}* dalw, dalu (pi. !b dila') ; LM 

'ulba-t (pi. s-lc 4 ulab). 
Pailasse, s. ^ Ujb tarra^a-t 

Pain, *. (6orft7y) ^ waj* (pi. gW^ 

auja'); ^y tawaiju'; Jj\ alam 

(pi. r « alam) ; ^\s ta'allum.— 

(mental) ^ gamm (pi. pj+t gu- 

mum) ; 


■^ karb 

(pL v 

kurub) ; (^ ^uzn (pi. y\ ab- 
zan).— (pains, effort) *+ jidd ; 

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•&6* jahd; »>WM ijtihdd ; JUa 

himma-t ; &w» mi^na-t. 
Pain, r.a. (torture) q*) wajja', yu- 
wajji 1 ; f)\ allam, yu'allim ; *r>±* 
'azzab, yu'azzib. — (trouble) f*&\ 
agamm, yugimm ; q^A ahzan, 
yuhzin ; ^/y* sawwai, yusaw- 
wis ; )& kaddar, yukaddir. 
Painful, adj. (causing pain) fr&y 
waji'; g+y muji'; (*J\ alim; 
(Jj* mulim. — (full of pain) 
^ s \s^ muta'allim ; ^^ hazin 
(pi. bf» huzana) ; y\>y>. haznan ; 
,Js** mugtamm. — (difficult) J£&-» 
muskil ; s-*- sa'b (pi. v>^ 
Painstaking, adj. *& ++ mujta- 

Paint, s. q£ laun (pi. y\f\ alwan) ; 
£W* sibaq ; ^»> duhn (pi. q\*S\ 
adhan). — (for the face) S^ 
humra-t (pi. j+*» ^umar) ; ^ *» 
*-A~ji tusn yiisuf ; 5)^ gaza-t. — 
(for the eye-brow 8) £•— j wasma-t. 
—(/or *Ae eye-lids) J*£ kuhl. — 
(/or /Ae Aawck awd /ee£) L*> 

Paint, v. (lay on colour) q£ law- 
wan, yulawwin ; {$*>S\ adhan, 
yudhin. — (delineate) jy* sawwar, 
yusawwir ; {t /& naqal, yanqai. — 
(paint ones face) j+*» hanimar, 
yuhammir. — (one's eyes) J*& 
takahhal, yatakahhal ; Usfc* ta- 
hafta*, yatahattat.— (one's hands 
or feet) Vi»? tahanna, yatahanna. 

Painter, s. jy** musawwir; ofyj-** 
musawwirati-y ; >J»\& naqqal 

Painting, s. (actof)jiyS taswir.— 
(profession) j>y*A\ icU* sana'a-t 
at- taswir.— (picture) i jy * ?ura-t 
(pi. )y » suwar) ; J& m»qs (pi. 
v>jtf nuqu£). 

Pair, s. sjj zauj, zoj (pi. g^ 
azwaj) ; yWy) zaujan. 

Pair, v. ty) zawwaj, yuzawwij ; 
Qj* qaran, yaqrin, yaqrun. 

Palace, s. ^y- saray ; b^ saraya ; 
a*\r- saray a- 1 ; y*i qasr (pi. '^ 

Palanquin, *. ^ «**** tafct rawan 

(Pen.); t*y* haudaj (pL &\j* 
Palatable, adj. S^il laziz; <j~c* 

Palatal, adj. o&»- hanaki-y. 
Palate, s. ^ hanak; ^ ,j*- 
(«jWi) safq al-fumm (al-halq). 
— (organ of taste) Jy&\ A-W ^as- 
sat az-zauq. 
Pale, adj. *+f\ /*\ asfar al-wajh ; 

yu* musfarr ; *-*yu* manquf. 

Pale, v. (turn pale) /*\ i$farr, yas- 

farr ; (#**» tasafran, yatasaf ran. 

Pale, *. *tfj watad (pi. »>ty autad) ; 

jj)U hazuq (pi. Jij^ hawaziq). 

Palkne88, *. Syu sufra-t; j\j*~\ 

Paling, s. »>W fyta diiyira-t autad ; 
<3ij^ if ^^ ha^ it min hawa- 
ziq ; *tij) zariba-t (pi. s-^jj 
Palfrey, s. ^it© $afina-t. 
Palisade, s. see Paling. 
Pall, s. ^ kafan (pi. y\X\ ak- 

Pall, t;. gl*>^ sar dali 4 , yasir. 
Pallet, s. iy***- aa/ farsa-t haqi- 
ra-t. — (o/ a painter) q\J\ 4^3 
lauha-t alwan. 
Palliate, v. y^A ahsan, yuhsin ; 
j ±* *azar, ya*zir ; ^\^^ J^c *amil 
'uzurat, yam^al. — (mitigate) tf£~ 
sakkan, yusakkin ; <-JUfe. ^affaf, 
yuhaflif ; JU qallal, yuqallil. 
Palliation, s. ij±* 4 izra-t; «-Ac4*» 

tahfif ; (£*£— * taskin. 
Palliative, adj. t^-"* musakkin. 
Pallid, aaj. y^*\ as far, f. \/* safra ; 

/-*• musfirr. 
Pallidness, *. »/* sufra-t; j\/>~\ 

Palm, *. (of the hand) Utf kaff (pi. 
w*y^ kufuf, u& akuff); Jt» 
U^J^ batn al-kaff ; Wj ra^a-t. — 
(/ree) J^ nahl ; a^ nahla-t (pi. 
J-** nahil). 
Palm, r. ^^i qabad, yaqbad (with 
ace us. or s-> bi) ; Ukw^ ^ ^J*A 
ahfa fi-'l-kafF, yuhfi. — (impose) 
£J*- hada', yahda* ; vA* gais, ya- 
guis ; c>V*» han, yabun. 

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Palpable, adj. (perceptible by the 

touch) <j*y~+&" mahsu8 ; y+k 

yulmas (3 aor. pass.). — (obvious) 

£*\) wacjih ; y*^ zahir. 
Palpableness, s. (to touch) £*ltU 

u ~+&\ qabiliyat al-lams. — (ob- 
viousness) ty*) wu^ulj ; **** <J a - 

Palpitate, v. <j>^ hafaq, yahfiq, 

yahfuq; «*-&«►; rajaf, yarjuf'. 
Palpitation, *. ^tofc* hafaqan; 

s-1* &*j raj fa- 1 qalb ; U^j wa- 

Palsied, adj. $}*» mafluj ; £~S+ 

mukassah ; .***• muq'ad. 
Palsy, s. &±l~S kusaha-t ; gJU 

Palteiness, 8. SjUb* ^aqara-t. 
Paltey, adj. ^ ^aqir; ,^-ij 

dani-y ; J«J J zalil. 
Pamper, v. &*ju1\ Z*\± ^ yV 

'ayyas ii gayat an-ni'ma-t, yu- 

'ayyis* ; S»>ty ^mL\ afain bi-ziya- 

da-t, yufini; q*±\ aiba', yu£bi'. 
Pamphlet, «. «yUa^ wuraiqat; 

aJU ; risala-t (pi. s*>%-j risalat, 

Ji^ risayil). 
Pamphleteee, s. &&-j ^r^Xo satiib 

risala-t (pi. y^>\ as^ab). 
Pan, 8. Jii* miqla; &*)*" miqla- 

ja-t (pi. JU* maqali); ^U> 

tajin (pi. ^>\y. tawajm). 
Panacea, «. T6 ~£\ iksir ; W* kimi- 

ya; f»U \^j dawa' *amm; viV 

Panceeas, *. Sj**M jj5 lauz al- 

ma 4 da-t. 
Pandemonium, «. (te/J) ,»** ja- 

hannam ; ft***, jahiin. 
P andeb, v. (j*;-* 'aras, ya'ris; 

'arras, yu'arns (both with J li). 
Pane, 8. jty> pjl laulj qazaz (pi. 

cV^ aiwafe). 
Panegyeic, 8. c^ madt ; &*" 

madi^j U> § a na (pi. ***tt asni- 

ya-t) ; «-A^ wasf . 
Panegyeise, v. j^» niajjad, yu- 

majjid ; t±* maddal?, yuiriaddilj. 
Panegyeist, s. c^ *• niaddah ; c jU 

Panel, «. c y laut (pi. C^ alwak). 

Pang, a. ^ alam (pi. ^ alam) ; 

v»/ karab (pi. ^/ kurub) ; &iU 

<Jiqa-t; &+± gussa-t (pi. ^j^t 

Panic, e. Jj* haul (pi. J^y&\ ah- 

wal) ; ijby wahra-t ; s-^) ru'b ; 

«J^t hauf ; ^-s*- ha<J(Ja-t. 
Pannier, s. J«ij zanibil (pi. J^j 

zanabil) ; JLy» qirjall ; flVLji qi r . 

tala-t (pi. JU.y qir^al, Jl^ qara- 

Pansy, *. *±>}\A\ l^ zahrat a§- 

Pant, v. «-A%.j rajaf, yarjuf ; Uk*^ 

tarajjaf, yatarajjaf. — (long for) 

^J\ jUai\ istaq ila, yastaq. 
Pantaloon, s. (trousers) J^ sir- 

wal (pi. J*jV- sarawii) ; )**>£* 

sahsur (pi. ^^ saha^ir). — 

(buffoon) s-**^ mula'ib. 
Panthee, g. ;+} niuir (pi. S ; ^i 

numura-t, ;Ui nimar). 
Pantey, *. iijA «^^ bet al-muna-t ; 

j\/ karar. 
Pap, s. (soft food) ^J labauiya-t ; 

fyf* barira-t ; Sj*«* 'asida-t. — 

(pulp) f+-+A ia^m (pi. f»^A 

^uhum). — (dug)yt*\ *U*» ^amalat 

Papa, ». WW baM. 
Papacy, s. k^ babawiya-t. 
Papal, adj. ^WW babawi-y. 
Papee, s. j)) waraq (pi. j^\ 

auraq) ; ^U.^ qir^as (pi. u-t^y 

qara^is). — (blotting paper) j^ 

^iiAi waraq na&af . 
Papist, s. ^J^) ruuiani-y. 
Papyeus, s. ^J^ bardi-y; <flf 

Pae, s. (equality) fl ; L~» musawat. 
Paeable, s. jl* masal (pi. JVjU\ 

amsal) ; J*iw tam§il (pi. &%£» 

Parade, «. (array of troops) JU^ 

^~*&\ J* kasf 'ala-'l-'asakir.— 

(display) li) zuffa-t; ^U-A^ ljia^- 

ma-t ; s-^y* maukib (pi. s-^y* 

mawakib). — (place for exercise, 

&c.) ^x** maidan (pi. ^>A>* 

Paeade, v. <jA^ taba'.u, yatabaha j 


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f&\ if tahar, yaf tahir (both with 
Paradise, s. Is** janna-t; <j*)*J 
firdaus, fardus (pi. <jh> *>y far&- 
dis, Per8.). 
Paradox, s. &** bid'a-t (pi. ?* 

Paragon, a. y& d U m & la-hu 
nazir; a! jtf S 14 sani la-hu; 
5^j »Ljft-j wahid dahr-hu; J^i 
Paragraph, s. J-i fasl (pi. J^ 

Parallel, adj. ^$)\y mawazi; 

sjfif* mutawazi. 
Parallel, a. <j)\f* U. haft muta- 
wazi (pi. tyr* t^s. hutut muta- 
wazi ya-t). 
Parallel, v. (make parallel) *JU 
h$js* Lfa* t 9 aff bi-hutut niuta- 
waziya-t, yasaff. — (be parallel) 
sj)\) waza, yuwazi. — (compare) 
J*U qabal, yuqabil ; ^U qaran, 
yuqarin ; M» sabbah, yusabbih. 
Parallelism, *. fy\y muwazat; 

e|}V tawazi. 
Parallelogram, a. isjU*« J** 
ftkl mutawazi (pi. (Jyk) JU*\ 
fyV 1 " a£kal (Sukul) mutawazi- 
ya-t) ; gUM ^jU*. mutawazi al- 
Paralyse, v. ft*\ a'jaz, yu'jiz ; )+* 

'ajjaz, yu'ajjiz. 
Paralysis, a. &*L~f kusa^a-t ; gJU 

falij ; &£~ sakta-t. 
Paralytic, o# m *. fylA* mafluj. 
Paramount, adj. ^\ a'la; *M 
a'zam ; } &~ sadr (pi. ^ju. sudttr) ; 
p>*" muqaddam. 
Paramour, a. «jaU <asiq, f. &*Ve 
'a&qa-t (pi. jUx <ussaq) ; s~«*> 
tabib, f . £«*•> tabiba-t (pi. v» W 
afcbab, s-*W* fcabayib). 
Parapet, a. y*U> ^ajiz (pi. y*\j* 

fcawajiz) ; fyU- sutara-t. 
Paraphernalia, a. jW jahaz. 
Paraphrase, a. ^^ ^ S^o 
daura-t fi-'l-kalam ; ,*-& tafsir ; 
«-A*/o ta'rif ; 8,W* 'ibara-t ; ^y 
Paraphrase, v./«4 fassar, yufae* 



sir ; cj& garafc, ya^rah ; £*; wai- 
6at, yuwa£&h. 
Parasite, a. JL«aL {ufaili-y ; jU- 
suflaq (pi. &JVA- safaliqa-t) ; ^\) 
waris ; J*U wagil ; ^^ ausan. 
Parasol, a. &*~+* samsiya-t ; &!*• 

Parcel, a. (portion) &**- ^issa-t 
(pi. { j^ tisas) ; &d»i qata'-t (pi. 
£<* qija', qu^a').— ( packet) &** 
baqja-t ; &*jj rizma-t. 
Parcel, v. f*~i qassam, yuqassim. 
Parch, v. Jj*» taraq, yahruq ; s^ 
sawwab, y usawwib ; yti yabbas, 
Parchepness, *. u~*i yubs ; &~y*t 

Parchment, «. J\/ j ; raqq gazal; 
J^fi s}j raqq 'ajl (pi. ^fj ruqiiq). 
Pardon, a. y* 'at'u ; ^tyi gut ran ; 
£/A^ magfira-t; c^- samati; 
^•U^» musamalja-t. 
Pardon, v. /^ gafar, yagfir; £*— 
sama^jt, yamsa^ (both with ^4* *3 
la-hu bi-^e-y) ; £*U sama^, yu- 
samilj; (^ Ufc «afa 'an, ya'f u ; 
tp £** safah 'an, yaefaJji. 
Pardonable, adj. >*** yugfar (3 
aor. pass.) ; y^«3\ s-^^« wajib al- 
*af u ; y^3\ J^ maljall al-*afu. 
Pare, v. (trim) ^f qara4, yaqriij. 
— (fruit, &c) jAi qa^iar, yuqas- 
Parent, «. ^ walid ; Sj>Nj walida-t. 

— (parents) yi<d\) waliden. 
Parentage, «. J->\ asl (pi. J^ 
usiil); s — * nasab (pi. ^*\^i\ 
ansab); J~J nasal (pi. JL-i^ 
Parental, adj. ^^ walidi-y. 
Parenthesis, a. <£-yac* dJU^ jum- 

la-t mu'tari^a-t ; J)^ hilal. 
Parenthetical, adj. u*y«* mu'ta- 

Parings, «. ^*JU qulama-t; W^i 

qura^a-t ; u\ uff . 
Parish, «. ^c ; ra 4 iya-t (pi. ^Vcj 
ra'aya) ; ^^\ Jb*- tatt al-huri-y. 
Parishioner, e. sj)^\ ^ o^ miD - 

tatt al-buri-y. 
Parity, «. (equality) ky~* taswi- 

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ya-t ; ky~ sawtya-t ; i\)\~* musa- 

wkt. — (analogy) fy^ inu&tba- 

ha-t ; &>U* muma§ala-t. 
Park, 8. &**£ gai<Ja-t; &\z~i bus- 
tan; **J)V>park. 
Parlance, s. (idiom) &*& luga-t 

(pi. «*UJ lugat, ^ lugUD, <j*l 

lugan). — (conference) #*>W* mu- 

Parliament, s. «yjN **W ja- 

ma'at al-wufud ; K, j yitt gtya 

v^uu3\ diwan al-umara* wa wu- 

kala' a£-£a'b. 
Parlour, *. S^ku» mangara-t. 
Parody, s. s^s taqlid ; J**** tarn- 

sil; &«-£* tasbih. 
Parolb, 8. (promise) ^ wa'ad 

(pi. *fy wu'ud) ; 8^> wa'ada-t ; 

*>ysy» mau'ud (pi. *^V* ma- 

Paroxysm, *. \*f buraha ; o^^ J 

daur al-humma. 
Parricide, «. (ad) attjW J* <l atl 

al-walid. — (j>er«o») **\y J*U 

qatil walid-hu. 
Parrot, *. fy durra-t (pi. «^\)»> 

durrat, »* durar) ; ^ babaga; 

JU-* babagal. 
Parry, v. e*W dafa', yudafi' ; ^ 

tamanna', yatamanna*. 
Parse, v. ct>*-*W s^ a'rab al- 

kalamat, yu'rib. 
Parsimonious, adj. }y muwaffir. 

— (to excess) ty* qari$. 
Parsimony, Parsimoniousness, a. 

jjj taufir; *y>/ tawaffura-t ; 

^ilL-M imsak. 
Parsing, s. «yUKN ^*\f\ i'rab al- 

Parsley, *. cr*^ baqdunas (maq- 

dunas); J**V tarajil; ^y^ 

Parsnip, s. (**L* saljam (pi. ,*X. 


PAR80N, 8. u~i qiss (pi. <j*j-*i 

qusus); u-*-* qissis (pi. vulg. 
*~JwJ qasafisa-t); ^^ feuri-y 
(bj\y** hawarina-t). 
Parsonage, s. ^JA\ jU dar al-qiss 
(pL;>> diyar); ^^ ;W dar 

Part, s. (piece) &Ui qata't (pi. &* 
qifa', qufa') ; 8^-* kisra-t (pi. 
P^kisar). — (portion) ^— i qism 
(pi. (X~i\ aqsam); &+~i qisma-t; 
&«* tiissa-t (pi. (jft~ hiaas). — 
(concern, interest) dyb* 6irk (pi. 
i^ a^rak). — (party) s^)*- 
^izb (pi. v»W aljzab). — (siae, 
quarters) U>^ taraf (pi. «-rt;U 
atraf) ; fM iqlim (pi. ^U\ aqa- 
lim). — (in a play) J» naql. — 
(foknte) S^VS qabiliva-t; &** 
facfila-t (pi. JjU* fa4ayil) ; &,*• 
ma'rifa-t (pi. «Jj;U* ma'arif) ; 
i«5\;^ idrak. 

Part, v. (divide) ^ qasam, yaq- 
sim; qassam, yuqassim. — (sepa- 
rate) a. j^ faraq, yafruq; J-«* 
fasal, yafsil; n. J^\ infaeal, 
yanfasil. — (take farewell) £^ 
wadda*, yuwaddi* ; »^^ ±±\ ahaz 
ha^ir-hu, ya'huz. 

Partake, v. *«J/»» ^ariq, yairaq; 
^U 6arak, yuiarik. 

Partial, adj. (not total) <JPy*- 
juz'i-y. — (not universal) <j©U- 
ha?s ; tjasafc* muhta8S ; ^p^afe^ 
mahfus. — (favourably inclined) 
J>U mayil ; u*^ mugri^. 

Partiality, a. **jU** mutazaba-t ; 
ijs^ gara4iya-t; Jt-« mail (pi. 
JW»\ amyal). 

Participate, v. *«J/» &irik, yaSrak ; 
*«3kU ^arak, yu^arik ; &<»> W ahaz 
ijissa-t, ya'huz. 

Participation, 8. ^-^ ^irkat; 
d\y*\ i^tirak. 

Participle, *. (active) JcW ^ 
ism al-fa'il. — (passive) (*-~ *\ 
Jybu)\ ism al-maf ul. 

Particle, a. (atom) Sj*S zarra-t. — 
(in grammar) «-*^ harf (pi. cJ^ 
huriif) ; IM adat (pi. «w^*>\ ada- 

Particular, ad;, (no^ ge?i«rai) ,j©Vi 
bass ; u^at^ muhtass ; \s>ys*+ 
mah^u? ; vj*^- hufusi-y. — (indi- 
vidual) *>y^« mufrad ; q\^ far- 
dan ; J--*** muf assil. — (odd) 
s*-j V* 'ajib; s-^-i^ garib. — 
(exact) tji*" mudaqqiq; vik 1 ^ 

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daqiq. — (nice) *j£s~~ * mustak- 

Pabticitulb, ». «y fard (pL Jl£ 

firadj ; J*-« taffii. 
Pabticulabisb, r. J-* faasal yu- 

faagil; Jc-oAdV| C; a sarah bi-'t- 

tafsil, y as rah. 
Pabticularity, ». a-V^ hassa-t; 

& + « 2< * . husofiya-t. 
Pabting, 8. s^ffi iftiraq; j^ 

firaq ; J-* faal ; JV-»*»\ infisal. — 

(farewell) &*> wada'.— (oj the 

hair) j^ mafraq, mafriq (pL 

jj;Uu mafariq). 
Partisan, *. vjU** muhazib ; ff\* 

tabi* ; s$*~ mu'allaq. 
Partisanship, ». £);W« mutaza- 

Pabtition, ». (division) a*—* qis- 

ma-t ; ,**--* taqsira ; &)f tauzi'. 

— (*epara/ton) «iV firaq; v$V^ 

iftiraq. — (tcatf, <£c.) 3*^ hajiz 

(pi. y\y hawajiz) ; j^U fariq ; 

vW** nijab (pi. s-*~ hujub); 

VaW. hay it (pi. 0^ hi$an). 
Pabtition, v. ^— i qasam, yaqsim ; 

qaflsam, yuqassiin; J— ** fasal, 

Pabtnbb, 8. ^;^» Sarik (pi. ^y 

luraka) ; d)\A+ rausarik ; frtj 

rabi* (pi. &j rubu'). 
Partnership, a. &\y £araka-t; 

Ky sirka-t ; ^U^ mu3araka-t. 
Partridge, *. J^»» hajal; &%»• 

hajala-t (pi. JW«^ a^jal, o^°* 

iijla, q%^ l?ujlan). 
Parturition, *. SjJ lida-t ; *>3j wi- 

lad ; 8*>3j wilada-t ; <dy maulid. 
Party, 8. (side) *-iJ* Jaraf (pi. 

«-*UU a^raf) ; s-^W janib (pi. 

^S\y+ jawanib). — (faction) ^*y 

Ijizb (pi. *r>\y\ ahzab) ; 
'ufba-t (pi. s-~»* 4 usab). — (coin- 
pany) er-W* majlis (pi. ^PW^ 
majalis) ; fy-*** 'isra-t ; &eW ja- 

Paschal, adj. ^j^-a* fafhi-y. 

Pass, 8. (passage) &*• inanfaz (pi. 
•UU* nianafiz) ; j\y>- jawaz. — 
(defile) s-»j*;* 'urqub (pi. s-**\j* 
'araqib) j vJM* niadiq (pi. <Ji\*" 

naadayiq); v*-*)* niaznaq (pi. 
s3&y maziniq). — (state) Jw ljai 
(pL jyi afcwil); AW hala-t; 
y^A san. — (passport) <^^» far- 
man (pL g**V faramin) ; 3^ 
jawaz ; &jyei buyurdu (Turk.) ; 

hy^-i pasaport- 

Pass, v. (change place, Ac.) &*& 
zahab, yazhab ; y marr, yamurr ; 
^-i-* masa, yamii ; 3W jiz, yajuz. 
— (cross) yt* *abar, ya*bur. — 
(elapse) ^j*- mada, yamdi ; y 
marr, yamurr. — (pass current) 
^ft jara, yajri. — (spend) ^y 
faraf, yafnf. — (omit) ^y tarak, 
yatruk ; v>5 — * nasi, yansa. 

Passable, adj. (possible to be 
passed) jyt*R &£+" mumkin al- 
*ubur. — (tolerable) J*a^% yata- 
hammal ; 0^* ^ bain bain. 

PASSAGE, *. (tcay) &f* tariq (pi- 
jy» twrq); a&^» tariqa-t (pi. 
^U^ turqat) ; J«-- 8al>il (P^ 
J*~ subnl) ; s^»> darb (pi. v»d*> 
durub). — (covered passage) ^W^ 
sabat ; y«lA»> dahliz. — (entrance 
or exit) J^J^ madhal (pi. J^^J^» 
madahil) ; tj-**" naahraj (pi. 
gjW* maharij) ; «a&a^ manfaz (pi. 
AiU* manafiz). — (place of cross- 
ing) j*** ma* bar; ^aU^ maha- 
da-t. — (journey) yL. safar (pi. 
jU-\ asfar) ; fi**L-*» musafara-t. — 
(0/ a book) a5U* maqala-t; J«i 
qaul (pi. J\y\ aqwal, Jj^Vi\ aqa- 

Passenger, *. j*L. safir (pi. ^Va- 
suffar) ; jiU-^ musafir ; S^) 
rahil ; ^ *abir. 

Passing, orf;. (excellent) (*J*z *azim ; 
^^ jayvid ; ^Vi fayiq ; J*^* 
fadil (pi. %# f u^ala) ; jli\ afdal 
(com p. of the previous). 

Passion, a. ^yb hawas ; ^y hawa 
(pi. \^ ahwa) ; fi^«A sahwa-t 
(pi. «i>\j«a ^ahwat, ^ahawat ) ; 
(^W*^ hay a j an ; ^ wajd (pi. 
^y) wnjiidj. — (svjftring) ^J C V» 
ta'allum. — (anger) 1^ gaiz ; h*± 

Passionate, adj. fit* mugram; 

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t\yA\ ^W h&mi al-mizaj ; s^a* 

Passionateness, s. &*+*- ^animi- 

ya-t ; ifa harara-t. 
Passive, adj. J-**** mutahammil ; 

JaL-« musahil. — (passive verb) 

Jy** maf'ul ; Jj6^* majhul. 
Pas8ivenes8, *. J**** tahanimul ; 

£JyiA* maf'uliya-t. 
Passover, s. £^&\ •*** 'id al-fasb ; 

j#!&\ j^jc 'id al-kabir. 
Passport, s. e^* farman (pi. 

^^•y faramin) ; ^*>;jtf buyurdu 

(Turk.) ; ^M pasapoit. 
Past, adj. ^^ madi ; <3**~ sabiq ; 

UfcJU salif ; (***&»• mutaqaddim. 
Past, prep, jk* fauq. 
Past, *. ^*Ui\ al-madi ; q^*^ ^t*vi 

qadim az-zaman. 
Paste, s. (glue) 5)^4 baluza-t. — 

(dough) (^%fi 'ajin (pi. &+£ 

'u j un) . — ( leavened) 5^*^ hami- 

Paste, v. (fasten with paste) v>^ 

laesaq, yulaesiq. 
Pastime, *. ©y» tafarruj ; bfy nuz- 

Pastor, s. (herdsman) ^^ ra'i (pi. 

Slcj ru'at. — (clergyman) ^f- 

huri-y (pi. &j\j* hawarina-t) ; 

u-J qiss (pi. <j*y~ iqusus) ; (j~#~2 

qissis (pi. vulg. £- i^-i qasafi- 

sa-t) ; 0*>\S kahin (pi. &** kaha- 

Pastoral, ad/\ vj-J"" 5 qussiisi-y. — 

(rwraJ) &VcjlJ v>j~-^ man sub li- 

Pastry, a. S^jU fatfra-t (pi. ^Ua* 

fatayir) ; <J « j ?*■« sambusaq 

Pastry-cook, a. ^^Vt* fatatfri-y ; 
' ij^f** halwani-y. 

PA8TURABLE, adj. S*\*fi <J*V H1U- 

wafiq li-'i-ri'aya-t. 

Pasturage, a. g*^ inarta' (pi. £>\f 

Pasture, a. (ground) ^f mar'a 
(pL ^V* mara'i) ; g>/» marta' 
(pi. g»\/» marati'). — (food) «yy> 
qut ; &M akla-t ; £ a «■■&■» ^asisa-t 
(pi. y^U-. JjasayiS). 

Pasture, v. ,**aH ^ ra'a al- 

ganam, yar*a ; ^)\ ar'a, yur'i. 
Pat, s. Sj; razza-t ; Utf kaff. 
Pat, v. *r>r* tfarab, yacjrub ; ij&l 

lata^, yaltus\ 
Pat, adj. <Jfe3 layiq ; <J^y* muwa- 

Patch, a. **J ; ruq'a-t (pi. &Sj riqa'y. 
Patch, v. & raqa', yarqa' ; raqqa', 

Pate, s. «-W qihf (pi. «-*W>\ aq- 

haf, cJj^S quhuf) ; &++** jum- 

juma-t (pi. ^W jamajim). 
Patent, adj. (open y public) g*U 

sayi' ; <j*y** 'umumi-y ; yfclL 

Patent, a. ^Uy farman (pi. &#»\r* 

faramin) ; )¥***" maniiir (pi. 

jt*\±* manasir) ; «t>^ barat ; 

giy» muwaqqa*. 
Patentee, s. o 1 *^ farmanli-y ; 

Js\ji baratli-y. 
Paternal, adj. sj^\ abawi-y ; ^^^ 

Paternity, s. i$\ ubuwa-t ; hf\ 

Paternoster, a. (the Lord's 

Prayer) &**}\ SjU\ as-salat ar- 

rabbiya-t. — (rosary) &^ ~-+ mis- 

baha-t (pi. ^^* masabih). 
Path, Pathway, s. &}* tariq (pi. 

j^ turq) ; ^» tariqa-t (pi. uwl^L 

^urqat) ; *aiL^ maslak, maslik 

(pi. «tU^» masalik) ; J«— sabil 

(pi. J*- subul). 
Pathetic, adj. &&• mubayyij ; 

(j-^»»^ muhannin ; dj&* muhar- 

rik; ijiy muraqqiq; ^ balig 

(pi. Ulj bulaga). 
Pathless, adj. &~* mani*. 
Pathology, s. <j*\^\ ^lc «ilm al- 

Pathos, s. &h balaga-t; &<# 

*r>JA\ tahyij al-qulub. 
Patience, s. j** sabr; j^o\ isti- 

bar; Jk^* tahammul; 5U\ anat. 

— (have patience) p* sabar, yas- 

bir ; $\* sabar, yusabir. 
Patient, adj. jy^> sabur; y*o ^\ 

abu sabr ; j^o sabir. 
Patient, a. J±if rnari^ (pi. ^j* 

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marda, o^V* m&r*4&, u*V mi- 

Patbiabch, ». **JjW batrak; ****jfci 

ba$rik (pL ^,U* bataraka-t). 
Patriarchate, ». 4*9* ba$raki- 

Patrician, »., <m?/. u^ sarif (pL 

U^ surafa, u\j*A asraf). 
Patrimonial, <m(;. ^)f maurus ; 

^^U mulki-y. 


Patrimony, «. *±>y irs; 

lniras ; *JV^ wirasa-t. 
Patbiot, ». (^y\ s~^~ muhibb al- 

watan ; &£>) y* mu*izz wa(au-ha. 
Patriotism, s. ^^\ s-^ hibb al- 

watan; ^y\ *j«* mu 4 azza-t al- 

Patbol, «. «-*jL $auf; ,j-* 4 ass; 

y«-c 'asas. 
Patbol, v. u~* 4 ass, ya'uss ; u~&\ 

itass, ya'tass; «-AL $af, yatuf; 

«-*VU a*af, yutff . 
Patbon, «. Jj wali-y ; ^Jy maula 

(pi. JV* uiawali) ; ^^ mur- 

rabi; y^ hami (pi. fiW*> hu- 

mat ; ^U. haris (pi. ^-^ ^aras, 

<j*V^ afe™ 8 * u*V" hurras). 
Patbon age, «. ^U himaya-t; ^ 

wala ; S3\y» mawalat. 
Patronise, v. J^ wala, yuwali; 

v> 5*^ hama, yah mi. 

PATBONYMIC, *. w-— jJ\ ^jfJ AeJ^ 

kinya-t tubayyin an-nasab. 
Patteb, v. *sXj j dabbak, yudabbik ; 

v*»*> dabdab, yudabdib. 
Pattern, v. (original) J*\ asl (pi. 

Jj-1 usul). — (sample) s. e*y*\ 

Paucity, s. &* qilla-t ; J*li qalil. 
Paunch, «. ^W ba*ii (pi. yfr 

butun); jfc/ kirs* (pi. ^rf 

Paupeb, s. (^w miskin (pi. 

(^L—» masakin); ^JA* inullis 

(pi. lt-o 5 ^* maialis) ; jjUo sa'luk 

(pi. UkJU-> sa'aliq) ; yb faqir (pi. 

ty& fuqara). 
Pause, ». t-Aij waqf ; &Sj waqfa-t ; 

% rikza-t ; f to\ inqi^a*. 
Pause, v. «-AJj waqaf, yaqif ; «-4iy 

tawaqqaf, yatawaqqaf. 

Pate, v. U» ball**, yuballit; v>^ 

U^XV» fares' bi-'l-bala*, yafrus. 
Pavement, ». Ufc bala*. 
Payieb, Paviob, ». UL- muballi^. 
Pavilion, ». *+«*. haima-t (pi. fW* 

hiyam, ^ huyam, hiyain) ; g\y 

suwan; yXyc* siwan (pi. iiyo\ 

Paw, *. oj yad (du. &* yaden) ; 

efy bursun (pi. ^^ baragin). 
Paw, v. £* jahh, yajuhh. 
Pawn, #. (pledge) ^ rahn (pi. 

<#*; rubiiii, ^V^ rihan) ; ix&j 

rahina-t (pi. ^V^ rahayin) ; 

C^jjjft ^urbun; ^^x^ ra'bAn 

(appaf&v). — (in chess) jj^ bai- 

daq (pi. j^W bayadiq, Pers.) ; 

•«♦ band (pi. »>*** bunud). 
Pawn, r. ^ ; rahan, yarhan ; y*j\ 

arhan, yurhin. 
Pawnbroker, s. yey murtahin. 
Pay, s. *p\ ujra-t ; k\y+ jiraya-t. — 

(of an official) &X*W jamakiya-t 

(pi. *aU^ jawamik).— (military) 

Pay, v. ^ wafa, yaii, yiifi; gAo 

aafa', yadfa* ; <^J\ adda, yu'addi. 

— (compensate) \yt jaza, yajzi 

(o* 1 e^ <an se-j). 
Payable, adj. 5*04 yudfa 4 (3 aor. 

pass.); g*a^ yandafi* (8 aor. 


Payee, s. &J\ g^x. madfu* ile-hi. 
Payment, *. £**> daf; W Sfa; U^ 

Pea, «. a-4 basilla-t ; ^WW julban ; 

(ja^- himmas, him mis, hummus ; 

yw baliya-t. 
Peace, s. ^1* sulli j &ju^ hudna-t ; 

ii\^A hudana-t ; f^u sal am. — 

(treaty 0/ peace) 0^» musala- 

Peaceable, Peaceful, adj. ^\Jb 

Peaceableness, Peacepulness, s. 

^^ hudu ; Sj\ju* hadawa-t. 
Peace-makeb, *. jJU* musalih. 
Peacock, «. ^.^VL $awus (pi. J*^ 

atwas, u-4;^ tawawis). 
Peak, ». J^J( ^ ras al-jabal (pi. 

(j-/-y ru'us). 

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Peal, a. (of thunder) «*cj ra'd (pi. 

*y^ ru?ud). — (0/ 6eZi«) &^i> tan- 
tana- 1. 
Peal, v. a*j ra'ad, yar*ad, yar*ud ; 

J^\ ar*ad, yur'id ; ^ rann, ya- 

Pear, 0. v.5^^ kumasra (kutnatra) ; 

t^W 1 najas ; £*W* najasa-t. 
Pearl, a. ;*> durr ; 8;*> durra-t (pi. 

j^*> durar, **>\>*> durr at) ; iJ 

lulu; 8yy luluwa-t (pi. JJ^ 

lu'ali) ; y*j* jauhar (pi. yfc\y* 

jawahir) ; 0W7* murjan. 
Pearly, ad/\ ;*> ^ zu durr; g*y« 

jjJ^ murassa' bi-'d-durr. 
Peasant, a. c^* fallah ; f ; \j zari* 

(pi. £\>3 zurra') ; ^W harig (pi. 

*a>^- ijurras). 
Peasantry, a. u**W\ al-falla^iu ; 

tjm al-falalih. 
Pebble, a. 8^- kaswa-t (pl« coll. 

^ ^a). — (crystal) ^\ ^ 

tajar al-billur. 
Peck, v. j* naqar, yanqur. 
Pectoral, adj. <4r** ?adri-y. 
Peculate, v. ^\>*> j^- saraq dara- 

him, yasriq. 
Peculation, a. &j- sariqa-t. 
Peculiar, adj. u^ ha?9 ; u^r* 3 *" 

mahsue ; ^i* muhaasas. 
Peculiarity, a. * - «A * haasa-t; 

l ~o y <± hueusiya-t ; £«->W hassi- 

ya-t (pi. o°i^" basayia). 
Pecuniary, adj. <^*» naqdi-y; 

<^U mali-y. 
Pedagogue, a. ,J** mu'allim ; ^etf 

Pedant, a. ^5^ nahawi-y ; j*& 

£*l*ft kagir al-galaba-t. 
Pedantry, a. **& galaba-t. 
Peddle, v. S*y^\*> dar bi-turda-t, 

Pedestal, a. «Jy»UN J*, rijl al- 

'amud (pi. A#*tj«H J*^ arjul al- 

Pedestrian, a. ^^* maii (pi. 

&£*• musat) ; Wj zalima-t, zul- 

ma-t (pi. fUj zullam, f>jt az- 

Pedigree, a. v»~* na3ab (pi. s^-^ 


Pedlar, a. 8 j^ g^ bayya* hurda-t ; 

£*V* bacji' (pi. a«^ ba<Ja'a-t) ; 

J0U-4 bisati-y. 
Peel, a. ^&i qisr (pi. j^ti qu£ur). 
Peel, v. y*2 qaaar, yaqslr, yaqSur ; 

qa£sar, yuqassir. 
Peep, a. e*J lamh; &*+! lamha-t; 

*W lahza-t. — (peep of day) j^ 

fa jr. 
Peep, v. (as chicken) ^p* sausa, 

yusausi. — (appear) t% 14h, yalulj. 

— (look slily) e*J lamab, yalmati ; 

iys ramaq, yarmuq ; W laljaz, 

Peer, a. (equal) ^y» qarin (pi. V*ji 

qurana) ; ^i qirn (pi. q\j\ 

aqran). — (nobleman) ye*\ amir 

(pi. \y\ umara). 
Peerage, a. (dignity) %j\*\ aniara-t 

(body of noblemen) \j-*»y\ al- 

Peerless, adj. jj& A U ma la-hu 

nazir ; J*** &J U ma la-hu magil ; 

*&ij* farid. 
Peevish, adj. v»^ ga4ub; fiy 

muzantir; (jjU-i* faqsan; ^f 

Peevishness, a. 8y^j zantara-t. 
Peg, a. ^ watad (pi. *>^\ autad) ; 

jU— ^ mismar (pi. ^ L^ masa- 

Peg, v. j+~ sammar, yusammir ; 

•tfj wattad, yuwattid. 
Pelp, a. JU mal (pL J^ am- 

Pelican, a. i-^ rabma-t; g-^. 

baja* ; Uu saqqa. 
Pelisse, a. i«^ farajiya-t. 
Pellet, a. 8/ kurra-t ; W* taba-t. 
Pellicle, a. ^^ gisa. 
Pellucid, o^;. uVaai saffaf; ^U 

Pellucidness, a. ii^ii gaffaf a-t ; 

Va« safa. 
Pelt, v.a. ^j rama, yarmi ; v>^ 

rasaq, yarsuq ; ^ raj am, yar- 

jum ; n. (pour) Jwfc hatal, yah- 

til ; jAa- tafal, yaffil. 
Pelvis, a. &*;*» taucja-t ; «-*j+3\ ; ^A 

JA-^ gor al-jauf al-asfal. 
Pen, a. (/or writing) ffr qalam (pL 

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(&3\ aqlam). — (for fowl, &c.) 

yftAJ qalg (pi. <j>\&\ aqias). — (for 

sheep, &c.) s^j zarb, zirb (pi. 

v»jyj zurub) ; tff murah (pi. tf 

Pen, v. (write) w-u£ katab, yaktub ; 

rt raq^am, yuraqqini. — (shut 

up) jaa qaifae, yuqaflis; s^j 

zarab, yazrub. 
Penal, adj. ^y* 'uqubi-j ; s--*U* 

Penalty, s. yoUi qi^as ; £*yte 'uqu- 

ba-t ; &+ij+ jarinia-t ; &*\jt gara- 

Penance, $. (repentance) &*f tau- 

ba-t, tuba-t. — (imposed by a 

priest) ($yVS qanun (pi. &^\yi 

qawanin) ; lju& kait'ara-t. 
Pencil, s. yoU^ ^s qalam rasas 

(pi. (Si\ aqlam) ; f*~y niirsam. 
Pencil, v. (delineate) p~j rasam, 

yarsum ; ^ sawwar, yusawwir. 
Pendant, s. Iy qurt (pi. Uyrt 

Pendent, Pendulous, adj. <3l*w* 

muta'alliq ; «jU* mu'allaq. 
Pending, «<#. (undecided) Utf\j 

waqif ; J-A* ^ gair mufas^al; 

£<}**• j<£ gair niaqtu'. 
Penetrate, v. (pierce) &* nafaz, 

yanfiz (with prep. ^ fi) ; j^ 

fearaq, yahriq ; sltf saqab, ya§- 

qub. — (enter) J^o dahal, yadhul; 

$}) walaj, yalij. — (comprehend) 

dj*\ adrak, yudrik; ^ fahim, 

y at ham. 
Penetrating, adj. <J* zaki-y ; ^U 

fafin ; f*fl\ 5^. sari 4 al-fahm. 
Penetration, s. (entrance) *>y*> 

nufuz ; J^-o duhul.— (acuteness) 

*V* idrak; ^ fahm; fi^j 

zakawa-t ; Uok litna-t ; *-y iira- 

Peninsula, «. Sjiy* jazira-t (pi. 

>>^ jazayir). 
Peninsular, ad/. ^^ jaziri-y. 
Penis, s. /J zakr (pi. ^ zukiir). 
Penitence, s. a*W nadama-t ; ^si 

nadain ; fjui tanadduin ; *>y tau- 

ba-t, tuba-t; ty taba-t; s^ 


Penitent, adj., s. f*>V* nadim (pi. 
ft«tf nuddani, nidam) ; yUji nad- 
man (pi. ^\^> nudauiaj. — (be 
penitent) p*> nadim, yandam; 
s-»^> tab, yatiib. 

Pen-knife, *. Rj** mibrat (pi. ^W* 
mabari) ; <j*f mus (pi. <j*\y\ 
aniwas; ; ^^ *aus ; A*~ij* 'uwai- 
siya-t ; v>V^* qalamtaras. 

Penman, *. s-jls katib ; y*U s-*tf 
katib mahir (pi. s-»^ kuttab, 
&s-s£ kataba-t). 

Penmanship, s. a*^ kitaba-t. 

Pennant, Pennon, s. fy±n ban- 
. Penny, s. &** fidcjia-t (vulg. fa4- 

PENNYLES8, adj. v^A* milflis (pi. 

<j~l\** mafalis). 
Pension, s. ^*\j ratib, t*\j rati- 

ba-t (pi. s-*lj; l-awatib); J*\*~ 

ma'as ; i«^ wajiba-t ; aa^ wa- 

zifa-t (pi. «-6*^ wazayifj. 
Pension, v. &*s\j a] J** 4 amil la-hu 

rati ba-t, yam'al. 
Pensioner, s. aV\j a] la-hu rati- 

ba-t; <LJU* a] la-hu ja 4 ala-t; 

w-J»y\ s-^U §ahib ar-ratib. 
Pensive, adj. jte* mutafakkir; 

^"U^ muta'ammil. 
Pensiteness, s. j&* nkr ; jte ta- 

takkur j J^^W ta'ammul. 
Pentagon, s., Pentagonal, adj. 

cr**^* muhammas ; ^^ ^ - ^ , *♦*■ ^^ 

zu hams zawaya. 
Pentateuch, a. fi\^y taurat ; «*-*;/ 

Pentecost, *. iydid\ j^ *id al- 

*ansara-t; ^ c * ^} \ J^ 'id al- 

Penult, Penultimate, s. J** U 

/-^\ ma qabl al-ahir. 
Penurious, arf;. J^. bahil (pi. 1M=: 

buhalaj; iji qar^. 
Penuriousness, s. J«fc: buhl. 
Penury, #. 5 ^^\ ihtiyaj ; *> 

Pen-wipbr, «. ^ wa qi<a-t (pi. 

g?^ waqa'i 4 ). 

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Pbo] 281 

People, a. (nation) ^i qaum (pi. 
(Af\ aqwam) ; w-*** ii'b, sVb (pi. 
s-»j** su'ub); W umma-t (pi. 
j%*\ umam) ; £U milla-t (pi. Jl* 
milal); i^U. tafiya-t (pi. Ub\jL 
tawayif). — (mew) J^ halq (pi. 
v5>^ halayiq) ; <j*U5\ an-nas (pi. 
of y\~i\ insan). — (community) 
)#**** jumhur (pi. ^W jama- 
hir) ; £-^ 'amma-t ; >\ ahl (pi. 
J\*\ ahali). 

People, v. j** 'ammar, yu'ammir. 

Peopled, adj. ))+** ma'mur. 

Peppee, 6. jili fulful, filfil. 

Pepper, v. Jali falfal, vufalfil ; 
J^ Jk^ hayyaq bi-'l-filfil, yu- 


JaUN &fe- huqqat al-filfil. 
Peppebmint, 8. ***** na'na'a-t. 
Peppeby, adj. JaIa- mufalfal. 
Peradventure, adv. J*5 la'all ; 

^\ ^j— c <asa ann ; "VSU?\ ittifa- 

Perambulate, v. j\* dar, yadur; 

U& $af, yajuf ; tf baram, yab- 

Perambulation, 8. (^7*- sairan ; 

*;j*> daura-t. 
Pebceivable, Pebceptible, ad/. 

ij+j*^* maljsus; ^j^ mudrak ; 

i-yj^ madruk ; <j*\j^W ***;**>. yud- 

rak bi-'l-hawass. 
Pebceive, v. djS\ adrak, yudrik ; 

*** fahim, yafham; s-*^** sVar 

bi, yas^ur. 
Pebceptibility, 8. ^\j^\ l&\* qa- 

biliyat al-idrak. 
Pebception, s. d\j*\ idrak ; <j*L-^ 

ihsaa ; &*-U. hassiya-t ; ^e* fahm 

(pi. fje* fubum). 
Pebceptive, adj. d)±+ mudrik; 

<j~*~ muhiss. 
Pebch, 8. (for a bird) <k\** 'aeaya-t. 
Pebch, v. »*** qa'ad, yaq'ud ; p*+ 

jagam, yajsim. 
Pebchance, adv. ~\i\t*\ ittifaqan ; 

Ut) rubbama. 
Pebcolatb, v. { J^» saffa, yusaffi; 

jj^ rawwaq, yurawwiq. 
Percolation, $. &**** tajfiya-t. 


Percol/ltoBj *. 8Uo* misfat ; AjlAo* 

m i« fay a- 1 ; j«t; rawuq. 
Pebcussion, 8. a*ju> sadma-t ; j»J^» 

tasadduui ; a>j* darba-t. 
Perdition, 8. **3)U halak; ^Af* 

harab ; ±<* baid ; )p» subur. 
Peregrinate, v. s-»^ garab, yag- 

rub; s-»^*» tagarrab, yatagarrab. 
Peregrination, a. l*£ gurba-t ; 

v»;*> t agar rub ; yu safar (pi. 

j\kJ\ asfar) ; &*W~ siyaha-t. 
Peremptory, adj. gtVi qa^i* j g*a* 

muqni*; *U gafi; &*p" rau- 

Perennial, adj. ^j dayim ; J^U. 

halid ; J^U makid. 
Perfect, adj. J*tf kaniil; J*£* 

mukammal; ft tamni ; fU> ta- 

mam ; J^ wafi. 
Perfect, t?. J*£ kammal, yukam- 

mil ; p+5 tam mam, yutammim. 
Perfection, Perfectness, *. JU^ 

kamal; j»U^^ ^ JU53\ al-kamal 

wa-'t-tamam; &~i> facjila-t (pi. 

J«Ui fa^ayil). 
Perfidious, adj. ^U hay in ; ^\^ 

hawwanj ;*>U gadir; j\j^ gad- 

Perfidy, a. &^ hiyana-t ; j±k 

Perforate, t;. s-^ saqab, yagqub ; 

•aw nafaz, yanfiz; csIa ,4akk, ya- 

Perforation, a. s-*# §aqb. 
Perforator, *. s-JU^ misqab (pi. 

s-^^« masaqib). 
Perforce, adv. ^j& qahran ; *\^- 

j a bran ; "\^*t gas ban. 
Perform, v. (carry out) ^jti qada, 

yaqcji; J^ kammal, yukammil ; 

^** tammim, yutammim ; J^^ 

'amil, ya'mal. — (play on an in- 

strument) j*> daqq, yaduqq. — (as 

an actor) J» naqal, yanqul ; JdJ 

qallad, yuqallid. 
Performance, «. (execution) J*fi 

'arnal ; Ui qi^a ; i#*B taqdiya-t. 

— (entertainment) £>j* farja-t ; 

^y nauba-t; *t?JS taqlid ; h-»*5 

•a^> la*b taqlid. 
Perfume, e. W» tib (pi. V W 


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^. '^'» .r p.- -t ' **;;*.- 
^«* -*'*.* r. j'i'i*r;r; JU- La± _.*,.. 

pMrc***, * x -«* ***!-**- 
Pee*t;*eet, *. *~* -t»:£r :I. of 

t /- 'Ho, 

Fee* r;*oroET 5 <*///. Jy*** irAsrf'iL 
Peemap*, adz. <* Smr ^ *asa ann ; 
'«**' ittjfa/jan ; J*J la'aLI ; ^ 

Peejcaedtcm, r s-J-^ *r»***- hijab 

Peeiheljob, *. ^ ^31 jaj- *^i1 
c r ,> rt i ^ aqrab inauja' al-arc) 'an 

Peril, $. f± h*tar f pi. ;£*-1 ahtarj ; 
*^*fc* muhatara-t ; w>^ hauf; 
&U<* tnabafa-t. 

Peril, tJ.;»u- fea^ar, yubafir. 

Perilous, a/lj. <-***<•' muhif ; J«^> 
rnubawwif; ^J*. ha{ir; ; £* * 

pERiLou«H£f<0, *. S^W* muhata- 

Period, # , (cycle) jy> daur (pL j^*rt 
adwAr); 4y nauba-t (pi. vm* 
nuwab;. — (a^e) u^ waqt (pi 
***^ auqAt) ; ^Uj zamAn (pi. 
0^)t aziiiMii, Aa*j1 azmina-t, ^1 
azniun) ; A»^a «ahd (pi. «>je* 
'ubud) ; ft. « a sr (pi. ; Uc\ a'sar, 
)*•* 'u^hr).— (sentence) *U* jum- 
la-t (pi. J** jumal); h# qatfi- 
va-t (pi. l*Ul qacjAyA).— (end) 
v#*^ intiba; **W nihava-t; fUJ 
tarn am. 

Periodic, Periodical, adj. ^fo* 

Pkkihii, v. «^U halik, vablak; o^ 
bud, yubid; uvil talif, yatlaf; 
^ fiina, \ afna ; ^Jto talAda, ya- 

Pjbiuniiaiilk, **((/'. ^^ f Ant ; J*\) 
zAyil; uh(U iiivj ; ^jti) waqti-y. 

PkUIBHAIILHNEHS, 8. p\)d\ fAfi 

•adam od-dawAin; J\>j zawAlj 
Ui faiiA. 
Perjure, v. j^W uU» balaf bi-'z- 

i—f ; »±~£ Bak^.rankns ; 


ir.~!-;:trr : * 

Pee-ttet. # 

*•► h^n:* ; 

-»• bin* ; ••; /j*** 

ixir: w <^* ^»* Timin 

o^cT ii^«. bijinalt al- 


qivim ; ^«j dawim ; i**Jj— mo- 

Oairama-t ; %»u# sabot ; v^^t* 

^ahut ; * b«qi- 
PtEMAJEyr, adj. ^»tj dajim ; o-ji» 

♦ibit ; j » t m mastamirr ; vi-^U 

Peemeable, o^/. *«* ifcj janfiz fi- 

bi iZ aor.;; M ^ jaqV fi"-hi. 
Permeate, r. ^ j« nafaz fi, jan- 

fi ? J o* ^ q a *a* fi» vaqta*. 
Permissible, ad;. 5}W51 ^-^^ wa- 

jib al-ijaza-t; jWi jujaz (3 aor. 

pass. it.). 
Permission, #. ijW^ ijaza-t; <$2\ 

izn ; i-o^ rubsa-t ; ;^—> da star. 
Permissite, aJj. yo+* mujiz. 
Permit, v. )W\ ajaz, yujiz; q&\ 

azsm, jazan ; ^— samab, yas- 

mab (the latter two witb ^^ dJ 

la-hu bi-se-y); (^J^) * y W\ Ji^ 

(i^j a'ta ijaza-t (izn, ruhsa-t), 

Permit, «. ^U«J\ ^jq j+\ a mr bi- 

fawat al-badayi' ; fa jawaz. 
Permutation, «. Jia-j tabdil ; Jxpi 

tabaddul (pi. <*>)xj tabaddulat) ; 

s-1* qalb. 
Pernicious, adj. *aU^ muhlik; 

<- * &*• mutlif ; yk+ mu^irr; a-ju 


Perniciousness, s. 8/U nuujarra-t ; 

)j* (Jarar. 
Peroration, a. &**U. hatima-t (pi. 

^y» hawatim) ; iisA. hatma-t 

(pi. «^Usa. batainat). 
Perpendicular, ac?;. ^U qayim. 
Perpendicular, *, a^x *amud (pi. 

5a*c\ a*mida-t, A4X 4 umud) ; U. 

^5^^ hatt ^amudi-y (pi. 1»jU* 

hutut, t^U^ afetAt); 

baft mustaqim. 

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Peb] 5 

Perpetrate, adj. sr*#^ irtak^b, 

Perpetration, s. ***\&)\ irtikab. 

Perpetual, adj. ^*> dayim ; (•y** 
midwam ; ^ 1'"^ mustadim ; 
J^W halid ; <^ abadi-y ; sj^r* 
sarmadi-y ; Jty 2 la yazal. 

Perpetuate, v. *\*\ adam, yudim ; 
jJLs. hallad, yuhallid ; ^ ahlad, 
yuhlid; ^ abqa, yubqi; *\ 
abbad, yu'abbid. 

Perpetuation, a. > > £& tahlid ; 
L*\S\ idama-t; Va»\ ibqa. 

Perpetuity, a. fa* da wain ; **j~ 
sarmad; j\y*z~\ istimrar; •*-** 

Perplex, v. ^ feayyar, yuhayyir ; 
o^j bahhat, yubahhit; v£X* ; ra- 
bak, yarbuk;' **U labbak, yu- 

Perplexed, adj. fc>V*- hairan ; 
}***• mutahayyir. 

Perplexity, *. ^ hira-t ; ^iy^ 
taiwis" ; v»^ i<ftirab. 

Perquisite, s. (incidental gain) 
o*V J**"** madhul barrani-y. 

Persecute, v. *+*> 4abad, yadhad ; 
*&»t>\ i4tahad, yad^ahid; f-& 
zalam, yazlim ; ;>-* dajpr, yu- 

Persecution, s. *W*\ id^ihad ; <J* 

Perseverance, Persistence, 

Persistency, *. J*^a* mudawa- 
ma-t ; &*My» muwazaba-t ; q\**\ 
idman ; } \j+z~A istimrar ; j\j*\ 

Persevere, Persist, v. rf* da- 
wam, yudawim ; s-^^ wazab, 
yuwazib (both with J^ 'ala) ; 
iy*\ adman, yudmin (with ace. 
or J* 'ala) ; J> j+z~\ istamarr 
fi, yastamirr. 

Person, s. u**A sahs (pi. u*^M 
ashas) ; Jjj zaul (pi. J^ azwal) ; 
/J nafar (pi. ;to\ anfar) ; ^ 
zalam (pi. ^ zulura).— (appear- 
ance) i )y o sura-t (pl.;r" ? uwar ) 5 
J*i sakl, sikl (pi. J^M aikal, 
J^a Sukul).— (o/ Me 2Vm%) 

S [Pra 

fytf aqnum (pi. (*}W aqanim). 

—.(in grammar) 1st person, f&** 

mutakallim ; 2nd person, s-^U^ 

muhatab ; 3rd person, s-jVfc ga- 

yib. — (a certain person) ($& 

iulan, f. 5 a-t. — (in person) &\M 

bi-zat-hu ; *-** bi-naf s-hu ; <*^*f 

Personage, s. 3/* s-^^-> sahib 

'izza-t (pi. v»W^ asljab) ; J^ 

j*s*+ rajul rau'tabar. 
Personal, adj. ^^» £ahsi-y ; ^J\* 

zati-y; v/>^ hass ; \j>y*£>~ mah- 

Personality, s. 8***** ^ahsiya-t. 
Personate, v. *& qallad, yuqallid ; 

J* naqal, yanqul. 
Personation, s. *£s taqlid. 
Personification, s. (j**^* tasah- 

hus ; (+**& taqnim ; (*& taqan- 

Personify, v. ^ qannam, yuqan- 

Perspective, a. (telescope) SjUtf 

nazzara-t ; {&*»* durbin (Pers.). 

— (in painting, &c.) ^ manzar 

(pi. ^^» manazir). 
Perspicacious, adj. ^ zaki-y ; 

^ ta^in ; &M i'atfn ; W/ j*\ 

ahl firasa-t ; S^->> s-^-^° sa^ib 

ba§ira-t (pi. v»^*^ a^tiab)^ 
Perspicacity, s. ty* zakawa-t; 

i^Li ti^na-t ; S;*** ba-eira-t ; i*\«^ 

hizaka-t ; &-y firasa-t. 
Perspicuous, adj. £±^ wadih; ^fcU 

zahir ; ^-t^* saffaf ; c >/«> sari$. 


^jUj bayan ; t^ idah ; &*f tau- 

dih ; *»-\y» 8a,raha-t. 
Perspibation, 8. £f 'araq. 
Perspire, v. jf *ariq, ya*raq. 
Persuade, v. (induce) ^^ aro!a, 

yurcji; s-U^\ argab, yurgib ; JU\ 

amal, yumil. — (convince) £*i 

qanua', yuqanni* ; g^5\ aqna', 

Persuadable, adj. q*h yunqani* 

(3 aor. vn.) ; a^jIJ\ JjU qabil 

Persuasion, «. (advice) &^*#4 na- 

siha-t. — (conviction) *>U*c\ i c ti- 

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atyab) ; }*■ 'itr (pi. } $* 'utiir) ; 

))&. bahur (pi. *&Aj^e\ bahunit). 
Perfume, v. f*. bahhar, yubahhir ; 

^a. 'attar, yu'aftir ; «3^» hallaq, 

yuhalliq ; £*-*> 4 ama b> yadmuh ; 

(Jam m ah, yudaiumih. 
Perfumer, a. j&* 'a^ar. 
Perfumery, a. jf** 'utur (pi. of 

M 'ft')- 
Perfunctory, ad/. Jy** raagful. 

Perhaps, adv. q\ ^--c *asa ami; 

"UU>\ ittifaqan; >J Wall; U» ; 

Pericardium, 8. s-i*N s-»W°* hijab 

Perihelion, «. ^ ^^ £*y» v>yrt 

( j*4*fcN aqrab inauda' al-ar<J 'an 

Peril, «. j^ ha^ar (pi. j&±\ ah^ar) ; 

S^W- niuhatara-t ; *->f- hauf ; 

&i\±+ mahafa-t. 
Peril, v. ^^ ha^ar, yuha^ir. 
Perilous, adj. «-A*^* muhif ; «-*j 

niuhawwif; ^Je* ha^ir; 

Perilousness, 8. y»U^ niuhata- 

Period, a. (cycle) %<* daur (pi. ;\^ 

adwar) ; &if nauba-t (pi. v»y 

nuwab). — (age) %*>*) waqt (pi. 

*a>\i)\ auqat) ; gUj zaman (pi. 

yUj\ azman, £a*j\ azmina-t, <j*)\ 

azmun) ; *>-6c *ahd (pi. <>}%* 

4 uhud) ; ft 'asr (pi. ^Uc\ a'sar, 

jj*£ «U9ur). — (sentence) &♦* jum- 

la-t (pi. J** juinal); ^-** qacji- 

va-t (pi. ^*Ui qaa'aya). — (end) 

\&*\ intiha ; h^v nihaya-t ; fUJ 

tarn am. 
Periodic, Periodical, adj. ouV* 

Perish, v. ctiU balik, yahlak; *>W 

bad, yabid; U& talif, yatlaf; 

^ tana, \ af na ; ^J& talasa, ya- 

Perishable, adj. ^>^ fani; J*\j 

zayil; ^^ iu\jt ; <j&) waqti-y. 
Perishableness, s. f^^N /•*** 

'adam ad-dawain; J^j zawal; 

U* f ana. 
Perjure, t>.j#ty *-*!* l?alaf bi-'z- 

ziir, yahlif ; *±& nakas,yanku§ ; 
vi-Uft. hanis, yahnas. 

Perjurer, 8. i±J\*- hanis ; v±**^* 

Perjury, s. ^^^- hins ; ^j &~h 
yamin zur; v/>j** <^*+i yamin 
gam us ; Jq*l\ &\*A hiyana-t al- 

Permanence, Permanency, 8. f\£ 
qiyam; f>\^ dawain ; i^^j^ mu- 
dawama-t ; «yW* sabat ; «yj*> 
subut ; ^ baqa. 

Permanent, adj. ^»> dayim ; o*tf 
gabit ; ^« mustamirr ; «^U 

Permeable, adj. M jaj* yanfiz fi- 
hi (3 aor.) ; M ^U* yaqV* fi-hi. 

Permeate, t?. ^j* iw nafaz fi, yan- 

fi ? » o* e 10 * q a ^ a< fi > yaqta*. 
Permissible, adj. SjW^ s-^^ wa- 

jib al-ijaza-t ; jW: yujaz (3 aor. 

pass. IV.). 
Permission, «. i)\+\ ijaza-t; q&\ 

izn ; l**») ruhsa-t ; ;^-*> dastiir. 
Permissive, adj. y*++ mujiz. 
Permit, v. )W\ ajaz, yujiz; qS\ 

azan, yazan ; ^^- sama^, yas- 

mah (the latter two with ^i* *3 

la-hu bi-Se-y); ^^) S y M Jbc^ 

(a-»6.» a'{a ijaza-t (izn, ruhsa-t), 

yu 4 tf. 
Permit, «. jjU^^ «t,\j^ ^\ amr bi- 

fawat al-badayi* ; yy* jawaz. 
Permutation, *. Jja-J tabdil ; J^e* 

tabaddul (pi. i*>W tabaddulat) ; 

s-i5 qalb. 
Pernicious, adj. **U«* muhlik; 

«-*i^ mutlif ; ^4* mu^irr; J^»*^ 

Perniciou8ne8S, 8. ly*+ ma4arra*ti 

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Perpetrate, adj. s-*#>t irtakj,b, 

Perpetration, *. v»^ irtikab. 
Perpetual, adj. f*^*> dayim ; fp±* 

mid warn ; ^•u^ niustadira ; 

jJW halid ; ^^\ abadi-y ; ^^*;- 

sarmadi-y ; Jty 2 la yazal. 
Perpetuate, v. p\*\ adam, yudim ; 

jJ^ hallad, yuhallid ; J^ afclad, 

yuhlid; J*\ abqa, yubqi; ^ 

abbad, yu'abbid. 
Perpetuation, a. ^-tA^ taljlid ; 

&*\S\ idama-t; W ibqa. 
Perpetuity, s. fa* dawam ; ^^ 

sarmad; jV* - * istimrar; J^ 

Perplex, v. ^ ljiayjar, yul?ayyir ; 

o-« bahhat, yubahhit; **X?; ra- 

bak, yarbuk;' **M labbak, yu- 

Perplexed, adj. <$V** bairan ; 

;***• mutahayyir. 
Perplexity, *. ^ foira-t ; u^r^ 

taxis' ; s^V^ i&irab. 
Perquisite, *. (incidental gain) 

o*V Jj*^ madhul barrani-y. 
Persecute, v. ^ dahad, yaxjbad ; 

*&u\ id^ahad, yaftahid; (*J* 

zalam, yaglim ; 7 +* dajjir, yu- 

Persecution, s. ^f^ iftihkd ; ^ 

Perseverance, Persistence, 

Persistency, s. ty±>* mudawa- 

ma .t ; &*ty inuwasaba-t ; q^\ 

idmaaj ;*/•*-* istimrar; }f>\ 


ff*\ aqnum (pi. p^W aqanim). 

— .(in grammar) 1st person, ^*^ 

mutakallim ; 2nd person, s-^»U^ 

muhatab ; 3rd person, s-i^fc ga- 

yib. — (a certain person) <^* 

t'ulan, f. S a-t. — (in person) &\M 

bi-zat-hu ; *~ ** bi-nafs-hu ; &***» 

Personage, s. S/ 5 s-^^-> safcib 

*izza-t (pi. v>W«A asljab) ; J^ 

j**** rajul rau'tabar. 
Personal, adj. ^^^A 3ah§i-y ; J\S 

zati-y; u»^ ba§§ ; u°j*ae« mah- 

Personality, 8. ****** $ah$iya-t. 
Personate, v. & qallad, yuqallid; 

J* naqal, yanqul. 
Personation, 8. ***& taqlid. 
Personification, s. j***** taiah- 

hu§ ; (**& taqnim ; (**& taqan- 

Pbrbonipy, v. (+& qannam, yuqan- 

Perspective, s. (telescope) SjUtf 

nazzara-t ; o*ty*> durbin (Pers.). 

— (in painting, &c.) }**<+ tnanzar 

(pi. pj* manazir). 
Perspicacious, adj. ^± zaki-y ; 

^ t'a^in ; (£*U i'atfn ; l-\f j*\ 

ahl firasa-t; i^ s-^V* $ahib 

ba§ira-t (pi. v»W«\ a?l?ab). 
Perspicacity, s. tySJ zakawa-t; 

£&* ti^na-t ; Sj~aj ba§ira-t ; &>\$b> 

hizaka-t ; &-y firasa-t. 
Perspicuous, adj. j-*^ wa<Jih ; yfclk 

zahir; sJ** saffat* ; c >^* ?ari^. 
Pebspicuouness, Perspicuity, 8. 

oW bayan ; t^ W*b ; c**f tau- 
j;ft *araq. 
iriq, ya'raq. 
duce) <j*)\ ar(Ja, 
^ab, yurgib ; JU 
- (convince) g*S 
ai 4 ; Q#\ aqnaS 

[/• C^ vuuqani' 
£^mL3\ JjU qabil 

id ice) ^»*^ na- 
dion) *>Vasc\ i c ti- 

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qad ; SUs*\ i'timad ; J|J-» tag- 

diq; &k* tabqiq.^ 
Persuasive, adj. }*y» mu'agsir; 

C^U salty. 
Pert, adj. & waqih ; M- safih ; 

t-U aslat. 
Pertain, v. J o°^ ba$9 li> yahuss ; 

s-~ - ^ intasab, yantasib. 
Pertinacious, adj. «x~c 'anid ; **** 

Pertinacity, b. (obstinacy) *>U* 

'inad. — (perseverance) &A\j* mu- 

wazaba-t ; jtj*a-t istimrar. 
Pertinent, adj. <J*V* muwafiq; 

s-*-^ munasib ; <3-*^ lujiq ; 

<3*Ua* mu^abiq. 
Pertinence, Pertinency, *. Ij-U* 

niunasaha-t ; faJ^j* muwafaqa-t ; 

fo)VL* mu^abaqa-t ; iiLJ liyaqa-t. 
Pertne8s, 8. &*»&) waqaha-t ; aa- 

Perturb, v. ;•** kaddar, yukaddir ; 

J*»j* iawwai, yuiawwis (both 

with J^ « a la). 
Perturbation, a. £*& takdir ; ;•**» 

takaddur; ^y&s ta^wis 
Perusal, s. &** qirava-t ; WU*# 

mutala'a-t ; *jto talawa-t ; £*** 

Peruse, v. y qara\ yaqra' ; gJU, 

tala c , yutali' ; J* tala, yatli ; £A<j 

tasaffah, yatasaffah. 
Pervade, v. ^ **> nafaz fi, yan- 

nz ; y\± haraar, yuharair. 
Perverse, adj. (stubborn) ***ad 

'anid ; J^*^> mu'nid ; JtfU* mu- 

'anid. — (wicked) ^ s*arir (pi. 

^yftA aSrar, y^ a&rra') ; »x-*/« 

marid (pi. \*y» niurada) ; ^J** 

£aqi-y (pi. ^A^ asqiya) ; e^^. 

habis (pi. ^* hubasa). 


(obstinacy) *>Uc 4 inad. — (vricked- 
ness) &W*> habasa-t ; /> sarr ; 
5y*>j radii wa-t. 

Perversion, a. s-»^ inqilab ; *>^-i 
fasad ; Si~J&\ infisfid. 

Pervert, v. ^* qalab, yaqlib ; 
qallab, yuqallib; ^r^c 'akas, 
ya'kis ; •>— it afsad, yufsid. 

Pervert, s. *>j~JU mafsud. 

Pervious, adj. M ±**i yunfaz ff-hi 
(3 aor pass.) ; S^\ J*Vi "qabil 

Pest, s. (plague) Wj waba; QfM* 
ta'un. See Pestilence. — (mis- 
chief) &i^°* musaba-t; £«i» bali- 
ya-t (pi. \A balaya) ; ^-^ nahs. 

Pester, v. J*t amall, yumill ; J*j 
za'*al, yuza"il; ^ Jtf saqqal 
'ala, yusaqqil. 

Pestiferous, Pestilent, Pesti- 
lential, adj. ij\i) wabayi-y; 
^U sari; <^**>* mu'di; a-U 
fasid ; J^-^ mufsid ; y** mudirr. 

Pestilence, s. Wj waba (pi. &*#$ 
- aubiya-t) ; e^VL ^a'un (pi. e**^ 
tawa'ic) ; ^ kubba-t. — (epi- 
demic) *l\) \J>j+ marad wafid ; &* 
^ ; U 'illa-t sariya-t (pi. Jic 4 ilal). 

Pestle, a. &•** midaqqa-t (pi. j^ 
madaqq) ; ^^^ ^ vad al-hawaa. 

Pet, *. (fit of sulkiness) ty) zan- 
tara-t (zantara-t) ; ^y^ hawa (pi. 
\y*>\ ahwa). — (favourite) vw fc 

Pet, v. <-A^5 la^af, yula^if . 

Petal, *. ^ kiinm (pi. p\*£\ ak- 
mam, ^U^ kimain, &+£\ akim- 
ma-t) ; g^ ^al*. 

Petition, #. J^ J*f *ar(j[ hal, ^/^ 
*ard (pi. Jt\f\ a*ra4) ; &^ 'urfi- 
da-t ; W» ^alaba-t ; £*S; ruq'a-t 
(pi. £^*; riqa*) ; (j-Ws3\ iltiraas. 

Petition, v. <J>f 'aracj, ya*rid ; jb/\ 
a'rad, yu*rid ; ^r*^^ iltamas, 
yaltamis; ^5^/ tarajja, yata- 

Petitioner, *. JVJ\ jb^ ^-^U 

sahib *ar(J 

1. JVJ\ 
al- tal ; 

£aS< s-^U 

sahib ruq'a-t (pi. v>W«\ ashab) ; 

\J>f<+ mu*rid ; s-J^ t^lib ; u . « .« dU 

Petrifaction, *. ^^ tahjir. 
Petrify, v.a. ^^- fi^>* sayyar-hu 

hajar, yusayyir-hu; n. ^^ ;U 

i?ar hajar, yasir ; ^*- hajjar, yu- 

bajjir; yv* tahajjar, yata^iaj- 

Petticoat, s. ^^ fus^an (pi. 

^^1»UJ fasatfn). 
Pettifogger, *. ty*) lajAj. 

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Pettiness, 8. ;** sugr ; 8;V*-» sacra- 

Pettish, adj. }4y muzantir ; ^j* 

Petti8hne88, s. &^j zantara-t ; ^j* 

hawa (pi. \j*t ahwa). 
Petty, ad/. ^- sagir (pi. ; U* 9 igar, 

\yfc* sugara) ; ;*** sugayyir ; ; U* 

Petulance, *. ^ batar ; *l%e 'aja- 

Petulant, adj. oty* batrftn; 

J^ju~~ musta'jil. 
Pewtee, s. ;**-* qasdir. 
Pewteeeb, 8. ij^y* mubayyid 

(j*A*aHi bi-'l-qasdir). 
Phantasm, Phantom, a. JW- hayal 

(pi &4l\ ahyila-t); UU, {aif ; 

C** £abh, £abah (pi. cW*»^ asbah, 

Cj-a 3ubiih) ; ;>> nuzur. 
Phantastic, Phantastical, adj. 

Ju«s. hayali-y ; ^5*^ wahmi-y. 
Pharmacy, 8. liy&\ ^ 'ilm al- 

Phase, a. fyj* sura-t (pi. ^ suwar) ; 

ls*Jb hai'a-t ; &>j wajh (pi. *^ 

Pheasant, a. &* qij ; &*** qija-t ; 

gy darraj (pi. ^V dar&rfj) ; 

^ ctV>»> dik barri-y. 
Phenix, 8. v»y^ Vftifi 'auqa raagrab. 

— (figuratively) ***») wahid ; *^ 

Phenomenon, a. ^^ nadira-t (pi. 

; *>ty nawadir) ; 4*%* 'ajiba-t (pi. 

s-*W* 'ajayib). 
Phial, s. &a** &Ua.-h (Pers.). 

Philanthropist, s. ^^ 

muhibb an-nas. 
Philanthropy, s. <j*^ **^* ma- 

habba-t an-nas. 
Philologist, «. «^UU^ u^U <arif 

bi-'l-lugat ; ^ lugawi-y ; «^ 

Philology, a. **W ^ ilm al- 

luga-t; «wUU\ iiy^ ma'rifat al- 

Philosopher, s. {**£** hakim (pi. 

UiU. huk.ima) ; »^j-M failasuf 

(pi. &L^ falasifa-t). 
Philosophic, Philosophical, adj. 

^a-U falsafi-y; ^j-U failaeu- 

Philosophise, v. u A«J i falsaf, yu- 

falsif; «-*-** tafalsaf, yatafal- 

Philosophy, a. &~i* filsafa-t, fal- 
saf a- 1; UUJ* tafalsuf; ***». 
Phlegm, a. ^ balgam (pi. (**&* 

Phlegmatic, ai/. <j**l* balgami-y. 
— (sluggish) &^Z\ ^^ 'adim al- 
haraka-t; e^>*N *>;W barid al- 

mizaj ; sV^H J* bitf-y al-mas*- 

rab ; J-^* mutakasil. 
Phonetic, adj. I J^ lafzi-y. 
Phonetics, s. iwhK ,*ic 'ilm at- 

Phosphorus, 8. jy*~* f usfur. 
Phrase, a. W luga-t (pi. «*^ 

lugat, <^*1 lagun, ^ lugan) ; 

S;W* 'ibara-t ; *W jumla-t ; **** 

Phraseology, a. c^ 8 *^ i?til ft ^; )^ 

^\ ^arz al-kalam ; ^W- muha- 

Phrensy, Phrenzy, a. q)j*+ junAn ; 

^V^-jA hayajan. 
Physic, *. (science of) &+£*• hik- 

ma-t ; ^rJ» \\bh ; h-JJ^ ^ 'ilm 

at-tfbb. — (medicine) \y* dawa 

(pi. h^ adwiya-t) ; $** 'ilaj ; 

ij^a* sarba-t (pi. v»/» ^irab). 
Physic, v. ^55^ J dawa, yudawi ; ^^ 

'alaj, yu'alij ; k^ »^-» saqa-hu 

adwiya-t, yasqi-hu. 
Physical, adj. , ^«**k tabH-y ; ^^^ 

garizi-y ; ^a^ halqi-y ; ^yU 

zatf-y ; v ^. jibilli-y. 
Physicia-N, s. (*£*• ^akira (pi. UXa. 

hukama) ; s-^» ^abib (pi. WW 

Physics, *. (natural philosophy) fM 

l***U\ Ua3\ 'ilm al-aSya at-tabil- 

ya-t ; «yW*t«^^ ^ c 'iim at-tabi'i- 

Physiognomist, a. &~J\jk s-^-V* 

sahib firasa-t (pi. s-»^*^ as^ab). 
Physiognomy, *. &*£\ &<& hiyat al- 

wajh ; ^-3 laha-t. — (science of) 

L+\j&\ ^le ( ilm al-nrasa-t. 

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***] 286 

Physiology, *. l**± {abi'a-t (pi. 
^^ tabi«at, &l± {abayr). 

PlASTER, 8. v>/ gid (pi. Jk.A 

Piazza, «. j^. suq (pi. jy.t as- 

Pick, v. («efec*) <j* naqqa, yunaq- 
qi; } \s*\ ihtar, yahtarj JL>\ i 9 - 
tafa, ya^tafi.— ( pluck) ^ jana, 
yajnj ; Ute qataf, yaqtif.— (toike 
«p) M laqat, yalqut.— ( ptercc) 
<^* ta'an, yafun, yafan; y& 
nahaz, yanhaz ; j^ garaz, yag- 
riz.— {pick the teeth) JU hallal, 
Pick-axe, s. Jyu. mi'wal (pi. J^U. 
ma'awil); ; ,o*. ma'dftr; yU 
Pickle, v. u~*S kabas, yakbis ; ^U 

mallah, yumallih. 
Pickles, s. JU*' muhallal ; JU*. 

Pickpocket, «. «j-U* haraini-y • 
JUi na&Al. ' ' 

Pic-nic, *. &•#* 'azuina-t. 
Pictorial, adj. ) y^ mugawwar. 
Picture, s. fa 9 &ra-t (pi. )r o 
suwar); jty* taswir (pi. ^U 
tasawir) ; Jr » ta$awwur ; ju» 
niqsS (pi. jfcy» nuqAs). 
Picture, v. ^ ?awwar, yu^awwir; 
cr^ naqai, yanqas.— (describe) 
«-A-j wasaf, yasif . 
Picturesque, adj. &** mubhij, 

inubahbij ; ££&* mu^ki'. 
Pie, 8. ijjd fatfra-t (pi. jtf* f a ^a- 
yir, »U faturat); fc^*~ 
sarnbtisaka-t ; ^JU^ mahstf-y. 
Piece, ,. Ul qifa-t (pi. ^ q i ta <, 
qu$a'); *j — £ kisra-t (pi. yL* 
kisar) ; ls^ bitka-t ; &fe sa q f a .t 
(pi. ux* Saqaf); ^ ^r^a-t; 
*& filza-t (pi. Jdi filaz, SU\ 

Piecemeal, adv. '\ « U . muqat- 

Pier, « (da W ) ^ j isr ( L 
jusftr) ; ^ sudd (pi. ^Ju. sudfid) 
—(pillar) o r W «amud (pi. ju*U 
'awamid); SoUe <idada-t (vA 
*Ud ^ayid). VF 


Pierce, v. Atf nafaz, yanfiz; s-* 
gaqab, yasqub ; J&. bahag, yab- 

Piety, «. ^y? taqwa; 8*1© taqa- 
wa-t ; S*>W* 'ibada-t ; *aLi nask ; 
&^*> diyana-t ; £# wara'. 
Pig, «. jiy± hinzir (pi. jyL* hana- 

Pigeon, s. fU*> Jjamam ; X-U*> ^a- 
mama-t (pi. ,*U*. hamayim) ; 
^•Ui yamama-t. 
Pigeon-house, «. r U. ^ burj 

feamain (pi. cp» buruj). 
Pigment, «. e / laun (pi. e ^\ al- 

wan) ; ^W- sibag. 
Pigmy, s. l^U. hati?. 
Pike, «. (spear) ^ harha-t (pi. 
v»/- hirab) ; ^. ; rurnb (pi. c^ 
armah, c^; rumah) ; 8Ui qanat 
(pi. &\yi3 qanawat, Ui qina). — 
(fish) ,J\jU\ «tU. samak al- 
Pikeman, *. U qanna ; c^j ram- 

Pile, «. (fer^e building) 8>Uc «i ma . 
ra-t ; U| bind (pi. l<#\ abniya-t). 
—(heap) l+f kauma-t, kuma-t 
(pi. r \f\ akwam, r U kuwam) ; 
r/ kum (pi. yU,/ kiman).— 
(«teArc) *S) watad (pi. jIj.\ autad) ; 
*3 U feazuq (pi. j^y hawaziq)! 
-—(Aairy surface) ^ wabar (pi. 
jty aubar). 
Pile, v. g** jama', yajma 4 ; *•/ 
kawwam, yukawwim ; ^ lamm, 
yalumm j ^ *arram, yu'arrim. 
Piles, s. ;r -W basur; ^-^ bausir 

(pi. yt^J^ bawasir). 
Pilpeb, v. s-y nahab, yanhab; 

s-X- salab, yaslub. 
Pilfeber, *. v»W> nahh4b (pi. S>U* 

Pilgrim, «. ^\; zayir (pi. .U Z uw- 
war).~(to J/ecca) ^ $ajj (pi. 
CV- hujjaj). — (to Jerusalem) 
cr***** maqdasi-y (pi. i-jUu ma . 
Pilgrimage, s. «»ly ziyara-t ; ^U 
siyaha-tj ^ bajj.— (^o o» ^iT- 
grimage) ]\j zar, yazur. — (h 
Mecca) ^ Jjajj, yal^ujj.-— (to 

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Jerusalem) y-^ taqaddas, yata- 

Pill, *. s-«* babb; &*». Ijabba-t 

(pi. v»j*»- bubub). 
Pillage, *. h-JL- salab (pi. **iX+\ 

aslab) ; &*6* nubba-t ; s-*6* na- 

bib ; 8)Vfc gara-t. 
Pillage, v. s-$* nabab, yanbab ; 

h-JL- salab, yaslub. 
Pillar, 5. *y«Vc 'amud (pi. -V^j* 

'awamid); k>L*> 'idada-t (pi. 

J^Uc «a4ayid) ; <J*<S kabs" (pi. 

^>Wtf akb&). 
Pillory, 8. j^» {auq (pi. jUM 

a^waq) ; **-W jami'a-t (pi. £•*)+ 

Pillow, s. $Aafc* mabadda-t ; $& 

taka'a-t; J? tall (pi. JW atlal). 
Pilot, s. s-**y*N J«Vi qayid al-mar- 

kab ; s-^y» rfJ^ nmdabbir mar- 

kab ; U»jl* bilota. 
Pilot, t?. s-**/*M ;»*> dabbar al-mar- 

kab, yudabbir. 
Pimple, *. 8yt* basra-t (pi. ^ 

busftr) ; &*»> tabba-t. 
Pin, s. v-tfJ dabbiis (pi. ^r-**^ 

dababis). — (peg) ^ watad (pi. 

oty autad). 
Pin, v. o-yJ^W *W§abba-t bi-'d- 

dabb&s, yusabbit. 
Pincers, s. l&S kallaba-t (pi. ct>W^ 

kallabat, s-J^ kalaHb) ; e**tf 

kalbaten; ^V* miqras. 
Pinch, v. yj>£ qaras, yaqrus ; j*A 

lamas, yalmus. 
Pinch, *. ^J qarsa-t. 
Pine, s. pf* eanaubar. 
Pine, v. ^j*J*\ in<Jana, yan<Jani ; 

J^*M intabal, yanta^il; «-A** 

Ja'af , yaxj'uf . 
Pine-apple, s. &A3 qai{a-t; i$t* 

u*W 'ain an-nas (pi. (^** 'uyAn). 
Pinion, *. (wing) c^ janab (pi. 

£*^ ajnilia-t, &+ junu^). — 

(fetter) wArf kitaf (pi. d^ kutf). 
Pinion, v. *-&s£ kataf, yaktif ; kat- 

taf , yukattif . 
Pink, 8. (flower) Ja^i qaranful. — 

— (colour) <>)) ward; ^^ war- 

Pinnacle, $. fy burj (pi. ttf 

buruj, g^ abraj); &j* surfa-t 
(pi. ^Jj± suraf, cyUyk Surafat). 

Pioneer, *. ^Ab bal^aji-y. 

Pious, adj. J& taqi (pi. \*8\ at- 
qiya) ; a*«s* muta'abbid ; **Ju-V* 
nasik ; ^«U galih (pi. ^U gula- 
t a ) J C* U 9alit ; fj; wari*. 

Pip, *. (seed) s-^ babb (pi. v*;**- 
hubub, ^W*. hubban). 

Pip, v. (peep) jjyij zaqzaq, yuzaq- 
ziq ; s^yo gausa, yusaugi. 

Pipe, s. (musical instrument) SjU* 
gafara-t ; j^»y mizinar (pi. ytAy 
mazamir). — (for smoking tobacco) 
jp* cbibiiq, *«X-a sibuk (Turk.). 
— (tube) i—g-aS qasaba-t; ^>pi\ 
anibiib (pi. s-*-«»^^ anabib). — 
(barrel) £& battiya-t (pi. ^Uf 

Pipe, v. ^j zaniar, yazmur; zam- 
mar, yuzammir. 

Piquant, adj. u^ hirrif. 

Pique, s. { j^ bugd ; afc- haqd (pi. 
*J± buqiid); ji gill; 1~\±S 
kaiia^a-t; J^ kaid. 

Pique, v. (irritate) l\t\ agaz, yugiz ; 
^ naka, yanki ; /W jakar, yu- 
jakir. — (pride oneself ) f& fabar, 
yafbar; j&s tafabbar, yatafab- 
bai- ; /L&\ iftahar, yaftabir. 

Piracy, *. )^JB taqiiit. 

Pirate, s. s-^/* v»V darrab mara- 
kib (pi. *?U* <Jarraba-t); iUJ 
qai^at (pi. iLUJ qa^^ata-t) ; ^^ 
^«J^ harami-v al-bahr ; ^^j za- 
bantut ; <^^i qursaii. 

Piss, v. £* iabb, yaiubb ; JW bal, 
yabiil ; J^ bawwal, yubawwil. 

Piss, v. Jy b61 ; fe^A ^abab. 

Pistachio, *. ^H«i fistiq, fustaq. 

Pistol, s. ^J» tabanja-t ; oy 
fard (pi. terf furiida-t) ; fl M* 
bi^61a-t (pi. JJtU, baSatfl). 

Pistol, v. ^jl4> v»/* 4arab taban- 
ja-t, ya^rib. 

Pit, s. fl qa'r (pi. jfi qu 4 iir) ; ^ 
bir (pi. jW»\ abyar, jW abar) ; j\t 
gar (pi. ^\^ agwar, q\j<£ giran) j 
s-^ jubb (pi. v»W^ aibab, v»W 

Pit, v. ^1 qa'ar, yaq'ar. — (set 

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against in competition) J?U qabal, 

Pit-a-pat, s. {palpitation) ^Va^ 
s-latt (b+j) hafaqan (rajfa-t) al- 

Pitch, «. (tar) c^j zift ; ^1 qir ; ^tyri 
qatran, qi^ran ; p-*** balansam. 
—(height) \*5j\ irtifa; jl* 'ulu-w. 
— (degree) J^ hadd (pi. o^j^ 
tudud) ; *a*L fabaqa-t. 

Pitch, v. (smear with pitch) ^ 
qayyar, yaqayyir. — (fling) <-J±* 
fcazaf , yafczif ; ^ rama, yarmi. 
— (set up) s— a* nasab, yaneub. — 
(fall headlong) U- saqat, yas- 
qut ; & waqa', yaqa*. — (pitch 
upon) j&»\ ihtar, yahtar ; s-^xrt 
intahab, yantahib. 

Pitcher, s. jfc^ ibnq (pi. ^^ 
abariq, St^\ abariqa-t). 

Piteous, adj. (exciting pity) fry 
s-toN inawajji* al-qalb; s-*^ 
&ta*A\ wajib ai-safaqa-t; ^j^ 
mubakka ; q)-*" muhazzan. — 
(compassionate) jya» 6af uq ; ,jaa* 
musnq ; ^^ ra^im ; s-J&N jfeSj 
raqiq al-qalb. 

P1TEOU8NE88, s. 8 J zilla-t; SjUfc. 

Pit-fall, s. k£\ ugwiya-t (pi. 
i3)\t\ agawi). 

Pith, s. (of plants) s-J lubb (pi. 
v»j*J lubub) ; ij*+sA\ s-ii qalb a4- 
sajara-t.— (the best of a thing) 
vJ lubb ; &•!«. hulaaa-t.— (force) 
Sy quwwa-t. 

Pitiable, adj. Ua»}\ s-*U wajib 
ar-rafcma-t ; fateA\ s-*j*-i istau- 
jib ai-safaqa-t. 

Pitiful, adj. (exciting pity) s-JV 
&aaM jalib ai-safaqa-t. — (com- 
passionate) ^^ } ratiim ; jy^ 
safiiq ; «JkA* safiq ; «jA£*» mu6- 
fi( l> ^/-j; ra'uf— ( paltry) ^ 
haqir; J»> dani-y ; JjJ zalil. 

Pitifulne88, s. (misery) S^Va* saqa- 
wa-t. — (pity) W> raljma-t ; &aa 
safaqa-t. — (paltriness) &* $il- 
la-t ; 5)Vfi». kaqara-t. 

Pitiless, adj. &MJJ\ ^j* 'adim ai- 

6afaqa-t; <jeA~ ^ gair saf iq ; 
^5-Vi qasi. 
Pitile8SNE88, s. &&*A\ (*<** 'adam 

Pittance, s. &-*s> hissa-t (pi. ^p*** 
hisas) ; s-Jfy ratib ; £*-~5 qisma-t. 
Pity, s. &♦**; rah ma- 1 ; p*»js tarah- 
fcuin; *+*/• marhama-t; &M* 
safaqa-t ; &\> rafa-t. 
Pity, v. ^ o*** safuq 'ala, yasfaq ; 
Jc u\"\j> tara'af 'ala, yatara'af; 
y-fc^ tahannan, yatahannan. 
Pivot, s. s\±+ madar ; i^ai qu^ba-t ; 
jy*~ mihwar (pi. j^» mahawir). 
Placable, adj. pj*- haliui; ^)U 

mulayim ; jkit gafir; ^ gafiir. 
Placableness, 8. fJ** hilni ; <U*)U 

mulayama-t : ^Uaa gufran. 
Placard, «. ^Jic^ i'lam. 
Place, *. J^« matall (pi. JW* 
mahall) ; a ^5U makan (pi. ^*Ut 
amakin, &jSi*\ amkina-t) ; &y 
mau^a* (pi. &\y mawadi') ; fVa* 
maqam. — (public place) M\* 
bazar ; j^- siiq (pi. J\^\ aswaq). 
— (office) l~**d» hidma-t; s-^^» 
man8ab (pi. s-**^* manasib) ; 
^t^j wazifa-t (pi. «-^^ wagayif). 
— (rank) fay martaba-t (pi. 
s-*y maratib); &J> tabaqa-t; 
&y~ manzala-t (pi. Jj^» inana- 
zil)— (stead) &y maiuja* ; ^Va^ 
Place, v. &>, wa4a 4 , yacja'; U. 

hatt, jahutt ; J«^ ja'al, yaj 4 al. 
Placid, adj. j**!*- tialim; gjjj 
wadi' ; r W- salim (pi. UJu sula- 
Placidne88, s. J°» tilm ; £^U 
mulayama-t ; &-+fu na^ma-t ; 
b)i* 4 uzuba-t ; icU^ wacjia'a-t. 
Plagiarise, v. Je* nahal, yan^al ; 

s }+&\ intabal, yantahil. 
Plagiarism, s. J^si\ intihal. 
Plagiarist, s. J<*«* munta^il; 

j^. sarraq. 
Plague, s. (pestilence) Qf^ foun 
(pL {$**\f> tawa 4 in); ^ waba 
(pi. &<*)\ aubiya-t).— (nuisance) 
&*>* taedi'; u&s taklif (pi. 
ug^F takAlif). 

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Plaotte, v. £•** sadda', yusaddi'; 
«Jd*kallaf, yukallif ; J^ amall, 
yumill ; Jcj za"al, yuza"il. 
Plaid, s. W* 'aba (pi. &***\ a'bi- 

ya-t, ,^* 'ubi) ; JU-fc* mi^mal. 
Plain, adj. (level) is^—" musawi ; 
«^y- sawi-y ; f^L » musattab 5 
W~4 basfy. — (unadorned) &y yt£ 
gair muzayyan ; jy j^t gair 
muzawwaq ; ^y^y ^A gair mu- 
zahraf. — (artless) e*>U sadij (pi. 
g^Ju suddaj). — (clear, evident) 
f\± zahir; ^-*^ wadil?; e*W 

Plain, 0. Je- sahl; &6~ sahla-t 
(pi. Jje- subul) ; U»j wata* ; *** 
buq'a-t; **-$ wus'a-t; fU qa* 
(pi. go* qi', ***S qi'a-t, <$^**S 

Plain, v. ^j- sawwa, yusawwi ; 
^Jft- sattah, yusattih ; Je- sah- 
hal, yusahhil ; J^» niahnad, yu- 

Plain-dealer, s. ^U salih (pi. 
^yJU sali ^ An, c^° sullah) ; J*>U 
sadiq ; <jA\± halis ; <joU?* muh- 

Plain-dealing, s. c^*» salah ; jju» 
sidq ; &W sadaqa-t ; \s>i±\ ih- 

Plainness, *. (evenness) l\)\~* mu- 
sawat. — (clearness) c^ idah. — 
(want of ornament) £***>L» sada- 
jiya-t. — (sincerity) &flju> sada- 

Plaint, s. k\*± Sikaya-t; \/*» 
sakwa ; J^y nauha-t. 

Plaintiff, «. ^^ tahim ; ^J^ 

Plaintive, ad/. {t J^» saki ; ^^a^ 

Plaintiveness, s. ^**s tasakki. 

Plait, s. (fold) U> tfya-t; kf* 
tawiya-t ; ***> §anya-t. — (of hair) 
S^A-ft dafira-t (pi. ;»Va* dafayir) ; 
&>>*+ jadila-t (pi. J*W jadayil). 

Plait, v. ^^ tawa, yatwi ; ^y> 
sana, yasni ; J^ jadal, yajdil ; 
y^ 4affar, yudaffir. 

Plan, s. (drawing) ^-j rasm (pi. 
ff) rusum). — (plot) ^^ gara<J 

(pi. J>\fi\ agra<J); J-l qasd; 
*>•**• maqsud (pi. j^*U^ maqa- 

Plan, v. (draw up a plan) p~j 
raaara, yarsum ; jy sawwar, yu- 
sawwir. — (scheme) a-J qasad, 
yaqeid; <**& taqassad, yataqas- 
8ad ; ^ dabbar, yudabbir; j+*\ 
admar, yu<Jmir. 

Plane, *. (tool) fyU fara-t; c^j 
randaj; X^~* masha-t. — (level 
surface) ^- sa{lj (pi. tj+* 

Plane, v. 5^Va5W e~* masab bi-'l- 
fara-t, yamsalj ; 5^ randaj, yu- 

Planet, s. S;W. &+*r najma-t say- 
yara-t; fyC, sayyara-t. 

Planetary, adj. ssA^J\ u a*> ya- 
huss aa-sayyarat ; ^£1* falaki-y ; 
^fr nujumi-y. 

Plank, s. t} lauh (pi. e\)N alwah) ; 
^^ daff; b* daffa-t (pi. *Ji* 

Plank, v. tft ^* farai bi-'l-lau^, 
yaf ru^ ; o*^ tahhat, yutahhit. 

Plant, s. *&>M nabat ; ^*W* naba- 
ta-t ; &*-«* nasba-t (pi. «t>W-* nae- 
bat) ; <j-^ girs ; i-^A girsa-t (pi. 
u - ^ agras, (j-^A. gurus) ; s— *^ 
'u^b (pi. st>Il*\ 2L l £kb) ; ibA ^at- 

Plant, v. ^^ garas, yagris ; s— ^ 
nasab, yansub ; nassab, yunas- 

Plantation, s. (planting) y*yk 
gars ; s— «* uasb. — (nursery) y-y^ 
magris (pi. (j*j*" magaris) ; «JU 
j\+*\ saff a^jar. 

Planter, *. <j-^ garras. 

Plaster, «. (j~** jibs ; e>«-at^ jab- 
sin ; ja* jas8, ji88. — (for wounds) 
f+bf uiarham (pi. (**\y mara- 
him) ; fioU-* (Ji ma da-t ; ty laz- 

Plaster, v. (walls) <j~H layyas, 
yulayyis; (j*^^ jabbas, yujab- 
bis; u*-* jassas, yujassis.— 
(dress wounds) »u-a daraad, ya4- 
mud ; &y i»- hatt lazqat, ya- 


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Plasterer, $. ( j »— J U mulayyis; 

(j-W jab baa. 
Plat, s. to* quta'-t (pi. gjLi quta'). 
Plate, s. (dish) &** ga^n (pi. 

e>^* sufcun); £L sittiya-t.— 

(silver plate) *a>1*aaH al-fiddiyat. 

—(flat piece of metal) tj laulj. 

— (engraving) I a,» naqsa-t. — 

(armour) fy dir* (pi. £\,j\ adra 1 , 

f^ duru'). 
Plate, v. v» Jt Jala bi, yatli; £*-> 

saffalj, yusaffilj. 
Plateau, s. ^ najd (pi. .v nujud, 

•>W anjad). 
Plater, «. *L taJia. 
Platform, ». (for speaking) j*±+ 

mambar (pi. j\t+ manabir).— (of 

houses) tr ^m gath (pi. ty jL 

Plating, s. JI> tali ; a*1L {alya-t. 
Platinum, Platina, s. J^\ s-*^ 

zahab abya<jL 
Platter, s. <>*I. tabaq (pi. jWU 

Plaudit, s. Ok**? tagfiq ; AJ^r tah- 

PLAU8IBILITY, «. J^J *#U*. mUsA- 

babat li-fcaqq ; J**U vy qU rb 
li-'l-'aql ; OSU*. niu£akala-t. 

Plausible, a<#. j^u muqni* ; J*A* 
yuqbal; J^ s-^ wAjib al- 
qabul; J£lJ s-2,S qarib li-'l- 
'aql; <J^ *M* mu&bih li-'l- 
baqq ; s— U* munasib. 

Plat, «. s-*Ua 4 ab; M la'ba-t.— 
(theatrical performance) ^s w-*5 
la'ab taqlid. 

Play, v. s-*5 la*ib, yal'ab; s-*S 
l&'ab, yula'ib; s-*W da'ab, yu- 
da'ib.— (a musical instrument) j*> 
daqq, yaduqq (with prep. J* 
'ala) ; sy* 4arab, yatfrib.— (act) 
^ qallad, yuqallid. 

Plater, s. (of an instrument) ^y 
naubati-y ; v>A~ mutrib.— (actor) 
h^^\ wd la"ibal-komadiya-t. 
— (at a game) s-^3 la"ib. 

Playful, ad;. s-**J la"ib; s-*!U 
mula'ib ; JkyLf bas^ ; a& fakih. 

Platfulness, s. &*£%• mula'aba-t ; 
**U* basalt. 

Plaything, s. W la'ba-t ; fag^* * 

Plea, s. (speech t in defence) 8UW* 
muhamat ; £«*W* muhamiya-t. 
— (#t*tf at law) 3j*»> da'wa-t; 
A*j-*- huguma-t; £** ^iijja-t. — 
(excuse) j±* 'uzr (pi. j\Sc\ 'a'zar) ; 

j&2*\ i'tizar; %*** ma'zira-t (pi. 

jA\m+ ma'azir). 
Plead, v. ^ ^^ ham a 'an, yu- 

tami; g*^ hajaj, yuhajij. — 
(plead guilty) w^-j*^ i'taraf, 

Pleading, *. eW*^ ihtijaj ; **W* 

mu^ajja-t ; S^W* niuhadara-t. 
Please, v. U^ raxja, yardu ; ^j\ 

arda, yurdi; ^ basat, yabsut; 

oJJ lazzaz, yulazziz ; s ^» ^ a* jab, 

Pleasant, adj. c-AJJ latif ; J^* 

maqb&l ; h& laziz ; &w babij ; 

<^A fakih. 
Pleasantness, b. i*UJ latafa-t ; 

*JtfJ lutf ; W lazza-t (pi. *t\X 

Pleasantrt, «. &UJ latffa-t ; ^^> 

tahrij ; tj* mazh (pi. c\)«* mizao) ; 

& J +~ i basativa-t ; AAlXi fukaha-t. 
Pleasing, adj. J^A* maqbul ; l»— <-* 

Pleasure, *. i^J lazza-t; tU-ei^ 

imbisat ; )#* surur ; S^-^ masar- 

Plebeian, adj., s. ^^ 'ummi-y ; 

/•Vc 'amm (pi. ^^ 'awam). — 

(Zow) ^ fcaqir ; gU^ wacji'. 
Pledge, s. (^ rahn (pi. oA 

ruhun, (jj^>j rihan) ; i^A; rani- 

na-t (pi. ^Va ; rahayin); ytfj* 

'urbun ; Qy**j ra'bun. — (promise) 

**) wa'ad ; Soe^ wa*ada-t ; *>)*y 

mau'ud (pi. J^^ mawa'id). 
Pledge, v. y*) rahan, yarbun ; 

^\j rahan, yurahin ; <j+* dam- 

man, yudammin. — (in wine) J>^- 

saqa, yusaqi. 
Plenart, adj. A*\Z kamil (pi. SUi' 

kamala-t) ; *U> tamam, ^U* 

tamami-y ; fU tamm. 

Plenitude, s. JW kanial ; Su*^ 
imtala* ; yu? tamallu'. 

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Plenteous, Plentiful, adj. jt^ 

kagir (pi. ; U£ kigar) ; £\) wafir ; 

(jAjV* fayifl; ^j zayid ; jiyfc ga- 

Plenty, Plenteousness, Plenti- 

FULNBS8, s. lj£ kagra-t ; S/j 

wafra-t; ^f± } ruhs ; Uy ra^a; 

uoei f ai4 ; fo\y ziyada-t ; S^j* 

Pliable, Pliant, adj. { j^j rat?; 

CjJ layyin ; ^5^ yangani ; ^5*^*4 

yanhani (3 aor. vn.) ; $f&\ J»Vj 

qabii al-'awaj ; fcjUtt J*-, sahil 

Pliablene88, Pliability, Pli- 
ancy, 8. c y*N l^M qabiliya-t al- 

4 auj ; &WJ layana-t. 
Pliers, 8. l*$+ mizrada-t ; l±\*& 

Plight, 8. y~& 'usr. 
Plod, v. s-**» ta'ib, yat'ab. 
Plot, 8. (piece of land) (^) Wal 

qu^at (ard) (pi. (fi qu^a').— 

(design) *** niya-t ; »W qasd; 

U^* gara4 (pi. j^/* agratf) ; 

jrfJtf tadbir ; &** Jila-t (pi. A^ 

ljuyal). — (conspiracy) y\** tana- 

Plot, v. (conspire) y\& tahamar, 

yatahamar. — (plan) $<> dabbar, 

yudabbir ; y+*\ atfmar, yudmir. 
Plotter, s. (conspirator) £«* s-^-^-» 

sahib fitna-t. — (inventor) £ «>W 

ba'di* ; tfsk* muhtari'. 
Plough, s. *±>^* mibra§ ; »M^* 

mi^rag (pi. «^jW» mahang) ; 

<^ faddan (pi. &*\ ^ fadkdin) ; 

u**a* hais. 
Plough, v. ^jl\ ±>j* ljarag al-artf* 

yahrag; *±>\^*JW & falah bi-'l- 

mi^rag, yafluh. 
Ploughman, a. «±*;^ barig (pi. 

*a»W hurrag); *±»U^ harras; c^* 

Pluck, v. uU qa{af, yaqtif ; cf*+ 

jana, yajni; ULtf nataf, yantif; 

gU qala 1 , yaqla*. 
Pluck, *. (heart, liver, &c.) jW 

mi'laq (pi. <jJU* ma'aliq).— 

(courage) vJM *y quwwat al- 

qalb ; &*l*fc sahama-t. 

Plug, «. Ma~ sidada-t (pi. J^a- 

Plug, v. a~ sadd, yasudd. 
Plum, *. o°^ ijja? ; yj>W\ injas 

(%2tf>0 ; fcj* bauh, bob (Syria) ; 

jjfy barquq. 
Plumage, s. vrty ris* (pi. y>^; 

riyai, y>^ aryai). 
Plumb, *. q*\* fadin (pi. g*>V fa- 

wadin) ; <j*V*i qiyas ; JjJ*. jad- 

wal (pi. JjW jadawil). 
Plumb, oa*/. (perpendicular) (*\* 

qayim ; ^j** 'amudi-y. 
Plumb, v. ^oVaJW j*~ sabar bi-'l- 

fadin (J»UJV* bi-'s-saqul), yas- 

Plumber, s. ^^ rassas. 
Plume, *. l&ij ri^a-t. — (bunch of 

feathers for ornament) &• J& 

J^-ls hilal min rii (pL ^a\ 

ahilla-t) ; &^^ J*j rt^ barnita-t. 
Plume, v. (provide with feathers) 

v>\) ras, yaris ; ij^j rayyas, yu- 

rayyis. — (boast) f& fahar, yaf- 

har ; jakxtf if tahar, yaf tahir. 
Plummet, s. q)^ faain ; ^^ fai- 

dan ; JBU ^&qul ; JyWi 6aqiil ; / 

Plump, adj. (d— mutahham ; ^-*- 

jasim ; ^^-» samin. 
Plump, v. a. &+<+ samman, yusam- 

min ; n. y** samin, y as man. — 

(fall) U- saqat, yasqut ; g5; 

waqa 1 , yaqa*. 
Plunder, *. &+ t }* k ganima-t (pi. 

(*\*& ganayim) ; 8;^ gara-t ; «W 

nuhba-t; s-^ nahib. 
Plunder, v. s~4* nahab, yanhib; 

h-JL- salab, yaslnb. 
Plunderer, s. s-»V nahhab ; s-J^- 

salib ; £jl- sallaba-t. 
Plunge, v.a. j^ garraq, yngarriq ; 

u-lofc gattas, yuga«is; n. jjt 

gariq, yagraq ; u*^ ga^as, yag- 

tis ; y/\t g4d, yagu^. 
Plunge, s. {j^t gats ; jm/J tagriq. 
Plural, «. g*^ jam* (pi. £y*+ 

jumii 4 ). 
Plurality, s. Ij£ kasra-t; l*+++ 

jami'a-t ; &U+ jumla-t. — (major* 

ity) j£\ akgar. 

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Ply, v.a. (keep busy) J** Saggal, 
yuSaggil; n. J**a\ iStagal, yai- 

Ply, s. (fold) kf* tawiya-t ; £*i 
tija-t ; &tf lawiya-t ; ^ §an- 

Pneumatic, adj. ^\** hawayi-y. 

Pneumatics, s. \^\ ^ c ilm al- 

Pock, s. <4;^ jadri-y. 

Pocket, «. s-*«* jaib, jeb (pi. v»je* 
juyub) ; &«* jaiba-t (pi. s-t*> 

Pocket, v. &«* ^ U* ^aft fi jaib- 
hu, yahutt- 

Pod, s. yli qiSr (pi. )r ^ qusur). 

Poem, s. j*a si'r (pi. j\*±\ as'ar) ; 
Sa^ qasida-t (pi. J«U» qagayid) ; 
Sjj*^ urjuza-t (pi. y*\j\ arajiz) ; 
&^ qafiya-t (pi. ^UJ qawafi). 

Poet, s. /A* Sa'ir (pi. y* 6u*ara) ; 
fUV* nazim. 

Poetasteb, «. /*j* ^uwai'ir. 

Poetic, Poetical, a<£/\ ^i;** 6i'ri-y ; 
«j*k nazmi-y. — (poetical license) 
^sA\ S^ <jtarurat a6-£i'r. 

Poetry, b. (poetical art) j«aN /J* 
'ilm ai-Si'r; </#*tt fS* 'ilm al- 
4 aru<J. — (poetical composition) 
(& nazm ; £*- sa j' J u 4 *^ qari<J. 

Poignancy, a. I*** hidda-t; *J* 

Poignant, adj. *\*> ^add ; ge*-j 
waji' ; g*j* muji* ; pj\ alim. 

Point, *. (sharp end) {$■>* sinn (pi. 
gU^ asnan) ; y-^ ras (pi. j*f% 
ru'us). — (t/iar& or stop) && nuq- 
ta-t (pi. !■* nuqat). — (<te mam 
question) u*jk gara4 (pi. u*^ 
agracji) ; y)\ v~m nafs al-ainr. 

Point, v. (sharpen) &-\j (^~ sann 
ras-hu, yasunn ; (jju. sannan, 
yusannin; *>j^ haddad, yu^ad- 
did ; y*)) raw was, yurawwis. — 
(direct guns, &c.) s-^j rakkab, 
yurakkib ; ^ barrar, yuharrir 
(both with <JL* 'ala). — (point 
out) <jM ju>\ aiar ila, yusir. — 
(mark with dots or vote el points) 
U> naqqat, yunaqqit; df> ^ar- 
rak, yu^arrik. 

Pointless, adj. (blunt) **N W** 
mugallaz al-ljadd. — (without 
vowel points) p » * * j-t£ gair 

Poise, s. &jj wazna-t; &U; rum- 

Poise, v. gjjj wazan, yazin (vulg. 
q)£ yiizin) ; &s* qabban, yu- 
qabbin ; J»A* «adal, yu'adil. 

Poison, s. ^- samm (pi. j»j«~* 
sum urn). 

Poison, v. (+* samm, yasumm ; 
I+4-* sammam, yusammim; JU 
^- saqa samm, yasqi. — (corrupt) 
>*~tf afsad, yufsid. 

Poisonous, adj. <j*~ sammi-y ; fL. 
samm ; j*-* musimm. 

Poisonousness, 0. £*+•» sammi- 

Poke, v. (stir) dj*. taruk, yahruk ; 
barrak, yuharrik. 

Pokeb, 8. d\j++ mi^rak. 

Polab, adj. ^5^ qutbi-y; ; jl%* 
s-J^^ mujawir al-qu^b. 

Pole, s. (end of an axis) s-J** qu{b 
(pi. v^ qutiib). — (stick) ' of, 
watad (pi. »>^^ autad) ; jjjU* 
hazdq (pi. <Jij^ hawaziq). — 
(measure) s-*** qa4ib (pi. ^jW-** 

Pole-cat, *. &*• ^^ qarqadun 
muntin (pi. ^j^/ qaraqidin). 

Pole-stab, s. JWaN s-^/kaukab 
a^-samal ; q\<&£ farqadan (pro- 
perly speaking, two stars nearest 
to the polar-star). 

Police, s. &«Utt £l«l*~H as-siyasat 
al-'amma-t ; l^*t± (Jabtfva-t (zab- 

Policeman, Policb-officeb, s. 
W^ (jiftbit ; ^y qawwas. — (chief 
of) J\> wall (pi. S3; wulat). 

Policy, s. (art or manner ofaovern* 
ment) £~V^ siyasa-t ; a^x^J^ (te 
'ilm al-^ukuma-t. — (prudence) 
jct*tf tadbir ; &+£** hikma-t. 

Polish, *. (gloss) J*« saqal; JVju 
siqal. — (refinement) *r>*>\ adab ; 
l%y muruwa-t; &\± zarafa-t; 
iUJ latafa-t, 

Polish, v. (smooth) Ja* ?aqal, yaa- 

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qui. — (refine) v»^ addab, yu'ad- 
dib ; q±+ maddan, yumaddin ; 
<j~i\ annas, yu'annis. 

Polisher, 8. JUu saqqal; Ja** 
eaiqal (pi. J*U* gaqayil). 

Polite, adj. s-«4^ adib (pi. W^ 
udaba) ; s-> J *y* mu'addab ; s-^^-» 
v»^ sa^ib adab (pi. v>*-^ 
asbab) ; ^. v ». ? * inutamaddin ; 
^fifti salabi-y. 

Politeness, *. v>^ adab; q<u* 

^tamaddun ; &x*U galbana-t ; b\ji 
zarafa-t; l^*S\ adamiya-t. 

Politic, Political, adj. ^-W- 
siyasi-y; ^jS tadbiri-y ; ,jSU 

Politician, s. j-i** mudabbir ; 
j&& s-^-U sajiib tadbir; ^-W. 
say y as. 

Politics, s. &~\*» siyasa-t; ^ 
l*j£^\ «ilm al-ljukuma-t ; ***.*» 
*V*^ ->J^ tadbir umur ad-daula-t. 

Polity, s. ctXUN (fU"rt) (•&>> nizam 
(intizam) al-mulk ; Lm\&* siya- 

Poll, «. (Aead) <j*\> ras (pi. <j*/a 
ru'iis). — (list) ytfo daftar; fUj 

Poll, v. (fop) <jai qass, yaquss. — 
(register) fi^ a*S qayyad bi-'d- 
dattar, yuqayyid ; I»-e-± (jlabat, 

Poll-tax, 8. fyy+ jizya-t (pi. { j^ 

Pollute, v. <j~ij dannas, yudan- 
nis ; *i>y lawwas, yulawwig ; y-qr 
najjas, yunajjis ; £— j wassab, 

Pollution, «. &-W* najasa-t ; u-JJtf 
tadannus ; £*W janaba-t. — (noc- 
turnal) (&s+\ i^tUam. 

Poltroon, 8. ^W jabban (pi. 
tf**W jababin) ; &*\+Al\ JJJ 
qalil a£-$aja'a-t; J^ nadil (pL 
JU\ andal). 

Polygamist, e. «*>Wj^ j#& kagir 

Poltoamy, «. **>Wjj)N Sytf kagrat az- 

Polyglot, «. «*>UUl* «j[)U 'arif bi-'l- 
lugat ; &«A\ ^r<>Xo stUjub alsun. 

Polygon, «., Polygonal, adj. j*& 

\£)$\ kasir az-zawaya. 
Polytechnic, adj. £-*^ s-*-*-^* 

sahib sanayi' (pi. s-»W*^ aahab). 
Polytechnic school, s. ^-jJ^ 

£*U*H madrasa-t as-sanayi'. 
Polytheism, s. **3/» 6irk ; Alty ^/» 

sirk bi-'l-lah. 
Polytheist, 8. dj&* muirik : Jal 

djt, ahl sirk. 
Pomade, Pomatum, *. ^ybJ duhun ; 

s-J> tfb (pi. v»^ atyab) ; V»U^ 

Pomegranate, «. ^Uj rumman; 

&U; rummana-t. — (tree) ^jUj S^fc 

iajara-t rumman. 
Pommel, 8. $j~A\ u*j*/ qarbus as- 

sarj (pi. u-*»y qarabis). — (of a 

sword) *-£*~tt &Uj rummana-t 

Pommel, v. s-»/* 4 ar &b, yaa'rib, 

ya<Jrub ; J*J qatal, yaqtul. 
Pomp, Pompousness, *. S^ fah- 

ra-t ; JV ^ >c *izz wa jalal ; Wfcc 

'ajama-t ; (*&** ha^am ; &+& *. 

haiaraa-t ; &^ ^auka-t ; If* nah- 

wa-t ; ^at^. jahha-t. 
Pompous, adj. f&*~ muftahar; 

yi»\i fahir ; f*J& ^zim. 
Pond, 8. ji±± gadir (pi. ^j^ gud- 

ran, j^fe gudur) ; &J* birka-t (pi. 

^ birak) ; S*e* 4abwa-t (pi. W*^ 

Ponder, v. ^u wazan, yazin ; q))\ 

auzan, yuzm ; J^*^* ta'ammal, 

yata'ammal ; j&&\ iftakar, yafta- 

Ponderable, adj. q^ yuzan (3 

aor. pass.). 
Ponderous, adj. X& gaqil (pi. 

)U^^ suqala, JW giqal) ; &-*), 

wazin ; (&)) razin. — (massive) 

•v«-» samad ; (* i * jasim (pi. ^U^. 

jisam) ; J^U samid. 
Poniard, 3. ^v^ hanjar (pl.^U*. 

Poniard, v. ^^ v»/± 4arab bi-'l- 

hanjar, ya4rib. 
Pontiff, s. (high priest) p* ljabr 

(pi. J*+-\ abbar). — (Muhammedan 

pontiff) pW ^ mufti al- 

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anam ; fX»^\ &A 3aih al-islam. — 
(Pope) l*W« al-baba ; fjbttt ^ 
al-habr al-a'zam. 

Pontifical, adj. ^^ habri-y; 
v5;r-^ feabrawi-y; <^WW baba- 

Pontoon, «. j*** mi'bar (pi. ^*U* 

Pony, 8. j*a* ^Ua- hisan sagir. 

Pool, 8. gfi . u «w mustanqa' ; ^a& 

Poop, *. s^ft ^y muhar al-mar- 

Pooe, adj. (indigent) p& faqir (pi. 
y* f uqara) ; (j~&+ muftis (pi. 
u~eJU* mafalis) ; ( 1 >*£-^ miskin 
(pi. ;^L« masakin) ; J^*-» 
sa'luq (pi. v^J^-sa'aliq). — (ema- 
ciated) cA^* da'if (pi. V&la du- 
«afa); *-&^ nahif (pi. Ju* 
nihaf). — (without good qualities, 
mean) «i> haqir ; J*> dani-y ; 
JJ»* zalil. — (deceased) (*f>y mar- 
5um ; v^*^ mutawaif a. — (the 
poor) \ijt guraba. 

Poorly, adj. (indisposed) <J*y&* 
musawwas ; <jjW* 'ayyan. 

Poorness, s. /* faqr, fuqr ; &fiU* 
sa'laqa-t ; l*£~+ maskana-t ; 
{J J^\ iflas. 

Pop, v. (pop in) g5j walaj, yalij. — 
(pop out) &A* jjic g^d. haraj 'ala 
gafla-t, yahruj. — (pop the ques- 
tion) s-J*** ha^ab, yahjub. 

Pope, s. \*\J\ al-baba"; ^\ ^\ 
al-habr al-a'zaui. 

Poppy, s. <j*U^ ha£ha£. 

Populace, s. fifR al-'awain ; JiM 
(j-U31 asafil an-nas ; h\*+ ju'ai- 

Popular, adj. (pertaining to the 
people) f>\* 'amm; o**** 'umu- 
mi-y. — (favourite with the people) 
v»yi\ v>j*te* mahbub al-qulub ; 
s-»yy* margiib ; ;je***» maihur. 

Popularity, s. f^fo &*&• mubab- 
bat al-'awam ; s**a^ S^L-^» mu- 
sayara-t a.4-sVb. 

Populate, v. y* 'ammar, yu'am- 

Population, s. J*\ ahl (pi. <jM 

ahali) ; a tf~ sukkan (pi. of e>*U 

Populous, adj.jy+** ma'mur. 
Populousness, s. 0IC-. Sy* kasra-t 

Porcelain, s. imS ^o sini-y; j^*l 

fagfiir ; ^M farfuri-y. 
Porch, s. pko dahliz (pi. j*1Uj 

dahaliz) ; y\fl\ iwan ; J^j riwaq ; 

ii\tfeJ\ usfuwana-t. 
Porcupine, s. SiA^i qumfuga-t (pi. 

AiUi qanafiz) ; v*^ nis. 
Pore, s. f\~~+ masamm (pi. oUL«« 

Pork, 8. $.y± ^J lahm hinzir. 
Porous, adj. «a>UL-*» <tf la-hu ma- 

sa 111 mat ; *l—* ^j zu masamm. 
Porphyry, s. ^U- sumaqi-y ; ^ 

Porpoise, 8. ^J\ yiy± hinzir al- 

bafcr (pi. ^jU*. hanazir). 
Port, s. (harbour) W-* mina (pi. 

o*V* nmwani, ^j** miyan) ; ^y/* 

marsa (pi. imS -*\y marasi) ; j^i 

bandar (pi. j jUj banadir, Pers.). 

— (door) v>W bab (pi. v»\j^ ab- 

wab, (jjW bibau) ; Wtf bawwa- 

ba-t. — {mien, carriage) **j wajh 

(pi. fi«-^ wujuh) ; y^« mangar 

(pi. y^U. manazir) ; ^Jfc hi'a-t. 
Portability, «. J^^ i4i hiffat al- 

haml; K )++)\ ftp* suhula-t al- 

Portable, adj. K )+<J\ J«- sahil al- 

haml; J**^ U^A*. hafif al- 

Portage, s. (act of carrying) J*»> 

haml; (;pU». humlan. — (price of 

carriage) &}+*> humula-t. 
Porte (the Sublime), *. &)<A\ 

&<&\ ad-daulat al-'aliya-t. 
Portend, v. ^ Ja dall 'ala, ya- 

dull ; u~cs* na^us, yan^us. 
Portent, s. y— * nahs (pi. v-f* 

nuhus) ; l~f* nu^usa-t. 
Portentous, adj. u-* 6 * nahis. 
Porter, s. (carrier) JW hammal ; 

J^*- hamul. — (door-keeper) v*V 

Porterage, «. JUJ^ lp\ ujrat al- 

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Portfolio, «. &W* ma^faza-t (pi. 

tiU^- mahafiz) ; <^j* juzdan. 
Portico, s. q\)J liwan (pi. &$£ 

lawawin); j;; rauq (pi. j^ 



arwaq) ; j^ riwaq (pi. 

Portion, s. (part, share) £->*• lji?- 
8a-t (pi. u^-^ bi?as); &•--* qis- 
ma-t ; s *g*> na§ib (pi. &*-»rt ansi- 
ba-t). — (/ate) &♦—* qisnia-t; Itf 
qada; j*vs qadr (pi. )\<**\ aqdar). 
— (dowry) fl* mahr (pi. jyv mu- 
bur) ; ^ jahaz ; Sy^ JU mal 

Portion, v. (divide) j*~i qasam, 
jaqsim ; qassam, yuqassim. — 
(give a dowry) ;*• mahar, yam- 
hur ; jp>\ amhar, yuinhir. 

Portliness, s. &*L«^ jasama-t. 

Portly, s. f** ^ jasim. 

Portmanteau, s. tf- hurj (pi. $\f\ 
ahraj) ; v»^ jirab (pi. v»** 
jurub, fy*^ ajriba-t) ; ** badid ; 
£*&* haqiba-t. 

Portrait, s. *#-» sura-t (pi. ^ 
suwar) ; rfj* taswir ; IjLy* tas- 
wira-t (pi. tfr* tasawir). 

Portraiture, s. )y* tasawwur. 

Portray, v. )y*> $awwar, yusawwir. 

Pose, v. (silence) «^- sakka-t, yu- 
sakkit. — (puzzle) j^hayyar, yu- 

Position, *. (situation, place) &*• 
maucja' (pi. £*V* mawadi') ; tf* 
Tnatrah (pi. p;^* matarih) ; &*•• 
mahafta-t. — (principle laid 
down) SjkcVi qa'ida-t (pi. J^jJ 
qawa'id) ; &+*&• muqaddama-t ; 
l#& qa<Jiya-t (pi. l*U* qadaya). 

Positive, ad/, (affirmative) ^WJ 
ijabi-y; ^^ tasdiqi-y. — (cer- 
tain) (&A. yaqin ; <Jk*°* haqic^. — 
(decisive) jW qa$i* ; o*^ 1 saf 1. 

Possess, v. (own) «*U* malak, yam- 
lik; u&*»\ imtalak, yamtalik; 
jW haz, yahuz ; ^5^- hawa, yah- 
w * ; ij^ <^r^ ibtawa 'ala, yah- 
tawi. — (occupy, animate) ^L-* 
tasallat, yatasallat ; ,*<** tahak- 
kam, yatahakkam (both with ^ 

Possessed of, Possessing, adj. 
s-a^ sahib (pi. v>W^ ashab) ; 
^ zu (pi. <$fp± zawun), f. ct>U 
zat (pi. u^ji zawat). — (pos- 
sessed by a demon) <j*yj* malbus ; 
0j£~*» maskun. 

Possession, s. **U* milk, mulk (pi. 
d%»\ amlak) ; £ V*. mata' (pi. 
&*z+\ amti'a-t) ; uy* tasarruf . 

Possessive, s. (in grammar) &t\*\ 

Possibility, s. q&"\ imkan ; JWs»^ 
ihtimal ; foUoxJ istita'a-t. 

Possible, adj. q£+* mumkin ; 
J**** muhtamal. — (it is possible 
that) q\ y£+i yumkin ann. 

Post, s. (of a door, &c.) &*-&*. haia- 
ba-t. — (station of duty) s— *** 
mansab (pi. s-*«l*- mana^ib) ; 
£tfj wakala-t; ^J^- hidma-t. — 
(military) /L*c $y markaz 'asa- 
kir (pi. &y marakiz). — (mail) 
±1$ barid (pi. ty burud) ; ^a-^ 

Post, t7. (travel with speed) £j~A 
asra', yusri* ; J^c 'ajil, ya'jal ; 
£k-j*Jlt yu safar bi-'l-bos^a-t, 
yasfir. — (station) g*j wada', 

Postage, s. w>f&* *fJ ujra-t mak- 

Posterior, adj. /»*\x* muta'ahhir ; 

jl\ ahir. 
Postern, s: (small gate) ^u v>l| 

bab sagir. — (private entrance) 

^\a. v^>W bab has? (pi. v»V^ a ^- 

wab, (jW biban); ^. v»W bab 

Posthumous, ad;, (child) ^ *>y^» 

fijJU «t>y« maulud ba'd maut 

waud-hu ; +** <*}y* maulud ya- 

tim. — (work) s-*** 'aqib. 
Post-master, s. <^^y^ manzilji ; 

Ak-^-J^ s-ftA-* sahib al-bos^a-t. 
Postpone, v. f»\ ahhar, yu'ahhir; 

J6^^ amhal, yumhil. 
Postponement, s.j^^ ta'hir ; &&• 

Postscript, s. ^a^U malhaqa-t; 

^ zail (pi. J>|i zuyui, J^i\ 

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azyal) ; ***^ t^iya-t (pi. j*>\f> 

Posture, *. &\*> bala-t; $J*S qa- 

'ada-t ; *** hiya-t. 
Pot, «. jAi qidr ; S ; ju> qidra-t (pi. 

„& qudur) ; &. Jiulla-t (pi. JU 

hulal) ; ijapd* tanjara-t (pi. ^UL 

tanajir) ; k^ galaya-t. — (for 

flower*) j*>) kj** qasariya-t zahr. 

— (chamber-pot) & « *a »— musta'- 

mala-t ; &tj*> qasariya-t ; &y** 

Potable, adj. s^r**** yangarib (3 

aor. yn.) ; s-»jr*"* nmsrub. 
Potash, s. ^U ^U milh qali. 
Potation, s. (drinking bout) Aj>yu 

mairaba-t (pi. s^U* maiarib). 

— (draught) fya> sarba-t, 3ur- 

Potato, s. Jtjto eto tufah al-ard ; 

&U* bata|a-t ; <jrjk ^Jx kalkas 

firanji-y ; <j-Ua1s qilniqas. 
Potency, s. 8y* quwwa-t ; fyjJ qud- 

ra-t ; ^Jtfrt iqtidar ; ls&>s~\ isti- 

Potent, adj. ^p qawi-y ; joli qadir ; 

f*y mu'assir. 
Potentate, *. ^UJL. sultan (pi. 

(^Su salaam) ; *s\L» malik (pi. 

*JjU muluk). 
Potential, ad/\ (possible) ^J 5 *"* 

mumkin. — (efficient) }*y mu'as- 

Potion, a. **»* sarba-t.. 
Pottage, «. Wjj* sorba ; to fatta-t, 

Potter, *. of;^* fahhari-y ; oftf*** 

fahuri-y ; ^1^ faharani-y. — 

(potter' 8 clay) ;U3 fahhar. 
Pottery, s. <^\kd\ J*** ma'mal 

al-fahhari-y (pi. J^^» ma'amil). 
Pouch, *. s-~* jaib (pi. s-*;** 

juyub); &«* jaiba-t (pi. s-*«* 

Poultice, s. &abJ labha-t ; &yj laz- 

Poultice, v. J*a babbal, yubabbil ; 

£*J labbah, yulabbih. 
Poulterer, «. $>W*> £W* bayya* 

Poultry, s.jyj* tuyur; g**> dujaj ; 

giW*> dajayij (pL of **V»> daja- 
Pounce, v. u&\ inqad<J, yanqa4d. 
Pound, s. Jtj -rati, rutf (pi. j\y 
artal). — (sovereign) ***-•• jiniya-t 
Pound, v. j*> daqq, yaduqq ; <j*y& 
haras, yahrus ; harras, yuharris ; 
,/; racJ4» yaru<Jd. 
Pour, v.a. s-~» ?abb, yasubb ; s-<£~ 
sakab, yaskub; sr-S kabb, ya- 
kubb ; <J* J dafaq, yadfuq, yad- 
fiq ; n. JU sal, yasil. 
Pout, v. jj* bawwaz, yubawwiz; 

*y- band, yahrad. 
Pouting, a.jij* 5 tabwiz. 
Poverty, s. /& faqr; &U* sa'la- 

qa-t ; &£--• maskana-t. 
Powder, s. *-*y^- safuf; &~ suf- 
fa-t ; &•> duqqa-t (pi. ,jij duquq, 
j*> duqq). — (gunpowder) *>mW 
Powder, v. <J^- sahaq, yashaq ; 
**W~ sahak, yashuk; j!> daqq, 
Powder-horn, *. «\j wazna-t. 
Powder-mill, «. ^0^ ^J^VL $ahun 

al-barud (pi. (^4^^ tawahin). 
Powder-room, s. ^^A\ yy*" mah- 
zan al-barud (pi. ^jVafe^ mahazini). 
Power, «. (faculty) 8jJi qudra-t ; 
j\±&\ iqtidar; Sy5 quwwa-t; is\l 
taqa-t. — (strength) S*i quwwa-t; 
toy* saula-t ; j<& qadr ; )c 'izz. — 
(authority) f* ^ t u tm; JUy^. 
hukuma-t. — (in mathematics) Sy 
Powerful, a^'. ^ qawi-y ; »jU 
qadir; ;^asS^ ^ Sli s-^to sahib 
quwwa-t wa iqtidar; S^jJ s-^-U 
?ahib qudra-t ; py* 'aziz. 
Powerfulness, «. fi;AS qudra-t ; 8*S 
quwwa-t ; ^xuM Sys^ kasrat al- 
Powerless, adj. IjM ^Jkc 'adim 
al-qudra-t ; j^ ^ gair qadir ; 
<4^ ^ gai r qawi-y. 
Powerles8ne88, 0. 8)*tftt f*&fi 'ad am 
al-qudra-t; ; ^jls*^ ili qillat al- 
iqtidar ; Zy£\ ^ac 'adam al-quw- 

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897 [P»i 

Pox, t. <j)*+ jadrf-J, judart-y. 

Pbacticablb, adi. J*«* yu'mal (3 
aor. pass.) ; e>£** mumkin. 

Practicableness, Practicabili- 
ty, *. d^*l imkan ; l*&*~\ isti- 
t&'k-t; JU*Hnfi'al. 

Practical, adj. ^^ 'amali-y; 
JUju-^ isti'mali-y. — (experi- 
enced) p<± habir. 

Practicalness, s. Sj**- hubra-t; 
; W*^ ihtibar ; fyr tajriba-t. 

Practice, «. JU*U isti'mal ; J** 
'ami; *-;U* mumaraaa-t ; S^ 
hubra-t ; qj* tamarrun. 

Practise, v. »>* 'amal ('amil), 
ya'mal ; J- ♦ «" ^ ista'mal, yas- 
ta'mil; vr> jarrab, yujarrib.— 
(as a phyeician) pf** hakkam, 
yuhakkim ; s-t tabb, yatibb, ya- 

Practised, adj. s^%* mujarrab; 
y&± habfr. 

Practitioner, b. J-**-* 'amil; 
J.**?..* musta'mil; s^%* yu- 
jarrib ; g^ jaui'. 

Pbairie, «. 5/* marj (pi. Gjr* 

Praise, b. (commendation) «u»* 
hamd ; c^ madh ; •*%* majd 
(pi. *>V^ amjad) ; ***** tamjid ; 
«JUj wasf (pi. *-*m ausaf.— 
(glorifying) **- hamd; gV,**- 
subhan; j-** sukr (pL jj-** 

Praise, v. (commend) t±+ madab, 
yamdab ; *♦». hamad, yahmud ; 
^ sanua, yugauni ; <jM* ^^ 
asua 'ala, ynsm.— (glorify) e*- 
sabbalj, yiisabbih; /* Sakar, 

Praiseworthy, «. ***** tamid ; 
*y^* mahmud ; e-^ s-*^ wa- 
jib al-madh ; ***N <JW~* mus- 
tahiqq al-bamd. 

Prance, v. *■» na«, yanu« ; r± 
{afar, yatfir. 

Prank, e. s-*J la'ab; S^fe-* mas- 

Prate, Prattle, e. &-M galaba-t ; 
^ 'ilka-t. 

Prate, Prattle, t;, **1*N f* kasgar 

al-fcalaba-t, yukasjir ; <*Ue «alak, 

ya'lik, ya'luk ; 'allak, yu'allik. 
Prater, *., Prating, adj. dft* 

'allak ; M*N f& kasir al-gala- 

ba-t ; ?M& y«M kasir al-kalam ; 

J^ fuduli-y. 
Prawn, e. o^ sarafan ; ^ULL. 

salta'an; o>^- salta'un (pi. 

^U salata'in). 
Pray, v. ^ salla, yusalli; ^ 

da'a, yad'i. 
Prayer, *. (to heaven) 5JU , S3u 

salat (pi. **>U- salawat); Vcj 

du'a (pi. &**** ad'iya-t). — (peti- 
tion) Wt galaba-t; J^ su'al, 

suwal; Wj rija, raja; ^^ ta- 

manni ; y-UaJ^i iltimas. 
Preach, v. ^ wa'az, ya'iz ; s-J^ 

ha^ub, yah^ub ; » i «La*< ihta^ab, 

yahta^ib ; j/ karaz, yakriz. 
Preaching, 8. ^; wa'z ; j/ karz ; 

S)/ karza-t ; ^^ hataba-t. 
Preacher, «. W^ wa'iz (pi. iVc ; 

wu"&z) ; j;^kariz (pi. j^kftruz) ; 

s-t^ h&tib (pi. v»^» hu«ab). 
Preamble, «. ^»J^* muqaddama-t ; 

^U fAtiha-t (pi. c^M fawatih) ; 

cW*> dibaj ; **W**> dibaja-t (pi. 

^J dayabij, &*^ dab&bij) ; 

W«*. hu^ba-t. 
Precarious, oc?; 

masbut ; vs.^a 

gabbit ; *&*$ vs. 

^)^Ca^ ma^kuk 

( adam al-yaqin ; «t>W^^ ?** *adam 

as-sabat; **^*» sakk (pi. d£± 

sukuk) ; v»^ irtiyab. 
Precaution, *. \±*» \pzv, hazar; 

j\ ±*>\ ihtiz&r ; y/*A i^tiraz. 
Precautionary, adj. )f&* mut- 

tariz ; ^ hazir. 
Precede, v. f*8 taqaddam, yata- 

qaddam; <>~ sabaq, yasbuq; 

UiL. salaf , yasluf . 
Precedence, Precedency, *. (•*» 

taqaddum ; S^xo sadara-t ; j*-? 

Precedent, «. <3*v~ sabiq; 

misl (pi. J^^ amsal) ; 

mi^al (pi. ^«^ amsila-t, 


uy^JU ->fc gair 
j«& e^air muta- 
taht a^-^akk ; 
vjl** mu'allaq. 

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mugl, mugul); yjto nazir; ;j*-j 
dastur (pi. j**Uj das&tir) ; oU-\ 

Precept, s. 8»xcVi qa'ida-t (pi. ±*\ji 
qawa'id) ; gyU qanun (pi. (^ V 
qawanin) ; ^ fanj (pi. Jbrf 
furutf) ; *V faricla-t; **-j wagi- 
ya-t (pi. V*loj wagaya). 

Pbbcbptoe, «. f}** mu'allim ; v» J y* 

Precession, «. fAtf taqaddum. 

Precinct, *. &U-\ ihata-t; S^as-\ 
istidara-t; ^ Jiadd (pi. ^.w 
liudud) ; 8y* 'aqwa-t (pi. Uc 
<iqa) ; W fcima'. 

Precious, adj. <£*+> gamin; <j+£* 
musmin ; ^^^a nafis ; yt^ 'aziz. 

Preciousness, 8. &♦** qima-t ; ^ 

Precipice, *. j^ fcadur; S^jc^ 
tahdirat; i^ habu{; &# war- 
ta-t (pi. Uj)j wirat) ; *£*• mah- 
laka-t (pi. «*U^» mahalik). 

Precipitance, Precipitancy, 
Precipitation, «. JV%*s-l is- 
ti'jal; &** 'ajala-t; J*v* ta 4 jil; 
J^«? ta'ajjul. 

Precipitate, v. Wa habat, yahbut ; 
habbat, yuhabbit; W^ abbat, 
yuhbij; «L, saqat, yusaqif. — 
(hurry) J-v* c ajjal, yu'ajjil ; 
^ J>*&-1 ista 4 jal fi, yasta'jil ; 
o* £/^ asra* fi, yusri 4 . 

Precipitous, adj. (steep) «-AJ\j wa- 
qif ; £*^ Samih ; J)V* nazil; J*U 
mayil ; j*Vi qayim. — (rapid) 
J*i*~* musta'jil ; &?* sari*. 

Precipitousnes8, *. fry. sar'a-t. 
See Precipitance. 

Precise, adj. (accurate) t^-fc* ma4- 
bu{; J^ mudaqqiq; e*^* ga- 
fcih. — (defined, determined) (^** 
mu 4 ayyan ; *>j»W« mahdud ; *>»W« 
muhaddad. — (formal) s-^-U 
ct>ui& sahib takalluf at (pi. v»^ 
aghab) ; U i ^X s s-^^» gahib tak- 

Preciseness, Precision, *. &*> 
diqqa-t ; <jM*tf tadqiq ; £*&£ 
tanqi^ ; W-* 4 a H ; jWJ ijaz. 

Preclude, v. g** mana 4 , yamna* ; 

^ nafa, yanfl ; ^ baram, yal>- 

rim ; *j radd, yarudd. 
Precocious, adj. y& bikkir ; J«J 

<^*}\ qabl al-waqt ; ^^ badri-y. 
Preconceive, v. ^ waham, ya- 

bim; ^ tagawwar, yatasaw- 

Preconception, $. >*<* tagawwur. 
Preconcert, v. ^ <J*^ ittifaq 

4 ala, yattafiq. 
Preconcert, s. p&&+ jlart ittifaq 

Precursor, *. <J*^* sabiq ; {*&*• 

Predatory, adj. s-a^ nahib ; s-J^~ 

Predecease, v. &M «*>U mat qabl- 

bu, yamut. 
Predecessor, b. vJkJL, salif (pi. 

<J%*\ aalaf) ; f»«x&&« mutaqaddim ; 

<3*U sabiq (pi. jW- subbaq). 
Predestinate, Predestine, v. j& 

qaddar, yuqaddir (with J li or 

J^ 4 ala). 
Predestination, 8. fl^B taqdir ; 

; jaJ^ al-muqaddar; } *&\ ) l*&\ 

al-qacja wa-'l-qadr; 3U— i qis- 

Predeterminate, v. fd\ alb am, 

yulbim ; J ^5^ bada li, yabdi. 
Predetermination, s. fW ilham ; 

k*\* badiya-t. 
Predicament, «. JW ^al (pi. J*^ 

ahwal) ; aUw hala-t ; ^U san (pi. 

o/y. ^u'iin, (J&* ^i'an). 
Predicate, v. /\ aqarr, yuqirr. 
Predicate, s. (in grammar) juu-J^ 

&i al-musnad bi-bi ; ^A« gifa-t. 
Predict, v. s&\ anzar, yunzir ; W*\ 

anba, yunbi (both with ^a* hi- 

*5e-y) ; t$ barraj, yubarrij. 
Prediction, s. JU fal (pi. J p a 

fu'ul, J B ^ aful); s\Si\ inzAr; 

gj^** tabrij ; &**& tanbiya-t. 
Predilection, 8. J\ J«^ mail ila. 
Predispose, v. (incline beforehand) 

J** mayyal, yumay yil. — ( pre- 
pare) ±e\ a 4 add, yu^dd ; W* hay- 

ya, yuhayyi. 
Predominance, *. s-J^*J tagallub ; 

&>M galaba-t ; U^J tasalluf;. 

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fruO ' 

Pbbdominate, v. sr^ galab, yag- 

Pbb-bminent, adj. J-*rt afcjal; 
«jyrt asraf , f . Uy* Sarfa (pi. *-*/• 
surf) ; j^» mumtaz ; (**a** mu- 
Pbe-emption, 8. i«AAi suf'a-t. 
Pbe-engage, v. /A*-\ ista'jar, yas- 

Pbe-bngagement, 8. \{*&~\ isti'jar. 
Pbb- exist, v. '%* t)» kan qablan, 
yakun; *1M ^ wujid qablan, 
Pbe-existence, 8. {»&• of kaun 
muqaddam ; p**+ *ft) wujud 
Preface, 8. &*jJU niuqaddama-t ; 
&**\i fatiha-t (pi. ^V fawatib) ; 
&»A*i*> dibaja-t (pi. grill* daya- 
bij, gri^dababij). 
Pbepect, «. <J^ wall (pi. Mj 
wulat) ; ^^Vo. hakim (pi. f^ 
fcukkam) ; Jkto nagir (pi. >ty na " 
wajir) ; ^J^ mudabbir. 
Pbefectube, 8, &••£*• l^ukuma-t ; 

^^ wilaya-t. 
Pbbfeb, v. JLc Ja* fa44al 'ala, yu- 
fa44il; jH asar, yusir; J* &>> 
rajjafe 'ala, yurajjife; Qy> >afc.\ 
ihtar dun, yahtar. 
Pbbfbbablb, adj. (M\ a'zam, f. 
<j*fc* 'uzma; &~*\ a^san (pi. 
tf-\*A atasin); J-rt af4al; «J^ 
Pbbfbbablbness, *. J-*** tafa^dul. 
Pbbfebbncb, 8. J**» taf <Jil ; j^*** 

ihtiyar ; j<k\ i§ar. 
Pbbfebmbnt, 8. \&)\ irtiqa; Jj> 

taraqqi; g^ irtiia*. 
Pbefix, v. <J ^S\ adhal fi, yud- 

Pbefix, 8. *- «J|^ barf jarr (pi. 

u^ kuruf). 
Pbegnablb, adj. **-$ yuhaz (3 aor. 

Pbegnancy, 8. J*** kabal; J^» 

tubul ; J-** ^aml. 
Pbbgnant, adj. J** fcubla (pi. 

JW* Cabala) ; &.W bamila-t. 
Pbbjudgb, v. «j<^aN J** f*** bakani 
qabl al-fabf, yaljkum. 

9 [Pbb 

Pbbjudicb, «. s— * ta'assub — (in 
favour) J** mail (pi. J^ am- 

yal). — (injury) j^ <Jarar; M* 

madarra-t; ty~ *. hasara-t ; (jj«» 

Pbbjudicb, v. (against) ^ J** 

mayyal 'an, yumayyil. — (in 

favour of) J\ J*- mayyal ila, 

yumayyil. — (injure) ^ <Jarr, ya- 

durr ; y*\ atjarr, yuflirr. 
Pbejudicial, adj. y^ mu<Jirr; ;U 

4arr ; a - A* muf aid. 
Pbelact, *. 8j4&\ &~\i) riyasa-t al- 

kahana-t; l+\+\ imama-t. 
Pbblate, 8. jM imam (dL W^ 

a'imma-t) ; j-^ habr (pi. ^\ 

Pbblect, v. \ji qara, yaqra. 
Pbblection, 8. kj8 taqriya-t; 

^ri;^ tadris. 
Pbbliminaby, adj. p&+ muqad- 

dim, muqaddam. 
Pbbliminaby, 8. &••**• muqadda- 
Pbeludb, 8. )* badu; c^***^ ifti- 

Pbematube, adj. *>if\ J^ Jl a ^ a ^" 

waqt ; J9A* 'ajil ; ; ^» mibkar. 

PBBMATUBBNB88, 8. p&? tabltfr J 

aV 'ajala-t; q\£\ J** fck 

bulug qabl al-awan. 
Pbbmbditatb, v. <**& taqas^ad, ya- 

taqa§9ad; y+*\ a4mar, yu<jiniir; 

^ ^ 'azam 'ala, ya'zim. 
Pbemeditation, 8. J*»* ta'ammud ; 

^y\s ta'ammul ; a*» qaed ; j& 

tafakkur ; ^ niya-t. 
Pbbmibb, *. (Prime Minister) j^\ 

(MV\ as-^adr al-a'zam ; ^-»j^ 

(J&$\ al-wazir al-a*zam. 
Premise, v. ^ qaddam, yuqad- 

dim ; «-Ai- jallaf , yusallif . 
Pbbmisbs, *. o^* makan (pi. &*£*\ 

Premiss, s. &**&• muqaddama-t; 

S**B taqdima-t (pi. ^ taqa- 

Pbbmium, s. 5VJ ; ^^-J\ Uj qimat 

Pbbmonish, v.»^ anzar, yunzir; 

jA* feazzar, yxuttazzir. 

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Premonition, g. )\to\ inzar; yi^ 

taljzir ; £«** nasiha-t. 
Peemonitive, Peemonitoey, ad;. 

^aa^ munzir. 
Peepaeation, *. o^^ju-.^ isti'dad; 

yo&r tajhiz ; )*f tajahhuz ; s-«a^ 

Peepaeative, Pbepaeatort, adj. 

l»aJU muqaddim ; ^je** muhayyi. 
Prepare, v. VjjA hayya, yuhayyi ; 

j6* jahhaz, yujahhiz ; y^ ha<J4ar, 

yuha44ir ; s-*t ahhab, yu'ahhib. 
Peepay, t>. «-*U aslaf, yuslif. 
Prepayment, 8. *-AU salaf; £**> 

I»jJU daf* muqaddim. 
Peepondeeancb, 0. cy»-; rujufc ; 

^W^ ruj^ana-t; &*1* galaba-t; 

w-J*>* tagallub. 
Preponderate, v. e*j rajjafc, yu- 

rajjik > s-J^ galab, yaglib. 
Preposition, *. «%. «j^ harf jarr 

(pi. <*Jyf* buruf;. 
Peepo88E88, v. J** mayyal, yu- 

mayyil ; v»«^ jazab, yajzib. 
Prepossessing, adj. s-»*>W jazib 

(pi. v»^V jawazib). 
Peeposterous, adj. JUr* muhil; 

Jss^s— • mustatil ; J&»N aa <jiudd 

Pebpo8TEEOU8NE88, i. 4*** 'aba§ ; 

&W^ isti^tala-t. 
Peepuce, ». &tf qulfa-t ; 8/ gur- 

Pee-eequisite, a. i-JJU JUjD lazi- 

ma-t muqaddima-t (pi. ^jV ^ 

Peeeooatiye, 8. 0^ fcaqq (pi. Jj^ 

ljuquq) ; fy* maziya-t (pi. \*}y 

Peesaoe, 8. JU fal (pi. JV fu'ul, 

JV^aful; J»j dalala-t. 
Peesaoe, v. AW\ v/± 4arab al-fal, 

ya^rib ; (£|* kahan, yakhan ; <;>*& 

takahhan, yatakahhan. 
Peesbytee, 0. <j)J*VS kahin (pi. &«* 

kahana-t) ; <j-J qiss (pi. y-j-J* 

qusus, A~jl~i qasiiwisa-t) ; <-rfr -i 

qasis (pi. ^Ui qussan, &~J\ aqis- 

Prescience, #. v**H ^ 'ilm al- 


Prescient, adj. s-**N jJU 'ilim al- 

Prescribe, t?. ^»\ amar, ya'mur; 
<J^ ^ hatam 'ala, yafetim ; jbjk 
<J* fara<ji 'ala, yairicj ; o^ ^j 
rasam 'ala, yarsum. — (as a phy- 
sician) «-A-»j wasaf, yasif. 

Peesceiption, «. {precept) y\ amr 
(pi. j*tj\ aw&mir) ; ,>/ i ar4 (pl« 
^^i £urii4); Sj^U qa'ida-t (j>L 
J^ty qawa'id); ^ytf qanun (pi. 
t^eMj* qawauin). — (0/ a physi- 
cian) &<>; wast*a-t ; a**— * uusha-t. 

Presence, s. j^. tiu^ur ; S^a*. ha4- 
ra-t ; i<s\&* sahada-t. — (in his 
presence) *4^ ^^ bain yade-hi; 
Mai quddam-hu; &^U\ imam- 

Present, adj. j*W lja^ir (pi. j^- 
ku44ar, e«/*^ ta4^ n ) J J ^^* 
niaujud. — (not past) j*\*>* ha4ir ; 
JU. hali-y. — (at present) q)\ 
alan ; <J^* hallaq. 

Present, s. (the present time) Jl*)\ 
al-l?al; ^O^ al-ba4ir; %^»y\ \*^ 
haza al-waqt. — {gift) iA^ tu^fa-t 
(pi. Uu*> tuhat; ; ijtJA hadiya-t 
(pi. V^jufc hadayaj. 

Present, v. <£**- ^acjidar, yufea^^i 1, > 
^^ aWar, yub^ir ; p*i qaddam, 
yuqaddim. — (make a present) 
JU) W\ Uw*\ atl^af ahad-an bi 
6e-yin, yut^if; a) ^aJ^ ^sjt\ 
ahda e^-6e-y la-hu, yuhdi. 

Presentation, s. ^a» taqdim; 

Presentiment, 0. ^-^ ^ass ; &*~t»» 
tasiya-t ; ^AfcV^» mukasaia-t. 

Presently, adv. "iU. Jjalan; #* 
&acU min sa'at-hu; ^S\ alan; 
"\p>\> najizan. 

Preservation, s. !*»» tiafz ; *UWt 
muhaf aja-t ; &V*o siyana-t ; ^.^ 

Preserve, v. (keep carefully, pro- 
tect) kfe* tang, yafcfaz. ; t)^-» san, 
yasun ; U^ tiama, yahmi j ^c 
'asam, ya'$im. — (Jruits, dbc) ^ 
rabba, yurabbi (m sugar); j*^ 
fcallal, yuiallil (inwne^ar); ^ 
mallaJ?, yumaUUyi {in salt). 

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Pbbsbbvb, b. ^y murabba ; JW# 

muhallal ; cU* mumallah ; ^^ 

Pbbsidb, v. ijJ^4i\ Jy tawalla al- 

majli8, yatawalla ; j**> j*2 qa'ad 

bi-sadr, yaq'ud. 


iS±+*S\ ^j riyasat al-majlis; 
)**> sadr. 

Pbbsident, 8. ijJ^4i\ ^j rayis 
al-majlis (pi. U^ ru'asa) ; ^y* 
ir W * J * mutawalii al-majlis. 

Press, 8. {for fluids) S^o** mi'sa- 
ra-t (pi. yo\*+ ma'asir). — (for 
papers, &c.) &^U milzama-t. — 
(printing press) A**i»* mitba'a-t 
(pi. #U~ matabi'). — (throng) 
&+**) zafcma-t ; (b**)\ izdiluim. — 
(wardrobe) Zi\yu hizana-t (pi. 
yt\yL hizayin) ; ^U^s* huristan. 

Pbb8s, v. (compress) jfe* 4*yyaq, 
yu^ayyiq; <j* J^ kabas *ala, 
yak bis. — (squeeze) f* 'asar, 
ya'sir. — (hug) ftjj* {j\ ^t> (Jamin 
lla sadr-hu, ya<Juniin ; &*A i^- 
ta4an, yaJjtactin. — (distress) j*** 
'assas, yu'assis; ^ lazz, yaluzz. 
— ( press upon) ^t hajam, yah- 
jim; J**> Carnal, yatunil (both 
with ^jlc 4 ala). — (crowd) ^ 
zaJ^am, yaz^am ; ^**)\ izdafcam, 

Pbbssubb, *. (pression) ^c 'asra-t. 

— (force) J} + jaur ; ^ zulin . ^ 

qaiir ; p\y\ ilzam. — (distress) 

*r>\±* 4 azao ; &** <Jiqa-t. 
Pbbstiob, 8. fy* 'izza-t ; &*±* «aza- 


Pbbsumb, v. (suppose) jbji fara4, 
yafraa 1 ; <j*C* J** *amil qiyas, 
ya'mal; ^y tawahbam, yata- 
wahham; ^ garni, yazunn. — 
(arrogate) p*s tajabbar, yatajab- 
bar; ^cot idda'a, yaddal. 

Pbbsumino, Pbesumptuous, adj. 
j *+*" mutajabbir ; u^*** muta- 

Pbbsumptiojj, s. (supposition) u-W* 
qiyas; **y fartfya-t; ^ftS if- 
tiratf ; ^ zann. — (^rwjiwp^uoM^- 

»#m, arrogance) ^X5 takabbur; 
; \*&u^ istikbar ; p*z tajabbur. 
Pbb8umptivb, adj. ^-W* qiyasi-y. 
Pbesuppose, v. ^ji farad, yaf ragl ; 
j^» qaddar, yuqaddir ; ^-W* J** 
4 amil qiyas, ya'mal ; &*± ham- 
man, yuhammin. 
Pbbsupposition, s. J±£ far<ji ; jt<& 
taqdir ; <j*W qiyas. 

Pbetencb, «. ^ fcujja-t; &c 
'illa-t; JU> ta'allul;jJ* 'uzr.— 
(pretension, claim) \*S\ iddi'a; 
b\e\A+ muda'a-t; $jcj da'wa-t; 
^*j za'm. 

Pbbtbnd, v. (make show) j$\ azhar, 
yuzhir; J^ ^4wal, yufeawil; 
J^-*: tafcawwal, yata^awwal 
(mostly expressed by the vi. 
form of a verb, as : J±y mariiji, 
"•to be ill;" ^Ui tarnara^, 
" to pretend to be ill."— (claim) 
o^ ^S\ idda'a 'ala, yadda'i ; 
J* iS)** ^ 'amil da'wa 'ala, 

Pbetbndbb, s. (claimer) ^-cx. 
madda 4 i ; ,*>*) za'im. 

Pbbtbntious, adj. (presuming) 
j*+s" mutajabbir; p£s+ muta- 

Pbetbbite, s. (tense) ^aU macji; 
^Utt Ji fi*l al-ma<jii. 

Pbbtbbnatubal, adj. &*+M\ ±* 
<jiudd at-tabi'a-t ; ^y^ ^ gair 
tabi'i-y; *J*W *jU> feilaf al- 
qa'ida-t; w~»v» 'ajib. 

Pbbtbxt, s. j^e 4 uzr (pi. j\Sit\ 
*azar) ; S ; ad *i ?r a-t (pl.^oc *i ? ar) ; 
**■* l?ujja-t (pi. e ^ tujaj); 
^tila-t(pl.jUf lva l) ¥ JVt 

Pbbttinbss, s. tj-t$ kais; £-ilU 
latafa-t ; a*^> zarafa-t ; W) baha; 
^6» bahja-t. 

Pretty, adj. ^^^ kuwayyis ; U^ 
latif (pi. ^OJ i^) . J^ Jamil; 
•-A4> zarif ; cJU mali^. 

Pbbvail, v. (overcome) s-J^ galab, 
yaglib ; ^ ^ 2 afar 'ala, yaz- 
fir. — (be customary or general) 
l>\* jU 8 ar '&da-t, yafir; ^ 
'amm, ya 4 umm. — (induce) £*J 
qanna', yuqaani*. 

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*<n* ?u«f*.'iiiWi ^***- ;***" - ~- ■•* 

r- v*4*^ fizz-.*. 

Payrr**:?;^ *? ; t /„ ^*. ci- - - L 

*^> P- «>> »«*•' ^ ; 

<w;/; . ^ , tu vj vi Li m . 
Paitr, *, 'i**i*i, *»* faid; *-*/ 
fa/,*a~t,— ^ -'sxAyj ^»j-i ganima-t 
^, ,*.** jf4ur;oij ; M* nah- 
M^U— 6*m* of prey } t;^ fcjV" 
'j-**/ i^wwixj jarifc (ka*ir> (pL 
t,>* >j*; w«f/ii jawing, >^ 
/■*j* wfjiya"* kawa*ir/. — <ford o^ 
jprr^y; ^ ^ ^air kaair (pL ^ 

Patr, tf, 'o# animaU) wfA iftaras, 

yaftam,— Irerf htavUy on) J* 

4^* taqaJ 'ala, yasquL 
FfcfCE, *, (^ saman (pL ^Uft a«- 

man; ; ^ gi*r (pL jUu.t a»'ir) ; 

**•* qiuuut <pj. ^ qiyam;. 
Peicklem, a/i;, A+»* Aluma la-hu 

qima»t; #** a! U mi la-hu 

lamao; ^^t jatim (pL ^W^ 

Fkick, ». y«» nafeaz, janhaz ; j/ 

garaz, jagriz; <*X* iakk, ja- 

Fbxo^ $. If* oabra-t. 

L I 


^o- |*dr ad- 
din j./j-i-'f^i^r ; «&^» ba|- 

ta^irli- *^^ bA^nka-t;. 
PiTMarssHiF. Feimact, «. l*A 

Pmice. ojV. w^ 1 asraf, 1 *** 5*^ 
* j L ai s^r: ; J-* 1 af 4al ; -^ 
wahii ; jy land ^L J*y lari- 

PeTKE, FB1XE3ESS, #. ^6*V^«) e^* 
*aiiiawan; j^j raiq, i»ypq> ri^- 
— ^i«^ pari) i->* hJa?a-t, hula- 
?a-t ; ^-J lubb u^L ^>jti lubub). 

Peoce, w. {prtpart) **\ a 4 add, 
yii-idd ; W* bayyi, yuhayyi. — (a 
911*; ^j rahhar, rnyahhir. 

Peimkb, #.* J^-3^ ***>** kitab al- 
usul (pi. s-*=* kutub). 

Peikktax, Pedhtiti, o^'. ^^ 
qadim (pL UjJ qadama) ; &~* 
•atiq (pL Use *utaqa, f. <^4^ 

Pkimkno, #. (o/ a ^»») V*^ ?*bi- 
ra-t (pi. ^>^> zahayir). 

Primitive, $. (original word) *^*\ 
aslija-t ; o^» mujarrad. 
| Peijutiykssss, t. ^^^ J^- feal 
I al-qadinu 

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Primogeniture, 8. kjyb bakurf- 

Primordial, adj. { J*>\ asli-y ; J^ 

Prince, *. (son of a king) «*XU1\ ^\ 

ibn al-malik (pi. U^ abna, t>**» 

banin). — (chief) p*\ amir (pi. 

\y\ umara) ; J** qail (pi. JWit 

aqyal) ; •**- say y id (pi. SjL. 

sada-t) ; J«Juu> 9 indid (pi. j*jUc 

sanadid) ; ja«**» hidiw (Per 8.). 
Princblinbss, *. l^ imara-t; 

W* malakiya-t ; \y$\ ^3 zai-y 

al-umara (*f)jUft al-muluk). 
Princely, adj. <j;;** miri-y (for 

^^•\ amin-y) ; jUJL sultani-y ; 

OjS**** bidiwi-y. 
Principal, adj. ««M asli-y; ^^ 

dururi-y ; (j*-*S aha?? ; (*-*\ 

Principal, s. w*Jj raiyis (pi. V-.*^ 

ru'asa); Jj** mutawalli ; ^»xa^ 

Principality, *. fyU\ imara-t. 
Principally, oiv. *U^<t hususan. 
Principle, *. (element) j*** 'unsur 

(pi. joLe 'anasir) ; v*\ ass, iss 

(pi o*^ isas, asas) ; J^ asl 

(pi. Jj*»^ usul). — (fundamental 

truth) SjlcU qa'ida-t (pi. ac^ qa- 

wa'id). — (tenet) s-*^ mazbab 

(pi. s-^X» mazabib). 
Print, 8. &** {aba*; **** basma-t. 

— (foot-print) yV asar (pi. jW 

Print, v. gA taba', yajba* ; ^ 

ba?am, yabsum. 
Printer, V &± tabba' ; oW" 

mitba'ji ; ^U* bassam. 
Printing, *. SeW^ tiba'a-t; &U-D 

g*U\ sana'at a^ab'. 
Printing-house, -oppice, *. jU 

£c\J^ dar at-tiba'a-t. 
Printing-press, *. £*J°* niitba'a-t 

(pi. g?U»* ma^abi*). 
Prior, adj. ( previous) p>&\ aqdain ; 

p*va* muqaddim, muqaddam ; 

^U sabiq (|>1. JjW- subbaq, <J*~ 

subbaq, f. * -t, pi. <J»V* sawa- 

Prior, s. (of a convent) <j»ti>j 

(J**^ raiyis ar-ruhban (pi. V-.^ 

Prioress, *. «t>WA\jJ\ l~J) raiyiaat 

Priority, s. p^s taqaddum ; ty\ 

awwaliya-t ; *aX*- sabk. 
Prism, *. )y***" mans'ur (pi. j ** k * 

manasir) ; jt-*y mauSur (pi. 

j**Ay mawasir). 
Prison, *. <j~*»- habs (pi. u*^** 

hubus) ; (£-%- sijn (pi. ej%~ 

Prisoner, 8. <j*y-+t *+ mabbus ; 

^^-^ masjun. — (prisoner of 

war) j#-\ asir (pi. \ r »\ usara). 
Pristine, adj. ^*as qadim (pi. Ua* 

qudama); <Jh** 'atiq (pi. ^» 

'utaqa) ; <JM^* sabiq (pi. jW- 

subbaq, <jfc~ subbaq). 
Private, adj. (particular) y/>\± 

bass; \fy*** mabsus. ^(secret) 

iSy* sirri-y ; yf*" mastur. 
Privatenb88, Privacy, s. SjU hal- 

Privation, *. ^ 'adam ; $W*^ 

ihtiyaj ; s-^- salb. 
Privative, adj. s-J^* salib; ^«^ 

Privative, s. (in grammar) u^ 

s-J^- barf salb (pi. u^ huruf). 
Privilege, s. hy* maziya-t (pi. 

\i\y mazaya) ; jV^*\ imtiyaz (pi. 

«y\jLA*\ imtiyazat). 
Privilege, v. *j\** aUc 'amil-hu 

mu'af, ya'inal; s^ ^s^\ ibtaes 

bi, yabtass. 
Privileged, adj. u\** mu'af ; JU^ 

Privy, adj. (conscious) J^ *-^\^ 

waqif 'ala ; gl^ mu^alli ; y*± **• 

ma'-hu habar. — (not public) ^^» 

mahram; ^oU. hasf. — (secret) 

tjr* sirri-y. 
Privy, *. tfr 1 —" mustaral? ; o^r* 

mirhad Cpl. (j±tp»\f maral>i4) ; 

Ul<jS kanif (pi. UL^kunf). 
Prize, *. S\i^-* mukafa-t; ^jV^« 

mujaza-t ; q\£** halwan. 
Prize, v. y±\ a'azz, yu*izz; &4$ 

gam man, yusammin. 

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Probability, •. <j%tt *«U* mutt- 
bahat al-haqq ; JUs^\ ihtimal. 

Probable, arf;. «J^ a*Uu* mu^&- 
bih li-'l-haqq ; J*w« muhta- 
mil, muhtamal. — (it is probable) 
J**^ yahtamil. 

Probation, *. oW*M imtihan; 
*£-**. bah? ; ^/W fahs ; ^/W* ta- 

Probe, 8. cr%* mi j ass ; jW~* mis- 
bar; ,>• mil (pi. JW-\ amyal, 
J^ muyul). 

Probe, v. p~ sabar, yasbur. 

Probity, *. c*-° salah ; ja* gadq ; 
*j\*i\ insaf. 

Problem, *. *!£*»* mu6kila-t (pi. 
JSU^ masakil) ; fl*l~* masa'a- 
la-t (pi. J«^* masayil). 

Problematical, acfy". &*-*-• musab- 
bab; **)j£a* maskuk; ,j*** ^ 
gair muhaqqaq. 

Proboscis, *. p<fyL hurtuni (pi. 
^V> haratfm) ; ^ birtum. 

Procedure, *. iy**» maiwa-t ; &fyl» 
tariqa-t ; jti^ tadbir. 

Proceed, v. (advance) f*tf qadam, 
yaqdum; f*8 taqaddam, yata- 
q ad dam ; j\~ sar, yasir. — (make 
progress) Jy tarraqa, yatarraqa. 
— (come forth) ^ sadar, yasdir, 
yasdur ; J-*- ha sal, yahsal. 

Proceeding, *. *UU* mu'amala-t ; 
J*x 'amal. — (proceedings) **Jjl~ 

Proceeds, *. J*^ hasil (pi. uwloL. 
hasilat, J-°V hawasil); Jj-"** 
mahsul ; J****** madhul. 

Process, s. (procedure) &&;!» tari- 
qa-t (pi. OfcV* tarayiq); J+c 
'amal (pi. JUe\ a'mal). — (law- 
suit) Jj*J da'wa-t; ^jcj da'wa 
(pi. ^Vcj da'awa) ; &••-*» husu- 
ma-t; £*-»! qadiya-t; £UU* mu- 

Procession, *. (pageant) s-^y» 
maukib (pi. s~flj* mawakib) ; 
«y>«*> daura-t ; &) zaffa-t (parti- 
cularly applied to a wedding 
procession). — (ecclesiastical) c^j 
ziyyah (pi. «yV«^j ziyyafcat). 

Proclaim, v. «^A» nada, yunadi; 

^ aihar, yusTiir; <j>M alan, 

Proclamation, *. S\ jU» munadat ; 

fM i'lam ; <£*\ i'lan ; >*\ i£har ; 

jWU izhar. 
Proclivity, *. u&*s\ in'Haf ; Jt-» 

mail (pi. JW amyal). 
Procrastinate, v. jl\ ahhar, yu- 

'ahhir; <J$\ abqa, yubqi; jytf 

ta'awwaq, yata'awwiq; J3U 

hazaf, yuhazif. 
Procrastination, s. je**V* ta'hir; 

&3l^* muhazafa-t. 
Procrastinitor, *. JjL* matul, 

mutawwil ; J*** mumahhil. 
Procreate, v. ^ walad, yalid; 

J— * nasal, yansul; J~i\ ansal, 

Procreation, *. ±Jf taulid ; J-Ui 

Procreatiye, adj. &y muwallid. 


quwwat at-taulid ; tey Sp quw- 

wa-t muwallida-t. 
Procurable, adj. Jj*^\ (^^» 

mnmkin al-husul. 
Procurator, «. Jyt*» mutawalli; 

J«^ wakil (pi. J^, wakala). 
Procure, v. J-^ hassal, yuhassil ; 

s^W jab, yajib ; s--V jalab, yaj- 

lub ; —(o5tem) JU nal, yanal ( J^t 

yanil).— (pimp) \j>f. 'arras, yu- 

Procuress, s. Ms dallala-t. 
Prodioal, adj., s. )&+• mubazzir; 

u>j~+ musrif ; Ukli» mitlaf , mut- 

Prodigality, s. ^-i^ israf ; J« V 

Prodioiou8, adj. (wonderful) s-*%* 

'ajfb. — (enormous) **&* sadid ; 

^\) zayid ; ^M 'agim. 
Prodigy, *. 1+*+* 'ajiba-t (pi. 

s-siW 6 'ajayib) ; ky+* 'ujuba-t ; 

s-iW^^ s-*** «ajab al-'ajayib. 
Produce, Product, s. J*Vft. hasil 

(pi. J-°V hawasil) ; Jy«^* mah- . 

sul (pi. i^^yaay mahsulat). 
Produce, v. (bring to view) f+& 

qaddam, yuqaddim ; j£\ azhar, 

yughir. — (bring forth) y*\ ag- 

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mar, yugmir ; ^ wallad, yuwal- 
lid ; Caj\ anda, yunSi ; g**\ antaj, 
yuntij. — (cause) s-«**» sabbab, 

Production, *. (act of producing) 
&j& takwin ; ju$\ i§mar. — (com- 
position) <-A*&*J taanif ; Ui\ insa. 

Productive, a</i. ;-*£• mugmir ; 
v , *+ < * basib ; J[j* muwallid. 


Profanation, s. < j ~e+& tan j is ; 
is-**'** taenia. 

Propane, adj. (worldly) ^5^ J dun- 
yawi-y. — (impure) <j«Ai fasiq. 

Profane, t>. *±>J lawwas, yulaw- 
wis ; v"** najjas, yunajjis ; <j-**> 
dannas, yudannis. 

Profanenes8, Profanity, s. f±* 
f>\js*y\ «adam al-ihtiram; «J~i 

Profess, v. (declare) j&\ azhar, 
yuzhir ; ^ qarrar, yuqarrir ; ji\ 
aqarr, yuqirr ; <&* Sahid, yaihad. 
— (exercise or teach) J** 'amal 
(*amil), ya'mal; j-ju> sana', 
yaana'; ^-^ 'allain, yu'allim; 
u*j*> darras, yudarris. 

Profession, s. (declaration) $y*\ 
iqrar ; wrij-set i'tiraf ; jl4&* 
ta'kid ; S*>W*» sahada-t. — (calling) 
***-* san'a-t ; &U* sana'a-t (pi. 
£*Uc sanayi 4 ); ^ hirfa-t (pi. 
*Jj* i^irai) ; ^ fann (pi. ^y^ 
funun) ; {A* 41m (pi. ^le 'ulum). 

Professor, s. *)** mu'allim ; (j*)-** 
mudarris ; <y*~\ ustaz. 

Proffer, v. (*& qaddam, yuqad- 
dim ; J*f 'arad, ya'rucl. 

Proffer, s. pi±8 taqdim. 

Proficience, Proficiency, *. ifc- 
mahara-t ; ^f taraqqi ; \-JB^ 
irtiqa ; £W labaqa-t. 

Proficient, adj., s. y&A* mahir; 
jtU sa$ir ; <jJ labiq ; «J**3 labiq. 

Profile, s. &*£\ «-A-a& nasf al-wajh ; 
c^JLdU multafit. 

Profit, s. (gain) s^ kasb; ^ 
ribh (pi. c^ arbah). — (advan- 
tage) S^U %ida-t (pi. J*y fa- 
way id) ; £-*aa* manfa'a-t (pi. 
£*U# manafi'). 

Profit, v.n. & rabit, yarbafc ; gW 
tanaffa', yatanaffa* ; gf&\ intifa', 
yantafi* ; s-* — s fl iktasab, yakta- 
sib; a. &* nafa', yanfa'; naffa', 
yunaffi* ; is**\ ajda, yujdi. 

Profitable, adj. •M* mufid ; g*Vi 

Profitableness, s. £f& naf' ; £*Ajl* 
manfa'a-t; S*M ifada-t. 

Profitless, adj. foa^N ^^c 'adiin 
al-fayida-t ; •M* j** gair mufid. 

Profligate, adj., s. t>\* fajir (pi. 
j^4 fujjar, 8«%t fajara-t,^\y fa- 
wajir); <J~u fasiq (pi. jL-J 
fussaq, &—i fasaqa-t). 

Proflioatenes8, Profligacy, s. 
i>-i fisq ; *>L~J fasad ; )j*J fujur. 

Profound, adj. (deep) Ok-** 'aniiq 
(pi. v>^ 'umuq, v^^ 'amayiq, 
jjLfc *imaq). — (abstruse) J^» 
magluq ; u^^ gawis. — (learned) 
j ^.-?* mutaba^hir; Jfe^ gariq. 

Profoundness, Profundity, *. 
,j^c 4 umq. — (figuratively) jjk 
gaur ; up^ giyas. 

Profuse, flwi/. (prodigal) )&++ mu- 
bazzir ; wi^-^ musrif ; J)*^ mu- 
ba*ziq. — (plentiful) jft) wafir; 
jt* kasir. 

Profu8ENE88, Profusion, s. (pro- 
digality) u\j~\ israf ; Sj^ baza- 
ra-t (bazarra-t). — (abundance) 
lj£ kasra-t ; u^ fai4 ; u *-; 
rahs ; ft waf r ; ^ wuf ur. 

Progenitor, «. *+ jadd (pi. ^%. 
judiid, *>W^ ajdad). 

Progeny, s. ^ aulad ; hj^ zurri- 
va-t (pi. v4)V ?^rari) ; J-i nasi 
(pi. JUi^ ansal). 

Prognosticate, v. Jys tafawwal, 
yatafawwal ; (^> takahhan, ya- 
takahhan; ^^ tanabba, yata- 

Prognostication, s. JVJ fal (pi. J p ^* 
fu'ul ; JV* af'ul) ; gj^ti tabrij.^ 

Prognosticator, *. f »^^ munaj- 
jim ; JV* c^* fattah fal. 

Programme, «. e^j bay an. 

Progress, Progression, s. (ad- 
vancement) p«V55 taqaddum ; JW*^ 
iqbal ; 5^**^ istidraj ; ^fj^S tad- 


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rij. — (improvement) Jf taraqqi; 
o\*j\\ izdiyad; tW* najalj; c^ 

Pbogbess, v. pus taqaddam, yata- 

Pbogbessional, Pbogbessiye, adj. 
^\j&i~\ istidraji-y ; fJUU* muta- 

Pbogbessiveness, *. $\;A*-\ istid- 

Pbohibit, v. (forbid) pj* Ijarrani, 
yuharrim ; ^ naha, van hi. — 
(hinder) &* mana', yamna* ; J^ 
'aq, ya'uq ; jf 'awwaq, yu'aw- 
wiq ; ^ fcazar, yaljzur. 

Pbohibition, e. (defence) (*f* talj- 
rim ; ^e* nahi. — (hindrance) £** 
man' ; £UsM imtina' ; £**W» niu- 

Pbohibitoby, adj. g»^ mani' ; ?j*+ 

Pboject, 8. a*J qasd ; »>yJU maq- 
sud (pi. J**Uu maqasid) ; «*•** 
tadbir; #J^\ ibtida' ; *>W:\ 

Pboject, v. (contrive) y»> dabbar, 
yudabbir; £f±\ ihtara', yahtari* ; 
£asj\ ibtada', yabtadi*. — (throw* 
out) «-*J*> hazaf, yal?zif; <j*i 
rama, yarmi. — (jut out) Jc *-*/•* 
airaf 'ala, yusnf. 

Pbojectile, 8. ^y mirma ; &•/• 
mirmat (pi. o^V* marami). 

Pbojecting, adj. <^&~ musrif . 

Pbojection, 8. (delineation) (**s 
rasm (pi. ft— »j rusum, p—*y 
arsum) ; &•£•; rasama-t ; ]ty* 
taswir (pi. $.$*& taeawir). 

Pbojectob, 8. £»V* mubdi' ; £/a^ 

Pbolipic, adj. (a* a female) fy*& 
o^3\ kasirat al-aulad. — (as a 
tree) jU*!N lyt& kasirat al-asmar ; 
y+Z* musmir. 

Pbolix, adj. Jijt Jawil (pi. JtjL 
tfwal, JU» tiyal) ; r**N P* kagir 
al-kalam ; J-A* mufaesal. 
PBOLIXITY, PBOLIXNE88, *. J^» tul ; 
Jijt? ta^wil ; fitett i,& kasrat al- 
kalam ; yV^ ishab ; v^UM 

Pbologue, 8. 1+*** muqaddama-t; 

WU fatifea-t (pi. ^V fawatih). 
Pbolono, v. Jjt {awwal, yu$aw- 

Pbolongation, 8. J*jl* ta^wil ; 

filU i^ala-t ; &*• muhla-t. 
Pbomenade, *. (pleasure-walk) *y3 

tanazzuh ; &*y* nuzha-t. — ( place 

for walking) *y&* muntazah. 


ma^raf, musraf (pi. UjjlA* masa- 

rif) ; £to^ irtifa*. 
Prominent, adj. ^Jj^» muirif; 

gfSy murtafi' ; j;W bariz. 
Pbomiscuou8, adj. *»jU^ mahlut ; 

labat* muhtali|. 
Pbomiscuou8ne88, 8. U*. hilt, hult ; 

UU*t ihtilat ; iW^ lahbata-t. 
Pbomise, *. ^ wa'd ; 8^ wa'da-t ; 

Afy mau'ud (pi. j^j* ma- 

wa*id) ; J^c *ahd (pi. o^c *uhud). 
Pbomi8E, v. j*j wa'ad, ya'id ; ^^ 

au'ad, yu^d ; »^^ *ahad, yu- 

Pbomi880by, adj. J*^ wa 4 id. 
Pbomontoby, 8. ^j ras (pi. u**d 

ru'us, u*/.a; ru'fts). 
Pbomote, v. (prefer) Jf; raqqa, 

yuraqqi ; (*<& qaddam, yuqad- 

dim ; gi; rafa', yarfa*. — (accele- 
rate) p& qaddam, yuqaddim ; 

Gy rawwaj, yurawwij. 
Pbomotion, *. Jf taraqqi; Va^\ 

irtiqa; ^>J^i taqdim; j^» ta- 

Pbompt, adj. (active) ^»U i^\ir (pi. 

^Oa ^uUar) ; dj» harik ; Ui 

na&t- — (ready) y*>\*> hadir ; a *. *™ * 

musta'idd ; £ty»* Bari* (pi. eVc^. 

eur*an), f. ^ij- sari'a-t (pi. £^ 

Bira 4 ). 
Pbompt, v. (incite) df. harrak, yu- 

harrik ; Jbj*> harrad, yuharrid. — 

(suggest) { J^ j\*\ i£ar 'ala, yu^ir. 
Pbomptitude, Promptnesb, 8. &*j~ 

sur*a-t; j^j«a-\ isti'dad. 
Promulgate, v. fl**\ ashar, yu^hir ; 

j$\ aghar, yuzhir. 
Promulgation, s. )\q*\ i^har ; j\$\ 

Pbone, adj. (prostrate) Ky)°" mat- 

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rulu — (mentally inclined) J*^ 
mayil ; s-^\) ragib. 

Pboneness, 8. J** mail (pi. JW^ 
amyal) ; &*tj rugba-t ; W*fc\ isti- 
ha ; ^yfc hawa. 

Peong, 8. tf)y* Sok; &j* soka-t; 
&£(s*y furtaika-t. 

Pbonominal, ad/, v^**-* 4&miri-v. 

Pbonoun, s. ^4-a 4amir (pi. ^u-a 
(jlainayir). See Demonstbative, 
Relative, &c. 

Pbonounce, v. (articulate) ltd 
lafaz, yalfiz; k*fc talaffag, yata- 
laifaz. — (^roracmnce sentence) 
(+&» hakam, yahkum ; ^J^ j±*\ 
asdar al-hukm, yu^dir. 

Pbonunciation, 8. la) lafj (pi. iW 
alfaz) ; Itfl? talafEug. 

Pboof, 8. (evidence) SjaU sahida-t 
(pi. jufcUfc sawahid) ; JJ*> dalil 
(pi. Jt& dalayil) ; (^W bayan ; 
0^ burhan (pi. {$t*\* barahin). 
— (test) ^)W^»\ imtihan ; hfr 
tajriba-t (pi. s^r tajarib) ; *±**i 
bal^s ; 8p*> hubra-t. 

Prop, g. ju- sanad (pi. *>\ju.\ asnad) ; 
jlu-\ istinad. 

Pbop, v. *u~ sanad, yasnud ; san- 
nad, yusannid ; J^U sanad, yusa- 

Pbopaoate, v.a. (increase in num- 
ber) j£ kasgar, yuka§§ir ; **\) zad, 
yazid. — (spread) y** nasar, yan- 
£ur ; gUt asa*, yusl' ; £** Sayya', 
yuSayyi*. — (increase by genera- 
tion) J-U? tanasal, yatanasal. 

Pbopaoation, s. (increase) SjV^ 
ziyada-t; *>^jt izdiyad; j&& 
takgir. — (of a race) J~Uj tana- 
sul. — (diffusion) jUus>\ intisar ; 
&&\u\ isa'a-t. 

Pbopel, v. jU. saq, yasuq; OjL 
tarad, yatrud. 

Pbopensity, s, J** mail (pi. JW^ 
amyal) ; U&*i\ in'itaf ; fej rug- 
ba-t; ^y& hawa. 

Pbopbb, adj. (suitable) &} layiq ; 
<3*\y» muwatiq ; s-**^ muna- 
sib. — (beseeming) s-**\> wajib ; 
s -* f .~* mustaujib. — (peculiar) 
v^U. b&s ; &y**" mabaua.— (real) 

o 8 ^ baqiqi-y ; J*t asli-y.— (a 
proper name) ^Jc «alam (pi. ffc\ 
a' lam). 

Pbopebty, *. (peculiar quality) 
ie-U. hassiya-t (pi. <jo*Us> hasa- 
yis) ; Lo\± hassa-t (pi. <j»V- ha- 
wasf ) ; ***** kaifiya-t ; &**U ma- 
hiya-t ; «-JUj wasf ; &* sif a-t. — 
(a thing owned) JU mal (pi. JV*^ 
amwal) ; g^* mata* (pi. I«*\ 
amti'a-t) ; oXU milk (pi. dU\ 

Pbophecy, *. £***> tambiya-t ; b\& 
kihana-t. — (gift of prophecy) 8j*i 
nabiiwa-t ; y*& tanabbu. 

Pbophesy, v. ij*£ tanabba, yata- 
nabba ; y4& takahhan, yatakah- 

Pbophet, 8. ^ nabi-y (pi. W^ 
ambiya) ; J^-j rasul (pi. J-j\ 
arsul* J-; rusul, *y rusala') ; 
(jjfctf kahin (pi. k& kahana-t, 
q)\& kuhhan). 

Pbophetic, Prophetical, adj. 
tjyti nabawi-y ; J^»j rasuli-y. 

Pbopinquity, *. s^y qurb ; Jjtjl 
qaraba-t; s-^-* nasab. 

Pbopitiate, v. u^*a-\ ista'taf, 

Pbopitiation, *. ^iU««*-i\ isti'taf. 

Pbopitious, adj. (favourable) &\y 
muwafiq; p*±+ mun'im; «-AjJ 
la^if. — (disposed to be merciful) 
(*?>} ratim; yUj ragman; ^ 
gafur (pi. yi gufur). 

Pbopitiou8ne»8, s. SacL-^ musa- 
4 ada-t; UkU lu^f; *+*> ni'ma-t 
(pi. ^ ni 4 am) ; <jk*/ taufiq ; 
iUy ratma-t. 

Pbopobtion, a. if— i nasaba-t; 
«^wbJ tanasub ; fi*>U* mu k adala-t; 
J\joa\ i'tidal ; &*$»• mu^abaqa-t. 

Pbopobtion, Pbopobtionate, v. 
Jj^ 'addal, yu'addil ; Jac\ a*dal, 
yu'dil ; ^ ^-U qas 4 ala, yaqis ; 
^ )<& qaddar *ala, yuqaddir; 
J s-^-^ nasab li, yunasib. 

Proportionable, Proportionate, 
adj. «-r*-^*« mutanasib ; 0^^* 
mufabiq; «J^^ muwanq. 

Pbopobtionableness, Pbopob- 

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8. s-*~tjj tanasub; &*>U* mu- 

'adala-t ; J\j**\ i'tidal. 
Proportionle8s,o(2/. «-r*~^^ gair 

munasib ; J^^** jt* gair mufcabiq ; 

s*~Uj^ ^ofi *adim at- tanasub. 
Proposal, *. &>y 'urda-t; \j>)f* 

ma'rud ; pJS* muqaddam. 
Propose, v. jby 'arad, yarud. 
Proposition, s. (in mathematics, 

etc.) fll~* nias'ala-t (pi. JfU*» 

Propound, v. <J>f 'ara4, ya'nuji ; 

f& qaddam, yuqaddim. 
Proprietary, adj. **)jU* mamluk. 
Proprietor, 8. s-^-^* sahib (pi. 

s-»^^ ashab) ; *sW*» malik (pi. 

c*)jU\ umluk). 
Propriety, s. &^J layaqa-t ; **-• U* 

munasaba-t ; s^j*; wujub. 
Propulsion, «. jW- siyaq; &W- 

Prorogation, *. je^^s ta'hir ; Utfy 

tawaqquf ; to^ waqfa-t. 
Prorogue, v. ^ ahhar, yu'ahhir; 

«-ASj waqqaf, yuwaqqif. 
Prosaic, Prosaical, adj. ^^ 

Proscribe, v. » naf a, y anf i ; naff a, 

yunaffi ; ^ fcarad, ya{rad ; ?y 

haram, yahrim ; ^y\ ah ram, 

yukrim; alaa* y\ amar bi-qatl- 

hu, yamur. 
Proscription, 8. <J* nafi; f\y\ 

i^ram ; »>jL (ard. 
Prose, *. ^ nasr. — {rhymed prose) 

£%~ saja*; g^-^ (3S kalam 

Prosecute, t>. (j>ursue) £** taba', 

yatba'; ^j^X^^ istal^aq, yastal- 

W> ^ tarad, ya^rad. — (con- 

tinue) j+*~\ istamarr, yastamirr ; 

rf* dawam, yudawim (both with 

^ 'ala). — (sue) Vcj\ idda'a, 


PR08ECUTION, *. (pursuit) fi^Ua* 

mutarada-t; &fc>X* niukhaqa-t; 
v«**> ta'aqqub. — (eo/*Jmiuince) 
&#^jl* mudawama-t ; ^^i-\ is- 
timrar. — (legal prosecution) t£f* 
da'wa 5 \f** da'wa. 

Prosecutor, a. ^5^^ mudda'i. 
Proselyte, «. J^*> dahil ; ^-^ 

girs, gars (pi. yA£\ agras). 
Prosines8, 8. Jjt Jul ; Jiji* tat- 

Prosody, s. Jb^f. «aru4 ; v/jp*^ /•** 

*ilm al-'aru<jl ; y^\ &$y (J* *ilni 

mawazin ai-si'r. 
Prospect, *. (view) *p nazra-t; 
)**+ manzar; &t {alla-t*; £♦**• 

mutmah (pi. e^U** matamih). — 

(hope) JM amal (pi. J^ amal) ; 

Wj raja. 
Prosper, v. ^ falah, yaflah ; ^\ 

aflah, yuflih ; &* najah, yanjaJ? ; 

<3*y tawaffaq, yatawaffak. 
Prosperity, s. J^ iqbal ; ^-*t 

vasar; ^U*i na'ma-t; ^5^* nu'ma; 

&jU- sa'ada-t; ^*; ^*^ 'i^a-t 

radiya-t ; Jb*y taufiq. 
Prosperous, adj. ^» muflit ; J«^ 

muqbal; a<>*- sa^d; ^*--« 

Prostitute, v. cr** J dannas, 

yudannis ; {j**r najjas, yunajjis ; 

J»Sj razzal, yurazzil. 
Prostitute, *. W qahba-t (pi. 

v»^» qil^ab); W»\) za^iya-t (pi. 

j»\^j zawati) ; Z~**M fahi6a-t. 
Prostitution, s. ^y^ fisq ; ^j zina ; 

&**> qahbana-t. 
Prostrate, v. (throw down) t^ 

tarat, ya^rat ; { y») rama, yarmi. 

— (bow in reverence) •*%-» sajad, 

yasjud ; g^ raka 4 , yarka*. 
Prostrate, adj. ji" mulqa; ^ 

laqan (pi. W alqa); f^* masrft ; 

gt r sari*. 
Prostration, s. ^^- sujM ; i*^- 

sajda-t; &**j rak*a-t. 
Prosy, od;. J/** mamlCll; ^y* 

Protect, v. {J **> hama, yahmi; 

^^ t am a, yuljanii; (^U san, 

yasun; jW\ ajar, yajir; «^ *^ 

sadd zahr-hu,yaiidd; ^^ hafaj, 

yu^afij. — (against anything: &• 

min, fc>* *an). 
Protection, *. ^U*. Ijimaya-t; 

SUW* muhamat ; &i\** siyana-t ; 

yy saun; A^Wt muljafaza-t; 

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ijW\ ijara-t ; JjtUj waqaya-t ; ^ UJ 

Peotbst, Peotb8Tation, s. (decla- 
ration, especially of dissent) j\j»\ 

iqrar; wJU^ muhalafa-t; f-Srf 

Protest, v. (assure) ^ akkad, 

yu'akkid; yft aqarr, yuqirr. — 

(oppose) UtfU. halaf, yuhalif ; 

^f*\ i'tara&ya'taritjl ; f^tf J** 

'amil protesto, ya'mal. 
Peototype, s. JU\ asl (pi. Af\ 

usul); J^JU migal (pi. AU*\ 

amsila-t, JA* uiusl). 
Peoteact, v. ^\ ahhar, yu'ahhir; 

jy» tawwal, jutawwil; JVU ajal, 

Pbotbaction, s. j6*»*\* ta'hir ; Ji^ 

tatwil ; *!U.\ i$ala-t ; ^y tawani; 

S\jaA imtidad. 
Peoteude, v. a. t/^ ahraj, yuhrij ; 

n. jy barraz, yubarriz. 
Peotctbebance, s. fa waram (pi. 

p\#\ auram) ; £afctf nafha-t. 
Peotubeeant, adj. (swollen) tp*" 

manful ; o^ warman ; *fo 

warim. — (prominent) <j>^ nati. 
Peotubeeate, v. f)) warim, yarim ; 

fif tawarram, yatawarram ; £fc*\ 

intafah, yantafih. 
Peoxjd, adj. y£*+ mutakabbir; 

/ *&+ muftahir; j^yu magrur. — 

(behave proudly) y*& takabbar, 

Peoyable, adj. «t>W*3\ J*U q&bil 

al-igbat ; c^^ yugbat. 
Peovb, v. (demonstrate) y*i bayyan, 

yubayyin; &*& agbat, yusbit; 

^Jty barhan, yubarhin; ^ J*> 

daft, 'ala, yadull. — (try) &**~\ 

imtaljan, y am t ah in ; s-»/»- jarrab, 

yujarrib ; si***. ba^a§, yabi^ag. 
Pbovendee, «. uuy qut (pi. *a>\ji\ 

aqwat); «-Alc 'alaf (pi. ^0* 

Peoveeb, s. J** magal (pi. J^*\ 

Peoyeebial, adj. i j£* masali-y ; 

Ju*\ amgali-y. 
Provide, v. (get ready) j**> \t*4$ax, 

yuJ^atf^irj V«* hayya, yuhayyij 

ys+ jahhaz, yujahhiz. — (supply) 
j^ razaq, yarzuq. — (stipulate) 
Lj* sarat, yairut, yairit; ^U 
sarat, yusarit. — (provide against) 
**)jW tadarak, yatadarak. 

Peovided that, conj. q\ Ly** bi-sart 

Pbovidence, 8. (Divine) &+£*£\ 
£-e$12\ al-hukmat al-ilahiya-t ; 
£*aW £ftU*J\ al-'inayat al-ilahiya-t. 
— (prudence) s-*\j*N s^^-*- kisab 
al-'awaqib; S^-> basira-t ; jc**** 

Peovidential, adj. &+- W W ^ 
i*^ mutaminam bi-'l-hukmat 

Peovince, *. &&) wilaya-t; aJ^ 

Peovincial, adj. (relating to a 
province) hty s-*-l**« munasib 
li-'l-wilaya-t. — (rustic) ^^ galig ; 
{m f^ fallati-y. 

Peovincial, s. c^* fallafc. 

Peovingialism, 8. Ae>UJa«l» $um- 

Peovision, *. (food, store) «^y qAt 
(pi. «y\yfl aqwat) ; *\y zad ; l^\y) 
zawwada-t ; &*y miina-t ; VUy 
qumaniya-t; f*± zuhr (pi. j\^S\ 
azhar). — (preparation) jd^5 tad- 
bir ; y<ar tajhiz ; ^\js tadaruk. 

Peovision, v. <*$ zawwad, yuzaw- 
wid ; y*+ jahhaz, yujahhiz. 

Peovisional, adj. ^^ waqti-y. 

Peoviso, s. tj-^* sart (pi. L^** 

JPeovocation, «. i^^\ igaza-t. 

Pbovocative, 8. S^a3\ v*S^^ inu^ar* 
rik as-6ahwa-t. 

Peovoke, v. (excite, move to) *<J^ 
tarraq, yutarriq; <J>f» t ar ra4> 
jutarri^. — (make angry) s-~&M 
ag4ab, yug(jLib ; i^\ agag, yugiz. 

Peovost, 8. (chief) w^j ra'is ; ^W. 
bakim (pi. (*^*> ^ukkam) ; {**** 

Pbow, *. s-^i\ (^u muqaddam 

Peowess, 8. &t** saja'a-t; ^^ 

butiila-t ; 


^ jura'-t j 


Digitized by 





Prowl, v. sJU* taf, yattif; «jU*\ 

a$af, ju^ii. 
Prowler, s. u\£ tawwaf. 
Proximate, adj. w-**y* qarib (pi. 

s^V qirab) ; s^ aqrab ; J-as* 

Proximity, g. s^ 5 qurb ; JUrt 

Proxy, *. {person) J**j wakil (pi. 

!fc*j wukala) ; s-h* nayib (pi. s^y 

naub, s^y nuwwab). — {full 

power) X*& l*±j ruhsa-t kulliya-t ; 

<3^* u^y* tai'wi4 mutlaq. 
Prude, *. ^\y mura'i. 
Prudence, s. ^Ji tadbir ; S^-> 

bagira-t; Jte 'aql ; ±*j rusd; 

^jJa* fi^na-t ; ff* Ijazm. 
Prudent, adj. J*^ 'aqil (pi. ^ 

'uqala, JU* 'uqqal) ; ^^ s-^U 

?a$ib tadbir (pi. s^W^ afhab) ; 

Ijel p^ ?& ba$ira-t ; pj^ bazim 

(pi. X*yk hazama-t) ; {^ fatin 

(pi. u& fu'tn). 
Prudery, *. ^ riya; 8^\;* miir- 

Prune, s. ^W\ ija§; ^^ inja$ 

{Egypt.) ; e^ feauh, hoh {Syr.) ; 

<jyy barqAq (Ifo^r.). 
Prune, v. ^ qallam, yuqallim. 
Pruning, s. p&s taqlim. 
Prurience, Pruriency, *. J i* * * £ 

Prurient, adj. < j »*Jl ' <* munagmi^. 
Pry, v. v-~*r tajassas, yatajassas. 
Psalm, *. jyy mazmur (pi. j*+\y 



Psalmody, s. j«*y tazmir. 

P8ALTER, 8. rfj zibf ; rff\ s^ 

kitab az-zubur. 
Psaltery, s. {musical instrument) 

0**^ qanun (pi. c^V qawanin) ; 

y^* santir. 
Psychological, adj. &y& s— -U* 

is*d\ munasib li-'l-ina'rifat an- 


P8YCHOLOGI8T, 8. v-toft liy s-^.U 

9afeib ma'rifat an-nafs. 
Psychology, s. v/ -a*J\ Ihy ma'ri- 
fat an-nafs. 

Puberty, s. tfa bulug; A**y» bulu- 

Pubescent, adj. £*W balig. 

Public, adj. {common) pVc *amm ; 
^yy* 'umftmi-y ; dy&~» mu^> 
tarik ; ^je*** jainburi-y. — {no- 
torious) y*Ufc zahir ; jj6-**» inaihur ; 
^y ma'ruf ; ^i* 4 alani-y. 

Public, *. pUH al-'amm ; i^jatH 
f\f&\y al - hawass wa-'l-'awam ; 
jje*^ jumhftr (pi. ^W jama- 
hir) ; <j*VaN an-nas. 

Publican, s. {keeper of a public- 
house) jU*. hammar ; ^s^Vafe** 
maihanji {Pers., Turk.). — {tax- 
gatherer) jV-ftx *as.4ar.