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■ DARING- . 







iM/hen its omli^ Seplembef, 

Jt is hard to I'ememl'Hir 

To by-ush mif c/olhes. 

To wipe mt^ ^ose. 

To keep mi/ shoes qMtte 


iPidt JHst before it's 

When f here's lots, of secret 

J find omI that mi/ me^ortf 
fs reoliif veyi/ keen. 


L49 Mod.icn A.f , tie- ¥di1i. ]&, N. T. 


Mif word: Where Is .•i-v^&uV" \ ijj^ 

^ elves and gKotires should bp ^ 
I cami^ (x/t tous—lhei-p!^ 
scarcely a day left- 
ivhei-e could J hsif be? 

\3liici'0iaiiit!"5anla: i^our 
\ gnomes and elves are ^rte 
I foiv ver M i^less ^ou give me 
l_ ^ ~-^ Ike keg to thf 
"" ^m coftdjy mine:'" 
Signed: The 
'iji\ BlackGianl' 

So Ihai's if/iiti happened: tie's 
captured mif helpers and tvon'i ' 
/p/ them go uidill give him Ike ' 
' "~ iegiolke 
can ' 

( I doii'i know ivhat lo do— 
1 Oh, Ihpre's the front door- ' 
\ bell- ma^be ll's Ike gimji , 
S- — — ,-r^v-_ after the 

Why.SanlaJ \ 
Why do you 
look so glum? 

Mother Goose/ 
I'm relieved to , 
$ee you-aome 
in -come in! 


or J| 







1 Ido^tkear the 
\ sound of busy 
I lilMg hammers. 
\ Santa 

'm. i>!eSlackaimri\ 'RaH^nt! Whif, Aar old rasxU-m 
has stolen mv i^^lppfsS bet he wants Ihek^ylo St? candy 
ffe's holding ikem hr\ mine again! Maybe you'll kave 
ransom.' J\ ki give it to him. ' 

/l&w // / dn?^s,'J Id's ^ou. I could lead 
the giahlona mldgowe dime to gel 
the k^if-meauwhik i^u skould be abk 
to fmd the 

Tkal'S a clewr lilra. Mother 
0oo5e .Come aloag-lll 
/isid a Santa CIoms 

ThPi^iv !n Ike s/ad/e.' flfoiv ive[ 
obighi lo trap the giant so he 
roiii do us om^ karm wken 
ke //eids he's ht'cn &oled 

Qowe along to the ' 
cand^ mine. Blaci 
Giant-/ tl let 

I lfi)K lal/e thelte^ to 0ie 
cand^ mine and let the 
giant in - but dpii't give 
kim the key-J ktzve a li ^ou in' 
plan: I,isteK-bzz7.-bzM.\ ^--"""-vr 

...... \ ^^^ 

eat sooh ni eal , 

Whett ^{^lerGooi^ leads 
i?im la l^e bubbling 
taffy springs, them, 
we go to work. ^-' 


[of! aii^ lit'^Tj'Sin>Hl thai bfau!ituiy~There's Ihf luji^ t,pi'iiig— '- 
smell' c~/ that's alt soft, warm taify in 
there - US realltf deliciousf 

[T/tere Houfiiai wanieaj Maybe i/auVe 
Birjf^^o '•'•''•' i. got enough 
?S» canify lor 
a rfia nqe 

Hafibu think ffoatv trkhed 
me! This taff^ does fit slow 
me down-ni catch you all 
and grind i/ou to bits: 

[fieip-fielpn carrl 
I move - I'm stut ■/■ 
fast-- he fp^ 


\7hcKt-^u won't. 
■"T^ L bother us again 
'■'--- ^ I during the 

Bui I caKt staif 
here allencaied 
in hard cand^' 
ill freeze to 

iKove i/Oitiirto 
barn taten w^eK 
f not .-^o 

But lor the rpsl oi the 
, daif ifon can just stand 
there and de uncomfort- 
able-Santo and his helpers 
l^ave been slon/ed up long 
enough b(/ t/our 

L et Mm groati— may be 
this will tpocii him. a ^ 


'ivasnt for i/ou. Mother those. 
I dont know what f , 
' would PtQi/e 1 

had a /iii/e pon^, . 
fits name was Dappk Gray. 
I loaned him to mi^ daddy 
To ride on Christmas Da^. 


//e pranced Itiin and hp 
danced him 

So ihei/ /eli in io a tree. 
it tvas as sill^ a thing to ch 

As ever I hope to see. 


zJld Omtmy Hippie Hopple 

Hopped out of bed: 
Looked at the calendar 

And straighl-awai^ said: 

If Christmas came a/ 
Easter time. 
When Easter time m2S 
What ever wovtJd old 
And the Easter &unny do?" 

M^^mif^Wkai a wonderful L 
fco.' J 

I iPs, that itas a/wa^ /teen | 
' point nfnrirjp j-^ 

mlhme. , — That's 

SaifUfjust occurred' 
lo use - if the faritier 
is having gofider 
tor dinner he 

/must i-uit 
mta^-a Fu- 
ijiliire from a 
roaslinq paet. 

S'f^^^^TA. ^ '' ^ys"'i fhvnin uears--[ 

■ ly'^'Vj / ihisisai^oocfU»i/totru^ 
""'^'<- ' if a^aiti^^—-— 

(Ifello. Mr: 
I GandeK 
1 iv^at are 
I If OH doim}? 

Oh-sob-inka can tell? I flee for 
I ift^ veri/- life! Tfie fafir^ef y^a^ 
I goiftg to cook mc hr CPiriitfifa:s^ Ha! 
dinner. /Excellent 

/Dieafi. of course. 

!you shoiv excellent I 

Judgment in 
da r/ott have a 

momEKl? 1^ 

, }bu ain live m/h us.' m' /wi-v-A 
I a nice douse now and llieres) 
I pteniif of room.. js 

Tkals vsri/ kind cf ^u- and i'lll 
be pi-ouda accept- but first of \ 

all f must lake a gift to the 

fox-he invited HU' 

to a , 

mil Hi look ai it aftgf tve lied 
ijou up-i/ou're ms/ CIvistmas 
f dJMmer' 

J here was a crooked mat? - ' 
And he walked a. 

Cfirislmas' mile. 

fie loMwi a Christmas sixpems 
Upon a crooked s/ile. 

He bought a crooked cat ,.,, , if^":^, ^ 

^ W^/r^ caught a Christmas 



Jheif kuJd a CfOHked Iree And a Utile crooked flu 

Thai he mxs civoked too. 

Me kuyig a crooked cane 
Upon the crooked ff^e.- 

/fe Quickly hting up three. 


Jn a hmG cn^oked dish ■ , ale """' 

Ay^^^^'^lc^' could ^' 


T^nd when ike day was ovey 
The^ sera idled their 
crooked heads. 
And tke^ all went io sleep 
•In Ideir ^*/p croaked -^^ 

Tomjtt^ Tticket's 

yfeveri) dai^ ims Chrisimas 
What would we have to give?! 
Whatever cou/d ive do for all 
The folks wilk whom we live? 

Ifeverif day was Christmas 
a^'d ritn clear out of toi^s. 

}^d have to share 
WiUi oUier girls aytdbotjs. 

HW^ave to laugh and sing 

. Ifewif day was 

Chrtstmas Dai^. 
We'd have to help each other 
Ayid never frown or sneer 
or smirk. 

If every day was Christmas. 
Thered be two things left 
to give— 
Our hearts ayid sunny 
smiles to all 
The hlks with whom we live. 

' furr-^ beaf 
is the vertf bear 
To take to bed at night. 

A not so vey^ tall bear 
But not a too. too small bear. 
Acf^nch^ baMnctf ball beoK 
Thats the one thafs right 

li catj be black 

Of bi'owfi 

Op' blue 
Of pink or even pttrp/e toa 

f don't care. 

If the bear 

is furr^~ 
I should wofrtf. 

ike kf^ocker: thert whpn 
Nbther Husband e^tv; 
ihe door tvei/^ifeak m 


■""1 1 1 Quiel/ tyaal 
jjj in Ihe Ivor Id 


wjext Morning \ 

ni^aii ituifi we leU 

^ Mather Hutbafd 

tPj/Zt are i^ave 

or{hrs hr hpr 


thai ^er haniit work] kmd-hearledmice. 

IS yprif fine. . She 'U \ 
be weil'tO'do t^oiv 
wilk all ih^e work \ 

wp wDuldi^'t have \ 
kyiowi^ wkat linp 
work &k€ ciiK do. 

Xp5. 1^14 are keroe:^! I hfcird 
fke stortf as^^^ou can sta^ as 
long tTS j^rv/ likp. 

/loifray! Now wpfl 
ail haife a goad 


Three men in a tub. 
And who dg i/ou think 
ikey be? 
The bulckeK the l?aker 
The cat^di/ catte maker 
On a Christnwb iiind 
of a spfee. 

A treeii in the tub 

Afid tvko is a-trimming 

the tree? 
The bt4icker. /lie balieii: 
The candi) ca^nc maker— 

Jo//^ men, that thei/ lie.' 

lAy ¥<mmiie 


ome people like oak 
And some like pine. 
But Ike tree I like 
Is a tfee ver^litie. 

talker lolks like elms. 

Bui I Lhink»oull agree 
That the reUui/. realli^ best 
Is a bright Christmas Tree. 

IVell. «■(■//: iiUk: 
Jack fiornsr. 'Its 
nearly ChrislmaB? 
have if ou come ^ 
to oiiler ipiir 

USlfi'f/ pK?'' 

Jfe Mr. Pieman, aadj 
/ /rai^ a lisi pfalt \ 
ihe Ihims M like 
to Ima in id 



I /ttuKi-lkLits quitp a itst-chptrii.'s, 
~ plums, cilrou- 

H-hoii tltis?A 
iom b chopy 

ihe pieimn to Simple 
Simon. "Sfiow me 
lir s( i^our pe nni/. 

Said Simple 
Simon io £he 
f Ptaven'l , 

tinii!" C 

We-'IVHo':- itT> O/r \ 
Simple Sii«oK~ ha.' 
IVaiif lo go to a 
ball qame. Simon? 
'J Mow aboui a hike? 

/ r hough I i/o/t wayi/pd 

Mipe, jusl 
asked if yoH 
ivau/ed to- 
Do you 
feel like a 

to go fishing. 


[ ^w I broken? /s it a bad j \ 
\ c>-ack? Ok dear, this J 

happened to Uncle C 
I j^ OiheMokp lime j 

vinegar and brown 
paper? 1 doiUkan 
a bit ofe'ilhsr. 

But vve need 
siicM Mumplif 

iogelkei- agmia: 

Tkaikx^silt is,' He mmled such a mh- 1 
likeMck Kj ure in it that it turned lo 
Hotmers '-i ' "T^^K^ (^glue. y' 

Oirislinas , ^^ ' 



\(lHlf folks ki^nr yeytf welt 
But it's really ham. to tell. 

for a puppu. 

certain day a pup can tell 
For someone ties a big. red bell 

on the pupp!^. 


'nd in a bag the pup can sffzell 
The juiciest bone the 
butcher'd sell 

(or the puppy— 



Mary, i^ouVf dee/? so contrarif. 
ifOua b&Uer go right to bed. 


la Ik. And when 
Iheudo, /hpi/'re 
pleasant ti^ ph. 

A doq' Wkered ''— ■ 

the anq&l go' / Dof£l be 

-^ sillif How 

can a dog /alkV 
If I rat?/ talk. 

II live-. itM::,!. 1/ 

(it y^asa'l yer^ nice o/" 
tUat Qiig^l to i&Qv^ w, 
ali olons with a 
. cat^ifai^ dog. 

I m, all right. \\ aw/^ f>t^ 

Ihp aniiel.\ \ I didn't sai/ 

5^ " ■"'/ ^.'i. 

CbfhtMu^ Eve 


yy/s/aif aim^ lill Santa 

jMe« evefi^atze's asleep. 
I'll tippi^ toe 





Ai^d never make a peep! 

I'll kide behind ihc curtain 
And peek arou-afOMJ7d— 

I'll sneak around th-un- 

tippl/ foe 
And stairs awake- 
unttl-Hll^ come 

A nd-t^awm-uh-kitrnm- 
Mow make a peep 
Whenevrif Sanlds- ah-oh- 
gee whiz 

Where revver^bodys else 
so sleep— 

^~^his meyrtf pig trimmed 
the tree. 

'-^his merry pig axked. 
the roast beef. 

merrif pig sang 
witH glee. 

wd this merrif pig shouted. 
To ever^ne he cauMsee.