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The Series 903 Ford Post Hole Digger is designed 
for use with Ford and Fordson Tractors. It mounts on 
the tractor lower links and the hydraulic lift rocker as 
shown in Figure 2. The digger is operated from the 
tractor seat and is driven by the tractor P.T.O. at the 
540 rpm speed only. 

Maximum digging depth of all Ford Augers is approxi- 
mately 42 inches, making it ideal for digging fence 
post holes and for use in construction work to dig 
holes for pilings or footings. 

Augers are sold separately, and are available in a 
wide variety of sizes (diameter) as detailed on page 
4- All augers are 42 inches long and are provided 
with either a plain or serrated cutting edge. 

This manual contains information pertaining to the 
assembly, lubrication, and operation of the Series 
903 Post Hole Digger. Read it carefully before 
attempting to assemble or operate the digger. 


The Ford Post Hole Digger is shipped in one Bundle, 
No. 22-63. Before assembling the unit, check the 
parts against Figure 1 and the following list to make 
certain that all parts are present. 

Item No. 

Figure No 




Universal Drive Shaft 






A & Manual 



Gear Housing 



Centering Lever & Control 






Lifting Link 


1. Secure the lifting link (12), Figure 2, to the frame 
with the long pin (6), Figure 1, and cotter pins. 
Make certain that the control handle attaching 
ears are slanting forward. 

NOTE: The forward set of holes (A), Figure 2, 
in the frame is used for row crop tractors, while 
the rear set of holes (B), is used for general 
purpose tractors. 

2. Disconnect the gear box from the frame by re- 
moving the long pin (2), Figure 2. Attach the 
centering lever (3), to the top of the gear box with 
the two bolts provided on the gear box. Realign 
the gear box with the frame and install the pin 
(2), as shown in Figure 2. 

3. Secure the control handle (1), Figure 2, between 
and lifting link ears (5), with the drilled pin and 
cotter pin provided. 


Ford and Fordson Dexta Tractors 

1. Attach the lifting link pins (10), Figure 2, to the 
tractor lower links and secure with linch pins. 

2. Attach the frame ball socket assembly (9), Figure 
2, to the tractor rocker assembly with the pin 
and linch pin provided on the tractor. The lower 
hole in the rocker will give the most ground 

3. Fit the auger (7), Figure 2, on the drive spindle 
and secure with the 7/16" x 4" hex head shear 
bolt (6), lock washer, and nut provided. 

4. Extend the universal drive shaft (11), Figure 2, 
and coat it with grease, then slide it back in the 
drive tube. 

5. Disengage the tractor P.T.O. and remove the 
P.T.O. cap. Turn the P.T.O. shaft manually until 
the hole is aligned with the spring loaded joint 
on the universal drive shaft and slide the drive 
shaft over the P.T.O. shaft until the pin is locked. 

NOTE: The universal drive shaft on the Ford 
Post Hole Digger is designed for use on tractors 
having a P.T.O. drive shaft of 1-3/8" diameter. 
Tractors having a P.T.O. drive shaft of 1-1/8" 
diameter must be adapted for use by installing a 
P.T.O. Coupling Adapter, Part No. 231082. 
Secure the coupling with a 5/16" x 2-1/4" bolt. 

Figure 1 
Post Hole Digger Shipment Breakdown 

Fore/son Super Major, Fordson Power Major, 
and Fordson Major Diesel Tractors 

The following parts are necessary to adapt the Ford 
Post Hole Digger to these tractors. The parts are 
standard and may be ordered separately from your Ford 
Tractor and Implement Dealer. 

Qty. Part Number 






Spacer, Lower Link Pin 
Spacer, Upper Link Pin 
Pin, Drilled 
Pin, Self-Locking 
NOTE: Assemble the Ford Post Hole Digger in the 
same manner as outlined for Ford Tractors, with the 
lift link in the rear holes (B), of the frame support 
(13), Figure 2. 

1. Adjust the tractor hydraulic lift leveling rods to a 
length of 24 inches to obtain auger tip ground 
clearance of approximately 10 inches. 

2. On F.M.D. and F.P.M. Tractors, set the tractor 
leveling rods in telescoping position by reposi- 
tioning the leveling rod sleeve pin EIADKN- 995250. 

3. Place the leveling rod clevises in the forward 
hole in the tractor lower link assemblies. 

4. Lengthen the check chain linkage to permit 
closing the tractor lower links to a minimum of 

NOTE: Remove the Buffer Bar, ElADKN-995309, 
on Fordson Tractors equipped with an. automatic 
clutch release prior to post hole digger instal- 

5. Position one spacer, Part No. 221799, in each of 
the ball sockets of the tractor lower links, then 
insert the post hole digger lifting link pins through 
the spacers and secure with linch pins. 

6. Position an NCA-22218-A Spacer in each side of 
the tractor upper link support bracket, then attach 
the frame ball socket assembly to the clevis. 
Insert the pin, Part No. 100918, through the 
spacers and the front link and secure with the 
self-locking internal hair pin, Part No. 111856. 

To complete the installation procedure, follow steps 
3, 4, and 5, under Ford Tractors. 


There are three lubrication fittings on the Ford Post 
Hole Digger. One fitting is provided on each uni- 
versal shaft joint and one on the shaft tube. Lubri- 
cate these fittings with a good grade of grease after 
assembly and every eight hours of operation thereafter, 
or more often if required. 

The gear box is shipped less oil and should be 
filled with 2 quarts of SAE 90 EP oil. To fill the gear 
box, remove filler plug (4), Figure 2, pour 2 quarts of 

Figure 2 
Post Hole Digger Assembled on Tractor 

SAE 90 EP oil into box. Install the filler plug. Remove 
plug (8), to check the lubricant level occasionally 
and keep the gear box two-thirds full. 


The Ford Post Hole Digger is easily operated from 
the tractor seat by means of the tractor hydraulic 
system and the manual centering lever. 

Drive the tractor into position with the auger directly 
over the center of the hole location and set the engine 
P.T.O. speed according to ground conditions. 

CAUTION: The 1000 rpm range on 
Select-O-Speed equipped tractors 
should never be used to drive the 
Post Hole Digger. 

Make certain the hydraulic system is in Implement 
Position Control. Engage the P.T.O. and lower the 
digger until the auger point and cutting edges engage 
the ground. In order to drill a clean hole, drill in a 

foot or so then raise the auger until it is almost out 
of the hole. Then, drill deeper and repeat this pro- 
cess until the desired hole depth is reached. 

The Ford Post Hole Digger operates equally well on 
either hillside or level land. The auger unit is sus- 
pended so that it is free to swing toward or away from 
the tractor. The centering lever, which is easily 
reached from the tractor seat, centers the auger for 
vertical drilling. The adjustment provided by the 
tractor lower link leveling crank compensates for the 
tractor tilt. 

When operating on level ground or ground of uniform 
slope, drill the first hole to the desired depth and 
then set the stop on the hydraulic lift control quad- 
rant so the lever will be moved downward the same 
distance in drilling each successive hole. On uneven 
ground or slopes it will be necessary to vary the 
hydraulic quadrant setting to maintain consistent 
hole depth. 

The condition and type of soil and the experience of 

the operator will determine the engine rpm for the 
most efficient digging. When digging hard ground, 
serrated cutting edges should be used. 

IMPORTANT: In the event that the auger shear bolt 
(6), Figure 2, breaks due to an obstruction in digging, 
replace only with special Shear Bolt, Part No. 107328. 

CAUTION: Always make certain 
that the P.T.O. is disengaged 
before leaving the tractor seat. 


Two types of Ford Augers are available, Components 
22-64 through 22-69 are standard type and Components 
22-72 through 22-85 are heavy duty type. Auger Com- 
ponents 22-64 through 22-69 and 22-74 through 22-85 
are provided with replaceable cutting edges. 

Comp. No. 

Name and Description 

Comp. No. 


Comp. No. 


Name and Description 

Ford 9" Auger - Plain Edge 
Ford 9" Auger - Serrated Edge 
Ford 10" Auger - Plain Edge 
Ford 10" Auger - Serrated Edge 
Ford 12" Auger - Plain Edge 
Ford 12" Auger - Serrated Edge 


Name and Description 

FORD 4" AUGER, 42" Long w/Welded 
Plain Cutting Edge 
Consists of Flight and Tube, plus: 
Auger Point, Part No. 107862 

22-73 FORD 6" AUGER, 42" Long w/Welded 
Plain Cutting Edge 

22-74 FORD 9" AUGER, 42" Long w/Plain 
Cutting Edges 

22-75 FORD 9" AUGER, 42" Long w/Serrated 
Cutting Edges 

22-76 FORD 10" AUGER, 42" Long w/Plain 
Cutting Edges 

22-77 FORD 10" AUGER, 42" Long w/Serrated 
Cutting Edges 

22-78 FORD 12" AUGER, 42" Long w/Plain 
Cutting Edges 

22-79 FORD 12" AUGER, 42" Long w/Serrated 
Cutting Edges 

22-80 FORD 14" AUGER, 42" Long w/Plain 
Cutting Edges 

22-81 FORD 14" AUGER, 42" Long w/Serrated 
Cutting Edges 

22-82 FORD 18" AUGER, 42" Long w/Plain 
Cutting Edges 

22-83 FORD 18" AUGER, 42" Long w/Serrated 
Cutting Edges 

22-84 FORD 24" AUGER, 42" Long w/Plain 
Cutting Edges 

22-85 FORD 24" AUGER, 42" Long w/Serrate ' 
Cutting Edges 

Consists of Flight and Tube plus either of two edges 
and one Point, Part No. 221443. 

A Fish Tail Auger Point, Part No. 150036, may be 
purchased as extra equipment for use in conditions 
where penetration is difficult. A Stabilizer Link Kit 
may be used with the Series 903 Post Hole Digger to 
prevent the auger from swaying to one side when 
operating on an incline. The part numbers for the 
various kits are as follows: 


Part No. 




Stabilizer Link Kit 

Category I 
All Purpose 


Stabilizer Link Kit 

Category II 
Row Crop 

"Ford Motor Company, whose policy is one of continuous improvement, reserves the right to make changes in design and specifications at any time without notice and 

without obligation to modify units previously built. ' ' 

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