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Full text of "G. K. Chesterton"

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A NEW ISSUE in this series on Writers and their
Work is published monthly and may be ordered from
any bookseller or, in case of difficulty, direct from the
Publishers, LONGMANS, GREEN & co. LTD., 6 &
7 Clifford Street, London W.I.

Annual subscription (12 issues)             1 post free

Six months' subscription (6 issues)       us. post free
Single issues                                       2s. each

(Back numbers available at is. 6d. and 2s. each  for
list of titles see inside cover.)

BRITISH BOOK NEWS, to which these essays
form supplements, is published monthly and may
be obtained from The British Council, 65 Davies
Street, London W.I. In addition to an article of
general or bibliographical interest, each issue contains
short, informative and critical reviews, by specialists,
of some 200 books. Every subject is covered, in-
cluding fiction and children's books, and full details
of publisher, price, size, etc., are given. Annual sub-
scription: U.K. 245. (or 265.*) ; U.S.A. and Canada
$3.50 (or $3.70*) ; other countries 10$, (or 125.*).
* With Annual Index