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Full text of "Government Gazette Of Uttar Pradesh"

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4, ,,,,                                iiTTAU IT.ADUMM ({A/hJTTE, JANUARY I, MHtf

V ut'i1 V 1111

/,<</ '>/' "f"' 'l^Mirnhn^ pMivhrd thinwj  //"' '"'rl"//'' r)/      L?-s/ o/ Me rc^fmi   ^Micatioiis^published rUriwj
Drt'i'Mbi'r,  I'!"> 1

of Deci'mbcr, J954

Impoiiaul ami usual 1'iiMicsiiion* u   dill emu   subjects          i.    u. I'. Niig'iraiiio (Ll^giil.ii ion of  .Supply   and

issueiMw* l"L> lUlar Pradesh Govmum'ni, an- available for   pnlrjliliMO)( Act no. XXIV of MWiJ. in English. jnicu imiu

ifc from THE SUPERINTENDENT, PRINTING AND    L (/|i  , pteft w).

r~t;n                                                    -.    Uuoaliiou RUJCVH not at the Secret, Louver

Catalogue free on application.                                                           *                  1

Divinion AHWHtftnt Examination. 1 fhV-J. in English price

,.    U   V   l)N.HNlml,ml (Am.'H.l.mml)   A.-l no. U      ^^  fi (^  ^

nfl'ini   iu Iliiuli. price juniii. 1 (u   I /w <>)

01                                                                                               ,'}.    U. P. Boilor IiwpocUon Rnleri,  l!2i cmtected

i.    Annual Itnporl on IV^rosH ol   Klnnfci,ioi   nv     ^ ^ Srptoniber,   |j,  in English, price amia-a 8 (ft.

i-          ,

;>.    11   p. ('|Viii|Minu\v) C^nlrol of llwit niuMilvK-
lion (AnuMiilmoiii.) Ant no. XVII of IJIfil in   IflnKliHb

^    Tho ^   ,,   Town Jmprovemcnt Aut 110, VJ1T
()f ,,,,1^ in El]giiHhi price RCil.1() (rt< 5)i

pi-uut anna 1 (H. 1 ^"'" V-                                                         r> JlcviHed Map of Barti J)iatrict .Scab a nuiles=

1. Hindi JUHUI. I (tt \ i>i''" <>)                                1 iufh [ii'inifld in in/i3 in BngUwh, coloured prico IvH.2l)-y.
5 U P. MIoHricil.y (rlVnip./iM.ry IN>WM-H ofC-Dii-             ({ FlK,olouml [A,[C& BHloe_ifl,

tml) (Am.:mlmU,, A(. . XVI ->f M)fi-i i Hindi l>n-          ^^ fl ^ ^ ^ ^ .f

mum   I   (f/-       ;>lf's    V-                                                                         JV.B. The amounts in pn-ronthcaos are for packing a

(i.    Kuinaon    AKrimilUiral   Und   (MiHrnlhwiiMiuH)
Aet no  XXI of Itin-t in Hindi, prieo iinmi 1 (" I /'"" (i)-


7.    (itvrn Sanuij MaiuuU in llindi,   l"1"^ "-111111H ()                       0TTAB PRADESH. ALLAHABAD

.    A...H..U AilmmiHlni.o.1 ll.MH.rt. l|  1|. l  \V; _.,             INDIAN    LAW  REPORTS
U. ;util II.  I'.nuu-.h, lor Iho yu-   IIS-1 "> hnwIiHh,

pric-i* unnas li (. i).                                                                      ALLAHABAD  SERIES

(I.    i !)> I -53 in lnwliHh, I'l-'n-^ unnw H (rf. U).             (Lucknow series has been combined with it from January,

HK    QiwHlum l>apc,rs sol, ,H, iho Hi^riai   Up,),,-      ^         ^^ ^.^ ^49^ ^^ ^ ^^^

Division,n(, Wxami.iaiio.i, HUM, m h,nlwh !>.-..   Superfntende|l|. Printing and Stationelyj u ^ A1,ahabadj

iuiiuvH 5 (^. ^).                                                                 or agents for U. P. Government publications.

M      Aiiiimil IVoi'niHM ItiMiorfcof KoivHt Aflniiiiiwirii-                                           .

II.    Ainumi ininiuh      i               .,,,.,                Pncc per annum, Rs.9 including postage.

limi in IT.  I1., for tin* yoftr   IW>1-fi2 in iCn^iHh pnoi-               ^                                                   "

UH/J-(i (. 4).                                                                                                          -

12     Annual Ilopoii of Su^at'oano IloHonrcli Work                              BACK NUMBERS

Nooli (Ki'Ah), aiul   Out Hlalioiw in tho   U, T. lor 1.ho
your ,hmo J, 1062 i  May III, 1053, in EngNsh,  price   are available from Ithe  Superintendent, Printing and
\*>l<i r (    *l\                                                     *                     Stationery, TT. P., '"Allahabad,  and may  be obtained

unbound at the reduced rates quoted below :

n    "Report on iiho   Working of tho "U. P. First

OffonciorH Probation, (Act, no. VT of in,18). for tlio yoar    Allahabad   f IgO, MU^MUI & Vtt* to 1935 at te* per votam
1 flfi3 hi Hindi, prioo awuiH' 2 (a. 1 pte 6).                                 '     I ^^Jgo^ 195Q     -              '.' W  '      

14,   Annual Keport on   iVTontol Hospitals,  in i.ho

TJ P, for the year 1953 in English price Bo. 1-2 (. 3).     Luokno^ ijj^to ig30                             ;; Jj'J ,"

aeries.     | 1931 to 1937 and 1939                      Bs.6   

Ifi,    State Rulofci *and Orders mado undor enactments                (. 1943, 1914 and 1946                    Ba.8  ,-,

at>t>lvinff to TJ. P. for the yoar 1947 in English, prioo                      .                                     .   , j.       TJ

applying TO u. x-               j                                          ^^   only   m   ^j^pig^e   volumes,   including   Index

Ks,2-8   (a.   3).                                                                  Postage in India Ee.l per volume; abroad Es.2.

16,    Question papers set, at the High S&hool Ex a-          Chequea on banks outside Allahabad should include Banker'a

toination, 1953, (combined) price Rs.3-12 (a. 10).                   v>mntoAW of * annas.   Cheques should not be crossed,