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UTTAtt PUAhGSr-I (,'.\ZETTR .rAXr'M.'Y I

Vc'.   irt.— (riMndex to Shabara's Bhaqhya, l,y the late* Col. tt. A.       \.'     Mll.-nai
Jacob.    (Redurei?  pnre n&,2-B)   (4aj.  Gpr J.                                              3any,il     (Reduced

(b). Studies in Hindu Law-(3) Judicial Procedure, by Qanganatha   ^^J^ ^t        ov

(c) An Index to thy SLabara Bl^b\;:   l,v tfj.- ;,.l- C .!. ir   A   .T i i!j

00 Theiflm m Anrionl India, by Gopmath Eavira].                                  d| Hariawaifll_TllB   rw-iiuiuai.*-   of   lu   ^i.^'l-a fH: .L,,,w».-

(dj History  and Biblioginphy  of  Nyaya  Vaishaehika  Literature  by   and the date of BkafliU'Vann - 1k<- '. •'iiu'cuu:  ' • 1  ' w K'L'-\M,.I, L>
Gopinath  Eaviraj                                                                                      Mangal De^a  Sliaatri.

(B) Naisbdha and  Bn Harsha,  by  Nuakarual.                 «> ^3*^"  *» ^e-la.  by   Gop.i:LiL   Ea.uvj

(/I The D«ada*3-a Bnuf Hwiwy o  :L« In r.,i.P .T., I--   .Jmna.La
(/) Indian Diamaturgy, by P   N   Patankar                                         Sath Rov

Vol.   IX.— la) The Life of a TUT n   by ij-iun-tl. r .^.n.]      ilUi'J't?-!

Vol.    IV— fo) Studies  in Hindu  Law— M)  Judicial  Procedure,   bj   pnce En 2-8)   i7o*.|.                                                         _^

Gang-anatha  Jha.    (Reduced  price  Rs.2-8)   (4as.).                                       lh( On the Anliqnity of the Iniii^n Art Cnn-i;:     L,   E..:-i}a« MILTJ.

(b) History and BibliograpLv   of Nyaya Vaisheshika Literfiture,  bj      ic) 1'iachya— Varjfikjrana  Paoh-ti    l.j   s?t' .<ii   i'l'. Q-b«.  uulia.
Gopmath Kavira,.                    "                                                                    f(f) To?i ^^^^ ind «onie ilf rllp ,IlljM  T- -,,.-:, -las, by B. L

(0)  Analysis of the Contents of the Eiyvtsda 1'ratishakhya, bv ManguJ   itreya

Deva Shastn, M A., n ran                                              "                 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ m^ ; if. , ^ ^ K,M ^

(d) Narayana's   Ganita  Eauniudi,   by  Padmakara   Dvivedi                 hy Muninatha Nath Roy.

(ai Pood and Drink in the Rainayanic Age, by Manmatha Nath ~U»j        I/J The Phi)"aophy t-f Tnpura lactra, t/y Gi.un-itL Eavtr^].

(/) Sat-karya^aiJa,   Casnaltv in   Sankhja, by  Gopinath  Kaviny              vnl   x _ffl) The  conception  of  Pbv?>r-j]   and   SupifrphyBical   Organ

U Diaciplme   by   Con^uence,,   by  O.  L    Sinba                               ^ * ^ ^   Literature,   by   Gupnmh   Kv.ira,     fP^   pru,

ft) History of the Origin and Expansion of the Aryans, by A. C.       ,b) Bom()  Agpe(tb  pf  ^   i^'»''tiiy uf Sjl w   ft^'   fay  Qopaath

"                                                                                                                                 ^T'^flilJ

(1)   PuDishmsnta in Anr-ient Indian Schools, bv G. L. Sinha                                                                                                    .     ,   ,~

icj A short note m ^ttvaaaniQ^a, by Qopicuth Kcnraj.

Vol     VMflJ Anwent Home of the Aryans and their Migration  to       «f) History of the WorJ l^ar* ^& ita Idea, i.y Mencal Dcva flhastn

India, hy A   C   Gangulj.    (Reduced pnce Rd.3 8) (4o«   Op*.).                          ,e) Bporta   and   Gam«   as   referred   to   .n   San ^rit   Literatwe,   by

fb) A Satrap Coin, by Shyam Lai Merh                                                  inant  Shastn Pharke.

-       (c) An Estimate of thr Ciuluation of the Vanaraa aa depicted in the       (/) Objects of Offering in the    Srhufii  sacrifices,  t-y    4.     Chinia

Ramayana,  by  Manmatha JS'ath  Roy                                                       ewami Shastri

(d) A   Comparison   of   the   Contents   of   the   Rig-Veda   Vajaaneyi        19] Agriculture m the Vedrs,   by  3.  N.   Jhorkhandi.

at An  *«*,

Fomjal Training -and  the An-ienr  Indian Thought.       (.( Dcihes ani objeLt2 L,,   Qff.MP^  ^ tLo    Piai'li.     ^iciifjcf-',  bv

Ba-gwat Prasad Misra.
Vaiabaslllka ™*™*™,   bv           ^ ^.^^ Of the Ri.rvad.-Prati  Sakh^a   with   the

av         ,

Jl                                                                                     Grammar, by Manual Deva Shastn.

and Queries, by Gopinath Eaviraj, MA.                                    (fc) ^ Eaumodj QDd ita Author> by Santimoy Banerjee.

Vol     VI.-(a) inde, to Shabara's Bhasbya, by the  late Col   G   A.       * ". Sakti 8utrB ascr.bed to Ag,8tya, by Manga, Deva Bha.trL
Jacob     (Reduced  price Hs 2-S) (4«.)-                                                         To be had on prepayment fnm THE SUPEEINTBKUEi3T,_I^rmtm|

SHto™  Aspects of the H.tory  and Doctnn. of the Nuthas b,    ?JS^^$^^*£  *?*£&.   *»**
p   a        aviraj.                                                                                       Collega,  Bariaraa.

(c) An Index to the Ramayana, by Manmatha Nath Roy
\'d) Studies in Hindu Law, by MM. Dr. Ganganartia Jha

fe) The Mimansa Manuseripts in tbe Government Banal-nt Librarr                             NAII

(Banaras),   by   Gnpinath   Kaviraj                                                                                                                        ,       ,        _ ,

Belvedere, Calcutta— 2;

(/) Notes  and Queues,   by  Oopmath   Kaviraj

Inrefeponso to public opinion, th,^ troikiiij: 1 oui& of thu Pketdwg

Vol.    VII — («> Bhamnha  and  bis   Kavvalankara,   by   Batuk   Nath    Rooms and the Lending Section at Bdvedt re have   been extended
aharma   and  Baldeva   Updhyaya.    (Reduced pnce Rs 2 8)   ^j* ).           with effect from the  10th  Aupuat, 1W33.     Jhc rovieed -worhinf

hours are specified belo-w :

(6) Some Variants in the Readings of   the   Vaiaheshika Sutras, by                                                                                       ,      .

Gopmath  Kaviraj.                                                                                             JJwieHn^ floo/n*— Waek days (including Sr.rurdnya)— W a.m.   to

S p.m.

(e) History and Bibliography of Nyaya Vaisheshika   Literature,  bv                                                                   ..          u,               .

Gopinath Kaviraj.                                                                                                                         Sundays and holidays— -li1 a.m. tn u p.m.

(d) An Attempt to Arrive at the Correct Meaning of some Obscure         Lmttwff Section— Week days (including Saturdays)— 10 a.m. to

Vedic words, by -Sita Ham Joahi                                                                                                    5 P-m-

I?) A CompariBnn of the Contents nf the Rij-Vcda Vaj.^neyi,                                      Sunflays and hoIidays-10 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

Taittiriya and Atbarva-Veda (Chaturadhyayikal PratishkhyEB, by Dr.         T, Retvdins Kooms Qnd the Lending Section will, howler,

Manga] Deva Shasta, if A., D PHIL.                                                          ^^ cntiiely c]f!St?d on the followmii days of the yar :

(/) An   Index  to  the Ramaysna,   by   Manmatha  Nath  Roy                      f^ R<lpublic Day, (u) Independence Dny,    and <ft'i) 3Inhawna

(?) An  Index to  Shabara'a  by  the  late Col.  G.  A.  Jacob                 Gandhi's Birthday.

ft) (.leaning from the Tantras,  by Gopinath Kaviraj.                   L ^*™«

(t) The Date  of Madhacnndana   Banmcl,  by   Gopinatfi  Kaviraj.     aidin? iA any part of the Indian Union.     ll«tt b no aub-criptioii

'    J        r                   '    , to pay, bub security in rasing csspiitial.

(;) Descriptive notes on Sanskrit Manuscripts, Gopinath Kaviraj

ft, ^,
ffc) A note en the meanms of the term of Parardbu, by Hmesfin