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1,1. One Metallurgist Aksittant (tiunior). Government Tenting—
House, Altpore, Calcutta, Alini&ify nf IFoj/U, Housing and Supply—
Petit tmnpormy, but likely to continue'- Reserved for scheduled
Coflte candidate if mich suitable candidate available, otherwise
pout trcutiMl a* nnri-fenvd. Put/: Ba. 250—10—300—15—450—
J.1/J— MM Iliglii'r juiy to Hpeeially qualified and experi-
unr-i'il Piiiidi(l,it,f ,lf)r Miliiw SS.yeaiH. J-'elarablt Jar Clotoem-
nifiri 'x.'i-Liniltf iJitttlificaluniK: JSMcntinl: (i) Dogrcn or equaa-
Iciil dijilnma in iMuiiilhn^y ril rucogniflcd "Univcrsity/lnatitiition
(u) \lnnHi - vizirs rixijc'rioiir-r- oJ testing or inspection, and manu-
I.H'turL ril ntiM'l .inil nlbi'i1 mutnllip rnpinopiniR mati-nalh. Quah-
lu'.iiinriM nil.iv.iilili- .it C'liiiiniHHionN' fliarrrtuni in ease nJ cnndidatr-*
ntlinrwiHi'1 veil ((ii.ililierl.

|(i .|s,»vs/mi/ Dirrctoi; K.vlntntiunh , j\Jimf,tiji nf (.'Miiitintr
inn! hnlttihtt—Ti-iniinr.iry Inil. hkolj \o conlmuu. Pin/. Us. 350
—:ii-i()—USO—.'{SO—HO—5!IO—E.B—30—770—40—850.         Higher

inititilp,i.y tu hpefiully yimlifii'il and oxporiencrd candidate. Age •
Kotwi'i'ii -•"' and -JT* years. Jlclaxa1)l<'. Jor government Jicraniils.
Qnalificnfiiiiift : Ksxciilnil : (i) About !J yearn' experiejion in
rpW|ji)iiHiblu (Mjiai-ity of \iovk coiTnoc-tod with trade/commerce,
including oiv;.uiiHiitHin ul inuniiiercifil exhibitions, (ii) Degree m Com-
nioi'uiifu'iii Arls witli licimomii'fl .14 nubjeut. Quahfieations relax-
•ibl1 ,it (JuiiimiMHiifliH11 diHi-mtion hi CHHO of candidates otherwise
woll qualified.


I1 it us MIS T     iSiui'iiAM \N SIM, ii, Jnkulet'iicji Jtnlt/t'.

(Notice, under section 27)
Insolvency    Petititor No. 10, 1954
In   the  waller   nJ—

MaHtor Trilok f'hurid HIUI of Hath B.iru Mai, oaaU-
Muhoahwfti'i, TPHidcnt of Sahwniipur, mohallii
JVlaimiiriiu KhuJupfir (Ci'i-clitor) ..               .. Applicant,

MnlKimmritl RliHiin,   HOU   of   Habib Ahmad,   cafliu

Shaikh, niFudmiti «f Httlmninpur Shtdiidganj      ..    Opposite-party.
Puusrj-AKT to   u   potiton,   dated   February   22, 1954   against
Liboycnnsnt'cl   ilnhtov    and    i»u   tbe   apphoation   of tho   aforesaid
cvudilor  .iiid o»i riMIUn 14   Llui   reply ol' tlio    oppoa'te-party    and
honmig tins nvidcni'o  tun I   urgiunraitH  of the parties it is   ordered
that Mm ilnbttii' ho and thcj RiuJ iluhtor JH horoby adjudged insolvent
mde. this Court.'H urilm1 Hatt-rl Novuiribpr 20, 1DC4, Thoinsolveut will
apply witlim nix months J'roin tho ddto of order.
Driluil thin, Mm ISMi day uf Donuinbor, 1PBI.

By order


U-l-'fiGj                                                                    ___

( Notice* t o creditors of the date  of hear ing of   anlnsoh ency  application

under aeclio)t 0 q/ Provincial Act, 1920)

Insol vency Case no. 19 ol 1954
In thi. iHtttlw oJ —

Maasrs. S«a.l G-laaa Works gituatsd at Nai Basti,
l^orozabad, through Sri Nar Singh Dutt, son of
Pandit. Kamta Praaad Sharma, paitner   of the
firm (Creditor)         ..               ..               ..        Applicant,


(1) Sri Nand Ram, (2) Sri Maliavir Prasad, sons of
Panna Lai, oaate Agrawal, resident of mohalla
Shaikh Latif alias Bapu Gali, Ferozabad, district
Agra, (3) Sri Uam, adopted son ol Kedar Math,
caate Vaiahya Agarwal, resident of mohalla Attar-
wa.1 a, Mrozabad, District Agra (Debtors)           .. Opposite-


WnmtiB AH tho abo vonamed creditorsh ave applie d to this Court
jy their petition dated the 6th July, 1054 far declaring opposite-
jBTtieB aa insolvent under provisions of the PiovincioJ Insolvency
^.ot (V of 1020), and your name appears in the hat of creditors filed
iy tho aforesaid applicant. This is to give you notice that the
3ouit haa fixed the llth (eleventh) day of Fabruary, 1055, foi the
loaring of the aforesaid petition andthe cxaimnati on of the debtors.
If you desira to be represented in the matter you should attend
lihaOooitonthedatenxedinperaoii or by a duly instructed pleader.
The details of the debts to be due to other 01 editors and you ale
given in the list filed by tho applicants with the petition.
Dated this, the 20th day of December, 1964.

By order,


(Ordci' ufadjuthcaiitiii)

(Notice iindar section 27)
Miscellaneous Case no.  5 of 1954-
In the matter nj—

»Sri Shiv Shanker Lttl, son of Sn !Mac].in L«il. caste

VijaiYarei,residonLol Kasganj,   d^ljict Etah.      Ajijjf'itini.

PLUHTJANT to putition. ddted the ilith JWay Jfo^ jjrp&entet
by the aboVnamecl applicant, and on /^admg and hearing the
came it is ordered that the debtor j^ hcr(.by adjudgrcl Uibolvent
clatBd this the 23t d day of October, 19.14 He should apply for hif
discharge by the 30th July, 1955. The debts sho^ni by the appli-
cant have not been disputed. Other ritilitnis, not fihoTin Jjy ihe
.ipphciint, it any, rnny appear and pio\e thmr debts by ihe Sth oi
January, 19flj.

This Court will proceed to frame a schedule of creditors and
debts by 5th of February, 1033. and pro of of debts whichitia desired
to ha\ e included in the schedule should leaf h this Coint sexen days-
at Icuat before that date. Provulrd that application for entry
of a debt in the schedule may be made at any time before the dis-
charge of the insolvent. "                        "                                •*

Given undermyhund anrl the seul ol the Court, this the 23rd day
of December, 1054.

By order,


[l-l-'uj.]                                                                         Munsarim.

(Police to cfcdttois of the date of been titg of an insolvency upy I nation
under section, 9 of the Pjovincial Act, 1920)

Insolvency Case no. 47 of 1954

In tho -matter of—

Lala Ora Prakash, son of Lala Babu Lai, by caate
jVTatlnir Vniflh, Manager and Karta of Ins joint
family styled as Om Prtash Ba&deo, resident of
village Barna, tahsil Fatehabad, district
Agra (Creditors)           . „               ..                .. Applicant,


(1) Firm Babulal Gopaldas, Subhash Bazar, Agra,
summons to be served through Lala. Gopaldas, its
proprietor, (2) Lala. Gopaldas, son of Lala, Babu-
lal by caste Vaish Agarwal, residentof Chhatta
Bazar, Agra (Leb tors) ..            ...                .. Opposite-


WHEREAS the abovenamcd creditor has applied to this Court
by his petition dated tlie 16th November, 19J4, for declaring opposite-
parties as insolvents under provisions of the Provincial Insolvency
Aet(Vof 1920), and yom-name appears in the list of creditors filed
by tho aforesaid applicant. This is to give you notice that the
Court has fixed the 18th (eighteenth) day of February, 1955, for the
hearing of the aforesaid petition and the examination of the debt pig. _^

• If you desire to be represented in the matter you shoi^H attend
the Court on the da,te fixed in person or by a duly instructed pleader.
The details of the debts due to other creditors and yon are given in
the list filed by the applicant with tho petition.                       •

Dated this, the. 22nd day of December, 1954.

By order,

[l-l.'BB.]                                                                           Munaarirn.

Ntoiceof clinnrje in the Constitution of regisirredftun namely
Messrs Hint Lai Ghiranji Lai, Mathura (Section C3(l) Indian
Partnership Act 1932).

To—The Registrar of Fh'tns,
Uttar Pradesh,


I, BEINDABAH" Das, being a continuing partner of the fum 3VIce&r&t
Hiralal Chiranjilal do hereby give you notur of tbe following change
in the constitution of the said firm.                                                        -

With effect from July 7, 1954, Sri Vishnu Prasad, has joined
the jinn as a partner ofsixaunasin the rupee in place of Sri Prakaah
Chandra, who has retired on July 7,1954- The other two continu-
ing partners, namely Sn Brindaban Das and Sri Chiranjilal, •will
remain partners of the firm to the extent of two annas and eight
annas in the rupee each, respectively.

The names and addresses of the partners of the changed cousti-
tution are as follows :

(1)  Lala Chiraniilal, Manak Cliowk, Mathura.

(2)  Sri Brindaban   Das, S.A.,   I.I.B.,    Prakash  BJurwan,
Kaserath Bazar, Mathura.

(3)  Sri Vishnu Prasad, Shyam Sedan, Gujarghati, Mathura.


Verified that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge
tl.W06l                                                     BRINDABAN DA0.    ,