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Thn    Novei-nracnt  Piomirfory Note   No. D.H.O.   1818-4 of the


n      ovei-nracn      iomio       o           .     ...

•I1. Pl remit, of  National  Plan   Loan   1964, foi Rs 500   ongmally
rt'aiiUmi: in  the name of Immral Bank of India, and last endorsed to-
tha proprmtor by whom it was never endorsed to any

, naming been ^tolrn' notlco w1""^ Siven *hat tho


a 31 DTijral. tha

oilR-r u.-r.on, naming   een ^'

jMvinfiit of tli,- nbove note ami the interest thereupon has been
rtopiwri .it the Publip Dnht Office, Roserve Bank of India, Delhi,
.inn tint application is ,il>nut to he m,ick- for In- umia of duplicate-
"i t.u-.mrof ilir propiitor The puhhL are cautioned against pm-
/ia-.inu oi' i it In r\\ ise dealing with the .iboveineutjoucil security

Xn>i>r (tf tin  Adt'erliief— Cr, JM. Dayal.

n^tih-iii-t — 17-A Ch-ik Allahnburl                             _


Tin: IIIMII.^ btylcd dd Ram Haghubir llaghunandan Prasad,
IJiv «w ,<i ., Xt-rr bants, Moradal Lid, having been partitioned on October
Ji'. I!'"!-, iTvitiliX. HNt., 201 1) w now being run as a, partnership
. <uii'i.|ii iiimi day \vitb, thu following three partners .

•     dl L. RaglmnandLiii Prasnd           .                 -•      8 an"aH

(J) L. Jltim Raghubir                      -                         *

^      CA) L. Xirankar Saran                       .                 .      4      »



Ituieay/Iiifedcurtaiiit he Bnllia District for the reienm year 1954-S5
In a°uurdance with parahraph 4 of G O. Finance (Aj Department
no. 348U/X— loS, dated July 11, 1928, the Tata for hired oalta
in tha Ballia District, for the revenue year 1954-55 are fixed as
under :

(1) Cart drawn by three bullocks afcRa.9 per day par march.
C2) Cat drawn by two bullocks   at Rs.6        ditto.
13) CVirt drawn by onu bullock  at  Re.3        ditto.
The above rates apply up to a distance of 12 miles   only.    Over
the distanoeof 12m'les6 annas* per tails will be paid but tvhentho
didtonca between t-no places is 6 miles or less RaA only-will he paid
per cart (2 bullocks).

The rate of carts (2 bullocks) based on monthly rale will be
Es 150 per month.

Carts drawn by camels are not available in this district.


TUB Government Promissory Note no. DH008695 of the 3 per
cent, Loon of l!)49-j2 for Ri. 100 originally standing in the natoe
of Imperial Bank of India and last endorsed to Kanhaiya Lai
Shanan, the proprietor by whoin it wag never endorsed to any
other peivm, having been lost, notice Is hereby given that the
payment ut above note and the interest thereupon has been
,.t tlie Public Debt Office, Reserve Bank of India, Delhi,
d tiiJt apphcution IH about to be made for payment of tha dis-
rty V..IUH in ftivour of the proprietor. The public are dan-
imrchaaing or otherwise dealing with the above-

rtud tii

-                      .

-Yaw of thi aloertisaf-R.  00 JM\R,   Sub-divisional Officer,
Bhadohi.,   and    Superintendent*
'                                        Sub-Jail, Gyanpur.

Ued j'tZojce— Gyanp ur.


(Notict wider setiion36uf The U. 1>.  Town Jmprovement
Act F/// o

AH required by section W nl tlin I' I1. TOMJI hnprn^'onirut Aoi,
VIII of 1U10. noliuo is hnrcliy I-HLJI lluii n Hi'lu-tnu ciitHli'il "fclup.
plementary Hohcmo tu jivovuli' lor lln1 ivHuiwituil mill slinjipuifi
bitea at tho i-.isiem aiilo of Lanka llmul, H.uiiiriis1' uiidpi1 wuction
31 of the O 1'. Town ImprowmmiL Ac-L, I'MIl, in vill.iujo N"IIR«';I,
l^arfiana Dolmti Ain,ui,it, diHtripli H,mJU-ip, Ins 1 ..... 11 duly IVamnil
and w being pulihwhorl.

Tlie boundaries uf tho nrou couipvinc'd in tho Hclu-uu' arc •

Lauku CinHHiiiR   to   SAMANI'lLiJlAT   and
Settlement plot no. 178, 179, 181, I a<>   and I!IS of   villugo   Niigw.v

East—Boad along   with [ k'etllumunt
and 71    of village    "KTagwa

South—Road in front oi UUHHI-.IH ffuidu UiuviTMly luuLm/j I
the Ganges.

TTest—Eoad and land  uf Ijuimruh   Iniprnvcinriil   Tnini.

The i]

yapeeth Eoad, Banarae on all vtorkinR   dnyM Ironi '|(i-3d '"a.m.'lo'
4-30 p.m.

Any person objouting to tho aohomo nui.y vvitluii (10 <layn JVom tho
date of this notice sonri his objoution In writing to Ihr rmnuwomonl


'    tlS,25—12—*64&U.'G6.]

t HUH.   Hi! «7, IW, (ill, 70

e map of tho aroas and htutciiiwiiH nf Ilic hunln   |U'n]inM'd lo
[Uired can bo seen at th o TniHt Oil i i-i» tit J).   fi S/11', H iff rn, Vid-


(Under section 40(3) of the U. 1'. Town   Impiwrwcnt An,  Vlll
of 101!))


AS i-equirod by section 40(3) of tho U. J'. Tmvu Imprnvonvmt
Act, VIII of 1919, notioo IH hereby tfivon that tlu'H 'JVnwl, IIUH
applied to the Government under aactinn 40(1) fur Atm>tion to
thedcheine entitled" -FORMING A ClilLDRJflN'ti I'AIUC AT

At, A. QUJIA1HLJJ,  I.«I.H..