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Full text of "Government Gazette Of Uttar Pradesh"

UTIATi PllADE.se GAZETTE, JANUAllY U, 11)56                          L>' VIIT VII1

ismii ,.C lined channel* of the existing tube-welLs was al*, coh.mi.rc hat.h-
rUv    The work    on the multipurpose KiLaud J>au, anl POIU-J; hi .tauu
oc^                                 k.w.eleotiical energy WRH <ontiiH.cJ   v.^rnuHl.\

since its resumption m October, 195].

Under " Unproductive'1 works, m. vcral schcniey- uc « «i:«i CAhSin^-u< it-
executed.   Then- paroinilard are mentioned below :

Western Region—Construction of tube-wclLs a-mayi i,iic ,sam-i,juucMl pro-
ject* of °00  50 and440 tnbe-wt'Jits was continued.   fciuru-jH AU'ie can icd end lor
340 tubc-wella in   AUmpiin, Jb'anukhabad, Jvanpur   ruid JUl-ali <li«tnci,s

-            '

BllJ.Il.iu,    U-tV      L Li.W>-- »l i-*"-"    "-*       •"-*•-------JT"-     7    —   -                                                                                         .               I     /   I

as approved by the Government of India under tho indo-U. b. Jcd-muil C o-

0  erai.oJi Programme.   Another 14 tube-Mills in JJijnor diHto n-l- \\ ore 1 nktii uji.
l/V The end oi the yeai   2,380 tube-welly were put into cumnnwjoii in HaJiiiiaji-
piir, Muzuiminaga'r, Meerut, Bulaiidahahr, Etah, B jnor, Moradalnui, Budiiim
and Bareilly districts.

Central Region—The e^Dcnsion of nri^alioi" IttuiUi cw \HIH bc-in,*- provided
by constructing 2,000 miles oi ue-n uhanncls on the fcjardrt (.'anal and cuiiHl.nic-
tion oi the Pratapgarh and Daryabad Blanche fc. Ot tin-He, 1,«>61 miJcs \ukiii
put into commission. V/ork on the Jais-Jaunpui Bum eh \\tus in pngmn «IH
also on increasing the capacity of Sarda Canal by Ji,00l* uuyech.

The construction oi 250 tube-welly by laeam/H. A^ociaUd r.l uhc-^t Us
Limited continued and SO wells were put in opeiatiou by the uid ol JVJarch,

Hili Region—The Kimuiun li'j'iga'ion ljj'(>jecli compudiny «i't(^ miles of
f'hanneltt in tne hill districts and intended fco ii'n^atc -iO,<K>U acrcw tuniually \viis
started in llM9. luvcHbigation of a number oi minui iiriyuLion bclnunes ju
Almora, ATaim Tal, Gainnal and 'Ithri-Uarhwai djuti'iclu c mtl'iJiucd diu'iny
the yddi1. At thu end of March, 1(J53, 112 miles Ji'iiyUi ol' (iianncjy lind IMTJJ
compifled and opened for urination.

jJiindeiknand and Bagneikntiiici Region—fctx iic^\ iiiiguUc.ii KJKji.(f,, v'u,
LaliF^ur Dctai, feaprar Dam, A.a urai Lii&v, i\ug\\ a Dam, Kangwaii Jjiini nnd liciaji
and 'ions Canal, m addition to bevtj.al orihei1 uunelhieu and Uijiiui .suiuuiw ucrc
taken up. \Vork on JSTagwa, Lantpur aJid fSapuu Dams and Kabrtu Laltu AVUH
coinpitccit aim these Aveie opened ior ii'.gation in Llovcinler, AJ/JJ. . Lnue-r thu
Buian and Tons Canal Project, Bardundu Piuk-u^ V, cu cuaje .nto opLiatuon jji
July, 1952, and 40 nnlea leiiglh oi channels opuicd ior imyaliiuj..

\Vork til four new major ^i-uje-cts, ^iz. LLaneuujjiubJua Dam Abiaura
Dim, jincacna Dam and Arjun u^m, \\iuLL hua cuiiin^ ^ UL iti^t Jdt> iJAt C-IOHO

01 me preciHimg y^-ai, \\ad PUB^LU ui«. \vvili ^ouu pio^ittb.    'ihc euiifciaiiLUiiii ui
biidigiixij DiS'.i'iouLaiy ana tut L-Xrciiiion oi Mija^iicti  und Uiij'ai C'siuui   isyhicniti
ulso contiiiued.

Apart from th^jc woi-ka, con,strucriou oL' minor m lyatiun bLiieniLfci cioimn wmu
Majhgttwan, Baghelkhand and Banvatola Bunds, Pah and JSIarhat 'J'a.nhH/iViria^
Uiairiuutary a,.d JS"augaih Dam^-Chandanli Canal ^\aw in progrcwu.

Eastern Region—rlhc State Five-Yon- Plan piov.ele-y For tlio tmiMtim-tiiui
oi 1,000 tubt-weiiH in the eastern distric-tw, oin. oi which Uic Government of1
ludu approved the construction o± 055 tube-wejiy m (Jornkhmij', lA'tjriii Jj-lsji
Faizabaa, Azauigarh and «ultaiipur districta under tho Indu-U." fcl rJ'oaliniouJ
Co-operation Programme. Materials for their construcbion w^cie coJlected rl'lu
reinauimg 1,005 tube-wells were proposed to be conducted from the' Stato
tinaiiL^ 11 more outside aidjias not obtainable. Of theao, construction of 200
tub^eli* m Azamgarh, BalJia, Clhazipu , Jaunpur and Banaran di^trlt«
wa. jt.w«d. Good irogieaBwaainade on the GO tube-Win in Paizabad »nd
^tr^-^ 3K ^^ ^^« ^<* ^-t the SJ

F • ' • • P   •              briskly for the siting of the  proposed tube-

p\Ld tu irrigaS Sjf^a^ S^ta^^ ^ the BanS'an^a'  Caaial pro-
Works financed from revenue were ako executed in tho nn«4 i     r * -
Cunstructiun of 100 mbe-welLs in Gorakhpur,  Deoria and TtAt? ?• 1 • atriCtH'
,-ompleted and the tube-wells put into <jomn^eion                           U'Jcts wa*