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P-*1"1 vn n                     ITTTAI: pjiAnRNu (.; MMTTU, JANUARY a, 1955                                       13

Tlio pi'OiMvaw oullio Hydio-eJectrir \Yorkr: under construction continued to
]v im,iiil..mi.'d. The (lonstructiuii of iSvirrh H \<!ro-elecl.ric .Scheme, designed to
Hi' -IIJOO li.w. il' (MM ,--y, v\;sM rjieulrd up so (is to be coinplet«d
l»\ Mi.-.-nJ ut'IO<Vl, ii,", ivb'.-'Hli'.i The xHu-k uj. U-i> I':ifhn J'ouer llou^e. denned
to ;J'MJ Till-'' iipjiiijjjii»ak'ly bJU,*HUJ L-w- i uu'jy, H!M» u ijiau-i d in pic^n ae. 'The
powci hoiwi. in expect* d ii. be- put into comniisuii-ii l»v the til' 1954.

l"n vi-HiixittioiiH .mil Hur\t-ys wic IUP sm-d din-ing the \ ear urder it port in
miiut't-.tiioa \\iKi Lluv fjllo\viu;j, .''•, hoanuri :

(i) A'l.dji i:UiniL Rfssc-rvoij'S in Lhe Lij)}jei    reaches of the Sarda Canal,
(ii) G ludik (Jiual iu Ci'H'H-lquu1 and Deoriu distrJuts,
(iJi) E-\i'Lit>,sion <•!' i Jha-jfJiro,   Uinal   to pmvide irvijrfttion  facilities in
L^ni/abad  DiHl'iiuI,
(iv) Siirju (Jaii:i,l in IkiJu-ipfli PiHtiicli,
(v) iSfilona Pmnpi'd ('aj'Ml in. A^auii^iirh LLsb-iut.
(vi) B<.T!su-l!,iu('j,j Jj ri, ,:itirni Hellenic in AJcamgaih District,
(vii)  Duhri^liat ^limpid   ^anal in Azani^arh District,
(viii) J'unipiiig Mchemwi IVoni rrauk,s in Azaragarh District,
(i\) Kiuiiui PunijK'd C!an,rd in B.aati Diwtiict. '
(x) Rlinrii and or.hei1 JiumlK in A,in-a DiaLrk-t^ and
tf       (xi) Minor Irrigation iiixd  Rydcl SchonieH in* Kiurami.
TJio capital 'Mil-lay during Mi- yeai WJIH Us.CJ!I4,.'j4,65U inclvding Rs.4,91,924
ofimlirccL clnii'^efi, and bheivli> tlie Lufcal uutln.y at the end of the year 1952-53,
toRs.45,435r>M,iS^I>,    The Jin.-iiuial ivsidts of the wuj'king of till the Tivigation
\Vorksarp. oompaavd l;el(n\ vviUi Uunse of the previous \ear :

(Iruou rovi-iiuo rfitliHi'tl                 ..                  ..                 .                   .                   .          «,5fi,8B,120        0,26,88.534

YViii'kinn uxpiiiscu      ..                                                     ...          3,72,3B,24fi         3,«{i,»;,142

\H. m»in]iui«                    .                                   . .                  ..                  . .                           2 fl3,ni,a7."i        2.71,81,392

liilMi-iirtl  duuH'1-            ,                  .                    .                 .                   ..                 .           l,3ti.4-i,298         1,34,18,584

NM  pi'ufil                                      . ,                                                                               .           1.4'i)."71.(i77         1,17,62,808

There \viin a f.ill in trrnsM revenue on account of decrease in the sugarcane
urea oil irrigation, rates fire comparatively higher than those on other
crops. A net #iin of II*.1,17,02,808 was obtained during the year as tompaied
Lo I vs.! , Mi. 57,577 of the previous year.

The LIT!tuition Ivcseareh CiiHtitnte dealt \vitli a nunilier of impcusnt in-
viistiii,ationH in conu -ction with the projects under construction, such as Pathii
Tower House, Sarda. Power House, dc&igns of earth dams and embankment?,
denigiiH of Uaiigawtui, (.'Iiaudrapnthha, Ahraura, Arjun, Siisi, Nangaih and
Afs'-i-atila D.iinH mid problcniH relating to the training of Ganga and Sarda rivers,
lu'HidoK other testa and experiments.

The Irrigation Department continued to he administered liy the following
Chief KiLjjfincerH dining the year 1952-53 :

(1)  tSri Moti Rain, T.S.E., till August 15, 1952,   Chief Engineer.

(2)  Sri A. (J. Mitra, I.B.E., afterwards          ..         Ditto.

(3)  .Sri B. P. Saxoua, LS.B.          ..          ...      Chief Engineer (Ad-


(4)  Sri D. P. Rohatgi, I.S.E.         -.              ..         Ditto.

The following ca.nnidtinfj occurred in the engineering establishment of the '
Irrigating DeparLiuent- :

(1)  .Sri Mou Ram, I.S.E., C'hicf Engineer, retired  on   May 10, 1952,
forenoon, hut was re-ornploycd up to AngtM 15, 1952.

(2)  Sri Chandra Lai, Superintend1^g, ictired   on  July 10,

(3)  SriS. S. Chaudhari, Executive Engineer, retired rn November 5,

The Frj(jd Prudiiction Organisation created in 19^9, by the Government for
'the oonyt'i'uct'ion of some irrigation \vorka iu   the Bvmdclkhand and foj   t}ie.