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ion of worn" chaanelri of the   Barda Canal System \uis alioliwlicd \\iili

PL-OBI June 30, 1952, and all the works and charges of that organisation
were brought under the adininisbrntive control of thin department after Uuib
d.i( -. TIi* A'jvicnltmv JE xgiaeeriug Department was also tun animated with thin
d iiKirUiU'ixt duriiv; the- year. A huge construction and maintenance work nan
Mini a.-ldnl to the Irrigation Depnj'tmcnt.

Acknowledgments—'-SriMoti Ram, I.S.M., held the post of (.'hid' Engineer
till August 15. 'l9o2, and "was succeeded by Sri A, C» Mitra, I.S.E., who
till then was Additional Chief Engineer. Sri B. P. Fla^mJ^ I.H.R. and Sri J>. ]J,
Rohatjri, I.S.E.. held the posts of Additicuml Chief Ei^b.mN throughout
the year. The Governor wishes to place on vecoidhis appccciation of tlir vnlii -
able sersice rendered to the Ii-rig-ation Department of tl\e State by the above
officers in tlie implementation of the liTigationPi'o^ramDiew. Tho Department
has put hi another year of coinmtiuUlile scrviro to the people of the iStai-e iiiiil
has heon regp^nsible for the very L-onsidcrablc increase in ii^i'ieiillnrn] }n'0(lue<
tivity, a matter of vital national importance. In spite of pmu-ity of senior and
experienced officers and various dijBiailtii'p relating to materials and transport,
ike- Department maintained ita high reputation for eiHoicney uivd ex}>editioi\/'

"Sri Rajyapal considers that the year has bom marked by fu-hieYemenis
of great magnitude under difficult conditions and dewres to C'nnvey his tluinlsK
to all officers and the staff of the Department for their rrmtrihiitiou tu the
nation-building activities."


ORDERED that the above rcpolutor lie fiubmittt d to the. ({ovnnment of Ijidi-
and that it he published in the Uttar Prtftit'tJi tittzi'ttc.

QBDEBED also that it lie circulated to other Goveiumeiiis und
AS u&ual.

liy ordor5

A. N. JHA,
1 Chief Secretary,

Form D—Uttar Pradesh
Statement of Cotton Pressed in Uttar Pradesh for the week ending Deeemlber 24,1954

[Section 5(2) of the Cotton, Ginning ami Prwing Factories Art, 1925]

iJame of division or block
		Numb DC r>f b al OR p roHH«d
		Numbi-r ofbn
	tVS (W'f'hW'tl
 .During Iho i-ojrrnHpnnding period lust yoar

		IJunug tht> week
	During tlio correapoiiding week last year
	bhico Hojitcni-biff 3, JOW
1.   ITpper Boat) |'tt) 2.   Middle Doab (&} 3,   Lcwer Doab and Bundelkhanal (c) 4.   RotiUdiand id) 5.   RestofthsStatefe)
		J5Q 33.T
	8'8U ' C//90


\*i Dnhra Dun, Saharanpur, Moerut, Bulaudshal r. AligarL, Mtizaifainaf er                                                                                               '

i&l Mathura, Farruldiabad, TStah. Agra, Mainp-ori, Etawah.
<c) Kanpar, Fatylipiir, Allahabad. Jlaansi, Jalaun, Hamirpur, Baudti.

(dj Hdrdoi, ShaiijAanpiir, BareiHv, Horadabad, Pudaun, Exjuor, PUibhit, Kami Tnl. Almorn, flaibwHl.

if) Mii/ap'ir,, Jaunpur. Ghazipur, AzaiBgul»» Bellia, fldrnkhpur, Bapti4 Gonda, Bat.raioli, Kljeri, fiitaptir, l/nuno, I.ucl.nomt
Bdia Banki, Baa Barali, S ultanpur, Paizab ad, Pratapgarh.

* Thisinoludes^T bales* of cotton pressed by H^srs, M^hah Ram Laohmau Dag Cotton 1'rt^aiitg Jnobory, Khurja   during tht> wet
SQ-ll-'Mti IS-IS-'S'i, not reported before.

X.B. Thfl FollotFing bales of wasis cotton were pressed by the factories noted belo^ during the weak ending 24»]Z-'54,\
3.   J. K. Qtoning & Pwwinp Factory, Kanpur                     *.,                   ..                   ,,                   ..            ,,     207

%   N tfrtia Ginning and Pra^siug FnotoryjKanput                 .,                   ,,                   .,                   .,                       til

Diwtof of Agriwttwr*