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Full text of "Government Gazette Of Uttar Pradesh"




Statement showing the operations of th?_ Ji> gisiraiion D-pai'tm* /T    U(f>r Pr.id.sf,, f-i • I?" ?•••••/-/•  < t.d'n-f)

tf'/ffttolirf  3n, JdTl


Total number of documents
registered in Books I, III and IV

Compul-       Optional

No          No
Uttar Pradesh

Third quarter of 1954 (July, August and September)           T,"i,w.'U        l.nl

Third quarter of 1953 (July, August aad S^pfcombir)           tic), i'ij        s MJ'



. "JO      +1.I0..34J    -pil

J. 1J. SlXUi.
Jr  Ge>lirul r.f  /?,.,; .\f



Advortisement No.   3

APPLICATIONS invited for undermentioned posts from Indian
citizens and persona migrated from Pakistan TTith intpntion of per-
manently settling in India or subjects of Nepal, Nikknn or Portuguc-a
or French possession in India. Upper nqp limit nlaxa.Me by 3 yeji s
for scheduled caatea, tribal and aboriginal rommumii"& and up tt,
45 years for displaced persons from Pakistan and non-liberated
areas of Jammu and l£a,9hnui . No relax uion for others, cidve m
* sxceptional oases and in no case beyond three years. Particulars
and application farms from Secretary, Union Public Service Commis-
sion, Post Box no 186, New Delhi. Requests for formi must
specify name of post and should be accompanied by sr-lf addie?st>d
unstamped envelope for each post at least of size 9* y 4" indicating
thoreon name of post for winch forma are required. Clohhurdate
for receipt of application with treasury receipt or Crossed Indian
Postal Orders for,Rs.7-8 (He. 1-14 for scheduled castes and tribes.)
12th February, 195C (26th February, 1955 for applicants abroad)
Commission may remit genuinely indigent and bona fide displaced
persona' fee. Separate application icith separate fee leqinred
Jar each post. Candidates abroad may apply on plain papor if forms
not available and deposit feo with local Indian Embassy. If re-
quired candidates must appear for personal interview.

1.    One Assistant Research Officer(ItiJic}itance).Indin)i Veterinini/
Research Institute      Petit temporary    for present.    Other things
being   equal,    preference  to   displaced    persons     and    scheduled
castes candidate.    Pay : Rs. 275 — 25 — 300— E.B. — 31' — GjO— E.E. —
30 — 800.    Higher initial pay to specially   qualified find experienced
candidate.    Age : Below    35 years.    Eelnxnble fur Govrrnment ser-
vants.    Qualifications : Essential : At least second class Master's or
equivalent degree in Statistics.   OR at least  second Cl.iss Bachelor's
degree in Mathematics    with Post-graduate training   in Statistics
for at least two years in recognized institution.

2.    Two Per)twuient Assistant Systematic JSntotnolf'fjistit.   Indian
Agricultura I Research I/isfitute.   Other things being equal, preference
to Scheduled Castes/tribes candidates.    Pay :   Ks.   275 — 23 — 51 Ml —
E.B.— 30— 630— E.B.— 30— 800.   Higher initial   pay    to   specially
qualified ond experienced candidate.   Age : Below 33 years. Jlflayo.-

able for Government servants. Qitalificatioiiit : Essential : (i) At
least 2nd Class M.So. or equivalent Honours degrte in Zooiogy
with Entomology as special subject or with diploma of a&souiateshjp
of LA B.I In Entomoglogy. OK at least 2nd CUu B.Sc. in Agn-
culture with diploma of Associateship of I. A.R.I in Entomology.
(ii) Knowledge of Systematic Entomology and about 3 years

well- qualified,

3.   One Text Book production Expert Bnrcait t>f Tcyt-Soctl- RtsrarcJi,
» Ministry of Education.    Temporary but likely to continue.   Pay :

R-3, 600 — 40 — 800.    Higher initial pay to apepially qualified and ex-
Ipsrienced candidates.    Age : Below 40 years.     ReluxdbUfor Qowrn-

candidates. Age : Below 40 years. ReluxdbUfo
iment &&rwnt*. Qualifications : Essential .* (i) Gocd Rpneral cdu-
[entional quiliflcationa preferably degree in Arts or Sc-ienc&. (ii)
.'(.Training in Printing, including printing of illustrations, fiiij Ex-
berieMiee of work in good Press. Qualififotiona K- I&sable at C'ommfe-
|«ioATs discretion in eauc of caudiduti's oth

4-. T-m A.-' i^txnt At'f^,,f, tyftnts, Et. jit ;im. bn.i, J,.'w?,,,-rr
Corpui«t,on. Ti-mpoiiiiy bur hki-ij. to i oniinuf inrl'-nniii'ly. Otl.er
thing-a b»in;i r({.ial jin t'»»ii n» i- tn -.niii'«]iilu! ca-ts- iMnrliilaii s foi1 one
pant. Pa±!~: H^. ^.-jii_J.:_,1HrO— E.E,— 3H— Mill HiL-ln1.1 mit'al
pjy tn -.p -i ially ijualiiif-il ,-.rul fx;jMii'iiri'il c^ndidar"1- Ay> : Bolow
W yuu's R>-i<>£iiW: f,-,,* tjjs-r. •l,n>i't .^/".r/ .* .. fl,iu1ij'tnitci * ;
East /ildil : ID ftShmiM ^..vc p -^Pil tli»- •.uhn'«linaif Ar1 oiim.- S^rviCf
(Civil or Military/ Elimination n? he t 'lici-tt-red Affuimrant.
Candidates who haxv p«i«.-i;d S. .\.. ^. |f"'vilf Es?niinj.tiop pivtn
pi-efej i-nft. in) About 3 ye.ir-i" "-.Xpfn-it ni'o m r-'-ponsiblf pa^t
in Gowmnitnt. "»•• g4f/'"1-cpuvprniiT nr Utii •" or fjrni of v-put''1 after
^(•qulnny qujlif ii-anon , ."j . Qu jhficaiion-t i^ixaMc ,it c'i.-ninu^ifit'»
di'scretitjn in os-" ot eanilirljti's olhorw-ise vrpll.qui.llii' U.

-1. Urn- Hisfnn.li Officer, Hnlnnalnft.tntr oflnrlii,. Dtlli, Min^.
tfU of Health. Tt-mponuy but likr.'.y lt» ••out'iiin1. Pa;f : Rs.^7r> —
23 — ,-jllii — E B — 3'1 — li3< E.B — 3M — M.O. Hi^hrr Jnii it lp,-'y to sppii. lly
qualified and espcritnct.-d uudiU.ne. Ay*' . Bi-Vnt'Pii 27 diid 35*
years. Et-laxabh fc>r ff tenant, t W>i' rf,mf.i,l xt,iui,tf Qvrilijini-
tion± '.Essential: (i) JIfclioal qu.ilifiu.twji inr-lrdfd in fin- cf Si-be -
dulet to Inilinn Mfdieal Council Aft, IhaU. [iij Traiumcr iiijilala-
riolrgv. liu) Aljout 3 yeara' fxiierieiici? in filjnu nr malaria
research or fcntrol. Qualifications rel.LXi]'le ut CummiVaion^s dis-
cretion in tLf cast.- of e.uididAtt.'h orlu»rwi~i- wi'll-qu.'ilified.

U. Oi,e L'lutf Ojfti-cr, M.fi.'-Pnultvp". Teii'poiary npto 2Sth
February. 1933 but likely to continuu ludeliiutcly. _ ptpf • pt&. ,150 per
mi'ns-jn (+5xeJ) without any nlIowani.tM L'Atajit viL'tutilling jUowaiKO
f Rs. o-tJ-6 er .hem. t: Bi-lc%v 40 eorss. Brfa.alle vr Govni-

ou- yi?ar frhoiilu li.ne bfin as Chit! O^ui.                                     j-

at Cojjjmi^siuii''d di-ifivtioii in t-n'-e of tunilidHtt-s uthervii-p well-imnli-

7. One Lecturer in Meehmtical Etfyinttriity {DrsiaiA, DclJt!
Poly tec) 'linic. Pcrmuncut but filled on temporary luifris in fii^t
instance. Reserved for scheduled rii«te if bueh Mtitablo fpndidalc
available; ot ht-rwise treated as unrpgi/WL'd. Pa-i : Rs. 301' — 2a —
300— 30— SCO. Hiyhnr initiiil pay ta speriully rtiutlifKd uiirl ex-
perii-iveed candidati'. Age ; Belc-w 33 yeai.s. Qualffiraiwti* : Essen-
tial', £i) At least Second class dft'Rjc hi Moi-hdiiu-aJ EugineerJnp
of TC cognized University or equivalent, (ii) About 3 yeurs* t'x-
perienee nfte r graduation .is Mochunicdl Engiin^pr or of teaching; in
recognized institution preparing atudt-nts for d^grece in Mechanical
Engineering. N. B. — Ppriotl up to 2 years' &ppnt aa apprentice
after graduation will count towards rcquu-ed                ''

tuuis relaxuhlt? at Commission'.-* di^'fotio
fled candidate.

fux ex<.«.ipti<tnany <j«flli-

8. Two Lftilii Dortvra far fentrnJ aim Ittyif,ntt1 If Off-Halt voider
Goal Minr* Labour Welfare Furd. Mit,4fit# of ItJotir. Tost per-
manent ami non-ppnuionabli'. Pity : R^tfQ — Ju— 440—-a«<^-J>OQ —
EB— ."O.'i—TJlO plus R«.10iJpcriiienM,'m asnonprftrtirtingaUowuijc-o,
tfc«Ii>ett>d rundidtit.'B fnritl'd to Puhjuut, to avHiability, free fur-
nished houRe with frw supply of oiWlripity and water up to 30
units and fi.-'jfUJ ^Hoitw, r^pi'i'tively. Iliijhfr initial p»jr to apeci-
nlly qualified ami i-xpurionrod cwndidwti^ Age : Below S^yeiWF,
Qwli/icMiws -. Exsentiul : HwJ»«'«l qim»fi< nt Sen im-lydt'd fn on^
of SnhPdulea to Indian Modic^I I'uunt'il Ait, 1»33,