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•i.    ijv   fi•»•,...rtfr I, v,ii>'f;/  °ttlc*  "•? f jJS|!/^Tau]io-
rary butlib'ly'M i nuMuiiefitr  mdi fmitu p-nod      P«n/:  R>   -j(l—
V 'I' !« v-coml n i'~" dt-nv' m'Er'niirnnir-, stan-,1 u «.,    Mathcmatuh


il.3i'i*"iiin m IMS.- '*fr ,niluUt«V> uthH-wi^J weil-qiKilifi« <1

M!tnstfU '»f Hx'tlrt' il,\'m?d fui'suheiliilea L'aat**/Tribe if such
.t viitabK- -•.mrli.l.ite avaihibb-; utheiW treated a. unreserved
Pn,j: R-27.1— ir,_.-Mli)_E.B.-3U—G-in—E.B.—3L»—SdO. Any kind
nf privM.' pnmt uv mrluiima my und cobalt ant practice nut
a.lmw-ubK HiuluT mrul psiv to penally qivlifi. tl and exjioii-
,-ued.l i-amliiliu-,. ..iff • bVhm 3.1 year-. ^''^"^'^p™!

iii'^J UnUvr,'ity or enuivilent quabfu'fltion included in any of the
»-li.Mlnle« rn Mrdi.-al CVmnnl Act, IfUJS. (n) Training and
yxpjniMUvof jbnut 2 year's m b.ict. noloeie^l or anti-rabic work
111 ri-Po^iusHil UibnratonW Qualifications relaxablo ut Commission a
dM.-rulnm ui'M-" of t'milidateq otherwise well-qualified

11.    0>i>-    AiliafniatntiTB   Officer,    Central 3/cmju   FMmica
R.swtch   Station, Jlandnpmn Cnmp, Ministry of Focd anil Aijn-
culture.    Temporary up to i!Sth Fehruaiy, 195,1,   but  likely to be
retained on permanent basis.    Reserved for Scheduled Cartes'Tribe
candidate if suitable candidate be available, otherwise the post   will
bo treated as unreserved. Pay : Rs. 375—23—oO(U/. Higher initial
p,iy to speeially qualified and experienced candidate.    Age : Below
HO'yeon.    Qualification  : Essentinl :    (0   Degree    of   recognis-d
University,    (n)    About 5  year's    exper'ence   uf    administrative,
areountn and   establishment* \vork in Government Depaitment pre-
farobly pL-ienMllo institutions,    (iii) "Knowledge of government rules
and regulations.    Quibfu-atioiiH rekxable  at  Cummishioii's ilncre-
tion in casie of of i.'ancliJates otherwise well-qti-ilinVd.

12.     T,o) Frnnslatora Ministry nfLrtir.    Temporary up to the
end of February 10,1,3, but likely to continue for indefinite period.
CimluUt-i? nMuetod fur interview  will  be requnvd to appear for
written t^t, p irticnlara of ^ hieh will be eommunieated later.    One
poat ro^erv-^d for Scheduled Cartes and other for Scheduled Tribes
1'iD.didritt-s.    If flmtible- Seherluled Tribe5) candidate not available
bath th'3 p'JMt* rusjrverl for Scheduled C'l^tea candidates if such
^uitabla caa'lidt^t^s available otherwise treated as unreserve.    Pny.
Ra.230—.10—300^.1,)—430     Hitfhi-r initial pay to specially   qu-
lified and experienced candidutf a.    A gc. Between 25 and 35 ye.irs.
Rtlazable tip to 40 years for 'J3itemnient servants.    Qualification '.
Essential:   Ii)  Law   Crr.iduate   of  recognised   University,     (n)
iSound knowledge of Iliudi lanffuime.    fiii) Experience of transla-
tion from Enirh'h ft Hiruli.    Qu.ilific'.itiuns relaxuble at f'onuni-
iiion'^ di^nri'tion in easi.  of candidates otheiwirie well-qualified

IS-    Ortf 0'>'iitralPatho!agint(Rr<tiaej>t)  Delln AainlnittTatiiit
Temporary up to The -JStli February, llli1!.!, for  present Imt hkely

yi'aiN Qitnlifient'tons Essential; (i) Degree ol rL'toyniftucl Uni-
VL'rsity L (u) About 3 years'experience of journalistic urpublic
relitious or inuial welfare work, (in) Adequate experience of hfe •
.uid work 111 villages and good knowledge of Mampim language.
Qu.ilifications relnxo-bU? at Commission'^ difieretion in case of candi-
ri.itx'-i otherwise well<qual'fled

17. One Nemo,- Efaemcli Officer, Land Brfotms DivitAon "
Pin nut itj/ C'oiiiwi&fiiC'i' Temporary up to the 28th Febrtiiuy, 1957,
for present. Other thmcsbemg equal, preference given to Scheduled
f!.iafcu/Tnbe cnmlidute". Pay RB 500—30—650—E B—30—8,00
Higher initial pfiy to specially qualified ami experienced can-
duf.ite Age. Below 23 and 40 years. Relaxable foi goLernmenl
,c,'L'(uit,i. Qnitlifiratinfl* Essential; (i) Degice ul recognupd
University, (n) About 3 yean1 experience m gazetted post in
field of land revenue administration, or co-operation or other develop
m-nt activities rel.itmg to rural population or rencrach work in hind
tenure or land reforms problems in G ovenunent Department or ma-
titutinu or repute. Qualifications relaxuhle at CommiHsion'H dis
cri-tioniii ca^c- nf Q.indidatcs otherwiflo weir-qualified.

Joint Services Wing Examination

The Union Public Service Commission will hold nn examination
at Allahabad, Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi, Ludhmna, Madras, Nag-
pur, Patnn, and Sri nag nr flometime in June, 1955, for entry into the
Joint Sorvires Wings of the National Defence Acadimy. Age,
iiiinitn. Candidates must have been born not earlier than 2nd July,
11)38, o-nd not later than 1st January, 11)41. These age-limits can
ui no case be relaxed. Qualifications. Matriculation or equivalent
Applications from candidates who have appeared or intend to appear
it ilitriciilationorequivalent examination acceptable provisionally. *
Application forms, and full parti'Ctilara obtainable from Secretary.
Union Public Service Commission, Dholpur House, New Delhi,
hyremittingRe 1 by Money Orderoi on canhpnyment at the counter.
rtrndnlatesM iiatclently state on Money OrderOc'itpaviH1''Joint jSerricu
[ring Ex'iminativn, June 1055 and nfao rjiwe thtm name and full
Hostnl (trlcfressitt Mock letters. Postal Orders or cheques or currenrj
notes will not be accepted in lieu of money orders. Application
forms and connected papers am also obtainable free from the nearest
Rerruiimg Ollice, Military Sub-Area Headquarters or National
Cadet Corps Unit, Completed Applications must reach Union
Public Het-viep Commiifiion by 12th March. M>.)5, (2b'th Marrli,
in.l,^. for e.indirlatoH abioad)

Recruitment of 3 Assistants knowing French Ex-cadre in
the posts and Telegraphs Directorate.

In I'D it'niiition of the advertisement for the above examination,
winch appL-ured :n the press on the 25th September, 1934, it is noti-
fied for general information that the persona employed in the Sub-
ordinate Offices, oft ho Government of India, who fulfil the prescrib-
ed qualifications, will also be eligible to apply. Full particular*
and applications, forms available from the Secretary, Unicn Public
Service Commission, Dholpur House, Post Box No 186, N^w Delhi,
Completed applications from such candidates must reach the
Secretary, Union Public Service Commission by the 5th Fcbruaij.
lOilo. (I nth February, 1 MS, in ease of candidates residing abroad).

Age* B'low 3j jv.irs. ft'taxable fur rrovertttnent strrnnta to tin
?rtent of their «fn'ie? mijer fforeniwrnf.* : E&MU-
ti'il; (i) Mfdieiil di-art e included in on'' of sclii-duli's to the Indian
Jlrfdicat fount il A<Tl933nrL R. C P. nrM n C. S. (ii) About                 '

D. C. SEN,
Under Secretary.

3 v-'irn' exp-ri''»nrv m Pcithulouy Department of hospital, (iii)
Knnwledjjo i)f HuHi andllrrlu, "QualifiruTions relnxable at the
Cumnii^ionV di-i-p-tion Hi ea^i- of r-andulatc^ otherwise -nell-

14. Oi-f Ci>'tl Ani,T,u,t SuriiLoi, 0»(dt I, (AtiaeHtJieria). Delln
A 1]<iiniitrni'ln,i. Ttmpuraiy iSrh February, Ifl.'u, for present liut
likely to cnntmno. Pny. Rs.2UO—1H—440—20—,100, plus -25 per
C'Jnt. of n iv a-s n'm-practi^ing allowance if private prai-tice is not
allowed. Higher initial jjay to specially qualified and experienced
c,ui4ifUt".\ Below 35 yeaia. EtlaxabU for gorernment
m.ri'iint!ttotli>>ffie1itaftfieiri>e,vicrunderuovernturnt. Qualifications;
EiwntHil: ui M^dieal flhjrree included in nne of schedules to
Indwn Mo,li"al fVmnuil Act, 1033. or M. R. C. S. or L. PL C P.,
(i:} A*iQiit :J y>< iis'fsifriLwe in An lent beam work in hospital.
1in t K'i iwl^diri' of Hindi and Qualifications relaxable at
C nain-«na-idiifivticininr-i*u of candidates otherwise well-quuli-

1,1. L" fitfcr {Łleetriral) In Plytfrhniclnatitutf, Bhmwl
Temp^r.iVy up t . tin* 2Sth February, lt).iO, for present but likely
to b»-' m^de [j^rniini'ut oventimlly Pay. Ra.250__WO__15-1

HfHJ'HlIlv   (ILldiflfjl    llm]    I'viu^riiinnml    n,n.4r,ln + .v       4___     n_l?   '    «!!


r until r&rct ton 10(6) oftlie Indian Final Uxfcns Act, 1D2C]

WHEREAS the. Brass She at Mill Mazdoor Union,
rogiatcred aa a Trade Union under no. 1016 of the year 1951-52,
has committed a breach of section 28, of the Indian Trade Unions
Act, 1926 (XVI of 1926), read with Regulation 17 of the Regula
tions under the said Act by failing to submit to the undersigned, t
correct Annual Return for the year ended with the 3lst Maxell,
1934, by the prescribed date, viz., the 31st of July, 1954, notico
under section 10(fi) of tho Indian Trade Unions Act, 1926, ig hereby
given to the .Buisa ahoet Mill Mazdoor Union, Moradabad,
to show cause to the undersigned on or before the expiry of two
months from the date of receipt of this notice, why the Certificate
of Begistmtion gianted to it should not be cancelled.

v^r^11 J f1/!ll^1['"1 *** '-^ri^d candidat.? ^jj"*BpfiU? 4(1
irrttiaf -.   -ij Atjn.wt Aieuud cliis tlegn-u in Eleetricol Engineering
Ned T nmTMty or   Institution,   (ii) About    5   ™«—<••'

i"u >lxp 'tifiicp.   QuulifietttioiH relaxflbh* sit C-----

i in<*UH.- of enndidrttesotherwise well-qnalified

««'•       »* cnowa-
*° 28th Febrtinry, 193.7. for

u l'>"o fl<»"w» up to tho SWii peimwrv
, Fay. iUS30~lfi-.loo. Higher initial pay o spSv
Mwdwrlwil candidate. Ag*: BetwXn sPOH[40

WHEREAS the. Ramcsli Metjl Works Mazdoor Union. Moradabnd,
registered as a Trade Union under no. 1138 of the year 1952-53, hafl!
committed a breach of section 28 of the Indian Trade Unions Ao'i i
1926 (XVI of 1926), read with Regulation 17 of the Regula-'
tiona under the said Aot by failing to submit to the undersigned,
a correct Annual Return for the year ended with the 31^
March, 1954, by the prescribed date, viz., the 31st of July, 19&
notice under section 10(6) of the Indian Trade Unions Act l9Zt,
is hereby given to the Ranxesh Metal Works Mazdoop Union,
Moradabud, to show cause to the undersigned on or before the t
expiry of two months from the date of receipt of thia notice, wWI
the CertruMite of Registration granted to it should not be oanoeUap *