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. K,-h-
i,  , il.,.

\VHER13\3 the Hen-Mary, A^inl.i] Knramth.ui Uiurn, finrnkl-vn-,
^huh is ivyWri.'d under un 787 of Ifl4!-.lll MS a Ti..di- Ummi
w ,,,i-kidin"mvciffiiv hitm, rUterl ,lmir. il, lEKi-1, In pi,-mi hu.i-
.. H with nil the lie. ps-,,uy jjn}jr'i-, fni in-pi i t ion u tin- i,fili i,.'
I|,.T U^innibl Conciliation. Ofti't'i, CJoiLikhpni'. MI July .'i, l'l,-4, bill
IP ithi-r any reply was rrcr r.rd IVnm him nur flit] any ii pit -i'iitiTive
nl th.3 Uiunn pi-i'^Piit huusilf fnr thr- mention Tln-irafln ihf>
,-i-MI-MTV iTa=i askufl m my r,]n> f vr^Mr-ivd A "D lillr-i1, iLihil
Uunit 17, Ti'i-l, tn primal lumsi Ii nn AimiM Jri, l!l.'4, in my ilTi' 
vViih LiH the ivh-vant ivrorrln for inspect inn 1 mi f-vPiil lhi>niln'i v.^
[M iDnpoiiM''" frnin tlin Union und nn i'i [jit^imt.itive nl (hi1 Unnm
|iit^H'ntpcl hini-ifll at the tiniL1 oi nisiifriii.n It, thfiel'nii'. ..jiiir-,ii^
Oi it tliL1 Unmn has now roisi-d to exist.

2. And. wlit'iviM thp a,liovi? Dnmn rnmmillfd a hieaihnf
section 2S ufthpIndi.inTr.iili' Unions Ant, TI2R (XVT nf l)2ii)
,,-ul AVith reyillation 17 of tlic- U. P. Trarle Uuir,ns.]{rMnliuirin-.
1!)J7, Ijyfiuliuu lo mi limit to the unih-isienerl thu.' rrXmn
In, thu y.'-ir i-Midiiiy Sl^i Marrli. l!l."i4 }>) 1]^ pjt-n-i il il -Kit,-,
v./ July 31, 1H54.

THI^ i-

3     Now, thpi-pfore, a nutifp wncln fii-r1iou JlliJj) nf thn   Tnilinn     ll''n]'"'11 I'1 Liljt
TrwliiUniuiw Ai-i,  IH2(i, is lu-n-hv nv\ to thr A^nl il Karamrh,in     J!'"''^'  ':11 '.'
Umnn, Guiviklijmr, lo shov r.iusn tn Ihn unilr-jsitim-il nn nv   liefm-      |   ",,.'.   |.
i hi1 L'Kipy of two mnnths from thp il ito  of ivc-iM[jt nf thu   urn id1,     ," ' "M"  .|
why th.i O'i't'fii'ii" nf R^istr.itmu. jjrintud to    ih should   not Jj---     .,   '     ''''   ,f1'
.. ,,:,-,jio,i                                                                                             ta''1>Jlt'1 nt lli1

WTIEBEAS the Secretary of thp CluniMillMiizdoor Sangh, Denrid,
ntradeUninnvogiaterednndei no 0,10 cf Iflfil-fiS unclei ihp Tndion
Trade Unions Act, 1926, was afikccl, ride tin-, rff ce leit r i no. 1^77.
T-II  1210, date- d February 23, 1954, to pipgent hiniFflf \\itL all
t lie paporfl of tha Union for infijjection on March G, in.14, qt tho
ITnion s Olfina, Deona, but at the time of inspection the Secivtaiy
..oiilil not produce any papers of the union. Thereafter the t-tc-
retary was asked twice to show the Union's records m my office
hut he failed to do so. Tha secretaiy was theieafter intimated.
rule my office registered A D. letter no. 5SD4JT-II  1211), dated
August 9, 1954, thatifliB failed to present himself in this rfTcr vjth
nil the records for inspection within one month action -ncultl he
1 ,iken fa rjuncal the ragiatration of the Union. Even then no reply
vai reooived from the Union nor did any repiescntatn e of The
Union ptcHanted himself for inspection. Thus it appeal a that tl-p
Union has now ceased to exist.

 nnrr "i


-. f   ,,;/-
s. c. <.

 r ^ ri;
.\3 -D.

Tjuhli-h''il  fur   ' 'IK1   i  Jir'ii".
	-   ,. .-      i   \

fl  1.J-     ll,,ritl.t.7i  *li,"   .ll,n\    -."-' 1-      (M-..   nt   ..1,  ...dl,,,.  .   .  .V        ., <-.f     M.   t    l.-I.   l|l     1...      1    f'   .'.'    -.1-1      -I
	, s   '?(' tV . .'t"r    .'.i

i.-. ii-n-   : J. il Irjih ,M,i\. i'1-i, i i j* i  ' 't'-1  'i -j I u .     I't'il     '*. 
	.: j   . n   'l,   l,.."s,,;

 ' T   11-   1 p"   [-! r.."l.-   
	-,:- ,f r;-j..'-,

il    'I.I.IU   if   P...47:5


2. And wheraaa tho above Union has comniitted n hrcoch
of .action 28 of the Indian Tiade Unions Act, If^O (XVI of 1H2C).
read with regulation 17 of U. P. Trade Unions Regulations in27.
hy failing to submit to the undersigned its annual return fos the
year ending March 31, 195-1. hylhu prescribed date, viz. JulySJ,

3.    Now, therefore, notice under seoiicn 10(1)     cf tie ]rdirn
Trade Unions Act, 1926, is hereby given to   Chmi Mill

Prc--i'..' : ,M:I K. X. C.j?u,   J, *,J* > t;
Insolvency Petitioii no. 2 of 1954

In tfic ji <?< ) fif

K.inhjii>M.L:.l. -1*11 uf Kvlh. r M .1, ir-ui, u' .if .Li\il-



i-oiut liy a pi-tl
in>ohvnt undi-
of ISU'i,

ilLJlli-J    ti|lpli'MUt

il the 1,'lth Xir\tmU*,
in 13 of t}i*- Prnvin'u
nrjtitifd   th^t    the   C*'

Sangh, Deorin, to aho-w cause to tha undersigned on  or tefore  the     (n<nttvnth) dav of P'btUrj\ li>."."i. fi
axuiry of two montha from the date of receipt of this  notice, why    applir-jtid!).    "
the Cuttificate of Registration pranted to it may not be cancelled.


'l Ii>r.'lvfi.
i'    I ^  J


<y Ar-t, V
is-l  Ibth

m \T13TR SIN'GH,



FffRent  . SBI CHA.MAN SINGH, Tn*olvrfv:it Jutiqe
Insolvency Petition no. 6 of 1954

In the matter of



(Xuti'   t'nfrf ifl'    ">< ''?'  S r&'fl a'ti. fjl? 2i>, r I1. G.)
M. S. no. 142 22 of 1953-5*

dai-"n i- Co,              ..                  .    W<> rt.i'Jf,

jiSiboo, son of Sublian, caste Teh. resident of village

Uhatampur. pargana Nakur,    dihtriQT   Sahuran-

ranpur (debtor)                . .              . .           . .    Appliraitt,


MI>EM^. Qanira Devi SULMI MdNLtd. aid otht-r^    ..     D-ft,ta:ru.i*.

(-To(1) MfKsrs   Gantia. Pfvi S'l^.u- M>1U 3..HI ,   Xaraipur   Kuthi,
--- ollicp Vamiunr, di^ri'iL-T, (-) Kfdnr Xth Kh--tiii^
" " TMA iMiipi Df\i Su^a-Al'U^ Ltd.. KKelau

L, Day^kiehen (creditor)

PTIBSTIAWT to a petition, rlatpil the 4th February, 1034, pre-
^ented by the abovenamed applicant, and on the applu ptioii nf the
abavenamed creditor and on reading the samp and tho cvidi-nr-e in
the Cd,n0 and Rearing thp aa-gumenls. it is ordered that Tho delrfor
hi* and the aj,id debtor is hurahy ailjudf<fd insolvent hy thit- Court
mi istlx Dbfe'mbPi-, 1951.

Dated thia, the 1 8th day nf January, ] 034.

____o'int! Diivetor"   -.      - .         t                                 _________

HiiiiHe, Tadrauna, diitru'i Dpiirin, I'. P., (:j) Mr. Mad'n I'.il. LI.
quidator Ales^us. Gvmgti Devi, Sugar Mills- Ltd., viil. yf> Chitdima.
pusi oflire Dooria, district D^ovJa. U.P,,nnd (t) M-,.-(r-<. Mjuwuri
Ophite fifty. Bruthwr*. MinuMrintf Ag^nt of 3Ii>a*is. O.uiga Di-vi >ugm- Mill^ Ltd.,
Padraiuia, post ulhep Pitdiauna, di&triu Deuria, U. P.]

WHEREAS Mf^r.s. S. X. Suiiderauu HUI]  Co. has institiirtvl the
nhovn dint  against   you   fur realisation   ot 7ti4 rup**cu. you  are
hereby suuiraoiiect to appear in this   t'ourt   in PM-HH or   ilirmiglt
Hlwwlfr on -2nd FeLruarj-, ipgj ut I0.3D .1.111. ti>,iawiT tho claim.
Tukp notiiv that in   default of your appoiiiiint u (n th<* tUiy 1K1-
* the rtiiit will lw lu-uril ami  dt't-munf-d   in   ywu &\t~

By order,

(}3vvn im-l'T my h mil .m<l tin1 *i>j.\ of thf f uurt thia day.