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PART VI1IJ                           UTTAR PUADESH GAZETTK. ^;[;K?"A;'\ .-,. ;.

Add for the week ending January 27.

AlL'habad City    ..

Uarcilly District   ..                  .                ..           _                _                                                            . .                ..

Biiknds^.ahr District

rurrukhaLad District

Ritel-.pnr District..                ..                ....

Hanloi City          ..                ..                ....                ..                                                             L

Kavdoi District     ..                ..                ..          ..                ._                                                            ,.              p

-Talaun District.     ..                 .-                ,.           ..                _                ,                                           7                I

Luc-know City       ..                   .                   ...                   ..                                                                      j^                   4

Pilibhit City         ..                ..                ....                ..                nr                ..                        1

Unnao "District    ..                ..'....                ..                                                             -


A. 3f. CHOPRA,

LTJCKNOW :                                                                      Din'f&r of Medttttf mtd

January 27, 1955.                                                                                                            Uttar

MONTHLY WEATHER REPORT OF UTTAR PRA-         D-H., *               vo v,u  4 MI ,i-,-,    . -i

DESK FOR AUGUST, 1954                                                                  "'H,'. j. .i u*>l :-L    d'.H

Lnchriw               .      ^'-"4 <-'iA i'M ij J.- , .i :5.,t

Rainfall during the   month over the Std.te    wvu    H-iJi'i                 .   .VF'H^-flr/.n.ri i"4- .. F.

nui'mal in plains and 42 per cent, in excess over Ihelullrf..,..,                    , V^1' V'li1"^-"''.;'-

                                 A                                                                                    U iU*-l".i                           ,i lit   nivj  2*4i> iiii'!A>'    n,


3-H6 imh'".- '-: I2'h.
J'rtT i-vh"- .1:1 17rh.
J 311 !, K- n , ifcL

Fairly widespread and locally  heavy rain occurred    Jiur^J

from  1st to 3rd hi Azamgarh,  Bohraich,  Uonda and    "JjTrlTj

Fatehpur each recording about 4 inches of rain on the    B.^ii-v

1st. Floods occurred in the eastern districts of    3I*"iv"

***&                                                              :;;;:

From 4th to 9th, the monsoon  weakened o\rer tlte          rri               .             .

fcutera parts but continued to be active in the wi'rt-m      . /llf? l'LtM KtmfaU j'j^ tlw "* ww m

districts where it gave local rain.                                     (};^ m Ruiar.w ^1 M^rut  U'wlMw of Delir, Dun)

B                                                             divHions, iu slight defect in Aura Division, normal in

Under the influence of a low (which persisted over     Rnhilkhand, Allahabad. Jhanett an<l Fn:z.:Kul divKionn,

the States up to the 13th), the monsoon again dtreng-     in .lisht excess in Lucknow and tf>rjikh|nir -livUion^

theiied from the 10th and gave  local to foirly wide-     and in moderate oxce^ in Kiutiaim (with Ll^avi l>uu)

spread rain up to   the 20th.   Thereafter, it weakens!     Division,
and only isolated falls occurred till the- end of the month.

Chief amounts of rainfall recorded during themonth     ttl ^ -^onal ^inM *< rrafcanrr! frma 1st June to

iire ___                                                                                     31st August, 19r*4 was in slight excels m Lucknow and

Kuuiaun (with Dehra Dun) division?, normal in Allah-

c;,,nda               .    4'ii! jud 4-io nit-lira an UT .--ntt wit rM.    abad, Gorakhpw and  Faizftkwi^divbionK,   In elighfc

pwtivpiy.                                                 defect in Agra, Rohilkhand and Jhansi rlivvdoibi and

AZ1mgaih          ..   *w^f^.Jll*ril't*i"lll't'I<ltIl-Ild    in moderate defect in BanarAs and 3Iwnit Exclusive

AUaliabjd              ..    3'01 mid T*3 inplw:.: unlit band 1-t ree-    ofDehlftDun) divwiom.
port ively.

Bindn?ur           " 1-38 !!?a*3^llrtittrht.s on itu B.IJ Sad         The   mean   monthly   mRximum   and   mmimum

respectively,                                          temperatures,   humidity  and   cloud   amount**  were

Qr.fci                              3'S5 on 13th niU 13th.                                    al ^Wrtn tlt mn^tt

KiMipnV"                 2-44 .uid 3-03 uu 2nd and imii TOhpaotively.   normal during the month.