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APPLICATIONS mvitod for undermentioned posts fiom Indian
citizens and persons migrated from Pakistan with intention oi i u-
manently settling m India or subjects of Nepal, Sikkim or Jfoitu-
gueie or French possessions inlndia. Upper-age limit rclaxahlc by
3 years for Scheduled Castes, Tribal and Aboriginal c ommumties, and
up to 43 years for displaced persons fromPaki&tan anduon-hboiated
areas of Jammu and Kashmir. No relaxation for others, gave in
exceptional cases andmno case beyond three yenrt. Particular and
application forms from fciecretaiy, Union Public Service Commission,
Post Box no. 186, New Delhi. Requests for forma must specify
names of post and should be accompanied by ^t-Jf addressed unstamp-
ed envelope for each post at least of wzo 9" x i" indicating
name of post for which forms are required. Closing dittp for leccipl
of application with treasury receipt or C'roabetl Indian Postal Orderb
for Bs. 7-S (Be. 1-14 for Scheduled Caste;, and Tribes) 126th 1'cbtuaiy,
lOjj (12th March, 1955 for appUcants abroad). Commitdion may
remit genuinely indigent and botiaftde cb&placed pcipona" ice1.
Hapardte application with separate fee required for each poat.
Candidates abroad may apply on plain paper if foimi not available
and deposit fee with local Indian Embassy. If required candidates
must appear for perbonal interview.

1.    One Physical Chemist, Indian Institute of  Suyur Teth»olc&!/,
Kanpur. Post temporary but likely to bo madcpoiimuHnt.    Pay:
Ra.        600—40—1,000—1,000—1,030—1,050—1,100—1 100—1,130.
Higher initial pay to specially qualified and experienced. Lancuc.aU.
Age : Below 45 years.    Eeluxoblejor Government servants, Qualtjica-
tiona : Essential:   (i) At leat,t 2nd C'lats Master's or    equivalent
Honours degree with Physical Chemistry as special eubjec-t.      (11)
About 3 years' research experience in Physical Chemittiy.   Qualif1-
ctibions rouble <Lt Commission's discretion   in case of  candidates
otherwise well-qualified.

2.    One Stores  Officer, Films   Divtsio/i.   Post temporary    for
present but likely to become permanent.     Pay :   Es.360^20—DC U.
Higher intial pay to specially qualified and  experienced candidate.
Aye : Below    40 years.    Qualifications : Essential:    (i) Degree of
raoognisad     University,    (ii) About three years'    experience of
purchase, storage and distribution of stores in Government or Com-
mercial Organisation of repute.    Qualifications relaxable at Com-
mission's discretion in case of candidates otherwise well-cjiialnicd.

3.   One Statistical Research Officer, Central Statistical Organisation,
Cabinet Secretariat.   Post temporary and likely to   continue in defi-
nitely.     Other things being a qual preference   given to   Scheduled
Costea/Tribsa candidate.    Pay : Rs. 350—25—750.   Higfcci   initial
pay to specially qualified and experienced candidate.   Age :   Below
40 years.    Qualifications:   Essental:   (i) At least Second      Class
Master's or equivalent Honours degree from a recognibedUniversity
in Statistics or Economics/Mathematics with Statistics   a&subject,
(ii) About three years' experience in collection, comiilation uud
interpretation of statistical data in Government office or business hous^

................curcts of official

.,              t ..                .0               .

1 o^t perm-m-.'nc .tnrl p-?n-.r>mi»jK- .   O' 1111:1^3 beiua pqual, prrftf-
• •nne ro tlelip'lnh-il C'a«r -, or tnbi?H rdn<i'tl*n.s. " TI'oW~r,hc cpplJttJ /u


to A.lvertispin«nt nu.  8.1, Item   nc   12

unA.igust Jl, ia.14- uccd nor applvrfjr-in. IV y .- Ba. tM-U— 40—
J(Uf;il_l,(j(ru_l,OJu_i1o.jO_]JIw_lp!,-n_!Ji,iu. y^ 2J ptr. ent
'jtpa-yas uon-pL'ar;tisin..' allowance mlieurjf pi iva-i jjiaLti* ,>. Higher
inual pay to iporuilly qualified acri '.x^iim- su (.-tdiilatc. --Jjt':
Below 511 yc,ux. QualificntoHit: £ct-..t~:irl-. f,t qutliljt-
uation im-lurlc'd m ony of Srl-clul^ TO Indian Mecll^l Crumil
Act. ifras. /n) Po*e-prrluntd qujjifiiwlta s.'.«L a-s M.D. or
reconani-Hrl University or M. R. C. P. r.f L .ndnji, Edinburgh i r
Iceland \ui) Abut 3 yeaii' cs.pi.:r,r.(r- in i.L,£jiitU cr p:uato
prat-liu;. Qualification- n-laxahic <i: r:cusmi«iLJi"b ciiscrctitn in
ca-t cf L'

Central Ii filer nt,rl Power Ct,m

likely to luet till compli ti-,n c____. . ..

E.B.-30—tj.jij—;iO_yjo.    High'T   witvl

------^— __......„ ....     Temporalv for prudent but

likely to lu«t till compli ti-,n of Pruj. < t.    Puy : ft*. J7,'>—I'd—300.

E.B.-3n—Bofj—jjri__aOM. High-r witvl pay tu wuciolry qnaIifii»U
andc-i-pcTJenccd (.andidaiu. Age •. B,ilt,w '& yf-arc. £'2aaue/<
for Gorcrnt^cfit seriurto. Qualijiiaiioh* : LuctJial '. (ij Legifce
mElcttriL-al Engineering from rpuoinaisc-d Unh t-ryity or equivalent,
(ii) About three yrtirt.'expL'rienev in hy-lio-t li-et-w pcwcr genr-
raiiou, tianbmis'don including c'on^ti-act*fn end opt-iatirn ti dis-
tribution lines, 11KV lines and 11 KV ^ub-^Utions and btritrh-
gc»ar and maintf-'nanc-e. (ui) Esperunce tn supervising dcmeaiit
and induriiiial wiring Qualification's ri&'iaLlt at Ccmrnicsun'b
ditsCTbtion m cahy of Candida tec olfiDiwi-st- *i ell-quaint d.

lit. iaU—115—275—25—S«Ml-E.B.-3U--51u—30—600.   ' HigLer    in-     ,
itiol pay to spec ia.lly quehfi'-ti mil HXj,»riencfd    candidate.   Ages     i
Below45yoai».    Qi'tilifiwitoi.* :  L^titti^l : fi) Giaduiitc ofreto,;-
nibctl   university.    (11; About 3  yt-kis'   jcuroali-tic   expcnw.;'e in
newspaper or new-i^rtgency of a'taud'.ns or expericnc'*- of publicity
iuadjor public i>?ltit,iuiis work in publi-ity  organijation.   Qualifica-
tions relasable m CommiTsoiijn'o dLSL'ic'U&n in CQ=B of candidates
otherwise well-qualified.

11. Two Ci~il Asthtant Surged ^ Gn^ 1 Gazetted Delhi
State Go&rnimnt. Tc-mpcrary bat likely to continue. Pay : R&.
200—15—440—-JO—5L«0 plus 1'3 per i-cnt of pay as nwi-practising
allowance ifprivate prtc-tiVc i? nut allowed. Higher initial pay to
specially qualified and experienced u-andidat^. Age : Below 35
years. Eelaitabtcfor GovmimcKttenant* upto the extent of t7orer«-
ment service. Qualijitatwtm : £a6tniial: ii} 31. B,, B. S. or equiva-
lent qualification, (ii) About 3 yearei* esperkm-e in hospital
or di&pcn&ary. (111) Knowledge of local l&nguagi^, Hindi and Urdu.
Qualifications rclaxahle at C'cniUQihsion's iliotietiou in the c-aeo of

12.    One   Lt(.ti*r£f   m   Arabic, StJ-ct I   of   Fo                          ,

Ministry of Defence. — Po^t    teicporary arid    likely to   continue.

Pay : Rs. 27

4. One Senior Technical Assistant (Airadynarai»\ Cttil
Aviation Department, Temporary but likely to continue indi-fi-
mtely. Other things being equal preferenci1 to Scheduled Cat-tr-b/
Tribes candidates. Pay: Bfc 230— 15-400-E.B -20— 600. Higher
initial pay to speciaJly qualuled and experienced t-andidate. Aye :
Between 21 and 25 years. RdaxabU for Government savmHn.
Qualifications: Essential: (a) Degree or equivalent qualification m
Aeronautical Engineering or (6) Degree or equivalent quahrira-
tion in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering with tome training
dnd/or experienca in stress calculations. Qualifications rcJa&fbk
at Commission's discretion in case of candidates otlieiwiae well-


! j_^>00—30—StiU.   Higher initial pay to specially
experk-n^cd   candidate.    Age :     BeltTip 40 yeart.

________  „_.    Government   Ben-ante.     Qulificalict-s: Etkfntitil :

(i) Fair academic qualifications in Arabic  with degree or diplcoaa


experience of teaching modem Arabic- (iii) Good kaowledge c
English. Qualifiationii rolaxable at Comrnisijion'ts dieercticn i
t(asB Of candidates otherwi&c vt ell-qualified.

.       *

13. One Stalit>tida^ (Family Platttiitift), Dtrntcwtt Gtittralof
Health Bcnicee. Tempurarj' up to end of Ft binary, 1955 but
likely to continue for indefinite period. Pay : R&. 350-^330—
380— 380— 30— 590-E.B,-3Q— 77(1— 4ft— 830. Higher initial pay to
specially qualified and experienced candidate. Aye : Below So
years. Relaxablc vp to 45 years for GQi'err.intnt wants. Qutthji.
dims : Euuntial : (i) Master^ or equivalent Honoiva degrwe in
Statistics or in Mathcrnptiea with ^tatiotirs as spetwl laubjei-t or

Essential: (i) At least 2nd class Master's or 3 years' Honours
Degree in History of recognised University, (a) About 3 5 cars'
teaohing experience in College or University. QualiPcatfcrh»tit s.-
able at Commission's discretion or candidates otheiwifce -wcll-quaH-

6. One Research Assistant (Hindi), Minify of £dueato».
Temporary but likely to continue up to October, 1956. EeE«vcd
for 5 oheduJadCaetes/Tribes candidate if euch suitable candidate
\vailable- otherwise treated as unreserved. Pay : Es. 250—10—
M^K^wSTSTffiJteSBalpv to
and experienced candidate. Iflc : Below 35 y
«ow : Bumtial: (i) At least Second C^sJIafite

in  Chemi6try-   (ii) Knovlc-dgc of Hindi.   Quail,


Special Class Hallway Apprentices' Examination, 19S6
Examination sometime in June, 1055 for Belection of Special Class
Ipprentices for the Kei'hanicaJ Engineering and Tranfl|rortatnm
<Povrer) Department of Indian Railways. Age Lttntts : 16—19
wars on 3rd August, 1954. Upper age limit relaxable in COM of

Scheduled Castes,   scheduled tribes, displaced r------------'* ~^

dates   from    Chandernagoro.   Q«aUf-~'f------

liave passedinfiret or second divisiont]
with   Matbematica and at  least one of  the a
Chemistry, or possess one of"- -'"—
ed in the Rules.   Jj—'"---
', Uni

7. One Lecturer in Econotnit*, M-B. B. College Agartala
'.Government of Trtpura. Temporary but likely to bcconw perroa-
luent. Pay: Bs. 200—10—420—16^-*4BO. Higher initial pay to
specially quaJifiedsnd experienced candidate. Age i Below 40 years.
Qualifications ; Essential • (i) At least 2nd Clase Master's or equi-
valent Honours degree in Economics from recognised University,
(ii) Some teaching experience in Economics up to degree standard.
Qu4Uflo«tionfi relaxable a* Commiawon's diecietion f" ~ «*—»•*•-
datea otherwise well-quaUfied.

cheque's or «i


ncese ofcsndi-

will  not bt"  ai'i-i'pted in li*u of money
(nations  must ntnch Union Public Servks
10^3 <2nd April JOBS for