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APP^CATION^ invited for undpt'mentionpd poq-jy from Fijdi.ui
citizons tnjd persons migrated from Pakistan with intention of pcr-
jntinently settling in India or subjects of Nepal, Sikkim or Portu-
guese oi' French possessions in India. Upper oQr limit iriiiX'ible
by 3 years for scheduled castea, tribal and aboriginal eommunitirrf
and up to 45 years ior displaced persons from Pakistan and imn-
liberdted aroafl of Jammu and Kashmir. No relaxation for others,
gave in exceptional cases and m no case beyond three ycnrs. Ta-rti-
culars and application forms irom Secretary, Union Public SITVU-O
Commission, POR! Box no. 186, New Delh. Rrque&tn iu1' romm
must specify iiaino of post and should bn acrojnnmpcl IA- ^'i
addressed unHlamperl envelope, for each pot; L at least of size !i" "/ 4
indicating thereon llama oi post for which foi'intf an-> n-qunerl.
Closing date for receipt of application with treasury receipt or
, Crossed Indian Postal Orders for RB.7nS (Ro 1-14 ior Schedulpd
Castes and Tribes) 6th March, 1955 (lUth March, lUuj for applicants
abroad)- Commission may remit genuinely indigent and bana
fide displaced persons' fee Separate application with Rijpnrato
fee required for each post. Candidates abroad mny app^- rm plain
paper if Forma not available and deposit fee with local Indian
Embassy If required candidatns must appear for personal

1. One permanent Bacteriologist, Medical Stores Dcpui ,CnJii'tta,
Ministry of Health—Reserved for Scheduled Tribe i andidutc or
Scheduled Caste candidate if no suitable Scheduled Tiibe candidate
availa.ble. Otherwise post treated as unrcnrrvod. Pay : I!s.27ff—
25—500—E.B.—30—650. Higher initial pay tn specially
qualified and experienced candidate. Ago : Below 35 years-
Relaxable for Government servants. Qualifications : Essential :
(i) Degree inModicine -with special training in Bacteriology, Immu-
nology or Microbology or Degree in Science with about thiee years' Laboratory or in institution m&imfoc-
turing biological products, (ii) Practical experience in routine
bacteriological testing and media making. Qualifications relax-
able at Commiflsion?s discretion in case of candidates others isc well-

3- One, Lecturer in Navigation, and Seamanship Sauiical and
Engineering College, Bombay—Post temporary, but likely to continue-
Other things being oqufll preference to Scheduled Castes/Tribes
candidates. Pay: Ha. 800—40—1,000—J,000—1S050—1,050—
—E.B.—1,100—1.100—1,150—50—1,300. Higher initial pay to
specially qualfiod and experienced candidate. Age : Below 40
years. Relaxable f<or Qovemmnl servants. Qualifications : Essen-
tial '. (i) Certificate of competency nfl Master of -Foroign-goinfl
vessel, fyi) Experience as Second Mate and/or Chief Oificer in
Foreign-going ship in Merchant Navy. (Hi) May bo required
to obtain Extra. Mcister's certificate within reasonable
time, if not already in. possession- Qualifications jelaxablo at
Commission's dig creation in cage of candidates otherwise well-

3- One Matron, Central Hospital Asansol Coal Mines Labour
Welfare Fund, Ministry of Labour—Temporary for fi\p years but
likely to be made permanent. Pay : Re-320—20—400 plus Rg.25,
dhobi and uniform allowance and free furnished house (subject
to availability) with froo supply of electricity and water up to 15
units and 4,000 gallons respectively. Higher initial pay to specially
qualified and experienced candidate. Age : Between 35 and 45
years. Relaasabls for Government servants- Qtialifications •
Essentia : (i) Matriculation or equivalent- (ii) Registered nurse
o°nd midwifo. (lii) About five years' experience as sister m
hospital vrith 200 OP moro beds, (iv) About two years' experience
as Matrons or Assistant Matron. Qualifications reliixablo a1 Com-
mission's discretion in case of candidates otherwse w( H-qualified.

4. One permanent Assistant Qarden Superintendent, Depa?lmpi\t
of Archaeology, Ministry of Education—Reserved for Scheduled
Tribe candidate but treated aa unreserved if no auch suitable
"candidate forthcoming- Pay - Us. 275—25—500—E.B.—30—650-
Higher initial pay to specially qualified and experienced candidate
Age : Below 35 years. Relancahle for Government servants. Quali-
fication : Essential : (i), Bachelors' degree in Botanj or in Agri-
oultttre with Horbieulture as special subject- (M) Diplomf or
apecialised training in Horticulture from recognised institution in
India or abroad. (Hi) About three years' experience in maintaining
gardien of repute, preferably ornamental one. Qualifications r-1 —
a,bo at Cominision'B discretion iu-caga of candidates ohe

5,- Ten Stftra Assistant Directors (Civil), Central Waicr and
Pawr Commission—Temporary but likoly to contimie for inde-
finite period. Four posts reserved for Scheduled Castes and 2 for
Sheduled Tribes if such suitable candidates available, otherwise all
posts treated as unreserved. Candidates who had applied in res-
ponse to Commission's earlier advertisement no. 3? nf 1054- need
not apply again. Pay : Rs. 275—25—600—H38—30— tiJHJ— E.B-—
30—800. Higher initial pay to specially qualified and txiienenoert
candidates, Age s Below 30 years. RelnaeabU for Gavcntmtfit
servants. Qualifications Musential : Degree in Civi J-ngirpering
of recognised tTniveraity or equivalent.

6. Ten District Medical Officer* Superior Revenue Establishment
oflnd&a Government Railways—Sis, posts pennaaMit anr* 4 tempor-
ary likely to become permanent. Two posts leserved for Scheduled
Castea and one for Scheduled Tribea oandidatea but treated as

'umcserveil" if no such mitabls candidates forth coming. Ff."
Rs. CuU — 4U — lailJO — ],i)00 — 1,050 — 1,050 _ 1,100—1,100 — 30 — 1 3(JU.
Ft'eo railway pnsecs andP- T- O'P m arcord'ince with rules in force
ii'om time to timt.' also admissible. Higher mjtiPl pay to s
qua-lificrl and oxvericnLert candidates. *lr/e : Uclo-w 40
Q^uiltjuf'iiut.s • ifis '1-l.ttl (>, Tr-M giadiiJtc qirnhfii Jtn-n Jli
mi dioiau orpurnrery oi'rpcoaniaed "University, (ii) About 5 years'
lirptbpgton,!! r xpcnc-nce in liOspitH] s ncl peni'ial practice. Qualific-
ations r^laxn bio <IT C'omiu>siiciii"f- dii< n-tiou 'n rose ot candidates
otlierwj'af \vcll (^UiiLfi^d,

7. 0,2i- 3fi/colori'iat, Inrlian AQricuJtitrril Busnaui, ln&1ituir—
Post temporary but iihply to contmur. Othev tLmgs beinfr equal,
prefiMT-ncc to yc-Ledi'l'-aCnstes Tril er-cand»clatcft. Pay : T3s. 600
40—1,00^—1 .000—1,050—1 .030— 1 .100—1 100—1 ,100 Higher initial
P.IT- to pp> i i.'Fv r^n iliiyd an<J tvj.ei lunci d Laurl:f'atL. Arje^ : Uttlov,
4.3 j'nfitN. jRtluxalls fof G-ovcriiKiftit scn-mits. Qiietijitatirw
Ess'-nlial : (i) Jla^ttu's or oriuivalpnt Honours Degree in Botany or
Apiculture -n-itli spepialjsftion m Mycologj' .iijd Plant Pathology:
OR Diplcma of Associate tliij, of Indian" Agnculluial Eeseaich
lastituto m Plnnt PLiUology anfl Mycology, (si) About o jeals
cvppvieiice of nuliu.liug ^nd "guiding research in problems relating
to Hug.2ic.iUr <]ifcrat.eb \"'ti) Adequate knowledge of techmqurs -
used in study of pL-rt, uiseafie.a paiticiilarly in relation to physio-
lo!?y of fuii 'ii. Ounlifinations relaxt'ble at Commission's discretion
in ease of CJurltcJates oilierwj'so T\ ell- qualifier!.

S- One AsaintmiT) Extcirfwe Engineer '.jllccjianisal)
Gouiinissio'!i"r, Kapdla.. ^lim&tu^of Transport — po&t temporary
but Mcr-ly to continue Pay : Rs.350— 350—380 — 380—30— 590
B.B — 30 — 770 — 40 — S50 phis construction allowance of 20 per
cent of pay sublet to in.isimnm of Rs.lUO . Higher initial pay
to specially qualified imd experienced candidate. Agn : Between
27 and 40 ycarst. Qtiori}icalisn& . Essential • (i) Degree in Mecha-
nical Engineering 01 rccopnirorl University or equivalent, («V)
About 5_j-ears prartical espencnce in woik&hop of repute or with
firm of Mccl anical EntrmcLrina, in design, erc-cticn mainteiiancc?
and running of mechanical equipments. QuPlificaticos irlasahle
at Commission's dibcip1i<"n in case oi r-audirl.itps otheiwise

Under Secretary.


Execution uase no. 60 oi i 954

In the mi'ttef of—

iTimmiifidaa Agaiwalln, of JLaria, post offiri'

and P,HM.J,II.I !'• u'la, district iLinbhum.            -      f l*r<- rn'-ffolrler)t


(1) P.-ud^-Rai-'nlnlJdiii,   (-) Mohanlaj Jain.

(3)  Saupfl Jiin, anna of L. Ban&hidLflt Jain,

(4) PiamiinvaJn Jam, son of Pandoy Enjanlfil
.ra''n. (J)RamPU5adUdaT-son of  iSpmain
fcinah, alias Chunnu Yadav, (7) Banshidhai
riaiixLil Jain, all of Firoyabad, Chowkiand

district Agra              ..               ..             (Judgtn&nt-Debtore).

WHBEBAH nhovi'numud decree-holder haa made an application to
this comt iur Psecution of deerer m money &uit r.o. I4g oi 1952,
this is to give notu-c tli-it you, the abovenamc d Judgment Deb+ore
are to appear bnloi-L ihiri court on the 9th rlay of I»fhi'Uruy.
1055> to show caui?^ why execution should not be aianlttl.
othei'vitf the ra&-?^i]l lie dptermined in j'oui absencpe.

Gin 11 under my linnd and the seal of this Court, this the
:!ulL ihi^ of STaiinarj, 1955-

ubordinate Judy,


yoti''e luiflerxcvT 'an   20dU) of tJteIndian Companies AM.
Iv r/ic tn utter of Saoryodaya Agencies Ltd, Agra.

At the adj ourned oxtraodinary general jneetmg of the Company
duly convened and heldatTej-punj, Dayalbagh, Agra, on 7th Jan-
uary, I95{iut5p.m. the following resolution was passed:

" JR« solved that the Company be wound-up voluntarily and that
Hri E. S.  Mehta, Chai-terod Accountant, Dayalbagh, Agra,   bo and
he is hereby appointed Liquidator for   the     purposes  of such