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iwf TOT]                   mm PRADESH GAZETTE.'FEBRUARY 19.1955


ulioations fin duplicate?) invitud for unduimentiomd posts from
lian citizen, and . pew.ins nujsratc-d from Pakistan with intcnticr,
iHy suttlms in India or nuibjeet of Nepal, Sikkjm  or
passion mliidm.    Upper nHo limit relrxrblr ly 3
for SshBdaled C.iabna, Tnlnil nnd Aboriginal communities
itial pnv tn gprrinlly qimlifieri and experienced candidntpq


ja.liftraKpui. RoquentaforfornwmurtBpBcifynpme of
p33t a,nd should bn nocompiinind by self-addressed unatmnped
Lralopa alt leant oi sizo !)" x 4" indicating thereon name of post
for whioh forma an: required. Closunp date for receipt of ap-
plications loiMthor with trpOHiwy rnrnipt or creased Indian postal
order for R-J.7-H (1H 1 1 i fnr SeliorluW OnatL»B and Tribrs), marto/
dWUt to Socretary, Umunl'upho Set fire Cr» mutim, a* „<:« DrZ7,«
J)riO//ic(i5th Mipoh. LUfiBianthMarcli, JDPSfompplicante abroad-
MJaion Public tjnrvi™ rnminiHMHia mny remit ftumiiaply indipenl
uAbynafd* iltaplitoorl pmson'wfo.' Candidates abroad may apply
on plain pipi'r if furinH not nrnilable and deposit fee with Local
Indian EmlrnHHyr If rnquiml rnndirlntenimut appear for personal

Qiiliflcfttious   ruliucahlr a,l nnmimwuuiiVi dimwit inn in the «uw
of uandidatns   othorwiap   w<H- qualified.

(A)   Tvo prr.mnnstil potto of A**i*fnn t Proftwurs ht ffleclr!-
,'ttl fonnntinft-'fiion Engine ft'iny.

p,iy:   IM.BOO— 40— 1,000 -1,000—1,050—1,060—1,100—1,100—
1,150.   Age above 30 years.

: Ewntonl; (# First class depreeo in electrical
engineering preferably vvitb elRrtrit'l communication engineering
orfi-at irtaHi rtnprefl in euMitniiul onmmuniratinn engineering; (ii)

,. ..ig. D&airaMe: RiBnnroh experience in Electrical Coramu-
nioibbi B ijiinorinEf with publialmd papers as evidence of research
prsferaixoo to Sahodulad OastoN/TriboH candidatuib, if suitable candi-
dates are available,

(B) O*"  vmnfrnnnt  post of Assistant   JRer/wto^r—pay; Rp.350
-350—380—380—30 -5i)0—E.B.—30—770—40—850. Age between

Q'1'tlifknf.ions: Essential—(i\ Dcgr^n of a recognised University;
(ii) About B yours1 adminmtrativii exporienoo in a responsible post
under Government or a public institution of repute.

Ditipablo: ExporiiMiyco of Hupcrviaion of examina+icn work.

(0) 0 is w,rmtwnt post of stores officer: pny: Ra.350—85—

380-380—30—{jflO-E.B__30—770—40—850, Ap« between 25

and 45 yoara.

Q filification £}sacnVia$-~(i) Dogioo in Mechanical and/or Elec-
tric il B! i jiaiaring uf a rocogn.iaed ITniversityjOreqtiivalenttii) About
3 yaara" axpicianao in, a position of respon^iblity in a commercial
ooaoarn or Ghvjrnnnnt Dapartmnnb dealing with engnoering stores.
Desirable—Expnrienca of purchase or issue of engineering stores.

fnthooaao of (B) and (C) aRerelaxablefor Government servants,
lacaaa of Indian employoea of the Government of Burma discharged
owing to ooaititutional ahangoe in that country the conditiona re-
garding upper ago limit may not be enforced.

(D) 0 >ie pirminent post of Aatistftnt Pro/eaaor of Civil Engineering
(ffylrauZtc angiHMrinp)—pay: Es. 600—40—1,000—1,000—1,050
1,050—1.100—1,100—1,150. Age between 30 and 45 years.

UttaujtaacijoTu—j9a.sen!»al: (i) At lonat second clafla degree in Civil
Eagineering of a recognised Uiiveralty or equivalent; (ii) About-
4y3ira' p-totioal oxperionoe of design and construction or irriga-
tion or water power or river training works.

Disirable:—(i) M. So. in Civil Engineering with hydraulic engine-
oriugaaam-ijor subject; (ii) Somo teaching experience; (iii) Ex-
parieaoa ia the preparation of projects relating to irrigation, water
power or flood control; (iv) BassaT-oh experience* in a good hydraulic

Prafarenco to UQhudalod Gasbos/Tribos candidatos, if suitable can-
didates are available.

t Pay. B3.QOO—40—1,000—1,000------1,050-1.050-1100.—1100-

UflO.   Age: preferably above SO y*aw.




engmeafoi (2) Dynamics o viraion, theory o macines and meca-
mama, (ii) About five year&' experience covering (a) design and
oonstruction (6) research and (c) teaching in an institution tf
University standard.

Cindiditea agleoted for appointment will bo required to join
duty immediately after selection

Advertisement no. 5/55

Applications (in duplicate) invited for undeimentioned pobts
from Indun citizens i^nd. persons migrated frcm Ptkisttn with
intention of permanently settling in India or &v.bjtct of Nep<J,
Sikkim or Portuguese possession in India. Highti Jnititl pt y to
sppcially qualified and expeiienced cindidi_ttB. tnd
iipplictition forms from RegiatrLT, Indit,n Institute oi Itcfcrclrgj'.
Khuragpur. Bequests tor forms must specify name of post and.
nhould be accompanied by se-lf-^ddressed uii&ti mped envelope
atlBtistofsize 9* X 4'indict.ting thereon m me oipcsllLi which fcims
fire required. Closing date for receipts of applications together
with treasury receipt or crossed Indian Posti.1 Order for Bs. 7-8
(Bs.1-14 for Scheduled C^btes uid Tribes) marked payable to tie&etary,
Union Public Sewice Vcmmtssicn, at &tu- Delhi Pv&t Of/ice ILth
MtrDh, 1955 (25th M^rch, 1955 for tpphc^nta Lbroi-a). Union
Public Service Commission mc.y remit genuinely indigent i nd lona
fide person's fee. C<,ndidt.te8 b,brot.d m^y f-pply on pKjnpiper
if forms ure not av^iUble and deposit fee with local Embassy. If
required Candidates must appear for personul interview.Qu^lifict.tiona
reLxabls at Commis&ion"'s discretion in the case of Cc.naid&tes other-
wise well qualified.

1. One permanent po&t of Deputy Director.—-Pay : Ks. 1,600—
100—1,800. Age : Prefernbly below 50 ye^rs. Probation one ye&r.
Qualifications: Essential: (t) Degree in EnginfeiJLg or Technology
of recognised University or eqtuvtilent; («) About 10 yeiirs experi-
ence in u reaponsibl • Cupaciiy in Indusiries ind Teclinicb.1 Institu-
tions (rii) Some adminstrative experience preferably iii a Govern-
ment Organisation or Industrial concern of repute.

Doairable : (i) Teaching ezpviieoce up to degree standard (ii)
Some reseatchexpent nee (ti») Lxtra circular iictivitiea (w) Coiporate
membership of a. recognised professional Institution.

2.    One permanent post of A ssiatant Professor of Industrial  Engi-
neering.   Pay.    Rg.     600—40-1,000-1^00—1,000^1,050—1,100

1,100—l.loO. Age : Preferably above 30 years. Flotation one
year. Qiialificaticnt •. Essential: (t) lirst clash degree in a^chankal
^agineering and/or Electrical Engineering of a recognised
University or equivalent (ii) About 5 years InLUstrial ti.j.eiiiice
coveu'ng mass production and design (z'tt) About 2 years teaching
espierence m an ins itution of University atsnaaid.

Desirable: (i) Corporate membership of a recognised profeEflicnal
institution (ii) some research experience or a p&fi%iaGiaie at£iee
in industrial or production engineering (ijij tpe i&litancn m CE.E> or
more of the following: (a) pioductioL teclnolo^y (i) Itcusiual
engineering (c) quality control (d) mdustrial mant gtmenl ana defiign.

3.    One tempoiary pott of Assittant Professor of £oil and tfattr
ConServaticn ±.ngirttrwg.   tai\ Es.fcCC—40—lstCC—1 CiO—ICfiO
1,030-1 100—1 100—1,150.    Age:   preferably   above    SO yearfl
Qualification: Essential: (i) first class degree or postgraduate oegsef
in agricultural engineering of a recognised "University or firet class
degreein civ ilengineering with practical experience ot soil and water
cons-rvation   engineering   (ii) about 5 years' practical espeiinces
covering surveying, planning, design, construction ard executi<n of
work related to soil and water canserv ation (ui)   about two years'
teaching experience in an institution of University standard,   (iv)
specialisation in one or more  of the following subjects : (a) soil
conservation Engineering (b) soil science (c) irrigation and drainage
works.   Desirable: corporate membership of a recognised piotee-
aional institution.

4.    One past of Ueturer w» metallurgy.

Post temporary sanctioned for 3 years. Non-pensionable but
person, already holding a permanent pensionable j ost under
Government if appointed will continue to anj >y his pensionary statue.
Pay : Rs.350—330—380—380—30—390—E B.—30—770—40-850.
Age : preferalhy above 25 years. Qualifications* Essentiali (i) at
least 2nd class degree in metallurgy of a recognis d university
with specials ation in one or more of the following: (a) physical
metallurgy (b) ferrous metallurgy (a) non-ferrous metalJuigy (d)
foundry metallurgy (e) production control and inspettiun of meta-
llurgical stores (ii) <bout 3 years industrial experience in extractive
metallurgy, inspection of metallurgical Stores or research in
metallurgy (in) teaching experience in an institution of University
standard, Desirable: (i) post-graduate degree in metallurgy <ii)
corporate member ship of a recognized professional mstitmticn,
candidates selected for appointment will be required to join duty
immediately after selection.