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„.,.—> » 1« 4«fiw*. 1055 : Indian Police Service 20—24
J*. Other aerviaea 21—24 yoara; Uppor ugo-limil relaxabto
f Jyinr of Sohnduled CiwtcH. Scheduled Till PB, btma/jde. displaced <m lunliberntod aroonof Jumrau and Kashmir,
P9[,mlsof Uiofotmur Krf rh .sottlrmcntB wliich have now becmn
r i0f India and cnrtauit'Ut 0»iii'H of (jovommenl uervantfl. Quali-
^tntionil-A-S' nnd-/•/''•$.: A doftrati in Arts, Science, Commerce,
iitioullw wid EnfjHH'iTUifl: nnri or KM equivalent; Law Degree
Bombay Univnimty (Kovmul COUIHO) accpptcblo with certain re-
"gjyationa; 0Mer floruwffl. A dugme or its equivalent. Full
Mflimjtaia and applirntiot< /ort/i* nbtninulJc from the Secretary,
Lion Public Smvicc Commission, Dholpur House, New Delhi, by
mmitbmg Re. 1 by raonny onlor or ou ' a h payment at the courier.
tiandidates miut clearly atnir, or itiout'tt order <iwjxwii "Indian Admi-
Mralivf Sorvirn, tile, Kxitminiifion, IWiifi" tmd aho givr. their namf and
kllpoatataddress in block I'ontul ordera or ohuqu y or currency
notes will not he nr.riHjrtml uUiou of moiwy ordorH. Completed appli-
eatioua must rnaoh thi» Union Publin Service Commissinn by t-bo
BthApril, 1^55 (23rd Amil, 1955 in OEIHM of cwnlidHtenmiidiii^ abroad
or in Andftin'ia uiul Nii'iilmr TslundH).

S. a, DtiVQAN.
Under Senrftarfi-

WHBHEA* the Mazdoor Sabha Modi Glycerine, Connatic, Soap
Works, Modinagar, Maarut, which is registered as a Trade Umou
under no. 1083 of the year 1052-53 haa ccttmitted a breach of aer-
tion 12 of the Indian Trade Unions Act, m6 (XVI of 1B2B). rrad
with Regulation 10 of the U. P. Trade Unions Regulaticns 1027
by fa'ling ao far to submit to the undersigned on the prescribed form
the noticR of the change of address of the Union effected in Octo-
ber, 1953.

Notice undei- aeuiion 10 (.6) of the Indian Trade Unions Act, 1926
is therefore, hereby given tu the Mazdoor Sabha, Modi Glycerine,
Cosmatic Soap Works, Modinagar, Meerut, to show cause to the
Undersigned within two monthH from the date of the receipt of thiB
notice, why tho certificate of registration granted to i,t may not
be uan^oUarl for orantr.ivntion of Hoction 1"2 of the frjid Act.



(Not'ioe wider Mctinit 10(0) of the Indian Trad? Umotw Art, 19?6)

WhoronH HupnrviHory Htuff AHHocintion, Ordnj.jjrn Factory mid
toapeotorrttuHj Kunpur IH rnRJHttsred i\n u Triido Union un/Ler tbo
Induu Trudi" Unions Ai't, 10120, umlw no. 1270 of tho yot.r 1054-55
and ti compliant WHH rnnnivi'd inmy tiflicu to tho cfiect th^t this Union
hfldflonflod to t'xiNl «iid it« acnonntw hud not boun maintaiiu'd properly
(ho Secretary of tho (Jnion WUH cMlcudi vide my office regintored A.D.
letter, dutfld Si'p1.i>mbiT 21, Il)fi4 to proftent himnolf in my ofltice on
Ootobor 1,1054, ulonKwith nnri'MHarypiiperti far inspection but neither
any officer of the Union proflontcd hiinHclf on tho scheduled di to nor,
ffus uny rnply r^ooivod from thorn- Therefore tho georetcry
of tho AHaocidtioiu wii£ iiRuin iiiikod, oidp my office registered A.D.
letter, dt,tod November 4, l!in<(, to prnHont hiniHclf for inspection
on November 1^, 11)1)4, nnd ridc anotlior motored A.D. letter, dated
NovFDibcr 25. H)fi4. ho wu« uHked to comn on Dfccmbrr 11, 1054-.

february 5, 190B.

(Notice, to creditors of the date of fearing of an Insoloencypetilion) -

(Notice under section 19)
Insolvency Petition no. 2 of 1955
In the matter of—

MathuraPraead Sharnid (Debtor)                          .    Applicant,


, Lai JHgtiimatn Stuaf. Clmuk  Bazar,


- ahovenarard applicant harf applied to this Court by a
pntition, dated the UletDecember of 1954, to be declared an insolvent
of the flrm Hira Lai Jaganndth, under the Provincit 1 Insolvency
Act V of 1920, and your appears in tho list of creditors f led
by the aforesLid creditor, this is to give you notice that the Court
has fixed the 12th (twelfth) dt-y of Ht-rch, 1955, for the hearing of
the bforusaid petition and the examination of the debtor. If you
desire to be represented in the mutter, you should attend in
peraon or by duly instructed pleader. The particulars of the
debt alleged m the petition to be due to you are as follows :

I.   Uhandu LtJ Mukhia, son of GnlbbBai,
resident of Dwio-ka. Dhieh, Mhtliura.

Rs.23,000 cdecro&d.

Notio» undirr Huutioii 10 (6) of Hm lurlii Ji Trudo Unio«H Act, 1926,
is, therefor^, hcroby fiivt'ii tt) tlio NupnrviHory Httiff Asaocihtion,
Ordiiunoo Factory and InHporturatfi, Kt npur to present neceaai,ry
papam for inspection within llftccn dt yu t fter tho receipt of thin
notice and if ih f,aln to do go it nhould whow cuiise to the undersigned
within two months of tho receipt of this notice why thfi registration
certificate granted to it nbould not be cancelled.

Whereas tho Yagopwit Doalora' Committee, Kanpur, which
is registered an a Trtido Union under no. 913 of the yen 1950— 65
has failed to submit nocoHHM'y pbpora required with its annual
reburn for tho yo,.r 19C2-5U Although the Secretary of the Union
wua reminded in thin roupoct vide tliia cffico lettors dated November,
IB, 1953, Much 17, und July 4, 1051, und ht»a thus committed a
breach of section 3 1(1) of tliu Indian Trade Unions Act, 1926.
It is also proved that tho Union htx» now aeafled to exist,

2. And whorouB tho iibovanamod Union has also committed
a broach of aoction i38 of tho Indi»n Unions Act, 1»26 (XVI
°f 1928), and Regulation 17 of the Uttor Pradeeh Trade Union
BeguLtiona 1027 by failing to aubmit to the undersigned the
Anuu J Return for the yeut ending Muroh Sir 1 954, by the proscribed
'late viz. July 31, 1054.

. 9. And whoroas nouoo under aeetion 10(6) of the said Act wa&
isauad to the a,.id Union uhow cause, within two months of the
leceipb of tho notion, why the certificate of its' registration should
flot bo caueollod, und the Union h&fl neither submitted tho Annual
Raturn for tho yej jr deeoribod *<bove nor baa aont (*ny reply thereof
"Hough the notice expired o» December 15, 1954.

*• Now, thoreforB, lh« uortifioato of regiatration of the Jagy-
opawit De^leru' Oomtaittee, is hereby cancelled under section 10(b)
"f the Indian Trade Unions Act, 1928,

_ «• The President of the Committee, Pa-ndit Kunj Behaxi
Ju and the Heoretary Sri Rwm Bhai'oeey Dubey, are ulso hereby
»««fld that this time only the registration certificate of the Com-
^it                         for non-aubmission of the Eetum by thepres-

Rs.20,000 auit pend-

Bu.3,500 in reapect
of which thu suit
is ponding.

R a. 2,000 decreed.

Bs.800 suit is pend-

Ra.3,000 decreed,

•     >

n, under aeofcion 31 of the Xndian Ttade UmonB Aot
-o/ r»ourrauoe of auoh a default. .

3.    Slmnkuntalit    Devi,   w/o     Chittaraw.!
Bht.tia, Bhantya AushdhUnya, G&li Seth
Bhikchand, Muthura,

4.   Bhola Nath Vaish, resident of Loliban,

3.   DineshChand,  son of LazmiPmsad

6.    Chhotey Lai Bhyam Lai, Bharatpur Dar-

waza, Mathura.

7.    Income-tax of Central Government    ..   Rs.11,500.

8.    Brimati Narva da Kumar, w/o Adhikari     Re.50,000.
Lajja   Shanker    Ji     Nager,   Gbli   Seth
Bhikohftnd, Mathuta.

9.    EUtri LaUi Nagar, Teauher,   Kishori       Rs.16,000.
Raman Intermediate College, Mathura.

10.    Mat. Kishno, w/o Kedar Nath  Voish,     Ba.3,000.
Oali Viohiawali, B^thras.

11.   Mathura Prasad, son of Gobaria Chippi,   Ru.3,000,
Bairag Pura, Mh-thura.

12.   Jugt*l Kishore Shiv Lftl, Sonkh, tehail   R.8.14,000,

13.   MadanLalof Kasba  Baldeo, district   Ra. 11,000.

14.    Chandra Bali Bhatia, resident   of Ma-    Ra.l;500,
thura.                                                  „

15.   Krishna BeviBhatia        ..              ..    Bs.1,000.

16.    Ratan Kiahore Bhatia,   son of Nand   Re. 16,000.
Kiahore Bhatia,   oaahier  of Bri Thakur
Dwaarka Dhish Ji Mahraj, Mathura.

By order,