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PART vin

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Reports ; Price Current; Notices and Advertisements, etc.


No. 624/XXII—600-1955

Dated Luck-now, February 19, 1955

A stage lias now reached when the entire question
of jail industries and the manner hi which they should
be run should be examined with a view to effecting
improvements, if possible, in the existing industries
and also with a view to finding out if any new industries
could be usefully introduced to help prisoners in learn-
ing crafts which might ultimately unable them to earn
their livelihood thereby keeping them away from the
path of crime. The Governor has accordingly been
pleased to appoint a Jail Industries Enquiry Com-
mittee consisting of the following:

Sri Muzaffar Husain, Deputy
Minister, Jails            ..              .. Chairman.

Sri Kunwar Guru Narain, M.L.C.,
Maurawan, District Unnao

Sri Kunwar Mahabir Singh, M.L.C.,
Avocate, Banda

Sri H. N". Bahuguna, M.L.A., 12-B,
Hastings Road, Allahabad.

Sri Qzi Mohammad Adil Abbasi,
M.L.A., Vakil, Basti ..               .. )• Members.

Sri Dau Dayal Khanna, M.L.A.,
Atai, Mbradabad

Sri Ramji Lai Sahayak, M.L.A.,
c/o Sri B. D, Gupta, Thaper Nagar,

Sri Ram Narain Tripathi, M.L.A«,
Khanjanpur,   Post Office and dis-
• trict Faizabad            ..

Sri B. K. Ghoshal, retired Director^
of Industries, Uttar Pradesh, Dr. j
Ram Lai Chakravarty Road, Gola- |
ganj, Lucknow           ..              .. |

Director of Industries, Uttar Pra- f- Members.
desh, Kanpur            ..              ..    I

Deputy Inspector General of Pri- j
sons, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow      .. J
Dr. B. A.  Agnihotri,  Director of Jail  Industries,
will be the non-member Seoretary of the Committeo.

The Committee will start work 'immediately and
submit its report within three months- It will—

(1)  review the working of   the existing jail
industries and make   suggestions for their ini^

(2)  suggest any new practical schemes which oau
be introduced in the jails,

(3)  make   recommendations, if any, for such
industries being run on a  commercial basis, and

(4)  examine the functioning of   tho present;
Uttar Pradesh Jails Depot at Lucknow and make
recommendations with   a    view to the better
marketing of jail produce.


ORDERED that a copy of this resolution be
forwarded to the members of the Committee concerned
for in formation.

ORDERED also that a, copy of this resolution be
forwarded to the Inspector General of Prisons,
Uttar Pradesh, for information.

ORDERED also that this resolution be published in
the Uttar Pradesh Gazette for general information.

By order of the Governor,