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Add for the week ending February 5, 1955 :





Bareilly District ..

Dehra Dun City   ..

Farrukhabad City..

Ghazipur District..

Lucknow City

Pilibhit City

Rampur District ..
Sbahjahanpur District
Sitapur District   ..

Hardoi District

Small -pox
Seizures       Deaths






February 17, 1955.


Director of Medical and Health Services,
Vttar Pradesh.

Monthly Agricultural Raport of Uttar Pradesh for the
month of December, 1954


During the month under report, there was practi-
cally no rain throughout the State except for light
and sporadic showers in a few districts during the
third and forth weeks. The total rainfall for the
month was in defect of the normal in all the districts
of the State. The season continued to be dry and
cold with ample sunshine. Rains were badly needed
every where for the germination and growbh of the rabi

//—Agricultural operations

Harvesting of kharif crops was over. Threshing
of late paddy still continued at places. Harvesting
of sugarcane and its crushing for sugar in the factory
areas and for gur and rab -making in the non-factory
areas was in progress. Irrigation of rabi crops was
resorted to throughout the State, wherever irriga-
tion facilities were available. Preparation of land
for the next sugarcane and said crops was going on in
some districts. Picking of cotton and digging of
potatoes continued.

Ill—Standing crops

IV—Prospects of harvest

The condition of the standing rabi crops and their
prospects of outturn were reported to be generally
satisfactory so far but rains were badly needed for
both irrigated aa well as unirrigated areas. Dry
weather, if it further continues, will adversely affect
the rabi crops particularly in the unirrigated areas.
In accordance with the reports received ao far from the
District Ofaoer.s, the average anna condition of the
sugarcane crop for the- State is estimated at 14 annas
(16-annas denoting the normal crap), or 87*5 per cent?.

V—Damage to crops

Damage to the standing crops by frost was reported
from some districts. The germination and growth
of rabi crops was adversely affected in the Mirzapur,
Jaunpur and Tehri-Garhwal districts owing to lack
of moisture in the soil. According to the reports
received from the Entornolog-st to Government, U. P,,
a fresh locust swarm visited the Aligarh, llathura and
Efcah districts but no material damage was caused to
the standing crops. Stray attacks by insect pests and
field rats on the standing crops were reported from
several districts. Octroi measures against these
pests and field rats were undertaken by the Plant
Protection Service, U. P.

VI—Agricultural stock                     *~

The condition of the live-sfcosk was generally satis-
factory although cattle diseases have, ai usuil, b33^
reported from a number of districts. Tto figure* for
the number of seizures, death? and mortality front
infectious cattle diseasas, daring this ani "tb.3 pra33i"-
ing OID nths are preasntei in th.3 table given below,
which has been prepared from the data furnished by
the Director of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries,
U. P. It would be seen from this table that the total
number of sBizures and deaths were respectively
about 3*5 and 2'3 tirnss these in the previous month,
resulting in a decline in mortality from 19 to 13. As
regards Anthrax, there were 15 casea of both seizures
and deaths as compared to 11 of each in the previous
month, in consequence of which the mortality remained
stationary at 100. In the case <pf haemorrhagio
scepticaemia, the number of seizures and deaths
increased to about 2'7 and 2-5 times respacfcively
of those in the preceding month, but the mortality
declined from 95 to 88, There were 12 caws of both
seizures and deaths from black-quarter as compared
to 26 of each in the previous month, as a result of
which mortality remained stationary at 100. As for
rinderpest, -both . the number of seizures and deaths
increased regpeotively fca about 3'0' and 3*1 times
those in the preceding month, and mortality rose