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[PART vm

from 49 to 52. Aa regards food-and-mouth disease,
the number of seizures increased to about 3'8 times
that in the preceding month, whilst there was only
one case of death as against none in the preceding
mouth. As regards other diseases, the number of
seizures and deaths increased to about 5'S and 3'1
times respectively of those in the preceding month,
resulting in a sharp fall in mortality from 89 to 48.

TABLE : Number of seizures, deaths and mortality from
infectious cattle, diseases during tJi& months
of November and December, 1954.

_        Digeassa


Deaths        Mortality

Nov.   Dae.   Nov. Deo.   Kov.   Dec.

.Anthrax        ..                ..         11       15       11       15       100    100

HajmorrbagicSceplicaeiria       44     121       42     107       05       88

Black-quarter                  ..        26       12       26       12     100     100

Kindarpesc                      ..       104     301       51     157       49       52

Foot-and mouth              ..       5592,149     ,.           1      ..      0'05

Oboera Diseases                ..         18     105       16       50       89       43

Total    ..       7622,703      146     S42       10       13

Number of deaths

Mortality.   —-------------------------X 100

Number of seizures

VII—Pasturage and fodder

JPasturixge and fodder were reported to be generally
adequate in almost all the districts of the State except
a few from where scarcity of pasturage was reported,

VIII—Health and labour in rural areas

The health of the labouring population engaged
in agriculture in rural areas was reported to be gene-
rally satisfactory.





invited for undermentioned poets from Indian
citizens and, persons migrated from Pakistan with intention of
parm*aently rattling in India or subjects of Nepal, SiLkim or
Portuguese or French possessions in India. Upper age limit
reusable by 3 years for Scheduled Castes, tribal and aboriginal
communities and up to 45 years fort displaced persons from
Pakistan and non-liberated aieas of Jammu and Kashmir. No
relaxation for others, save in exceptional cases and in no case be-
yond three years. Particulars and application forms from Sec-
retary, Union Public Service Commission, Post Box no. IBtf, Uew
DaUu, R3ques>ts for forms must specify name of post and should
be aeaompdmed by self-addressed unstamped envelope for each
postal k'aBfc of size 9" x 4" indicating thereon name of post for
•which forms arc required. Closing date ior receipt of application
with treasury receipt or Crossed Indian Postal Orders for Rs.7-8

for Scheduled ~Outes and ~Xr£^)%19i£>'l£ntbrTofiB
(di i April, I9J3 for applicants from abroad). Commission may remit
genuinely indigent end lona fide displaced persons' fee. Separate
application with Separate fee required for each post. Candidates
abroad may apply on plain paper if forms not available and deposit
fee with local Indian Embassy. If required candidates must
appear for par^onal interview-

1. Ont Assistant Director (Entomology), Malaria Institute of India,
ZkfJW,   Post temporary but likely  to   continue. Pay -. Bs.fiOO—40

-.1,000—1,000—1,050—1,050------1,100—1,100—UfiO—50 —1,300.

BCghtt initial pay to BpeeiaUy qualified and experienced
candidate- Age : Between 90 and 4ft years. Sellable J or
Qowmtnent nrvanta. Qualifications - jfewntttf-fi) Medical
*»t»nuidudodm one of tbe schedules ic the India* Medical
ilAot, 1933. Or Post-graduate degree* in Medical Entomology
«"*•— (ii)Tr»iniag itt malaria or tfatia. <iii) Aboutfi

sues to Inseuticidea and Entomology- (iv) Espentnce in BEFCEH-
maut of malaria or filaria control results. Qualifications rtlaxable
at Commission's discretion m case of candidatea otherwise well-

2 Thru Assistant Directors, Malaria Institute of India, Lelh.
Posts temporary but likely to continue. ODD poBt reserved for
Scheduled Castes candidatea but if no Scheduled Castes candidate
foundsuitable nostmay be treated as unreserved. Pay. Ha-ClO—
40-1,000 — 1,000 —1,050—1,060—1.100—1,100—1,150—60-1,300.
Higher initial pay to specially qualified and expentnccd candidates.
Age : Between 30 and 40 years. Relaxable Jt,r Government servants.
Qualifications : Essential— (i) Medical qualification included in
one of the Schedules to the Indian Medical Council Act, 1SC3. (ii)
Training in malaria or filaria. (ui) About 5 years' experience
in Gloria or malaria (research or control). Qualifications re'axable
at Commission's discretion in caeo of candidates othciwito TV ell-

3.    One Sugarcane Agronomist, Indian,   fnutitulc of   Svgarcant
Research, LucLnow.   Post temporary but likely   telnet   indefinitely.
Pay i       Bs.600—40—1,000—1,000—1,050—1,050—1,100—1,100-
1,150.   Higher initial pay to specially qualified   and   experienced
candidate.   Age  :   Below  45   years.    Rclaxalh for    Gotrinmint
servants.       Qualification?   •    Essential— (i)   Ma^Ur's   de-pico    in
Agriculture or equivalent from recognised University,    (ii) Training
in   Agronomy»   field   experimentation   and Methods of Statistics
a<* applied to Agriculture,   (iii) About  5    yearn'     experience   of
initiating and guiding research in Sugarcane Agronomy at recognised
institution.   Qualifications   relaxable  at  Comnnefiion'fl    discretion
in case of candidates otherwise   well-qualified.

4.   One Lecturer   in   Electrical    Engineering,   Indian   School
of  Mines  and   Applied   Geology,   DJianbad.    Poet     permanent
Tout filled on temporary basis   at   pietcnt.    Pay :    fce.£CC—£E—
500—30—560.   Higher initial pay to specially qualified and cyrcii-
enoed candidate. • Age :   Below 35  years.    Relaaablc  for Gtitrn~
went  servants.     Qualifications :   Essential— (i)   Degree in   Elrn-
trical or Electrical   and   Mechanical   Engineering    of   recognised
TTtuVereity    dr    equivalent      qualification,    (ii)   Adequate   Post-
graduate training in  Electrical   Engineering,    (iii) Al cut 3 yrprfi'
practical experience in Electrical undertaking rctce joiticncl Tiluih
should be in supervisory    capacity.   Qualifications   relaxable fit
Commission's discretion in case of can.didfl.tCB   olhciwi&o


5. One Principal, Intermediate Science College, fSliaJdcl, Vin-
dhya Pradesh. Temporary up to 29th February, 1FLC for p-mnt
but likely to become permanent. Pay: Ra.250~lfi—400—E.B.—
20—500. Higher initial pay to specially qualified and cipcrifnccd
candidate. Age : Below 40 years. Helaaable for Gtvtttwwt
servants. Qualifications : Estential— (j) Master's cr equivalent
degree in Sciences from rerognifed Univcjpily. (ii) /Ici1 i'jffiH1
experience of teaching college classes. Or About B vrarfi' exreri-
e OB as administrative charge of High School. Qualifications relax-
able at Commission's discretion in case ot c*mujuutc.s olhoivvifiO

6.    One   Principal, Intermediate   Arts College, Datia,Vir,dhW
Pradesh.   Temporary up to  29th February,   19fiC,   but  likely to

be made    permanent.     Pay :     Rs.260—]fi—400—E-B__20—SCO.

Higher initial pay to specially qualified and experienced candidate.
Age  :   Below 40    years.     Rrlaxablo   for    Gtivcnimtnl    sni-anls,
Qualifications  :   Essential:— (i)  Master's or     equivalent    degree

in Arts from  recognised  University,    (ii) About   3   years' exre-    .
rience of teaching college claeeoB.   Or About five ycnis' earfritrce
as admtnisfcritivQ charge  of High School.   Qualifications relaxable    i
at   Commission's   discretion  in   onae   of   cuudi'datea    otherwiee    '

7.    One Dredger Commander, S. D.   ltVieaga$aian\",   Ministry
of Railways.   Post permanent but recruitment wade   on   contract
basis for 3 years.   Pay: Bs.600—40—1,000—1,000—1,060—1,050—
1,100—1,100—1,150.   Higher initial pay to specially qualified  ond
experienced candidate.  4ge : Between 25 and  40 years.    RelaccalJf
for    Government   senanis.   Qiialijicaticrts:   Essential—(i) Foreign.
Going Master Certificate, (ii) Adequate experience of Commanding
a Dredger.    Qualifications   rolaxable  at Commiesicn's   diprreticn
in case of candidates   otherwise  wcll-qualjitd.

8.    One Superintending Engineer, Central   Tractor Organisation,
Post temporary, but likely to continue.   Post reserve rl  for  Schedu-
led Castes/Scheduled Tribes candidates, if EUC!I  euiuhlo candidates
forthcoming,    otherwise    post treated    aa     unreserved.     PW>
Bs.l3000—50—1,400.   Higher initial pay to   specially    qualified
and experienced candidate.   Age i   Preferably   below 45   years.
Qualifications t   Essential—(i) Degree in Mechanical    Engineering
of recognised   University   or     equivalent,   (ii) About 5    years'
practical experience in repair and  maintenance of   dif-eel enginod
crawler tractors or tanks and heavy mobile   equipment such &
prime movers, tractor,  etc.   Qualifications relaxable at Ccirmis-
eion's discretion in case of candidates   otherwise   well-qualified.

9.  One   Lady   Medical   Officer for Rewwtatic*
Centre at Singw, Ministry ofBtaUh.   Temporary for t]
infirat instance.   Pay:  118.370-25-600-13,6.^30—660.
aft~ QML   Higher initial pay to specially qualified and „
•   Age '-    Between   80 end *0 yean,