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list of new publications published during the month of
Fzbmary, 1955

Important and usual Publications on different subjects
jjpied by the Uttar Praderh Government, are avail ible
ABAD.    Catalogue free on  application,

1.    Public Works Department, Irrigation Adminis-
tration Report of Uttar Pradesh for the year ending
March 31, 1952, in English, price Re. 1-14-0 (as,     5).

2.    Sri Har Praaad Shikulw Nidhi, Banaras (Con-
firmation of Compromize) (Transfer of Property) Act
no. XII of 1954, in English, price annas 2 (anna 1 pies

3.    Uttar   Pradesh  Land  Reforms   (Amendment)
Act no. XX of 1954, in Hindi, price annas 4 (a. 2).

4.    Uttar Pradesh  (Temporary)  Control of Rent
and Eviction (Amendment) Act no. XVII of 1934, in

jlish, price anna 1 (a. 1).



(Lucknow series his been combined with it from
January. 3940)

The only official series may be obta'ned direct from ihe
Supenntendent, Printing- and Sta'ionery, U. P. Allah-
abad, or agents for U. P. Government publications

Price per annum, Ha.9 including postage.



are available from the Superintendent. Printing and
S'ationery, U. P., Allahabad, and may be obtained
unbound at the ieduced ralet quoted below :

f   1910,   1911, 191-2  & 1919  to ±925  at  RB 2 per volume

5.    Report of tho Gos jmvardhan Enquiry Commit-
tee, Parts I and II in English price Ra. 2 (as. 6).

6.    Annual  Progress  Report of Forest Adminis-
tration, Uttar Pradesh for the year 1952-53 in English,
price Re. 1-2 (as. 3).

7.    List of Educational Officers in Uttar Pradesh,
corrected up to August  15,  1953, Part I, in English,
price Rs. 4-7  (as. 7).

- 8. History of Services of Gazetted Officers (Civil
Department) Part IV (Judicial) corrected up to July
1, 1949, in English, price Ra. 5 (as. 8).

9.    Rules for Admission on Training and Examina-
tion of Sam't ry and Chief Sanitary Inspectors of Uttar
Pradesh, in Hindi, price annas 9 (as. 2).

10.    State Rules and Orders made und3r enact-
ments applying to Utbir Prade3.i for the year 1947, in
English, price Rs. 3-6 (as. 5).

11.    Economic and Statistics Department Bulle-
tin no. 28 Review of Economic Conditions   in Ubtar
Pradesh, 1951 by J. N. Tewari in English, price annas
10 (as. 3).

12.    Industries Bulletin no. 49 (New Series) Manu-
factures of Agarbathi    by Sarvsri J. N. Ta-ndon and
Cr. N. Gupta,, in Hindi, price annas 2 (a. I pies 6).

List of the reprint  publications published during the
month of January, 1953

1.    The Bundelkhand Alienation of Land (Amend-
ment) Act no. XVIII of 1934, in English, price anna 1,
(0" 1 pies 6).

2.    Industries Bulletin no. 5B (New Series)   Wood
Bn Toys   HOW TO MAKE THEM, in English, price
Be. 1-4 (as. 4).

Annas 6 extra in each case If sent by registered post'

N,B —The amounts in p i.rentheaflfl are for pacing and
00» be nttdjr—

„   Ba.8    .,
„   Ra-4    „
„    Hs.5    „
„    ,.


Allnhab-irlJ    IHUli   to   l»30

series        }    1931   no  1040

I   1941  to l'J48  &  1950

f  IMfi

Lucknow j    1'27  to 1S130

iMnea.      |    1"31  to HI37 and 193f»

L   1943.   194-1   and   11)48

Sold   only    in    complete    volumes,   including   Index

Postage in India Re.l per volume;  abroad  Rs.2.

Cheques on tanks outside Allahabad should include Banker's

commission of 4 annas.   Cheques should not be crossed.


Stock   available   with   Slip er.n* end ent,    Printing    und

Stationery, Uttar Pradeshf Allahabad.

Press Commisfcion Report, price Rs.3, packing  and
postage (^ls.8.),

Labour Appeal Ciises, January 1954, price Hs.2-B (ns.3).
Labour Appeal Caaes, January 1954, price Rs.2-8 (as.4).
Labour Appeal Cases, February 1954, pri-e Rs 2-8 (ujsA),
Labour Appeal Cases, March 1951, price Bs.2-8 (as i).
Labour Appsal Cases, April 1054, pries Rs.2-B   (as 4).
Labour Appeal Cases, May 1951, price B.s.2-6 (asA).

The First Five-Year Plan—(A Summary), price Re.l
First Five-Tear Plan—Price Rs.6-10 (flc.l and fls.BV.

1.    Courses  of Training at  Civil Aviation Training
Centre, Allahabad.    Price annas 5 (a. 1 ps. 6).

2.    Constitution of India with correction slips modified
up to 1st September, 1951.   Price Re.1-10 (as.8).

3.    Constitution  of India in Hindi.   Price Be.1-10

4.    Audit Code, First Edition   incorporating   correc-
tion slips nos. 1 to 25.   Price Be.1-4 (as.4).

5.    Indian Penal Code as modified up to 1st March,
LflBl.   Price Rs.2-8 (at 1).

6.    Ancient India Bulletin no. 1 of the  Archaeolo-
gical Survey of India.    Price "Ra.2  (as.ft).

7.    Civil  Service  (Classification,  Control and  Appeal
Rules), corrected up lo 1st October, 1951.   Price annas 6

8.    Information for the Students desiring! to proceed
Overseas   for the   Advanced Studies,   1947-48.    Price
annas 3 (a. I ps. 6).

9.    Factories Act no. LXIII of 194&, as modified up to
1st April, 1951.   Price annas 4 (a. 1 ps, 6).

10.    First Repoit of the National Income Committee
April, 1951.   Price Re.1-6 (as, 2 p£.»6).

11.    Criminal   Procedure  Code as   modified \ip   to
June 1, 1961.   Price Rs.2-8 tes.7),

12.    Indian Boilers Act as modified   up   to   Novem-
ber 1, 1949, Price annas 7 Gw.2).

13.    Co-operaJ. ive   Societies   Act as modified   up to
July 1,1052.   Price annas 4 (fl.l).

14.    Payment of "Wages as modified up to May 15.
1951.   Price annas 4 (fl.l).

• 15.   The Poison Act as modified tip to May 1, '
I*rice annas 2, packing and postage (a .1).