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jfcmcE ia hereby given under section S3 of ihe KBrptii TJrben
Area Davelopment Act, 1945 (U P. Act No. VI of 1946)
that the Kinpur Development Board baa prepared a Slum-
cuJi.Redevel pment Srheme o. 62 forcer-tain Abatas on Chunniganj.


The boundaries of the Scheme are as under :

"Commencing ficm the junction cf rords ros. 8 and 9
proreedmg aJoog road no. 9 towards i ast up to ju ctio i of
public I ana east of house no. 96/32; then >"outhward along
the public lane uf to its junction wilh road no. 73; then moving
Westward along road i.o. 73 up to ita juuction of road no. 
an.1 9 or tha commencing joint."

* Flan of the Scheme and statements cf the lands end hcuees
proposed to be acquired can he seen on any working day duung
offioa houia at the .Development Boaid Onita.

Any objections to the Scherrc  and piafasetl acquisition  can  te
tiled at the Board's office   -within sixty   da) a   cf   tha d&te of tlip

[3 & 12.3-'5fl.]


NOTICE is hereby given under rectiou f 3 of the Kenrur TJitan
.Area Development Act, 1W4C, that tine Ecaid lieeliinxc Wall Road
Improvement-General Scheme-furo.Deferred Street Sclrtire i o. 5!)
regulating the pJctJiuee and buildkg lines of Hall Hoad aid other
suoaidiary roads.

Tha bouadariea of the Scheme are as under":

tiie Railway Biding, then going flJongtte Railway Siding cross*
fug Road i o. 54 then towards ' orth along Road i o. 4 up
to its crossing with'oed rio. 65 tben IcvercJe at alccg the
fouthein Loundaiy of lluir Mills t.p to ,0ad re. 3, t>en to*
Warda r orth alcrg Boad i o. 3 up to its junrticiJ Tsith Bead
no.4S,thentowaidsE at along Road no.4S (frod of P. W. D.
OflBcea) up 1o its junction ^j*b Eoad  o, 4C (Sui aj-ghat
Road) then turnne lowardsNortt along Road i.e. 40 up to
its junction witfa Eoad , o. 42, then tun:ing towaidj East
along Eoad i.a 42 up to its junction with Ecad i a. 43,
then towardsNcrth aJoup Boad>o. 43. up to ts juncticu with
Road c. II, then toward? East and foulh along Boad i o. 11
up to ts crossing with Bead i o. 10. 1 hen along Boad i o. 10
crossing Ganges canal up to ils junoticn with caral Boad
10. 1(J5, th n mcvmg Southward along canal Boad i a.
JOSuptc its junction with Mall Boari "0. , ihei. moving along
the Mall Road up to iia cropging vulh Boad i o. J02, tten
Westward along Eoad up loits crossing w;th Boad re. 102,
then Westward along Road c. 102 uj to its cioieuig wiih
Road t>o. 106, then moving Korfl wesl along Boad ro. 1C6
up c' its crossing with Boad no. JOS. then 1o wards North-raft
along Road o. JC5 up to ils classing with Basd i c. 103,
then moving towards Wtst to Karachi Ear'aca up to na
junction with Boad i o, 13, then moving Rnrthiast along
Road no. 13 up to Mall Road r o. 8, then moving toMardu
North nJcng Wall Boad up lo its junction with Bam Karain
Bazar Road no. 9, tten moving towards "VVeet along Boad
ro 9 ''Qstmg thiaugh paiade continuing up to its crossing
with Road a. 8 near Bakar Mandi, Ihen turning trwards
North- ast along Road no. 8 up to the starting poi&t near
Colon ehj anj Police Station.

Flan of the Schema showing the lands and houflff proposed to
fce acquiied can be seen during cffice tours  at  the   I-'evelcimtnt
Board Office.

Any objection to the Scheme and proposed acquisition can be
filed at tha Board's Office within sixty dajB of the date of thi?

"Commencing from the Junction of Bead ro. 8 (Mail
Road) and Konpur-Bithoor Road (Nawabganj Read) near
CoJoneJganj FoJ.ce Station going to^aida uorth along the
eaatein boundary of Kanpui RoadwayB compound up to (5 & I2-3-'55.'




J>n*to* Md DObuahod  b)  tha BopetjiitBiidftat.

, Uttw