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Aijfl.i ,,Ui ' i..'. ' ' ."n; iu.-1-iM itjii'Ld ],r-ia liuiil ImLuii tin-
.'i : ' "iQi.1 r> ' <   r.i-i:..'T> '. i>oi  l'..l:i"-T,rn Tr'th intention of per-
1,1- M, :/!y  ;rui _ ,1. J, . ' . i n-li,- e'.-  i Sip, 1. ?-iktiia cr Porlu-
-_TI -. u Ti '.-., p1 - -  '' 'i J! ii'.-. T'T-v*! jgp-liinit r. Liable
\.- :l \ i. iu' " M .I1- iC -if -, tiiij.Kiinl Lilim-Ii'-I cojnmniiiricri
, ".' I'M T. },;  i- , I.,, i> i I - i 11] (i ucjii l'..k'1-ii ii r.nd iiun-
.1),. ,,TII. .r - .,{ /Lulu' , : I K, -Liu.; Xo r?li-is, lion fui othert-
..t !, i .,>.;,- >,', t '- ,:,d  r ,- V;, .-: cltlnyt? yeu.-. Taiti-
' iilii.1- . -nl . i ' - i. ''Mi' .1 iji - ii m 1 1 r n ,-v. 1'riir.n public,
TJ'.i'Vii'i'L'.iniJ '-OTI. 1-ri-- HL-\ I-'. ]-rl, ?sV\7 JUlii Pcqu-M- fni-
f< 'U. j-i, t -i ify i . ii1 i i- . n. sli i.M1 > , LI inq-. tiifc-lbs-
is?'!",, M-.'  .1 ui -t, i.o  <;  vi i i ii.. r.Lh ] t --- tT nf size

LI*           4'   J'.M. V'J f.    i<"l-    J    J     J.i      i.I   pOT    fl.    VTliHll    K-ilIll'   lilC-

LU'IMI :  .'     ( J, Mi'  n  r.    iin.iri    i I    1 1 in . :ir i v, >t]   ticL.Mny
.   i"-i].t         i\ *..,!    Ii.,h,i.   I.-iJ U.ili-i-.   i-i   E >.-*   iHs]-14

It.,.-   JSi'l.i   J.jl   .1 (.' -ti - . 1 r1    I'll.-) -uJ Ap'l, II!'"1'   IUt>-   \pill, 106S

for rin'I-'ri'i liii.i .J '.,!     C* naiii1-1 if J1  lit, \  icmit genuinely

in-ll-J"'!'   oL-l   fiti, i.   +,   ''    <: pj-1, ...U   1^1.;U]  ;   In         j-'tpll.Tf   Lllphdl-

-                          '

or equivalent, (ii) About 2 ^u.irtt3 juructiu,!,! c-apuntnco in Civi]
Engineering in Public Works Dep.iftmenb or irrigation works or'
film of repute. Qunlificatiunss reliable .it Com mission's discretion
in C.ISP of candidates otherwise wolK qualified.                              ;

7. One Lectiiici- in lLe,diun!cal fiiiginneriny fcf Polytechnic
Just lint-ten, BJiopat' Post temporary but likely to IJP made per I
nunent. Pay : 3ln.250i.lllIS340340E B20500E.fiJ
_20GOO. HigliLi' mitK'lpiiy vithm the scale to .specially qualified'
,avl experienced Ciindidtiti.'. .dgt! J Between iu <ind 40 yew*
I'Llaaabli-fnt - (Jovcnimenl wvanis. QualifItalians . Essential- ,
(i) At least heconil clash degree in Meehumcal Engineering
of recognised University or equivalent. (;j) About 2 yeur^
experience- in Engineering Woikphu]! or him nf Tejiut,'

.                                     .                           .

mi;* ,pply u.i pl.-i'i i (.if if i i. mi- not uT. il 1 IF furl depowt ico
with l&c,-I Juili 'ji Enilj,..--;.. IT < qinifrl c-t.iichtL tt .- ftaiM
iurp^rsou-ilinti iv-t v,.

'. (J>te HoTiieuliti-ial u/J'^f >>' T)!^iif,ti Timpcvury but
bkuly tocuntiiuu . Pi/ : Tts'.2o'j- -'"  1^('  2^ 7uO. Higher im-
ti. I p.iy tn *,p.-ni,illy oa 'liiu'd .^nil v.'xp.'ii- need c^ndidiite. Ag& :
Bitwiii'ii 30 .ind 4(> yr.*i'.. J7- liJixblc for QGcertiw.iit servants v,y to
43 yeara. QuaHficaiioi's : Ess'-afcl, D^'ixe in Agriculture from
'''               IJniVi.-r&ity with HortirulJ.;n- ;ia F-peuutl Biibjecl.

in  technical   institution.    Qualifications    iclaiab]o
mi^gion ri   rlipnrotmn   in   casn   nf nandidates otLexwiac wcll-nual1
find.                                                                                              '

S. One Research Officer, Central, Statistical Organiantiant Ca6i.
ii&t SecretnriaL Temporary for present and likely to continue
indefiuitely. Other thmgs being equal preference gi\entu Scheduled J

Castes/   Trihea     candidates.     Pag :     "Ra.aj('Sfl^.'OC3i__MU

ElHcienty bars likely tq be pio\idtd at Tlf- TIKI ord T{,s, in, stapr,
Higher initial pay to specially qualified and experienced rniahdatp,
Age : Below 40 ycaia. QuuliJictitiLna : Essential; [i) At lca
Second Class Slaster'fl or oquHTnlent Honours degree frcm recopusad
University in Statisiics or Economics/Mathematics with Statistic
as subject, (ii) About thrae year's experience in c'oUectiun, ccn

-2. Seven (3 faun! uttd 4 j.-uL) Cial _iviftaitt Surgeon^
\lrffjd'' 1) ujitlrr Cai,i:nvtiitii Pittjids A^nttitifijatilcii. Himachal
Psadeah. Po*tt> TitLjir^ry 1 ut liki.lj ?. ccntintie Other tlung.-
 i.-ii.g oqu-,1 pi'-ft inn L to frob. dijku C.,tii i/Schcduli d Tube caudi-
i[-tr--J- ^a"J ' R'-'M-Uo3u;j)t_430/iO55(1 H;gLer initial
to ipeci Jly qd^liflni .-j(i uspeimrceil cti]ididttt-&. Age :
>w 35 yJj."s. ijiialifictitit/tii, Esatt'lidl'. (T) M.B.B. S, of recog-
nized Ui-i^eiiity 01 LC;U_\< Knt. |n i .About 2 yews' expeiiencein
tc.i'.'hmc fcr on<. po-at , i;Ll Publir Hy^cne or hospital espprieiicefor
nihtir I>LSL,J. OLi/liflt^tiLi ? nl.s^Kli- .t Ccmxninioii'f. Jjscietion

.                                                                        ,

igr'.tidtxrrl Z<.i^i.l     T.HJU.IJ ii- to Elst Ll^rcli, 1956, for
-it-nt Lut lila'ly to t .n; t\-f i] Hit-rftfi.    PLVJJ ; lLg.275  25  5(10
0  b5'j  .J  LO SOU.   IiufficLT   selected  ahe, dym (Jovem-
at Eorviu Le T/ill 1 e entitled to divw r.t ln& option  his grade
pay plus lit put, 110 1- I'.lIpTtjiiLf not e^cttdirg HO per cent   of the
7                initit 1 p. y to tpf Lilly quil'ficd and cxpen-

erade p.t?7- HitjI'd initit 1 p. y to tpf Lilly quil'ficd and cxpen-
Jiicud CL'iidid,,t^. .-age : Bi-li T. 35 yer.Ta. Helaxnblc/or Government
sen-arts, ^ualiflcatio,^ : i'ss^^iaZ; M.tmV degree in Plant
Eroding ur Goi-Ltic-. 07 Associt.tB^lnp of Indian Agiiculturul
Pie-.3.irch Institute in PLnt Breeding or Genetics. Qu^hficutinnd
rclax^bl^ at Conmt^sioii'p aic:c-tion m respect of candidates
.-iK-rwi*' wpll-qu, liiit d.

4. One facearelt Officer \ C h&s I) Indian Council of Agricu liniaal
XttearcJi. Teintm. i-y up to 31&t Til. icL. lnuG fur present but likely
to ccuimue. Pi.v . ris-SSO  35fr 3SP  C&C  30 5S-C _ E B -
30  "70  40 S'O. if cfiie. r selected uhready in Government
P-..o.ieti 1' J will L: untitk-cl to dr. v ut hit, option his grade pay plus

.                   n                 t                                                      og-

ni^cd TJn.vt-io'ty in jry AjL'iculturt 1 &tibjttt Or tiquivalont diplonid
of recagnizrd liMituti-. ( ii) Expent-uce foi about 5 years* of pre-
paring uou-s on scien-ifip -ulijeets. jrd of ^betr^ctinB scientific notes
rind articles. Qu, LfSc^Tiuns rel^xnble at Commission's discretion
it r- of Cindidtc- othprwi^e well-qnrilifEOd.

3. Qh Aosittant Technical Maintenance Officer, Ministry of
florw Affairs. Post temppi.<iybut likely to continuereserved
for Srhedul^d CVstes candidate if &uch suituble candidate forthcom-
ing, othciwise post trenlpcl i,s -unresprvcd. Pay : Rs.275 _ 25 _
50(1 E.B  30630. Highrr initij.l pny to specially qualified
wild pxpericrci d ?. nrhdjtr. Age : Below 30 yearg. Relaxttble,
/or Gown.mfitt tti,u~ile. (,'valifin-i i i Essential: (I) Degree
in Telc-ccjnJnunic:,;Itiii i ^nv i rii , rr EU ctiic,- ] Engineering with
Teli-*-conuni:nicaticu j* faiibjcet or uqnivalrut qualification s-.
OK atiSter's degree in PLy.--ics with \Viiele&s as special subject.
(J) About 2 yet-rs1 pncrical fxperienct- iu Hi'inteni i ( e of Eadiu
nail ullit-'tl eqiiirPi.t. QnnlifmiiicnEi wit xt ble au Ccmmission'
diat-yetiou in c^bo of eandidates othi-rwiao

siou's discretion in ease of candidates otherwise well-qualified.

9. One Mechanical Draftsman Instructor, Collige uj MiUtain
Engineering, RirTtce, Ministry uj Brlence. Pott t("jn]0]aiy JU'T
likely to continue indefinitely. Pay : Es.27325500E-B I3C
<jgOE,B30800- Hiphcr initial pay to specially qualified and
experienced candidate. Age: Below 45 yeaia. Jielaualltlot Goinn
ment scniaiits. (jutdificatmiifi. Essential', (i) Degree inMeclanicn!
Engmaenng from recogmaecl University. (11) Ah out 2 year's teach,
my experience in Mechanical drawing. Qualifications relaxalle
at Commission's ditcretion m case of candidates otherwise well.
qualified- Duties. Teaching in Mechanical diawing up to desiEi'
si andar d-

HI.   50 Assistant Engineers, Ministry of Railways. Post tempo
i-aryfor iyearsin first instance,   but  likely to   continue.    7 post
reserved for Schedule.d Castes, 3 posts for scheduled tribes   and!
for Anglo Indian,   if such candidates ^available.    Pay -. "Rs.35P (
35038038030590E.B.3077040850.            Higher |

mitialpay to specially qualified and experienced candidates. Age: '
between 25and35years. Relaxable. for Goisemmtntseruantt. Ctituli-


. TArec Lecturers in Ci'efl Engt+irrb,t.                                  ,

Rhopal. Postn tfoarornry, lut likply io be jnpde permunent.
Pay t Ra.250 250 15 .340^340 E-B20 500 E.B. 600.
Higher initial pay  itnin the scale to specially qualified rnd experi-
*oe oanaiUatee. ^ge ; Between 25 and 4Q years. RtfaataWe /wr
cMMf MrMn'ff. (?uaH/icVn* :' JfjIgnMoZ; (<) At least
*! dBRrw in Civil BwgiHewing of reoognJzed Univeraity

fixations -. Essential : (i) Degree in    Civil Engineerinpjof
aed University OT equivalent qualrfica,tiona.    (ii) About   3   years r
experience  as  Civil Engineer.     Qualifications relaxable  at Com-1
mission's discretion in case of candidates otherwise well-qualified.   '

11. One Assistant Examiner of Patents in ihc Office of the Cuntrollft
of Patents and Designs, Calcutta. Post temporary but likely to h
made permanent. Roserx-ed for Scheduled Castes (Tribes candidte*
if such suitable candidates available, otherwise post treatedas
unreserved. Pay Us. 20010300E.B. 1545025/2500.
Higher initial pay to specially quahfiedand experienced candidates
Age : Between22and28years. BelaxaUafor Government servants,
Qualifications : Essential : (4) Degiee oi Diplcma in EngmeenD"
(Civil or Mechanical) of recognised University or equivalent. ()
Adequate Tiammg/Experiencc in Engmecunp concern of reptile-
qualifications relaxable at Connimssion'H discretion in case of cardi-
dates otherwise well-qualified. Desiialle : Experience of writing
popular aiticles on Technical subjects. Duius . (i) Examma-
tion of Patents applications, (ii) Reporting on applications filed
under the Indian Patents and Designs Act 1911.

12.    Two Pilots for  Vizagapatam,    Potl.    Post    peimanent,1
pay\       Rs.600401,0001,0001,06(11,0501,1001,100- '
1,150501,300.   Passes will be admissible as per - railwaynJas. ,
Higher initial pay to specially qualified and experienced candidates j
Age: Below 35 years.    Relaxable for Government servants   up to 40
years.    Qualifications : Essential: Foreign  Going Master's Certi- '

13.    One Aatiatant Wood Wording Officer, Forest Research Ins-
titute  Delira Dun.    Post   peijnancnt.    Pay : Es.27fi2ECC
E.B3065030800.   Higher   initial   pay to   special?" "h
fied and experienced candidate.    Age : Below 35 years.    T

for Government servants, ^-ualifications -, Essential : (t)
in Mechanical Engneering of recognised University or _
India or equivalent qualifictitions. () Some research experience
as in wood working etc., Qualifications relaxable at Commission &
discretion iu case of candidates otherwise well-qualified."

14.    Two   Executive  Engineers far    .Ecods/Jw'f alien  wW
Division,  Public  Works Department,  Bhopal.   Post temfoiB1?
but likely to contintio.   Other things being equal prefeience f
Scheduled  C^steB/TribeF/BackwaJd    Classes    candidates.   Pfl!
Ra,460 (4th  yew)    Bs.25 600E.B2G_7007003C850-
Higher initial pay to specially qualified and experienced candidate*