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2 Executive     Engineers in the Pubtic Health Engineering         11.    One   Information   Assistant   (Hindi),   Press   Infof ration

"-'-'ant  Government of   Vimdhya Pradesh.   Post temporary    Bureau.   Post temporary but huely to   continue.    Other things

hut UK"/ to continue.    Pay    Ra.450(4th year) 25—600—E.B.—    being   equal   preference   to   Scheduled   Castes /Scheduled   Tnbeg

38^.700—700—30—850.    H gher    initial pj,y to specially qu Ii-    candidates.    Candidates who are called for interview may have to

ft i and experienced oundidtitns.    Age', Below 40 ye^rs-    Belay.-    sit for written test details of which will follow.    Pay   Rs.300    "*

"*                                     ,.„.,,                                         .          GnCB in newspaper or news n»ency of standing or    experipnee in

t   Oie   Rwearch  Officer  (Silt     and  Construction  Materials),    publicity orgaui7atiou.    Out  of 2  years1  experience,   about  one

Mitral Water and Power Commiaavm. Post temporary but likely    voar ahpuld be in Hindi Netripnper of standing.    Qualifications

to   coatiflue.      Pay; Rs.350—350—330—380—30—590—E.B.—30    relaxable at Commission's discretion in ease of candidates otherwise

170—40—850.    H.ghor initial p iy to specially qu lified and ex-    well-qualified,
mrienoad c indidaie.    Aqe   Bolow 40 yanrs.    Relaxable   for  GO-

aimment servants.     Qualifications   Essential: (i) First cLsa M^s-         12.   One Assistant Professor of Sugar Chemistry  (Organic)  at

•tar's or eqiiiv .lent Honours degree in Physical   Chemistry or Soil    Indian Institute of Sugar Technology, Kanp-ur.   Post temporary but

nhemistry of recognized University with biaa for soil chemistry,    likely to continue indefinitely. Pay.   Rs 600—40—1,000—1,000—

ffi About 2 yaws' research experience after the degree in hboye    1,050—1,050—1,100—1,100—1,150. H'gher initial pay to specially

subjects-    Quilifications rol.tx, ble at Comjnission'H  discretion in    qualified   and   experienced     candidate.    Age' Below   45    years.

Lea of candidates othcrwis w.-11-quulificd.                                       Relayable for Government   servants.      Qualifications; Essential,  (i)

,    At least second class Master's or equivalent   Honour's degree   in

6    One Research  Officer (Soils and Soil Mechnnics), Centra*    Organic Chemistry,    (ii) About 5 years' experience in responsible
fateV and Power Research Station, Poona.   Post permnnent but    capacity in Sugar Factory. Qunl'f i cations relaxable at   Commission's

p0jntjnant will be m udo in tejnpor.try CH,pneity und selected can-    discretion in case of candidates otherwise well-qualified,

dlk.ta Ik ill be considorod for con irm tion ..long with other• m •£»            _    One z          tor fm Fat,tories in the State of Aimer.    Per-

orequiv-lont grade.    Post reserved for Scheduled C.stea candi-             t   claggI5   {Non-ga7ettecl).     Pay RR.200— 10_3flO—15—

d^if^8™*;;*^                                                         450-25/2-500.    Higher* initial   pny   to   specify qualified   end

unreserved.     Pay: Rs.350—350—380—380—30—590—E.B.—30--          rf        d   cHnd) late     Age-    Between   2X   and   35   years.    Re-

770-40-850.    Higher inilul p«y to specUly qn.l,'ied yd «-    ^^ ^   Government   .?„„,.       Qualification*: tfiU^f (i)

peneuced   candidate.    Age   Below      40 yei™       Relaxable   for               ^          ma m Mpf,han;ca] Enginperinfr of a recognised Uriil

faemmmt servants. Qual-ifMatwns: Essential: (,) Dcg erm Civil        ^           ^valpnt_ (ii) About 2 years'experience in a responsible

BagineeringnfreoognizedUmveraity.   (n) About experience           f      i^ a factory   requiring supervision of labour, machinery

inooDstructionof e .rth^duma,   roadsorair-fieldsormsoilmecharics       £ Q/dif'cationsrelaxable at Commission's discretion in case of

laboratory.   Quilificationa relax,ble at Cpmmisairn'a discretion in     ^^^gg  otherwise   weU-qualified.

,aae of candidates otherwise well-qualiUed-                                        H    ^ Lpcturer ^ Co^eT^ ^ B   B> Co]]pgej  ApflrtBlaj

7    Two Assistant Architects in Directorate General of Health    Government  of Tripura.    Class II.    Post temporary but  likely
Services.   Poats tempor iry but likely to continue.    One post rescrv-    to become permanent.     Pay'. Rs.200—10—420—15—450.    Higher
ed for Scheduled Castes/Tribes candidate if such candidf te avails ble,    initial pay within the scale to specially qualiffed and experienced
otharwiae post treited as   unreserved.      Pay; Rs.275—25—500—    candidate.    47<-; B^ow   40' v^rs. Q^ab'ficntions; Essential" (i)

WO       On^R^n        TTin-V,^  ,'ni+.iu.l   now t.n   snonit HTT   mit hfieri   nlld   BX-        Af. Ipoflt.  9n^l  nlnc= HTa=+OT.'=   «^ or^^VoTo^t. TTrt«o.,T.-_  j--------.-_        '        '

tional diploma in Architecture or diploma of K J^bh-bu-nInstitute,

B irodi or equiv Jetit qu blirtoatiou.    (ii) Some practical experience                                           _____

in prepiration of working drawings and details after obtaining the                                  JffapHen«a¥lt ^n     49

1 nbova   qaiU"iotition.   Qiiilifitutiona   relasuble at   Commiasion P                                  ApvertlSBDaent no.   12

toetionin case of candidates otherwiae well-qualified-                       APPLICATIONS invited for undermentioned posts from Trdinn

8    3  mtrn Assistant Directors in Central  Water and Power    citizens and persons migratEd from  FakfetBn with  inten-tirn of per-

Qommiation (Power Wing).  2 poets permanent but selected pan-    manently settling in India or subjects of Nepal Sikkim or Portn.

didntea will, however, be appointed on temporary basis and will     guese or French possessions m India.     Tpr" ape liirit relaspble by

takB their chaneBS for oonFirmation   in due course, via-n-via other     three years for scheduled castes, trial and a>oripmnl roirirmiities and

temporary officers in Grade.    Qthar post temporary but likely to     up to 45 years for displaced   persons from  Pakistfln nrd    mm.

continue.    One out of 2 permanent posts reserved fo* scheduled     liberated areas of Jammu and Kashmir.    No relaxation for others,

oaatas if such suitable candidate  available; otherwise treated  aa     save in   exceptional rases and    in   no case   beyond   three   years.

unreaervBd     Other things being  equal, preference   to scheduled    Particulars and application   forme from FrrrrtPi?    Union Public

casbea ind Bohedulnd tribes candidates for tomporaiy post.    Can.    Service   Conn minion,      Post Brs So. 1P6. Krw Tplhi.    RponettH

didatea who had applied in response to Commission's advertise-    for form0 must specify name of post nnd  shotild be   Bcroirparied

ment no. 61   of 1955 which  appeared on    4th December.   1954    by self-addregped   unstamped en-velnfe  for   enrh post   at   IPO Ft of

nfied not apply ajmin.   Pay. R,8-275—25—500—E.B—30—650—    size 9" X  4"  indicating thereon nair-B of post     for whir-h forms

EB—30—800   Higher initial pay to specially qualified and Rxpa-    are required.    Closing rlatp for rereirt   of nrr1''™*'"0" with treneury

riennfid nandidites     Aqe     Betwnen 23 and 40 years.    Qualifwa.    rc0eipt or Closed Indian Postal Orders    fnr PF 7-8 (Be.   1-14 for

twna- Essential- (i) Degree in Electrical Engineering of recognised    scheduled  castes ard tribes)   Ifith   ^pril, lf)nfi (30th   ^pril,   I9S5

UnivBTsitv.    fii)'About 2 years'practical esperieripo after grfidua-    for applirnnts from Hbrnprll.    Cnririppinn ITPV  reirit    prrnirFly

tion in Public Elentrio Supply Industry (Engineering). QuaMica-    indigent and Bo«a /i^ displac-ed rie™™' fee.    PpTBratFBrpWration-

'   ji relaxable at Commiaaion's discretion in case of   candidates    with separate fee re quired for Pa rh post.    CandidiitPP  atrnfld  nmy

--                                                                      apply on plain paper if fnrans not avnilnblp and   cirrnFit fee  with

Wing of MM*try of Commerce and Industry.   Post pai

^J^'FSS^£S^'y!S^*i£ ^£^-wi5^Tw-^-^;ri».ii;;

Rs350—350—3SO—380—30—590—E.B—30—770—40—850.     HI-    Reserved for Schedulpd Caste/Tribe hnt will he   trmted

Khar initial nav to snecinllv auilif'od and experienced randidate.    a3 tmreserved if no suph  suitfThle  panflidnta forthcornirig.    Pay -.

Age   Below 35 vevn     RflLSbl* for   Government slants.    Quah-    Rg.250-25-550/25-750.    Higher initi«l pay to penally qunlifled

fhaUong' ttiiential   (J) Dearee      in   Electrical   EnRineermg    of    atld     expeTienped  candidate.    Age : PP^PFH   25  ard 3F5 years,

racoi'd UnivPratv orequiVnlPnt.    (ii) About 3 years' practical    BeZaaM6Ze  fo, GovermmM tmwt,   toWm***   : ZMlK.1- (\)

_„!.?-!-_   in   EacineerinB  Workshop   of   reputn  mamifactunng    Mnater'a or equivalent desreein Zoobjry oi ^prirultural Entcuno.

jooia or 5 yuaw1 experiBnce  in technical GovRrnment    lo(?v or B. Sc. degree in Agriculture   with   Frtnrolopy PF nrpior

i^tttdBilinB with development of industrifla.    Qualifications    aubiect.    (ii) Po^t-praduate     research  on  Entoirolo^.    Qpalifi-

a it Commiasion's discretion in case of candidates otherwise    cati0ng relaxable at Commission's discretion m case of candidates

wellTqualified.                                                                               otherwise well-qualified.

TIM-   .IT   T.   na^artmfnt  Tf1in<aal          2- Two Senior Instructors, Naitwa I Fire Service Qrllrge, JKiVw-

10. ^-4«rf*»*B^^5^^^%D,?S^8^to   tn, *1 Bo*»'tfrto- Temporary for indefnite perfnd. Pay ,
Temporary for present up toi2Sth FjJruMj'^^S^^S^    Re.500-30-800 plus rent free unfurnished quarten;. Higher to-
last till the completion .of Sfc^^-7^«?^bMORnilida-tefl.   tialpayto specially qualified and experienced candidatee. Age
bomgequ*! preference given to ScheduledLJ_flrtJ™,0 JoO            Below 45 year?, totalijicationa : ^PantHal : (i) Metticula+e c.
Pay. ^•250-250-16_34p-EB.-2p-500^J.--0-BU»:           Wghcr preferably graduale in ArlP or Science of recopniaed Tniver-
H.?her initial nay to speedily quilif'Bd and ^™^,f^gK.    sity. (ii) About 5 veara' experience as Station Offcw or bighep
A*l Below 30 years Relaxable f0^^^^^' Bggt    "ank in fulWime Fire Brigade Service, (in) GraduateFhip or AMO-
»oa^«?: IPHBntal: (i) Degree m Civil JftBng™"*, °rB Ja&,    ciate Blemberahip of Institute of Fire Engine era louden
lent, (ii) About 3 VBWB' experience^ of exeoution ^ot ^ww™^*    ^ QMrfflnaffomireliable at Oomtnifllion'fl HiaoTBtta