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FAP* VIE]                                 UTTAE. PRADESH GAZETTE, APRIL 2; 1955                                          113

Ust of new publications published during the month of             INDIAN    LAW   RE FORTS

March, 1955                                                       AT/YjAHAPJATi  St'TRTi^^

Important and usual Publications on different subject,      (Lucknow Lerieg hls been comhined Wlth lt iVum

Wned by the Uttar Pradesh Go\ernment, are avaiiible                                 Tinmrv   1H4-H\

for sale ^™E SUP^                                          The only officia, J^^oblned direct from the

,   AND STATIONERY, UTTAR PRADEbll, ALLAH-   Supenntendent5 Pnnt       Jd Bta:ioneryi D. p. Allah.

AJ3AD-    Catalogue  free  on  application.                          abad> Qf agentg f(Jr n   ^   G(Kcrnment publications

1    Land Eecorda Manuil, Part III (Chafers XV 10     price per annum, Pis.9 including postage.

XXXI) 11. English.    Price annas G <M,3).                                                 BACK~NUMRERS

2.   IT. P. Legislative Mcmbeis (Natioiia: Plan Loan)           Qp TRE /LLAHABAD AN£ LUcKNOW SERIES

Prevention of Disqua ification Act no. XXIII of 1954 m   are available horn the    Superintendent,    Printing    arid

, Hindi.   Price anna 1 (a.l ps.6).                                      S'ationery, TT. P..   Allahabad, and   may be   obtained

j    U   P   Legislative Members (National Plan TJOPH)  unbound at the ieduced rates quoted below  :

reUion of ^qualification Act no. XXIII ot 195-1 m   ^r ""• ™^»" * «* » -• « £J

nglish.   Price anna 1 (a.l ps 6).                                 S0nea,     i  um lo ii,40                            "  Ra.e

anna  1   (^-     P*..                                                                          BLW-I.      ]    1"31 to  IU37nndI

5    U   P   Nurses  Midwives, Assistant Mid^ives and               I 19^3' lfl^ -mi iw

5.    u. i . iNuibBb, m uwiv    ,                                -vy  Sold   only    m    complete

Health ViBilorpRGBOHiration (Amendment) Ac, no   ^      post    • ^ Indift ^

of 1954 in Hindi     Price anna 1 (a.l p.ti).                            Cheques on fcanks outside Al

4    U   P   (Temporary)    Accommodation   Requisition                L w<-i *" iwa A- USD

(Amendment) Act no. XV of 1954 in Eimlibli.    Pnce  ^^ f 1926 ^ ^                          „  B*.4  ,,       ,,

anna  1   (&•!  P*.6).                                                                            BLW-I.      ]    1"31 to  IU37nndI939                 „   Its.6    „         „

I, 1943,   1V14-I   ami   1948                      „    HB 8    „

volumes,   including   Index
per volume;  abroad  Pis.2.
___                                                                                    Cheques on tanks outside Allahabad should include Banker's

6.    U. P. Civil Laws (Reforms and Amendment  \rt___commission of 4 amms.   Cheques should not be crossed.   ___

n,i OT'V of 1054 in Hindi.    Vriae nmu 1 l-i 1 7« 6).     GQYERNMENT OF INDIA PUBLICATIONS

7.    U, P. Zamindari Abolition and   Land   Reforms Siock   ava[jane   ^?7/i   Superintendent,    Printing    and
(Amendment Ordinance no. IT of 1954 in Hindi.    Price     stationery, Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad.

anna 1 (a.l ps.6).                                                               Press  Commission Report, price Rs.3s packing  and

e    Finance Accounts, 1951-5-3 aurt the Audit Erport,  postage (/1*.8.).

1952 in Encli«h.    Price Rs.3-10 fos.r.t.                           Labour Appeal Cases, January 1954, price "Rs.2-8 (o*.3>.

.          ,„    1Q-. t)   „„ i  *i 1(4   Arifiit  Ijubour Appeal Cases, January 1954, price Rs.2-8 (o?.4*i,

9.    Appropriation   Account,,  19,1-^   orJ t,u.  -a,ut                II                 ^^ ig-4price Rs.2_8 (fls.4).
Iteport, 1953 m Enghdi.    Pnce Bs.8 (as.,).          ^       ^^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ R&<fl g ^^

10.    Annuil   AdminiBLraJ,ion   Report   ot   the   ^^ Lilixinr ^ppeai ClSes> April 1954, price Rs.2-8 (os.4K
Developmeab Department for the year ending June ,iu, Labom. Appeal CafeS) May 1954i price Es.2.8 (o«.4).

1 1953   in English.    Pi-ice Rs.3-12   (aa.3).                           The Firsfc i?ive_Year Pl?n—(A Summary), price JRe.l

11     Stile Ru'es and Orders mide under the Enact- ^ d]

ineitH applying to U. P., for che year 1949 in English.     rjrst Five-Yeir P'.an—Price f7?e.l and QS.8V
Price RF .3-6  (flA'.3).                                                           1-   Coun-es of Training  at  Civil  Aviation Training

V-    Acnlicition for the recognition of the Training Centre, Allahabad.    Price annas 5 (a. I ps. 6).
n      APPT T /n T   attached to the Inter.    Col'eue/     2.    ConntitiiJion of India with correction slips modified
Class for L.T./C.T.  *™f** to ™      g (    2)                 to ]qfc September, 1951.   Price Re.1-10 («.».

Degree College m Eng uh.    Pnce annas   i ««..                I       Constitution  of India in Hindi.   Price  Re.1-10

13.    Technical Bulletin no. 11, Experiment in Lp-

operative Farming, Darwma and NaunwaTa larms  m          •                                     ^   inc        ati        correc.

TT. P., by Dr. G. D. Agarwal in Eng.ish.   Price anna 14 ^ ^ ^   1 ^ ^     price ;Re t_4 ^ 4)   -

'w.2;.                                                                        .  ,     5.    Indian Pennl Code as modified up to 1st March,

14.    No. 187 U. P. Poice Gradaaon List, con^tefl ^^    ^.^ ^^   (fl-?K

up TO November 1,  1954  in English,     l i-ire JLb.f-jD     c     An(,ipnj lnflia Bllllplin ^Q, ! of the Arehaeob-
(fw.9/.                                                                      .  .    rrir-al Rurx'ev'of India.    Pr;ce "Rs.2   fn.f.6).

15.    Kumbh Tragedy Enquiry Committeo Report in » ?    civ,-, ^^j^ (Ci,uwifi«tionf Control and Appeal
English.   Price Rs.?-10     (as.8).                   m                Rules), corrected up to 1st October, 1951.   Price annas 6

16.    Report cf  the   Grsanmrdhan  Enquny   Com- (fl ^

mittee, Parts I and II in English,   PVIOJJ J-.3 fas.6).       Q    Tnformation for tne students desirins? to proceed

47.   History cf Services cf Gazetted Officers (OwU Overseas   for the   Advanced studies,   1947-48.    Price
Department). Part IV (Judicial), cPFected up to July 1, aBnas g (ft l ps 6)
1949; in English.   Price Rs.3    (as.8).                              9<   Factories Act no. LXIII of 1948, as modified up to

List of the f&unnf   mthKrnfwn* r>-»f>Jl>'*hed during the   ist April, 19ol.   Price annas 4 (.1. 1 ps. 6).

montfi o/ March, 1955                              10.   Firrt Keport of ihe National Income Committee,

1    U   P   Zamind™   Abo'ition and Land   Befoinu April, 3051.    Price He.1-6 to*. 2 p^ G).
fi»^J«, XVI o* 1953 in EngUsK   V,ce    JUU ^^'^^^^   mod.aed up   ,to
annas 2 (a.l jw.6).                                                              12    Tn(lian Boj]ers Act aa ^oflifiea   Up   to   Novem-

2.   U. P. CinematopfrapD Rules, 1951, msto under the            1MO  ^.^ annas ? (flfi 2)                               -

Cinematograph Act, 1918 in Englieh.    Pnce annas 14     ^   CcM)pera*ive   Societies   Act aa modified   up to
tos.2).     "                                                                        July l, 1052.   Price annas 4 fff.l).

Annaa 6 extra in each cae'e if sent by registered post>     ^   Payment of Wapfes Act as modified up to May, IS,

atsiapwonthesea are for packing and ptatage 195^,    price annaS 4  ffl.l).

15.   The Poison Act as modified up to '.
'SurH^Bln™™*'          Rice annas 2, packing and post^e (* .1

-Th*, amounts