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2, 1955


Monthly agricultural report of Uttar Pradesh for the
Month of January, 1955


During the fi-st week of the month under report,
there was practically no rain throughout the State.
Dar Jig the second week, there were light and sporadic
showers in about half of the districts of the State and
no rain in the rest. During the third and fourth weeks,
there were light showers to heavy rain in almost all
the districts of the State, rainfall during the fourth week
- being generally heavier than during the third week.
The rains were accompanied by hailstorm in certain
parts of the Farrukhabad, Etawah, Mainpuri, Goiida,
Baati, Bahrnjch TTaiztibad and Moradabad districts.
The total rainfall for the month was in moderate to
large excess of the normal in most districts of the

[I—A.jri J ult uml Opzratio us

Preparation of land for the next sugarcane and zaid
ci'ops continued in a large number of districts. Sowing
of the next sugarcane and zaid crops was in progress
in some districts. Harvesting and crushing of sugar-
cane for the manufacture of sugar, gur and rab continued
in almost all the districts of the State. Digging of
potato as continued and harvesting of peas and mus-
tard had commenced in a few eastern districts. Irri-
gation of the standing rabi crops was resorted to during
the fi -sb fortnight of the.nionth but was generally subse-
quently suspended owing to rains,

Ill—Standing crops

IV—Prospects of Harvest

The winter rains proved highly beneficial to the
standing  rabi crops,  particularly in the  unirrigated
areas.    The condition of the standing rabi crops and
their prospects of outturn continued to be generally
satisfactory so far.   However, the future prospects of,
outturn of   rabi  crops are largely dependent on the
character of season in the immediate future.
V—Damage to crops

Some localised damage to the standing rabi crops
by hailstorm was reported from the Farrukhabad,
Etawah, and Gond districts. Slight damage to the
, ,ar7utr and peas cropa by forest- was also reported from
several districts. According to the reports received from .
the Entomologist to Government, Uttar Pradesh, a
fresh locust swarm visited the Aligarh, Mathura and
Etah districts but no material damage was caused to the
standing crops. Stray attacks by insect pests and field
rats on the standing crops were reported from several
districts. Congrol measures against these pests and
fi-jld rats were undertaken by the Plant Protection
Service, Uttar Pradesh.

VI—Agricultural stock

The condibion of the live stock was on the whole
sa/tisfastory, although cattle diseases have, as usual, been
reported from a number of districts. The figures for
the number of seizures, deaths and mortality from in-
fections cattle diseases during this End the preceding
months are pres3nted in the table given below, which'
has, been prepared from, the data furnished by the
Director -of Animal .Husbandry and, Eisheries, Uttar
Pradesh,, It,w.ould bb aaen -from this table,that, as*
compared with, the previous month, there were increases.;

of 120' 0 per cent and DJ' 9 per cent in the total number
of seizures and deaths respectively but the mortality
decreased from 13 to 11. As regards Anthrax, there
was not a single case of seizura or death during this1
month as compared to ] 5 of each in the previous month.
In the caye of Haernorrhagic Sceptic*, eniia, both the
number of seizures End deaths rcse to oh cut 1' 8 times
those in the preceding month, resulting in a Alight rise
in mortality from S8 to 90. There were 14 cases of
both seizures and deaths from Black Quarter as com-
pared to 12 of each in the previous month, CP a result
of which mortality remained stationary at ICO. Aa
for Einderpest. both the number of seizuies and deaths
increased respectively to about 1- S and '2- s times those
in the previous month, ?ncl mortality rose frcm 52
to 81. As regards Foot and Mouth disease, the ni.inber
of seizures increased to about 2' 4 times of that in the
preceding mouth, but there were '22 cases of deaths as
compared to one in theprevioiu month, in consequence
of which mortality rose from 0- 05 to 0" 43- As regards
other diseases, both the number of seizures and deaths
recorded a steep decline from 105 and 30 respectively
during the previous month to 6 and n respectively
during this month,tbut the^njortality rose from 48 to So.

TABLE—Number of seizures, d:athst and mortality from
Infectious Cattle Diseases, during the
months of December, 1954 and January

Seizurc'i         Deaths



Pec.   Jan.    Dec.   Jan.    Dec.    Jan.


Black Quarter
Binder Pest   ..
foot and Mouth
Other Diseases

Mortality   =

121     215
12       14



£39      157      436

193     as

14     100


3149   6172
105         6


22    0.05   0.43
5       48        85

..    2703   5046     342     670
Number of deaths

VII—Pasturage and Fodder

Pasturage and fodder were reported to be generally
adequate in almost all the districts^of the State except
a few from where scarcity of pasturage was reported.

VIII—Health and Labour in Rural Anas

The health of the labouring population engaged in
agriculture in rural areas was reported to be generally

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