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Advertise mem no.   13

po>t=s from   Indian

;*'j!i;muri-t:>:j ?nd ' p to J5 ~\ i .irs for duptacpd person-s from Pakistan
e:r;d Lori-liberated aiuv? i.t Jumiuu and Kashmir. No relaxation
;"C7 ot'V r-. ea*.a in L*:n;:., cav:s and will ui no ease be relaxed
liriyond ilii' ' vettrfi. Pailinilaifl raid dpiilivation forms from SPC-
rt'tarr. Uuion Public rsrrvieo Commission, Po=t Box No. 186,
XEW Delln. Rfqu-%-tj for forms must specify name of post anrl
should bn accompanied hy self nddre".. tl unstamped envelops for
«iL'h po-t at loa-it of si*-- si" " 4" inuii-nting thereon name of post
for which f rioa arf! r- quired. Clowns ditp for receipt of applica-
tion with trmsury ri ceipt or Cro^std Po=.ti>l Orders, for Rs.
7-3 (R^ 1-14 for ScheuldfHl Cartes and Tribes) 23rd April, 1055
7th May, 1955 for r.ppticHnts fium abroad). Commission may
remit gmum-ly indent-lit and full dieplrced patens" fee.
Separate npplit-ntn.n mth spparntp fee required for each post.
Candidate^ abroad may npply on plain paper if forrra not available
and dfp^ifc leo with lo,- 1 Indian Embassy. If required candidates
must appear for personal interview.

J. One Maskr 21. S. ' Pradeep* under L-ightJiouae Department.
SUiniatrj nf Transport. Post temporary but likely to continue.
Pny -. R3. 800—40—1000—1000—1050—1050—EB—1100—1100
1150—5U—1303, plua usual allowance including deai-ncss allow-
a-i-j aj n^aiblc to GDvernnent O f cers pita special pay
of Rs. 50 per month and visualising allowance of Rs.5-6-6 per
diem. Higher initial puy to specially qnalif ed and experienced
candidate. Age : Belcnv 45 years. Relaxalle for Government
nerv~iKli. f urthficatnnd : Es&ntial : (i) Certif cate of Competency
as Master Foreign goinn, iissued by Government i f India or any other
approved aurhoritv. (i) About' 5 years' experience in Indian coas-
tal watery including some service in command of sea-going ship.
Qu.i'i i 'cations relaxaUc to Commission's discretion in case of candi-
dates other\vUe well quail F cd.

3. One Cotingc. Industries Officer, Community Project, Bhopal.
Temporary up to «nd of present Five-Year Plan Pay : Rs.250—
250—2.",—'40Q—-EB—20—tipO. Higher initial pay to specially quali.
fed and experienced candidate. Age : Below 35 years. Relaxa*
ble for Government servants. Qunhfirativ' s : Essential : About
5 yenrj' piactioal experience in field of cottage industries in res-
ponsible position in Government or public organisation of repute.
Quali -cati -ns rd.ixnLle at Commission's discretion in case of
candidates otherwise \tcll qualif ed.

3. 3 (I peraiiiicnt aii\l 2 tem-pornnj) Noei-'xpert Appraisers
in Ctistciuf Di'paitmcut, Cfnl-al Br.nrd cf I\cicr,iJe. Two pcpts
rrgervcil fir PdieOuJ d Tribe candidates if availnblo otherwise to
bp f Ilfd by Scheduled Caste candidntrs. Pay : Rs.230—15—275—
EB—25—jQO—EB—25—625 or Rs.250—20—450—25—075 for
prr-1931 entrants who have not rioted prescribed scales of pay.
Higher initial p-iy to specially qualif Ptl and experienced candidates.
Affe : BelDV 25 y»ar-a. Rflrjrablc for Government Servants. ( ua-
1'tfic'itton.s • Es^e.niii\ |ij At lonftt s.'cond class degree of recognised
"University, preferably in Science, (ii) About 2 years' expe-
Tiun^e in soma- rosponsilile rapacity in Government Department or
business conit'rn. Quilt- ctiona relftsablo at Commission's discre-
tiou in casa of c£*ndidat^s otherwise well qualif cd.

.*' f)r^. Atfriaiaflt D&eplopmeiit Officer Graile II, Development
Wii'g HiKtslri/ of Comuierze and Industry. Post temporary but
likely to continue. Other things being e-quil proferenea given to
- Suhwiuled Cas&e,«Tribo condiddtes. Pay : Rq.325—25—500—30—
S!K>. Higher initial pay to specially qualified and experienced
candidate. ,170 : Below 30 years. Rdaxahk for Government
sertxatts. Qujjifiyubaa : Ztaen'wf : (i) Master's or equivalent
Honnurs de?r JJ in orginio Chemistry or Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Past'GraJuata dp^p-e In To2hn3logy with Pharmaceutical Che-

Schedules   to Indian Medical Council Art,   1933    and Diploma in
Public   Health.   ------                   '          '               '      -

health work,    f

grammes and i---------    —

discretion in case of candidates otherwise well qualified.

7.    One  Head  of   Civil   Engineering  Department,     Polytechnic
Institufiofi,    Bhopal.    Post    temporary but  likely  to   be    mada
permanent.    Pay :     En.3BO—350—25—300—BOO—EB—2S—700^    .
700—EB—30—SnO.    Higher in tial pay to specially    qualified and    •
experienced candidate.    Age : Between 3,"i and 40 years.    Relaxabk

for flovern.nenf servants. Qualijirations : Essenttnl (i) At loast- 2nd
Class Degree in Civil Engmeenng of recognised University or aquival-
ent. (ii) About two years' practical training and three yean1
experience as Civil Engineer in responsible capacity in big Irrigation
and/or Building Project. Quaifications relaxablo at Commission's
discretion in case of candidates otherwise well qu dified.

8.    One   Philologist,  North   East   Frontier    Agency,    Ministry"
oj Eternal affairs.    Temporary and likely to continue   in definitely
nr if drawn from services, substantive pay pi us depu fcation   allowance
not exceeding   25 per cent, pay whichever advantageous     to   can-
didatf).    In addition special pay of Rs.  IfiO p.   m. if   ported   at
Shillong or 33  1/3 prr cent, of pay subject to maximum of Rs.400,
if posted   t1) otVier specifier!  area's will be admisshile whether direct
recruit  or  drr,\m f om services.    Higher initial    pay to specially
qualified   and   experienced   Candidates.    Age -. Below   45    yaars.
(t-ualijications : Essential    (i) Firts Class Master's    or   equivalent
degrea in Philology from reoogni«ied    University.     (ii) Adequate
practical /research experience in    linguistic  studies.    Qualifications
rela^able at Commission's discretion in case of candidates otherwisB
well qualified.

9.    One Director of Agriculture un'Jer Qovarmnanf of  Bhopal,
Po*t perm nent and pensionable.    Paif : Rs.250—250—25—400—
EB—20—000—600—EB—25—7."0.   Higher lU'tial pay up to maxi-
mum of scale   to specially qualified and  experienced   candidate.
Age : Between 30 and   45   years.    Relaxalile. Jor Government ser-
vants.    Qualifications : Essential -. (i)    M.Sc. (Agriculture) of re-
cognised   University,    (ii)    About 5 year's axperience in field of
aijrieultue in responaihle capacity,    (iii)   Rome adminhtrativo  es-
penence.    Qualifications   relaxable at, Commissions' di cretion in
caso of candidates otherwise well qualified.

10.    One Information   Assistant   (Bengali),   Press Information, Ministry of Information and Brnarlunslinrj.    Post    tempo-
rary but likely Lo'continue.    CnnHidates who are called   forintorview
may have to sit also for written teat, details    of which will   follow.
Pay Rs. 300—20—500.    Higher in i al pay to specially qualified
and   experienced   candidate.    Age. : Between     21 and 3."i years.'
Relaxa'Ae far  Government  servants.    Qnalifirations.    JSs-fntinl: (i)
Deffreo of recognised University, (ii)   About  two years" journalistic
experience inhewspaper of new-! agency ofstanding. of   which ab least
one yoar should he in Bongali language     ne\vspaper of   standing,
(iii)   Experience of translation from English into Bengali and  from
Bengali into English.    Qualification?  relaxable at. Commission's dis-
cretion in case of candidates otherwise well q jellified.

11.    Ite&urer  in   Agriculture,   Central   College   of   Agrfrultan,
Kew Ddhi.    Post  permanent.    Other thinga beingpqual prefereice
to   Scheduled Ca?te candidato.    Pay : Rs. 275—25—500—E B—
30—r,30—EB—30—SOn.    Higher in'tial pay to   specially   qualified
and   experienced    candidates.    Aye : Below 35 years,    -fie/ajjof'/e
for permanent     Gooei-ntnant   servants.    Qualifications : Efntftitial :
(0 Ph. D.   in Agronomy.    Or   . t least 2nd Cla<« M. So. (Agr.) in
Agronomy class,    (ii) About three- years'   research  anH!   teashia?
experience  in   Agricultural    College.    Qulifications   relaxable  at
Commission's discretion in caaq of candidates otherwise wall qualified.

12.    5 Information Officers (External) Press Attache, Ministry
oj External Affairs.   Post  temporary   but likely to continue and

well qualified.

3. Foil* f'ljsrhfsil.tfs r»f SuU, Mini$'ry of Pfotuction. Temporary
Qpto !*H February, U'56 for piccent but likely to continue and be-
Cpro permanont evcnlnally. Two posts reserved for Scheduled
Ca=!ie candidates and one post for Scheduled Tribe candidate if
imifa'jta caniliiUlf 4 ibfohcr);nin3 ; otherwise treated as unreserved
Pay : Ri 27,1— L'.>— 500— RB— 30— 630. Higher in:fc al pay to
specially qaallfu?! and expfiriunced candidates. Aye ; Below 30
yran. Re'aanUt far Gnsernwnl servants. quaKjieaitoJu t Kavn.
tiul : At Iwub Ret oud Class Master's degree or equivalent in Che-
inwtry. or Diploma/ Degree Jti Mining Engineering from recognised
Uoiv*rMtyortastit<uim preferably with B.Sc. dogrea in Chemistry.

f candi-

Qttfar** Speetol Duty (Family Planning},

to : continue mdofinitely.

SJT *?/ to •P*fW*Sr qa*1
Beiow 45 years.   ftdaxaM


Post temporary *t present but likely
P*y • Jta. 1,300—00-1,600. Higher
fied and esporionoed candidate. Age i

available, othrwise treated as unreserved. Pay : Rs.720 — 40— 1.000.
When posted ab-oad foreign allowance and other eoncBssions sane'
tioned from time to time also admissible. Higher in tial pay to
speciaUy qualified and experienced candidate. Age : Between 30
and 45 yeara. Jlelaxnbltj or Government servants. Qualif iralions :
Essential : (i) Adequate experience of public relations work, (u)
About 5 years* journalistic and publicity experience in responsible
capacity, (iii) Wide acquaintance with current problem? and
background of in'ernational affairs, (iv) Degree or'ra^o^iiial
University. Qualifications relaxable at Commission's discretion
in case of candidates otherwise well qualified.

13. (a) One Regional Officer and (Z>) one Additional Regional
Officer, Central Board of Film Censors, Ministry of Information
and JJroadrastang. Posts temporary and appointment will be on
3 years renewable contract. Pay : (a) Rs. 1,600 — 50 — 1,800. (&)
Bs. 1,300— 60— 1,600. Higher initial pay to specially qualified and
experienced candidates. Age ; Nob below 35 years. Qualification :
Essential : (i) Adequate education in 1 ter ry, historical andflimi-
Inr cultural subjects, (ii) Acquaintance with films, (iii) Kn iwlodga
of Hindi-. Qualifications relaxable at Commigsion's discretion in
case of candidates otherwise .well quilified— NOTE. Candidates placed
second iu ojder of merit will be offered the pgafc at (6) above,


Under fieorettiy