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Add for the week ending March 19, 1965 :

Plague                              Cholera

Seizures         Deaths         Seizures         Dontha I-pO

Bara Bank! District
Hardoi District    .
Kheri District
Lucknow City
Lucknow District. .'
Mainpuri City



March :ll,  1955.

Director of Medical and Health Servi,'' •<



PA KT ' A '

Ar-PiAiJATioNS invited for undermentioned pitbts fmm [nrliaii
citizens <uid persons migrated from Pakista.ii with intention of per-
manently settling in India or subjects of Nepal, Nikkun or Portu-
gueso or former .Fi'enoh posROaaions in India. Upper uge-bmit iv-
Iftxableby 3 years foi Scheduled Utistps, tribal nnd aboriginal com-
munities and up to 45 years for displaced persons from Pakistan ami
non-hboratud ATBOM of Jaminn nnd Kashmir. Xo relaxation lor
others, savo m exceptional rtimvs and will m no r.isn bprehixi'd
beyond tlirco years. Particulars and application forms from Secre-
tary, Union Public Scvvliie Commission, Post Box no. 1R6, New
Delhi, lli'queats for forms must Hpi-nfy name ot po&t and should
h • .1 I'D3mpanicd by self-addi-en? (L unstamped envelape for
fur each pout at leatt of size H* , 4" indicating thereon niinu1 of
post for which forms nve rpijuued. Closing dato tor m oipt of uppli-
mtion with tVL>.iaury ivueipt or Crossed Indian Postal Orders tor
15,97-S (Re. 1-14 for Scheduled and tribes) SOtli April, JH35
(14th RItiy. lys.l for applicants from tibroad), (.'nmmission m.iy
remit ganuiiiely indigent and bona ftde displaced peiboiisi' iec.
Meparate application with separate fee required for each post.
Candidates abroad may apply on plain ptiper, if forms not available
and deposit foe with local Indian Embassy. If required, candidates
must appear for personal interview'.

1. Ten Assistant Controllers of Stores, Jlliiiixlyy nf Railways.
Posts temporary for two years in first instance put likely to con-
tinue. Two posts reserved for Scheduled Caste cain.iuUtL's and
one post for Scheduled Tribes candidates, if such candidates avail-
able. Pay. fts.350—350—380—380—30—500—E.B.—30—770—
40—830. Higher initial pay to specially qualified and
experienced candidates. Age : Between 25 and 35 years.
Relaxable for Qovermnent servants. Qualifications i Essential—(i)
Degree of recognised University, (ii) About three years' experi-
ence of store-keeping preferably Engineering stores (Railway or
otherwise) in responsible capacity. Qualifications relaxable at
Commission's discretion in case of'candidates otherwise well-quali-

2. One Administratioe, Officer, Indianlnstilulc of Surjar-TecJmo-
logy, Kanpur. Temporary for six months in first instance but likely
to continue and be made permanent eventually. Paif ; Ba.350—
—330—380—380—30—590—E.B.—30—770—40—850.' Higher
initial pay to specially qualified and experienced candidate. Age :
Between 30 and 45 years. Relaxabl&for Government serrnnfs. Quail*
fications -, Essential—(0 Degree of recognised University,
(u) Knowledge of Government rules and regulations, (iii) About
S years' experience of administrative accounts and establishment
work in Government or semi-Government Organisation, of which
about 5 years should have been in supervisory or in responsible
capacity. Qualifications relaxable a* Commission's discretion in
cose of candidates otherwise well-qualified.

nwrCe Welfare Officer, Ministry of 1'rans-
Pay : Bs.800—40—1,000—1,000—1,050

-L Three Iitoestigatof* {Enflhiiti'imj) (ffsrtifa I) In Sutuiul Rc-
Miune* D'lviainn of Plnnniiuj Cumim^nn. Temporal y up to 2Sth
February, Iy57, but likely tu uontiuui?. Oth--r tUmsi^ beinu; i-qnid,
preference to Scheduled C'.T^PS/Si'liPrlaled Trib*--' i .imlul-itL^. Pt/i/ -.
Rg. :J50— in— 300— E.B — 15— tjO— 2r,j'2— ,~jUO. HiLrhei- initial
tn specially qualified and expovit?iicF-d candidates. Arje -.
AT 4(J yearn. HfJnfabl'1 for Goeernwitt stfcani.". riial'Jicalioii*.
Essential — (a) (i) D^ci'Le in Civil or El^'-triLal EngmeMing frum
recognised Univu-r-ity or pqu'valrnt. (u) About ora- yt'.ir'd cx-
perienrp in deaijj;ii offiM- or iidmmMration and v mkmg ot Irriga-
tion and Power •syitoiu-i. or (b) (i) Diploma m Civil ur Electrical
Engineering from riTQ^nwd Umvcisity or equiv.iltnt. til) About
'           pi-i1 i

eight years'
ing of Irri

igation and Powvr a
""   --''


!j. n,tc A*i>i*ta)>t TujL-anoMitl in tJie
uf Hei'liLti'iuin Cryptoi/funuinc Ludlae Orit
ntul Agriculture. Temporary up to 3 1st

m>'j or adimni^tratioii and work-
ni's. QuwlifiuutiuiH ivlax.ible at
of fMuiliilaieis utli-'rwi^e \voll-

me for

, 3Itni*tttf of Jfootl
1CJ5U  tor

3.   One
port.   Post permanent.

—1,050— 3,100— 1,100— 1,150. Higher initial pay to specially
qualified and experienced candidate Age : Below 45 years.
MefaxdbU far Government seraanta. Qualification* : E8*ential-~(i)
Degree from recognised University. (U) About 7 years' experience
of social work in. reaaponsible oapaoity in Government or non»Govem-
mental Organisation of repute. Qualifications relaxable at Com-
miaBion's discretion in cose of candidates otherwise well-qualified.

Otlier things beiny equal, pirfeivncp to Scheduled Caste/Ti'ibe cunrli-
dntcs. Pttif : Ks.275— 2,1— 3UO— E.B.— 30— 1530 -E.B — 30— SOU-
Higher initial pay to specially qualified and experienced eaudidatc.
Aye : Below 40 years. Rdaxublt far UoL^i'iinmtit ttifcuntg* Quali-
fications : Essential— (i) Master'bDcgrL-ein Science ^\ith Mycologry
or Degree in Science with post-graduate diploma of I. A. li. i. in
Mycology, (ii) Spcuialised training in 8yBteinEnio IVIycology. (iii)
About five years' practical or lesearch experience m Mycology in-
cluding experience m Taxonomy. Qualifications relaxable at Com-
mia!'ion'b discretion in can- of candidates otht-i-wisp well-qualif loil .

li. One Assistant In*pteHii'j OJJiwr ((,'a^ltntjs) 'In Utrectoru!'
Crf/zc/aZ nf Supplies find Di*pot-aU, Post temporary but likely 1u
be made permanent. Post reserved for Scheduled Tribe candi-
dates if such .suitablf candidates available, otlierwwe pojat treated
aa unreserved. Pan : Rs.323— 23— 300— 30— ,190. Higher ini-
tial pay to spHnally qualified and experienced candidate. -lge :
Below 33 yeai-s. Rrtaxutte for GoL-erriinent tenant*. QuaUficnttonsi
Essential— (i) Degree m Metallurgy of recognised CJuiyiasity or
equivalent. (ii) About thi'ee years" practieai training and/or ex-
perience in forrous and non-ferrous foundry. (Qualifications rolus-
able at Cominigsinn1a tMscretion in case of cnndidaTfs otbcrwii-i1 '

7.  OusP,Hnnidi'iHomjituL Blioyul, Poatperwiaucul.
Pay :      Ra^-M— 225— 230—20— 33U—E.B — 13— 300— GOO— E.F.
_ 20 — BOO plus special p.»y of Rs.100.    Private practice uUo.wo.tI.
Governmant rt'.sidenti.J aceommod^tion oil rental b^ais iu.»y bf
allotted if avail ible-   Higher imtiU prty to bpeciully qutJilied «uul
exparienced   candidate.    Age : Below  33   years.    RdaxaSlt for
Gove-rnme.!** seroaAls.    Qualification a : Esucntidl : (i) W.JEJ., B. N.
of recognised University or equivalent,    (ii) About three years'
professional experience m hoepitj.1 or dispensary,    Qualifivutions
relaxj,ble at Commission's diseivtion in «'jKe of c-anduiutpH  othLT-
wise well-quulified-

8.  Six Assistant Sitnjeo'H8> Grade I (Women) (Family Planning)
for Family Planning Centres to be opened i* association ipith Con-
tributory Health Sen'ices Scheme disptnMirifti   in Delhi and $?ev
Delhi. Temporary nut likely to continue.    One posfc resierved for
Sohaduled Cabto candidate but will bo trBafcfdaa TinreservetJ if no
siiei. suiDable oandido,te available.   Pay :   Bs.260 — 15^-440. — 20 —
600 plus non.prflCtieing allowance of 25 prr cent, of p&y*   Higher
initial pay to specially qualified and oxporienoed ctindidivteBt Age i

40 yej,rs.   (Belamable far Qooemment servants.   Qvalifiea-
: Estential— (i) Medical qualification included in one of the